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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 10, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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days i'll be moderating the next presidential debate. it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern, 3:00 p.m. pacific. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper, tuning you over to one wolf blitzer in "the situation room." see you tomorrow. \s trump's big front. he stretches his lead even as he trades insults. what will happen when they're face-to-face in the gop debate? sanders stunner. the liberal democrat admits he's stunned that polls show him leading hillary clinton, and clinton admits she really is a moderate. at close range. new details about the police officers found shot to death after saying he was pursuing three men. the latest evidence is raising new questions about the mystery of fox lake. and highway sniper, shattered windows and shattered nerves, as motorists worry, police scramble to find out who is behind a series of shootings along a stretch of highway in
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arizona. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." stunning numbers and insults in the presidential race. donald trump tops our new poll at 32%, and a majority of republicans say he's now likely to win the nomination. ben carson is in second place at 19%. on the democratible side, senator bernie sanders has passed hillary clinton in the latest iowa poll. while the democrats are keeping the gloves on more or less, republicans are ripping into one art. trump is trying to save face after mocking caroly fiorina's face, and the billionaire is even scoffing that ben carson's record as a neurosurgeon, while bobby jindal is jumping on trump, calling him a carnival act. we're tracking a dangerous situation in arizona. police are hunting an apparent sniper appear ten vehicles were hit by bullets recently. with jump six days left to the
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gop debate, i'll speak with presidential candidate senator lindsey graham, and our correspondents, analysts and guests stand i by with full coverage of the top stories. let's begin with the republican race where the gloves have come off as donald trump stretches his lead. our political reporter sara murray leads off our coverage. what's the latest? >> a day of name-calling attacking each other's faith, personality, even appearances, all as donald trump continues to dominate the field. >> what a group. >> reporter: donald trump climbing to his wipest lead yet, still fire off insults in every direction. >> carly fiorina has had a terrible past. she was fired viciously from hewlett-packard. >> reporter: and attempting to clean up this comment to "rolling stone." look at that face. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? the face of our next president? saying he was not talking about fiorina's appearance. >> but carly, i'm talking about
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her persona. her persona is not going to be -- she's not going to be president. >> fiorina shrugging off trump's insults. >> you know, honestly i'm not going to spend a single cycle what donald trump means, but maybe, just maybe i'm getting under his skin a bit, because i am climbing inle polls. >> reporter: but it shows fiorina wall street little problem. trump pulls a wide lead. in second place, and gaining momentum, dr. ben carson with 19% support. the retired neurosurgeon one of the latest gop contenders to trade barbs with trump, saying the major difference between them is their faith in god. >> probably the biggest thing is that, you know, i realize where my successes come from. and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. >> reporter: a jab at trump, who once referred casually to
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communion as -- >> when i drink my little wine, which is about the only wine i drink and have my cracker. >> reporter: and said he's never asked god for forgiveness. >> when i do something wrong, i try to make it right. i don't bring god into that picture. >> reporter: cardin's attack could prove potent with it's powerful bloc of conservative voters. trump firing back. >> who is he to question my faith? he doesn't even know some. >> reporter: calling carson a sluggish candidate. >> frankly he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. >> reporter: even slamming the career of the first surgeon to separate twins conjoined at the head. >> he was perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. >> reporter: day carson is softening his tone, telling "the washington post" he doesn't want a gladiator fight with trump. today, louisiana governor bobby jindal also took his own shots
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at donald trump, calling him an ego maniac and carnival act. it's clear that the claws are out. >> they're really escalating the rhetoric. it's very dramatic. sara, thanks very much. over on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders tells me he's stunned at the recent surge in the poll, a new poll has sanders edging ahead of hillary clinton, polls showing him significantly ahead. clinton is still ahead in the national polling she in ohio today, suzanne, what is the latest over there? >> well, wolf, it is quite stunning when you look at the quinnipiac poll, the dramatic leap he's made, but i'm not completely surprised. those crowds are enthusiastic and they're passionate. take a look at these numbers. sanders at 41%, hillary clinton at 40%, they neck and neck, biden at 12%. he hasn't even jumped into the race. martin o'malley at 3%, this is a
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dramatic decline for hillary clinton, just two months ago, down 21 points. now, one way that she does shine, however, is that she does better with women. she also does better with leadership in dealing with an international crisis, but this is where she lags. that is in the trust and honesty factor. that is where she is just lagging behind those two, and the campaign realizes this, they know this, they know it is the price they have paid for months of they questions around the controversy and her e-mail. they are trying to get beyond that. that's why we saw today, wolf, a different kind of message, one in which she says she is now a moderate. >> you know, i get accused of being kind of moderate and center. i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's important when you're in the elected arena, you try to figure out, how do you bring people together to get something done? instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other.
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>> reporter: so, read moderate as electable. that is what she is trying to do. this was a relatively small crowd for this venue, but it was specific, it's about women for hillary, a series that started on saturday, to talk about the issues that they believe will resonate with women, equal pay, child care, reproductive rights, all these things critical to attract the independents, moderates and young families that she is desperately needs. >> sounds like she's getting nervous by bernie sanders. he told me he's not a moderate. >> not attal. >> reporter: he's making tremendous inroads, and she keeps saying she's a true democrat, a real democrat, suggesting maybe he's not necessarily a real or true democrat. suzanne, thanks very much. >> reporter: that's right. donald trump is clearly making waves for the latest attacks. he has insults for everyone virtually in the gop field. listen to his various attacks in
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recent days on senator lindsey graham. >> you have this guy, lindsey graham, a total lightweight. in the private sector, he couldn't get a job. believe me. i think he's been a terrible representative for south carolina, and all he does is attack me. his whole line is to attack donald trump. so far everyone that's attacked me has gone down the tubes. he's not at zero. my primary focus is on the 16 people. i guys like lindsey graham who has zero. anyone ever heard of lindsey graham? this guy. he made a very big mistakes when he ran, because the people of south carolina are watching this farce. >> so a poll came out the other day. he was at zero. zero. even pataki was higher. pataki was at zero with an arrow up. so lindsey graham says to me,
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please, please, whatever you can do -- i'm saying, what is this guy, a beg garr? he gave me his number, and i found the card. i wrote the number do you want let's try it, 202-[ bleep ] i don't know, maybe it's three, four years ago, so maybe it's an old number. all right. pretty tough words there. let's discuss all of this with senator lindsey graham of south carolina. you were smiling as you were hearing it. but he was really going after you. >> at the end of the day, one, it was my number, and i suggest you don't give your number to him. here's what's going to happen eventually. somebody will look at his ability to be commander in chief, bring us together as president of the united states. tomorrow is the 14th anniversary of 9/11. we shouldn't be talking the way we are toward each other. we should be talking about a common enemy called radical
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islam that's coming here if we don't stop them there. we should be talking about women broadband raped, sold into slavery. we should by talking about an iran nuclear deal that will by the ayatollah a pathway to build a bomb, money to pay for it. >> are you suggesting he's not qualified to be president -- >> i'm suggesting he's the most unqualified person on our side of the aisle to be commander in chief. that's saying a long with rand paul, because his solution to destroying isil, we're going to go to iraq and syria to get their oil to pay for our winded soldiers. that won't destroy isil. that will turn everybody in the middle east against us and help isil. so when you say that, you have no idea what you're saying. i think he's very qualified to be commander in chief, but i know i am. >> the polls don't show that. >> in 2012, rick perry had a lead -- if polls are any
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indication of what happens, he's not going to win. >> are you going to stay in this race? >> i'm at 1%. i'm peaking. i don't want to peak too soon. yes, i've got a message i think the country needs to hear. we're on the road to greece. somebody need to know what ronald reagan and tip o'neil did, by working together. hillary clinton said i plead guilty. i wouldn't use that phrase if i were her, to be a moderate. i'm a conservative that can work across the aisle. i want to save social security from bankruptcy. and i'll do revenue as a republican. >> so far it's not resonating. >> it's not -- >> why not, if you want to prevent donald trump from being the presidential nominee, why not at some point drop out and give your support to jeb bush or somebody else who may have a more credible chance of beating donald trump than you do? >> i'm not trying to prevent donald trump. i'm trying to save a country who's very much at risk from a
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failed foreign policy. president obama has been a weak opponent of evil and poor champion of freedom. i've been to iraq, afghanistan 35 times, wolf in the last decade, 140 days on the ground as a reservist in iraq and afghanistan. i've dedicated my adult life to foreign policy, to understanding our military, what they need to win. i've got one simple goal the day before 9/11 -- to droid radical islam. general allen is one of the finest men to wear the uniform, but i couldn't disagree more about this success to destroy isil. its not working. >> you think you have a better chance to get those points across as a candidate, as opposed to stepping out and working for some other republican? >> yes, i think i have the best chance to beat hillary clinton baud her definition of flat broke and mine are different, but i know i'm the best to be a commander in chief at a time when we need one. >> why are so many republicans go with him as opposed to?
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fox, a lot of republicans think he's likely to be the next republican presidential nominee. >> if polling is any indication in the past, why didn't rick perry win? why didn't giuliani win? >> because he screwed up at that debate. >> all i can tell you is this is months away about our vote, and solutions to hard problems with matter over the time. i am confident over the following -- my plan to destroy isil makes more sense than anybody else in this race. john mccain is going with me tomorrow, we'll have a bunch of town has together, small group by small group, i'm going to make the case that i know how to destroy radical islam, and i'm intent on doing it, and get us out of debt. >> clearly you said recently, trump has consolidated all the republicans who think obama is a muslim that he was born in kenya. what did you mean by that? >> when you look at the polling of the people who support trump, they sort of overwhelmingly believe that. here is what republicans should
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do -- elect somebody who is qualified to be commander in chief. the military -- when you vote for commander in chief. we've had one novice in barack obama. this deal with iran it a disaster in the making. president obama's efforts to contain isil are not working on his watch radical islam is running wild, we're going to get hit again here if we don't deal with syria and iraq more effectively. so i'm trying to make the case i know how to prevent the next 9/111. i'm intent on doing it. >> what does it say about the republican party that he is way ahead in iowa, new hampshire, your home state, he's doing much better in south carolina, which is the third contest coming up. what does it say about the republican party, that he is doing so well right now? >> i think people are frustrated with anybody associated with politics. but if you're in the military, our of a family member in the military, for god's sake pick somebody who is experienced to
2:15 pm
make sure they don't send your loved one into a bad situation, like saying i'm here to take your oil to pay for our wouldn'tened warriors, to create world war iii. somebody who can get a better deal with the ayatollah. think about those fighting this war. make sure somebody who will be commander in chief knows what they're doing. >> senator, stand by. we have more to discuss, including the breaking news, the senate giving a huge visibility torrie on the iran nuclear deal to the president of the united states, a huge setback for you and the opponents of this deal. much more with senator lindsey graham, when we come back. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.? and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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senate democrats just blocked efforts to kill the iran deal. they failed to block efforts to kill the iran deal. opponents of the deal needed 60 votes, but only managed to get 58. it's an important win for president obama. if t the president of the united states has won this battle, not enough to let this debate continue to go forward. we're back with the republican presidential candidate senator lindsey graham from south carolina. the president won, you lost. >> yeah, i think the world lost, and i think the people for this deal own it. our friends in israel have to be very disappointed. here's what the ayatollah
2:21 pm
yesterday, i tell you first you will not be around in 25 years. if you told me a year ago that we would have -- the democrats wouldn't let us have an up or down vote on this deal, that we couldn't even get a vote, would have said no way. if you told me we would have giving the ayatollah $100 billion of new money and no limitations on how to use it, buy more weapons, build a missile in eight years and have an unfettered pathway to a bomb in 15, i would have said there's no way we would have done that and our hostages, forthere 100 billion you can't get four people out of jail? i think it's a death sentence for israel if it's not changed. >> you needed 60. so you lost. >> we lost, absolutely. >> so starting september 17th, within a few months after that, the money can start flowing for
2:22 pm
iran? >> within nine months. the ayatollah and his henchmen, a radical jihadist, a religious -- he tweetedous -- some of my colleagues say they're protected under this deal for 20 to 25 years. he wanted to let my colleagues no, no, i am committed to their destruction and it will happen within 25 years. what will he do? in nine months about $80 billion. in five years he with buy new weapons. in eight years, can get back to building a missile. if they didn't sheet, in 15 years, he can enrich and reprocess uranium. >> so it's over now, no matter what the hospitals does, the president got his way? >> the next president is not bound by it. if i'm president of the united states, i will not honor this deal. i will tell every world power, i will get a better deal. i will ask congress to give my sanctions that any company that
2:23 pm
does business with iran will not -- >> if donald trump gets the nomination, are you committed to voting for him? >> i will support my nominee. if he becomes the nominee, i this is the nominee of the democratic party will beat him. we'll get kid with the hispanics because of hi rhetoric. i'm afraid he won't -- and it would be the end of the republican party to win. the best opportunity i've seen in decades for us to win the white house, donald trump to me is not a conservative, not qualified to be commander in chief. i fear if he's our nominee, we lose the last best chance to get the white house. >> you would vote for him over hillary clinton or the vice president joe biden? >> i can't have it both ways. i can't say that i'm for my party and not be for my party. i'm trying to tell you and other republicans, i believe we would lose at a time we need to win. i believe the change this country needs will never
2:24 pm
happened if joe biden or hillary clinton are president. they're fine people, but mr. trump is not -- when he said something about carly, he knows exactly what he meant. he meant to hurt her, be mean to her. i think at the end of the day he would lose, because he's not qualified. >> but you would still vote for him? >> i would vote for the nominee of my party. >> you don't have to. >> i'm telling you i would support, i signed a pledge, and at the end of the day the republican party will -- i'll make a prediction. i don't know what will happen to me, but i promise you this, mr. trump will not be the nominee of our party. >> nor graham, thank you for joining us. we'll see you in california next week. >> absolutely. the insubtle are flying. governor bobby jindal, he's now jumping on donald trump, calling him a carnival act and ego maniac. new details about the police
2:25 pm
officers found shot to death. the latest evidence raising new questions about the fox lake mystery. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10.
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here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. with just six days to go under the next republican presidential debate, it's getting nasty out there. they're already ripping into one another.
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joins us, sara murray, or commentator s.e. cupp, kitchen madden, and our other commentator ryan liza, a correspondent for "new yorker" magazine. you heard lynn sill graham smear, attack donald trump saying in effect i'll hold my nose, but i'll support my party. >> if anything that shows just how much they disline him. look, it is a time right now, look the starter's pistol i think has gone off. this is the time where all of these candidates are interesting in drawing contrasts with each other. you will see more and more of that. we sauce bobby jindal begin to launch ago attack, and it was a lightly different than what we saw with jeb bush. 4 he's trying to create an
2:31 pm
ideological -- and jindal has said you're saying a fraud, telling conservatives to not allow him to do that. >> listen to the louisiana governor bobby jindal. >> what's more dangerous. there's no intellectual policy, he's only for himself. he couldn't name one verse on the bible. i don't feel he's read it, because he's not in it. it's a complete narcissist, it's been a fun show. the reality is awful. >> i think the democratic was pretty balance. they really dismissive of him, but in recent memory, no, this is pretty nasty. but that's what happens. trump has -- i don't want to say elevated, because it's not an
2:32 pm
elevation, but he's brought this down kind of to the gutter, for lack of other solutions, some of the candidates are kind of going where trump is. >> they've elevated their insult game, at least. >> yeah. >> trump points out often that they're 1% or 2% if that. he's at 32% among republicans nationwide. the more they attack them -- the kids calling it in social media trolling. he's taking trolling into the presidentacy, it gets his opponents so mad, and he's just doing it to elicit a response. the only time jindal can get on tv is when he has a vicious attack or funny line. none of the guys can put out their positive message and policy agenda. everything is about trump right now. >> sara, i've been pretty surprised the last 24, 48 hours at this back-and-forth between
2:33 pm
donald trump and ben carson, who is second among republicans in our national polls. they're really going back and forthrig right now. it's funny to watch the way, saying he's an only an okay doctor. if you're going after ben carson, i don't know that that's what you would pick. they did have a truce, but everyone says the real campaign starts after labor day, and i think we're seeing the gloves are off, and it got more vicious, more quickly. >> dr. ben carson, who is a famed pediatric neurosurgeon. he retired from john hopkins university, one of the best hospitals in the world, so obviously not just an okay doctor. he's a major, major pediatric soo neurosurgeon. i went to john hopkins university myself, so i have to be honest. i'll be above the fray on that one, but the fact of the matter
2:34 pm
is that trump, to his -- he points out i wasn't going to attack him. you can't simply deport 11 or 12 million people, and raising the issue of domp trump's fate. he only responds. he goes on the counterattack after he's attacked. he was attacked first. >> there's a lesson for some of the other campaigns. the intensity with which donald trump punching or counterpunches is driving the tempo. some of these other campaigns when he goes after them with a relentless thach that is somewhat effective. . ben carson sees trimping, and the -- he-day-old go with an ideological frame, instead an eadvantage yell cal appeal. that's the core of his support,
2:35 pm
and he wants to continue to grow it. there may be some evan yell cass that are supporting donald trump on other issues. >> when donald trump, s.e., has gone into the one on one counterattack, little vicious back and forth with various republican candidates, so far trump has won. >> yeah, it's bizarre, because he's not even using facts to do it, right? had he can say something patently false, something incohere incoherent. he says i've known ben carson for years, and i've never heard him talk about faith. the very next second, he says, i don't know ben carson, he doesn't know me, why is he talking about my faith? it doesn't matter the efficacy of these attacks are really just in the sort of bombast. >> all of that is taking place inside an earned media battle. when the ads star flying, a
2:36 pm
couple million being pointed at donald trump, it will be interesting to see whether or not that makes the dial move on donald trump. >> you still believe those ads make a difference? , they will, in concert with all these other campaigns training their fire on them. >> what do you think about the remark about caroly fiorina's face? >> indefensible. in no other world would we be defending that. just because he lives in trumpland doesn't mean he gets to call the sky green. face doesn't mean face. it doesn't mean persona or something else, but again he gets a total pass from his supporters who no longer care what he thinking, what he says, it's all in the delivery. >> i want you to react to that, make sure the polls up, trump 32%, carson 19%, bush 9%, cruz 7%, republican choices right now that we're seeing in our cnn/orc poll. but look at this. among likely republicans out there, who is most likely to win
2:37 pm
the republican nomination? 51% say trump. >> which is incredible, and i think a lot of that is just because when we first started looking at these numbers, people didn't know how serious he was. there were questions about whether he would release his financials, questions about how he would respond, and he has weathered all of that, and stayed in the race. now he's starting to, you know, aside from sort of playing fast and loose with the facts, act like a presidential candidate in terms of campaigning, engaging with his rivals. i think in reaction people are starting to look at him as a serious candidate. it's also very early. >> i think a lot of average people count know exactly what it takes to win. they rightly see a lot of media coverage, so maybe that's influencing opinion more than really sort of gaming out what it will take to win. >> it's more of an indication that voters don't see an end in sight with donald trump. >> they're just to go back to
2:38 pm
your appoint there will be a lot of money spent against donald trump. has to be. but he's going to spend money. and his ads will be twice as vicious. >> he doesn't need to spend money because he's always on television. stand by, we're counting down to the second republican debate next wednesday, september 16th. you'll see it only here on cnn. other news we're following, a scary situation along a busy highway. can please catch whoever is starting cars and trucks along a major interstate? made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira.
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getting some breaking news, new refusalations only deepening the mystery of the death of an illinois police officer. let's go to pamela brown. she's been working her sources. what are you learning? >> we're learning that lieutenant gliniewicz died from a single gunshot wound that came from a downward angle. it raises new questions about what may have happened at the crime scene. the gunshot wound on lieutenant charles gliniewicz was so devastating, the medical examiner says it only took one bullet to kill the officer. tonight sources tell cnn that it was fired into his torso even as a source says he was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> it's quite unusual. clearly you would have to get
2:44 pm
close enough to your victim to have this happen. you would have to get the gun away from the lieutenant. it seems that there was a proximity, a very -- it was a close-in shot with the gun programly in a contact motor. >> reporter: cnn has learned the medical examiner has still not ruled out if that shot was fired by one of the three suspects the officer described in a radio call moments before his death. police say the case is still being investigated as a homicide, but have not seen the suspects on any surveillance video recorded near the scene. >> we are continuing this investigation based on the information provided to us from day one that lieutenant gliniewicz identified three individuals that he pursued in a heavily wooded areas, officers responded to back him up, and they found him murdered -- i'm sorry -- killed. police have remained
2:45 pm
tight-lipped about any evident they do have, saying that someone else's dna along with the officer's gun was found near his body. one source tells cnn that gun had been fired, but police won't say if it fired the fatal shot. >> by looking at the striations, the markings on that bullet it should be quite simple to show whether or not it was the officer's gun that fired that round. then the gun becomes very crucial, because there might be dna or fingerprints on that gun. >> i just spoke to an official who says that second bullet hilt gliniewicz's bulletproof vest. the medical examiner says he won't be able to make a determination until the forensic lab results are complete. the fox lake police just released a statement moments ago criticizing the medical examiner calling him unprofessional for releasing what they call sensitive information, and they say they haven't been contacted by or had any communication with him. very strange.
2:46 pm
>> very strange indeed. thank you for the report, pamela brown. tom fuentes is our analyst, a former assistant director for the fbi. when we died from a single devastating gunshot wound, what does it say to you? >> the exact manner and how far away, how many bullets might be something they said to keep secret. many call? and confess to the crime just fox notoriety, so often they want to withhold that type of information. the information they do want to release and haven't are descriptive information of who they were looking for, what they were wearing at the time. we've never ahead anything from any of the videos they processed all the first week of this investigation. >> the fact that he had this bulletproof vest, yet the bullet went around it -- >> if they're saying it was killed by one bullet. if he was leaning forward and it went it -- the vest kind of goes
2:47 pm
around like a t-shirt. if it was high enough to go, and a second bullet hit the vest, even that bullet would leave a bruise. it would do blunt trauma, even if it didn't penetrate the kevlar. it would go inward enough to do damage. >> the mystery continues. tom, thanks very much. coming up, the urgent hunt for whoever is targetings motorists along a very busy highway. level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. lerhosen for a kilt.
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we're following an alarming situation in phoenix, arizona. police are investigating a
2:52 pm
string of shootings along a major highway. brian todd is working the story. >> tonight law enforcement officials tell us that so far this have been 11 confirmed shootings which are part of this investigation. the head of public safety in arizona is not calling this a sniper case, but someone is shooting at vehicles in a heavily trafficked corridor in the phoenix area and it's got local relevance dents terrified. shattered windows. bullet holes. police combing the highways. on the ground and in the air. signs of what one law enforcement official calls a pattern of domestic terrorism that tonight has left motorists near phoenix horrified. >> why would somebody shoot at anybody at all? especially to shoot at some innocent person. i mean, that's just insane. >> reporter: over the past two weeks at least 11 shootings incidents have been reported along i-10. the latest, a bullet struck this tractor-trailer. there have been no serious injuries so far but one teenager
2:53 pm
received cuts from a shattered windshield. >> it's just a matter of time. if this keeps going, whether he means to or not, the shooter i'm talking about, very likely is going to end up shooting somebody while they're driving the vehicle. if a driver gets shot or veered the vehicle off, we could have a major not only shooting but a major car accident too. >> reporter: former u.s. martial art roderick was a top investigator in the 2002 d.c. sniper case when ten innocent people were killed. he says ballistics and indications of trajectory will be critical to investigators. they've already got serious challenges. no suspect so far. and few known leads. the head of public safety says there could be a number of different weapons used. >> i don't know if it's a bell let, i don't know if it's a bb. we are not finding what's shattering these windows out, we don't find the item, so i don't know what it is. i go with "projectile" to be accurate. >> reporter: roderick says police have some advantages. it's a confined area along i-10.
2:54 pm
they could have surveillance cam footage to work with or audio sensors to triangulate where shots came from. but along a stretch of highway there are also disadvantages. in areas like this, what are investigators up against? >> it's very tough in an area alongside of a major highway like i-10. you have areas like this over here, kind of a junkyard with ramps crossing over. i-10 is very similar to this type of makeup. you've got wooded areas. you have fields. you have industrial parks. you effect an area like this, there's not going to be a lot of people around, nobody's going to hear or see what's going on. >> arizona's public safety director says they're looking for the public's help in this case. art roderick says information from the public is going to be crucial and he says police may have already gotten critical information, maybe that they're holding back so that they don't tip up possible suspects including maybe an area they want to surveil. >> does the time frame of some of these incidents come into play? >> it very well could. most of these incidents have
2:55 pm
apparently occurred when it was dark outside, early morning or late at night. art roderick says those are the kind of patterns, those are part of what law enforcement teams are going to zero in on. again, at least publicly, they don't seem to have many leads. it's frustrating for them on the ground. >> let's hope they find the leads soon. brian, thank you. coming up, donald trump stretches his lead even as he trades insults with his republican rivals. what will happen when they face off one another in the gop debate?
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
and passes a potentially major milestone in our exclusive new poll. now his rivals are ripping into him just days before the cnn presidential debate. can trump continue to fend off his closest challengers? burning up the polls. vermont senator bernie sanders makes a dramatic surge in iowa where he's now in a statistical tie with hillary clinton's campaign. he's being forced to look for new strategies. this hour i get sanders' reaction did developments even he is calling stunning. skews intelligence? indications isis assessments were altered to paint a better picture in the war against terrorist forces. what will a pentagon investigation reveal? grand slam. a former u.s. tennis star tackled, slammed to the ground, handcuffed in a botched sting operation by a new york city police force. now james blake is speaking out and officials are apologizing. who's at fault? we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the
3:01 pm
world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." republican presidential candidate donald trump strengthening his front-runner taught and passing a major milestone. he's topped 30%, adding 8 points to his lead nationwide since august. now some of his rivals are stepping up their attacks on trump as he's lob lobbing verba bombshells at him. this days outside of the cnn presidential republican debate at the reagan library in california, covering that and much more with our correspondents and our guests. let's begin with the escalating war of words among the republican hopefuls. our chief political correspondent dana bash is joining us with the latest details. >> the top two candidates are questioning each other's faith
3:02 pm
in god. now a third is calling the front-runner an ego maniacal narcissist. that as donald trump continues to defy political convention and gravity reaching new heights. donald trump is surging to a new lead. 32%. and is on the attack against his second-place rival ben carson. >> very low-key. frankly, he looks like -- makes bush look like the energizer bun bunny. >> reporter: after saying carson was too nice to criticize, trump pushed back when carson questioned his fade. >> i don't in any way deny my faith in god. and i think that probably is a big difference. >> reporter: trump counterpunched. >> ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. you look at his views on abortion, which were horrendous. and that's i think why i'm leading with all of the evangelicals. >> reporter: cnn/orc's new poll has trump on top with
3:03 pm
evangelicals, 32%. carson not far behind at 28%. >> who is he to question my faith? when i am -- he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times. i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor. >> reporter: to be sure, carson is a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who pioneered separating conjoined twins. trump is also getting into trouble again, talking about women's appearances. quoted in a new "rolling stone" article as saying this when seeing carly fiorina on tv. "look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president?" the brash approximatebillionair clarify. >> i'm talking about her persona. her persona is not going to be -- she's not going to be president. >> reporter: fiorina's strategy is to not take the bait, saying instead she's getting under his skin. yet another gop candidate
3:04 pm
unloaded on trump today. >> the reality of donald trump, however, is absurd. he's nonserious, he's a carnival act. >> reporter: louisiana governor bobby jindal, struggling in the polls, threw a political hail mary. >> i've enjoyed him as a reality tv star. but just because a lot of people like watching kim kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the white house either. he is an unserious, unstable, narcissistic ego maniac. >> reporter: the only thing worse than getting hit by donald trump is not getting his classic counterpunch when you do hit first. trump's statement responding to bobby jindal was devastating in how tame it was. he said, "i only respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls." wolf, he continued saying, "i never thought he had a chance and i've been proven right." ouch. >> all right, ouch indeed. stand by, we'll get back to you in a moment. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders says he is stunned by the dramatic surge
3:05 pm
in a new quinnipiac university poll. he's up 21 points in iowa from two months ago. now edges hillary clinton in that critical first caucus state. let's go to our national correspondent suzanne malveaux in ohio where hillary clinton has been campaigning. what is the latest on the democratic side, suzanne? >> reporter: wolf, it really is absolutely stunning. take a look at those numbers the quinn yak poll showing that sanders is neck and neck with hillary clinton, now at 41% in iowa, 40% for hillary clinton. 12% for biden, he hasn't even announced he's jumping in. 3% for martin o'mally, 21 points down for hillary clinton despite the fact she does better with women, she does better in dealing with leadership and international issues. where she lags and suffers is honesty and trustworthiness. in ohio, hillary clinton sticking to her message of helping women and families get ahead.
3:06 pm
in a democratic horse race clinton risks falling behind. a quinnipiac poll shows progressive underdog bernie sanders has caught up to clinton in iowa. >> you want me to tell you the truth? yes, i'm stunned. >> reporter: sanders leads clinton in new hampshire putting her in danger of losing the first two early voting states few come to the rallies that we hold. what you're going to see is a lot of working-class people. you're going to see a lot of young people. >> reporter: clinton facing more bad news. as a former aide who worked for her at the state department walked into a congressional hearing and walk e eed out 21 minutes later, pleading the fifth instead of testifying. >> managing clinton's private server. >> he has a right to not answer questions he thinks may incriminate him and you have a right to glean whatever inference you want. >> reporter: clinton has found herself losing ground in early states before, in 2008. and once again she's trying to turn things around.
3:07 pm
taking aim at her rivals, particularly donald trump. >> there is one particular candidate who just seems so delight in insulting women. every chance he gets. i have to say, if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >> reporter: and pitching herself as a rare dealmaker in today's politics. >> i get accused of being kind of moderate, center. i plead guilty. i think sometimes it's important when you're in the elected arena, you try to figure out how do you bring people together to get something done? instead of just standing on the opposite sides yelling at each other. >> reporter: sanders' response to that? >> i am a proud progressive. >> and so read moderate as electable, wolf. that is what she is trying to say. it was a relatively small crowd for the venue but it's very
3:08 pm
specific. it was women for hilly, addressing the issues that resonate with women, she believes reproductive rights, child care, equal pay, trying to win over moderates, independents, females she desperately needs. >> suzanne, thank you. joining us, our senior political correspondent brianna keilar, chief political correspondent dana bash, senior washington correspond aren't jeff zeleny, chief political analyst gloria borger. this exchange with senator bernie sanders, he's now significantly ahead according to one poll in new hampshire, new ahead slightly in iowa as well. we talked about that. >> we've had many conversations. you must be stunned. be honest, be honest. that you're ahead in iowa, you're ahead in new hampshire, this other monmouth university poll in new hampshire has you up by 9 points in new hampshire. now up 1 point, according to this quinnipiac poll, in iowa. >> you want me to tell you the
3:09 pm
truth? >> tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> yes. i'm stunned. look, we have a message that i believe from -- i believed from day one was going ging to relevance nate with the american people. the message is there's something wrong in this country when the great middle class continues to disappear, almost all the income and wealth goes to the top 1% when millions of families cannot afford to send their kids to college, when we're not addressing the planetary crisis of climate change. wolf, we have a corrupt campaign finance system as a result of citizens united where billionaires are now able to buy elections. the american people are saying, no, this is not the kind of country we want to be. so i thought those issues would resonate. but did i think they would resonate as quickly as they have? the answer is no. >> you really see yourself being president of the united states? >> increasingly, yes. >> big moment. >> he admits he himself was
3:10 pm
stunned at how well he's doing. >> if this is the year of authentic politicians, if that's what people are craving, it doesn't get much more authentic than that. he was almost child like, so excited that he was being taken seriously. the polls ar little lagging behind here. bernie sanders knows he's doing well. just look at the size of his crowds. across the country. test of thousands of people now -- if you add them up, hundreds of thousands of people. in iowa as well, new hampshire as well, people like what he's saying. this is happening all at the same time when hillary clinton has been having problems, so these things are interrelated, of course. but i'm still struck by when you talk to sanders voters they're more pro-sanders than anti-clinton. they like his message. elizabeth war ran decided not to run, bernie sanders ran, he has that same energy. >> has he pledged to only serve one term? >> he's not. >> he says he's in great physical shape, feels very strong, and what joe biden is 72 years old, donald trump 69, hillary clinton's about to be 68. they're all not necessarily
3:11 pm
spring chickens. let's talk about the democratic establishment right now. are they beginning, at least some elements of it, beginning to sense that maybe bernie sanders could get the democratic presidential nomination? >> no, i don't think -- i still don't think so, really. i think that they see bernie sanders as someone who will poll, hillary clinton perhaps to the left -- although she already has been. i think at this point the money is advice much behind hillary clinton. she is a behemoth when it comes to the money, to the backing of the democratic establishment. but if you're bernie sanders and he says he's stunned, it takes me back to the beginning before he even said he was going to run. he wasn't planning on running unless he saw a pathway to run. a lot of people, really even though he got in the race, didn't think that he had one. so you know, if i were him i would be pretty impressed with myself right now. this must be a pretty heady experience, when you're really the one believing that you can do something and initially no
3:12 pm
one else believed that you could. >> he's an outsider. he's an outsider and this is the year of the outsider. if you look at the republican side, donald trump, bernie sanders on the democratic side. that's very hard for hillary clinton, with the name clinton, or jeb bush, with the name bush, you know, to run against. >> outsider but as danica knows -- >> he's a politician. >> he announces that he's a socialist, for example. by the way, today hilly in your piece said, i'm a moderate. so she is sort of counterpunching a little bit. not actually moving to her left but saying, you know what? i reside in the center. >> she's taking it all, though. i think she feels like right now she's positioned well to attract some on the left, although obviously bernie sanders is giving her a run for her money. she's trying to grab for the center now as she locks with donald trump. >> she keeps saying, i'm a good democrat, i'm a true democrat. the implication being bernie sanders is an independent, not necessarily a real democrat. >> right, and the people who are
3:13 pm
supporting bernie sanders don't seem to really care right now. bernie sanders isn't necessarily an outsider. and i'm going to come up with a new word maybe. he's an under the radar-er. he has been for a long time. we've covered him in the senate. >> outside the political parties. >> exactly. he has for some time well before he decided to run for president. maybe this propelled his run for president. he hassed a a reach online, in social media, when he has done things that most people just don't pay attention to, it lights up the people who are now supporting him under the radar. now it's just coming to the fore. >> stand by. we have a lot more to talk about including donald trump, the latest on what's going on there, brand-new poll numbers.
3:14 pm
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3:18 pm
wear now six days from the cnn republicantial presidential debate, the verbal jabs between the rivals getting more pointed. front-runner donald trump is once again taking heat for a remark he made about a woman. we're back with brianna keilar, dana bash, jeff zeleny, gloria borger. he's trying to clean it up, the comment he gave to "rocking stone" magazine, he said carly
3:19 pm
fiorina, look at that face, would anyone vote for that, can you imagine that, the face of our next president? now he's saying he told chris cuomo earlier on "new day," he said he was referring to her persona, not necessarily her face. >> chris cuomo, i think did a masterful job pushing back saying, if that's the case why didn't you say that, why did you talk about her face? trump kept going on and on beyond her persona, about her experience, about her time at hewlett-packard, which he said was terrible, and she did a terrible job there, and that her job before that at lucent, the fact that she lost in a landslide in california against a beatable senator, barbara boxer. and so the bottom line is that those are all things he now says he meant to say. but it doesn't matter because that's not what he said to "roing stone." whether or not that was in a moment he didn't necessarily think was going to be on the record or not, that's debatable, that's maybe a question for anybody who wants to do a "rolling stone" interview. you've got to remember everything is on the record. everything is on the record but
3:20 pm
guess what? to the point early bear him defying all convention, in this latest cnn poll which is out today, he's winning among republican women handily. despite all of this controversy. >> gloria, how hillary clinton responded to these latest trump comments about carly fiorina's face? >> and there is one particular candidate who just seems to delight in insulting women. every chance he gets. i have to say, if he emerges, i would love to debate him. >> interesting. she's already thinking about possibly a trump/hillary clinton race. >> you know, but this was a no-brainer for her today. right? i mean, honestly, if there was ever anything that was teed up for a female candidate, it was donald trump insulting carly fiorina. by the way, carly fiorina decided to brush it aside and i think that was -- >> for now.
3:21 pm
we'll see about the debate next week. >> that's right, we'll see what she does. this persona thing, i don't buy it. i am really sorry. he was talking about her appearance. and hillary clinton will continue to use that against him and she can also find a way to use it against other candidates who sign that loyalty pledge and said, whoever's the nominee, if it's donald trump, i'm going to support him. so she can use it over and over again. >> i look at that, hillary clinton, and i'm reading her body language there. when she's really ticked off, wolf, and she really is disagreeing and going after someone, you see a sharpness. i don't see that in that hillary clinton. that's a hillary clinton who is exciting democrats and is sort of saying, more trump, bring it on, because i'm going to town on this on republicans. >> i goated bobby jindal, louisiana governor, twice elected there, doing really badly in the polls right now but he went to the national press club, he came on my show, he's really going after donald trump. and we have this exchange
3:22 pm
because he was among all the 17 republican candidates who pledged that they would support whoever the republican nominee is. listen to this. >> so you obviously don't think he's qualified to be president of the united states? >> absolutely not. >> will you vote for him if he's the republican nominee? >> i'm working hard to make sure he's not going to be -- >> you keep saying that but the pledge is, and this is the pledge that reince priebus forced donald trump to sign, he would support the eventual republican nominee, i'm asking you. would you support donald trump as president of the united states if he wins the republican nomination? >> we're not going to let him win the nomination. >> i pressed him several times. finally i said, we're not going to get a direct answer. they all signed that pledge. >> sure. it's a reminder the pledge is not worth much more than the paper it's precipitationed on. it's not binding in any way. but it's kind of a sad statement for bobby jindal. the only way he gets into the conversation. which is too bad, it's so crowded. is by sort of making a statement about donald trump saying he's a
3:23 pm
carnival barker. we've seen others go down this road before. rick perry, rand paul. i'm not sure how it's going to work out for him. bobby jindal is a very smart candidate. so many policy ideas. but he's being crowded out of this race. >> and the difference, in fact, is something jindal pointed out to me in the hallway, the difference between his attack today on donald trump and the way rick perry and jeb bush have done it is, he's getting personal. what rick perry did was attack trump's conservatism and say he's not really conservative, just like jeb bush is. but not jindal. he's saying, look, he's not real, he's a phoney, he shouldn't be taken seriously. and that was his attack. he's outtrumping trump. the fact as reported earlier in the hour, the fact that trump isn't responding is like probably the worst kind of press you can get, he's not worth his time. >> treating him like a piece of dandruff on his shoulder, i
3:24 pm
don't need to deal with it. >> a sit-down interview with jake tapper today as well, jeb bush spoke about the bobby jindal attack on trump. listen to how this exchange went. >> i think that mr. trump, as the front-runner, needs to be treated like all candidates. and needs to share what his experiences are to be president of the united states, what his ideas are. and so far, at least, he has not been serious about that. i think he believes that he can insult his way to the presidency. and i don't think history's a really good guide for that. i think he needs to begin to say what his vision is for the future. and up till now i think governor jindal's absolutely correct that he's not a serious candidate. >> at this moment in time this sort of reminds -- makes me think of someone who is selling the concept of ideas and policies. when this niche of the republican primary audience, what they really want is a food fight in a way. and that's why donald trump is being successful. it's sort of to me like a
3:25 pm
soldier who practices conventional warfare, looking at someone who practices guerilla warfare and saying, you're not playing by the rules. they don't often come out on top. and i think that's what we're seeing at this moment in time. i think maybe what needs to happen is a candidate -- you have to offer something else to compete. and if you can't at this point in time, which i think is what we're seeing with some of the republicans. >> republicans want to win. at a certain point, if they believe that donald trump is not an electable candidate, then perhaps he won't be number one in the polls. >> the new face of the campaign. >> they're not there yet. >> we'll see what happens. stand by. we're going to stay on top of the story. the republican presidential candidates six days away from their second debate. it will air here on cnn september 16th, next wednesday, live from the reagan library in california. just ahead, did the u.s. military skew intelligence when it comes to isis?
3:26 pm
we're learning new details of a disturbing pentagon investigation. new york's top cop now apologizing to a former tennis star who was roughed up by police in new york city in a botched sting operation. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal?
3:27 pm
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3:31 pm
against terrorist forces? that's the question at the heart of a major new pentagon investigation. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr, working this disturbing story for us. what are you picking up? >> well, wolf, the investigation is supposed to provide the answers to that question. but already even before the report is done, some actions are under way. allegations that military intelligence about isis was altered to make senior officials possibly even president obama, think the war was going better than it was, are now being investigated by the pentagon's watchdog the inspector general. >> the investigation will play itself out. we'll figure out if we did something wrong. and we will be better as a result of a very open investigation. >> reporter: the investigation first reported by the "new york times" has already led to action by defense secretary ash carter. >> the secretary has directed the acting undersecretary for
3:32 pm
intelligence to consult with his leadership, with the combat and commands, to reinforce that message, unvarnished, transparent intelligence. >> reporter: intelligence, analysts claim, their reports were manipulated by their military bosses, accordingly to the new site daily beast. >> there are variations of views on what the data says. so you have this clash, this tension, among the analysts about what it really means. but at some point, someone has to say, this is the best judgment and present that to our decisionmakers. >> reporter: two defense officials say commanders can put their own interpretations in a report, but cannot change the underlying analysis. so far, it's not clear how widespread the allegations may be and when the potential problem happened. there's no suggestion yet that this is a repeat of the run-up to the 2003 invasion of iraq,
3:33 pm
when faulty intelligence about iraq's weapons of mass destruction formed the u.s. justification for war. >> what we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. >> reporter: the curt war against isis remains a mixed picture. the pentagon says isis can no longer operate freely in up to 30% of the areas of iraq it once controlled. but notes its influence in syria remains unchanged. and general martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs, warned the fight against isis is "stalemated." though he adds, its long-term prospects are getting "dimmer." so at the end of the day, did everyone just have different opinions about the intelligence, about what it says about how well the war was going? or was there some fundamental effort to mislead policymakers about what was going on? >> that's a serious, serious issue. thanks, barbara, very much. let's dig deeper with the
3:34 pm
ranking member of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman adam schiff of california, thanks for coming in. i'm worried, pretty disturbing if in fact they're trying to spin or manipulate this intelligence. what are you hearing about this inspector general's investigation? >> as you said, this is among the most serious allegations that we ever get. that is that intelligence may be politicized about something as serious as war. and so we take this very seriously. we're awaiting what the inspector general will report to us and certainly we'll be looking into this more thoroughly once we get that report to see, as barbara starr pointed out, whether this is a different perception of the events or whether there was an effort to take the analysts' opinion and doctor it in some manner. i will say i have noticed a great difference since the lead-up to the iraq war. our intelligence, work product we receive as members of the committee, contains a lot of
3:35 pm
dissenting opinions. it contains a lot of discussion of what level of confidence the analysts have in their conclusions. we get red team analysis where they take the devil's advocate's position. so they really have tried to change the culture, make sure that all of those views get to us so that we can evaluate them. but i'm going to give illustration how you can have people of good faith interpreting the intelligence very differently. if you look at the iran debate we're in the admit of right now, all of the republican members of the house intelligence committee on their understanding of the intelligence have come out against the agreement. all the democratic members of the same committee, looking at the same intelligence, have come out in favor of the agreement. so you can have quite a different policy conclusion based on even the same intelligence. >> the critics will argue you guys are politicians and it's a political debate, not just an intelligence debate. that's what the critics will argue. >> that's true. >> the disturbing part about this investigation, it brings back awful memories of during the vietnam war when the intelligence analysts in the
3:36 pm
military were saying, everything is great. viet cong are getting killed, the u.s. is winning, troops are going to be coming home soon. obviously none of that ever happened. >> that's exactly right. in fact, i remember at times during the iraq war where i had serious questions about some of the information we were receiving. you have to know many times the right questions to ask, because even accurate information can be misleading. just give you one illustration, i remember getting briefed on how we were doing in defeating ieds in iraq, which were an increasing cause of lethality against our troops. they were showing our increasing effectiveness. what they weren't showing us, they were far greater increases in the number of ieds being used so the net result was more out of people getting killed. >> disturbing reports about russia building a new military base supposedly on the border with ukraine, going ahead and sending troops and equipment into syria to bolster bashar al assad's regime. >> russian troops are evidently
3:37 pm
on vacation in ukraine. i think it's a fshow of force b russia. trying to tell graph to kiev, telegraph to nato who's beefing up forces in the region that they mean business. i think that's very much what they're intending to do. >> the white house announced today the president is going to propose allowing 10,000 syrian refugees to come into the united states next year. whatever it costs. are you with them? >> i am. i think we should go further. i've been arguing we should give humanitarian parole to the many thousands of syrians who have applied to emigrate to the united states. they have family in the united states. they have immigrant-based petitions, immigration petitions that have been approved. but because of a cap on visas they can't come. this is a way that we, in addition to financial support, can show that we're really willing to step up to the plate for this humanitarian cause. >> on a procedural filibuster vote in the senate today, the republicans failed to get enough, they got 58 but not 60
3:38 pm
votes. so it looks like the iran nuclear deal is about to go forward. unless something else happens. there's some legal maneuvers under way in the house of representatives where you sit. they say the 60 days hasn't started because the administration has kept secret some of the annexes that were supposedly -- everything was supposed to be made available. is it over, though, for all practical purposes? >> it's over. and i think the gop must acknowledge as much. because while they offered a bill today to say we can't go forward with a vote because we haven't gotten the documents, they're offering a vote tomorrow on the agreement itself. they're internally at war, as a result we're having these internally inconsistent votes. the reality is there isn't enough support in the house to overturn the agreement and i think we would be wise to move beyond this fight and figure out, how can we strengthen the strengths of the agreement, mitigate the risks, work together to join forces with our allies in the region, contain iran conventionally?
3:39 pm
>> you're okay within nine months iran's going to start getting tens of billions of dollars in frozen assets? >> well, i can't say that i'm enthusiastic about that. but that's a necessarily result of any agreement. no matter what the provisions are. would have to relieve the sanctions on iran. otherwise there's no reason for iran to even negotiate. i think as a practical matter, though, if you look at what iran spends on its defense, which is about $15 billion, and the $130 billion the gulf states spend on theirs, we need to work with them to make sure they're spending as effectively and directed at containing iran's support of the shia militias like hezbollah and hamas. >> congressman, thanks so much for coming in. adam schiff, ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. republican presidential hopefuls unleash on donald trump even as the front-runner expands his lead in the polls. a tennis star tackled, slammed to the ground, handcuffed by new york city police. now officials, they are apologizing. and he's speaking out.
3:40 pm
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3:44 pm
new york city police commissioner is apologizing to a former tennis star who was tackled and handcuffed in a botched sting operation. a law enforcement source tells cnn that just a short time ago the commissioner, bill bratten, spoke by phone to james blake who accepted his apology. blake, by the way, once ranked
3:45 pm
number four in the world, was outside his hotel in new york city on his way to the u.s. open, when he was slammed to the ground. he described what happened on abc's go"good morning america." >> they picked me up and body slammed me, put me on the ground, told me to turn over and shut my mouth and put the cuffs on me. and i told them the first words out of my mouth were "i'm going to 100% cooperate, i don't want any incident." i had my credential for the u.s. open in my back pocket. "please, check that, you can tell that i'm a former player, it's a final eight badge, it means i did pretty well at the u.s. open, i'd like to clear my name." i told him that and he wasn't having any. "we'll see, we're running your license, we'll figure it out." >> i said, "you're running my license, the worst you'll find is a speeding ticket." >> jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor, cnn analyst sunny hostin, our anchor don lemon. don, he was simply waiting for a car to pick him up and go to the u.s. open. all of a sudden slammed to the
3:46 pm
ground, suppose lid he was mistaken, he looked like somebody else they were looking for in a credit card fraud case. what's your reaction to this? >> well, this was they say, according to the commissioner, a case of mistaken identity. but his story is the story of so many especially young men of color. it's my story. i have a very similar story. i wasn't wait okay a car, i was walking to my car, and i was acosted by a security guard. i called the police. the police came. they thought the other guy, security guard, who's white, called the police. this happened years ago. so i think it's outrageous. i think it's ridiculous. but i do have to -- what i have to say is that this young man is a standup guy. and i admire him. because he handled himself in the best way that he could. he did not fight back. he did not go get outrageous. he did the best that he could. and so the situation didn't escalate. unfortunately, the police officers who allegedly threw him to the ground, who are supposed
3:47 pm
to be the professionals and not allow it to escalate, they did not do the right thing. but he did the right thing. and here he is to talk about it. he is alive. he is able to bring light to a situation that is so horrific for so many people, this happens around the country and they do not have a voice. he is giving those people a voice by his unfortunate situation. >> listen, sunny, to the police commissioner, bill bratten, as he apologized today. listen to this. >> i would be very interested as well as the mayor to talk with him to extend my apologies for the incident which he found himself involved in yesterday around noontime in front of the grand hyatt. we have determined as a result of the investigation over these last now almost 24 hours that mr. blake had no role of involvement in the criminal investigation that we were conducting. and was totally innocent of any involvement. >> sunny, since then the commissioner and blake, they have actually spoken.
3:48 pm
he formally apologized to him. is it over? is that enough? >> i don't think it's enough. i mean, the bottom line is you're talking about what is increasingly apparent, which is the use of excessive force against young people, young men of color. and so i think it opens up the dialogue. i think james blake now does become the voice of so many others. but let's be clear. while he said race may have been a part, i think we have to look at the stats, wolf. i think we have to realize that men are more likely than women to be the subjects of excessive force. that african-american men are more likely to be the subjects of excessive force, rather than their white and latino counterparts. i think when you look at the stats, 21 young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot by police officers.
3:49 pm
i think when you look at all of that and take it and put it into context, this is a real problem that we're having here and this is a real opportunity for james blake to sort of become the face of so many young african-american men who experience this, just like don, and for people like me, the mothers of young african-american men, who worry about their children as they are simply just walking down the street. and so i don't think it's enough. is he going to apologize to all the other young african-american men that have experienced this? >> what about those people, yeah. >> we need real change. >> let me get jeffrey toobin into this. he was apparently mistaken for a suspect in some sort of credit card fraud case. but still, it sounds like excessive force, to go out there for a nonviolent crime, to tackle someone, take them to the ground. >> you know, i responded as a new yorker. the hotel is 42nd street and
3:50 pm
lexington avenue. it's right next door to grand central terminal. it's practically the dead center of new york city. >> busiest. >> if this is how african-americans are treated in front of thousands of passers by, which is what goes on, imagine -- imagine what it's like to be a young african-american man in a quiet part of the city where the police don't expect lots of people to see. the story is so awful. we are so fortunate that james blake behaved in such an appropriate way. why does james blake have to be now the spokesman for this? he didn't ask for this. it's an unfortunate thing. here is this harvard educated tennis star. he has to be the face of police brutality. it's so unfair at so many different levels. >> jeffrey, where was he going to go? it was for a cell phone. it's not like he was attacking people. he wasn't a suspected rapist or
3:51 pm
murderer. >> it was a non-violent offense that they were looking into. >> we have to wrap it up. >> i know -- i know james blake's sister. this is a lovely family. >> he is a terrific guy. i remember watching him at the u.s. open. i was fortunate to go several types. he is a great, great guy. don will be back later tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. just ahead, the trump juggernaut continues. passing a potentially major milestone. when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite. for these parents, driving around was the only way... get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked, we can't drive this car they wanted it fixed right... they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technololgy means a strong... ...reliable bond, every time. at safelite we stand behind our work...
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now a cnn exclusive. a remarkable and emotional gathering of gun violence survivors and their families. brooke baldwin spoke to 40 people whose lives have been turned upside down by gun violence as they prepare to lobby congress for gun safety measures. among them a woman whose family was torn apart by the charleston church massacre. >> reporter: in that church you lost your mother and two cousins. >> yes. i was at work when my nephew call and said, aunt, there was a shooting at the church. and i said, what church? and he said, granny's church. >> reporter: when you heard about what happened at that church in charleston, what was the first thing you did? >> i was literally on my knees
3:57 pm
for a good hour and a half, two hours. because i felt like the last bafti i bastion is church. >> this was an incredible event. you assembled survivors, family members affected by gun violence. how much of a support system has this group been for each other? >> reporter: it has been tremendous. what you don't see is the tissue boxes being passed back and forth. there wasn't a dry eye in the room. this was a journalistic first. the fact that all 40 of these people shared with us and allowed our cameras to roll as they told their stories. you heard from sharon and lucy who were bonded by tragedy. lucy lost her son because he was playing loud music and got into an argument and he was shot and killed. sharon lost her mother and two cousins.
3:58 pm
another example of two people coming together in a way they never thought they could. a woman who lost her sister at sandy hook made the wedding dress for a man who lost his son in the aurora theater shooting. they cried as they told me the shower of tears and this is about calmness and coming together and forging this unwanted by needed friendship. >> amazing. you had a chance to interview andy parker, the father of the journalist allison parker who was murdered just a couple of so weeks ago. he wants congress to do more when it comes to gun control. explain what he wants to do. >> reporter: he is hoping a -- you heard what he said, whatever it takes. that's the phrase they have grabbed on to. they have made this rally the whatever it takes rally in washington. here he is, rich martinez who lost his son, over his shoulder
3:59 pm
the biggest misconception, a third of the people in the room, a third of the people own guns. we don't want to get rid of guns. andy parker is for the second amendment. i talked to his daughter's boyfriend. he owns a shotgun. it was the issue of background checks. that's number one. it should take 90 seconds for anyone and it should be a mandatory thing everywhere. two, a lot of the conversation is about mental health and mental illness. when you talk to also sharon who lost family members in charleston, she said for her in that incident, it's about rape. every town for gun safety. they are 750 strong. the question really is how much larger does this group have to grow before change actually happens in washington? >> really powerful material. thanks so much for doing this. to our viewers, see brooke every day 2:00 to 4:00 eastern monday through friday. follow us on twitter.
4:00 pm
tweet me and the show. be sure to join us again tomorrow right here in "the situation room." thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, donald trump still soaring in the polls. now over 30% nationally. still slamming his rivals. can his insult strategy win it all? plus, 13 shootings along an arizona highway in just the last 12 days. now police fear a copycat shooter may also be out there. we are live on the scene. a former olympian and tennis great tackled by new york police in a wrongful arrest. did officers use excessive force? let's go "outfront." good


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