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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 11, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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not 52,000. but 328. because every single one like your friend sitting home on the couch who is still suffering from having done their duty are required additional help and they are entitled to every single solitary help the united states government can provide them until the day they die. >> well said by the vice president of the united states. the news continues next on cnn. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me on this friday. major political events in the next two hours. heads up. we'll take you to a couple things live as we see them pop up. first up, president obama is set to hold a town hall with members of the military today at ft. mead, maryland.
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also, dr. ben carson who is currently feuding, we'll call it, with donald trump, he's in ferguson, missouri, today. he's expected to address reporters. there will be a q & a. of course, what carson is saying is getting more and more traction and attention and he's gaining in the polls. it indicates carson is running number two to trump, both of them in double digits. let's begin on the flip side, what is happening with the democrats. hillary clinton is losing support. check out the numbers. while a man who is not even officially running is gaining on her. in this new cnn orc poll, the man who happens to be the vice president of the united states, that number could grow after the incredibly authentic, revealing interview he did last night on the late show with stephen colbert. he has lost his son beau to cancer three months ago. the vice president showed the
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audience he is still putting his personal life above any presidential aspirations. >> i will think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and, two, they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. and -- and i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. it's a -- i'm being completely honest. so -- so -- but nobody has a right, in my view, to seek that office unless they are willing to give it 110% of who they are. and i am -- as i said, i am
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optimistic. i am positive about where we are going but i find myself -- and you understand, just sometimes it sort of overwhelms you. >> the vice president also opened up about how vulnerable he still is to breaking down over the loss of his son. >> i went out to denver and landed at a military base and met a whole group of military families. all of a sudden it was going great and a guy in the back yells, major beau biden, bronze star, sir, served with him in iraq. and all of a sudden, i lost it. >> joining me now, cnn national political reporter maeve reston and with me in new york, the draft biden movement, a democratic strategist. ladies, wonderful having you both on. nomi, sitting with me, let me
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ask you the first question. the so-called ceo of the joe biden fan club. listen, watching him last night, you had the crowd chanting joe, joe, joe! your heart goes out to him listening to him last night. but really, he did hint at maybe he's not interested. >> you know, he was very honest and open, which i think is what makes people love him so much, is that he is vulnerable in front of people. but, you know, i don't think he ruled it out. it's a big decision. he's dealing with loss. he has to talk with his family. like he said -- >> don't you think he has been, though? that sounded like a "no" to me. >> why would he be on? why would he be talking about minimum wage? yes, he's the vice president and advocating for these things but he's been full force over the last week. and personally, i think he's going to run because he's sending all of the indicators and signs. the draft biden movement, which is not affiliated with joe
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biden, they are setting up operations across the country. there is tons of support. it looks, from a political analyst's perspective, that they are setting up an operation just in case he announces but it's going to come down to joe and jill. >> right. and let me come back to it in a second but maeve, it's pretty stunning. he has 20% here and he's not even in the race. >> right. we've seen those numbers grow over time and i think a lot of people in the democratic party are looking at those numbers and particularly in the head-to-head matchups and saying that maybe he could be -- they want somebody who is straight talk and not scripted and that's been one of biden's biggest problems. they think biden could be a good force in the race against trump, for example. there are a lot of people not as enchanted with hillary clinton anymore. but at the same time, i agree with you, brooke. i think he really did sound
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generally torn last night and that certainly is what we've been hearing from people close to him. that he is genuinely torn about running and very well could decide no. >> let me come back to joe biden but you mentioned hillary clinton so let me ask you about that, maeve. when you must hillary clinton in a hypothetical head to head against republicans, her lead is vanishing. that's a big deal. >> that is a big deal. like i said, when you talk to voters out there on the campaign trail, they are paying a lot of attention to those numbers rather than just the horse race numbers. when she starts to look less formidable against people like trump or even carson, it just gives people much more pause about whether or not this is really the right time for her. she's clearly having to deal with sort of the drip, drip, drip of this e-mail controversy that her campaign feels is completely unfair but a lot of people are taken back by how long it has dragged out and
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really feel like it's dragging down her poll numbers. so it does give biden a clear opening here. >> with the drip, drip, drip, last question, do you think -- how long could he wait to finally say? aides say it could be october. do you think he can wait until november? >> i don't think he can wait until november. obviously the benghazi hearing is going to begin in october. that's going to be a big indicate are to. it would not be a smart decision because there's going to be so much attack against the democratic party and even though it's focused on hillary, it's still not smart. obviously this is a fundraising game. we've got to be real here. the sooner he can start fundraising, he can set up a real operation across all 50 states and catch up. i think that's beginning. he's starting to have the meetings. that's what the word is. i give it another two or three weeks but what do i know? >> draft biden, ceo of the fan club, nomiki konst, thank you. maeve, thank you as well.
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debate next wednesday night, september 16th, we'll be there. 6:00 and 8:00 eastern only on cnn. we want to hear from you as well. what do you want to hear from the candidates? send us your tweets. do the #cnndebate. now this. getting some breaking news in to cnn. a major development in the investigation of a series of shootings along the busy highway in arizona. sara sidner is live in find next. what has happened? >> reporter: brooke, we heard from -- in spanish on a spanish radio station, one of the public information officers from the department of public safety talk about the fact that they are now -- they now have a group of people that they have detained who they are questioning in relation to the shootings that have been happening here along i-10. we have not been able to get a second confirmation on that from
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the department of public safety but that is what we heard on a spanish language television -- sorry, spanish language radio station. that an officer was talking to them about several people who have been detained, who are being questioned in relation to the shooting. he has said they are not arrested. he made that very clear. could this be a potential break in the case? we just don't know yet. we do want to caution people. you know, we talked to the head of the department of public safety yesterday. we talked to some of the officers today and they said they are getting hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of calls and tips and they are trying to check out every single one of them. and yesterday they didn't have anything that led them to the possibility of arrests that may have changed today. but we want to make it very clear that everyone is in a heightened state and they are trying to look at every possibility at this point. but again, we heard on a spanish
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language radio station one of the officers at the department of public safety going on saying several people detained, being questioned in this imt-10 shooting here in phoenix. brooke? >> heart goes out to people in phoenix. just all of these one after another after another on this highway. hopefully this is the connection that they are looking for. sara sidner, we'll check back with you. thank you so much in phoenix. also breaking, sources tell cnn the united states believes a notorious bomb maker with ties to al qaeda has now been killed in an air strike. to the pentagon we go to our correspondent barbara starr. barbara, what do you know? >> hi, brooke. two u.s. officials are telling cnn they do believe now that a notorious french bomb maker named david drugeon was killed in a coalition air strike. this is somebody they've been trying to get to for a very long time. he had ties to the khorasan
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group. he operated in syria. he also had ties to westerners. the fear always was because of this french man's bomb-making skills, he could get westerners to put devices on airplanes, essentially nonmetallic bombs. very difficult to detect. they tried to get him before. there have been several efforts at this. i want to say our own terrorism analyst, paul cruickshank, noticed late yesterday on media accounts from jihadi groups that drugeon had died. this confirms that they had gotten him. so it looks now the official call hasn't been made but it definitely looks like they were successful in targeting and killing this bomb maker. it's just the latest incident of one of the high-value targets in the syria/iraq area that the u.s. has been able to get. brooke? >> barbara, thank you so much.
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>> sure. next, more news just in as the president deals with iran, nuclear deal, pass as big test. also, this decision breaking now involving the campus police officer who shot a driver in the head. you'll remember this. the entire thing caught on body cam video. you're watching cnn. people don't have to think about
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for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. these are images we're getting in from mecca. this is in saudi arabia. at least 50 people, we're told, are dead after a crane collapsed. this is happening at a massive mosque in mecca. let's go straight to our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh who's on the phone with me right now. nick, as we watch this video play out, it looks like total chaos. do we even know how this happened?
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>> reporter: brooke, this is -- you have to bear in mind the context of this. this is the holiest of sites for muslims. this is the holiest site in which a crane has plunged through the roof. just literally a week before -- many muslims traveled to mecca and over 60 have lost their lives. there were 115 here. according to our weather team and to reports from the ground, this crane may have fallen because of very high winds blowing at the time. apparently a storm began at 4:00 local time, not long after the busy friday prayer. that caused the temperature to drop significantly. that obviously was a strong wind may have been the cause for the crane being knocked over. there will be an investigation but this is just an awful set of
11:18 am
image for any muslim to see around the world. the most holiest site in mecca. people are being pulled from the wreckage, lives lost. at such an extraordinary what should be holy time of the year in that area. >> nick paton walsh, let's stay in touch and find out how many muslims may have been inside when that crane plunged through the roof. nick, my thanks. also just in to cnn, as president obama's deal with iran passes a huge test, we are now learning that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is making significant travel plans this fall. let's go to our white house correspondent michelle kosinski. what are we learning about benjamin netanyahu? >> reporter: we know it will be sometime in november. the exact date hasn't been set yet. this is going to be interesting. you look at the relationship between the two nations and the white house keeps emphasizing
11:19 am
that it is unshakeable. that these two allies share unprecedented cooperation, intelligence, military and security. but the two leaders haven't spoken since the iran deal framework was final. last time they met face-to-face was in october of last year. and back then, it was all very polite. prime minister netanyahu did criticize the possibility of an iran nuclear deal but it was pretty subdued with the president. the president also had very subdued criticism or sort of encouragement of both sides in the gaza conflict, remember that, of making sure that there were no casualties on either side. so always very nice and polite but then, remember, in march netanyahu came here at the invitation of congress, spoke to both houses but did not meet with president obama and it's hard to overstate how critical he was. i mean, how this made global headlines saying that an iran nuclear deal would actually
11:20 am
pavement way to a nuclear bomb instead of the opposite as the white house feels about it. so this is the first time they are going to meet in person. the world is going to be watching. what is said, what the body language is and you know that both sides are going to continue to emphasize that as many disagreements as there might be over this issue, the underlying relationship is going to remain strong, brooke. >> all right. so probably early november. michelle kosinski, thank you. next, any minute now, we're expecting to hear from the number two republican in this race thus far. when you check the cnn orc polls, ben carson. live pictures out of ferguson, missouri. this is where the black lives matter gained attraction last summer. he is feuding now with donald trump very personally, if i may
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add that, a decision breaking now in addition to a decision about the campus police officer who shot a driver in the head. the entire incident caught on body cam. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching, for sure ding dang... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know. ♪ if you feel it, you can find it. all new color by behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. we are getting new details here in the last hour about the police officer who tackled former tennis star james blake at a new york hotel when he mistook him for a crime suspect. what we know is that this officer, is named in not just one but two pending lawsuits for excessive force. when you look at one complaint, a man says an nypd officer
11:26 am
stopped him and used excessive force. he was one of six officers who took down a man and beat him for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. the nypd says they are taking a closer look at the case. i have with me one of any favorites, senior analyst jeffrey toobin. you hear those two cases, the city is saying, no, no, no, but that has to factor in to what has happened recently this week. >> where there is smoke, there may be fire. >> right. >> i keep thinking about during all of this, remember during the eric garner case, mayor de blasio, who has an african-american son, all of us warn them about dealing with the police. we say you have to be very
11:27 am
careful. >> which really frustrates the police. >> and the police union attacked him for it. look what is going on. this is exactly why the parents of young african-american men say don't mess with the police because you could get into a lot of trouble. as bad as this situation is, what if james blake had resisted, as he probably had a right to do. >> right. >> this is why it's just -- it can be a very ugly relationship. >> so with the other two cases, how would that factor into this one? >> well, you know, probably not directly. >> okay. >> but, you know, investigators are human beings, too. and if they know that this guy has this sort of history, they are going to look even more closely at what's going on here. it's not directly relevant but -- >> contextually significant. >> yes. >> the other thing i wanted to ask you about, i wanted to get your thoughts about the case of
11:28 am
same dubois who was shot and killed by ray tensing. we saw this play out because the officer's body camera was rolling on it. let me take you back to that original incident. >> do you have a license on you? okay. is that -- >> i'm going to ask you again, do you have your license on you? >> i have my license. you can run my name. >> so do you not have your license on you? i'm asking you a direct question. do you have your license on you? >> what did you pull me over for? >> again, the front tags. >> but it's not illegal to not have front tags. >> okay. i'm going to ask you again, do you have a license on you? >> i have a license. you can run my name. >> it's not on you, then? >> i don't think i have it on me. >> be straight up with me.
11:29 am
are you suspended? >> no, i'm not suspended. >> why don't you have your license on you? >> i just don't -- [ inaudible ] and -- >> i'm trying to figure out if you have a license. go ahead and take your seat belt off. >> i didn't even do nothing. >> take your seat belt off. >> stop! >> shots fired, that is when the man was killed. now, shortly after that shooting and the public saw that tape play out, the local district attorney in this case spoke and it was the most fiery statement any of us have ever heard from a prosecutor. >> i've been doing this for over 30 years. this is the most asinine act i've ever seen a police officer make. totally unwarranted.
11:30 am
it was -- it's an absolute tragedy. in the year 2015, that minute would behave in this manner. it was senseless and i met with the family just moments ago. it's just horrible. >> here's the news today. the university of cincinnati ordered an independent assessment of the case in the police department after the shooting. this is what we now know. they released the results. the conclusion is this. that tensing's initial stop was appropriate but you used poor police tactics that resulted in a death that was entirely preventible. they also found the officer was what they called an outlier,
11:31 am
meaning he wrote a disproportionate amount of tickets compared to others. >> this was simply a private report commissioned by the university. the real question now is whether he will be prosecuted for dubose's death. it certainly seems like a manslaughter investigation is required. especially as you listen to the whole tape today. it was sort of a vaguely hostile interaction between a driver and a police officer but it was obviously not a life or death situation. >> and the fact that it led to dubose's death, as the prosecutor said, is a tragedy. >> jeff toobin, thank you so
11:32 am
much. next here on cnn, we are counting five days until all of these faces share the stage together. >> you need a wide screen. >> we need a wide screen for this kind of picture. get it ready for next wednesday night, the big debate on cnn. up next, we'll talk about how a debate coach says that the candidates are preparing for the big event. also, ben carson in the middle of a feud with donald trump getting ready to hold a news conference in ferguson, missouri. here he was at a coffee shop this morning. will he take trump on again directly. we'll be watching and waiting. you're watching cnn. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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let's dip in. >> i started thinking about what my mother must have gone through, because she had to work two or three jobs at a time. she would leave the house at 5:00 in the morning and wouldn't get back home until midnight and we were on our own. and she must have been so worried about what would happen to us. but, in listening to everybody, the thing that really came through to me was the word respect. and how that is really the solution. respect on both sides of the aisle. i heard, more than one time, how
11:35 am
the thing that really inflamed the community was the fact that michael brown's body laid out on the street for four hours. i think a lot of people understood that he had done bad things. but his body didn't have to be disrespected. i think, also, i heard that people must learn how to respect authority. you know, i grew up in an inner city and never had any problems with police, even though i know there were bad police out there because my mother made such a big deal out of how we had to respect authority. and it's so important that we all begin to teach everybody, our young people, our police
11:36 am
officers, teachers, our students, everybody, the importance of respecting other people. it's not just about us. it's about everybody around us. and if we can begin to understand that, i think a lot of our problems are resolved. one of the things that has been very helpful here in ferguson is that people have begun to dialogue. we need to start these dialogues before there's a problem. people need to develop relationships before there's a problem. and then it's much less likely that those problems will occur. and let me open it up for questions. yes. >> dr. carson, keeping with your theme of respect, the justice department has looked at the situation here and also found that the police department did not have basic respect for the
11:37 am
community, i think would be a fair argument. do you agree with that? you said it's on both sides of the aisle. i don't think you meant partisan i'll. >> no. >> and i think the bottom line seems to be there's a feeling that the blacks in this community are policed different than everybody else. >> the question is, do i think that the blacks in this community are policed differently than everybody else? i don't know. what i do know is that it is very important that police are taught to be respectful of everyone. one lady was talking about the fact that, you know, she woke up or her son woke up and said, there are police out there, all over the place. there were 100 police out there. and there were, you know, armored vehicles out there and she went outside and a policeman was walking up the sidewalk and
11:38 am
she said, what's going on? and he said, oh, nothing. that's not respectful. i mean, that's her neighborhood. you know, she has a right to know what's going on there. you know, we need to teach our police to be respectful. >> but if you don't know whether race is a variable in all of this, what solutions could you offer when somebody from the community thinks that that is a significant part of the problem? >> well, it is a significant part of the problem. that's my very point. my point is, we need to make sure that respect is offered in both directions. not only must we teach our young people and everybody, for that matter, to respect authority, because i don't think you're ever going to find a situation even if you have rotten egg policemen if you don't respect them, that they are still going to say, oh, i'm just going to
11:39 am
shoot you. it's just not going to happen. so -- but by the same token, we must teach police to extend the respect to anybody in the community. that's your fellow american, a fellow human being. and if you treat them the right way, you're very unlikely, again, unless you're dealing with somebody who is completely mentally unstable, to have a big problem if you treat them with respect. >> dr. carson, since michael brown's death, a number of states have passed various laws regarding body cameras, use of force, police database. as president, would you support anything on a federal level that could be applied nationally that may ease tensions between police and citizens? >> okay. would i advocate for federal programs for body cameras or other suggestions? you know, i'm not really in favor of a lot more federal
11:40 am
programs, to be honest with you. i certainly would not have a problem with block granting to states funding for things like body cams and things of that nature. i would fund it at a lower level than it would take at the federal level because it doesn't cost as much when you take some of the bureaucracy out of it. and also, for anything that i block granted, i would tell the states that if they are able to accomplish what they need to do with 80% of that, they can use the rest of it for whatever they want. we need to incentivize efficiently within our states. but i really believe that a lot of these issues are going to be handled much better at a local level than they are at a federal level. >> dr. carson -- >> speaking of respect, there
11:41 am
are a lot of respectful names on this list but i don't see any of the black lives matter protesters on this list. do you have any [ inaudible ] part of that black lives matter movement? >> i have made it clear -- the question is, do i have any plans to meet with black lives matter -- that i'm very happy to meet with black lives matter. you know, my beef with black lives matter movement has been, i think they need to add a word and that word is all. all black lives matter, including the ones that are ir rad indicateded by apportions, including the ones that are eradicated on the streets every day by violence. and we need to be looking at all of the factors that have kept the black community in a very dependent position for decades and there's a lot of progress that could be made. you know, there's a trillion
11:42 am
dollars of assets in the black community. there's only about ten countries in the world that have a trillion dollar annual budget. i mean, it's an enormous amount of resources. we need to be talking about how you turn those resources over in your own community to create even more and reach back and pull other people up. we need to be talking about the education system because education is the great divide. and i don't care where a person comes from, they get a good education and they write their own ticket. those sorts of things need to be talked about. we need to be talking about the drugs and the drug dealers and the effect that they have on the community. we need to be talking about out of wedlock births and what that does to a woman's educational possibilities and what it does to a child that makes them four times more likely to end up on welfare or in the penal system. until we begin to address these
11:43 am
issues, we're not going to get anywhere. and as an overall society, we need to address the fact that we only have 330 million people. china has over a billion. india has over a billion. we have to compete with them on the global scale. we can't afford to be losing our people. >> dr. carson, this is in a line of respect and on another topic. i know you say you don't want to get into a gladiator battle. he has said that this is -- that you weren't always a big man of fal fal faith and also said in his words that you were heavy into the world of abortion. would you respond to both of those things that it seems that he is going after the heart of your faith and your religion?
11:44 am
>>. >> well, the question is, do i want to respond to donald trump's charges? >> the answer is no. i really don't. because what i have discovered is that the media loves to stoke up controversy. and have people fighting each other like gladiators and i think that's exactly the wrong thing to do. i've made it clear that i was not attacking him. it was interpreted that way by the media and i think he took the bait. but i'm not taking the bait. i'm not going there. next question? >> dr. carson, there are municipal courts that are ticketing people getting caught up in a cycle of debt and warrants. do you think that should be reformed? did that come up in the meeting? >> that particular issue didn't come up that certain people may be getting more tickets, more
11:45 am
warrants, et cetera. does that need to be studied? of course it does. you know, when we talk about liberty and justice for all, that's exactly what it means. we don't treat anybody, especially, we don't persecute anybody specially and when we find evidence of that happening, we use our intellect and our goodwill to remedy the situation. so -- but let's do it on the basis of evidence. this is one of the wonderful things in medicine. we make decisions based on medicine. not on emotion or ideology. so bring on the evidence and let's remedy it. >> dr. carson, you said earlier that [ inaudible ] is part of the problem.
11:46 am
what specific steps would you take and are you satisfied with president obama's handling of racism? >> am i satisfied with president obama's handling of racial issues? and what additional steps would i take to ameliorate the situation of racial conflict in this country? i have no comment about president obama's handling of the issue. but i think what has to be done is that we need to begin to emphasize relationships. when people know each other, superficial issues become less important. anybody here who has a close friend of a different race knows
11:47 am
that. it just doesn't matter anymore when you know somebody. and we need to foster relationships. we need to get business, industry, academia, wall street, churches, community groups involved in investing in the people around them. that's the kind of thing that will allow people to rise. throwing money at a problem is not an effective way of doing it. >> how do you enforce those relationships? >> well, as president, you have the bully pulpit and a number of organizations that can include the private sector. i do not believe it's the responsibility of the government to solve all of the social problems. to take care of all of the ills in our society. the reason that we flourish as a
11:48 am
nation early on is because our communities, which were in many cases separated from anybody by 50, 100 or even 100s of miles were able to thrive. why were they able to thrive? because people took care of each other. if it was harvest time and a farmer fell out of a tree, everybody else pitched in and harvested his crops for him. if somebody got killed, everybody else took care of their family. it wasn't a big government program. it was people caring about each other. i've been a guest speaker at multiple programs around the country that are initiated in the private sector that have had enormous results in terms of bringing people out of poverty, in terms of putting people on the trajectory for success in our society. and the government helping to
11:49 am
coordinate and synergize those programs is going to be much more helpful than what we have done over the great many decades, which is basically find a way to keep people in a dependent situation, and that's not america. yes? >> dr. carson, one of the criticisms of president obama when he came into this job [ inaudible ]. what prepares you in your background to [ inaudible ]? >> okay. the question being people criticize president obama for not having executive experience and the kinds of things that are necessary for the job of president. and they say the same thing about me, how would i counter that argument? thank you for asking that question. she's not a -- you know, i, in addition to a very arduous and
11:50 am
successful career in medicine where i had to take a division of pediatric neurosurgery that wasn't even on the map when i became the director and through very hard work and innovation by the time we reached 2008 it was ranked by the world report as the number one neurosurgery pediatric division in the united states. that was hard work but it can be done. but in addition to that, i spent 18 years on the board of directors of kellogg and 16 years on the board of directors of costco. i was a chairman of the board of a biotech company. my wife and i started a national scholarship program. nine of ten nonprofits failed. ours not only did not fail but
11:51 am
is active in all 50 states and has won national awards only given to one organization per year. so obviously in order to do all of those things you have to be able to do more than just medicine. and i find it amusing that these people say, well, he's an idiot doctor. he only knows how to do neurosurgery. any other questions? >> [ inaudible ] issues surrounding the hearings on the nuclear waste disposal [ inaudible ]? >> no. that has not -- that comes up when i go to nevada. i don't hear much about it in this state. >> why did you come here?
11:52 am
>> why did i come here? >> there's so much of what you've said in the past is to de-emphasize the issues of race and so forth and that has been a matter. why would you come here? >> the question is, why did i come here? so much of what i've said in the past de-emphasizes race. because we need to de-emphasize race and we feed to emphasize respect. we need to emphasize respect for everybody in our society. and we need to emphasize fairness and justice for all. and i can't think of a better place than ferguson to do that. >> what do you think you could learn about ferguson which you hadn't known? >> that's -- that is a very sullow questions. what new things did i learn that i didn't know before?
11:53 am
i think i knew all of the things that i just talked about. but it has a much deeper impact when you actually talk to the people themselves. it's very much like a few weeks ago when i was in arizona with my wife at the border. i had heard all kinds of things about the border. but until i actually witnessed it myself, the impact didn't hit me in terms of the fact that we don't have any border security. it's zero. and that the federal government does nothing to help protect our people from influx. and i had heard such things before but i didn't really realize it. i guess it really hit home for me when i saw the expanses of fence. this was the kind of fence that would barely slow us done as we were kids.
11:54 am
in one area they cut a hole across it and then they put up barbed wire. they went through it right there and they were not athletic people and they had all of their equipment and they were able to film us from the other side. it made a big impression on me. and by the same token, listening to the people here today, listening to the people who were there who witnessed the riot, the people who tried to stop rioters from destroying people's livelihood and listening to the people who were demonized because of the way they looked, it makes an impression. it helps you to understand more about the fabric of our nation and why we're going to have to heal it because our strength is in our unity and we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed by the
11:55 am
purveyors of hatred. >> you said we [ inaudible ] and race is a significant part of the problem. so can you reconcile those two statements? >> all right. we are going to post-game what ben carson has said in a moment but i have to take you to ft. meade maryland on this 14th anniversary of 9/11, speaking with our troops. >> today is a solemn day. i started my day commemorating 9/11 and all of the people who were killed on that day and, you know, i had an opportunity as president to meet with many of the survivors, the family members of those who were killed and on this particular day we are constantly reminded
11:56 am
of their loss. we want to let them know that we do not forget those who were fallen. we are inspired by the survivors, many of whom still have the scars, both seen and unseen on that terrible, terrible day. and it's also a good time to remember who have served and sacrificed since 9/11. you know, we have veterans now from every state in the union who have served oftentimes in multiple tours, both in iraq and afghanistan and although we have made enormous strides in degrading the core al qaeda, including bin laden himself that has helped direct the plot on 9/11, we are well aware of
11:57 am
the fact that those threats still exist out there. and here at ft. meade we do some of the most important work in helping to coordinate our efforts to make sure that we are bringing to bear all elements of american power against those who would try to do us harm here in the homeland or overseas or would threaten our allies. despite the progress we have made in afghanistan, it's still critically important that we have thousands of trainers and advisers who are supporting the afghan military efforts there. our combat role is complete but we still have to make sure that they are getting the kind of help and assistance that they need. the emergence of isil in iraq and syria means we have to be present and we are pounding them every single day. our airmen are doing extraordinary work with the
11:58 am
support of all of the other service branches and we are providing training and assistance and support to the iraqi security forces on the ground as they continue to push back isil from territory that they had taken. but both in iraq and in syria, in afghanistan, in north africa, what we're very clear about is we have significant threats coming from terrorist organizations and the terrorist ideology. we also have the traditional threats that our military has to be prepared for. from, you know, a new pacific region where historically we have underwritten the security and prosperity of a region that came back after world war ii and where we have tremendous alliances to europe. and our role as the cornerstone of nato.
11:59 am
and so we are going to continually have to, you know, work at every level to make sure that our men and women are provided the resources they need to succeed, the equipment, the training and in this new era, that's not just a matter of tanks and rifles, as everyone is aware, cybersecurity is opening up a whole new era in which we have to watch out for our adversaries. so on 9/11, i thought it was particularly important for me to be able to address you directly and to say thank you on behalf of the american people when i look out in this audience and think about all of the members of the armed services and all around the world who served, this represents america. you've got people of every race,
12:00 pm
religion, faith, every region of the country but what we share is a common creed a. common equipment to freedom a. common commitment to a rule of law a. common belief that america is an indispensable force for good around the world and that our military is a linchpin in our ability to protect our values alongside our diplomatic efforts, our economy and the people relations that helped to spread those core beliefs that all of you are willing to sacrifice for. i want to thank you those who are watching overseas and those that are away from family. i don't have a greater honor than serving as your commander
12:01 pm
in chief and every single day i benefit from it as well. so with that, why don't we start taking questions. >> of course, sir. as you mentioned, we have family members and service members worldwide watching through american forces network. it's the top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. you've been watching to the president of the united states pausing on this 14th anniversary of 9/11 as we all vow never to forget after commemorating those moments this morning and speaking with the men and women at ft. meade in maryland, thanking them for their service and looking ahead. that was the president. let's talk about someone who would like to have his job in washington. he's the number two republican front-runner who would love to seize the nomination, donald trump, pediatric neurosurgeon ben carson. he's been speaking in ferguson,
12:02 pm
missouri. let's talk about some of the comments he just made speaking to reporters moments ago. matt lewis is with the daily caller and niger is here and executive director of the thank you so much for being on. >> thank you. >> just first, for folks who were not watching at the top. ben carson looked like he was getting emotional as he was talking about his day walking around ferguson and talking about the lost business, remembering his mother. also speaking about how he grew up in an inner city and said he never had an issue with police, he said, because his mother taught him to respect authority. he kept going back to that, respect. i want to come back to that in a moment. but matt, let's rip off the donald trump band-aid in this conversation. let me begin with, i heard suzanne malveaux asking ben carson specifically if he'd like to respond to donald trump's recent attacks, slamming him and questioning ben carson's faith, questioning his medical record
12:03 pm
and he said i am not going to take the bait. you surprised by that? >> i am surprised because people usually do take the bait. but i think he was smart because then the headline becomes donald trump versus ben carson, not ben carson going to ferguson. i think it was shrewd. i think it was wise. and it also plays into a subtle contrast which is to say that donald trump is the conservative outsider who is bragadocious and contentious and dr. carson is the conservative outsider who is soft spoken and more thoughtful. >> uh-huh. he is also, when you think about the 11 who will be on the debate stage at the reagan library next wednesday night, he will be the only african-american. and so specifically, he was in ferguson in the wake of the michael brown shooting death last summer. and he was asked a final question, almost the most significant, he was asked why
12:04 pm
are you in ferguson? he said because in the past he's taken on the black lives movement and he said you have de-emphasized race and why are you here? >> he said we need to de-emphasize race and emphasize respect and justice. >> i've known dr. carson for many years, for close to 15 years. and i have been proud of him for all those years. but i never saw what i saw today, which is somebody that looked truly looked and had the gravitas as a president. he acted and communicated in a very soft-spoken way like a potential president of the united states. and addressing that question about ferguson, he's addressing something that is on the minds of millions of americans, black, white, latino and asian, which
12:05 pm
is the divisiveness that exists within our country and the fact that we need to come together as a nation. >> he kept going back to that theme of respect and i want to ask you also what he thought about the comments about the black lives matter movement. jake tapper, let me squeeze another voice in on this. what should we call you? our chief referee? you hosted "the union" and "the lead" and you'll be refereeing all 11 of them next wednesday night. i'm sure you watched dr. carson and his opportunity to criticize or jab back against donald trump as we've been watching this feud and he chose not to. and you're going to be the one. not only did they which this time last week it would be donald trump versus jeb bush, now add in carly fiorina and ben carson. how are you going to do this? >> well, it's going to be a challenge, obviously. we have 16 candidates. we're going to have the undercard debate with five and
12:06 pm
11 on the stage for the primetime debate. look, the goal for our cnn debate is to get the candidates to actually debate. so we will be quoting them to each other, things that they have said about each other and things that they have said about each other's policies and proposals and we want them to engage. dr. ben carson was asked a few days ago what the vain difference was between him and donald trump. he gave the answer about faith, about how he was a man of faith and he didn't sense that from donald trump. so i'm not exactly sure what he means by not taking the bait. that's a question. i mean, that's a legitimate question. how are you different from this candidate? and then if the candidate objects to how the characterization went, that's part of this. i mean, part of presidential politics is responding to what people are saying about you, not necessarily personal attacks. but ways in which you are viewed and who a person is and their policies are part of that.
12:07 pm
>> i can't wait to watch only because we released the picture and donald trump is known as the number one spot smack dab in the middle and flanked by ben carson and jeb bush. will they look at each other when you quote them. tapper, stand by. matt lewis, let me bring you back in. one of the questions that the candidates have had to respond to or one of the main issues has been the black lives matter movement. we've seen different act visits interrupting different campaign events and here in particular, dr. carson was asked because he has -- to use his word, had a beef with this movement in the past and he was asked, would you be willing to meet with them? he said, yes, of course, i would. he said, they need to add one word to it all, including all black lives matter, including abortions and young african-american babies, police street violence, et cetera. i'm not quite sure how that will sit with that movement. >> i don't know how it's going to fit with the black lives movement per se. maybe not well. but i think it's a great answer
12:08 pm
because i think it does a couple of things. first, remember, he's running in a republican primary. so iowa voters, where he's doing very well, are his immediate concerns. i think it plays very well there. i think also, though, it's a mainstream answer. it may alienate a very small group of black lives activists but i think a lot of mainstream americans, a lot of african-americans, in fact, would agree with that especially when you put it in the context of him also talking about respect. i thought the line about, you know, michael brown may not have been a perfect person but disrespects his body by letting it lie there. i think that is something that will appeal in the african-american community. i think he really threaded the needle quite well to that. >> let me hit pause on the republicans and jake tapper pivoting back to you on the democratic side, when you look at joe biden and how he's been doing and this is a man not officially in the race with 20 percentage points, there he is on "the late show" with stephen
12:09 pm
colbert. he's talking about his beloved son beau who recently passed. and then, of course, he's asked about politics, will he run? here he is. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president and, two, they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you, you have my whole heart and my whole soul, my energy and my passion to do this. and -- and i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> so, jake, it sounds like a really strong potential "no" to me. >> right. i think what you sense there is what we've heard from joe biden in the last week or so, which is his deep ambivalence about running.
12:10 pm
and understandably so given the loss of his son. i don't know that we have a clear decision yet. when i was a freshman in college and you were in nursery school -- >> junior high school, probably. >> since 1988, he's gotten less experienced or less ambitious. so the drive to run is very strong. beau biden who i knew was his dad's biggest cheerleader, wanted his dad to run for president. i think one of the reasons people respond so strongly to that clip from "the late show" is that very rarely do we hear politicians talk so candidly. >> so candidly. >> and openly about emotions and about frailty and it's remarkable. that doesn't mean, however, there's a path for him to the nomination. >> all right.
12:11 pm
tapper, you're already in l.a. getting ready. i'll see you soon. thank you so much. you have a big, big job to do. of course, you're hosting "the lead" at 4:00 eastern. in the meantime, the republican presidential candidates are facing off in back-to-back debates. tune in wednesday night, september 16th, at 6:00 and 8:00 eastern. let me go to my colleague an andy schultz. what is going on? >> reporter: we have a shocker here at the u.s. open. we see a lot of fan disappointed because serena williams lost in the semifinals ending her bid for the calendar grand slam. and i'll tell you what, no one -- and i mean no one -- thought this would happen. she had 300-1 odds. she's ranked 43rd in the world. everyone thought this was a done
12:12 pm
deal. she won the first set and they thought it was going to be a quick serena match, get in and get out and have a good time. then, vinci won the second set. then in the third set, things got real. it was 2-2 and then 3-3. roberta played the game of her life and outlasted serena this this one. after the match, it was the best moment of her life, she said, beating serena. and the women's final -- >> i bet it was. >> reporter: the ticket for the women's final was going more for the men's. it $280 when it started and now down to $70 because serena williams will not be playing to are a grand slam. >> oh, man. we were all, you know -- listen, she's so phenomenal. just talking to rachel nichols who interviewed her. our hearts go out. m man, it would be so awesome.
12:13 pm
wait. who did she lose to? >> roberta. she's going to be playing another name many haven't heard from, pineta. it's going to be an all italian u.s. open final. not what people expected when this day started but, hey, that's why they play the games, right, brooke? >> i suppose so. i suppose so. that's why we keep coming. that's why sports is fascinating and fun and so disappointing. andy scholes, thank you so much. we'll talk to christina brennan about this surprising loss. breaking news out of phoenix, the manhunt for a possible serial shooter, who has been firing shot after shot into these vehicles along this busy stretch of the interstate. late word, two people are being questioned by the police. a live report for you there. also ahead, speaking out for the first time, a former south carolina police officer seen on camera shooting an unarmed man in the back, making an emotional plea as he faces a judge today.
12:14 pm
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. two people in phoenix, arizona, have been detained regarding the shootings along interstate 10. let's go to sara sidner live in phoenix. it's two people but they just want to talk to them, not arrest them, necessarily? >> reporter: that's right. they have not been arrested. they made that very clear. at this time they have been detained and they are being questioned in connection with the shootings that happened here
12:19 pm
along im along i-10. over the past 12 days, there have been 11 shootings. that's how police are couching all of this. they say some of them are definitely bullets. they have been able to find -- some of them -- they are not exactly sure what they are though they are saying some of the things hitting cars are projectiles but at this point the big news is that they have detained a couple of people. they are making -- they are doing their investigation with them. they are asking them questions and they are trying to get to the bottom of whether they are involved. we don't have much detail as to who the two people are, if they are male or female, if they are together at the same time or not. we're trying to get more details for you. at this time, the headline is that two people are detained and they are being questioned in connection with the shooting that has the city really on edge. brooke? >> can't imagine. sara sidner, thank you so much in phoenix. let's hop back to our breaking story. a massive upset, serena williams
12:20 pm
lost at the u.s. open semifinal. christina brennan is joining me. who is this person who beat her? where do we begin? >> brooke, this is one of the biggest upsets we have ever seen in sports, any sport, minutes or women's ever. one of the biggest. >> wow. >> absolutely. i had never heard of vinci until yesterday. >> okay. i feel better. >> no disrespect for her. >> right. >> she was emotional and fired up. she was able to capitalize on a really nervous serena williams. it hasn't been done by a man or women ever in the world. 27 years.
12:21 pm
had she done that, all she needed to do was win this match and of course tomorrow, she would have been the sports person of the year. an absolute crusher for serena. no one saw this coming. >> so at the top of her game. i commend her for being this phenomenal person that she is but bummer for her. let me leave this behind and ask you about these other stories. for those who watched the patriots/steelers game, two narratives out of that. first, you have the steelers coach is being investigated for assaulting a patriots fan. what are the allegations exactly? >> that's the story as we know it right now. allegations, in the heat of the moment, a big rivalry, opening game, there were allegations of
12:22 pm
an altercation back and forth and every now and then we see these things, brooke, where the person who has to be the adult in the situation goes too far. fans can be crazy and things can happen but this just can for the happen in the national football league at any point. this is where the adult in the room has to say i can't get involved. the nfl will investigate this and altercation/fights are the exact thing domestic violence from a year ago and it's on people's minds and the nfl cannot afford to have anything happen. the cleveland brown's offensive line coach has been suspended because a woman called 911 and said she was being strangled by him. >> finally, the headset controversy. so the steelers heard the pats radio broadcast in their headset during the first half of the
12:23 pm
game. the steelers head coach says this wasn't the first time. one game here into the season what's going on? >> well, i thought mike tomlin with the steelers said was really revealing when asked about this and he said does this happen? yeah, all the time when i'm here in new england, this is what they are dealing with. so it certainly plays right into, brooke, the story line of the patriots as cheaters, doing things that others are not doing. and the nfl said it would investigate. one more story to the patriots. we have spygate and deflategate. it's kind of funny. the bigger picture is not so funny and that's why the nfl has to look into that as well. >> so many eyeballs on that screen and we have all of this going on. okay. >> it's -- you know what, it's the biggest reality tv show other than the republican
12:24 pm
primary. >> christine brennan, thank you so much. you cover sports and i'll cover the politics and now to this, speaking of what is happening, a former south carolina police officer actually seen on camera shooting an unarmed man in the back, speaking out for the first time in front of the judge making an emotional request. a live report from charleston is next.
12:25 pm
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12:29 pm
not just a european problem. it's a world problem. and we have obligations. i made certain to send through every agency that we've got to do our part, first of all in taking our share of refugees and those of you who saw these heartbreaking images, that small boy drowned. i think anybody who is a parent understands that stirs all of our consciences, not just folks on the other side of the atlantic. so i've already been in discussions with the greeks and others who are down south about how we can enhance maritime efforts to make sure, first of
12:30 pm
all, that people who are loading up on these rickety boats are safe and we're not seeing enormous loss of life there. we are encouraged by the efforts of the european union to accept refugees in all countries and spread out some of the burdens and the pressure. as i said, the united states should establish a floor of at least 10,000 refugees that we're willing to accept and cut through some of the bureaucracy and red tape to do that. ultimately, though, as you well know, it is really important for us to go to the source. going down a river, part of your job is to pull those folks out and save who you can but you
12:31 pm
also have to go down the stream and see what is happening. the refugee crisis is prompted by the collapse of governance in syria. and the growth of isil and cruelty that assad is perpetrating on his own people and that's why the response i gave earlier, the importance of us continuing our military efforts against isil but also trying to pull together a strong international diplomatic effort to bring about some sort of political accord. >> so the president addressing the syrian refugee crisis and making news on some recent russian activity near syria. let's go to the pentagon to barbara starr for more on that. obviously we know russia is trying to protect bashar al assad and president obama saying there's good news and bad news there. >> these are the president's first remarks on this potential controversy and military
12:32 pm
confrontation with the russians in the middle east, brooke. the president saying, you know, that he's not happy, making it very clear he's not happy about the russian military move shipping military equipment into syria to protect bashar al assad. he calls this a strategy doom to failure and why is he saying this? the u.s. view is that what vladimir putin is doing is shoring up assad and that's what the u.s. doesn't want to see because shoring up assad means that isis will just stay in place longer in the u.s. view to fight assad. the president even, you know, doing a bit of a shout across the bow at putin saying that putin should not be doubled down on protecting assad because of this isis issue and that isis poses a bigger threat to russia than it even does to the united states. you know, even in the last couple of days, the russian military buildup in syria has
12:33 pm
now continued. the u.s. view is that the rus a russians are establishing a base there, they could start russian housing there now for 1400 troops. they've got about 200 troops on the ground already. they are moving radars in and a lot of russian gear is moving in and the president for the first time saying that he'd like to work with the russians on some sort of coalition to get a peace agreement, a political transition in syria to get assad out of there but that is not what the russians want. by all accounts, assad very much inviting the russians in. the russians coming in and the u.s. view, from the president, is this is doubling down, in his words, on a losing proposition. assad will eventually have to go. if the russians keep him propped up, it only keeps this war going, keeps isis going and in the middle of this refugee crisis that the world is watching, just more and more
12:34 pm
tragedy unfolding. >> barbara starr, thank you so much for putting that into context so eloquently for us. again, the president making two really significant pieces of news, as she mentioned, with the syrians, with russians in syria trying to prop up assad and with the refugee crisis? when we come back, we heard moments ago from the number two who would like to be president, who would like the republican nomination, standing next to donald trump next wednesday night during our big debate. he just spoke from ferguson, missouri, and he was asked by one of our reporters if he cared to comment or jab back on donald trump. as he was calling the question, trump was, his faith, medical record. what dr. carson said or did not say, coming up. people don't have to think about
12:35 pm
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moments ago we saw republican presidential candidate and neurosurgeon ben carson answering question after question from reporters there in ferguson, missouri. but when he was asked specifically if he'd like to respond to the jabs made at him from donald trump, here's what he said. >> the question is, do i want to respond to donald trump's charges? the answer is no. i really don't. because what i have discovered is that the media loves to stoke up controversy and have people fighting each other like gladiators and i've made it clear that it was interpret red that way and i'm not taking the
12:40 pm
bait. i'm not going there. next? >> next, he says. here are the numbers. and by the way, obviously, what he said or did not say is gaining traction in the polls. he's in the number two spot behind donald trump in the cnn orc poll. let me bring in michael smerconish. good to see you. >> hello. >> hello. can't wait for wednesday. it's going to be like super bowl. >> i cannot wait until wednesday, especially with trump in the middle flanked by both jeb bush and ben carson. >> if i weren't involved in it, my house would be in a radio silence, do not call. >> that said, were you surprised that -- he said i'm not taking the bait. a lot of these politicians know we'll be chewing on this. >> the media. you people in the media. brooke, don't make me defend the donald but in this case, ben carson was the aggressor and it was ben carson -- in response -- i always took note of the fact
12:41 pm
that trump had not gone after ben carson. >> he hadn't. >> he had gone after with a shotgun blast against everybody but carson. >> carson was saying i would consider a ticket with trump. >> and now ted cruz is in that ticket solely. he responded by questioning donald trump's faith. he's not the only one. many people have taken note. i must say i poked fun at the fact of him in alabama on that stage saying, what's my favorite book? and they are all saying, the bible. the donald was responding. >> and the fact that he didn't -- >> well, i think ben carson realizes there's not an upside for ben carson if he continues down this road because has anyone benefited from tangling with trump thus far? certainly not jeb bush. jeb bush's numbers have been static in this race so far. so maybe he's making the correct
12:42 pm
and political move. >> what i'm remembering back to when we were last sharing this set, a couple of weeks ago, you said to me, brooke, so far i've made these predictions when it comes to donald trump and both times i've been wrong. >> that's not right. three have been accurate. >> i'm 0-3. >> you did make a prediction where you said there's no way this guy is going to be in the race come january. >> jesus, did i say that? >> can you walk it back? >> i may have to walk it back a little. there's no way he'll be the last individual standing for the gop. that i still believe but my timetable may make me 0-4 in this category thus far. >> not winning? >> look, a loser, smerconish, a loser, let me take the word out of his mouth. i'll say this. when it turns, because it will turn, he will not stay on that stage and take a licking. there will be something grandiose that causes him to
12:43 pm
exit. he will not be like rick santorum in the last cycle hanging in until the last minute against mitt romney. >> something will happen and he'll say dueces? >> el chapo has it in for his family and therefore he has to get it out. >> he'll see about that one. >> finally, carly fiorina, we thought on the stage it would be jeb bush v. donald and now you have the ben carson and then you have carly fiorina. did you hear what she said today? take a listen. >> finally, we need a president who understands what leadership is. leadership is not about the size of your office, the size of your airplane, the size of your helicopter. it's not about your title. it's not about -- leadership is about service. leadership is unlocking potential in others. we now need a servant leader in the white house who understands what it takes to unlock the
12:44 pm
potential of this nation. >> besides a helicopter? gee -- >> wait a minute. let's read that to you. it's not the size of the helicopter, it's the size of your office. there's a lot of size messages in that. that's the way i interpret what she's saying. i'm thrilled she's going to be on that stage and i think she's a wildcard and i cannot wait to see the dynamic between trump and carson and carly fiorina. there are two debates that are going to play themselves out on that stage. two debates racked within one. a total of three debates is what you're getting next wednesday. by that i mean, watch the establishment candidates, watch jeb, watch chris christie, mark marco rubio, watch john kasich. but entirely separate, keep your eye on the dynamic of ted cruz and carly fiorina as well. there's a lot going on than just
12:45 pm
11 individuals competing with one another. >> i can't wait. >> i can't either. >> saturdays at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., michael smerconish. we will play suzanne malveaux's and ben carson's back and forth. that's coming up. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® has also been proven
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12:49 pm
an acknowledgement about senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that the battle over the iran nuclear deal is over now at least unless the next president takes office. >> i'll be happy to override a
12:50 pm
presidential veto. otherwise, this vote stands and it's going to be a defining vote for the 2016 election. >> all right. let's go to our cnn senior political reporter, manu raju, who is sitting down with the senate leader there. what else did he tell you? >> this is a majority leader, who recognizes there's very little he can do to stop the iran deal from going forward. he knows where the votes are. he does want to showcase that there's a bipartisan majority in congress that is opposing this deal, but he's also skeptical of house conservatives who are trying to sue the president, or threatening we should take this to court. he does the think this is necessarily the way to go. i think we have some sound here that shows just that. >> i think it will be a big issue in the presidential race
12:51 pm
and in the senate. it's an agreement between barack obama and the iranian regime. it will be reviewed again a year and a half from now. it doesn't have the force of law that a treat use would have had, so his deal is unilateral deal with iran is something he can try to implement over the next year and a half and if the next president wants to look at it, is free to do it. >> yeah, this is clearly trying to make the case there's little congress can do. even if there's efforts on capitol hill by members in the house republican conference to try to take aim at it, this will be something that the next president will have to worry about. you know, this is a -- senator mcconnell has a lot of very difficult issues to deal with in the months ahead -- government funding fights, for instance, a debt ceiling battle, highway funding. all these things he wants to deal with. i think he's ready to move on from the iran debate once the
12:52 pm
final votes happened next week. >> i'm thinking i'm about to hop on plane to l.a. two people who will be on that debate, donald trump, ted cruz, senator mcconnell talked to you about his relationship with both men. what did he say? >> on the ted cruz front, they've sparred over tactics, the upcoming one about planned parenthood funding. ted cruz does not want any moan on a government funding bill that if the government shut down, planned parenthood would still be in existent. he is pushing back.
12:53 pm
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ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. we now have the video. here he is, james blake. this is the takedown from in nypd officer, mistaken identity. that is what's happened. we are now seeing for the first time what this officer did as james black is standing outside the grand hiatt, just headed to the u.s. open. you saw him standing by the column.
12:58 pm
out of nowhere this officer comes at him. we know the new york police department has apologized. we know james blake has been in contact with the commissioner bill bratton. that officer, by the way, who on james blake cuffing him? he is now on assignment. again, we have learned also that officer involved in two pending federal lawsuit involving excessive fort. before i let you go, in today's cnn heroes, one woman has made it her mission to provide millions of diapers to moms in need. >> go! whoo! [ laughter ] i'm a single mother protoing for mire children is a struggle. diapers are super expensive, making sure that my children have everything and wanting to provide for them really does cause anxiety. diapers are not covered by food stamps, not covered by other
12:59 pm
social service programs. when i had my first child i was amazed how hard it was to care for a newborn. it's emotionally very exhausting, physically very exhaustle. when things started to ease up, i wanted to help other moms. i started calling organization and i heard over and over again we need diapers. i was heartbroken. i started thinking about how difficult it will be to have that mom who doesn't have the diaper. we have donated nearly 2 million diapers to families in the d.c. area. we partner with organizations who are helping families. a lot of our families are really at a breaking point. we're using diapers as a way to have them engaged with social service for their other needs. let them know there is a network that will help and support them. >> receiving diapers means there's one less thing i have to worry about. >> we can really use these. >> it allows some el to put more
1:00 pm
money towards other things that are beneficial for my children. knowing that we're able to help moms at a critical point in their life. thanks for watching. "the lead" with jake tapper, live from los angeles, starts now. \s the republican race is getting heated and perch. wish me luck next wednesday. i may need to bring my shinguards. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the politics lead, it's working for trump. more candies are trying to climb the polls by doing the same. what can we possibly expect five days from today at the reagan library debate. the national lead, never forget. 14 years ago today terror hit the homeland and changed everything. today the man then heralded as america's mayor, rudy giuliani, joins me to look back at the defining days and to


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