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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> well -- >> i hate to say it. he's a great guy. fantastic. i think he's losing his hair. >> at least he doesn't have this one strand that he twirls over his head like a soft-serve at dairy queen. >> very funny. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, donald trump and jeb bush dueling campaigns, dueling events. their first appearance since going head to head. we are live in nevada. plus, carly fiorina a big winner last night. but will her record resonate with voters? and a muslim student's homemade experiment looked like a bomb to a teacher so he was handcuffed and taken away. was it religious profiling? let's go "outfront."
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good evening. i'm jim sciutto in tonight for erin burnett and "outfront" tonight. donald trump moments away from a campaign appearance in the early state of new hampshire. jeb bush speaking right now at a veterans center in nevada. the duelling events come less than a day after they went head to head and at times fist to fist in the second republican debate. trump getting mixed reviews after his performance last night and is holding a town hall in new hampshire. he was attacked by almost every candidate on stage and some of his favorite targets, such as jeb bush and carly fiorina, landed some blows of their own. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> you know what, as it relates
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to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure, he kept us safe. >> jeb bush is looking to capitalize on his energized performance at that debate and he got relatively positive reviews. you're watching that play out in nevada. sara murray is "outfront." coming off a performance that many felt fell flat, what are we expecting from trump tonight? >> reporter: sure, jim. this is a very different campaign event than we're used to seeing from donald trump. this is not a big, flash serially. it's a traditional town hall. donald trump will take the stabstage and field the questions from voters. that will give the voters a chance to press for more questions that they didn't get from the debate last night. >> so while you're there, do you sense him running a more -- and we say this, just so you know,
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we can see him coming out into that event stage -- are you seeing a more traditional candidate in light of those more traditional campaign events, as you're standing there right now? >> reporter: you know, it's almost like he's trying to do that but can't quite rein himself in. lately he's trying to be more serious and holding events like this. [ inaudible ]. >> sara murray there on the scene for us as we wait for donald trump to begin that event. we have david gergen here who has advised presidents nixon and ford and regulagan. do you hear something different from donald trump? >> i think he's morphing as a candidate. it's almost as if he's house broken now. i think he's trying to be more disciplined. he clearly showed self-restraint
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last night. after coming out with -- i thought he was very tight when last night started. he unnecessarily slammed rand paul. what the heck was he thinking about? he should have apologized to carly fiorina when that moment came up and she hurt him in that exchange. but i did think -- >> we're going to keep you around, david. let's have a listen to donald trump. >> sit down, relax, we'll be here for a while. you know, i said today that we just got back, as you know, we came from mobile, alabama, two weeks ago. we had 31,000 people. 31,000! then we just left dallas where we were in the great mavericks, as you know, the mavericks building, the basketball team, a great team, a wonderful team. and mark cuban was so nice, he called -- you know mark, right?
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good guy. and what happened is he said, what about using the arena? i said, how much do we have? how many seats, how long do we have? it's 22,000 seats. they filled it up in two days. is that good? i then flew from dallas, always making speeches -- because we have to make our country great again, right? i then flew and this was sort of fun, we flew to a very nice place, los angeles, right? and we went to the "uss iowa" and we were honored by a great vets group which gave me an endorsement. they endorsed me. the vets like me and i like the vets. we have a lot of vets here tonight. [cheers and applause ] we have a lot of vets. but the vets on the "uss iowa" -- that is some ship, by
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the way. they don't build them like that anymore. but they endorsed me and then i flew, as you know last night, we had a little thing called a debate at the reagan library. and it was -- it was sort of an amazing thing. we had an incredible time. >> we love you trump! >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause ] that was some evening. now, i'll tell you the problem with the evening. it did so well that cnn said, let's make it an hour longer. can you believe this? that debate was three hours. it felt like more than that. now, why did they do that? for the young children here because we have to teach them to be entrepreneurs. they did it because they wanted more revenue comes from the commercials. isn't that terrible? terrible. i think it's terrible. and the money should have gone to the vets, right? right? [cheers and applause ]
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they made a lot of money. they made a lot of money. but in the end, it was an incredible time. we had an incredible time and i got such great remarks. look at this. we just wrote this down. "time" magazine, they did votes as to who won the debate last night. right? so "time" magazine, 114,000 votes as of 6:00 p.m., trump, 56 -- [cheers and applause ] carly fiorina, 19. rubio, 7. ben carson, 4. the rest not doing too good. then, drudge. we love drudge. we love drudge. donald trump, 51%. we had a total of 668,000 votes cast. trump, 668,000. think of it.
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51%. second, fiorina, much less. like much. then rubio and then cruz and -- i'm not going to mention the next one because i don't like him very much. then news max. way up ahead. you like news max. i like it, too. donald trump, first place by a lot. "the street," donald trump, 52%. that's a lot. 52%, first place. and then you had "slate" and that's also donald trump. you don't read so much about that on television because coming out, boy, fox treated me shabbily but that's okay. cnn, a little bit better. they treated me a little bit better. but the end result is people know what happened.
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it was an incredible time and we are going to do something very special. there's a great movement going on and it's a special movement. it's a movement where people want to see our country be great again. they want to see things happen. they want to see the right things happen. they want everybody to get together, work, work, you know, the people of new hampshire, you love to work, don't you? don't you love to work? huh? and, you know, so i had a little news yesterday because he's a great person and he's a great -- i love winners. we love winners, right? so a great winner. tom brady. tom brady. right? [cheers and applause ] so, tom is this incredible guy, total champion. and didn't even want to tell me about it. he endorsed me yesterday, right? everybody up here knows. that's good.
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when you get tom, when you get tom, you're getting a champ and he's a great champ and we have some others, i won't mention them now, but i want to tell you, we have so many people that are endorsing and so many really -- you know, it's really interesting. people that i don't even know are coming out in favor of trump because they want to see the right thing happen. when cnn did its poll recently, they had a couple of different categories. one was leadership. in leadership i win like, forget it, not even a contest. so much higher than anybody else, like two or three. you had all of these cameras going, they can tell you. but leadership, way through. the other thing is the little thing called the economy and jobs. nobody -- nobody -- the only thing they didn't love was my personality. can you believe it? it's the only thing. so here's what happened. so we went to dallas, we went to mobile, alabama, we went to the "uss iowa" making speeches all
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over the place, and then we had the debate last night which was exciting. i said, you know what we're going to do tonight? no speech. let's do question and answer. so i'm going to say a few words and then we're going to do question and answer. you can make them vicious, violent, horrible questions, even though you're sort of probably -- >> you've been listening to donald trump at a town hall in rochester, new hampshire, one of the first primary states. he's touting some of his own numbers following the cnn debate last night. you said before we started you noticed a morphed donald trump. >> i take that back. i still think he wants to change and i always believe he has a hard time doing it. i think he wants to be more disciplined. and beyond that, you know, he's his own spin doctor. you know, this is what people do
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that work for the candidate. it's very rare we have a candidate that does all of these polls. lyndon johnson used to follow the polls. but for a businessman suddenly embrace every poll that comes out, i think some portion of the population obviously it turns off significant portions of the population. if those polls he cited tonight are true, we have to say, he came out of this a lot better than many of us thought. >> he breaks a mold on a number of levels. >> he does. >> david gergen, thank you. "outfront" next, we continue to watch the town hall live in new hampshire. the gop front-runner is set to take questions from the crowd. plus, carly fiorina and trump attacking each other's business records. did anyone land a knockout punch. and this budding engineer was handcuffed when the clock he made at home was mistaken for a possible bomb. many are calling it a case of profiling and discrimination.
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you're looking at live pictures of donald trump speaking to a loud crowd at a traditional town hall meeting in rochester, new hampshire. we're told he will be taking questions in just a few minutes. let's have a listen. >> just think of it, we send hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into mexico. you have a huge problem at the border where the drug cartels pour in with drugs, pour out with money so they come in -- we're not making a good deal. but they are coming in with hundreds of -- you have to see this, the numbers. they are staggering. get shipped all over the united states and then people say the
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wall doesn't work. you ask israel whether or not a wall works. believe me, a wall properly done a. trump wall, a trump wall works. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. but, you know, these guys, the politicians -- and they are politicians so i understand that. i understand where they come from. my whole life i've dealt with politicians. to say you can't get mexico to pay for the wall, it will never work. i say why? why would they do it because we're losing almost $50 billion, think of it, 50 billion a year on trade. why wouldn't they do it? it's peanuts. they say it's going to cost 10 or 12. but that's for people who have never built anything. that's for people who have no idea. you do it for much less and the difference is it will be bigger and better and stronger and people aren't going to home depot and buying a ladder. not this wall. not this wall. and by the way -- and by the
4:18 pm
way, this wall is going to have a big, beautiful open gate. and we welcome. and when someone goes to harvard and they are number one in their class or stanford or wharton school of finance and they do great and then we throw them out and they go back to a country and compete successfully, he want to keep people of talent. we want people of great talent. so we've got a plan in terms of illegal immigration. and remember this, when i first announced -- and this was an incredible two weeks, believe me, rush limbaugh said i have never seen anybody receive more incoming -- incoming means really bad press. it was incoming. but he said, i've never seen
4:19 pm
anything like it. and then he doubled down. i doubled down and it's true. he said, nobody would have done that because i knew the problem. i knew what was happening. and we have tremendous crime, whether it's kate in san francisco, whether it's jamil in los angeles, whether it's the woman two weeks ago who was killed in california, a 66-year-old veteran who was raped and sodomized and killed, unbelievable, by an illegal immigrant. it's just not going to happen anymore, folks. it's not going to happen anymore. we're going to have a border. [ applause ] and we're going to get the gang member that are illegal immigrants. you get a lot of these tough -- these are tough dudes. we're going to get them out of here so fast your head will spin. your head will spin. so -- so i'm really honored by
4:20 pm
the crowd and we're going to have some fun now because instead of making the speech, which i've been doing over and over and over, i want to take questions. don't we like that? right? okay. let's start with this group right over here. come on. okay. this man, i like this guy. >> i'm from white plains. amen. okay. we have a problem in this country. it's called muslim. we now our current president is one. you know he's not even american. >> we need this question -- >> but anyway, we have training camps growing and wanting to kill us. >> uh-huh. >> that's my question. when can we get rid of them. >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. go ahead. yes, ma'am. go ahead. >> you know, i've definitely got to ask you a good veteran question. welcome, first of all, to new hampshire. donald, last night was a
4:21 pm
disgrace. cnn did not touch on any of the issues that are going on with veterans health care. >> it's true. >> women's veteran -- >> there wasn't one question relating to the veterans. that's true. >> did anyone even ask them why? i know that's a clinton news network. is it that they don't like veterans or -- >> you know what, there was not one question relating to that and not too much on the military, by the way, but nothing relating to the veterans. those days, believe me, are over. okay. yes, ma'am. go ahead. go ahead. >> hi, mr. trump. thanks for being here. the economy and job market is a big issue. i just finished my master's degree and now during my job search, i'm told that i'm either overly or underqualified. what can you do for the job market for me, educated and talented u.s. citizens? >> it's such a question.
4:22 pm
it's an amazing question. one of the things we'll be doing, we'll be taking our jobs back from china, japan and all of these other places that have been ripping us for years. i've been talking about this for 10 years, 15 years. no politician sees it. we're bringing our jobs back here and our manufacturing back here. and i will tell you, it's maybe the question, other than the vets, maybe it's the question i get asked the most. okay? and that's, people, young, beautiful, great people. they go to college. in many cases, they borrow a lot of money to get through college. they are so proud of themselves. they do well. they are good students and work hard. they get out and can't get a job. with trump, you know, there's an expression. i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created, i tell you that. that's what you need. >> you've been listening to donald trump answering questions at a town hall in new hampshire.
4:23 pm
the first question, david gergen here in knew, yo, someone in the audience saying that president obama is a muslim and talking about the threats of muslims in america and he said we're going to be looking at a lot of things. >> that was a dismissive response and a sensitive person would have said there are many, many good muslims in this country. we're going to be looking at a lot of ways to deal with that but let's come back to the fundamental, which george w. bush did right after 9/11, you have to embrace diversity in the society and muslims are very important americans. >> agreed. david gergen, stay with us. we're going to be staying with this event. "outfront," next, carly fiorina was a big winner. and teachers and school officials thought this homemade clock could be a boom.
4:24 pm
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breaking news. you're looking at live pictures of donald trump at a town hall in new hampshire. in addition to his billions, donald trump likes to talk up his success as a businessman. but he's not the only one. carly fiorina, one-time ceo of hewlett-packard and running on her record as a businesswoman. last night she claimed that she doubled the size of hp while she was at the helm. but are both of them exaggerating their business success? each accused each other of that last night. who is right? tom foreman is "outfront." >> she can't run any of my companies, that i can tell you. >> reporter: call it a corner office cage fight. business tycoons trump and fiorina pounding away at each other in the political arena. >> i think women all over the country heard clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: for trump, it's all
4:29 pm
about hp. carly fiorina was the head of the tech company in 1999. no woman had ever risen to such heights in american business. >> we are not losing revenue as a result of this merger. >> reporter: but the headlines were even bigger when she oversaw the mega purchase of compaq and hp went into a tailspin, losing half of its stock value, laying off 30,000 workers. >> the company is a disaster and continues to be a disaster. they still haven't recovered. >> reporter: by 2005, fiorina was fired. although, as she told erin burnett, with the tech bubble bursting, other tech companies were doing the same. >> it's the worst thing that you have to do, tell someone you don't have a job. >> i think she was honest, hardworking smart woman who made the wrong choices. >> reporter: but the cornerstone of fiorina's attack on donald
4:30 pm
trump, she's been savaging trump over his casinos in atlantic city. >> you used other people's money and were forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice, four times. a record four times. >> trump is right in that he never filed for personal bankruptcy but she's right, too. four times, his casinos went into bankruptcy before he finally fled the jersey coastaltogethcoasta coast altogether. >> i did great in atlantic city. i knew when to get out. i got a lot of credit for it. >> in short, they both have skeletons in their corner office closets they may not want voters to look at too closely even as they furiously point out each other's flaws. jim? >> thank you, david gergen and
4:31 pm
david chalian. it's a long campaign season. we have more than a year to go. those weaknesses can tarnish them. >> we need to know, we deserve to know, you know, chris christie last night was questioning why we should get into their business background. well, their accomplishments are important. we have to know how good they were on the business side. on carly fiorina, there is a widespread view in the business community that she did not handle it well. i have talked to her a few years ago. we had long conversations about this. she feels strongly that the merger actually worked and in the time of her success, the company did extremely well. and she also thought there were gender questions that arose. and donald trump, you know people like this just as well as i do, there are a lot of people
4:32 pm
who questioned, they think he's worth $10 billion. i don't know anybody that believes that. they say it's a much smaller number. >> he's had his own business failures. >> yes, he has. we need to know more about both. >> david chalian, we've seen this come up in past races. barbara boxer ran this ad. let's have a listen. >> fiorina shipped jobs to china and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary and bought a million dollar yacht and five corporate jets. >> i'm proud of what i did at hp. >> that was no longer a neck-and-neck race. >> that was a killer ad and obviously that race was in california and so carly fiorina had an uphill battle anyway. this is exactly the kind of ad
4:33 pm
that democrats would be foaming at the mouth to get on the air. i mean, this is why, when business folks run, that there's a two-sided coin. there is a lot of -- there's a lot of attractive qualities to a business person in politics. look at mike bloomberg in new york, for example. mitt romney's entire narrative, the turnaround guy that could really come in and fix things was his biggest asset coming in and then the democrats perverted that image by digging into his paperwork and taxes and all of the documents that get filed when you're in business. it just creates a treasure trove that can get boiled down, fair or not, into a 30-second ad like that and can be a killer. >> it's a great point. also, you have candidates in a race like jeb bush, while he was governor, he spent a lot of time in the business world and there were dealings there that are vulnerabilities. but also to echo david chalian's point, ross perot, steve forbes,
4:34 pm
john mccain, they ran for president and didn't go so well. >> ross perot went out for different reasons. when he dropped out, he was number one. bill clinton was number three. after ross dropped, bill clinton chose al gore and his fortunes changed. i think david has a really interesting point, not just the business dealings, not just the companies themselves. they have to reveal a lot of financial records and they can often be used against rich candidates and business candidates. it's one of the reason that you don't see them step up and say i'm willing to be dominated of this or that. they don't want to put all of it out. >> mitt romney's return in 2012, the low tax rate, cayman islands. >> there's going to be a lot of questions before this is over. >> chris christie went after trump and fiorina together for talking about their business careers so much.
4:35 pm
listen to how he put it. >> i'm as entertained as anyone by this personal back and forth about the history of donald and carly's career for the 55 construction worker out in the audience tonight who doesn't have a job, can't fund his child's education, they could careless about your careers. they care about theirs. >> i wonder, david chalian, did christie touch a nerve last night? a sense of voters growing i impersonal ten nor of the campaign so far? >> you can play to the middle-class voter in a very successful way, especially when you' you're talking about carly fiorina and donald trump as a contrast. voters don't like all of the back and forth and yet it does help frame the choice for voters and so they do end up sort of voting on some issues that grow out of this negativity that's back and forth because that's,
4:36 pm
then, the narrative that gets shaped for how the voters few these candidates. >> donald trump is talking about carly fiorina right now. let's listen. >> hewlett-packard is still recovering. who knows if they will ever recover. and then people say she made a good speech last night. i don't get it. i don't get it. but at some point, people are going to see and i think it's going to be a very big road block. now, when you look at trump, okay, trump, i built an unbelievable company, tremendous company, tremendous net worth, which i don't want to talk about other than to say, it's the kind of mentality you need in this country. at least for a period of time. >> you've been listening to donald trump there in rochester, new hampshire. please stay with us. we're going to stay with this event. "outfront" next, this young muslim man, a high schowas haul
4:37 pm
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welcome back. we continue to watch these live pictures from rochester, new hampshire, that is donald trump who has been holding a town hall meeting there, giving a few comments. he's been taking questions from the crowd since then. we have david chalian. trump's recent comments just then about carly fiorina, you know, particularly going after her for job cuts at hp, hewlett-packard, which she left a number of years ago, it's a double-edge sword of business experience, that it can help you but also hurt you. i'm wondering if that's what we're seeing here. >> even if she has no relationship with hp, when they are in the news about job layoffs, donald trump uses it to his advantage. back to the mitt romney example, we saw that there as well when
4:42 pm
there were negative stories about the investment firm, we -- whether or not he had anything to do with those specific projects at baen, he gets tagged with it. it's specific to people running in politics, they are never able to shed that. >> jeff zeleny reported earlier in the forecast, tom foreman, rather, has skeletons in his corporate closet. that came up in the debate last night. there were these efforts to build a casino in florida and denied it on stage. he faces the same weakness, does he not, or danger from some of those past business dealings? >> without a doubt and even more so because i don't think the trump organization hasn't been as exposed to the kind of scrutiny that a company like hp has and now with donald trump as
4:43 pm
a presidential front-runner, that scrutiny is coming his way. carly fiorina brought up his bankruptcy filings. this is just the beginning. again, every candidate out there who is looking to take down donald trump is going to go through every single piece of paper and now, as he is more and more serious candidate, he's going to have to come up with an answer back to why he did everything sort of on the up and up and above board. >> a lot of weeks and months for that. david chalian, thank you. great to have you on. up next, a young muslim student arrested for bringing his homemade clock to school. why? and was it racial discrimination? and when you bundle your home and auto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go.
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. tonight, a 14-year-old muslim students transferred from another high school after he was handcuffed and interrogated by the police and suspended after a teacher suspected his homemade clock was a bomb. the case of ahmed mohamed
4:48 pm
generated support from around the united states. despite this, the school is standing by its actions. alina machado is "outfront." >> reporter: this is ahm ahmed mohamed being led away in handcuffs after being accused of having a bomb which was nothing more than his latest invention. >> i guess everyone knows, i'll the person who built a clock and got in a lot of trouble for it. >> reporter: authorities released this picture of the clock. ahmed said he made it using a pencil case and was excited to show it off at school. >> i built the clock to impress my teacher but when i showed it to her, she thought it was a threat to her, so -- so it was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it and i got arrested for it later that day. >> reporter: the chief of the urban police department said that officers took ahmed into
4:49 pm
custody because of the devices, quote, suspicious appearance, but by wednesday the police announced there would be no charges filed against the 14-year-old. >> the follow-up investigation revealed the device, apparently, was a homemade experiment and there's no evidence to support the perception he intended to create alarm. >> reporter: the mayor of irving defended the action of both the school district and police, releasing a statement saying in part, i do not fault the school or police for looking into what they saw as a potential threat. still, the incident is fueling criticism and outrage on social media and plenty of words of encouragement for the teen. >> it made me really happy to see all of these people support me and others. >> reporter: support from high-profile names and companies. twitter has offered him internship and mark zuckerberg wrote "the future belongs to people like ahmed. if you ever want to come by facebook, i'd love to meet you.
4:50 pm
keep building." even president obama tweeted, "cool clock ahmed. want to bring it to the white house?" the teen's story even a topic last night on the republican debate. >> do you see the discrimination part of it? >> sure. i don't think a 14-year-old should ever get arrested for bringing a clock to unclear if he's going to return to the same school. he says he wants to transfer. for the clock, police were initially holding on to it as evidence but say it is ready for amad to pick it up, jim? >> david, looking at this case now, should the school and city apologize to amad? >> the police department and the schools have tough jobs to do already, and i think those jobs get made harder by the kind of a culture of fear that's been fostered and number toured in
4:51 pm
our city and through our state and country, really, over the last several months anyway. >> but the police to be fair made a horrible mistake here that questioned the innocence of a 14-year-old kid. >> no, and i agree with that. i think that, again, i would go on the side of caution. the school district is in a tough spot. they are in a situation if something had happened and they had done nothing, they would be criticized for that. i think it's probably very reasonable that under the circumstance and suspicious package that police were called and, you know, i wasn't there and it's easy to monday morning quarterback but right up to the point where they made the decision to arrest him is where i kind of begin to question their actions.
4:52 pm
>> would you, how would you react in this case where the police didn't even call his parents before they started speaking to him. i know how i would feel about that. how would you feel about that? >> i would be extremely angry. this is not directed at irving police department or police in general but there are very clear laws in texas any time a minor is taken into custody, there is supposed to be a parent or guardian contacted immediately. >> if the student's name was john doe, would it be a problem? >> i don't think this is direct bigotry against religion. if the kid would have been a kau cauti -- caucasian named billy smith, i would say they would have probably done the same thing with him. i think what we've got working here is probably this, again, underlying culture and it
4:53 pm
doesn't have to be always in your face but even subtle fear perhaps that causes the teacher to react in a little different way, perhaps it causes the child to react in a different way, perhaps he's overly defensive because -- and so these officers get in and clear -- you know, from what i've heard in the reports, they determined on site it was not a bomb but then, i think it probably got a little over zealous in the decision to arrest. >> mr. councilman, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. coming up next, the many faces of last night's republican face-off. stay with us. just might be the one. the one to find a cure, to clean the oceans, to lead a country.
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trump: they're bringing crime. they're rapists. if i am elected they're... going to be out of there day one. reporter: do you think birth right citizenship should be ended? walker: yeah, absolutely. cruz: i think we should end birth right citizenship trump: i will build a great, great wall... in my mind it was a tall proud city built of... rocks stronger than oceans. and if there had to be city walls... the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. that's how i saw it and see it still.
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presidential debates can be fierily and awkward. >> reporter: who needs volume? mute the debate. focus on the candidates working up the sweat to the hairline but nothing more rivetiting than th fantastic l faces than donald trump. >> he said he wouldn't want quote such a hot head. >> when nothing comes out of the open mouth, the puckered lips is eye catching. >> short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness that happened in junior high. >> remember when a woman detected trump's face in a tub of butter? at the debate the donald tried buttering up carly fiorina.
4:59 pm
>> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> fiorina stayed as stone face as a president on mount rushmore and jeb bush. >> i did a good job, i'll take care of women. >> one of the debate highlights was the low five. connection was a bit more awkward when trump tried to high five ben carson. >> okay. so i just want that on the record. >> hillary clinton's campaign used her face to shurg off accomplishments and keb baits online about this guy's face. >> who is the hunk. >> hit me up, cutie. >> he became #hotdebate guy. one fan super imposed a heart over him. eventually he was identified as an aspiring film director and
5:00 pm
real estate developer's son. others described him as creepy and one viewer called him the real life version of the tom brady sketch but there was nothing deflating about this debate. >> he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> no, i didn't. >> yes, you did. >> thank you for joining us, ""ac 360"" starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. breaking news, donald trump making his first appearance since last night's cnn republican debate but all appearances and i emphasize appearances. he wrapped up a town hall q and a session in rodchester new hampshire, as you'll see the same personality. he says he likes winners judging but opening remarks he clearly thinks he himself is in that category. >> we had a little thing called the debate at the


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