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tv   The CNN Quiz Show TV Edition  CNN  September 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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♪ >> this tv show starred the first interracial couple. you think you know the answer. find out tonight. cnn quiz show tv edition. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, welcome to cnn quiz show tv. this is anderson cooper. it is emmy season. tonight we are being to be testing our cnn anchors on television. three teams face-off against each other. answering the small screen. cover it all. comedies, dramas, daytime tv, late night, ground breaking news, commercials. hope they study. particularly chris cuomo. oh. at stake, total cash prize of
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$40,000 to be divided between charities of their choice. you can play along at home on twitter. use #cnnquiz. meet the team, shall we. come on out. >> all right. team number one. host of new day, chris cuomo. and allison camerota. what charity? >> huntington's disease society of america. close to my heart. my friend jennifer lost her 46-year-old husband and daughter in the space of a few years to huntington's disease. hope to get some money for that. >> right. raise money today. team two. host of somebody's got to do it returning to cnn for its third season on september 27th. mike rowe and host of cnn newsroom, brook baldwin. which charities did you play? >> we figured. this guy, mike rowe.
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>> we looked everywhere. >> which one? >> for one with my name in the title. mike rowe works. kids taking alternative route in their studies. plumbers, steam fitters, pipe fitters. alternative to four-year degree. the college debt is out of control. help and do what we can. >> save your propaganda. >> we don't have all day. >> team three. host of cnn tonight, don lemon and host of early start, john berman. your charity is jdrf, juvenile diabetes research foundation. >> defending champions. >> right, you are defending champions. >> jdrf, leading global organization fight type i diabetes, terrific work, real success. >> don, did your agent insist that you get teamed with john berman again. >> yes. the actual charity is me. >> they are the team to beat. winning team gets $20,000 for their charity.
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the other two teams get $10,000 each. let's get started. first game is buzz. [ applause ] >> all right. questions in this round are worth ten points each. the first player to buzz in gets to answer. players can buzz in before the question is complete. if they answer incorrectly. their team is locked out from guessing again. you cannot consult with teammates. you ready? >> ready. >> all right. here we go. one, what is the longest running tv series in american network -- john? >> gunsmoke. >> incorrect. >> longest running tv series in american tv history. 60 minutes. today. meet the press. guiding light. >> mike? >> meet the press. >> correct. >> according to famous opening narration, viewers unlock the door with key of imagination and gain access?
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mike? >> twilight zone. >> that is correct. >> 1991 gulf war what tv news correspondent and crew were held captive by iraqi troops? don? >> bob simon. >> correct. >> which famous chef hosted the first cooking show? >> james beard. >> that is correct. >> nbc was the first network to broadcast coast to coast in color -- >> brooke. >> rose bowl parade. >> correct. >> in 1950. the first television remote control was created by the zenith radio -- john? >> lazy bones. >> that is correct. until 9/11 what was the longest coverage of a tv event in history. o.j. -- allison? >> this is awkward. >> princess di anna funeral. >> that's that is incorrect.
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>> o.j. car chase. moon landing. j.f.k. assassination. gulf war. >> j.f.k. >> during the run of the show lassie what dangerous scenario did timmy not face? a -- mike? >> don't think he ever fell down a well. >> that is correct. >> wow! [ applause ] >> i don't know what that means. >> my part center! >> he didn't even hear the rest of the question. >> i know. in 19 69d, an estimated 600 million worldwide viewers watched nasa's first moon landing what major news event broke the ratings record 12 years later, richard nixon resignation. o.j. car chase. reagan inauguration. john? >> reagan being shot. >> incorrect. >> prince charles and diana's wedding. >> the wedding. >> that is correct. >> in 1979 before announcing his run for president ted kennedy failed to answer what question from cbs reporter. >> chris? >> why do you want to be president? >> yes. correct. >> nice. >> in 1993, millions of tv news viewers watched live as the standoff with david koresh
8:06 pm
violently came to an en outside of waco texas. this event reportedly motivated the killers of what attack, a, oklahoma city bombing -- chris? >> oklahoma city bombing. >> that is correct. >> this is the final question. in 1962, the first live transatlantic tv signals sent from what at & t communications satellite. telstar. mercury freedom. mariner 2? >> brooke. >> telstar. >> that is correct. >> nicely done. mike and brooke are in the lead. yeah. >> yeah. yeah. >> 50 points, chris and alisyn in third. done and john in third. >> what? what. >> you don't have to be nice. >> when we come back. the point value doubles as the the players face-off in head-to-head battles. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back to cnn quiz show tv edition. here are the players' scores. right n.o.w. it is -- right now it's anybody's game. chris and alyson in third place. mike and brooke in the lead with 50. don and john with 40. next game is face off. two teams face-off. they'll be asked four questions. that's it. first player to hit the bell. gets the first shot at answering. correct answers are worth 20 points each. drew names out of a hat. first up. chris versus don.
8:11 pm
time to face off. [ applause ] >> stare into the eyes of your fate, my little friend. scary, right? >> chris, don. your category. >> television news stars. hands behind your back. >> chris is not in this category. >> that hurts. because it is true. >> four questions. on september 2nd, 1963, the "cbs evening news" expanded its 15 minute newscast to 30 minutes. who did walter cronkite sbr view in the first broadcast, john f. kennedy, martin luther king jr., lyndon johnson, bob dylan. >> don? >> dr. king. >> that's incorrect. >> dr. king. >> can i do it? >> you can do it anyway. >> kennedy. >> that is correct. >> oh, my god. >> number two.
8:12 pm
>> and he's done. >> oh, my. >> no more questions. >> it's a one-hour show, man. >> i thought we weren't going to be able to fill an hour. apparently not a problem. number two, which female news anchor served as a press aide to and then a private employee to president nixon. chris? >> you pushed my hand out of the way. >> real name leila, we know her as diane sawyer. >> correct answer. >> oh, my god. >> on july 14, 1952, dave garroway became the first -- chris? >> i can't believe you got the buzzer faster. >> today show is what you are thinking of my friend. >> that is correct. into final question. i know these. >> final question. was that dancing? was that your dancing? >> my pants are tight on this side. >> elaine from seinfeld.
8:13 pm
>> sciatica. >> which american broadcaster was born in canada? peter jennings -- >> >> wow. >> that's a draw. >> chris. >> you want to say it for me? >> peter jennings. >> that was correct. four correct for chris cuomo. 20 points for each correct answer. back to the podium. very well done. next, allyson and brooke, come on down. [ applause ] >> you guys are in it. >> i'm ready. >> how you doing over there, donny boy. how is your goose egg feeling? >> we got it. >> all right. all of your questions will be about commercials. >> okay. >> all right. >> hands behind your back. ready. four questions. alka-seltzer had a number of ad over the years which is not a catch phrase heard on the commercial.
8:14 pm
that's a spicy meatball. >> that's a spicy meatball. >> that is incorrect. >> i was trying. >> plop, plop, fizz, fizz, kid tested, mother approved or, d, i can't believe i ate the whole thing. >> c. kid tested mother approved. >> that is correct. that was a glowingan for kix cereal. >> that's a spicy meatball. >> which first lady appeared in a commercial which she touted good luck margarine? >> pat nixon. >> that is incorrect. nancy reagan, jacqueline kennedy, eleanor roosevelt. >> jacqueline kennedy. >> incorrect. it was eleanor roosevelt. she earned 35 pouds and she donated it to the united nations. >> man famous musicians have written singles, rolling stones, janet joplin, david bowie, d, u 2 for advil? >> janis joplin.
8:15 pm
>> incorrect. >> david bowie. >> incorrect. the answer is rolling stones for rice krispies. >> i was like, that can't be it. >> in 1941 the first legal -- commercial in the u.s. aired before -- >> >> watches. >> that is it. correct. >> i got to hand that to you. >> that was good. >> allyson, brooke one. 20 points for each correct answer. head back to the podium. nicely done. finally, mike and john. come on down. [ applause ] >> nobody likes you. nobody. >> go mike! >> come on, john. >> make up for don, john. his was embarrassing. >> all your questions will be about tv cowboys. >> ooh. >> giddy up. >> this guy is a tv cow boy. come on. >> i was told to wear my work clothes. >> tv cowboys. bonanza cowboy ben cartwright and sons live on which fictional
8:16 pm
ranch. >> me. >> john? >> ponderosa. >> me he says. >> he is quick like a mongoose, mike. >> i see that. number two, james arness that played marshal matt dylan on -- >> this works. >> okay. gun smoke. i retract my answer. do you want to guess? >> miss kitty. >> james arnez plays marshal. -- gives this to you, james ar snrks ez who plays marshal is the real life brother of what star from mission impossible? a, peter lupus, peter graves. >> peter graves. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> i mean. >> number, three which bonanza star participated in martin luther king jr.'s march from selma to montgomery?
8:17 pm
>> lauren green. >> incorrect. >> a, dan blocker, b, michael land don, c, loren green, or d, purnel rogers. >> d, purnel rogers. >> correct. in his autobiography which tv cowboy wrote he was asked to run for office by the republican and democrat parties? >> clint eastwood. >> that is incorrect. >> james garner, chuck conner, michael landon, or loren green. >> michael landon. >> incorrect. james garner. >> mike got 0. john, 3. 20 points each correct answer. you guys can head back to your podiums. take a look at the score. mike/brooke, third place. 70. don/john in second. chris/allyson have taken the lead. with 130 points. taken the lead.
8:18 pm
i say it again. this is breaking news -- chris cuomo and allyson have taken the lead. 130 points. >> new day! >> a new day. coming up, team work, still anybody's game. stay tuned. 6:
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see where the team stands so far. right now, mike, brooke, third place with 70. and don/john in second place with 100. chris and alisyn way out in front with 130. >> way out. >> now time to play picture this. teammates have to work together. one person giving clues. the other guessing. tv personalities will pop up on the screen. the clue giver has to get their teammate to correctly guess who it is. can't use an part of the name, no initials. can't say rhymes with. you will one minute to guess as many as possible. correct answers are worth 30 points. chris and alisyn, you are in first place. you will start first. come on down. >> get over yourself, right? >> don is a little quiet. >> it's called a quiz show, not the chris show. >> oh. oh. >> zing, zing.
8:23 pm
>> goose egg. >> your category is animal stars. 60 second on the clock. ready, go. >> famous dog. >> lassie. >> correct. >> dolphin. >> flipper. >> yes. >> correct. >> a horse? >> mr. ed. >> correct. >> a dog named after a potato? irish last name. budweiser. >> pass. >> go. >> next. >> oh, i loved him. on frasier crane show, the jack russell's name? >> buddy. >> close. >> butch. >> bobby. >> letter after d. >> ernie. >> that's the first letter of the name. >> elmo. >> next. elmo? >> next. >> i know it now. >> famous dog. three names. second third are the same.
8:24 pm
type of metal. >> rin tin tin. >> yes, next. >> the horse, long-ranger. >> flicker. >> flicker? >> silver. >> silver! >> all right, you got four correct. each is worth 30 points. i want to run through. run through some of the ones you missed. the dog with the potato name? >> spuds mckenzie. >> spuds mckenzie. >> that was a decent clue. >> it was a very good clue. >> another one you passed on, arnold the pig from "green acres." >> would you have gotten that? >> yes. >> you guys did very nicely though. don. don and john you are in second place. come on down. your category is tv detective. actors, listen closely. actors who play detectives or
8:25 pm
private investigators on television. 60 second on the clock. ready, go. >> beard, short-shorts, th helicopter, ferrari. >> magnum p.i. john selleck. >> oh, shoot. >> can we do it again. >> murder she wrote? >> angela landsbury. >> keep going. >> miami vice? >> don johnson. >> law and order woman. >> kerry wolf? >> jane mansfield's daughter. >> pass. >> pass. >> rockford? >> james garner. >> correct. >> charlie's angel, dark hair? >> kate jackson. jaclyn smith. >> correct. >> gosh, this is terrible. one eye closed. >> peter falk. >> yeah. >> kojak -- >> telly savalis. >> oh, pass. >> died, law and order. jerry orbach. >> correct. >> hawaii 5-0.
8:26 pm
>> steve mcgarrett. jack lord. >> yes >> correct. >> that was hard. >> you did not say tom. >> irsaid tom selleck. >> you did. >> i said tom selleck. >> you got nine correct. each worth 30 points. put a lot of scores. on the board though. >> could have had ten. >> very impressed. >> really hard. >> very impressive. really hard. >> finally. mike and brooke, started in last place. see how you do. come on down. [ applause ] >> well done. >> your category is animated tv stars. >> great. >> animated tv stars. >> great. >> wow. >> 60 seconds on the clock. ready, go. >> rabbit. >> bugs bunny. >> correct. >> from dinosaur era. head of the family. >> dino. >> the man, they would ride in
8:27 pm
their car, and they would -- what's the first name? >> fred flintstone. >> correct. oh, man, this is a great massachusetts song. gosh. pass. >> this is, he's -- not red, between red and white, they make -- what color? >> red and white together? >> yes. >> make like pinkish. >> that word plus not a lion, lot a leopard, but a -- >> tiger. >> think cartoons. >> pink leopard. >> think cartoons. >> pink panther. >> jane his wife. >> george jetson. >> nice. >> raggy and -- >> scooby doo. >> right. >> tiny little -- thing of wings, cute little -- >> tweety bird. >> tweety bird. there you g. >> you got five correct. each is worth 30 points. and run over what you skipped. if she said beep beep. >> roadrunner. >> road runner. >> sorry.
8:28 pm
>> and tweety bird. >> all right. take a look at the scores. still a close game. mike/brooke, last place. 220. chris and alisyn now in second place with 250. don and john, 370 points. ahead, rapid fire round. with big points. anyone can take the lead. we have seen the it before. stay right here. withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms.
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>> welcome back to the cnn quiz show. three teams of cnn anchors competing to win $40,000 for their favorite charities. in third place right now. mike, brooke playing for the mike rowe foundation. leading the pack, don and john, playing for jdrf. they have 370 points. the next game all for one. each team will be presented with a set of four tv shows. when i said a fact, the players take turns, saying which of the four shows that fact applies to. each team will have one minute to get as many correct as possible. and each answer will be worth 40 points. they can put a lot of points for their team. let's see what our players do with this challenge. let's get it start. all right. are you ready? >> do i need this?
8:33 pm
>> no. >> no >> all right. mike and brooke, you are in third place. you are going to got first crack at this. let's take a look at what your category is. your category is four classic sitcoms. the shows are murphy brown, i love lucy. dick van dyke show, and roseanne. all the questions will relate to one of those shows. 60 second on the clock. mike, this show featured the first interracial couple on tell -- television. >> roseanne. >> incorrect. >> lucy. >> this focused on some one who worked in television, but worked in new rochelle. >> murphy brown. >> that is incorrect. >> dick van dyke. >> the main character is described as mike wallace in a dress? >> murphy brown. correct. brook -- >> an actress on the show the first female head of a major tv studio. >> i love lucy. >> correct. poking fun of the vice president, fifth season premiere episode of this show was you say potato, i say potato. >> murphy brown. >> correct.
8:34 pm
>> brooke, this show was based on the real life story of a person who played allen braidy? >> roseanne. >> incorrect. dick van dyke. >> mike, 72% of the country tuned in to see the episode of this show in which the lead gave birth? >> i love lucy. >> that is correct. >> all three of the real life spouses of the lead actress appeared on this show? >> murphy brown. >> incorrect. roseanne. >> mike, over ten seasons. >> roseanne. >> murphy brown. >> you got four correct answers. worth 40 points each. chris/allyson, your turn up next. take a look at your category. talk shows. four talk shows on the board. the shows are, "the oprah winfrey show." >> i will take another category. >> pass. >> donahue. later titled the phil donahue show. the merv griffin show arsenio hall show. >> we got this. >> you got it. 60 second on the clock. chris, at 19, this talk show host became the youngest person to anchor the news at
8:35 pm
nashville's wtvf. >> oprah winfrey. >> correct. alisyn -- >> this show's host started their career in dayton, ohio, with the show "conversation piece." >> donahue? >> correct. >> the host of this show, won nbc's celebrity apprentice. >> arsenio hall. >> correct. >> this show's host was a pal bearer at ronald reagan's funeral? >> merv griffin? >> correct. >> this show's first episode was titled how to marry the man/woman of your choice? >> oprah. >> correct. >> chris, this show's host, hosted star search for one season? >> arsenio hall. >> correct. >> the beverly hilton hotel once owned by the host of this show? >> merv. >> that is correct. >> the host of this talk show sued the beef industry. >> oprah.
8:36 pm
>> the host of this talk show confronted his guest, rapper vanilla ice. >> arsenio. >> correct. >> very nicely done. >> ten points. ten points. each are worth 40. >> yeah. >> ten correct answers. each worth 40 points each. a big move for chris and allyson. very nicely done. >> don and john. >> pressure. >> feeling it. >> the pressure is on. >> i don't watch any shows. >> four medical shows. house md, grey's anatomy, e.r. and saint elsewhere. >> i've never seen any of these shows. >> are these tv shows the? >> we got none wrong. >> zero. >> 60 second on the clock. >> don, at one point, costing $13 million an episode the show is the most expensive tv shows ever. >> e.r. >> that is correct. john -- >> the lead character on the show has a home address nearly identical to sherlock holmes? who the character is based on. >> house.
8:37 pm
>> called hill street blues in a hospital? >> saint elsewhere. >> correct. >> a 2011 book came with the subtitle, humanity is overrated. >> grey's anatomy. >> incorrect, house. >> this won emmy nominations second to "saturday night live"? >> er. >> correct. >> two doctors killed in a plane crash, killed by a bus, car accident, and one killed by electrocution on the show? >> grey's anatomy. >> one doctor killed by stabbing, falling helicopter -- >> er. >> this show was inspired by the diagnosis column in the new york magazine? >> house md. >> correct. to mollify censors, the euphemism vajayjay was coined on >> grey's anatomy? >> correct. >> nicely done. eight correct answers. again, those are worth 40 points each. take a look where the scores are right now. very, very close. mike/brooke, third, 380.
8:38 pm
chris/allyson, in second, 650. close to first place. john/don, 690 points. >> wow. >> still anyone's game. ahead, we are going to -- >> is it anyone's game? really, an anderson. >> is it really anyone's game? >> we will have a fast, furious game of match make. stay right here. [ applause ] but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their
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>> welcome back. cnn quiz show tv edition. players competing for a total of $40,000. divided among the charities they have chosen. we have two more games to play. enough points up for grab for either team to turn it around. here's where they stand in third place. mike/brooke, 380, in second, chris/allyson, 650, and in third, don/john, 690 points. our next game is match make. each team will have one minute to complete a match game. the team who makes the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins 300 points.
8:43 pm
second place earns 200 points. third place gets 100 points. i want to bring our first team down to the magic wall. don/john you, are in the lead. you go first. let's get started. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. >> all right. feeling good. feeling confident. >> i hate this category. >> these are the three categories, the great pretenders. throne of games. live shot. >> live shot. or pretenders? >> pretenders. >> pretenders. >> the great pretenders. let's take a look. great pretenders is tv characters. you have to match the actor to the character they played on tv. diane chambers, marry beth lacy, julia baker, lisa douglas. put the actors up. let's go. >> shelley long is diane chambers. tyne daly is this. what have you got? diane carol.
8:44 pm
>> phyllis lindstrom is coloris leechman. >> eva gabor, lisa douglas. julie baker. -- wait, wait, wait. hit it. >> nicely done. >> you guys. >> all five. >> you watched a lot of tv growing up. >> yeah. >> let's take a look. >> boom! >> all five. correct answers. nicely done. >> we got it. we got it. >> not only did you get them all correct. you did that in 16 seconds. good time. >> all right. the next, next group down. chris/allyson. time for you. play match maker. that was a little intimidating, mr. cooper, what just happened there. >> two categories left. throne of games. live shot. >> what do you like? >> do you have any idea what any of these could mean? >> whatever they are. they will be not what we expect. just pick whatever you like. >> you like game of thrones. >> i do, but i don't think that's what it's going to be. >> throne of games.
8:45 pm
>> you have picked wisely. >> great, great. thanks, guys. thank you so much. >> let the third place people get the hard one. >> throne of games. game show hosts. match the person tole -- to the game show they hosted. >> this the only game show i ever watched. do you know any of these. >> and, start. >> here we go. you bet your life is groucho marx. >> yes. >> the newlywed game, i think. >> yes. >> to tell the truth. >> family feud. richard dawson. >> $25,000 pyramid. dick clark. >> to tell the truth. >> stop, stop, stop, stop. >> all right. >> wow. >> very nicely done. you guys watched a lot of game shows. >> yeah. >> just this one. >> ha-ha. >> want to find out how you did. take a look. you did very well. >> wow. >> how much time. it took you. 15 seconds. >> oh! >> you beat don and john by one second. >> what's that i smell cooking? a little bit of lemon.
8:46 pm
a little bit of lemon. >> wow. >> no. >> the lemon is feeling squeezed. >> how to make lemonade. >> all right. all right. mike/brooke, come on down. >> good job. good job. >> should we pick the hardest category possible? >> let's see. >> huh. >> mike, you are such a news guy. this is the perfect category for you. >> super. >> let's take a look. >> live shot. tv news locations. on this you have to pick the, match the tv news event to its location. location. midland, texas. washington, d.c. van nuys, california, omaha, nebraska, and detroit, michigan. i wish you luck. >> that's inspiring. >> confidence. >> whip us into a frenzy. >> here are the news events. start. >> let's see. >> air florida crash was d.c.
8:47 pm
>> jessica, was that midland, texas. >> sure. >> either texas or nebraska. >> nancy kerrigan was attacked in detroit. >> benson and dan quayle in omaha. curry shot -- >> stop, stop. >> mike, you are a news junkie. >> no, man, i'm a good guesser. and i don't know if i'm good at it. >> all right. you guessed confidently. take a look. >> you got them all right. nicely done. very well done. >> took us half-hour. >> 28 second. >> chris/allyson, you won. first place. five right in 15 second. you win the round. you get 300 points, bringing you up to 950 points. don/john, got five right. took them 16 second. they end up in second place. 200 points. your new score. 890 points.
8:48 pm
second place. mike and brook got five right in 28 seconds, they ended up in third place. 100 points for them. 480 points. chris/allyson. commanding lead should i say? >> i think so. >> yes, you should. >> not so commanding. a lead nonetheless. they will take that. when we come back, our final round. during the break they will decide how much to wager on one last question. it all comes down to this. stay tuned. my name is lee kaufman. married to morty kaufman. [ lee ] now that i'm getting older some things are harder to do. this is not a safe thing to do. be careful babe. there should be some way to make it easier [ doorbell rings ] let's open it up and see what's cookin'.
8:49 pm
oh i like that. look at this it's got a handle on it. i don't have to climb up. this yellow part up here really catches a lot of the dust. did you notice how clean it looks? morty are you listening? morty? [ morty ] i'm listening! i want you to know
8:50 pm
♪usic: "another sunny day"ening? by belle and sebastian ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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welcome back. cnn quiz show tv edition. this is it. final round. $40,000 on the line for three charities. huntington disease society. mike rowe works foundation, and jdrf. first place, $20,000. second and third place each get $10,000 for their charities. take a look at the scores. mike/brooke, third place, 480. done and john in a very unusual position, second place, with 890. john, you have won every game. >> no, no. >> alysin has -- >> all right. we'll edit that out.
8:53 pm
>> don/john, second place. 890 points. chris/alysin, commanding lead. 950. >> that's breaking news right there. [ applause ] >> all right. all down to this. our last game its the big bet. each team will get to choose from a group of four iconic television moments. going to ask a question that relates to that event. during the break, the team decide how much they would look to wager. they answer their question correctly. they earn the points they bet. if they get it wrong. they will lose the the points. they will have 15 second to come up with answers. this time you can consult with your teammates. it is anyone's game. all right, let's get to it. [ applause ] >> all right. mike, brooke, in third place. first pick. options are, the lee harvey oswald shooting. the moon landing. the o.j. car chase. princess diana's funeral. which do you choose? >> how about o.j.
8:54 pm
>> go ahead. >> how about o.j., anderson? >> take a look at the video. >> you just let me get to my house. >> we well let you do that. >> i will give you my whole body. i just need to get to my house. where i lived with nicole. >> we are going to do that. just throw the gun out the window. >> i couldn't do it in the field. i couldn't do it at her grave. i want to do it at my house. >> you are not going to do anything. too many people love you. >> wow. that was the infamous o.j. chase. june 17, 1994. also the audio of simpson speaking to detective tom lange via cell from the back of the bronco. that day, at the press conference who read a letter from o.j. to the media many interpreted to be a suicide note? who read a letter from o.j. many interpreted to be a suicide note? 15 seconds. >> all right. >> all right. i need an answer.
8:55 pm
>> we're on tv. >> yeah, of course, you are don. you are always on tv. fascinating. >> all right. we need an answer. >> that's all i have got. >> related to -- >> that's all i got. >> start with a k. kardashian. >> do you have a first name? >> no, but he does, i'm sure. >> didn't need a first name. >> your answer is kardashian? >> kardashian. >> that is correct. >> it was robert kardashian. after the chase, police found a fake mustache, beard, and o.j.'s passport inside the bronco. how much did you wager? >> show him, mike. >> $14. >> all right. that takes you up to $494. >> you did that in your head, man. >> i did just that.
8:56 pm
>> don and john, you are in second place. which category would you like to select? >> lee harvey oswald? is that what you want? >> always go with your first mind. >> lee harvey oswald shooting. take a look at this video. >> i positively know nothing about this situation here. i would look to have legal representation. >> there is lee oswald. [ gunshot ] >> he has been shot. he has been shot. lee oswald has been shot. >> that was the live broadcast on november 24, 1963, the moment when jack ruby shot lee harvey oswald at dallas police headquarters. oswald was not initially arrested for assassinating president kennedy, why was oswald first apprehended? you have 15 seconds. >> he was in a movie theater. he was apprehended.
8:57 pm
after leaving a movie theater for shooting an officer. shooting a guy. >> i need an answer. >> picked up after leaving a movie theater as the suspect for the shooting of someone named tippet. >> that is correct. >> shooting of a dallas police officer, j.d. tippet. >> how much have you wagered? 800 -- all of it. 890. that gives you 1780. >> heaven help us is what it says. >> all right. it all boils down to what category you pick, chris/alysin. you need 831 points to win. remaining options. moon landing. princess diana's funeral? >> princess diana. >> what? >> take a look at the video.
8:58 pm
>> if you are just joining our coverage, the coffin of princess diana is moving now past st. james' palace. this is an incredible picture. three generations from the house of windsor. >> that was princess diana's funeral, september 6, 1997. diana was killed in a car crash a week before on august 31st. along with her two sisters who accompanied her body back to britain? you have 15 second. along with diana's two sisters who accompanied her body back to britain? >> i have no clue. >> need an answer.
8:59 pm
>> i guess go with that. >> her brother. >> you didn't cover this, did you? that is incorrect. >> prince charles accompanied her body back to britain. >> that's what i was going to say. >> all right. >> boom. >> let's take a look. how much did you wager? >> 831. all right. sorry, that brings you down to 119. don/john. >> yeah! >> win. >> second place, baby. >> don/john are the winners. >> second place. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh. chris, oh, oh. >> okay. did you guys get second place? >> second place. >> all right, don and john are the winners. jdrf gets $20,000. chris and alysin, $10,000 for huntington's disease society of america. mike and brooke, $10,000 for mike rowe works. that's it. i want to thank all our players. thank our studio audience. thank you all for watching. have a great night.
9:00 pm
[ bells tolling ] ♪ >> we go up this beautiful mountain. this incredible town. it goes back to the 12th century. people trudge up the hill to the beautiful church to take the walk that michael corleone took. now and forever more it will be sort of "the godfather" theme park, where they're playing "the godfather" theme over and over. >> i think most thoughtful sicilians are disgusted by this. ♪


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