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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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she carries the ball a whopping 52 yards all the way to the end zone. it is believed to be the first time a girl has thrown a touchdown pass in virginia's history. >> this is what i love. that agirl. you must feel fantastic. girl power on friday. >> let's continue the girl power and pass it off. >> my alma mater, kent state university, a female field goal kicker kicked an extra point. first time in history. yay. have a great weekend. newsroom starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump faces a new wave of outrage. but this time it is over what he did not say. you are about to hear a hate-filled rant from a supporter and trump, never at a loss for words, does not push
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back. here it is. >> problem in this country. it is called muslims. you know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. birth certificate, man. >> all right. joe johnson, a cnn washington correspondent. joins us now with mor on that. >> good morning carol. curious situation here. donald trump said we need this question. when a member of the audience waded into the long resolved issues of the president obama and trump failed to challenge it and democrats are now attacking him for it. >> a lot of people are saying that bad things are -- >> a new controversy for donald trump this morning just a day of cnn's gop debate. >> problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an
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american. birth certificate, man. >> the republican front runner back in the headlines after this vague and evasive response to an antimuslim supporter at a town hall in new hampshire. >> we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. when can we get rid of them. >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things and a -- >> trump taking heat for not correcting the man the way senator john mccain did while running for president in 2008. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's not he's a -- he's an arab. he is not. >> no ma'am. >> no? >> no ma'am, no ma'am. >> this morning on the today show chris christie saying he would have taken the route mccain took. >> i would correct them. and say no the president's a christian and he was born in country. i think those two things are self evident. >> trump's camp claiming the
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billionaire did not hear the question about obama being a muslim saying, quote, the media want to make this an issue about obama but it is about him waging a war on christianity. still democrats quick to pounce. hillary clinton at a substance abuse forum in new hampshire tweeting not denouncing false statements about the president and hateful rhetoric about muslims is disturbing and wrong. cut it out. and the chair of the democratic national committee called trumps position horrendous but not surprising. the history, donald trump public challenged president obama's citizenship. and still with the threat of isis and the home grown terrorists. they point the polls like this
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new cnn poll showing nearly 1/3 of americans still think our christian president is muslim. there was a prayer vigil last night for ahmed mohamed. the texas boy arrested and h handcuffed and making a clock nirz teacher. his father says anti islam paranoia fueled the panic. >> why they don't evacuate the building? my son is something it doesn't look like america. >> ahmed's story is resonating around the world as it did on the debate stage in california. >> sure i don't think a 14-year-old should ever get arrested for bringing a clock to school. if you ask me am i glad he wasn't -- he was released. i'm glad police are careful. i'm glad they are worried about
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security and safety issues. >> jindal echoed what the irvine mayor said after police arrested ahmed for making that clock. a former campaign manager for hillary clinton's presidential bid. welcome both of you. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> mindy, i get the fear in america. i do. but politicians have a responsibility to strike a balance between national security and that fear. don't they? >> they do. trump should have called that gentlemen out. but, you know, this is trump being trump. it is another day. it is another trump controversy. he -- part of his campaign really is playing into that fear. and we saw that happen yesterday. i wouldn't be surprised though if today he comes out and he walks it back a little bit and calls out that gentlemen.
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>> really? you think he really will do that patty? >> you know what i found interesting about that exchange is if you look at footage carefully when that man is asking that question you can see the people behind trump sitting down shaking their head saying no, that's not true. in this case the audience was better equipped to shut that man down than donald trump was. it was a no brainer. to handle that question with the indisputable fact that barack obama is a citizen and barack obama is a christian. >> i just found trump's camp responded and i just want to read their response it. says mr. trump was asked about training camps. mr. trump answered the question and said if there are any we will fix it. he said i will look into it. the question was specifically about training camp. the media wants to make this issue about obama. the bigger issue is obama is waging a war against christians
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in this country. they need support and their religious liberty is at stake he added. is that what it really was about mindy? >> well as you mentioned, the gentlemen in the audience and trump are really playing to a very real fear that americans fear with the threat of isis. with cyber security. they are feeling very -- there is a lot of anxiety and they are feeling very unstable. what's unfortunate is that every second that we spend talking about trump's controversial statements and the fact that he runs a controversy are moments that were not spent digging into the serious issues that were discussed quite well by many of the candidates on wednesday night. >> and chris christie came out this morning on one of the morning shows and you heard him in joe john's package and said trump should have handled this much differently. we haven't heard from the other republican candidates yet. why is that? >> well look, you know, i think the tendency for anyone who is
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new for running to office is to give them the benefit of the doubt. you know he's never done this before. he's new to the whole town hall format. but it is very difficult to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt with his past inflammatory rhetoric. he's called mexicans rapists. he's called women pigs. so like i said it is very difficult to know where donald trump really stands on these issues. and i think the fact that the other republican candidates haven't come out and denounced this statement and the way donald trump handled it is really at their own peril. >> exactly. and i bring that up because i don't think -- i mean maybe scott walker will come out and say something. but he also said just last month that he didn't know whether obama was a christian. so i guess my final question to you mindy, is why are some republicans still playing this game? >> look, this is a presidential race. the rhetoric has really been turned up to epic proportions if
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you ask me. you even had hillary clinton a few weeks ago calling republicans terrorists for their views on women. i personally don't like that rhetoric. but this is kind of where we are right now. >> all right. >> that's unfortunate. >> that is unfortunate. mindy finn, patsy solis doyle. thank you so much for being with us this morning. on the democratic side hillary clinton is continuing her tour of the northeast. the democratic front runner holding multiple events in new hampshire and maine today. new hampshire has become a battle ground for clinton as self described democratic socialist bernie sanders takes the lead there. clinton addressed the surge in an interview with cnn. >> i've said for a long time polls will go up and go down. i'm very confident about our strategy. i feel our campaign in iowa, new hampshire all the early states and now we're moving onto the states that come after are really coming together well.
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i'm excited by the level and intensity of the stort that i have. so i always thought this would be a competitive election. i'm looking forward to it. this is an important job. this is the most important job not only in our country but in the world. and people have to fight hard. they have to make their case and they have to earn the votes of the american voters. >> as for what clinton thought about the recent republican debate, here it is. >> i didn't get to see all of their debate. but i saw enough of it to know that this is just the usual back and forth political attacks, the kinds of things you say when you are on a debate stage and you really don't have much else to say. this is just the silly season. i am looking forward to eventually debating on that stage. whoever they finally nominate. >> joining me from new hampshire cnn national correspondent suzann. >> hillary clinton is weighing in on the planned parenthood
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controversy. this is something that her team is excited about doing. it really is an opportunity here. because we're in the midst of a three day swing in new hampshire, carol and this is where her main opponent, vermont senator bernie sanders is ahead in the polls by 23 points. when it comes to new voters and independents. clinton feels this is an opportunity for her to reach out to the female voters, the new voters, the millennial, the first timers. the moderates and independents. a all those who she desperately needs in this state to talk about the planned parenthood controversy. the fact she has a starkly different view than all of the gop candidates who are calling for defunding the organization as well as what ear seeing playing out in congress here. some republicans threatic to shut down the government over this. she talked with wolff blitzer yesterday over this and made her position very clear as again she will do so today. take a listen. >> i think we ought to be very
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clear that planned parenthood has served to provide healthcare,s in healthcare fhe e healthcare, necessary healthcare for millions of women and i think it needs our support and continuing funding from the government so these women and girls who are seeking the support provided will be able to achieve that. >> this is really an easy one for her campaign. and one they hope the capitalize off. right now we're waiting for her. she's going to be talking to students here and what she's vying to do is get to the millennial and get enthusiasm from the young voters that we've seen among sanders' campaign rallies to talk about what matters to them. and one of the big things to the democratic party is the education. tuition free education. she's going to be highlights her plan over ten years to make a four year university and public
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colleges run by the states, operated by the states tuition free. and that is what she's going to be focusing on. of course hoping those new voters. the moderate, independents will get out here and get on board with her campaign carol. >> suzann mavveaux live in new hampshire this morning. cnn and facebook will host the first democratic debit on thursday october 13th in las vegas. still to come in the news. bowe bergdahl who was captured by the taliban makes his case at a preliminary military hearing. why they say bergdahl left his base and his fellow soldiers behind.
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for my frequent heartburnmorning because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. sergeant bowe bergdahl suz suffering from a severe mental defect when he disappeared off base and was captured by the taliban. that is the argument by his
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legal team. next hour determining whether he'll face court martial will resume. he was charged with misbehavior and desertion. who can forget these dramatic pictures in east afghanistan. u.s. special operations forces in a dangerous mission facing off with 18 armed taliban terrorists. you see them there. bergdahl looking thin and out of it walked into american hands and eventually back to the united states. let's bring in cnn's martin savage. he's at fort sam houston in san antonio where that hearing is about to get under way. good morning. >> reporter: the issue of the possible psychological problems of burg daergdahl were brought several times yesterday. and they were asking if they were aware that bergdahl had
6:19 am
actually been washed out of the coast guard due to psychological problems. were they aware? did the army let them know and in fact two of the commanders said no they hadn't been made aware of. another issue is they want to see the release of the 371 page statement bowe bergdahl gave to the army shortly after they were freed from captivity. so far the army has refused to do that. here is what the lawyers are saying. >> what is wrong with that picture? why can't that come out? why can't the army release that document? then we wouldn't have to to be having this shadow boxing about sergeant bergdahl said and what he did say and everybody sort of guessing. they could get it from the horse's mouth. >> reporter: which sets up today's possible intrigue carol. because the defense says they are going to call four witnesses and some are wondering if bowe
6:20 am
bergdahl might be one of them. carol? >> interesting. so what exactly are the charges against bergdahl? explain them for us. >> yeah. there is two charges. the first is desertion. that is straightforward. the second is a little more obscure. it is described as misbehavior before the enemy by endangering the safety of a command, a unit or a place. and the prosecution hammered that home all day long yesterday in the first day of the hearing with the witnesses and essentially those witnesses were saying that as a result of bergdahl going off post that triggered a massive skpe ivive rescue in 2009 and thousands of soldiers were placed in harm's way and a number of bases were left insecure because all of their soldiers were out there looking for bowe bergdahl. and that charge is the most serious by the way. if he were found guilty it is
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possible he could face life in prison for that carol. >> martin savidge, thank you. he used to be considered campaign crypt night but is jeb bush now banking on george w. for a boost? diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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>> your brother and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because it was such a zbaster those last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> do you know what? as relates to my brother there is one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember -- [ applause ] >> hear those cheers? those cheers a far cry from how many americans felt about georgia b. bush when he left office. in 2008 candidates did not dare
6:26 am
mention george w.'s name. nothing says that better than this bit on saturday night life. >> when you think of the john mccain, think of many george w. bush. think of this face. when you are in the voting booth, before you vote. this face. right here. [ applause ] a vote for john mccain is a vote for george w. bush. >> oh my. jeb bush has been working hard though to change that perception of his brother. and he's found a new way to do that. so take a look at this tweet. it says when it comes to my brother there is one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. so that line in the debate worked so he tweeted it out the next day. the question is will it ultimately work? so is that a good strategy?
6:27 am
>> i don't think so. i think he kept us safe may be the worst slogan since "mission accomplished." not to be overtechnical. but 9/11 did happen on george w. bush's watch. nearly 3,000 americans died. to tweet out a picture of george w. bush standing on rubble and saying he kept us safe? i hate to say it but the people beneath that rubble would disagree with that statement. the 9/11 commission found fault with the bush administration for ignoring warnings, just as they found fault with the clinton administration. but jeb simply does not want to be the third term of george w. bush. nobody wants the third term of george w. bush. george w. bush wasn't want the
6:28 am
third term of george w. bush. so reminding us of him just as that funny clip you showed is not what jeb wants. it is not what jeb needs. there is a reason george w. bush was quietly disinvited to the last republican convention. republicans didn't want to talk about his eight years. they really don't want to talk about it now. >> i will say this, roger. since he left office george w.'s approval ratings have been steadily increasing. so people have a more positive than in the past. 52% approve of george w. bush at the moment. that's a big contrast than in 2009 that 30% did. >> they almost always go up. you look back at the president out of office with a certain amount of affection. you tend to remember the good images and not the bad ones.
6:29 am
if jeb wants to go to dynasty route he should remind people of his father, george h.w. bush. no one quite remembers what happened during that legislation but they remember they liked george h.w. he's the guy -- >> but he's the guy that said read my lips, no new taxes. >> his approval ratings are higher than george w.'s. he's viewed with affection. it almost always happens. believe me barack obama's approval ratings will go up after he leaves office. the question for jeb is, is this really the route he wants to go? is this what he wants to emphasize? i think it is not. i think he wants to emphasize he's his own person. he'll have his own administration and he's not really tied to the past. >> all right. roger simon, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thanks carol. >> you're welcome.
6:30 am
if you missed the debate we will reair the republican debate tonight that. will come your way at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. [ applause ] we just missed the opening bell. it rang seconds ago but wall street is reacting this morning to the fed's decision to hold off on raising interest rates. officials say they are waiting until the u.s. employment rates so further improvement and global markets stabilize. in the meantime you see stocks down just about 72 points. cnn's allison kosik joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> i know. so go like this. close your eyes. don't look at the red. because the fact that the fed decided to do nothing, not to raise interest rate actually means good news if you are an average consumer. it means continued low
6:31 am
constitutional rights. so continued low interest rates. in fact some are saying it now may be a good time to actually transfer your balance on your credit card to a zero interest rate credit card. that is if you are carrying a balance on your credit card. not something i'd suggest. but analysts are suggesting now may be the time for that. one thing about raising rates. you see how the market is reacting right now. the dow down 121. but one thing about raising rates. some people believe it will go ahead and stifle growth and actually keep employers from hiring. so one good thing to come out of this some say that this will keep employers looking to still add on that their payrolls. beside the fact that you are going to have lower interest rates when you go get a car loan or take out a loan or refinance your mortgage. if you are invested in the
6:32 am
market that is another story. the red on the screen continues. dow down 150 points two minutes into the day. many traders telling me buckle up. there are a lot of potholes ahead because there is a big question mark. we get do this all over again next month whether or not the fed is going to raise rates. >> allison, thank you. still to come in the news room, the friend of the charleston church killer behind bars this morning. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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6:37 am
confessed killer dylan roof. cnn's nick valencia joins us. you just got ahold of some court documents what do they say. >> joey meek is a familiar face and name for those who have followed the story from a beginning. we just got paperwork notifying us of the two counts. count one is making false statements. count two boils down to having knowledge of the felony and not notifying authorities. meek has been investigated by the fbi for allegedly knowing in advance about the charleston church shooting and not telling authorities about it. this summer he told our cnn crew about one night when dylan roof allegedly got drunk and vowed to start a race war. he told reporters he didn't want to get in trouble because he had
6:38 am
his own probation to worry about it. he also told our reporter brian todd this summer that he played a huge part in capturing dylan roof. >> had called the fbi agents and the fbi came here and they were at my house for like seven hours yesterday. and i just told them everything i knew about him. as soon as i called the hotline i described him, i told them his full name. told them exactly what shirt he was wearing and what was exactly on his shirt. but, umm, i mean it was me that helped him find him. if it wasn't for me telling them his name they would have never found his license plate number. they would have never done anything. >> do you feel like a hero? >> i don't feel like a hero. i'm just answering the questions that the families in charleston have. >> meek told our reporter after years of not having contact with roof, roof showed up looking for shelters in the weeks just
6:39 am
before the shooting and the tellous viewers we just got these counts in against mika. mispossession of a felony. boils down to not telling authorities. and as well as making false statements. he's expected to make his first court appearance at 11:00 a.m. eastern. other top stories at 39 past the hour, the wild fires burning through california have killed two more people, bringing the death toll to five. two massive fires, the valley fire and the beauutte fire. >>. >> announcer: a bizarre story out of florida. started when police went to a woman's home in serving arrest warrants. the woman refused to be taken into the custody. in fact investigators say she lunged at the officers swinging a sword at the officer's head
6:40 am
and missed by just inches. when they went into the home that is what they found. 3500 knives, swords and other blades. some of those bobby traps went off. it took five hours of negotiating, several rounds of bean bags and a stun gun before this woman was finally taken into to custody. and a brutal beating in a city high school. one student lies on the ground having a seizure. the other now behind bars in baltimore for trying to kill him. here is wjz's megan mccorkal. >> reporter: the horrifying video appears to show 17-year-old sean johnson knocking a 16-year-old classmate to the ground and pummelling him in the face again and again. >> when i saw this i was like oh this has gone too far. >> the attack happened wednesday in lunchtime inside the cafeteria at frederick douglas high school.
6:41 am
ends with johnson stepping on the boy's head and walking away as the victim has a seizure lying in a pool of his own blood. >> they just started fighting but then everybody started running over there. people was breaking it up. >> reporter: according to documents obtained the incident began when johnson asked the victim did he steal the visor from his football helmet? when the victim continuously denied it johnson attacked the victim was rushed to trauma with a concussion, facial fractures and the fractured nose. the video now going viral on facebook. >> i actually cried because that could have been my son who was attacked like that. >> many parents at the school feeling the same way. >> this is ridiculous. kids in school fighting, you know, sending each other to the emergency room. it shouldn't be like ha. >> now one student faces serious jail time for this brutal
6:42 am
attack. >> that was megan mccorkal. thanks so much. and we just got a statement from the school district saying the victim is in stable condition and has been transferred to the university of maryland medical center. the school says its investigation is ongoing. still to come, a high school football players claims he was, quote, doing what he was told when he blindsided a referee during a game. hear the player's story in his own words just ahead. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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it's been two years since a lone gunman killed two twelve and wounded three others at the
6:47 am
washington navy yards and for the men and women who helped rescue those trapped inside, it was a mission like any other. >> this is the modern day version of slaying dragons and rescuing damsels. i'm a pilot sergeant with the united states park police and i'm a helicopter pilot. this unit flies an average of 1100 hours a year. about 200 search and rescue missions 45 law enforcement and between 150 and 450 medevacs a year. the united states park police is sort of the urban law enforcement arm of the national park service. we do hoist rescue, med vacs, we search for snipers. but at navy yard we had to do all of those things at once. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we're learning of a shooting at the navy yard in washington d.c. >> we know several shots fired. we know people injured. >> that morning i was the day work pilot.
6:48 am
and as we got on the ramp outside our hanger we could hear over the p.a. system at the navy yard the instruction to shelter in place. a mass casualty situation, active shooter and there were officers down. so we knew right away we were going to be oversaturated with tasks. >> we don't have a firm count yet on how many injured. >> a report came in the suspect was now on the roof with a rifle. when we popped up over the roof instead of finding a suspect what we saw was one of our officers with a rifle with four civilians. one was a navy captain. two navy civilians and a woman who was lying down and covered with blood. we hoisted her up to the door. she'd been shot at close range. lost a tremendous amount of blood, was severely wounded. in the midst of all this she was trying to yell to our crew to look out of the shooter. our job is clearly to get people out of bad places. that is what we do. you are never sure what is going
6:49 am
to come next but we try to train for the possibilities. i can think back to a rescue we performed in the shenandoah national park, the climber had been injured since the previous night and nobody could get in to rescue him. visibility was zero almost everywhere. a rock face on one side and a sheer drop off on the other side. and fog in front of us. so it was a stressful moment. we also responded to katrina and to 9/11 at the pentagon. when you pull somebody off a rock or get them to the hospital in time it is a tremendous sense of accomplishment and reward. i take tremendous pride in what this unit has accomplished and what it continues to accomplish. i feel like if i had the chance to serve in this unit for one day it really would be a tremendous honor. and i've been lucky enough to do it for 25 years. >> for more of our special digital series on parks police you can go to
6:50 am
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we're getting word out of boston that baby doe has been identified. you might remember baby doe was a little girl found in a trash bag. her body was found on a beach south of boston. she was, as i said, inside a trash bag. she had brown hair, brown eyes, 3 feet tall. police could not figure out who this child was or how this child died. it's been a huge mystery for months right now, but they do believe that baby doe has been identified. and i'm reading from the latest
6:55 am
wire that i have, so bear with me now. police say the break came after a search warrant was executed in a boston neighborhood thursday are. the search warrant was carried out in the madipan neighborhood of boston. supposed supposedly, pollen was found on this little girl's body which helped police determine which boston neighborhood the little girl might have come from. that's about all we know right now. alexander field is working on this story and she'll bring us more information as she gets it. checking more top stories. 14 taliban militants have been killed by pakistani security forces. officials say each of the 14 attackers killed took part in an overnight raid on an air force base in northwest pakistan. as many as 16 people were killed during that initial attack. it was reportedly the largest assault on military personnel this year. american airlines flights back on schedule this morning
6:56 am
after a computer glitch grounded flights across the country on thursday. the ground stop causing major delays and cancellations at o'hare, dallas laish ft. worth, and miami international airports. they say the computer problem affected mainly check-ins at the airports. two texas football players who are accused of tackling a referee are now suspended and calling for criminal charges. in the meantime, an assistant coach is on paid leave for allegedly telling players, quote, that guy needs to pay for cheating on us. on good morning america one of the young men explains why he followed through from the alleged order from the coach. >> you know, you put your trust into this, you know, grownup, a guardian, your coach, who's been there, for me, since my sophomore, freshman year. you know, i trust him. you know, he wants the best for me. i just did what i was told.
6:57 am
>> cnn's coy wire is following the story. do you believe him? >> who knows who we should believe, carol. wale find out. not only are the two high schoolers blaming the assistant coaches for their action it, they all say the game official who they tackled was using racial slurs toward their team. >> he told one of my hispanic friends, he told him, speak english, this is america. >> did you hear that or did one of your friends tell you that? >> no, i heard that. and then to after an american on the team he called him the "n" word. >> you heard him say the "n "word word? >> yes. >> did you? >> yes. when he called moses reynolds the "n" word. >> he says that's a lie. >> that's not. that's the honest truth right there. i wouldn't lie about that
6:58 am
situation. how bad it's gotten, the truth needs to be told. >> robert watts denies using any racial slurs against anyone. this is an unfortunate, ongoing case. from the high school gridiron to the pros. the chiefs and broncos went toe to toe last night. the question all week has been, what's wrong with peyton manning? he'd only throw one touchdown pass in three previous games combined. check the scene at arrowhead. berry, evokes elation, running through his tunnel. first regular season home game since overcoming cancer. what a comeback. manning slings a touchdown pass to sanders. peyton finishes with three touchdown passes. jamaal charles spills the pill and that will seal the deal. broncos' bradley roby scoops it up. a stunning comeback by the broncos, 31-24. peyton started shaky but now
6:59 am
14-1 against the chiefs all-time, carol. >> i got to talk baseball right now because i understand the mets have changed its policy when it comes to the kiss cam. this is monumental. >> it is. it is a great story here. the new york mets say they'll stop featuring a kiss cam joke at citi field that had some fans calling it home moe foe homophos they would show a big pink heart had sornd as a joke. the mets released a statement saying, quote, while intended to be light-heart we offended some. we no longer will include players in the feature. our organization is wholly supportive of fostering an inclusive and respectful environment at games. combine that with a great move on the field and things are on the up and up in new york.
7:00 am
>> so people can't even joke -- i don't even know how to feel about that. come on. it's a joke. the players don't have to kiss each other, for god's sakes, right? >> that's right. that's right, carol. >> speaking of kiss cam -- >> oh, this is great. >> -- i can't even say this. >> it's great. >> oh, that's so cute. >> yeah, former president jimmy carter and wife rosalynn had caught on the kiss cam at the braves game last night. it was a spectacular season. not bad for 90 years old. he's still got it. love is in the air on this feel-good friday. >> it is. >> just need to know, my fair lady w all due respect to miss carol costello, shall we? >> yes. where are -- >> yes. my weekend is made. my weekend is made. you're the best. >> thanks. if that excited you, you're a good man, coy wire. the next hour of --
7:01 am
>> good seeing you. >> you, too. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we expect bowe bergdahl to appear with his legal term in texas. he's accused of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. they say he willingly left his base back in 2009. the big question, will bergdahl testify today? what are the next steps now that he's been officially charged? his release sparked controversy last year. who can forget these dramatic pictures out of eastern afghanistan? u.s. special forces, in a dangerous mission, facing off with 18 armed taliban members and then bergdahl looking thin and out of it, walking into american hands and eventually back onto american soil. with me now, cnn's martin
7:02 am
savidge at ft. sam houston in san antonio where that hearing is just about to get under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday the defense seemed to be tipping their hand as how they might go guard in this case. as they were talking about psychological problems that bowe bergdahl had, preceding his time in the army. they say he was washed out of the u.s. coast guard as a result of those problems. they asked a number of his former xhaend commanders on the stand, were they aware, did the army let them know bowe bergdahl had these mental issues and the commander said, no they weren't aware. something up the defense has brought up over and over, they want the army to make public the 371-page statement sergeant bowe bergdahl made to investigators shortly after he was freed from captivity. so far the army hasn't done that, much to the frustration of attorneys. listen to what they say. >> i mean, what -- what is wrong with this picture?
7:03 am
why can't come that come out? why can't the army release that document? then we wouldn't be having to have this sort of shadow boxing about what sergeant bergdahl said and didn't say and everybody, you know, sort of guessing. they could get it from the horse's mouth. >> reporter: they may yet get it from the horse's mouth. that's some of the speculation here. the defense has four witnesses they will call today. some have suggested that one of them might be sergeant bowe bergdahl. carol? >> that will be fascinating if that actually happens because there was very interesting testimony detailing why bergdahl left base in the first place inside that court. tell us about that. >> reporter: well, this goes back to that psychological issue that the defense brought up very early. it's clear they're indicating the mind set of sergeant bowe bergdahl, the same problems that apparently got him out of the coast guard, haunted him even as
7:04 am
he was in afghanistan and that somehow that led into his reasoning to walk off post, hence, why he was charged with desertion. the more serious charge he faces is misbehavior before the enemy. in other words, that he was endangering a command or a unit or a place. the prosecution hammered on that yesterday, saying as a result of him going off post, there were thousands of american soldiers that were forced to go look for him in sometimes dangerous and highly hazardous conditions. other military installations were left with skeleton crews to guard them, so they were in jeopardy as well. that potentially could get him life in prison. again, this is just a hearing. we're not to a court-martial just yet. >> martin savidge, appreciate it. with me to talk to former j.a.g. attorney, gary solace, also a former military attorney. do you think bowe bergdahl would
7:05 am
take the stand? >> it's hard to say. didn't think gene would put on the case he did yesterday. if it were my decision, i would say, no. it's not because of what he might say on direct examination but the cross-examination. i think his psychological state is not such i wouldment him on the stand under a hard cross. >> you believe he's suffering from some sort of psychiatric disorder? >> well, i think so. the fact he couldn't make it to coast guard basic training, the fact he deserted his post at all is suggestive to my mind that he's not the strongest -- in the strongest psychological state. >> because in testimony yesterday, it came out before bergdahl left his base, he left his gun and belongings behind, he mailed his laptop home and his kindle, he tried to have his paycheck tonight is a relative. is that enough to refute the defense's mental defect claim,
7:06 am
though? >> not in and of itself. the defense of insanity seems to be the primary thrust of defense. but those factors are factors which go far to prove desertion, so it's a two-edged sword. of course, if he's found to be insane or not responsible, then, of course, it's a moot question and he will be found not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect. it remains to be scene. >> is it possible, gary, for bowe bergdahl to get a fair hearing? >> i think it's as possible for him to get a fair hearing as it is for anybody else to get a fair hearing? the deck is always stacked against the accused, in a certain respect, in any court. it's the same in a court-martial as any court. the power of the state against the individual. yes, i think it is fair.
7:07 am
i think that courts-martial, despite what many civilians believe, i believe the courts-martial are inherently fair. >> tell us why. we get our knowledge from television shows, which don't show them particularly fair. >> it's true. it's true because, first of all, they have the federal code, military code of federal justice is a military code. they have educated jurors. every officer is a college graduate. not of officer but 99% of all officers are college graduates and they are trained, whether they be officers or ncos on the panels, on the juries of the military, to obey instructions. those instructions are given by a military judge, who tells the jurors what the law is and what they must be satisfied, beyond a reasonable doubt, before they can convict an individual of any given crime. so, the quality of the jurors, the inherent fairness of judges,
7:08 am
of course i would say that, i was a judge, the ability of the requirement that jurors follow instructions combine to make for what i consider to be a fair trial. >> gary solis, thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. make sure to stay with us because later this hour former sergeant who served with bowe bergdahl in afghanistan will join us live. donald trump's mouth has caused him some problems on the campaign trail. today it's his silence. you'll about to hear a hate-filled rant at a rally in new hampshire. >> problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this -- >> we need the birth certificate, man. >> joe johns, senior washington correspondent, joins us with more.
7:09 am
good morning. >> good morning, carol. this was in new hampshire. a member of the audience started wading into long resolved issues about the president's nationality, his religion and the suggestion of needing to get rid of muslims. in the middle of it trump said, we need this question and he did not challenge the man, it conjured up when donald trump was questioning the president's nationality and the president's birth certificate. the trump campaign said he didn't hear the question and the media want to make this an issue about obama but it's really about him waging war on christianity. now, there has been a template for handling moments like that on the campaign trail. often involves correcting the record. john mccain dealt with it in 2008 and here's how he dealt with it. >> i can't trust obama. i've read about him and he's not -- he's not -- he's a --
7:10 am
he's an arab. he is not -- >> no. >> no? >> no, ma'am. he's a decent, family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues, and that's what this campaign is all about. he's not. thank you. >> now, democrats have been on the attack over trump's handling of that moment. hillary clinton tweeting that not denouncing false statements about the president and hateful rhetoric about muslims is disturbing, wrong, cut it out. and the chair of the democratic national committee called trump's comments at the rally horrendous but unsurprising. carol? >> joe johns reporting live for us. trump's republican rivals was quick to respond to the criticism on the front-runner. chris christie says he would not have ignored that supporter's false claims. here's what he said on nbc's "today". >> he has to decide what he
7:11 am
would do for himself but if someone at my town hall meeting said something like that, i would correct them. i would say, he's a christian and born in this country. i mean, those two things are self-evident. >> do you think it would be right for mr. trump to apologize to muslim this is morning? >> donald trump has to decide -- i've said this all along. he has to decide how serious a candidate he wants to be and how he handles different problems like this are going to determine that in the eyes of the american people. >> christie says trump had an obligation to correct that supporter. he says, trump now has to decide how seriously he wants americans to view him as a candidate. we have an eye on the markets for you just a day after the fed decided not to raise interest rates. stocks are taking a tumble. look at that. the dow down more than 200 points right now. we'll keep an eye on this. don't worry. maybe you don't want to look at it at all. still to come in the "newsroom," overwhelmed and under siege from a flood of refugees.
7:12 am
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7:16 am
all right. in northern france a reminder of just how desperate that refugee crisis has become. police say a young syrian, probably around 20 years old was electrocuted on a freight tunnel. right now take a look at these live pictures. these from the hungarian/croatian borders where migrants are crossing into hungary. croatia the latest to close its
7:17 am
borders saying it's overwhelmed, struggling to help those languishing there. along croatia's border with serbia. >> reporter: hundreds of people are lined up in the burning heat of the afternoon here as they wait to board buses provided by the croatian government to take them away from this town on the serbian/croatian border to the capital zagreb where they've been told they'll be provided with food, shelter and water. all three things which are in dire short supply. here most of the people have been here overnight, if not two nights, sleeping in the rough. there are no public toilets, no public showers. very little in the way of anything provided for them. in fact, local shopkeepers are telling us they've run out of bottled water. it's all been bought up by the refugees. now, as they wait for these buses to come, they come occasionally. they have a capacity for,
7:18 am
perhaps, 50 to 75 people. they're sitting out in the heat. and i spoke to one woman who had fainted because of this heat. was taken away by medics. while she was away, her 6-year-old son was boarded on a bus, driven away. she doesn't have any idea where he may be. also, there are others who say that as a result of this journey, which has already been expensive and difficult and much more -- much longer than they anticipated, they've run out of resources. they've run out of money. this is the problem. this is a journey that's difficult as it is. but with this situation where one country after another in europe closes its borders, hungary closed its borders, now croatia closed its borders. they find themselves moving from place to place, with no indication. i'm ben wedeman, cnn on the
7:19 am
serbian/cr serbian/croatian border. still to come, did mental illness drive bowe bergdahl to dessert his unit in afghanistan? i'll talk to someone next who served with bergdahl. ♪ the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer.
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7:23 am
the escalating cost of college and making it more affordable for all americans, that's in focus for hillary clinton today as she extends her swing through the critical state of new hampshire. clinton said to lay out her plan while there and she spoke to cnn about the current controversy surrounding planned parenthood and her republican rivals vowing to defund the organization. >> if it's the services they're trying to shut down like providing family planning or breast cancer screening, that's just wrong and women deserve to
7:24 am
be given support to get those services provided. if they want to shut down the legal provision of abortion services, then they've got a bigger problem because, obviously, they -- planned parenthood does not use federal dollars to do that. and if they are more focused on the research that is going on, then that's a set of issues that certainly is not only about planned parenthood. so, i would hope that the republicans, and particularly the republicans in the house, led by speaker boehner, would not put our country and our economy in peril, per sursuing kind of emotionally, politically charged partisan attack on planned parenthood to shut our government down. >> joining me from new hampshire, cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux and here in new york, christine romans. tell us more about hillary
7:25 am
clinton's speech today, suzanne. >> reporter: obviously, she's going to talk about the planned parenthood controversy. this is something the team actually we will comes here because she believes she will attract and resonate her message with young women, with millenials, new voters, independents and moderates. we are at the university of new hampshire in durham. this is primarily where she'll be talking about her education plan. called the new college compact. it's very popular among the progressive wing of the democratic party to talk about tuition-free education here. she has a plan. she's going to roll out this plan. she's talked about it before, but she wants to generate enthusiasm from this crowd, where she's going to provide at least $350 billion over a ten-year period to states that will support and pay for the tuition for the students. those state four-year universities and colleges. where are they going to get that money, the states? they would get it from the
7:26 am
federal government grants. here's what critics will say. how are you going to pay for this? in part, this plan requires that high income earners who file their taxes at tax time, they would be limited in terms of the deductions they apply and say, you know, i'm giving to charities. what they would get back from those contributions to those charities. that is something that has to be approved by congress, and that's far from certain. this president has learned that the hard way. that's what critics will say here. great idea, great plan. don't know if this is something you'll be able to deliver, carol. >> i bet the federal institutions across america are happy to hear that, that that's how she's going to raise the money for paying for college tuition. suzanne -- >> reporter: well, i mean -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: it's one of those things, too, her rivals, her opponents, also have their own plans. i think christine has those details. they go further, the european model, bernie sanders, calling
7:27 am
for the same thing. they're all competing to see who can pay the most and essentially make it easiest for young millennial voters who they eagerly need their support. >> many thanks. christine romans, we turn to you. so, who has the best plan? >> bernie sanders has the boldest when you talk about what he wants to give. that would be basically free public school college education paid for by tax on high-frequency traders so it goes to the heart of what progressives and liberals want to see. they want taxes for wall street to pay for this. the idea of debt-free public school tuition is being pushed by the progressives. martin o'malley talking about making sure you can refinance student loans at lower rates. bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley all want to be able to refinance at lower rates. even people who currently have loans. you know, carol, what strikes me about this political season is so many of the candidates have personal experience with their
7:28 am
own student loan debt. martin o'malley borrowed some $300,000 to send his two oldest kids to college. barack obama and the first lady have many times said before they were elected to the white house they were still paying off student loans. marco rubio had $100,000 in student loans when he was elected to the legislature. the sticker shock, average tuition for public tuition, $18,000, with room and board. those are numbers not taking into account financial aid and stuff. the other part here that, will it resonate? is this going to be a cornerstone democrat -- >> before we get do that i want to put this in perspective. we talk about the students and parents who have this massive debt. the truth is most students, on average, have, what, $23,000, which are -- >> yes. two-thirds of students graduate with student loan debt.
7:29 am
that average is pushing closer to $30,000 right now. but $30,000 is payable over ten years when you look at the kinds of salaries these kids are getting. the student loan debt at $30,000 is manageable. that's not a crisis. the crisis is kids who drop out after they've taken loans, the kids who are taking way too many loans. the government found a crisis in the for-profit college industry. where many kids can't find a job and they've taken out too many loans. >> so it's more complicated than -- >> absolutely. >> many thanks. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. mark your calendar. in three weeks cnn will host democratic debate on october 13th in las vegas. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. after more than five years in captivity, sergeant bowe bergdahl walked into american hands and almost immediately into controversy.
7:30 am
these images hard to forget. this was the dramatic video from a dangerous rescue mission by u.s. special forces to free bergdahl. members of the military coming face to face with armed members of the taliban near the afghanistan/pakistan border. the president praising the mission with bergdahl's parents by his side. >> this morning i called bob and januariy bergdahl and told them after nearly five years in captivity, their son bowe is coming home. sergeant bergdahl has missed birthdays and holidays and the simple moments with family and friends, which all of us take for granted. but while bowe was gone, he was never forgotten. >> but critics blasted president obama for swapping five guantanamo bay detainees for sergeant bergdahl. fellow soldiers accused bergdahl of being a deserter and argued
7:31 am
he willingly left the base and put his fellow soldiers at risk. bergdahl is now charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. this hour a hearing to determine next steps gets under way. joining me now to talk about this, former army sergeant josh porter who served with bergdahl in afghanistan. he also went through basic training with bergdahl in 2008. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> good morning. >> good morning. now that the process has really started, are you relieved? >> in some ways i am relieved, yes. i'm glad that the proceedings are taking place and that this is all being taken extremely seriously. i mean, you remember the day he was released, everyone was lking about him being a hero and the rose garnd announcement, all that stuff was very surprising to me based on all the things we knew. so the fact this is the direction things are going, it's definitely much better than the way they started out. >> in testimony yesterday it
7:32 am
came out that bergdahl was supposedly planning to leave the base for weeks. he had sent a laptop and kindle home, he wanted his paycheck to go to his god mother. what does that say to you? >> i mean, there's clearly something there that shows that he left for a reason. desertion is not just about walking away from your post. desertion is about walking away from your post for a reason with the intention of not coming back. and the idea of intent in this is an extremely huge thing to be able to show that he did, in fact, dessert. so, all of those are just pieces of evidence that point to the fact that he intentionally deserted. >> oerntd, bergdahl's attorneys say he has a mental defect. you know, he was let go from the coast guard because of psychological issues. and then the army admitted him. at that time they didn't run any psychological tests. so his defense attorneys are
7:33 am
saying, in part, it's the army's fault for taking bergdahl in and making him a soldier. your thoughts? >> well, i think that there's a very big, you know, gap in what might be true and what's not true in that fact. psychological testing at the recruiting level -- i mean, i was a recruiter for a while. usually it's on recommendation based on whatever the person tells the recruiter at the time. he may have told his coast guard recruiter something and realized, oh, well, if i tell them that, they're not going to let me into the service. he wanted to join the service so badly that he may not have told his next recruiter what they told him. but that's not a problem of the military not doing its diligence. it's a problem of bergdahl wanting to badly to be in military that he was willing to change his story. and then after that he seemed as much a dedicated soldier as anyone i'd ever met up until the time where things started
7:34 am
getting difficult in our deployment and he started to drift away and become closer to the afghans. so, by all accounts, everyone who met him thought he was just a good soldier. if he was planning it extraordinarily well. you would not be able to tell until just the very end that he was planning anything nefarious or he had any kind of defects at all. >> you know there's a lot of bad stuff out there about bowe bergdahl. in fact, accord willing to abc news, he has to walk around with a body guard because basically everywhere he goes, his commanders believe he's in physical danger from his fellow soldiers. can you respond to that for me? >> i mean, that's the thing that i haven't really understood since he's returned. they let him go off base, be free to go on leave and things like that. but it is a situation where almost every person in the armed services has, at least the ones in afghanistan at that time,
7:35 am
searched for bergdahl. that's in the hundreds of thousands. these are many all combat veterans, people who have been trained in all sorts of military tactics and they know for a fact this guy left us and walked away. and that level of betraileyalbei said, that most civilians can't grasp. but that level of betrayal is huge. i believe, in fact, there is a risk for him outside of -- if he gets released and he's not charged with anything, there may be a risk on his health and safety because there were people who put their health and safety at risk unwillingly because of his decision. >> sergeant josh korder, thank you for sharing your insight. i appreciate it. thank you for your service as well. still to come in the "newsroom," what's next for a muslim teenager arrested for building a clock and then bringing it to school? would police have acted
7:36 am
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ask your doctor about it by name. more on our breaking news out of boston where local media is reporting baby doe, that little girl discovered dead in a trash bag near boston harbor earlier this summer has been identified. the girl was just about 4 years old, found with a fleece blanket. poppy harlow joins me now. >> it's a heart-breaking story. >> it's heart-breaking, and more than 50 million people who viewed this image, there's now a break in the case.
7:41 am
yesterday a search warrant was executed in the mattapan neighborhood in boston, according to "the boston globe." a tip came into homicide department, which led to a break in the case. we still don't know the cause of death, what led to this girl believed to be 4 feet tall, 3'5" feet, and police say they have an identity. her body was found in a plastic bag. we know it was found east of logan airport on deer island. a woman walking her dog saw the plastic bag, called police. it captured, as you can see here, her beautiful face, what was with her, zebra blanket, polka dotted leggings this little girl was wearing. there were lab tests and we know they found, up until now, pollen, which they were able to
7:42 am
trace that back to new england to trees and shrubs there. so they believe it's a local girl from new england. they don't necessarily believe she was in the water, even though she was in a plastic bag. she may have been left right by the water. what's important to note so far, the medical examiner has said and they have no new conclusion, but they said there was no obvious sign of violent trauma, so they're looking into the possibility of poisoning. still we're looking at what is the cause of death, what is this little girl's name, who is believed to be caucka caucasian hispanic, and this is what they believe she would have looked like, but a tip with the search warrant -- >> let's look at incoming e-mail and phone. we got new information. cnn has learned they have identified -- tell me exactly the wording because i don't want to get it wrong.
7:43 am
>> this is a law enforcement source telling cnn officials have identified baby doe and is -- and someone has been taken into custody. that's the latest development. someone has been taken into custody. no arrests at this time. >> it's the boyfriend of -- >> right. according to this law enforcement source, the person in custody is the boyfriend of baby doe's mother. again, no name, but a law enforcement source telling cnn the person taken into custody is the boyfriend of baby doe's mother. all coming from that tip. >> so, they traced this little girl back to a neighborhood in boston, which means the little girl's mother saw the pictures of her daughter on television, on the internet everywhere and didn't say anything. allegedly. >> these pictures, these pictures xhshgs are computer generated. the computer-generated image. i don't know -- >> but you're missing your kid. >> of course. absolutely, of course. what we do know according to "the boston globe," that search warrant carried out last night
7:44 am
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it is tough to be muslim in a post-9/11 america. still, with the rise of isis and the threat of homegrown terrorism, some say it's understandable. others say it's just an excuse for racism. they point to polls like this new cnn/orc poll that shows nearly one-third of americans still think our christian president is muslim. last night there was a prayer
7:49 am
vigil for ahmed mohamed, the texas boy who was handcuffed and arrested for making a clock for his teacher. his father, who immigrated from sud sudan, says anti-islam paranoia fueled the panic. >> if they believe this is a bornlgs as they say, why do they not evacuate the building? but my son is something that doesn't look like america. >> so, let's talk about this. i'm joined by the editor-in-chief, and dean abadalla, columnist. thank you. a protester asserted president obama is muslim and not american, and donald trump didn't really shoot him down at all. he just stayed silent. so, why does this keep coming up? >> i think it keeps coming up because people are really scared and it demonstrates to us just
7:50 am
how entrenched islamaphobia is in or everyday consciousness and indicates somehow political candidates like trump will use this fear and exploit this fear for their own political advantage. >> is it true, dean, or was he just caught by surprise, because trump's camp said he really didn't hear the question? >> usually when a politician doesn't hear a question, they ask the person to repeat it if they actually care about what the person is saying. donald trump heard the question, at least the first part, there's no doubt about it. donald trump, 66% of his supporters believed obama was a muslim. trump lacks the courage to stand up to his supporters to say things are wrong like president obama is not a muslim. we have muslims in this country, it's a problem. you know, we have a problem with terrorism. it's isolated. to me, it's wrong. he should have sent the message, i have the character and stand up for bigotry when it's five feet from my face. >> some people might say, you know, we're connecting these two
7:51 am
incidents and we shouldn't because trump has nothing to do at all with this kid in texas. >> yeah he has nothing to do with the kid in texas, perhaps, but he has a lot to do with fear mongering. this is not very different than what the mayor of the town that ahmed is from was also doing, kind of fanning the flames of islamaphobia. this is dangerous territory we're in. when did muslim and being american become mutually exclusive? there are muslim-americans, arab-americans, black americans. if we imagine for just one second, if this kid was blond, blue-eyed and a white kid, we would be hailing him as the new einstein. we would be hailing him as a genius. but because it was a young muslim-american kid, he was handcuffed. i mean, this is -- this is outrageous. it's outrageous. >> i want to go back to the mayor of irvine, texas. you bring up a good point, anushay. the mayor of irvine, texas, backed a state law banning
7:52 am
shariah law in texas. she's a hero to the birther movement. he sent out a series of tweets for thanking the mayor for standing up against shariah law. you see it there. >> she actually received an award from frank gaffney. >> he's listed as one of the most notorious islamaphobes. he says muss -- he says we need mccarthy type hearings. she stoked that saying, muslims invoked saree yeah law. that mayor has nurtured along the climate for her own political career. you'll see her run for governor, senator in texas. this is how you do it over there in texas. >> just to wrap this all up. it was great to see how many in
7:53 am
america embraced this 14-year-old. that was a beautiful thing, right? >> i totally agree. there's so much negative in this story but i feel the outpouring of support for ahmed really demonstrates the best of america. president obama tweeted out an invitation to the white house, mark zuckerberg offered him an internship, hillary clinton stated this is not the direction we want the country to go to and tweeted out her support. i think at the end of the day, it shows that the majority of americans really to want move forward and embrace our evolving identity. >> i think this kid has a bright future. i know his parents transferred him. he'll go to a new school. he won't go to the same high school. but i think colleges across america are already aware of this 14-year-old. thank you both for being with me.
7:54 am
get ready for special coverage you do not want to miss. pope francis is making history, and cnn is all over it, from his arrival in cuba to d.c., philly and new york. i'll be out in the crowd and you can check out some of my special reporting throughout the week. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid.
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woman: when a student understands a concept for the first time. man: when the students get it. man: their eyes get big, the lightbulb pops on. woman: "i got it, i think i got it!" they light up. it's like magic. woman: this is not just a job. woman: the rewards i get are... priceless. man: we help kids grow, and that's part of the rush of teaching. narrator: the california teachers association. educators who know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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checking top stories. american soldier bowe bergdahl who was held captive by the taliban before he was released in a controversial prisoner swap will not testify in a preliminary hearing today according to bergdahl's legal team. he's been charged with misbehavior before the enemy and desertion and faces the possibility of life in prison. the arrest of a teenager by a stockton, california, officer sparking controversy. in it, several officers are seen grabbing a 16-year-old and then throwing him to the ground.
7:59 am
police say the teen was arrested for trespassing and interfering with a bus lane. according to officialings, the teen resisted arrest, yelled obscenities at the officer and was asked to stay on the sidewalk. the incident now under review. a bizarre story out of florida. if started when police went to a woman's home and served an arrest warrant. the women refused to be taken into custody. instead, they say she lunged at officers swinging a sword at an officer's head and missing by inches. then when they went inside the home, they found a virtual house of horrors. 3500 knives, swords and other blades. the home was even booby-trapped with those knives. some booby traps went off while the home was being searched, injuring several officers. it took five hours of negotiations and a stun gun before the woman was finally taken into custody. wow. thank you so much for joining me
8:00 am
today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. donald trump under fire again. this time not for something he said but actually for something he didn't say. will trump's silence hurt him? the political sex scandal that confused the nation. the representative who invented a hook-up with a male prostitute to cover up an affair with a colleague. he quit but he might run again and he joins us live. a little girl wrapped in a trash bag and just thrown away. she is finally identified. a break in the investigation for baby doe. hello, i'm john berman. >> hello, i'm kate bolduan. we start with new outrage at


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