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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. in washington and 8:00 p.m. in damascus and 1:00 p.m. in pyongyang, and wherever you are watching us in the world, thank you for joining the world, thank you for joining us. -- captions by vitac -- up first, religion and politics in the united states can be a volatile mix, and some presidential candidates are learning it the hard way. both donald trump and ben carson are dealing with the fallout with the comments over muslims. anned a is voe ka si group today called for dr. ben carson to drop out of the race after he said that a muslim should not be president of the united states.
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cair, an advocacy group for muslims called for him to withdraw from the race. >> we call for mr. carson to call from the presidential race, because he is unfit to lead, because his views are inconsistent with the views of the u.s. constitution of the united states. >> and so we have this report of what he said that landed him in hot water. >> i would not advocate to have a muslim leading this nation. >> reporter: this comment led dr. ben carson in the spotlight. on "meet the press" sunday, he said that a muslim president should not be in the oval office, and that a president's faith should matter to the voters. >> if it is inconsistent with the values and the principles of america, then of course, it should matter. >> reporter: later when donald trump was asked about the possibility of a muslim president. >> well, some people have said it already happened.
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>> reporter: a reference to president barack obama. and trump later adding. >> well sh, he has said that he a christian and i am willing to take his word for that. >> reporter: but carson is doubling down on the comment, and in a washington newspaper "the hill" he said that muslims feel very much that your religion is very much a part of the public life, and that is inconsistent with the public life. and democrats were quickly to pounce. >> you judge the candidates for president not on the religion or the color of the skin but on the ideas of what they stand for. >> reporter: this as the latest cnn o/orc poll showing that carson and trump are slipping as carly fiorina is rising as many as 12 percentage points. >> how many of you saw the debate wednesday night? >> reporter: over half of the respondents thought that fiorina
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did the best job. and marco rubio taking home second place, and far better than the former mentor jeb bush. >> i think that carly had a good night, but you gave her easy questions. >> reporter: and trump is zeroing in on the former star of the debate and tweet ing thing e did such a horrible job at lucent and hp she never got another ceo job. and there is no way that carly fiorina can become the republican nominee. >> and athena is now going to join us. are trump and carson's remarks likely to hurt them in the contest? >> well, it is a good question, and probably not, and it say tt because part of the voters for them agree with them, and for instance, trump who came under fire for not correcting a man who said that president obama is a muslim, and the recent cnn/orc poll shows that 43% of
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republicans believe that president obama is muslim, and 54% of trump supporters think that. so some of the things that trump has said are in line with our polling numbers, and also, if you look at the gallup poll from earlier in the summer, it shoedd that 45% of the republicans said they could vote for a muslim for president. and so, while some of the statements and sentiments may be stunning to a lot of people, there are also a lot of people who feel that trump and carson are speaking the truth, and those are the folks who are backing the two candidates, so we will have to see if they lose support, but my guess is if they do, it is not because of the comments from those voters. wolf? >> thank you, athena. i want to get a closer look at the comments and the controversy erupted. and now joining us is the chief political correspondent dana bash, and chief political analyst gloria borger, and dana, are these comments going to hurt trump or carson in the caucus and primary states? >> possibly, i would even go as
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far to say probably not, because of what athena was talking about. i think that there are a lot of their potential voters who tend to agree. the question is out of those early states, you know, once and if they get to a more broad electorate whether it would hurt them, and then the answer is yes, and not so much of the muslims in particular, but because of the concept of tolerance. >> and dr. carson's business manager, gloria, armstrong williams was on cnn and rereacting to the group cair, this muslim civil rights group here in the united states, and strongly defending ben carson and he said this. >> where was cair at the 9/11 with the images of the muslim kids in the classroom rejoicing and cheering the falling of those buildings and our men and women dying? where was cair and when what
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happened at fort hd when someone in the name of islam killed someone because of how it feels when someone who is the pt president of the united states and the power and the authority and how you can change the world, and he has to come to the conclusion of what is best for america, and the love for america that in his heart of hearts he could never advocate for american, for muslim become president of the united states, and he just can't. >> and he is an adviser of dr. carson and we have not heard from dr. carson, himself, but it is not sounding like he is backing away from this at all. >> no, it doesn't and for the republican party as a whole, it does not help the conversation. and this is a party heading into the election, and wanted to expand the tent of the republican party and not shrink it, and what you will see with the comments, and also with donald trump is that just the opposite and when you talk to the republicans who want to win this the election, they say it is not, you know, this is not
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the debate they want to be having right now. and the debate they want to be having is about economic growth and prosperity and the future, and not about, and not about this. >> and another republican candidate bobby jindal, the republican candidate from louisiana said it is another dumb issue of gotcha, and he said if you can find me a muslim candidate for president who will fight hard for liberty, and respect the judeo-christian heritage of america, and who are will be committed to destroying isis, and radical islam, and who will condemn cultures that treat women as second class citizens, and who will place their hand on the bible and swear to uphold the constitution, then yes, i will be happy to consider voting for him or her, and if you can't, i'll settle for voting for a christian from louisiana, bobby jindal.
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>> and yes. self-serving. ben carson is the one who took it there, and this is not the media asking for gotcha questions, and it is a legitimate question of islam that was based on the voter back on thursday or friday presenting the idea of muslims not being good for america to donald trump, and that is where it started and not from the media and from a voter in new hampshire and legitimate question and not the presidency. >> and in the national poll the cnn/orc poll, and nationwide, and for the first time donald trump's numbers going down a t little bit. >> and they had been going up, up, up, and now going down, and 32% in earlier in september to 24% now. and so some are saying that maybe the campaign is losing steam, and what are you hearing? >> well, i think that it is losing a little bit of the steam, and if you look at all of the groups in which he is downers it is a little troubling
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to me. he is down 12 points with women since september, and that is not small. he is down with voters over 65 with whom he was pop ular, and college graduates and independents, and those who identified themselves as conservative, and all of those together were part of the trump coalition, and he is clearly losing to carly fiorina right now with some of the groups, and particularly women. she surged with women voters, and but, you look at it, and you do see a little air going out of the balloon, and the question is whether he can reinflate the campaign again, and never say, "never" with donald trump. >> and now, in second place in the national poll carly fiorina, and just above dr. ben carson and her numbers have gone up dramatically in part of the recent debate. but he is going after her, donald trump now big time citing the record, and going back to her record as ceo at lucent and
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hp saying she is a disaster, and going after her big time, and that is what barbara boxer did in 2010 running for the senate, and she lost decisively from the senator from california and those ads were powerful. >> they were powerful, and it is a different terrain, because it was in a blue-blue state of california, and barbara box ser a household name and then some in that state which i guess could work to your detriment and not just to your benefit, but, yes, it did not help her there, and these are republican caucusgoers, and primary voters, and maybe it is, you could argue, more hurtful to carly fiorina, if trump could paint it as her unsuccessful, and not get it, and he is going after her personality, and calling hr robotic, and says she memorizes the e speeches and so on and so forth and the one-two punch which is typical. >> tha you, guys.
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and a lot more coming up, and obviously, this story comes up, and the polls is have not been kind to hillary clinton recently, but new signs that her campaign may have given a stop to her tumbling campaign, and we have new numbers. and pope francis has never been afraid to speak his mind, and are some politicians worried about his visit to washington coming up? i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice.
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introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. >> well, let's talk about the democrats right now and the race for the white house. hillary clinton has been clipping in recent polls, but now she has stopped the slide it seems according to a brand new cnn/orc poll. she is at 42%, and bernie sa sanders is at 24%, and for clinton that is a 5% jump in the last two weeks alone. and now without the vice president in it, you can see what it looks without him
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running, she captures 57% in the poll, and bernie sanders at 28% in the polls. and now, looking at the biden effect, and what is happening on the democratic side, and here to join us to talk about the numbers and the impending decision is patty solis doyle and former hillary clinton adviser s.e. cupp, and so, when vice president joe biden asked if he was going to run, he said, he may not get there, and so he may not succeed, because certain windows may close, and he said, if that's it, it is it. and so what do you think that he is going to do? >> well, it is clearly a personal decision, and so i am not shure if he is going to get in. but if he gets in, he is a formidable candidate, and sitting vice president, and loved by the party, and judging
10:17 am
by the poll, he is going to afblgt the race, and affect hillary clinton's chances in the race most dramatically. >> and what is intriguing over the weekend, s.e., is the spokesman for joe biden is that dr. jill biden said she would be on board if her husband decides to run for president of the united states, and normally, a signal, yeah, he is going to run. >> and it is a big deal for biden who as you know going through the family strife, and the death of his son, beau, and so it is a big deal that jill is sort of giving her okay to go to do what is a arduous year and a half for a guy who is going to be 74 when he is sworn in if he ends up winning, and so it is a more meaningful in joe biden's case that jill biden is coming out to say, this is okay. so i think that he is going to be probably going to run, and we will probably hear from him by the end of the month. >> and some people think that he
10:18 am
will be there by the next cnn debate in october 13th, and wouldn't it be smart for him to join before then then? >> and i think that preparing for the debate unless you are donald trump, it is arduous. >> well, he is a senator for 6 1/2 years, and he should be ready to debate the other democrats. >> i agree, but if you are balancing so many things like raising the money, and getting the name on the ballot, and the things, a debate might make sense to wait until the after the debate, and then start to run in the early four states. >> but there are some regulations to get on the ballots whether it is new hampshire and south carolina and the early states, you have to make a decision by the end of october. >> yes, and the debate is in early october, so he has time, and not only do you have to get your name on the ballot, but you have to raise some money, and that is arduous for him, and give n that hillary clinton has
10:19 am
taken a lot of the money off of the table. >> and he is very good debater, and i remember when in the early 2007, 2008, he did very with well in the debating in the early states of the caucus state of new hampshire, he was very good debater. this is hillary clinton on "face the nation" talking about being a real person. >> i am a real person with all of the pluses, and the minuses that go along with being that. i have been in the public eye for so long that i think that, you know, it is like the feature that you see in the magazines sometimes, and real people actually go shopping, you know. >> and so she is trying to project that new friendly and nice, and you have worked with her for a long time and you know her and you have seen that side of her behind the scenes? >> yes, and it is a frustrating topic for me personally, because i have known her for 25 years, and for 17 years, we have worked closely together, and i will tell you that she is warm and likable and funny and kind, but her challenge has mostly been
10:20 am
for her is to project that self in front of the cameras. it is a past challenge, and moving forward, but she was great yesterday on "face the nation" and fantastically funny on jimmy fallon, so i think it is coming through. >> and that side of her if it does come through is going to presumably help her. >> and any time you have to say, i'm not a witch and i'm not a real person, something is not going right in the campaign. and you are right, hillary has a real difficulty coming off as li likable and warm and authentic on camera. she was great on jimmy fallon and she should do every late night show there is and she should participate in every bit and sketch they want to do, because she was great at that, and she has to bring the magic to the campaign trail, and bring it to the big stage when she is giving a speech, aed on the the one-on-one interview where she does not look like she is condescending to the interviewer and the audience for daning to
10:21 am
ask the question of her, and it may turn out that she not likable enough. >> well, she has turned the corner on that, and gone are the tense conference, and the bad instagram jokes. >> well, i don't know. >> and she did a great interview with you, wolf, and she did a great interview with "face the nation." and she is coming around for her own. >> and she has been around for 30 years, and running for president for last 10 years, and why is she just coming into her own on this. >> and it is a bad summer for, he and e e-mail kon trover circumstances and dogged by that, and now, we are coming out of that and turning the page. >> and we are all looking for the first democratic debate coming out of that. and so mark your calendars,
10:22 am
because cnn is going to host the first democratic debates tuesday on october 13th in las vegas. and you can always head over to cnn, and i highly recommend that you do for the latest. and as pope francis is getting ready to visit the united states for the first time, he is going to arrive in washington tomorrow. some of the republicans would just as soon he skipped the visit to the united states, and why is that? we will talk about it.
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pope francis has celebrated the second mass in cuba and thousands turning out to hear the pontiff and hear his message. he homily called for celebration. his first message was on this day in 1983 when he decided to be a priest.
10:27 am
he is right now in holguin which is the home of raul and fidel castro. and the pope arrives in washington tomorrow the aft afternoon, and as the excitement builds in his visit to the united states, so does the apprehension. many of the republican lawmakers are concerned about his joint address to congress specifically about his views of climate change and immigration. and while there are some uncomfortable moments, the archbishop of new york believes that the address will be positive overall. >> he has a little bit of the challenge, and i would not say stern reprimand, but there is going to be a little bit of discomfortable on both sides of the aisle, but he does not do so much of this as affirm and reach out. that is what he is going to do, and he is a good teacher. he is a classical jesuit, and effective pedagogue, and he is
10:28 am
knowing one of the more effective ways to teach is to reaffirm what is good and to congratulate us on what we are doing well, and when you do that, a savvy person says, well, that is sure good of him to affirm what we are doing good, but on the other hand, are we doing it as well as we should, and that is with where the examination of consciousness comes in. >> and as we know, the pope does go off script from time to toirnlgs and let's bring in our se senior political political analyst manu raju, and why are so many republicans worried about this? >> el 8th with, it is a historical address and the first time a pontiff has addressed both sessions of congress, and that means a worldwide broadcast and dominating the news coverage, and dominating the conversation, and so when i talked to the republican law mamake
10:29 am
ers the concern is a that if the pope leans into some of the more progressive views that you mentioned on the climate change, and immigration, and even criticizing the gun manufactu manufacturers and capitalism, he does tend to go off script, and he does tend to weigh in for some of those theory views, and the fear is that it will drive and change the narrative on a lot of the things and put the republicans in a little bit of uncomfortable spot. overall, most of the republicans are looking forward to the address, but they don't know what to expect. so that is what is really causing a lot of the apprehension here when you talk to the republicans looking forward to the thursday address. >> because, as you know, some of the republicans, including the republican presidential candidates chris christie yesterday on "state of the union with jake tapper" said, when it come ts to the religious issues he is with the pope, but when it come ts to the policy or the political issues, he disagreeing with the pope, and that is what you are hearing, i assume, from the republicans up on capitol hill as well? >> yes, it is very similar to
10:30 am
what i am hearing. i talked to the dan coats, an indiana senator last week, and he said, look, i like it when religious leaders talk about spirituality and not politics. that is a message that a lot of the republicans are saying, but they are using the visit to the political vantage as well. mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader is putting on the floor to have a bill of banning abortions after 20 weeks as a larger fight to keep the government open at the end of the month, and so clearly, they will see a advantage to yuse th church's views to their advantage, and also, a huge number of issue s ths that they disagree with the pope on, they hope he strays away from those, and we will see if he does that. >> what are you hearing, manu, what you are hearing of the pope's issue to gay rights, and opposition to gay marriage, and those views? >> well, they feel that the pope
10:31 am
will stay away from those m matters, and we will see if he does, and particularly on the issue of gay rights, and this pope has been a little bit more progressive on the issue of gay rights than his predecessor, and i'm not sure how much he will decide to get into that or the abortion question. but as the folks are saying that perhaps what he'll touch on are things that put both parties in a little bit of an uncomfortable position. >> yes, that is what the archbishop timothy dolan said, that both parties could be conflicted or feeling unk uncomfortable as he addresses both sessions of congress. and so now, what is the significance of the pope's visit, and how does the role as the first jesuit catholic leader make a difference? we will discuss this when we come back. from a trusted it partner.
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the pope's visit to united states includes a broad spectrum of events and everything from meeting president obama at the white house to visiting inmates at a philadelphia prison. he is going to arrive tomorrow afternoon in washington and addresses a joint meeting to the united states congress wednesday morning and the pope's itinerary will stop in new york city where he is going to be speaking at the united nations general assembly and then attend the world meeting of families. we will bring in father martin who is a contributing editor to the national magazine for catholi catholics. and this is the pope's first ever visit to the united states, and briefly, father, how significant is this trip? >> well, very significant, as you said, it is the first visit, but it is also a chance to have him talk about the thing ths th
10:37 am
are near and dear to the heart, the poor, the income inequalities and refugees and migrants. it is important time. >> and this is the first visit of the jesuit pope, and please explain why this is going to provide a certain key to understanding who this pope is. >> well, i know that i am biased as a jesuit myself, but we have a certain spirituality that says we have to find god in all thing, and it is a broad-minded spirituality, but it is the first pope since the 19th century who has taken a vow of poverty, and so when he entered the jesuits is the vow of poverty, and so it is something that we are seeing, and something that people are responding to. >> after some of the scandals within the catholic church here in the united states, and indeed, around the world, some catholics left the faith, and do you believe that the pope's visit here to the united states will bring some of the catholics back to the church? >> i believe it is, and it has. and i give a lot of parish talk,
10:38 am
and people by the dozen says that i have left the church, and i feel reconnected because of francis, and so he is making more people feel welcomed in the church. >> is he going to be speaking of the controversial issues that sort of alienate the republicans in issues such as poverty and the climate change, and the issues that may alienate the democrats' issues for abortion rights for women, and the same-sex issues, and do you anticipate that he will? >> well, he is a pope of surprises, but he would address the poor and tincomhe income inequality, and he will address some of those issue, and the environment, and he is going to be an equal opportunity disturber, but that is his role. >> tell us why that is his role? >> well, the catholic church transcends the narrow liberal
10:39 am
and conservative, and the role of the christian is to comfort the afflict and to afflict the comfortable, and we have people who need to be afflicted a little bit particularly in their outlook toward the poor and the marginalized. >> you think that he is going to be discussing snag bernie sanders the u.s. presidential candidate and others who talk about the income inequality in the united states which is a subject close to the uppontiff' heart as well? >> yes, interesting that pope benedict talked about it as well, and it does not get as much play as well, and he talked about the income redistribution, and certainly with the vast income inequality in the world, a and he is going to address that, and that is something that he wants to speak to us about, but as cardinal dolan said, it is a speech where he praises all of the good things about the united states. >> and the trip is going to be running the gamut of meeting the president to going to the prison, and what is the message there? >> that the poor is important to
10:40 am
him, and in new york he is visiting a poor school, and in philadelphia a prison is, and in d.c., a school for the catholic charities, and he is going to spread the message that jesus asked for us to care for the poor, and he is doing it by word and by deed. >> and father martin, we thank you for joining us, and we will continue the conversations in the days to come. >> my pleasure. >> and c nshgs nshnn will have coverage of the pope's visit and watch our report "the people's pope" tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific here on cnn. >> other story ares that we are following on cnn, what is russia up to? they are sending tanks to the war torn country in syria. and i will also speak to angus king and ask him if he knows what russia is doing in syria right now, and what that could mean for the middle east.
10:41 am
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. . >> two americans held hostage in yemen are now free. they we were released be ti houthi rebels and flown to ayman on saturdayment and one is identified as samuel darden and the men were trying to flee when they were taken hostage. and the other is a british national and a third american is still being held. and in other news, benjamin netanyahu is meeting with
10:46 am
vladimir putin in russia to discuss syria. and there was also discussions about russia's support to syria. and joining us is angus king who sits on the senate intelligence committee and armed forces comm committee, and you are privy to the information, and now information that russia is flying drone operations there to bolster the regime of the bashar al assad and what is going on? >> well, it is not good news, wolf. there are gunships and helicopters, and they are establishing a base in northwestern syria, and complicates a unbelievably complicated situation, and it shows how concerned they are about the rise of al nusra and other radical jihadist group, and that is where our interest
10:47 am
and russia's are aligning somewhat and hopefully ash carter and his counterpart in russia might lead to larger conversations about how to find a common ality of interest to slide aside aside. because he is the irritant that is causing this civil war to keep going. >> and so ash carter is the u.s. defense secretary, and is he are there to look at how they are trying to bolter the regime of bashar al assad? >> well, it is not good, because if they keep him in power, it is going to continue, and there will be a rise in the refugees and rise of the groups, and so as a precursor, it would be good news in that sense, but right
10:48 am
now, it is is just further exacerbates an already incredibly volatile situation. >> so what you are hearing and seeing based to information is that the rush shall be military is willing to put some boots on the ground in syria right now? >> they are doing it, and feeling that assad is weakening, and he is in danger. they have a foothold in western syria near the mediterranean that they want to keep in intact, and they have been, and they and iran have been the major protectors over the past four years. >> any preliminary numbers of how many russian troops have been deployed to syria? >> well, i have not heard specific numbers, but if you have tankers and tanks and, and helicopters, you lu have troops. >> and now, there is to be some
10:49 am
troops to deal with baer shar is al assad, and $400 million for that group -- >> and it is not working. >> and lloyd austin says you know how many pro u.s. rebels are actually trained and operating? four or five or six for a half a billion dollars. >> i was in that hearing, wolf, and it is shocking that everybody, and you could hear the intake of breath. now, there is a lot that we are doing in syria, in terms of the humanitarian aid and nonlethal aid, but this train and equip program was a long shot to begin with, and part of the leadership is backing up, and saying, hey sh, if it is not working, you have to change the tactics and play the hand that is dealt with you, and it is the first phase just starting but they were hoping to have 5,000 in the field by the end of the year, but it is not going to be close. >> and $500 million, and when you think about the education, and health care, and you know --
10:50 am
that is money that could be really doing productive things as opposed to totally wasted training four or five or six pro-u.s. rebels in syria. >> well, it is not fair the to say that you divide by five by $500 million, because you are setting up what >> but it's been a disaster. >> it's just hasn't been successful by any measure. the question is who is going to fight isis in syria? in iraq there's a ready made army. you have the iraqis. in syria, there are no boots on the ground. some kurds, but they aren't there. you can't win a war with air power. >> i want to pick your brain quickly. the iaea have just said that it the first phase of going into explore this iranian facility, whether or not they did engage in a nuclear capability has been
10:51 am
achieved thanks to the iranians who provided soil samples to the iaea and the they say that's good enough. . you trust the iranians to provide the right soil samples to the iaea as opposed to international inspectors going in and collecting samples? >> that's like having athletes provide their own urine samples. i don't think that makes sense. on the oh hand, i have been in briefings and it's not quite as simple as that. . they do have verification techniques to assure them that there is integrity to the samples. it's not as simple as they are going to collect the samples and show them to the iaea, but i'm not at liberty to convey what i have been told. >> the story says that some of the -- they have outside gps or video cameras or stuff looking at the iranians who collect the
10:52 am
samples and that seems to reassure them. but they also say, at least according to this story, this is the first time ever they have allowed a host country to collect this kind of material to make sure that there wasn't some sort of nuclear capability. >> i think this was some kind of negotiated compromise. but it's important to realize this isn't the ongoing inspection regime. this is the history. this it goes back to pre2004. and the iranians have sanitized the site. it's been down for 11 years. but they ought to have more full access, but i think it's important to understand that this isn't part of the future of this agreement because they are going to have full access. >> senator king, thank you for join i joining us. >> thank you. a few children face as many obstacles, but a woman is now trying to give them a better
10:53 am
future. we have a report coming up next.
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north korea invited will ripley back to their country. government officials took him to meet a 20-year-old woman who is a shining product of the collective society. orphaned in the famine during the '90s, she's dedicated her life to adopting those who have lost parents and holding down a a full-time job. will ripley has her story. >> reporter: north koreaens born during the great famine are too young to remember when hundreds of thousands died from
10:58 am
starvation. she doesn't remember the mother and father she lost. my parents died a long time ago. i was so young, she says. the 20-year-old is part of a generation of orphans now young adults during the 1990s humanitarian crisis north korea called the ard wous march. a family took her in. my adoptive mother was so kind to me, she says. a kindness she's trying to repay by serving the state caring for a a house full of orphans while also working full-time. john gets help from family, friends and neighbors, she began taking in orphans when she was 18, just out of secondary school. now she's caring for seven of them. >> there's the leader, where are you? >> reporter: an achievement recognized by jong-un. she shows us laptops sent by the state for the kids to study with, but she doesn't have
10:59 am
batteries to turn them on. the family, including all seven orphans, live in standard government housing sharing a one-bathroom apartment in a working class neighborhood 45 minutes west of pyongyang. the oldest orphan is 16. her parents died working in a state-owned steel mill. the other workers took turns caring for her, her brother and sister until she brought them home. at first she was like my older city because she's only four years older than me, but now i call her my mother, she says. she and her sisters say they want to join the army to serve kim jong-un. and their younger brother wants to play soccer. when i grow up, i'm going to be a very good football player to please our leader, he says. all tell me they consider their leader their father, something we hear everywhere in north korea. she hopes these kids will grow strong to serve the nation.
11:00 am
our country is one huge family, she says. and here country always comes first. will ripley, cnn, north korea. >> thank you, will. that's it for me. the news continues next on cnn. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this monday. let's get to it. backlash after presidential candidate polling pretty high says a a muslim has no business being president of the united states. just a short time ago, the muslim group demanded that dr. ben carson drop out of the race for the white house and comes after he he said this on "meet the press." >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree


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