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tv   New Day  CNN  September 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at number two, ben carson. also picking up steam and at a high rate. guess what? he and trump are butting heads now on a holy level. once again, trump finds himself in hot water for comments he made about a woman. this time it's his republican rival carly fiorina. we'll get the latest from athena jones. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning. the big question of the campaign season has been at what point will what trump said hurt him with voters. we'll see if we get an answer to that soon. the other question they have been asking is whether trump and carson who hold the top two spots will begin to attack each other. now we have an answer to that question, and it was carson who threw the first punch. this morning the donald still sitting high atop the pack. in the new cnn/rnc poll, they say trump is most likely to win
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the republican nomination. but in an interesting twist, more voters would be satisfied in retired brain surgeon ben carson actually wins the nomination over trump. carson leading by 9%. the mild-mannered candidate surprising some by taking a jab at the gop frontrunner wednesday. going after trump's faith. >> by humility and the fear of the the lord are riches and honor and life. and that's a very big part of who i am. i don't get that impression with him. maybe i'm wrong. >> reporter: to which trump shot back on twitter. wow, i am ahead of the field we van gel calls and virtually every other group. and ben carson just took a swipe at me. but carson didn't stop there talking about trump's immigration policy but not mentioning him by name. >> if anybody can show me how you can actually round up these
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people who aren't necessarily going to be cooperative and how that's not going to jam up the court system and cost enormous amounts of money, i'm perfectly happy to listen. >> reporter: trump sticking it to carson, too. >> he doesn't understand it and he's wrong. >> reporter: as carson makes gains on trump, a controversial new profile for the billionaire hits newsstands in this issue of "rolling stone" magazine. trump insulting rival candidate carly fiorina watching her on tv saying, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? fiorina responding on fox news. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means, but maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under the skin a bit because i'm climbing in the polls. >> reporter: trump's campaign has not commented on "the rolling stone" piece or on fiorina's response to it.
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>> thank you. after mourning in private, vice president joe biden is in public. he had a meeting with jewish leaders in public and will appear on "the stephen colbert show" tonight. let's go to jeff zelany following all the latest. jeff? >> reporter: vice president joe biden is traveling to new york for four separate stops today as we works through whether to jump into the 2016 presidential race. and he's going to renew his call to increase the minimum wage and attending a fund-raiser for democratic senate candidates. and he'll appear on "the late show with stephen colbert." now i can tell you the clinton campaign is watching this with great interest. as hillary clinton travels to ohio and wisconsin today to attend fund-raisers of her own. but she's also speaking out in strong support of the iran nuclear agreement.
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saying in a speech yesterday this presidential campaign has serious consequences. >> my approach will be distrust and very ify. we should know that iran will test the next president. they want to see how far they can bend the rules. that won't work if i'm in the white house. >> reporter: so clinton is trying to put controversies behind her by delivering more speeches like that. and appearing in interviews of her own. she sat down with ellen degeneres earlier this week and that interview airs today. one interesting point, she talks about her granddaughter charlotte so often and asked what she'll call her. i'm fine with grandma and madam president, i mean, whatever. >> that's great. okay, jeff, stay with us because we want to bring in contributing editor for "new york magazine," jason engerly.
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donald trump is at 32%. we'll see what happens, this is with republicans and the all-important independents. so let's see what's happened in terms of the change between july and now with all the candidates. donald trump has almost doubled his support. ? july he had 18%. now he has 32%. look what happened to ben carson, he more than quadrupled his support up to 19%. everyone else has helded and did or actually fallen somewhat other than carly fiorina who increased her support. what do you see, jason? >> well, obviously, the republican field is favoring outsiders right now. and that would be trump and carson. i mean, i think that the way trump has just been able to defy political gravity has been fascinating. his inevitable demise gets pushed off. everybody thought by the end of the summer he would implode. then later this fall. now the republican elites are resigning himself to the fact that he'll be around in new
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hampshire and iowa. eventually he'll falter but they are looking to april, may, june. >> how do you know he'll demise? >> inevitable he's falter. he falters plenty. that's the only thing inevitable, he will falter, but it doesn't hurt him in thele whos. he goes the opposite direction. weigh in on this, is it time that we have been saying for a while, don't write him off. but in a more profound way, he could be representative of something people want right now. what makes you feel otherwise? >> sure. he's definitely tapping into this interest. i don't think we should write him off, we should write him in. now he's becoming more of a serious presidential candidate. so everything he says will be looked at in a slightly different way. those comments about carly fiorina, i promise or predict to you that will come back during the debate next week here on cnn. and she can be standing on that stage looking him in the eye and said, donald, you don't like my face. things are magnified before a big audience eventually will be part of this whole information
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packet that voters have. some voters won't care about it but some will care about it. the fall always becomes a time for new voters to take a look at the race. so now he's a serious presidential candidate to be treated like one and we'll see what he thinks about it. >> we'll see if voters care about faith because ben carson said to trump, that trump does not think that trump has humility and that the faith is not a very big part of his life. does this matter to voters at this point? >> it doesn't seem like it does so far. i mean, this is not necessarily a new thing to say about donald trump. you know, he clearly doesn't know the difference between the old testament and new testament. it seems he likes the art of the deal almost as much as the bible and yet standing among evangelicals as increased. when out in iowa, he basically insulted them and it doesn't make a difference. >> jason, if you're dealing with a voter group that cares about their faith and it being taken seriously, especially the bible,
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we are talking evangelicals here, more than anything else, he is about the opposite of what they would want on paper and yet they are choosing first to synthesize. >> i think there's something about his willingness to be incorrect. and i think in the poll, the fact that a majority of republican voters being concerned about illegal immigration, that has to be of great concern to the rest of the republican party. because i think that even if trump does inevitably falter, he will have changed the shape of the race by forcing other candidates to go through immigration in a way that could harm them in a general election. >> if i can jump in here for a second, the evangelicals in iowa, this is a big deal. what ben carson said yesterday is going to be the most interesting attack on him. we'll see if it works or not, but social conservatives, evangelicals in the iowa caucuses, very important. that's who ben carson was
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talking to in his speech in california. i think this is one of those that may stick among some of those evangelical voters in the iowa caucuses. >> we should mention we'll have donald trump on "new day" at 7:30 eastern. so everyone should stick around for this as we put the questions to him. but also speaking of the positions that voters think are important, we'll put this up. a new cnn poll out this morning that asks, most important reason why you support donald trump? 21% say on the job experience. they believe he's an experienced negotiator and businessman. 71% say position on the issues. and then look at that, the next one is 5%, don't like other candidates. so it's not a protest vote, jason. >> no, it's -- well, you know, it's a protest vote in the sense that the idea that they think he has experience, the issues he's focusing on are not necessarily issues anyone else is focusing on before. i think that you can't say that it's not a protest vote in the sense that he's just completely different than the rest of the
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field in the fact they are gravitating to carson. >> i get that it's not his fellow candidates, like jeb bush, obviously. >> jeb bush is saddled with the washington label and saddled with the establishment label. anyone at all associated with washington and with having been in office at this point. that's a strike against you. >> jason, let's end here with a little politics. at what month do you believe that donald trump will no longer be first in the polls? >> march. i would say now. >> march. we have a beer on it. we have to keep politics serious. >> i have never known to you suggest that. >> silver mining. >> jeff and jason, thank you very much. so the candidates as part of the cnn commitment to cover the race, we'll have people everywhere today. as we mentioned, you'll get a dose of the donald next hour on "new day." you get to feel the burn with
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bernie sanders joining wolf blitzer at 1:00. and jeb, better looking than my brother, bush, speaking with jeff tapper at 4:00 p.m. >> and tune into the big republican debate here on wednesday, september 16, 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern. and tonight on "ac 360" find out which candidates will be on the main debate stage. and we'll get to other news now. new details emerging this morning in the death of illinois police lieutenant joe gliniewicz. the coroner says a single gunshot is what killed him. >> reporter: good morning, makayla. the lake county coroner is quoted saying lieutenant gliniewicz died from one devastating gunshot wound. he won't go into the details and say how many times, where he was
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shot, if there were other wounds or even the manner of death saying that he doesn't know where the bullet came from. and also adding, quote, right now all unnatural deaths are up for suggestion. that means homicide, suicide, accident, undetermined. i've covered a lot of crime scenes and have to give you context here because a few things really standout. first of all, the investigation from the get-go has been looking for three suspects. very early on in that investigation they stopped doing the door-to-door geographic grid-like search with lots of officers on the ground. now, after that we have the commander whose in charge flubbing, calling this case first a murder and then correcting himself and saying, quote, i'm sorry, killed. and then you've got this surveillance video that authorities were so focused on saying that it had three suspects. well, they talked to those suspects and now they say that those individuals are not persons of interest.
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they are not suspects. and here we are with very little information, chris, and a lot of questions in the killing of this lieutenant. >> but you got an entire force and really a big part of the city there looking for answersful we'll stay on this story. rosa, thank you very much. also important for you to know this morning, the u.s. and nato expressing renewed and intensified concerns over a russian military build-up in syria. let's get right to pentagon correspondent barbara starr with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the confrontation essentially brewing between moscow and washington. secretary of state john kerry now making a second telephone call in a week to his russian counterpart foreign minister sergey lavrov asking what the syrians are up to in syria. there's a lot of concern over the russian military build-up. listen to what the state department has to say about this. >> it is the true, and if brought out those reports could lead to greater violence and
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more, even more instability in this area. >> reporter: now what the u.s. has been noticing, the build-up is all about, they are seeing russian infantry, naval infantry, the equivalent of u.s. marines going into syria. they are seeing dozens of russian vehicles, some armored vehicles beginning to appear on the ground there. russian transport planes bringing in more and more equipment. what do they think is happening? the u.s. theory is at this point the russians are building up for possible air strikes against rebel forces challenging bashar al assad, that's exactly not what washington wants to see. they want assad to go. they don't want to see the russians cropping him up and the violence being extended even further. >> that is so troubling. barbara, thank you for the update. also breaking news right now at this hour, there's a desperate rescue underway during an understaprecedented downpour
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japan causing more than a thousand people to evacuate. will ripley is in tokyo with the latest on what's happening. what is happening, will? >> reporter: alyson, two feet of rain since monday evening in parts of japan to lead to what is unfolding right now. the dramatic rescues along the river, these are people who had almost no notice to evacuate from their homes as the waters rose so quickly they had to run upstairs to their balconies and rooftops. some people were stuck in their cars or clinging to light poles waiting for the japanese military to come to rescue them. more than 170,000 people received emergency evacuation orders. many are staying in some 100 evacuation centers set up right now, but what is still unknown at this hour, exactly how many people may still be trapped in some of the flooded out buildings. some of those buildings we have seen from aerial photographs washed away by the strength of those rising waters. and in near fukushima prefecture, home of the crippled nuclear plant, there's
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contaminated radioactive water being stored outside that has been spilling at times during this rain event into the ocean. the power provider tepco says there were several tons of radioactive water that spilled over a period of three hours. they say that leak is now contained but they continue to monitor radiation levels in the area which are normal for now. >> thank you so much for that update. we'll watch with you and let us know when there are more developments. meanwhile, back here stateside, a tropical storm is churning in the atlantic. rain is expected to hit the northeast today. in fact, i think it's hitting us right now. we'll turn to meteorologist chad myers for a look at the forecast of how things are shaping up. it will be shaping up slow across the northeast today if you're traveling by car or rail for that matter. it could be slow because of the rainfall. we are not talking rainfall in tokyo and points north of there, but still significant rainfall. and yes, henri is in the atlantic ocean. so heavy northeast rainfall, two to four inches of rain in some spots.
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here we move ahead to 8:00 tonight, the rain continues over the area for hour after hour after hour. this is 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and it's still raining. two to four inches possible from new york city down to south jersey. other than that, cold air coming in to feel like fall for the next couple of days as two low pressure centers, two cold fronts really start to cool down the northeast. in fact, we'll only be in the 70s today and up to 80, we'll just muster barely 80 tomorrow and even cooler sunday and monday as we move you ahead. yes, you said henri, i know we've had a slow severe weather or circulation season here. cyclone season and severe weather and tropical season very slow this year, but today is the peak of the season. we are not over. we are just only in the beginning of the peak. and then we start to go down. so half the hurricanes after now, half the hurricanes before now, so it is not over. we'll keep watching it for you. guys, back to you. >> chad, thank you so much. also -- >> i like when you talk with the show me. continue. >> more now on the concerns that
3:18 am
we just heard about. a russian troop build-up inside syria. the u.s. warning that this could lead to an escalation of violence as you just heard from our barbara starr. but the russians claim they are only there to fight isis. what is really going on? also, remember, donald trump is on the show this morning at 7:30. he's got big things to answer for and explain. some good, some not. so tune in for that. the questions will be asked. i work on the cheerios team. and when i found out that my daughter-in-law, joyce, can't eat gluten, we found a way to remove the grains that contain gluten, from the naturally gluten free oats that cheerios are made of. so now we can have cheerios together, anytime.
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took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. russia is building up a troop presence in syria says secretary of state john kerry. warning his moscow counterpart that russian troops could escalate violence there. russia says those troops are
3:23 am
there only to fight isis. is there any proof of that? if not, what is the true motive and can anything be done? thomas pickering is the man to ask, former ambassador to jordan and israel. joining us, mr. ambassador, thank you very much. cnn reporting that two russian ships are at a port in syria. their satellites seen over 100 naval infantry troops to coordinate action. they say it's about fighting isis. is it as likely they are there to help assad? what is your take? >> i think they are there to help assad. fighting isis may be a good reason. assad is fighting isis but we have a very complicated multi-cornered conflict going on in syria. and it doesn't look like mr. assad has been doing well lately and the russians may want to keep their hand in for a combination of political and strategic reasons.
3:24 am
particularly if the situation in syria begins to shift. and i suspect that secretary kerry has that very much in mind. the u.s. position has been that assad has to go. and anything that helps against isis seemingly at least is at the center of u.s. concerns and may be a greater revelation of the reason why russia's interest in buffering its own position to play a role should the situation shift in one way or another, or to keep it from shifting so far against their guy, assad, that they end up at the conference table with no cards to play. >> what is your best bet on where putin's head is on doing this? we saw something similar in ukraine. obviously there was a much more naked play there with a power flex, but what is going on here? >> my best bet is that mr. putin is difficult to predict and that's one of his tactical
3:25 am
virtues if you can use that word. but then i think he's continuing to play on the russian scene a game to promote his own popularity, his own strong position in russia and to push that to the extend he can. playing a card in syria that looks like crimea light if we can call it that could be a play on exultation of russian role in the region that now has extended beyond the former soviet union in a more strong way in syria. and an effort, obviously, to protect what assets he believes he has there. and i think those are all important questions. i wish i could tell you i knew for certain what mr. putin was thinking and how far he goes, but that's one of the questions that he tries to exploit in his own tactical game in playing in these areas. >> obviously, it matters on so many fronts, but many believe
3:26 am
without russia's help assad would have fallen already. and that takes us to the question of what the allies can do about mr. putin. yes, he was one of the p5 plus one. the u.s. has no leverage over him whatsoever. is that going too far? >> not quite. iran also plays in that game and the iranian position is also significant whether they stick with assad and stick in an anti-isis position. and in the end whether russia and assad and iran believe that they have a real capacity or they are in a defensive situation to keep things from getting worse is important. second, both bulgaria and greece i'm sure with the persuasion of the u.s. state department have begun to deny russia overflight rights even though the russians complain that these planes are carrying humanitarian
3:27 am
assistance. the presence of the amphibious ships is an interesting indication that there's more humanitarian stuff going on here. whether turkey would be willing to block shipping or not is a more open question. and that's under the montra convention in which turkey controls the states but has -- the straits, i'm sorry, but it has certain obligations and we don't know yet where the lawyers will be on that. but russia is hanging out on the end of a fairly long string here. and whether, in fact, they have much of the same capacity they had in the crimea is in my view open to question, particularly if one looks at some of the military balance issues here. however, i am quite sure that neither russia nor the united states want in syria a russian/u.s. confrontation. and that is also a card that i think secretary kerry is playing and playing very hard. and i think wisely in this particular situation. >> mr. ambassador, we thank you
3:28 am
very much for helping us understand the state of play as developments occur. and it seems like they will. we'll come back to you for perspective on what should happen next. thank you. >> thank you, chris. former tennis star james black slammeded to the ground, handcuffed by new york city police in a case of mistacken identity. you'll hear his story. then we'll talk to new york's police commissioner about that incident. we'll also ask whether it is time to reinstate the city's stop and frisk policy. and donald trump widening his lead in the new rnc/cnn poll. we'll talk to donald trump live at 7:30 eastern.
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the latest rnc/cnn poll shows a number of 32% favoring donald trump. ben carson at 19%. this time donald trump is in hot comments because of comments he made of carly fiorina. he said, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? we'll ask donald trump about that next hour. and hillary clinton's former i.t. aide who handled her server will appear before a house committee today. he's expected to plead the fifth against self-incrimination. his lawyer questions the questioning political theater before the presidential campaign. and you may have heard about this, a new york city police officer is on modified assignment this morning after an incident involving former tennis player james blake. blake says testifies tackled by
3:34 am
five members of the manhattan p.d. on friday morning. he was waiting for a car to take him to the u.s. open when a witness misidentified him. blake spoke about the incident to our affiliate wabc. >> it happened and we'll deal with the police and find out what they have to say internally. and hopefully there is video of it and people can see what happened. >> police say there is surveillance video but are not releasing it at this time. we'll talk about this case more with nypd police commissioner bill bratton joining us ahead on "new day." and quite a discovery in south africa. scientists say it's new species of the human family tree called homo mylady. they liken this discovery to
3:35 am
opening king tut's tomb. wow. >> it does bear resemblance, doesn't it? >> i was going to say. time for "cnn money." christine romans is in the money center. apple had quite a day yesterday with a whole lot of products they released. >> really an interesting launch. and a new way that people can pay for iphones here. apple taking aim at the wireless company letting you finance a new phone through apple. not relying on at&t to sell you the phone. the consumers can upgrade to the latest iphone every year and subscribe to a new carrier. you can still buy it from a wireless carrier if you want. but some have replaced the two-year contract with the monthly installment plans to spread the price of a phone out over two years. apple rolled out two new iphones yesterday. plus they have the same screen size as the older model but a
3:36 am
better camera and 3-d touch screen. the review is pretty mixed overall with the stock down 2% yesterday. we'll watch that today. >> i need the real touchscreen and keypad. tell me when that comes back. >> i need the dial. i just want to go back to the dial. >> that's fine also. so donald trump is surging again in the latest polls. his largest lead since entering the presidential race. we'll examine his latest controversial comments when he joins us next hour. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable so what abouwith,t stock? i'd steer clear.
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i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop.
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i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. new polls hot off the presses. just released, cnn/orc polls, chris has them in his hands right now, they show donald trump with a big lead. 32% among republican voters. and ben carson in second with 19%. this is trump's biggest lead since entering the presidential race. let's discuss it with john avalon, our cnn political and
3:41 am
list and editor of "the daily beast." and john, what do you make of the biggest lead of donald trump? this has not been a summer fancy. >> it appears not to be. first of all, you're talking multiples of what other people in the field are. multiples of what governors of major states are doing. but what is striking to me is the combination of the trump 32% and the ben carson number. that's a majority of republicans who support candidates with szeo percent for government leading right now. that speaks to the anger of the protest vote consuming the gop and is a real warning sign. >> let me show you this. when asked why people are voting for donald trump, what they like most about them, i don't know if we have this cued up, but 21% like he's a business man. 71% say his positions on the issues. but wait for it, 5% say because
3:42 am
they don't like the other candidates. so -- >> what do you think about the protest vote now? >> i think it absolutely holds when you actually add in the carson factor. because he doesn't have business experience. he's a talented neurosurgeon. but it's a rejection of the quote/unquote establishment. and donald trump is selling angry golden unicorns. he's not talking about policy. here's my fantasy, buy whatever i'm selling right now and people are attracted to it. this is not about ideas. >> jeffrey, man in a box, people are saying donald trump is a man of positions. how do you reconcile it all? >> tell with well /* -- well, they do like the rolling stone thing. he's up 13% among women. i suspect it's because he's very
3:43 am
direct, he's very commanding. women like him for the same reason men like him. he's a blunt-spoken guy. and take charge kind of guy with a record of accomplishment. that means a lot to people. >> i mean, jeffrey -- >> go ahead. >> i just want to talk about exactly what you're referencing. because there is a "rolling stone" article in which he talks about carly fiorina's looks. look at that face, he cries. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the next president? >> you are adding emphasis. >> there's italics in the article, i believe. but the point is, why does he talk about women's looks so often? at some point, won't female voters sour on that? >> i think the reaction is what is interesting here, is that we get to this political correctness deal all the time, which people hate. i mean, it just drives them crazy.
3:44 am
>> jeffrey, who is your candidate? >> for starters, we live in a society where mean girls is a big hit. and what is that about? it's about women -- >> as people that you want to hold out for being something objectionable. i get you on pc to an extent. we talk about it on the show a lot. but talking about your opponent's looks, whether it is men or women, and a consistency of a pattern where you talk about women, if he were your candidate and advising him directly, you wouldn't talk to him about this and say leave this alone? it is not good for anyone? >> sure, do i think it distracts on occasion? sure. but i really do think the political correctness thing drives people nuts. and after all, how many people are out there talking about donald trump's hair? >> this is the game that the conservatives play too much, jeffrey. this is the game that conservatives play too much. when there's the divide and distract, they say, you know what? i don't agree with that, but
3:45 am
people resonate to them because they hate it political correctness. it's bullying, it's ugly, it's mean-spirited. and no, these words have meaning. and moreover, what is really troubling is the fact in the article, jeffrey, all the trump advisors are sitting around and laughing. >> that is disturbing. >> jeffrey, isn't it massagonist to talk about that all the time. >> it's political correctness, that's what it is. this goes on every day in our society. all day, 24 hours a day. and it's driving people crazy. they hate it. >> jeffrey, if we look at the polls, the proof -- here's the thing, right now state of play as reflected in the poll, he's right. that despite what donald trump says about people, within his own party, when polled, they are
3:46 am
saying exactly what jeffrey lord is saying, look, we get it, it is not ideal, but they like him for what is there. how long before he meets that next level of expectation and here's all the reasons why i'm better than everybody else. >> he has already approved the populist that do care about bluster and want the strong man to take authority. there are things and politicians across the spectrum that say, say what you mean. stop being so scripted. if the lesson takeaway is you need to be more divisive under the advice of being a tough guy, that's not a good path for democracy. >> jeffrey, john, we have to leave it there. jeffrey -- >> nobody seems to go crazy about that. >> i'm sure we'll talk to you tomorrow, jeffreyme. thank you. and the candidates will be here to speak for themselves. donald trump is on next hour of
3:47 am
"new day" to discuss why he's leading in the polls. and his lead keeps getting bigger and bigger. and we'll tell you what he wants to offer to you in america. and bernie sanders, you get to feel the burn at 1:00. and jeb bush better looking than my brother bush speaks with jeff tapper at 4:00 p.m. all flavors for you today. >> i wonder why he likes that so much. it feels personal to me with him. >> he said that before himself. >> be sure to tune into the big republican debate here on wednesday night at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. and tonight on "ac 360" you'll find out who is going to be on the republican stage. and another special guest we'll be talking to is new york city police commissioner bill bratton pushing back against new jersey governor chris christie who says new york is less safe without stop and frisk. we'll talk to the commissioner about the controversy over the
3:48 am
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rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me. get a domain, website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy. new york city leaders taking
3:52 am
heat over accusations of rising crime in the city. this after a former protest player was tackled and handcuffed by officers in a miscommunication. commissioner bill bratton is here. we'll start with the news of the day and the former tennis player heading to the u.s. open, and in a case of misidentification, police believe he was a suspect. they tackled him to the ground and sort of asked questions later and figured out he was not the suspect. and people are claiming it is the because he's biracial. the officers were white. and this is yet another case of police excessive force. >> sorry, race has nothing at all to do with this. if you look at the photographic of the suspect, it looks like the twin brother of mr. blake. so let's put that nonsense to rest right now. race has nothing to do with this. we have a witness who identified
3:53 am
mr. blake has an individual that he had sold a phone to and has been given a false predicate. the officers acted on the information. the witness was there and pointed him out. turns out, he was not the individual. they looked so much alike. >> but this was about fraudulent credit cards. >> that's correct. >> this was not a violent crime. >> that's correct. >> why physical force being used anyway? >> well, understand, this thing happened about 18 hours ago. we are in the preliminary stages of investigation. we have video. based on that video, which i have not yet seen, we have placed an officer that was involved in the incident on modified desk assignment while the investigation goes forward. we have been attempting to reach mr. blake without success at his hotel. we'll attempt to reach him at the u.s. open today and the hotel again to talk to him about the incident. but they are saying our investigation initially is based on press reports as well as now the video we have retrieved from the hotel. >> okay.
3:54 am
we'll talk about the overarching issue going on in new york city. some high-level people, chris christie, ray kelly, the former police commissioner, said they believe that crime is on the rise in new york city. in fact, chris christie this week said there's a feeling of lawlessness in new york city. and, in fact, it does appear from the nypd website stats that violent crime has ticked up. let me pull up the numbers for you. for 2004, there were -- >> 2014. >> you're right. 205 murders. so far this year, 222. that's up 8%. rape up 5%. >> my stats as of this morning, we have an increase of ten murders. last year was the lowest level of murders in the history of the city. so we are working against our own success numbers. crime is not up in new york city. it's down by 3.9% as of this morning. chris christie knows nothing about the crime rate in new york city trying to make political
3:55 am
points. basically he needs to pay attention to his own city's of camden, trenton, newark, new jersey. some of the highest crime rates in america. new york city has one of the lowest crime rates of any city in america. besides commissioner kelly and his comments, once again, i'm sorry, crime is not up in the city overall. certain categories may be, but we are working against last year's record low numbers. 2014 was the lowest number of homicides in the city. lowest number of robberies in the city. so this foolishness at the moment of trying to claim that new york city is this hotbed of crime, i'm sorry. is that why 58 million tourists are coming to the city? is that why the u.s. open is here? new york city is a safe city. we have issues at the moment like every other american city, but in terms of mr. kelly who i respect and i'm sorry when it comes to crime, i'm the commissioner at the moment. i know my crime numbers. i have a little more understanding of those numbers than he might have. and as far as governor christie, he doesn't know what the hell
3:56 am
he's talking about when it comes to crime in new york city. >> what they say is you're right, the overall crime rate is down but violent crime is up and shootings are up. are shootings up this year? >> shootings at the moment are actually down. so once again, if you go day by day, they fluctuate. you look at over time. by the end of this year, we have the opportunity to have fewer than 100,000 crimes in new york city. and a city of 8.5 million people with 57 to 58 tourists coming into the city every year. we have a record low crime year overall. in terms of homicides, homicides are up. but again, against last year's record low numbers. i was in the city in the 1990s when he had 2,243 murders. last year we had 333. so let's get real about crime in new york city. there's an issue around homelessness right now that people are concerned with. every american city has a homeless problem at this moment. because of the tabloids we get more attention. but when we talk about this
3:57 am
stuff, let's tack talk with accuracy. the information is five days old versus my stat that is i track every day. >> i trust your stats. we'll talk about the widely reported policy of stopping or curtailing stop and terrific. that was a controversy policy. >> first of all, we have not is to be -- stopped it. >> okay. >> in 2014 and now 2015, with many fewer stops, this year about 25,000 to 30,000, crime is down even lower. so when i look at the map, a lot of stops, crime at this level, this year this many stops, crime at this level, i'm sorry. i'm the police commissioner of new york city. i think i know what i'm doing. crime is down in the city. stop and frisk is down. we can prove racial tensions
3:58 am
have it down. so take a look at the numbers. when we had a lot of stops, crime was here. now we have lower stops and crime is down here. reflected in the fact we have less crime, we have less shootings and in 2010 when they were doing more stops. so again, let's get the rhetoric under wraps and take a look at the facts. >> commissioner bratton, thank you for being here. we have a lot of news to cover. let's get to it. a new cnn/rnc poll shows trump widening his lead over the entire field. >> i realize where my successes come from. >> we need a strong immigration plan. if he doesn't like it, he doesn't understand it. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. a highly-anticipated bond hearing today. >> former north charleston cop michael slater facing murder charges for the death of walter scott. we are led by very, very
3:59 am
stupid people. we will have so much winning if i get elected, you may get bored with winning. >> donald trump joins us live. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "new day." the more donald trump ups his rhetoric, the numbers climb. a new cnn/rnc poll shows donald trump growing his lead over the republican field with support of 32% of gop voters. that's his highest level to date in any national poll. >> he and ben carson, you have to mention him, too, posting the biggest gains. now the two are trading barbs themselves. trump also facing blow-back for comments he made about carly fiorina and her appearance. mr. donald trump will be here to defend his actions and justify his poll numbers. but first, cnn's coverage of the 2016 race begins with athena jones live in washington. athena? >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is a big deal.
4:00 am
political analysts have been saying for months, all summer, that trump was going to fade and that has not happened. his lead is growing and he's now the first republican to get past 30%. this morning the donald still sitting high atop the pack. in the new cnn/orc poll, they say trump is most likely to win the republican nomination. ben carson surprising some by taking a jab at the gop frontrunner wednesday. going after trump's faith. >> by humility and the fear of the lord are riches and honor and life. and that's a very big part of who i am. i don't get that impression with him. maybe i'm wrong. >> reporter: to which trump shot back on twitter. wow, i'm ahead of the field we van gel calls and virtually
4:01 am
every other group and ben carson just took a swipe at me. but carson didn't stop there critiquing trump's immigration policy though he didn't mention him by name. >> if anybody can show me how you actually can round up these people who are not necessarily going to be cooperative and how that's not going to jam up the court system and cost enormous amounts of money, i'm perfectly happy to listen. >> reporter: trump sticking it to carson, too. >> he doesn't understand it and he's wrong. >> reporter: as trump's lead grows, a controversial new profile in the billionaire hitting the newsstands in this month's issue of "rolling stone" magazine. the magazine quotes trump insulting rival gop candidate carly fiorina while watching her on tv saying, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? fiorina responding on fox news. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means, but maybe, just maybe i'm getting under miss skin because i am climbing
4:02 am
in the polls. >> reporter: now trump's campaign has not commented on "the rolling stone" piece or on fiorina's response to it. coming up in a half hour, presidential candidate donald trump will join us to discuss thele whos, why he's out in front and take on the controversy as well. meanwhile on the democratic side, another new poll out shows concern for the i can thillary camp. this is just days after bernie sanders expanded his lead in new hampshire. jeff zeleny is looking at this for us. >> reporter: good morning, michaela. for the first time this morning, a new poll finds bernie sanders closed the gap in iowa with hillary clinton and is running even with her. we'll take a look at the numbers. from this new poll released just a few minutes ago, sanders is now at 41% with clinton at 40%. that's effectively a tie when you consider the margin of
4:03 am
error. but a considerable change from only two months ago when clinton was leading sanders by 21 points. now this marks the second state where sanders is overtaking clinton. of course, look at the numbers from new hampshire in a poll earlier this week. sanders is leading clinton by nine points, 41% to 32%. but when you look deeper into the numbers you need a sense as to why this is happening. take a look at what iowa democrats had to say when candidates are honest and trustworthy. vice president joe biden at 91%. bernie sanders behind him at 86%. and clinton is significantly lower at 64 the%. if you're wondering why she apologized this week about using private e-mail as secretary of state, this is why. her trust and honesty have taken a significant hit over the summer. one more thing, on favorability, always a key measure in these polls. clinton is now at 76% down nine points from july. but still has a very strong rating among democrats coming in just under sanders and biden. so while clinton still holds
4:04 am
considerable advantages, this poll is another reminder of her challenges ahead this fall. she well remembers eight years ago her frontrunner status eroded in iowa and she finished third there. of course, the iowa caucuses are the first contest of the 2016 campaign that kicks off only five months from now in february. >> jeff, appreciate it. we'll be back with you in a bit. joining us this morning is president obama's former advisor and the cnn newly minted cnn political commentator, mr. david axelrod. welcome to the team. >> great to be here. >> great to have you. >> i wish it were a more exciting election year, but nevertheless we're here. >> and one that started earlier, if only. >> yes. >> we'll talk about the new numbers that are fresh out of the oven right now. bernie sanders has met hillary clinton in iowa. they are both at 40%, 41% among democrat choices. what is going on? >> in this particular poll, it's very hard to poll the iowa caucuses because of the way the process works. you have to show up, stick around for a couple hours.
4:05 am
it's better to poll off lists of people who have attended the caucuses or partially off of that. the des moines register poll shows she had a lead, but bernie was surging in that poll as well. look, the iowa caucuses is a very liberal, very white event. and bernie sanders has a reel appeal there and she's going to have to work to win the iowa caucuses. you talk to people on the ground and what they say is unlike 2008, she has really built an organization there to bring people to the caucuses, to bank those commitments. and i think ultimately that's going to tell. but this is not going to be an easy fight for her. she's going to have to work for it. new hampshire is going to be more difficult. >> i like quinnipiac but like cnn much, much more. we have our own poll out there. >> why is that? >> accuracy. thank you very much. we look at the numbers this morning. people said, he won't get 20. he won't get 25. there's a limit on it. now he's over 30%. you take him and carson and
4:06 am
we'll put fiorina in there well over 50% of the gop and independents. remember, the cnn poll is not just some extreme enclave within the party. they are saying we want something different. how do you interpret that message and how does it sustain? >> no doubt this has been the summer of trump. he has got -- i think one of the most telling statistics is, and it's reflected in the fact he'll be here later today, he has dominated the media. he's gotten twice as much media coverage as the entire republican field combined other than trump. and he's eclipsed everybody. >> you think that's why he's up? >> he's masterful at using the media. i think he's -- i refer to him as one of the middle finger candidates who were for people who are aggravated at the republican establishment and the washington establishment. aggravated about the economy and the flat nature of wages.
4:07 am
and the republican and democratic parties, there are different villains for that. trump is speaking to immigration, a nativist group to trade as a cause of these problems. and he's energizing a republican base that is there. is it enough to win the nomination? i'm very doubtful about that. but in a field of 17, 30% is pretty awesome. >> with the numbers, why are you so doubtful he'll win the nomination? >> because the question is -- that's the challenge for him, can he keep growing? and i also believe that my experience from the presidential races work in phases. i said a couple weeks ago that we're still in the swimsuit competition just to put it in words that mr. trump would understand. we'll move into talent round. i'm not sure about that problem, i'm take care of it, that's not a sufficient answer for a majority of republican voters. i think he's going to have to get more substantive in his responses. to satisfy people that he can be
4:08 am
president of the united states and not just a protest candidate. >> let's put the him in parallel with something that doesn't happen often. ronald reagan and then senator barack obama. earlier hillary clinton is giving him a beat-down for the same reasons she gave everyone here a beat-down. then you change your game with senator obama and say, if you want to do this the traditional way, you're going to get more of the same. we'll use something nobody uses because they believe it is too trite to be true, but he's different than hillary clinton, and not just because of the color of his skin. it's the content of the hardware and where it comes from. he's just change. and in one word that's been retried in more words than in politics, he starts to move. donald trump is -- i know you got the smile on, but to many people he is that same manifestation. >> i do not diminish his skills and his capabilities as a
4:09 am
personality. i think you move beyond the personality and you get into substantive differences. and people begin to judge, are you prepareded to be president of the united states? remember, we won the iowa caucuses and were stunned in the new hampshire primary and had to go all the way to june to win the nomination because people said, he seems good but is a former state senator four years ago. is he really capable of being the president of the united states? i think donald trump is going to go through the scrutiny later in this process. right now i think this is a no-cost vote to be for donald trump. >> if you were at vising hillary clinton in this campaign, what would you tell her to do? there was a funny headline and some of you likened it to the onion. she plans to become more spontaneous soon. >> spontaneity burst. they need to do that. i would get away from teleprompters and get away from set speeches. i would get away from direct camera ads and interact with
4:10 am
people. she's at her best when she is in real interactions with people. she's not great at the scripted stuff, which kind of speaks politics, calculation -- so i think every politician has their strengths. her's is not that. that's a barack obama thing, to be able to give speeches, to do the direct to camera. she needs to be interacting with people. >> david, stick around if you would. we need your help as we talk to donald trump momentarily at 7:30 eastern. >> i'll do everything i can. >> we'll bring you back for your commentary after this conversation. >> it would be very helpful. if the question is, can donald trump take the vetting, that's one of the unique opportunities we have had with him. we'll do our interviews differently and you judge it. as we have been telling you, it is not all about donald trump. we try to get as many of the candidates on as frequently as we can. and to that, bernie sanders, you will feel the burn with wolf blitzer today at 1:00.
4:11 am
and jeb "i'm better looking than my brother" bush will be on with jake tapper on at 4:00 p.m. >> he says that with a lot of relish. tune into the republican debate here on cnn on wednesday, september 16th at 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern. tonight, you'll find out which candidates will be on the main debate stage. in a few moments, we'll be speaking to donald trump. up next, more on the court hearing for the former charleston police officer seen on video shooting that unarmed black suspect in the back. will new defense evidence shed new light on this case?
4:12 am
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to a highly-anticipated bond hearing for a police officer caught on camera shoot iing a person in the back. here to weigh in on the bond hearing and the details is walter scott's family and attorney. i'm curious what the reaction is to the family today, the bonder what hearing today, your
4:16 am
reaction and what you think is going to happen? >> thank you for having me. the family is prepared. we let them know exactly how things were going to happen today. we are all going to be in attendance to see the solicitor and mr. slater's legal team and accept what the judge ends up ruling. >> we now new information has surfaced from court documents. i want to go through them to get your reaction and how they will affect the case overall. we know toxicology reports show mr. scott had cocaine and alcohol in his system. not a level that would have considered him impaired. does any of this matter to you? and does it affect your case? >> the entire thing, and i read every single page of the 150 or so pages, was one of the worst failed magic tricks i have seen. >> how so? >> what his legal team is trying to do is get us to not look at the videotape anymore. we all know that the amount that was found in his system was a
4:17 am
very trace amount. not even to the point of being impaired. so it's not relevant at all. they just want to attack his character. >> there's further analysis done. they did blood analysis on the officer's clothing. they took data from his taser. they found gunshot residue apparently on scott's hands. there's a suggestion that perhaps mr. scott reached for the taser and tried to harm the officer. what is your reaction to those statements? >> the video tells you everything. you know, we watched officer slager walk over to the man he just murdered and touch his hands while handcuffing a dead man behind his back. we all know gunshot residue can be transferred with touch. he just shot a weapon eight times. for the taser, evidence they found, it was particulates. that can happen when he is trying to drive-stun mr. scott in the back and the front.
4:18 am
so things that they are trying to say is groundbreaking new evidence doesn't defeat anything. the most important thing is, the big confrontation they are saying that occurred. this is the injury. >> we are seeing officer slager's knee? >> this is a scratch on his knee. i've seen worse getting out of the bed and bumping it into something. so they are trying to inflate the system and make all of the public look somewhere else when the video tells us everything. >> slager apparently did a skrip interview from jail and made the comments that what actually happened is going to come out. what do you think he means by that? and do you believe that there's other evidence, other video, other images, other tests that are going to show this what happened on that day in a clearer way? >> no. they have to come up with something.
4:19 am
you know, this is one of the few times in history an actual murder was caught on camera. and we also -- people are forgetting we have the witness who filmed it who did an interview, multiple interviews and said, he watched the entire thing even before he started filming and said at no point did mr. scott take the taser from the officer. so it's almost silly that all of this is going on. but they have to argue something. >> so -- >> but they can't defeat that. >> right. and that is an image to stick in so many people's minds. >> and the most important part of this is that's the first shot. he was about 20 feet away. >> all right. i want to say thank you to chris stewart for joining us today with this new information we have been learning about the case. we'll see what happens at the bond hearing and be talking to you in the coming days. thank you for joining us on "new day." >> thank you. we look at the state of the
4:20 am
race right now. donald trump should be a happy man. a new cnn/orc poll has his lead, like his legend, continuing to grow. we'll talk to the republican presidential frontrunner about the poll numbers, what he offers the american people and how he justifies some of what comes out of his mouth. what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners', multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham. i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. before i had the shooting, these feet grew up in a family diabetic of boys... married my high school sweetheart...
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4:24 am
donald trump widening his lead in the latest cnn/orc poll. he's now at 32%. ben carson is also up ten points. we'll ask donald trump about this and so much more in a few minutes. in another quinnipiac poll, it shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a dead heat in iowa. and israel will no longer exist in 20 years? this comes from iatola khamenei.
4:25 am
some have suggested the nuclear deal could lead to a thaw in tensions between the u.s. and iran. and dozens of u.s. intelligence analysts have reportedly filed a complaint with military commanders about reports on isis and al qaeda being inappropriately altered by senior administration officials. "the daily beast" report says the pentagon inspector general opened the investigation now. they say the intelligence turned into happy talk portraying the terror groups as weaker than they really are. all right. so we got a new cnn/orc poll for you. the gop and independents, and it shows a huge headline. you want something different if you are in the gop or an independent voter. you have donald trump and ben carson, they take 50% of your vote. we'll ask the man himself, why are you so high in the number? how can you deliver on the promise? and how do you justify some of the things you've said? just might be the one.
4:26 am
to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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welcome back. z donald trump is on the phone, can you hear us? >> i can. hi, chris. >> good. there's a lot to get to. there's a new cnn/orc poll. you are aware of it, other than you don't have more than 32% of the vote. how do you explain the numbers? what do they mean to you? >> i think they mean people are tired of politicians that make deals like the deal we just made with iran, which is one of the worst negotiated transactions i've ever seen in my life. and i'm not just talking about deals between countries, i'm talking any kind of a contract. it's one of the worst deals i've ever seen. it's the most one-sided, lopsided disgraces. and we should not give the money. there are ways to get out of giving the money. i heard some legal maneuvers that they should play because to give them $150 billion and they go around saying that israel won't be here in 25 years, and we're not going to deal with the united states after this great deal that we just made to sign. we won't have anything to do with the united states.
4:31 am
by the way, the people that were negotiating the deal with other countries, they are going to benefit. you look at what they are doing, they are over in iran right now splitting up all the money and taking a lot of the money that we're giving. so i think people are tired of that. they are tired of sergeant bergdahl. we get bergdahl and they get five killers they have wanted for ten years. they are tired of trade deals with japan and china. they are tired. that won't happen with me and won't happen with me. i'll turn the tables completely. >> are you right that people are tired? obviously, every poll you're in proves that. not to say that you are a protest candidate because in our recent poll, cnn poll, they say why they vote for you? 71% say they like your positions onnish shoo isni issues, not because they don't
4:32 am
like everyone else. now the next level of analysis is, can you deliver on what you say? because what you say sounds good. the iran deal is the worst deal of all time. a growing number of people who are studying the deal don't agree with you. the global community doesn't agree with you. iran doesn't agree with you. they didn't want to give up their plutonium abilities and their time lines. they didn't want to reduce their stores the way they did, but they had to give up things to get what they wanted. colin powell, a man whom i think you respect, we have to do the iran deal. there's no better alternative. they were on a super highway to getting a weapon. sounds good to say the deal sucks. sounds good to say you'll do better because you do deals, but can you deliver on that when as you just said the iatola said he's not talking to you anymore? >> well, let me just tell you in terms of the deal itself, just look at aspects of the deal. 24-day inspection period. ridiculous. >> but you have none now. >> just let me finish talking. >> please, go ahead.
4:33 am
>> are you making a statement or asking me a question? >> no, i'm giving context to the situation. >> before you get to the 24 days, the clock doesn't start ticking for a long time. it's a whole process. number one in terms of inspections. number two, they do their own inspections in certain very important cases. so they are going to self-inspect. anybody that trusts iran to self-inspect is not such a smart person. you look at the prisoners, we get our prisoners back, a little thing, very important. just the psychology of it. they kept four prisoners. why wouldn't we get them back? you look at all the important elements of this deal. why are we giving them $150 billion? then take a look at the fact they are fighting us in yemen. they are fighting us all over the place and terrorizing everybody. they are going in and taking over iraq. i told you that was going to happen in 2003 when you were actually on another network doing very well. but i said that that was going to happen in 2003. i said the worst thing you can do is go and attack iraq because
4:34 am
you're going to destabilize the middle east. because you have two powerful gods, we destroyed one of them, but guess what? iran and isis are getting the oil and iran is taking over iraq. as you're sitting there right now, they are meeting. and with all the money we've spent, we lost $2 trillion and thousands of lives, thousands of lives, and all the wounded warriors who i love all over the place, iran is now taking over iraq. and the oil. by the way, iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. they are taking over iraq and taking over the oil. and what do we get out of it? you know who the beneficiaries of iraqi oil is? china. china is getting the oil. and you know who the biggest beneficiary, if you look at afghanistan, very rich in minerals? china. we are on one side of a mountain fighting in afghanistan. china has excavators on the other side making out and not doing anything. >> you look at china -- >> that's why when people ask, i
4:35 am
wonder why trump's poll numbers are skyrocketing, that's why. that's not going to happen if i'm running things, chris. it won't happen up and you know why? >> china stays russia. india says india. they all want to do business with iran and were not in favor of sanctions. >> that's called leadership. >> but what does that mean, leadership? >> you want to be able to make a real deal. i'm all for a deal, just so you understand. i understand the power of nuclear. i had an uncle who was a professor at m.i.t. he used to tell me things incredible, that was a long time ago. but i'm all for the deal. you can't make a bad deal and we went begging for this deal. we look like a bunch of beggars. we were begging for this deal. >> you also say many are celebrating as being well-reasoneded about the iran deal and there's some thoughtful items in that. people should read it. but you push very hard on the
4:36 am
fact that i get those -- as soon as i get to be president, i'm getting back the four hostages. you must know they are and were trying hard to get the hostages back. >> i don't believe they were trying very hard. i don't think it was. >> we don't have any proof to the contrary. >> when they asked kerry about the hostages, he said we didn't want to discuss the hostages because we didn't want to complicate the negotiation. how ridiculous is that? he made that statement. and obama, your friend over at cbs, made the same statement saying we didn't want the complicate the negotiations. now, what is the big deal? first of all, the first day, the first hour, the first minute, the first question should have been hostages. we want our hostages back. >> would you scrap the whole deal over that? would you have left the table? >> initially absolutely. because that would have shown what happened. when you didn't get the hostages back, that set a bad table.
4:37 am
you call the deal like setting a table. that set the table incorrectly. what you do is you go and -- you can convince him. by the way, the right message would have said, you don't want them, nobody cares about them over in iran. over here it sends a great signal in we get our hostages back. >> i'm saying we have every reason to believe the people at the table that they said that. i'm saying -- >> he didn't want to even talk about the hostages. >> no. we know -- >> he didn't want to complicate the negotiations, chris. >> i understand what you're saying. but i think it's a little different than that. i think that it was a topic of conversation. they didn't want to balance the entire deal on the hostages. >> -- they never will. the persians have been great negotiators. they are laughing in iran right now at how stupid we are. >> let's move on to a different topic. ben carson, he's also making a lot of traction. he's feeling good about himself, enough that he's coming at you.
4:38 am
he is a man of faith, everybody knows that, it's a cornerstone of his existence and certainly is motivation to run. >> i don't know that. i had not heard that. i have known of ben carson for a long time and never heard faith was a big thing until just recently when he started running. so i don't know about that and ben carson's faith. of all of a sudden he becomes the great religious figure. i saw him yesterday quoting on humility and it looked like he memorized it two minutes before he made the quote. don't tell me about ben carson. >> he's coming at you, too. >> he's starting to hit me so i hit back. i only hit back when i get hit. ben carson, you're talking about his faith, excuse me, chris, go back to look at his past. go back to look at his views on abortion and see where he stands. talk about abortion, go back to look at his views on abortion. now all of a sudden he gets on very low key, frankly he looks
4:39 am
like he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. >> strong words. >> he's got a lot of people pushing him. but ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. and you look at his views on abortion, which were horrendous. and that's, i think, why i'm leading with all the evangelicals. as you know in your poll, number one, i'm leading ben carson by a lot. you say, oh, ben carson is surging. well, i'm almost double his numbers. >> absolutely. i'm saying he came out of nowhere is all i'm saying. he's not a big celebrity. people didn't know about him. >> i only bring this up, chris, because i saw him hitting me yesterday. he's questioning my faith. i happen to be a great believer in god and great believer in the bible. >> he is definitely question your faith. >> who is he to question my faith when i am -- he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times. but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor, by the way, you can check that out, too.
4:40 am
he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> he's a doctor and hired one nurse. he's going to end up being the president of the united states? but for him to criticize me on my faith is absolutely -- for him to read from the bible in his memory, it looked like he memorized it two minutes before going on stage. >> do you think you are more a man of faith than he is? than ben carson is? >> i cannot quote him. i can say i'm a man of faith. i don't know enough about ben carson. but if you look at his past, which i've done, he was not a big man of faith. all of a sudden he's become this man of faith. and he was heavy into the world of abortion and he was a doctor. and take a look at the hospitals where he worked. he was a doctor, check out the past, and see. all of a sudden he's, oh, he's
4:41 am
totally anti-abortion. well, if you look back, you will find he's a very much different ben carson. one other thing, he shouldn't be questioning my faith because number one, i'm leading with the evangelicals. i'm protestant and presbyterian. i have great relationships with the people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and he shouldn't be questioning my faith. you know why? because he knows nothing about me. i've met him a couple times. >> maybe you should get together. we'll move to another topic. first it was rosie and megan, now carly fiorina. you're making fun of the way she looks. why do you talk about the way women look so much? it's not presidential. >> here's another one. >> you said look at that face. you said look at that face. >> i will say nice things about you so he says nice things about people. >> i'll take it. >> the fact is that carly fiorina has had a terrible past. she was fired viciously from
4:42 am
hewlett-packard. the -- >> but then you should say that. >> a highly-respected man wrote a paper that was one of the worst papers on ceos. she goes down as one of the worst ever. the company practically -- excuse me, chris, wait. thousands of jobs gone, stock prices that still haven't recovered. it's a total disaster but still hasn't recovered. they are trying hard, but she was a disaster ceo. she had a company before that called luscent in my memory that was worse than hewlett-packard. she then gets fired from hewlett-packard and runs for the senate against somebody that could have been beaten easily, she loses in a landslide and now runs for president. now, when i said that and "the rolling stone" article has moments of beauty and great moments, that was one of the few magazines where i like the pictures. the writer called me and said, i
4:43 am
wrote this story and he said, they added a lot of stuff that i think is disgusting. but they added that. excuse me, wait, so the statement on carly, i'm talking about her personna. her personna is that she's not going to be president. she's a terrible failed time. >> i don't know about that. i'll tell you why. i hear everything you say about the record. they are all legitimate bases you can level against your opponents, but i'm reading the quote. look at that face. why would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that's the face of the next president. she's a woman and i should not say bad things, but really, folks, come on. are we serious? >> they talk about my hair and that's okay. >> that's tit for tat. somebody comes on my air and makes fun of your hair, i tell them to shut up and move on to somebody else. if somebody does that on my air, he shouldn't be president because of his hair. i'll say, shut up. it's unkind and unpresidential.
4:44 am
>> you don't have to defend me. i'm just saying, when she and other people hit me on things, nobody ever comes to my defense. so i'm just saying this -- >> you come to your defense. >> she did a terrible time in business. she destroyed a company. you have to get the report from jeffrey sonenfeld from yale. you have ben saying what he said, carly saying -- these are two people that will not be president. >> all i'm saying is that you are the frontrunner. you say that you're going to be president of the united states. there is a manner of behavior that goes with that. i'm not saying be mr. p.c., mr. captain gintility, but you know doling out a bowl every time you get one doesn't work. you see, that's not nice. that's not nice. you're attacking me for asking
4:45 am
you a question. that's my point. that's not what the president does. >> when ben carson criticizes me, i don't know him. he comes to my club in palm beach. i have a great club in palm beach, he comes to my club. i hardly know ben carson. when he questions my faith, and i'm a believer, big league in god and the bible, and he questions my faith and he doesn't know me? and you say i'm not supposed to hit back. i will hit back on that. >> no, i don't say you're not supposed to hit back. >> he doesn't understand me. first of all, they know i'm going to run the country properly and won't let everybody rip us off and take our money. and that's very important to the evangelical. they are very smart people. and also know i'm a man of faith. i don't want ben carson criticizing my faith. certainly when he doesn't know me he can't do that. >> i understand that and that's a legitimate position to have. i think the carly fiorina situation is something to happen in a different way. i don't get the personna
4:46 am
reference. i think that's more about her face. you have to figure out how to put yourself out to the voters. let me ask you about issues very relevant to you if you're president of the united states. the kentucky clerk situation. there's a culture war going on in this country. you had the supreme court give the ruling that same sex marriage is the law of the land. that you know that. she says, i'm not going to do it because it's against my faith. she's a public servant elected to do the job of giving out licenses, not to decide who gets them on that basis. what do you think of her? >> te >> well, i hate that she went to jail. i hated that. >> she chose to go. >> and now she's out. but i must tell you that we are a land of laws. i would like to see her get a different job or at least let the clerks do that particular work. we are in a position that's been a terrible situation that has taken place out there. and i understand both sides of the argument. and i embrace both sides of the argument. you can embrace both sides of an
4:47 am
argument. but it would be really good if she could either stay and let the clerks do that work that she can't do, or in the alternative, get herself something elsewhere she doesn't come into conflict. but that's the way of handling it. it's something that is going to work its way out. but it is a messy situation. no question about it. >> the tone that you've put into the campaign is starting to move through into different candidates. you go after jeb bush in this commercial where it's like he's falling asleep. now he's trying to up his game it seems to come at you a little bit. i don't know if you saw what he did on colbert, but we have a clip. we'll get your take on it. oh, we don't have it. anyway, he's making fun of your hair basically is what he's doing, which is exactly what you were pointing to earlier on. did you see it? hear about it? did you think it was effective? did you think it was funny? >> he was put in a very bad position because he was given the cue cards to read he didn't know about. i actually think he's a nice person, but he's not a natural
4:48 am
entertainer. and he was put into a position that was very uncomfortable for him. and it was something he didn't want to be doing. and, you know, it was fun and fine. and he did fine. but he was put into a position that he really didn't want to be in. and he could have said, i would rather not do that would have been better. he's probably saying this stuff will haunt me for the rest of my life. but it's one of those things. it's fine. >> do you think, as you continue to stay at the top of the polls, if it stays that way and you wind up getting into a general against somebody else, do you think you will campaign and deal with opponents the same way? where every time they say something about you you go back at them. at some point do you think you have to shift tone to what is seen as more presidential? >> no, i have to win. i have to win. i have to put this country back. this country is in such trouble, we are $19 trillion owed. we are getting ripped off by china, japan, mexico, both in trade and at the border. i have to do what i have to do to win.
4:49 am
when a ben carson makes a phony statement like he made, i'm going to attack him. and if hillary says something incorrect, look, hillary was the worst secretary of state in the history of the united states. i think she'll be super seeded by john kerry because this deal that he's making with iran will take him over the top. i think he's actually going to go down as worse than her. but hillary was truly -- did a terrible job. the world blew up around her, okay? it blew up. i'm going to say that. i'm going to say that. now, it's sort of interesting because in the polls, and you see, i'm leading with african-americans. i've got the highest poll number in the history of the republican party primary things, i've got 25%. and i'm also, i think you saw, leading with hispanics. and everybody fell off the chair when they heard that. but i love the hispanics. >> you have increased in both of those categories, that's true. >> i'm leading with hispanics and the african-americans. well, if that's the case and i'm
4:50 am
going to get 25% african-american, we are going to have a tremendous victory for the republicans. there's no republican that's ever gotten more than 9% or 10%. and african-americans because i'm going to create jobs and obama is not creating jobs for them. i'm going to create jobs and i'm going to create wealth for them. i've been saying this for a long time. when that poll came out two days ago saying i'm leading with african-americans and hispanics, i'm the only one that wasn't surprised. >> that is true. mr. trump, as always, we appreciate you coming on and explaining your positions. we look forward to putting more meat on the bones in this campaign. >> thanks very much, chris. >> you be well. >> the big debate is going to be right here on cnn september 16th at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. eastern. the big question is who makes it to the big stage.
4:51 am
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4:55 am
. i hope you caught chris's conversation moments ago with republican front-runner donald trump. let's break it all down with president obama's former advisor and cnn political commentator david axelrod. where do we begin? >> i have to congratulate chris for drawing him out of his shell. >> you're right, he's usually a wallflower. >> donald trump has had some success because he's completely unfiltered. he says whatever comes into his
4:56 am
head. whatever he's thinking at that moment, that's what he's going so say. he's in that sense the antipolitician. >> he goes after these topics that other people don't touch. he questioned ben carson's faith. >> i think ben carson's faith is beyond question. i think what's clear and what chris pointed out is that when you attack trump he attacks back and sometimes in thoughtless ways. it could have some negative impacts among evangelicals who know carson. i think i have a replica remedy theory of presidential politics. there's no one who's more of an anti-obama than donald trump in his style, in his presentation. people chose president obama because they thought george bush was too bombastic. they wanted someone who was
4:57 am
thoughtful, deliberate, measured, who saw the new ounce, w nuance, the gray. donald trump says i know how to do deals. the whole world boils down to a deal. i'm the best deal-maker. >> chris pointedly asked him about the comments that he made about carly fiorina and instead of just answering, he sort of made a new statement. he tried to reframe how he spoke about her quite pointedly in rolling stone magazine. is that going to play? >> i think it plays at this stage. as i said earlier, i think when it gets to the talent rounds and not the swim suit competition, he's going to get scrutinized much more on these comments. but he said something interesting during that interview. jeb bush is not an entertainer, he doesn't know -- donald trump
4:58 am
is an entertainer. he said -- i saw a biography of him where he said that flo zeigfeld, the broadway entertainer, was his hero. part of this is redirecting questions to his own liking and utility. >> i thought he said something radical that we hadn't heard before. when chris asked him about the kentucky situation, he said i embrace both sides. that is something a politician never says. >> that's a danger for him. fe if he believes that he might be president, i think that -- i was wondering how evangelicals who listened to that responded to that answer. >> don't you think that voters who hear that say, finally, someone doesn't adhere to what they're supposed to say for their party. aren't we looking for somebody
4:59 am
who can say both sides? >> yes. but what i think he was trying to do is walk a narrow political path there. he started off by saying we're a nation of laws, but when he tried to embrace her position. >> he's starting to get corrupted and give political answers. >> the problem with politics is ultimately you become a politician. >> look, it is a challenge to interview donald trump, because he is very good at deflecting questions. he's better than most at doing it. then you have to decides whether or not what point matters enough to continue to press. you will hear the question about carly fiorina, what it seems like in the text and how he responds and then people judge. >> david, it's been great having you onset with us. >> thank you. i hope you defend my hair as
5:00 am
well. >> oh he will. let's get right to it. >> i'm leading with all of the evangelicals. ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. carly fiorina has had a terrible past. a new poll shows trump widening his lead over the entire field. >> humility and the fear of the lord, i don't get that impression with him. >> we need a strong immigration plan. if he doesn't like it, he doesn't understand it. >> texas prosecutors are weighing criminal charges against two high school football players. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> it's thursday, september
5:01 am
10th, 8:00 in the east. donald trump clearly aware which republicans could pose a threat to him in the polls. mr. trump went after ben carson for going after him and said he's going to talk about my faith, i'll talk about him as a doctor, i'll talk about him as a politician and i question his faith. >> his latest comments come as a new poll shows trump widening his field over the gop field. he has the backing of 32% of this is the biggest number in any national poll to date. >> reporter: this is a really big deal. i mean, political analysts have been saying all summer that trump was going to fade. and so far it hasn't happened. his lead is growing. let's put up those numbers again. i think we can compare them to our poll last month. it shows he's gained eight points since august. carson in second place is up ten
5:02 am
points. meanwhile, jeb bush has lost four points. this trump fade that we're supposed to see coming clearly isn't coming yet. another interesting finding in our poll, trump's support among women has been growing. and when asked -- women republican voters were asked, who do you think is likely to win the gop nomination, 37% said trump is likely to win. bush comes in second there. carson comes in at 9%. one thing to add to that, trump has gained 13 points. when you ask republican women voters who they support, trump is on the rise there. but in that interview you guys just had with him, he responded to the second place finisher ben carson's comments just yesterday, questioning whether trump shows humility and fear of god. take a listen to what else he said.
5:03 am
>> he was quoting on humility and it looks like he had just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. go back and look at his views on abortion and see what he says. now all of a sudden he gets on very low key. i mean, frankly he makes bush look like the energizer bun kny. >> now he's turning his fire to ben carson. it's getting heated on several sides now. >> in fairness to mr. trump, ben carson did talk about his faith. and talking about people's faith is not something you usually hear in politics. hillary clinton does not have the momentum. looking at a new poll on that side, quinnipiac has very good
5:04 am
news for bernie sanders. what does this mean about the state of play on the democrats' side? jeff zeleny has more on that. >> the democratic side is hard to compete with the drama on the republican side. i can tell you the summer of sanders looks like it has some staying power. for the first time a new poll out this morning finds that senator bernie sanders is closing the gap in iowa with hillary clinton. he's actually running about even with her. a new quinnipiac poll shows that sanders is now at 41%, with clinton at only 40%. that's effectively a tie when you consider the margin of error. two months ago clinton was leading by 19 points. this marks the second state in a row where sanders is over taking clinton. sanders is leading her by nine points, 41-32. when you dig deep into these
5:05 am
numbers you get a sense of why this is happening. on honesty and trustworthiness, clinton is significantly lower at 64%. a large gender gap. sanders up 21 points among men. clinton among women up 14 points. favorability, clinton is at 76% down nine points since july. she still holds considerable advantages. this poll is a fresh reminder of her challenges in iowa. just a couple of minutes ago a top democrat e-mailed me and said this poll surely gives joe biden reason to jump in if he decides to do that. we'll find out that decision, i'm told, still in early october. >> let's bring in now a new face on "new day." that is political analyst bob
5:06 am
beckel. >> how are you? >> i'm well. great to see you. >> great to see trump too. so rare to see him around. >> i'm sensing sarcasm. what did you think of the interview he just did with chris? >> i thought chris did a good job. look, has he said anything? that's the most amazing thing about trump is he attacks and then he changes it. you know what he did with mccain. remember he said mccain wasn't a hero and all of a sudden he had a revision on that. he did the same thing with megyn kelly. this is a guy who reinvents a story and because he dominates so much of the oxygen in the political room, nobody else can move. has anybody heard anything from jim gilmore or anybody down the line? unless you attack trump, which is dangerous, you can't get any air. trump has been able to do this by being bombastic and quite good and quite successful at
5:07 am
doing that. >> it's interesting that you say that unless you attack trump, you don't get any attention. that's exactly what ben carson did. i don't know if it was an attack. but he questioned donald trump's faith. he suggested it was sort of newfound faith. well, just this morning donald trump went after ben carson for that. so listen to this. >> ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. and you look at his views on aborti abortion, which were horrendous. that's why, i think, i'm leading with the evangelicals. >> there you go, bob. >> he's leading with everybody. when he says he's leading with african-americans and hispanics and he wants to build a 12-foot wall around mexico, i'm going to be the first guy to invest in 13-foot ladders. this guy has a lot ofideas, but
5:08 am
he can't tell you exactly what he's going to do. he said he's going to get the americans released from iran before he becomes president. how are you going to do that? are you going to invade? every time somebody comes out and attacks him he comes right back. he took on jeb bush when he was in second place. now carson is in second place. and i bet you the next person in second place is going to get the donald trump treatment too. he's the barnum and bailey of this century. he knows how to market himself. he knows how to get the trump name out. and he is a guy that over powers people. and he is not challenged. that's the problem. on the debate stage you don't have much room. >> you're dismissing him as a showman, barnum and bailey. but a new poll suggests the majority of gop voters do believe he will be their nominee. do you believe he can be the
5:09 am
nominee? >> that to me is the most stunning part, that actually a majority of people in the gop believe this guy could get the nomination is boast a teth a te to him -- i'm not taking anything away from donald trump. but the fact that republicans believe this guy is going to get the nomination, he's going to have to get down and start answering some of these questions. the closer you get to the primaries the questions are going to get tougher. and the press won't let him get away with it. >> chris pressed him on every single thing. you know, donald trump has a way of saying, i'll figure it out or trust me on this. but it's not for lack of pressing. >> no, no. chris pressed, but did he get an answer from trump that made any substantive sense at all? no. he deflects. he's a deflector.
5:10 am
hillary clinton is a defensive candidate. she's been on the defense from going back to whitewater. if you think about it, she's constantly got herself in trouble over one thing or another or another. that's playing defense. in presidential politics that's a tough place to be. trump doesn't know the word defense. he just knows how to go on offense and he does it very well. >> donald trump is quoted in rolling stone out now -- he talked about carly fiorina. he said look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president? when chris asked her about that, he claimed he was talking about her record as a businesswoman. is it okay that he talks about women's looks like that? >> first of all, he changed his story. it was obvious he was staying she was too ugly to be president, whatever that means.
5:11 am
he gets away with it again. i don't take anything away from the interviews. chris did a good interview with him. but again this guy knows how to slip and slide and recreate a story. this is the summer. he's going to have to get into some serious campaigning and some serious questions. and then i think it's going to be a little more difficult for him. >> great to see you on "new day." >> you too. all the candidated will be everywhere on cnn today. bernie sanders will be with wolf blitzer at 1:00. be sure to watch the big republican debate right here on cnn. it is wed nignesday night, septr 16th. tonight you can tune into ac 360 and find out which candidates will be on the main debate stage. we have breaking news at this hour. desperate rescue attempts are underway during an unprecedented
5:12 am
downpour in japan causing violent flooding, forcing 100,000 people to evacuate. will ripley is in tokyo. >> reporter: two feet of rain since monday in parts of japan. you have this tremendous flooding situation happening right now north of tokyo. the people living in this area have had to deal with heavy rains ongoing for the better part of the month. but when this typhoon moved through, dumping so much water in a short amount of time, it really took a lot of residents by surprise. they say it rose so quickly, some didn't even have time to get out of their homes. they had to go upstairs their balconies or rooftops. it's still unclear right now how many other people may be trapped inside buildings waiting to be
5:13 am
rescues, perhaps people like senior citizens who couldn't move quickly or perhaps were unable to call for help. that effort to save those folks continues even as it is nighttime here, complicating a situation where in a water emergency time is of the essence. also in fukushima permanent injunctive relief, contaminated water did leak out of the power plant for some three hours during this heavy rain event. the power provider, t says it h contained the leak. >> will saying there that there is more rain coming. that's why we're covering that situation. so you stay connected to the need. there is another situation in the world that you must be paying attention to because the need is so great, europe and the migrant and refugee crisis is there. hungary planning to send
5:14 am
soldiers to back police at the serbian border. let's get to arwa damon. this was the concern when you were running through that cornfield with these people. >> reporter: and as if the situation could be made any worse, it actually just has been because of the weather conditions. i mean, just take a look at the scene here. people keep on kcoming. some have managed to get their hands on ponchos that are being handed out, but most of them at the mercy of the elements, including the children. these are people who have just arrived, just walked along the train tracks from serbia into hungary. they are being given food at this tent. this is all volume steers. this is not an organized effort by any sort of big international ngo. unhcr was supposed to be building a shelter at this location.
5:15 am
that still has not happened. what this really underscores here is not just the misery of the conditions these people are having to survive in -- remember, there are thousands on this route right now as we speak having to find shelter under the trees out in the open. this really underscores how critical it is at this stage not just for europe to try to figure out how it's going to be distributing the responsibility as to who gets how many refugees, but also at these key transit areas, there has to be an effort taking place right now to provide shelter and at least ease a little bit of the difficulty of these conditions. >> arwa, thank you for showing us just how stark the situation is there. we will check back with you. domestic terrorism, that's what the public safety in arizona is calling a series of shootings on the highway.
5:16 am
>> reporter: you know, someone is taking aim at drivers here on interstate 10. this is a main artery. it's not as though people can avoid this particular roadway. there's a lot of concern on drivers. all along the freeway there are signs saying if you see anything, call this hotline because of the i-10 shooter. they're not sure if all of those cars that have been hit, ten cars in 11 days, either hit by projectiles or bullets. the department of public safety is imploring people to help out and make these calls if they see anything suspicious. >> somebody is very aware of who this is and just out of humanistic instincts, there should be no benevolence for this person or apathy. this is a cold-blooded crime. this person's a coward. >> reporter: and so far there
5:17 am
has been one person injured, a 13-year-old hit by glass after her windshield in the car she was sitting in actually exploded. she got hit by glass, cut in the ear. there is great concern this could not just lead to injury but someone being killed. >> frightening situation there. thanks for bringing us up to date on it. we turn now to something much lighter, jimmy fallon and stephen colbert duke it out for the best presidential punch line. >> hillary clinton's campaign is trying to put the whole e-mail scandal behind her. they said they want to start bringing humor and spontaneity to her campaign. nothing says spontaneity like announcing you're about to be spontaneous. in related news, i think we know the real reason tom brady
5:18 am
destroyed his cell phone. stop calling me. >> one of the most important factors in a successful campaign is the online merchandise store where you can buy candidate themed mugs, t-shirts and trucker caps. lots of great ideas for everyone you know named rand. who could resist this actual item available on jeb bush's website, a guacamole bowl. sure it doesn't say jeb on it, but would you put your name on a $75 bowl that normally sells for $9? >> that's great. >> i don't get it. why would you sell that on the jeb site? >> because he's bilingual and likes guacamole? >> pretty funny. i think he won. >> i think you know what you're
5:19 am
getting for christmas. >> don't get me that $8 one. a new cnn orc poll says that the gop and independent voters want someone different, donald trump at the top, ben carson behind him. other republican presidential hopefuls are struggling to get momentum. so we're going to talk to george pataki. what's going on in this race? ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching, for sure ding dang... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know. ♪ if you feel it, you can find it. all new color by behr. exclusively at the home depot.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. . fresh baked out of the even new poll numbers. a cnn national poll shows trump, big lead, over 30% support among republican and independent voters growing. ben carson in second. you take those two guys together and add in carly fiorina, you have well over 50% of the respondents saying they want somebody different than anybody else who's been there. look at the rest of the field. big names, impressive pedigrees, governors of major states.
5:24 am
chris christie, george pataki, three-term governor. joining us here on "new day" once again. when you look at the poll numbers, okay, how do you explain to yourself -- forget about trump all by himself. trump carson, fiorina low, but starting to come up. their dominance over the rest of the field, why? >> i think right now it's all theater. it's still the summer. it's late summer but it's still the summer. you look at the top two. neither one of them has held public office. they're engaged in a little feud right now, which is also good theat theater. come this fall, they're going to someone want someone who can actually lead this country. when you look at this poll, there are two in double digits and that's carson and trump, the two nonpoliticians. i think that will change. >> how do you get the momentum they have? how do you get the voters to
5:25 am
say, i will stop looking at them? >> by offering solutions. i'm an optimist. people look at the future and throw up their hands and say my god, we're in real trouble. i don't see that. i think it's a failure of leadership and with the right leadership we can solve everything. these are not insolvable problems. it's just the absence of leadership. >> when you look at a situation where you have carson and trump talking about each other's faith, when you see trump saying things he said about woman, can you imagine yourself saying that about carly fiorina? >> not at all. i can't imagine saying that about anything. trump is all about theater, about insulting people who disagree with you or might be in your way politically. that is not leadership and he is not going to be the nominee of the republican party. he will not be the nominee.
5:26 am
it will be someone else. i hope it's me. i hope it's someone who has a solution-based approach that brings americans together. >> what changes? when you look at it, every time it seems that he's done something that would be unforgivable, he gets not only forgiven, but rewarded. >> the first kcaucus is still five or six months away. after things calm down, the summer goes by, people start looking at, all right, who would actually lead this country, who do i trust to bring people together and solve problems? i'm hopeful they look at me, but i'm sure it's going to be trump. >> the iran nuclear deal, he says it's the worst deal. everybody at the table was unsatisfied with the deal. that's the nature of compromise. even colin paul owell is coming and saying this is better than the alternative.
5:27 am
>> what do we get? we get nothing except a commitment on papers that largely unverifiable that iran will not build a nuclear weapon for ten or 15 years. they get $150 billion that we know will be used to engage in terrorist activities against our friends and against us. when have we ever provided this massive economic relief to an economy of america. and if anyone thinks iran is not our enemy doesn't follow the news. >> you know, the question is this, them getting a big stimulus. the 150 billion, as you know, is their money. they're getting it back. you're letting go of the sanctions. russia, china, india, big players that don't listen to the u.s. whenever we want them to are saying we want to do
5:28 am
business with them. where is this confidence that we could have gotten a better deal? >> we didn't need a different deal. we already had u.n. resolutions imposing global sanctions on iran and they were working. we already had agreements saying that iran could have no nuclear program at all. >> we had no way to check. >> yes we did. they were obligated to let the i.a.e.a. investigate. they refused to do it. they broke their agreement. now we're supposed to believe they're going to abide by the agreement. this makes no sense to me. this is a disaster for the middle east. i think it really is a harbinger to a greater confrontation to the leading sponsor of state temperatu terror, iran. >> if one of your clerks said, i'm not going to allow these gay
5:29 am
marriages, what would you have done? >> i would have fired her. no question about it. when you take an oath to go into public office and uphold the laws and it's not the laws you agree with, it is all the laws. what has happened in kentucky is simply wrong. i don't think she should have been put in jail. but to stand up there and say i'm going to refuse to perform my duty because i disagree with the law, suppose it was a muslim who didn't want to do it with gays? would we see all this massive out pouring of s inpouring? you have to obey the law. you cannot have sanctuary cities. you cannot have a clerk who refused to follow the supreme court. you can watch two more candidated on tod e es on today.
5:30 am
you'll have bernie sanders on at 1:00. and jeb will be with jake tapper on the lead at 4:00 p.m. also, remember, the next big test is the next big republican debate right here on cnn sep september 16th. former tennis star james blake wants an apology from the new york police department. why was he tackled by a plain clothes officer and why is the department saying what it's saying now? we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry.
5:31 am
then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
5:32 am
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5:35 am
here rewe go with the five things to know. number one, donald trump on "new day" this morning responding to ben carson's questions about faith, trump challenging carson's faith and competence as a doctor. his comments come as a new poll shows trump widening his lead over the republican field. a new quinnipiac poll on the democratic side shows bernie sanders in a statistical dead heat with hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire. denmark suspends all rail links with germany. michael slager facing a bond hearing this morning. he is charged with murder aftert
5:36 am
in the back. tom brady kicking off the 2015 nfl season at home against the pittsburgh steelers. once again, i'm a football widow. why were they showing brady, not the jets? hmm. time for cnn money now. christine romans in our money center. >> good news for job seekers. there were 5.8 million job openings in july. that's a record. it's a sign the labor market is improving. another new number for you, gas prices headed even lower. the government just revising its forecast down to $2.03 a gallon by december. it has been criticized for years for collecting large fines from
5:37 am
corporations rather than prosecuting powerful executives. now they're going to focus on top managers and not shield them from criminal or civil liability. some say way too long in the making but that will definitely change the game. >> that will be interesting. former tennis star james blake thrown to the ground and handcuffed by plain clothed police officers yesterday. he says it's another show of excessive force. that's next.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
. why did police officers tackle former tennis star james blake in broad daylight outside his hotel in manhattan yesterday? they say they thought he was a suspect in an identify theft operation. mark lamont hill is here. so this is an unfortunate situation. >> yeah. >> this is a former tennis pro. he was waiting to go to the u.s. open.
5:42 am
he he's biracial. the police say he looks exactly like the suspect in a credit card cell phone operation and they were going to take him into custody. >> it's not surprising. i wish i could say it's surprising at this point. the only thing different is usually when police tackle someone and unlawfully hold someone they're not tennis pros. this is a very common thing. one, black people get misidentified all the time even by witnesses. this is why people are skeptical when they say there's an eyewitness. it's often hard to recognize people across racial lines. it's a complicated thing across all races. the other part is the use of excessive force. there's no reason to tackle someone. >> it does feel like excessive force. there's a surveillance video that hasn't been released yet. until the video is released, all we have to go on is the victim's account of this.
5:43 am
he says to me it's as simple as unnecessary police force. no matter what my race is. in my mind there's probably a race factor involved. but no matter what, there's no reason for anybody to do that to anybody. >> agreed. if someone is posing a threat, particularly an imminent threat, police have a responsibility and duty and right to protect themselves and use necessary force. they said nothing to him according to his account. they didn't utter any words. they simply rushed him. that is not okay under any circumstances. >> we just had commissioner bill bratton on. he said race has nothing to do with this. >> race has nothing at all to do with this. if you look at the photograph of the suspect, it looks like the twin brother of mr. blake. let's put that nonsense to rest right now. >> even james said he can't be sure if race had anything to do
5:44 am
with it. >> let's assume this person is the spitting image of that. i get e-mails every day from people telling me i look like don lemon, okay? let's assume they are exact twins, spitting image. that still doesn't justify tackling him. the question is, do they see him as a heightened danger because of his race? and studies show police see a heightened danger by black people. that's more the subtle dimension of it. >> why would anybody be tackled for a cell phone crime? this is not a violent crime. we did ask bill bratton about that and he said there's an investigation ongoing and this police officer has been pulled off the street, assigned to desk du duty. the victim in this case, james blake, wants an apology. he says he was degraded publicly. does the nypd issue apologies?
5:45 am
>> they typically don't. but they typically don't tackle people who matter, so to speak. but they should offer one. even if everything they're saying is true, he still didn't need to be tackled and degraded. you can arrest someone and still treat them like a human being. >> i think you and don are very hand some. i can see why people -- >> but i'm more handsome right? >> obviously. >> i get confused with fredericka witfield on occasion. it happens to all of us. the story that has been making the rounds that we've been watching, a high school texas referee tackled by a pair of football players. that referee denies using racial remarks.
5:46 am
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5:49 am
. robert watts, the texas referee who was blindsided on the field by two high school football players is defending himself, denying that he made racial slurs during the game. the two students who tackled him are suspended and there's a possibility they could face criminal charges. robert watts' attorney is here. how is your client doing? is he undergoing testing? what's his status now? >> he is currently under medical care. we don't really know the extent of the injuries yet or at least i don't.
5:50 am
and doctor wils will ultimatelye up with some diagnoses and a treatment plan for him. >> is he in the hospital still? >> he's not. >> what do you make of the allegations that your client used racial slurs during the game? >> first of all, it's curious to me that the media all over the country takes an alleged racial remark, which is a made-up allegation out of no place and makes that the focal point of this particular incident that happened. >> we have to ask the question. we don't know if it's racial. that's why i'm asking you. >> absolutely. and mr. watts has been an official for nearly 20 years. he has officiated hundreds of games. during which time there were no complaints, allegations, charges or anything of that nature with regard to his character. he didn't get where he is today by making inappropriate racial
5:51 am
remarks. in fact, officials pride themselves on enforcing rules and regulations against inappropriate remarks and the attempt to embarrass or humiliate a player. >> what do you think this is stemming from? >> i think it's coming from a very common mode of action that we've seen before when there's a problem with officiating and people are dissatisfied with an official's calls, they basically say i had an excuse, the officiating was no good. i was called names, i was ins t insulted, i was this, that and the other thing. certainly not uncommon. i'm sure here in the news you've ha had experiences where perpetrators of crimes have attempted to place the blame on the victim. and he's the victim here. >> we've heard there's a possibility that has been brought up by school officials that perhaps coaches or trainers
5:52 am
on the team may have suggested something to the kids, to the students. because it's important to remember, these are high school kids, that they need to make the ref pay for cheating us or something of that sort. have you heard anything further on that? >> no. i've just heard what you heard there, allegations to that effect. i've officiated games where i've been over near the scorer's table in basketball and you hear things like, guys, look, we're playing seven men tonight. and the implications to that are obvious. but the focus should be i think properly on the fact that two crimes for committed. >> are they crimes, sir? i think all of us gasped in horror when you see the video. there's no question and no doubt in my mind that these kid were in the wrong. but are criminal charges the
5:53 am
answer? i've talked to several people and some think that's very heavy-handed to have these kids face criminal charges. >> in fact, the youtube is the youtube. and what we saw was a dead ball between periods, everybody motion less on the field. nothing in particular going on between downs. then the snap comes and you see in the second half of that short video, you see the first student athlete make a beeline for mr. watts, pummel him, blindside him, as you said, knock him to the ground. he's stunned, he's motionless. the second of the student athletes races towards mr. watts, lowers his helmet and uses his helmet as a battering ram. >> we were told this game was aggressive. this seems like it might have been an extension of some bad leadership on the parts of the
5:54 am
adults. do the adults need to pay in this situation? >> that remains to be determined because we don't know what was said or what was done on the sideline at this point in time. the truth of the matter is as far as criminal activity, there's very little doubt whether it's a football field or in church or at the supermarket or on the street, an assault is an assault. and these were brutal assaults. so that is certainly the bad stuff. so how about we finish up with the good stuff? a restaurant makes such a beautiful and surprising gesture to a woman diagnosed with cancer. it is the good stuff indeed. check it out. no student's ever done the full hand raise in ap calc. but your stellar notebook gives you the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. over 1,000 items $5 or less in store and online. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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5:58 am
go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are. you ready for the good stuff? coming from louisville kentucky. becky blair and the women in her family were going to go to the melting bo ining pot restaurant. days before the big dinner blair
5:59 am
gets diagnosed with lung cancer. blair's niece calls the restaurant and says we're not going to be able to make it. then something happened that the family was not expecting. >> everybody knows somebody who's affected by cancer. for somebody to be so forthcoming with that information a bell went off with me. >> that handsome young man is assistant manager of the melting pot. although he did not know the family, the news struck him, he brings the dinner reservation to the hospital. >> oh come on. >> yes. >> that is such a sweet gesture. sometimes it's the small things that mean so much. >> he takes the time to go and do this gesture. >> we think about the big gestures, but something simple like that was what they needed. >> something out of the ordinary. >> she wants fondue now.
6:00 am
>> time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thank you very much. >> i think i've heard her before. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," leader of the pack. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> trump trounces the competition in a new cnn poll. and in just hours we find out who he will face off with in wednesday's big debate. also, raging flood waters, dramatic rescues from above. and now major flooding in japan leading to concerns about a radioactive leak. plus, can the officers charged in the death of freddie gray get


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