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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 10, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> who knows if this was a murder. you immediately think that because of the horrifying nature of this, but who knows if this was a cover-up to a death or anything else. larry, thank you, as always. appreciate it. thank you, everyone, for watching. coming up on wolf, presidential candidate bernie sanders with what he thinks about leading in the polls in iowa and that interview starts now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, the presidential race by the numbers here in the united states. donald trump widens his lead over his republican rivals and bernie sanders edges ahead of hillary clinton in yet another key state. in a new cnn/orc poll released
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this morning, donald trump now at 32%. the first republican presidential candidate in the field to top the 30% mark. ben carson is at second place with 19% followed by jeb bush at 9%. take a look at this. 51% of republicans now say trump is most likely to win the gop nomination. 19% think bush will be the nominee. 11% think dr. carson will be the nominee. on the democratic side, dramatic numbers, bernie sanders has now caught hillary clinton in iowa in a new quinnipiac university poll, senator sanders edges hillary clinton 41% to 40%. the vice president, joe biden, who has not yet announced whether he's running in this presidential contest, he's at 12%. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is here with me to talk about what's going on. we've had many conversations over these months. you must be stunned. be honest. that you're ahead in iowa.
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you're ahead in new hampshire. this other monmouth university poll in new hampshire has you up by nine points in new hampshire. now up one point in the quinnipiac poll in iowa. >> you want me to tell you the truth. >> tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> yes, i'm stunned. look, we have a message i believe would resonate. when the great middle class continues to disappear, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. when millions of families cannot afford to send their kids to college, when we're not addressing the planetary crisis of climate change and, wolf, a huge issue, we have a corrupt campaign finance system as a result of citizens united where billionaires are able to buy elections. the american people are saying this is not the kind of country we want to be. so i thought that those issues would resonate.
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but did i think they would resonate as quickly as they have? the answer is no. >> so why are you going up in these numbers in iowa and in new hampshire and hillary clinton is going down? >> well, i can't speak to what's going on with secretary clinton, but what i can tell you is we've been around new hampshire and iowa, the bigger cities, the smaller towns, and people are sick and tired of establishment politics. they're sick and tired of establishment economics. they don't want to see billionaires getting more tax breaks and cuts to social security, which is what many of my republican colleagues are proposing and, by the way, don't get upset with me here, tired of establishment media. they would rather see serious discussion about serious issues rather than so much of what we see. earlier in the week you said the clinton campaign, and i'm quoting you now, is getting nervous about the energy and enthusiasm our campaign is bringing forth. explain what's going on.
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why are they getting nervous? >> i was in new hampshire on just the other day and we were at a parade in a town called milford. we had 300 to 400 people coming out in that 94 degrees. 300 or 400 people came out to march with me. later on in the afternoon we opened up a small office. 200 people in a parking lot over 90-degree heat. we're seeing more and more people getting involved in the campaign. i don't have a suit pack. i'm not going to take their money. we have now over 400,000 people who have made individual contributions and you know what the average contribution is? it's all of $31.20. >> is the hillary e-mail controversy, in your opinion, hurting? >> look, i think it's clearly
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not helping her. but i think the reason we are doing well is the issues we are talking about, the need for a political revolution that says that the billionaire class can't have it all, that you need a congress and a government that represents all of us and not just large campaign contributors, that is what's resonating with the american people. >> she sounds as if she is getting a bit nervous about your dramatic surge in new hampshire and now in iowa. she says no repeatedly, i am a proud democrat. i am a true democrat. she doesn't mention you by name, but the implication is you're not a democrat, you're an independent. you're a socialist. that's the implication i'm getting when i hear her say that. >> well, look, it's no great secret, i'm the longest serving independent in the history of the united states congress. and i'm proud of that. the people of vermont sent me to washington because they were unhappy with both political parties. i made a choice over four months ago as somebody who has caucused
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with the democrats for my first day in the united states congress. i was chairman of the senate veterans committee, now ranking member in the senate, worked very closely with democrats that i would run within the democratic primary and caucus process. and we're doing well. >> so are you a proud democrat and a true democrat as she says she is? >> i'm going to be doing everything that i can to see that the democratic party is successful in november. and let me say this, some people say, well, bernie, you can't win this election -- and let me repeat what i said before. in november the republicans didn't win the election. the democrats lost the election because the voter turnout was abysmally low. low-income people not voting. 80% of young people not voting. if you come to the rallies we hold, you'll see a lot of working class people. you're going to see a lot of young people who are now prepared to get involved in the political process. and the way the democrats win not only the white house but the
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congress and ledges gislatures governor seats is when we have large voter turnout. i think i could do a good job in expanding the voter turnout. >> in ohio and columbus, she painted herself as a moderate and she said i plead guilty to being a moderate. do you plead guilty to being a moderate? >> i am somebody who for the last 30 years has stood up and fought for working families. i have taken on every special interest in the country from wall street to the drug companies. i am a proud progressive. >> you want joe biden to jump into this race? >> i neither want him to jump in or not jump in. that is a personal decision that the vice president has to make. i've known joe for many years. he is an incredibly decent guy, and all i say is that if joe biden gets into the race, i will do my best to make sure we have an issue oriented campaign. i don't do negative ads. i don't get engaged in personal attacks.
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let's debate the issues of joe gibson. that's great. >> just your analysis because you're a politician, if he gets in, does he help you against hillary clinton? does he take votes away from her or does he take votes away from you? >> the answer is i'm not an expert in this stuff, who knows? some think it will help me. some think he'll help secretary clinton. what it does do it makes the votes that you need to win this thing -- you don't need 50% or 48%. you need 35%. >> on the issues, on policy issues, the most important issues that are driving you, what's the biggest difference between you and joe biden? >> well, joe is not in the race. i don't want to speculate about joe. i will tell you the differences between the secretary and myself, i voted against the war in iraq. i believe over a period of years we should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. we should start breaking up these large financial
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institutions on wall street. i am very opposed to our current trade policies and helping to lead the effort against the transpacific partnership. the secretary has not made a decision on that. i am strongly against the keystone pipeline because i think we need to radically transform our energy system. the secretary has not made a statement on that as well. >> so those are the major differences. we have a lot more to talk about including donald trump who is now way ahead in the republican contest. senator, hold your thoughts for a moment. we'll continue this conversation right after this.
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we were begging for this deal. we looked like a bunch of beggars begging for this deal. the iranians agreed, the persians have been great negotiators. they're laughing in iran right now at how stupid we are. donald trump slamming the iran nuclear deal on "new day" earlier this morning.
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the u.s. senate scheduled to hold a procedural vote on the deal at 3:45 p.m. later today of the back with us is the vermont senator, the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. you like this deal, this iran nuclear deal. donald trump says it's the worst possible deal. a lot of republicans they hate it. are you okay with it because they're going to get $100 billion, the iranians, and they can do with that whatever they want. >> this is not the deal i would write. it's not the deal you would write but, you know, wolf, i get very tired of hearing the rants and ravings of republicans who apparently have not forgotten the lessons of iraq and afghanistan. i think that war will go down in history as one of the worst foreign policy blenders in the history of our country. >> do you think that negates hillary clinton? >> that's not my point. this is not an american agreement. this is with five other countries plus iran, tough
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negotiating. if we -- everyone agrees on that. it will be a disaster for the reion. a disaster for israel. increase the arms race in that area. what republicans keep ignoring is the cost of war. if you don't negotiate an agreement, what's your alternative? >> if you were president of the united states and they violated with the military option, the u.s. use of military force against iran to prevent it from becoming a nuclear power be on the table? >> of course it would be on the table. military option is always on the table, but it must be the last option. you know, and i get really upset. i'm the former chairman of the veterans committee and i learned about the cost of war. i'm not only the 6,700 brave men and women who died in iraq and afghanistan, the 500,000 -- 500,000 -- who came home with ptsd and traumatic brain injury. the $4 trillion we spent on those wars. what the president is trying to do and i agree with him is to do
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everything that we can to achieve our goal of iran not having a nuclear weapon without going to war. >> so what do you say to your critics, democratic critics, who say, you know what, he's really just a socialist passivist, he voted in 1991 against the operation desert storm to liberate kuwait. >> i am not a passivist. i voted for the war in afghanistan. i voted to support president clinton trying to deal with ethnic cleansing in koss voe. sometimes military force is what is needed. but what a great nation is about, the most powerful military on earth is about, is doing everything that we can to resolve international conflict without a war. and i do get very upset at people who are so prepared to send other people's kids into that war. so i support what the president is trying to do if it does not work, if iran cheats, we can rescind the provision on
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sanctions. the military option is always a possibility. but let us do everything that we can to achieve our goal without going to war. >> the white house says the president has directed the administration to make preparations next year to admit 10,000 syrian refugees into the united states. are you with him on that? >> yes, i am. look, you have a humanitarian crisis which is heartbreaking. people are leaving syria. they're leaving iraq, by the way. and with the clothes on their back and i think this is a european issue, by the way. i think it is an issue that saudi arabia and some of the other wealthy countries in that region should also embrace. they're part of the cause of the problem. they should take some of the refugees. so should the united states. >> how would you as president of the united states destroy, defeat isis? >> i don't think anyone has a magical answer, but this is what i do believe. i do not believe that the united states can or should do it alone. i get a little bit tired of countries like saudi arabia who
10:18 am
border on isis telling president obama, please send combat troops, but we don't want to get our hands dirty. one thing saudi arabia among other things has the third largest military budget in the world. i think you need countries in the region to be leading the effort with the support of the united states and the other wealthy, powerful western countries throughout the world. >> i know you're making a major move today on a domestic issue, prescription drugs. you say they're way too costy. you're working with elijah cummings from maryland. what's your point now? what could you as president of the united states do to reduce the cost of prescription drugs? >> two things. first of all, we pay by far the highest price in the world for prescription drugs. one out of five who gets a prescription from a doctor cannot afford to fill that prescription, that's totally crazy. they get sicker, maybe they even die. what we need to do is, number one, have medicare negotiating drug prices with the
10:19 am
pharmaceutical industry, three th drug companies made millions of dollars. the second thing we do is we allow the united states and distributors and pharmacists to reimport drugs, prescription drugs from other countries like canada where their prices are much lower than in the united states. >> if you were president would you work to get a single pair health care system in the united states, move away from obama care and maybe get medicare for all of america? >> in my view, the affordable care act has not done a lot of good but there are still 35 million who are uninsured. we continue to pay or spend far more per capita on health care than do the people of any other country so, yes, i want to move to a medicare or single pair program which will guarantee every man, woman and child. we are the only country, major country on earth, doesn't guarantee health care to all people. >> what do you think of donald trump? >> well, i think he's obviously
10:20 am
a very flamboyant guy, doing a lot better in the republican process than anyone thought he would. i am sad to say in the year 2015 people like trump are using racism as a way to attract votes. you don't talk about people as rapists or criminals. that's not what we should be talking about today. i hoped we would have gone beyond that. >> when he says some of the people have come into the united states, some of them turn out to be rapists or criminals -- >> so do some white people and some black people and so do some everybody people. his remarks were totally objectionable and were racist. >> you want more debates because the chair of the dnc says there are going to be six authorized democratic debates, presidential debates and that's enough. >> look, when so many people have given up on the political process, when we have a pretty low voter turnout, i think
10:21 am
debates are a healthy aspect of democracy. i think the exchange of ideas on the important issues facing our people is a very positive thing. i am in favor of more debates. >> one final question. you had a birthday. you turned 74 years old. donald trump 67. hillary clinton 67, almost 68. all of these people are too old to be president of the united states to which you say? >> i don't know about these other people, i feel good. thank god i am blessed with good health. i can't remember the last day off i had as a result of sickness. i'm running an energetic campaign. i would not have gotten into this unless i thought i could run a vigorous campaign and be a very strong president. >> can you really see yourself as being president of the united states? >> increasingly, yes. >> running against donald trump? >> no. republicans will nominate their candidate and i'll run against whoever they have. >> you're running doing well. joe biden is 72 years old. so if he comes in, he'll be a
10:22 am
contemporary as well. senator, thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> good to have you here on cnn. bernie sanders is now the front-runner in both iowa and new hampshire according to these latest polls. for the latest, by the way, in politics and all the presidential contenders, head over to still to come, donald trump tries to clarify comments he made about one fellow republican presidential candidate then swings hard at another. stand by.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump is defending comments he made about one of his gop challenger's looks and going on the attack against another's faith. trump appeared on cnn's new day and defended comments about carly fiorina to "rolling stone" magazine. >> i'm talking about her persona. her persona is she's not going
10:27 am
to be president. she had a terrible, terrible failed time. >> i don't know about that. i'll tell you why. i hear what you're saying about the record. they're legitimate bases but i'm reading the quote for what it is. look at that face. why would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that's the face of our next president? she's a woman, i'm not supposed to say bad things. >> i'm talking persona. >> all right. let's talk about this. joining us from here in washington our political commentator, cnn political commentator jeffrey lord, a former reagan white house political director. trump says he was talking about her persona not necessarily her looks. do you buy that? >> no! does anyone? you know, the problem for someone like donald trump he has predicated his entire candidacy on telling it like it is, who is straight talking, doesn't have to kowtow to special interests.
10:28 am
he can't have it both ways when he says it like it is and then says, well, that's not what i meant. we're going to take him at his word whether he's talking about megyn kelly's whatever or carly fiorina's face. you can't say that i'm a straight talker and then say unless you don't like what i said and then in that case i'm going to give you another word. i'm going to substitute it. it's gibberish. it's nonsense. >> jeffrey, what do you think? >> i find it very interesting. rush limbaugh was saying a little bit ago and i looked this up to verify it. i remembered it once he said it. in 2010 when carly fiorina was running for the u.s. senate against barbara boxer, she was seated in front of, believe it or not, cnn cameras waiting to go on and she said, i'll read the quote, god, what is that hair? so yesterday. in other words, making a nasty crack about barbara boxer's physical appearance. the world didn't end. no one brought that up.
10:29 am
i suggest it wasn't that big of a deal. if it's a big deal for donald trump now, it was a big deal for carly fiorina then. this goes right to the heart of the real problem here and that cnn poll as i said to s.e. this morning, 91% of the women in that poll think the economy is either the biggest issue or the next biggest issue. that's what they're concerned about. they're not concerned about this and donald trump went up 13 points with women in that poll after the whole megyn kelly incident. >> s.e., go ahead and quickly respond. >> i think you're right that women are concerned about jobs, in which case we should be talking about scott walker talking unemployment in half in wisconsin. carly fiorina holding on to jobs at hewlett-packard. other records on jobs instead of donald trump and what he thinks of ben carson's faith or carly fiorina's face.
10:30 am
but that's not what he actually wants us to talk about. he wants to have these media moments so we're not focused on the record that he doesn't have and the ideas he cannot defend. >> all right. hold on for a moment because i want to move on to what donald trump also had to say about another republican presidential candidate, the number two candidate accord iing to the pos right now, ben carson, and that same interview earlier today. carson yesterday said his faith is the biggest thing that distinguishes him from trump and went on to say he didn't get the impression. it was important, very important, for donald trump. here is how trump responded on cnn today. >> oh, i've known ben carson, of him, for a long time. i never heard faith was a big thing until just recently. >> he's a 7th day adventist, it's something he talks about a lot. >> and all of a sudden he becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he's a great religious figure, and i saw him yesterday quoting something. he was quoting on humility, and it looked like he had just memorized it about two minutes before he made the quote. >> he also went after dr.
10:31 am
carson, jeffrey, saying his previous views, dr. carson, who was a noted pediatric neurosurgeon at johns hopkins university hospital in baltimore, his previous views on abortion, trump said, were horrendous. what do you make of this? this attack between trump and carson is getting ugly. >> well, you know, first of all, wolf, i have to say historically this is what ps in presidential primaries. it happened with reagan and bush, kennedy and johnson, obama and hillary. this is what goes on with this. i think people tend to take some of this with a grain of salt. the specifics will get sorted out. i do think as i recall the other day or the other week dr. carson was under attack not from donald trump but his actions relating to abortion as a doctor. i don't have the details in front of me. in other words there's grounds for controversy, i suppose, if you want to get into this. i just don't think that you get
10:32 am
into somebody's religious faith, which dr. carson is starting to do here. that's a bad way to go. you can't possibly determine somebody's -- the degree of faith or their personal relationship with their creator, as it were. >> dr. carson later told "the washington post" this morning i don't want to get into a gladiator fight with donald trump saying he wasn't trying to criticize him on his comments. we'll continue to watch what's going on. all right, guys. stand by. thank you very, very much. just ahead, republican presidential candidate bobby jindal calls rival donald trump a carnival act and an egomaniac. what's behind his new offensive against donald trump? i'll ask the louisiana governor. the republican presidential candidate is here with me live next. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein
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it may be the most aggressive attack on donald trump in the campaign so far. bobby jindal today unleashed a barrage of criticism against trump. he says it's time for the republican front-runner to go back to reality tv. >> he's not serious. he's a carnival act. here is the truth about donald trump. donald trump is shallow. he has no understanding of policy. he is full of bluster. he has no substance. he lacks the interlek tullectua capacity. the only thing donald trump believes in is himself. he tells us his health care plan will be fabulous. he tells us his tax plan will be really, really terrific. he is shallow. there is no substance. he doesn't know anything about policy. he has no idea what he's talking about. he makes it up on the fly. he doesn't believe in limited government, he has told us that.
10:38 am
over and over from his belief in socialized medicine to his desire for tax increases, he has told us over and over he has no problem with big, top down style government. we have no idea what he would actually do in the white house. folks, it is time to get serious about making america great again. it is time for donald trump to take the ride down the elevator. it is time for us to tell him, donald, you are fired. it is time to tell him we will not put an unserious person in the white house. >> and governor bobby jindal is with me here in washington. those are pretty strong words. all of a sudden you're attacking donald trump in a blistering tone. why? >> summer season is over. we're past labor day. time for silliness is over. i enjoyed the trump show, he's entertaining. i love to see him go after the d.c. insiders but he's full of nonsense. the eidea of america slipping
10:39 am
away, i think the democrats are handing us this election on a silver platter. do we go back to our tested conservative principles or turn it over to a man who only believes in himself. we have no idea what he would do if he were there. it's time to stand up for conservative principles. >> your critics are already saying look at the new cnn/orc poll. trump has widened his lead. he's at 32%. dr. ben carson at 19%. you're tied for 12th place now, maybe at 1% or 2% in the cnn poll. you're doing this to get publicity to generate excitement for your campaign. >> our early state strategy is working. we're moving up in the polls in iowa. this isn't about me. folks that have attacked donald trump have gone down in the polls. those who haven't attacked him have gone down in the polls. the idea of america slipping, $18 trillion in debt, planned parenthood selling baby parts across the country, this is an important election. i think this is an election we
10:40 am
can win. we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. hillary clinton is a flawed candidate running a very bad campaign. talking to bernie sanders before, wolf, give him credit, at least he's honest enough. bernie is now ahead of hillary. this election has been given to us. we can't trust this to trump. he is an egomaniac, a narcissist. the only thing he believes in is himself. he's for social eyed medicine, he's against it. the only problem he has with big government is he's not running it. he's not a conservative. >> so you signed the pledge that you would vote for any of the republican candidates who eventually got the nominee. if donald trump is your party's presidential nominee, will you vote for him? >> wolf, that's why i'm here today to stop that from happening. >> will you vote for him if he's the nominee? >> we have to stop that hypothetical from happening. not only is it dangerous, what happens if he gets elected? people say it's dangerous, you can't have this madman near the nuclear, we have a man --
10:41 am
there's no ideology, no policy, no intellectual curiosity. he's only for himself. he said his favorite book was the bible. he couldn't name one verse that he liked or had an impact on his life. wolf, i don't think he's read the bible because he's not in it. this is a complete narcissist. it's been a fun show. the idea of donald trump is great. the reality is awful. >> you don't think he's qualified to be president of the united states. >> absolutely not. >> will you vote for him if he's the republican nominee? >> i'm working hard to make sure he's not. >> you keep saying. the pledge is, and this is the pledge reince priebus forced donald trump to sign, he would support the eventual nominee. would you support donald trump as president of the united states if he wins the republican nomination? >> we're not going to let him win the nomination. this is bigger than the republican party. it's about our country. i'm not running as a third-party candidate. i'm a republican. my point is he cannot be the nominee. he cannot be our next president. i think he's right to say we have to fire the professionals
10:42 am
in d.c. he's right to be an outsider, to be politically incorrect. his diagnosis is right. his prescription is wrong. his prescription is he's the solution. >> i don't hear you say here today that you will vote for him if he's the nominee. this new cnn/orc poll says 51% of republicans in this nationwide poll say it's likely he will be the nominee. >> i don't think that will happen. people like the idea. it was funny when he gave out lindsey graham's phone number, fun when he gave helicopter rides. wolf, he's not a serious man. he is not a man of substance. he's not qualified to be the nominee or the president. he's an egomaniac. he doesn't want to make america great. he wants to make donald trump great. this election is all about him for him. this election needs to be about our country. it's not about donald trump. >> you know one of the headlines out of this interview will be governor bobby jindal refuses to promise he will vote for trump if he's elected to be the
10:43 am
nominee. >> it should be he will stop trump from becoming the nominee. the voters will decide that. i think we need to nominate a principled conservative who will fight to shrink government. i'm the only one who has actually done it. everyone else talks about it. we need to elect someone who will restore our military, invest in our military. these are critical issues. the idea of america is slipping away. the entertainment has been fun. cnn should give him a tv show. give him time. he would be great for ratings but he shouldn't be president. >> let's talk about refugees. the white house announcing a little while ago the president will go forward with the new initiative given the crisis in europe. listen to josh earnest the white house press secretary. >> the president has directed his team to consider how we can further scale up our response. and one thing that the united states can do is to begin to
10:44 am
admit more syrian refugees into the united states. this year that will end the fiscal year that will end at the end of this month, the united states is on track to take in about 1,500 seyrian refugees. the president has directed his team to scale up that number next year. and he's informed his team he would like them to accept at least to make preparations to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees in the next fiscal year. >> are you with the president on this? >> no. look, we normally take roughly -- and the numbers vary -- about 70,000 refugees. there's a vetting process. they're talking about putting a band-aid on a problem they helped cause. let's understand why the refugee crisis happened. america is the most generous country in the world. that's a great thing. this crisis was caused by his failure to enforce the red line. we're going to continue to see syria disintegrate, continue to see millions flee, hundreds of thousands, it could be millions flee this region. we can't take in enough folks to
10:45 am
solve this problem. what we can do is fix our flawed foreign policy. what i am for is fixing the foreign policy. he can't escape responsibility. this president when he said he wanted to lead, these are the inevitable results. >> governor jindal, thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> good to have you here on cnn. i appreciate it. cnn will host the next republican presidential debate september 16, next wednesday. we'll reveal which candidates, by the way, will be on the main debate stage 8:00 p.m. eastern on "ac 360. "before that check out jeb bush later today speaking with our own jake tapper on "the lead" at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. still ahead the debate over the iran nuclear deal is causing a major split within the gop over tactics. we'll talk about that live. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee senator bob corker eer when we back. did you know that good nutrition
10:46 am
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. senate leaders have a showdown vote set for two hours from now. republican leaders want to stop the implementation of the iran nuclear deal despite the fact that president obama has enough democratic support to ensure that it will survive a potential veto by the president. he talked about it just a little while ago during a veterans event. watch this. >> there are times like this where we hear a lot of this talk, casual threats of military force, false promises that military actions will be easy or
10:51 am
simple or relatively costless. these veterans and their families remind us that that is not the case. >> all right. let's discuss what is going on with republican senate bob corker of tennessee, the chairman of the senate committee. you sponsored this iran nuclear arrangement, this review act of 2015. it gives the congress 60 days to consider the iran agreement. what do you hope to achieve now, though, that 42 democrats are clearly with the president, more than enough to sustain a presidential veto? >> well, wolf, we have a bipartisan majority. bipartisan majority, the two most knowledgeable democrats, the ranking member senator cardin and senator menendez who opposed this. along with two distinguished democrats.
10:52 am
look, at the end of the day, the majority of congress opposes this deal. the vast majority of the american people oppose this deal and, you know, at the end of the day we know this is an executive agreement and the president made no attempt to do something that congress had approved. we wouldn't be doing what we are doing right now, we would be discussing a treaty. instead, he decided to go straight to the u.n. security council, cut congress out, cut the american people out and so we're having this review. i think where we have one is in the court of public opinion and what we have done is set it up with the next chief executive to look at this in a very different way in a year and four or five months. so, look, i wish we could have stopped it. i really do think it's bad for our country and it's just hard to believe, wolf, that we have this country, a rogue country with a boot on its neck and we
10:53 am
were going to dismantle their program, as the president said, in their nuclear program, as the president said. and instead, this agreement with u.s. approval causes them to industrialize their program. look, i'm disappointed we haven't been successful. but we have been successful in illuminating the many flaws and we have done so in a bipartisan way. >> last night, senator ted cruz, he's a republican, he really went after you and ben cardin on the sean hannity program on fox. >> it would have required the approval of congress and the republican leadership killed that and pushed through this deal. >> he's blaming you for the arrangement that was eventually worked out. your response? >> well, all i can say is senator cruz was a co-sponsor of
10:54 am
this bill. and voted for it. so i don't know, that's my only response. he was a strong supporter. he put his name on it and he knew that the president had the ability to do this by executive agreement, unfortunately, and he knew that this was the only way for us to counter what was happening. so i don't know why he would make the comments that he made on this program but, again, i was glad to see someone like senator cruz who is so embedded in constitutional responsibilities and how the congress should react put his name on this piece of legislation and strongly support it. >> one question. you're the chairman of the foreign relations committee. the white house now saying the president is ready to maybe take in as many as 10,000 syrian refugees next year, about 1500 have been allowed in this fiscal year. it's going to cost some money. are you ready to support the president with the financial commitment that will be necessary? >> well, look, wolf, i think --
10:55 am
i don't want to be a broken record. i know other people have said the same thing. this is a result of the president not following through on what he said he would do in august of 2013. so when assad used chemical weapons against his people and we didn't follow along and do the ten-hour operation, roughly, that was going to occur when the opposition had momentum. so, look, we're going to have a lot of extensive hearings. this whole issue should not be handled in a sort of a quick response, knee-jerk reaction. we need to look at the region. this is a sad state of affairs that this administration has a hand in creating and not stopping and we're going to be over the next five or six weeks really delving into this with great detail. so look, right now the united nations has a lot to say with what typef refugees are taken in. i think we want to look at that and understand -- we want to take in some of the christians
10:56 am
that have been persecuted. what about the iraqis who helped us so much while we were in iraq and have been abandoned. so obviously we need -- we have some ownership. we need to look at it in an appropriate way. >> senator corker, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> that's it for me. the news continues right after a quick break. we've got trouble in tummy town. peptocopter! ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto.
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