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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 22, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hospitals. i'm reporting from seattle. >> that's it for me. for our international visitors "amanpo "amanpour" is up next. for american viewers, brooke baldwin is up next. i'm brooke baldwin is and you're watching the special coverage of a moment that will go down in history. the pontiff is about to set foot on u.s. soil for the very first time in his 78 years. and we will be there as president obama greets him at joint base andrews. pope francis will be arriving first in our nation's capital in washington, c. you see the schedule ahead of you. br coming to new york and on to philadelphia. five days of history expected to draw crowds by the hundreds of thousands. and with those massive crowds
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and really a fearless pope comes one of the biggest security challenges this country may ever face. the secret service on high alert, all hands on deck to protect pope francis. let's go to jim sciutto, cnn's chief correspondent live at base a andrews anticipating the pope and the president and the first family. we have jim acosta, our senior white house correspondent. so great to have both of you on. jim sciutto, you're up first. i love all the e-mails back and forth about precedent setting trips and which presidents have been there to greet a pope. as we mentioned, this is the first time pope francis has ever stepped foot on u.s. soil. this is so significant. tell me who will be there. >> reporter: i'll tell you, it's a pretty remarkable range. let's start at the top. the president will be here with the first lady and his two
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daughters. they will have a private meet and greet with the pope as he arrives a at the vip terminal. you have the vice president. the first time you had a president and vice president greet any world leader. to have the two of them here, the president and vice president, truly remarkable. but reflecting the pope's personality he issen someone who shies away from pomp and circumstance. you also have 300 children greet. ing him here. many from local catholic schools. there's a high school band that are setting up instruments to the right of me. and that reflelkts the kind of pope he is. he's going to meet with 3,000 children while he's here in d.c. and then you have the security apparatus greeting him here. we have seen them line up and we have been here since the morning running the security gauntlet ourselves. you have d.c. police, u.s. secret service that's in charge
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here. you have tsa agents who have been drafting into the security system here to keep this pope safe. it's been deemed a national security special event, which is a determination of the dhs which makes it the highest security event that you would reserve for your own president. but the real challenge is going to be to keep this pope safe, but at the same time, allow him to be the man who he is. and allow him to carry out the trip he wants to carry out and for him, a as you know, that involves interacting with people. and often times, in the midst of crowds, mingling with crowds and even to the surprise of his security service they want to allow both those things to happen. it's an enormous challenge to keep him safe. it's an event they believe is the target of terrorists but also allow him to connect with the american people as best he can and let him be himself. a real challenge, but it's one they are focused on making
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happen. >> they have to be ready to call audibles. we'll get into choreographing that event here shortly. jim a kcosta to you at the whit house. from that greeting there, the big oval office meeting will take place tomorrow and then we'll get. on to the pope addressing congress on thursday. but talk to e me about what sorts of topics should be expected between president obama and pope francis? >> that is the question, brooke. we were just peppering white house press secretary josh ernest. i did an interview with the senior adviser. they are keeping their pope cards close to the vest. in part because they don't want to let the cat out of the bag in terms of what issues are going to be discussed. also because this pope is so unpredictab unpredictable. last year i was at the news
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conference with president obama and the italian prime minister after president obama met with the pope for the first time. we were expecting that the pope and president talked about contraception because it was one of those controversial issues in obamacare. the president said when i asked a question he said we didn't talk about that. we talked about income ine equal ta and immigration and the palestinian conflict. i think the white house is bracing itself for some surpr e surprises. i do want to point out there's some other firsts or near firsts happening here at the white house with pope francis. i was just talking to people who said the president and pope francis when they meet behind closed doors, it will be a one-on-one. it will be president obama and pope francis perhaps some translators. it won't be the vice president and administration officials and vatican officials crowded into the room. it's going to be an intimate one-on-one encounter that white house officials are looking
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forward to. we'll hear remarks from president obama and pope francis on the south lawn when they have 15,000 people on the south lawn of the white house for the folks arrival ceremonies. it's not going to be a dull moment the entire time pope francis is on the ground here in the united states. >> we'll be glued to the coverage. it's interesting you point out the translators. english is not one of the pope's top three languages. so jim, fantastic details. we'll come back to you at the white house. let me also point this out, as we know the papal plane is somewhere en route between cuba and washington, d.c. i don't know if there's wifi on board. but he did tweet this. thank you to the cuban people, thank you from my heart. we talked about security and we have to go into detail now because for months and months, u.s. secret service agents have been pouring over tapes just like this one, studying them,
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trying to figure out exactly how they will protect the pope who refuses to stay in his pope mobile. he's the people's pope. you have seen him in crowds. he loves interacting with people. . i have the former homeland security director joining me. and deborah feyerick, our cnn se senior international correspondent. e we talked how you oversaw when the pope came to the city. you're familiar with the challenges of the pope because it's one thing to have to protect a president. we have the president, obviously, d.c. is familiar. how is this such a different challenge? >> first of all, what you have is as you have been talking about, this is an engaging individual. that's not a new thing when you have someone who wants to get into the crowd. but what's obviously so dramatic is the numbers associated with this. a million people estimated to come into the mass in
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philadelphia. just the movements, it's thousands and thousands of people. a lot of people sit there and say what are you doing differently? there is a playbook. it's an intelligence-led operation. it's all about information and being able to anticipate, detail the threats, develop a counter measure for them and be able to execute flawlessly at the time. >> what are the routes he's t e taking when he's in d.c. and new york? >> he's taking a number of them. and one of the ways this is done and one of the ways it's handled is everything is structured. you used the word choreograph. everything is so careful liquor graphed. so they have been planning this for nine months. you have agents who have been going over all the routes along with local police departments. it's the local police departments who are going to be the ones shutting down the streets. they call it bleeding out the intersection so you know the pope is on the move, basically, the call goes out and all the intersections shut down so that the pope and his motorcade can move very quickly and easily.
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so he's going to be going to congress and the united nations. all of these roads have to be shut down and it ends in philadelphia. philadelphia is the big event. and the catholic church has been promoting this. it's the world meeting of families. that's going to be the most open event to people. but even there, they are closing down what amounts to a a three-mile radius in order to control the flow of traffic in and around the pope. so it's unbelievable. every building has been screened, every building has been looked at. people have gone into the building, how do you get up, who has access, do the windows open in, open out, you're going -- everybody you see physically, there's going to be a whole group of shadow agents and security people behind who are ready to act if something happens. >> the variables, because you have to anticipate those blind spots. when you think of the pope walking through crowds, you see items being thrown, trinkets and
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whatnot. no selfie sticks are allowed. . no drones. there will be massive staging areas for those throngs of people who want to see if they can get as close as they can. screening for explosives, weapo weapons, how did they do that with all those people and how thoroughly will they be checking? >> a lot of what this is is not elimination of risk. it's the anticipation of risk and management of it. so that there's no way you can tell everybody's emotions that are going to be there. you can't look into someone's mind and say is this a problem or not. so they rely on video surveillance of everybody, facial recognition. folks in the crowd who are undercover who are really feeling what the temperature is, what are people saying, is there any aggressive movements. but we talk about this and people have tad said to me is it okay to talk about the security for the pope? and there is a good thing as long as you don't cross over the line of giving specifics of what the measures will be. that's deterrence. by talking about this, probably
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the most incredible security operation we have ever seen for a protectee, it's not going to be easy to affect wait something. >> one interesting thing, all eyes are going to be focused on the pope. they are also going to be focused on the 170 presidents and prime ministers and other d dignitaries in town for the united nations. all of them have their own security detail. it is so well planned that there are actually teams outside of the secure zone, outside the perimeter in other places that if there is secondary attack, let's say in a a shopping mall, why are you going to go after the pope when there's so many other targets. these are these resources specifically designated to respond and be mobilized to those locations should there be another attack. so table top to the extreme in all of the possible se ncenario. >> what a week it will be here in the united states. thank you so much, i really
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appreciate it. please join us and tune if nor the special report this evening. it's called "the people's pope", it airs at 9:00 pacific and eastern time here on cnn. next, let's talk politics. ben carson now changing his position on whether a a muslim should be president. changing, sort of. he's trying to clarify. . we'll talk about who he is blaming. plus it's one of the places in the world terrorists, a dictator, nations fighting for power in syria. and now russia is really ramping up its military force there is. but why and what's next? also the pope scheduled to touch down very soon in washington, d.c. his very first steps on american soil ever in his 78 years. history in the making. we are watching it unfold, live, right here on cnn. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that.
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this is cnn, i'm brooke baldwin after doubling down ben carson is sort of walking back his comments that he would not advocate from muslim being president. a campaign stop in ohio said his statements were taken out of context saying the media is to blame and he give a scenario where he would support a muslim in the white house but he con filmed there's one way he treated them different from a christian one. >> i said i would support anyone regardless of their background, if in fact, they embrace american values and our constitution. >> why should they have to denounce sharia law when a christian is not asked to do the same?
11:18 am
>> because sharia law is em pa thet call to americanism. that's why. >> very nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, brooke. >> i know how you feel about this as a muslim here in america. where do you think these views come from. ben carson talking about muslims in sharia law into this whole conversation. what do you think is the biggest misperception about your faith from folks like ben carson? >> i think a lot of times the republican presidential primary essentially you have them running to the right and pandering to the lowest common denominator in american society. when you have recent polls that show 54% of republicans today in the united states believe that barack obama is still a muslim, any time somebody says that barack obama is a muslim, i feel like jerry seinfeld should jump out and say not it that there's anything wrong with that.
11:19 am
not only should he drop out of the presidential campaign, he should fail 8th grade social studies class. >> i was quoting article vi just yesterday. i want to play a little more from ben carson. he tried to explain what he thought chuck todd was asking him when he made the initial statements and his opinion not becoming president. here he was. >> he was saying what about somebody of a faith that does not traditionally separate church and state. that traditionally has a thee yok ra si. that traditionally treats women in ways different than we do, treats gays in different ways than we do, obviously, that would not be something that would be consistent with
11:20 am
american values. >> is there some truth to that in the sense that islam is a faith that does not traditionally separate, as we do, as christians, church and state? >> brooke, i find it absolutely hilarious that the republicans are are talking about the separation of church and state when they have no problem proposing it with kim davis in kentucky. it's unbelievable. i always ask, what gave them away. in 1960 the republicans said we should never have a a catholic as president with john f. kennedy because he was going to have his political strings pull ed. in 2008 he said we should not have a black president. now we're having this debate
11:21 am
about whether we should have a muslim president or not. keep in mind people who say we should not have a a muslim president would oppose having a mormon person, pretty much anybody who doesn't fit into their traditional christian world view. >> you talk about how other republican candidates who have dise vowed what ben carson said. you have jeb bush, carly fiorina, rand paul, all saying that religion cannot be a test for office. you mentioned article vi of the constitution. moments ago ben carson responded to the fact that all candidates are weighing in on what he said. >> probably because you're being political. people like to do what's political expedient, not necessarily what's right. they put their finger in the air and say what can i say that won't get me in trouble. you'll notice i don't do that a
11:22 am
whole lot. >> maybe you'd agree with him there. it's campaign season. you said he's being political. he says the other candidates are political. does he have a point? >> not at all. again, i don't need a lesson in constitutional law from a medical doctor. i'm a constitutional lawyer. my father is a surgeon. if my father said somebody of any faith should not be a president of the united states, e i'd say you're not fit to be president of the united states yourself. section ii of the no religious test clause is the constitution should be the supreme law of the land. it shows no other land can trump the constitution. anybody who says that islamic law is coming to take over america should not only be president but fail 8th grade social studies class. >> have a little bit of a a sense of humor about this. i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> see you next time. next, the pentagon faces some pretty tough questions amid-allegations that american soldiers were told to ignore cases where afghan allies were involved in a sexual abuse of
11:23 am
young boys. i'll talk to the father of a fallen marine speaking out now about what his son revealed to him during their final conversation. also we are watching and waiting for the pope. live pictures here from joint base andrews. the red carpet has arrived. we're just now waiting for shepard one. his first steps on american soil, making history here, live on cnn. do not miss a beat. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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it's so disturbing on so many levels. it means boy play in afghanistan. reports are surfacing that u.s.-backed afghan officials are taking young boys as sex slaves.
11:28 am
then there's this new allegation that the u.s. military ordered u.s. service members to essentially look the other way and they did this according to multiple reports to maintain good relations with afghan forc forces. so "the new york times," pbs, cnn have been reporting on this. here's an excerpt from jake tapper. >> hi a boy because every commander had had one. >> reporter: in a 2010 documentary, a former afghan commander of the northern alliance spoke openly, shamelessly about this sick practice. >> translator: i didn't have a boy, i couldn't compete with the others. >> when confronted a about this type of open abuse two soldiers said they used physical force against a police commander and one of those soldiers told his story to jake tapper. >> competition turned physical and picked him up and threw him on to the ground multiple times and charles did the same thing. we had to make sure he would --
11:29 am
that this was not going to happen again. he understood if he went near that boy or his mother again there was going to be hell to pay. >> captain quinn says he and the other soldier were relieved of their duty shortly after ward. a father says during his final krgs with his own son on the phone before he was killed, he told his father he was troubled by the screams he himself could hear coming from boys being sexually abused by afghan police officers on a u.s. base. he's with me now. the attorney for the family is mike e bowie. thank you for both of you comen on. we have met through the television several times. it's an honor and privilege to have you on again. i'm so sorry about the loss of your son. we talked in 2012. we were covering attacks. so that was the context of our
11:30 am
conversation. little connecting some of these dots, can you just fill me in on some of the conversations, what you're willing to share, that you had with your son and what he told you about this abuse. >> the abuse goes on, but we are told that they are told to look the other way. it's disturbing to my son, who was only 20 when he went o over there, and it's that they are not allowed to speak out, not allowed to make moves on it. there was a time, there was nine boys that came in. then later on that night, the boys disappeared and nobody could find them. . a couple marines were told to go look for the boys. when they walked into the place, they opened up the door and they were underneath the covers with these young boys, 8, 9, 12 years old. they were told by their superior to back out of the room and leave the boys in there. now that's disturbing when you
11:31 am
hear a marine turn around and tell you a story about this and the boys were crying. they didn't want to be in there with these old men and they were told to stay. they had the marines back out of there and walk away and just rook the other way. >> how many times did your son mention this to you on the phone? >> he mentioned a lot of things to me. the worst was that they were going to murder him over there. and i said, i don't understand. he said they are going to kill me on my base. i feel it. the afghans. they were just bad. e he said i don't understand this. these people, we're trying to help them. he got into an altercation with one of the superior officers that he kept on repeating in my son's ear at night that they didn't want him there. we don't want you here. >> he knew he was there for a purpose. he, according to you, told you multiple times about some of the screams he would hear.
11:32 am
your advice to him as a father was tell your superiors. >> he said, we did, and there's nothing they can do about it. it's frustrating for him. the culture we raise our children in, you don't do things like that. he wanted to do something, but he's a a lance corporal and his hands are tied. that's what he said. my hands are tied and i can't do anything about this. >> so the person who was convicted of killing your son, how old was he? >> around 16 or 17. he was an older tee boy. when they become 16 or 17, they release them. >> that's sex slave culturally in afghanistan. so you're saying that the man who killed your son, a a marine, was one of those who was abused. are you connecting the dots that you believe because of this abuse, your son lost his life. >> definitely. he was about 17, so he was about to be released from being a sex slave. and when they released, they usually have them do an act of violence. i guess this was the act that he
11:33 am
wanted to do. so he was given the ak-47 and told him to go into the gym where my son was unarmed working out with two other guys and opened fire on them and shot my son five times. >> what is the military said to you all? >> nothing. the military has stone walled the buckleys from the begin pg on this it for three years. and they first went to the congressman to get answers and they couldn't. peter king reached out to one marine who both tried to save him and get them answers. previously thrown off a different base and wrote to commanders to make sure he was never put in that position again. obviously, commanders ignored that and two weeks before the murder, an e-mail was sent warning them again. they did nothing about that. then the murders occurred. when congressman king reached out to the major, had he did the right thing and spoke to
11:34 am
congressman king to give him the marine corp. wouldn't. as soon as they found out about that, they instituted proceedings to discharge him from the marine corps, much like the special forces soldiers. clear retaliation. >> let me get this in. the white house responded. it was the big "new york times" write up in this massive writing yesterday morning. the white house responded. here's what they said. >> let me say the united states is deeply concerned about the safety and welfare of afghan boys who may be exploited by members of the defense forces. this form of sexual exploitation violates afghan law and afghanistan's international obligations. >> so let me take that a step further. the pentagon has since denied that this is a policy. last hour in a press briefing saying there's no policy in place. my question is if the u.s. were to intervene with this sort of behavior, this assault, let's
11:35 am
call it what it is, what about other behaviors around the world that the u.s. would disagree with? >> i'm really not going to comment on anything else but what i'm focused on. sometimes people get sidetracked here. >> from our perspective, it's not just anywhere in the world. these are people who we are partnering with. they are under ours a misses. they are spending billions of dollars, and most importantly we're putting our young men in danger to help them. one of the conditions of that help should be that if you're going to have a police chief or army soldier who we're going to work with and we're going to protect that they are not going to engage in conduct that is abhorrent to us. this has nothing to do about other cultures. we were there, they were there under us and shouldn't force any service member to have to be in a situation where they are witnessing that and they feel complicit with that. it's no what our men should be
11:36 am
exposed to. for them to say we don't have a policy and it's against afghan law, there was no law there. he was the police chief. he was there because we were there. if we weren't there, he wouldn't be there. the policy, there certainly wasn't a policy that said if you see this, do something about it. no policy about when you see this we're going to make sure that the afghans don't put a person like that in place. >> i want to end this hearing from a father's words. it was an incredibly emotional interview we had a couple years ago. how many years has it been? >> three years. >> and it's still very emotional for you. tell me why. >> i want my son. my son was taken from me because they made bad decisions. those boys shouldn't have been allowed inside that base. but our government turned around and made this decision and they have rules of engagement set up that favor the afghans and not. the marines or soldiers.
11:37 am
it's just heart wrenching that they didn't take care of my son. my son went over there to protect the united states. the united states didn't take care of my son. they just let him go. they used him as a pawn in a chess game. i say it all the time. you lose a few pawns, they don't care, but they destroyed me and my family. i'm supposed to be okay with it. i'm not. that's why i'm speaking out. people say you shouldn't speak out, but let the truth be told. this is a terrible, terrible thing that happened to my son and it keeps on happening and it's a terrible thing that these young afghan boys have to go through. being 8 years old and being raped by an animal, that's terrible. and we have to turn around and accept it and just look the other way? my son was hurt. he was like, dad, these kids are so cute. i have to sit here and watch this happen. he couldn't do anything. he's afraid that if he does something, he's going to get a
11:38 am
dishonorable discharge. he has to turn around and walk away from it. it's frustrating. it's very frustrating to me. i do feel bad for these young boys over there. i'm not a hateful man. i hate what they did to me. but i don't hate the boy. you've been abused since he was a a little kid. of course, he's going to hate americans. we're not stopping it from happening. you think about it that way. >> greg buckley, thank you so much. i'm so sorry. i appreciate you coming on and sharing your truth. it's important to get your story and your son's story out there. i appreciate it. quick break, we'll be right back.
11:39 am
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looking at politics here on this tuesday. as far as democrats are concerned, you have hillary clinton, she's in iowa where in four months voters will head to the caucuses in the first test for those candidates. i have brianna keilar live in des moines with hillary clinton. and looking at the latest numbe numbers, in that state for the first time with bernie sanders, what's she doing to try to punch through that? >> reporter: it's really about organization and to look at what hillary clinton has had on the ground game. it's really surpassed what bernie sanders has done from day one. more volunteer, more campaign workers. she continues to outpace bernie sanders in that regard. she needs to because there's
11:44 am
certainly an enthusiasm gap in iowa. he's been able to book larger venues and bring more people in, but her campaign is confident that her organization is going to translate better to bringing out caucus goers on caucus night in february. today she will be here looking at a couple hundred people as some audience members are coming in and she will be talking about changing she wants to make to obamacare, tackling the really why prescription drug prices. she will be talking about capping out of pocket expenses on prescription drugs. bernie sanders nipping at her heels. he put out a proposal not too different from hers, but one of his proposals includes importing some drugs from foreign countries. so this is an issue that i think democrats really have to combat
11:45 am
in iowa because they are hitting hillary clinton on some of the fact that the biggest insurers were granted rate increases that could affect policyholders in iowa. if all politics are local, this is something that's potentially going to play big here. >> play big there, also i'm sure it will be pervasive come the presidential debate in vegas in a couple weeks. brianna keilar, we'll see you there. thank you so much. coming up next, all eyes on the pope scheduled to touch down shortly. his first steps on american oil. live pictures, the red carpet has been rolled out. the stairs are waiting. security getting organized, standby, we'll take it live for you here on cnn. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling...
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new concerns over russia's military build up in syria. new satellite images that appear to show 12 new russian aircraft at an air base inside of syria. so to date, more. numbers for you, an official says russia has more than 25 fighter and attack aircraft, 15 helicopters, 9 tanks, 3 surface air missile systems and 500 personnel on the ground in syria. plus officials tell cnn russia has started flying what appear to be surveillance drones over the country. is fareed is joining me. the fear being this would then put given the u.s. strategy in
11:51 am
syria the u.s. directly pitted against russia. >> not so much because the u.s. is mostly trying to strike isis. and russia is trying to support assad. it actually doesn't put them quite in direct conflict. >> could it? >> it could, theoretically, but most of u.s. efforts are devoted to attacking isis, which is not in the area that they are e devoted to bolstering assad. this could happen. there's a tendency in washington among some politicians to view putin as this incredibly evil genius. >> there's no truth to that? >> look, maybe one part of it is true. he's evil, he's not a genius. the russians are trying to deal with a problem of radical islam that they face. they fought for 15 years, a lot of it was radical islamists coming across the border into russia from places like that.
11:52 am
what they are trying to do is to deal with that. there are two places in the world they have bases, vietnam and syria. they are trying to shore up their one military ally in the middle east. it's not clear to me that they will succeed. the idea that russia is trying to throw more support in with assad doesn't mean that russia is getting more powerful. the problem means assad is getting weak er. >> what's the motivation of vladimir putin, who is maybe not so genius and more evil. what is he up to? is he trying to shrink the nuance of the u.s. in the middle east? >> mostly they are trying to stem the tide of radical islam that is coming north toward them. they view assad as the front line defense. from their point of view, assad is a secular socialist ally of the russians and he's been an ally for 30, 40 years. he's the last ally they have in in the middle east. they used to have iraq, libya,
11:53 am
egypt. so they are trying to in some ways shore up their one position there, deal with the fact that assad is weak and getting weaker. i don't think it's some kind of game they are playing against the united states as much as a defensive maneuver and it e shows that assad is getting weaker, not stronger. >> what about this? senator marco rubio, who would also like to be the president of the country. in the absence of american leadership, syria has become a playground for malign, aunt-american forces such as we must work with the opposition and step up training of rebels to not fight not only isis but also assad. no one wants another war, but at what point is the u.s. ignoring assad no longer an option. >> look, there's a complicated issue here. isis is clearly the main foe. so the question is, can you say
11:54 am
we're against isis and also the main adversary of isis, what is assad. marco rubio is saying we should support the moderate opposition. it's a great idea except e we haven't been able to find one. the turks tried to find the moderate opposition. they couldn't stand one up. the united states has tried. the pentagon announced they finally vetted 55 fighters. then they sort of disappeared. the problem is this is a high stakes game that has radicalized all elements of both the regime and the opposition with trying to find some democrats we can support. they are very hard to find. if you could find -- if rubio in his u statements said we need to find them. if you have to from 6,000 miles away search and find some local force you can stand up and support, probably means they are not the strongest force on the field. >> fareed zakaria, thank you for
11:55 am
your perspective and everything you know about this region. coming up in minutes, pope francis sets foot on u.s. soil for the first time in his life. we'll bring you that moment live as many students in. the d.c. area are obviously thrilled for his impending arrival. he will be greated by president obama. what should americans expect from a pope who has a the times been unpredictable? we'll explore all of this as our special breaking coverage continues, after this. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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11:59 am
i'm brooke baldwin, i wanted to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world as you're watching cnn's
12:00 pm
special breaking news coverage of a a moment that will make history. in mere minutes, the plane carrying pope francis is scheduled to touch down in washington, d.c. and president obama, the first lady and vice president will all be on hand at joint base andrews outside of washington to greet him. we have our eye on live pictures as we watch and wait for the pope to touch down stepping on to u.s. soil for the first time in his life. this is just a meet and greet right now. we are told, but tomorrow the pope will be heading to the white house as well as addressing congress before coming here to new york and on to philadelphia. you see his schedule for five days of history expected to draw crowds by the hundreds of thousands and tenderly as well testing the security and secret service. they are on high alert and have been for a security detail
12:01 pm
that's been months in the making. and seemingly even more complicated and robust than the protection given to the president of the united states. i have our chief national security forces in maryland waiting for the president to arrive to greet the pope. and jim, correct me, but this is precedent setting in the first time a president and vice president have been on hand at andrews to greet a pope. >> reporter: that's right. we really have never seen an official state greeting like this before. the president of the united states, the vice president of ts united states bringing members of their family as well. the president's daughters, the first lady. but in addition to that official welcome, which includes the governor and mayor of washington, you have the unofficial welcome here. you can hear a high school band that's been practicing to my right. that's from washington. you have about 300 kids here
12:02 pm
greeting. they have been cheering the last few minutes saying hey, pope francis is on the way. you have seen everybody practicing. i have seen the honor guard walking up and down to get it p perfectly right for when the pope arrives. you see the red carpet. they rolled that out, which we thought was the official rolling out of the red carpet. it was just a practice. they are going to roll it out when he lands. so you have that warmth of the reception and on the other side, you have this tremendous security preparation that you mentioned. really unprecedented, one of the largest security mobilization this is country has seen in its history. pope francis is considered a target of terrorists. it's been deemed a special event. and this tremendous team coming together to keep him safe during the trip. the fbi in charge of intelligence. e we see the d.c. police here and members of the tsa have been drafted into service as well. all members of the secret
12:03 pm
service couldn't take vacations as of the end of august. it's an all hands on deck situation here. the challenge really is that balance. the pope is someone who likes to get out there. don't make these trips without human connection. he's going to want to touch the hands of the students here. he's going to want get out and greet people and get behind the glass of the pope mobile. that's going to be a challenge for the security services as well, because they want him to have that trip but they are aware of the threat level here. they want to keep him safe as well. that will be the challenge. when you see this turn out here, an early taste of the welcome this this country is giving to the pope. >> let me ask you about the turn out. i'm feeling the excitement all the way up here in new york. as we're looking at live pictures of the crowd, who is in the crowd there? >> reporter: 300 kids mostly from catholic schools around the
12:04 pm
area. he's going to meet with 270 of them. you have a high school band, you hear them beginning to play. some older people, some special needs students here as well. we have seen elderly people. the bus behind me is one of the buss that's been ferrying them in over the course of the last hour or so. then you have the official greeters. the president, the vice president, the governor of virginia, the mayor of washington, d.c., the archbishop world of washington, d.c. as well. all coming to welcome. this is a serious environment. it's joint base andrews. this is where the president takes off in air force one. you're surrounded by the air force here as well as security personnel. they have a serious job today. i have also seen a lot of smiling faces today. they are happy to be part of this. they know they are witnessing history. this is a special event to be taking a part of. they are showing some confidence in the security preparations that have been underway. it's excitement.
12:05 pm
it really is excitement here. it's going to be remarkable few days here in washington, new york and philadelphia. >> the band sounds pretty good. don't go far from that camera. you're at thee spot as we are minutes away from pope francis touching down. thank you so much, my friend. we'll come back to you. the pope has been called the most outspoken pontiff ever. he's commented on human and civil rights issues. he's ventured into typically unchartered territory for most popes that include politics. he held broker of the new charter in diplomatic relations with cuba. he and president obama are expected to tackle issues on poverty, climate change. they will be meeting tomorrow in the oval office. pope francis's ideals seem to clash with some on capitol hill. joining me now is karl bernstein. he wrote "his holiness." also with me is father edward beck. so wonderful to have both of you on. for a moment, hearing the fact
12:06 pm
they are practicing rolling out the red carpet, rolling it back and rolling it out for the pope. it's precision and perfection for this man. i look at you and see washington and the significance. can we hit on the significance of president obama, the first family, joe biden, all at andrews awaiting his arrival. >> the pope and this it pope in particular stands apart from all other leaders in the world. there's no ambivalence about this leader. they admire him deeply, unlike other leaders in the world. his agenda is one they can embrace because of its humanity, because of its empathy and his concern with the poor, with those who are marginalized.
12:07 pm
he's really controversial, if you try to politicize him and pigeon hole him as you would an ordinary politician. but his job as he sees it and he has articulated, is to come here and show the world that the united states is a country that stands above others in some ways and has more responsibilities to others who cannot help themselves. who need help. we have to do more. his economic message, which has been characterized as radical, it's the same message as john paul ii who criticized some nism that e we must do more for those who are not treated equally. >> you mentioned some of the issues he's been outspoken on. also he's flying into washington. i have a list. tease are stories we have been
12:08 pm
covering. abortion, income inequality, politics. my question to you, how in touch has he been with the stories that have been percolating here in america? >> i think he's in touch because people inform him. he has advisers as to what to expect. he's a smart man. he keeps up on current events. he knows what he is saying. that's why it intrigues me when people say why would he talk about climate change? because he knows a about climate change and e he believes that stewardship of the earth is an important value. it's a biblical value. it's been a religious value. you have scientists that advised him in the writing of that. so he didn't wade into waters unknown. and so what i think he looks now at these issues coming to the united states, what's interesting is he does not see the united states as the center of the world despite most americans. >> looking at you and being
12:09 pm
facetious. >> americans do. we think we are the super power. we are number one and the richest. he's a little suspect of us, i think. >> how do you think that will affect and talk about wading in the waters? in cuba e he mentioned abortion speaking on that. three times. so as he meets with the president, what water dos they wade into? >> they have met before and have deep respect for each other. and the pope sees this president as a way of indeed carrying the same pos gospel that he preaches. is the president about to embrace his message on abortion, no. but at the same time, is he about to embrace the pope's greater notion of inclusion of respect for people's rights everywhere, yes. but what father just said is really important about this pope not seeing the world through american eyes.
12:10 pm
what he sees about america is the great opportunity that we have in this country to do great things for all people. and that's his message as it was when they met before. joe biden, a catholic himself, knows the gospel very well. it's a radical notion. this pope is radical, much more radical than obama. really the church's message is a radical one in the modern world. am i right about that? >> it is a radical one when you listen to it. >> john paul ii was the same message as that pope carries about the responsibilities of those who have toward those who don don't. >> his emphasis was a little different. he stressed different things, but no less radical than what this it pope is saying. >> as i'm looking at live pictures and seeing the pope reaching down, getting away from
12:11 pm
the pope mobile. i'm wondering about security. you wrote the book about john paul ii after the assassination attempt and when he came to the u.s. he listened to secret service and abided by the rules. how do you think it will play out? we hope everything will go. smoothly and he will kiss babies and inspire people around the world, but in terms of security, do you think the pope is going to play by the rules? >> so far he has not. and his natural inclination is to walk into crowds and kiss babies. he wants to be the people's pope. remember, popes are seen by more people than any other leaders in the world. john paul ii was seen by more people than anyone in the history of the world in person. and the same tradition goes on. he likes it. this is what he is -- that's why
12:12 pm
he's there is to carry this message. >> he said he feels like tuna in a can when you put me in that thing. e he wants to be able to reach out. i have been told off the record by secret service that is the highest threat level against an individual that they have ever covered thus far. and the security like this pope's visit has never been seen in the united states. >> i have so much more for you. standby. we have to get a quick break in as we are all watching andrews. just a reminder tonight we have a special report airing about the pope, the man. it's called "the people's pope" tonight at 9:00 p.m. as we keep watching, got an eye on andrews. the pope expected to land there any moment now. 78 years of age, his first visit in his lifetime to the u.s. we will talk about why this truly is history in the making. the stage is set, the arrival ready, and a number of students
12:13 pm
there, marching band, we'll be right back. keep it here for cnn's special live coverage. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪
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12:17 pm
we're come iing in on live pictures. look at these faces. this is an excited crowd because they are part of history as we are waiting for pope francis to arrive in the united states for the very first time in his life. . you have kids from catholic schools in the washington, d.c. area. we were talking to jim sciutto
12:18 pm
saying they have been practicing rolling out the carpet. on a good day traffic in washington is close to gridlock. special interest during the pope's visit, where's he going to be, when will he be there and most important security concerns. we have tasked tom foreman to look into this for us. so tom, talk to me about where he's heading and when. >> brooke e, he is heading into a part of the country where in these three metroplexes there are 36 million people and these are traditionally, as you just noted, in the top ten of the gridlocked areas of the country. as he heads into d.c., for example, he's going to be heading sbo an area that has about 600,000 regular residents, but about a million people who come in every day. they are putting up new cell phone towers. they have a 14-page list of road
12:19 pm
closures for people to deal with as they try to navigate all of this around these big events. look at the areas that are going to become no-go zones during the po pope's visit. this is around the white house and the basilica. he has big events in all these areas that will shut down massive parts of the city while that is happening before he heads out. and important to note here, there will be two sold out concerts in the middle of this by ed sheeran and a a three-night home standby the washington nationals against the orioles. these alone will mess up traffic here. they are warning people to count an an hour or more just each way trying to come and go to all of this. basically saying if you want to get in here and you're going to drive, don't. if you're going to, drive way
12:20 pm
out and try to come back in. then when you start going up to new york, the events you have up there, you're going to have the same thing. >> i'm flying out on thursday. i'm marrying two people on friday. i'm trying to avoid some of this. one person comes in, i'm trying to get out. tom foreman, two words for everyo everyone. public transportation. thank you so much. i have two gentlemen sitting next to me who will talk about security. we'll get a quick break in. live pictures as we're waiting for the pope to arrive. it's one thing to have the u.s. secret service protecting and anticipating the president's every move. the u.s. secret service has been watching videos to anticipate the pope's moves in the next couple days here in the united states. we'll talk about that, the challenge, the choreography, next here on cnn. just might be the one.
12:21 pm
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12:25 pm
live pictures from joint base andrews. minutes from now the pope should be touching down here on u.s. soil. history in the making. stay with us. we'll take the whole thing live. a huge story line for the next couple days as he's in the united states. the five-day tour of the united states will have ironclad security. it's up to the secret service to lead all of this and officials say it will be intense. they spent $15 million renting bike racks to be used as barriers along the travel routes with crowds will be the biggest issue. there will be hundreds of thousands of people. officials are and understandably so concerned about people trying
12:26 pm
to run up to the pope, touch the pope like one protesters did in havana. there are worries about how to handle his desire to pop out of his motorcade to mingle with the crowd. i have carl bernstein and je jeffrey robinson, the author of "standing next to history", a book on the secret service. let's just begin with what happened in '81 when there was the attempt on pope john paul ii. that was before he came to meet and greet president reagan. how has security juxtaposed, how has that changed? >> you want to talk about the assassination attempt? he was in an open pope mobile.
12:27 pm
it's a dangerous thing according to the people who need to protect him. there are views on what he wants to do. in '86 because the pope had been a victim of an assassination attempt, the head of the massive protective operation for the pope, he went over to rome, said i don't like it. it's open, i'm also if i'm going to sit in the front seat, i can't get to him. he had some sent over to the secret service garage where they rebuilt the pope mobile so he had direct access to the pope. there was nothing to stop him. he was closed in and protected. >> so he helped craft that. >> yes. now you have a pope showing up with an open pope mobile and it's absolutely horrendous that
12:28 pm
the secret service is allowing this to happen. which says to me that the secret service does not have the last word, which is a very dangerous situation. >> the important thing to remember is who did it. the man who probably was acting on behalf of the bul gair yaen secret service would have liked nothing to see him leave the earth because of what he was doing in poland and a pivotal figure in the fall of communism. and he was known to the authorities. so father beck talked about isis. and they have pronounced their desire to see their flag over the vatican. so worry here is someone asked and in the case of '81, it worked. and it's everybody's nightmare
12:29 pm
and we can also overestimate the dangers here as well. the secret service is very accustomed to throwing a pretty great blanket over our presidents, but like the pope, ronald reagan, a few weeks before the pope was shot, reagan was shot. one of the things they talked about when they met in the vatican, reagan said i think we were both spared for a reason from assassins. and it's part of what goes with this territory. this pope has a kind of fatalism about him. he's talked about i might not be here for too long. >> because pope john ii in '86, he said, there was this attempt on your life. you need to listen to erveg we tell you to do. >> we have spoken several times about the gold standard that was set by the reagan secret
12:30 pm
service. and how it is deteriorated considerably. one of the things that worries me is the fact that if the secret service had its druthers, that pope mobile would not be open, which says to me there are other forces at work here. of course, the vatican wants him accessible. the arch diocese want him accessible. but i fear that the secret service is not totally in charge because they are no longer a treasury. they didn't have to ask anybody's permission. now part of homeland security, there may be too many cooks in the kitchen. >> do you want to respond to that? >> i think the secret service is a very effective agency. they have had some problems in the last couple years, disciplinary problems, also some protection problems because some of the agents have been drunk at times. they do their job well and they have a plan here. the new york city police department is involved in this, d.c. police department, military, counterintelligence,
12:31 pm
we have the best security in the world here. i don't think there's any question about that. there's always risks. and it's a part of this story, but let's not overestimate it either and sort of sit here and speculate about inviting danger. >> no one is talking about inviting danger. i want to sit here five days from now and say everything went absolutely smoothly. what incredible visit to be witnessing here whether you live in any of these cities or not. thank you so much. we are getting new information as we're anticipating the arrival there at joint base andrews. the red carpet is ready to be rolled any minute now as the plane lands from cuba. new information on the plane, we'll share that with you when our special live coverage here on cnn continues.
12:32 pm
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12:36 pm
coming, live pictures here in maryland. we're hearing officially from white house pool that president obama has now arrived a ahead of pope francis. they are on the tarmac along with the first lady, vice president joe biden there as well. but we have new information as it pertains to the papal plane. let's go to our aviation correspondent renee marsh with a little bit of news. this plane, according to a website tracking all these flights, it's been circling for a bit. >> right, so we saw it in realtime doing about two loops. at one point it made a u-turn and did that for quite some time. the question was what was happening. the reason was simply because it
12:37 pm
was just plainly speak iing ahe of schedule. it was looking like it was going to land a a good 45 minutes too early, so they were killing a bit of time out in the air above the carolinas or some portion of virginia and making those loops. . but now we know that this aircraft is making its approach there at andrews air force base as we speak. >> rosa flores, who was personally bless ed by the pope ahead of arriving on cuba. we'll hear from her and get color from the travels from cuba to washington. tell me more about -- once he lands in washington and then on to new york and philadelphia. how will he be traveling from city to city? >> well, he's traveling commercial once again. he's flying commercial just like you and i would fly on a commercial flight. we have details. we know it's an american
12:38 pm
airlines flight. that's the specific aircraft he will be flying once he's within the united states. of course, he's arriving on a flight, but when he leaves d.c. and travels to new york as well as to philadelphia and then back to rome, he will be flying on an american airlines boeing 777. we know they just today an airline official telling me that they placed that papal seal on the side of the aircraft. that's about the only modification that will be made to this aircraft. we also know that the faa approved for this aircraft to have the official call sign shepard one. so when air traffic control is speaking to the american airlines captain who will be flying the pope, they will refer to this aircraft as shepard one, that is the official name. so again, american airlines, they are the ones that's going to be -- they are the carrier that will be taking the pope from point to point within the united states. >> okay, renee, thank you very
12:39 pm
much. we have jim sciutto at andrews. so we now know, jim, the president is there. he drove, the president took about 35 minutes for him to get there to andrews. now we're minutes away from the pope's arrival. >> reporter: that's right. the president's motorcade arrived a few minutes ago. we see the pope's own motorcade that they cued up for him staging over here. everyone poised. you have the red carpet poised here to be rolled out. you have the honor guard lined up over here ready to welcome. you have the crowd welcome. they were just saying prayers as wl. the high school band the lost song they played was "happy." that captures the mood here. you have part of the crowd of several hundred people. a lot of anticipation, no question. a lot of preparation went into this. and this just a small taste of the kind of crowds that the pope
12:40 pm
is going to be greeted with here. some few hundred here. keep in mind, as we get into the next few days, the mass he will be giving, the address before congress as he travels through central park, we're talking about hundreds of thousands in those venues. this just a a small sample of the welcome he's going to receive as he comes to the u.s. for the first time in his life. >> the pope extraordinarily well read, well briefed. would he recognize a tune by pharrell? that's the question. standby for me. special coverage of the pope's historic trip here to the united states continues right after this quick break. minutes from now. we stop arthritis pain,
12:41 pm
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welcome back to our viewers around the u.s. and throughout the globe. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. any minute a plane carrying one of the most influential leaders in the world will touch down at joint base andrews right outside washington, d.c. and the pontiff is, pope francis will take his first ever steps on u.s. soil. while in washington, d.c., he will deliver a message to a joint meeting of congress. but as the world waiting anxiously for the pope's message, many others have long been focusing on keeping the pontiff safe here in the united states. the pope's trip has been deemed aurity special event by the department of homeland security. we'll be covering all angles o of this historic visit. he's only the fourth pope to
12:46 pm
ever visit the united states. our team of reporters is with his holiness every step of the way on this journey. on the plane, at the white house, capitol hill and all over washington, d.c., new york and philadelphia. but let's start at andrews air base and cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. we're expecting his holiness to touch down any moment. who is there waiting with you right now? >> reporter: we have just been told to expect him to touch down in ten minutes time. i'll tell you who is waiting. we have seen the honor guard line up behind me here around the red carpet, which has yet to be rolled out. to my left we have the pope's own motorcade staged ready to take him to downtown d.c. we have a crowd of several hundred people, kids from mostly local catholic schools. we have a high school band that's been practicing everything from "happy" to religious songs. they have been praying as well. behind the scenes, as you referenced, a cast of thousands,
12:47 pm
literally, for is what a an unprecedented security operation. one of the biggest security operations in the country's history. they are calling this a national security special event. affording this pope the security that they might afford the president himself. and according to the president himself is here. he arrived a number of minutes ago. and in something we have never seen before, the president and vice president both here together to welcome a world leader, to welcome the pope. presidents have welcomed the pope before. george w. bush was here for pope benedict but never a president and vice president. >> i'm going to interrupt for a a second. we're looking at a live picture of the plane, which is the faa has called shepard one. that's the name of it. it's quite an exciting moment as you were just discuss iing. >> reporter: no question, we can say it. >> what are some of the gifts
12:48 pm
people have brought? >> reporter: i was tweeted a message from an american who brought him a cup of his favorite tea. it's a south american tea. you might have tried it before he's been seen drinking in public. that's a challenge for secret service because people like to bring him gifts. sometimes they throw the gifts a at him. obviously a challenge if you're a secret service agent and you see someone throwing something at the pope. that's one of the many challenges because this is his style. he wants to connect. he's said that don't do these trips, in his words, unless you can have a human connection can, a human communication. that's the challenge for security services. they want to keep him safe, but they also want to allow him to do what he's known to do. and that's connect with real people, connect with them closely. it's a challenge not just here, but all the stops he makes. i can see the plane probably a couple hundred feet off the
12:49 pm
ground now. you hear the crowd go quiet here as they look and direct their iphones to capture pictures of this as he touches down. >> only the fourth ever visit to the united states by a pope. we do recall when pope benedict was met at the same base in 2008 by then president george w. bush. president obama will be there today with his family along with the vice president, vice president biden, the first catholic to be vice president in history. so i'm sure he was in particular excited to come. we know that president obama will be there with his wife, the first lady and their daughters. and his mother-in-law. joe biden will be there with his wife and two of their granddaughters as well as a hos
12:50 pm
>> reporter: no question. they've been praying. they've been singing songs. there was a moment earl why we noticed they put out banners in front of them, saying things like jesus loves you with pictures of the pope. they were taken down it is an official government event top have a public religious demonstration, even with a visit to the pope, welcomed by the president, that public demonstration, apparently too much. it hasn't kept the people from singing. you can hear them chanting now as well. >> listening to them chanting what happ are they chanting? >> reporter: it was drowned out a bit. earlier saying "hey, hey, pope francis is on the way."
12:51 pm
you're going to see this in your frame soon, a string of religious leaders in their purple sashes and black robes coming out among the party greeting -- >> jim sciutto. >> reporter: -- at front of the line the archbishop. >> stand by. i want to bring in the english language media attache for the vatican. father, thank you so much for joining me you know this pope very, very well as he steps foot on american soil for the first time, only the fourth pope to do this. what do you think is going through his mind? >> i think there's great excitement. he's never been to the united states. today is the first, many, many firsts. this grandiose reception offered to him, america's represented here, large media corps. kids screaming in the background. but what you see here is reflective of what's going on across the country, across the world, because a man of peace is in our midst today. a man of hope.
12:52 pm
somebody who is loved not only by the catholic chu but goodwill around the worm this is a moment of history we're watching. and the american government putting on this royal welcome, both the president and vice president, members of the government representatives of the bishops conference and of course cardinl donald wuerl, host of this part of the visit. >> some of the officials, cardinal wuerl of the washington archdiocese, archbishop joseph k ruchl kurtz, cardinal theodore mccarrick, archbishop emeritus and timothy brolio. >> all here to welcome the great pastor from rome, their brother, the pope, vicar of christ, the bishop of rome, as he likes to call himself. >> father, i don't need to tell you, the pope's arriving today in a country where many say they
12:53 pm
no longer have faith, some say that if lapsed catholics or former catholics were their own religious sect, they'd be the second largest sect behind only cathics who are observant. how does this pope tend to shepherd worshippers back into the church? >> the pope has one mission, announce the gospel of joy. he wrote that exertation and talking about the joy of being christian and the joy of being human and that message transcends all races, all generations, transcends all people. why have so many people responded to the man? extraordinary goodness. i heard from many authenticity. a revolution of normalcy. and the fact that he's entering the united states from cuba is highly significant. the past few days in cuba, have been a huge dose and a jolt of
12:54 pm
hope for people who have lived very dark moments. and he raised those points with them. he brought them joy. he told the young people two nights ago, you have to dream. if you don't dream, life becomes very difficult. and it's very, very significant that a man who helped to broker a new relationship with cuba is here today and coming from cuba to bring some of the joy from cuba here to the united states. many, many people are looking forward to his visit. people that are christian, people with no religion at all, i think it's very simple. goodness and humanity recognize goodness and humanity and that's what we're welcoming today in our midst. >> father, stay with us. i want to bring in cnn's rosa flores, who is on the papal plane. she took off from cuba with the pope shortly before 12:30. she has now just touched down, along with his holiness. rosa, did the pope have anything to say while he was on the plane
12:55 pm
flying from cuba to the united states? >> reporter: yes, in fact, he tells a brief press conference, allowed journalists, including myself, to ask questions. and just to give you a couple of headlines, he said that he is not a lefty. he was asked if he was a liberal, communist or catholic purpose. he said that would be a mistake for people to think that, that he's never said anything outside of the social doctrine of the roman catholic church and that even the doctrine on economic imperialism is still following social doctrine of the church. now about the embargo, jay, he's saying he's not going to mention the embargo when he addresses u.s. congress. he might think about bilateral, multilateral agreements, a sign of progress. he also talked about dissidents and not meeting with them and
12:56 pm
about his brief meeting with fidel. he said they spoke about the environment, very much interested in the environment and they didn't speak about the past. so again, it was a brief press conference, took some questions and headed back to the front of the plane. >> obviously, since landing, they've added the vatican flag and the flag of the united states to the front near the nose of the pope's plane. rosa flores, this is also been a personal journey for you. we have pictures of you, images of you being blessed by his holiness, if you're watching tv you can see the top left corner of your screen. what's your interaction with him been like? >> reporter: i'm very humbled, jake, quite frankly, to have this opportunity to be able to cover pope francis.
12:57 pm
it's no secret, i'm catholic. having the opportunity to speak with the pope and get his -- it's amazing, remarkable feeling. there is no description to it. i think that they could identify with that experience. having that opportunity, once in a lifetiming i was able to go up to the front of the plane, not where he was sitting, but i asked hum a question. i asked him about dissidents and so i had another opportunity to be close to pope francis. he answered, looked at me in the eye the entire time, and it's just a very genuine interaction, i've got to tell you. he's just very genuine. you can tell that he thinks about what he's going to say and
12:58 pm
speaks from heart. >> what did his holiness have to say to you about the dissidents in cuba? i know there were a lot of people in the human rights community that had hoped that the pope would be able to meet with him. i know the cuban government wasn't exactly helping to facilitate that. what did he have to say? >> reporter: i asked him about the reports that we heard, jake of more than 15 dissidents being arrested outside and he said that he didn't know about this, that he didn't have any understanding or learning of that happening. i asked if he were to meet with dissidents, what he would tell them. i said what would you tell them, holy father, if you had the opportunity to meet with them? and he said that, you know, he actually told me that i picked a nobel prize for hypothetical question and laughed. and then went on to say that you
12:59 pm
know, that he loves meeting with everybody and that he always wishes everyone around the world well. he didn't quite answer my question, jake, and thought about it for a while, and said you know, i just wish everybody well. i love encountering with everybody, everybody that you encounter with someone, deal with someone, you're enriched by your interaction with that person. >> rosa flores, stay with us. our cnn correspondent who is on the papal plane. let's go from inside the plane to outside the plane to our national security correspondent jim sciutto on the tarmac. tell us what you're seeing. what is the crowd doing? what is the reaction to the exciting moment? >> reporter: well, jake, we've got a remarkable view. right on just a few yards away from that staircase leading up to the plane. as the plane pulled up, i watched the crowd here lean up
1:00 pm
against the fences that are around the grandstands here. every one of them pushing forward with a phone or a camera in their hands to capture this moment. you're watching now as you can see that red carpet about to roll out. was interesting, about an hour ago, we saw them roll out the red carpet. we thought, they rolled out the red carpet. that was a practice run. they have practiced everything to a tee here, including that perfectly lined up honor guard you're seeing there as well. they want to get this right. it's a special moment. it's a historic moment. and we've heard the crowd as well quiet down a little bit. they've been singing, they've been cheering, praying, playing pharrell songs, coldplay songs, high school band here. now a moment of silence. perhaps knowing what they're about to see, and just angling for a chance to see it. we've got a remarkable seat here. i have to tell you, jake, i've seen official visits before, i haven't seen one quite like


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