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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  September 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this saturday evening, you are in the cnn "newsroom." we begin this hour with a former tennis star tackled and body slammed and handcuffed in the case of mistaken identity. he wants to change the way police deal with the public and he has the video to help make his case. this is newly released video that shows him standing in front of a hotel when suddenly a police officer in plain clothes
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takes him down to the sidewalk. police commission apologized because it turns out they were looking for the wrong person. blake says, well, he aappreciates the apology, it's not enough and he is planning to meet with the department and the mayor. this as it comes to light the officer has been accused of excessive force multiple times before. >> your mom says, i'm glad he took the path of least resistance. it could have gotten pretty ugly. you don't think about them as being black until this is thrown back on you. do you think it has to do with a race? >> i think race is a huge issue and i don't think it's appropriate for this incident because i think this incident needs to be more about the force
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and the fact that this can't be used in these kind of police officers can't be encouraged to be back out on the streets. i think the issue of race is a bigger one for a whole different interview and i don't want to muddy this incident, and it needs to create change in the police brutality and the accountability of these officers with the racial issue. i think there probably is a gray area with bill being clear one way and my mom being clear another way and i am sure there is a gray area and somewhere in the middle we can talk about but i think that's for a different discussion. >> you say you want to change the way the police works -- >> i want to see change. i want to see it not happen. that was the first reaction once i realized i needed to speak up
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about this, and i can't imagine this happening to somebody i care about, and i don't want to go through seeing this happening to somebody i care about. i am sure tomorrow this is going to happen somewhere and i don't want that to be the case, and i don't want it to be swept under the rug and say it happens once in a while, and we are going to move past it, and i don't want a lawsuit that says here is $5 million go away, and we're not going to talk about it anymore, and i want to talk about real solutions and accountability and about making sure that this is not going to happen and these types of police officers are no longer able to do this. >> what would you say to the officer if i am sitting here? >> you took advantage of me in a very vulnerable situation and in doing so you hurt my family and i want them to know this is not just hurting me and every time he has done this or would do this, it hurts a whole family
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and it's not fair to use your badge to do that and you have that badge and you are supposed to treat that with honor, and respect, and i don't think he deserves to have that badge again. >> that officer who he is talking about has been placed on desk duty. earlier today i spoke with former new york city police commissioner ray kelly about allegations about the police officer from other cases and i asked him why he was on the street patrolling even though he is a defendant in two federal lawsuits that involve excessive force. >> it has to be investigated. they have due process. this will be investigated. a lot of cops have false allegations. you arrest somebody and they will make an allegation. i don't know if these cases were
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substantiated or not. >> he got put on desk duty right after this one. >> this one. euflt is it because it's on video -- >> yeah, you have to make judgments on it, and we are on cnn talking about it. >> we are. >> obviously the department had to take action. >> the officer has also been named in two additional complaints that allege police brutality. in the case for the white house, republican hopeful carly fiorina calls out the media saying they should cover the issues rather than donald trump calling him, quote, an entertainer. fiorina was asked about trump's recent comments about her looks and she shared her thoughts and challenged reporters to focus on the issues rather than trump. >> i think donald trump is an entertainer, and i think i am a
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leader, and so what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about, and i think they hear what i am talking about. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> it's interesting, we have been at this for six minutes and half has been about trump, and voters don't ask me about trump and you should think about it. it's all very entertaining. the truth is, these are serious times and voters are concerned and frustrated and angry and in some cases we are afraid, so what they want to talk about are the issues that concern them and frustrate them and anger them and scare them. that's what they want to talk about. >> donald trump was stumping in aims, iowa today, and trump and several other republican presidential candidates visited
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tailgate parties outside of the iowa versus iowa state football game. and we are joined by our reporter that caught up with trump. what did he say? >> reporter: donald trump swept through the iowa state university like only donald trump can with thousands of rowdy football fans chanting his name. in the midst of it all we were able to get a few minutes with him. check out what he said. >> reporter: mr. trump, you were just inside and meeting with the university president. what did you talk about? >> education, and he is a talented guy and education, he has a good beat on it. >> reporter: did you get any policies out of it shoo we were focused on education and he has done a great job in iowa. he has great ideas. >> winning crowd, huh? >> reporter: when you see this
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kind of reception, what kind of chances do you think you have? >> we just came out with a great poll from iowa, and we are far and away in first place. >> reporter: sounds like you are expecting a bunch of sleepers when you get to the debate. >> no sleepers. everybody is capable and competent, and you do what you do. i want to make america great again -- >> reporter: sounds like different than what you said before. capable. that's not what you said before. >> i am trying to be nice. >> reporter: that last part there is donald trump showing softer edges as he is not slamming candidates but making some pretty nice comments about his rivals calling them competent and capable. >> we will see if it holds on the debate stage wednesday night. here is the thing, jeremy, i
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read the transcript of your interview before you came on the air and you asked him specifically what he and the university president talked about and he didn't answer you, and you asked him specifically about what he was going to talk about in the debate, he didn't say anything, and are we getting anymore specifics on donald trump? >> he did say he is planning on releasing his tax plan in three to four weeks and did release his immigration plan previously but in the broad strokes we are still missing a lot of policy from trump and that's going to be the criticism his rivals will continue to fling at him at the cnn debate, but he is still rising in the polls, continuing to and he thinks he has a strategy to win. >> you look at the images. he is greeted like an absolute rock star. jeremy diamond, great reporting, catching up with him, thank you, my friend. democratic presidential
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hopeful, bernie sanders courting voters at a black college, and he said he wants to end-all forms of institutional racism. he got pretty fired up when he talked about the media coverage of the candidates and he says it's time to focus on the issues that that >> the way media looks, they see it as a baseball game or soap opera, who is raising money, how much and how well people are doing in polls, and who said something really dumb yesterday. who slipped on a banana peel, and who insulted somebody -- who cares! >> the gop presidential candidates do face-off in back to back debates this wednesday night, september 16th, 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern only right here on cnn. also, this controversial
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kentucky clerk, kim davis, continues to work but her legal showdown is far from over. her attorneys request another delay in hopes she can delay issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she was released but was ordered not to infear to the deputy clerks in her office issuing same-sex couples licenses. >> this was an appeal filed on friday in the court of appeals and the argument from her attorneys is that kim davis, those that were looking for marriage licenses from her, they were given them before she went to jail, all of them looking for same-sex license was given, and her argument is she should not have to be required to issue those nor should her office be required, and a lower court judge denied that, and they are
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hoping to get resolution in the higher court, and she all along maintained her beliefs as a christian kept her from issuing these same-sex marriage licenses. she essentially is saying she would break federal law than to make her own mourn conscience. and her supporters equate her for a christian martyr, and you see presidential hopeful mike huckabee showed up for a rally later this work, and her critics asking why not resign as other clerks have done, and others have stepped down, and she is an elected official and people asking why not hold a referendum if people want her in that position, but she returns to work on monday and we asked her attorney if she will do more of the same, and he was unwilling commit to an answer, just saying that she has given an oath to god and it's an oath she doesn't
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plan to break. >> the other deputies, the clerks that work with her in the office because she is not the only one issuing the license, what is their feeling about her? do they agree with her? how is that working internally? >> we have seen all but one of her deputies fall in line and follow the law, and ten marriage licenses, seven of which were same-sex licenses were issued in the time that kim davis was in jail and her effectiveness will be judged on whether she intervenes on the issuing of same-sex marriages. she is putting herself at going back to jail and the judge is clear if she denies more same-sex marriages, she will go right back to where she came from and that's prison, and she spent five days there and could put herself at risk to go back there. still to come, a giant construction crane crashes into the largest mosque in the world, and more than 100 lives are
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were able to pull an elderly man and his grandson out of the car. the water was just too high when he tried to navigate an overpass. and then a construction crane crashed into the crane of a mosque. at least 107 people were killed and more than 200 others were hurt. the accident comes less than two weeks before the annual hodge pilgrimage. egypt's president asked the cabinet to stay on in a caretaker control in order to form a new government within the next week. now to eastern japan, almost 3 million people are being advised to evacuate following deadly flooding there. three people died there and more than a dozen still missing. earlier today, the prime
4:19 pm
minister visiting some of the hardest hit areas. up next, a powerful cnn special report from our very own brook baldwin. >> coming up an interview you can't turn away from. >> it tears you apart. it's nine years for me and i am still suffering every single day. >> 40 survivors in a room have never done this alone, mothers and fathers and siblings and spouses, all of their lives changed by gun violence. their powerful stories will move you. you are watching cnn. stay here. level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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i am brook baldwin. thank you for being with me. this is so important. i want to share with you the most emotional raw interview i have ever done, and we cover tragedies and years later the ones that suffered are left behind without the cameras to deal with their deep pain. i sat down with the "loneliest club." these are people who have lost a loved one to gun violence, and others who survived. they were on capitol hill this week to demand what lawmakers do whatever it takes to stop gun violence in america, and no
4:24 pm
matter where you stand in this debate, these people, these people were living their lives normally just like the rest of us, and all of a sudden their lives changed forever. over the next half hour you will hear stories about the phone calls they received and what they deal with day-to-day and the surprising connections they made with one another. i am honored to be in a room with you all, and i wanted to begin, and i know all of you brought photos of people, and this is the reason you are all here and i want a chance to see them all. hold them up for me. all of these faces -- all these faces, this is why you are here and this is why this conversation is so important. you can put the photos down for now. a show of hands, how many people were affected by aurora? how about sandy hook?
4:25 pm
virginia tech? how about -- how many of you, a show of hands, a story affected by a story that was not the front story on the paper the next day? how many of you near and dear lost somebody near and dear to them? how many of you own a gun? how many people -- final question -- believe and hope for change? you show all these photos. i want to hear about some of these folks. >> my name is roxanne. my daughter was murdered on january 8th. a third grader. she was waiting in line to visit and talk with her congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, and unfortunately she was shot in the back through the heart and
4:26 pm
died immediately. >> in a couple words, what was her essence? >> she wanted to be the first female president of the united states. and also the first major league pitcher, female pitcher to play in the big leagues. she was an amazing little girl and was beautiful. brave and strong, and i miss her every day. >> how about passing the microphone to your right. what about you two? >> my wife sometimes has a hard time talking. we lost our daughter, brooklyn, to what they call an accidental shooting. her best friend was playing with her father's gun that he left in a kitchen cabinet and she was shot in the back from about 15 feet away and she was not playing with the gun, but we were just told it was an accident. >> tell me about her. >> i think some people have
4:27 pm
revisionist history when they lose somebody, but she was a marathon runner and competitive gymnast and honor role student, and the only child that we never had to tell her to clean her room, and she was in her heart a really good kid. >> what about to your right? >> my friend was 29 years old and murdered december 8th, 2003. that's when i really found out what the word gangs mean. i know they say guns don't kill, but people do, and i do feel like they get them so plen plentyfully. >> i was visiting with my family on thanksgiving in chicago and i just talked to jordan thanksgiving day.
4:28 pm
he was really excited about going to the mall the next day, and shopping with his friends and he made phone calls to all of his friends on thanksgiving day to tell them that he loved them, and that he was so thankful to god that they were his friends, and then the next day i received a phone call that jordan had been murdered simply for playing loud music in his car. every fear that you have as a parent, every fear that you have that they will be hurt while driving or be in an accident, it all comes crashing down on you at one time. i remember i was just completely numb. >> where is tom? tom? i want to hear from you. >> that day was alex's birthday, and i remember i woke up that morning and i worked at the post office and i had to be to work early so when i got up in the
4:29 pm
morning i would turn the tv on and we had it on a news channel and i saw the flashing lights and i saw a movie and i placed a call, you know, to him and said, hey, i have seen this going on, you know, give me a call when you get up and your mom is going to be worried. before i hung up i wished him a happy birthday because that was his birthday. >> 27? >> yeah, he was 27. yeah. and you know, then i headed on into work and i drove right by the theater and could see the helicopters and then i could hear the sirens and i called him again and said, hey, you know, i am going to keep calling you every half hour until you get back to me and i went to work, and proceeded to do that until my wife finally called me at 6:30 that morning and i tried to calm her down and said, you
4:30 pm
know, i have been calling him, but she yelled at me over into the phone that alex had been shot. >> what about you? >> i was asleep when sandy got the call. the call came from inside the theater, and the screaming was still going on, and it was brent who was jesse's best friend. he called -- we had been talking to jesse just minutes before and when she got the call from brent she knew something was wrong, so she asked brent, where is jesse? brent said, i tried. she said, brent, please tell me she's got dead. and brent said again, i tried. so the scream woke me up. i thought somebody was in our
4:31 pm
house taking my wife the scream was so horrible. when i got to her, she was telling me jesse was dead, and i said you are mistaken, and i said, no, and brent said she was dead and he is a paramedic. >> you remember who called, the time of day. rich, talk to me about when you got the call. >> my son, christopher ross martinez was killed in california on may 23rd at about 9:27 p.m. 2014. karen, his mom, was talking to a detective, and she was asking him whether he was alive or dead and the detective didn't want to tell her. she insisted, and i could tell
4:32 pm
from her reaction that he was dead, and you know it's bad to lose a child, but it takes you down to a place you have never been before. >> more of my emotional interview with these survivors and their powerful stories and the connections they made with one another through grief and loss. >> i jumped on the phone and we started to cry, and it just seems like our souls came together in a common al tea that i can't even explain. our deadls racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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liberty mutual insurance. if you are just joining me, i am sharing my exclusive interview with with "the loneliest club." there's a bond between each of them i never knew about, and nobody really does unless you have been affected by a shooting and some described it as a calmness. >> pat, you played a unique role in what happened in tucson, but you were there and you saw what happened and you were one of those that jumped in and stopped him from reloading, and i think
4:37 pm
of you and i think of first responders and paramedics and police and all kinds of people that arrive on all these different scenes and you still have your own kind of recovery process and i am wondering what that looks like? >> i do say that i was not physically injured that day, but it does take an emotional and spiritual toll on you. >> you don't have a physical wounding but it's something that i imagine you might think of still everyday? >> i do. i often wonder who is next? who is going to need comforting from all of us next? who is going to gain some appreciation for what the rest of us have been through? >> let me move on to de"adra.
4:38 pm
your son was hit by a bullet at a birthday party and survived but every day is a struggle. >> yes, every day is a struggle, and i, too, like pat, think why did he survive, especially after i have met everyone here and i rarely meet people whose kids survived and a lot of them don't speak out for different reasons and i don't cross their paths often, and the child i birthed at 18 years old i no longer have. he doesn't talk. he does not walk. i know he knows me, and he is doing better with yes or no head nods, but we do not know what he understands and as happy as his spirits are, i don't think he understands he has been shot, why he was minding his own business being an innocent
4:39 pm
child. he is in rehab now, and when he was in my home, it was a struggle and he had machinery that we needed space for, and i remember getting up and going to work and walking past the door and saying, i will see you later. he just looked around like, what? my heart goes out to people who have lost their kids, but to be faced every day with the reminder that he may never ever be what he used to, and he lies in your living room or a hospital bed or in a wheelchair and you have to bathe him from head to toe, you have to stretch his fingers out so they don't get stuck, to be faced with that
4:40 pm
every day, i have to ask myself, did you make the right decision? did you make the right decision? in my heart i know i did, and before he got to the point he is now, it was a struggle with me wondering would dre want to live like this, so my heart goes out to everyone, and for parents -- not for parents to pull the plug, there is no judgment. there's no judgment. it's a complete change of life to see your baby so altered and he is supposed to be a freshman this year and all we wanted was for him to play high school football, and of course, he wanted to go to college and play football, and that's all snatched away from us by a stray bullet. >> it's the connections that you all have made, right? you all had no idea this would be happening to you and you had no idea you would end up with the commonality with people sitting next to you, and coming
4:41 pm
and seeing your hands locked and you lost in that charleston church you lost your two cousins. >> yes, i was at work when my nephew called and he said there was a shooting at the church. i said, what church? he said, grand kwrny's church. i called and did everything i could and no answer. but i knew she was gone, because there would have been no other place in the world she would have been. so i knew either my mother would have witnessed this terrible thing or she was one of the people that died. i couldn't even drive home. i didn't know yet officially, but i knew in my heart, i had to
4:42 pm
stop my car twice because i was so nervous i couldn't even drive. and then to find out everything, you know, cousin susie and taiwan, it was just too much for two days. i'm in dallas, texas. two days. i wondered around in my pajamas watching the news because i couldn't take missing anything because i was hoping beyond hope that somehow they got it wrong, but i knew it wasn't wrong and i knew that she was gone. >> sorry, give me a second. with the charleston story, the world watched that courtroom -- i want to say it was the day
4:43 pm
after whenever he was taken in, and you saw family member after family member forgiving him, and we just learned last week the prosecutor is indeed going to seek the death penalty and i would be remiss not to ask you, do you forgive him and how do you feel about that? >> i don't forgive him yet. being a pastor and a reverend, i know that forgiveness is a part of life and what we do as a world to get past, but i am not there. i don't want to forgive him. i don't want to have to say, i forgive you for killing my mother. i don't want to have to say that. >> you don't have to. >> i know the process will have to take place and there is no time limit on that process, but i'm just not there yet, i'm not there yet, and i believe the god
4:44 pm
that i believe in is patting me on the back saying you take your time. >> when you heard about what happened at that church in charleston, lucy, what was the first thing you did? >> i was weeping. i weeped literally on my knees for a good hour and a half or two hours because i felt like the hrlast place of safety is a church, and the next day when i was asked, you know, what are you going to do? do you want to go to charleston? i was like, yeah, i need to go to charleston, because i know firsthand what those people are feeling, and i wanted to go there and i wanted to pray for them, and i wanted to offer them the very same support that i know those family members and that church prayed for me and my family when jordan was murdered. >> how did you meet sharon?
4:45 pm
>> i received a bag full of cards, and i was going through things and i came upon this envelope that had the address and had my name written on the side, so my curiosity says open this. i open it, and here is a two-page letter from lucy. she left me her phone number. i didn't think about sending an e-mail, i jumped on the phone and we started to cry, and it just seemed like our souls came together in a commonality that i can't even explain. as far as the question of peace, it will only be three months, so i am raw, i am new to this cause, and peace will come.
4:46 pm
>> still ahead, what can be done. >> i thought something is going to happen now. we're not going to have all of these children mass murdered and we're not going to do something as a nation? >> you will hear their proposals for preventing the next shooting in this country. this is big. like big big. at&t and directv are now one. bringing television and wireless together. so you'll get your tv from home on the go.
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welcome back. i am brook baldwin. we are sharing stories by these people that have lost a loved one to gun violence and some have survived and many have not healed from the most painful day of their lives but they have a new mission, to prevent these tragedies from happening to anybody else. here is the final piece of this exclusive cnn town hall. >> what are you feeling? can we get a microphone really quickly to the end. was something said in particular that triggered? >> when i was 13 i was shot by my stepfather.
4:51 pm
i have heard all of these stories as they came out in the news, and i think the thing that is really speaking the me is that my worst horror besides being shot and walking next to my body every single day is my children being shot. nobody is safe from this. i don't care who you are or where you stand, nobody is safe from this. until we stand up and ask and demand that people start acting with some sort of morality and change legislation, what is going on? after newtown, i stood in front of the television camera saying
4:52 pm
to myself, oh, my god, something is going to happen. i cried for three weeks straight because i knew as a child what those children had been through. i knew! and i thought something is going to happen now. we're not going to have all of these children mass murdered and we're not going to do something as a nation. >> what needs to happen? you are a survivor of virginia tech. you graduated and have made this your life mission. >> i want to agree with the sentiment on one level, however, i also have been doing this work in gun violence prevention and talking to legislators before sandy hook and it's a world of difference now than it was on december 13th. >> give me two examples. >> the presence of this network is one. there has been no coordinated
4:53 pm
effort to bring people of similar experiences together. >> you are all 700 plus strong. >> over 750. people think this conversation we are having is really about taking guns from everybody, and -- >> misconceptions. >> people think you all think people should not have guns and that's not the case. >> it's finding the common grounds to bring people together, but the nra cannot defeat us on background checks, and they have to associate it with an extreme end point to muddy the pwaters and make peope confused and the average american thinks this makes sense and this ought to be done everywhere. >> my husband, ron kirby, was killed by a man that was
4:54 pm
diagnosed with schizophrenia. he sent his girlfriend to buy the gun. he killed my husband, and right away you have to ask how can a mentally ill eastern who is a felon on top of that get away with sending his girl friend to buy the gun and still have not found the guns, and his deaths has just been devastating for me. he was the love of my life. >> i'm sorry. hang on just a second. >> i do want to make one point. >> yes, ma'am. >> a lot of these shootings are just random and where people are, but not with my mother, and not with the nine people that was killed in that church.
4:55 pm
it was racially motivated, and this is something that we still have to talk about. it's not something that we can have vigils and light candles and then the next week it's on to the next story. as americans and citizens and as people, who is a moral heart, we still have to look at the racial hatred in this country, and i will not just let that go by, because it's a big part of what happened in that church. it's happened other places, but we don't want to talk about it because it's a hard subject. well, it's time to talk about all of the hard things. >> what is going through your mind? >> well, clearly i just, you know, i share your sense of
4:56 pm
loss. we are club members that nobody wants to join, but i think there's a purpose here, and i think we're all singing off the same sheet of music, and we're going to get something done, and it's going -- we're going to do whatever it takes, because i -- you know, we keep thinking there was a tipping point, and maybe alison's death is the tipping point and we have the american people behind us, and this group behind us, and i think we are going to get the money behind us, and if we have to out spend them that's what we'll do. >> thank you all so much. if there's one thing the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power. the is performance line just got a power boost. introducing the lexus is 200 turbo
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and is 300 awd v6. the is line has never been... more powerful. once driven, there's no going back.
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thank you brook baldwin and all the asraoeufers that joined her in new york. i am poppy harlow. good night. back in 1981, i had the american dream the beautiful wife, a house in the suburbs and a beautiful 6-year-old son. and one day i went to work, kissed my son good-bye and never saw him again. in two weeks i became the parent of a murdered child. and i'll always be the parent of a murdered child. i stve


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