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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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android r2d2. >> we are so grateful for our company as always. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. have a great day. it's debate week and donald trump is soaring in the polls. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected. >> trump's debate warm up includes insulting the new prime time edition, jeb bush among those struggling dealing with the trump effect. hillary says sorry for the e-mail mess. bernie sanders is a growing threat. vice president biden is also testing the waters. "inside politics," the biggest
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sor stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. a lot to discuss including this week's big republican debate and brand-new cnn polling on president obama's job performance and the iran nuclear deal. with us, molly ball, ed oh could he have of the "washington post." score another one for donald trump. rick perry who calls trump is cancer on conservativism quit the race on saturday morning. we'll be watching from home in texas wednesday when the republicans meet for their second debate right here on cnn. trump on the other hand, will be right where he wants to be when 11 candidates take the prime time stage. >> we will have so much winning if i get elected that you may
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get bored with winning. believe me, we are going to start winning big league. >> confidence, probably figured this out by now, that's a trump trademark. and why not? our latest cnn polling has him at 32% nationally. the rest of the field in single digits. controversy of course is another trump trademark. we'll get to some of the flash points in a minute. perry gets out. is that the beginning or there's a lot of pressure on rand paul. there's a lot of pressure on scott walker. he was first in iowa. now he's tenth in the latest poll in that state. you can also say there's a lot of pressure on jeb bush. his support nationally has fallen in half in recent weeks. who's got the most to lose? we know who has the most to win still, trump. >> these guys will need to shake things up. jeb particularly. he had to have been very
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disappointed at those latest poll numbers. what we have seen is ben carson become a ben carson and donald trump campaign. this is going to be a key opportunity for him to shake things up and scott walker who is got to be incredibly disappointed with the way his campaign has gone so far. >> donald trump is not going to collapse because of one thing he says. we are in a few phase of this presidential campaign, the time when voters are demanding more of these candidates. so the challenge for donald trump in this debate is how he evolves as a candidate. we've seen him evolve over the past couple days. it's important to note the fiorina comments were actually months ago in a rolling stone interview that he did before he sort of changed his style a little bit. so watch him to see what he is doing on that debate stage.
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he is trying to be a little bit more majeure. >> but he's been a bit of jekyll in hyde. so let's get to the fiorina thing. she was in the junior varsity debate last time. her standing has gone up some, enough to make the top ten here. she will be there. to your point, donald trump essentially called her ugly. he said, look at that face, she can't be president of the united states. carly fiorina yesterday, she said he's an entertainer, i'm a leader. and she fired back. >> ladies, look at this face. [ cheers and applause ] this is the face of a 61-year-old woman. i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> that was friday night actually. not yesterday in phoenix. does it make a difference if there's a woman going after donald trump on the stage in a
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confrontation? >> well, donald trump would say there was a woman going after him last time. he got into it with megyn kelly. so i don't think there's anywhere he won't go. he's already shown he wouldn't decline to hit a woman, as it were. the reason carly fiorina has vaulted into contention is because she did very well. she was very articulate. she really knew her stuff. that was another example in that comeback to trump. she's very good at turning these things around. if she and trump do get into it, i think she has a good chance -- nobody has sort of managed to put trump in his place. everybody's sort of nipping at his ankles. >> and the other interesting dynamic, fiorina has come up, dr. carson has come up. none of them have held a political office. there's been a back and forth
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between trump and ben carson over faith. couple days ago, he said where's ben carson's faith. that's the jekyll and hyde part i get to. what do we make of dr. carson who is having a huge impact on this race? now you have carson in your way too. >> he's the polite outsider if you will. he's not necessarily throwing really aggressive barbs. i will be curious to see if he performs a little more aggressively in this one. last time, he had a few great moments, but he made great use of those few moments. does he go after trump? does he try to mix it up a little more? we'll see. you're right, if trump is sort of an easy one because he's insulting you, carson is an entirely different animal for
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some of these guys to deal with. he has that medical background, he is soft spoken. >> of all the attacks against donald trump, i think the questions of morality and character and faith. i think those have staying power in iowa. now it's in the bloodstream. people are actually talking about that. i talked to a pastor in western iowa who said he's been waiting for someone to make this suggestion that donald trump is not a man of faith. so i think that has staying power. >> if you don't know who dr. ben carson is, for years his books have been best sellers. out there among evangelicals, they know who dr. carson is. >> the larger question is, when does the trump bubble burst and carson puncture that bubble. they're hoping that trump will start to step in it even more.
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voters will kind of get tired of trump's antiques and eventually they'll look for a more serious candidate. will the debate this week start to change that narrative, start to -- will trump say something and people say, we're kind of tired of this guy, let's move onto something else. >> or will the strategist and the other campaigns come to the conclusion, we were wrong. at least not going to burst by conventional means. we have a brand-new poll we're releasing this morning. we know republicans are anti-obama. i want to show you the difference between all republicans and trump supporters on two questions we've asked for several years. these get asked. was president obama born in the united states. 70 prsz of all republicans say yes. 61%, a smaller percentage of trump supporters say yes. 61% of trump supporters say yes. and what about the president's
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faith? 43% of all republicans, don't ask me why, 43% of all republicans say they think the president is a muslim. 54% of trump supporters say that. so they are let's say more anti-obama than even most republicans. >> well, this is the heartburn that the sort of republican establishment has about trump. he is stoking this crazy fringe. both parties have a crazy fringe. and the polite thing to do is to not speak to them and be sane and be grown-ups. but trump is sort of openly going out there and stoking the anger and the fear and courting these people and amplifying the crazy things they believe. we should specify that president obama is not a muslim. that's the potential for lasting damage to the party. he's really sort of riling these people up. >> he was born in hawaii and his
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welcome back. age old rule, the standing of the incumbent president is always a big issue in the election of a new president. look at this. president's current approval rating in the new poll, 45%, 52% disapprove. if you look at the last year. back in june, just a couple months ago, the president cracked 50. 50% approval right at the end of june. go back to this time a year ago,
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55 to 43. a little bit of ebb and blow. essentially a flat line from the president. his standing right around half and half of the country. we know from democrats support in the senate, the president will get his iran nuclear deal. what do people of that? it has actually gone up just a little bit. 47% of the poll says congress should approve the nuclear deal. only 41% said that. now the president gets that because he had enough democrats to block republicans from rej t rejecting the deal. if iran cheats, look at this. 64% of americans think the united states should take military action if iran cheats on that deal. you've had conversations with the majority leader. how much of an issue will it be? >> mitch mcconnell thinks it's going to be the defining issue. not just senate races, also the
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presidential race as well. but he's also willing to concede that this is going to go into effect, the iran nuclear agreement. he said, look, this is going to be something we'll have to debate on the campaign trail. and then the next president can decide what to do. it's going to be a matter of whether public opinion shifts on this and whether republicans can stoke both the president and the democrats handling of foreign policy. >> if you watch the whip count to help the president develop over the last few weeks, folks who were from safe blue states were on board with this. it took someone retiring to get to the point where there was no return. then you had all the eyes up for reelection in 2016 or worse 2018 when this deal will be underway, finely make their final decision. >> it was a pretty low bar for
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the president to clear. and they twisted arms for months and months to get it through. they accomplished what they wanted to. but it shouldn't have been that difficult. >> one person we know who supports the deal is the former secretary of state of hillary clinton. front page story in the "washington post" today. clinton's e-mails could be -- could be preserved and revived. the company said they have no knowledge in the sense that it was wiped or destroyed. they'll either prove her point, that she did nothing wrong, didn't destroy anything that should be in government hands. a little bit of evolution. hillary clinton finally get together point of saying she's sorry. >> we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. and i will do my part. i regret that this has become such a cause sa will he be ra.
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no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. i'm sorry that this has been confusing to people and raise add lot of questions. there are answers and i will continue to provide those answers. that is a mistake. and i'm sorry about that. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> why is it so hard to get to that sentence, that was a mistake and i'm sorry about that? >> well, she doesn't think she's done anything wrong. she believes that everything she does was legal and it was a mistake in the sense of a tactical mistake. but she -- i think she still doesn't have her head around the idea that she actually did anything wrong here. and, you know, i went to a hillary clinton rally out in wisconsin this week. talked to a lot of her supporters, both activists and sort of the democratic
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establishment. and there's a real hope that she's now put this behind we are with the apology. that may be wishful thinking. this isn't over. the e-mails are still coming out. the republicans are not going to let it drop. this idea that now she said sorry, i think a lot of democrats sort of breathed a sigh of relief, but i don't think it's going to be that easy for her. >> will she say sorry again being questioned on capitol hill. >> it's a classic clinton play book. that may not work in this modern media age. had they turned over the server months ago, we might well be talking about something else here. she was persuaded by supporters and donors, please say you're sorry already. it has dominated all of this. and now we'll see if she can move on beyond this. >> this report suggests that any
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hope that this would be done on new years eve is gone. this will continue. you see in the story today, senate investigators now saying we should go after them. >> we'll see how long this one drags out. change in strategy. up next, a bit of a strategy reset in the marco rubio campaign.
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let's head around the inside
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politics table. ask our great reporters to share a nugget or two from their notebooks. >> one person to watch this week is going to be chris christie. he's in either tenth or 11th, right about on the edge of sliding off that stage. the vultures starting to circle now that rick perry is out of the race. he said if he doesn't get as many questions as he wants, he's going to go nuclear 11 candidates on the stage. all of them trying to have a breakout moment. christie tried to get into it last time with rand paul. didn't do anything from his numbers. the big question is going to be, how does he approach this. >> from the far end of the stage. speaking of debates, what about these democratic debates? there's a lot of consternation going on in the party about how many there should be. the chairman of the party says we're holding firm, only having
5:57 am
six debates. now her supporters are wondering if that is such a good idea. the only way perhaps to get beyond all the controversies is to show that she's presidential. so far, the chairwoman is holding fast. no more debates, only six. we'll see if that holds. i'm not convinced it will. >> keep an eye on that one. >> immigration advocacy groups upset by recent comments are taking matters into their own hands if you will. they're starting to buy television airtime. the national immigration forum action fund, a group of business, religious, labor, political leaders buying the time. they're mixing messages from ronald reagan and how the united states should be a welcoming country. the juxtaposition obvious, that the republican candidates of
5:58 am
today don't match up with the revered gop figure of the past who is kind of playing host to wednesday night's debate, 8:00, 7:00 central in case you haven't heard. there's a democratic donors airing in colorado and nevada. again, all this this designed to draw more attention to it. we should expect much more of this in the coming months. >> john, after the debates, the focus is going to shift back to washington looking at the fiscal fights that are ahead. of course we have to first get through this month in which they're going to try to fund the government probably for two or three months, get around this planned parenthood fight. mitch mcconnell said to me, we're not going to go down that route, try to do this defund planned parenthood effort. he calls that an exercise in
5:59 am
futility. but then we're going to have to deal with the bigger fiscal matters in the fall. the interesting that mcconnell said, both himself and house speaker john bainer and the president will have to negotiate a large scale fiscal deal probably in the fall with a debt ceiling ahead and a long-term spending through the rest of next year. once again, those fiscal fights in washington probably going to dominate the rest of this year. >> welcome to september. another spending showdown. you need anymore evidence of the donald trump effect, look for a much more anti-establishment tone from marco rubio in the second debate. he began the shift over the past few days. beginning to weave in references that he challenged the establishment. and he also weaved in a few new criticisms of the senate republican leadership. there's also a census that a major tv ad will be necessary
6:00 am
and relatively soon to move his numbers in key early states. the fallout from the second debate could be the most important piece of that spending decision. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. "state of the union" with jake tapper live from the reagan library starts right now. with just three days until cnn's debate, we are live from the reagan library. who will break out from the pack, who will take on frontrunner donald trump? an inside look at what to expect on the main stage. then, governor scott walker in iowa he once reigned supreme. can he reclaim the throne? >> we want someone who will fight and win and get results, then i'm the candidate. >> plus, a rival goes nuclear on trump. >> just because a lot of people


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