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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm don lemon and wolf is out. 1:00 p.m. here, and 6 #:00 p.m. in london and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem, and wherever you are watch around the world, thanks for joining us. of course, here in the united states, it is a day of ceremony and celebration in our nation's capital with pope francis as a guest of honor. right now the pope is a guest at st. matthews cathedral there in washington, d.c. where he
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address addressed the nation's bishops with tolerance and inclusion. he addressed the bishops and made reference to the history of sexual abuse in the church. >> translator: i know how much the wounds of the last few years have weighed on your spirits and i have joined my efforts with your s hs in the efforts of sec ing -- efforts of succoring the victims, and we must not ever let that happen again. and at the white house, there was a tone of welcome in
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the remarks. >> and we welcome you with the message of empathy and welcoming those with a truly open heart from the refugee leaving a war-torn country to those of a broken heart. >> and to open up new doors to corporation within our human family we receive positive steps along reconciliation, justice and freedom. >> we go back to the st. matthews cathedral with the
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remarks. >> translator: and to assure they won't be overtaken by the wave, and therefore my brothers, i encourage you to face the challenging issues of our time. within each of these challenges as life is a gift and as responsibility, the future of freedom and dignityf of our societies depends upon how we will face these challenges. the innocent victims of abortion, and the children who die from hunger or from bombings or the immigrants who drown in search of a better tomorrow, the e elderly or the sick who are considered a burden or the victims of terrorism, wars, violence and drug trafficking,
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the environment devastated by man's predatory relationship with nature at stake in all of this is always the gift of god of which we are noble stuaeuars and not master, and it is wrong then to look the other way or remain silent. no less important is the gospel of the family which in the world meeting of families in philadelphia that the i am about to the embark on, i will emphatically proclaim together with you and the entire church these essential aspects of the church's mission belong to the core of what we have received
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from the lord. it is tlf our duty to preserve and communicate them even when the tenor of the times resists and becomes hostile to that message. i urge you to offer this witness with the means and the creati creativity borne of love and with the hue mmility of truth. this witness needs to be preached and proclaimed to those without, but it also needs to find room in people's hearts and in the conscious of society. and the pope in washington now really talking in some controversial subjects this morning mentioning global warming and this now talking
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about the victims of abortion, a and the children who die of hunger and also in drowning of waters speaking of the syrian refugees on the syrian/greek border. let's talk more and the pope's visit and the pope's message. cnn vatican correspondent is delia gallagher, and the significance of this speech, delia? >> well, he has delved into the heart of the issues for pope francis, and what he is doing here, don, he is drawing together the whole pie, saying it is a seamless garment meaning that it is a reference to the seamless garment of jesus that he wore when he was carrying the cross, and it says that the s d soldiers cast lots at the seamless garment, and the idea is that you run from the protection of unborn life, abortion, through the end of life, and all of the issues in between, immigration as you
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mentioned, and the people who die in the seas trying to escape famine and war, and that is important for the pope. the elderly who are alone, and that is important, and economic injusti injustice, and that is important, and this is where he is drawing all of those together to his brother bishops to say, have the courage to address these. we cannot remain silent in the face of these issues, and so what we are seeing is the pope coming together for what are for some more conservative issue, and liberal issues together in the seamless garment. >> and delia, if you look at it in the political context then it is controversial and may be seen as liberal versus the conservative, but he is looking at it the in biblical context as he has said, and there should be nothing kcontroversial about it because he is reit rating what is in the doctrine. >> right. that is the whole point here, this is the social teaching of the church, and bringing it forward and bringing it forward
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so that the bishops in turn will bring it forward to the people. and also, interesting, don, the support of the work against the crimes of sex abuse, and that is another important topic, and we have seen the pope all morning go into the top issues for him, and that is obviously one that he needed to mention. he mentioned it in the place that we thought he might, and ie with the bishops and gave full support for the continued work against what he called that the crime of the clerical sex abuse. >> it is important to use the word crime. and delia gallagher, we will see you later on in the coverage of cnn. and meanwhile, the pope's visit to the white house is filled with all of the pomp an pageantry that you would expect. and the pope's visit, we will discuss and the significance of all of the catholics in the country, and i want you to to see the sights and sounds of this morning. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama.
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♪ [ "hail to the chief" ] >> what a beautiful day that the lord has made. your holy father. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy a guest in this country which was lastly built by such families. i will have the honor of addressing congress where i will hope as a brother of this country to offer words of
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encouragement to those called to guide the nation's political future, freedom being one of america's most precious possessions, and all are called to be vigilant as good citizens and to defend that freedom from everything that would threaten or come ppromise it. i look forward to these days in your country. god bless america. all right. that is the pope this morning, and we want to go back to st. matthews as the pope is about to wrap up the sermon to the bishops there. >> and from the beginning you have learned their languages, promoted their cause, made their contributions your own, defended
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their rights, helped them to prosper, and keep alive the flame of their the faith. even today, no american institution does more for emigrae immigrants than your christian communities. you are now facing this long stream of latin immigration which affects so many of your diosese. not only as a bishop of rome, but also as a pastor coming from the south. i feel the need to thank you. and to encourage you. perhaps, it will not be easy for you to read their soul. perhaps, you will be tested by
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their diversity. but rest assured and keep in mind that they also possess resources meant to be shared, and so, open your arms and walk to them and welcome them without fear, and offer them the warmth, and the love of christ, and you will unlock the mystery of their heart. i am certain that once again, these people will enrich america and its church. may god bless you and our lady watch over you, thank you.
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[ applause ] that is a message from the
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pope just concluding at st. matthews cathedral in washington, d.c. and the pope is dealing with historical issues that have to deal with the catholic church, and current events and the sexual abuse scandal in the church, and calling it a crime right out, and also immigration. and the fact is what is it like to be in the crowd on the south lawn in the white house to be there, and to be there in washington to be there up close to listen to pope. and ana navarro and donna brazile were there and they are there in our washington studio, and hello to you, ana and donna as well, and describe the scene for us, and what it is like to be there for ceremony and to see the pope firsthand. >> it was exciting, it was refreshing, and it is spiritual, and bipartisan and nonpartisan in a way, because people were not there as republicans or
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democrats in a town where everything lines up along those lines. people were there to see this pope, to embrace his message of mercy. we saw, you know, so many members of congress and senate and people running for president, and let me tell you, don, there were enough quo e mows and kennedys there to fill up a plane. you know, there were celebrities there, and eva longoria was sitting there behind donna and i and there were the special needs sister who asked to meet the pope and she said one person in the world i want to meet, and the pope. e e eva thought it would be easier if she wanted to meet george clooney, but she brought her and her mom, and the kendis had so many of t -- kennedys had so many of the children there, and up on their shoulders, and it was so wonderful for those of us who see the pope as amazing spiritual leader, and you saw so
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many religious leaders of other faiths there. and you saw people from the greek church there. pastor rick warren was there, and it is a celebration of spirituality and faith and just, you know, it had -- don nandna were getting our catholic groove on. >> donna, ana says it is nonpartisan, and in the political season here, we tend to look at it in a political life, but the pope says he is not speaking in a conservative or liberal view, but from the dock trin, and as you said, i have been speaking of religious leaders from of all faith, but it is not bipartisan, but religious if that is a word. >> well, ecumenical, and it is a celebration of the deep pir chul need to be in fellowship with one another. athat is right. we sat near t.d. jakes, you
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know, the pastor jim wallace and so many people from so many faiths, and so many denominations. martin luther king's daughter reverend bernice king was there, and a moment of what i call pure joy. >> what is your personal takeaway. your most personal moment, donna? >> when he quoted dr. martin luther king and talked about the promissory note. this is a pope that understands history, and really theology, and when he quoted dr. king, it was just a moment when i just smiled. i said that he understands. i mean, not that far away from where he was standing, dr. king delivered the i have a dream speech, and we have a commitment not just to the planet, but to each other, and the pope reminded us of the spiritual journey that we are all on. >> and there was a wonderful moment, don, with the pomp and the circumstance and the color guard and the bands playing and
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we are all dressed to the "t" standing there, and the pope arrives in the tiny fiat, and it reminds you of the humility and the awe then tuthenticity and l realness of the man, and he does not tell people to focus on the poor, and he does it, and he acts with the humility. >> and he reaches out to touch people, and a big concern for the security people, but that is who the pope is. i want both of you standby, and we will get back to you and continue to move on with special coverage of the pope's visit to the united states. up next, the white house, and tomorrow capitol hill, and we will look at the address to the pope addressing congress. some say he should stick to religion, and steer clear of politics. we will be right back. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't.
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. >> welcome back to the viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm don lemon and the leader of the free world and the leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics are meeting face-to-face here in the oval office here at the white house. that is the extraordinary scene as president obama met with pope fran sis. and the two agree on re-establishing ties with cuba, and addressing economic inequality and climate change, but they differ on abortion rights and the contra sceptive mandate under the health care law, and so now, let's bring back c nshgs nshnn political co
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ana navarro and donna brazile and bring in ron brownstein. and he said, innocent victims of abortion, and children who die from bombings, and immigrants who drown trying to find a better life for tomorrow, and the victims of terrorism, violen violence, drug trafficking, the environment, and he goes on and on and on and to some it is filled with political message, and when he is talking about people drowning, he is talking about the people on the greek/syrian border and i said turkey borders earlier, my apology. ron? >> and his messages do not entirely fit on either side of the red/blue, left/right divide, but one exception is that
10:25 am
everyone has to be struck by how strongly he is emphasizing the immigrant experience, and his worst word -- his first words to us were as the son of an immigrant son, i come to your country. and so who is or is not a legitimate member of the american community, and the pope has palm thumb on the scale of that question. >> and donna with the live pictures coming from st. matthews with the bishops giving him gifts and short discussion, and we have heard the pope touch on the main issues with his speeches at the white house, and how political, donna is the message to get here? >> well, don, i don't look at it in terms of what i call the
10:26 am
politics, because if you are familiar with the catholic social teaching, and if you are familiar with the scripture what the pope is doing is to basically telling us how the obligations as christians and catholics what we are called to do when we accept the faith and accept e jesus. so to pope tomorrow he said that he is going to encourage members of congress, and their responsibility to the rest of us, and i don't see it as political. i mean, look, i don't have 100% agreement with the pope, and like the pope, i'm a sinner, and in fact, if the pope had time on his calendar, and he would need time, and i would love the go to confession, but let me just say this, i think that this pope is going to offer words of wisdom to those who would like to hear what he has to say on many of the important issue, and if it falls on the deaf ears, you know, what i believe that the pope will continue to pray for them, and we will continue to pray for this pope, and his
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strength and the vitality to continue to deliver god's message here on earth. >> listen, i am not a catholic, but i remember catechism, and i had to go anyway, because i went to a catholic school in louisiana. >> don, i can just imagine. >> and made me realize that we are all sirns. >> we are all sinners. >> and let me tell you, don, if the pope had to stay here to hear our confession, it could be days. days. >> he could be here for the rest of the year. >> speak for yourself, ana navarro, and now sh, the pope w be the first pontiff to ever address a joint session of congress. and donna says she not looking at it through a political lenses, but some groups want him to stick to religion and not talk about politics. >> i think that the pope was wrong. and the fact is that his infallibility is on religious matters and not political ones.
10:28 am
>> and i want to tell you that, yeah, i want to tell you sh, an if the white house briefing coming up, i have to cut you off, but how conservative the are the pope's liberal/moral views? >> well, most of the republicans are not, and most people are not watching it through the strict political spectrum and lenses, and if you are, you are way too limited if that is what you are doing. and there is one congressman who is going to be boycotting the pope's speech yesterday, well, lucky for him, god and the pope love all god's children, including the misguided ones. and don't do that, and look, all of us don't the agree with the pope 100%, and there is probably very few americans who agree with the pope 100%, and i say open up your hearts to the message of good and unity of mercy, and of peace and of love and inclusion of his tone of inclusion that he is bringing,
10:29 am
and, you know, leave the politics home, okay. if some politicians don't want the pope to get involved in politic, fine, you don't get involved in religion, and draw the line, and everybody stick to their corners. >> and the democrats are calling on the pope to jump right in on the social and the political issues, and ron and donna, you can respond on this, and i will take a look at this from the youtube videos posted by the house democrats, and here it is. >> we hope that you will speak in support of the comprehensive programs. >> we ask you to help us to speak for those undocumented and living in poverty. >> thank you for speaking for the voiceless, it is time for congress to raise the minimum wage and help those struggling to get out of poverty. >> we hope you will speak about climate change and how income is affecting the most vulnerable.
10:30 am
>> please speak about climate change and stand strong and defend our communities. >> it sounds like the democrats are saying, bring it on, ron? >> well, on certain issue, but there are others that it seems that the pope's views in the seamless garment do not align, and it is a mistake for either of the sides to enlist the pope in their partisan conflict, but having said that, the pope has been willing to lend his voice to contemporary issues more than many of the recent predecessors, and he is not someone who has effect cloistered himself away from the contemporary world. everything that we we have heard today, much of it is at a plane of values, and some of it at the reference to the syrian refugees that drowned could be taken from the headline, and this is a pope co
10:31 am
comfortable to have his words echo through the immediate environment and governments around the world, and even as he does not emphatically does not align with any particular party in the argument with the other. >> i agree. >> donna? >> go ahead. and i have -- >> the white house briefing, and pardon, and i will get back to you, but let's go to the white house briefing. >> sorry, we are having a late start to the day here. >> we will pardon you. >> i am humbled by that expression. well done. well done. >> it is a powerful morning on the south lawn of the white house and i know that many of you were hard at work covering it, but i hope that some of of you were at least able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day and soak in the spirit that was on such nice display this morning. so, but other than that, i don't have any opening comments, so we can go straight to the question
10:32 am
s questions. darlene, would you like to start? >> yes, thank you. what do you for us on the president's meeting with the pope, how long the meeting lasted, how long it lasted and just the two of them, and those kinds of things. >> and a transcript? >> well, unfortunately, bill, i don't mean to disappoint you, but no stenographer in the meet, but it is a one-on-one meeting between the pope and the president, and that is going to limit my ability to offer you a detailed readout, because it was intended to be a private conversation. it did last about 40 minutes. i think that all of you or at least the representatives in the pool did have an opportunity to observe at least the beginning of the discussion, and you stau two men walking through the colonnade of the white house, and the president stopped on a couple of occasions to describe the surroundings to the pope who is visiting the white house for the first time. i think it is the president
10:33 am
certainly did enjoy the opportunity to play host to dda. d it was an opportunity for the president to show the pope around the white house, and to introduce the pope to senior members of his staff, the catholic members of the staff did have an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with the pope. so this is a visit that the president genuinely enjoyed, but i am unable to give you much detail about the private discussions. >> how pleased would you say that the president was or how pleased that the white house was that the pope went to climate change on his first visit to the u.s. to the white house? >> well with, the pope did have some kind words for the president's work on this issue, and the president certainly welcomed that the expression from the pope. i think in general, this is
10:34 am
something that was said in the lead-up to the pope's visit and continues to be true today that the goal of the pope's visit and the goal of the meeting is to not advance anyone's political agenda, and i think that listen ing to the pope's comments, it was clear that he was speaking with a passion and a conviction about the need to act on climate issues that was deeply rooted in his faith. so he was not looking to speak a political message, but speaking from the heart and with a kon vick sthun that is going to resonate with people all around the world >> and having him talk about climate change, what do you think about what he said here today, do you see it influencing the debate going forward or the nex steps from the white house on this issue? >> well, i think that time will te tell.
10:35 am
and i think that the pope, himself, acknowledged that. acknowledged the opportunity that people around the world have to seize this opportunity. i mean, the pope did make a conscious decision to capitalize on this high profile moment to deliver this message, and these were obviously, the first public statements that he offered on american soil. it wasn't as if he thought that nobody would be listening. so he'll have additional opportunities over the next five days of the visit to deliver additional messages that he is going to seek to prioritize and the next big one that is coming up is the speech that he is going to be delivering before congress tomorrow, and he made a brief allusion to offer encouragement to the members of that body as they are going to try to advance the important work to the people before him as
10:36 am
well. and i think that, it is clear that even when, you know, talk about the issue of climate change that everybody acknowledges that congress has a role in that as well. >> finally, since we are talking about the climate change, any comment or reaction to hillary clinton's reaction to braeak th silence, and say that she is opposed to the keystone pipeline? >> well, i amt not sure that there were many people at least in this room, and either any of you or any of us were particularly surprised by her comments or her position, and you know, we have said for some time that essentially secretary clinton and others who have decided to run for president will have the opportunity to run for their the priorities and position on a range of issues, but the responsibility of those in government is different, and in this case, the state department continues to consider this specific policy consistent with the way that other inf
10:37 am
infrastructure projects are considered, and this project has lasted longer than the typical review conducted, but there are a variety of factors influencing the review, including a number of legal procedures that have extended the extent of the project, and for the time frame of when we would expect that review to be completed, i would review to the state department. >> josh, were you able to give any details of the conversation, and specifically, can you say whether or not any of the hot button social issues that we know they the disagree on like abortion or gay marriage came up? >> well, jeff, i cannot give details and the reason that the two men wanted to meet together in the oval office was to have a private discussion. >> was there an interpreter
10:38 am
the there? >> my understanding is that there was an interpreter there, but only the two of them talking. >> so no suggestion on whether the less agreeable toings beyond climate change were there? >> even though an interpreter was present, the intention is for that conversation to remain private. >> it seems that they took longer to come down to the colonnade and the oval office at least than on the time schedul.d did they linger longer upstairs or hang out with the family, or what happened? >> that is the time when some of the catholic members of the president's staff did have an opportunity to meet the pope, and an opportunity for the president to meet the visiting delegation of the vatican as l well, and that is typical of these kinds of formal visits. >> and a new topic, opm released additional information about that breach.
10:39 am
>> yes. >> the white house has not identified china as the official state sponsor of that, and will that happen before the visit, and can you give us some details of why that was released in the middle of the pope's visit? you are looking at the white house briefing there and josh earnest is giving the briefing, and the takeaway is that the reporter asked about the pope speaking about climate change, and he said that the president appreciated his words on climate change, and he also said that it was not a political expression on his part, and he didn't believe, but he said that he does believe that the pope used this the opportunity to get the word out, but it was not to advance any sort of political agenda. he was conscious to make a conscious decision to capitalize on a high profile moment, and he said that the president and the pope met for 40 minutes with an interpreter, and the pope is leaving st. matthews now, after
10:40 am
leaving with all of the bishops after giving him that message to take forward and the pope leaving that meeting now, and of course, you can hear that there is applause there, and he is supposed to depart at about 12:30, or 12:45, but of course, he is running behind, because as you can see, that the pope is the man of the people, and he likes to be out amongst the crowd, and talking to people. and of course, as a pope, he is going to address congress later on, and he has a full day tomorrow as well, and as we mentioned he is going to address congress and visit st. patrick's church and meet with the homeless, and then the pope heads to new york right here on friday where he is going to address the united nations s a sem bli, and where he is going to go to the 9/11 memorial, and then on to pennsylvania where he is going to attend the festival of families, and then on to rome
10:41 am
sunday, and it is a whirlwind trip for the pope. one of the vatican representatives said that he was not surprised in a bad way not with the crowd that greeted him, because he said possibly that he is tired, because it is a long trip for the pope, and there he is leaving in the famous fiat now in washington, d.c. as we look at the pictures, we will take a quick break and take a quick look back as we come back after the break of the pope's visit to the united states.
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welcome back to special coverage here of the pope's visit. you are looking at the shrine of the immaculate conception, and a special cannonization will take place here in a couple of hours, and it is the largest roman catholic church in north america, and one of the ten largest churches in the world. the pope is going to arrive there to canonize a saint on american soil and without question, it is a his ttoric moment, and historic moment here and one steeped in controversy, because the honor is going to the 18th century california missionary who some believe is more of a sinner than a sane. and rosa flores knows more about this, and she is joining us outside of the basilica where
10:47 am
that background is known, rosa. >> he is an 18th century franciscan missionary, and came here to establish missions and churches and evangelize ed d int area, and there is a lot of controversy about this, and a lot of people love him, and he is going to be canonized here with the holy mass celebrated with pope francis, and it is controversy, because there are a lot of la ttino groups and nati american groups who say it opens up bleeding wounds, because it is a time when their cultures and languages were ripped from them, and so there is controversy because of this, but the church is definitely defending it. don? >> yes, row sashgs you have said that the vatican has defended this, and how is the vatican defending it? >> you know, we have seen it in other places. in south america, for example,
10:48 am
when i was there months ago covering pope francis' visit there as well, there is this idea of priests, missionaries who have gone to areas where they are heavily native american or indian in those particular countries and these priests in south america for example jesuit priest priests would go to the areas and help fight for the rights of native americans, and of the angle that the church is taking here, and they are saying that serra was defending the rights of the native american groups. don? >> all right. rosa flores, standby, and i am doing to say that before we he goes into the cathedral where you are, he is at the apostolic nunzia where he is staying, and where we have been reporting, and as we have been telling you that since the pope, and this
10:49 am
man has been the pope, he likes to e reach the crowds and touch the people. and we are going to be listening in for the folks greeting the pope, and the folks ecstatic to see him. [ cheers and applause ]
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10:53 am
when it comes to his ongoing feud with fox news. the gop front-runner wrote on twitter, foz news has been treated me unfairly and i therefore have decided to not do any more fox news for the foreseeable future. let's discuss this with our senior reporter mia malika henderson. what do you make of this attack and threat really i guess you could call it against fox news? >> i guess it depends on what foreseeable future is. is that two te'is, three days? wh who knows? this is something we've seen in this campaign, trump arguing with news channels, he's said disparaging about cnn and reporters. this is classic trump in many ways. i think at some point he'll have a conversation with folks from fox news and they'll smooth this all out. but this has been very much par for the course with this campaign. >> so it's not the first time he's done it. in the past, trump and fellow
10:54 am
republican candidate ted cruz have blamed some of the controversy he may be upset about over obama's birthplace on the muslim issue on none other than hillary clinton. so this morning i want you to listen to this on the radio i asked hillary clinton about those allegations that in the 2008 presidential campaign it was her team that started pushing this whole birther narrative and she had a confrontation with the president over the issue. here's her response. >> that is so ludicrous, don, honestly. i just believe that first of all it's totally untrue and secondly the president and i have never had any kind of confrontation like that. you know, this is such a bad example of what's wrong with instantaneous reactions and americans getting all worked up and people feeding prejudice and
10:55 am
paranoia like donald trump. you know, obviously, all of us have to stand against it. you know, i have been blamed for nearly everything. that was a new one to me. but, you know, i'll just keep going and talking about what i want to do to get incomes rising and making college affordable and making all the positive changes that we have to be worried about. >> mia, that was this morning on the morning show. you covered the campaign back in 2007-2008. do you think we can finally put this birther issue to rest for both sides now? >> probably not because conspiracy theories just don't really work that way. sort of the more you talk about them, the more you give them oxygen and the more they go on and on. i'm glad you asked her this question. it come upz again and again. and she i think -- she's right in what she said. she did not start this. she did not want to campaign based on framing obama as the other, as somehow unamerican. she ran a campaign that was based on experience.
10:56 am
so i think it is sort of a rumor that republicans are now saying that she started these rumors or her campaign started these resume rrumo rumors. this will come up again and again because it's the nature of the politics and the internet in this culture we have where everyone is paranoid and in some ways believe in kons spirtscy theories. >> people will believe what they want no matter what fact checks you show them. they'll believe what they want. thank you, we'll see you later. >> thanks. >> that is it for me. more of our special coverage of our pope's special visit to america begins right after this very quick break.
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hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn special breaking coverage of a phenomenally monumental day in history. pope francis bringing the streets of the u.s. capital in
11:00 am
washington, d.c., to an absolute halt. >> i'll tell you what, he's already having an effect where we are, i'm chris quacuomo. i'm at the catholic university. makes it a special place for the religion and very special today. we are outside the ba kisilica the shrine of the immaculate conception. that's where the pope will lead his first mass on american soil. then he'll go on a whirlwind tour of this city. he's going to get back in the pope mobile. this will be a big deal on different levels. him going around the city, brooke, is obvious. people want to see him. he'll kiss babies. he's going to restore the faithful, the 70 million catholics, the biggest denomination in the country. that's going to be a big deal. just from a celebrity standpoint and from a catholic fanfare standpoint. right now the pope is behind closed doors, as we know, he's taking a little bit


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