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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. 8:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. extraordinary today and promises to be tomorrow. history-making day. he arrived a short time ago to a
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crowd at every step along the visit so far in washington. tomorrow, just steps from here he'll become the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. day two of visit already full of firsts, jim sciutto with how day one unfolded. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: he arrived at the white house in his iconic and under stated fiat hatch back. >> holy father, on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. >> reporter: the president, vice president, secretary of state and 11,000 invited guests forming his first wrapped american audience. >> i hope to listen to and share many of the hopes and dreams of the american people. >> reporter: the pope, mild mannered but politically deaf
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addressed centers of the debate, religious freedom, immigration. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest a in country. >> and climate change. >> it seems clear climate change is a problem, we can no longer be left to a future generation. >> reporter: after a final blessing for the american people. >> god bless america. >> reporter: he met privately with the president in the oval office. >> i notice you are much better behaved than usual. >> reporter: exchanging his fiat for the pope mobile, his first chance to connect with fans and supporters though under the tightest security.
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the distance from the crowd bridged for a moment when security personnel carried children right up to him for hihis blessing. later, he met with u.s. bishops, the pope addressing the catholic church's sex abuse scandal saying he supports the commitment to healing the victims. the pope's final stop today, catholic university where he performed the first canonization of a saint on u.s. soil. a 19th century spanish missionary in california. >> jim sciutto joins us now. extraordinary seeing with the pomp and ceremony waiting for the pope to see him drive up in the little fiat. >> perfect for him and intentional choice to have that car to fit with that profile and to just, you know, show him as a pope of the people, right?
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the suv not right for him and cadillac limo not right. this is the car for pope francis. >> what's on tap for tomorrow? >> he'll speak to a joint meeting, joint session because it's not official business and john boehner catholic, vice president -- one-third of the members of congress catholic and flies to new york and tomorrow he'll speak at st. patrick's. >> after being here, he's not going to lunch but meeting with homeless and mentally ill. >> turning down lunch in effect as you might normally have when a world leader, he meets real people again very fitting with the pope's profile. >> maybe he'll invite some of our leaders. >> maybe you and i can join. >> jim sciutto, thanks. i'll be in new york covering the pope in new york tomorrow afternoon when he's at st. patrick's cathedral.
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having watched it unfold, you can't over state how big a day it was here. joining us now, is best-selling author bruce fyler and president of the conference of the united states. what was it like to be there? >> i say when he started in english, i was nervous for how good his english would be. >> it's not his -- >> it's not his first language. you want somebody from your order to shine and when he started talking, you sensed everyone was behind him and what a model of humility. how many 78-year-old world leaders will learn a new language and address the world? and he did it. you sense people wanted to hear his message and embraced it. very moving as people would respond and say yes, or amen or
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start to cheer. it was a tremendous connection with the people. >> and bruce, i know for you there were many moments that stood out but quoting of dr. martin luther king. >> striking, often here sitting in front of president obama, i thought that was a quite moving moment. three things stood out, it was spectacular, the american government and catholic church that do ceremony very well. these were well-produced beautiful emotional ceremonies, i would say something else that stood out to me today is that these two institutions, the obama white house and francis are wounded institutions. obama is under water and catholic church, we can say what we want, this is 1.2 million members -- >> 1.2 billion. >> 1.2 billion. one t one-third left the church. hispanics in 20s and 30s are
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dropping in just as quick numbers. stripped across every television network today, twitter, facebook, everything, this was hundreds of millions of dollars of publicity for the church and they took advantage of it masterfully. the last thing i would say is it's a true ump of the separation of church and state in america. i was born in georgia. there were three rules when georgia was founded. no slaves, no hebrews, in jews. benjamin netanyahu and pope francis the head of the catholic state that shows how far we've come for catholics. discrimination is real. i'm looking over your shoulder at the washington monument started in the 1840s and after four years they ran out of stone and put out a request, the pope sent a three-foot marshall stone to be put on that monument.
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riots erupted because they feared this meant the catholic church would take over the u.s. government and nine members of the anti catholic party went to the ground, killed the watchdog, wrapped the guard up in a clothes line, took the marble and dropped it and shows how far we've come in this country. >> father, for this pope there is so much emphasis and he spoke to bishops today and early on criticized bishops, airport bishops i think he called them, focus too much on traveling to international conferences and not enough on ministering to the people. he's put so much emphasis on mercy and also flexibility for pastors. how has that been felt throughout the levels of the church? >> one of the addings, he told priests and bishops take on the smell of the sheep and people resonated with that. that has become really a motto
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for so many who do pastor ministry in the church today. there is a desire to get deeper into your neighborhoods and connect with diverse parts of the community you might not ordinarily have been atrtracted to. he really wants to grow the church not because he's interested in exaggerated growth or numbers, he wants to grow the church to bring mercy and consolation and love. >> one thing he said in the past that i was reading in my research is that he talked about holy communion, not as a reward for the perfect but medicine for the sick and the idea of reaching out to those who may not be perfect but their voices should be heard, as well. >> yeah, the sackments in the church. he's talking about marriage or it shouldn't be disciplinary or
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the way in which you discipline members of the flock but moments of grace which sackments are. he sees grace and mercy and extending the hand of mercy, he believes people will grow closer to god. >> one writer was saying that for him the heart of the gospel is matthew 25, jesus was saying in the final days he'll be asked not how rich you were or what you accomplish in life, you'll be asked about whether you fed the hungry, whether you visited the sick. that's the core for this pope. >> to me it was such a powerful moment in the mass today you covered live on cnn. he said repeatedly go forth, go forth, go forth. this is an idea that begins in the hebrew bible. leave what's comfortable, dgo t what is uncomfortable and seems to be his message to the church. go out to where the people are. for the catholic church, you can't sit back and wait for people to come to you. you got to go to where people
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are, that is the symbolism of his life and the way he occupies this office, goes out to the dirty, poor, homeless, sick, reaches out to them and that's where religion has to be, going to where people are because people are no longer coming to him. >> you see the excitement of people responding to the out reach. great to have you on. it's been a long day for you. thank you very much. just quite a day here. when we come back, a lot more ahead, a counter point to the acclaim that pope francis has been getting. wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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we've been showing you the kind of welcome pope francis has been getting to his first trip in the united states. more than 10,000 on the lawn and in a world it has been overwhelming for this city by contrast, the tone has not been universally welcomed. more from carol costello. >> reporter: five words started it all, the pope was talking about gay people who are seeking the lord in good faith. for liberal catholics that cheered the u.s. supreme court's decision to legalize same-sex
6:16 pm
marriage, seems the pope was on board. >> fascinating discussion to watch and any of us looking into that conversation recognize you've got warring visions of both who pope francis is and what many want him to be. >> reporter: he says pope francis is a master at symbolism but doesn't dare change church doctrine for fearing of splitting in two. it's something many conservative catholics are loathed to talk about publicly. what's the difference between a liberal catholic and conservative catholic? >> someone who is a good catholic, serious catholic, consequekon consequent christian and someone that wants to know jesus, meet jesus and follow his way and not just go in to follow their own
6:17 pm
way but follow jesus' way. >> reporter: politics do matter. catholic conservatives are in sense the pope blames human beings in part for global warming and accuse the pope of being a marcus that wants to spread the wealth to help the poor and more conservative popes john paul and benedict decidedly not happy francis will speak before a joint session of congress. >> i'm concerned that religious leader, the head of a church is being recognized as a head of state and accorded the influence that would normally come from an elected head of government. >> reporter: pope francis is surely aware of the turmoil he created. as a wise nun told me, sometimes it's good to shake things up. carol gas tell lcostello, cnn n we're joined by a leading voice in support of president obama's affordable care act and vocal advocate for reform and
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cnn vatican analyst john alan. john, do you think too much is made of this idea of division and this idea that pope francis is somehow so out of step with his predecessors? >> basic answer to that is yes, i think too much is made of it. i say that for two reasons. i mean, look, is there blow back in resistance in some quarters? sure. in every corner of the world where public opinion can be measured, this guy has approval ratings that politicians and celebrities will sacrifice children to get. it is off the charts. okay? and secondly, we were talking about this last night. you know, i've covered three popes, john paul and benedict and fantasy to think there wasn't resistance. it came from different quarters but it could occasionally be ferocious. this is an old story. opposition to popes goes back to st. peter and his clashes with paul. so i mean, in that sense, you
6:19 pm
know, i wouldn't over dramatize the resistance and i don't see evidence he's been hobbled by it. >> you said today that pope francis was really kind of placing himself in the pantheon with his predecessors with believes. >> francis throughout this trip has been trying in someways to connect himself with both his immediate predecessors and all those who came before him. on the plane on the way over here, he said look, i'm not a flaming leftist. i'm speaking the social doctrine of the church and he actually got poofeisty and defied us to e up with an instance where he said something not part of the official teaching of the church and a bet nobody would take. >> sister, do you believe too much is made of this? how do you see any divisions that may exist? >> absolutely. i think too much is made of it in our country because we're only used to reporting things with conflict and withed adversy
6:20 pm
l and pope benedict had a fabulous charity and truth where he raised up the very same issues, not as strongly on the climate issue but certainly on the issues of poverty and responding in love to our neighbor. so pope francis is well within the traditional teaching of our church but i think what makes people nervous is that he's so popular that they feel that their hold on fear or division is slipping away. so they are pushing back even more strongly. that's why we think we have to really push forward his message of love and bringing the divide. it's a huge challenge. >> john, i mean, early on though he was critical of the bureaucracy of the vatican, which sort of governs the vatican itself, about the vatican bank and pushed for more transparency. has that continued? have there been changes internally? >> well, i mean, sure there have
6:21 pm
been changes internally ranging from small things like the fact that the atmosphere is more relaxed because the pope isn't living there. i mean, you can sort of breathe the air a little bit more easily all the way back up to big things. there clearly is a profound restructuring of the central bureaucracy of the church. to be fair, the reform in the vatican bank and overall reform started with ben fiedict the 16. but, you know, he's also asked the counsel to do a thorough review of the process for appointing bishops to make sure the right kind of guys are being appointed. if that happens, that's a game-changer. i think what he has in mind is that he thinks that more of the authority for those picks ought to be in the local level and less of it in rome. sure, things are being shaken up within a certain box and the box is the official teaching of the church. he's been pope two and a half
6:22 pm
years and hasn't changed in the catholic church. to put it differently, anderson what is changing is not lyrics but melody. >> sister simon, to echo what john said, the actual teachings of the church, he is very much in line with all of his predecessors in terms of women's issues, equality within the church there are some that feel like the pope has not done enough on that front. i'm wondering your thoughts. >> i think that's true and the challenge is that what i think pope francis is about is opening up our church. there were huge divisions between those who wanted the leaner meaner church and those who worked at the margins with folks left out and i have a tendency to be more on the margins with the folks left out but what he's doing is saying there is room for all of us. what i'd like to see is a bit more of women's leadership but affirmed he has appointed a woman to head a theology school in rome which is unheard of and
6:23 pm
he's gradually appointing women to commissions. in fact, he just appointed a founder of our organization to be one of the observers at the coming, a bit by bit things are happening. >> sister simon campbell, appreciate all you do and john alan. pope francis enjoys meeting kids and quick to step into a crowd to bless or kiss a baby. i'll talk to two young girls that greeted him moments after the plane touched down. you'll hear directly from them. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it?
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6:28 pm
jocelyn, a seventh grader that shared that moment. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. j jocelyn, when you found out you would meet the pope, what went through your mind? >> excitement, i was crying. >> you cried? >> yes, very emotional. >> happy kind ofcry? >> yes, joyful. >> joyful cry. what about for you? was it like to meet the pope? it fun? >> yes. >> was he nice? >> yes. >> karen, your daughter is only 6 years old. was she nervous? >> not really. she doesn't know the magnitude of it but loves the camera and the light. >> i can see that. >> i think she was herself the entire time. >> did you also get to meet president obama? >> carlina? >> carlina, did you meet the president? >> you got to meet the president, didn't you? >> i got to meet the president. >> you did? >> yes.
6:29 pm
>> was he nice? >> yes. >> and what did the president say to you when you met him? >> he was just, how are you? how have you been? this is a very good opportunity and he started having fun with us and dancing with us. >> he danced with you? >> he danced with cal irina? >> the president danced with you? >> yes. >> like that? >> yes. >> was he a good dancer? >> yes. >> you're a good dancer. >> only mommy. >> yeah. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> when you actually met pope francis, what did you say to him? >> i was like, welcome to the united states in spanish and he respond in spanish thank you very much. >> wow. were you nervous? >> a little bit. >> afterwards, does it seem real? did you pinch yourself? >> for me it wasn't real did at all. i guess it was real. >> you got to go back to school tomorrow now. >> yes. >> a lot of kids will be excited. >> the whole school was watching
6:30 pm
me live. >> were they? is that right? >> yes. >> is it true the pope gave you a blessing carlina? >> yes. >> what did he do? >> pushed on my forehead. >> he touched your forehead? >> yes. >> wow, that's exciting. this must be an extraordinary experience. >> can't put it in words, meet the pope and the president in the same day. >> a memory you'll have your entire lives. >> entire. >> so nice to meet you. i thank you for showing me how you dance. very good. will you give me lessons maybe another time? >> yes. >> thank you. up next, breaking news in the world of politics with donald trump stumping in south carolina to unveil the tax plan, more on that and new polling in the gop race. ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful.
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breaking news tonight, donald trump says he'll unveil the tax plan next week. we haven't heard specifics so this could be a turning point for the campaign that relied on donald trump lashing out at rivals. there was some as he campaigned in south carolina today.
6:35 pm
he called hillary clinton shrill and said marco rubio has no money. it's a style that certainly is not hurting him in the polls, the latest fox news poll shows him in the lead with 26% among republican voters and ben carson with 18 and carly fiorina and marco rubio and jeb bush 7%. last night trump was on the late night show with stephen colbert and trump said he would build and great and beautiful wall along the mexico border to keep ill legal immigrants out and te the mexican government to pay for it. >> how about two walls, okay, each of them -- >> connected? >> no, no, not connected. two walls, one there, one there, in between a mote -- >> and a nice resort. >> filled with fire. >> oh, yeah. >> and fireproof crocodiles. is that enough. we'll put up a couple things at the bottom of the screen and
6:36 pm
figure out if this was you or me saying. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> here is the first one, we got obama in there now and the chinese testing him bing, bing, bing you get a woman in there bing, boom, boom, the whole world goes after her, me or you. >> that is you. >> that is actually me. i apologize for being perfect. >> that would be you because i would never say a thing like that. >> that is very good. >> i think apologizing is a great thing but you have to be wrong, i will absolutely apologize some time hopefully in the distant future if i'm ever wrong. >> that's me. >> that is you. >> the real strong have no need to prove it to the phonies. >> that would be, it's not me. it could be you. >> it's not me, either. >> ut oh. >> it's charles manson. >> oh, oh.
6:37 pm
that's tough. >> dodged that one. cnn political reporter sarah joins me where donald trump wrapped up an event. town hall, trump got a larger and warmer resomething than earlier. what was it like tonight? >> that's right, anderson. first stop in charleston and that was a little sparser event than we're used to seeing for donald trump. for the south carolina african american chamber of commerce and interestingly, the crowd there was predominantly white. different reception in colombia, south carolina, much warmer crowd and they were very responsive to his usual applause lines about immigration but donald trump showing a little leg when it comes to policy issues saying that next week we can expect this tax plan that we've been waiting for. his campaign staffers said that should come next week. he may finally get more specifics on a plan other than immigration from donald trump, anderson. >> certainly seems to be on the
6:38 pm
warpath boycotting fox news and went after fellow candidating nailing marco rubio. >> he absolutely was on the warpath today. marco rubio is a new one. he's been really reserved when it comes to rubio but today said rubio criticized him and not necessarily to be commander in chief. which trump hits back, he hits back hard. trump made it clear he is in it for the long haul and signed a pledge to be on the ballot in south carolina saying he would support the republican nominee. he paid $40,000 to be on the ballot and when i asked how he was juggling his business responsibilities with the campaign, he told me over the next two months, he would have a lot more free time to deal with the campaign. it does seem like as he's trying to regain footing after a shaky debate performance, he seems to be all in. >> appreciate it.
6:39 pm
joining me now is jeffrey lord and cnn senior political reporter nia mallika henderson. stark contrast to what we seen today at the campaign event. >> right. anderson, one thing i'm thinking of in terms of the fox fight and all this thing, what is it that the base of the republican party sort of the number one complaint about the republican leadership is that they don't fight and, you know, this is somebody with a serious television background and one of the basic rules when you write for television or movies or novels is that you show, you don't tell. you don't give somebody a speech about anger. you have them smack the other person. what he's doing here is demonstrating that he fights. it could be fox news. it could be, you know, who knows who it is the next day or last day but the point is he fights and i really do think people are responding to that because not
6:40 pm
for nothing is the gop leadership termed the surrender caucus. >> interesting idea. you think the fox, something like a fox boycott or complaining about press coverage, that it doesn't show him to be thin skinned, you believe it shows him to be a fighter and whether people like fox news or not, they like the fact that he's mixing it up. >> exactly. exactly. that's why they tune in. stephen colbert's numbers, as i understand it, from deadline hollywood or one of these places went up when he was on and of course, that was the case with the debates and i think they are tuning in because they want to see him, you know, fight. this is what they want in a broader terms, in terms of policy and dealing in washington and he does it and they like to see and that's what they want. >> it was also interesting to see him on colbert last night because colbert gave him the opportunity to once and for all just say president obama is, you
6:41 pm
know, was born in this country, i can't remember how colbert phrased it. knock it out of the park right here and trump chose not to do that and said, you know, i am just not talking about this anymore. he did tweet about it as late as 10:00 last night politically what does he get out of bringing it up or not saying he's not going to answer to it anymore but not saying that he believes president obama was born in the united states? >> you know, i think it's a wink and nod to the people who believe conspiracy theories about obama, whether his face or where he was born and those are things that we've seen donald trump do. he is sort of playing foot see with the birther crowd when he says he doesn't want to talk about it and he doesn't have to because he's talked about it so much going back to 2011 with saying he would put up his money to find obama's birth
6:42 pm
certificate. the work is done. he's got these people in his corner that have those views so he doesn't at this point have to actively engage. he said he doesn't want to talk about it at this point but said that before. he doesn't want to talk about and it starts to talk about it again. so i doubt we've seen the end of this kind of narrative around donald trump because it's been so important to his rise so far. >> jeff, you know, it's really interesting thinking about the boycott and i wonder if i don't know how he negotiates or what he's like in the negotiating room but you can also look at it as this is an extension of him as a negotiator, that, you know, he pushes back hard. >> exactly. >> he pushes, you know, ruffles feathers and threatens a lawsuit against a club for growth because he believes they are airing an unfair ad against him, that's a rare thing for any candidate to do but you can see him doing this i imagine in a bored room and maybe this is an
6:43 pm
extension of that. >> that's right, anderson. i think that's exactly on point here. i think that, again, the show, not tell, he's not going to have some long discourse about why this is right or this is wrong. what he's going to do is get his lawyers after club for growth or he's going to tweet about fox news or he's going to do these different things and that is the art of the deal. that's his negotiating style and that's presumably what would happen were he in the white house and he would be looking for a very tough deal with the soviet, russians or whomever it might be but that's the way he does it and he's illustrating it every day and we're sort of slow to pick up we're seeing it in action. >> because it's interesting because i talked to roger stone last month who was apparently let go by the trump campaign or left and a difference of opinion on that according to who you talk to but calls himself a supporter of donald trump and admirer of donald trump but he said his advice was that these boycotts against fox or fight with fox is a distraction to
6:44 pm
take away from what trump should have been talking about, but to jeff's point, perhaps he's playing kind of a longer game or just coming at it from a different angle. >> yeah, true, that's certainly one theory, i think, we'll see how this plays in a state like south carolina when at some point they will be sick of the entertainment aspect and they like someone who is more kind of moderate in terms of the way they comport and look at the folks that won the south carolina primary and you look at somebody like tim scott who is the most popular politician in south carolina among republicans. i think in a state like that, he's going to have to tone it down because sha fenanigans thi he's up to, i don't think it will work in a state like south carolina. >> we shall see. both of you, thank you very much. something that niya touched
6:45 pm
on, a new chapter tonight, now he's blaming the entire birther movement of which he was a big part, very loud part early on, none other than hillary clinton which she had to say about that next on lemon, put that question to her and also carly fiorina takes a question from a voter about ben carson's statement that he wouldn't support a muslim for president. see how she responded when we continue. secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think?
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. donald trump took some flak when he didn't contradict a man that said muslims are the problem in the united states and president obama is muslim, which is not true. you may remember trump took on the birther issue although he likes to blame hillary clinton for that non-sense. yesterday he tweeted quote, just remember the birther movement was started by hillary clinton in 2008. she was all in. today, cnn tonight anchor don lemon interviewed clinton and asked her about that and don gigin gins joins me from new york. what did she say? >> anderson, she kind of laugh and said basically it was ludicrous. this is the first time that i heard that according to her and she said again, ridiculous, donald trump and a quote feeding
6:50 pm
prejudice and paranoia and a bad example of an environment we're in politically right now. again, she said it's untrue and she had nothing to do with that and that donald trump is spreading prejudice and paranoia out on the campaign trail. >> interesting, because trump said something again today at his event. >> he did. he was speaking to a group of african americans and doubled down on comments. he said it before and tweeted as you just mentioned and then he said it again today. take a listen, anderson. >> she was the original birther. she's the one that started that whole thing. hilary is a birther. by the way, don't switch your votes to hilary, please. >> so we're going to do a fact check tonight on exactly how this whole birther thing started, anderson and according to reggie love who is the president's body man, the president's body man in his book he says there was a
6:51 pm
confrontation between the president and hillary clinton over this birther issue, again, hillary clinton is saying that is not true. tonight at 10:00 we will fact check it on this program. >> don, thanks, look forward to that. we'll hear more of the interview and reaction from hillary clinton in a few minutes. carly fiorina is in the middle of a three-day seven-city campaign through south carolina. she was on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon responding to ben carson's statement. fiorina said that position is wrong and it's an issue that came up again at a carly fiorina event today. so what is it like there on the ground? is there a sense of momentum from the people you're talking to for fiorina? >> reporter: absolutely. anderson. nearly everyone that we have spoken to here, voters here in south carolina are specifically mentioning her debate appearance and performance at the debate stage so certainly on some level
6:52 pm
it's attracting voters to come out and check her out. the fiorina campaign, toting some signs of momentum, they saw 112% increase in website views the night of her debate and a significant uptick in people coming out to volunteer, donations and people coming out to the events. i should note they don't back up any claims with specific numbers. certainly here at rockhill south carolina, though, this event space had to be moved to a larger venue they say to accommodate all the people that they say came and rsvp d after that debate performance. they are seeing small signs but the key for the campaign is to keep that going, keep the spotlight on her, fiorina for her part seems acutely aware saying she has to be more than a good debater, anderson. >> i understand at the town hall the first question was about a man asking about ben carson and
6:53 pm
the muslim comment? >> interesting moment because it came off the bat. the very first question at the town hall and interesting because this voter asked about ben carson's comments, the ones that have created so much controversy saying a u.s. president should not be a muslim but specifically, he asked carly fiorina he had heard she called for him to drop out because of that. that is not true and she very quickly corrected the record saying that she believes ben carson is a friend, is a good person and she says she would never ask someone else to drop out but then, of course, went on to discuss why she doesn't agree with ben carson's statements and i should say, anderson, ben carson himself continues to get these questions out on the campaign trail, really on the defense many days later. anderson? >> appreciate your reporting. just ahead, why the chief executive out world's largest car company resigned today. he's shocked by the events of the past few days. what is he talking about? we'll tell you ahead. more "sit" per roll.
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there's a lot more happening tonight. amber walker has the 360. >> reporter: u.s. officials say akers stole 5.6 million print records. volkswagen chief executive martin winterkorn resigned as a scandal rocks the biggest car maker, saying that the company deliberately falsified emissions tests. he said he is stepping down for the good of the company. >> baseball has lost one of hits greatest catchers, yogi berra.
6:59 pm
he was famous for his yogiisms, including when you come to a fork in the road, take it. and it ain't over until it's over. yogi was 90. >> and a close encounter with a determined hammerhead shark. a kayaker hit it with his paddle more than 20 times. the shark followed him for half a mile and all the way back to shore. >> wow, that is incredible and stressful. amara, thanks very much. a quick reminder, pope francis speaks to congress tomorrow in a joint meeting and he continues to new york in the afternoon. before we go, though, i just want to show you an especially moving moment from earlier today. it took place in st. matthews where pope francis was greeted by a throng of well wishers,
7:00 pm
priests, prifryars, monks. we'll see you later on tonight. right now "cnn tonight" with don lemon. >> and pope francis hours after his first mass on u.s. soil. this is don lemon. the pope heads to new york tomorrow afternoon. on friday he's going to go downtown and visit ground zero. we'll talk to the police commissioner about how the city will protect a pontiff determined to be a man of the people. listen to donald trump tonight. >> who would you rat


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