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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thank you very much. >> i think i've heard her before. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," leader of the pack. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> trump trounces the competition in a new cnn poll. and in just hours we find out who he will face off with in wednesday's big debate. also, raging flood waters, dramatic rescues from above. and now major flooding in japan leading to concerns about a radioactive leak. plus, can the officers charged in the death of freddie gray get
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a fair trial? >> that would not bring that boy back. >> on the heels of a imagimajor out by the city the officers say change the video. will they get what they want? let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. there is no stopping the trump train. it is annihilating the republican field. donald trump tops 30% support in a brand new cnn poll. his support among republican women is soaring despite what some call sexist taunts. trump said, quote, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? carly fiorina had this response on fox news's megyn kelly show. >> what do you take that to mean, look at that face, would
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anyone vote for that? >> i have no idea. you know, honestly, i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> trump on cnn's "new day" is, as always, unapologetic. >> you had a there he goes again moment. first it was rosie, then it was megyn. now it's carly fiorina. they've got you in rolling stone making fun of the way she looks. >> i'm talking about persona. >> you said look at that face. >> i'll say some nice things about you at least. >> i'll take it. >> the fact is that carly fiorina has had a terrible past. she was fired viciously from hewlett-packard. >> then you should say that. >> a highly respected man wrote a paper that was one of the worst papers on ceos.
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she goes down as one of the worst ever. >> then say that. >> excuse me, chris. wait. thousands of jobs gone, stock price gone. still hasn't recovered. they're trying hard, but she was a disaster ceo. she had a company before that called lucent, which in my opinion and my memory was even a worse catastrophe than hewlett-packard. she gets fired from hewlett-packard, runs for the senate. she loses in a landslide and now he's running for president. now, when i said that and the rolling stone article had moments of beauty and greatness and i did like the pictures, actually. one of the few magazines where i did like the pictures. so the photographer was good. they added a lot of stuff, a lot of garish stuff that i think is
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disgusting. excuse me. wait. but carly, i'm talking about her persona. she is not going to be president. she had a terrible, terrible, failed time at -- >> i don't know about that. i hear everything you're saying about the record. they're all legitimate basis for criticism. i'm reading the quote, look at that face. why would anyone vote for that? really, folks, come on are we serious? >> i'm talking persona. when she makes fun of my hair, i know that's okay. and my hair, i think you know me well enough it is my hair. >> when someone comes on and makes fun about your hair, i'm going to tell them to shut up and move on. let's talk about something else. >> you don't have to defend me. i'm just saying when she and other people hit me on things, nobody ever comes to my defense.
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>> you come to your defense. >> carly had a terrible time in business. she destroyed a company. you have to get the report from jeffrey sonenfeld of yale. check out lucent beforehand. these are two people who will not be president. >> wow. okay. so if you look at the latest polls carly fiorina only garners 3% support. so take from all of that what you will. trump doesn't just have her in his sites, he's taking aim at his closest competitor and that would be ben carson. sarah, first take us deeper inside the numbers, will you? >> sure. let's take another look at that top line. like you said trump is now the first candidate to break through that 30% mark, polling 32% in our latest poll.
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that's a big number. it sort of gives you an idea that his dealing is much higher than we original thought. now, the other thing we want to talk about is where trump is drawing this support from. and partly that's women and college graduates. you can see now he's pulling 33% support among women. that's a 13-point jump from the prove month. he's also improving with college garag graduates, that's a 12-point jump from last month. he's actually broadening the support from different parts of the party. and that's really interesting. >> so ben, why does trump continue to surge when he really hasn't outlined, you know, any complete policies and he says stuff like that about his fellow competitors. why? >> it's because it makes you feel like someone's fighting for you. this goes back to a lot of what happened even with a completely different candidate, with a
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complete lly different set of values in barack obama. when he kept talking about hope and change, people liked it. it felt good. they were saying, yeah, i want hope. i hate washington. i hate politicians. in many ways what donald trump has been doing is exactly the same campaign strategy that you saw from barack obama the first time around. it was i'm different, i'm new, i'm not the normal. but i also don't understand why he takes these risks when he talks about carly fiorina. saying ben carson is an average doctor. he's not a great doctor. at some point those things are going -- >> let's pause there. i want our audience to hear what trump had to say. ben carson criticized donald trump saying come on his favorite book is not exactly the bible. >> ben carson is making a lot of
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traction. he's feeling good enough about himself that he's coming at you. he is a plan man of faith. >> i didn't know that. i hadn't heard that. i never heard faith was a big thing in the just recently. >> it's something he talks about a lot. >> all of a sudden he become this is great religious figure. i don't think he's a great religious figure and i saw him yet quoting something on humility. and it looked like he had just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. >> ben carson is coming at you too. >> i only hit back when i get hit. i'm a great counter puncher. excuse me chris. go back and look at his past. go back and look at his views on abortion and see where he stands. you talk about abortion. go back and look at his views about abortion. now all of a sudden he makes
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bush look like the energizer bunny. >> strong words. >> ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. and you look at his views on abortion which were horrendous. that's why i'm leading with all of the evangelicals. i'm leading ben carson be a lot. i'm almost double his numbers. >> absolutely. i'm saying he came out of nowhere. he's not a big celebrity. people didn't know about him. he doesn't get anywhere near the attention that you get. >> i only bring it up because i saw him hitting me yesterday questioning my faith. i happen to be a great believer in god, a great believer in the bible. who is he to question my faith? he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times, but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor by the way.
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you can check that out too. we are not talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> because he's a doctor and he hired one nurse he's going to end up being the president of the united states? for him to criticize me on my faith is absolutely -- and for him to read from the bible in his memory, it looked like he memorized it about two minutes before he went on stage. >> do you think you're more a man of faith than ben carson is? >> i can't quote him. i can only say i am a man of faith. i don't know enough about ben carson. but if you look at his past, which i've done, he wasn't a big man of faith. all of a sudden he's become this man of faith. he was heavy into the world of abortion and he was a doctor. take a look at the hospitals where he worked. he was a doctor. check out the past and see.
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he's totally antiabortion, well, if you look back, you will find he's a very much different ben carson. >> okay. sarah, that was a lot. i'm still getting over the line that, you know, about jeb bush looking like the energizer bunny next to carson. i just want toe focus on b focu carson being a man of faith. he rose to prominence among republicans because he spoke at a prayer breakfast and dissed president obama. >> this is an area where ben carson is really challenging trump. when you go out to these early states, especially a place like iowa and you talk to voters, these are two guys, neither is a politician and they shoot from the hip and speak their mind.
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that's the kind of thing that could become a problem for donald trump. i think that's why especially in a state like iowa that's why you see him hitting back. >> name one other politician that's ever become famous because they spoke at a prayer breakfast and then you say the guy's not a man of faith. the most famous video of ben carson still to date is him speaking at a prayer breakfast. you have an individual that was able to take and allow twins to live that were conjoined. and donald trump says he's an okay doctor. if that's his definition of okay, what is his definition of great? because these are the attacks i don't get. >> i don't either. >> it doesn't seem to be hurting him. he's at 32% in the polls. >> i think at some point, though, it probably will start. this is a big risk. when you start coming after people and saying they're not people of faith and they're average doctors, no one out
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there in the medical profession has come out and said anything towards ben carson being average. he has been talked about as being an incredible leader in research and development and doing unbelievable things. in fact, some people even criticize him saying how could he run a country when he was so focused solely on medicine and break-through medicine. now donald trump says you're average at best? again, i don't understand the risk he's taking here, why it would work. >> at least he didn't say anything about ben carson's face, because apparently ben carson is good looking enough. thanks to both of you. i enjoyed it. tune into the big republican debate right here on cnn wednesday, september 16th at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. eastern. and tonight on ac36 0 find out which candidates will be on the main debate stage.
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it's just as unusual on the democratic side of the aisle. bernie sanders, a democratic socialist is now tied with hillary clinton in iowa. that's according to a new quinnipiac poll. insiders are becoming nervous. they call a sanders primary win disastero disasterous. >> so we have seen essentially a summer slide for hillary clinton in iowa and a summer surge for bernie sanders. she is now behind him 40%. he's at 41%. essentially a tie in iowa. here's the thing. you have a situation i think where initially people thought that sanders would sort of hit a ceiling, maybe even sort of flame out. and he seems to be surging. if you look deeply into these poll numbers he's doing well among a couple of groups, one of
6:15 am
which is younger people. if you look in these poll numbers 66% of young people are backing him, versus 19% for hillary clinton. if you look at how hillary clinton is doing, her strengths are really among older people. 53% of people 65 and over back hillary clinton. that is her strength. i was on the phone yesterday with three sanders' advisors who say they feel good about where they are and they want to take this thing nationwide. he'll be in south carolina. african-american voters will be very prominent in south carolina and in southern states more broadly. sanders is ready. they are building infrastructure in all these states. >> make sure to stay with us. bernie sanders will join wolf blitzer on cnn for a live interview that airs at 1:00 p.m. eastern. raging flood waters and concerns about nuclear safety. the latest on the disaster
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now to europe around the growing refugee crisis. millions of displaced syrians fleeing their war torn country in search of a new hope. today, president obama signaling he's ready to welcome more in, offering a proposal to allow 5,000 refugees to come into the united states. but as europe struggles to find these families homes, there's been backlash against those in search of a new life. cnn's arwa damon and her crew have been doing outstanding work shining a light on this crisis. arwa has been receiving some pushback. some of the comments on her twitter feed are ugly and lack compassion. quote, one million migrants equals 1,000 suicide bombers.
6:21 am
here. you should dial down on the blame on hungary. these people are animals. muslim migrants are replacing multiculturalism with sharia law. there's a good number of these vile tweets. >> reporter: it's not just us. it is a lot of my colleagues as well from very different networks that are receiving similar messages too on their social media feeds. some of the more disturbing ones we've received will be along the lines of, well, let them just go back to syria and have isis kill them anyways. and why are they bringing their babies? they shouldn't be having children. let them all go back home. there is a shocking lack of empathy in his messages. i think for me personally and i know for a lot of my sclecollea
6:22 am
as well, this story in particular is very controversial. but this one in particular, we've seen a lot of intense hate messaging coming out as a reaction. but you also do see a lot of compassion, especially on the ground as the crisis has been escalating. just look at what's happening around us. the conditions, if they could get any more miserable for these people. it's raining, it's bitterly cold. many of them, the children, soaked all the way down to the bone. a lot of children, the babies arriving absolutely drenched. but they are getting some assistance here. not from the hungarian government, not from any sort of organized ngo or nonprofit, but rather volunteers who are bringing things like clothing so needed at this point. especially when you arrive cold and wet. you see people sifting through some of it there.
6:23 am
there's vans around here that are packed with clothing as well. those makeshift flimsy tents also set up by volunteers. and you have people all the way from germany who are cooking up a warm meal. this really does help to counter balance a lot of that negative hate messaging and that very aggressive attitude that one does see in some of these countries, especially in hungary towards these people. you do get a lot of both. but it has been fairly disturbing for a lot of us covering this to see how vile some of those messages we've been receiving have been and how much there is such this lack of compassion among some people as if they seem to forget this notion that we're all human. and frankly this could be anyone of us. >> arwa damon, thoank you so much. i'm glad you reminded us too
6:24 am
there are wonderful people in the world who are willing to open their hearts. it's good to hear. raging floodwaters in japan ripping this home right off its foundation. the country is bearing the brunt of a massive typhoon right now. nearly two feet of rain falling just this week. the situation so dire, military helicopters are now plucking people off of their rooftops. will ripley is in tokyo with the latest. >> reporter: we're on our way to where 65,000 people have been evacuated, part of a larger evacuation order affecting 170,000 in eastern japan. this is a very scary situation for these folks, because the floodwaters you're seeing, they came up in just matter of moments. people did not have time to leave their homes in many cases. that's why we saw people running up their rooftops or their
6:25 am
balconies. at least 121 people have been rescued so far. but the authorities in the self-defense force, the japanese military that's on the scene right now, they believe there are potentially many more trapped in flooded out buildings right now. at this late hour, the sun has gone down, but now they're conducting boat rescues and they're walking through areas where the water isn't too high and dangerous, going door to door to try to find people who may be stuck. also in fukushima prefecture we're following that plant. the rain overwhelmed the plant's system causing a leak for several hours yesterday much larger than the normal slow leak that has been observed at that plant since the melt down in 2011.
6:26 am
power company said they have the situation under control for now. but there is a lot of concern with drenched ground, more than a month of consistent rain here in japan and more rain in the forecast. but the flooding could be a problem affecting many many people in the days to come. >> will ripley reporting live from tokyo this morning. thank you. still to come we take you to baltimore. there had bewill be a hearing t. you can see the show of force because protesters are expected to be out in force. we'll take you there next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those.
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woman: when a student understands a concept for the first time. man: when the students get it. man: their eyes get big, the lightbulb pops on. woman: "i got it, i think i got it!" they light up. it's like magic. woman: this is not just a job. woman: the rewards i get are... priceless. man: we help kids grow, and that's part of the rush of teaching. narrator: the california teachers association.
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educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. and good morning. i'm carol kos tocostello. any minute now lawyers on both sides of the freddie gray case
6:31 am
are set to appear before a judge to argue whether to move the trial for those officers indicted in gray's death. this is what it looks like outside the courthouse in baltimore. police are starting to gather and gearing up. the defense will argue this trial cannot stay in baltimore. that riots and yesterday's $6.4 million settlement for the gray family has already biassed a potential jury pool. jean, i want to start with you. what's happening now? >> well, you see the protesters right there. we figure there are about a dozen of them. and the whole issue is they know this is a pivotal decision. this community wants this trial here in baltimore. this is their case. this is what happened to them. but the defense is saying, and they have said it through motions, they don't believe that the six police officer defendants can get a fair and
6:32 am
impartial trial in baltimore. why? because it's everything that we watched on television, they experienced it live here in may. the burning, the looting, the violent crimes, the property damage, all of that was in the name of freddie gray, for justice for freddie gray. in addition to that, schools were closed and everybody in the city had to comply with the c f curfew. the defense is saying that it is true, that they cannot get a fair and impartial trial or that there are reasonable grounds they cannot get a fair trial. if the judge determines that, he has to change venue for these trials. the defense is also relying upon the supreme court of the united states, saying that if there is a presumption of prejudice -- and they will show that by everything that happened here, they believe -- that the trial must be moved. the prosecution is saying, wait a minute, this is wrong. you are making an assumption
6:33 am
that the people of this community cannot be fair and impartial. and that's not right. we need to talk to potential jurors. we need to see what their state of mind is. and it's antiquated and old fashioned to change venue without trying to get a jury here in baltimore. 15 minutes for each side. and that civil settlement yesterday that was agreed upon by the city of baltimore, $6.4 million to the family of freddie gray. the mayor said the money was no issue. they had it through other recoveries and settlements, that it will go within ten days. no civil suit was filed by the family of freddie gray. and the defense is going to say that 6$6.4 million really confirmed to this community that these officers are guilty.
6:34 am
>> awhen miguel marquez was in baltimore questioned, he talked with penal on tople on the stre. let's listen. >> it's not as much as they should get. they should get much more. >> reporter: why? >> because of what he went through. >> reporter: do you think it's a measure of justice for the family? >> i do, i do, yeah. but that will not bring that boy back. life is worth more than money. >> all right. so there's a lot of that kind of sentiment out there. is it possible to have a fair trial, to seat an impartial jury? >> you know, the criminal trial jury is said to be the cradle of american little bberty. it is literally what stand between the presumption of innocence and the government that is trying to send them to
6:35 am
prison. the last thing they need is for there to be this question. is the jury sitting in the jury box wondering about this settlement? does it mean the mayor has already decided they're guilty. and if i'm a taxpayer in baltimore, why am i having to pay it? i think the judge really probably has no choice but to move it. i think it's probably a mistake for the prosecution to challenge this, because in the event of a conviction they do not want this to be an issue on appeal that could possibly lead to having to do this twice or multiple times in the event the trials. >> reporter: -- >> some legal analysts say that's kind of weird. >> well, it's within the judge's discretion. and i think it's designed -- that ruling was designed, carol, to make sure that each officer gets a fair trial. some evidence that might be admissible to one defendant may
6:36 am
not be admissible as to another. you want to make sure that each individual defendant has all of their rights protected. so that even adds to the argument that the venue needs to be changed. picking one fair jury out of the population of baltimore is one thing. but picking six is quite another. checking some other top stories at 36 minutes past the hour, a new york city police officer is on modified assignment this morning after slamming a former tennis star to the ground. james blake, who is obviously african-american, says he was forced to the ground outside of his hotel, handcuffed by officers who had mistaken him for a suspect in an identify theft case. make says the incident was scary and crazy and he believes race was involved. blake was on his way to the u.s. open at the time. opening bell on wall street
6:37 am
rang just moments ago. the douw is slightly up. following disappointing numbers coming out of japan and china, traders hoping that conditions stabilize, creating an environment where the fed could comfortably raise rates for the first time in nine years. a historic visit by pope francis. you will not believe how fast tickets sold to see him in philadelphia. plus, women in the catholic church, is there still a disconnect? we'll talk think about. a. b. o. u. . . . . .
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♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romis man kind?eitlin ♪ are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are.
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. 30 seconds, 30 second,
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that's all it took for 10,000 tickets to see pope francis to get scooped up. later this month the pope arrives in the united states for an historic visit. the tickets, which were free, were made available online last night and they were first come first served. if you weren't one of the lucky ones and are still trying to get a ticket, buyer beware. there are reports of bogus tickets popping up online. and they're going for hundreds of dollars. so, yes, go pope francis, right? the pope will visit three great american cities when he comes to the united states. he's expected to talk about immigration, the poor, climate change and hopefully the role of women in the catholic church. when pope francis said women in the church were more important than bishops and priests, it blew my mind. since then, as a catholic woman, i've been waiting to see if the pope follows up his words with
6:43 am
action. i sat down with the president of catholic charities, sister donna markham to talk about it. >> i know i wasn't selected to be president of catholic charities because i was a woman. i think i was asked to do it because people trusted my ability. ♪ >> pope francis can be confusing. one moment he's talking girl power and the next he's not. i'm not the only one confused. when the pope said women in the church are more important than bishops and priests, just like mary is more important than the apostl apostles, i think a lot of people were astounded by that remark. do you think he meant it? >> i couldn't quite get my head around exactly what he was saying between the line there is. is it snicignificant? i think it's vesignificant becae
6:44 am
he's raising women's profile in the church and society. >> but then the pope goes on to say other things that are confusing. for example in 2013 he told a group of nones the consecrated woman as a mother must be ra motha mother. in december of last year, he told a group of women they were strawberries on the cake. >> or is it an expression of someone from another culture who's not using the language a north america would know what to make of. i was baffled by that as well. >> maybe the pope is talking like a 73-year-old man or maybe
6:45 am
he's trying to appease women in an effort to keep the church intact. when it comes to young women, words matter and deeds matter more. according to a study just 16% of american women between 18 and 29 identify as catholic. for the first time in history, she says, young catholic women are more disengaged than their male counter parts. that is a huge shift. if you don't have women, you lose the children. >> there is a disconnect, because as women have assumed roles of equality throughout our north american culture, the catholic church has more and more of a problem with those same young women who can be and do anything they want in civil society and then questioning, well, if i can do that everywhere else, what happens in
6:46 am
the church? >> that's not to say there aren't bright spots. sister donna is the first female president of catholic charities in its history. keep in mind, catholic charities served 10,000. >> i wasn't expecting it. but the good news story in that is that we now have in the united states the three largest catholic service organizations, catholic health association, catholic relievf services and catholic charities are all led by women. >> catholic charities and sister donna will figure prominently into the pope's visit to the united states. it's not only a chance to bring attention to the poorest among us, but it's also the chance to point to the powerful women who
6:47 am
do important work. what is the one thing the pope can communicate to young women? >> i think his ability to speak to women and the importance of women and their capability, their contribution to the life of the church over and over again. the more he can draw attention to that and the value that's placed on women, the better off we will be. but it's going to take a long time, because i think we have a big terrain to traverse there. >> if you want to continue the conversation, check out my op ed on by the way, i will be covering the pope's visit at the end of the month for all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," count down to kickoff. just a few hours the defending champions host the pittsburgh
6:48 am
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if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. i don't buy that. i think if you love what you do, you're going to work all day, every day, harder than everyone else until they shut the lights off because it's not going to be -- >> oh, are you pumped up? that was the unofficial -- well, i guess they unofficially call it the hype video for the philadelphia eagles. philly fans are certainly pu pumped. the defending champion, the new england patriots, will host the pittsburgh steelers. that will happen at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. of course, tonight's kickoff comes on the heels of the deflategate decision. rachel nichols is live inside foxborough -- she's live in
6:53 am
foxborough inside the stadium, home of the patriots. what should we expect? >> reporter: well, if you like parties, carol, this is the place to be tonight. look, the nfl has hyped up the beginning of the season so much in recent years that it's almost started to feel like a national holiday. usually in the home of the super bowl champion, as it is tonight, and they reveal the super bowl banner. it's always kind of crazy, but, of course, this year especially with the new england patriots, look, there are plenty of people around the country who still feel like they're cheaters or are against the patriots, but here in new england they have felt persecuted for the past seven or eight months especially as the deflategate controversy has gone on. they see the court decision as a huge vindication and this will be an enormous victory party, and, remember, tom brady wasn't going to be allowed in the building here. they were going to have to reveal that banner without him. now all ever a sudden they're going to have tom brady on the field to cheer and roger goodell who was supposed to be here, well, he's decided to skip the
6:54 am
festivities. the first time in his near decade as commissioner. >> will this controversy just slowly fade out and nobody will pay attention any longer? >> reporter: well, look, a decision is being appealed. they do expect it to take anywhere from six months to two years, so we don't expect it to come to the fore again during this season. tom brady will, of course, be allowed to play. as each group goes forward, you have the nfl as much as there are people who feel they have egg on their faces, i have to tell you, the cash register, carol, is still ringing. they're expected to make $12 billion this year. their sponsorship revenues after this, quote, terrible year, they are up 15% according to "the wall street journal." so they're still making money. they're fine. as for the patriots, well, they've got a lot of people taking shots at them over the past year. just last week there was some new report being the spygate
6:55 am
controversy, then videotaping opponents' snignals. the coach says he doesn't pay attention to that stuff. he says you guys know i don't have facebook or the instaface. >> i love that. >> doesn't have the twitter or the instaface. that's what bill says. >> that's funny. at least he said something. rachel nichols, thanks so much. i appreciate it. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break. i'll never stop worrying about my kids ...
6:56 am
even though they're not kids anymore. i know today will be noisy, chaotic, and messy. and that i'll have to be both a grandpa and a referee. but no matter what happens, i'll love seeing the family we raised
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happening now in the "newsroom," leader of the pack. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may get bored with winning. >> trump troupesnces the competition in a new cnn poll. and in just hours we find out who he will face off with in wednesday's big debate. also, raging floodwaters, dramatic rescues from above, and now major flooding in japan leading to concerns about a radioactive leak. plus, meet a distant member of your family tree. >> this is like opening up king tut's tomb. >> how researchers discovered a new human-like species and how it could change the way we think about our ancestors. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom."
7:01 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with the race for the white house, and today for hillary clinton the race winds through the state of ohio where a women for hillary event is the latest ston p on the campaign trail. clinton is expected to speak to a crowd in just about a half hour. cnn will monitor that event, but we're also keeping an eye on the other front runner the 2016 campaign, and that would be donald trump. a new cnn poll showing trump pulling away from the pack with 32% of the vote. ben carson coming in second but still trailing by double digits. cnn's sara murray joins me now. what's behind the surge? we keep asking that same question. >> reporter: you're right. we keep thinking he's definitely hit his ceiling. he can't go any higher. donald trump at 32% support. the first candidate to cross through the 30% mark. the interesting thing is he's not just getting more support from the same groups he was drawing support from. he's now getting more support
7:02 am
from women. he's getting more support from college graduates. if you take a look at the numbers for women, that in particular is striking. donald trump now drawing 33% support from women, a 13-point jump from a month ago. he saw a similar jump with college graduates now drawing 28% support. a 12-point jump from a month ago. it's clear he's broadening the case he's appealing to, carol. >> well, his support from republican women is kind of surprising because he went ahead and he kind of dissed another republican woman and that would be carly fiorina. in a "rolling stone" interview he mocked her look saying, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president? trump again slammed fiorina on "new day." let's listen. >> you had a there he goes again moment. first it was rosie, then megyn, then carly fiorina. why do you talk about the way
7:03 am
women looks so much. you know it's not presidential. >> i'm not talking about how she looks -- >> look at that face. >> i will say some nice things about you so they say he says nice things about some people. the fact is carly fiorina has had a terrible past. she was fired viciously from hewlett-packard. >> but then you should say that. >> the yale business school, jeffrey sonnenfeld wrote a paper that was one of the worst papers on ceos -- she goes down as one of the worst ever. the company practically cratered. >> then say that. >> wait. thousands of jobs gone, stock price gone, still hasn't recovered. it's a total disaster. they're trying hard but she was a disaster as a ceo. she had a company before that called lucent which in my opinion and in my opinion was even a worse catastrophe than hewlett-packard. she again gets fired from hewlett-packard, she runs for
7:04 am
the senate against somebody that could have been beaten easily, she loses in a landslide and now she's running for president. now, when i said that, and the "rolling stone" article had moments of beauty and greatness and i did like the pictures actually, one of the few magazines where i like the pictures, so the photographer was good, the writer actually called me and said i'm so upset. i wrote this great story and jan winter screwed it up. they added a lot of stuff, a lot of garish stuff i think is disgusting but they added it. excuse me, wait. but carly, i'm talking about her persona. her persona is going to be -- she's not going to be president -- >> but i don't know about that -- >> she had a terrible, terrible -- >> i don't know about that. i'll tell you why. i hear everything you're saying about the record. legitimate bases for criticism. i'd reading the quote for what it is. look at that face. why would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that's the face of our next president. she's a woman. i'm not supposed to say
7:05 am
anything. but really, are we serious? >> by the way, i think you know me well enough, it is my hair. >> somebody comes on my show and make fun of my hair i will tell them to shut up and move on to somebody else. if somebody does that to you on may air and they say the reason he shouldn't be president is because of his hair, i will say shut up. >> i'm not looking for anybody to defend me. when she and other people hit me on things, nobody ever comes to my defense. so i'm just saying this -- >> you come to your defense. >> carly had a terrible time in business. she destroyed a company. you have to get the report from jeffrey sonnenfeld of yale. he's the expert on carly. it's a disaster. and check out lucent before hand. so you have ben saying what he said. you have carly saying -- these are two people that will not be president. >> that was exhausting, right? but it was kind of fun to listen to, which i think is the main factor here, right? but on a serious note, carly
7:06 am
fiorina, everybody says she's rising in the polls but in the latest cnn poll she's only at 3%, so why is mr. trump even bothering? >> reporter: well, i think the reason he's bothering is because she sort of punched at him, and we remember this from the last debate, the so-called happy hour debate that she was in. she was one of the people who was toughest on donald trump, and that was so interesting because they were on different stages, and i think people kind of forget that. they were in two separate debates. we're still waiting on the final word for who is going to be on the debate stage for our cnn debate but it looks like carly has a very good shot of ending up on stage with donald trump, and that i think will be really fascinating to see the dynamic between the two of them. if they're both on the same stage together. and i can't imagine that you hear donald trump going after her looks when it's actually face-to-face, when the cameras are actually rolling. you see there he's not doubling down on the attacks. the idea he was talking about her persona versus her face is a little difficult to believe and i can't imagine he goes after
7:07 am
her looks when he's on, you know, a presidential debate stage. >> oh, i don't know, sara. i don't know. all i can say is i can't wait to watch. thank you so much. and you can watch along with me that big republican debate. it will be right here on cnn, wednesday september 16th, 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern. also tonight at 8:00 eastern on ac 360 find out which candidates will be on that main debate stage. will carly fiorina be on the debate stage along with donald trump? but before that be sure to check out jeb bush today as well. he talks with cnn's jake tapper on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. it's not just republican voters who are in search of outsiders. a new quinnipiac poll shows bernie sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, he's now in a tie with hillary clinton among likely iowa democratic caucusgoers. of course, that's according to a new quinnipiac poll and it represents an eight-point jump
7:08 am
for sanders since july. nia-malika henderson joins me to talk about this poll. good morning. >> good morning. bad news there for hillary clinton. she's seen something of a dip in her sort of appeal there among iowa caucusgoers, democratic ones. she was at 52% in july. she is at 40% now. neck and neck with sanders, and biden is there at 12%. he has also seen something of a bump up and this is amid a swirl of speculation that he's at least thinking about joining this race, and it looks like he's got some support there. if you look at sort of favorability ratings, there's good news there for clinton because she's essentially in a three-way tie with sanders and biden. biden comes in at about 79%. sanders is at 76%. clint -- 78%. clinton is at 76%. i think in the coming days and even today she's really going to
7:09 am
try to highlight that aspect, that unique aspect of her candidacy, women for hillary groups meeting around the country, and it's something i think she will continue to hit on because it gives her an edge over biden and over sanders. she's the one, if there is such a thing as sort of the war on women that we've seen from democrats, this rhetoric against republicans, she's probably the most capable of playing that sort of strategy that has worked so well for democrats in the past. >> so just a question, so are democratic insiders really worried about hillary clinton's slipping poll numbers? are they pushing joe biden to get into the race? >> yeah, i think it depends on what you mean by democratic insiders. i think certainly there is a contain geco contingent of biden supporters, people who are loyal to him in states like south carolina and iowa, and his friends who want to see good things for someone they think has been a very good vice president. so those folks do want to see biden get in there, and they are sort of chattering with us, chattering among themselves and
7:10 am
donors certainly want to see him get in there, some of his -- some people who backed obama and are on biden's team now, but there isn't a real push like you saw in 2008, real top democrats asking that obama get in that race in 2008, and, of course, he had sort of a grassroots appeal. you don't see that yet with biden. other names being floated around, people like al gore, people like elizabeth warren. i will say this, democrats are always a nervous bunch, so that is no surprise here, but i think if you look internally at the poll numbers, clinton still has some real strength among democratic voters, but she has had some stumbles this summer and i'm sure she's trying to right that ship now. >> absolutely. nia-malika henderson thanks so much. stay with us. bernie sanders will join blitzer on cnn for a live interview airing at 1:00 p.m. eastern. protesters have gathered outside of a baltimore courthouse gellinyelling, chant and demanding justice in the
7:11 am
death of freddie gray. inside the courthouse, lawyers for both sides are meeting in front of a judge arguing where a yir can be impartial. jean casarez is live in baltimore with more. >> reporter: good morning. that hearing is going on right now. it's gone on for 40 minutes. we don't know what's being argued at the moment though. we know it's change of venue for this trial. should it be here in baltimore or not, but the judge is not allowing any type of e-mail transmission. we don't know where they are. each side gets 15 minutes to argue their point, but outside the protesters are very visibly there, peaceful protesting taking place. one protester has a mega horn. we do know that one was handcuffed probably 30, 40 minutesing a. we don't really know why at this point, but there are some police vans ready to go. and they are chanting what many in this community believe, keep the trial here in baltimore, and it's trials because the judge
7:12 am
has determined each one of those police officers is going to get an individual trial. the defense has brought this motion because they say what this community lived through, what these potential jurors went through in may taints them, and, therefore, the defendants cannot get a fair and impartial trial here in baltimore and the trials need to be moved to other locations in the state. the prosecution is saying you can't make an assumption like that. you have to believe in the people in this community, therefore we should try to get the jury right here in baltimore city. >> thanks so much. still to come, a world class athlete slammed to the ground by new york city police. was james blake a vibl. victim of mistaken identity or excessive police force?
7:13 am
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a new york city police officer is on desk duty after he tackled tennis star james blake in what the nypd is calling a case of mistaken identity. officers had been looking for man suspected of credit card fraud. earlier blake told abc news that he felt, quote, targeted, and that the situation could have been much worse. >> i feel lucky actually that i didn't because i'm happy that my reaction was i was actually smiling at the person because i could see how if i put my arms up or if i did anything, it could be a sign of showing some sort of resistance and instead of having a little bruise on my leg i might have some broken bones or some actual injuries because it didn't seem like he was slowing down and he was going to continue that tackle. >> boris sanchez has more on this for you. good morning. >> good morning, carol. blake says that five new york city police department officers tackled him as he was waiting for a car outside his midtown
7:18 am
hotel yesterday. according to the nypd, this was about an identity fraud ring that they were trying to break up. they say there was a group of people buying cell phones with stolen credit cards and that at one point a witness pointed to blake as being involved in that ring. officers then approached him. he says that he thought it was a friend from high school coming to give him a hug. that's when he was tackled. he said he was hurt on his arm and his leg. after being questioned for several minutes officers realized who he was and believed what he was saying. blake has implied that this may have something to do with race, but the nypd says that is not the case. >> race has nothing at all to do with this. if you look at the photograph of the suspect, it looks like the twin brother of mr. blake, so let's put that nonsense to rest right now. race has nothing to do with this. we have a witness who identified mr. blake as an individual that he had sold a phone to and had
7:19 am
been given a false credit card. the officers acted on that information. the witness was there and pointed him out. >> that's police commissioner william bratton speaking to "new day" this morning. he's supposed to hold a press briefing. hopefully we'll see video of what happened, maybe a picture of that suspect. blake said he wants an apology from the nypd. they have reached out to himself times but haven't been able to get ahold of him. >> they called the hotel and left messages. the officer who tackled james blake is now on desk duty, so if nothing wrong happened, why is that? >> that's pending the investigation. so what i'm hope something that we'll see some of that video, get a clearer picture from the nypd if they believe there was some wrongdoing and then they'll make a decision on that officer. >> what james blake is saying is i was standing there, i wasn't running away, i wasn't resisting in any way, and the officer just tackled me. >> he says -- >> why couldn't the officer say, we have a few questions for you, can you provide identification?
7:20 am
>> that's what blake is saying. he says he immediately told the officer that he wouldn't fight the arrest, that he would comply -- >> that was when he was on the ground already. >> he also told them he felt unsafe. he says that no one had apologized to him. that's what he's looking for. >> i'm sure you'll keep us posted. still to come in the "newsroom," less than a week until the republican debate and donald trump is leading the pack by a huge margin. up next we'll hear more from his fiery interview with cnn. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you?
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it is a busy day for hillary clinton. she hits the campaign trail today in ohio and wisconsin. any minute now we're expecting clinton to step on stage at a women for hillary event in columbus. but as the boston globe points out, winning the female vote could be a major challenge. ohio has never had a female governor. it's never been represented by a
7:25 am
woman in the senate, and columbus where clinton is about to speak has never had a female mayor. let's bring in cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux on the campaign trail. oh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it really just got loud just a second ago here, very loud, very enthusiastic audience. we expect hillary clinton to be on stage momentarily. you bring up a good point about women. obviously the campaign is trying to bring out her personality to make her more likable, that this is the thing they're trying to focus on and emphasize. we saw earlier in the week dancing with ellen. she's going to be on jimmy fallon as well later in the week. iowans want you to know that with 2008 they gave her the prima primary. delegates here are highly loyal and highly emotional about their support for her, but hillary clinton, quite frankly, as first lady, as senator, as former secretary of state has never really been as comfortable highlighting her personality as opposed to her accomplishments.
7:26 am
she was the one, as you know, back in 2008 said, look, she's the one who is going to get that 3:00 phone call in the morning and be ready on day one. it's really this delicate balancing act she's going to be doing today. >> okay. suzanne, i'm going to let you no a -- go and let you listen to what hillary clinton has to say and report back. republican hopeful donald trump came out swinging this morning against rival ben carson during a fiery interview with cnn's chris cuomo. trump not only slamm emed carso face but also took some heavy hits against his professional ability as a doctor. >> i have known ben carson, of him for a long time. i never heard faith was a big thing until recently -- >> he's a seven day adventist. it's something he talks about a lot. >> and all of a sudden he becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he's a great religious figure and i saw him yesterday quoting something, and
7:27 am
he was quoting on humility and it looked like he had just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. you know, don't tell me about ben carson. >> ben carson is coming at you, too. >> he's starting to hit me so i hit back. i only hit back when i get hit. i'm a great counter puncher but ben carson, you're talking about his faith. excuse me, chris. go back and look at his past. go back and look at his views on abortion and see where he stands. you talk about abortion, i mean, go back and look at his views on abortion. now all of a sudden he gets on very low key, frankly he looks like he -- he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. you look at his faith and i think you will not find so much. you look at his views on abortion which were horrendous and that's i think why i'm leading with all the evangelicals. as you know in your poll, number one, i'm leading ben carson by a lot. who is he to question my faith when i am -- you know, he dunts ev doesn't even know me. i met him a few times but i
7:28 am
don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor by the way. you can check that out, too. we're not talking about -- he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> because he's a doctor and i hired one nurse he's going to end up being the president of the united states? but for him to criticize me on my faith is absolutely -- and for him to read from the bible in his memory, it looked like he memorized it two minutes before he went on stage. >> do you think you're more a man of faith than he is. >> ben carson is not going to be the next president, that i can tell pu. >> do you you're more a man of faith than ben carson. >> i can't quote him. all i can say is i am a man of faith. i don't know enough about ben carson, but if you look at his past, which i have done, he wasn't a big man of faith. all of a sudden he's become this man of faith. >> all righty then. so ben carson has responded to the donald trump "new day" i
7:29 am
don't want to get into a gladiator fight with donald trump. he wasn't trying to criticize trump's faith in any way in his comments. let's talk about some of this. senior analyst and editorial director ron brownstein is here and also republican strategist cheri jacobus. i don't know what to make of this. ben carson became famous for speaking at a national prayer breakfast where he dissed president obama. he put religion front and center from the time i've known he's been in the public eye, ron. >> yeah, no, look, this is kind of a daily -- almost daily oc r occurrence with donald trump lashing out at a rival in this fire hose style of campaign criticism. he's obviously struck a nerve. he's running at roughly one-third of republican primary voters in your new cnn poll. an incredible number in a field
7:30 am
this big, but ultimately i think, you know, between now and between the voters -- voting starts in february, his rivals are going to have to figure out a way to make these questions about his temperament more relevant than they are today for more republican voters. i mean, the question of whether they want him to be the face of the party much less the president is something that i think ultimately if they are going to dent this machine that trump has going, his rivals are going to have to kind of force front and center. >> so cheri, you're a republican strategist. ben carson just kind of blew off donald trump's comments. is that the right move? that's what many of the other candidates have done and, look, they're at 3%, 2%, 1%. >> a couple things are going on here. first of all, ben carson said what he needed to say and what trump said in response is ridiculous. a couple things will change the dynamic of this poll. first of all, according to nate silver of 538, arguably one of
7:31 am
the best election prognosticators in the business, he said tremp is probably not going to be the nominee for many reasons. first of all, the media has helped trump. good for chris this morning for pushing back and doing his job when you have any candidate talking like that, and the media has covered trump more than all of the other candidates combined. i think that has a lot to do with his numbers because -- >> but still nobody thought he would garner 32%. nobody did. >> but it was feeding itself throughout the summer. we're now post-labor day and here is another thing to change the dynamic. trump has gone after carly fiorina on her looks, gone after ben carson, and these are the two candidates who are not part of the so-called, quote, establishment, so i don't think that's going to go over very well. >> carol -- >> and also he covers only one issue that he cares about, the illegal immigration issue. he does not want his core voters to know some of the other things he's said and supposedly stands for because they won't agree. >> one thing about carly fiorina
7:32 am
and, ron, maybe you can address this. you say his comments about women will matter. carly fiorina got 3%. she's not rising like a rocket in the polls. >> well, look, first thing that came to mind is just to underscore that point, at this point in 2007 rudy giuliani was leading in the national polls. at the point in 2011 rick perry was leading in the national polls. >> do they have 32%? >> rudy giuliani got to 50% at points in 2007. yes, and rick perry was right around 30% or maybe even high 30s. and neither of them ended up winning a single primary. there's a lot that has to happen between iowa and new hampshire in february, but i think the clear message of this poll is really to the other republican candidates that donald trump is not going to deflate on his own. and that if they are going to get past him, they are going to have to figure out a way to raise questions about his temperament, his ideology. you know, coming at him from the right on son-in-law of the positi -- some of the positions he's taken before. it's not temperaturesimply a qu
7:33 am
donald trump going away. they have to find a way to flank him. . trying to mobilize the center right republican coalition that has usually picked the nominee. >> i will say the only public figure out there that's gotten trumpy in fronting to trump has been the guy from r.e.m. because they were mad trump played their song. not only michael stipe, but who is miller? i think he's also in the band. he called donald trump an orange clown. is that what we have -- is that what the candidates have to sink to? >> i don't think that's what they have to do, but they have to hold his feet to the fire. the media has to cover this stuff rather than just yawning and i think that chris cuomo did an excellent job of that. when a candidate of any party uses the type of language and has that hype of temperament, that should be run on a loop and reporters and anchors need to call him on it rather than just saying, hey, voters, what do you
7:34 am
think? as john avlon said on cnn sitting there chewing their cud -- >> did you see dana bash's interview, she was excellent. >> he's great for rating. a lot of mainstream media love donald trump because it hurts the republican party and helps hillary but at some point it's time to get serious. we're in the post-labor day mode, people paying attention -- >> ron, last word. >> i don't know if it's that but the temperament issue is already there. the quinnipiac poll only 50% of republicans and a third of the country overall said they ble he had the temperament to handle an international crisis. this is a campaign calling out for a 3:00 a.m. phone call ad. do you want donald trump at the other end of the phone in an international crisis? i think ultimately as i said the other republican candidates are the ones who have to raise doubts about him because this poll i think underscores ears not simply going to go away. >> there's a lot of fodder for a lot of ads and i think the 3:00 a.m. call is just one of them but i think donald trump has put it all out there and i think that's what the media likes
7:35 am
because this can come back to haunt republicans. so, yeah, trump is -- i don't think he'll be the nominee as a result of this despite the numbers where they stand now. >> i got to leave it there. i got to leave it there. cheri, ron, thanks so much. you can catch the republican presidential debate live from the reagan library next wednesday right here on cnn. also, coming up in the "newsroom," in just about ten minutes, we should learn whether the officers charged in the death of freddie gray will, indeed, be tried in baltimore. the judge is expected to make an announcement in just about ten minutes. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. a disaster unfolding in japan right now.
7:40 am
at least nine people are missing due to flooding. raging waters ripping this home right off its foundation. a massive typhoon slamming the country. nearly two feet of rain falling just this week. military helicopters are now having to pluck people from the rooftops. more than 120 people have been rescued so far. will ripley is in northern tokyo. he has more for us. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, carol. that two feet of rain this week comes after nearly a month of continuous daily rain here in japan. it's part of the reason why there was so much concern when this typhoon was approaching, and now residents are finding out a very difficult lesson about what it's like to live close to the water when the floodwaters rise up. this is really long-time residents say something that hasn't happened in at least several decades. it was very quick, very frightening for these people. some of them senior citizens who didn't have much time to get out of their homes. in fact, a number of people couldn't even leave their homes.
7:41 am
they could only go upstairs to the balcony or even to the rooftops to wait for rescue. the japanese military was called in, they were deployed. they're highly trained to deal with a whole host of natural disasters that we see here in japan. tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and also flooding and serious mudslides which is what we're seeing in this part of the country right now. you mentioned that at least nine people are missing. 121 people have been rescued so far, but it's believed there are still many more in this late hour. it's now the evening here in japan, but there are people that still need rescue, and the effort is continuing around the clock even though the helicopters are grounded for the evening. there are boats that are going from house to house looking for people who may still be trapped hoping to find those missing and those who have called for help and are just waiting right now, and in fukushima prefecture, they have been drenched with heavy rain. the rain during the tropical storm overwhelmed their drainage system and it caused radioactive water to spill out into the
7:42 am
ocean for several hours at a far greater rate than normal. they say that this situation is now contained but they're monitoring radiation level this is the area adding to the concern for residents around here. >> will ripley reporting live from tokyo, japan, this morning. the city of phoenix on edge as someone takes aim at drivers. bullets and projectiles have struck at least ten vehicles over the last two weeks. another incident this morning is being investigated. police say a sniper is targeting this stretch of interstate 10 and they are warning the public these attacks could turn deadly. >> anytime you have multiple shootings against american citizens on a highway, that's terrorism. they're trying to frighten or kill somebody. >> many now taking desperate measures. last night four armed volunteers spent hours walking through a neighborhood that runs parallel to that interstate. sara sidner is live in phoenix with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol.
7:43 am
yeah, we were with those volunteers who come out and go to neighborhoods that have trouble, have crime. they've decided to focus their attentions along i-10 and they were looking all over in cracks and crevices trying to see if they find anyone who is suspicious. that is also what the department of public safety is saying to regular citizens who are out there, to pay attention. all along interstate 10, carol, there are signs. they are saying i-10 shooter, if you have any information call this hotline. there's a $20,000 reward. here is what we know so far. at least six cars have been hit with bullets. we know at least four others have been hit with projectiles. that's just in the past 11 days. and this is causing great concern. the head of the department of public safety saying this really does amount to domestic terrorism. people are afraid. there are passengers here, there are drivers here who are very concerned about taking i-10. you look on social media, some folks are saying we're going to try a different route. for a lot of people this is a main artery into downtown
7:44 am
phoenix and out of downtown phoenix and they're going to have to use this road. thousands upon thousands of people use it every day but there is great concern here in phoenix today, carol. >> sara sidner reporting live from phoenix this morning. in just a few minutes i'm going to take you out to baltimore once again. a judge will make an announcement we believe in just a couple of minutes on whether those six separate trials for those police officers accused in the freddie gray case will be tried in the city of baltimore or will their trials be moved outside of the city? we'll take you live to baltimore next. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. new car replacement is just one of the features that come standard with a base liberty mutual policy.
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7:49 am
candidate bobby jindal ripping into donald trump just moments ago during a fiery speech at the national press club. listen. >> donald trump is for donald trump. he believes in nothing other than himself. look, he's not a liberal. he's not a moderate. he's not a conservative. he's not a democrat. he's not a republican. he's not an independent. donald trump is for donald trump. he's not for anything. he's not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. policies, ideals, they're not important to him. he is for donald. donald trump is a nar cycissistd he's an egomaniac. >> i just had cherry jacobus on and she said someone had to do that and here is bobby jindal doing just that. have y if you heard donald trump on "new day qurti" you know what i talking about. we're also following
7:50 am
breaking news out of baltimore. the judge expected to announce his decision on a motion to change the venue, change the location. jean casarez is live in baltimore and paul callan joins me. has the judge made his announcement? >> it's going on right now. the judge said at 10:45 he believed he would make that decision. so they're all in court right now. but we do know a little bit about the argument this morning. it was 15 minutes for both sides. the defense as expected really argued strongly about that $6.4 million civil settlement to the family of freddie gray which was authorized by the city yesterday saying it, in fact, was an admission of guilt by the leaders of this community that the police officers had engaged in criminal wrongdoing coupled with the leaders of this community from the state attorney to the mayor who spoke out in may when this all happened against the police officers. from what i understand, the judge really didn't seem to have
7:51 am
any reaction to that. the prosecutor said that in regard to that civil settlement you need to have the voir dire, the jury selection right here in baltimore city to see if it influenced the people of this community. that it was widely said yesterday that it had nothing to do with the criminal charges against these police officers. we also know that the defense said that baltimore was under siege in may. that is how they termed it. that this entire jury pool has been tainted, and the judge, carol, can make three decisions. he can decide that the trials, and, yes, it's plural, it's six trials, one for each police officer, all of them can be moved out of baltimore city. we also know that the judge can determine that all of them will remain in baltimore city, or the judge can say you know what? maybe we can't get a jury here, but we've got to try. we've got to give the respect to this community that owns this case that we can try to get a jury right here in this city. so the decision right now,
7:52 am
carol, most likely is being announced by the judge. as soon as we get that decision, we will let you know. >> i know, i'm waiting. i can't wait to hear the decision. i just want to check in just briefly with you, paul callan. what do you think the judge will say? >> i have never seen a stronger argument for changing venue. you had a city that was, you know, destroyed in some areas, very substantially by riots. you have public opinion that's terribly against the police officers. and you have the city admitting guilt in essence by settling the case against the cops for $6.4 million. and you know something? i don't think the judge is going to grant the change of venue yet. i think he'll probably take a more conservative road of saying, we're going to continue with discovery proceedings, pretrial proceedings, and we'll make a decision farther down the road when maybe public sentiment has calmed down and then you can really find out whether the prejudice has lasted, the
7:53 am
anti-cop feeling has lasted an will impact on the trial. if you look at high-profile trials, o.j. simpson, case of the century, tried in l.a. boston bombing case tried in boston. so it's not unusual to keep them. >> the reason i'm hurrying you along is because there's a live news conference going on from the new york city police commissioner bill bratton. he's talking about james blake, the tennis player being arrested wrongly in a credit fraud case. >> -- to ahettend the u.s. open events in queens. i have attempted this morning after obtaining the cell phone number of mr. blake to reach mr. blake. mayor de blasio has also sought to reach out to him. we have not been able to contact him through that voice mail. i am dealing with an intermediary also to let mr. blake know that i would be very interested as well as the mayor to talk with him to extend my
7:54 am
apologies for the incident in which he found himself involved in yesterday around noontime in front of the grand hyatt. our chief of the detectives will give you some of the specific details of that event, but, again, we have determined as a result of the investigation over these last now almost 24 hours that mr. blake had no role of involvement in the criminal investigation that we were conducting and was totally innocent of any involvement, and as a result of this morning being able to view a videotape of the incident, that i am in support of a decision by the chief of internal affairs, commissioner resnick, yesterday who viewed the video last evening to place the involved officer, a police officer with this department, on modified assignment. modified assignment, as you are aware in new york city means his gun and badge have been removed,
7:55 am
and he's been placed on administrative duties pending the investigation by internal affairs going forward. concerns i have about what i witnessed on the video as well as briefings i have received by chief resnick, the inappropriateness of the amount of force that was used during the arrest, the investigation will attempt to determine was that use of force appropriate. we have not yet talk eed with t involved officer. we have interviewed the other five officers who were with him at the time of the incident. we have also concerned administratively with the failure to make any notification of the arrest and detention of mr. blake. mr. blake was inappropriately arrested and detained in handcuffs for a period of time, five to ten minutes my understanding based on -- >> we're going to break away. we're continuing to monitor commissioner bratton's statements, but i got to wrap up my show for the day. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello.
7:56 am
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donald trump on the attack. less than a week from the cnn debate, the front-runner unleashing on his opponents, including a big dig against carly fiorina's looks. >> and he just unloads on dr. ben carson, now rising in the polls, questioning whether he is a good doctor, even a good christian. a close associate, a friend of ben carson's will respond here live. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. what a day. donald trump, he doesn't just cast aspersions, he drops apersion bombs. with jus


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