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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we will see. >> good teams with some attitude. you don't want to miss the showdown from comedy toss current events, actors to animal stars. test your tv knowledge with the "the cnn quiz though" tonight at 8:00 eastern and pacific. that will do it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts this weekend. slug slug bernie sanders say feel the bern. is it possible hillary clinton might a need aloe? this is the politics lead, hillary clinton talking like an underdog after bernie sanders surges to his largest lead yet. the signs the campaign is reacting while vice president biden looks closer than ever to capitalizing this changing race. the world lead -- desperately seeking hope. the refugee crisis thousands fed up about sleeping in their own
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trash. they are praying that the world wakes up to this disaster. the money lead. getting a cheap fill. the last time labor degas prices were this low, george w. bush was in his first term as president for a lot of people who depend on their cars, cheap gas is like getting a raise. are these savings here to stay? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." happy labor day, everyone. for those of you not laboring or paying tribute to the social and economic achievements of american workers, you might be spending the day doing cannonballs into your neighbor's pool or grilling under the sun, asking, where does the summer go? but if you're on the job today and working for the clinton or wish or walker or rubio campaigns, you're probably more than ready for some summer of voter discontent to finally have been over. it's been a long and hot season for all of those campaigns and candidates, but let's start with hillary clinton. she has watched donald trump
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make the biggest splash, feeling the night and airtime that many thought would go to her. while clinton has been getting a less than warm receptions in places like new hampshire, independent senator bernie sanders from neighboring vermont has been trailblazing inroads with progressives there, and the process overtaking clinton in polls, in that keir first in the nation primary state. cnn never takes a day off the trail. our team of correspondents is out there with the candidates, one potential possible candidate. let's start in hampton, illinois, one of the quad-citys across the river from davenport, iowa. with jeff zeleny. her campaign seems to be trying to inhabit this underdog role. when your last name is clinton, though, can you really credibly play the underdog? >> reporter: that's a great question. it is difficult, but a senator named sanders has made that more
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plausible this summer. she just finished speaking here a few moments ago. people are enthused, but i have to say one of the advantages goes to senator sanders. >> happy labor day! >> reporter: a wake-up call for hillary clinton. the democratic presidential contest is now a real race. the summer of sanders has blossomed into a fall fight for clinton. >> this is a people's campaign. and we will win this campaign -- >> a new poll in new hampshire shows bernie sanders leading by nine points. >> i want your vote. i want to win here in new hampshire. i want to win the democratic nomination, and i want to become president of the united states. >> reporter: it's still a strf to call clinton the underdog. she still carries tremendous. muzzle, but she's lost the luxury of running out the is
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clock. it's going to be a fight. it will be a hard election. >> a long summer has taken a toll. on this visit to iowa, her voice. >> my voice is an raspy. don't let it bother you. it still works. i'm talking a lot in the last few days. >> reporter: she's ratcheting up her campaign, appearing on "ellen" and giving policy speeches every week, including one wednesday on iran. she's even opening the door to more debates as sanders and martin o'malley have called for. >> i would certainly be there with lots of enthusiasm and energy if they decide to add more debates. i think that's the message that a lot of people are sending their way. >> reporter: at a labor day picnic, in supporters were nervous, others were not. >> i don't have the magic wand or the crystal ball, but i'm wishing her the very best and i'm backing her. >> reporter: even as clinton
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addressed the crowd, now all we are backing her. bernie sanders wasn't on hand, but plenty of his fans were, like kate and mike pence. >> what is it that he has that hillary clinton does not have? >> i think he has a proven track record and authenticity. he doesn't need a poll to know where he stands on an issue. >> when you talk to sanders supporters like that's correct i can tell you this e-mail controversy does not come up. they are more pro-sanders than anti-clinton, but the controversy is not going away. hillary clinton said one of the reasons she's not apologized is because what she does was allowed by law. jake? >> with clinton struggling a bit, joe biden finally says the words his fans at least have desperately waiting to hear. quote -- i'm gonna run. and then he did run. he jogged in a parade. while he teased reporters, he
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sounded every bit in a candidate in a fiery labor day speech to union members today, and people are saying there's a chance he could topple clinton. more democrats say they like them than say they like her. brianna keilar is in pittsburgh with the vice president. biden is perceived an more likable in the latest polls. that's not all. he runs better than december bush of course he's not a candidate yesterday, so no one is attacking him yet. >> reporter: he's in and out under the glaring political spotlight yet, but certainly toying with reporters and getting a lot of encouragement from supporters here in pittsburgh along in labor day route. you see in iowa that is trump -- donald trump beats hillary clinton, but joe biden beats donald trump, and then just generally speaking, in the two early contest states joe
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biden does just better than hillary clinton. he fielded questions and had a lot of different answers about whether or not he's going to be running. listen to this. >> nobody to stand between us and the major -- no, no. you have to talk to my wife about that. i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: and jake, i asked him after what was really a remarkable speech, pretty much because it really contrasted to his somber speech last week, where i think if someone was listening to him last week in florida, they might have thought he's not going to run. but you listen just to this speech today without context, and it sounded very much like a candidate. i asked him, it sounds like you have a rationale for running, and he said i'm going to be running, for part of this parade. he does jog off, zigzagging along the parade route. right now this small cadre of
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confide confidants and longtime friends around him -- he his ha the major is issue is whether they are emotionally ready to take this on. it's just three months since he lost his son beau biden. brianna keilar, thank you. iowa was supposed to be the field of dreams for one s. but for scott walker and job bush respectively, neither is true. both message are polling in the single digits in iowa and new hampshire, a long way behind donald trump. suzanne malveaux is with me. trump towers over his rivals, but it's almost more stunning how far jeb bush and scott walker have fallen. >> it is amazing when you think about it, especially jeb bush. he has a kind of support around $100 million in super-pac money. but this really is a critical
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turning point in the campaign, labor day signifying the sprint to these early contests in iowa, new hampshire, and just ten days away from the next republican debate. that's why they poll numbers are starting to matter. donald trump dominating the polls in iowa and new hampshire, even as he lays low this labor day. >> i will be totally pledging my allegiance to the republican party, and the conservative principles for which it stands. >> reporter: in iowa trump leads with 29% followed by retired neurosurgeon ben carson with 22%. >> i believe this is the greatest nation in the world. >> reporter: no other republican candidate receives double-digit support. >> now it is our turn. >> reporter: jeb bush is in third place with 6%, falling from 12% in july. >> good to see you. >> wisconsin governor scott walker saw his support plummet
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from 19% two months ago to just 5% now. walker spent the holiday in new hampshire on a two-day motorcycle campaign swing, trying to project confidence despite the drop in his support. >> we don't have ads up. we talk about who we are, we'll be in good shape. >> second place in new hampshire now bebelongs to john kasich, who sits at 12% to trump's 28%. kasich worked the crowd at a labor day parade in milford. >> i always felt if i could do the town has and let people see me, we would do okay. that's been the history of my career. >> part of a new hampshire strategy that includes a heavy dose of town has and paid television ads by a pro-kasich super-pac. just as in iowa, bush and walker also lost ground in new hampshire. bush saw his support cut by six points, down to 8%.
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walker meanwhile, dropped eight points, leaving him at 4%. carly fiorina, who has moved up to fifth in new hampshire, said she's optimistic about the direction of her campaign. >> i've come a long way since may 4th. i'm not worried. >> reporter: and in this hour we're going to fiorina against as well as walker and kasich. marco rubio, who's polls at 4% in iowa, 5% -- he's move to south carolina where he will be participating in a town hall later this week. get ready, jeb bush will be on "the late show" and trump back on the trail on wednesday. happy labor day. very exciting. no one could have predicted these poll numbers when the first candidate jumped in the race. now labor day will usher in this whole new mode of campaigning, but from trump's blunt talk to hillary clinton's track record, can any candidate remain on firm polling ground? our panel is here to weigh in on that, after this quick break.
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welcome back to "the lead." labor day is really the starting gun for the primaries. yes, the summer of trump reslammed the race, things will undoiedly change as candidates begin to go up with their first official ads and travel schedules pick up the pace. let's talk about this with jim ailsimmons and ramesh. jamal, let me start with you. hillary clinton gave an bur view earlier today, asked if her practices about e-mail have damaged her campaign. she said, quote, not at all. it's a distraction certainly. asked monday by the a.p. why she won't directly she won't apologize, she said i take the responsibilities of handling classified materials very seriously. so jamal, she thinking this
1:17 pm
controversy isn't damaging her campaign? really? >> i'm not sure how you arrive at that conclusion, based on what it is that we know from all the polls. if i were her to play strategist. >> yes, please. >> i would say, it was legal, but it wasn't the right thing we do, and move on. but by starting out with the legalities that other people did it it sounds too defensive. you have to give people permission to move on by acknowledges she made a mistake. >> how much of an issue do you think it is? it is a little legalistic. how much do you think this is actually a silver bullet? >> i do think it is damaging, because it makes her look
1:18 pm
untrust worthy and dishonest. you see in poll after poll, that is the perception that a strong majority the voters have for her. that cannot be good. she has got to be looking at those polls, and whatever she is saying, she's got to understand this is doing some serious damage. >> times people look at you and see someone who is more political than they would act, then the thing to do is act nonpolitically. do something that surprises people. i didn't mean to do it, but here's why. >> do you think thatten should get into the race? he's obviously very torn. >> i'm for the strongest democratic nominee. i think in vice president biden got in the race, he would either beat hillary clinton or make her stronger in the process, so yes, i'm all for him getting in the race. >> the people around him, you hear these stories about phone calls, about consultants being contacted. there are people who are working around, assuming they want to
1:19 pm
load this thing ready for him to get into the race if he wants to. >> the clinton people have been very respectful of joe biden. they're starting, however, to attack bernie sanders. take a listen to sanders this weekend, asked about clinton's campaign and her surrogates attacking him. >> i think they're getting nervous. shh, don't tell anybody. obviously i think the secretary's people are getting very nervous about the kind of energy and enthusiasm our campaign is bringing forth. >> do you think they should be getting nervous, or is this like a flash in the pan for, you know, idealistic progressives, but ultimately they'll come home? >> well, i would imagine the clinton people are confident, but they had be half about polling where sanders is actually beating her. i think they thought this would essentially be a coronation. that assumption has been upsit. >> let's turn to the republican
1:20 pm
railings and look at the republican numbers that show that gem bush, that trump is in the top and stunningingly ben carson is number two. in iowa, john kasich number two in new hampshire stunningly they have both gone from double-digit support, and now they're at single digit. what is going on? >> i think we are in the playing the field part of the political season. these are people cheating on their -- dissing walker and jeb and going to other candidates. >> right now i think they are more excited by the nontraditional candidates who haven't held elective office. john kasich is the only thing i think in the republican field who's had a good summer who's been elected. everything else are people who have never been elect -- >> i've been ask my uber drivers, what do you think about the campaign?
1:21 pm
and a 40-ish woman just said jeb bush looks weak, xafrd to donald trump. that's the onening you can't appear, you can never look weak. i think he hasn't figured out the right stance to hold himself up as a leader of the country. >> remember tommy the subliminal guy -- do i have the right guy? subliminal, but calling jeb bush weak and low energy, i think that takes root in people's brains. >> that's right, and jeb bush responding to it in a way that causes it to sink in further. >> can i say this before we go? i am surprised the only contest that they are talking about immigration or any issues have been to deal with latino americans or ash the democratic process has yesterday to engage these core base voters. >> we're going to talk about a lot of that coming up. thank you both. this programming note. you can catch the next
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republican presidential debate right here on cnn, coming up a week from wednesday, september 16th at the reagan library. i'll be moderating that debate, and i'm looking for your questions. tweet them or post them on facebook using #cdebate. he was a beloved police lieutenant, his murder touch law enforcement nationwide. next the tributes to one of their own. and the world lead. refugees on a desperate journey. see the toll that's taking on refugees and the countries they are now calling safe havens. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you
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welcome back to "the lead." you are looking at live pictures from antioch, illinois, a sea of blue, officers saying their final good-byes for the fallen comrade. all day today more than 2,000 police officers from departments across the country have been standing in solidarity to pay respects to joe gliniewicz, nicknamed g.i. joe, who was gunned down last tuesday while on patrol. about an hour north of chicago, investigators are still poring over surveillance footage hope to identify the three suspects. let's get to ryan young in antioch, where the father of four was laid to rest. it sounds like a very emotional day. >> reporter: emotional, and everyone paying their respects. we're told 1,000 please cars should be working their was
1:28 pm
through this community over the next hour and a half. they believe it will take at least an hour to get to the burial site. we're going to turn our cameras this direction. you can see the intersection. some people here as early as 8:30 this morning. the husband and father killed in the line of duty. all here to pay their respects for the 30-year police veteran and lay him to rest. >> we're growing up, we all knew joe was a hero. but now the nation knows he's a hero.
1:29 pm
you will always be a part of my life. >> reporter: many who don't wear a uniform simply came to show their support for those who do. >> just to show respect for not only him, but for all the police that serve i day. >> reporter: we heard are from so many people talking about showing their support, not only to the community, but the officer's family. all these american flags are lining the route, standing here for several hours to show their support for the community and family. >> i hope it sentence society a message this needs to stop. we all support each our and can't do it without the public's help. >> reporter: while the lieutenant known as g.i. joan was laid to rest, hundreds of officers from multiple agencies including the fbi, atf, homeland security, and lake county sheriff's office continue analyzing tips and several surveillance videos working to
1:30 pm
catch the three suspects. >> we have imagic of people we believe are subjects we would be interested in talking to. >> reporter: friday investigators confirmed live on cnn they found a significant piece of evidence, but they have yet to share the details. >> our evidence technicians werety scene once again, and they did recover a piece of significant evidence that wasn't found in the last few days, but i can't reveal exactly what that is or any of the other evidence, because it's extremely relevant that we keep some of this information away from the public. >> reporter: so all the cars pass below this massive american flag. there's people standing here with blue ribbons in their hand, but the steady flow of cars coming this direction. we know jake tomorrow at 12:30 there will be a news conference, they'll tell us new information and give us an update about what's going on. but right now it's not about any
1:31 pm
of that. it's about the officers and people paying respects to someone who served this community for over 30 years. >> ryan young in antioch, we're going to turn to a deepening and horrific mystery in our national lead. police in chicago are desperately trying to identify the remains of a child recovered in a lagoon at a local park this weekend. because of decomposition, it's unclear how long the child's body parts had been submerged. an exercise weight was found nearby. let's go to the afteria. mai martinez. how were the remains discovered? >> reporter: well, jake, saturday afternoon someone supported what appeared to be a child's foot floating in the water. that person called 911 to report it. chicago police responded. once it was determined it was a child's foot, divers spent most of the evening on saturday looking for additional remains. they did recover more remains
1:32 pm
that evening, and came back out again on sunday when they recovered additional remains again yesterday. those remains are in a bat state of decomposition, so we don't know if this is all from one child. we don't know a cause of death at this point, but police are classifies it only as a death investigation. >> mmt ai, are there any reports of missing children in the area? >> reporter: right notice chicago police are looking into any reporters of missing children in this area that fit the description. they believe these remains belong to a toddler between the ages of 2 and 4. right now they have not found any missing child from this immediate area that matching this description. again they're working with the medical examiners's office to determine the age, sex and race of this child. so until those test results come back, it's hard to move forward, but the top priority for the police department is to identify who this child is, so they can go forward with the investigation. >> mai martinez from our
1:33 pm
affiliate wbbm, thank you so much. the world lead -- the price to pay to escape conflict. the lives of refugees, their family members boarding crowded rubber boats, sleeping in dirt fields with no sanitation, thousands crossing borders every day, but who is responsible for taking all these people in? the response some refugees are getting once they make it to safe land, when we come back. if i want to go up...
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welcome back to "the lead." our world lead -- refugees trying to escape, traveling by bus, train, by boat, even foot, pushing toward western europe. more than 16,000 refugees streamed into austria just in the past two days, according to a police spokesman there, another 2800 have died trying to make the journey. it's a disaster on the verge of a tipping point. we have our team of cnn
1:38 pm
correspondents at crisis points across the region. >> reporter: i'm arwa damon on the hungary/serbian border, most of the refugees from syria, fed up with the wait that has lasted four days out in the open with little to no shelter. in fact, so fed up, the young woman like zuna wrote on her arm, we aren't animals. i want to go. why did you write this? >> because i need go. >> you need to go. >> very cold, and i'm so tired. >> reporter: how many times nights? >> two days. one night. a lot of people have also been suffering these very same, unbearable conditions, especially difficult given the entire journey they've had to go through to get this this point. the pressure on hung garde is
1:39 pm
not easing up. it's a company ill-equipped to already deal with the unflux it is seeing. >> i'm in bodru, turkey, this is not just a posh and popular resort. it's the debarkation for thousands of refugees and migrants trying to cross a narrow channel here, just a couple miles to the nearby greek island. and you won't believe the kind of unseaworthy rubber boats and dinghies that people are trying to pack into to make this perilous crossing. some of them are bringing children on board, just days after the salve photographs emerged of a 2-year-old syrian refugee child, his lifeless body walshing up on a beach very close to where i'm standing. it's clear that the risk of drowning as sea is not enough to
1:40 pm
deter especially refugees who fled horrific conflict in neighboring syria and iraq. >> reporter: i'm atika shubert at munich train station. this is the scene as thousands arrive here to germany. this is the preferred destination for so many refugees. at this reception center you have medical screening with doctors and nurses. people are applauding. that's the kind of warm welcome to people are receiving. germany has said it would put aside $6 billion to ref with refuge refugees. it is considering more than 800,000 applications, but german,says it can't do it alone. it needs helps from the neighbors in the eu, but also looking to other cunning like the united states to take in more refugees. jake? >> atika, ivan and arwa, thank you so much for all those reports. if you are wondering how you can help in the ongoing refugee crisis, visit for
1:41 pm
more on how you can make a difference. turning to developments in the war on isis, british prime minister david cameron today admitted that a targeted drone attack took out two isis terrorists of english descent, riyadh kahn and raul ra minute were killed last month whif driving in a vehicle near the town of raqqa. phil, what can you tell you about these two men? >> jake, the prime minister says sound we have they men, khan was the intended for the strike. we today the prime minister said that this young man was planning, controlling, intended terror attacks here in the united kingdom. that was why it was necessary, he said, and right to effectively execute him. he described it as an act of nationalself defense, jake.
1:42 pm
>> how significant is it for the prime minister to be announcing this drone strike by the uk? is this a major escalation in britain's involvement in the war in syria? >> this came as a real surprise. i think britain hasn't done this before. it has not authorized the execution of one of its own citizens by a drone, that british forces are not authorized by parliament to operation in, but david cameron says this is 'special case. another he would like to receive further, wider permission to conduct air strikes against isis in syria, he doesn't have it yet. >> phil black, thank you so much. >> peace, war, and god wills it, those are the three trigger settings to choose from on the new rifle called the crusader. florida dunmaker spikes tactical is marketing the weapon as isisproof, complete with an etched-in cross and bible verse, blessed be the lord, my rock who trains my hands for war and my
1:43 pm
fingers for battle. one of the guns' designers is an iraq veteran, who told "the orlando sentinel" he would like to have a gun if a muslim terrorist picks it up -- the veteran said it's knotts meant to offend. the council of american-muslim nations says it's just thing to promote from hatred. a change of tune now for the kentucky clerk, who spend the weekend behind bars. that story is next. the money lead -- celebrating the savings, gas prices dipping to a new 11-year low for labor day weekend, but with so many factors around the world, what are the chances this trend will last? we'll have a cnn analyst here to weigh in.
1:44 pm
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together, we're building a better california. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper, making headlines in our national lead, the kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, is appealing the contempt of cold ruling that landed her behind
1:48 pm
bars, kim davis she will never put her signature on documents recognizing same-sex marriages, because it viles her christian fath. there were rallies in support of the devout christian over the weekend. jean casarez has the latest. the lawyers filed a request for relief. what can you tell us about that? >> this might be a federal holiday, but you can still file emergency motions. what it's really asking for is they want her released from jail, and they want it to happen right now. what they're asking for, technically is an injunction, this time, though, against the governor of kentucky for what they say was blanketly requiring all county clerks to issue marriage licenses. while this is before the circuit court of appeals, the community is rallying. >> i was inspired all the way
1:49 pm
from ohio, and i said we must pack our bags, and we must go stand with kim davis. >> while county clerk kim davis continuing to sit behind bars on labor day, this holiday weekend brought out supporters who rallied for her cause. >> we live you, sister kim, if can you hear us in there. >> reporter: davis was determined to be in contempt of court and jailed, for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, following the u.s. supreme court decision earlier this year from calling for states to recognize the union. her husband telling supporters, she is in no hurl rery to regain her freedom. >> she said, honey i'm just as comfortable as i can be. >> her lawyers have filed an appeal, asking the cord to exempt her from authorizing marriage licenses, pending final resolution of the appeal in this
1:50 pm
court. meanwhile, deputy clerks of davis began issuing licenses on friday, after telling the judge under oath, it may not be their personal belief, but they would follow the law. these men received the first same-sex marriage license in the county. their license does not have davis' name to it. her attorney argues that by saying it was issued? rowan county, it insin waits it's under her authority. he also said davis herself is willing to issue licenses if her name and tight are not on them. presidential contender and former arkansas governor mike huckabee tweeted his support for kim davis and is set to visit her tomorrow. he told george stephanopoulos this weekend, marriage is for the defined in the constitution, it's a matter for the state and the supreme court had no authority to issue their ruling in june. >> can you cite for me what statute kim davis would be
1:51 pm
required to follow in order to issue a same-sex marriage license in kentucky? when her state specifically says by 75% of the voters that marriage means one man/one woman. >> reporter: so the current order from the district court that is in effect right now is saying, as the county clerk you are not endorsen marriage, you're simply looking to see if it's two people under the law can partake in marriage, that they are the people they purport to be, but she says she still will not do it. that's why she remains in jail right now. we'll see what the court of appeals does. this is not the first time they've gone to the court of appeals and they were denied. tomorrow huckabee may go to kentucky and ask for her release himself. the world lead. the u.s. warning russia about its military buildup? syria. wolf blitzer will be talking about this next in "the situation room." wolf, your guest today congressman john garamendi?
1:52 pm
>> he's been following it very closely, we have as well. the u.s. is deeply disturbed, wondering what the russians are up to. apparently sending some signals that may may send troops, supplies into syria. the iranians are supporting that regime. hezbollah and lebanon supporting that regime. we see the outcome for the last four years, maybe 300,000 people have died. millions of people have been displayed internally, externally, in the tens of thousands flowing into europe. this is a crisis that's going on. we're all over it. >> looking forward to that. that's in just under eight minutes. the money lead, drivers rejoicing, gas prices just hit a labor day low we have not seen in more than a decade. will the end of summer mean the end of this joyride?
1:53 pm
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welcome back. the money lead, a bit of a bonus. many of you paying much less. a reporter in north carolina found $1.98. trackers in gas buddy mentioned this. let's bring in rona ferrer, also the assistant manager -- this is a big deal, how long -- i don't want to be mr. buzzkill, but how long are these lower prices going to stick around? >> i have some good news. i think they'll stick around for the rest of the year as long anything big in the global economy doesn't change. all the factors drives gas
1:58 pm
prices down, gas is dependent on oil prices. oil prices are dependent on places like chain. we've seen the jitters in the storm because of the china's market crash, so xhin is growing more slowly. at the same time there's a lot of new supply coming online, so the u.s. has being a big shale oil and gas producer. that supply is out will. with iran signing this nuclear deal, there's the expect as more iranian supply will come on. both are pushing the price of gas lower. >> oil of course is the big driver. compared to $100 a b year. normally when prices fall like this, production does tee, but that doesn't seem to be happening. why not? >> that's an interesting geopolitical story. obvious times when prices plummet, you have the saudis, the world's biggest producers and defining member of opec,
1:59 pm
cutting production. there's speculation that's for two reasons -- one to put price pressure on u.s. shale oil producers. the other reason is iran. iran is the big regional rival of the saudis. iranians need about $90 a barrel to make their own budgets. the saudis would like to public pressure on the iranians. and there's the potential down side, the u.s. cutting jobs. >> oil is very cyclical. when prices go up, companies buy a lot of equipment and hire people. it can go quickly the other way. you saw u.s. shale and oil producers saying maybe we don't need this much employment, yeah, so that's what's happening. i think that will have an impact. >> thank you to which. be sure to follow me on
2:00 pm
facebook and at twitter. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tabor. i turn you over to not a substitute, but to one actual wolf blitzer, who is right next door in "the situation room." \s happening now, kickoff, as the political season gets under way, donald trump is leading jeb bush by a couple touchdowns, as hillary clinton stumbled in new hampshire, will joe biden try to get into the game? >> warning to moscow, amid signs that vladimir putin is sending troops and military equipment to syria, is he getting ready to fight isis or prop up the reg e regime. exploiting a crisis, as tens of thousands flee the war zone and try to find refuge in europe, the humanitarian nightmare is also a major security concern. will isis try to sneak terrorists in? and inside


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