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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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she's been real public about his daughter, leah's cancer. thankfully she's cancer-free. still tweeted after his release. nothing but love for the bengals' organization and city of cincinnati. both happened me in the darkest times of my life. i'm forever grateful. we wish you well, mr. still. >> thanks for being with us. >> inside politics" starts now. donald trump, take two. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party and the conservative p principles for which it stands. >> how ruling out a third party will impact his soaring poll numbers and the second republican debate. >> damn right, i want to fight back. >> and the aide who set up hillary clinton's private e-mail server pleads the fifth. >> the facts are the facts. joe biden hits the road.
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>> the most relevant factor is whether my family and i have the emotional strength to run. "inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporter, now. >> welcome to inside politic, i'm john king. thanks for sharing this sunday morning. with us, is jackie kosinich. by the time we get back to voting. hillary clinton will be fine. but if the private e-mail server is as big then as it is now, well, then all bets are off. >> i feel stronger the facts are the facts and we've been repeating them over and over again. >> exactly. there's their seems to be a news clip about her private e-mails. every week if not every day.
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last sunday, for example, the private server was set up by and maintained by a former campaign and state department aide. and, word, that aide won't talk to the fbi and congressional investigators, instead, invoking his fifth amendment right. now in a court of law that has zero bearing on guilt or innocence. in politic, court of public opinion, pleading the fifth can play a little different. >> i would very much urge anybody who is asked to cooperate to do so. >> it is the drip, drip, dri aspect of this that is stung and many would say unnecessary. clinton keeps saying in hindsight the private server was a mistake. all she wants now is transparency. so, why not, when the server became an issue months ago. lay all of this out. tell us all of the things we've learned since, including hang that state department aide, for pleading the fifth on the side. instead, drip, drip, drip. >> with respect to personal
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services that he provided to me and my family, we obviously paid for those services, and did so, because during a period of time, we continued to need his technical assistance, and i think that's in the public record. >> jeff zeleny, help me out. she said in the end after she testifies in congress, after reporters keep asking and asking. we see a conclusion, bad judgment call. she should have had two e-mail accounts but did nothing wrong. why not months ago say, my last name is clinton, congress is investigating this. congress is investigating this. i'm running for president. put out a 10, 15, 20-page report. here's the day it was installed. here's the guy who did it. we paid him on the side. why not put it out in the beginning? >> because she's hillary clinton and she's in a lawyerly-like position. every answer she's givenen whether press conference or
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interview friday. she sounds like hillary clinton, the lawyer. she's technicalliy right on all of these things. it was a partisan witch hunt. remember in march the conversation, it will stay private. we knew that would not be the case. the problem is, she is to the point she's trying to answer every question on this. but still unable to say i'm sorry. when andrea mitchell asked her, are you sorry, she asked repeatedly, i'm sorry for the confusion for the american people. still not able to sort of get around and say, i'm sorry. i do think at the end of the day, voters will probably get tire of this on the democratic side but the question is, still, what will be lingering in a general election. should she become a nominee? is there still more out there? we don't know. there's frustration inside her campaign how she wants to handle this. how she wanted to handle this. this is not necessarily her advisers telling her how to do
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this. she's been driving this train and now we see what's happening. >> let's listen to that interview. she sat down a couple weeks ago. that's the idea. put this behind us. do a national media interview. move on. take two, sit down with andrea mitchell. tough questions from andrea mitchell. hillary clinton trying to make it go away again. >> i'm sorry this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions. >> do you want to apologize to the american people for the choice you made? >> well, it wasn't the best choice and i certainly have said that. >> this was supposed to be the new clinton campaign. she got most of obama's team. people said she learned lessons of 2008. this is not only 2008 all over again. be careful, be cautious. i covered the clintons through monica lewinsky, everything. very familiar pattern. >> the other thing she said.
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she doesn't know where those e-mails going. really? it is complicated. it was stored at her house. she paid someone outside. clearly put a lot of thought in it. not saying, where is my e-mail? one of the most fascinating things, see the e-mails where the state department is trying to figure out. the state department team was not sure what was happening here. the state department themselves said they didn't know the staffer who took the fifth had outside income until very recently. there are more questions and more questions and the answers just aren't sufficient right now. >> 280 republican house members of senators come back to town this week and they will keep this going every day of the week on capitol hill. the idea this is going away any time soon is just fool hearted. and what is it, jake sullivan is club this week. another clinton aid testified behind closed doors. good for her to try to get out and talk about it. >> and she wants to say this is largely a media creation and
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voters don't ask her about it. we see 53% unfavorable abc washington post poll. bernie sanders, in a democratic department she's not beating her up. she's not going up. she's static or come down. >> i was just in iowa and i spoke to some folks i was visiting about these issues and they do care. they agree it's a distraction. it's not a central issue in the campaign. it gets down to that all important issue of trust. a lot of voters don't feel this is an example where they say, yes, we can trust hillary clinton. that's disconcerting if you look at the numbers you referenced. >> we watched bernie sanders, we'll watch how that building and keep an eye on the vice president. this past week, he was in florida and in georgia. very publicly talking about his own personal angst. he said he would love to jump into the 2016 race. he said that's not to do with
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hillary clinton but the thing he still has to deal with is the death of his son. >> the most relevant factor in my decision, is whether my family and i have the emotional energy to run. but i have to be honest with you, and everyone who has come to me, i can't look you straight in the eye and say now, i know i can do that. that's as hon effort as i can be. >> i think that is as honest as he can be. you talk to the people around him, helping. and one day they say he's leaning in. another day they say they're not so sure. i think right there we should listen to him and only hill. that was, to me, jeff, just his angst. if you had to read that, i don't think so. >> if you had to read that, it sounds no. if you keep listening a bit more. he said if we decide as a family to do it, yes, i can do this. i can get beyond the fund raising challenges and political challenges. that's the most important to what he is thinking.
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that's why we don't know the answer to this. he's not following conventional wisdom or polling. he's following his gut and how he feels. that's why we will not know until he makes that decision. he's up in delaware again this weekend with his family as he generally is. they're working through this as a process. not let's meet at noon and decide. this is a process. >> will be maufrjing with the head of organized labor. a little public, private, fascinating from the democratic side. and up next, donald trump takes the pledge and jeb bush goes after the man who took his place as front-runner. politics do the darnedest things. watch president obama learning local dance moves while visiting
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welcome back. there are 17 republican candidates for president but the parties push for a signed loyalty pledge was all about one man. >> the best way for the republicans to win is if i win the nomination, and go directly
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against whoever they happen to put up, and for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> now, whenever you think of mr. trump, you can't close all of those big real estate deals without some good math skills. he's shown he has virtually zero chance of winning the white house but winning the race at the moment and sounds as if he's pledging loyalty to him s. >> we will win and most importantly, we will make our country great again. because that's what it's all about. [ applause ] >> win, lose or whatever for the republican national committee, the big issue is trump refused to rule out a third party run. now we're on the eve of the second presidential debate right here. trump has ruled that out at least for now. there's some people saying the party chairman got this done. other people say, looked kind of
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weak and didn't let donald trump play it. >> the rnc is limited but they are trying not to agitate the animal. trying to play along with him. it's important to remember, it's not a find r binding document at all. anyone can do anything. anyone can drop out of this at any point. i think it was important this week because it put it aside. donald trump will not be asked on a stage in california at the debate. i don't think it means anything. >> by september 30th. you have to pledge to get on the ballot there. >> what about ben carson or rick santorum? >> this is what many would tell you, it's a long-term problem. he continues to dominate the field and destroy the party's image. and a lot of people were scoffing to convince him to do this and then stick around and
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take questions from reporters. there were several reporters curious about mr. trump's idea people should only be seeking english. >> that reporter has been so through the shredder. i mean, they were all supposed to be reaching out to latinos and not alienating them. seems like the opposite has happened. >> let's get to that point. i was going to get to it in a minute but let's get to it now. >> mr. trump, this week, took after jeb bush and said when you're in the united states, you should speak english, especially if you're a candidate. for a party that the got 27% of latino vote in the last elect n election. but after signing the pledge, mr. trump, double down. >> well, i think when you get right down to it, we're a nation that speaks english. i think while we're in this nation, we should be speaking english. that's what mr. trump says.
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jeb bush, listen here, begs to differ. >> i'll campaign in places where republicans have not been seen in a long, long while. my belief is most people are conservative. they just haven't been asked yet. if you have that attitude. campaign in the latino communities. yeah, maybe a little in spanish. i apologize. >> this in and of itself is an important issue for public outreach and hopes in the next election. that's the republican party's $100 million man. jeb bush. he's raised more money. supposed to be the front-runner. as we get closer to this race can you speak the sentence. ben carson, jeb bush? >> no one thought this would be happening. even worse. looks like donald trump is in his head. he's becomage stated by this. >> when using high energy. he's a high-energy candidate.
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what? >> you have to look at marco rubio and others. i was in puerto rico and he speak spanish and people loved it. people say this is ridiculous. he's not out there fighting with donald trump. he's letting off steam and it's gotten to him. they are not sure how to deal with this. >> in fairness. jeb bush is directly attacked by donald trump over and over again. >> at some point everyone is going to be doing that. the question is, it's not going to work immediately. it will be a process. so, we know a third party run will not be an issue in the next presidential debate. hugh hewitt had him on his radio show. he has a lot of credibility amongst conservatives and trying to get mr. trump to go to jihad and problems in the middle east including the difference between hamas and hezbollah.
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>> in the ebait i'll bring up al masri being hamas. do you think if i ask people to talk about those three things and the differences that that's a got you question. >> yes, i do. >> that's interesting. >> so, the difference between hezbollah and hamas does not matter to you now? >> it will when it's appropriate. i'll know more about it than you know, and it won't take me long. >> on the one hand, wow. this is shia sunni operating in the territories. operating out of lebanon on the other hand, this is what is working with mr. trump. i'm smart, i'll deal with it. go away. >> it is. carly fiorini.
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ha had not held public office. but donald trump said i'll tell you like it is don't matter if i know your fancy terms. >> both jeb bush said this disqualifies him. coming right up. stay here for it. next, how donald trump is proofing once again politics makes strange bed fellows.
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let's head around the inside politics reporter and share a bit of tomorrow's news today. >> jackie? >> last week hillary clinton released her plan to deal with drug and alcohol addiction and one part of that was allow first responders to have access to a drug that stops a heroin overdose. it's a potentially life-saving drug that's very, very expensive. the plan also includes a plan to pay for this and then they need that. it's gone up 70% for something in the last couple clears. you've seen other -- the manufacturer, has not really explained why this is happening. you've had bernie sanders looking into it. other politics. hillary clinton is the latest person to put a focus on this drug and you have to wonder if congress or this manufacturer will start lowering the price because of the attention. >> keep an eye on that one. ed? >> off the american campaign
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trail for a moment. today is election day in guatemala. it's important to pay attention to what is going on down there today. first round of elections four days after the country's president resigned. why should americans fair? because despite what donald trump thinks. most illegal immigration is coming from el salvador, guatemala and honduras. if this new government gets elected this fall, things stabilize, we'll see a decline in illegal immigration but if the problem persists next year, illegal immigration might pick up in time forour elections. >> i convince mr. trump to help pay for the wall. never know. >> the new phase of the campaign. for the clinton campaign, they are trying to focus on policy, policy, policy, policy. trying to put those e-mail
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questions and controversies aside. they know it's not going anywhere but trying to add to the conversation. we'll see hillary clinton a lot more than we've seen her over the last few months or so. she's on the "ellen" show tuesday. giving an iran speech wednesday. she's trying to combat all of these guess e-mail by getting out there. answering more questions and trying talk about policy more than we've seen so far. they know the e-mails not going away but then to try to add to the sound track of her campaign. >> the "ellen" show. where wolf blitzer compares his dancing on the "ellen" show. >> so following bernie sanders, he's built up a campaign with more than 50 paid staffers on the ground, just added a new press secretary. it's interesting to see if he can use that moment. this is the first trip since the "des moines register" showed up up seven points, i believe over hillary clinton. interesting to see whether or
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not he can turn the big crowds and attention he got across the country into a real force in iowa. he said saturday he thinks the clinton campaign is getting a little bit nervous about him. >> a little bit nervous. we shall see. i'll close with this. donald trump's success is reaching us about today's political environment. there are some familiar lessons like politics makes strange bed fellows. the conservative club for growth is about to have a tv ad against trump for call on higher taxes on hedge fund managers. for years they looked with scorn on the club for growth, criticizing it for attacking republican incumbents as big spenders. it might support a primary challenge against john mccain, arizona center. but the club plans to go after trump in the days ahead are more than william by republican establishment groups and leaders
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who in the past used dericive labels like club for dopes. don't expect lasting peace here. but the old proverb the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> "state of the union" with jake tapper, starts right now. >> trump on top. >> the billion nair widens his lead. even after he spars with jeb bush and stumbled on foreign policy question. will anything slow him down? plus, sarah palin. what she said president obama missed on his historic trip to alaska. >> how about while he was up here he carried a big stick instead of a selfie


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