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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 3, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> let us head over to the "newsroom" now. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom" new leads in the expanding manhunt for three suspected cop killers, but one of them a hoax. how hundreds of officers are intensifying the hunt as the officer's wife shares her grief. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero, the love of my life for the last 26 and a half years. also, trump taking on bush again. do his new message for jeb, speak english on the campaign trial. >> plus, this morning this kentucky clerk faces a judge. will he find her in contempt of court for refusing to issue gay
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marriage licenses? let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol kos tocostello. thank you so much for joining me. this woman is due in an illinois courtroom this morning a bizarre new twist. she reported seeing men dash into a cornfield. that report shifts the manhunt several miles from the site of tuesday's killing. now investigators say it was all a hoax, a reckless plea for attention. rosa flores joins us live from fox lake with the latest. >> reporter: what a play of emotions and a waste of resources. hear this. as soon as that tip came in, there was a swarm of resources to this area. more than 80 agents, 11 canine units and three aircraft searched for hours.
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overnight police descending on this cornfield in illinois, just five miles south of fox lake where lieutenant joe gliniewicz was gunned down by three suspects on tuesday. the manhunt ratcheting up at 9:30 p.m. with canine units and air support after local resident kristin keefer told police three men tried to get into her car, eventually running away to a cornfield. >> she fabricated this story because she was looking for attention from a family that she nannies for. she was aware that a flipolice officer was killed in this area. >> reporter: she now faces two charges of disorderly conduct, further complicating an already difficult investigation with few
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clues. >> tonight's response speaks a lot to that and how present law enforcement is in this area working hard to restore the peace and calmness in the community again. >> reporter: the sea of a thousand people attending the lieutenant's vigil wednesday night, a teammate to the impact he had on this community for 30 years. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero. my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. >> reporter: where do you think she found her strength to speak in front of several thousand people. >> i could think that the strength comes from knowing joe knows that people needed to hear something from her so they could find some strength from all this. nothing makes sense inspect world right now. >> reporter: now she is expected to face a judge. that bond hearing expected to go
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underway at 10:00 a.m. eastern. shortly after that, we're expecting a press conference here at the fox lake police department. and we're expects to leaing to the latest. now to massachusetts where authorities are investigating another shooting involving police. officials say a gunman shot at a cruiser without provocation on wednesday. the officer tried to avoid the gunfire but veered off the road and slammed into a tree. his police car was immediately engulfed in fire. the officer was taken to the hospital but later released. earlier in the day a middle school in the same town received multiple phone calls including a bomb threat. it's unclear if the shooting and the calls are related. as a precaution the town's schools have been shut down today. he may be sitting atop the republican polls but so far donald trump has refused to rule out a third party bid.
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that could all change today if donald trump sign this is loyalty pledge being circulated by the republican national committee. the goal to get all the 2016 candidates to vow to support the eventual nominee. the donald meeting with the heat of the rnc today, all this a month after trump did this during the first republican presidential debate. >> is there anyone on stage -- and can i see hands -- who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? again, we're looking for you to raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. >> cnn's mj lee joins me now from trump plaza.
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>> reporter: good morning, carol. will trump sign the pledge. that is the big question that we want answers to today. i'm standing outside of trump tower in manhattan. we're expecting reince priebus to be here soon to discuss this issue. the pledge that the rnc have been circulating this week the purpose is twofold. one the candidate would be pledging not to run as an independent. and two they are also promising to support whichever candidate does get the republican nomination eventually. now, trump was asked about the third party run and his thinking on it recently, this weekend in nashville. let's take a listen to what he said. >> i've been treated very nicely. i'm leading in every poll. i'm leading in every state by a lot and national by a lot. i have a great relationship to the republican party tor, to th conservatives, the evangelicals, to the tea party. we'll see what happens.
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but a decision is going to be made very soon. >> reporter: now we're focused today on whether or not trump will sign this pledge. but we should also talk about what this pledge means for the other candidates who are not trump. if they were to sign this pledge, it means they are promising to support trump if he were to win the republican nomination, a possibility that a lot of people until recently thought was not really realistic. now jeb bush was asked about whether he would support trump earlier this morning. >> mr. trump told me yesterday he'd support you over hillary clinton if you get the nomination. would you support him? >> yes, i would. of course i would. we need to be unified. we need to win. >> reporter: pretty fascinating answer, carol, coming from jeb bush. as you know, bush and trump have been going back and forth a lot this week wlrhether it's throug videos or saying critical things about each other on the campaign
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trail. bush is saying if trump were to get the nomination, he would support trump. i can tell you there are probably a lot of candidates in this big republican field who probably feel uncomfortable or uneasy with the idea of trump becoming the nominee and having to support him eventually. but i think a lot of candidates are starting to say we will do what's for the good or the party. >> if republican candidates sign this pledge, is it binding in any way? >> reporter: that's the big question, carol. there isn't anything for us to say that it will be binding. it's a piece of paper with a signature on it. especially for a candidate like trump a lot of people are wondering if he does sign this pledge who can actually enforce it and make him keep his word that he won't run as an independent candidate.
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if he does sign the pledge, that he will keep his word. >> thank you. while trump may soon make nice with rnc officials, he is escalating his attacks on jeb bush. in an interview, donald trump slammed his rival for speaking spanish on the campaign trail, saying, quote, i like jeb, he's a nice man, but he should really set the example by speaking english while in the united states. >> what was your first thought when you heard him criticize you for speaking spanish? >> i laughed. this is a joke. i was in a press gaggle where people asked me a question in spanish and i answered it in spanish. part of it is you laugh because it's so bizarre, but it's hurtful for a lot of people. mr. trump knows this. he's appealing to people's angst and fears rather than their
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higher hopes. >> thanks to both of you for being here. i appreciate it. so what does trump really mean when he says to jeb bush to talk english? >> i think that perhaps donald trump spend too much time in china with his business interests and in mexico with his business interests. and perhaps to come back to america and see that we are a very very diverse community. i'm one that has two apps of communication on my phone so i can communicate with a variety of people around the world. we are a very very complex and diversified society. and this insistence that donald trump is going to divide the republican party on whether we communicate with people in a language that makes them smile is absurd.
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>> alfonso, oddly enough mr. trump met with the hispanic chamber of commerce on tuesday and then he slams jeb bush for speaking spanish. how do you explain that dichotomy? >> he's got a huge problem with the hispanic community. according to pugh his favorable rating is negative 51. hispanics don't like donald trump. if he were the nominee he would not get enough support from latino voters to win the white house. that's the reality. i think his comments about jeb speaking spanish are shame full, are insulting. not only to jeb, but to latinos like me who may speak spanish at home or with their friends or who may watch tv in spanish. it doesn't mean we want government business to be conducted in spanish or schools to be conducted in spanish. but to say something like that is to offensive to latino
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voters. i think he's playing to the worst instizingstincts of a few base that really is not the majority of the conservative base. he's not going to be able to expand his support with republicans because he's playing to that group that's a minority. but it's a sizable minority. >> another poll came out shows 82% of hispanic voters have an unfavorable view of donald trump. you're right when you say that hispanic voters do not like mr. trump. you know, there some white voters who fear that spanish may become the official language of the united states and they point to places like miami where there are neighborhoods where spanish is the only language spoken. >> listen, we are america.
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and most people that are in this country want to believe in america. we have very, very deep problems. the challenge that many are having with donald trump's message is that it is pulling out the worst of america. we've had 50 years of the radical hard left. and a lot of voters were sleeping while all of this social engineering was going on. now we have a broken culture, an 18 to $19 trillion worth of debt. i get that. i work in washington, d.c. but that said, to pick on people who decide they want to speak a language they're familiar with in their private neighborhoodinneighborhoods is not the place to go. we need to unify our country and build out public policy that will reverse the trends of the hard left. >> just a question about jeb bush. he says that mr. trump is insulinsul insulting his way to the presidency. he say trump's policies will
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cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. he says that trump is more democrat than republican. and then he turns around around says oh yeah if he gets the nomination i'll support him. that's strange. >> that's the nature of party politics. if you or a republican, you support the party, you make a commitment to the party and you support whoever the nominee comes out to be. donald trump doesn't have to run as a republican. he can run as an independent or third party right now. but if he's running as a republican he should make the commitment to the eventual nominee unless he's afraid of los losing, which it's a real possibility. >> one of the best things donald trump is doing for this debate is he's pointing to the fact that the republican party has not been the opposition party. he's forcing the republican party to become the opposition party to the hard left.
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>> thanks to both of you. i appreciate your being with me this morning. >> a former aide to hillary clinton plans to duck questions to lawmakers as they investigate her use of an unsecured e-mail server. he set up the e-mail system and has been called to testify before the house committee one week from today. still to come in the newsroom, a picture has become a symbol of the growing refugee crisis. a small boy's lifeless body watches up on a tushirkish shoreline. >> these are families that are all fled the wars in syria, making this horrific journey. they're not entirely sure where this train is going to end up.
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it's the heartbreaking image that's on the front pages all over the world this morning. it's a picture of a little syrian boy being cradled in the arms of a turkish police officer. his family has identified him. he drowned after the boat he was on sank off the coast of turkey. his mother and brother also died. the family was trying to reach greece and eventually make it all the way to canada. the picture is a snapshot of what's become a much bigger issue in europe, where thousands are risking their lives in order to flee poverty and war. arwa damon is on a train in hungary with hundreds of migrants. >> reporter: this train left the budapest station about four hours ago and has traveled perhaps all of 20 or 25 miles before it was stopped at another station where we do know there is a hungarian refugee camp.
6:21 am
now, the people that boarded this train did so after the train station was closed to them for days. and many of them hope at least that this would be a train that was taking them to germany. some had heard that no it was only going as far as the hungarian austrian borders. either way they boarded en mass with their families. they're afraid they're going to be forced to disembark and go to the camp that's located here. so they're refusing to leave the train. it's especially difficult for the parents to have to look at their kids after everything they've gone through going through another arduous difficult day. the heat is terrible on this train. the little eight-year-old next to me was reciting and showing off her ability to say the alphabet in english. now she's exhausted.
6:22 am
babies are crying. people weren't really expecting to be held up on the train, so a lot of them don't have water, food. that of course is making it more difficult for the children. this is really indicative of how broken the system is within the e.u. when it comes to try to handle this influx of migrants and refugees. the system that exists. the dublin agreement, it's just not working in this situation. the number of people flooding across europe are -- europe hasn't seen this since world war ii. and every single government seems incapable of handling it. you have the hungarians and the germans giving mixed different messages. no one knows exactly why. everyone is falling back to the fact that they're all individually adhering to european union legislation. the dublin agreement effectively
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dictates that you must apply for asylum at your first point of entry. people can't keep waiting for politicians to come up with decisions and be left waiting in situation like this. still to come in the "newsroom," under god's authority, this kentucky clerk's banning same-sex marriage licenses, but will that land her in bigger trouble when she's in court today? r help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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the department of justice out with a scathing report this morning, slamming the police response to the protests and riots that came in the wake of the death of michael brown. a 188-page report details
6:28 am
everything that went wrong. and the report reserves special criticism for the tanks and tear gas used against crowds. the report reads in part, quote, the use of military weapons and sniper deployment atop military vehicles was inappropriate, inflamed tensions and created fear among demonstrators. >> reporter: this report released by d.o.j. highlights a series of missteps by police on the ground in ferguson following the death of michael brown. this is looking at the 17 days from right after the death of michael brown. it says that the problems began almost immediately. one of the big things it pointed out was that police didn't do a good job of gauging the community, the protesters. here's a couple highlights from the report. one of the parts it points out is a lack of social media
6:29 am
prepar preparedness. it says law enforcement agencies underestimated the impact social media had on the demonstrations and the speed at which both facts and rumors were spread and failed to have a social media strategy. it talked about that and the fact that these officers hadn't ferguson, hasn't developed a relationship with the community. the fact there was this mistrust that has been growing for years, the police department hasn't really invested in developing relationships with the community and as a result misread how to react. it also talks about the different military type tactics used and the police snipers that were there. it says the over watch tactic in which police snipers took positions on top of tactical vehicles and used their rifle sights to monitor the crowd, it served only to exacerbate tensions between the protesters and the police.
6:30 am
it also talked about the canines on the ground also fuelled the tensions. some of these tactics, while allowed within these department's policies, weren't necessary and weren't with the overall protocol. we have reached out to st. louis police as well as ferguson police. we haven't heard back yet, carol. >> thank you. ♪ and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. this morning a kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious believes will appear in federal court, coming face to face once again with couples who say she's breaking the law by turning them away. in june the u.s. supreme court legalized gay marriage nationwide. so the big question this morning, whether davis will be held in contempt. on wednesday protest ers storme
6:31 am
davis's office. >> actually the united states supreme court has authority over you. >> obey the law! >> no, this is not. >> in the meantime, the u.s. attorney says, quote, government officials are free to disagree with the law but not disobey it. it is time for the clerk and the county to follow the law. davis, who has been divorced three times, argues issuing licenses to same sex couples is a heaven or hell decision. welcome to both of you. >> casey, i want to start with you. you believe issuing a marriage license to a same sex couple is
6:32 am
an assault on your religious little b liberty. if you're forced to do that, in your mind, is it a heaven or hell decision for you too? >> yes, ma'am. i know there are a lot of different opinions in this. i've tried to express over and over again there is a fair way this can be handled. and there is an easy alternative. that is simply the issuing of licenses be taken out of the hand of the state. that's what we're trying to get done. our governor has emphatically denied that he won't allow the legislative body to convene. he won't let a special session be called. and i think that if he was -- to be fair to everyone, kim and the other side as well, then he
6:33 am
would allow that to happen. there is a simple solution, i think. >> casey i think this is very much on his mind. how far does this go? is divorce a sin? should you have the right to deny people who are divorced? should you have the right to deny single mother who is want marriage licenses? how far does it go? >> well, the bible says moses gave a writ of divorcement. divorce like homosexuality, like drunkenness, like any other sin, it is something that's forgivable, i believe. and there was never a writ of same-sex marriage given in the bible. >> according to my own religion, divorce is a sin. you can't receive the sacraments if you're divorced. if i'm a catholic issuing marriage licenses should i be able to say to a divorced person, i can't do that because my religion says you're a sinner? >> it's not my job to say that
6:34 am
you're a sinner or that anyone is a sinner. that's not anything i can do. however, however -- >> isn't that what you're doing? >> what i'm going is trying to get the governor to be fair to everyone. and i think that he can -- i think that he can. also, our constitution here in the state of kentucky, it plainly gives protection, i think, to kim davis, to myself, to anyone who has a conscience against something like this. in section five it says no human authority shall in any case interfere with triegts he right conscience. i think she's doing her job upholding her oath. i am as well. >> just a final question. it protects all of us, all religions, not just yours. why should you have the right to
6:35 am
trample on other people's rights? >> i don't think i'm trampling on anybody's rights. i've never prevented them from doing anything. they can go all around my county and get marriage licenses at any of those places. that's fine with me. the problem is -- and it's kim's problem as well -- it's not that people can't get the license. it's that they can't get them from someone who says they have a religious conviction. that's wrong itself. they can get the license. they're trying to force her to give them to them. i think that's wrong. >> thank you for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> does any of casey's arguments hold water in a legal sense? >> no, they don't hold water at all. if you're a pacifist or conscientious objector you can't be a navy seal or a member of a marine corps assault unit. and if you can't give marriage
6:36 am
licenses to people who the law says are allowed to have marriage licenses, you can't be a county clerk. get a different job. you can't work for general motors if you refuse to sell chevrolets. this is a basic concept that people who work for the government have to enforce the law and carry out the law. find a different job. both of them should be fired in my opinion. >> i don't think you with fire them, though. it's not so simple, right? they're elected officials. the government has no jurisdiction over them, though i can't understand why. >> they can be fired in the sense that a lawsuit can be brought, which i understand it's either being done or it's in the works to get a federal court order requiring them to either do their job or step aside. when any governmental agency violates the united states constitution, the courts can intervene and compel compliance.
6:37 am
and if necessary push them out of the position they're in if they can't enforce the law. >> kim davis is going to be in court at 11:00 a.m. eastern. will she be held in contempt? and if she is, what kind of person penalties might she face? >> this is going to be up to a judge. i think judges try to go a more conservative route to try to get her to agree to step aside, maybe have somebody else do the job that she does. i mean, you can move people into different departments and have the job performed. but certainly if she refused to comply with tornahe order of th court, she can be fined, she jailed. there are a whole variety of penalties that a judge could hand down. stay with us. in the next hour we talk to a kentucky couple who's been turned away from obtaining a marriage license five times. also, still to come in the
6:38 am
"newsroom," he worked on hillary clinton's controversial e-mail server and is due to face lawmakers' questions about it.
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right now in south florida vice president joe biden is doing his best to sell the iran nuclear deal. he's facing a skeptical audience. he's meeting with jewish leaders at a community center in davie. many of those concerns resonate with jewish americans here at home. two big developments today in congress's ongoing investigation of hillary clinton too. this morning her former chief of staff is testifying behind
6:43 am
closed doors. sharl mi cheryl mills will face questions on clinton's use of a controversial and unsecured e-mail server. and one week from today, that same panel will also question whether another clinton aide who worked on they mail system. but they aren't likely to learn much. we now know he will plead the fifth and not answer questions. >> reporter: good morning. the house select committee on benghazi did subpoena brian pagliano. we know he will plead the fifth, citing what he called the, quote, current political environment. as you know, as secretary clinton has been running for president, this has become a
6:44 am
very political charged investigation with a lot of republican members of congress making accusations and clinton also saying that this was a political measure. read a little bit from a statement from clinton spokesman mick merrill who said secretary clinton has made every effort to answer questions and be as helpful as possible and has encouraged her aides, current and former, to do the same. cheryl mills, in fact , is also charging this is about politics. she asked some sources close to her for the committee to put out her full transcript of the testimony of the deposition she would be giving today. we're told the committee refused that. mills worries that she said it would be possibly selective leaking that all goes back to this politically charged environment that the clinton camp is claiming.
6:45 am
still to come in the "newsroom" a second video may shed more light on a deadly police officer-involved shooting in texas. what's the holdup in releasing those pictures?
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increasing pressure on police in texas today to release a second video of a deadly shooting. a source telling cnn the new images show the fatal encounter last week between the man and police from a different angle and captures the suspect charging at officers with a knife. sara sidner live in san antonio following the story. good >> reporter: good morning, carol. the bexar county sheriff says the videos are troubling but the second video is extra troubling because, she says, you can definitely see the suspects hands, both of them, are up when he is shot and killed by her
6:50 am
deputies. we know from the sheriff though that she believes that video also shows the suspect had a knife in his hand when he was shot and killed as well. that video is now being sent to the texas department of public safety so that it can be slowed down and also so they can zoom in on it and get a very good look at exactly what may be in the suspect's hand. but this morning the attorney for the flores family, gig bert flores, being the suspect that was killed, have a lot of questions about why that video has not been released to the public and why they need to enhance it if it shows what the sheriff says it does. >> if you need forensics to see if there's something in your hand or not in your hand, that's certainly an interesting scientific concept because we all have eyes and we should all be able to see that. secondarily, if add weapon in his hand, we saw the officers standing around him when he was
6:51 am
dead and certainly we would have had the opportunity to photograph a knife on the ground and that hasn't come out. >> reporter: we asked the sheriff about that, whether or not a knife was recovered from the scene. she was unable to give us answers saying she did not have that information and would get back to us. looking at this from a legal perspective tiff, at the ti perspective, at the time the officers shot and killed the suspect, whether or not the officers were in imminent danger. he district attorney expects to get the data from the sheriff's department sometime by the end of the week perhaps and we should be hearing from him very shortly after he says he's going to make a swift decision in this case. carol? >> sara sidner reporting live from san antonio this morning. thank you. getting a check of some top stories for you at 51 minutes past. six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will be tried separately. that was a small victory for defendants on a day the judge denied a motion to dismiss
6:52 am
charges against the officers. he also rejected their request to remove maryland state's attorney marilyn mosby from the case. 25-year-old gray died of spinal injury while in police custody. some 12,000 troops marching through the center of beijing today. we're hearing word that china is cutting 300,000 soldiers from its military. i'll be right back.
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hip-hop fashion exploded in the early 1990s, not only as a style statement, but as an expression of identity. today that same urban community continues to showcase its creativity at festivals like afro punk. cnn's film fresh dressed documents it all. >> thank you so much afro punk, thank you so much. >> this is afro punk. it's a global music festival featuring black artists with an annual show in brooklyn and show this is year in atlanta and paris. it's a movement reminiscent of the counter cultural roots of hip-hop. >> afro punk if we use one word is about freedom. what defines this movement is individuality. i think it is pushing the boundaries of what society says
6:58 am
that young people of color are. >> they're young, they're black, they're american. that's complex, and in this time of revolution, this time of rebellion, they're showing you what they believe. when you go to afro punk, you see that. you see this community expressing itself fearlessly. >> and to document it all, there are the photographers. >> i began photographing at the age of 15. i used to walk through the streets of new york taking photos. i remember walking through times square and looking up at all the giant posters and light. i never really saw any blacks on the forefront of those images. i felt like that needed to be challenged. tumblr at the time played an important role. it was the first time i could get an audience to just look at my work at its most basic form. >> the way that fashion works
6:59 am
now, if you want to see what's hot, you're not running to "vogue." you're going to the blogs. you're going to tumble rtumblr, pinterest. >> particularly for us and looking at culture through our lens, and those images instantaneously going out globally, it changes the mindset of folks who may not feel empowered. >> and be sure to see the fresh dressed premiere on cnn tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. jishtion . happening in the "newsroom," this morning new leads in the expanding manhunt for three suspected cop killers, but one of them a hoax. >> she fabricated this story because she was looking for attention. >> how hundreds of officers are intensifying the hunt as the offic
7:00 am
offic officer's wife shares her grief. >> joe was my best friend and my life, my world, my hero. the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. also, trump taking on bush then. donald's new message for jeb, speak english on the campaign trail. plus -- >> why? >> this morning this kentucky clerk faces a judge. will he find her in contempt of court for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses? >> obey the law! >> let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with that legal showdown between a federal court and a kentucky clerk who refuses to issue same-sex couple's marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs. in less than an hour she will appear before a judge and come face to face again with couples who say she's breaking the law
7:01 am
by turning them away. in june the u.s. supreme court legalized gay marriage nationwide. the big question this morning, whether davis will be held in contempt. on wednesday protesters stormed her office. >> we will not issue a marriage license today. >> the united states supreme court has authority over you. >> obey the law! obey the law! >> davis, who by the way has been divorced three times, argues issuing licenses to same-sex couples is a heaven or hell decision for her. so let's bring in cnn's alexandra field. she's outside the courthouse in ashland, kentucky. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. a lot of people are actually outside of this courthouse in ashland, kentucky, and they're waiting for this hearing to start. these are people who have been following this case since it began to unfold garnering national attention earlier this summer. we know it is the law of the
7:02 am
land. the supreme court of the united states of america ruled earlier that same-sex couples could marry. this court upheld the ruling when it came to the county clerk who believed she did not have to issue these smek marriage licenses. the court here said it was her job to do that. she is appealing that ruling at a higher court. while that appeal process unfolds, she believes she should be granted a stay from the court means she will not have to temporarily issue those licenses. those requests have been denied by a higher court, even been denied by the supreme court, and yet this clerk continues to refuse to issue marriage licenses. so what you'll see in the courtroom today is a hearing on whether or not to hold this judge, kim davis, in contempt of court. we got a statement from the u.s. attorney's office saying this, government officials are free to disagree with the law but not disobey it. the county clerk has presented her position through the federal
7:03 am
court system all the way to the u.s. supreme court. it is time for the clerk and the county to follow the law. kim davis has issued her own statement defending what she believes is her religious right not to certify these marriages. she says to me this has never been about gays or lesbians. it is about marriage and god's word. it is a matter of religious liberty which is protected under the first amendment. kim davis will be appearing at 11:00. the judge has also asked for six of her deputy clerks to be present in the court as well, carol. >> so the people behind you, are they supporters of kim davis? >> reporter: this is a mixed crowd. what you will actually see in the crowd, you will see a couple rainbow flags, a lot of american flags, and a number of different religious posters. from our survey of the crowd, we would say that anecdotally there's a larger group here in support of kim davis than the group that is here in support of the couples who brought this
7:04 am
class action suit against kim davis earlier this summer. but certainly they're very passionate supporters of the people on both sides of this issue and all of them do want to be heard out here this morning. all of them are waiting, of course, to hear what the judge will say, carol. >> we're waiting, too. we'll get back to you. thank you so much, alexandra field reporting live. kim davis is not alone. last hour i spoke to another clerk named casey davis, no relation. he also refuses to issue same-sex couples marriage licenses. >> i don't think that i'm trampling on anybody's rights. i have never prevented them from getting anything. they can go all the way around my county and get marriage license at any of those places, and that's fine with me. the problem is, and it's kim's problem as well, it's not that these people can't get the license. it's they can't get them from someone who says they have a religious conviction, and that's wrong in itself. they can get the license. it's just that they're trying to force her to give them to them,
7:05 am
and i think that's wrong. >> but for one couple, being denied a marriage license isn't just hurtful, they say it's scary. james yates and will smith jr. say they have been devie enied marriage license not once but five times. they join me via skype. welcome to both of you. thank you for being with me. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> james, how would you character kim davis and casey davis who you just heard from? >> i think it's their religious belief, i think they're not separating it from their duty. i think they mischaracterize that we can go anywhere else to get this because that's just saying, yeah, you can do it anywhere but here where you live, where you pay taxes, and it could lead to other rights denied for beliefs.
7:06 am
>> will, you guys have said this is not just wrong, it's scary. why is it scary? >> lately the rumors and reports have been saying different things about people bringing guns, possible violence, and you always worry about that as a gay person. it's always in the back of your head, but you don't -- we can't focus on that. we have to stay as optimistic and positive as we can. we can't let it get to us. we just keep an eye out and look around more to protect ourselves. >> james, can you describe what it's like to go into the county clerk's office and like say i want to apply for a marriage license and to be denied? what's that like? >> well, the first time after -- there had been several clerks around the country that had
7:07 am
stepped down, so we thought, you know, there was a great chance of getting our marriage license then, and it was such a big letdown. and our first few times, it wasn't as tense as it's getting now. this last time we went in, you could just feel the hate coming from people outside, and it was a lot harder. even though we'd done it before, just seeing that hate just pointed right at you and the cheers when you leave because you didn't get your license, it's -- i don't know how to deal with why do they hate us that much? it was a lot this time. >> will, what about the suggestion that why not just go to the neighboring county and get a marriage license. why do you have to get it in rowan county? >> we live in rowan county.
7:08 am
we lived here -- i have lived here for 16 years. i have never experienced anything like this before, but this is where we live. we pay taxes, we work. you know, this is our home. you know, this is our right. we should be able to get, you know -- we go there to pay our car taxes, so we should be able to get our marriage license there. it's just wrong. >> and, james, marco rubio came out earlier today and said there ought to be some sort of promise put in place. should there be a compromise in this case in your mind? >> i don't think so because if there's a compromise put on this, then there can be a compromise on any other rights. these were duties that were known before the office was taken, and if there's a compromise on this and somehow we do get our marriage license here, there might be a compromise on -- like if we buy a house together.
7:09 am
maybe they won't agree with that and it could just set up more and more rights being denied. >> all right. >> sorry. >> no, go ahead. finish up. >> this isn't a new fight. you know, this has been going on -- people have been fighting for this for a long time, and we thought it was settled with the supreme court. it blows our mind that it's come down to this. >> well, we'll see what happens in federal court today. james yates, will smith jr., thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. on to politics. the air is thick with anticipation around trump tower in manhattan where today donald trump will meet with the head of the republican national committee. at issue, a loyalty pledge the rnc is circulating to the party's presidential candidates. by signing on the dotted line, the field of 17 vows to back the eventual nominee and not run as an independent. today's meeting coming just days after mr. trump said the issue
7:10 am
of an independent bid could be settled in the near future. >> i have been treated very nicely, as you know. i'm leading in every poll, leading in every state by a lot, and nationally by a lot. i have a great relationship to the republican party, to the conservatives, to the evangelicals, to the tea party. you've probably noticed right across the board. >> will you not run -- >> we'll see what happens but it will -- a decision is going to be made very soon. >> so here is the pledge. short and sweet. so will mr. trump actually sign it? that is the question on actually every republicans' mind this morning. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins me now. what do you think will happen, dana? >> reporter: well, carol, i have been talking to sources on all sides of this since yesterday, and the latest reporting is i think maybe we can go a bit further than we went last night, which was that all signs are pointing to donald trump signing this pledge, and to say that that is the plan.
7:11 am
however, this is the caveat that is important to underscore, this meeting, i am told, between donald trump and reince priebus, which will happen in a few hours right behind me in trump tower is really critical because, you know, this has been in the works for some time. this didn't just happen overnight. i mean weeks and weeks of sort of back and forth, very quiet discussions between reince priebus and donald trump and their associates, and so it's going to culminate in these meeting. the plan again is to sign it, but that's assuming the meeting goes as donald trump hopes it goes and that he feels comfortable in the way that his discussions are with reince priebus. you just played a bite that kind of underscore what is i'm telling you, carol, is that his whole issue has been i want to make sure they're treating me well, they're nice to me. that's what he expects. look at the optics of this preponderance p
7:12 am
preponderan preponderan preponderan.this. rance priebus sent this out to all candidates but he's only visiting one candidate. >> he won't go to jail if he violates the pledge. >> i can't hear you. i will keep talking just in case. this pledge is not legally binding. so it is a political document. it is maybe a public relations document, but it is not legally binding at all. so this is -- carol, can you hear me? >> i can hear you, and you answered my question without hearing it and i'm amazed by that. >> reporter: this is not legally binding at all, so the idea is that the bottom line is that donald trump simply doesn't have to abide by this.
7:13 am
he probably, you know, would have a lot of trouble getting support from anybody who even considers himself a republican or herself a republican down the road if he kind of signs this pledge and bolts to be an independent, but it's not legally binding. and the other point is trump doesn't necessarily -- isn't necessarily doing this because his supporters want him to. i am told that his supporters have been calling trump tower saying that they want him to not be an independent, that they want him to -- not to sign the pledge, that they want him to leave the door open to be an independent. i'm sorry about that. i had a lot of things going on technically in my ear. i want even sure if you could hear me so i'm just going to toss it back. >> you were fantastic and we understood every word. dana bash reporting live from manhatt manhattan. still to konl, a tip in the search for cop killers in illinois leads to an arrest, but it's not what you think.
7:14 am
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new this morning, cnn has just received the last radio transmission from the illinois officer who was killed in the line of duty. >> i'm out near the old concrete plant checking out two male white, a male black. >> 10-4. do you need backup? >> negative, dispatch. >> they -- >> 10-4. do you need a second -- >> police say a woman gave a false report she spotted two of the suspected cop killers. authorities say kristin kiefer told police a pair of men tried to steal her car and they ran off into a cornfield. nearly 100 officers responded to that call spending hours scouring the area. authorities say she later admitted to making the whole thing up. rosa flores joins me now with
7:19 am
more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i want to set the scene for you as to what was happening right before that tipster that police say ended up being a hobax, wha was happening in this community. there was a very emotional vigil going on. imagine more than 1,000 people, the wife of this slain officer was on the stage speaking from the heart, giving everyone in this community strength with words spoken from the heart. take a listen. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero. my world got a little smaller with his pass pentagon. >> where do you think she found her strength? >> i can only think the strength comes from knowing that joe knows that people needed to hear something from her so that they could find some strength from all -- nothing that makes sense in the world right now. >> reporter: now, in that crowd there were also a lot of police
7:20 am
officers, federal and state agents. from being there i can tell you they were holding back their tears. some of those officers wiping their tears off their faces and then a few hours later a call from that tipster saying, suggesting that these two suspects could possibly be in the area. of course, they immediately responded to the scene. more than 85 agents were immediately on the ground. 11 k-9 units, 3 aircraft, and they searched for hours only to find out later according to authorities that this woman confessed that it was all a hoax, that she was doing this just to get attention. she's actually in a bond hearing today facing a judge, and we don't know yet the results of that bond hearing, carol, but we are here, we're bringing you the very latest, but you can only imagine the emotion in this community and the play of emotions as someone tries to get attention by playing on the grief in this community.
7:21 am
carol? >> rosa flores reporting live this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," english or spanish? [ speaking spanish ] >> a brand new battle between trump and bush. why the donald believes the campaign trail should be english-only. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. i can offer you no interest sittifor 24 months.oday thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery. the ottoman? thank you. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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two big developments today in congress' ongoing investigation of hillary clinton. this morning her former chief of staff is testifying behind closed doors. cheryl mills is appearing before a house committee investigating the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she'll face questions on clinton's use of a controversial and unsecured e-mail server as well. and one week from today that same panel will also question
7:26 am
another clinton aide but they are not likely to learn much. we now know bryan pagliano will plead the fifth and not answer lawmake lawmakers' questions. >> reporter: good morning, carol. bryan pagliano is a former state department employee who did work on secretary clinton's technology and e-mail server. the house select committee on benghazi subpoenaed him to testify, but we understand in a letter to the committee his attorney said that bryan will assert his fifth amendment right not to answer any questions, and he also will not submit any documents to the committee that they might be asking for. he's also told other committees that have been can go about secretary clinton's e-mail server that he will not be answering those questions. now, the clinton camp has been charging this is a political witch hunt on secretary clinton, and in this letter to the committee, pagliano's attorney
7:27 am
quotes, quote, the current political environment for his reason to assert his fifth amendment right. hillary clinton's spokesman said hillary clinton has made every effort to answer questions and be as helpful as possible and has encouraged aides current and former, including bryan pagliano to do the same. it is said he would not want to be involved in a political spectacle. cheryl mills, who is testifying before the house select committee for benghazi also has this similar concerns. she asked according to sources close to her for the committee to put out her full testimony in full. she was concerned about selective leaks that we've seen from other employees and state department aides that have testified before the committee. that committee, carol, has refused that request and that's why secretary clinton has
7:28 am
charged that this is all about politics. >> all right. elise labott, thanks so much. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. breaking news out of the sporting world. tom brady wins. a judge has now nullified the nfl's four-game suspension of brady over the deflategate scandal. the ruling coming down more than one month after failed settlement talks between the league and the players' union. this means brady can go ahead and suit on up for the patriots' first game next week against the pittsburgh steelers. so let's talk about this decision. cnn's sports anchor coy wire is on the phone. and, wow, i just didn't expect tom brady to win for some reason. >> yeah. and i think a lot of people are with you in that sense. this process had gone so long and it looked as if it was going to be tom brady missing at least a couple of games, maybe this suspension would have gotten reduced, but as it turns out,
7:29 am
the full four-game suspension completely overturned in a huge decision by judge berman, who is essentially now challenging, completely challenging roger goodell's authority as the collective bargaining agreement, players and the nfl owners agreed that roger goodell could have full power as arbiter over decisions such as this. well, as it turns out, it doesn't look like that's the case when these cases go to court of law. this completely changes the game for any other case to come in the future where players will be battling suspensions handed out by the nfl. >> what about all that stuff about tom brady throwing his cell phone away and destroying text messages? didn't the judge take that into account? >> he certainly did, but the thing for the judge the entire time was that the nfl kept coming back and saying, look, this was the power that we had to -- you know, they gave us the authority to be able to rule in
7:30 am
cases like this, and the one thing that really stood out to me, as you mentioned, a big case built up against tom brady, and so it is fully expected that the nfl will appeal this situation, and they will likely file for a judge, another judge, to stay the decision. in other words, to put tom brady back on until this thing goes through the appeals process. so the nfl most certainly will appeal this decision because, again, they know that their power moving forward with any case to come after this hinges on this decision. it's determined by this decision, so they're definitely going to fight this and go back and use all of those notes and all of that -- the allegations and the evidence that you mentioned from the destroying of the cell phone and that sort of evidence that they have found.
7:31 am
>> so this is going to go on and on, but even though roger goodell and the nfl will appeal this ruling, that doesn't mean tom brady will be prevented from playing because the appeals process could go on a long time, until the end of the season for all we know. >> yeah. in a similar case, pat williams, a player for the vikings, he was suspended, but then he sought a stay of that suspension while it went through the appeals process. well, he continued to play for multiple years while his case was sorted out in the court system. he ended up retiring before that case was ever even settled. so even if this thing does, you know, have a stay placed on the suspension and an appeal process happens, it's going to be likely that tom brady gets to play this full season if not more before anything were to come of it. >> do we have jamaal anderson on the phone as well?
7:32 am
>> yes, i'm here. how are you doing? >> hi, jamaal, thanks for being with me. your reaction to this nullification by the judge. >> i'm not completely surprised, and, you know, in the judge's comments initially prior to this decision this morning, it seemed like there was a sticking point in particular with the nfl's comparison with tom brady's alleged offense here in deflategate with comparing it to guys who had not passed a certain test for substance abuse and things of that nature and suspensions that were based on guys doing other things of that nature. so clearly judge berman had a problem with the nfl's comparison with tom brady being suspended for that many games versus these other offenses, and that seemed to be a sticking point. when those comments came out, people who were really following this case believed at that time that may be something that the judge was going to bring up when it came time to give a final
7:33 am
decision if there wasn't some sort of settlement between the nfl and brady. because remember multiple times these groups got in a room together and could not agree on what a proper settlement would be. the nfl's sticking point, if you remember, was tom brady admitting some guilt, admitting he was part of this, he was culpable, and tom brady continued to say he had nothing to do with this. there was no evidence he had anything to do with this and now here we are with this decision where they nullify the suspension of tom brady and he's back on the football field. >> okay. so here is the thing. roger goodell insisted he should be the arbitrator. perhaps that wasn't the wisest of moves by the nfl commissioner, jamal. >> and we've seen this now -- we've seen this now several times. there's been this whole thing and really since what transpired with the new orleans saints, a separate situation. people have been upset about the commissioner being judge, jury, and if you will executioner. he's been the final guy. when tagliabue was brought in,
7:34 am
the former commissioner, to come in on something, he overturned whether goodell was doing. there's a wave, there should be another person, another arbitrator, somebody else making a final decision with respect to it being just one person. >> jamal, coy, thank you to you both. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. staying in rhythm...
7:35 am
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all right. more on our breaking news this morning. tom brady wins. a judge has nullified the nfl's four-game suspension of tom brady over the deflategate scandal. the ruling coming down after
7:39 am
more than one month of failed settlement talks between the league and the players union. this means brady can suit up for the patriots' first game next week against the pittsburgh steelers. joining me with more on the decision is andy scholes and also chris draft, a former player with the atlanta falcons. why did the judge rule in favor of tom brady, andy? >> well, carol, this entire time judge richard berman -- sorry, hearing myself in my ear. this entire time judge richard berman had been saying he had a very hard time with the language in the ted wells' report, that tom brady was generally aware that footballs were being deflated and of all times for the nfl to draw a line in the sand and really go after someone, this is just a disaster for them. the judge, richard berman, he was attacking them. every time that they were being questioned in court, tom brady, you know, they compared this to a steroid suspension, a four-game suspension for steroids, and judge richard
7:40 am
berman asked the nfl, so you're telling me that if a teammate was generally aware that one of his other teammates was taking steroids, they could get a four-game suspension? and obviously that was not going to hold up. so brady wins this. he's going to be able to play in week one. his only risk now, carol, is that the nfl can appeal to the second circuit court, and if that for some reason is heard during the nfl season and they overturn this decision by richard berman, brady could end up serving that suspension sometime down the line during the season maybe when the patriots are makinga push for the playoffs. that would be the only risk here. as we heard, these things take a long time. the legal experts i talked to said the second circuit court rarely gets to cases like these within six months. so tom brady likely is in the clear for the 2015 season, and we probably won't even get any kind of resolution to this until the off-season at the earliest. >> okay. so let's go to rachel nichols because she's been following this long national nightmare. are you surprised by the ruling though, rachel?
7:41 am
>> i'm not surprised because the judge did question the nfl very effectively in court exposing a lot of holes in its case. that being said, the nfl went into this court case with a huge legal advantage. federal court judges as a rule try not to disturb what arbitrators have decided in arbitration cases. that means the judge here ruled what roger goodell did was so glaring and illegal, he had no choice but to step in. this is a huge win for the players association, a huge win obviously for tom brady who gets to play this week, and really a problem for the nfl because they can appeal as andy talked about, but this is a public relations nightmare now. did they overstep going for the home run against tom brady and instead they end up with nothing. >> it's just insane. so i want to grinning in chris draft who is a former player for the atlanta falcons. how do you think the players feel about roger goodell at this moment in time?
7:42 am
>> i think you have to still look at the history of the new england patriots and with their other super bowl victories, there's been this cloud, is it spygate, there's something else, now it's deflategate. a message had to be sent, and it had to be sent strong and i think when you're talking about did he overstep his bounds and the nfl overstepped their bounds, they really wanted to make it clear to the rest of the players that, hey, that there's been questions where the patriots have been concerned, and we have to do something about it. it definitely -- based on the fact of the ruling today, it says for some of the players over there saying, well, i think the patriots maybe got away with it again. other players are saying that if there's not enough evidence, then that's right. roger shouldn't be able to step over the line and say a four-game suspense. i think it's clear the nfl wanted to make a big statement that says we have got to protect the integrity of the game.
7:43 am
>> but here is the thing, rachel. i want to center on roger goodell. during the whole ray rice controversy, he didn't exactly handle that with aplomb. kraft, the owner of the patriots, came out and slammed goodell. >> i want to make a distinction about whether he looks bad or wlf he's on shaky ground. there are 32 people whose opinion matters. the nfl owners. we know what kraft thinks. but a dozen other owners have come out in recent weeks specifically in support of roger goodell. the houston owner came out two days ago against tom brady and for goodell. none of these owners will be happy they lost the court case. the league clearly has egg on its face. and many of them may turn around
7:44 am
and blame roger goodell now, but really we have to remember when having these discussions, what the rest of us think, no matter how much bad press he gets, it doesn't matter. it doesn't indicate he's on the verge of being fired. there are only 32 people whose opinion matters. we know one of them is not happy, but right now the other 31, none of them have come out against roger goodell. so until we see a little bit more of a crack in that group, there's no way we could sit here and say roger goodell is in trouble. we can say roger goodell doesn't look good right now to the american public, and i think that trust issue you bring up from the ray rice issue will continue now that we've seen all of this unfold. >> absolutely. chris draft, rachel nichol, andy scholes. thank you. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. otographed mean ms. colegrove. but your dell 2-in-1 laptop gives you the spunk for an unsanctioned selfie. that's that new gear feeling. all laptops on sale, save $230 on this dell 2-in-1.
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jeb bush returning to the key state of new hampshire today. these are live pictures from the city of hampton where bush is holding a town hall meeting. moments ago bush took a tour of a local manufacturing facility, and we've been listening, and, no, he has not spoke an word of spanish. as you know, this town hall comes as his war of words with donald trump shows no signs of slowing down. trump taking issue with bush speaking spanish while out on the campaign trail. his message to the former florida governor, set the example. speak english while you're in the united states. for his part, jeb bush is fighting back. >> what was your first thought when you heard him criticize you for speaking spanish? >> i laughed. i mean, this is a joke. i was in a press gaggle where
7:50 am
people asked me a question in spanish and i answered it in spanish. part of it is you laugh because it's so bizarre, but it's hurtful for a lot of people, and mr. trump knows this. he's appealing to their angst and fears rather than their higher hopes. >> and this latest battle is not going unnoticed by other gop contenders. in an interview with cnn carly fiorina waded in on her rivals and the language debate. >> i think donald trump and jeb bush are going at it as front-runners are going to do in a presidential campaign. i recall just over the last couple days martin o'malley protesting at the dnc meeting because he wants a chance to go at hillary clinton. i mean, i think this is what politics is about. i also think, look, i admire the fact that jeb bush is multilingu multilingual. i admire the fact that so many people are multilingual and i think english is the official language of the united states. >> so let's talk about this. jason johnson is a professor of
7:51 am
political science and contributor to sirius xm radio and ben ferguson is a conservative talk show host and cnn political commentator. >> morning. >> i will start with you, ben, why are we arguing over whether or not you can speak spanish on the campaign trail? >> it brings up the bigger issue donald trump has been trying to make, that is as a country we've become too politically correct and afraid to recognize when there are issues. i think his bigger point is we have become too accommodating to people coming into this country that are not trying to be a part of this country. now, at the same time, you look at jeb bush and what he said. jeb bush has a very good point he's making here. someone asked me a question in spanish. i'm bilingual. i'll be honest with you, i wish i was bilingual. i think it's a huge asset this an international world economy. i think if you have a wife especially that speaks spanish and for him to learn a second language, which is not exactly easy to do, and you have kids that areally lingual, you should
7:52 am
celebrate that. one says we could be a big melting pot and how dare you say i can't speak spanish. the other side is going to say, you know what? we've been too accommodating for illegal immigrants. we've made it to easy for people could tom here and not be a part of america. >> well, but, jason, carly fiorina is jumping in on this. she believes english is the official ang walanguage. i'm not sure they ever voted english as the official language. i may be wrong. >> there is no official language. on the one hand it's good for jeb bush because donald trump has knocked him down to fourth or fifth place in iowa. trump is appealing to the constituency he has that for racial and political reasons associated everything with illinois leg illegal immigrants coming in. there are lots of native spanish
7:53 am
speakers who are american citizens. it makes sense for jeb bush to use whatever language it is he can to communicate with voters. whether it's spanish, sign language, russian, or german, it doesn't matter, you have to communicate with potential voters. they're both right for whoever it is they're trying to win with. >> let's face it, ben, you can't win an election with just white people voting for you these days, right? >> well, of course. but i think donald trump thinks i'm going to get people that are sick and tired of the average politician and, honestly, look at it so far. it's worked unbelievably well. and so his mantra is really i'm going to be non-pc on every issue. he wants blunt, straight talk. doesn't want any bs politicians come up. so at least -- ooii'll say this
7:54 am
he's being true to who he is so far in this campaign. people are not going to like me, some aren't, but i'm going to be real and blunt and hopefully i can make up the difference. >> i'll tell you one group that knows liking donald trump. 82% of hispanics have an unfavorable view of donald trump. i just waned ewanted to throw there. >> he may say i'm an 82% negative, let's go all in. >> he'll lose. >> make it an even 100%. just a quick point about this pledge that the rnc wants all of the republican candidates to sign pledging they will not run as a third party. i actually think that's -- i don't know. i think it's wrong. you should be able to run as anything you want to in the united states, jason. >> yeah. i think it's really cowardly on the part of the rnc to require this of people. i also think it's silly all the other republican -- you have chris christie and rand paul saying i'm going to sign the pledge, too. their pledging not to run as a third-party candidate.
7:55 am
that's like me saying i'm not going to declare for the nba draft. it wouldn't matter. i'm not going to be in the draft anyway. the only person this was built for was donald trump. it reflects the fact that the rnc doesn't trust the rest of their field and they're terrified of a trump third-party campaign. and i think it's anti-american. >> it's not anti-american. >> you should let anybody run who wants to run. if the rnc knew what they were doing, they wouldn't have to worry about donald trump. >> i have to leave it there. thank you so much. i'll be right back. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that?
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe.
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my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. all right. you're looking at live pictures out of kentucky. this is a federal courthouse there where soon a municipal court clerk, kim davis, will appear before a judge. as you know, kim davis is refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and a judge could find her in contempt of
8:00 am
court and order her to do this. we are awaiting that hearing too take place in just about ten seconds or so. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. i'm john berman. the breaking news at this hour, tom brady still perfect. four super bowl rings and now no four-game suspension. a federal judge just overturned the four-game suspension not 30 minutes ago. this is a huge blow to nfl commissioner roger goodell. a huge relief to new england patriots' fans ahead of next week's season opener against the pittsburgh steelers. just to bring you up to speed if you've been living under a rock for the last eight months, tom brady suspended for four games for having a general


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