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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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happening now in the news ro room. >> i have a little debate coming up on wednesday. >> 11 candidates, one stage. and one guy who says he's the target. >> i hear they are all going after me. whatever. >> can anyone catch the front runner? his supporters don't think so. >> you cannot show up at a donald trump rally and not make a statement. >> also, flash flood waters rush
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in. women and children safe from a car as the water rises. but help chyame too late for others. plus north korea warns america it is ready to use a nuke against us. and it is restarting a plant that makes the bomb fuel. is this serious? let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the republicans count down the donald's body count adds up. sworn my supporters and the em boldened by the polls trumped pepped up the pep relay by swattiswat i ing away the challengers. >> i like carly and i like ben. and i like many of the people
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that i'm running against. i mean, many of these people are terrific people. but nobody is going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do. nobody. >> but outside signs mr. trump is dividing the country. hundreds carrying signs calling trump a racist and hitler. all of this as we gear up for tomorrow's debate. >> good morning. i want to tell you about the new national poll out today. if we have it we can put it up on the screen. from the "new york times" and cbs news. and it shows that trump is still out on top. but second place ben carson has really surged. he's gained 17 points there in the last month. this is coming as trump of course held that big rally in
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dallas last night. it was quintessential trump. he used his trademark fiery rhetoric to talk about illegal immigration while blasting his critics and the crowd really seemed to eat it up. >> just hours away from the cnn gop debate, the front runner shrugging off mountain attacks from his rivals. >> i here r hear they are all going after me. whatever. >> donald trump boasting about his 13 point lead to a crowd of 18,000. >> we are killing it. >> and none of his competitors were off limits. >> carly is giving me a little bit of a hard time even though her poll numbers are the horrible. ben carson, he's a nice man. i think he's in second place. you have jeb bush, governor of florida. you have a sitting senator in florida, marco rubio. and the poll comes out the other day, trump is leading in florida. again striking a heavy on style, light on substance approach the
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billionaire candidate neglected to talk policy monday night, instead claiming success with women voters. >> i'm surging with women. i have such respect for women. >> though he also highlighted his controversial comments about megyn kelly. >> we're going to have so many victories that at some point they are just going to be coming out of your ears. i have to be careful what i say about coming out of somebody's ears. i have to be careful inside, cheers on a hot button issue, immigration. we have to end the sanctuary cities crap, fast. the whole subject of anchor baby, we didn't say that somebody could be pregnant for nine months, come across the border, have a baby and now it is ours and we have to take care of the baby forever. >> while outside, hundreds of latinos protested trump's harsh rhetoric on the issue. marching under the slogan "dump
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the trump". >> his words have hurt many people. >> we have to respect each. we're human beings and we're here to stay. >> will trump tweak his strategy before taking center stage wednesday night? >> he's has the most television training of any candidate in the modern political era. he's a highly skilled television professional. so he's not going to whang that. >> and i've got to say that i agree with huguh hewitt. i want to focus more on the protests outside it have trump's vent last night. it looked like there were what, 1500 people? >> yeah at its peak was probably close to 1500 people.
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sometimes it is hard to estimate the crowd but it was definitely a large turnout. they marched a little more than a mile through streets of downtown dallas. and definitely caused some traffic issues there. they were moving through downtown making their way to the arena last night. >> were there clashes between these protesters and trump supporters as they entered or exited the arena? for the most part everything went fine. the march route was pre planned and organized with a police escort basically. and there was also a protest area where they were kind of huddled there on the north side of the arena. it was after the event was going on. it was almost kind of surreal. both of these events going on simultaneously, just literally several hundred feet from each other. it wasn't until the end of the event when trump supporters were coming out of the arena and the protest event had kind of wrapped up and everyone was starting to leave the area.
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there was one situation where it was tense and dallas police had to move in and get people moving along. a lot of trump supporters and trump opponents just outside the arena getting very close yelling at each other. and police kind of had to scuttle that group and make them move along. but that was as bad as it got last night. >> ed, thanks so much for calling in. i appreciate it. and i just can't go on without calling your attention to barbara tomovino now being called the trump lady. inition in addition to her trump dress and trump purse. >> you cannot show up at the donald trump relay and not make a statement. like donald. so i am wearing trump. i have my trump purse and my trump shoes. and i'm all about trump. oh i love trump.
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from the aprnts tom first back to the serious stuff. that rally was full of other highlights including when trump joked about his feud with fox anchor megyn kelly. he sparked controversy after he said and i quote blood coming out of her wherever where moderating the last debate. >> we're going to have so many victories that at some point they are going to be coming out of your ears. oh i have to be careful about what i say about coming out of somebody's ears. have to be careful.
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nose, ears, eyes. those are the only places i'm talking about. >> so charming. right? joining me now margaret hoover and i'm also joined by mike shields, former chief of staff for the rnc. he is now president of the congressional leadership fund. good morning. let's not pretend. this is the match up everyone will be watching. fiorina versus trump. margaret, will will this be a deafeni defining moment for fiorina. >> yes. she's a shrewd debater and shrewd campaigner and my guess is look, she's the one person who hasn't let trump define her without punching back in a way that doesn't just punch back at trump but punches back at hillary. she caught the face ad and
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didn't even mention trump but sort of owned all the indignities he threw at her. what he's going need to do -- she's not at the kids table anymore. she has to define herself as the solidified candidate. which i think she can do. shoes so good with the sound bite. she's going to hit her business record. and not only does he need to get back at him and defend herself with her business record but she should to after trump and his business record. what about all the creditors you left stranded that they had to clean up your mess. she really can attack him. if he goes there on his business record, which by the way he's already done. >> i was reading an article in the norngt"new york times."
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he was not going to call her n honey but she was fair game. >> i don't think they needed that going into the first debate but one debate is sort of maybe do something once. two debates is the trend. and the reports are in two weeks so a lot of these candidates are now having to put themselves in a position where they all need to have a donald trump strategy and avoid sort of being lost in the crowd. if carly and donald go back and forth with each other, the rest of the candidates are on the stage. they have to figure out what their donald trump strategy is as well. >> what about him? and how does he debate with carly fiorina, who as female. he's not exactly adept. let's be honest. he's good with a chauvinistic comment. >> every candidate has to have a strategy. ben carson has apologized to him. decided the best tact for him was to apologize and move on. no other candidate is doing
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that. i don't know taking trump insilt for insult is a good play for jeb bush but for carly, she seems to be able to strike the perfect tone with him to undercut the choef nism and owns it and rises above it in terms of tone and tenor. i think it is going to be a great debate in terms of showmanship. would be great if we can get some policy solutions and -- you know. >> oh yeah. >> with the caliper of the republican candidates which is actually quite good this time it would be greet actually get some substance. >> we'll see. tomorrow night is the big night. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. and you can catch all the action on cnn right here tomorrow night. the main event begins at 8:00 eastern and before that of course the first round with pataki, jindal and graham facesing off at 6:00 eastern.
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now to houston where a school bus has been involved in a collision. it is hard to tell exactly what happened but this was a school bus carrying high school students. we believe one has died. we don't know if that person is a student or the bus driver or what. we're still trying to gather information. this is in southeast houston at 610 south loop eastbound. that is a feeder at telephone road. and again, once we get more information we'll pass it along but apparently the school bus
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flipped over on that road. and it appears the bus came off the freeway. and you can see visible damage to a guard rail there. one person reported will i has died when we get more information we'll pass it along. dead lie fires and flooding on two fronts this morning in california. windy conditions will worsen the wild fires, roaring through the worst drought in 500 years. at least 700 homes lost, thousands at risk. one death reported. we'll have a live report just ahead. but first to the utah/arizona border where flash flooding has claimed at least eight lives. mormem fundamentallyists. these women and children were lucky notable to swept away by the raging waters.
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>> good morning, i'm about a mile downstream from where those children and that mother were swept away in those sudden flash floods. what you are seeing other my right shoulder is some heavily machinery. it is still a recovery search operation. this has been going on for hours as we've been here. these crews trying to move some of this muck aside hoping to find some sort of news about the missing. >> this is the front yard. >> dramatic video this morning showing a massive and deadly flash flood ripping through a small town on the arizona-utah border. you can hear the screams from shocked residents stunned by the rushing water. >> whoa. >> what's happening right now. >> heavy rainfa falling caused e river to rise rapidly causing on
6:20 am
lookers off guard. >> whoa. >> watch this video of rescue crews racing to save a family from a car moments from being swept away. children pulled quickly from the car windows. the flood so strong, trees uprooted by the current pile up. >> after a total of 16 were swept away. at least 8 have been found dead. all of the victims mothers and small children. the youngest just 4 years old. >> there are still active flood waters and very dangerous. very treacherous. the banks are caving off. more significant flood than we've had for quite some time. >> and the weather forecast is not improving. we just saw a very serious
6:21 am
rainstorm pass through here. the rain is expected to continue throughout the day. and to give you an idea, carol, of the power of these flash floods and how suddenly they can change, just 30 minutes before these families were swept away by the flash floods, it was sunny. and they thought they were safe where they were. >> reporting live this morning. thank you. k key. >> we're here in middletown and it is pretty frigid here this morning. hopefully that will help firefighters. at this point the fire is 10% contained. but we've been continuing to drive through the neighborhoods and lo and behold we've found another neighborhood that is basically flattened. at this point the images are all too familiar. twisted metal, burned out vehicles and all of these destroyed homes. it is just an endless scene.
6:22 am
and we're hearing now that nearly 600 homes have gone up in flames in the middletown community, this valley fire. and if you look at that number alone, i can't think of a wild fire that has been this severe in california in a number of years. in fact it's probably one of the worst we've seen along the west coast for some time. carol, we're also getting more details about the one confirmed fatality. this is a heartbreaking situation. a 72-year-old woman, multiapproximamultiple sclerosis. she has a care giver who wasn't there at the time. she called 911 but by the time authorities got to the house the house was fully involved in flames and this woman died. you still have some more people who are unaccounted before. so unfortunately that death toll is just probably going to go up. >> dan simon live from middletown, california. still to come in the news room. rich guys rule.
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treat use nuclear weapons against the united states at any time. that is the latest threat coming out of north korea. the communist country warning the world it is in the process of strengthening its nuclear arsenal in quality and quantity. according to a north korean official the country's main nuclear complex which includes a uranium enrichment plant is now operating normally. this threat coming as north korea is preparing for launch of a new satellite. let's bring in kathie novak in the capital of seoul to tell us
6:28 am
more. >> north korea has long been promising it would restart this facility. and now as you say it says it is up and running. all part of it says developing nuclear weapons so it can protect itself against what it calls u.s. hostile. it is launching a statement saying if the u.s. and other hostile forces continue to seek their hostile policy towards the dprk, that's north korea and behave mystically. the dprk is ready to kwoep them with nuclear weapons at any time. some are questioning whether it is really as operational as north korea is saying. but earlier this year we had the head of u.s. national intelligence saying that north korea was following through on its plans to restart and expand
6:29 am
the facility there. and at the same time as you mentioned north korea says it is in the final stages of developing a new state. when we talk about satellite launches that is often widely interpreted as the veiled test of the ballistic missile technology. i sat down with the u.s. ambassador to south korea mark lip ert to get his take and here about how the u.s. is preparing for any threat. l lip. >> -- in order to be ready and vigilant for anything the north koreans may or may not do. >> they say a satellite launch
6:30 am
for peaceful purpose. do you believe it is anything but a veiled test of the technology. >> past tests prove the north advise consistently violated norms and conducted missile launches that have brought wide spread condemnation from the international community. >> the u.s. and south korea working closely together of course and south korea also says it is watching these developments very closely, carol. >> kathy novak reporting live, thank you. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in a little under 36 hours the gloves will come off at the latest republican presidential debate. but will any of the candidates be able to land a knockout punch? or in some cases get enough air time to get a boost in the polls? our cnn national political reporter joins me with dos and
6:31 am
don'ts for the debate. good morning. >> a rainy morning in california of all things. there is a lot of excitement out here for cnn's debate coming up this week. and obviously a real high-wire act for a lot of candidates, including donald trump. some of the dos and don't, particularly for trump, he really has to project an air of seriousness that he has been digging into some of the policy details. he needs to try to avoid some of the blunders he's had on factual errors in recent weeks. and at the same time figure out what that line is between going after his opponents and looking -- not looking too much like a bully. he's got a lot of challenges coming into this. and we did just learn also that
6:32 am
jeb bush is going up -- the super pac supporting bush is going one ads, it will be a $24 million ad buy in iowa and new hampshire. that could change the dynamics a little bit as well. as far as the candidates we'll be looking to here, it is also fiorina, jeb and ben carson. fiorina had a really strong debate performance a couple of weeks ago. she's shown the ability to kind of have a little bit of charge and flash on that stage that really brings people in. she certainly has a command of policy. but has to show that she belongs up there on the big stage with these other candidates. now that she's made her move up. jeb bush certainly needs to show donors and his supporters that he's really got the fire to tang on donald trump. channel that anger and
6:33 am
frustration that is out there. he's within in very intensive debate prep the last couple of days and is trying to synthesize a lot of his policy points to show that she's feeling empathy for a lot of what people are going through out there. lastly ben carson i think will be one of the most interesting to watch. new polls this morning showing him surging and possibly getting close to overtaking donald trump. he was a little bit quiet in the first debate. but he certainly has shown that he's got some great zingers that he can put out there. and shown a little bit of humor. and he's had a little bit of back and forth with trump. but we'll have to see how that goes for him. because a lot of people do like the contrast of his personalities to trumps. >> absolutely. i cannot wait. >> will be a lot of fun out here. >> it certainly will. thanks so much. well there is no doubt about this. rich guys rule in 2016. for donald trump's winning
6:34 am
strategy. >> did you see my certified financial statement what i made when i had the apprentice. i made $213 million, can you believe it, from a television show. >> i could have hundreds of millions of dollars with specialist and lobbyist money within two weeks if i wanted it. i don't want it. >> this is a self funded campaign. we have our heart and soul in it. i don't need money. i i don't want money. >> it is a strategy that's caught on. the dallas mavericks owner mark cuban is ready to out the his own riches. he says it is a fun idea to toss around. if i ran as a democrat i know i could beat hillary clinton and if it was me versus trump, i would crush him. no doubt about it. some might have laughed at cuban's boast a few years ago. after all mitt romney, who boasted a car elevator lost
6:35 am
miserably because in part he wasn't -- he was considered a rich out of touch guy. why is it so different in 2016. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> nice to be here. >> both of you, wayn't o y i wa to listen to mitt romney talking about his wealth in 2012. >> i went off on my own. i didn't inherit money from my parents what i have i earned. i worked hard in the american way and -- >> okay. so jeffrey, trump never says that. he never says that. he just brags about he has ten billion dollars. why does trump's money resonate in ways romney's didn't? >> well number one, donald trump is originally from queens, new york. he's a pretty down to earth guy. but in terms of the substance of
6:36 am
what he's saying -- >> come on jeffrey. >> i think he has struck an aspirational note -- >> he's always been wealthy. his family is wealthy. >> i understand. but i'm talking about his cultural background he's a plain-speaking new yorker, carol. you can't be much more plain speaking than this. there are cultural differences in this country. and being a new yorker, i lots in my family, they are just like donald trump and they are not billionaires. my point is he's touched an aspirational nerve for people. people look and say what he's saying and they want their own shot at the american dream. that is the nerve he's struck i'm convinced. >> can you argue that mitt romney was doing the same thing. >> well my point of view is that wealth doesn't really matter.
6:37 am
what matters is does he care about people like mi? and on that score i think donald trump is connecting with people who think our immigration system is broken, that our political class is corrupt, that our domestic and foreign policy is inept and that we need somebody coming in from the outside to fix things. we almost have the perfect laboratory environment for a tough talking businessman like trump. >> are the days gone when candidates say things like, you know, my favorite r parent, they kbru grew up in poverty. are those days gone? >> not if you really did. i think that is very effective for marco rubio. my parents came from cuba and my dad was a bartender. ted cruz on his family. the point is they want everybody to be able to do it. i'm here in the reagan library.
6:38 am
ronald reagan said on one occasi occasion. he was asked why people like him and supported him. and he said if you want to know the truth i think they see a lot of themselves in me. i think a lot of americans see themselves in donald trump. they want that right to succeed and they want to be proud of that success. they want to work hard. the american dream. >> i get what you are saying jeffrey. i do. but eric, donald trump was born with many things most of us were not. and you could argue that it was a lot easy for him to become a very wealthy man that is it is for the rest of us. >> yeah i think that's true. but, you know, if wealth was a barrier to office then ted kennedy never would have been elected. jay rockefeller never would have been elected. mitt romney would not have been elected governor of massachusetts. i think the connect occurs at
6:39 am
the much more fundamental level as jeffrey was saying. people can identify with donald trump because he's talking about the issues that they care about. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. >> thank you so much. i know. i know. you can catch all the action right here on cnn tomorrow night. the main event begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern and the then at 8:00 eastern.
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just as officers were closing in on shannon lamb at the end of a day long man hunt he report lid made good on his threat to never go to jail and shot himself. >> authorities in mississippi are still investigates both homicides. they say a at this point they don't have any indication either victim knew each other. and the motive behind the professor's killing remains a mystery. authorities say dr. ethan schmidt was shot in the head. the gun missing from the scene. two shell casings left mind. and in the two minutes it took officers to get there the killer had vanished. >> it is one of the scarest things i've been through. >> immediately following the shooting monday morning students and faculty took cover, remaining in lockdown for hours. authorities scoured the campus going building to building
6:45 am
searching for the suspect identified as shannon lamb. lamb was also an instructor at delta state as the man hunt continued into the night police vowed to find the alleged killer. >> we are not going to stop until we have mr. lamb in custody. >> hours later officers spotted lamb near greenville, mississippi. >> they did not pursue him. they were following him. and at a point is when he pulled over and decided to get out of his car and run. and that is when they heard the single gunshot. >> lamb was also suspected in the killing of the 41-year-old prentice. they say she lived with lamb. a student who says he's known lamb about a year tells cnn affiliate he is stunned by the allegations. >> you never would have thought anything like that would ever happen. i saw a picture on tv and i said
6:46 am
i not believe this. >> classes are canceled today. a candle light vigil is planned for tonight. help will be on campus to help those struggling with a loss. >> it is going to be shocking. because i have dr. schmidt three days out of the five. it is going to be a lot different without him. >> i thought the world of him. he was a star on our faculty here at delta state as an assistant professor of history. >> and we know that schmidt and lamb taught together at delta state. they were colleagues. a photo on the school's website shows them standing side by side smiling at the holiday party a couple of years ago. still co-tom, before the d candidates take the stage they sign off an rules and regulations. next
6:47 am
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the remaining candidates are gearing up for the second republican debate which will take place this wednesday on cnn, looking forward to that. starts at 8:00 p.m. and ends when donald trump runs out of air. >> thanks for the plug, jimmy fallon. well, the stage is set, the rules in place, so how will things unfold in tomorrow's showdown? >> reporter: the same ten candidates we saw last time around with the addition of carly fiorina, who was in the so-called earlier happy hour debate, which moved up to the bigger group. what do they have to work with in this contest? they can't bring any phones, no tablets, no propers. each candidate will have a pad
6:52 am
of paper, a pen, a glass of water. our panel will be comprised of our moderator, jake tapper, cnn's dana bash and hugh hewitt from radio. they'll be posing questions, along with questions from facebook, instagram, twitter, so forth. the subject matters will be foreign policy, domestic policy and politics. big, broad topics. with so many people on stage, they will have narrow windows in which to answer. one minute per answer, 30 seconds if it's a rebuttal to something else that was said about you. we will use timing lights to show the candidates if they are running out of tile. unless you think the people in the earlier debate are at a huge disadvantage, yes, they'll have a smaller audience but a whole lot more time to express their ideas. under the rules, if one of them says something particularly sharp or interesting, that video clip can be played in the larger
6:53 am
debate and those candidates will have to answer to it. >> thank you, tom foreman. still to come in the "newsroom," how much is your favorite football team worth? you might be surprised. (dog) mm. we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables. beneful. healthy with a side of happy.
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they say offense wins games and defense wins championships but you don't always need either to be the most valuable sports
6:58 am
franchise in the entire world. the dallas cowboys, a team that hasn't been to the super bowls in two decades was named the most valuable team of all professional sports. really? >> i want to throw a number out at you, carol. $4 billion. that is how much the dallas cowboys are worth, according to "forbes" magazine. they do an annual report of the value of sports franchises. take a look at the list here who they're above. the dallas cowboys moved into the top slot above real madrid. then the new england patriots, $3.2, then new york yankees, fc barcelona, another soccer club. this is where it threw me the most. "forbes" says overall the nfl franchises have risen in value the past year 38%. nearly 40%. so, we've been talking on this show all year about the nfl's,
6:59 am
quote, horrible year, ray rice scandal, deflategate, people not having confidence in commissioner goodell. 38% increase in the value of franchises. i think we need to pool our money and buy an nfl team. seems like a good investment. >> that would be fantastic, but i don't know many people with that much money. >> $4 billion. >> yes. are the minnesota vikings one of the most valuable teams? it didn't look that way. >> it was rough for the vikings and adrian peterson. he did return to the field after nearly a year off. he was suspended for the incident with his son. when he came out, got a muted reception. look at this, this is what peterson can do that gets people excited. i think he's carrying the entire team on his back to get the first down. it wasn't a great night after that. 31 yards totals on 10 carries. it's going to take him a while to get back to form. that's what's going to be
7:00 am
interesting in this new era of roger goodell giving players these long suspensions. does it not only affect the time they're off the field, but what does it do to their careers long term? that's like a guy like tom brady when he was able to successfully fight that four-game suspension, it wasn't just about the four games, it was about the long-term damage. we'll see what happens with adrian peterson. >> thank you, as always. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- >> i have a little debate coming up on wednesday. >> 11 candidates, one stage, and one guy who says he's the target. >> i hear they're all going after me. whatever. >> can anyone catch the front-runner? his supporters don't think so. >> you cannot show up at a donald trump rally and not make a statement. also, flash flood waters rush in.
7:01 am
women and children in a car as help rises. help came too late for others. we're live at the utah/arizona border. plus, north korea warns america, it is ready to use a nuke against us. it's restarting a plant that makes the bomb fuel. is the supreme leader serious? let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. donald trump looking ahead to tomorrow's debate but may feel a little breath on the back have his neck. a new poll shows trump still leads the republican field. look how much ben carson has leaped to close in. on the flip side, jeb bush has seen his support absolutely plunge. don't expect the donald to be humbled by any of this. at a massive pep rally he
7:02 am
swatted away the challengers. >> i like carly, and i like ben, and i like many of the people i'm running against. i mean, many of these people are terrific people, but nobody's going to be able to do the job i'm going to do. nobody. >> trump very much the star, using his celebrity to propel himself all the way maybe to the white house, right? it's a fact not lost on his opponents on both sides of the aisle. >> i have to admit, donald trump is entertaining. i have to tell you. i really do find him entertaining. you know, i kind of wish i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, i don't need to tell you anything. when i get there, peace will be breaking out everywhere. >> donald trump is an entertainer. and i think i am a leader.
7:03 am
and so, what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about. >> but could this be outdated? celebrity seems to be where it's at in 2016. with me, kwame jackson, once star trump's "apprentice." thank you for being here. is donald trump more than a celebrity? is he fit to be president or is he using his celebrity to catapult himself into something else? >> the short answer is, no, he's not fit to be president. let me tell you why. i think america is faced with a crossroads. we're looking at kennedy versus kardashian. are we going to appeal to our better angels and look to the kennedy angels of diplomacy, lead america to a better purpose or go towards our reality evil angels that say we're focusing everything on celebrity with no policy substance? i don't think his temperament, the way he deals with politics in the world, iran, north korea,
7:04 am
you can't go fist to fist, blow to blow with leaders like that. >> right at the moment celebrity is working, which is strange because remember back in the day when barack obama was running against john mccain and john mccain ran this famous ad. let's watch. >> he's the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead? with gas prices soaring, barack obama says no to -- >> we'll come out of this. you get the drift, right? so, that ad probably wouldn't work today. >> no, i agree 100%. i've said this in the beginning, the trump fascination has to deal with cult personality. we live in entertainment, from social media, the youtubers, bloggers, plethora of reality shows we watch on television now. this seems to be something that's appealing. i feel as though it's the jerry
7:05 am
springer nation of the campaign because what -- we would never -- this is the thing. i think conservatives, and i'm a conservative through and through, but i think those conservatives supportive of trump are willing to stop and say, donald trump is a democrat, would we tolerate his behavior? i think the answer is, absolutely, no. there is no way in the world we would allow someone to call someone names, act like a 5-year-old in a political discussion, concerning the future of this country, which is what we're discussing here. the 2016 presidential race has to deal with the future of this country. would we tolerate that. >> i'll ask you this because you know donald trump. does he believe what he says when he talks about the bible being his favorite book next to his own and immigrants and hedge fund guys or is he using those buzz words to attract the -- >> he's the ultimate dog whistler. some say he's gone to yovert
7:06 am
racism. i think he really appeals to our worst angels. pink he appeals to racism, to fear, to nativism. any time america has taken that direction, whether it be joseph mccarthy, jesse helm, stand negotiate schoolhouse door -- >> are you saying he feels that in his gut or is he just saying these things because he knows it will attract a certain element? >> i think he's dropping bombs to get attention and he does have media savvy in our current age. he knows how to use instagram. he's the snapchat type candidate but i don't think that's the substance america is looking to lead. >> i think there's a combination of bold. i think he's a patriot, he loves america. and i think he sees the problems in this country, this country is going to hell in a hand basket. i think the issue on illegal immigration, don't think it's fair to say people who agree with his position on illegal immigration -- not the name calling, but the point about
7:07 am
sanctuary city and we have a flood of illegals, crime rates, denigrating schools, all those are valid concerns people should be concerned about, but it's his way -- the way he's going about doing it isn't presidential at all. but people are frustrated with the politics, the very vanilla, overly produced and nobody doing anything like it. they go, he's telling it like it is, we like him. but he has to get beyond that. is this who we want to govern? >> we'll see if any of that comes out in tomorrow night's debate. >> are you thinking about running for president yourself? >> you know, maybe way, way down the road. i know this process is getting out of hand. i don't want to be snapchatting to become president one day. >> thanks to you both. i appreciate it. and, remember, the second gop -- i've said this so many
7:08 am
times. a second gop debate tomorrow night only on cnn. of course, there is that first debate with those four candidates. that's at 6:00 p.m. eastern. while trump talks about killing it in the polls, another billionaire businessman says he should crush trump. mark cuban now taking aim at the candidate -- he's praising donald trump now but he didn't in the recent past and we don't understand that. anyway, in july cuban said trump was, quote, the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time, so why the change of heart? let's bring in cnn's chris moody, inside the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. great to be here. >> so, what's this stuff with mark cuban? now he loves donald trump and he could crush him if he ran against him? >> reporter: we could say donald trump has inspired a couple of his buddies to maybe consider running for president, even if
7:09 am
it's just a floating idea in their head. mark cuban shares a lot of traits with donald trump. both billionaires, both have a huge social media following, both bombastic and been parts of reality tv shows. mark cuban was asked about possibly running for president. he says, i get asked every day. it's a fun idea to toss around. if i were a dem i could beat hillary clinton. if it was me versus trumpb, i should crush him, no doubt about it. now, mark cuban, as you might recall, is a guy who has been fined millions of dollars in the nba for mouthing off to referees. again, similar to donald trump. but he was also asked by cnn, are you serious? he said, no, i'm not thinking about running for president. also, we asked him a long time ago if he would ever do it and his response is what we call in politics, shermanesque or the 21st version of being shermanesque.
7:10 am
he said, hell, blank, no, so he's just mouthing off. >> i thought they would be running mates. wouldn't that be fun? trump as president and mark cuban as vice president? i'm just going to think about that for a moment. >> it would be the reality tv white house. it's what america -- maybe it's what america wants. we'll have to see what happens with donald trump's first run and see if by the time we get to caucuses these other reality tv stars and billionaires are so inspired, whether it's mark cuban or kanye west. >> we'll leave it there. still to come in the "newsroom" -- two vans packed with women and small children have no chance against these powerful raging floodwaters. we'll take you to utah for the latest. t11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing:
7:11 am
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7:14 am
bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
7:15 am
we're learning more information about the deadly school bus crash in east houston. you see the bus on its side. authorities now believe the bus might have rolled off an overpass and fell onto the road below. we understand there has been one fatality. we understand a high school girl was killed. this bus was carrying high schoolers to school. we don't know the condition of the other people aboard the bus. but, of course, we'll have more information as soon as we get it. such a terrible crash in east houston this morning. eight people swept away by a flash flood on the utah/arizona border are confirmed dead today, five others are missing. all of the victims are women and children. back-to-back storms hit the small community of mormon fundamentalist once led by warren jeffs.
7:16 am
we have more from colorado city, arizona. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. now that we have some sunlight here, we're really getting a look at this one area. i'm about one mile downstream from where those eight people who died were swept away in those flash floods. what you're seeing here is just the muck that happens afterwards. you see all this heavy machinery. the area where you're seeing that water was roadway. it's completely gone. the heavy machinery working through all that muck. you can see the roadway continues on up. this is what's left after a flash flood. and all the people you see here lining the banks, this is something we've seen throughout the morning. a very sad scene. people here in the community, gathering, hoping that they'll get some word about those five missing people.
7:17 am
>> this is the front yard. >> reporter: dramatic video this morning showing a massive and deadly flash flood ripping through a small town on the arizona/utah border. you can hear the screams from shock the residents stunned by the rushing water. heavy rain falling above the canyon town earlier in the day caused the river to rise rapidly. watch this video of rescue crews racing to save a family from a car moments from being swept away. >> they're getting everybody out. >> reporter: children pulled quickly from the car windows. the flood so strong, trees uprooted by the current pileup. >> yeah it's pretty powerful. >> reporter: a search is still under way for several people. after two vehicles carrying a total of 16 parked to watch the flood were swept away by the intense rush of water.
7:18 am
at least eight have been found dead. all of the victims, mothers and small children. the youngest just 4 years old. >> there's still active floodwaters and very dangerous, very treacherous. the banks are caving off. most significant flood we've had in quite some time. >> reporter: and the weather is not expected to help the search effort today, carol. more rain is forecast for today. >> kyung lah reporting live for us. thank you. a cold front is expected to kick up gusting winds blowing embers far afield. everything is bone dry here. scientists confirmed this is the worst drought in california in 500 years. just look at these terrifying pictures of a driver making a mad dash up a burning mountain near middletown. flames are all around the car. at least 700 homes have been lost. thousands more are at risk. one death has been reported.
7:19 am
dan simon is in middletown this morning. good morning, dan. >> reporter: morning, carol. here's another devastated neighborhood that our crews discovered. you can see that all the homes pretty much on this one side of the street have been destroyed. we can just sort of pan the area for you. you see all these destroyed vehicles as well. the situation has become increasingly clear, carol. you got almost 600 homes that have been destroyed in this one fire. this valley fire. no question, this is the worst wildfire of the season. one of the worst in recent memory. at this point this fire is just 10% contained. it is a bit frigid today. i do have to wear a jacket. hopefully the weather with will make things better for the firefighters. you talked about the wind. one confirmed fatality. and we heard the details surrounding her death.
7:20 am
it's just a terrible situation, carol. this is a woman who is 72 years old. had multiple sclerosis, unable to leave her home on her own. she had a caretaker. the caretaker called 911. by the time the police showed up at her home, her home was destroyed. we still have some people unaccounted for, so, unfortunately, the death toll is probably going to go up. carol? >> dan simon, many thanks. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
7:21 am
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[extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child. donald trump may be considered the ultimate showman and many are waiting to see what he says in tomorrow night's cnn debate. check out barbara, one of thousands who attended monday night's massive trump rally in
7:25 am
dallas. barbara is a retired elementary librarian and she came decked out in a donald trump dress and donald trump purse. she talked about her outfit last night. >> you cannot show up at a donald trump rally and not make a statement, like donald. so, i am wearing trump. i have my trump purse and my trump shoes. and i'm all about trump. oh, i love trump. from "the apprentice" to everything, you know. he does put his foote in his mouth at some times, but don't we all? >> barbara tomasino joins us. >> good morning. >> thank you for wearing your dress. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. >> you've become kind of famous. you've been dubed the trump gal.
7:26 am
>> i googled trump dress and there it was. i support trump head to toe. there's my purse and my pumps. >> how did you make the dress? i'm just curious. >> well, my husband and i -- i went to my trainer early in the morning, i came home and i got a brain storm. i said, you just can't go to a political rally for donald trump without making a statement because donald always does. so i thought, huh, i'm going to make a donald trump dress, so that's what i did. >> you just whipped it up. >> pretty much. i started at 11:00 in the morning and we headed down to the rally that afternoon. yeah. i'm a former elementary school librarian, so, you know, we have to put things together quickly. i had good training. >> man, you are amazing. did you walk through the protesters outside to get into the arena? >> i did see them, yeah. >> did they shout at you?
7:27 am
>> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> did they shout at you? >> no, they did not. i don't think they really saw me. they were into their protest and marching down the street in front of american airlines. i kind of ignored them. i was doing my little thing. i was promoting trump -- >> they were not promoting trump. >> yeah. >> you said at the beginning you are living proof there are women who support donald trump. why do you as a woman support donald trump? >> well, i think he's a very intelligent man and he has some great issues. we need a change in america. everybody's kind of tired of a lot of the politicians, so he is change. that's what i support. i think he's a great guy. >> how do you think he will change the country? >> well, he's talked about the wall and immigration, which is a big issue here in texas. i think that's important.
7:28 am
and just, you know, all of those statements. everything he says i agree with. >> so, when he, you know, the megyn kelly thing, i'm sure you're well aware of that, what do you think he meant by that? do you think he meant to disrespect megyn kelly? >> no, i don't. i kind of question -- at that forum, i'm not sure that question should have even been brought up by her. but, you know, we all put our foot in our mouths sometimes. you know, we've all been there. you know, when he becomes president, which he will, hopefully he'll tone it down a little bit. you know, you look at his children. look at all of his kids. have they ever made the news with negative publicity? no, so he must be doing something right. ivanka -- call me ivanka. >> ivanka is pretty amazing.
7:29 am
barbara, thank you for joining me this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. bye. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. republicans have made no secret of the need to broaden their tent to win back the white house. in particular, score big with hispanic voters. now jeb bush is debuting a new ad that not only spotlights his ability to speak spanish but also has someone he refers to as his secret weapon. his mexican-born wife. >> i have my life here. i agree we all have the same interests, the same feelings. [ speaking spanish ] >> so, you see, jeb bush was speaking spanish, something donald trump has criticized, but his wife was speaking english. she was the one born in mexico.
7:30 am
she's now an american citizen, by the way. former speechwriter and former policy adviser to then-governor jeb bush and president and ceo of the hispanic chamber of commerce, welcome to both of you, justin and javier, the president -- did i say your name, javier? i don't think i did. >> you did. thank you. >> thank you for being here. i appreciate it. i'll start with you, justin. >> good morning, carol. >> i thought it was a very touching ad, but -- but jeb bush reaching out to the hispanic community doesn't seem to be resonating, at least outside of his hispanic circles. tell me if i'm wrong. >> look, this is a brand-new ad. this is the beginning of governor bush's campaign. it's just getting started. and governor bush's ability to be bilingual will give hillary clinton and a lot of democrats sleepless nights.
7:31 am
he has campaigned exclusively from the beginning, his own personal experience, will be effective over time with all americans, including hispanic voters. >> but, javier, governor bush's poll numbers seem to keep going down. >> well, i think, carol, first of all, i think it's the right thing to do. i think in telling his personal story, jeb bush tells the story of a broader hispanic community, a community that has centered around faith and family and hope and collaboration. so, i think first and foremost, it's the right thing to do. it's his story and it's very genuine. secondly, as it relates to the polls, let's keep in mind that at this time in 2012, rick perry was about 38% of the polls. by december in 2012, gingrich was 30%. it's early to talk about that right now. as it relates to his story, i
7:32 am
think it connects not only with the hispanic community, but with a broader narrative around bringing people together and illustrating that the republican party is a party that, frankly, can engage all people in america. >> but, justin, isn't it true if it's imperative for governor bush to deliver a fine debate performance because a lot of people didn't feel he did well the first time. if he has two consecutive appearances where he doesn't do well, that won't bode well for him, will it? >> well, i think you're going to see a very strong performance from governor bush tomorrow night in the debate. he's the most prepared to be president of the united states. he's got a conservative record. i think you'll see him talk about that. i think you'll see him contrast that with some of his opponents who may not have such a strong record of conservative performance. so, i think -- i think you're going to see him do very, very well tomorrow night. >> and, javier, just a -- go ahead, javier, finish this thought. >> i agree. i think -- what i'm looking for,
7:33 am
what my constituency of 3.2 million hispanic business owners that represent a contribution to this economy, somewhere around $490 billion on an annual basis, what we're looking for is somebody that's going to get beyond the spectacle and get down to the substance. we want to hear about a proven track record. we want to get past the rhetoric and get down to the record and see and hear from individuals that have got a plan and that can point to substantive accomplishments when they were in office. >> javier, i just wanted to ask you one question about donald trump. he had that big rally in dallas last night, right? >> my hometown. >> your hometown. so 1500 protesters turned out, most hispanics. they were carrying signs, trump is a racist, he's like hitler, they had a trump pinata. is he splitting the country? has that happened, javier? >> i think it has. rightly so, the hispanic
7:34 am
community is outraged. what donald trump has done, unfortunately continues to do. it's a rhetoric of hatred and divisiveness. it was the dallas chapter of the league of united latin american citizens that felt strongly enough that they boycotted and got out in front of the stadium and tried to call attention to the fact that, you know, hate speak has no place in the presidential debate. and that it's time we start talking again about the substance and what these individuals, all of them, have to offer in terms of making america a greater country and keeping us together. >> so, with that said, justin, will governor bush come out and say, you know what, stop it with the hate speech, mr. trump? >> well, i think governor bush has been very, very -- from the very beginning, since he announced his campaign. i was there on june 15th when he had his announcement, he's been inclusive from the beginning. he's been critical of the
7:35 am
rhetoric. his inclusive message will be a stark contrast to what we're hearing. governor bush has a record of substance. it doesn't help the republican party, it doesn't help us win. we have to win by addition. we have to win by becoming the majority party. the video you showed of governor bush speaking to hispanic voters, to latin voters in spanish is something i think you'll hear governor bush continue to talk about. that's the way republicans are going to win. we can be a minority party and lose the presidency or or take our conservative message and be a winning party. we can win the presidency and avoid eight more years of liberal democratic policies in the white house. >> all right. thank you -- >> by the way, carol, if i might, that's why we are very excited to be hosting governor bush in, i believe, six days. he has a proven track record. whefs in office, you know, 1.5 million jobs were created while he was in office. 80,000 brand-new businesses were
7:36 am
created while he was in office. he left the state of florida with a $10 billion, you know, robust budget. he balanced the budget eight years in a row. he cut taxes to the tune of about $19 billion while he was in office. these are the kinds of substantive records and accomplishments that my community wants to hear from individuals that have done things of this nature. that's why we're very excited to have the governor with us in a couple of days. >> we'll see if he can communicate that tomorrow night. justin, javier, thank you both. still to come in the "newsroom," some gop hopefuls not mincing word when it comes to the refugee crisis. that could also be a factor in tomorrow night's debate. when yos fixed... trust safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong reliable bond. at safelite we stand behind our work... ...because the ones you love, sit behind it.
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7:41 am
i have updated information to share with you. the school bus roll aid few times before coming to a rest. authorities tell us two high school students have died as a result of this accident. there are just a few students on board the bus. the bus was bound for a charter school in southeast houston. the other students and driver are in the hospital. all of them suffered serious injuries. we don't know what caused this bus to crash yet. but as you can see, it was very serious. we had one report that the bus actually fell from an overpass onto this road below called 610 loop and telephone road. when we get more information, we'll pass it along. in other news this morning, foreign policy will likely be one of the many hot topics at the debate tomorrow night, but
7:42 am
is mike huckabee going to take heat for some recent comments about europe's worsening refugee crisis? according to "the washington post," huckabee recently raised some eyebrows by asking this question, quote, are they really escaping tyranny? are they escaping poverty? or are they just coming because we've got cable tv? i don't mean to be trite. i'm just saying, we don't know. now, for months, thousands of families have been trying to escape war-torn places like syria, afghanistan and iraq. these images show just how dire the situation is. for many, this is truly a matter of life and death. these are the kinds of conditions people are running away from. this drone video shows the aftermath in the city of kobani after kurdish forces tried to tree take the city from isis. the streets littered with debris. how will this crisis play on the debate stage? joining me to talk about that is
7:43 am
cnn political reporter m.j. >> good morning. >> how will this play on the debate stage? >> that wasn't the best way to talk about it in the flippant way he did. but there's a wariness, within the american public there's a bit of weariness about the united states getting involved in anything overseas. there was a new cnn poll that came out this week that shows the majority of americans do believe americans have -- or the country, rather, has some responsibility when it comes to this crisis, but there's an ideological divide as well. republicans tend to be a little more concerned, you know, back away a little bit from the united states taking in more refugees. i think for someone like mike
7:44 am
huckabee, he's clearly aware of that. i think going into wednesday night, it will be interesting to see the candidates are less practiced when it comes to foreign policy, try to talk about this issue. someone like ben carson or donald trump. whether they will end up making comments that raises eyebrows like mike huckabee's comments or whether they're able to talk about the issue in a knowledgeable and sort of practiced and fluent way. >> reporting live for us, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," from basic stages to elaborate must-see tv productions. it's the changing face of presidential debates, next. [phone recording] thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere.
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tomorrow night's debate, must-see tv, to steal a phrase, has everything, passion, star pow power. the debate stage is awesome, reagan presidential library, air force one as the backdrop, quite a contrast to debates past like this one 55 years ago when the contest took place on a dark stage. look at that. i think there was a curtain behind the -- oh, no, it's a brick wall. even more lovely. with me now is a man who has witnessed more than one debate, david gurgen, cnn senior analyst, and presidential adviser to nixon, ford, reagan and clinton. let's take a walk back through memory lane, why don't we? >> sure. >> please turn mr. reagan's mike off -- >> i am paying for this
7:50 am
microphone! >> he is funneling money to his wife's law firm for state money. i don't care what you think about me, you should be ashamed yourself for jumping on my wife. >> i tell you, mr. clinton -- >> it says, paid for by john mccain. >> that is not by my campaign. >> george w. bush comeback was the best ever. but let's talk about just the staging of the debates through the years because even in recent years past, the staging is nothing like it is today. >> well, we haven't had the spectacle we've had this year. we've never had 24 million people tune into a debate before. and we're going to have a huge amount tune into cnn tomorrow night. there are none in our memory banks but i do remember an odd night, i think it was new
7:51 am
hampshire, when one of the candidates threw a rat -- a dead rat across the stage. that got our attention. >> what? >> go ahead, please. >> no, seriously, they threw a dead rat across the stage? >> yeah. i remember that. it was pretty hideous. but there was a large debate, it wasn't intended that way, but the debate that mattered in that sense, one of the early debates, was the reagan -- you just had a piece of it, the reagan debate against george h.w. bush in new hampshire in 1980, and it was supposed to be a one-on-one and then reagan insisted on bringing a lot of other candidates in there, like bob dole and howard baker, and bush objected. reagan just rammed it to the moderator, mr. green -- he called him, mr. breen. i paid for this microphone. it gave -- it was one of those almost trump-like moments where a guy grabbed the attention and turned that debate around. most of the debates, you're
7:52 am
right, carol, have been much more stayed, much more one-on-one. you know, the kind of -- the unforgettable backdrop we saw with nixon and kennedy. certainly not air force one. >> no, certainly not air force one. i'm struckling to come to grips with which is better because shouldn't the backdrop be, you know, kind of drab so we can listen to what the candidates are actually saying or does a fancy backdrop enhance what the candidates are saying? >> oh, at this early stage, i don't think it really matters very much. there's going to come a time when this is going to get more serious. but, you know, for the moment, this is being portrayed as a very -- very largely being portrayed as a boxing match, you know, world class boxing match. i'm beginning to think it looks more like a wrestling match, mud wrestling with smackdowns and all that. by the way, trump knows about wrestling. he comes out of that world, in part. the candidates ought to be
7:53 am
prepared. i think given where we are right now, it doesn't make a difference what the backdrop is. there is magnetism, and people are drawn to this. when candidates go on late night talk shows, they get significant rises in the numbers. joe biden did, trump did, hillary is going on wednesday night. isn't it interesting mrs. clinton is going the night after the debate. we'll see how that plays out. >> i don't know how many people will be watching. interesting to see. >> hard to know. a lot of people will be watching this debate, no -- >> yeah, yeah. i was just going to ask you, david, who will come out on top? >> oh, i think we'll be watching several different contests at one time. how does carly fiorina handle donald trump? ben carson very importantly now, that new cbs/new york times
7:54 am
poll, almost closed the lead. people will be watching intently. i think you'll see a lot of interest. can jeb bush revive himself against donald trump. keep an eye on kasich and trump. the common denominator in all of that is donald trump. he'll draw in the audience because people want to see, you know, how they clash. and they're going to be looking for that. and jake tapper will ask those kind of questions that will get everybody going. >> that's right. as will dana bash. thanks so much.
7:55 am
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checking top stories at 58 minutes past. the man suspected of killing a fellow professor on a college campus is dead just as officers were closing in on shannon lamb at the end of a day-long manhunt. he reportedly made good on his threat to never go to jail and shot himself.
7:59 am
investigators believe lamb killed a woman he lived with, but it's not clear what lamb's relationship was with either of the victims. a vigil will be held at the school tonight. a grand jury is recommending three dozen members of a new york city fraternity be charged in connection with a brutal hazing death. five minutes of pi delta psi at baruch college have been charged with third-degree murder. some frat members could be charged with more serious charges after they tackled michael deng blindfolded and failing to call 911 when he was injured. no bail for former police officer slager, he's the officer who shot scott, and turning down the bond request. the judge said, releasing slager would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community. slager has been charged with murder. an unruely passenger forced
8:00 am
an american airlines to make an emergency landing in indianapolis. she's accused of hitting a passenger and a flight attend t attendant. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and boldaun starts now. 24 hours to go. everyone that everyone's preparing, that is, maybe except for mr. donald trump. hear how he's preparing, though, this morning and also who he's visiting. plus the match-ups to watch, the rules and how adding the only woman in the gop field to the main stage could change everything. this is cnn's special live coverage. hello, i'm


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