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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 19, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the most recent, most spectacular development in the oswald case involves the cia.
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it involves, too, the spectacular district attorney of new orleans, a man they call the jolly green giant. >> you believe that lee harvey oswald did not shoot president kennedy? >> i do not want to get involved in the speculations as to individuals, but i will say that there's no question about the fact that there was a plot and there were a number of individuals involved. >> in 1967, he announced "i've solved the case. i've found the real assassin." >> we will make arrests based on that, and we will make charges based on that, and we will obtain convictions based on that. >> now, you wouldn't have paid much attention to this, except he was district attorney of new orleans. >> i've spent hour after hour with jim garrison. he has presented his case to me, detail by detail. >> the mark lane's and the conspiracy theorists all flocked initially to garrison. >> and i can report that a
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powerful domestic force, a force that is still part of the american structure, planned and initiated those acts that resulted in the assassination of president kennedy. >> they all thought here's a guy who's finally going to bring the case that we have been, you know, arguing about for years. >> if i seem somewhat confident, it is because our office is in its fifth year and has never lost a murder case. >> the press initiatively built garrison up, because everybody believes no district attorney in his right mind would do this unless he had something. >> arrested this evening in the district attorney's office was clay shaw, age 54, of 1313 darby street, from new orleans, louisiana. mr. shaw will be charged with participation in a conspiracy to murder john f. kennedy.
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>> the charges filed against me have no foundation in fact or in law. i have not been apprised of the basis of these fantastic charges, and assume that in due course, i'll be furnished with the information and afforded an opportunity to prove my innocence. >> clay shaw was a very respected business man in new orleans. he had served in world war ii. >> the concept of clay shaw being part of an assassination conspiracy was too weird to be believed. >> clay shaw was also a homosexual and closeted, and i think that played a part. >> this decision to arrest clay shaw, i believe, was intended to get the national media back to town. as soon as he arrested clay shaw, they all came back. >> and then they realized the truth that there isn't anything there. >> garrison has based his case on the certainty that he can prove clay shaw is clay or clem bertrand.
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the name clam bertrand was first introduced by lawyer dean andrews who said a person by that name telephoned him, suggesting he provide legal defense for oswald. >> he described him as having gay tendencies and representing gays as a lawyer. therefore, garrison believed clem bertrand must be clay shaw. that was the extent of garrison's investigation. >> do you have enough evidence now to go to trial? >> well, if i answered that, i shouldn't be district attorney. >> the case he has built against clay shaw is based on testimony that did not pass a lie detector test that garrison ordered and garrison knew it. >> can you say positively that the person you knew as clay bertrand is not the person you have seen as clay shaw? >> scout's honor, he is not. >> garrison started bribing witnesses, intimidating
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witnesses. >> he said i could be made to serve this whole nine-year sentence. or i could be cut loose right away. >> hypnotizing witnesses. >> we decided to give him objectifying to make sure he was telling the truth. >> does he have a last name? >> oswald. >> would you say these methods were illegal? >> i would very say illegal and unethical. >> he had everyone and their grandmother involved in the assassination. at one time, it was oil millionaires. then it was the minutemen. then it was a homosexual killing. >> yes, sir. >> do you feel that homosexuality or the coercion of homosexuality was a factor in the planning or the assassination of john f. kennedy? >> no comment. >> at one point, he had 15 assassins in dealey plaza. with that many assassins, i don't know how kennedy made it to the autopsy table. >> garrison announced he had discovered a code. >> garrison said jack ruby's
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unlisted telephone number appears in address books belonging to shaw and oswald. >> you take p and o and use a telephone dial, p gives you 7, o gives you 6. >> he just changed the digits around, added digits, added letters. >> and you reconstruct the numbers, and then you subtract 1,300, and that gives you ruby's unlisted telephone number. >> mr. garrison, if the p.o. didn't exist until late '65, how could it then be jack ruby's phone? >> well, that's a problem for you to think over because you, obviously, missed the point. >> he pointed to cia agents supporting a conspiracy. >> who is suppressing all of this information on whose order? >> i'll tell you who is suppressing it. the federal government is suppressing it. >> who in the federal government? >> the administration. the administration of your government is suppressing it because they know that the central intelligence agency -- >> on whose order? >> on the order of the president
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of the united states. >> mr. garrison has come up with no credible evidence to support any of his theories. >> i think that it's unfortunate that the media of this country has become so hysterical for fear of what it might see, that it spends a good deal of its time and energy attacking the one serious investigation. >> the results of this four months of public investigation have been to damage reputations, to spread fear and suspicion and, worst of all, to exploit the nation's sorrow and doubt of kennedy's death. >> i can't make any more comments about the case except to say anybody that thinks it's just a theory is going to be awfully surprised when it comes to trial. >> roll one, sound on film, clay shaw trial. clay shaw came to court in good spirits today with his long-awaited trial under way, shaw seems almost relieved that his case is finally being heard. shaw sits quietly in this courthouse, chain smoking cigarettes. he does not react when the state talks about things like
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conspiracy. >> the trial went on for six weeks. it's important to note that not one witness produced by garrison survived cross-examination. they were all proven to be unreliable, at best. >> the most shameful thing you've ever seen. everyone knew in the courtroom that clay shaw couldn't possibly have been more innocent. >> in a unanimous verdict by a 12-man jury, shaw was found not guilty of charges that he conspired to kill the late president john kennedy. >> clay, we have our first question. why did you do it? [ laughter ] >> after the not guilty verdict, editorials around the country, one of the darkest chapters in american jurisprudence history. it's just a crime. >> from what i saw and heard, i didn't think he proven clay shaw's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. i would have voted not guilty for clay shaw. >> i think that garrison feels
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that the end justifies the means. and he felt that if he could bring to the american people what he considered the truth about the death of their president, any means whatsoever was supposed to be used. it didn't matter much who got hurt in the process. >> i would sum it up by saying that any society which allows a man like jack kennedy to have the top of his head torn off and then protects the assassins and obstructs any inquiry and attempt to find the truth is not a great society. information concerning the cause of the death of your president has been withheld from you. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized.
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and we tried hard to do that. but at every turn with the kennedy assassination, things pointed to oswald as not only a shooter, but the shooter and the only shooter. >> at its core, this is a very simple case. >> did you kill the president? >> i don't know what this is all about. >> if a person is innocent of a crime, chances are, there isn't going to be any evidence pointing toward his guilt. why? because he's innocent. but with oswald, the physical evidence, the direct and circumstantial evidence, scientific evidence, everything points towards his guilt. we'll never know why lee harvey oswald killed kennedy because he's dead. but there are certain things we do know. >> at the age of 13, a probation officer said he remembered oswald as a truant, a troubled
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boy in need of psychiatric help without which he might turn violent. >> after starting in high school, he promptly joined the marines. oswald's marine career ended in 1959 when he was dishonorably discharged. a month later, he was in moscow where he announced his decision to renounce his american citizenship. >> are you an marxist? >> i would very definitely say that i am a marxist, correct. but that does not mean, however, i am a communist. >> he desperately wants to become a soviet citizen, renounce his american citizenship. they turn him down. what does he do? he slashes his wrists, tries to commit suicide. >> lee harvey oswald had these dreams or delusions that he'd been harboring for a long time of an act that would lift him from his obscurity. >> a squad mate of his in the marines said that oswald wanted to do something that 10,000 years from now, people would be talking about. >> it looked to me like a stupid, irrational act. the opportunity presented itself to him and he probably wanted to make a mark on society and it suddenly occurred to him that he
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could. >> people who think oswald was sort of a patsy and such an ineffectual, innocent person forgot that when oswald was stopped by a police car and a policeman gets out to talk to him, oswald shoots him four times in the middle of the body. that plus his previous attempt on general walker. interestingly on saturday morning in "the dallas morning news," it said that there may be a connection between this guy who was just arrested for killing a police officer and president kennedy. and this effort to assassinate general walker back in april. >> oswald used to attend a small discussion group. and he began to rail against this right wing general, edwin walker, who was calling for the invasion of cuba. >> general walker was about as right wing as you got in the early '60s. and oswald saw walker as an
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american adolf hitler. >> and oswald said someone should kill walker. he then ordered a rifle with a sniper scope, and he planned very meticulously his assassination of general walker. he took photographs from different angles, he figured out how to get his rifle there and how to escape. >> on march 31st, a sunday, he asked marina to come out and take his photograph. >> all in black, pistol, rifle in his hand, holding a few radical newspapers, and marina writes on the back "hunter of fascist" and dates it april 6th, 1963. >> and then he went on the night of the 10th of april, took up his place and shot at general walker. >> he came in the house 11:30. he was so pale, nervous.
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and i said, "what happened to you?" and he said -- he told, "i tried to shot general walker." >> will you describe for us just what happened last night? >> rifle shot, fired into the house. fired through the west window. and hit the cell and hit the wall across the room and went over the desk, at which i was sitting. >> he was very disappointed to find out that he missed by less than an inch. >> it shows his ability to plan who his target was and that oswald was capable of violence. >> i think that was kind of the rosetta stone that if you understood the walker shooting, you understood that lee was like a cocked rifle. and he could go off any time. ♪ >> what set the conspiracy notion about the kennedy assassination among many americans was the sheer
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incongruity of the affair. all of it wiped out in one instance by a skinny, weak-chinned little character. >> it is true that the answers to some questions leave us restless. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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>> it is true that the answers to some questions leave us restless. the theory that a single bullet struck down the president and the governor, for example, has too much of the long arm of coincidence about it for us to be entirely comfortable. >> it doesn't satisfy our sense of narrative or justice that a small person of no distinction can be of such historical consequences to killed the president of the united states. >> but would we be more comfortable believing that a second shot was fired by a
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second assassin who materialized out of thin air for the purpose, fired a shot, and then vanished again into thin air, leaving behind no trace of himself, his rifle, his bullet, or any other sign of existence. >> there were two groups of people. there's one group that will look at an extraordinary coincidence, a cataclysm of circumstance and say, yes, that's the way the world works. there's another group of people for whom that is quite unsettling. >> they don't want to believe that something so random could have occurred. can you believe that you can step off a curb some day and be killed by an oncoming car? nobody believes in that kind of possibility for themselves. but it happens. is life that fortuitous? that uncertain. >> and for them, oddly, the notion of the conspiracy is more comforting than the absence of it. because if there's a conspiracy,
2:27 am
at least there's a plan. >> i think the five bullets fired from at least two different directions, the result of a conspiracy. >> kennedy's killing touches off a belief in the idea, you can't trust government. >> there has been a loss of morale. a loss of confidence among the american people toward their own government and the men who serve it. and that is perhaps more wounding than the assassination itself. >> they've lost so much faith in governme that they actually think that the government is an accessory after the fact to the president's murder, can't get too much worse than that. >> the assassination changed the trajectory of the '60s. america was a different place on the day before john f. kennedy was killed. so when you look at this america as a whole in the 20th century, you look at america in the 60s, you really say, that day was the dividing point. >> i guess in the average man's
2:28 am
life, there are two or three emotional experiences that he doesn't forget. because they're burned into his heart and his brain. and no matter what happens to me, i will remember november the 22nd as long as i live. it is impossible for me to this day, and i'm sure ten years from now to drive through dallas and look at the book depository building and impossible to drive by this morning and not think about the day president kennedy died there. it will always be with us. >> kennedy, along side other presidents, johnson, nixon, gerald ford, jimmy carter, reagan and two bushes, even bill clinton, people, they don't remember what they did, but they remember their rhetoric. and they remember the images. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do
2:29 am
for your country. >> this is what people wish for again in the government. they want someone who inspires them. who gives them hope. for whom they have a kind of admiration. kennedy standing hold on the public i think will only fade if and when we get another president about whom they feel the same way as they currently feel about kennedy. ♪
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hello, i'm linda kinkaid. welcome to our viewers in the us and around the world. here's the top stories this hour -- hungary says croatia is illegally helping migrants to cross borders after it seized a croatian train packed with migrants. there were officers on board, but croatia reportedly denies that. this comes after croatia crossed its border to -- closed its border to migrants flowing in from syria saying they couldn't handle anymore. some migrants in croatia were met with pepper spray friday at slovenia's border when they tried to break through police barrie
2:31 am
barriers. medics treated migrants after they were pushed back to the croatian side. despite massive public protests, japan's upper house of parliament has approved controversial changes to the country's pacifist constitution. the measures allow japan's military to defend its allies in a limited role overseas. pope francis is on his plane headed to cuba now for what is sure to be an historic visit. he'll celebrate mass in havana's revolution square sunday. the pope is credited with helping broker a deal between the u.s. and cuba that led to restore diplomatic ties for the two countries. after visiting cuba, the pope will head to the united states on tuesday. as cnn's rosa florez reports, there could be tense moments. >> reporter: the pope's visit to the u.s. was supposed to be all about philadelphia and families. i certificate a stop in cuba, a cameo before u.s. congress, and a speech at the u.n., and the
2:32 am
visit could create a trinity of tension. first, havana, where the vatican's influence helped ease 60-plus years of cold war animosity between the u.s. and cuba. >> there's a checkered and complicated past, but that's the past. the pope is about living in the present and moving forward. >> reporter: during president raul castro's meeting at the vatican this year, the communist leader said he plans to attend every mass celebrated by francis. with castro in the pews, will the pope scorn the history of human rights violations and lack of religious freedom? pope francis told students in cuba thursday through video conference he'd like to see friendship between the u.s. and castro's communist nation, saying -- >> translator: one of the most beautiful things is social friendship. this is what i would like to achieve. social friendship. >> reporter: whatever the pope says in cuba will set the stage for a major address before a
2:33 am
divided house in american congress. during his recent visit to south america, francis called capitalism the dung of the devil. will he utter those words inside the nation's capitol? >> usa! >> reporter: what about those presidential candidates? >> we have to build a wall, folks -- >> reporter: that charged anti-immigration rhetoric, polar opposite to the pope? >> i'm not sure if he's worried about alienating people. he'll be encouraging. he speaks the truth. >> reporter: his speech before the united nations at a time hundreds of thousands of christians are fleeing persecution in syria, iraq, and afghanistan. will he put world leaders in the hot seat, asking them to do more to help refugee, or will he praise the nations who have already accepted thousands? no one really knows what francis will say during his more than 20 speeches. if he speaks off the cuff, cuba, congress, and the united nations
2:34 am
better get ready for a coming to jesus moment. cnn, rome. ♪ pope francis will be the fourth pontiff to visit the united states. pope paul vi was the first in 1965. john paul ii was next with a series of u.s. visits which started in the 1979. the last pope, benedict xvi, made one trip stateside. that, of course, was in 2008. before he was pope, he was a cardinal in argentina. going through a very dark period in his life. for more on that story and much more on the pope's past, head to republicans and democrats are slamming donald trump for failing to correct a supporter what called the president a muslim. this isn't the first time trump has fueled conspiracies about barack obama. watch what he said to nbc four years ago about sending investigators to find out if mr.
2:35 am
obama really was born in hawaii. >> i have people that actually have been studying it and cannot believe what they're finding. >> you have people now down there searching -- in hawaii? >> absolutely. they cannot believe what they're finding. >> to this day, there's never been evidence any trump investigators were in hawaii, let alone evidence they might have found anything. cnn's gary tuchman went there in 2011 to investigate the controversial theories. this is what he found out -- >> reporter: the "honolulu star bulletin" newspaper in 1961 declares mr. and mrs. barak h. obama had given fwoirtbirth to . a simple announcement that has become part of a complex web of conspiracy theories with one question looming above all others -- was president obama really born in the united states? the answer -- yes. have you seen barack obama's original birth certificate? >> yes. >> reporter: the former director of the hawaii department of
2:36 am
health is a devoted republican. until we met with her, she had not talked on camera about this topic. as a republican member of the last republican governor of hawaii's cabinet, do you have any doubt that barack obama was born in the united states? >> absolutely. i have no doubted. >> reporter: the doctor was asked in 2010 to make a statement about the obama birth certificate controversy. birth certificates are sealed, but under state law, a public official can look at someone else's certificate if there's a "direct and tangible interest." she felt she had direct interest because of a statement she had to make. she found the original certificate stored in a vault in the department of health building. what did it tell you? was it authentic? was he born in the state of hawaii? >> some t was absolutely authen-- it was absolutely awe then at this time. he was absoluely born in hawaii. >> reporter: the doctor said even if he hadn't seen the certificate, the
2:37 am
computer-generated certificate health care reform already proven he was born in hawaii. there's quite a bit of irony over the original birth certificate debate. that is, the original documents are no longer even certified by the state. the health department says president obama or any other hawaiian could still go through the process of getting one. either way, they're no longer supposed to be used for official purposes. only the computer-generated ones will due. we wanted to see what you get when you ask for your hawaii birth certificate. birth, death, marriage. birth for us. we said we'd pay $10 for a new birth certificatement i'm gary tuchman with cnn. we're here to get a birth certificate for stig. we also saw his announcement in the honolulu newspaper, in the same article four names down, another newborn. born 13 hours earlier -- barack obama. did you give the original certificate or electronic copy? >> a computerized certificate. >> reporter: this certificate of live birth is the same form
2:38 am
barack obama has, the same form every hawaiian gets when they request a birth certificate. has his name, birth date, august 5th, 1961. the date after the president, filed august 8th, 1961. this is raised seal to show authenticity. on the bottom, this copy serves as prima fascia evidence as a fact of birth in any court proceeding. another part of the conspiracy theory is that the birth announcement in the paper is a fake, planted by his family or someone who wanted to trick the world into believing the future president was born in the u.s. a long-time newspaper reporter in honolulu -- >> there are a number of people who don't believe barack obama was born in the united states. that his mother or grandmother called the newspaper and gave false information s. it possible that could have gotten in the newspaper? >> no, that's not possible. under the system that existed then, there was no avenue for people to submit information that way. >> reporter: how did the information get in the paper? >> directly from the state department of health.
2:39 am
>> reporter: we confirmed the fact with the health department, too. all birth announcements printed in the paper kim directly from the birth records of the hospital. barack obama not only has the same proof of birth as millions of other hawaiians, but the former hawaii governor remembers him as a baby. >> saw him as an infant? >> sure, of course. >> reporter: former governor neil abercrombie said he met the future president days after he was born because he was close to both of barack obama's parents. he remembers his mother, anne dunham, living in hawaii and pregnant and remembers celebrating the birth with his friends, the obamas. >> we had no idea at the time that the future president of the united states was that little boy, that little baby. >> reporter: the original long form documents are kept in a vault in this building and are no longer certified for usage according to the state health department. the former director of the department thought it was her duty to see barack obama's original birth certificate. do you know, has anyone else looked at the certificate? >> the registrar has seen it, as well. >> reporter: the registrar --
2:40 am
>> alvin inaca, chief registrar for the state. he's the one that took me to see the documents. >> reporter: you are a registered republican. >> at the present time, yes. >> reporter: and work for a republican governor. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: you still say the documents of this democratic president are awe then sonic. >> absolutely. >> reporter: not surprisingly, the former governor agrees. >> i would like to ask people who have this political orientation toward the president, respect us here in hawa hawaii, respect his mother and father. respect the people that i loved and people i knew and the little boy what grew up in paradise and became president. >> reporter: this is very emotional. >> thank you -- certainly, sure it is. >> reporter: it is emotional for many people. emotions and conspiracy theories aside, facts are facts. the fact is according to all the evidence, barack obama was born just as the honolulu newspaper announced it in august, 1961.
2:41 am
gary tuchman, cnn, honolulu. trump's campaign is on the back foot, saying he never heard the support or called mr. obama or questioned his citizenship. those who criticize obama don't say whether they think he is christian. chris christie, lindsey graham, and jeb bush said trump was wrong for not making the correction. >> barack obama is a talented man. by the way, he's an american. he's a christian. his problem isn't the fact that he was born here or that -- what his faith is. his problem is he's a progressive liberal that tears down anybody that disagrees with him. >> democrats quickly denounced trump's nonresponse. hillary clinton didn't hold back saying she was appalled. >> he knew or should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds,
2:42 am
it was untrue. and he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in a questioner in an audience that he was appearing before. >> bernie sanders called trump's inaction an outrage and disgrace. on twitter, martin o'malley told trump, "muslim is not a slur. you cannot scapegoat your way to the presidency." bernie sanders is racking up a long list of celebrity endorsements in his push for the white house. his campaign has 128 actors, musicians, and other artists supporting the democratic candidate. the list includes well-known names including will ferrell, the red hot chili peppers, and steve wozniak. the campaign says many of the artists have never endorsed a political candidate before. for almost three months, the
2:43 am
little girl known only as baby doe, but now we know her name. police believe they know who killed her. we'll have that story ahead.
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2:45 am
i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer.
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took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. welcome back. police in the u.s. state of arizona have arrested a man they say terrorized drivers on a busy interstate highway. they took leslie alan meritt jr. into custody in phoenix after a series of shootings. officials say the man's weapon is forensically linked to at least four of the 11 shootings that were reported. no one was killed in the attacks. a 13-year-old girl was wounded.
2:47 am
police characterized the incident as domestic terrorism. boston's baby doe now has a name. little bella bond didn't make it to her 3rd birthday. the massachusetts prosecutor says the toddler died a violent death. the girl's mother and her boyfriend have been charged and are due back in court monday. mary maloney has more. >> reporter: for 85 days, this little girl's identity has remained a mystery. an artist's rendering of her likeness caught the attention of millions after the child's body was found in june. new the mystery is solved with a heartbreaking development. >> her name was bella. >> reporter: baby bella bond was less than 3 years old. she lived and died in the boston area. >> this child whose very name means beauty was murdered. >> reporter: investigators say thursday police received a crucial tip that led them to this house. within 24 hours, police arrested and charged bella's mother,era shell bond, with accessory to
2:48 am
murder, and her boyfriend, michael mccarthy, with murder. >> bella bond was a true innocent. >> reporter: the department of children and families visited bond's family four times when bella was an infant to investigate neglect. previously dcf took away two of bella's siblings and terminated the rights of the mother. the department says it hasn't had a case with the family in more than two years. now instead of neglect, the allegation is murder. >> 83 days after we found this little girl on the shoreline, we're at last able to speak for baby bella. now we will give her justice. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney reporting. still ahead, you will meet ava. why scientists say ava the dinosaur is new to us. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those.
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go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to welcome back. today is the second day of the recession back to you world cup. 80,000 fans packed the stadium in london for friday's opening ceremony. spectacular fireworks and a giant rugby ball were part of
2:53 am
the extravaganza. you see britain's prince william and catherine watching on as england took on feejy in front of the home crowd. fiji put up a good fight, but england managed to top them 35-11. the national football league says it is continuing its efforts to make the game safer. it comes after research showed an alarming rate of brain disease in former players. 87 of 91 brains of players tested positive for the disease, cte. the men had donated their brains for research. their deaths. it's not clear why some players develop cte and others don't. it's linked with repeated trauma and concussions. the u.s. department of veteran affairs and boston university conducted the research. our medical correspondent, sanjay gupta, spent some time with the researchers. >> reporter: first of all, cte, kraunic traumatic een
2:54 am
encephalopathy is not something we even knew about until seven or eight years ago. studies began in 2008. i visited the lab in 2011 where the science was taking place where they were examining the brains of former nfl players and other people, as well. this most recent study says 96% of people whose brains were examined had evidence of the cte. i want to make something clear. these were people who probably during their lives worried that something was wrong and donated -- had their brains donated to science after they died. there was already some concern about it. this is no way to suggest that 96% of all nfl players will develop cte. there is obviously a lot of science here. when you look at the brains of these people, what they found were protein deposits that were very similar again to what you might see with alzheimer's disease. in life, these people often had anger issues, depression, and memory loss. those are the three sort of
2:55 am
symptoms people afternoon developed. it was often younger players whose brains were still develop who may have been most at risk. there's a lot of interest, obviously research going on in the area. how to keep players safe and how to prevent cte or diminish it in the players after they retire. back to you for now. >> that was dr. sanjay gupta reporting there. the nfl says it's conducting more medical assessments of players and has changed some rules in the game to keep players safer. there's been a 25% reduction in concussions in the past three seasons. tiger woods says he will make a full recovery after undergoing back surgery. his doctor says wednesday's microsurgery to remove a disc fragment was successful. the former world number-one golfer says he hopes to be playing again early next year. the masters, the first major golf championship of 2016, will be held next april. woods became the youngest masters champion at the age of 21.
2:56 am
now to a prehistoric discovery. a new female dinosaur. what i'm about to show is ava, or the remnants, being shown off in colorado. she's from a species of dinosaur that's so newly identified experts don't even have an official name for her yet. paleontologists say this dinosaur was a plant eater, about the size of a baby rhino with a long tail and a head like a triceratops. the nearly complete skeleton was discovered in montana in 2012. ava and others like her roamed the earth some 75 million years ago. incredible. thank you very much for joining us. i'm linda kinkaid. for viewers in the u.s., "new day" is ahead. for everyone else, "amanpour" starts in a moment.
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