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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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soon. thanks very much for watching. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news, hillary clinton apologizing calling her private e-mail accounts a mistake and says she hits the reset button on the campaign in the face of falling poll numbers and kim davis released from jill but will she now issue marriage licenses to gay couples or go back behind bars? and the disturbing 911 call, a mother crying out for help telling the dispatcher, my children are trying to kill me. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm jim sciutto in for erin burnett and "out front" tonight, breaking news, hillary clinton
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apologizing for using private e-mail while secretary of state. in a nationwide poll out today, clinton down a whopping 10 points in just one month. just yesterday, clinton said she didn't need to apologize for the e-mail controversy calling it quote a distraction, but take a listen to what she said moments ago in an interview with abc news. >> i do think i could have and should have done a better job answering questions earlier. i really didn't perhaps appreciate the need to do that. what i had done was allowed. it was above board but in retrospect certainly as i look back at it now, even though it was allowed, i should have used two accounts, one for personal, one for work-related e-mails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can.
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>> this as her advisors admit some critics say belatedly that her campaign needs changes. while her poll numbers steadily drop, vice president joe biden's are soaring. biden moving into second place gaining ten points since august. without having even entered the race. his favorability rating 71%. brianna keilar is "outfront" tonight. remarkable turn around for clinton. >> it is but the drip, drip, drip release has been killing her campaign's attempts to cut through with a message that really resonates with voters clinton is trying to put the issue behind her by finally after months of resistant very directly saying she's sorry. hillary clinton's number haves taken a dive down ten points nationwide as she tries to turn a corner. tonight for the first time, she directly apologized for her use
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of a private e-mail server while secretary of state telling abc news. >> that was a hmistake. i'm sorry about that. >> according to the new york times, aids are crafting a strategy for her to show more spontaneity, heart and humor. >> i do kind of know what donald is going through, and if anyone wonders if mine is real, here is the answer, the hair is real, the color isn't. [ laughter ] >> but president obama's former advisor david axle rod is poking fun, read more like the onion showing authenticity and responsibili spontaneity, just do it. >> i believe i've got the vision, the policies, the skill, the to nasty aenacity and deter to get us back on track.
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>> reporter: her loss is joe biden's gain. new poll numbers out today show a swell of support for the vice president up ten points since last month and still deciding whether to get in the race. dodging questions about a possible run. >> you have to talk to my wife about that. [ laughter ] >> i've got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: nationwide, biden is running neck and neck in the polls with vermont senator bernie sand series who is beating clinton in a new poll of new hampshire primary voters. >> don't tell anybody. they are getting nervous. >> reporter: while this summer is about the sanders surge, it's the biden bump that's dominating headlines here going into the fall. clinton campaign sources say if biden enters the race, they actually think the numbers won't hold but that certainly, jim, isn't stopping clinton from calling in a major reinforcement, her husband bill clinton will fill in for her this month to hit the trail in new hampshire instead of spending her time raising money.
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>> brianna keilar in washington, thanks. "outfront" tonight, spokesperson for hillary clinton's campaign and dan phifer and jonathan alan and co-author of "hrc state secrets and the rebirth of hillary clinton,." mo, you have an apology from clinton and you have the sinking poll numbers and joe biden generating the excitement, frankly, that she isot. is hillary clinton's campaign in trouble? >> i think trouble is maybe a little strong of a word at this point. i think there are definitely some warning signs and red flags that are going up around campaign headquarters in brooklyn now. anyone that thought she would coast to the nomination doesn't understand democratic primary politics. she was going to have to work for it. i think the most alarming thing is not necessarily the head-to-head numbers but the erosion of trust numbers in some
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of these polls and so that's what they have to focus on. >> trust numbers go to the e-mail issue there. dan, lots of echoes here of 2008. you have the campaign staff, you have difficulty connecting personally and warmly with voters, you were on the obama campaign in 2008. in your view is hillary clinton repeating the same mistakes of eight years ago? >> look, i think she is. this is a tough summer for her and taken several attempts to get the right tone. i think she probably did it tonight in the interview but i don't think she's making the fundamental mistake of 2008. they took their eye off the ball and weren't doing the blocking and tackling of campaigns, organizeri organizering voters. one thing her campaign is doing well is focussing on building the organizations that will win you iowa and new hampshire and she has a tough fight. they hired the right people and smart people, i think they can get out of this. they have work to do but i think they have the right long-term
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strategy and plan here. >> john, let's talk about a candidate who doesn't have an organization on the ground but is doing well in the polls, that's joe biden not even in the race gaining ground on clinton. polls showing in part because he has a quality that voters don't appear to see in clinton, tha s honesty, sincerity. does the democratic party need joe biden to run? are they getting nervous with clinton that they want biden as plan b? >> plan b is what joe biden is for the democratic party. in any normal year the vice president of the united states running to succeed a two-term president would be the favorite to win a party's nomination. that's not the case for biden. people thought clinton would be the strong front runner but democrats have to worry about the question whether hillary clinton might i'm ploid and if she does that, they need
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somebody waiting in the wings and i think biden looks attractive to some democrats. >> mo, i have to ask you, you do see the campaign rebooting here and you see some reflected, stronger words going further than the candidate has gone to this point. is there genuine worry inside clinton's circle they got to get a handle on this and turn things around? >> yeah, i think jonathan's point that their democrats are worried about an implosion is over stated. i was working for bill bradley started to surge in the polls. the gore people realized they had to do things differently. they changed their strategy a little bit and gore came back, won and a much stronger candidate. in 2008, hillary clinton had her back up against the wall against barack obama, changed the strategy a little bit and actually came on at the end very strong, dan will remember this.
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we won more states and more delegates and more votes. it was a little late. so the fact that they are seeing some signals now and making some changes and making some adjustments and focussing on the ground game that dan just mentioned, i think that is, this is the right time to do it. >> to be fair, it is early. dan, i want to ask you, bill clinton asked to fill in the fact for hillary clinton at this fundraiser in chicago to give her more time to get down on the campaign trail in new hampshire, but we know from experience that there are dangers in that. you'll hear from a lot of democratic party operatives yes, you want them involved but scripted. he has in the past said things that have been damaging including during the 2008 campaign. in your view, dan, is this right to call him in in this role? >> look, there is no more valuable resource than the campaigning candidate time. hillary clinton cannot be in iowa and raising money in chicago. if you have an incredible
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valuable asset like bill clinton, deploy them. the challenge is what you raise is right, they have to find the right balance this is hillary clinton running on her agenda for the kind of president she would be and not simply as she would say, not bill clinton's third term. if hillary clinton can go to iowa and bill clinton can go to raise money, that's what she has over opponents. >> jonathan, easier said than done finding the balance because bill clinton is a strong personality, strong character. how do you keep him in effect in that box for the next, you know, 14 months going forward and a long hard-fought campaign assuming secretary clinton is the nominee? >> dan won't brag how brilliantly the obama campaign used bill clinton in 2008 and 2012 but figured out the right measurement.
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in 2000 al gore distanced himself and that turned out to be a mistake but in 2008 in the general election and 2012 in the general election, bill clinton was a great suone. if hillary clinton can figure out how to get her husband to do that and stay on script is a big asset. >> we'll be watching. jonathan, dan and mo, thanks for joining us tonight. >> take care. "outfront" next donald trump ridiculing bush as bush apeepea on late night television. plus kentucky clerk kim davis freed to a huge rally but is she going back behind bars and just released, a chilling 911 call, a mother begging for help in what hay have been the ultimate betrayal by her children. >> they tried to attack us. they beat me up. they beat him up. they trying to kill us.
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irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name. welcome back tonight. republican presidential candidate jeb bush seeking to jump start his campaign arriving for perhaps the most late-night invitati invitation, one of the first guest with stephen colbert as he fights back from attacks from donald trump. the latest this biting new tramp campaign video. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy? need some low energy? >> have an hsa in some companies, companies don't. >> jeb for all your sleeping needs.
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>> ouch. so will bush's appearance help his campaign or could the late night jaunt haunt him? brian stelter is "outfront." >> reporter: my guess will be george clooney and jeb bush or as the tabloids cloned him. >> reporter: the news sunday morning for politicians as steven caphen colbervephen colb late show it's about jeb bush. >> i'm not the only one excited, so is jeb and given the logo is his only option. >> reporter: late night couches are increasingly a place for political q and a. colbert invited hillary clinton for the premare but she's doing "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon instead. fallon beat colbert to donald trump. >> i was fantastic. the ratings were huge. >> reporter: this booking battle shows the candidates and
4:17 pm
late-night comics that make fun of them. >> comedians will ask questions that aren't so serious. they won't talk about economic policy, your favorite midnight snack, what about your family? wouldn't be important to a voter and show their personality, hopefully? >> reporter: they use the guest coach to humanize themself like chris christie eating a donut on "letterman" and john mccain in 2007 and mitt romney did a top ten list. >> isn't it time for a president who looks like a 1970s game show host. >> reporter: late night is a right of passage for presidential candidates, one that actually dates back five decades and john f. kennedy went on in 1960 and who could forget bill clinton playing the sax on hall. there is the risk of an awkward
4:18 pm
moment or coming off dull. many thought john kerry bombed in 2004. >> are you or have you ever flip-flopped? [ laughter ] >> i've flip-flopped flap pliped. >> reporter: tonight viewers will watch stephen colbert's debut to see if jeb is a big hit or another political miss. now jeb bush, these comedians are not journalist but sometimes perform acts of journalism and reveal information about the candidates so interesting to see what we hear on colbert's show tonight. we has vice president joe biden later in the week and there is speculation what biden might say and next week colbert has bernie sanders. there are two candidates colbert could not get, hillary clinton and donald trump, they will go on jimmy fallon's tonight show instead. it's a new era of late night tv booking wars and candidates are perhaps the hottest commoditiec.
4:19 pm
>> no question. >> brian stelter in new york. joining me now is katrina pierson and mike shields, former chief of staff for the rnc that worked in the bush administration. mike, i'd like to start with you. this is a big night for jeb bush. the premiere of stephen colbert, is this a risky way to turn around a low energy image trump has been successfully promoting? >> no, i don't think so. it's a good strategy and really shows that what jeb has been doing recently has worked. he started off as what was considered to be the front runner by everyone in the campaign and we saw the trump surge and bush wanted to take him on. . media loves a fight. they decided we'll fight donald trump and show we really are someone that's a leader in the campaign and i think being the first guest on colbert's first show i think is a sign that that's kind of worked and he's out in front of the republican pact and that's a good sign for him. >> to be fair, you say it works. that's certainly not reflected in the poll numbers yet.
4:20 pm
jeb's numbers are not moving up. some polls are moving down. >> no, but what i'm saying is is this is a good strategy for him to work with the media. the polling is very, very early as it is but i think this is a sign that jeb's strategy that they initiated we'll take donald trump on and we'll establish ourselves as the anti trump in the campaign is something that is working as a strategy because now he's getting invited to do shows like stephen colbert. you have trump and bush getting on the shows and there are 15 other candidates not on there. >> katrina, from the trump point of view, is the trump strategy working? >> well, the jeb strategy isn't working because even when jeb tries to be excited or look compassiona compassionate, it looks forced and fake. it's good for any republican to get on a main stream program to hear what republicans have to say. however, i hope everyone took their b 12 injection because it's "the late show" or many set
4:21 pm
dvrs because everyone knows what happens when jeb bush starts talking, people get sleepy. >> katrina referring to the internet ad. i want to ask you, jeb bush made a $500,000 ad buy today in new hampshire, early primary state and puts out a free web video and that's all anybody is talking about today. how does jeb bush beat trump at this game? >> again, you know, i'm neutral in the campaign and saying i agree with the strategy. this is the right thing for the jeb bush campaign to do. every candidate brings different strengths and weaknesses. we know what donald trump's strength is. the strength that jeb bush has is raising money. he has more money than the rest of the candidates in this campaign and so he needs to start playing that card. we haven't really begun the paid media portion of the campaign where there is ads being run and mail going out to contact voters. jeb has a strength over candidates in that he's raised more money so he's playing that
4:22 pm
strength. it's the right strategy for him to kind of jump start him back into where he was before. >> katrina, not all of the attention that trump attracts is positive. he told the author of an upcoming biography his experience at a military boarding school gave him quote more training military than a lot of guys that go into the military. i've spoken to members of the military serving or who have served and they are openly offended by that comparison. is trump disrespecting the military? >> no, but i mean, it's understood why some military members would take that the wrong way but i think we've already established that donald trump is a larger than life individual. he takes everything that's come across in his life as something bigger than most and that's how he projects everything and that's part of the reason he's so successful. it's a mistake for jeb bush to compete with donald trump in donald trump's element. it would be wiser for mr. bush to have a more positive campaign and be himself and stop trying to force himself to be someone
4:23 pm
he's not because it's not coming across well to voters. >> we'll see what he has to say tonight. katrina pierson, mike shields, thank you for joining us. "outfront" kentucky clerk kim davis is standing by her believes. will she be headed back to prison? it's a call 911 operators don't often hear. >> please send someone to my house. my children are trying to kill me. >> ahead, why did two brothers drag and brutally attack their own mother and father?
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tonight the kentucky clerk who defied the supreme court by refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses is now free. kim davis was released from jail this afternoon greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters. and not one but two presidential candidates, mike huckabee and ted cruz both rallying around her. she said religious believes prevented her from signing. she insists that god was on her
4:28 pm
side. mart martin savidge is out front. >> reporter: it was a stage for a presidential candidate but kim davis stole the show fresh out of jail and welcomed by cheers from hundreds of supporters. >> i just wanted to give god the glory, you are strong, people! [ cheers ] >> davis went to jail for contempt of court for refusing to authorize all marriage licenses following the june supreme court decision on gay marriage. she said she was religiously opposed to having her name appear on a document for same-sex couples. she spent five days behind bars while support from christian n conservatives grew. the effort to free her drew two republican candidates to her jail cell, mike huckabee and ted cruz despite the fact davis is a democrat but the judge that sent
4:29 pm
her to jail suddenly freed her on one very big condition. that she shall not interfere in any way with the efforts of her deputy clerks who are issuing marriage licenses. >> here is your license. congratulations. >> reporter: some of them to same-sex couples. davis' attorney says she hasn't changed her position on same-sex marriage and hinted another legal showdown could be brewing. >> she'll do her job good. she'll serve the people as they want her to serve and she was elected, and she'll also be loyal to god and she's not going to violate her conscience. >> reporter: to many, this small town kentucky clerk has become a hero of her faith. >> i feel like she's shown more courage than most any politician i know and most every pastor i know because she's not only said something, she's been willing to put her life at risk. >> reporter: but as davis goes home after spending nearly a week in jail, many of her followers and her detractors wonder, how long that freedom
4:30 pm
will last? it's not easy to up stage two presidential candidates, yeah, that's what kim davis did simply by walking out the door of that detention center, and now tonight, she's at home with her husband and clearly, trying to recover from everything that she has seen and been through but the question remains, what will she do when she shows up back on the job and there could be a lot of pressure on her because you see, kim davis is not just a clerk anymore, she's a cause for religious freedom. jim? >> no question that cause very much part of the 2016 race. martin savidge in kentucky. "outfront" gavin issued same sex licenses when he was san francisco's mayor this year
4:31 pm
before the supreme court's ruling in favor. thanks for join us tonight. >> good to be here. >> mike huckabee took aim at you front and center tonight in today's rally leveling attacks saying that no one went to jail when you ordered city clerks to issue same-sex marriage licenses in direct disocbedience at the time. for the sake of our viewers, explain why davis should be jailed and you were not. >> she was an agent of the state. that was a contempt of court. we were never in contempt of court which we went through the judicial process, supreme court of california adjudicated one month after we married 4,046 couples from 46 states and when the court order came back, we stopped. it's in direct contrast to kim davis and the candidate michael huckabee knows better and if he doesn't know better, he's obviously not getting the facts and should do better. >> help me understand this. in effect, you were defying
4:32 pm
california law, not the courts but california law at the time as a matter of conscience. kim davis says she's defying the court in this case as a matter of conscience. isn't there an equivalent there? >> no, the law is settled or constitutional da democracy. she's an agent of the state, the constitution has been settled, the constitutional question. what we did in 2004 wasn't settled until the california supreme court ultimately adjudicat adjudicated. when they did, we stopped and that's the difference between the two cases and mike huckabee is simply blantley wrong on the facts and law. >> kentucky has something many viewers might not be aware of, the rfra which states that it requires government agencies to
4:33 pm
exempt religious objectors from generally applicable laws unless it's restrictive means. she argues because of that she had a right to challenge this but based on the law. >> yeah, look, she's an agent of the state. she's been accommodated five out of six of her deputy clerks went for it without her name attached to this. she can simply step aside and the allow the operation of the clerk's office to go forward and contain religious liberties as an individual but not as an agent of the state. the united states supreme court made that crystal clear. as they have in case after case in the past from loving versus the state of virginia, just imagine it took 33 years before alaba alabama had the entsbe inner ra marriage decision. we'll let the states decide. just consider the interracial
4:34 pm
marriages. that went to the supreme court in 1967 and the judge said god put different races on different coninnocents for a reason, god never wanted the races to mix. it was an absurd decision. the supreme court overturned that but anarchy if people like mike huckabee were in charge making a determination based on this or that, i agree or disagree. when the court ultimately makes a determination, we have to abide by it. that's what the constitutional democracy is about. >> appreciate you taking the time tonight. >> thank you. "outfront" next, jonathan is a constitutional law professor at georgia washington university. great to have you on tonight. we are getting constitutional questions, the ones we want to boil down so people understand that. you heard the lieutenant governor there insisting in 2004 when he issued same-sex marriage
4:35 pm
licenses at the time in defiance of california law he was acting on the right moral ground. does kim davis today have any legal standing by essentially saying she's doing the same thing? >> no, i'm afraid she doesn't. she does have a moral claim and i think no one is doubting that she sincerely believes that this is wrong, but those are believes held by her as an individual, not as a public official. no matter how far they take this case to the supreme court, i doubt they will get any relief. the court actually in 2006 made clear in the decision that officials don't have the the same first amendment rights as other people, that they are agents of the state. she has duties and agreed to perform and those people who feel that she should be allowed to bring in her faith, you have to ask, what if the next clerk is muslim? is the next clerk is atheist? will you feel the same way if
4:36 pm
you have to pass that person's individual test of faith to get a public license or permit. >> it would be anarchy, the situation you're describing there gavin said. don't we in this country have a history of people, you know, acting on their conscious? the civil rights movement, a history of civil disocho bode yens, we look back and say that was perfectly justified. what was the difference just so folks who aren't legal experts know? is the difference really just being right? you know, in the course of history? >> no, i think it's more than that. it's true that part of our social icons are people who stand up in defiance and bravely go to jail and you have to respect this clerk who stood by principles and went to jail. that's where the comparisons end, i think. you're right, in the civil rights movement, you had people like martin luther king who was
4:37 pm
willing to defy public authority in places like selma to protect equal rights of people including himself and then you also had wallace, governor wallace who stood in front of a schoolhouse door, both were acts of defiance but wallace is rightfully vilified. why? because he was a public official trying to deny rights and impose his personal view regardless of what the law said. the problem with ms. davis she took a job and a county clerk and her job is to issue licenses to people who are legally justified to have them. she doesn't decide whether they are legally justified. she decides whether they meet the criteria and that criteria comes from the law and not from her and not from her faith and this creates a terrible problem for her but it will not be resolved in the courts because it's already been resolved. either she must resign or i'm afraid she may be heading back
4:38 pm
to prison. >> the judge made that clear today, if she doesn't issue l licenses, that's where she will be going. "outfront" next, among donald trump's family a sister who is a pro-choice federal judge and brother that died of alcoholism. our report on trump's siblings and two brothers described as polite young men under arrest for allegedly trying to kill their parents and burn down their home. we have the mother's terrified call. a british awares flight caught fire. block smoke rising, passengers forced to evacuate. a witness will join us right after this. but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium.
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breaking news, a huge fire engulfing a plane on a runway at las vegas's airport. this is a british airways flight. the plane was leaving vegas for a scheduled flight to london's
4:43 pm
gatwick airport. the emergency chutes were keep pl -- deployed and all 159 passengers were evacuated. two people suffered injuries. at this time no word however on how that fire started. joining me now on the phone is bradley hanton. he was a passenger on another plane that landed nearby and took that dramatic picture of the plane on fire. bradley, thank you for joining us. tell us what you saw. >> thanks, jim. >> caller: we landed from denver and as we pulled off the active runway, we pulled to a stop and heard a lot of screaming on the plane as far as being off the right-hand side and looking out the right hand side, the, the left engine that was completely on fire, a lot of black smoke engulfing the plane. >> how quickly did you see the people able to evacuate the plane? >> at first, we didn't know if
4:44 pm
there were actually people in it or if the people had evacuated and then all of a sudden, we saw the doors fly open and slides inflate and at that time we saw droves of people jumping out of a slide and running across the runway away from the plane. >> did it look ordinarily? we all wonder how people cannot panic in that situation, but did it look like it was happening the way it should happen? >> looked like the emergency systems deployed as they were designed to do. obviously, the first thing i thought of is how would you react in that scenario? definitely the people were running fast and looked like a lot of people came out at once so i imagine everyone was trying to get out of the plane as quickly as possible. >> your plane was landing at that time. did your flight did anything different? did they get you to the gate quickly? how did the airport, i imagine the airport
4:45 pm
recaly ly. >> caller: our plane was stopped quickly, i have to give credit to the emergency responders, they were arriving on scene very quickly after the inflatable slides came out and they were very, very quick to put out the fire. >> incredible thing to witness, frightening to witness i imagine. bradley hanton who to-- hampton. he says the plane went in flames after the engine was engulfed, emergency responders responding. all passengers able to get off the plane, incredible. two injuries. we'll continue to monitor the story. please stay with us. "outfront" next, donald trump is the second youngest of five trump children, how the death of one brother and advice of his federal judge older sister shaped his views. did you know that good nutrition
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we are following breaking news out of las vegas. this is new video of a huge fire that engulfed a plane on the runway at las vegas' mccarran airport just a short time ago. our vegas affiliate reports that all 159 passengers on board were evacuated with two minor injuries. we spoke to an eyewitness a short time ago who described the fire starting with an engine fire. those flames quickly engulfing it, but also those passengers quickly getting off that plane. you can see those evacuation slides deployed there. an incredible sight and incredible to hear all survived this. 159 passengers, 13 crew on board. that is a boeing 777 aircraft with british airways. we will continue to follow this story going forward. in other news tonight, for the first time the frantic 911 call of a mother desperately telling the operator that her two children were trying to kill her and her husband.
4:51 pm
she was holed up in her bedroom telling a frightening story of her own sons allegedly drugging, strangling and beating their parents. tonight investigators are reviewing that tape as they search for a motive. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency. >> yes, please send someone to my house. my children are trying to kill me. >> reporter: it's a frantic call for help from a mother who says she and her husband were attacked by their own sons. >> they're trying to strangle us and shoot us and they put xanax in our food. >> reporter: police a yvonne and zachary irvin were beaten inside this home near atlanta saturday morning. >> they tried to attack us. they beat me up, they beat him up. they're trying to kill us. please hurry. >> 17 and 22? >> yes. >> reporter: yvonne tells the dispatcher she was able to
4:52 pm
escape upstairs to her bedroom after her husband distracted their two sons, cameron and christopher irvin. >> they're in the house there trying to attack my husband. he's made it to the garage and he's just trying to blow the horn to distract the -- to get our neighbor's attention. i was able to get up to the phone and call you. >> are you in your room? >> yes, i am, but i don't know if they're going to find me. >> what room are you in? >> i'm in my top upstairs bedroom. >> and the children are still in the garage? >> yes, they are trying to attack my husband. they have a shotgun. >> zachary irvin told police his 17-year-old son, cameron, hit him in the head with a shotgun. an officer later found a bloody shotgun on a bed in a basement bedroom. according to police documents, cameron irvin told an officer, quote, just kill me now. adding i tried to kill my f'ing parents. who does that? in the 911 call cameron's mother
4:53 pm
hints at a possible motive for the attack. >> i don't know why they have done this, i really don't. i guess they want the insurance money, i'm not sure. >> reporter: the call lasts about five minutes and ends with chilling silence. >> i want you to lock your door, okay? >> they just -- i just heard them say where did mom go? they're headed upstairs now. >> hello? >> the police are on their way. they're on their way. >> hello? hello? hello ma'am? >> yvonne ervin is back home tonight, her husband, zachary, who suffered the brunt of the attack is still in the hospital. he is listed in fair condition. authorities say the motive behind the attack is still
4:54 pm
unclear, though they do believe both brothers intended to kill their parents. jim. >> an alarming story. joining us now paul cowen. paul, have you ever heard anything like this? >> no, i haven't. it's a totally bizarre tape and filled with all kinds of things defense attorneys will use. how i'm not entirely sure. number one, the mother at some point said that she was drugged by them with xanax, which maybe is why she sounds so subdued and so strange in the call. but how would she even know that she had been drugged unless they told her at some point. and when did that happen? the two young men, one 17 and one 22 have no prior criminal record. wouldn't you expect a criminal record for somebody engaging in an act of this level of violence? so i want to see the toxicology report on the mother, how much xanax does she have in her. and if they really wanted to kill the parents, there's a
4:55 pm
shotgun in the house. why didn't they use the shotgun? so something just doesn't sound right in this entire story. you know, even the police at this point haven't announced what the true motive was. >> it's just shocking to listen to that. paul, thanks very much, as always. we'll be right back. hey, what's up? i'm ted. rudy and i have a lot of daily rituals. namaste. stay. taking care of our teeth is one of them. when i brush my teeth, he gets a milk-bone brushing chew. just another way to keep ourselves healthy. i'll go change. who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. the one to find a cure, to clean the oceans, to lead a country. bring water to their village, write the next masterpiece, or open a school. explore a new planet or be the next davinci.
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thanks for joining us tonight. i'm jim sciutto. we will see you again right here tomorrow night. our breaking news coverage of the plane fire in las vegas continues right now with "ac 360."
5:00 pm
good evening, thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of las vegas where a boeing 777 taking off for london's gatwick airport ended up instead in flames. you see the pictures there. the fire is out, the plane evacuated. airport authorities reporting some injuries. details are now emerging about what exactly unfolded in just a few terrifying moments. bradley hampton took the photo you see and he joins us by phone. so bradley, what did you see? >> our plane landed, we were coming from denver to las vegas. right after we pulled off the active runway, a plane came to an abrupt stop and looked out the right-hand side and all we saw was big black flames and a plane on fire really. >> had you -- had you heard anything? >> no, we did not hear anything. most of my attention was drawn by a lot of the passengers gasping at the sight, obviously. so that was the first indicator that something was happening outside the