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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNNW  September 3, 2015 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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are talking about marketing in the timing. if you are in the right timing with right marketing you will do millions. that's it. >> meeting with russell simmons. >> call me. >> currently represent 40 artists. they have all had some success, some more than others. i think people as they hear it more, they understand it more. or appreciate it more. >> a person that must be given a great deal of credit is the man who was married to the fabulous model simmons. russell simmons. what russell and kimora simmons did is extraordinary not only for the hip hop culture but the fashion culture. for the urban fashion culture. what they created with their
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brand, the phat farm product was amazing. >> the music culture end up with a guy named russell simmons in terms of phat farm and people around him saying how much they make off of that and you have all of these things that are a domino effect of knowing what our culture wants and how much money is made. >> when main stream american culture discovered hip hop, they began to try to sort of celibates and pieces of it any way they could. this is when you got all of these, you know, fashion labels social associated with rappers. >> i would try to show a lifestyle that people would buy in to. that is what i was trying to do. i don't want it to be looked at as we're good for urban or black clothing, i wanted to compete with everyone else in the world.
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>> rocco wear was around well before sean john but it wasn't until we saw the numbers of sean john that rocco wear was able to benefit from that. by the time that sean john came on the scene, urban brands were becoming a bit saturated in the market. and i think sean john injected the industry with a new pulse. >> i think for sean john, my whole view and motivation is what i grew up seeing in the streets. what i grew up going in to nationally and how they reacted to my style. what i was seeing in my communities and taking it and combining it also to what i was seeing on the runways from all over the world. it was the embodiment of swagger. you know what i'm saying?
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>> when sean first started to do fashion and having fashion shows, they were some of the most extraordinary moments during fashion week. >> everybody always asked me why i started to design clothes. i basically wanted to look good, man. you know, to be perfectly honest, i always liked to look in the [ bleep ] mirror, looking at myself and saying, boy, [ bleep ] you look good. with sean john, i didn't want to just make it a fashion brand. i wanted to make it a lifestyle. i wanted to make sure we were able to go from the block to the board room and if you had a job interview you were able to represent yourself the right way. if you were going to church, you were able to represent yourself the right way. fresh head to toe. we didn't take no prisoners. if ralph was doing it, gucci was doing it, sean john was able to do it and we wanted to do it just as good as them or even better. ♪ >> at that time we were up against brands like mecca and
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phat farm and rocco wear. we were more so sophisticated. the quality was better. it was toned down as far as the coloration, the fit was different and the price was a little higher. ♪ >> he said, hey, guess what, i'm going to do urban fashion but i'm not going to do urban fashion. i'm going to do high fashion in the urban space. >> at its heart, sean john was about aspiration. so he did this high-low thing at such a big level and turned it in to this global brand. he also won the award for minutes wear which was huge. i remember being at the company and realizing how big it was. understand that he was the first african-american to win that award. he was a hip hop artist crossing over, winning the most prestigious fashion award for the year. >> winning that award was bigger
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than sean john. it was bigger than me. when we won that award, as i said, we won that award. we all won it together. >> he was able to show that a music brand can make major volume sales. now we're starting to see three digit sales from a music-inspired line that just kind of opened the flood gates. all of a sudden, it became a free for all and there wasn't a celebrity, urban or not, that didn't get in the business. >> if i was to buy my son a coat that cost $600, i'm going to send him to school with a bulletproof vest.
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ♪ well, basically the start of it was my expectation of was nothing other than self expression and stylization. a stylization that was, you know, there to accompany our music, but also wanted wu chang to be its own polo or tommy hilfiger. >> outcast is like, i'm not going to keep wearing everybody else's stuff when i can have my
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own line. that makes sense. but then if you don't pull together the right team, that line is not going to last. you know what, you might get real estate in that store for six to is 8 months but you are taking away another designer's real estate that is real about it and can give good product. >> you weren't going to wear shady. just were not. i mean there's nothing that made you think that shady was in to fashion. you know, as a consumer, you sort of knew it was a money play. >> they put a million dollars behind all of these different brands and because they had a hot song. you were as hot as your music. when you are a musician, coming out with a clothing brand, they are not really serious about this. they are putting out t-shirts and this. you are as good as your brand,
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as your music is. if your music goes south, so does the clothing. >> the fashion industry is fickle. it goes up and down, just like the economy. what happened, a number of factors, you had an oversaturation of brands, you had brands moving too fast in to to doing the department store business. >> when all of the urban brands started to hit, the same stores that bought 90% of our collection started to order 30% of the collection because it is a floor space competition for newer brands. >> if you are a designer and you really want to stay true to who you are but yet you have something to pay, or a gig you are eventually going to clash. >> we had a partner. our partner had probably not seen it go so fast an big. he wanted to drive at the time
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all the time we were bumping heads. constantly. >> people were offering me deals and i was turning them down. because at 3%, 4% of my company, you mean you are going to give me 4%? >> when somebody is paying for your dream, it is not your dream anymore. it is their dream. i didn't like how it was made and the perspective catered to. i didn't like big moguls all day. >> you can't say a hip hop king will be the big louis vuitton house. it was there some 100 odd years ago. >> ralph lauren, polo doesn't disappear when a particular style of clothing is no longer popular. you are talking about the difference between companies that were able to establish
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themselves in a society when african-americans were discriminated against economically, in business and such. in order to have -- levis has been around for how long in forever. well, it would have been impossible to have had an african-american label making jeans as far back as levis in american society. unfortunately they did not have the staying power. >> thank you to all the supporters out there, too. >> depending on the flavor of the day, the mood of the month, whatever we are in to, we wear it. we're proud to wear with it but put it in a different class of distinction than other designs. i think it has to do with a lot of deeper discussions about self es stream, distinction in class and race. brands are i dent fiers as to who we are from head to toe. it is always like the grass is greener on the other side.
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♪ >> what do you know about this coat? >> people going to rob that coat. everybody wants that coat. expensive coat. >> i don't feel safe wearing it because i feel like i might get attacked for what i have. >> this coat right here? >> rob people for these coats. they are expensive. the youth around here, the harlem, bronx, brooklyn, a lot of the main tough areas, this is a big fashion these coats a lot of people get robbed and killed for them. >> some kid just got shot in bryant park for that coat. >> good evening. >> a short time ago police charged 16-year-old corey dawnton with attempted murder for opening fire on an ice rink at bryant park. >> it started over a fight over
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a coat and two were shot including a 14-year-old boy whose family fears he may never walk again. >> it is all over the news. if i was to buy my son a coat that costs $600, i'm going to send him to school with a bulletproof vest. >> back in the days you got beat up. stuff got taken. now bunch of kids get shot for jackets, or jordans. it's crazy. disturbing. really disturbing. >> the air jordan shoe frenzy started friday morning. people waiting in line to get their hands on the shoes. >> in georgia, four people arrested as they tried to get a pair of shoes. >> he just spent $180 for the air jordans and now all he has to show for the shoes is cuts and bruises. >> i have a bunch of shoes. to see a get robbed for a pair
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♪ >> by the time we hit the 22000 it is like you have to watch the trends because of the traffic and all of the activity that was happening on-line. >> before what our influences were were confined to what was at our reach, and now with the expansion and the power of the internet i have access to every fashion, look, brand across the world. so i can be whoever i want to be. >> we are in a space where they are exchanging so many ideas
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that i think that, um, we are getting back in to individual looks. >> it's no longer, you know, like either urban or it's like, you know, punk or this or that. it is not preppy. it's like, all of that stuff to me doesn't mean anything now. >> hip hop fashion right now, people are taking way more risks. they feel empowered with a lot more freedom. it's almost like the more risks you take the more respect that you get. everybody wants to be recognized and noticed. i think we change fashion for real for real that a lot of things were okay is the world embracing homosexuality. it has given people that would never take the risk in style and fashion, it has given them the
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green light now. >> people were scared to just express themselves out of fear of being called a name or considered to be uncool in some way, or not accepted or being bashed for a reason. certain people to assume because i liked clothes i was gay. now we've learned to accept each other's cultures. >> being a young guy he's wearing stuff out the box. across the pond. he is wearing different types of brands. ♪ >> see everybody is wearing sean john, and phat farm. that became standard to me. like normal to the point where it was minimal. i didn't want to do that.
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got to things like prada and gucci and versace, john richmond, doll che and kobani. >> the people were talking about cross clothes and karl kani. it was preached to the consumer and audience that loved the music. now it is about versace and hey-ehey and high-end brands. ♪ >> i think in fashion everything comes back around. we're at a period where we are trying to buy gucci and mtm and that happened in the a '80s for me. i remember that period. that's where we are at right now. >> most urban people don't want
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things made by other people. they want things made by what they can't attain. they want to buy in to a dream like everybody else does. >> as a culture we aspire to buy the guccis and yef saint laurent because that represents to us success. >> while urban brands were for us, by us we were never loyal to the brands that we followed. there's always kind of this cache of i'm going to go back to the reliable brands that i'm always used to because somehow those brands have much more staying power. they represent a certain social class i want to be at, the ultimate in luxury and the urban brands don't represent the lifestyle i aspire to have. ♪ >> young people want power, status and wealth.
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hermes, you have a brand like, that you walk in to a store and see 75-year-old women buying scarves and teacups and saddles, you know, for horses. it's a classic heritage house. that young person is buying in to a heritage and legacy that, you know that people aspire to. >> everything comes down to class. the class conversation is bigger than a race conversation. to show class it is like i'm high class and that's what those brands are, louis, gucci, all of that. that's why they are skeptical about working with musicians or rappers because we're considered to be lower class than designers.
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♪ the organized industry of fashion in america that i could speak to, it suffers from a bad identity. it wants to -- what is happening in europe. and self loathing atmosphere where we are never as good of 'dinners as the french or europeans. why are we waiting for external approval? all of them love us. they don't walk up and talk to me about me. i spend more time with folks who run fashion houses talking about what they love about our industry and the people they love. >> lately a lot of people say, oh, yeah, you have a lot of hip hop and rap representative people who love and support you and always come to your show for
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many years. for me this is probably because these kids, they are experimental. i like people that are experimental and take risks. >> we're not like the traditional designers that have come to these doors. we never studied under a ralph or came out but the last is at sean john with puffy. automatically street wear brand, you are in this box and we are always like, no, we're trying to be -- that's not what we are doing. nothing to do with sean job we work there or things like that. we always, you know humbly tried not to say sean john depending who you are talking to. you want to be taken seriously in the fashion talks but at the same time we owe a lot to our time spent at sean john.
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>> oh, for sure. >> my brand is 100% influenced by hip hop. me, as a next generation, because of the doors that russell, puff and j opened, it is only my responsibility that i have to do what i did in music. it has to be ralph level. >> who's to say or give a definition of what fashion is or what category it should be in? if it's great work, it's great work. >> freedom, like a mentally, sort of liberates everything. because it's a mentality. so if you feel free you will probably dress like you are free. you dress like you are free and you will probably be different than everyone else. it is untethered. it's not bound by popular or trendy opinion. that's what freedom is. it's to be yourself.
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fashion is about authentic experiences. so as long as it is authentic experiences and people brave enough to have a point of view there will be fashion. that's what being an artist is and being a fashion icon is, having the ability to do something no one else is doing. if you are doing something someone else is doing you are not fresh or fly, you are copy. being fresh is doing what no one else is doing and does it first. >> to be fresh to me is to be recognize. you know, be recognized, be an individual style. be recognized for whatever it is that you are putting on display. and when you are fresh, when you are recognized and people notice, and, you know, even before they notice, when you know it, when you right here know it you feel like superman.
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welcome to our viewer s in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. the headlines this hour, a standoff near budapest right now. live pictures where migrants are refusing to get off a train they thought was heading to germany. police arrived in riot gear on thursday hoping the migrants would leave, but they are refusing. out of fear they will be put in refugee camps. french prosecutors confirm a wing flap found on reunion island is from the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the boeing 777 disappeared in march of last year. the 239 people on board. the flapperon washed ashore in july and has gone through extensive testing. graduate ma la president has resigned amid allegations of
10:32 pm
corruption. maldonado is the new leader. in the united states, an about-face of sorts by the current republican presidential front runner. donald trump now promises to not run as an independent candidate if he doesn't win the party's nomination for the white house. while the republican national committee is happy with this pledge, at least one candidate running alongside trump questions his loyalty. dan that bash has the story. >> reporter: after what sources say were several intense weeks of private consultation and cajoling -- here's your pledge. >> reporter: the republican party chair got donald trump to pledge allegiance to the gop. >> so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and fight
10:33 pm
hard and we will win. >> reporter: sources say getting trump to promise not to run as an independent has ban leading republican goal. the bombastic billionaire refused to do so during the last debate. what changed over the last several weeks since you didn't want to raise your hand? >> i think the thing that changed is i went to number one place very quickly after i signed and entered this building notified thatty would be running for president. i think the biggest thing is i went early to number one and the rnc has treated me with great respect. so that was very important. >> reporter: as trump's popularity rose, so did republican angst that if he didn't get the nomination he would run as an independent, siphoning votes from the gop, making a democratic white house win much easier. rnc chair riens priebus slipped in and then out.
10:34 pm
>> why did you have rienc priebus come in here. >> he was here a while ago. i was greatly honored that he did come up frankly. >> reporter: to be sure the pledge has political benefits for trump, too who was hammered as a fake conservative. making this promise could help expand his support in the party faithful. the pledge is not legally binding. even sources close to trump admit he doesn't have to stick to it. >> this is not a guy who's a conservative. >> jeb bush who's aggressively questioning trump's conservative principles noted he has voted republican since '72. >> the economy does better. >> and bush's super pac is getting in on the action, posting a video drawing similarities between trump's views and those of democrat hillary clinton. >> those at the top have to pay their fair share. >> some people are not doing their fair share.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: even though the pledge is not legally binding, trump said he sees no circumstances where he will tear up the pledge. but he of all people knows how unpredictable politics is and we know how unpredictable donald trump is. dan that bash, cnn, new york. a new poll shows donald trump dominating fellow candidates but another republican is making gains. the monmouth university poll released on thursday, shows the real estate mogul with 30% of support. that's a new high for mr. trump. support for ben carson, a neurosurgeon, has surged to 18%. also a record for him. in a head-to-head matchup, republicans picked carson over trump 55 to 36%. u.s. vice president joe biden said he would not hesitate to run for president next year, but he says it depends on whether he and his family will have the emotional energy for a campaign run after the recent death of his son beau.
10:36 pm
>> can i do it? can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that we'd be proud to undertake under ordinary circumstances. but the honest to god answer is i just don't know. a new development in the e-mail controversy surrounding democratic candidate hillary clinton. a former u.s. state department staffer, who worked on clinton's private e-mail server said he will not testify before congress about it. brian pagliano said he will invoke his fifth amendment right against self incrimination. clinton's presidential campaign said he was encouraged to testify because he has done to hide. >> standing her ground lands her in jail. cheers outside of a kentucky courthouse after a judge holds a u.s. county clerk in contempt of
10:37 pm
court for failing to issue marriages to same-sex couples. plus, there's a possible break in the search for three cop killers in the united states. that story ahead. pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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welcome back. new england patriots quarterback tom brady will be free to start the new season next week. the judge threw out his four-game suspension saying he found significant legal problems with the investigation. the nfl suspended brady for his alleged role in the so-called deflategate scandal. his team was accused of using under-inflated footballs to get a competitive edge in a championship game last season. the nfl is appealing that ruling. after an outcry from gay marriage advocates a u.s. county clerk is sitting in jail. her decision not to issue marriages to same-sex couples
10:41 pm
landed her behind bars on thursday. kim davis has been ordered to stay there until she decides to comply with the supreme court's ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. alexander field has the story. >> reporter: in rowan, kentucky county, same couples denied marriage licenses. >> why are you not issuing marriage licenses today? >> because i'm not. >> under whose authority. >> god's authority. >> reporter: tonight the clerk who's refusing to issue those licenses ordered to jail because of it. a federal court judge holding her in contempt of court. a decision met by wild cheers from marriage equality advocates. the same ruling ignited equal passions from those who backed the rowan county clerk. >> i support kim davis. i think you are going to see god's people rise up like they never have before. and i think her going to jail, i think they woke up a great sleeping giant.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: kim davis was tearful on the stand, testifying her religious beliefs and conscience make her unable to follow an august 12th order from the same court to issue licenses in accordance with the supreme court's historic marriage equality ruling earlier this summer. davis is currently appealing the order to issue the licenses in a higher court. in an earlier statement, davis, who's been divorced three times, said to me this has never been a gay or lesbian issue. it is about marriage and god's word. it is matter of religious liberty protected under the first amendment. while considering whether to charge davis with contempt, the court rejected the argument she was factually unable tore physically unable to comply with the with court's order to issue the licenses. judge david bunning saying, our system of justice requires citizens and elected officials to follow the orders of the court. earlier this week, the supreme court of the united states denied a petition from davis to enable her to refuse to issue licenses while the appeals process continues.
10:43 pm
despite that, her office continued to refuse license couples. april miller testified she's been barred three times by davis for receiving a license to marry her partner of 11 years before the judge ordered davis taken in to custody by the u.s. marshals. >> we did not ask the court to imprisonen miss davis. that was not the sanction that we sought. and i think it is unfortunate that she is there. but the judge did what he felt was necessary in order to gain compliance. >> reporter: alexandra field, cnn, ash land, kentucky. in texas a former police officer is back in the united states after held in an indonesian jail for more than a month. clark arrived in austin on thursday where he was charged with capital murder in the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend. indonesian police arrested clark last month acting on a request from the fbi. now the estate of south carolina. a suspect in the charleston
10:44 pm
church killing could face the death penalty if convicted. a prosecutor in the case says the shooting deaths of nine people in june was "the ultimate crime which calls for the ultimate punishment." . she says some of the survivors and relatives of the victims' don't believe in the death penalty but others think it is entirely appropriate. police north of chicago are hoping surveillance video will help them to find three cnn's ryan young updates the investigation. >> reporter: a potential break in the search for three cop killers. >> we are retrieved some significant video. there was video turned in to us last night from a private residence. >> the homeowner says it shows three people matching earlier descriptions of what is believed to be the suspects. officials with homeland security are analyzing the video. police also confirming tonight
10:45 pm
the gun belonging to to joe gliniewicz was found near his body. >> the gun has been recovered. >> everything at the scene has been recovered and turned over. >> reporter: according to a source, the gun had been fired, but it's unclear if joe gliniewicz or one of the suspects pulled the trigger. what is clear? the three suspects described only as two with white men and one black man are still on the run. a frantic search overnight turned out to be a hoax after a woman claimed to see two of the suspects. she said she was having car trouble when a white an black man tried to enter her vehicle, the tip adding to the frustration of 100 officers who spent five hours searching a nearby corn field. she later admitted she made it up. >> tied up a number of resources, including my detectives who were called in and put on standby. >> reporter: fellow officers have vowed not to stop searching after losing one of their own.
10:46 pm
all are standing by joe gliniewicz's wife and sons who remembered him at a memorial on wednesday night. >> joe was my best friend and my world. my hero. the love of my life for the last 26 1/2 years. my world got a little bit smaller with his passing. he will truly be missed by all of us. thank you, everybody. >> ryan young, cnn, fox lake, illinois. >> ahead here on cnn newsroom, a former sex trafficking victim gets a new lease on life. see how a catering company is helping to lift her up. it's a cnn preem project special report.
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the cnn freedom project is shining a light on sex trafficking this week with and as you can imagine survivors often face a challenging road to recovery. to be successful they need good,
10:51 pm
long-term jobs but many employers shy away from hiring them. sara sidner introduces us to one catering company that's not afraid to give these victims a fresh start. >>ened ya has a great job at a successful catering company in columbus, ohio. >> it is such an awesome place. it is not just a place of business but i feel like we are family here. >> reporter: that's because freedom a la carte is more than your run-of-the-mill business. every employee here is a victim of sex trafficking and if many of them a -- >> i feel blessed to get the
10:52 pm
opportunity to work here. >> wedding on sunday. >> yeah. >> i always work on sunday. >> some of them have been arrested 30-plus times. so nobody would give this this opportunity. we teach them skills. a normal job like everywhere else. they fwet written up if they are late a few times. so we prepare them fort world. >> the executive chef at freedom a la carte. >> this is what we need to work on tomorrow. >> she calls it cause cuisine. she left a high-profile, lucrative catering career to help sex trafficking survivors in columbus. >> my whole idea when i joined freedom was to bring beauty. that's what i did. threw catering parties for people. surrounded myself with beautiful things all the time. so when i started freedom i thought it is is time for
10:53 pm
beauty, a change from the ugly past. >> reporter: andrea's past is indeed ugly. lured in to a life on the streets at just 17, she wound up addicted to drugs, sold for sex and branded by her trafficker. >> he had this guy that does tattoos come over and he had him do a tattoo on me. it had a heart and said jr for junior to let it be known i was his. >> reporter: her branding is gone do you, thanks to survivors inc., a charity that raises money for survivors to get their brandings covers up with tattoos of their choosing. the organization started in september of 2014. andrea was the first recipient. she's in a good place now. sober, free and working at freedom a la carte since february. she says it has changed her
10:54 pm
life. >> nobody taught me how to cook. i didn't have anybody to teach me how to cook. i didn't know how to cook. i was nervous to come in here. like i said, think lies i told myself, i'm not good enough, you can't do this. but i learned a lot since being here. i'm a mother and i have a heart of a mother. i think they feel that compassion. i'm also strict like a mother would be but with love. >> reporter: most of these women have never had that before. andrea says it is what keeps her going. >> without her support i'd probably be still out there. i wouldn't have been able to make it without all of the support i have. yeah. >> there's help out there. sometimes that's really hard because a lot of people don't know that. i didn't know that. i didn't know to get the help, i
10:55 pm
also didn't think i was worth it. i think that it's important to know that we are worth it. >> reporter: for andrea and the rest of the women who work here, freedom a la carte is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. >> our whole goal is to give them another job besides freedom a la carte but it is very hard because i get very close to the ladies and i don't want to give them up. >> reporter: but she may have to say good-bye to andrea just the same. >> i already have another job. so, yeah. it feels really good. it feels really good not to be judged for my past. >> business owners doing what they can to help these victims to move forward in their lives. you can learn about the cnn freedom project on our website you'll find stories there of other sex trafficking victims and how businesses are joining the fight to end modern-day slavery. we thank you for watching
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this hour of cnn newsroom. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. newsroom continues after the break with my colleague natalie allen. stay with us.
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. new video if hungary. migrants stand up to hungarian authorities trying to stop them from leaving the country. we he have comprehensive coverage of the migrant crisis in europe. investigators now certain the flaperon found in reunion island is from flight 370. and the movie isn't even out yet but die hard star wars fans lined up for hours before the next best thing. new toys and stuff about the movie. die hand hard fans will do anything. we will have more rate later this hour. welcome to our viewers he in the united states an around the
11:01 pm
world. welcome to cnn, i'm natalie allen. right now, migrants in hungary are holding up signs and shouting at officials. people fear if they leave they will be sent once again to camps. this is just a few moments ago that we saw this scene. the train was stopped thursday and the mikbrant were told it would not travel internationally. this is just the latest impasse as the migrant crisis in europe grows more dire. hungary has responded to the influx by building this, a barbed wire fence along its border with serbia. the conditions on that train we saw in hungary are miserable. high, stifling temperatures, very little food or water. cnn's arwa damon went inside. >> reporter: everyone flooded into the station. flooded on to one of the trains. their logic is that if they were
11:02 pm
allowing them knot station then the roads to germany where they are all hopingto get must somehow be open. this train is packed with people who don't really know exactly where it is this they're going tp. some of them have heard that there are no international trains departing from this station but they are are still packed into various different cars. there is a very heart breaking scene unfolding as this train is stopped. people dent know if they will be forcibly removed from the train. this family say they he escaped death in syria only to find it here. an they are so worried about the children. we know that there is a refugee camp located maybe about 30 kilometers outside of budapest. that is why everybody is refusing to get off this train. out on either side of this car that we're in, there are groups of men and youth who are holding on to the door handles. because they are afraid that police are are going to try to
11:03 pm
come on board. even just being here for a few hours, i mean, this is very, very difficult. and especially hard for the mothers who are struggling when it comes to holding it together. they are exhausted. they are emotionally drained. their nerves are frayed. the kids will not stop crying. they are doing whatever it is they can to care for them, but it is difficult. we have all been on this train for four hours, if not longer. and people right now are just trying to do what it is this they can to try to pass the time. there's two little girls sleeping on the floor right here. and it is very crowded obviously. very hot in here. the kids are all thirsty. they're hungry. they haven't had food. police force outside standing guard and just a short while ago, came through and in arabic announced to everybody, asked them to get off the train, get on buses, and good and report to
11:04 pm
the refugee camp to get registered and processed. problem is, nobody here is going to do that. they don't trust the hungarians. they don't believe if they go into the camp they will ever be out. a lot of them are traumatized over what they already went through. they felt they went through inhumane conditions and were treated like animals. >> we want to bring you news about an event in germany. reports that five people were injuried what fire broke out at a refugee shelter there. it happened south in frankfurt. at this point it is not clear how the fire started with you reuters reports there have been more than 100 arson attacks on asylum shelters in recent months. countries such as syria and ethiopia were housed in that three-story structure there. two little boy wloes drown
11:05 pm
with their mother are expected to be laid to rest today in syria, a country they were trying to flee. a photo of one of those boys, as he was pulled from the water's edge lifeless, has gone viral. there is more controversy about this crisis. four syrian citizens were taken into custody thursday suspected of human trafficking and contributing to their deaths. the very distraught father of those two boys says now he has nothing left to live for. he tried desperately to save his family's lives as they slowly drown for hours in the water. he has told the tragic story of how he he lost them when the boat capsized. cnn has more now, we want to burn you that some of what you will see is disturbing. >> reporter: two brothers stand close together as they pose for a photograph. the taller child is 4-year-old
11:06 pm
gelup. the smaller one with the cheeky grin is 2-year-old alan. the boy we now know as the tiny victim in this harrowing image. the picture of him lifeless on a turkish beach has been seen by millions around the world. but that's not how his father wants it remember him or his brother. >> is there someone whose children are not valuable to them? children enrapture you. they wake up in the morning. daddy, i want to play in the water. is there anything better than this? everything is gone. >> abdula is the sole survivor from a small family from syria. in early hours of wednesday he was with his two sons and wife as they were swept from a capsized dinghy while attempting to cross from turkey to greece. he shared what happened with hi sister in canada. >> and the wave keep pushing him down.
11:07 pm
those two boys, they were in his arms. he said, he tried all of his power to put them up, the water, to breath. and screamed daddy, please, don't die. and then when he look in his left arm and the older boy galup, was already dead. so he let him go. and he said, i will try to save the second one. there was blood coming from his eyes. so he closed his eyes and he let him go. he look around for his wife. she was floating in the water like a balloon. he said you should see how she
11:08 pm
looked like. he says, i did all my power to save them. i couldn't. >> the family wanted to join her in canada where she had filed a refugee application with the help of a local parliamentarian. >> i filed a letter and nothing. we waited and waited and waited. we didn't have any action. >> in june the family was told their request was rejected. desperate it find sanctuary somewhere, they made their way here where hope has now been lost. >> i plan to sit by the grave of my wife and children and that is it. >> leaving behind the beach where a single little boy brought into focus the suffering of thousands. cnn, berlin.
11:09 pm
>> so very tragic and our thoughts are with that father. he was grieving. in an exclusive interview, turkey's president told cnn's becky handerson he was with his children and grand children when he saw the photos of aylan lying lifeless on that beach. he said the west is to blame for what happened to him. >> we saw it, we were devastated. and we asked the question to ourselves, where is humanity. where is the conscience of humanity. it's a 3-year-old child. and it's not a first time this is happening many p children, mothers, fathers, unfortunately, have been drown in the rough waters of the mediterranean. only our coast guard since the
11:10 pm
beginning of this year have saved more than 50,000 people. this is a tough time we are going through but this picture of course was what made us cry. >> who's to blame? >> translator: to be honest, the whole western world is to be blamed, in my opinion. >> the migrant crisis will headline a meeting in luxembourg hours from now. they are planning to intensify efforts to capture smugglers. the proposal has gathered support from some ministers leading today must also sign off on it. prime ministers of slovakia and the czech republican will meet
11:11 pm
in prague. this crisis is putting the focus on the number of asylum seekers who are accepted by european countries. germany with a population of more than 80 million accepted the most migrant last year. sweden, italy, switzerland and france completed the top five. countries that received more than 1,000 applications but accepted the fewest asylum seekers included ireland, hungary, poland, romania and cyprus. but keep in mind they had fewer requests than larger eu nations. many dream of making it to germany and now a school there is welcoming young migrants and refugees from all across the middle east. later this hour, we will show you how it is trying to help children forget the horrors of war. >> we may be one step closer to solving one of aviation's biggest mysteries. next, french investigators say they're certain what this is.
11:12 pm
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french authorities now say with certainty that airplane debris discovered on reunion island belongs to missing flight 370. the flaperon is the first physical trace of the boeing 777 since it went missing march last year with 239 people on board. we are joined with ivan watson. finally a definitive piece of evidence. hello, ivan. >> hi, natalie. that's right. the french say there's no question that this piece of boeing 777's plane does in fact belong to missing malaysian air flight 370. and they were much more cautious about coming to this conclusion. it's been more than a month since this piece of wing was found off the coast of the island of reunion.
11:17 pm
the malaysian government was very quick to announce that this did in fact belong to the missing mh370. but the french, they took longer to confirm this. how did they come to this conclusion? well they say they went into the panel of this piece of wing with what they call an endo scope, basically a tube with a camera on the end of it and there they were trying to find traces of three sooerial numbers. then traveling to spain where they went to the offices of a subcontractor of the boeing airline manufacturers who make that particular panel and were able to cross con reference those serial numbers. that's how they came to the conclusion. as you very well mentioned, h is the only piece of debris that's been confirmed to be linked to that missing plane, that disappeared some 18 months ago with 239 passengers and crew on board.
11:18 pm
natalie? >> and of course, their families have been waiting in agony and irate about information, they wanted to know what happened to this place and where are their loved ones. what is the reaction it at left something that they have that's concrete? >> some of the people we've talked to, some of the relatives have been encouraged a bit. some others say, you know, that's a piece of wing. that's not enough. i need to know not only where did the entire plane go, i need to know where my family members are. what happened to them. this has been a quest for closure for these people who have lived with the agony of not knowing what happened to their loved ones. we have to recall that this plane disappeared on march 8, 2014. it went missing for hours before the malaysian authorities announced that the plane had in fact gone missing.
11:19 pm
and nobody has been able to come up with a real explanation for what happened to this plane. it is one of the great mysteries of modern aviation. so there are people that are still desperate for closure. some people who have great suspicion about the malaysian authorities and feel that they haven't been treated fairly and that they have not been given the truth, there does seem to be more credibility among the relatives that we've talked to in the french investigators, at least four french citizens on board that plane and french prosecutor's office in paris have launched an investigation into the missing plane. some people have been encouraged. a big mystery here. how is it that this piece of plane traveled thousands of miles across the indian ocean away from the area where the australian government has been leading a nautical effort to try to scour the bottom of the
11:20 pm
indian ocean for traces of this missing airliner. >> so much hope that this is the first piece of what will lead it other pieces found when you put this puzzle together. thank you, ivan watson, for us. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said he would not hesitate to run for president next year but that it depends on whether he and his family have the emotional energy for a campaign run. biden's son joe died of brain cancer just in may. >> the factor is, can i do it? can my family undertake what is annardus commitment that would be proud it take under ordinary circumstances. but the honest to god answer is i just don't know. >> on the republican side, donald trump has signed the pledge. the republican candidate promised to remain loyal to the party through the election next year. this means trump will not run as
11:21 pm
third party candidate and will support whoever the republicans nominate. new poll numbers have just been released. speaking with anderson cooper earlier about the numbers and the candidate who is gaining ground. >> donald trump leading with 30%, but dr. ben carson in second with 18%. jeb bush down to single digits and carly fiorina only down to 4%. if you're jeb bush, you're going the wrong way. you're going down. if you're ben carson from 5 to 18 percent in a m. can he build this infrastructure into you port on the ground at the ols when people start to vote. up from 26 to 30 in just a month. why does donald trump say i'm republican and i don't need to think about a third party run. he has the reasonable path to be
11:22 pm
the republican nominee. his numbers are going that way. >> the poll asks about head to head match-ups, how did that turn out? >> interesting question. mon moth looked ahead saying, what if we get to a point where it is donald trump, versus another person. carson leads. trump loses to carson. will we ever get a trump/carson race? i don't think so. trump wins by 19 with bush. tr isn't it fascinating, that ben carson and trump lead, who guys who have never been in public office. >> a u.s. county clerk who will not issue same-sex marriage licenses or allow her deputies to do so is now in jail.
11:23 pm
a kentucky judge ordered kim davis to stay behind pars until she abides by the supreme court ruling which legalized same-sex marriage in the u.s. davis said she is refusing licenses based on her relikon. >> religious liberty is not a sword with which government, through its employees, may impose particular religious views on others, more may use religious liberty as justification to withhold essential government services. >> same-sex couples heading to the courthouse friday morning could be given licenses, 5 of 6 of davis's deputy clerks say they will issue the licenses, some of whom hold her same religious beliefs. it china where it sent a signal to the world that its military is a force to be reckoned with.
11:24 pm
>>. >> reporter: china's massive military parade in beijing delivered a very clear message far away to america. on grand display in the chinese capital, new weapons which u.s. officials believe are designed specifically to target u.s. military assets. a new ballistic missile with the range it strike the u.s. naval base at guam earning it the nickname the guam killer. a new anti-ship ballistic missile which analysts call the carrier killer unveiled for the first time. and high above a fly-over by china's new j-15 fighter. soon to be deployed on china he a own new aircraft carrier. its first. all this watched not just by china's elite but russian pred vladimir putin. the pentagon brushing off the show of force. >> people know the strength of our military. and i think it's safe to say that we don't need to display it at parades necessarily, for
11:25 pm
people to understand what the united states is capable of. >> still as president obama gets ready to welcome the chinese president to washington for a full state visit later this month, china is increasingly flexing its military muscle far from its shores. chinese naval ships entered waters off alaska for the first time last week. at the same time, president obama was visiting. and china continues to mill tarrize man made islands in the south china sea. we came face-to-face with the chinese military there on board a u.s. surveillance aircraft this may. >> china's navy is going to be operating as it increasingly as blue water navy around the world. and the united states will just have to get used to it. >> the ceremony did not mention the u.s. chinese company produced this video showing chinese attack on forces very much resembling
11:26 pm
american ones. with an overwhelming chinese victory. >> tim chuto with our story here. coming up, the little boy whose body washed up on the shores of turkey is making his way home it syria for burial. we look at the war who forced his family and many others to leave in the first place. we live in a pick and choose world.
11:27 pm
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn live
11:30 pm
coverage. i'm natalie allen, here are our top stories. a stand-off continues near budapest right now where migrants are refusing to get off a train they thought was headed to germany. police arrived in riot gear thursday hoping the migrants would leave but they are refusing out of fear they will be put in refugee camps yet again. french investigators confirm a wing flap found on reunion island is in fact from flight 370. this confirms what malaysian officials said weeks ago. the boeing 777 went missing in march of last year. 239 people were on board. the suspect charged with killing nine church goers in charleston south carolina could face the death penalty if convicted. that's despite apparent objections from some family members of the victims. a prosecutors says the ultimate punishment absolutely fits the crime in this case.
11:31 pm
aylan kurdi's father paid smuggle ares $2,000 to get his family to greece. now he will take his dead wife and sons back to their hometown in northern syria where they fled which has been engulfed by fighting. our senior international correspondent nick patian walsh takes a closer look at hu syria got to this state. we warn you, this story has disturbing images. >> sir why's trauma rarely is this visible. so insent in death you can almost feel his face in the sand. smugglers an unfulfilled hope put him there. but his family was at first fleeing another morbidly visible part of syrisyria's spiral into
11:32 pm
void. to some here in sprawling camps, onward trip to gross or canada would have been a lucky and expensive close to leave behind forever the abyss after homeland. when does it end? even overlooking kabani when the world was able to watch the brutality of isis launch car bombs on the borders of nato, the coalition smart bombs came but did not bring a war to a close. in fact, each time syria's crisis deepens, it is interrupted on to our screens and the world asks, when will it end the task seems all the more impossible. isis fighting rebels fighting al qaeda fighting kurds, all of whom have or want their own thief and that's just the north. regime on the back foot but still using barrel bombs against civilians and a brutality that
11:33 pm
fuels the unrest and kills more than anyone else. a full two years passed since barack obama's only red line on syria, the use of chemical weapons, was crossed to suffocating of guta broke through the fatigue of syria. giving the white house's threat seemingly al-assaded to goedin world to stop him. he already tested washington's will to intervene again after iraq in the middle east pf huge scud surface it surface missiles against the areas of aleppo turned them into the surface of the moon. children routinely hit by shelling, designed to be random to terrified. hospitals in the cross hairs. enough to spur unified action back when syria was a far, far less complex mess. and perhaps now even this image
11:34 pm
still not enough when syria has never seemed less fixable. cnn, beirut. >> australia's government has been criticized both at home and abroad for its tough immigration policies including turning back migrant votes and detaining asylum seekers in camps. earlier we spoke with david man with the refugee and immigration legal center in melbourne who says the country's methods are a cause for great concern. >> the price for these policies which have significantly stemmed the flow of boats has been to essentially inflictsi siystemat harm and destroy the program to protect refugeeses and resulted in practice such as sending people away from australia to
11:35 pm
places like papau new guinea to be indefinitely incarcerated in circumstances that in many cases replicate the same forms of inhumanity for which many people have actually fled. the other point it make here is that these types of hard line deterrent policies pushing people back it access asylum in australia do nothing to address the real circumstances, the real desperation, that forces people to flee. all of those policies end up really doing is sweeping people from our doorstep in australia to dangers and possible death elsewhere. >> prime minister tony abbot is defending his country's policies and says australia will do more to help migrants. here is a quote, a year or so back we announced that because of the crisis in northern iraq
11:36 pm
and eastern syria we were going to take an extra 4,000. we are in a position to increase our refugee and humanitarian intake. for those that make it out it a new life, they can get much help. a school in germany is helping student from syria, south asia and adjust to new lives. cnn senior international correspondent atika shubert has that from germany. >> reporter: a school in brandonburg, ms. albrecht is making a game of learning german and her students are eager to put words into practice. >> my name is aiden. >> reporter: just two of the dozens of young refugees going to school here. this is a welcome class for learning german, designed to get kids of all ages speaking as quickly as possible. up to 16 kids, one teacher and two assistants.
11:37 pm
a lot of staff to make sure each child gets the support they need. >> they learn that they are very, very friendly. that they are very open-minded. they are very fast learners. especially from syria. and they are happy here in germany. and that makes me happy as well. >> nearly 40% of the kids here are from refugee or migrant families. students come from syria and iran but also albania, afghanistan, somalia and chech knee ha. some have been here for years, others only a few weeks. i have learned so much from them, says this teacher. and they learn from each other. they talk all the time about the different ways they get to school, how they live and what kind of food they eat. personally, i'm grateful for it, she says. teachers are sensitive to the difficulties of adjusting it a new country so there are home visits to refugee shelters and
11:38 pm
field trips to get kids comfortable with their new neighborhood. the goal is a class like this. confident student speaking fluent german and yet there is nothing special about the schools. insists principal goldburg. we simply want students to feel as comfortable as quickly as possible, she says. we want this to feel like home and for them to forget the wars and conflict they have left behind. for some of these children, it's not home yet. but it is a fresh start and most of all a chance at a normal life. cnn, brandonburg, germany. that is nice to see right there. hungary's prime minister says once its country processed migrants that are stuck there right now, it's up to germany to handle the rest. next hour, i'll speak with the spokesperson for the hung garian government on how his country is dealing with with this dilemma.
11:39 pm
many people criticizing the marsh tactics hungary was taken. guatemala sworn in a new president. former vice president maldonado is the country's new leader. the abrupt leadership change comes amid a bribery scandal. a warrant was issued for his arrest and he is thousand behind bars awaiting a court hearing today. the former president denies any wrongdoing. now to venezuela where jailed opposition leader lopez could learn his fate today. lopez is accused of inciting violence during protests that shook the country last year. the 44-year-old has been m prison since february 2014. when he turned himself in during public demonstration. if found guilty, lopez faces up to 14 years in jail. we're going to turn to the movies in a moment.
11:40 pm
"star wars" fans around the world rejoicing the first trinkets, toys, you name it, souvenirs from the upcoming movie are now on sale. we will tell you why people are packing stores to buy them.
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derek van dam stopped in to talk about the heat that is causing a lot of problems in the u.s. and even on the courts in new york. >> the tennis courts. you're an athlete, i'm an athlete. i'm a runner. you and i have probably experienced cramps before, and i know i have. it is a terrible thing and has to do with electrolytes in our body.
11:44 pm
we often have those drinks that help prevent heat cramps. some had to be carried off the court. take a look at this footage of jack. he was unfortunately, again, hit with these heat cramps and muscle fatigue that's just all thanks to heavy work he's been doing on the court. and -- >> and the women playing for 3 1/2 hours. the longest match for a woman at the u.s. open. and they hung in there. >> and one of the women as well had to be treated for heat exhaustion as well. yeah. not great. really the best thing that you can do here is try to cool your core body temperature down as quickly as possible. and well it doesn't appear that he was fortunate to continue play. he today actually be escorted right off of the court. this is the seven diforecast for the u.s. open in new york and temperatures are still on the warm side. there is a slight dip in daytime highs but as we head into the
11:45 pm
weekend and early next week, they rebound right back into the upper 80s. as we continue on through labor day weekend with the u.s. open, players and fans are going to have to contend with this hot weather as well. here it is the stifling east coast. however, weak cold front, bringing a slight relief. but we have an area of high pressure, bringing back the heat. bringing back places like minneapolis and chicago, well above average the rest of the weekend so plan accordingly. check out the western half of the united states. sunny and dry across california. what's new there. but what i want you to flts nots across the four corners. a an amount of monsoonal moisture. it sparked off a number of thunderstorms in the area that could create about a half inch to three quarters inch of rain fall but i want to talk quickly about the sandstorm that moved through the phoenix, arizona area. picking up dusty sand and
11:46 pm
scattering it across the ground. can you see this roll here. i want you to see the footage so you can tie these two things together. take a lock at this. this is in phoenix and u.s. state of arizona. that, natalie, is a haboob or sandstorm. very hazardous for anyone breathing the outside air and also for air travel. they want to try and avoid that, as you can imagine. sand and engines do not work well together. >> no, it goes from sunny to dark. very creepy. we want it move on here to north korea which regularly fires off anti-western rhetoric, as you know. but the strange country now seems to be adopting some surprisingly western styles. from music that the koreans are now hearing to the designer clothes the first lady wears. here is cnn's kim law. >> reporter: welcome to north
11:47 pm
korea's hottest pop dance. a violin wielding high-heeled wearing kim jong-un loving girl group. propaganda by the supreme leader himself. at this concert a long range missile launches on the big screen behind them. frenzied fans on their feet. music crescendos as the missile strikes a picture of the united states. north korea's age-old message delivered by women in a communist version after chanel suit. a modern powerful twist for the oppressive brain washing of its people while kim jong-un executed members of his own family he is pitching himself as an exciting young leader. >> he, kim jong-un, is a leader, who is a new and otherwise -- >> it is a calculated departure
11:48 pm
from the propaganda of his father's era. north korea's only airline flight attendant ditching the soviet era un on forms and replacing them with this. the leggy outfits on the magazine. kim jong-un's very own wife, north korea's kate middleton. spawning fashion in pyongyang down to the high heels. but nothing happens by accident on the propaganda tv. no citizens on earth are as happy as us says north korea's announcer as kim jong-un takes a ride at this brand new amusement park p.m. pictures show him as a progressive leader cementing his people's loyalty. north korea's watchers say updating propaganda from this to something more modern, more outside world has some political benefit. there is some risk to the
11:49 pm
regime. the ladies perpetually in praise of kim jong-un clearly got ideas from south cree yeakorea's k po. >> they want it look beyond the screen. >> a challenge not on the military front but one of human curiosity. cnn, seoul. >> and we'll have more news for you right after this. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him.
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proteact® advanced against plaque. with plaque guard™ helps prevent plaque and gingivitis, kills 99% of bacteria for a 12 hour shield of protection. act® advanced. all right. for the million its of star wars fans in the universe out there, this is for you. force friday is finally upon us. stores around the world from sydney to rio de janeiro to new york have begun selling the latest toys, books and trinket from the film franchise. of course this is all part of the enormous buildup towards the december release of star wars the force awakens.
11:54 pm
so far the action figures are causing the biggest buzz because they speak actual lines from the film. and fans are analyzing every word spoken looking for clues about the top secret story line of the movie. in australian sheep spent years wandering in the wild growing a massive and glorious fleece. perhaps you've seen it on-line. when chris was finally he may have broken a world record. jonathan has that. >> an woolly mammoth but certainly a mammoth amount of wool and all comes from one single sheep. this is chris a massive marino on the outskirts of the australian capital. >> he is a sheep with a big personality and big coat to match. >> the animal was so overgrown it could hardly walk. so much so that the sheep's very life was in danger. local veterinarian's brought in
11:55 pm
a champion sheep shearer to give chris a much needed hair cut. >> the weight of the fleece was pulling on the skin. so in part i today double cut it and get the weight of the fleece off it and come back out with the skin so it doesn't cut the sheep. >> almost 45 minutes of careful cutting, this is the result. a massive pile of fleece. unofficially a woolly world record. >> this fleece weighs 40.5 kilos. 4.5 kilos. the average fleece after 12 months of growing would be 5 kilos. so it is quite amazing. i rec wreckon the sheep was about seven years old and never sheered before. >> as the media started asking us about the world record that we were even close. >> this is chris now. looking much lighter and apparently feeling better too. >> he seemed very happy. and the vet were quite pleased
11:56 pm
with the kg of the sheep after. >> i just went back and looked a at him. he is doing fine. in fact, i think he's a new man. not only half the size but his personality changed. >> what happens to chris's coat? there's a enough for a slew sweaters. some people say it is too matted to do any good. but he is getting attention from all around the world. >> i've gotten phone calls from as far as hong kong. it has been mad. >> and probably leaving chris feeling a bit sheepish. jonathan mann, cnn. >> chris is a new man, they say. watch out ladies. see you in 2 minutes for another hour of muse news. we live in a pick and choose world.
11:57 pm
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a standoff on the tracks. hundreds of migrants demanding to be able to leave the country. >> responding to the migrant crisis. live reports from 10 downing street and turkish capital, coming up. >> mh370, a french investigators say there is proof this is from the missing airliner.
12:01 am
>> live coverage as russian sorites rocket docks at the international space station. >> cool to see. >> i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. this is "cnn newsroom." >> migrants near budapest, hungary are holding up signs and shouting at police refusing to leave a train they thought would take them to germany. this is the scene just about an hour ago. the people on board fear that if they do leave they will be sent once again to camps. the train will stop thursday in the migrants were told it would not travel internationally. >> hungary responded to the influx of migrants by building a barbed wire fence along its border with serbia. in just a few hours time, european leaders are set to meet in luxembourg for more on the crisis. let's turn to fred who is live in budapest. fred, thanks for being with us.
12:02 am
it's understandably a very tense situation with hungarian security forces guarding that train. what the latest there? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, it certainly is a very tense situation here, george. what the hungarian authorities have done is sort of tried it block the view that we have here of that train. if we just pan over there, you can see that only if we zoom into the area between those two carriages can you actually see what is going on on the other side. that's the train where the refugees are hold up. it is a tense situation between them and security forces. what is going on is they've been refusing food and water. we saw something like that last night when at some point very late in the night the hungarian authorities brought food here and water and well as well as there was sort of a small little makeshift demonstration that took place among the migrants where they were chanting no food, no food. we have seen them hold up card.
12:03 am
in camp, in food, no water. clearly they are refusing everything at this point in time. we can hear them shouting again no camp, in camp. they don't want to go to the camps. you're absolutely right, the standoff is the fact they want it strain to continue to the border between austria an hungary so they can disembark and try to get into austria and ultimately their goal is germany. that's something that hungarian government said it was not going to happen. they have told these migrants they should go into buses which are actually standing outside the railway station and then they would be brought to a camp to then be processed there so they could seek asylum there. that's something that the migrants don't want to do buzz they say they've been treated badly so far here in this country. many between hungary and serbia were made it wait for a very long time with no food and water there. and they say the conditions here simply haven't been up to standard at all.
12:04 am
this is a very tense standoff and one that continues through the night. thief been here now for i would say almost 20 hours and understandably we can see a little bit here through the train cars that you know, the children are very weak. children obviously in very difficult conditions and very cold here overnight. so very tense situation but also one where you can feel that the nerves of the people, they are starting to show. they are getting frustrated at the situation here, george. >> and fred, as you mentioned, many of the same people, these are the same people that train station in budapest who waited for so long. after all they've been through, they are refusing food and water in protest? >> yeah. yeah. they certainly are. at least that what we're hearing. that's what they are say as they say no food, no water. we have heard from our own arwa damon who was on the train into the early morning hours, that
12:05 am
people were refusing food. the children were eating and getting water. but by and large, the people on the train, not consuming anything. you're right, they have been through a lot. many of them for the past couple of days before they came on it train here were at that train station in central budapest where they were made to camp out there. no facilities whatsoever. very difficult for them. it was very -- [ inaudible ] >> i've losted from's shot there. but again, fred telling authorities are trying to block the view of the train with migrants on the train, refusing to get off the train. and protesting, not taking food or water, demanding that train move forward. we will stay in touch with fred and continue to follow the story. >> more now from hungry. hungary's government spokesperson joins us live via skype from budapest. we thank you, sir, for joining us. the world has been seeing video
12:06 am
of this situation we've just been talking about. these migrant families are desperate, exhausted. they have escaped war and isis brutality yet are receiving harsh treatment from your country. some are asking, where's the humanity. what would you say to that? >> marsh treatment is simply not true. the problem is you are witnessing a couple of thousand of people desperately wanting to go to germany because they've been told they are free to go. while we face 2,000, 3,000 people a day arriving it hungary illegally. what we are trying to provide, giving shelter to all arriving to hungary. but it is not their choice. it is impossible. that hungary institutionalizes say the eastern railway station as a refugee camp while we have the temporary shelters all around the country like in all european countries. what we see here is basically the complete lack of compliance with rules and regulations that
12:07 am
apply obviously to illegal migrants. >> but the people on the train, they were worried when the media was sent away. our reporter there, live, said the media has been blocked from seeing what is going on. the people want to get to germany. your can untry said this is germany's problem so why not let them go? >> because it is impossible. that's not -- it is not the choice of an illegal migrant to decide where he or she would like to go. even family. there are procedures, protocols all european nations have to follow. that's again, is very sad it see that, the complete lack of compliance would lead to this kind of scenery. again, it proves the quality of hungarian police, we pass without any kind of atrocity. you show pictures of family lying on the rail. it turned out that the guy, so
12:08 am
desperate, thrown his wife and kid on the railway. and jumped after them. and police were trying to save them, just the opposite of what the international media was trying to suggest. so i'm afraid this is something that which is surpassing the kind of -- and what is required is the minimal amount of hungarian authority. we are handling 2,000, 3,000 people a day coming across our southern borders. again we have reached a hundred thousand this year. hundreds of people you are witnessing in beach camp and other stations is just one minor element, i'm sorry to say, of what we are facing at the moment. >> david cameron said european countries have a moral responsibility to help these people. we certainly know the eu needs a unified cohesive strategy here to deal with this. do you think that's achievable? the near future?
12:09 am
>> we have moral imperative and there can be no questiones about that. and to find proper answer is to defend borders of europe. without reestablishing border control and without establishing principle and discipline, it is not going to work. take a look at what is happening in the western, there are countries which are simply not doing anything to stop the flow of illegal migrants so they aren't fulfilling on obligations to the european protocol. that's why we ask germany to stop double language. impossible to send out invitation to and at the same time, require as it is happening in hungary, procurement of legalization.
12:10 am
that is not going to happen. the flood of illegal migrant is the first step we have to take. everything else is coming after that. >> what are you doing to try it talk to the people to explain to them the situation. what is the near term slulgs for the families that are terrified to get off these trains? >> there is no reason to be terrified. they've been told repeatedly for the past couple of days what the normal procedure is. they would be in safe conditions in a temporary shelter providing bags, clothing, health care, even the daily allowance that is coming under european regulations. there is misinformation all along the rail when they reach hungary that something else will accept them in germany but that's the same procedure from them in germany, too. they are going to be put in camps until their case is judged. that's not going to happen
12:11 am
otherwi otherwise. so in a european manner, universal principles is one must -- one first they have to comply with. on behalf the authorities including police, it is patience that will help ease the situation. >> we hope it's relieved soon for these people and the country can figure this out. we know that the prime ministers of your country and from others and the foreign ministers from the eu will be leaving in the next few hours. thank you for joining us. thank you. . >> now more on the syrian toddler whose heart breaking image shocked the world. refugees fleeing syria are enduring. the by's father hoped to take his family to canada, far from the war at home. now he is returning home to syria to bury his wife and two young sons. jake tapper has the story. but we warrant you, some of what
12:12 am
you say in this report is disturbing. >>. >> reporter: this image of his small silent body is too difficult for us to linger on. but it's too important to ignore. so here's another image. a better one. of the boy on the beach. aryan kurdi, anything but small and silent as he fled with his family. >> this is a human catastrophe. >>. >> reporter: some world leaders are finally addressing the human toll of this humanitarian crisis of those fleeing the region, a source of heart breaking images for years. >> we need to ensure people are treated correctly, with dignity, with the rights they have coming to them. >> kurdi was traveling with his 4-year-old brother and parent in a small dinghy from turkey to
12:13 am
greece. it was their third attempt to dros into europe where thousands are blocked by barriers. >> it's about making decisions a enthose decisions must be made by the international community. >> my grants are dying as their fates lie in the hands of politicians overwhelmed by their masses and by politics. and by seemingly cold indifference. in countries such as hungary whose leaders seem to have forgotten its own refugee crises in 1956, these desperate families aren't welcome. why you have to go to turkey to euro? turkey is a safe country. stay there. >> aryan's father says a boat from turkey to greece abandoned them and swam to shore when waves got rough. after they capsized, abdullah said i tried to reach for my
12:14 am
wife and children. i was in the water for 20 minutes. 8 children and 4 adults drown, including arwan, and his brother and mother. abdullah told cnn everything i was dreaming of is gone. be a dull why's sister who lives in canada had been second him money to help his family flee to europe. >> i shouldn't send you the money to go. >> she and relatives knew the journey was risky. >> his wife told me, i'm so scared of the water. i department know how to swim. >> but the tan danger is outweighed by desperation and thousandis will continue to seek refuge in safer lands if only they could be accepted. >> i don't want any family to drown any more. i don't want it see it. >> jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> the crisis is putting a focus on the number of asylum seekers
12:15 am
accepted by european countries. >> germany, which i was just talking about with our guest with more than 80 million people accepted the largest number of migrants last year, sweden, italy, switzerland and france also in the top five. >> ireland, hungary, poland, romania and cyprus are accepting asylum rates. they have fewer requests than the larger nations. britain may revisit its policy for how many migrants it takes in. david cameron says he he was moved by that image. the syrian toddler who drown and he said quote britain is a moral nation and we will fulfill our moral responsibilities. nic robertson joins now live from downing street, nic, good to have you with us. british prime minister is under more appreciate are you're to do more in sharing the
12:16 am
responsibility with other european nations now. >> not just for the head lins here, the highlight of the death of that young by and his brother and mother, but under pressure from european leaders to do more. this is pressure that david cameron finds hard to resist at the moment. on the one hand he is trying to repair britain for a referendum on whether or not it should remain part of the european union. that's next year. to achieve that and to get his political goals there, he needs, if you will, to keep the european leaders like angela merkel and president of france, he needs to keep them sweet if you will. because for his own political reasons here, he needs to negotiate better -- better terms of the european employment law is here. this has all come about because of domestically here in the uk and over the migrant issue. many people in britain feel that there are too many migrants in britain. the party that came in third in
12:17 am
the last elections in terms of number of votes you kept, won 4 million votes on that issue alone. david cameron has two competing pressures. to be tough on migration, yet to accept that he does, as he says, the country has a moral responsibility and with european leaders. if you go back to the beginning of the week he was focussing the issue as something that needed to be resolved in the country's where the problems began. this is what he said. >> we need a comprehensive solution. new government in libya. we need to deal with the problems in sir why. i would say the people responsible for these terrible scenes we see, people most responsible, president in sir why and butchers of isil and criminal gangs that are running this terrible trade on people. we have to be as tough on them at the same time. >> so you can see in part what david cameron here is doing. he says it is not the problem
12:18 am
here in europe, it starts somewhere else. but it does seem he will potentially raise the number of asylum. f people that can seek and get help. people are feeling pressure towards migrants at the moment and at the same time that pressure from other european leaders p. >> raising the number of people that country takes in but again as you point out, prime minister walking a very fine line and interesting to see how the so-called brexit would come in to play with this. thank you so much for your reporting there. >> and coming up here, confirmation, french officials say a wing flap is from missing flight 370. the latest on that in a minute. >> a county clerk stands her ground and end up in custody. for not giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples. we stop arthritis pain,
12:19 am
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12:22 am
welcome back. same-sex couples could start getting marriage licenses in kentucky. the county clerk who had been refusing to issue the licenses,
12:23 am
she is now in jail. a federal judge ordered kim davis behind bars until she abides by the supreme court order. the rule chg legalized same-sex marriage. >> she is refusing on her religion and barred her deputies from issuing the licenses. all but one, the one being her son, say they will now issue licenses starting later today. we turn it france where investigators have confirmed a wing flap found on a french island is from the missing malaysia airlines flight 370. the flaperon is the first physical evidence found of mh370 since it disappeared last march with nearly 200 on board. he jerin is following there stoy for us. they wanted to get it right and
12:24 am
are they saying how they reached this conclusion, erin? >> reporter: they are. remember malaysian authorities were quick to conclude that the flaperon was from mh370 but french investigators say they wanted a definitive link. so they took a tool, which has a camera and light attached to it, to search inside the flaperon and inside the flaperon they located three numbers that they were able to trace back to a subcontractor in spain. that subcontractor responsible for helping to make boeing 777 flaperons. now they were able then to link one of those numbers now they say definitively to mh370. initially a source close to the investigation told cnn that that subcontractor said they had insufficient records to be able to do that but we understand from the french prosecution's
12:25 am
office in a press release yesterday saying that a team of french investigators actually went to spain and found this definitive link which of course provides with a new degree of certainty regarding the flaperon ann as well as helping to solve really one of the greatest mysteries of modern aviation history. >> absolutely one piece. hopefully there will be more for families trying to make sense of it. >> turkey's prime minister is blaming the west for the ongoing migrant crisis. you'll here more from him next. >> for weeks people have been asking whether did not altd trump will stick with the republican party if he doesn't get the nomination. he gives his answer it that.
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
12:29 am
a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." good to have you with us. here are our top stories. >> standoff near budapest right now. [ inaudible ]
12:30 am
four syrians were taken into custody, for contributing to their deaths. a woman has been jailed for contempt of court for refusing to give same-sex marriages. a judge ordered kim davis to stay in custody until she complies with united states supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. davis said she opposes guy marriage on quote god's authority. >> i want to give you a very interesting view of something we're keeping a very close eye on very far away. these are live pictures from the international space station where three-member space crew is about to begin a very delicate docking maneuver. >> this particular mission is full of firsts for the international space station. let's bring in a senior writer from
12:31 am
hi, mike, thanks for being with us. >> sure. >> we always like news from outerspace and good old docking. tell us what we're about to see here. >> what we're about to see is a spacecraft, russian spacecraft, not to dock to the iss. it will dock with the space station in about 10 minutes probably. and yeah, if all goes according to plan, it will just saddle up to the space station automatically using onboard radar and just latch on and it will start flying around earth with the space station. >> this is routine. this happens a lot. but it is always -- it looks easy but it's certainly not. remind us how fast the space station is moving. >> fast. about 17,000 miles an hour around the earth. to actually just rendezvous with that and saddle up to it, when you see them next to each other it looks like neither is moving because they are flying in
12:32 am
tandem so perfectly but both are going about 17,000 miles an hour an they have to be so perfectly matched up for this to work. >> they are talking to each either right now? >> yeah. and mission control is keeping an eye on everything. it should just go automatically with the instruments taking care of everything but if something g goes wrong then they he can take over manually and did it that way. >> this is considered a taxi service. sometimes it is just garbage pick-up or something. there is a lot of human cargo. and it'll be crowded on the space station. how many will be there? >> yeah. this is unusual. there are already six people aboard the space station which is full compliment that's what it usually has. just look the maximum. but there are going to be nine on there for the next ten days. because it's all tied to the
12:33 am
fact there's a year-long mission going on right now. this particular soyuz this that that is docking, one needs to come back down this coming march. so this is an unusual mission and yeah, it is tied to this year-long mission with nasa and it is like the space station right now. >> it will happen in about 10 minutes. perhaps we will see it happen there live. we will get back to it if it does. mike wall, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll take a quick break and be back.
12:34 am
12:35 am
12:36 am
welcome back. returning to our top story. very few countries in europe are unaffected by the migrapt crisis and it is hard to wrap your head around the severity without seeing these numbers. more than 347,000 migrants have crossed the mediterranean as of
12:37 am
september 3rd, this is according to the u.n. >> just staggering. another 115,000 in italy and nearly 2,000 in spain. the number of deaths at sea, also at record levels with more than 2700 reported dead or missing to date. >> so who's to blame for this deepening crisis? turkey's prime minister is pointing the finger at the west. our becky anderson joins us live with more from her exclusive interview with the prime minister. becky, good to have you with us. please explain, what did the prime minister have to say? >> reporter: we sat down with him just after the release of what was that shocking image of aylan kurdi washed up on the beach. his family clearly trying to get to up with of the roots for
12:38 am
syrian migrants or refugees to get into europe. and the turkish president really very, very specific. he said, that he blames europe and the western world for what he sees as the object failure to understand the root cause of this refugee crisis he called the syrian civil war quite simply a human catastrophe. have a listen. >> you have accused europe of turning the mediterranean into a cemetery. did you mean that? >>. >> translator: well, yes, i meant that. i said that wholeheartedly because that's the reality on the ground. because the countries bordering the mediterranean, they don't
12:39 am
want them no matter the cost. but with our borders, if they want to come in, we welcome them in as guests. if there are those who need to be sent back to their countries, that's what we do. otherwise if we have the means to house and welcome them in our country that's what we do. that the reason why the number of he people if syria and turkey is in excess of 2 million as we speak. for instance, greece, italy, spain, and other countries including france, hungary, well they could easily dot same thing. unfortunately it hasn't been done so far the same goes for germany. >> and since the beginning of the syrian civil war now in its fifth year, george, quoting those trying to get into
12:40 am
you'ron, syrian migrants trying to get away from the war, but just consider what has been going on in this region. we are talking upwards of 2 million syrian refugees being accommodated by turkey at a cost of over $2.5 billion. then consider lebanon, another million. then jordan, $685,000. so to a certain extent those figures for europe are relatively low when you consider there are more than 500 million people living across the european space. things here are absolutely desperate. the impact of refugees and migrants for the infrastructure for the countries in the middle east is quite shocking and yet they are being accommodated. and the story here really is, the shock that regional leaders have felt. as they watch the crisis emerge
12:41 am
as of late. >> five years into syrian civil war with no clear solution inside. i was talking to the turkish president about what he sees as short term solution. he has always said that the removal of president al-assad will begin the process of renewal we all know the syrians quite recently signed up to the international coalition for air strikes against isis in syria. also it has to be said, the turks bombing kurds in iraq and in syria. they see them as providing a sort of, the seeds of domestic terrorism here. there is a domestic terrorism issue in and of itself for turkey to dell with and this international story which is sitting right on their borders. meantime, abdullah, kurdi, father of this young boy plus
12:42 am
his other son, his wife, their bodies to istanbul over night and he will take their bodies on to southeast turkey today where he will try to cross into kabani in syria where the family is from and where he says he wants it bury his family. george? >> returning back to kabani. becky anderson giving us the take on turkey. again, her exclusive interview, you can find more of that on thank you. >> sure hope that father has a lot of support when he gets back. he needs it. well we've been talking about the docking about to take place between the iss and soyuz and they have made a contact. we've been seeing some pictures of the soyuz approaching the international space station and the graphics and such. but let's go back to mike wall, with he is talking us through this.
12:43 am
and what are you seeing there when we see close-ups there on the international space station. how close are they, mike? >> like extremely close and now just waiting to formalize everything and put the hooks on so that they really grapple together and really lock on. once that happens, once they hook together, the docking has occurred officially. that should be happening any moment. i can't hear like any of the commentary nasa officials are saying because i'm talking to you guys but it should be happening any minute now. >> and how long once they do that, to open up the hatch and say hello and everyone floats freely around? >> it is not immediate. it will take about 2 1/2 hours. they have to do all these system checks. make sure there aren't any leaks under the spacecraft and like there are no dangers. receiving air tight and perfect.
12:44 am
obviously there are three people aboard so they want to be sure everything is perfect. all those checks take about 2 1/2 hours. so the three people cram need that soyuz will still be crammed in there until about 6:15 eastern time then float like into the space station and shake everybody's hands and celebrate that they've arrived. >> do all of these people that are on the space station, do they all know each other at this point or just meeting some of their new comrades? >> that's a good question. i bet some of them know each other. it's a small community. only about 550 people who have ever flown in space. if you count the dawn of the space age. they all train together. they all launch from the same place, kazakhstan. they all launch omni soyuz that's that's the only way to get there right now. it is a tight knit communitcomm.
12:45 am
>> and two aboard the space station are a on a year-long stay. perhaps they will be glad it have more folks to talk with. >> true. that's a big deal, yeah. twice as long as most astronauts stay up there for about 5 1/2 months. and that's a big deal. being away from your family, your planet, your own planet. being away for six months is a big deal. if you double that it to a year, yeah a big commitment. you're missing a lot. >> nasa has just confirmed the hook are in and they are formally docked. now as you say they will go through their checks to make sure everything is good to open the hatch and progress. what kind of research are these new astronauts going to be working on? >> there are hundreds of experiments going on at any one particular time. this is an interesting flight
12:46 am
because there will be nine people for a the next week. two of the people who just arrived will only be up there for a week and then come back down again. they probably won't get much research in. they've got just a quick tourist stay and then they go back. but yeah, as for the other people, they are doing a lot of research and this year-long mission that two astronauts embarked on now, this is international space travel and it is geared with getting a destination such as mars. that's what that is all for. so that is a long flight. that's about either nine months. and so, we want to know what that does to the human body and how we can best compare astronauts for that trip. >> our news is dominated by the world's ills, it is nice to talk about space and explore our future. thank so much, mike, for joining
12:47 am
us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> ewe'll be right back. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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in the race for the white house, republican candidate donald trump believes sticking with the republican party is the key to his victory. >> he even signed a loyalty pledge. there he is holding it up. ruling out a potential third party run. trump made the announcement earlier. >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen it put up and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> yeah! >>. [ applause ] >> so i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative principles for which it stands and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win. >> a new poll shows increase in
12:52 am
support among likely republican voters. monmouth university poll shows trump expanded his lead and is up to 30%. but ben carson also saw a jump. he came in second at 18% rounding out the top spots jeb bush tied with ted cruz at 8%. >> u.s. vice president joe biden said he wouldn't hesitate to run for president in 2016 but getting into a lengthy campaign race depends upon the emotional energy of his family. after the recent death of his son, bo -- >> the factor is, can i do it. can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that would be tough it take under normal circumstances. honestly, i don't know. >> he says the stress on his family is his major focus right
12:53 am
now. >> can't imagine. >> yeah. >> for the millions of star wars fans in the universe, force friday is finally upon us. stores from sydney to rio de janeiro begun selling the latest toys for the film franchise. >> the first "star wars" movie in 10 years will be in theaters in december. i've been talking about this movie, i don't know, for a long time. december is finally if the near future. we hear about the buying binge, what's it's all about and what they are grabbing and finding in the stores. little secrets may be leading up to the film. >> yeah. there were hundreds of fans waiting outside the toys "r" us in times square in new york. small line outside the disney store as well. people were excited about any characters from the new movie, such as this little bobblehead for my son. bb head, cute droid. all of those product went up
12:54 am
quickly. and captain, new aniville y vil played by a woman, those toys went quickly. people complaining about how they weren't on the shelves long enough. >> interesting that this is september and everything is very calculated, right, leading up to the actual film. >> oh, without question. is there going to be another round of toys that will come out closer to the release because they are very careful at disney all the toys that have come out pretty much are mostly tied to people we've seen in the two trailers. they did not give my spoilers p. one new characters, fin, a lot of people have speculated about what his role may be aej knowledge one, rae. everyone hoping she is the daughter of hahn solo and princess leia. so we have no idea who actually they are going to be. i don't think we will find that out until december. >> have you got something with you? did you make a purchase?
12:55 am
>> i did. i've got this bobblehead. a little bobblehead for my son and an old school millennium falcon as well. >> was it a hard decision what to buy? >> i just wanted out of the store as quickly as possible. it wasn't that difficult. >> was it as bad a a toys "r" us on times square the day after thanks giving? which i've done and regretted it. >> i think the black friday crowds are much bigger. this was tame in comparison. >> just little nibbles for the star wars fans. hope your son enjoys the bobblehead. let us know if you mind hint about movie. >> we continue to follow the migrant crisis. i want to show this picture that fred just host posted here to instagram.
12:56 am
i don't know if you can see it. it is of the train. this is a picture he just posted. you get a sense of the frustration many people are facing in that, in that train. >> they're not moving yet. we'll wait and see what happens. >> thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. early start coming up. "cnn newsroom" continues. . . . .
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donald trump pledging his loyalty to the republican party promising not to run as an independent if he loses the nomination. he tells cnn what changed his mind ahead. joe biden candid and emotional about running for president. a kentucky clerk behind bars for refusing gay couples the right to marry. the candidate rallying behind her cause ahead. welcome to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> i'm christine romans. it is 4:00


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