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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> that fiat definitely all the talk right now. thank you for being here with us. i'm pamela brown and tomorrow night erin burnet returns and will anchor here in new york. good evening from capitol hill. what a day, what a night and tomorrow, just steps from where i'm standing, pope francis will make history again. he's going to address a joint meeting of congress, a first for lawmakers and a first not just for the pontiff but entire. you see it received as you can see by the look in people's eyes, very warm greeting after a very long day. we just got a great pair of photos from the white house photographer, one a smiling president and smiling pope shaking hands this morning in the oval office. the second, a smiling pope and two portuguese water dogs, first
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dogs beau and sunny. we don't know if they are smiling or not or how big a moment they are part of. no pope has ever done what this pope will do tomorrow or done what he did today. five minutes before 9:00 a.m., the pope began his day doing what those around him say he loves, gets cloting close to hi followe followers. outside the ambassador's residence, pope francis eventually got into his fiat and motorcade departed for first of many stops today, the white house. 11,000 people had been invited to the south lawn to welcome the holy father. as the pontiff's fiat pulled up. president obama and the first lady received him. the president and the pope listened as first the national anthem of the holy sea was played.
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followed by the star spangled banner, the pope's head bowed as president obama placed a hand over his heart and as the two leaders prepare to speak, circumstance led to politics, first with the president. >> we are grateful for your invaluable support for our new begins with the cuban people which holds out the promise -- [ applause ] >> which holds out the promise of better relations between our countries, greater cooperation between our hemisphere and a better life for the cubben people. >> reporter: and weighed in on climate change. >> that climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to a future generation. [ applause ] >> reporter: pope francis also touched on the international refugee crisis, the immigration debate in america and income inequality as the ceremony
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ended, the president, first lady and pope waved to crowds from the the balcony between a meeting between the two leaders. from the white house, the motorcade wound through the streets of washington as thousands came out to witness history. the pope in a retro fitted jeep wrangler waved and stopped at several points to kiss children brought to him. from there, it was on to st. mathews cathedral to address 300 bishops and didn't shy away from the sex abuse scandal that rocked the church in recent years. i have supported your generous commitment to bring healing to victims he said and to work to ensure that such crimes will never be repeated. later on in the afternoon pope francis arriveed to a crowd of 25,000 to celebrate his first mass in the united states. the pope also canonized spanish missionary credited with
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spreading christianity in california and already his tore rick visit to america, the first canonization on u.s. soil. the ceremony at the basilica of the emaclulate conception, the first full day in america was complete. >> what a day it was. we're joined by senior vatican analyst and john, one of the things i saw you wrote earlier today is that we're seeing the emerging of pope francis 2.0. what do you mean by that? >> what i mean is that at the beginning, the popular narrative was to sort of say francis is this hip maverick reformer trying to shakeup a church, in other words, trying to pit him a against the church almost saying he's almost anti church. the narrative, the old narrative was everything you don't like about the catholic church is because of the pope. the new narrative is everything
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you don't like about the catholic church is in spite of the pope, right? he benefitted from that early on because it allowed him to establish an independent charisma. what happened is it's began to bog him down and bogged him down inside the catholic church with people that don't feel he has their best interest of heart. >> there is some push back from conseco conservativ conservatives. >> we're seeing it rolled out in full form here is a pope who is trying to do two things. one, he was trying to correct impressions of himself. we heard him on the plane on the way to the state say i'm not a lefty and you heard him today in the speech with the president, there were issues with the cut left but also issues that cut right, defensive marriage and religious freedom and so on and so i think that's one bit of it and the other bit of it is he's very clear, you heard him on the plane saying i'm not imposing my own views, i am speaking to the
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social doctrine of the catholic church and heard him with the bishops today saying i speak not in high own voice but also the voice of my predecessor. the message he's trying to say is if you don't like me or disagree with what i'm saying, what you're really disagreeing with is the official doctrine of the church. >> do you agree? when you look at doctrine of the church what the pope is saying is in line with doctrine of the church, he's not changing church doctrine but putting greater emphasis on flexibility and mercy but it's essentially the same. >> he's changed nothing but provided a completely new vocabula vocabulary, lens and frame work to transmit the teachings. what he asked us to do is look at the difficulties we had in getting teachings across. a lot are not resistance from the people but the way we presented them. tells us clearly the language of mercy can do a lot more good in transmitting a message than hitting people over the head and
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the way that the bishops talked today was particularly wonderful talk, a method of teaching, method of encouraging brothers but also a method of inviting people to go further. he praised the united states. he praised the church of the united states for the great contributions to the world but he said we got to go a little further now. we got other work to do. we have a massive refugee crisis and have to open our doors because this will cause us to change and he identified himself as the son of immigrants and immigrants who came here and built this very country that resonated with many, many people in the audience. >> it was fascinating to hear him at the white house today. the range of top picks he discussed, as you and i talked about earlier, is very unusual for an individual speaker of the white house. >> well, sure. i mean, you and i can come up with a list of 100 people that might come to the white house and discuss the defensive marriage and religious freedom and can do the same for people that would come and talk about
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immigration and cliemmate chang but more or less equal emphasis, that's a short list and i think what it illustrates is not just with this pope but catholic social teaching, completely defies the left, right divides in american politics and it will be very fascinating, particularly when he's in that building tomorrow talking to congress. to see if people are really willing to set aside their filters and sort of reflect on the totality of what he's saying or if the minute he's done, the game of spin will begin. >> father, what does it mean, i mean, so much is placed on his humility, on his, the vehicles he travels in, his emphasis on more see, on flexibility. not so much the rules but mercy and reaching out to people in a nuts and bolts way, what does that mean for bishops in the united states, for pastors in the united states? >> what he's telling us very clearly with those choices, these are not photo opportunities. these are not cute symbols that he's passing along, style is
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substance. the substance that he's communicating is hey, guys, everybody, look at the way you're living. do you need all that stuff? how much is associated with your identity. to be a bishop he said today clearly is to be a father figure who calls forth life who doesn't produce burro cats and the language tells us everything counts for him. i don't think there is one thing calculate. he's doing what he always done. he lived simplicity in life. he was just doing this. he may have been considered an odd ball for doing that. he comes to rome and is a great teaching device. do i need a big car? do i have to live like a prince? he's telling us there is another way to do things because that's the way he's constantly done it. >> when we saw him looking in the pope mobile, you get the sense in the past he likes to interact with the crowds.
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how difficult was it for him not to be out there along that route, you know, walking the line with people? >> well, i'll come to that in a minute. i know a guy in the vatican motor pull that says nobody will check out the mercedes anymore. >> i love that you know a guy in the motor pull of the vatican. >> listen, there has been an arch with pope plan sfrancis, hd defy security and plunge into crowds willy nilly. i said on the air shortly after his election the world may be turned with this guy but his security team is not. sales of hard medicine were off the charts. he's had to become more controlled and if you notice, he is much more willing to allow that form around him and steer him because you know what argument worked for him, not he was putting himself at risk, he
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was making life harder for the people whose job it is to protect it. >> john alan, great to have you and we'll talk to you later. thank you both. long day for you. more on that subject, very real question of how to reconcile the contact this pope enjoys with people and keeping himself and new polling in the race for the republican nomination, shake jups, as well details ahead.
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. welcome back. pope francis left and traveled back to the vatican by way of a fiat about as far removed from a bulletproof limo in washington or anywhere else. that's one reason secure si spending sleepless nights. spontaneous moments like this, a little girl, 5-year-old sophie cruz, she tried to get the pontiff and second time invited over. undocumented immigrants said my friends and i love each other no matter our skin color. the pope seeks out and cherishes moments like that. for more on the unique
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challenge, we're joined by tom foreman. we talked how hard this might be for security and today, it showed some reasons why. >> yeah, absolutely. this whole obsceneless and calm but there were undeniably moments, particularly in hot zones where the security was so high in the white house where agents were scrambling to maintain position and keep the the pope safe from the sea of the people. while you see pictures like this from the white house, this is what was going on not far. these security gates opened up at 4:00 in the morning to go through a massive screening of everybody around the pontiff and same thing when he rode out around the white house. we saw pictures like this, thousands of smiling faces waving hands, but look down the street here. look at the huge presence of vehicles around the the pope to keep people back. look at the number of officers here and they are not just covering a quick movement from a vehicle into the building. every time he moved, he was exposed for many long minutes to
5:17 pm
tens of thousands of people both here and later at the basilica and if you think about it, anderson, the only time we saw something like that generally with the president is during his inauguration. in recent weeks, many barriers ejected and light poles and fences removed to look like a relaxed setting while maintaining strict limits who could get close to the pope. >> that extends in many cases to invited guests. >> it does and this is quite the thing to see. think about it when he was inside some of these buildings and these are all people inv invie -- invited to be here and if you look closely, security, security, security all over the place and this woman reaching with her hand, in many cases you can see them gently taking those hands and pushing them back so maybe the pope looked very calm in the middle of all of this but i can guarantee you, anderson, there were dozens and dozens and
5:18 pm
dozens of people around him who were not. >> i want to bring in two people with experience protecting presidents and the pope alike. former secret service agent and swiss guard and professor the at the catholic of america. andres, thank you for being with us. how difficult a job is it giving close protection to the pontiff when, especially, it's somebody known for wanting to be there with the people ? >> yeah, the swiss guards are used to this so i can't really compare it. i've never protected a president. this is an everyday thing. the security for a holey father is not the same for a president. >> there is a balance. >> you want to allow his ministry and of timmize security. that's something that comes with being pope. if you take that away, you don't
5:19 pm
let him be the pope anymore and we don't do that. >> dan, from a secret service stand point, it's obviously a different kind of priority. the priority i'm assuming the secret service would go on is security. >> it's a unique problem with this pope, anderson. if i had to triage the issues, it would be his randomness. the president of the united states has a threat level. he's not random. when we tell the president, if the president wants to stop at a lemonade stand and look, we set that up in advance. nothing jumping out of the car randomly. this pope, i respect his bravery for putting his own personal security second. you never know. he could jump out in a crowd we're not prepared for and next thing you know the agents are scrambling to look for hands
5:20 pm
because hands shoot, not guys. there are unique problems with this pope. >> we deal with this differently. for us the randomness is safety. >> because it's hard -- >> it's so random you don't know it's happening and we're a much smarter court, there is only 115 of us. we can actually handle him, we can handle the very close protection and if he does something that's unexpected, it's less dangerous than him being at noon every sunday at the window or wednesday audience. if he does something unexpected, for us that's more secure. >> so many scenes where people hand him things. i saw someone handing him a piz -- pizza, a drink. that has to be a moment of concern. >> usually not directed. we try he -- >> one of the guards would take that. >> take that. same with the children you basically grab the children first or bring somebody up and while you do that you can make sure nothing wrong is going on.
5:21 pm
>> and andres, the tobviously, don't want to talk about anything inappropriate so use your judgment. the pope mobile is open on the sides. in the ideal security world, he would be completely encased. >> think about it, anderson. in the security world he wouldn't be doing this. there is again the optimization. you cover the front which is the strongest danger and leave open the side and put people on the side. most of what we did and do is to protect him with our bodies and i think that's the close, you know, the close protection. a lot of the protection around, like in st. peters square, there are metal detectors that make sure the people who get in there are somewhat screened, of course, on a route like this when the pope is out on the open street, that's not possible but here in the united states, the security has been absolutely fabulous from what i've seen.
5:22 pm
>> the secret service, i've talked to the nypd and chief of terrorism, they study very closely every past attack, every past plot against a pope and others to learn each time. there was not only the shooting of john paul but there was a plot in the philippines to use some people dressed as priests, people dressed as grab they could get close that was foiled. all of those are studied, correct? >> yeah, i'm actually glad you brought that up. one thing about the secret service is they have no problem taking corrective action. after the regan shooting, anderson, we never did an open arrival or departure if we didn't have to again. we always arrive in a tent with the theory being you can't shoot what you can't see. with the gas attack in panama on george bush 41, we developed a new hammer program. so yeah, we learn from all of
5:23 pm
our mistakes and they have changed the protection model each time. >> dan, great to have you on, andrus, really pleasure. thank you. just ahead on his first full day in the u.s., pope francis mixed faith and politics weighing in on some of the most hotly debated issues. there is breaking news, fox news poll on the gop race for the white house, see how donald trump and others are doing plus trump's feud with fox yet again heating up. the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power. the is performance line just got a power boost. introducing the lexus is 200 turbo
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i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him,
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it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. welcome back tonight from capitol hill where tomorrow pope francis will make history when he speaks to congress. this is the pontiff's first full day in the u.s. and what an incredible full date was. the top of the hour, francis canonized a saint, the first time that happened on american soil and celebrated his first mass in the united states but he started his day at the white house where he plunged into two highly charged political debates, faith colliding with politics. suzanne has details. >> reporter: for a man who says he's not political, it took just two sentences for pope francis
5:28 pm
to make what many saw as a political statement today at the white house. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country which was largely built by such families. >> reporter: that subtle reference to u.s. immigration policy with more blunt statements have same conservatives who wanted the pope to come to washington now nervous about his historic visit. >> there is one thing we know about the pope, he's not afraid to take on the status quo or not afra afraid. >> he personally invited the pontiff to address congress. a huge moment for boehner that could be embarrassing depending on what the pope says. >> i can tell you this, i'm not about to get myself into an
5:29 pm
argument with the pope. >> reporter: traditionally the vatican is in alignment particularly on social issues but pope francis is far from a traditional pope. , shining a bright light on issues embraced by many democra democrats. >> we support your call to world leaders to support the communities most vulnerable to changing climates and come together to preserve our precious world for future generatio generations. >> reporter: to restore diplomatic ties making him an ally to president obama and al nating republicans. >> my interest is the national security of the united states and embedded in that is the belief it's not good for our country or people of cuba to
5:30 pm
have an anti american dictatorship 90 miles from her shores. >> reporter: catholic republicans like marco rubio and presidential candidates are trying to walk a fine line, praising the pope while dismissing the parts of his agenda that liberals like. >> we'll follow the lead of pope francis. >> we say pro-choice. >> reporter: democrats have their own disagreements with the pope and the church is opposition to abortion in same-sex marriage and even on the tone calling catholics and. >> i'm a spiritual leader and don't get involved in politics. she should be a prime mover before it gets to the stage of legislation or policy. >> reporter: democrats and republicans will be eager to embrace what they can and the pope faces a congress that's deeply divided in the the early
5:31 pm
throws of a bitter presidential campaign. >> joining me now is anna navarro, republican strategist anded a vie tore -- advisor to gop candidates. the political issues but from the pope's point of view, they are moral issues, issues of faith. should that give american politicians pause? >> anderson, i'm not sure there is much that can give politicians pause but glad to hear your optimism. i think what they should get from this is spiritual nourishment. i don't think that we should see the pope's visit in a strictly political spectrum. that's hard to do in the united states, particularly election cycle and particularly in places like d.c. and new york. but yes, this pope is speaking from what is social policy, moral, ethics, from the teachings of the church and, you
5:32 pm
know, we don't have to agree with him on everything. we just have to kind of embrace his message of unity and openness, inclusion, peace, mercy and learn from the good lessons he's trying to teach. >> it's interesting because the pope does not agree and that's a powerful alliance when and if they choose to put it on displa display. >> they don't agree on same-sex marriage, life, that's the case for most politicians, that's the case for so many catholics in the united states. we are in the u.s. mix and match catholics, right? we don't buy the entire suit. we might buy the top and get the
5:33 pm
bottom from somewhere else and maybe put on a different tank top with him. so, you know, we just can't judge him as a democrat or republican. remember, this is the first time this pope sets foot in the united states. he's not a partisan. >> it's just an extraordinary trip from so many different angles and we'll talk a lot about those different angles in the days ahead. up next, breaking news, fox news releases a poll on the gop race for the white house hours after donald trump goes on a twitter rampage against fox, which he says he's now boycotting. why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic?
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breaking news on politics. donald trump will invaul tunvam plan. donald trump maintaining he has lead with 26% and ben carson is in second with 18 followed by carly fiorina and marco rubio each with nine, ted cruz with eight and jeb bush with 7% support. trump's lead is holding after
5:38 pm
the cnn debate where he gave few specifics on his plans for his potential presidency and an event in charleston south carolina earlier today, randi kaye spoke with donald trump and asked supporters what draws them to him. >> reporter: donald trump in charleston, south carolina, once again promising specifics. hello, mr. trump, randi kaye with cnn. a lot of people in the crowd wanted to hear specifics. >> we'll be doing very big specifics next week and i think you'll be very happy. >> reporter: they want to hear a tax plan, are you ready? >> we'll be giving the tax plan i would say next week sometime in the early part of the week, a phenomenal tax plan. >> reporter: more promises as he greeted by the south carolina african american chamber of commerce. trump wanted it all captured on camera. >> hi steven, nice to see you. >> absolutely. where is cnn? come here, cnn. >> reporter: let's hear it.
5:39 pm
i did them a quick favor, we said we would do a big stopover and i hear it is nice. that's great. >> reporter: it is. >> a great honor to be here. >> reporter: why was it important to talk here today to this group? >> the chamber of commerce and african american and that's important to me and we got phenomenal polls from the african american people. 25% poll which is a fantastic number for a republican but we'll do better than that so i'm very honored. >> reporter: what trump did not mention was this september gallup poll showing that actually just 16% of african americans have a favorable view of donald trump. look closely, 72% have an unfavorable view, at the podium again trump only the poll. >> trump received 25% of the black vote in general election matchup. it's unheard of.
5:40 pm
unheard of. and i have a lot of friends african americans. >> reporter: it's unclear if trump noticed how few african americans came to hear him speak. there aren't many african americans here. why is that? >> i'm here. that's big. >> reporter: edward nelson suggested maybe more black voters didn't turn out because they had to work or live nearby. >> the african american voter is the voter that doesn't just favor the republican party like you have a tendency to believe that the democratic party primarily is the party, but when you check things out and start listening to the candidates, i mean, your mind-set can change. >> reporter: edward like trump's plan to build a wall and close the southern border. he and other black voters here believe stopping illegal immigration will help more african americans find jobs. >> i know what it's doing to really just our area, well, charleston in general as far as,
5:41 pm
you know, jobs, i mean, just taking jobs from some people that may need jobs. >> reporter: do you believe what he's saying he can accomplish it? >> i want to say i do. >> reporter: before he spoke, we asked trump if his plans would help create jobs for african americans. again, he brought up those positive polling numbers. >> reporter: they are very anxious to hear about immigration because they think your policy on immigration will open up jobs for african americans. >> that's probably true and why i'm polling so well with the african americans. >> reporter: which brings us back to the crowd, the head of the south carolina african american chamber of commerce would not budge when asked about the low turnout among black voters. >> there are a number of african americans here. we're overwhelmed with the people that responded both african americans and non-african americans. >> reporter: what about the press? the media riser normally jammed with cameras following trump only had about a hand full and
5:42 pm
ballroom had hundreds of empty seats, not the usual draw of 18,000 plus but what trump lacked in attendance made up for in the enthusiasm for those who showed up. randi kaye, cnn, charleston, south carolina. >> donald trump has been on a twitter attack against fox news this week and now he says he's boycotting the network. this morning fox cancelled a schedule trump appearance on bill o'reilly's show tomorrow and trump tweeted quote, fox news is treating me unfairly and decided i won't be doing any more fox shoes f s decided i won't be doing any more fox shoes fhows for the foreseeable future. quote, do you ever notice that lightweight megyn kelly constantly goes after me but when i hit back it's totally sexist? she's high he over rated and quote i think megyn kelly should take another 11-day unscheduled vacation, referring to time off kelly had after the fox debate.
5:43 pm
here is what he said to randi kaye. >> reporter: as cnn, i'm glad you're talking to us, not talking to fox news, is that the deal? >> we'll see what happens. i'm certainly talking to cnn. >> reporter: thank you, appreciate it. >> joining me now is brian. this on again, off again relationship with fox certainly seems to be off again at least for the time being. >> it sure does, anderson. almost as if donald trump is like a hmusician playing a great hit. to go after fox and megyn kelly with high he personal criticisms. it's almost as if there is a direct feedback between trump and the media. he watches all the coverage. he watches us. he watches fox. he reads all the papers. he reads all the websites and reacts in realtime. that's very different from many other candidates and frankly many other celebrities, many who say i don't read my press and don't watch what is said about me. trump is watching and reacting in realtime and today fox said we had enough. sources of the network say they
5:44 pm
are simply fed up with the personal attacks so doing the only thing they can do which is to retaliate with a strong statement and take him off the air waves, not interview him at all. >> i guess the question is and not sure there is an answer but does this help donald trump with his core supporters? does it make them feel like they need to rally to his side or make him seem thin skinned and raise questions among those who already have questions about his temperament to actually be president? >> the conventional wisdom in the news is that trump is fading at least a little bit, that he has a lot of momentum coming out of august and september and he's still obviously leading almost every poll, every single poll but not by the the same degree he was leading before and maybe he lost a little steam and that is why he's lashing out at fox. his campaign would say no, this is about unfair coverage by fox news. there is a divide, though, and what we're seeing with fox versus trump, it's the divide
5:45 pm
within the republican party, trump supporters, versus trump skeptics. i can tell you someone that looks at ratings, every day, there is no evidence trump fans turned the fans against fox news. we're seeing a new sort of feud that's brewing. we'll see how long it lasts. in the past, these thing haves been patched over but it is a very tense and fragile relationship. >> megyn kelly seems to be doing just fine in the ratings, in fact, very well. i think she had her best august in awhile. >> that's right. she's doing her job covering trump, fox said today pretty bluntly, they don't think trump understands how the business works. candidates are not supposed to tell the media what questions to ask, those are strong words from the chairman of fox news who many people believe is in the business of supporting republicans, supporting conservatives, a very interesting challenge for him in recent weeks and almost as if
5:46 pm
trump and fox met their match. >> brian, appreciate it. thank you. coming up, not just fox news drawing the trump today, he has room for more targets including marco rubio. >> marco rubio who, by the way, has the worst attendance record in the u.s. senate, has got the number one worst attendance record and want him to be president, right?
5:47 pm
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we're going to have a lot more in the next hour, we're on all the way to the 10:00 hour and donald trump is in south carolina today. he said hillary clinton has become quote shrill in his words and went after his republican rivals including taking swipes at marco rubio, listen. >> rubio, i've never seen a young guy sweat that much. he's drinking water, water, water, never saw anything like this with the water and everybody, huckabee, nice guy. he was seriously hot. he was soaking wet. i grabbed him around his back, i said good job and it was soaking wet. immediately -- he was drenched.
5:51 pm
>> joining me now is sam clovis, sam, thanks for being with us. donald trump announced he's going to be releasing his tax plan next week. can you tell us anything about what it may include, broad strokes? >> i think if you had a chance to read his book, "the time to get tough" i think you'll find there is a blueprint in there that will follow probably closely. i think you're going to find that there are a lot of issues in there that will bring capital back to the united states and when that capital comes back to the united states, it will bring jobs back to the united states and there is nothing better in this country and the best social program in the world is a job and i think that we're going to see a tremendous job creation economy coming from donald trump and from the donald trump team. >> i want to ask you about trump and the fox news boycott. when i talk to a former trump strategists that considers himself a friend and supporter,
5:52 pm
roger stone said the last spat with fox news was a distraction, called ate cul-de-sac that took away from what donald trump should talk about, which is issues. is that what is happening again? is this fox boycott a distraction? >> no, i don't want to give you my perspective on this. i think what is interesting here and i've talked to you before about this and i heard the person on right before me was talking about the conventional wisdom. if you look at the top three people in this campaign, they are all outsiders and none of them have held public office. there is something going on in this country that's really challenging the status quo and i think that we have people in the media and we have people in the republican establishment and certainly in the democrat establishment that are being challenged, what they are used to and have been up to for the past 40 years is being challenged by people who have not come into this and have not
5:53 pm
gone through all the processes of winning elections and currying favor with donors and all these other things. donald trump is not in the pocket of anyone and i think this is really causing a tremendous amount of canist consternation inside the conventional wisdom class we see in the media and political pun dense, i was watching last night, i thought his head was going to explode. watching him try to explain his feelings toward donald trump. and i think what we're seeing here is a challenge to the status quo that has never been mounted with this velocity ever in this country and i'm proud to be part of it. >> i guess there is a danger for your candidate in that those who claim he's thin skinned or doesn't have the temperament to be president, which is something raised time and time again and obviously doing well in the
5:54 pm
polls so there is a lot of people that don't believe that is the case. those who believe the narrative, doesn't the idea he's going to boycott an entire network, the fox network because he doesn't like them quoting polls or the guests they choose to book on, doesn't that play into the thin skin narrative? >> well, i think that if you take a look at the totality of what we've seen on fox news and what we've seen mr. trump challenged a lot of the preconceived notions of that network, you see people that get around the water cooler. they come up with what they think is the proper template and mr. trump is challenging that. i think this will go on. i think what we really ought to do is look at what mr. trump has
5:55 pm
done. mr. trump brought back into politics, back into the narrative, democrats, republicans independents and brought people back into the political process that felt disenfranchised. the republican party elected a majority thousand in 2010 and what has been shown for that? we elected a majority senate in 2014. what have the republicans shown the grass roots people of this country in that? are the american people getting from this? this populous message we're bringing forward that mr. trump is advancing and this notion of doing what is right, telling the truth and doing what is best for this country is resinating with people that have not been part of this process for decades. >> yeah, sam, always good to have you on, appreciate it. thank you very much. >> anderson, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> donald trump will be on cnn tomorrow morning. tune into "new day" at 7:00 a.m. there is more ahead tonight on
5:56 pm
"360." our coverage continues from here in washington. we'll look at the day pope francis had, an extraordinary day whether you're a catholic american or watching anywhere around the world, just -- or anybody interested in this pope, it was an extraordinary day to see him in so many different settings. we'll show you his day and preview tomorrow here on capitol hill when the pope addresses congress. we'll be right back. just might be the one.
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good evening. 8:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. extraordinary today and promises to be tomorrow. history-making day. he arrived a short


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