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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." i want to begin in baltimore where a judge has ruled that the trials of those six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray are staying right where they were first planned, baltimore. they are not moving to another venue. the defense attorneys say they're worried they can't find impartial jurors in a city that's been just racked with stress over a young man's fatal injuries in the back of a police van. there were violent protests that followed covered widely all over the news. but in his decision to reject that request for a change of venue, at least for now anyway, the judge, barry williams, said this. the citizens of baltimore are not monolithic. they can think for themselves.
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joining me now is the attorney for freddie gray's family. his name is billy murphy. he's been a free guest on this program. thank you for being with me. i want to get your reaction to the judge's decision not too long ago. >> well, it was the right thing for the right reasons and it's a victory for baltimore. it's a victory for jis. and this is two victories in a row for freddie gray and his memory. yesterday's victory and today's ruling. and so we're quite pleased. and the judge followed the correct legal standard. he said let's see if we can pick a fair and impartial jury before we start presuming things about the impact of the publicity on this town. and, of course, that's what's done all over the country. that is the mainstream way to handle high-profile cases. so it was a great day for justice. >> billy, i want to get you to put on another hat and it's a hat you have worn for so many years of your career and that is
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the defense attorney's hat who has a client who is sitting in the same situation as those six men and women who are going to be tried in that city. there's a lot that went into this. i mean, think about it alone, the settlement that your client, freddie gray's family, has just accepted, $6.4 million. before we even get to the criminal process. that alone should have given you reason to be concerned about the fairness for those defendants. as a defense attorney, do you agree with that? >> yes, but i don't agree it should have been removed as a former judge. so i've worn that hat as well. and i think the proposition is very, very simple. is it possible if you bring in a few hundred people that you're going to find 12 people, not who haven't been exposed to the publicity. i don't care about the publicity. i want to see what the evidence is and i will base my verdict solely on that.
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and it would be a blow to the collective intelligence of baltimore to say, no, we can't find those 12. that's just absurd. now let's back up a little bit. baltimore is not unlike boston during the aftermath of the bombing where they were able to pick a fair and impartial jury. it is not unlike the cases that i've had. i had a case called charles hopkins where my client attempted to assassinate mayor and then former governor schaefer and killed two city council people and went on trial for murder. the publicity was at least as intense in baltimore as for this case. we were able to get a fair and impartial jury and i won. >> i'm going to throw a few more things at you. i want to do a few more things because you do wear these hats as a defense attorney. and now i will call you judge murphy. >> no, don't do that. that costs me money. don't call me judge murphy.
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>> you deserve credit for the career you've had. but judge murphy, honestly, i need to put the four issues in front of you. we talked about the settlement which is pretty remarkable, then you have the actual coverage of those riots, that's the jury pool. that's baltimore. many of those participants might actually get jury duty notices. then you have the intense publicity which sometimes is the only reason you get venue changes. and then on top of that you have the state's attorney going on the steps of the war memorial and saying the words no justice, no peace. i heard your calls and i will answer them. all of those things must, as a man who appreciates american jurisprudence give you slight pause for the fairness of the process for these six. >> i don't see anything unfair about the ruling at all. and that's -- >> no, no, i didn't ask that. i'm asking you about the pause that it gives you. does it just give you pause as a person who spent so many years in the business of defense?
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>> not at all. not at all because i know how venue motions work. it's rare that you get a venue change motion. absolutely rare. >> casey anthony got it. casey anthony got it and that was extraordinary like this. >> name me one more. name me one more. >> oh, lord. there are just so many, sure. there was the florida case of the young girls who were picked up and murdered. those were venue changes as well. you know as well as i do venue changes are significant and they do happen when people like me have stories like this all throughout our newscast for months on end. >> well, you were able to name some, so, so much for that, but they're rare. they're rare. you rarely see them. >> i have a feeling -- >> as a former defense lawyer, look, i have to ask -- i have to ask for them. i think it's the right thing to do to ask. i think it's the right thing to do to make the argument. but the argument usually fails.
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and it failed here. >> can i ask you, billy, how is freddie gray's family doing? they are participants in a process they never asked to be in, they didn't want to be in, and they are suffering. how are they doing especially in light of yesterday's settlement? >> well, it's up and down for them. yesterday was up. today is probably going to be up. but it's been down more often than it's been up because it's hard to lose a child. it's hard. i mean, it's hard to even put yourself in somebody's shoes who has lost a child, somebody in whom you've invested 20-some-odd years of your life raising. i mean, that's hard. so she's having a rough time. she really is. >> i can only imagine. i can imagine it's only going to get harder. they have six trials, six separate trials they're going to have to withstand. billy, i hope we get another chance to speak. i admire your work so greatly.
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thanks for being on today. >> well, thank you very much. and i'm glad that you bested me on this one. >> i tried. >> today i got it wrong. >> remember, i'm not a lawyer, okay, so i'm really not suited for this. you've got me by a mile. >> you're doing a great job imitating one. >> good to have you. i play one on tv. >> if you hadn't said it, nobody would have believed it. >> i have to be honest, it's my full disclaimer every day. i know we're going to have probably more motion changes for venue, so i hope we have this conversation again. thanks, billy. >> excellent, excellent. coming up next, we have another big story we've been covering, the donald trump saga. he spoke with cnn today and, guess what, more insults against his rivals. surprise. also, guess what, another big jump in the latest polls in his favor. surprise. so where do you think he stands at this point? how big a jump was it?
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and is there anything that can threaten his momentum? that's next.
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five months before the iowa kcaucuses, six days before the cnn republican debate. donald trump is surging in a cnn poll and he's also slamming his rivals on cnn's airwaves. and before you say anything, wait, it's exciting. it is news. we have the new poll conduct this had week and donald trump becomes the first gop candidate in the very crowded field to cross against the 30% mark.
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up and over. and by the way,case you're wondering how much upsy, it's an eight-point jump from the poll in august. we also asked the question who republican voters consider most likely to win the nomination and trump's numbers are even bigger, 51% now expect trump to carry the party banner in the general election. and you can just compare that to the midsummer numbers and his rise along with ben carson, i might add, is even more clear. at the apparent expense of, you guessed it, jeb bush and scott walker. wow. that's what the voters think, this week anyway. trump, as you know, has strong opinions particularly about opponents who go after him. this morning on cnn's new day" the front-runner lashed out at ben carson after ben carson said that he is a man of faith and he, quote, doesn't get that impression about donald trump. listen to how he put it.
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>> i've known ben carson for a long time. i never heard faith was a big day until recently. >> he's a seventh day adventist, something he talks about a lot. >> all of a sudden he's this great religious figure. i don't think he's a great religious figure. i saw him yesterday quoting something and he was quoting on humility and it looks like he had just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. don't tell me about ben carson. >> ben carson is coming at you. >> he's starting to hit me so i'm hitting back. i'm a great counterpuncher. ben carson, you're talking about his faith. go back and look at his past, his views on abortion and see where he stands. you talk about abortion. go back and look at his views on abortion. he gets on low key. he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. very low key. >> strong words. >> a lot of people pushing him. ben carson, you look at his faith, and i think you're not
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going to find so much. you look at his views on abortion which were horrendous and that's why, i think, i'm leading with all the evangelicals. as you know in your poll, number one, i'm leading ben carson by a lot. you said, oh, ben carson is surging. well, i'm almost double his numbers. >> oh, absolutely. i'm saying he came out of nowhere. he's not a big celebrity. >> i only bring it up because he was hitting me yesterday. he's questioning my faith. >> he definitely is questioning your faith. >> i'm a great believer in the bible. >> chris, who is he to question my faith when i am -- he doesn't even know me. i met him a few times, but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. check that out, too. we are not talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> he was a doctor and hired one
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nurse he's going to end up being the president of the united states? >> i have to say he is a good doctor. i think we should settle that now. he's a great doctor. trump went on to answer his own question. i want to hear from an expert, cnn's political director, david ch chalian is joining me live on the set. they went all in but there was so much more that developed in the last 24 hours. he had very pointed words about carly fiorina, very personal, very offensive, and yet instead of doubling down -- he doubles down on the stuff where he pisses people off and he backed away tried to couch it. i'm surprised he doesn't double down on what he says. he gets around it. >> he contextualizes it as he sees fit, trying to put his spin on it. he told "rolling stone" magazine about carly fiorina's face, and
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is that a face that could be president. look at that face. >> who is going to vote for that face? >> this morning he said, i wasn't talking about her physical looks but her persona. >> this is crap because every time he has said something offensive, yeah, i said it. that's my thing. i say what i mean. i'm not like other politicians. when it comes to women like megyn kelly or carly fiorina he does dance around it and becomes like every politician out there with double speak. >> i don't know if it's like every other politician. >> lots of politicians who employ double speak on a regular basis. >> i don't think you see him pulling punches. when he's on the stage with carly fiorina next week at the debate, he will absolutely, if she takes it to him, give it right back. i don't think we've seen him afraid to take on carly fiorina. >> talk to me about the issues. a lot of people said these people who are answering the polls don't know what they're talking about, they were asked what do you like about trump?
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do you like his experience? his position on the issues? do you dislike the others? and it's surprising. >> it's the issues. >> that's what people are saying. honestly it's one very specific issue, immigration. it is a majority of republicans say that is the most important issue and by far the republican voters who say that are donald trump supporters. that is what has propelled him to this place and his approach of his nonpolitical style. one of the most interesting findings is stats faction iatis. if he is the nominee, would you be satisfied with him as the nominee? 32% said no. 67% said yes. when you compare it to jeb bush, take a look at this. >> those numbers don't look good for jeb. >> the worst sta ttistic in our poll. 47% say they would not be satisfied with him as the nominee.
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that's a big hurdle. jeb bush is just not the man for this moment in the republican party. >> it's fun to nerd out on polls right now. it's never been this fun to nerd out on polls. david, you're going to be back, i hope. good to see you. thank you. by the way, on the democratic side, a new quinnipiac poll shows that presidential candidate bernie sanders is now leading hillary clinton at least in iowa. c cnn's wolf blitzer is going to speak with the senator. bernie sanders is up next hour here on cnn and, of course, stay with cnn because tonight is the big republican debate reveal. at 8:00 p.m. we're going to learn which of all of those candidates made the cut and will be on that stage. the republican debate, of course, airs on cnn next wednesday, 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. eastern time. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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in south carolina the case of an ex-police officer charged with the murder of an unarmed black man is back in the spotlight today. the attorneys for michael slager are going to fight to get him bond at a hearing that begins a little less than two hours from now. by standard video, you'll remember it, showed him shooting walter scott in the back after this traffic stop. you see the traffic stop on the video. you don't see what happened in the middle. then you see the shooting in the back. so the officer has said in that middle piece that we don't see walter scott grabbed his taser during a scuffle and point ed i
9:23 am
at him and slager's told nbc news an enhanced version of that bystander video shows his client is telling the truth. >> they were both on the ground. it wasn't just firing a shot in the distance. it was a close-in, physical confrontation. >> three seconds of the video were out and everyone thought i shot him in the back for no reason. >> in the meantime new court documents filed earlier this week show that walter scott did, indeed, have trace, trace amounts of cocaine in his system when he was killed. joining me to discuss this, cnn's molina machado reporting from the scene and, first to you, the hearing that's coming up, what are we expecting in terms of players who are going to show up in this courtroom? will michael slager make that jury from the cell where he's been held in iso to the
9:24 am
courtroom? what are we expecting? >> reporter: well, ashleigh, our understanding is that michael slager will actually appear via videoconference. we'll have to wait and see what, in fact, happens. as you heard michael slager's attorney said there's much more to the story beyond what you see in that disturbing video shot by that witness. they also say their client has been held in solitary confinement without bond since his arrest in april and they're hoping to change that this afternoon. now slager was fired within days of the shooting shortly after the video surfaced and was charged with murder. this week in documents filed by the defense, we've gotten a better sense of some of the key points they will make as they argue for a bond this afternoon. those documents include a toxicology report that shows walter scott had traces of cocaine and alcohol in his system, an analysis of blood found on slager's clothing, several statements made after the shooting in which he claimed
9:25 am
scott took his taser and point ed it at the officer during the scuffle, and there's also data from slager's taser showing it was fired six times in 67 seconds. the bottom line, slager says, he felt his life informs danger and that is why he shot at scott. now scott's family has told us they are very upset by the accusations that have surfaced. they also believe the bystander video speaks for itself. here is what scott's brother said on cnn tonight. >> i don't know what more could be to the story than if he had drugs in his system. i don't know what difference that made in him running away unarmed and being gunned down the way that he was gunned down. >> reporter: now we know the scott family is planning to be in court today. they've also said they will address the media following the bond hearing, ashleigh. >> alina machado live in miami,
9:26 am
thank you for that. paul, we just heard anthony scott say, and this is the grieving brother, this family has been nothing short of gracious in the way they have handled themselves and the press given the circumstances they see so far. there are reports from the police including not only two lieutenants but the police chief. they say that officer slager told them -- again, police saying our cop told us that during the scuffle walter scott had taken slager's taser and pointed it at him. but how much weight will a judge give that given the fact -- i mean, there's a potential conflict of interest. there are some bad cops out there sometimes. how much weight will the judge give that in bond? >> you have to consider it. the thing the judge is looking at with a cop being charged with a very serious crime, what is the risk that he will flee? if it's a slam dunk case and he's going to definitely get convicted of murder, a life
9:27 am
felony in south carolina, then he has a good motive to flee and those are the kinds of cases sometimes you have no bail placed. and this is what i think the real back story of this case is, because anybody who looks at that video knows this man was shot in the back as he was running away. the officer has to be in danger at the time he fires the shots. how are you in danger -- >> or the person has to have some kind of a dangerous weapon that could hurt, kill, or injure others. >> other people. the claim here now is morphing into maybe the cop thought he had a gun on him and he was running in the direction of a residential neighborhood and he could have killed somebody else. >> does a taser rise to that level? >> no, it really doesn't. >> a hard case for him. >> i think in the end where they're going with the defense is that the officer acted under extreme emotional disturbance and it's not a murder. it will be reduced to manslaughter and that's really where they're looking to go with this. >> i always look for the benefit
9:28 am
of the doubt for every single defendant that comes across our desk, and this one is a struggle. this is what you call a bad set of facts. this is a big struggle. paul callan, thank you. and alina machado as well. recognize this tennis star in new york for the u.s. open? yeah, he's pretty famous, but police did not recognize him when they tackled him and cuffed him in front of his fancy hotel. the police commissioner in new york has just apologized. will it be enough? and what happened?
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new york city's police commissioner has apologized to james blake after that tennis sensation was tackled in what police are calling a case of mistaken identity. in a news conference earlier today commissioner bill bratton said he has tried to reach out to mr. blake but he has not yet been able to make contact. earlier today mr. blake was at the abc "good morning america" studios and he said to robin roberts he felt, quote, targeted, and that the situation could have been much worse. >> it was really shocking because i was standing there just waiting, minding my own business, and i saw someone coming from the street running directly at me, and i thought maybe it was just someone i didn't recognize, a high school
9:33 am
friend coming to mess with me and give me a bear hug. it turned out quickly it wasn't. when he picked me up, he did pretty much hug me but body slammed me, put me on the ground and told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. >> yikes. joining me now to discuss cnn legal analyst joey jackson. first to you. just get me up to speed on where they stand in this case right now. >> the nypd essentially said today that blake was totally innocent, that he should not have been detained the way he was, that was inappropriate and he was handcuffed inappropriately. they say this was a case of mistaken identity. there was a group buying cell phones with fraudulent credit cards, a witness pointed to blake and that's when they tackled him. the officer that tackled him is being investigated. he's on desk duty. they're looking at whether or not his action was appropriate. they said initially in the initial investigation he inappropriately used force. >> it doesn't look good when you're only hours from the
9:34 am
incident saying it looks already like this was ugly. >> blake has implied through "gma" that race may have been a factor but the nypd says that's not the case. here is what they said in the press briefing. >> i don't believe at all that race was a factor. a white police officer. mr. blake is african-american. this rush to put a race tag, i'm sorry, that's not involved in this incident at all. we had probable cause on the part of the oftser, two witnesses who say that's him. i'm sorry. that doesn't denote a racial angle at all. >> officers are also saying they relied on a photo received by an internet service provider of their suspect but they can't show us the photo. it's an image -- the person in the fphoto had nothing to do wih the investigation. >> oh, dear. it gets worse. >> a case of mistaken identity.
9:35 am
>> it would have been the guy in the photo who might have been tackled and not have this platform to say this is what happened to me. james blake is a big deal. he was fourth in the world ranked in tennis. could he file a civil case? not suggesting he will, but could he? >> he could. i think what he's doing now is really shining light upon an issue. just taking this back for a minute, the legitimacy of a stop, you can argue, certainly if someone is identifying and saying, it's you, it's you, the police have recourse to say i'm going to stop you. of course the constitution provides for pat and frisk if you have reasonable suspicion. >> and the photo provides that? >> there's a photo. it looks like you. it's not about the legitimacy of the stop as about the legitimacy or ill legitimacy of the tactics. >> physical. >> base d upon that it becomes problematic. of course he can sue predicated on that. there will be an issue of damages. he's damaged to some degree,
9:36 am
obviously there's a mental component. >> some bruising. >> what he's doing here is more significant because he's shining a light on something that needs to be shined upon. were the tactics excessive? if so it needs to be addressed. these other people don't have jeff blake's platform. . >> you're right. james blake. james blake. he's a big deal. he can get on "gma" like that. thank you, joey, as always. thank you both. coming up next, this is bizarre. if you are driving in arizona, you might want to be careful. this is a live picture of i-10 to the phoenix area. there have been multiple shootings in 11 days along this busy stretch of the interstate and cars are getting hit by real bullets. we're going to figure this one out in a moment. you totalled your brand new car.
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that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. armed volunteers spent last night patrolling the neighborhood near interstate 10 in phoenix where there's been a rash of incidents. at least six incidents of shootings along that busy freeway. all of this happening just over a period of 11 days. and today are saying they're investigating another possible shooting that could be related. right now they don't have anything to go on in terms of suspects. while no one has been killed,
9:41 am
one girl 13 years old was injured and authorities say all of these incidents had the potential of being deadly. we are along i-10 in phoenix. this is really scary. it reminds me of the d.c. shooter back in '02. where do we stand today on what they're doing about this and how they're trying to find these shooters or one shooter or whatever they're looking for. >> reporter: it's really difficult when you talk to police about this. they're doing everything they can. they're in the air, in the ground, in marked cars, undercover cars, the atf and fbi are helping out. they are imploring the public to help out as well. we noticed last night driving down i-10 through the very stretch where these shootings have been happening and where projectiles thrown at cars as well and there are signs up telling the public i-10 shooter. call this number. it is a tip line for anyone who has any information. i want to let you listen, though, to the department of
9:42 am
public safety talking about these potential shooters. >> we want to catch them as soon as possible because if he's doing it, he or she is doing it in the middle of the day, then it's a scary situation. it's bad enough it's happening at dark. if they're brave enough to come out in the day and do it. >> reporter: ashleigh, these are happening at all different times of the day. as early as 3:00, 4:00 in the morning and 11:00 in the afternoon where it's bright daylight and then late at night. there's a random set of circumstances here and that makes it much more difficult to catch whoever is doing this. ashleigh? >> do you know or are they saying if there's any particular cars or any particular targets? is it suvs, red cars, is it speeding cars, is there any sort of pattern to this or is it completely random? >> reporter: it's such a good question, but we tried to look at some of the vehicles. there are trucks, there are cars. there doesn't seem to be a pattern police are looking at
9:43 am
all of the he have. they hadn't shared a lot. keeping tightlipped about the evidence because, of course, they want to use that for their own purposes trying to catch whoever is responsible for this. i do want to talk to you about the citizens who have responded. this group of citizens who have been around about five years and we met up with them last night and they are armed to the teeth walking along this freeway just like where we are looking for cracks and crevices, looking in darkened places using flashlights. they are out here with their mace and guns looking for who may be responsible for this as well. kind of going around neighborhoods in the past. they have focused -- shifted their focus really to i-10 and the corridors along i-10 as well trying to help police with information, ashleigh. >> just as you were talking, sara, we were showing the video of these armed volunteers. it's really harrowing to think that they are out helping the police, as the police said, they need the public. but look at them. they look s.w.a.t.-like in their
9:44 am
approach to finding whoever is responsible. sara, keep us posted. sara sidner live in phoenix. up next, the movie theater massacre was phase one of james holmes' killing spree plan. we're about to show you phase two, the booby traps and the bombs and the napalm and the thermite he had intricately set up for the police who might show up.
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for the very first time we are getting a look at the intricate and dangerous traps that james holmes personally hand crafted as a little gift for the police that might be coming for him, before he headed off to a crowded movie theater in aurora, colorado, and flat out murdered 12 people, shooting up everybody else back in 2012. we've always seen these pictures, the apartment from the outside, the remarkably brave bomb squad working through the window. now we are getting through the window and the door. watch this. it's amazing, the video this robot is taking as it goes into the apartment. the bombs are everywhere, little black spheres all over the place like bowling balls almost scattered across the floor. the fbi was able to put the count at about 16 of those. and then there were four of what they called improvised
9:49 am
incendiary devices. he picked up pickle jars. he layered them with thermite, a smokeless powder, stuffed them full of bullets. that's what you're seeing rg bullets, inside a flammable liquid called homemade napalm. it causes severe burns when it's on fire. the jury found holmes was not insane. they found him a calculated killer whose plan was to kill even more innocent victims probably in uniform. i want to bring in someone who know as thing about uniforms, a special agent in charge of the atf. you are very familiar with this kind of threat. when i saw it, i first thought there's no way you could have ever imagined a crime scene like that. but this is not new to you? >> we live with the idea if there's one improvised explosive device there may be others.
9:50 am
in this case you saw the police, the fbi the atf take their time in a calculated fashion and do that search very systematically because, as we see now, if we had gone into that apartment in the wrong way. >> how do they know, matthew that you have a shooter in a movie theater, how do they know tread lightly anywhere he's been? >> we've seen over the course of the past several years they leave a trail and sometimes it's not a good trail. we have to be careful of things just like this for this very reason. >> so when they got there the first indication is literally peeking through the window. >> using fiber-optic cameras, sound devices to locate and determine if something is in there. look at what we find. high explosives. low explosives. combustibles, wires, trips, automatic detonators. this was a disaster waiting to
9:51 am
happen. >> thank god it didn't. thank you for being here. it's nice to have your expertise. up next, a case that has the city of chicago in absolute shock. who could do such a terrible thing to an innocent little child? we just received a composite sketch of a child whose remains showed up in that lake. we'll show that you image next. at the top of the hour, the man who is giving hillary clinton a run for her money, senator bernie sanders, is going to be live with wolf blitzer. see why he is surging in the polls. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go. now the only thing you don't know, is why it took you so long to come here.
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just a short time ago at a news conference in chicago police did something important in a crime they've been working on putting together a composite sketch of a toddler. that toddler's remains washed up in a lake and so they had very little to go on. they put together the best compass it they can. i want you to take a look at the closest version of what that baby might have look like. medical examiner says the child was likely an african-american about 2 to 3 years old with short, curly, black hair with brown eyes and earlobes that do
9:56 am
not have ear piercings. somebody who is out there dismembered this little baby and put this child's remains in plastic bags and weighted down those bags and tossed them into a lagoon, and now the police are doing everything they can to figure this out. they are actually draining this lagoon hoping to find the rest of the child's body. they have hands, feet, and the child's head but they don't have the child's torso. i want to bring in larry kobilinski. if they have hands and feet, they have fingerprints, dental records. what more would they need? >> they need a cause of death. they want to know if the child was suffocated or traumatized by blunt trauma or stabbed or god knows what.
9:57 am
they need the entire body and that's probably what they have when the lagoon is completely emptied. >> what's amazing to me we don't even know if this baby is a boy or a girl at this point. certainly they're not letting on. you know full well with your scientific background they can figure that out very quickly. >> as soon as they get a dna analysis done -- the technology is great. you can do it in the matter of a day or less, they will know whether it's male or female because there is a certain genome we look at that differs from male and female. they will know the gender right away. more importantly they'll have the genetic information. >> what will that do to help find who is responsible? >> it could give them the key lead they're looking for. if they have that genetic profile and run it through the national database, if a close
9:58 am
relative of the child is on the database, they will get what is called a familial match, so they may find that whoever is on the database will have a match. >> what you're saying the dna they have from this child could strike a positive on the nationwide records if somebody who is related to this child has commit add felony. >> correct. >> they could find that somebody and the trail from there? >> precisely. >> because somebody out there has a child who is missing and hasn't said anything. >> correct. correct. they know the child was decease ed for at least a week or two just based on the level of decomposition. they also have the ridge endings on the footprints, the sole prints and that's like a fingerprint. normally hospitals will take an inked print of the feet, and so
9:59 am
that is a good way to identify the child as well. >> but why hasn't this happened already? these are records. these aren't lab tests that you have to wait for processing. those footprints from the hospital are there. >> this is work that has to be done. it's also possible the child was not born in a hospital. so, i mean, it may lead to something important. it may not. but it's hard work and it's got to be done. >> the remarkable amount of work they are doing this drain this -- i don't know if it's a lagoon or swamp or lake -- will take a four days. they have four pumps, a million gallons of water. what else would they be looking for forrencecally to help them solve this crime? >> we know there are plastic bags. the body parts were apparently put into bags and weighted down. this is all physical evidence. what they have to do is a grid search of the lagoon after it's empty and pick up all that evidence and then try to reconstruct what happened to this poor kid. this kid was dismembered after she died. >> they know that. >> they know that.
10:00 am
>> who knows if this was a murder. you immediately think that because of the horrifying nature of this, but who knows if this was a cover-up to a death or anything else. larry, thank you, as always. appreciate it. thank you, everyone, for watching. coming up on wolf, presidential candidate bernie sanders with what he thinks about leading in the polls in iowa and that interview starts now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, the presidential race by the numbers here in the united states. donald trump widens his lead over his republican rivals and bernie sanders edges ahead of hillary clinton in yet another key state. in a new cnn/orc poll


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