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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 17, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 10:00 a.m. at the presidential library in simi valley, california. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. the dust is still settling here at the ronald reagan presidential library. 15 republican presidential candidates in two separate debates took turns hammering each other, while also touting their own accomplishments, both big or small. with as many as 23 million people here in the united states watching this prime-time event. the topics ranged from foreign policy to faces. as each candidate tried to gain ground with voters and stay relevant in this race for the white house. here are some of the highlights from last night's battle.
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>> the 11 leading candidates for president are at their podiums. anything could happen over the next few hours. >> i think we are in fact the a team. we even have our own mr. t who doesn't mind saying you're a fool. >> rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. he's number 11. he's got 1% in the polls. >> his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, my goodness that happened in junior high. >> donald trump said the following about you, quote, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house, we have one right now. if i were sitting at home and watching this back and forth, i'd be inclined to turn it off. >> i am a republican in new jersey. i wake up every morning as an outsider. >> i, in no way, am willing to
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get into bed with special interest groups or lick the boots of billionaires. >> you wanted casino gambling in florida. yes, you did. you wanted it and you didn't get it because i was opposed to casino gambling before, during and after. >> these are extraordinarily dangerous times we live in and the next president of the united states better be someone who understands these issues and has good judgment about them. >> i didn't want to go into iraq and i fought it. your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama. >> as it relates to my breother there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> here's the problem, we're fighting with each other up here. we agree. let's ask hillary clinton. she's the real opponent. she's the real problem. >> if you want to stump a democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of mrs. clinton. >> ever ready. it's very high energy, donald. >> mr. trump.
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>> humble. >> all right. let's break down some of those highlights. joining us here, our senior political analyst ron brown steen. our cnn political commentators dan pfeiffer, ana navarro and jeffrey heard. the two also battled over their shared areas of expertise business. let's listen to this. >> i led hewlett-packard through a very difficult time. the worst technology recession in 25 years. >> she can't run any of my companies, that i can tell you. >> you ran up mountains of debt, as well as losses, using other people's money and you were forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice -- >> i never filed for bankruptcy. >> -- four times. >> i made over $10 billion. >> all right. ron, who got the better of those exchanges between fiorina and trump? >> i think on the appearance exchange, clearly fiorina who
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delivered kind of an understated retort that was more powerful because it was understated. on the business side, i think it was more of a case of mutually assured destruction. they both pointed to vulnerabilities in the other and neither, i think, has heard the last of the arguments that were raised last night about their business career. >> i think chris christie got the best of that debate. that exchange. at some point, he be interjects and says, okay, kids, enough. you're both really, really rich. that's great for you. now, let's go and talk policy. >> the problem with that, anna, is carly fiorina also said they were like the politicians and the insiders were like fish and water. they didn't know they were in water. it was very fascinating to hear chris christie chastise them talking about their record in the private sector but he's always about touting his record as elected official. >> it was a good exchange for him in the sense he seemed witty, but he's swimming
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upstream. this is an outsider's moment and he's making an insider's argument. i think fiorina was great in this debate. she took advantage of her moment. what i think trump exposed because he certainly read her opposition research file very closely, is if she were the nominee, she has romney-style vulnerables in her business record any democrat would exploit. >> i know you like -- your good friend jeb bush, friendly with rubio. a lot of commentators suggesting this was not necessarily trump's best night. i assume you agree with that? >> she doesn't think trump has any good nights. >> actually, i have to say i thought that moment where he said, where he came out of character, and it was almost like, you know, acknowledging it's all an act. and said his secret service name would be humble. hilarious. when he had that low five exchange. because you know jeb bush is 6'4" so i think high fiving jeb can be difficult. i think that was refreshing. i think it was a nice moment. perhaps one of the better moments for trump who did not have a good night.
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he went for stretches of time that were beyond 30 minutes without talking. might be the first time in his life -- >> although all the people who took -- nearly three hours of that debate, he got the most air time. >> got the most questions. >> almost 20 minutes or so compared to everyone else who was just a little bit lower. listen to this. i'll play a little sound bite for you, jeffrey. know you support trump. here's a little comment from jeb bush about his brother. >> your brother -- and your brother's administration gave us barack obama, because it was such a disaster those last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what, as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> on behalf of the military that is watching, the active duty military that are at the end of the spear, what kind of commander in chief is jeb bush going to be and who are the advisers that are new to your team? >> if you're looking at republican advisers, you have to go to the last two
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administrations that happen to be 41 and 43. >> so is that a problem, his top national security advisers would be former advisers to his father and his brother? >> here's the problem with this. within the republican party, if you notice the other day, he pulled his shirt open to reveal a reagan/bush t-shirt. there was always -- i was in that campaign. there was always a little bit of attention there between the reaganites and the bushies. now it's a first cousin to the outsider-insider situation. and the problem is, within the republican party, there are significant numbers of people who george w. bush did keep us safe, but on domestic spending and a whole lot of domestic issues, no child left behind, expanding the government, they're furious about. and he wound up his presidency with 22% of the popularity and that's been a problem for republicans ever since. >> in the end, i think most of the campaign still believe there will be one finalist in this
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race from the center right establishment lane and one finalist from the more populous conservative lane. although bush has to engage with trump because the difficulty in doing so has hurt his overall image, in the end, he's not running against trump today. he's running more against casey, kasich, whereas trump is more in the pool of santorum, who has more at risk if -- >> hold on because i want to get to this clip. you were the political director during the reagan white house, years. you served under president obama. and hillary clinton and president obama were obviously attacked by at lot of these republican candidates last night. listen to the new jersey governor chris christie. >> we lost friends that day. we went to the funerals. i will tell you what those people wanted and what they
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deserved was for america to answer back against what had been done to them. and i support what president did at that time. >> i'm as entertained as anyone by this personal back and forth about the history of donald and carly's career. for the 55-year-old construction worker out in that audience tonight who doesn't have a job, who can't fund his child's education, i got to tell you the truth, they could care less about your careers. the question is, who's going to prosecute hillary clinton. the obama white house seems to have in interest. the justice department seems to have no interest. i think it's time to put a former federal prosecutor on stage with hillary clinton and i will prosecute her during those debates. >> i want you to respond to that. >> chris christie exposes the entire fallacy of the public argument. the people responsible for 9/11 were not in iraq. this was the greatest strategic mistake in this century from the american government. so he is in the same challenge everyone else is. i would say also the idea
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that -- chris christie delivers his lines well, but the answer is hillary clinton did all these things wrong, i'm going to show her on the debate stage, is not a compelling answer from him. >> he says he'll go after her on the debate stage. >> i'm sure every republican will do that. >> and will prosecute her during those debates, if he gets the republican -- >> which is unlikely -- >> it might be more compelling to republicans that might meet your eye. >> i was struck that three separate candidates last night criticized the decision to go into iraq, trump, paul and carson. all criticized it. kind of -- it was one of many issues where we heard notes that we don't usually hear in the republican presidential debate. raising the minimum wage. criminal justice reform. fiorina and several others -- >> leftism -- >> all right, we have much more to discussion. hillary clinton will be my live guest later today in "the situation room," 5:00 p.m. eastern.
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we'll get her reaction to what's been said about her last night. we'll have much more analysis. and what happened here at the ronald reagan presidential library last night, including much more on dr. ben carson. his calm, noncombative demeanor, his handshake with donald trump. and later, analysts are declaring lindsey graham the winner of the earlier debate, but can he turn his performance into higher numbers in the polls? moms knowafter brushing, mouths often need a helping hand. listerine® total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel.
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and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide. it was their moment to shine. last night's republican primary debate. here at the simi valley library. gave some of the middle tier candidates a chance to try to break out of the pack. so how did they do? let's bring back our senior political commentators ana
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navarro and jeffrey lord. he's been doing well in the national polls in iowa, new hampshire, he seems to be second just behind trump. we'll see what the fallout is from this debate. but he offered his usual measured calm style last night. let's listen to this. >> i have no argument with having a strong leader. and to be aggressive where aggression is needed. but it's not needed in every circumstance. there is a time when you can use your intellect to come up with other ways to do things. i think that's what we have to start thinking about. there is no question that a lot of these problems we have been talking about in terms of the international situation is because we are weak. it's because our navy is so small. it's because our air force is incapable of doing the same things it did a few years ago. >> so what do you think? as you point out, three of those republican candidates actually last night were bragging about the fact they opposed the war in iraq in 2003? >> carson is not an in your face
10:17 am
presence. he is really almost counterprogramming to most of the rest of the field. he's cool where certainly many of them, like trump, are hot. it's striking because his demeanor and his message are very much at odds. he is calm, cool and collected. it's a pretty ideological message. last night reversing himself somewhat and saying if somebody could show him a feasible way to deport 11 million people, he would look at it. this kind of contrast has been working for him. i'm not sure in the long run it projects enough kind of presidential vigor and strength. but we'll see. >> i think you interviewed him and he said, you know, let carson be carson. we've seen him be true to character consistently. >> this has a lot of appeal to a lot of folks. >> he's doing very well in the polls. scott walker not so well in the polls right now. the wisconsin governor. he was doing well. especially in neighboring iowa. his numbers have gone down. he did have a few zingers at donald trump. listen to this.
10:18 am
>> mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. he told us all the things he wanted to hear in 2008. we need someone who can actually get the job done. >> were you surprised he went after the man you liked, donald trump, directly like that? >> no. i mean, i thought, if you're going to stay alive this is one of the things they had to do. i mean, i bet they worked on that line for weeks. you know, so he delivered it. i don't think it's going to help him very much in the polls. scott walker, he's a great guy. he's a good governor. but, once again, we have this outsider/insider situation. and, as amazing as it is to be the governor of wisconsin or any governor is seen in that sort of contextual fashion. >> his problem is he is more deflated than the balls the new england patriots -- >> uh-oh! >> he has made so many mistakes. he's flip-flopped on positions.
10:19 am
he hasn't been forceful. and these debates, now twice, you know, two debates, he's been painted on the wall. i mean, you know -- >> fades into the drapes. >> he's a class a player who can't make it in the major leagues. his campaign is over i think. we're only -- >> and you start to read today about some of his donors saying they're getting antsy and they're look at other -- >> you think he's going to be the next to drop out? >> i think he has some super pac money so he can hang in there for a while. i think his chance of being the nominee is long past now. >> if you remember, some are already saying he can be the tim pawlenty, the former minnesota governor who dropped out even before -- >> -- has a very good job, a lot of money -- >> maybe that's part of the problem. >> a sound bite from marco rubio. he's getting good reviews on this day after. listen to this. >> my grandfather instilled in me the belief that i was blessed
10:20 am
to live in the one society in all of human history where even i, the son of a bartender and a maid, could be anything i was willing to work hard to achieve. he taught me that in spanish because it was the language he was comfortable in. i do give interviews in spanish. here's why. because i believe free enterprise and limited government is the best way for people trying to achieve upward mome mobility. i want them to hear that directly from me, not from a translator at univision. >> jeffrey, you're a guy who donald trump says speak english, this is the united states. he's told bush, don't speak spanish. >> the question has become here about the assimilation. great, speak as many languages as you want. personally, i think americans should speak two or three or four. but the fact of the matter is, we're an english-speaking nation. and if we're going to start doing this, then what about the irish, what about the germans?
10:21 am
to sort of try and say we're going to inject this culture and it's going to reign supreme over american culture -- >> -- making the argument reign supreme -- we all come here and try to assimilate. >> that's not what jorge ramos says. >> i loved this answer from marco. it tells you when you get personal, it works in a debate. it worked for carly fiorina when she spoke about her stepdaughter's death. it worked for marco when he talked about his grandfather who was a huge influence in his life. i think it tells you something about how those candidates were shaped. >> the exchanges about spanish i think are a reminder to all of us this is not just about the republican presidential primary. the ultimate goal is to win back the white house for the republican party. which we should remind has lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. they need to find a way to get
10:22 am
over the top. the risk in the debate, whether it is inappropriate to really speak spanish in public, he wasn't talking about public documents, is something that has overtones for -- >> at least no mandarin chinese was spoken this year. >> the idea the republicans in -- heading into 2016 election would be debating birth right citizenship, deporting 11 million people and the pry piety of politicians speaking spanish, that's a dream come true from them. we're getting breaking news. american airlines tells cnn in an e-mail they are aware of technical issues that are impacting their operations at various airports in the united states. let me read their statement. we're working to resolve technical issues impacting several airports as quickly as possible. we'll provide updates, more information as they become available. we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience. we're going to make sure we follow this story as well. a lot of people hoping to fly on american airlines, they may have
10:23 am
their flights delayed. we'll get more information and update you. this programming note. later today, live in "the situation room," i'll interview the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. we'll talk about last night's debate, talk about her opposition for bernie sanders, a whole lot more. the interview happens live at 5:00 p.m. eastern. you'll want to see it. so stay with cnn for that. senator lindsey graham has been praised for his debate performance last night. up next, he'll join me live to talk about the big night. what message he hopes he got across to voters. stay with us.
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer. we're coming to you live from simi valley, california, where four republican presidential candidates hope their performance in cnn's so-called
10:28 am
undercard debate will be enough to shake up the race for the white house and move them to the top tier. the four exchanged passionate, even witty jabs, topics from taxes to same-sex marriage to trump. here are some of the highlights. >> a leading candidate gets his foreign policy from watching television, the cartoon network. i'll big, i'm strong, hit him in the head. >> flat out, i guarantee you that. >> they got a socialist that is gaining on hillary clinton. folks, you can't make that up. >> what the supreme court did is against the national law, against god's law. >> the gay couple or the baptist preacher would kill ya'll if they could. >> i would throw out the entire corrupt tax code. >> across the world, dictators walk all over this president. >> personal attacks just please one person, hillary clinton. >> by the end of this debate, it will be the most time i've ever spent in any library. >> all right. one of those four, senator lindsey graham, is joining us
10:29 am
now live from washington. senator, thanks very much for joining us. you're getting positive reviews for your performance. earlier today, here on cnn, the rnc spokesman, sean spicer, said there might not be a second tier debate next time around next month when there's another republican presidential debate. how do you break through, like carly fiorina did, and make sure you're on that prime-time stage at the next republican debate? >> well, number one, i just want to say this whole idea of using polling the way it's being done i think is absurd. the difference between fourth place and last is in the margin of error. so i don't like the whole concept. i think you're taking people's voices out of the mix based on polling and a fashion that was never meant to be used. i'm trying to concentrate on iowa, new hampshire. that's where i hope to break through. i don't have the money to spend on national advertising. so i'll just keep being lindsey graham, come on your show, do
10:30 am
everything i can to get my message out there. this whole construct of knocking people out early on based on polling i think undercuts the early primary process. it's not good for democracy. >> well, those are the rules that the rnc -- >> and they're dumb rules. >> -- obviously came up with -- >> i'm a republican and -- yeah, they're dumb. >> all right, well, that's your opinion obviously. >> that's right. >> the highlights we just played, we heard some of those highlights. you also suggested donald trump gets his foreign policy from watching the cartoon network. you obviously don't like con nald trump. you don't think he's qualified to be commander in chief. you said you'd hold your nose and vote for him if you had to. what about some of these other outsiders, washington outsiders, like carson or fiorina do you think they are qualified to be commander in chief? >> yes, more than mr. trump, absolutely. i don't know dr. carson's foreign policy.
10:31 am
he's got to explain it to me. carly says she's not reached the point where she could say that we need boots on the ground in iraq and syria. i don't know what point we got to reach. it is obvious to me we're well past the point where we need to deal with isil on the ground in iraq and syria because the air campaign is not working. but i will support the republican nominee. all i said about mr. trump was he said he got his foreign policy from watching television and i've never seen a show that would suggest you go into iraq and syria and invade the country, take their oil to pay our wounded warriors, that that would destroy isil. i have no idea what show said that. >> three of the republican presidential candidates basically said very boldly last night they oppose the war in iraq in 2003. they thought it was a major blunder. donald trump did, certainly rand paul, you've been critical of rand paul, as a lot of our viewers know. based on the fact they thought the war was a blunder and so
10:32 am
many of the problems the u.s. has in the region right now are a result of what they call that blunder. you were an ardent supporter of president bush in going into iraq and going after saddam hussein, even though he had nothing to do with 9/11. >> well, everybody in the world believed that he was involved in making weapons of mass destruction. he had gassed his own people. he was shooting at american airlines patrolling the skies of iraq under u.n. security council resolution. he was denying access to suspected weapon sites. he was in violation of every revolution we passed. i have not shed a tear for saddam hussein leaving. if i know then what i know now, i wouldn't have had 100,000-person ground invasion but i'd still try to push him out because he was a disrupptive influence to the region. it's not about what bush did. it's about what are you going to do. what are you going to do to destroy isil in iraq and syria? do you believe this air campaign is working?
10:33 am
if you're not willing to put american boots on the ground, where does the ground component come from? if i hear one more time about the kurds being able to go from kurdistan into syria to destroy isil, that is not a viable option. here's what i say to my colleagues, come up with a plan of your own. i've given you very detailed plans. we need a ground component. part of it has to be an american ground component or we're going to get hit here at home. that's my view of what we have to do going forward as commander in chief. >> obviously your republican colleagues disagree it last night you were asked about whether you could be effective as the nominee after calling hillary clinton a great choice for secretary of state. here's what you said in your response. listen to this. >> i introduced her in a conference about africa. i thought secretary clinton did a good job when it came to dealing with problems in africa, particularly among women. george w. bush said $40 billion aside and rick santorum helped
10:34 am
him. and president bush wiped out an entire -- wiped out aids in malaria for an entire generation of young african children. secretary clinton, sect clinton -- here's my problem with secretary clinton, where the hell were you on the night of the benghazi attack? >> so was it a mistake for you to say those nice things about hillary clinton? if the test of conservative is you've got to say bad things about everybody to be conservative or liberal, god help us all. secretary clinton has got to be held accountable for her leadership during benghazi. her resetting russia. she's got a lot of things to be accountable for. she did some good things too. i don't want to live in an america where the only way you can advance yourself is to have to always run somebody else down. tip o'neill and ronald reagan were able to avoid that dynamic. i made a joke, but i was really
10:35 am
being serious. these are two people on opposite ends of the political spectrum. at the end of the day, they came together to save social security from bankruptcy. i'm not going to be led down the road of defining conservativism as saying something bad about somebody else. i can be conservative and be nice at the same time. >> senator graham, thanks very much for joining us. congratulations on what a lot of people think was a very impressive performance yesterday here at the ronald reagan presidential library. thank you. >> thanks, whole. up next, we're going to have more on the breaking news we're following. just getting word, technical issues affecting american airlines flights at several airports here in the united states.
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we're following the breaking news. i want to show you some live picture from the airport in dallas, texas. one of several airports where american airlines has just announced a ground stop on all flights. cnn's renee marsh is joining us from washington. tell us what we know. >> well, wolf, this alert coming from the faa. we know the american airlines requested a ground stop for all of their traffic in and out of very specific airports. dfw and dallas, chicago o'hare, as well as miami international airport. and that is all because of computer issues. however, the airline not giving much more detail than that. we don't know which computers have been impacted. we don't know the cause of this computer issue. so still waiting to learn more about that. but you're looking at images there. this is the big problem or
10:41 am
headache that it's causing for travelers. long lines. we have producers in chicago at that airport as well as in dallas. they're saying they're seeing long lines. although in the last few minutes, they did start to see some movement. but olally from the faa that ground stop is still in place. no traffic in or out for those specific airports. of course you remember, wolf, it was just back in july when united airlines had a similar incident. where we saw for several hours they weren't having any activity because of a computer glitch. that turned out to be a hardware issue. but, again, with this case of american airlines, we don't quite know exactly what's casing the problem. but we do know there are some very frustrated flyers as we speak right now. >> those are three of the biggest airports in the united states, chicago, miami, dall dallas-ft. worth. huge hubs for american airlines right now. they really have no idea what this computer glitch is all about? >> well, if they know, they're
10:42 am
certainly not giving us many details. this is a statement from the airline. they're saying they're working to resolve what they're calling a technical issue. which is affecting several airports. and they're trying to get that fixed as soon as possible. but that's about it. so if they do know what the problem is is they haven't shared that information with us just yet. of course, everyone waiting and wondering, because in the past, we've talked a lot about the vulnerability as it relates to these airlines and their computer systems, whether it's a situation where it's a hardware failure or something more nefarious. we don't know any of those answers at this point. but we do know, as you rightly pointed out, these are some major airports here. dfw, like you said, a hub for american airlines. mia. very, very busy international airport. so to have a ground stop on traffic going in or out, extremely disrupp tiextreme ly disruptive, wolf.
10:43 am
>> the ripple affect could be enormous across the country. just ahead, our own jake tapper talks about the challenges of his role as moderator in last night's debate. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units
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near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. last night's prime-time republican presidential debate was seen by as many as 23 million people and our own jake tapper, anchor of "the lead" and "state of the union" was right here, keeping the candidates in line, at least as much as possible. what surprised you the most? >> you should know, that's a record for cnn. >> for most viewers ever for an event. >> yeah, that's huge. >> congratulations to cnn. there's so many amazing people here that nobody gets to see -- >> millions of people watched it
10:48 am
online. that doesn't even include the many millions watching it on cnn international. that's only here in the united states. we had tens of millions of people internationally watching that. >> i like that. so the question was who seemed the most comfortable on stage, is that -- >> what surprised you the most? >> it surprises me when candidates don't take an opportunity to engage in a conversation people are talking about and just instead recite talking points about their records that are completely irrelevant. that always surprises me. so any squandered opportunity surprises me. you know, i think everybody agrees that carly fiorina had a good night. one opportunity i thought she didn't take was i cast her record at hp in terms of what do you say to people who say that donald trump might be better at creating jobs than you? and she didn't really talk about creating jobs. she talked about her record at hp. on the whole, i think people
10:49 am
thought she had a good night. >> the other question, who seemed the most comfortable? >> trump seems comfortable wherever he goes. he relaxes and whatever. but i don't know. i think trump, christie. christie seemed pretty comfortable. the guys on the edges of the dais, christie and paul, seemed pretty comfortable. they came ready to play. they came ready to scrap and debate. >> it was the difference between the early debate where there were only four candidates on the stage, and the main debate where there were 11 candidates, from the perspective of the moderator, that's a big challenge, isn't it? >> 11 candidates is a lot of candidates. i don't know if that's ever happened before. probably it would have been better to have, you know, 8 in 7 or whatever. yeah, four was much, much easier. even though politicians always complain they didn't get enough
10:50 am
time, i think most of them felt like they got something. you know, 11 candidates. and none of them shrinking violets either. these are very forceful people. so yeah, it was a challenge. >> the main debate, the prime-time debate with those 11ened comes went after almost three some are saying that was too long. what do you think? >> that was a decision made by my boss and yours. it's not one i would second guess. it was long, but it ena abled us to get 11 candidates in on a number of issues and still then there were a number of issues that i wanted to get to that i had questions for that we didn't get to. veterans issues, police, education, trade. there are a number of good questions that we had that because we let candidates debate we were will less rigorous a about let's move on to the next topic. . we let people go back and forth if we thought it was good. so i could have gone another
10:51 am
hour. >> they knew the format. they had been briefed. it was different than the first fox debate. the format specifically. >> ours was i go to you with a question. you have a minute to respond. if your name is mentioned, you get 30 seconds. for people wondering why i would say, thank you, senator, it's because all the candidates had lights there alerting them how much time they had. and when they would go over, we'd spot them a few questions and try to encourage them to start wrapping it up. but they didn't always stick to the rules, so i had to get in there just to keep it going. >> most of them publicly said nice things about you. that's what they said publicly. hold your thought. you're coming up on the lead. you have a big show at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> how do you think i did? >> you did excellent. >> it's publicly. >> publicly, i'm saying publicly and privately. >> you said the same thing. >> i thought you did very well. you should be proud.
10:52 am
good work. thanks very much. last night's republican presidential debate on cnn gave viewers insight into the candidates on a wide range of topics, but there was one presidential candidate who was a frequent target in the debate who was not on stage. we're talking about the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. in fact, her name came up repeatedly. >> this administration with president obama and hillary clinton has created insecurity in the likes of which we never would have imagined. there's not a place we're better off today than six and a half years ago. >> had e we bombed assad at the time like hillary clinton wanted and like many. republicans wanted, i think isis would be in damascus today. >> i can't wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton and to make abundantly clear if you vote for hillary, you're voting for aye toe la. >> hillary clinton talks about the minimum wage. that's her answer to grow the economy. the answer is to give people the skills and education to make far
10:53 am
more than minimum wage. >> she's going to have to defend her track record of lying about benghazi, of lying about her e-mails, lying about her servers, she does not have a track record of accomplishment. i, too, have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the groeb, but unlike her i know that flying is an activity, it is not an accomplishment. if you want to stump a democrat, ask them to name an accomplishment of mrs. clinton's. >> for her part, hillary clinton tweeted about the debate saying fingers crossed we're getting close to the part when they talk about things they're for instead of against. donald trump, should stop complimenting women and start respecting them. that's what hillary clinton said about donald trump. the former secretary was also a guest on "the tonight show" last night. she responded to trump's recent appearance in which he made an
10:54 am
indirect attack on her use of tell prompters. >> well, you know, i have used them from time to time. i learned that from watching how successful president obama was because he know what is he wants to say and he really is intent upon delivering it. but i could go more stream of consciousness. this is a huge election, you never know what might happen, let's get rid of the people that don't e agree with us and only talk to the people who do. you can do that without a tel prompter. >>. she also appeared on a skit mocking donald trump with jimmy fallon playing the role of donald trump. watch this. >> i haven't seen you since my. last wedding. >> well, i'm sure i'll see you at the next one. i'm really curious, donald. what is your stance on women's issues? >> look, i know a lot of women
10:55 am
and they all have issues. if you want to win, here's what you got to do. first, yell. i yell all the time. in fact, this phone isn't even plugged in. are you writing all this down? >> hold on, let me grab my pen. >> don't forget in three hours live at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room my interview with the former secretary of state hillary clinton. she will join me live. we'll talk about what was said about her at the republican debate last night. that's if for me. thank you for watching. the news continues right after a quick break. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus,
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. it's our final day here, the morning after the big night. the great debate here in. simi valley, california. the republican party could be the biggest winner. we just got the official ratings. listen to this. close to 23 million of you watched the gop's top 11 candidates right here last night at the ronald reagan presidential library making it the most watched event on cnn


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