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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 10, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. wow. less than a week away from cnn's republican debate in california and the race just took a turn for the nasty. at the center of it all, you guessed it, donald trump. on cnn he unleashed a blistering attack on ben carson and carly fiorina. this comes a day after carson
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questioned trump's faith. listen to this. >> i've known ben carson for a long time. i've never heard faith was a big thing until just recently. >> he's a seventh day adventist. something he talks about a lot. >> all of a sudden he becomes a great religious figure. i don't think he's a great religious figure. yesterday i saw him quoting something on humility and it looks like he had just memorized it two minutes before he made the quote. so, you know, don't tell me about ben carson. >> he's coming at you, too. >> he's starting to hit me so i hit back. i only hit back when i get hit. he was a doctor for perhaps -- an okay doctor, by the way. you can check that out, too. we're not talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about an okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> because he's a doctor and he hired one nurse, he's going to end up being the president of the united states? >> just a short time ago, ben
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carson's business manager fired back here on cnn. >> mr. trump, which is very disturbing for us, sounded almost like a schoolyard bully that if you say something i don't like, that i'm going to come after you and everything is on the table. while we have tremendous respect for mr. trump and mr. carson has great admiration for mr. trump and all of the candidates, dr. carson is a neurosurgeon and will not be intimidated by mr. trump's words or his hitting below the belt. dr. carson will always challenge mr. trump and anyone else on the issues if he disagrees with them. did we plan to reach out to mr. trump? absolutely not. mr. trump should reach out to dr. carson and apologize for what he said this morning. >> all right. so this is one part of it. the other part of it is this. if you see "rolling stone" magazine, trump was watching
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carly fiorina on tv with a reporter present. he said, "look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" so chris cuomo this morning asked donald trump to explain what he was referring to. he defended himself. >> but carly -- i'm talking about her persona. it's not going to be -- she is not going to be president. she is a terrible, terrible failed time -- >> all of this as this brand-new cnn orc poll out today solidifies both donald trump and ben carson in the top two spots. let's discuss. cnn political correspondent dana bash is with me from washington and national political reporter rebecca berg is with me as well. ladies, it's getting nasty. let's get into the ping-ponging back and forth over this
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personal, okay doctor, talking about faith back and forth. but before we do that, again, talk to front runners. zero political experience, double digits, donald trump and ben carson. >> not only double digits, brooke, but if you combine the percentages that both donald trump and ben carson get, it's over 50%. 51%. so a majority of republican voters are saying that -- are splitting between the two. donald trump is et going a lot more. but that says a lot considering how big this field is. 17 declared republican candidates. so, you know, it says a lot, not just about those two but, much more importantly about what the republican electorate is looking for and that is somebody with no experience in washington and, in this case, no experience in politics. >> rebecca, we have you on because you were the one at that ben carson campaign event in anaheim. you asked the question that
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started this whole -- shall we call it a carfuffle that's gone nasty? how surprised are you that donald trump went on with chris cuomo this morning hitting back and defending himself? >> frankly, brooke, i was much more surprised by ben carson's answer yes when i first asked him this question because up to this point he's not been confrontational and not been attacking candidates, especially the way that donald trump has been attacking other candidates but i was -- i didn't frame the question in the sense of him necessarily attacking trump but he took that route and he decided to take trump to task so i was very surprised that he did so. >> why -- on ben carson, why do you think that he did that? so that we would be talking about it today? >> i don't think that was it so much as they have so far run basically parallel campaigns.
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they have both been rising in the polls, both categorized sort of these outsider candidates who have never ran for office before. a lot of voters are lumping them together right now out on the trail, even at the ben carson event yesterday, voters often say in the same breath, these are the two candidates who i'm deciding between. now is the point when ben carson needs to say, this is what makes me different and this is why you should support me and not donald trump. >> and to that point, i think if you look deep inside cnn's new poll today, you kind of get a sense of why it was that issue that ben carson choose, not that that -- >> evangelicals. donald trump says he's winning and, guess what, he's winning among republican voters in the subset of evangelicals, even today in this brand-new poll. ben carson is not far behind. donald trump is at 32% and ben carson at 28%. on its face, ben carson should
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be pouncing donald trump with evangelical voters. he's known as somebody who is of deep faith, speaks to evangelical voters. rebecca was in anaheim and that's a place where there are a lot of evangelical voters. that's why he was there. so it's not a surprise and a question about why carson choose that. those are his voters on paper and he wants to get them back from trump. >> i started making a list of people who have jabbed over what he told "rolling stone" over what he said about carly fiorina. jeb bush, scott walker, hillary clinton and now bobby jindal taking shots. hear what he said. >> donald trump is for donald trump. he believes in nothing other than himself. look, he's not a liberal. he's not a moderate. he's not a conservative. he's not a democrat. he's not a republican. he's not an independent. donald trump is for donald
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trump. he's not for anything. he's not against anything. issues don't mean anything to him. policies, ideals are not important to him. he's for donald. he's a narcissist and egomaniac. >> now, i understand to your point, rebecca, why carson hit back on faith, right? but with regard to bobby jindal, a jeb bush, hillary clinton, it has to be about traction in the headlines. >> oh, absolutely, brooke. i would compare what jindal just said in that clip to what rick perry was saying a few weeks ago at a similar venue in washington, d.c., trying to get press, obviously jindal has been in single digits in the polls so he's not really gaining any traction, hoping that maybe the media, us, right now will pay attention to him because he's talking about donald trump. and maybe there's something to that. but -- >> and it works. >> it didn't turn around his campaign but with rick perry it didn't do much for him. his campaign is broke and he's
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not paying his tab. he hasn't been helped in the polls at all. so we'll see if it works for bobby jindal any more than it did for him. >> i agree with you. there's a difference, though, in the content of what bobby jindal said today and not only what rick perry pointed out but also jeb bush in the past couple of weeks has been hitting. they abeing taed his conservativism. they attacked how much of a republican he really is. i think perry called him a cancer on conservativism. that's not what jindal did today. he did it on purpose because he does not think this attack on his conservative principles and ideals -- that did not work. the way to get at it is to show, from his perspective, that the emperor has no clothes, he's not the real deal, he's not going to do what he says he's going to do and he says he's going to keep doing this and keep hitting on this and the only way to get at him is with a sustained attack
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on him personally and on his character and who he really is. that's going to be the difference. we'll see if donald trump responds. if he doesn't, that could be a bigger ouch. >> who knows. i guess you've been a referee, jake tapper is going to be the referee next wednesday as well. dana and rebecca, thank you both. it's personal now. this is going to spill over onto that stage that republican candidates are facing back-to-back next wednesday night, september 16th, 6:00 and 8:00 eastern only here on cnn. this is must much television, folks. which republican candidates will be at the debate? find out tonight live on ac 360 with anderson here on cnn. coming up next on high alert now, a serial sniper may be on the loose in arizona. at least ten vehicles targeted by gunfire and just today, a possible 11th incident now being investigated. plus, a tennis superstar
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tackled by police here in new york. it turns out they really got the wrong guy. you're about to hear from james blake himself. and coming up, the most emotional, raw interview i have ever done. i spent my evening in washington, d.c., last night, sat down with these 40 people, survivors, personally impacted by gun violence. see and feel what happened when they all came together for the first time in the very same room. stay here.
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this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. at least ten vehicles in the phoenix area have been hit in the last 11 days, four within the past two. no one has been killed. one girl was hurt. most of these incidents have been happening along interstate 10 near downtown.
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police hope a $20,000 reward will lead to an arrest. james fitzgerald is a retired criminal profiler with the fbi who was one of the investigators in the d.c. sniper case that terrorized the area. thanks for coming back. when you hear about these details and possibly an 11th now today, if you put yourself in the shoes of the folks in arizona, what exactly would you be looking to to link this to? >> this is a tough because police don't know for ten minutes, half an hour later so the crime scene could be cleared out from evidence. the offender himself would be gone. what i would see as a priority right now is talking to the public. obviously doing crime scene searches is paramount but as far as a correlary to all of that is putting out specific days, times that these events occurred. even a description of cars, et
11:17 am
cetera, that were struck. but also, you know, who own as rifle, who's been buying ammo lately and going off to ranges and someone could identify someone in their life, a co-worker, a relative who meets all of this criteria, police may start getting leads. >> what is the biggest clue? what is the number one something that could help police with a true lead? >> well, the first one would be the ballistics. i would want to know what type of rifle, what kind of firearm is being used and if it's more than one, there's some intimation that there is more than one kind of weapon. i also want to find the crime scenes and look for these spent cartridges, perhaps left on the scene. if they are removed by the offender, that shows a level of sophistication that we haven't always seen with these guys. the d.c. snipers left ammo behind or spent cartridges. they even left notes and letters behind. this guy, at least so far as we
11:18 am
know in the public, has not done that yet. >> nothing. nothing. james fitzgerald, thanks so much. coming up next, an interview you cannot miss. >> it tears you apart. you don't go -- it's nine years for me and i'm still suffering every single day. last night, i was in washington, d.c., with all 40 of these people. these are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers aunts, uncles. their stories will move you. this could happen to any of us. stay here. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat
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months and years later, the ones who have suffered without the cameras left behind keep breathing. last night, i was in washington, d.c., and i sat down with the loneliest club. 40 people brought together because of loved ones, because of this young woman, this young man, and this woman here. so many stories to tell. people who have lost loved ones to gun violence. others who have survived gun violence. they are on capitol hill today to demand that lawmakers do whatever it takes to stop gun violence in this country. and no matter where you stand in this debate, these people were living their lives normally just like all of us. and then their lives changed forever. over the course of the next two hours, i am going to share with you how they told me about the phone calls they received, the struggles they cope with each and every day and the surprising
11:24 am
connection, soulmates i've heard on more than one occasion, they have made with one another. you are all connected through great, awful tragedy and i am honored to be in a room with you all. and i just wanted to begin -- i know you all brought photos of people. this is the reason why you are here. i want to take a moment to see them all. will you hold the photos up for me? all of these faces. all of these faces, this is why you're here and this is why this conversation is so important. you can put the photos down for now. show of hands, how many people were affected by aurora. aurora. how about sandy hook? virginia tech? how about -- how many of you -- show of hands were affected by a story that wasn't the front page of the paper the next day? how many people in here lost someone near and dear to them?
11:25 am
how many people in here own a gun? how many people -- final question -- believe in hope for change? you show all of these photos. i want to hear a little bit about some of these folks. roxanne, you first. >> my daughter was a third grader and waiting in line to visit and talk with her congresswoman, gabrielle giffords. unfortunately, she was shot in the back through the heart and died immediately. >> in a couple of words, what was her essence? >> she wanted to be the first female president of the united states. and also, the first major league pitcher, female pitcher to play
11:26 am
in the big leagues. she was an amazing little girl. she was brave and strong and i miss her every day. >> how about pass the microphone to your right. how about you two? my wife sometimes has a hard time talking. jacob and darshawn. we lost our daughter brooklyn to what they called an accidental shooting. her best friend was playing with her father's gun that he left in a kitchen cabinet. she was shot in the back from about 15 feet away. she wasn't playing with the gun but we were just told it was an accident. >> tell me about it. >> you know, i think some people have revisionist history when they lose somebody. she was really the genuine article. she was a marathon runner, a competitive gymnast. honor roll student. you know, the only child of the three that we never had to tell to clean her room or anything.
11:27 am
she just -- she was really just in her heart just a really, really good kid. >> how about one more to your right. >> my son was 29 years old. he was a murdered december 8th, 2003. and that's when i really found out what the word gangs mean. and i know they say guns don't kill but people do but i do feel they get them so plentifully in our communities that it could have been prevented a lot of us if they weren't easily gotten. >> lucy? >> i was visiting with my family for thanksgiving in chicago and i had just talked to jordan thanksgiving day and he was really excited about going to the mall the next day and shopping with his friends and he made phone calls to all of his friends on thanksgiving day to tell them that he loved them and that he was so thankful to god that they were his friends and then the next day i received a
11:28 am
phone call that jordan had been murdered simply for playing loud music in his car and every fear that you have as a parent, every fear that you have, that they will be hurt while driving or be in an accident, it all comes crashing down on you at one time and i remember i was just completely numb. >> where is tom? i want to hear from you. >> that day was alex's birthday. and i remember i woke up that morning, i worked at the post office, had to be to work early. when i got up in the morning, i would turn the tv on and we had had it on a newschannel and i saw the flashing lights, i saw a movie and that -- i placed a call to him and said, hey, i've seen this, this is going on, you know, give me a call when you get up. your mom's going to be worried
11:29 am
and before i hung up, i wished him a happy birthday because that was his birthday. >> 27? >> yeah. he was 27. yeah. and then i headed on into work and i actually drove right by the theater and could see the helicopters and i could hear the sirens and i called him again and, you know, said, hey, i'm going to keep calling you every half hour until you get back to me and i went to work and proceeded to do that until my wife finally called me at 6:30 that morning and i tried to calm her down and said, you know, i've been calling him but she yelled at me over the -- into the phone that alex had been shot. and we got into action. >> it's these phone calls, you remember where you were, what the day was like, who called, the time of day.
11:30 am
rich, talk to me about when you got the call. >> my son christopher martinez was shot and killed in isla vista, california, 9:27 p.m. in 2014. and karen, his mom, was talking to a detective and she was asking him whether he was alive or dead and the detective didn't want to tell her and she insisted and i could tell from her reaction that he was dead and, you know, it's bad to lose a child but it takes you down to a place you've never been before. >> ronnie, what about you? >> i was asleep when sandy got the call. the call came from inside the theater. the screaming was still going on. and it was brant who was jesse's
11:31 am
best friend. he called her and said that had he been talking to jesse just minutes before. so when she got the call from brent, she knew something was wrong. so she asked brent, where was -- where's jesse? and brent said, i tried. he said, brent, please tell me she's not dead. and brent said again, i tried. so the scream woke me up. i thought somebody was in our house attacking my wife, the scream was so horrible. and when i got to her, she was sliding down the wall telling me jesse was dead. and i said, no, no. you're mistaken. she said, no, she's dead. brent said she was dead and brent's a paramedic so he knows
11:32 am
she's dead. >> this is so hard. >> my name is pam from chicago. my son on april 4th, actually that morning, i had got up and given terrell a kiss before i went to work and he went to church and the next call i got was from his girlfriend. she was screaming on the phone saying that terrell had been shot and i'm like, shot? he's at church. so before i even got to that i had spoken to terrell and our last conversation was, terrell, a man got shot so be careful. don't argue with anybody. he said, mom, i'm at church. that's where i'm at. i'm not going to argue with anybody. that was my last phone call with him. it was a phone call that changed my entire life and since then it tears you apart. you don't go -- it's nine years for me and i'm still suffering every single day. you don't get through this. you don't get over this. and i don't care that i have two more children.
11:33 am
i still don't have terrell. >> and that was just the beginning of an evening of stories and conversation. we have so much more from my interview with these 40 people, their powerful stories, the connections they've made with one another through grief and loss. that is next. also, this -- >> i jumped on the phone and we started to cry and it just seemed like our souls came together in a commonality that i can't even explain. from the people who brought you underwhelming internet speeds.
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and the people who brought you temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. wow, reading all of your tweets. this is overwhelming. i'm brooke baldwin. i joined 40 men and women who have lost people to gun violence. and there's something that exists in this club that i
11:38 am
actually never knew about and no one really knows about it unless you, too, have been affected by a shooting, if you've had a loved one who has been taken, as they say. a connection some described it as a calmness and understanding between one another not having to explain the severe pain they carry with them every day. every hour. and every moment. >> it's these connections you all have made, right? you all had no idea this would be happening to you. you had no idea you'd end up with this commonality with people sitting next to you. so beginning with the two of you, tom and jane, i want you to tell me about your connection. who reached out to whom? how did you all connect? >> down at the state capitol testifying, you know, over some of the commonsense gun bills that have been passed in the state of colorado in the three years, you know, since the massacre at the movie theater. so jane has been down there, i've been down there.
11:39 am
we've done other speaking events and that type of stuff. so we're constantly in contact with one another. and so then when you have those abilities to connect with somebody when it's supposed to be a happier time in your life, it makes it so much easier and especially, you know, there's that unset, you know, kind of calmness that you can have between the two of you because you don't have to explain, you know, where you've been. she already knows and so we can just move on. >> and i want you to tell me about the wedding dress. >> well, i work out of my home and i've been in bridal for a very long time. but i never thought that this would be a connection in the world of bridal, which is a fairy tale land. i was working on wedding gowns when i got the call. my husband called me and said there's been a shooting and i'm
11:40 am
aware of shootings. i live in littleton, colorado. i pulled my children out of locked down schools at columbine. and when he said that, it was like lightning bolt went through me. and i met megan at one of the dinners, tom's daughter, about a year later she posted on facebook that she had not had a good experience at a big box retailer and that she was, you know, unhappy and i just posted, remember, i'm in bridal and this is the shop i work at and please come see me if you haven't bought your dress. and then they made appointments with me and customized it and it has the buttons on the back that were from terry's dress. and i was just so honored to be a part of that and so thrilled to see her smile and it made a little bit happier connection for me knowing what they were going through with the trial because the trial was happening
11:41 am
at the same time. >> coming to the two of you, seeing your hands locked. in the charleston church, you lost your mother and two cousins. >> yes. i was at work when my nephew called and said, auntie, there was a shooting at the church. and i said, what church? and he said, granny's church. and nobody had heard nothing. i called my mama's phone. i did everything i could. no answer. so -- but i knew she was gone because there would have been no other place in the world she would have been. so i knew either my mother would have witnessed this terrible thing or she was one of the people that died. i couldn't even drive home. and i didn't know yet officially
11:42 am
but i knew in my heart, i had to stop my car twice because i was so nervous, i couldn't even drive. and to then find out everything, you know, cousin susie and it was too much for two days. i'm in dallas, texas. two days. i've wandered around in my path jam mas watching the news because i couldn't take missing anything because i was hoping beyond hope that somehow they got it wrong, but i knew it wasn't wrong. i knew that she was gone. >> sorry. give me a second.
11:43 am
with the charleston story, the world watched that courtroom. i want to say it was the day after, whenever he was taken in, you saw family member after family member for giving him. we just learned last week that the prosecutor is indeed going to seek the death penalty. >> yes. >> i would be remiss not to ask you, do you forgive him and how do you feel about that? >> i don't forgive him yet. being a pastor and a reverend, i know that forgiveness is a part of life and what we do as a world to get past. but i'm not there. i don't want to forgive him. i don't want to have to say, i forgive you for killing my mother. i don't want to have to say that. and i know that the process will have to take place and there's
11:44 am
no time limit on that process but i'm just not there yet. i'm not there yet and i believe the god that i believe in is patting me on the back saying, you take your time. >> when you heard about what happened at that church in charleston, lucy, what was the first thing you did? >> i was weeping. i weeped, literally, on my knees for a good hour and a half, two hours. because i felt like the last bastian of safety is a church. the next day when i was asked, what are you going to do, do you want to go to charleston? i was like, yeah, i need to go to charleston. because i know firsthand what those people are feeling and i wanted to go there and i wanted to pray for them and i wanted to offer them the same -- very same support that i know those family
11:45 am
members in that church prayed for me and my family when jordan was murdered. >> how did you meet her? >> i received a bag full of cards and i was going through things and i came upon this envelope that had the address and then had my name written on the side so my curiosity says, open this. and then i open it and here's a two-page letter from lucy. she left me her phone number and i didn't think about sending an e-mail. i jumped on the phone. and we started to cry and it just seemed like our souls came together in a commonality that i can't even explain. as far as the question of peace, it will only be three months, so
11:46 am
i am raw, i am new to this cause. peace will come. arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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11:51 am
was held on the ground for some 15 minutes until another retired officer actually recognized him. blake also said the undercover officer never asked for identification from him and when he tried to tell him who he was, blake says the officer wouldn't listen. blake told abc news that behavior was not acceptable. >> i know that a lot of people have no voice to have any recourse and i'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to be sitting here with you to be able to tell this story and let people know that this happens too often and most times it's not to someone like me. most officers are doing a great job but you need to be held accountable when you act with reckless abandonment. >> blake said he wanted an apology and he got one today by bill bratton. >> i would be interested to talk to him to extend my apologies for the incident which he found himself involved in yesterday
11:52 am
around noontime in front of the grand hyatt. we have determined, as a result of the investigation over the last 24 hours, that mr. blake had no role or involvement in the criminal investigation that we were conducting and was totally innocent of any involvement. >> and commissioner bratton rejected the notion that this arrest had anything to do with race and blake echoed that this morning. joining me is harry houck. >> hi. >> let's talk about the pure force and put race aside. the notion that he was taken down so forcefully, down for some 15 minutes -- >> right. >> what does that sound like to you? >> well first let's go back. we have the identification of the person arrested. yes, i sold the phone to that name. the stop was good, like commissioner bratton said.
11:53 am
now you have reasonable suspicion to make a stop. once the officers should have approached him and surrounded him and told him that there were police officers. mr. blake sounds like a very  credible witness and very level-headed man. i'd like to see what the police statements are here, also. the fact is, if the officer just tackled him without making any comments towards him -- >> sounds like they didn't ask for i.d. >> that's wrong. >> that's something i would not have done. i still want to hear the officer's explanation. remember, one side of the story right now. we don't have both sides. >> that's right. bratton said -- blake looked like the guy they wanted. >> very similar in appearance. >> now, this happens from time to time. you can't help that. as a police officer, when you've got an identification by either a victim or another perpetrator, you've got to go with that information. but you still have to approach lightly. there's a small chance that person might be wrong.
11:54 am
you have an identity theft case here. the first thing the officer has to be concerned with is his life to make sure he's safe. if this man's hands were out and a smile on his face and he was approached by these police officers and the police officers had told him why he was being stopped, i think he would have been very cooperative. but let's see what happens. >> let's see what happens. the surveillance video is not out yet. to be continued. harry houck, thank you. >> you're welcome. donald trump going after his top rival, ben carson. also, controversial comments regarding another one of his rivals. carly fiorina. folks, it's getting nasty. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized!
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growing up with cerebral pals s palsy, he had to contend with a lot of nos. >> people will say, you can't do this, you can't do that. you won't be able to walk properly, you won't be able to talk properly. you'll never had a normal life. >> i want real bacon. none of this real crap. >> but he went through many years of physical therapy and didn't let bullies keep him from being an actor and an example. >> people are afraid to put these people on television. having this disability wanted me to prove people wrong. "breaking bad" gave me the ability to do so much, to open doors for so many people. >> reporter: it's a neurological
12:00 pm
disorder that prevents certain parts of the brain responsible for strength from communicating with the muscles. the result is trouble with movement. but we know physical therapy can help. >> do you like music? >> reporter: in fact, many credit years of treatment at shriner's hospital. >> there's so many times that people try and take children and they set them aside what truly matters when it comes to having a disability is not letting people define -- you're watching cnn and i'm brooke baldwin. this is hour two. we are a week away from the presidential debate. it's getting nasty. donald trump has unleashed attacks on two fellow contenders after ben carson was attacked
12:01 pm
because of his faith. >> he's a seventh day adventist. >> all of a sudden he becomes this great religious figure and who was he to question my faith when i am -- he doesn't even know me. ben carson was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. we are not talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins, you know. >> and now because he's a doctor and hired one nurse, he's going to end up being the president of the united states? >> well, the hits continue. carson's business manager and close friend fired back just a little while ago right here on cnn. >> a schoolyard bully if you say something that i'm going to come out to you and everything is on
12:02 pm
the table and dr. carson has great admiration for mr. trump and the other candidates. dr. carson will not be intimidated by mr. trump's words or his hitting about he low the belt. dr. carson will always challenge mr. trump and anyone else on the issues if he disagrees with them. did we plan to reach out to mr. trump? absolutely not. mr. trump should reach out to dr. carson and apologize for what he said this morning. >> the other target here, this apparent attack on a republican rival carly fiorina and her looks, her face. more on that in a moment. all of this back and forth comes as a brand new cnn orc poll solidifies donald trump and ben carson, the top two spots. trump continues to rise, 32%.
12:03 pm
on the flip side, democratic front-runner hillary clinton saying today, quote, there is one candidate that delights in insulting women every chance he gets. donald trump. that's who she is referencing, presumably here. and billionaire in trouble. we're taking a jab at republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. he was not criticizing her policies. "rolling stone" reports that donald trump was watching carly fiorina recently on television and in the presence of a reporter trump said, "look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" for her part, fiorina responded this way. >> what do you take that to me, look at that face, would anyone vote for that. >> honestly, megyn, i'm not going to spend a single second trying to figure out what trump means. but maybe i'm getting under his
12:04 pm
skin because i'm climbing in the polls. >> trump clarified his comments and, as we have come to expect, no apologies. >> but carly, i'm talking about her persona. her persona is not going to be -- she is not going to be president. >> i don't know about that. >> she's had a terrible, terrible failed time. >> obviously this is not a first when it comes to attacks on women. here's the thing here. in the latest cnn poll just released today, donald trump's popularity is surging among republican women. look at that. up 13 points since last month. joining me to chat, conservative commentator kurt shlipter and i believe we're working on the commentator for the tea party network. kurt, to you first, great to have you on. >> thank you. >> say what you want about trump's comments. when you look at the poll out today, the cnn poll, he's
12:05 pm
leading evangelicals. you saw the poll when it comes to women. what say you? >> brooke, i don't think he's leading among conservatives. it's those of us in the tea party, the right-wing people who are doing most of the pushing back on this guy. brooke, the problem with this guy is he's just so tacky. i mean, my gosh, how superficial can you get? i'm a los angeles trial lawyer who married a model. i know what it's like to be superficial. >> kurt -- >> i'm concerned about his policies in flip-flops. that bothers me. i'm worried about him holding the hands of our lives in the military. you know what gets me, brooke, the notion that i have to spend four years listening to this idiot embarrass himself from the oval office. i don't think i could take it. >> well, you may have to a
12:06 pm
little longer. let me come back to you, based on some of the support, whatever you want to say about the polls. scottie, i understand we have you on the phone. can you hear me? >> i can. thank you for having me. >> thank you so much for calling in. you know, as an evangelical woman who supports donald trump, you heard what he said, you know, to "rolling stone" magazine about her face. he was on the phone with chris cuomo who said, whoa, whoa, whoa, i was referring to her persona. as your support wavered at all? >> i support -- >> we're talking about donald trump, scottie. >> we're going to talk about donald trump. here's the thing did donald. it doesn't matter when he's talking about this. just because we're evangelical doesn't mean we're not human. the number one thing that is important to us is the economy right now. ben carson, carly, all of these
12:07 pm
other people can talk about these issues but unless you're showing a game plan, some action, it doesn't matter about these other accusations and child's play that is happening amongst the front-runners. >> when he said what he did to "rolling stone" about her face, i mean, come on, women to women here, you -- that didn't ding you whatsoever? >> honestly, you know, he doesn't say it exactly the right way i would like him to say everything. but come on, we have become so sensitive to everything we say, whether it's donald trump, sarah palin, it's like we pick out these certain people and we say we're going to analyze every word you say. well, can i remind people that might -- even ben carson, remember, he got picked apart for saying something but said i did not mean it like that? are we really going to be that politically correct and sensitive of a society that we're going to dismiss somebody? >> no.
12:08 pm
that's one of donald trump's biggest talking points, political correctness. kurt, let me go to you. i'm going to ask you something i don't think you're going to love. >> ask it anyway. >> when you look at the cnn poll, more than half of those polled thinks trump is going to win the nomination. is there any point, as a conservative, to where you throw your arms up and say, okay, i will do whatever i can to help this man, donald trump? >> absolutely. like trump himself, i'm committed to support the republican candidate. >> you just called him an idiot. >> i'd rather have an idiot than a monster like hillary clinton who wants to destroy my country and bring it down into the abyss. donald trump is so far ahead of hillary and that socialist clown friend of hearse that it's not even close. in fact, there's guys that i would go for behind donald
12:09 pm
trump, for instance, jeb bush. if we're going to destroy the republican party, let us do it by somebody who is not really a republican. >> and i heard the whoa on the phone. >> my question is, how can you sit there and say he's not really a republican? any of these guys who can say they are 100% republican, none of them across the board are -- maybe ted cruz might be the only one who's never had -- even he has black marks on his gop record. so why are we becoming such snobs and reagan said 80% is good enough for me? >> snobs and idiots? talking about people picking people apart. kurt and scottie, we have to go. i cannot wait for next wednesday night. let me say that. the republican presidential candidates are facing off in back-to-back debates. 6:00 and 8:00 eastern right here
12:10 pm
on cnn. and tonight, we'll be revealing the line-up, which republican candidates will be at that debate. live on anderson cooper, 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. big news today, the white house has announced it will accept dramatically more refugees desperate to escape from syria. you have seen these pictures. refugees from these war-torn nations in syria and iraq pouring into europe. either arrival along with tens and thousands from iraq and afghanistan, putting an enormous strain on us a industaustria anr countries. this is what josh earnest said the u.s. is now willing to do. >> at the end of this fiscal year at the end of the month, the united states is going to take on syrian refugees. the president has directed his team to scale up that number next year and he's informed his team that he would like them to accept at least make
12:11 pm
preparations to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees in the next fiscal year. >> all right. michelle kosinski, when you hear the number 10,000, that's a lot more than what they are taking in right now but they picture how much of a difference will that make? >> this is really interesting and it's an interesting number when you look at it from two perspectives. first of all, this is about a nine times increase over the number that was taken in this past fiscal year. so as the white house terms it, it's a significant ramping up. but you take that number 10,000 and today finally we do get a number, but you compare it to the millions of syrians who have been displaced, what other european countries are taking in, germany possibly with 800,000 in the next year, britains first saying no and changing the course and saying we'll take 20,000 and still double what the u.s. is going to expect. so obviously there are questions
12:12 pm
about that. the white house isn't answering too many of them as to the thinking, as to how exactly they arrived at that number. what they repeatedly say, though, is that homeland security comes first. national security, of course, is the top priority. and each one of these refugees, who are referred by the u.n. -- so these aren't people running across the border, these are people who apply within their countries, vetting them by the u.s. takes a year to a year and a half per person. not a quick process. and so it will take some time. although, there are many people in the pipeline. there were 17,000 referrals over the past year. so it might not, you know, take that long to vet them all, especially if that's been started for some of them. but this is the way that the u.s. is going to continue to do it so they are not going to speed them through. but the white house is saying, you know, the best way to help these people is really by giving them more humanitarian
12:13 pm
assistance within their own countries. that said, though, they are significantly increasing the number that will be reset telled here in the u.s. >> all right. michelle kosinski, thank you so much. coming up next in court right now, the new york police officer charged in the death of walter scott from charleston, shot in the back, for the first time we're now hearing what his defense may look like. and ahead, what more of what i consider one of the most emotional and raw interviews i have been involved with. 40 people here in washington, d.c., personally impacted by gun violence. see and feel what happened when they all came together for the first time in the very same room. please, do not turn away. if i want to go up... hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through september 13th save hundreds on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. change to tempur-pedic.
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12:18 pm
you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. lawyers for a former charleston police officer are in court arguing to get slager out of jail. he killed walter scott last april after a traffic stop for a broken taillight. let's discuss this bond hearing. sunny hostin and defense attorney schalk are joining me. walter scott's family want him to stay behind bars. the slager attorneys, he's been in solitary confinement. with the court documents -- let's begin there -- toxicology reports from the defense attorneys, talking about cocaine, alcohol, walter scott's family says it's a character assassination. >> it is. and i think we're seeing a
12:19 pm
little too much of that in our court system. it's sort of a blame the victim tactic and that just doesn't work anymore, especially with the media scrutiny. but let's be clear about bail. bail is not supposed to be punitive, right? it's supposed to be whether or not any conditions can be put together to ensure that this defendant returns for trial. and i do think that -- well, i know that jail for former officers, current officers is probably the worst place to be. so you do have to keep them in solitary confinement, which is very expensive, actually, for our system. and so if there is sort of a -- if there are a set of conditions that can ensure that he returns and ensure his safety, you know, i think that that would make sense but the character assassination that we are seeing of this victim is just really despicable and it needs to stop. >> you agree with -- >> absolutely. to the first point, he's a total liability for the jail while he's there. if they allow anyone near him and he's assaulted or injured in
12:20 pm
any way, they are talking about lawsuits and they don't want that to happen. but the purpose of bail is so ensure that somebody comes back. they can take his passport, make him post a large bond, give him a curfew if they let him out of the home. there are so many things that they can do. apparently the lawyers have come up with similar cases that have been granted bail. so you cannot punish him merely because he's a cop and there's a lot of media surrounding this. you have to do what is right and normally done in that courthouse. >> let me show you this video that cnn has. this is fbi showing images before the shooting and it shows slager and walter scott struggling on the ground. >> i think what it does is add corroboration to michael slager's story. he's always said this is what happened and, unfortunately, all we've been able to see is the second part of the video and we've only been able to see one
12:21 pm
clip of the video. nobody has seen the beginning. and why wasn't all of the information given? rather than just a clip to try to basically try to scare people? it's the easiest way to describe it, scare people as to what happened rather than telling the full account of what happened that day. >> does he have a point? >> no. i've got to tell you, i think it's ludicrous. what we have all seen is the shooting of an unarmed man in the back as he is running away. by any standard -- and i've spoken to many officers about this particular shooting and in my law enforcement experience, by any standard that is illegal. and that's why he's been charged with the crime. the fact that perhaps there is some video earlier that may add something to the story, okay, but that does not change the fact that in my view and in the view of the police chief and grand jury, the view of the
12:22 pm
prosecutors trying this case, it is clear that he shot walter scott in the back as he was fleeing. i don't understand how he was in danger for his life in that moment and that is the crucial moment. not what happened. >> okay. 20 seconds. >> i a agree with that. >> you agree? >> i agree but the prosecution is required to turn over exsculpatory evidence. they were entitled to it and should have had it from the beginning to bring it to the judge. >> all right. robert schalk and sunny hostin, thank you. tom brady takes to the field tonight against the pittsburgh steelers but one of the people in the middle of the scandal will be missing. you're watching cnn.
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
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12:27 pm
kicking off tonight with the pittsburgh steelers and the tom brady suspension tossed out and roger goodell will not be there. sports anchor rachel nichols joins us from pat fans everywhere. what's the deal with goodell? why not? >> well, this is the first time and what a turn of events. just a week ago it looked like
12:28 pm
tom brady was not going to be here. they are revealing the super bowl banner. this was going to be a great moment for the patriots organization but their star quarterback was not going to be allowed in the building. instead, it's roger goodell who won't be here tonight. he says he doesn't want to be a distraction. i just don't know if he didn't want to get in front of this many patriots' fans but tom brady is going to be celebrating and you can see a live look behind me, they are rehearsing for the opening ceremony right now. so it's going to be a giant party here. there's plenty of people here, brooke, around the country whose last week's decision did not change their mind. they may see the patriots as cheaters and here in new england, they are considering last week's decision a complete vindication. and this is the first time they've gotten a chance to get together and celebrate. it's going to be a huge victory party. >> somebody sent me a picture after the whole thing, the judge, you know, who ruled against free dunkin' donuts for
12:29 pm
life. >> yes. >> this is pretty huge for pats' fans. >> reporter: the most new england thing ever. >> right. >> reporter: going forward, you think about the nfl and, yes, these are people who say this is a black market. we've certainly talked on your show about the embarrassment of the legal decision. >> yep. >> reporter: i do want to say, even with roger goodell not in the building tonight, the nfl is slated to make $12 billion this year. the patriots are okay, too. bill belichick says he's not bothered by the criticism of his team on media. >> the interwebs can be a scary place. >> reporter: it's all good. >> rachel nichols, thanks so much. now to this after the break. we are going to take some time away just to hear from members of a club that no one wants to be a part of. this is a continuation of segments we brought you in the
12:30 pm
first hour. last night i was in washington, d.c., and i had the extraordinary honor of sitting in this room with 40 people, all of whom have been touched by gun violence involving those photos that you see them holding up for me. many of them lost children. they are banding together to fight for change. this powerful interview, next. just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet,
12:31 pm
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12:34 pm
thank you so much for watching today. i'm brooke baldwin. i just want to continue to share with you really the most emotional, raw interview i think i've ever done in my 16 years of journalism. you know we cover tragedies in america and months and years later, the ones who suffered are left behind. the cameras are gone and they are left behind to survive to just keep breathing. last night i was in washington,
12:35 pm
d.c., and i shared a room with some pretty phenomenal people. they are the loneliest club, 40 people brought together by everyone's worst nightmare. others who have survived gun violence and some who have lost loved ones to gun violence. they are on capitol hill to demand that congress do whatever it takes to stop gun violence in this country. no matter where you stand in this debate, these people, just like the rest of us, were just out and about living their lives normally and then their lives, in an instant, were changed forever. now continuing on in this hour, i want to share with you those who have survived these tragedies, really starting with a hero who stopped the gunman in tucson, arizona, a couple of years ago from reloading and doing much more harm. >> pat, you played a unique role in what happened in tucson. but you were there and you saw what happened and you were one
12:36 pm
of those who jumped in and stopped him from reloading. and i think of you, first responders, paramedics, police, all of these people who arrive on all of these different scenes and i have to imagine that you still have your own kind of recovery process and i'm wondering what that looks like. >> i do say that i wasn't physically injured that day but it does take an emotional and spiritual toll on you. >> you don't have a physical wound but it's something that i imagine you think about this still every day or not as -- >> i do. and i often wonder, who's next? you know, who is going to need comforting from all of us next? who is going to gain some appreciation for what the rest of us have been through? so i just deal with it as it comes and my husband and my son -- my son lives in l.a. now but they were very concerned about me so i would do all my
12:37 pm
morni mourning in the shower. you can just cry your heart out in the shower. nobody -- nobody would be overbearing about taking care of you. so that's how i -- >> how many shower tears? wow. let me move on to deandra. how is it your son survived. tell me briefly, he was hit by a stray bullet at a birthday party. >> yes. >> he survived. >> he did. >> but every day it's a struggle? >> yes. every day is a struggle. and i, too, like pat, think why -- why did he survive? especially after i have met everyone here and i rarely meet people whose kids survived. a lot of them kmoos nchoose not
12:38 pm
speak out for different reasons so i don't cross their paths often. but the child that i birthed at 18 years old, i no longer have. he doesn't talk. he does not walk. i know he knows me. he is doing better with yes or no head nods but we do not know what he understands. and as happy as his spirits are, i don't think he understands that he's been shot. why he was minding his own business, being an innocent child. when he was in my home -- he's in rehab now. it was a struggle. he could not longer be in his bedroom. he was in a den. he had different machinery and stuff that -- we needed space for and i remember getting up and going to work and walking past that door and said, okay, i'll see you later. and he would just look around like, what?
12:39 pm
my heart goes out to people who have lost their kids but to be faced every day with the reminder that he may never, ever be the way he used to and he lies in your living room in a hospital bed or he's in a wheelchair and you have to bathe him from head to toe, you have to stretch his fingers out so they don't get stuck, to be faced with that every day, i have to ask myself sometimes, did you make the right decision? did you make the right decision? in my heart i know i did. but before he got to the point where he is now, it was a struggle with me wondering, who dre want to live like this? so my heart goes out, you know, to everyone and for parents who choose not for parents who
12:40 pm
choose to pull the plug. there's no judgment. there's no judgment. it's a complete change of life to see your baby so altered. he's supposed to be a freshman this year. all we ever wanted was for him to play football. high school football. and, of course, he wanted to go to college and play football. that was all snatched away from us by a stray bullet. >> and the two of you connected? >> yes. we became friends on facebook. >> tell me who's your friend? >> diana rodriguez. i used to see her commenting on a lot of stuff i would say and i thought, who is this lady commenting nonstop. and she sent me a friend request and we've been bonded ever since. i remember when dre was shot, i just needed someone who knows how i feel. my mom doesn't know. my grandmother doesn't know. i need someone with this common bond. and i believe god placed her in my life for that reason. >> my name is diana rodriguez.
12:41 pm
and i lost my daughter samantha on mother's day in 2006. >> and you feel this connection? >> yeah. i thank god. it was just one day i was just seeing that one shot survivor thing and it was through moms in action and i just friend requested her because i had seen her son and i thought, wow, he survived and i thought, lord, thank you, not so many of them do. >> it's a tough room and an emotional room. you know when your photojournalists are asking for tissues, it's a moving story. the question ahead, what can be done? >> and i thought, something's going to happen now. we're not going to have all of these children mass murdered and
12:42 pm
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40 survivors of american tragedies. we've shown you off and on different clips of my conversation, a pretty important conversation, a painful conversation sharing memories with these 40 people, never done before, all in this one room with our cameras rolling, going back and talking about the worst day of their lives. but what we kept coming back to is why, why did this happen? an issue of mental illness, racial tension, background checks? it's become a mission of these survivors to find out why these
12:47 pm
tragedies happened and what can be done moving forward and none has been more vocal about this fight than one of the club's recent members, andy parker. his daughter alison was a reporter in roanoke, virginia. she was murdered two weeks ago yesterday. here is the final piece of our exclusive town hall from washington, d.c. >> what are you feeling? can i get a microphone really quickly to the end? was something said in particular that triggered a -- >> my name is clay and when i was 13, i was shot by my stepfather. and i have heard all of these stories as they came out in the news. i think the thing that is really
12:48 pm
speaking to me is that my worst horror, besides being shot and walking next to my body every single day is my children being shot. nobody is safe from this. i don't care who you are or where you stand, nobody is safe from this. and until we stand up and ask and demand that people start acting with some sort of morality and change some legislation, what is going on? after newtown? i stood in front of the television camera saying to myself, oh, my god, something's going to happen. i cried for three weeks straight because i knew as a child what those children had been through. i knew! and i thought, something's going to happen now. we're not going to have all of
12:49 pm
these children mass murdered and we're not going to do something as a nation? >> let's talk about what needs to happen. colleen goddard, you're a survivor from virginia tech, you have made this your life mission. >> i want to agree with the sentiment on one level. however, i also have been doing this work in gun violence prevention, talking to legislators before sandy hook and it is a world of difference now than it was on december 13th. >> give me two examples. >> i mean, the presence of this network is one. there has been no coordinated effort to bring people of similar experiences together to, one, tell each other that you are not alone in this. >> you all are 700-plus strong? >> over 750. >> over 750. >> people think the conversation
12:50 pm
we're having is really about taking guns from everybody. >> it's not. >> or the other reality -- >> that's a huge misconception. people think you all it's finding those common grounds to get people together, but the nra cannot defeat us on background checks, straight up. they have to associate it with an extreme end point in order to muddy the waters. when they do have a genuine background check conversation, the average american thinking this makes sense, this ought to be done everywhere. >> my husband ryan kirby was killed by a man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. he sent his girlfriend to buy the gun, and killed my husband right away you have to ask, how can a mentally ill person who is
12:51 pm
a felon on top of that get away with sending his girlfriend to buy the gun, and they still haven't found the guns. and his death has been devastating for me. he was the love of my life. >> i'm sorry. hang on just a second. >> i do want to make one point. >> yes, ma'am. a lot of these shootings are just random and where people are, but not with my mother. not with the nine people that were killed in that church. it was racially motivated, and this is something that we still have to talk about. it is not something that we can have vigil and light candles,
12:52 pm
and the next week it's on to the next story, as americans, and as citizens and as people who have a moral heart, we still have to look at the racial hatred in this country, and i will not just let that go by, because it's a big part of what happened in that church. it's happened other places, but we don't want to talk about it, because it's a hard subject. well, it's time to talk about all of the hard things. >> what's going through your mind? >> well clearly i just share your sense of loss. you know, we are club members that no one wants to join, but i think there is a -- there's a purpose here. i think we're all singing off the same sheet of music, and
12:53 pm
we're going to get something done. we are going to do whatever it takes. i -- you know, we keep thinking there was a tipping point, maybe this is -- maybe alison's death is a tipping point. you think we have the american people behind us, and i think we'll get the money behind us, if we have to outspend them, that's what we'll do. >> thank you all so very much. in this group, wants everyone to know, if someone needs to talk about violence, visit their website, and also please go to it's been a phenomenal collaboration for portraits of each and every one of those 40. i sat with them in the newseum. thank you all for sharing your
12:54 pm
stories. we'll be right back. if i want to go up... hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through september 13th save hundreds on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. change to tempur-pedic.
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all right, quickly, in my remains time with you, republican leaders have started, we know they stalled the debate wednesday. so in the newest members of the cnn family here, reporter manu raju, what is this vote about? >> this is an effort by democrats to block disapproval resolution from landing on the president's desk. what that means is that the republicans want to kill this if the republicans were to get two thirds, they would successfully subtle this huge, very
12:59 pm
significant nuclear agreement. they are going to fall wet short of that right now in the senate they are voting on this right now. democrats will be able to block this measure and the senate will not go to the president's desk, and as a result the president will have achieved a pretty significant victory here he can take to the international stage and move forward with this very significant nuclear agreement with iran and five other world powers. >> so 20 seconds, manu. ultimately it's about an attempt, a show for republicans? >> reporter: it's really sending a message that a majority of congress does not approve of this agreement. they're going to try to keep this issue a live, and then to fight on other ways in the coming weeks. so that's something we'll be watching very closely. >> manu raju, welcome to the family. thanks so much for joining me from capitol hill. thank you. and just a deep-felt thank
1:00 pm
you to all of you who watched today. it was a special day sharing pieces from the loneliest club. we profiled every one of those i sat with last night in washington. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. sl \s i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." the 308 tick lead, donald trump versus the world? he's attacking dr. ben carson's surgical skills, carly fiorina's face? as the final cnn poll before next week's debate shows he is stronger than ever. his favorite target, jeb bush, will join me to way in and respond. the national lead, moving targets, 11 shootings in 11 days, zero suspects, armed volunteers now patrolling a small busy stress of an interstate on the lookout for a small sniper. homes swept


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