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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 7, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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"newsroom" with carol costello. >> happy labor day! >> chris that was -- i like that. >> i love when you speak italian! >> that's the good stuff. >> yeah. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room picnic? the president celebrates labor day by signing an executive order forcing employers to pay for sick leave. hundreds of thousands of workers affected. will republicans respond? also, thousands of migrants flooding in but germany and austria say they can't keep taking them in such high numbers. the pope pressures catholics to open their doors. and talk about a tackle. a ref level during a high school football game. was it on purpose? let's talk. live in the cnn news room.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. this labor day hundreds of thousands of employees will get a boost from president obama. he's speaking in less than two hours and the president is also expected to sign an executive order requiring contractors to offer paid sick leave to federal employees. a move that could greatly impact low wage workers. republicans and democrats vying for his job are hitting the campaign trail in full force today. bernie sanders expected to pe ek later this morning in new hampshire. new polls shows sanders surging ahead of hillary clinton there. he's picking up sizable gains in iowa. the big question? is clinton the underdog? plus, she's back! and for a reason. donald trump said he would love to appoint sarah palin to an executive branch position. in an exclusive interview with cnn palin says she's in. >> when you're here, let's speak
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american. i mean, that -- let's speak english and we need a president who will put america first. like i said, the president -- carry a big stick. don't carry a selfie stick. i would rather have a president who is tough and puts america first than can win a game of trivial pursuit. i don't think the public gives a flying flip if somebody knows who today is a specific leader of a specific leader or religion. that leader will change, of course. i think a lot about department of energy and if i were head of that, i would get rid of it. >> needless to say, she's for donald trump for president. joining me now to talk about this and more jeff zellany. he's in davenport, iowa. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is starting this labor day period of her campaign in such a different place than she ever would have expected. bernie sanders has gone from
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becoming more somewhat of a summer sensation to the real deal this fall. let's take a look at the numbers a little bit more carefully. in new hampshire, bernie sanders is now leading hillary clinton by some nine points. that is a big change from july when she was over him by about ten points or so. and the trend in iowa is similar, carol. hillary clinton is still leading bernie sanders by 11 points, but, boy, that is cut in half from some 24 points just about six weeks or so ago in july. so this trend is continuing here as the fall campaign is underway. if you look at joe biden, when you factor him in, he's coming in at about 20% or so. so democrats have a favorable view of joe biden, of course, he's not yet decided if he's jumping into the presidential campaign. he'll decide over the course of the month. hillary clinton knows the race is on. she has a tight race. she spoke about it last night in
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cedar rapids. let's take ai listen. >> it's going to be a hard election. the other side said they will spend, do, and say anything to win back the white house. i have a little experience with that, and i am absolutely confident that whatever they throw at me, i can throw it right back. >> reporter: of course, we have seen hillary clinton when she's down on her heels a little bit or back on her heels. she becomes a stronger opponent. a stronger candidate. of course, she's talking about republicans there, but if the democrats are the first thing she needs to contend with. he's going to draw a contrast with bernie sanders. not by going after him over the coming weeks. she's going to try to look more presidential i'm told. she's delivering a speech on iran this week on wednesday. the campaign will put her in more presidential settings. the question is whether the liberal progressive democrats will buy it or if they want to see more fire from her. so coming up this week she's on the ellen show tomorrow and then this real fall campaign post
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labor day campaign will begin from here. five months until the iowa caucuses. >> jeff reporting live from iowa this morning. when it comes to the republican field, donald trump is tightening his grip around the top spot in places like iowa and in new hampshire. cnn is live from milford, new hampshire this morning where a number of republicans are expected to make appearances today. good morning! >> reporter: good morning! that's right many of the republican candidates will be here to march in a labor day parade, and really fresh on their mind is they've got to catch up to donald trump. here in new hampshire new polls show he has a commanding lead. he's 16 points ahead of any other candidate in the race here in new hampshire, and certainly what we're seeing in the new poll numbers is a really striking decline for jeb bush. she's lost nearly half of his support here in new hampshire in the past month. the same trend holds up, again, in iowa we're seeing trump, again, in the lead. and for jeb bush a sharp decline
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along with scott walker, who is only polling at 5% in iowa. in july he was in the lead there. so severely sharp decline for walker. i caught up with scott walker here in new hampshire yesterday as he was launching his motorcycle tour through the state and i asked him about his decline. here is how he responded. >> the person who won the primary four years ago was about that same point at this point. we have every confidence, like i said, there will be ups and downs and polls along the way. we are staying true to who we are and getting our message out. a lot of campaigns have been advertising. we don't have ads up yet. >> reporter: now walker will get a little help from his super pac. tomorrow they'll launch a big ad campaign in iowa. also, here in new hampshire, jeb bush will run his first tv ad of the campaign season here in new hampshire. this, carol, is somewhat of a pivot point in the campaign. labor day kind of the transition
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into the fall campaign season where a lot of these struggling candidates will hope to get a boost of momentum to hit the reset button. >> we'll see. reporting live from new hampshire this morning. the massive flood of my grants is pushing europe to a tipping point. more than 17,000 exhausted men, women, and children willing to risk everything to flee conflicts in nations like syria, iraq, and afghanistan. poured into germany over the weekend. another 10,000 expected today. it's a small percent age of the more than 350,000 that have crossed into europe this year. elected officials far from united about what to do with the migrants. france announced plans to take in 24,000 new refugees. austria is tightening security measures at the borders. that's where cnn national correspondent is. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. and, you know, that flood of people certainly has not let
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down at all. i would say we've been standing here for a couple of hours maybe four or five hours and well over a thousand people have come through. if we pan over there the austria authorities -- we're at the vienna train station. they put that area in place for trains going germany. what happens here is that the refugees arrive on trains from other parts of austria, hungary as well. some of them also arrive on buses here to the railway station and then put on trains that go to germany. because that's where the vast amount of them want to go. and, you know, over the weekend there was a huge flood of people that came through here. it's a little bit less, i would say today. there was a big bulge of people that was stuck in budapest and hungry for a long time. it took them a long time to work through it. they're coming to terms with the situation a little bit better, but still a lot of people coming through this. and the other thing we're seeing is civil society stepping up. you know, it's heart warming to
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see in many cases these trains arrive with 200 refugees and just applause breaking out on the platform with the usaustria population greeting these people. in many cases, obviously the material support is important to them, but also a smile on the faces of those who are standing there when they come in. that's something that helps a long way for the refugees, of course, who have endured a lot to make it here. >> frederick reporting live from vien vienna, us a traustria. a illinois town saying goodbye to a beloved police officer shot last week. the american dentist who sparked global outrage for killing cecil the lion is stun bid the reaction and he's ready to go back to work. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. police in las vegas are on high alert after two officers were ambushed on sunday. the officers were in their
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patrol car. they were stopped at the traffic light. they say a man with a semi automatic gun walked up to the car, opened fire, and hit one officer in the hand. the other officer was able to chase down the suspect and take him into custody. >> the war on police is exactly that. it's false. these officers go out day in and day out to make a difference in this community and there's dozens and dozens of examples every single month where they do that. >> the wounded officer is in good condition. he was the second officer shot in las vegas over the weekend. thousands of mourners are expected to line the streets of fox lake, illinois today honoring the officer who was shot and killed while on patrol last week. the public viewing beginning in less than an hour. while some of the fellow officers gather to mourn, others are working tirelessly trying to find his killers. we are live in illinois with more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. look, more than 100
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investigators are still working the case. you can feel the outpouring from the community. as we go around we see blue ribbons everywhere. you can look across the street here and look at the cars lined up. we're told the procession may have a thousand police cars involved. we know the casket arrived with lieutenant gliniewicz about an hour ago. as it arrived here the rain started. people wanting to get a glimpse of it. there's been an outpouring from the community. more than 1200 people showed up to a memorial service last week. people have been talking about this moment getting ready for the funeral service because of the idea this man served 32 years in the community. you're talking about a father of four. back here live i want to show the images from around the area. look around and you can see the american flags lining the street. there's something you can't miss here, carol. look up you can see the american flag with the firefighters decided to put up here. we're told this procession may
6:16 am
stretch some five miles. in fact, here is the route you see here they've been handing out. they're telling people this could last several hours and, obviously, this is the high school that the lieutenant attended so many years ago. the community is waiting for this moment to pay respects to their fallen hero. >> brian young, thank you. in georgia two brothers are behind bars this morning accused of trying to kill their parents. police in the atlanta suburb said a woman made the 9-1-1 call saturday telling police she and her husband were being attacked by their 17 and 22-year-old sons. when authorities arrived, they found the father badly injured and bleeding. a gas line at the home was also cut. a couple is now recovering at the local hospital. the minnesota dentist who became known worldwide after killing a beloved lion in zimbabwe said he'll be back in the office tomorrow to resume his practice. after lying low for the past couple of months walter palmer has finally broken his silence about the controversial hunt
6:17 am
that earned him near universal condemnation. he sat down with the associated press and the minneapolis star tribune to correct some aspects of the story, but palmer avoided many of the specifics about last july's hunt that ended with the killing of cecil, a 13-year-old lion. he said he didn't know cecil was wearing a tracking color a inin part of a study? what else did he say? boris sanchez has more. >> reporter: one of the things he said this will be his only interview. the only one he's doing with the associated press and the minneapolis star tribune. he also asked for privacy for he and his family. he asked declined to say whether or not he would fight potential extradition to zimbabwe if he faces charges. breaking his silence in his first interview, the minnesota dentist who sparked an international fire storm after killing cecil the lion on an african safari. walter palmer who kept out of the public eye since killing the
6:18 am
13-year-old beloved cat in july telling "the star tribune" and "associated press" he'll be resuming work this tuesday. he's, quote, heart broken at the toll this has taken on his dental staff and family. saying about his wife and daughter, quote, they've been threatened in the social media. and, again, i don't understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all. since facing worldwide backlash after the hunt including a clamoring cry for his extradition by officials, palmer hasn't been charged with a crime. in previous statements he said he relied on the expertise of his guides. he expressed regret but insisted the controversial hunt was legal, saying, quote if i had known the lion had a name and important to the country or a study, obviously, i wouldn't have taken it. palmer didn't address whether he would return to zimbabwe for
6:19 am
questioning only say, quote, zimbabwe has been a wonderful country for me to hunt in. i always follow the laws. >> again, it's unknown if dr. palmer will face characters. at least two other people are facing charges. first, the hunter that organized the trip that guided the tour and the landowner who owned the farm where the hunt took place. >> the dentist is going back to work tomorrow. will his patients show up? >> we know protesters will. they certainly will. bloomington police say they won't dedicate any resources to the dentist office where he works. >> so no police protection for him. >> at least not unless things get out of hand. >> boris sanchez, thanks. a muslim flight attendant refuses to serve passengers alcohol because of her faith. she is now been suspended. has her religious liberty like that kentucky clerk's been violated? at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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start ling video from a high school football game in texas. two players appear to deliberately tackle that referee during a game on friday night. late in the game a defensive back tackled the ref from behind and another teammate dives into him helmet first. the players were suspended from the team. the school district is investigating. we'll talk more about this in the next hour. the nfl has also weighed in. we'll talk about that. in other news this morning a flight attendant said she has been suspended from her job for refusing to serve alcohol. she says serving alcohol is against her muslim faith. sharee stanley said her employer previously allowed her to work out a deal to serve drinks to
6:25 am
customers so she wouldn't have to. all of it changed when a fellow employee complained. now stanley is filing the complaint with the eeoc excerting express jet is making her choose between her religion and her job. >> they are required by law to ensure there's a safe environment in place and that employees can practice their religious believes freely. of course, there are limitations that it must be reasonable. we know it's not an imposition on the airline because the airline itself made that suggestion and offered that accommodation. >> sounds familiar, right? we're joined by a practicing physician and also muslim and author "in the land of invisible women." a book, in part, about how to work in a secular world without sacrificing your faith. so, i'll ask you off the bat. is the flight attendant right? >> it's interesting. islam is pretty clear that
6:26 am
alcohol is taboo if consumed. it's the state of altered consciousness or losing touch with the reality which is in forbidden in islam. the service of alcohol in the koran doesn't appear. some sayings which may discourage or frown upon it. in her role she's not being asked to consume alcohol. i'm in health care and i've been in health care in muslim orthodox saudi arabia where alcohol is permitted in the workplace for medicinal reasons and muslim patients don't object to the use either. i'm concerned about the literal position she and her defense has taken. it seems the employer is accommodating but it may not be practical for an airline when airplane serves alcohol to make this adjustment, which they're finding is causing problems. >> you've also said the flight
6:27 am
attendant's plays into a misplace of islam phobia. >> if people don't understand while the united states and many people -- >> many people don't. >> while the united states legislates equality in the workplace, we are a secular shared public space, people may be mistaken for thinking that a muslim employee cannot perform her duties or is somehow seeking privileging rather than equality. and it plays into an attempt to have cultural dominance for a version of islam. i'm someone who doesn't favor cultural dominance. as a muslim, my job is to be participating in a pluralistic society. believes are exactly that. individual. her role, when she decided to become a stewart es was. other muslim employees may want to seek the defense. it's not healthy for the employment or labor situation
6:28 am
on labor day, or healthy for how muslims are understood in the united states. >> can you compare it to the kentucky clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. she's in jail now? >> that's an intent questillige question. it's something i've been thinking about. islam is clear on the position on the consumption of alcohol. that's too boo -- taboo. christianity is clear on the position, let's say in same-sex relationships. so there may be similarities but i believe the -- >> do you think the kentucky clerk might be right to continue to refuse to issue these licenses? >> i don't know if she's right or wrong. that's not an area i'm an expert in. she has an ability to assert her private believes, but perhaps it means she doesn't perform that job anymore. and maybe the same conclusion could be made for the muslim
6:29 am
stewardess. >> thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. we reached out to express jet, by the way, who would not comment on the case specifically but said, quote, we embrace and respect the values of all of our team members. we are an equal opportunity employer with a long history of diversity in our work force. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the united nations says more than 366,000 migrants and refugees have made the dangerous voyage this year to reach europe. for many the shortest distance is a narrow band of sea between turkey and greece. though only 14 miles, the crossing is incredibly dangerous. it's often undertaken at night in unreliable boats. ivan watson is covering that part of the mass migration
6:30 am
story. he joins us from turkey. >> reporter: hi, carol. that's right. the world was reminded how dangerous this journey can be, even though from where i'm standing in the turkish resort it's only about two miles as the crow flies to the greek island. the world was shocked by those awful pictures of a little 2-year-old syrian refugee when he washed up lifeless on the beach. very close to where i'm standing right now. but that does not seem to have deterred some people from making the desperate journey trying to make it across the channel to nearby greece. and we watched last night as turkish search and rescue crews were trying to rescue these migrants and refugees from their own very dangerous embarkation.
6:31 am
>> under the spotlights, the silhouettes of more than 20 people stranded in a rubber boat. they are desperate, frightened, but tonight luckily saved by volunteers from the bodrum sea rescue operation who work along with the coast guard. among the passengers rescued, five little children. just four days after the world was shocked by photographs of a syrian refugee toddler who drown at sea. these people have embarked on the exact same perilous journey. they set off from the turkish resort peninsula of bodrum in hopes of reaching the greek island. instead of drifting at sea with a failed engine, these people will be brought back safely to turkey. the beaches below bodrum's posh
6:32 am
resorts, an unlikely launching point for refugees and migrants willing to risk everything to reach europe. under the light of the crescent moon we witness another attempt at a crossing. it's after 2:00 a.m. and we have encountered another little rubber dinghy loaded with people paddling in the direction of greece. it's incredibly overloaded, this little boat. it's an accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: to make matters worse, some wear heavy backpacks over their life jackets. before possible disaster strikes, the coast guard comes to the rescue. tonight they fail to reach greece but they will live another day. >> reporter: who are these people trying to make this dangerous and potentially deadly
6:33 am
journey? we're told they're everything from refugees and migrants from conflicts in syria and iraq and afghanistan to people traveling from iran, from pakistan, from even as far away as burma or myanmar. one of the turkish rescue workers, a volunteer, he's work for free, basically, at night doing this. he says that his teams have rescued the same woman in one case, at least three times after she has washed up on islands with her husband or gotten stranded at sea. it gives you a sense of how determined these people are. how desperate some of these people are, and how committed they are to trying to achieve what they believe would either be physical security in europe or perhaps economic security just across these straits. carol? >> well, with isis in my backyard, i mean, some people might not blame them for trying and trying again.
6:34 am
>> reporter: absolutely. some saw pictures of a drowned little boy, would you really consider trying to make this perilous journey? and some of the syrian refugees said for three or four years my country has been ripped apart by a conflict. hit by barrel bombs and air strikes from the syrian government, torn apart by vicious jihad assassins and murders. i've witnessed the worst humanity can offer. i'm willing to take the risk of drowning at sea if i can at least get to some form of safety. you know, the turkish government response has been don't make this journey. you may not have great economic prospects in turkey, but at least you're here in turkey.
6:35 am
there's not a war that will result in your death like nearby syria. please don't make the journey. as we saw last night, some of these people are refusing to listen to those pleas from the turkish government. >> ivan watson reporting live from turkey this morning. thank you. still to come joe biden minutes away from delivering a labor day speech. will he give us any hints of his own job plan? (woman) you want to eat...
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6:40 am
depend on whether they can handle it. >> the factor is, can i do it? can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that we would be proud to take under ordinary circumstances? but the honest answer is i don't know. >> joining me now is cnn political correspondent brianna keeler is in pittsburgh. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we expect that vice president joe biden will be addressing this crowd of union members really any minute now. this is the beginning of the labor day parade route in pittsburgh. we can see off camera the band is beginning to line up. this is about to get underway. but as vice president biden nears a decision here, he's seeing some good news politically in a new nbc news
6:41 am
poll as he's talking to a key constituent for democrats union members. a group that hillary clinton is actively courting at this point in time. you saw it there from joe biden when he spoke in florida last week. it's very emotional decision and he's really trying to gauge where his family is on this and where he is following the death of his son. he was tremendously close to beau biden. but talking the politics of it, this is the picture that joe biden is looking at today. check out how he's doing in the polls. when you look at general election match ups between a hypothetical democratic nominee and jeb bush and donald trump, joe biden is performing better than hillary clinton is when you look at the state of iowa. when you look at new hampshire, and caucus goers in both states really have -- we're not just talking democrats, we're talking democrats and republicans have a
6:42 am
better view of joe biden than they do hillary clinton. so the big picture in these polls, of course, is that bernie sanders is besting hillary clinton in new hampshire. really gaining on her in iowa, but joe biden, who still has his decision to make, looking at how he's performing against hillary clinton and putting that into really his consideration as he makes what is a very emotional decision, carol. >> i wonder about these polls sometimes. joe biden isn't running. we haven't heard a single campaign speech. i know, the democrats are familiar with joe biden, but come on! right? >> that's right. and the consideration is this -- and we've seen it with hillary clinton, all though she certainly has some other issues with her latest e-mail controversy. when you get into the political spotlight your star does not continue to be on the rise. it's a glaring right, and it's something that candidates generally, you know, it takes a
6:43 am
toll on them. that's the other thing that joe biden is factoring into his calculus on this. if he gets into the race, is he going to be able to perform at a level where he can actually better his poll numbers? that's something that he is looking at right now as he keeps counsel with a very, very tight-knit group of long time friends and advisors, carol. >> all right. thank you so much. as some and i stress some candidates slog through iowa and new hampshire on this labor day, will it matter? the "new york times" pointed out rick santorum all 99 counties in iowa and scott walker visited 25 counties their campaigns are struggling. donald trump made the splashy visit to the iowa state fair and offered kids rides on the helicopter and flew away to appear in countless tv interviews. to be frank, he's killing it. with me now staff writer with
6:44 am
the "weekly standard" is joining me. does it prove tv interviews and social media are fast replacing old fashioned campaigning? >> to an extent. donald trump is a celebrity. he has all the planes and helicopters at his exposure. so he can zip around and do these things. it doesn't really, i think, affect his position. but look at who is in second right now in iowa. it's ben carson. yes, he has a big following among sort of conservatives and sort of die-hard republicans, but i think he's also been doing some of that traditional campaigning. he's been in iowa a lot. most importantly, he's been up on tv and radio, particularly christian radio which is sort of a big market for republican caucus goers in iowa. he's doing ads and doing the sort of normal things we expect from candidates, you know, who are trying to run for president. so i think what we're seeing here is trump is sort of maybe polling the graph a little bit.
6:45 am
i think what you're seeing normal happen is his candidates are putting the time in and maybe aren't as familiar to republican voters are getting a look. at least in iowa. >> interesting. so on the democratic side -- i'm going to play devil's advocate. i enjoy debate. hillary clinton took her van to meet people face to face. she's not granted many interviews. i think she granted one and she's going to do another one soon with msnbc. she has a social media presence, that's true. but in the latest polls donald trump beats her in iowa and bernie sanders is beating clinton in new hampshire. so face to face traditional campaigning isn't working out so well for hillary clinton, is it? >> she's not doing much of it. you mentioned the van but that was in the spring. she hasn't done a lot of sort of that face-to-face shaking hands, talking with people. it's all been kind of staged events, as we can see every time she does one there's cameras all around and a table and she's sitting there. i think she would benefit from
6:46 am
getting out there and talking to people. she can't do that because then she might face uncomfortable questions like going on with the e-mail controversy she has. look, in new hampshire i think what is interesting i've talked to people who know new hampshire politics well and they say new hampshire is an open primary. you can vote in the republican or democratic one, and all the actions on the republican side, there's a lot more candidates, it's more interesting. you're seeing a lot of sometimes democrat voters go to the republican side to play in that field. so what you're seeing is what howard dean used to call the democratic wing of the democratic party really i think showing in the polls. that's why bernie sanders is doing so well on top of the problems that hillary clinton has with the e-mail scandal. so, look, i think in the flesh is important. >> it's interesting what you said about bernie sanders. that's my question. why is he doing so well and why is suddenly joe biden surging in the polls? >> well, i mean, look, it all
6:47 am
goes back to hillary clinton. she was supposed to be the inevitable nominee. she was supposed to be almost corp. nated into the white house. it's not happened because voters have gotten a closer look at her. the scandals have caught up with her, i think, and they're damaging her poll numbers when it comes to trust worthiness and honesty. we've seen that before. joe biden, again, is sort of -- he's not in the race so he has this allure to him for democratic voters. he's sort of a more natural continuation of the obama presidency. i think there's a bot lot of ob loyalists who think joe biden is a better succeeder to barack obama than hillary clinton. i think bernie sanders, as well, is just sort of appealing, again, that democratic wing of the democratic party. the part of the party that thinks, you know, hillary clinton she's in bed with goldman sachs and it's more centrist for the sort of left
6:48 am
wing of the party. sanders kind of speaks the truth in terms of their view. so i think you're seeing just a lot of discontent and it's really, really bad for the democratic party and for hillary. >> michael warren, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. keeping a close eye on another speech this morning. within the hour david cameron will unveil his proposed plan to shelter thousands more migrants in an address before the house of commons. cnn's phil black is following this from london. good morning. >> reporter: hi, carol. the key question is how far is david cameron prepared to go? how many syrian refugees is he prepared to welcome here? what we're going to be seeing in britain's parliament today is a government changing that policy. that policy has been overtaken by a distinct shift in the public mood. a government trying to win support by talking tough when it comes to immigration, including refugees and assaylum speakers.
6:49 am
it has come together to inspire a strong feeling among the british people they need do more to help these people. so what we'll be looking for, really, what the new policy will look like. that from david cameron. the expectations it won't be anything like that of germany where germany has literally open the its borders and welcoming some 800,000 assaylum seekers. in this case the number is expected to be smaller. it's more likely britain will widen the existing policy of helping the most vulnerable refugees bordering the country. >> i'll be right back.
6:50 am
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6:54 am
it took just about seven months but tom brady finally broke his silence and spoke to reporters about roger goodell and deflate gate. coy wire joins me with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. that's right. seven months. the last time brady spoke to reporters was at a february 2nd news conference after the super bowl. he seems to be happy that for now at least there will be less deflategate and more football. listen. >> you know, obviously i have a lot of personal feelings, but i really don't care to share many of those. i have had so much support with my family through all this, and for the last 20 years i have been playing football this time of year and it feels to be able to do that again. >> in that clip he mentioned his family has been supportive of him. well, on friday his father, tom brady sr., stood up for him in a
6:55 am
major way in an interview on a san francisco radio show. listen to this. >> the only person that's testified under oath in this is tom brady. we know goodell is lying. he lied in the ray rice case. he lied in this case. he has lied in the peterson case. how many times do you need to know this guy is a flaming liar. >> tom brady sr., everybody, letting it be known how he really feels about roger goodell. the commissioner isn't the most popular fan among patriots fans. that may be why he decided for the first time during his tenure as commissioner, he will not attend the season opener. that game between the patriots and the steelers is this thursday night in foxborough. i have played in that stadium in many occasions and the atmosphere is already electric. now you have tom brady's return. won't be playing with just a chip on his shoulder, it will be more like the whole potato. it's going to be awesome. >> i know. so roger goodell isn't going to show up.
6:56 am
i'm wondering if gisele will show up. >> it's a good question. i would imagine she would probably be there to support her man during this big, big game. >> well, we'll see because you know the rumors circulating out there. i'm sure you've been following those closely, coy. >> that's for another hit. we can maybe discuss that at a later time. >> chicken. >> coy wire, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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7:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," picnic? nah. the president celebrates labor day by signing an executive order forcing employers to pay for sick leave. hundreds of thousands of workers affected. will republicans respond? also, thousands of migrants flooding in, but germany and us
7:01 am
a tree kra sya say they can't k taking them in in such high numbers. and talk about a tackle. a ref leveled during a high school football game. was it on purpose? let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a long simmering migrant crisis in europe forcing e united nations to scramble as they deal with a seemingly endless wave of men, women, and children desperate to find shelter and a better life. more than 17,000 people poured into germany just this weekend, and another 10,000 are expected to arrive today. many are refugees fleeing serious bloody civil war. others are coming from places like iraq and afghanistan. and elected officials are far from united about what to do with them. france just announcing plans to take in 24,000 more refugees. germany is now warning that it cannot keep taking in asylum
7:02 am
seemers at its current base. austria is tightening security measures at its borders. that's where frederik pleitgen is right now. hi, fred, tell us more. >> reporter: hi, carol. and certainly we've seen today that the flood of refugees coming in here to the vienna train station is by no means leting up. we can see that area back there is filling up once again. that's the area here on the train station of vienna that's been designated for trains going to germany because this is a main focal point here of the refugee crisis, this very train station where i'm at. what happens is many of the refugees, they cross into austria via hungary and then they take trains from their border here to vienna in the hopes of then catching a train to germany. their first destination there is munich, but, of course, most of them say they don't want to apply for asylum in austria. they want to go on to germany. you're absolutely right. countries like germany and
7:03 am
austria have said they are more than willing to take in refugees right now but they do say in the long run they are going to need help dealing with this, and that's really the big problem in europe right now, carol. on the one hand you have countries like germany and austria that are treating this like a humanitarian problem but you have other countries like hungary that see it as more of a border control issue. the hungarian prime minister recently said he believes most of these people are economic migrants which is certainly not something that we're seeing here. of course, many of them coming from syria, from iraq, from afghanistan. so certainly fleeing war in their countries there. it really is something that's very divisive within europe, but we also see, carol, and we have to say it again and again, we see civil society stepping up. there's so many volunteers here at the train station bringing in food, bringing in drinks, bringing in toys for children, but especially important, bringing some of their time to spend with these refugees to make them feel welcome here in europe, carol. >> all right.
7:04 am
frederik pleitgen reporting live. pope francis would certainly admire those people for their giving nature because he is now calling on catholics all across europe to show mercy and offer shelters to these migrants. cnn faith and values correspondent delia gallagher live in rome with more. hi, delia. >> reporter: hello, carol. that's right. pope francis said yesterday that he's going to start in the vatican. his own two parishes, one of which is st. peter's basilica, another is a small church called st. ann's just inside the gates of the vatican. each of those parishes will host one family. i spoke with the papal spokesman father lombardi who said they might not stay in the vatican but they could be hosted by families who attend mass at these parishes because the pope's request was for people to open their doors, even people in parish communities, not just the priest and the parishes and the religious institutions. that being said there are some 120,000 parishes in europe,
7:05 am
that's not even counting the monasteries and con vents and other religious institutions. if all of them heed the pope's appeal that would be some extra places for these refugees. we should also say much of this has been under way in some cities around europe. in milan, for example, the archbishop there has already set aside 900 places for refugees in vienna another 1,000 places for refugees. we expect as the pope's message begins to be heard and the diocese work on their plans, those numbers will increase. the vatican says there's no specific plan for implementation. they're free to adhere or not, but, of course, their hope is that catholic institutions across europe will heed the pope's call, carol. >> all right. delia gallagher reporting live fr from rome. the pope is ramping up the pressure on how the world treats migrants.
7:06 am
in a few weeks pope francis will speak before a joint session of congress and don't think he will not bring up immigration reform because he certainly will. cnn religious commentator father edward beck joins me now to talk about that. so i don't think the pope will specifically bring up legislation, but he will say something about immigration to our lawmakers here in the united states. what might that be? >> well, what he said yesterday at the vatican about this refugee crisis is you can't tell someone have courage, hang in there, and not do anything to meet their needs. that's why he's calling on these parishes to actually take in refugees. what he's saying i think is you can't spiritualize all of this. in the letter of james it says you can't see someone hungry and say, well, keep warm and well fed and not immediate their bodily needs. he's talking about proktcle association with faith and action. so i think when he comes here, he's going to say what are you willing to do with the immigrants you have? are you willing to give them path to citizenship? and what are you going to do to even allow more immigrants to come in?
7:07 am
we've become very xenophobic in our country, some of it with good cause. remember the boston bombers were refugees from russia. there needs to be a vetting of refugees, of immigrants. the pope would be on board with that, but he's going to say what is your christian perspective with actually doing something practical? >> okay. and it's interesting the way he'll get that point across or push his point upon those lawmakers because he probably won't stand before the joint session of congress and say, you know, building a wall is wrong, even though he may think that, but he is going to meet with immigrants here in the united states, including undocumented immigrants, and i'm sure he means that to send a message. >> definitely. i don't know that kind of conference call that he had with abc news not too long ago, and he spoke directly to those immigrants. you can see the empathy that he had, that we need to do something. so he's going to be talking to real people when he comes as he always does, and he's going to say, look, you deserve housing.
7:08 am
you deserve safety. you deserve all the things that we have to offer you. how can we help give that to you? this is going to be, again, a practical conversation. >> but i think some americans might take that as the pope scolding them because americans see themselves as very generous people and most americans are. >> i know, but what the pope will scold is unbridled capitalism that says it's all about you. remember, the gospel is really less capitalism, a little bit more socialist. it says if somebody has two coats and you meet somebody who has no coat, you have it give them one of your coats. that's not really according to our ethos and our perspective. you say well you have to work for your own coat but you don't ask why don't you have a coat? you first meet the need. the pope is going to say how do you meet this need? that's what he's calling on parishes to do with the refugees. he's going to challenge i think the unbridled capitalism in the united states. >> that, too, will not make many people happy in the united states. it will be an interesting visit, right? >> i think it will.
7:09 am
>> father beck, thank you so much. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," a small town mourns an enormous loss as thousands gather for a memorial service for a slain police officer. we'll take you there next.
7:10 am
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police in las vegas are on high alert today after two officers were ambushed on sunday. the officers were in their patrol car stopped at a traffic light. that's when they say a man with a semiautomatic gun walked up and opened fire hitting one of the officers in the hand. the other was able to chase down the suspect and take him into custody. >> that false narrative that's being spread across this country and the war on police is exactly that, it's false. these officers go out day in and day out to make a difference in this community and there's dozens and dozens of examples every month where they do just that. >> the wounded officer is in good condition. he was the second officer though
7:14 am
shot in las vegas over the weekend. a very touching scene in fox lake, illinois. two firefighters unfurl a massive american flag in honor of lieutenant joe gliniewicz who was shot and killed while on patrol last week. below them thousands gather to mourn his death. a memorial service now under way at a local high school. the funeral service will begin in just a few hours. ryan young is live in antioch, illinois, where that funeral will be held. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, carol. visitation started about an hour ago, and you can look at all the line of police cars that are now here. i can tell you more than 1,000 patrol cars are expected to be here, but what we really noticed is the impact it's having on this community. the idea that all these american flags are lining parts of the route, and we also know they're tying blue ribbons to trees and showing that line of support. something that you talked about, that massive american flag that sort of stands at the top of this where the procession will start. we know for a fact that people are coming from around the area
7:15 am
to make sure they're here in this community. this is a high school that he attended, so you can understand the outpouring that people have actually shown up early and are on the sidewalk with signs in support of blue lives. we hear that over and over. people wanting to be here to show their support for this police department. when you think about this officer though, the idea he was a father of four and been married for over 20 years, you can understand why people wanted to come out here today and show their respects to this man who served so long in this community. talking to you about the investigation, because we talked to a detective, he said he'll have more information tomorrow but right now people are focusing on the honor of this fallen officer. >> last hour you showed us a map of the funeral route. can you show us that again? it's quite impressive. >> reporter: say that one more time for me? >> the map fts funerof the fune you showed us last hour. it was impressive how many are participating. >> reporter: we're told a thousand officers will be involved in it.
7:16 am
in fact, i left that map inside our sat truck but this will go on for some ten miles. in fact, my producer is running it out to me right now so i can show it to you. one of the things you can see how long this will be. and we've talked to several people who have been out on the streets and what they have done is they have decorated parts of this route to make sure that family members or anyone who has come to pay respects to this fallen officer has a chance to say what they wanted to toward him. we have been told 400 people on motorcycles have arrived in the last half hour. you can understand in this gh t community of fox lake, they want to make sure the world understands they want to remember lieutenant gliniewicz. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. while lieutenant gliniewicz's fellow officers mourn, hundreds of others are following thousands of leads in the search for his killers. i want to bring in cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. tom, before we get into the investigation, just talk a little bit about this impressive
7:17 am
sh show, you know, of support for this lieutenant's family, for the community, for police officers across the nation. >> well, carol, my heart goes out to the family and friends of officer gliniewicz, his department, fox lake police, the greater law enforcement community in northern illinois and throughout the country. i have been in so many, dozens, of these police funeral processions over the years, and they're always heartbreaking to hear the bagpipes, to hear the 21-gun salute at the cemetery. all of this is just horrible for police officers, for the family, for everybody to go through, and it's just a sad occasion that this has to happen, but it happens every day almost. >> and police officers are coming from all across the nation. why is it important especially now that they show this support for one another? >> well, i think it's actually always been important, but i
7:18 am
think now that we've had a media narrative that somehow police officers, especially white police officers, are racist and don't serve their community, you know, and i think that it's important for the officers throughout the country to show that that's not really true. yes, there are a few bad officers. yes, they should be held accountable, but it's not the majority and it's not the mindset of the just 99.999% of police officers that are out there. >> okay. now to the investigation, because police keep saying that they have this other videotape that shows something, something important, but they're not sharing this information. they also say they have thousands of leads, but they won't quite share what those leads are, any of them. why is that? >> well, often police departments will want to hold back information that only the actual killer or killers would know because they will get many people call in, many of the false leads are actually false
7:19 am
confessions. i did it, i want to be famous. i'm confessing now, and they have to weed that out. so only information that the killers would know will be, you know, something to separate somebody from a false claim. but as far as the leads about the descriptive data, what they look like, what were they wearing wearing, did it looked like they were tall, short, wearing long pants, short pants, baseball hats, a work jacket of some kinds. they've had various videos now almost a week and have not put out any additional descriptive information other than what the officer put out on the radio as he was chasing them. so i find that a little bit -- no, i find that a lot hard to believe, that that would happen, that they wouldn't give out more, and, again, we expect so much of our police officers. we expect them to have the integrity and the character and be able to wrestle subjects when they wrestle them or defend themselves. now we're calling on police officers to be psychic. we're talking about them to guess what these three might
7:20 am
look like six days into the investigation, and i think it's a little bit -- i don't know. i question it a lot as to why they haven't been able to put out more from what they saw on those videos and just say, these are persons of interest. they may not be involved but we'd like to talk to them. we'd like to eliminate them as suspects. we'd like to gather as much information, and the fact that individuals were out there and seen on video. they might have seen something else. they might have seen something suspicious, and it would be good to talk to them if they can be identified and located. >> it's just curious because this is such a small community, and i find it unusual that nobody really knows anything. >> well, fox lake itself is small and it's in an area of many small communities with a lot of lakes and they're all connected together so they're called the chain of lakes. but it's in the chicago greater metropolitan area, so you're talking northern illinois, northeast illinois with an area of, you know, maybe 4 million people going up to the wisconsin border. it's very close to wisconsin and
7:21 am
toward the milwaukee greater metro area. so you do have a couple of large population centers, both centers have many people that go to fox lake and the surrounding towns on weekends. they have boats docked there. they go fishing, boating, water skiing, camping. there's a lot of outdoor recreation, particularly in the summertime as would have been, and i heard from friends in northern illinois that there were very few visitors this past weekend over the labor day weekend compared to what would be normal for people to come up there and enjoy the outdoors. >> well, that's a shame. tom fuentes, thanks for your insight. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," why did two texas high school football players tackle a referee instead of, you know, an opposing player? we'll talk about that. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition
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7:26 am
two texas high school football players are now suspended from the team and their school after seemingly intentionally -- actually there's nothing seeming about it, they intentionally and brutally tackled a referee from behind. you can see it in the video. coy wire joins me now with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. i have never seen anything like this in my 25 years of competitive football. both of these students were defensive players on the john jay high school team in san antonio. according to the associated press two players from the same team were ejected earlier in the game including their star quarterback and there was a controversial call earlier in the game by that official as well. here is the video. you'll see a player come from the top of the screen to blind side the official, violently knocking him down. then his teammate dives into him while he's lying on the ground. here is another angle. the school district says it won't tolerate this kind of behavior and it's investigating the incident. there's no word on whether or not the official suffered any
7:27 am
injuries. disturbing video for sure. even the nfl's head of officials dean blandino has taken notice. yesterday he tweeted a link to the video saying, quote, very disturbi disturbing. officials allow kids to play games they love and help keep them safe. no one deserves this. a lot of people want these players to be charged with assault and battery. on the other end of the spectrum, you want peophave peo want the kids to learn from their mistakes while keeping the law out of it. we'll see where it goes from here and keep you informed, carol. >> what does the coach say? >> the coach -- the only quote that we've really seen from the coach is that he said it's unfair to put something on the entire team, that this is reflective upon the entire team. he apologized to the opposing coach, not much more from him. now, the head of the austin officials coach association, wayne elliott, has said the first thing they want is to
7:28 am
ensure that these two kids never play football again. strong words there, indeed, and he also told the ap that the official is very upset and wants to press charges, carol. >> okay. so, you know, this is just a high school football game. you're a former football player. why is this story so important and why is it resonating so much? >> well, i think right now in a culture -- we're seeing a lot of brutality and unnecessary actions by youth, okay? and this is yet another thing, something that we have never seen before, at least in my memory, in talking with all the producers in the sports room. we've never seen anything like this in the sport of football. this is no accident. this was intentional. disturbing and we'll see how this plays out in the end, carol. >> all right, coy wire, many thanks to you. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me this labor day. the race for the white house is heating up.
7:29 am
today democrats and republicans vying for the country's highest office are hitting the campaign trail in full force. all of this as a new poll shows bernie sanders surging ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. he's also picking up sizable gains in iowa. plus, is he in or out? it's the question everybody is asking about vice president joe biden who spoke to a group of union members this morning. so let's talk about that and more. let's bring in cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar live this morning in pittsburgh where biden spoke at a labor day parade rally. good morning. >> reporter: he did, carol, and actually the labor day parade here in pittsburgh just getting under way behind me as we speak. but joe biden really kicked this off, and we saw a very fired up vice president. he was really laying out a populist message and, of course, people are taking notice. there's all this speculation about whether he will run or if he's not going to. he talked about community
7:30 am
college being free. he railed against trust fund babies, his words, and he talked about eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy in order to pay for community college for middle class americans. this was a very passionate joe biden. take a listen. >> but here is the bottom line, i'm hot, i acknowledge that. i'm mad. i'm angry. how many people in your old neighborhoods, how many people in your old neighborhoods are in trouble? can look their kids in the eye and say with heart, honey, it's gonna be okay? it's gonna be okay. not enough because the level playing field doesn't exist. >> so, carol, that's a very different vice president joe biden than we saw last week when he spoke in florida. he was very emotional. you can see the toll that the death of his son beau biden back in may has been taking on him as
7:31 am
he decides whether it's best for him and for his family for him to throw his hat into the ring for 2016. very different here today as he was really preaching this populist message. politically there is some good news for joe biden as he looks at this nbc news/marist poll. the big story is about the rise of bernie sanders, about you when you also look at the general election match-ups and you compare joe biden and hillary clinton in the early states of iowa and new hampshire, biden does better than hillary clinton against jeb bush and against donald trump, so no doubt that is on his mind as he makes what is really a very personal, emotional decision about whether or not to run, carol. >> all right. brianna keilar reporting live from pittsburgh. i want to bring in errol lewis and political anchor at new york one news. hi, errol. so what do you think -- >> hi, carol. >> joe biden kind of sounding
7:32 am
like a candidate in pittsburgh, didn't he? >> absolutely. i mean, you don't go out and talk to union members on labor day unless you really, really love unions or you might like to talk about some of the issues that would be very much front and center in a race for president. >> can he possibly win though? he's 71 years old. he's going -- if he enters the race, he will enter very late, and he hasn't raised any money at all. is it feasible that he could do well? >> i think it is feasible because in the age of citizens united, you only need one billionaire who has decided to maybe put $100 million or so behind you, and you're competitive, and as you know very well, carol, once the first few early states happen, everything can change. i meaning obama in 2008 wasn't supposed to have a chance in that world and he made that surprise move and won in iowa and everything changed. the polls started doing an incredible dance, and a lot of
7:33 am
the support that nobody thought he would have went right to obama and, of course, the rest is history. so joe biden is very well aware of that history. a lot of the same obama people surround him and just as you say, nobody this old has done it, nobody this late has done it in recent years, but that doesn't mean we can't make history again. >> but wait a minute. hasn't president obama thrown his support behind hillary clinton, although he hasn't come out and said that in any way or endorsed her? >> i'm not so sure about that to tell you the truth. he hasn't come out and endorsed her so it's not done until it's done. that's number one. number two, if he wanted to really put any kind of speculation to rest, if he wanted to shut this whole thing down, he could have by now, but what we have seen is that he's met with joe biden. he's made a lot of very favorable statements about what joe biden has meant to his political career, the president has, and a number of his advisers are still talking with very seriously with joe biden and there again, all it would
7:34 am
take would be a raised eyebrow, so to speak, from the president to put all of that to bed, and he has not raised that eyebrow. so i think we've got the beginnings of at least a conversation about whether or not the field is closed on the democratic nomination for president. >> interesting. i want to talk about this harvard professor, his name is lawrence lessig. i guess he's sort of, kind of running for president. he crowd sourced $1 million and he's actually running because he wants to call attention to campaign finance reform. he was on "new day" earlier. let's listen to what he has to say. >> the core of the problem is how we fund campaigns and congress could fix that problem tomorrow if it just had the political will, and it will only have the political will if we have a campaign that focuses america on the fundamental fact. there is no connection between what our government does and what the average voter wants, and we've got to restore that connection if we're going to call ourselves a representative
7:35 am
democracy. we are in no sense right now a representative democracy. so what this campaign would say is let's focus on that problem and fix it first. >> in fact, if the professor says if he wins the presidency, he'll just like leave office and leave it to his vice president. now, it's easy to dismiss him, right, but he did crowd source $1 million. >> well, not just that, carol. in the last cycle he created something called a mayday pack, mayday being an emergency call to citizens to try and take back government and get money out of politics. he crowd sourced $11 million from about 50,000 donors. this is not somebody who i think should just be written off as a crazy voice in the wilderness. this is somebody who i think has aimed at a very important problem. he's established some credibility with tens of thousands of americans who have been willing to sort of vote with their pocketbooks, and we'll see where it goes. i mean, clearly it's a protest campaign. it's a symbolic campaign to a
7:36 am
certain extent, but it's a symbol and a protest that a lot of americans at least what they've told the pollsters is they closely identify with. >> all right. errol lewis, interesting as always. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," the desperate journey of thousands of refugees and migrants now streaming toward europe with only the clothes on their backs. a live report next. you premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it?
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well, many americans take a day off from their jobs to celebrate labor day, a stark reminder of what people halfway
7:41 am
around the world are willing to suffer to enjoy even a fraction of what westerners have. thousands upon thousands of desperate men, women, and children from all corners of the middle east are now on a mass migration to europe all for the slim possibility of something better. cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon has been documenting their difficult journey. she joins us from the border of serbia and hungary. >> reporter: this is what greets them when they actually cross from serbia into hungary. this filth of the holding area that they are expected to wait in in many cases for a night, in some instances up to three nights living with little to no shelter and at night when it gets dark here, carol, it gets incredibly cold. in terms of aid, you have one of the hungarian nonprofits here, a very small organization but really doing all that it can,
7:42 am
distributing some foodstuffs, waters, everything you see here has come to be by way of donations. there is no government assistance at this location. the government has, in fact, refused unhcr's offers to help. people can't take it anymore. i mean, these are the toilets for the thousands that have been going through. they are filthy. women who we're talking to say they cringe, they just can't deal with it anymore. because of this, people have decided to stage a sit-in because they can't wait for the buses to come and pick them up anymore. they can't keep living like that anymore, and so they have decided they are going to sit and block the street until the hungarians either send them the buses they need or finally let them through. from here they still do have to go to those transit camps. they still have to register. everyone is anticipating that it is going to be a highly unpleasant process, but at the
7:43 am
same time they just want to get moving. having come this far, they do not want to be held up any longer. they have absolutely had it, and they especially don't want to be held up in conditions like that. one of the little boys who came across the border, many of the kids are getting very sick, one of the little boys was actually in the medical tent, carol, because he had collapsed from exhaustion and dehydration. it just goes to show you the impact this journey is having on these people, especially, carol, on the children. >> all right. arwa damon reporting live from the serbia/hungary border. just moments ago the british prime minister david cameron says his country will resettle up to 20,000 syrian refugees. in other news, a flight attendant says she's been suspended from her job for refusing to serve alcohol. she says it's against her muslim faith. nick valencia is following her story. >> reporter: good morning,
7:44 am
carol. 40-year-old shari stanley says she was suspended for her muslim beliefs. her critics say she knew the responsibilities before she took the job. her attorney says she's the victim of discrimination. stanley says she was suspended from her job as a flight attendant because of her religious beliefs. this week the 40-year-old michigan woman filed a charge of discrimination against regional airline express jet. the issue, stanley converted to islam two years ago. she says she only learned recently that her faith prohibits her from serving alcohol. she and the airline did work out an accommodation for two months until she says one of her co-workers filed a complaint against her saying, quote, she was not fulfilling her duties as a flight attendant by refusing to serve alcohol. four weeks later stanley's religious accommodation, excluding her from serving alcohol, was revoked by the airline. she was suspended. >> what we're asking for is that her employment be reinstated and
7:45 am
her reasonable accommodation be reinstated as well. >> reporter: her lawyer says her client's, quote, sincerely held religious beliefs should not keep her from being a flight attendant. >> in this situation the law requires that the employer accommodates her beliefs. she's not required to search for another job in order to have her beliefs accommodated. >> reporter: a spokesman for express jet declined to discuss stanley's complaint but in a statement to cnn said, quote, we embrace and respect the values of all of our team members. we are an equal opportunity employer with a long history of diversity in our workforce. cnn aviation analyst mary schiavo said a reasonable accommodation for stanley may be difficult given she works for a small airline. >> in the case of the airlines where you have just one flight attendant on a flight of 50 seats or less, the pilot can't come out of the cockpit and serve the drinks. >> reporter: this all hinges on reasonable accommodation. according to the equal
7:46 am
employment opportunity commission express jet sunt have to fulfill every request stanley is asking for. we asked her attorney if perhaps her client would be willing to compromise, perhaps take another job within that airline. she told us, carol, it's not up to her client to make the adjustments, it's up to the employer. carol? >> all right. nick valencia reporting live this morning. thanks so much. checking some other top stories for you at 46 minutes past. two brothers in an atlanta suburb are behind bars accused of trying to kill their parents. police say a woman called 911 saying she and her husband were being attacked by their 17 and 22-year-old sons. when authorities arrived they found the father badly injured and bleeding. they say a gas line at the home was also cut. the couple is now in the hospital. lots of speculation as to what this mystery fireball that exploded in the sky over bangkok was this morning. it was caught on dashcam from various locations during the morning rush hour. as you can imagine, social media has quite a few theories, but experts say this is likely an
7:47 am
asteroid. still to come in the "newsroom," a kentucky clerk who refuses to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples hopes to get out of jail, and she's getting support from the campaign trail. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. they're good-looking cars. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect, for less than you imagined at the chevy 72 hour sale. now, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most 2015 chevy vehicles. hurry, the clock is ticking. get yours now. the seventy-two hour sale ends september 10th. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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day four and counting. the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples remains behind bars, but attorneys for kim davis are filing an appeal in last week's contempt of court ruling that landed her in jail. a federal judge says davis will stay there until she agrees to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. in the meantime the case is making its way into the 2016 presidential race. as a candidate plans to pay davis a jailhouse visit. alexandra field joins me with who that candidate is. do you want to start with the appeal first? >> kim davis doesn't have a lot
7:52 am
of options other than this appeal right now because the clerk has already said she's not going to resign from her position. she's not going to back down on her fight, and she's not going to consent to the judge's order which is to authorize these marriage licenses or to allow her deputy clerks to do it. so, therefore, in order to get her out of jail or at least in order to try to, her attorneys are appealing this order from the judge and her attorney says mrs. davis is entitled to proper notice and due process when she's threatened with the loss of her freedom. there was no indication that she would be incarcerated. we will be presented our arguments on appeal and asking for an expedited ruling. carol, i'll remind you that kim davis was put in the custody of the u.s. marshals after a judge found her in contempt of court for refusing to issue the marriage licenses. >> what did they think would happen to her, her attorneys? >> there it was a possibility that the judge would say simply that a fine would be levied, but we listened to the judge, about a two-hour-long hearing, and at one point he said the point of
7:53 am
the contempt order was to force compliance. that's really the only point. and he decided because of the number of supporters she had that raising the funds for a fine might not be a heavy enough price to pay in order to force her to comply with this order to issue the licenses. so he put her in jail and then her deputy clerks had to pledge to the judge whether or not they agreed personally that they would go ahead and issue these licenses which they have been doing. >> so presidential candidate is going to visit her in jail tomorrow. tell bus that. >> that's right. the fact that she went to jail has garnered so much attention now and her supporters have been showing up at the jail. tomorrow she gets one more supporter making a visit, republican presidential candidate mike huckabee will travel to kentucky and visit her inside the jail and hold a rally of her supporters. they all feel that her religious rights are being trampled and she's a woman who says that she cannot physically or factually issue these licenses because of her religious beliefs. here is mike huckabee coming to her defense. >> ruling class has thumbed
7:54 am
their nose at the constitution. when is it that liberals get to choose which laws they support but a county clerk in kentucky who acting on her christian faith is criminalized, jailed without bail, because she acted on her conscience. >> we'll see what happens with the appeal of the contempt order, but there's a whole other judicial process playing out here, which is the initial order from the federal district judge in kentucky forcing kim davis to issue these licenses is something that is being appealed in a higher court right now. so you have that appeal process going on and then you also have the contempt order being appealed as she tries to get out of jail. >> one other point because huckabee accused liberals of having it their way but the judge is not liberal. >> there's been a lot written about this judge in the past saying this is not necessarily a judge that would have supported -- >> he's a bush appointee. >> yes. this is a judge who has taken a lot of time it seems and
7:55 am
reflected pretty carefully on this case and he has referred a lot of thee decisions to the sixth circuit court of appeals saying he would issue his decision but he wants the appeals process to play out which is why he did not grant the stay she was asking for. she wanted to wait to have to deliver these licenses until a decision had been made in the appeals court. the judge said the apeltiheeppet has to handle this now. >> thank you for joining me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see
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dramatic developments in the race for president.
8:00 am
hillary clinton is now the underdog in new hampshire. does that mean her campaign is in trouble? hungry, tired, and desperate for shelter. thousands of migrants, refugees waiting for help as their crisis pushes europe to a tipping point. plus, rescued at sea. after becoming stranded in a tiny rubber raft-like boat. the dangerous trip across the water as many of these refugees and migrants try to find a better and safer life. and bodyguard duty. a texas teenager in a selfie with a cop providing backup to that deputy as she pumps gas. the reason, wanted to make sure she would be safe. want to talk to both of them straight ahead. hi, every. i'm


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