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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i'll finish the race. >> robert is still loving the ride and learning to cook healthier food. >> it is a work in progress but nothing burned out so that is good. >> erica moore has dropped weight, stopped drinking and signing up for more triathletes. >> i got in the zone and feel like away awakened the triathlete in myself. >> last but not least. prk hd candidate jeff says despite the challenges he's determined to get to the finish line. >> i'm going to do it. anything i put my mind to do i do. >> all in all, the team is looking good. i will see you guys at the starting line. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> hi, everyone. 6:00 eastern this sunday
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evening. i'm poppy harlow and we begin with politics. first up, the presidential candidates not holding back as they prepare for the biggest event yet. just three days from now they will come face to face in similarmy valley, california at the reagan library for the second gop debate. it airs here only on cnn. inside the library right now, crew members hard at work getting the debate stage ready, next to air force one. the retired presidential plane on exhibit there. you can expect the debate to bo more contentious than the first one you saw. 15 candidates going all out on the sunday talk shows this morning. some in full attack mode. first up, donald trump center stage and dominating in the polls. >> i'm a deal maker. i will make great deals for this country. ben can't do that. ben's a doctor and he's not a deal maker. >> i'm gratified to see that so many people are actually
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starting to listen to what i'm saying. evaluating it on its merits, opposed to what people portrayed me as. make. >> it is five months out. we have the time to make grassroots connection and get the message out. >> i have no doubt i can come down to congress, not cave like other people to get the job done. >> we have got none other than the best political team in television covering the story like no one else can. begin our coverage with brooke baldwin outside of the reagan library. she's loving it. they can't get you out of this place. >> i mean, i just hit the ground running here a couple of hours ago. it is a beautiful, beautiful sunday. this is my home for the next couple of days. of course it will be yours come wednesday night. all eyes will be on the stage. i sort of snuck a peek at where the debate will be happening. it is so different from the last
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one. much more intimate setting. 500 people. some of whom, feet away from the candidates. how it will change the tone will be fascinating. stay tuned for that. i get to hang out with the best political team on television. let me share something with you. right now the latest cnn orc poll has donald trump leading by a lot. now with 32 percentage points. his choicest competitor ben carson 13 points behind. jeb bush 23 points behind. translation, debate stage, wednesday night, the next big chance for the rest of the pact to make their mark to cut in to trump's lead. how exactly will they do that? . >> reporter: it's the question at the center of each candidate's debate play book, to play offense or defense against donald trump. this week, some have given a
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preview of what could be their yup upcoming play. >> i believe think he believes he can insult his way to the president cy. i don't think that history is a good goid for that. >> >> he doesn't believe in anything other than donald trump. he's a narcissist, ego maniac. >> reporter: in the first debate the different differing tactic led to a reshuffling of the field. jeb bush with his strategy of staying out of the fray. >> i'm done. >> you are through. >> i'm through. i gave my views. i think we need to be more hopeful and optimistic about our ideology where were was overshadowed and he has seen his support plummet and maybe looking to have a standout against trump to stop the slide. by comparison carly fiorina. >> i didn't get a call from bill clinton before i jumped in to the race. any of you get a call from bill clinton? i didn't. >> they have to make a decision
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to go negative on trump or offer something positive and introduce yourself in a positive way to the public and that may win eventually fp trump falters. >> reporter: spotlight on ben carson with trump on center stage. he won't back away from drawing distinctions with trump. >> i'm not taking the bait. i'm not going there. next question. >> reporter: will not go after him in a personal way. the debate stage is unforgiving, creating a series of make-or-break moments for the candidates that can soar. >> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> or flop. >> i can't. >> oops. >> leaving a lasting memory tied to each candidate for better or worse. >> oh, the moments we all remember. what moments will be made in
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three days. let's talk to our guru to our cnn political director who will be watching and hanging on the edge of his seat, of course, for wednesday night. you came out last hour. you had your first set of cheat sheet notes. round two. what's item one. let me guess. let me guess what you are going to tell me. >> this is what everybody needs to do. this is their mission. >> all right. let's go there. >> donald trump, that will be a consistent name you see. he has to protect his lead. i don't mean protect his lead in a caution way stand there, do no harm. he has to protect from being pierced. we have seen him so successfully answer every attack coming his way. he has to make sure that continues. as we have seen, jeb bush has started to talk on the trail. his super pac started to advertise saying donald trump is not a real conservative. he's like hillary clinton. donald trump has to make sure jeb bush brings that attack on
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the debate stage but it doesn't pierce. >> item number two? >> number two is about jeb bush. is he tough enough to stand up to trump? this is a huge test for jeb bush. does he have the gumption to say, you and your insults to me are not going to work anymore. he says it on the trail. he says you can't insult your way to the president. >> but when you are inches from the guy. >> when you are able to stand up and make sure donald trump knows if you attack me i'm punching you back. i'm not going to ignore them. the third thing is for ben carson. he is number two in the polls. he has to make sure he is seen as the nontrump alternative. any base voter out there who may not have warmed to donald trump or donald trump is not their cup of tea, ben carson wants to be on that stage and be able to
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have a performance that says if you like what donald trump is saying but don't like his style i'm your guy. >> here's a quick followup. when you look at the stage and see smack dab in the middle donald trump, i'm sure you know this but at home may not. will the piercings come from the outer edges or the middle? >> i think it is easier from the outer edges. >> what do they have to lose. >> exactly. they have to put up or shut out. they are out at the edges. the physical distance matters. that is a psychological thing. you can really launch an attack to the center of the stage. you are next to them it makes it tougher, yet they can't back down from it because that will hurt their campaigns. >> wednesday will be totally dimpbl i can't wait. three days from now. you will see him on the air waves from here until wednesday. poppy harlow, back to you for now. live from simi valley at the va
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gan library. >> we can all not wait for wednesday night. it will be great and fascinating. brook is with me for the next hour live from the reagan library. let's talk about this. cnn political commentator and washington correspondent for the new yorker. let's talk about what rnc chairman riens priebus said on the state of the union. talking about when he was asked about the tone and den tenor of the race. >> are you at all concerned that any of your candidates are crossing the line when it comes to talking about latinos to the point that it might actually cost you the white house? >> well, look, i've said many times the way you communicate in tone is very important. sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it. i think all of our moms have told us that. at the end of the day, each candidate will be accountable for their words and mouth. so they should proceed with
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caution. >> so, basically telling them watch your mouth. >> this republican primary is not going the way that priebus wanted it to go. in 2012 after mitt romney lost he did something impressive. he did a soul-searching report with senior republican strategists from across the country. they called it the autopsy. the number one recommendation in his political report as chairman of the rnc was talk about immigration in a welcoming way and not only that rare for the party committee to have a policy recommendation. he said congress, republicans and democrats should get together and pass comprehensive immigration reform. besides jeb bush, i don't think there is anyone on the fieldle that any longer supports the kind of comprehensive immigration reform that priebus was telling the party to do marco rubio to his credit tried to put a tough bill together,
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bipartisan bill. he got a lot of political flak for it and now days no longer in favor of that approach. >> this is held at the reagan library. we hear the candidates, donald trump harkining back to reagan. when you look at reagan, he expanded the size of the federal government if, raised taxes to sunday social security and medicaid, signed the immigration bill, giving amnesty to 2.7 million americans. this cnn is running on cnn and else. and will run during the debate. it goes in to that and plays the sound byte from reagan and juxtaposes it with what we are hearing from the candidates. >> all republicans revere reagan. his record was mixed. . he was willing to cut deals with congress, willing to raise taxes, of course to pass the 1986 immigration reform bill that included a very large amnesty program for illegal immigration in the united
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states. no republican would say they are pro-am necessity anymore. >> this ad and what reince was talking about in 2012, this is a demographic issue that a lot of republican strategists believe is existential to the republican party. that in the long run, unless the republican party starts to attract latino voters they are going to be relying on a shrinking percentage of only white voters. >> the numbers don't work. >> they can't increase their numbers with white voters. >> it doesn't work in this country. absolutely not. thank you. wish we had more time. as always. we will have you on again. the 11th commandment from reagan, do not speak ill of another republican. >> probably the most violated
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commandment in politics. >> thank you, my friend. good to have you on, as always. you will not want to miss the gop presidential candidates facing off in the back-to-back debates. watch them here september 16th wednesday night at 6:00 and 8 p.m. eastern. we are back in a moment. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. ...are taking charge of their acrotype 2 diabetes...... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen.
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a state of emergency declared in northern california where two huge wildfires are gaining ground. so far they have scorched 100,000 acres, shut down parts of a freeway and forced thousands out of their homes. those are only two of the blazes
3:17 pm
that firefighters are up against. you see them dotted there from northern to southern california. look at how tough it's been throughout the summer. the lingering drought, extremely dry conditions. it's expected to get worse. >> that's a very rapid rate of spread. very dangerous situation with, obviously. you can see what has happened today. it's a reminder this is how the conditions are in california right now. with the temperatures and low humidity, four years of a drought, the conditions are very extreme. >> reporter: middletown, lake county has been hit extremely hard. it is under an evacuation order and state of emergency right now. the valley fire exploded in size. it burned through the town overnight. we have a live report from there. i don't know what to say looking at what's behind you, stephanie. >> reporter: this is the devastation that wildfires can
3:18 pm
just do and do it so fast, poppy. i want to show you where we are in middletown. this fire exploding from 10,000 acres to 40,000 acres, really in 24 hours. look at this. think of how hot this fire would have to be to turn out these trucks the way it did. you can see they are completely gutted. when you look at the rubble of the homes that were here, you can see they are still smoldering, there's barely anything there to salvage. you can see maybe a chimney in the distance of one of these homes. that's it. everything else completely demolished. we know the power is out to people who are in this area, but remember, this is a mandatory evacuation. we also know that there's a state of emergency that has been declared for lake county, where we are and also for napa county because of these fires. 1,000 or so firefighters fighting these blazes. no matter how much work, sometimes the flames are so
3:19 pm
crazy they can't save every property despite their hard efforts working 24 hours a day. it is a sad state of affairs for people living here. you can see there's still so much smoke in the sky. it has an eerie quality over where we are right now here in middletown. it doesn't look like a bright, sunny day that it is. when you look at what had happened to the homes and people displaced it is a scary situation here, poppy. >> absolutely. the pictures say it all. stephanie elam reporting from the front line of the fire there. thank you very much. to arizona this evening where three teenagers have been arrested after a witness spotted them using a slingshot to aim at cars. maricopa county sheriff said they are charged with conspiracy and criminal damage accused of using the slingshots to it is six or seven passenger cars. i want to note the arizona
3:20 pm
department of public safety says there is no reason to think this incident connected with that recent string of ten shootings along i-10 in phoenix. coming up next, dramatic images from one of the holiest sites in jerusalem. we'll be right back. i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed. but managing my symptoms was all i was doing. so when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease.
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in jerusalem today, clashes between arab youth and israeli
3:24 pm
police broke out just before the start of the jewish new year rosh hashanah. it happened at the mosque considered holy to muslims and jews. >> reporter: hours of clashes between palestinian protesters and israeli police in the old city of jerusalem this morning. it all started just before 7:00 this morning local time when police say they learned a number of arab youths were barricading themselves in the mosque armed with fireworks, stones. police moved in, closed the doors of the of course and kept protesters inside. the clashes then spilled to the streets of the old city, where they continued for hours. police using tear gas, stun grenades and batons, leaving many injured. it is one of the holiest sites in the world where the noble sanctuary with and the holiest site in the world for jews known as the temple mount.
3:25 pm
worshipers were allowed in the complex for prayers. palestinian authorities abbas called the police an attack on the mosque. jordan, which is in charge of the complex condemned israeli police. netanyahu said that israel will do whatever is required to maintain order at such a holy place. cnn, jerusalem. >> thank you very much for that. still to come, politics we ego. three days away from cnn's republican debate. we will take you live to simi valley, california, to set the scene at the reagan presidential library.
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welcome back. bottom of the hour. 6:30 eastern. head to california where we find brooke baldwin who's very excited along with so many
3:29 pm
people for the gop debate on wednesday. how's it looking? >> do you feel my excitement coming to you? >> i feel it. >> do you feel it, poppy, good. it is a beautiful day here in simi valley. flanked by mountains here at the reagan library. that is reagan's air force one, the plane and the stage. transforming a presidential library to a debate hall is no easy way and it is still underway as i speak to you. it takes many hours of preparation, planning, construction and our debate moderator himself jake tapper takes us behind the scenes of this huge setup. >> reporter: the debate may be days away but it is all systems go here at the reagan library. this is the stage where the magic is going to happen on wednesday night. you can see and hear workers getting the stage ready. normally this floor doesn't
3:30 pm
exist here. we're all getting prepared for what could be a momentous evening in presidential politics. the republican candidates will have this as their backdrop, air force one. >> this is the plane that flew president reagan for all years of his administration. >> reporter: one of many impresses pieces of memorabilia on display at the reagan library. air force one was always fully stocked. >> was there anything on there that was particular to president reagan? >> sure was. he loved chocolate cake. every flight there was a chocolate cake in the back al y alley. just so if it was anyone's birthday the cake would come out and they could sing happy birthday. >> 50,000 people visit the library and pay respects to 0 our 40th president. who was laid to rest facing westward so he can forever look out to the pacific.
3:31 pm
>> this is a real piece of the berlin wall. came down in '81. reagan was here in '94. >> inside a replica of his oval office complete with a jar of jelly bellies that he kept at hand. >> it was a way he gave up smoking. so whenever he had -- >> he had jelly bellies everywhere. >> reporter: the plane, the oval, trappings of of the office the candidates will be battling to reach wednesday night. jake tapper, cnn, simi valley, california. two members of our political all-star team. the executive editor for cnn politics. fabulous to be with you sharing the scene and the set. before we get to specific people, listen, when you look at this stage and have dplump the middle and flanked by 11 people, i have been advised the body
3:32 pm
language, how they are so close to one number we know jabs will be thrown. what will you watch for physically speaking? >> let's go back to 2011 for that. unbelievable moment in the cnn debate when mitt romney went out and touched rick perry. i don't know about anyone else. i thought he was going to punch him. given the tension we have seen in this debate, will we see something like that? they are close but one thing and david and i talked about this, donald trump necessarily look at the people that he is criticizing. he tends to keep his focus straight on. it will be interesting to see if the rivals will be looking at him. >> what about the rivals and when they punch. we will talk about if they should punch, when they punch how should they punch? >> when they punch they need to punch in a twofold manner. they need to make a connection for voters as to why donald trump -- if we are punching
3:33 pm
donald trump, why donald trump is bad for the country, bad for the party to nominate and why they have an affirmative reason to be the nominee. if they can accomplish those tasks in one punch, that's a successful debate. >> to his point, if it is donald trump we're talking about, are they even taking the time to punch others? >> there's no reason to punch now. in politics, donald trump is at the top of the mountain. by the way, we're on a mountain and donald trump is way at the top. he only has 30% of the vote but still leaps and bounds above everyone else. if you are trying to make enroads you need to convince conservative voters and i think you counter donald trump, don't try to go after trump but i think he is under people's skins. >> carly fiorina, this is the first big stage she was on. she worked her way up. she was memorable the last time. what about her will you be looking for? how can she soar? >> in two ways.
3:34 pm
one thing that worked so well for her last time was foreign policy. she was showing her foreign policy chops so you can envision her as a commander in chief. i think that's going to be her mission again. i think she will drive home that message. she and donald trump since that debate have been mixing it up. she's not afraid of -- >> rolling stone piece, he said he wasn't insulting her face but her persona. >> she does not shy away from a fight. i expect her to come loaded. >> what person will you be watching for, and will we see people drop off after this debate? >> i think this debate means a lot for candidates. i will look at where marco rubio is at the end of the night. go back to august of 2011 when -- got out of the iowa straw poll. he didn't want to be in debt and having to pay off the debt at the end of his campaign. i think that is playing in to
3:35 pm
the minds of these candidates. >> a lot of people mind sight is what it is, but tim pawlenty should have stayed in and had his moment in the sun but a lot of campaigns can't pay. >> if you have a poor debate performance and perceived not to be relevant to the conversation, if you are a donor or supporter, you are starting to look elsewhere. that's just tragic for some of these guys. they are looking to post a number, a fund-raising number in a couple of weeks' time that says i'm a relevant factor here. >> three days away. we will be here the entire time. poppy, i know you can feel the excitement. how it will be in the building in front of air force one. it will be tremendous. this is like the super bowl for politics right now. please stay tuned. >> it is the super bowl for politics. you will be there and a lot of
3:36 pm
cnn will be there. a lot of you will be watching no doubt. thank you. do month miss the presidential debate on wednesday night september 16th here on cnn 6:00 ann 8 p.m. eastern. we are back after this a break. . when your windshield needs fixed, trust safelite. for these parents, driving around was the only way... get their baby to sleep. so when their windshield got cracked, we can't drive this car they wanted it fixed right... they scheduled with safelite. our exclusive trueseal technololgy means a strong... ...reliable bond, every time. at safelite we stand behind our work... night, night little buddy. ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪
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pope francis preparing to make a visit to cuba and the united states. he stops in cuba first on saturday. havana is busy making the necessary preparations. ahead of the pope's visit we begin with patrick. >> we are in havana's cathedral square and he will visit here on his first stop to cuba an the united states. they are getting everything ready at a furious pace. a lot of work being done. streets fixed up, buildings paved. this is a big deal for cubans. you can see, they are preparing a lot of sod for the centuries old cathedral. this is the first pope latin
3:41 pm
american pope, even though two other popes have come here who will address cubans in native spanish. beyond that, this is a pope that played a key role in improving relations between the united states and cuba. urging president obama and raul castro to make the deal that really ended 50 years of old war animosity. this will be his first opportunity to come to cuba. following this landmark deal he wants to meet with regular cubans and reach out and talk to them and a lot of expectation of what the pope will say when he meets raul castro, whether he will form fidel castro and whether he will be able to continue and push forward his efforts to improve the reconciliations between these two countries. right now it is really a race to get everything ready. cnn, havana. >> thank you. we will have live coverage next weekend on this show of the
3:42 pm
pope's visit to cuba. domd see the pope is so high when he comes to the united states that 10,000 tickets to the mass in philadelphia got scooped up in 30 seconds. carol costello has more. in her latest piece she sat down with the president of the catholic charities to talk about how this pope could advance the role of women in the catholic church. >> i certainly -- i know i wasn't selected to be the president of catholic charities because i was a woman. i think i was asked to do it because people trusted my ability. ♪ >> reporter: pope francis can be confusing. one moment he is talking girl power and the next he's not. i'm not the only one confused. >> he said women in the church are more important than bishops
3:43 pm
and priest like mary is more important than the apostles. i think a lot of women were astounded by that remark. do you think he meant it. >> i couldn't get my head around what he was saying between the lines there. is it significant? i think it is a very significant statement because he's identifying the need to raise women's role and profile in the life of the church and society. >> but then the pope goes on to say, other things that are confusing. for example n 2013, he told a group of nuns the consecrated mom is a mother and not an old maid or spinster. he told the european parliament, it is a grandmother no longer fertile or vibrant and told a group of fooel female theologians they were
3:44 pm
strawberries on a cake sglor. >> or is it an expression from another culture not using the language that a north american woman would know what to make of? i must admit i was baffled by that, as well. ? perhaps the pope was talking about a 78-year-old man. or maybe the pope was trying to appease liberal catholic women and conservatives in an effort to keep intact. when it comes to young women, words matter and deeds matter more. according to a 2014 pugh research study, 16% of american women between 18 and 29 identify as catholic. notre dame -- puts it more starkly. for the first time in history, she says, young catholic women are more disengaged than their male counterparts. >> there is a disconnect. because women assumed roles of
3:45 pm
equality in our north american culture, the catholic church has more and more of a problem with those same young women who can be and do anything they want in civil society and then questioning, well, if i can do that everywhere else, what happens in the church? >> that's not to say there aren't bright spots. sister donna, the star is the first female president of catholic charities in the 105-year history. keep in mind, catholic charities supports 70,000 employees and serves 10 million across the united states. >> it was amazing to me to be invited to serve in this capacity. i wasn't expecting it. but the good news story in that is we now have in the united states the three largest catholic service organizations, catholic health associations, catholic relief services and
3:46 pm
catholic charities are all led by women. >> catholic charities and sister donna will figure prominently in to the pope's visit to the united states. it's not only a chance to bring attention to the poorest among us, but a chance for pope francis to point to the powerful women who do important work. what is the one thing that the pope can communicate to young women? >> i think that his ability to speak to women and the importance of women and their capability, their contribution to the life of the church over and over again. the more he can draw attention to that and the value that is placed on women with, the better off we will be. but it's going to take a long time. i think we have a big terrain to traverse there. >> fascinating piece. thank you for that. coming up next, why one of
3:47 pm
wall street's biggest banks is predicting oil could reach 20 bucks a barrel. what? haven't seen that since the 1970s. our pain at the pump could be over soon but what else does it mean about the economy? we are back with that next.
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welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. gas prices plummeted this week. howe goldman sachs came out and said oil could fall to 20 bucks a barrel. it hasn't been that cheap since the '70s. investors are on edge. >> you know, i was shocked at this headline. a major bank maybing a very bold prediction. >> this is just an indication
3:52 pm
that the oil markets are really out of whack, really? under new york circumstances, when you have a drop in demand, it drives prices low. even in the u.s., they're going to pull back in production. >> exactly. you know, when you have covered this, you look at the small oil producers in the united states, many of them have gone out of business because they can't afford to fund their operations when oil is so low. but what we don't remember or what we have forgotten is there are big u.s. companies that will produce oil at a lower margin because they figured left the park me keep it on because oil will eventually go up.
3:53 pm
>> they is great. that is great for me in terms of gas. >> it is talking in the short term, the consumer's happy. gasoline is below $2 in 17 state a s across the country. you're right. it is not a good sign for global growth. what it's saying to the world is that businesses aren't buying oil to produce other goods. they are not investing in consumer businesses to expand. >> and china is the huge question mark right now in terms of that demand. the fed meets on thursdayment when i say the fed, they say why does it matter?
3:54 pm
just matters overall for the markets. >> this affects whether people are going to buy a home or a car. and we have seen ups and downs and increase in volatility and that's because not even the experts know. we're looking at a 50/50 chance which means a small increase is probably already priced in. 25 basis points from zero. people want to know how fast the fed is going raise. >> what's the pace? what happens when they finally do have that check?
3:55 pm
thank you very much. that meeting thursday, we are all over it. we appreciate it very much. we will be right back. ♪ color is a beautiful thing.. ♪ i know, i know... ♪ color is a beautiful thing if you feel it, you can find it. all new color by behr. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control. now i know. novolog® is a fast-acting, injectable insulin and it works together with my long-acting insulin. proven effective. the mealtime insulin doctors prescribe most. available in flexpen®. vo: novolog® is used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes.
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learn more at kim davis, the kentucky county clerk who refused to sign same sex marriage licenses returns to work tomorrow.
3:59 pm
will she give out those same sex marriage licenses come monday? >> she is asking for something very simple and that is just accommodate her by removing her name and title off of the certificates kind of like what you have with some of the other licenses in kentucky such as vehicle registration licenses and many others. they are issued not under the name or the authority of the local clerk of a particular county but under the authority of the commonwealth of kentucky. if the licenses were changed to do that, she could process them. she could give them out and file them in records just like she does in other documents. if you talk to kim davis and she's a humble woman. she's private. she's a quiet individual and never wanted to be in this position and she would go back to her quiet tranquil life that she has done in this job and community since the beginning of her life in that county. she doesn't want to be thrust in the spotlight and the last place
4:00 pm
she wants to be is have this very, very difficult decision that no one wants to have and that is choose your job or choose your faith. >> do you worry about any potential conflict tomorrow when she reports to work? >> certainly i do worry about that. i spent a lot of time with kim and she's an amazing individual. she is someone who loves people. she loves god. she doesn't want to be in the situation. >> cnn will be live in kentucky monday morning. thank you so much for being with me. you can get the latest any time. coming up tonight, an anthony bourdain parts unknown marathon and it begins right now. i didn't even think about it. about death.


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