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tv   New Day  CNN  September 24, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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immigrant, climate change, specifically, global warming, poverty are any indication, it may leave some republicans squirming, but his words may also put democrats in an awkward position. here's the big question will someone come back at the pope? let's bring our comprehensive coverage with cnn's chief national correspondent jim sciutto joining me now. good morning, jim. >> good morning, chris. we talked about the pope, mild mannered, humble. today is the day he takes the gloves off, at least rhetorically. he's deiving into issues, immigration, abortion, religious freedom. we talked about how a third of the members are catholic. and really a message for all americans and delivered crucially in english. >> reporter: this morning, pope francis making another historic stop on his whirlwind u.s. tour, this time speaking before congress on capitol hill.
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a first for any pope. >> and there's one thing we know about this pope, he's not afraid to take on the status quo. or not afraid to say what he really thinks. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner and joe biden, two of the most prominent catholics in the capitol, will be sitting behind the pope. he will touch on abortion, even the iran deal. a pontiff of sorts tackled immigration. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i am happy to be a guest in this country, which. >> reporter: he also spoke out strongly on climate change. >> climate change say problem. we can no longer be left to future generations. [ applause ]
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when it comes to the climate, we are living at a critical moment in history. >> for him, these are issues of the gospel because they affect people, especially the poor. and he sees himself as a man on the side of poor. >> reporter: the pope has decided to forego lunch with members of congress. instead, after his address, he will go with catholic charities where he'll meet with some 200 homeless. >> the pope will arrive about 9:00 and his address at 10:00. but really, chris, as you as quickly as he can, he will be leaving the confines the capitol to meet with homes people. that's a message he has for the
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church, a message for catholics but citizens of the world, both members parties. get out there and help people. >> he calls himself a missionary of mercy. and that's why he wants to be around those who need us the most. jimmy, thank you very much. very big day as journalists but as clishgs, prominent catholics from both sides of the aisle, including joe biden and house speaker john boehner, they're going to greet the pope when he arrives. what else can we expect? cnn correspondent jeff zeleny, live on the east part of the capitol awaiting the pope's arrival. >> reporter: good morning, chris, we are between the capitol building and the supreme court. you can see right behind me, this is the house of representatives, this is where pope francis will crazy that meeting of congress. the first time ever the pope will do this. he will arrive in three hours. had he will meet here with john
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boehner who did extend that invitation to the pope really more than a year ago. he'll also be joined by joe biden, the first catholic vice president. interestingly, more than 30% members of congress are actually catholic. 6 of 9 supreme court justices are catholic. and four of those justices will be on hand for the address today. as we said, there's definitely some discomfort from some republicans who think the pope is going to be too tough on them. on climate change. on the environment. some democrats are a little nervous about his message on abortion. but speaker john boehner is urging all the members to listen with an open heart and said this is not a day for politics. so many members that i've spoken to on this, chris, they say the pope's teachings do not fit into today's liberal docs or conservative docs. they're going to be livening to that as a state of the union address. there will be process. it will not be a raucous setting
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but inside the house of chambers it is going to be a moment to listen to him speak. but there is going to be a lot of activity here in about three hours when the papal fiat drives up and is met by speaker john bane area and vice president joe biden. >> there's no question, jeff, being a steward of humanity all part of the catechism, all part of the teaching. let's bring back in jim sciutto. and mona raju and dana bash. it's good to have you all here. dana, i'll start with, is it even an issue what republicans and maybe even democrats might say in response to the pope that would create a hostility or tension? do you believe it's a possibility that someone could come at the pope? >> during the actual speech? >> no, not like throwing tomatoes. >> to this environment, that wouldn't be -- i don't know.
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yeah. >> like afterwards, you have a chris christie moment, not saying he's not infallible when it comes to politics, like, ah, he should be quiet. do you think anybody would be that bold? >> yes. afterwards? sure, of course. i think there are members of congress who have no qualms of saying he should stick to religion and not delve into politics that he has. i cannot see where there's not an overwhelming sense of happiness and respect during the actual speech. everybody to a person should understand that this is historic and welcoming. >> tone is so big in politics, right? >> yes. >> so the content of this globe warming, right there, full stop, you have a division in congress. people who believe that. it's not 50/50. but tone is everything. >> yeah, it is. >> and what we hear from those who are close to pope francis in
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preparation for this, as we saw yesterday, it's not just what he says, it's how he says it. he's coming from a positive place, a good place, that's going to matter, right? >> and i think members will respond respectfully. it's actually interesting that leadership on both sides have told the members not to express their disapproval of remarks in a way -- they sort of told their members don't stand up and cheer like the state of the union address. try to act respectfully. this is a bipartisan place. but i do agree with dana, you won't see members expressing disapproval during the speech. but afterwards, you'll hear republicans speak skeptically, especially on the issue of global warming. >> jimmy, you know, d.c. is all about security. they know how to do this. we saw them yesterday.
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it's a very fluid situation. how do you feel about it today? >> they described it an inauguration of the state of the union wrapped up in one. i've never seen it like this. >> never. >> the level of security. whole streets are closed. they talk about they had a $15 million budget just for fences, right. to keep -- bike rack fences to keep people back. of course, people are bursting at the seams because they want to get closer to this guy. it's a particular challenge for this guy of that personality. he does not like to stand a distance. you saw him yesterday doing that loop around the white house. he was in his popemobile. and he wanted to reach out. that's a challenge. one thought occurred to me as jeff zeleny was speaking, when the papal fiat arrives -- that sounds like a car. >> the best placement maybe ever is that fiat. i can't wait until the story comes out on how many they sold after the pope came.
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there's this presumption that global warming, that's going to get the republicans. a big shot democrat said that to me yesterday. i said, how are you going to feel when the pope looks you in the eye and says you have a duty, the natural right to protect the unborn? how's that going to feel? what do you think hurts more politically, global warming or protect children? >> well, i think democrats and republicans each have something to kind of feel a punch in the gut on when it comes to the pope. but the difference now, democrats, especially those who are catholic, they used to feeling like that. they're used to having an issue with the pope politically on abortion and more recently on gay rights. so, that is something that they've kind of had to deal with. so if you heard from democrats for years, well, we love the pope were it comes to religion. now, it's the republicans trying to do this, which i really think is interesting. but one other point that i want to make which i think is fascinating that the house speaker who is not only catholic, he grew up going to
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mass every day. he's one of 12. his parents owned a bar and sent all develop of them to catholic school, he's been asking for the pope. this is the third pope he's asked to come here. and he finally, after 20 years, along with nancy pelosi, also a catholic got had him to come. >> why? just because he's a catholic? what does he think the significance is? >> well, because he's a catholic. but he's said for him personally, he has said it's incredibly significant. but because he feels he's somebody that can get the spiritual house in order which nobody else on the planet can. that, especially john boehner who doesn't get excited about things. just seeing the way they've come up with videos and explanations. he wrote kind of an essay online about what this means, it's been fascinating to see. >> one of the decoding things, manu, will be privatization on
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the message. yesterday he was very heavy on global warming. our thought is that is where he agrees. he's not here to breed division, right? if he agrees with that decision with president obama, it makes that would be a big inflexion point on him. it seems to reason that's not the biggest issue for the pope. what do you think the list of issue? >> it's interesting he's done things to show his priorities. yesterday, in addition to global warming, he met with the little sisters of the poor. who launched that lawsuit against obamacare. it's interesting to see the different things that he picks out that may aggravate people about certain issues but not poke people in the eye. that will be the interesting thing about tone. >> do you think the big ticket is tolerance? or do you think the big ticket is how capitalism, money, the
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stewardship of finance is in power? >> it's hard to see him come here if he's going to criticize capital im, he's not going to find allies on the democratic side. >> do you think he wants allies? do you think he cares? >> i think he does. he wants to be received well. of course, he wants to sevnd his message. he realizes he's in a place that's a historic moment. it's the first time a pope has ever addressed a member of congress. he wants to be remembered warmly here. >> on that issue of tolerance, not just for the poor and different groups, refugees from europe, we heard there's going to be a again scolding to members of congress to talk to the other party. >> imagine that. he said it to the bishops yesterday just because you get opposition doesn't mean you respond in kind. i want to give you a little pushback, his significant phrase is hacienedo, making a ruckus.
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>> the one thing i will add, john boehner said the only thing he knows, the pope will speak in english, will not use a teleprompter. they know nothing about the content of the speech. >> always good when the pope is speaking. we're going to have much more of francis' visit ahead. cnn is going to bring you that action at 9:00 a.m. eastern. and "new day" is going to be live at the united nations tomorrow, another big moment for pope francis as he gives an address at the general assembly. alisyn, back to you. we do have other stories to tell you about. including this breaks news, just terrible out of saudi arabia. more than 300 people killed and hundreds hurt during the stampede at the hajj pilgrimage near the holy city of mecca. becky anderson is live with the
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details. what happened, becky? >> yeah, this is the latest that we're hearing from the saudi civil defense. 310 people are dead and 450 are wounded. is this a massive rescue and recovery effort now under way in the city of minua. hospitals in the region of mina receiving dozens of patients. mina is a huge settlement with more than 100,000 tents. this is accommodation for visiting pilgrims. just to set context for this, a reminder of the enormous number of people involved in this pilgrimage, millions, some say upwards of 3 million. in the past, hajj will be blinded by stampedes the worst in 1990, when more than 1,000 people died in a tunnel leading
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to mina. today is the ritual of the stoning the devil where people throw pebbles at a wall. symbolizing their rejection of e evil. the most recent, a decade ago, 350 people killed on a bridge which is notorious for bottlenecks. of course, there are massive logistical safety concerns. the saudi authorities here who are hosting these millions who descend on mecca. mikaela. >> they're going to have to look at what went wrong here to lead to such a high death toll. some more breaking news out of the middle east, in yemen, at least 29 people killed. dozens more injured after a bombing at a packed mosque in the capital of sanaa. worshippers had been attending services for the holy day of eads al adda. no group has claimed
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responsibility for that attack. back here at home, donald trump remains, the republican front-runner but his lead is slipping according to a quinnipiac poll. 25%, down from 28%. he's boycotting fox news for treating him unfairly. trump is lashing out at his rivals for calling on rand paul to exit the race. and calling hillary clinton shrill, claims her claim is coming down like say really sick rocket. we'll have that ahead. how will trump respond? we'll find out when he joins us on "new day" at 7:00 a.m. >> what say sick rocket? that's what i'd like to know. a horrifying situation, devastating fire rocking a neighborhood in columbia, maryland last night. look at this, the blast was so powerful that it destroyed at
3:17 am
least six homes. a gas company employee apparently suffered burns and injuries. a second victim was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. they're investigating the cause of that explosion. there's a slow moving storm expected. it's expected to be a super soaker. for parts of the east coast. it's going to hit through the weekend. where will it hit? let's get to chad myers for a look at the new fall forecast, chad. >> yeah, i'm afraid, north carolina beach es may not be th place to spend your money this weekend. there will be also be significant rip currents. look at this, southeast, cloudy and rain. atlanta is going to get to 73 today. new york is going to be 81. much warmer in the north because you'll see sunshine. the southeast doesn't see sunshine, the southeast doesn't see sunshine for the entire weekend. that's why it's cooler and wet. we will see spots across north
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carolina, part of the piedmont, 4 to 6 inches of rainfall. that will not be great for leaf peeping but the good news, we don't have a lot of color in the southeast. the color is in the northeast. we expect that through september. october, we will begin to seat leaves come down from vermont and new hampshire. if you're doing leaf peeping, colorado rockies, the northern part of upper michigan and as the new england states look good. >> i love that you're doing the leaf peeping for us. 80 degrees for pope francis when he arrives. >> in hot water making comments about religion. this time, mike huckabee, challenging president obama's christianity. we'll tell you what he said -- next. you know, it's always bugged me that we couldn't say that, "cheerios are gluten free." oats don't contain gluten, but sometimes grains that do, get mixed in.
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maybe something happens, maybe people fall up in love with him. certainly that will happen. i don't thing it will. i think we have a tremendous base. we have people that want to make america great again. >> well, that was republican front-runner donald trump saying he's not worried about losing support. the brand-new quinnipiac national poll showed his lead shrinking briefly. joining us sarah murray, she was at trump's campaign keeevent on wednesday. and errol lewis. let's bring up the quinnipiac poll. it's fresh out this hour. these are the first post debate numbers. donald trump was at 28% in august. after the debate, 25. meanwhile, every one of his
3:24 am
rivals, ben carson, carly fiorina, jeb bush and marco rubio have risen since the debate. tell us what you see, errol? >> well, what i see, what some strategists have told us from the beginning, donald trump has a high floor but low ceiling. 7 out of 10 republicans tell the pollsters they don't want donald trump. they're starting to look around and shop. some are going to fiorina, and some to rubio. it's not that trump is doing worse but trump is not doing better. i think that's an important distinction to make. he's got to figure out how to broaden his base. yes, he has a base. yes, he has an important base. and usual control with the debate right now, but that's going to have less luster on it every single day between now and then. >> sarah, you saw things on the campaign trail yesterday, particularly in charleston, i think you described him as being
3:25 am
on the war path. what did you see? >> yeah, it was kind of interesting donald trump that we got yesterday, some of that is the he's knew facing the challenges. he's dipping a bit. the charleston event is a much different crowd than we're used to. it was still a predominantly white crowd. you know, trump was attacking everyone yesterday, whether it was hillary clinton, whether it was marco rubio, whether it was rand paul. it was almost as if he was trying to regien hain his footi the race even though he's the one leading the polls. >> let's talk about something that mike huckabee said particularly about the pope's visit in light of the pope's visit and he talked about president obama's faith. and he questioned it. >> i'm also concerned about a guy who believes he's a christian and pretends he is. and says he is. but then does things that makes
3:26 am
it very difficult for people to practice their christian faith. i'm disappointed if a person says i'm a christian, but you invite the pope into your home. then you invite a whole bunch of people who are at odds with the catholic church policy. >> errol, i believe he's referring to the president invited the first openly gay u.s. episcopal bishop. a transgender activist. he invited an activist nun. what do you think about what governor huckabee is saying? >> first of all, remember that governor huckabee is also reverend huckabee. he's from the branch that takes seriously that there are walls between different parts of the faith. there are people who believe certain things, and if you don't believe those things he's not necessarily going to be that welcome to you. >> what was the president trying to do? trying to reflect the american public or prod the pope? what was that?
3:27 am
>> i don't know prod the pope. the pope didn't turn around and stalk out of the oval office or anything like that. the pope has been, in fact, more open than a lot his predecessors when it comes to embracing people. look, if you're the president of the united states or the pope, there's a universalist style belief system that you put out there even if you have a deep core faith that takes you in a different direction. huckabee, not that type of leader. he's really being true to himself. >> let's talk about a real lightning rod issue that came up in one of the campaign spots where you were yesterday. that is donald trump going back at the birther issue. going back at he demanded to see president obama's birth certificate. he said he wasn't the original one. it was hillary clinton. let's listen to what he's said yesterday. >> hillary who has become very shrill. you know the word "shrill,"
3:28 am
she's become shrill. >> he also said she's the original one, as you know. she shot down -- she did an enter slew wiinterview with don yesterday where she said this is absurd. >> first of all, it's totally untrue. secondly, the president and i have never had any kind of confrontation like that. you know, this is such a bad example of what's wrong with, you know, instantaneous reactions and americans getting all worked up. and people feeding prejudice and paranoia like donald trump. obviously, all of us have to stand against it. i have been blamed for nearly everything. that was a new one for me. >> it's amazing to see this again on the campaign trail. what was the response yesterday? >> yeah, it's pretty incredible that we're still having this
3:29 am
conversation. look, this is something that donald trump is not just dreaming up out of the blue, in terms of his own belief when he goes on stage. for example, met with tim scott at the town hall meeting, it didn't come up. but donald trump is still dodging what is a relatively easy question. we saw that when stephen colbert threw it to him. the president has declared that he is a christian and donald trump wanted to address that. our cnn poll shows more than half his supporters don't believe that president obama is a christian, he seems to be playing into that but it is sort of incredible that we're still having this debate, alisyn. >> by the way, people are trying to trace the original birther comments back to hillary clinton. they've never found it. there were clinton supporters back in 2008 who are talking about this. but it wasn't her campaign, and it wasn't hillary clinton. but why isn't donald trump
3:30 am
owning this? >> for very much the reason that sara was suggesting. you've got a base for whom this sort of talk is just cat nip. they just love it. they want to hear it every day. they want to hear it on talk radio. they want to hear it from the candidates on facebook, from all of their friends. he's really faced, donald trump is, with a really important choice. do you play to that base and stay at 25% and watch everybody blow past you eventually? or do you try to disavow some of them or try to build a winning campaign? >> we'll talk about all of this when donald trump joins us like on "new day" at 7:00. sara, errol, thank you so much. let's go to washington, d.c. and talk more about the pope's visit. chris cuomo is there. >> boy, you couldn't plan it any better at the time we're seeing this, alisyn, in this culture, how negative it is, how divisive, here comes the pope.
3:31 am
no pope has ever addressed congress. in a short while, we won't be able to say that anymore. pope francis is going to talk unity in a place that, let's say, is in short supply. what will he say that will unite, and potentially divide. we'll have it for you, ahead. understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card,
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can you feel it? that's excitement. in just a few hour, pope francis is going to make history as the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress right here at the u.s. capitol building. his speech is expected to take on tough issues. we heard that already on the south lawn at the white house but what will the priorities be? what will be the things that it up off republicans and democrats. both could end up uneasy here. interesting number here, yes catholic republicans split
3:36 am
evenly in congress. who knew? congressman duffy is here. what an interesting difference, 83 split evenly. >> yeah, used to have a major democratic wing of the catholic contingency. but now you're seeing more catholics elected. 83 and 83, a good number of catholics in the house of representatives. >> so you had an audience with the pope? >> i did. about five months ago, we were at the vatican, had a chance to quickly chat with him. thought a long conversation. but a wonderful guy. if you look at what happened at washington, d.c. yesterday. you have the seams bursting with joy that the pontiff has arrived. it's like you get on inauguration day. taylor swift doesn't get this kind of reception. you'll see it up in new york, and philadelphia, it's great to see the pontiff, the catholic church get so much energy out of people. it's interesting. >> duffy putting the high bar of
3:37 am
taylor swift out there. that's a little bit of an unfair challenge you may be putting out there. so, when he comes and he speaks, we know he's going to touch on things that are fundamental to the catholic catechism but inherently political. are you thinking he'll have a different priority have. >> first of all, he's going to talk about the church's teaching. when you look at the dogma of the church. the doctrine of the church. that's issues of life and marriage, religious liberty and freedom. that's the law of the church. there are other things with potential judgment that catholics have a right to disagree or debate with the pope. and that's in the space of pollution or climate change. how we defend our borders, what kind of immigration systems we have in place. those are all up for debate, and so, i think he'll touch on all of them put but i think it puts democrats in a tough spot on the issues of life and marriage which are the true teachings of
3:38 am
the church. >> there's a presumption that global warming will bother republicans. but you're right, on a moral issue, those are political issues what to do with them. but morality is something that they've had to deal with the pope. this is a different pope that talks a different way. however, what matters in paul tishgs is tone. >> that's right. >> you know that very well. the pope's tone is almost definitely going to be positive. inclusive and looking to do better. what difference will that make? >> well, i think the tone of the pope is really important because he's going to talk about tough issues that will hit both sides. and i think what we have to do as congress is actually listen to him. i think we're called to do better in all of these places. i'm from wisconsin, i love the forest, the clean air and water. make sure we preserve that for the next generation. it's great that the pope is going to come and talk about that. i hope there's not a whole lot of discussion on economics. he has a different economic opinion or view. he comes from argentina.
3:39 am
he's actually said he's allergic to economics. i hope we're not going to a more social economic system. i'm not say that's where he comes from, but when we talk about redistribution, and it relates to the poor i think the american style of economics has done for more people in poverty. when you look at cuba and venezuela, people are stuck in poverty because of the economic system. so, i hope he doesn't go into economics, but he sticks with faith and morals which i think will resonate well with congress. >> he's going to comment, almost certainly, on the level of do better. you're not going to compare america to cuba. he's going to say you guys have the most money. you shouldn't have poor like anywhere else. >> that's true. but we also spend $1 trillion a year whether federal, state or local money to feed the poor. so you didn't discount that. we do a lot as americans to look out for the poor. but also you want to make sure you preserve a system that's
3:40 am
done more for the poor than any system known to man, better than any out there, knows how to lift the people up, try to mimic or mock the system because it's worked so well. >> you have a little personal onus on you, you're a member of his flock. >> so are you. >> but i'm a journalist. we believe in nothing, nothing. do you think it matters to members of congress? it's a big occasion, no doubt about that, even bigger than we anticipated. but do you think the pope has the ability to speak to members of congress, and that they may think differently about anything? >> you know, i think he can move the needle in small ways. in regard to immigration, i think you have to get immigration reform done. and talk about people, immigrants and migrants who come to our country where families are separated, i think that touches a lot of people's hearts in regard to how we treat people. now how we deal with our border, imhumanity of border, so we don't have parents send kids on
3:41 am
a long journey where some die, are raped and abused, i think that side can touch people's hearts. so, yes, i think he can move the needle as he talks to congress as long as he, you know, doesn't make it too political. >> it's going to be political. >> but i appreciate it, congressman sean duffy, thank you for taking the time and i look forward to your reaction aefrz. appreciate it. alisyn, back to you. donald trump ratcheting up the heat on his rivals. what is the republican front-runner asking? we'll ask him when he joins us at 7:00. stick around. people don't have to think about
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in just a few hours' time, pope francis will make history once again when he speaks to a joint meeting of congress. republicans are bracing for the possibility of tough love. the pope, however, will skip lunch with congress afterward, instead, will serve and then dine with the homeless. well, this morning, a new quinnipiac poll shows donald trump is still leading his
3:46 am
republican rivals with 25%. ben carson and carly fiorina on the rise. fox news is apparently in trump's cross hairs again. he says he's boycotting the network claims they're treating him unfairly. and he's also lashing out at hillary clinton and demanding that rand paul withdraw from the race. a major breakthrough in peace talks between columbia and park rebels. the two sides signing a commitment wednesday. setting the groundwork for six months. the agreement establishes peace tribunals and reconciliation related to 50-year long conflict. pope francis encouraged the deal during his recent trip to cuba. all right. it's time to talk money with chief business correspondent with christine romans in the money center with the huge government hack. >> even bigger than we thought,
3:47 am
hackers who stole security files from pentagon employees they got away with 5.6 million fingerprints. that's much more than the original estimate of 1.1 million. and u.s. officials suspect china is responsible. volkswagen's ceo is out, martin winterkorn said he didn't do anything wrong but he will resign for the good of the company. vw admitted it cheats on emissions tests. the stock has been decimated by his widening emission scandal losing a third of the value of stock up just a little bit on his resignation, michaela. we'll be watching that. unprecedented security to protect the pontiff. commissioner bill bratton said nypd is up for the challenge we'll talk about the preparations in manhattan, coming up next. ♪
3:48 am
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decisions, decisions. the new edge+. this one would keep me organized. i could list all the days i've been banned from social media. hmmm, wait this thing has built-in live broadcasting? i don't know what nerd came up with that, but it's awesome. you think they'd censor pippa's doggy-ola's? censored, not censored. censored, not censored. introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. the visit of pope francis to the united states is proving to be one of the biggest security challenges american officials have ever faced.
3:52 am
here in new york city, where the pontiff will arrive this afternoon, some 6,000 police officers and an undisclosed number of secret service agents to protect the pope during all of his stops throughout the city. joining us now is commissioner of new york city police, bill bratton live outside where the pope will be staying in new york. good to see you this morning. i can imagine, this is probably the busiest day of the year, given all the things going on in our beautiful city. we also heard that your department has said there are no credible threats against the pope. is that still the case? >> that's actually tomorrow the bigger day, with multiple events. this afternoon, we have the arrival of the pope. and then he travels to st. pat's. but tomorrow, the multiple events on top of it all, by the way, we have that little event down the street. u.n. 70th year anniversary event. >> yeah, 170 world leaders converging on manhattan in its
3:53 am
own rite would be a challenge. i think we also heard beyonce is doing a concert in central park. the president is going to be in the city as well. as well as the pope. any one of those things would be a bit of a security nightmare. but all of them happening at once. is that stretching our resources here in the city? >> well, actually, we are department for the department, 35,000 officers that we're so large, that we can do it all. we've put a number of our personnel on 12-hour shifts. a lot of overtime. but 7,000 officers that we'll be using on friday will not actually impact the policing of the rest of the city. if you're not in manhattan or not watching television, you're not going to know anything is happening. >> that's a very interesting point of view, so, let's look at some of the resources. you corrected us saying closer to 7,000. police are being assigned to both the pope and the u.n.
3:54 am
773 police cars. 818 tons of concrete block. 37 miles of barriers 'fencing. add to it, we heard no selfie sticks are allowed near the pope. drones are being banned. postal service is being stopped in some areas. no stone is being left unturned, commissioner. >> well, we're doing our best to ensure, certainly, the safety of the pope, all those heads of state. but also maintaining safety for new yorkers and the many, many thousands of visitors that will be comie ing literally from all over the country. and secured in the sense if you're close to the pope, you'll be ticketed, you'll have to go through screening. all of the security spaeshgt a this, we're in very good shape. >> we understand there are 48 agencies banning together to make sure this is a secured series of event. i want to drill deeper on that.
3:55 am
protecting the pope is one aspect. but it's protecting the large, vast quantities of people exuberantly coming to see the pope. that is a challenge because we know a large people gathered is a particularly vulnerable spot. >> ironically, the crowd situation would be much less than we would normally deal with. the biggest event is the 90,000 in the central park procession. then the concert that has about 80,000 people saturday night after the pope has left. we are used to dealing, as you know with crowds in excess, times square on new year's eve. so the crowd situation is less than we deal with. the complexity of the moving parts, five to six venues and compounding of 60 or 70 heads of state. the worst nightmare is all the
3:56 am
convoys coming together at the same time. >> and let's talk about probably the biggest moving part. and the biggest variable is the pope himself. he is known and reputed to be the people's pope. that is one of the most beautiful and beloved things about this pontiff. is that he wants to interact with the people. and i'm sure that, alone, causes you some sleepless nights. how do you protect a man who wants to interact? and you want to give him that gift with the american people and vice versa, but you have to make sure that everybody remains safe? >> that's correct. the overall responsibility for the security of the pope in this event, plus the secret service, in a support capacity, although a very large support capacity, and we have table-topped this in terms of exercises we've gone through the last number of months. we watched very closely what's going on in washington, d.c. just describing his
3:57 am
responsibilisponte. and it make this man remarkable that he does want to be accessible. and we will do all we can to accommodate his wishes. >> and that's a point. i think you have to be willing to improvise on occasion with somebody like pope francis. you talk about how heavily scripted his itinerary is. it has to be like clock work, i can imagine. this is a man who has rumored to disguise himself as a priest to sneak out of the vatican to go and see the homeless people. i imagine that scenario is troubling to you. are you prepared for that with this pontiff? >> yeah, we'll be watching the back door. again it is tightly scripted. yesterday, as you saw in washington, it stayed pretty close to script timing.
3:58 am
>> it did. >> we did have one unplanned event that he went to. again, that we don't believe that we'll be able to handle. the public will have access. you and the media, as you know are going to have a lot of access to him. a lot of visuals for the public and around the world to see. very exciting days in new york. and the culmination in philadelphia where he goes to that city where the crowds will probably be in the millions. >> philadelphia is going to have an exciting day on saturday. we look forward to that coverage as well. thank you, commissioner bratton for joining us. we know the next days will be busy for you and the other agencies involved. we're certainly following a lot of news so let's get right to it. -- must not abandon us. >> you were in his presence, in the presence of peter, the rock
3:59 am
of the church, the first pope. >> to join the united states congress. >> not afraid to take on the status quo. >> he's not going to appeal universally to both sides. >> a new poll shows trump's lead is decreasing. >> hillary has become very shrill. he was the original birther. marco rubio has no money, zero. >> i intend to beat donald trump. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and mikaela pair ra pa. what a beautiful day. the sun is coming up in history with unity and tolerance will ring out in a place that it's often just a whisper. one adviser calling today's speech the big one of the pope's d.c. visit.
4:00 am
now, if his comments are anything close to what he said on the south lawn of the white house about immigrants. poverty, climate change, republicans may get a bit uncomfortable. listen to this, after the speech, he's going to forego lunch with members of congress. what's the pope going to do? he's going to head to catholic charities and serve people who want to eat. today's visit follows a beautiful and busy day in d.c. where the pope energized those, afraiding in the popemobile, kissing babies, people along the way. he became the first pope from latin america who then canonized the first hispanic saint, father junipero serra. big deal for catholics. the holy father ended the day with a surprise stop to see the nuns of the little sisters of the poor, taking a stand on
4:01 am
religious freedoms. the sisters you will remember, sued the federal government over a debate on birth control. yesterday, and today, new york city. we have the pope coming up, let's get back to alisyn. >> all right, chris. the pope's visit raising lots of questions. let's try to get answers. joining us on the phone is gop front-runner donald trump. good morning, mr. trump. >> hi, alisyn. it's been a long time. >> let's talk about the pope's visit. let's start there. the pope has been talking about one of your signature issues and that, of course, is immigration. the pope has a different take on immigrants. he in fact spoke out to people who might not feel comfortable to immigrants. let me just read his sort of poignant words. the pope said yesterday, perhaps it will not be easy for you to look into their souls. perhaps you will be challenged
4:02 am
by their diversity. but know that they also possess resources meant to be shared so do not be afraid to welcome them. what do you think of the pope's words? >> i think his words are beautiful. i respect the pope and i like the pope very much. i will say this, we have a country that is going through tremendous problems. we owe $19 trillion, so, number one, we can't afford this process. we have tremendous crime problems, as you know, the illegal imgrants are coming in. you just have to look at san francisco and so many other instances, california, where a woman was absolutely decimated, killed by an illegal immigrant. a veteran, at 66 years of age, by the way. and many thousands of cases, we're having tremendous crime waves. we have a lot of problems coming in. drugs pouring over the borders. we have to seal our borders. we have to do something about
4:03 am
illegal immigration. people like my plan very much and i think it's a plan that's going to happen. >> let's talk about your plan, it's a two-parter. you talk about building a wall. >> building a wall, that's right. >> then you talk about deporting 11 to 12 million undocumented immigrants -- illegal immigrants. >> illegal immigrants living here. that's the part that you've not been terribly specific about. how would you specifically go about doing 11 million mass deportations? >> through good management and through a process. and the process is the bad ones goer and they never come back. they're never coming back. >> yes. >> really good ones and there are many, they will go and they will come back legally. they will come back on an expedited system. and they'll come back legally, alisyn. you go into the 1950s, dwight eisenhower who was a respected president was doing the same thing. he had to get rid of the illegal
4:04 am
immigrants. he did that. it was done in the 1950s by dwight eisenhower. >> let's talk about what it looks like nowadays. would you use the national guard? the police, the army? >> i would use a different way, done differently and warmly and h humanly. you know i had a good hispanic poll the other day, the hispanics, the ones that are here legally don't want to see this where everyone is pouring into the country illegal. you use the word illegal immigrant, that's what it is, you're illegally in the country. we're going to build a wall. let people in but they're coming in legally. >> you know what our history is with undocumented workers, they've been given jobs. they often pay taxes. >> alisyn, they're coming back in, but they're coming back in legally. >> but, mr. trump, i want you to
4:05 am
specifically explain how you are going to get rid of them? you know what this harkens to, what it reminds me at least of, remember the indication of illegil illi illian gonzalez, he was splashed all over the media, it gripped the nation because you watched federal agents pull this boy from his family. are you going to separate families? >> no, we're not separating families. we're taking the families and taking them as a units. we did it as dwight eisenhower did it with over 1 million people in the 1950. it was something that was done -- now, we're a politically correct society. we can't do anything about it. we're more about -- we're a society that can't do anything about it anymore. we can't function anymore. we have millions of people in the country -- listen, they're not paying taxes. they're taking jobs from other
4:06 am
people. we have a country that desperately needs jobs. they're taking jobs from other people. >> millions are paying taxes. >> alisyn, what i'm saying is this, it starts with we build a wall. and the wall will be very easily built and a very effective wall. it's going to have a big open gate. and people are going to come into the country through that gate. they're going to come in legally. it's going to be a country that's run with a border. we're not going to have people pouring drugs across the border. cartels are bringing drugs across the border. >> no one wants the criminal aspect. you're with everyone. >> by the way, do you know that the gangs that you see, all of these terrible gangs that you see. many of those gangs are made up of illegal immigrants. and they're tough dudes. by the way, they're going day one. they're going to be out of here day one. the rest is, the good people, they're going and coming back in an expedited way. they're going to come back
4:07 am
legally. you watch with good management how nicely that will work. >> okay, we will wait to see what your specific strategy is for that. let's talk about another topic that the pope has talked about and that's climate change. the pope has said he is clear that this is say problem that cannot be left to a future generation. do you agree that climate change say pressing problem? >> no. i think that clean air is a pressing problem. you want to have clean air, you want to have clean water, that's very important to me. and i've won many environmental awards. i am not a believer in climate change. it's gone global warming and climate change, now they cull it extreme weather. that's the new one because weather tends to be a little more extreme. a lot of the big bloods and big things. 1890, they have the greatest flood. 1904, the greatest rainstorm. you know, look. it's weather. i can't watch the evening news anymore. every time you turn on the evening news, they show, there's
4:08 am
a big rainstorm. there's a tornado there's this. i mean, you can't watch the news anymore, it's always weather. and frankly, it's been that way for so long, honestly, weather changes. and you have storms and you have rain and you have beautiful days. but i do not believe that we should imperil the people in our countries, by the way, china is doing nothing. you look at these other countries, they're doing nothing. all they do talk. we're going to imperil, actually the middle class and lower classes people with no money are going to be imperiled by doing this because it costs so much. nobody knows exactly if it's going to work. you have scientists -- i don't know if you remember a number of years ago in europe, the scientists were passing around e-mails and notes to each other talking about what a hoax it is. >> look. i know what you're referring to
4:09 am
the east anglo scientists -- >> i mean in clean air, clean water. all of those things. but i don't think we should destroy our country. if we have climate change or global warming, it's going to be of the nuclear form because we have incompetent politicians watching over us. that's the big problem. >> you're saying that global warming is man-made and you don't believe it's a pressing problem. it's good to get you down the record with that. let's talk about the polls. there's a quinnipiac poll just out at 6:00 a.m. this morning, basically what it shows is that your lead has slipped a bit. before the cnn debate in august, you were at 28%. now, you're at 25%. you're, of course, the republican front-runner. however, there are people catching up with you. ben carson was at 7%, now at
4:10 am
17%. kfl kfl at 12%. jeb bush has gone from 7 to 10%. marco rubio, 7% to 9%. do you think your lead is slipping? >> no, i don't. if you look at the nbc poll, it's a much bigger margin. if you look at zogby or reuters, i don't think i heard your statement, is it slipping, i know you want to get people to watch. it's interesting your reporter in south carolina who is absolutely terrible. she covered my speech. i made a speech to the african-american chamber of commerce in south carolina. wonderful people. and the room was full. every seat was full. when i went to the stage, everybody rushed forward. they all rushed to the front of the room. it was a ballroom. they all rushed to the front of the room. when you did that, you had half of the seats in the back were empty because everybody was standing in the front. we had a great time.
4:11 am
it was like a great thing. she stars off, the cnn reporter, absolutely horrible reporter, she starts off saying, oh, look, the room is half empty. the room wasn't half empty, everybody was standing next to me. you can tell jeff zucker, i think it was terrible, disgusting reporting. >> that's not what i heard her say, what i heard her say about the south carolina event what was surprising, it was mostly white people, this was the african-american chamber of commerce but it was populated mostly by a white audience. >> well, they had many african-americans and many white people, too. the room was full. they all rushed to the front which was a great honor. i let them stand there the whole speech. she showed empty seats, well, of course, there were empty seats because people were standing in the front of the room. it's just another hit job. it's one of those things. honestly, alisyn, a terrible
4:12 am
reporter. >> mr. trump, i think she's a wonderful reporter. >> we disagree. >> we do. governor huckabee said about the president what he found the most disturbing thing for him there are people who may not be in line with the pope's values who were invited to seat pope in washington, d.c. an openly gay episcopal bishop, transgender activist, a nun who is an activist. let me play to you what mike huckabee said about questioning president obama's faith. >> i'm also concerned about a guy that believes he's a christian and pretends to be and then says he is but then does things that makes it very difficult for people to practice their christian faith. i'm disappointed if a person says i'm a christian, but you invite the pope into your home, and then you invite a whole bunch of people who are at odds with the catholic church policy." >> what do you think about those statements? >> well, you know, i'm very --
4:13 am
i'm doing very well with evangelicals. and i spend a lot of time with evangelicals. i must tell you, many evangelicals feel the way mike do. many do. they feel that president obama has not been good with christianity. he's stopping religious freedom to an extent. they feel very hurt by the president. maybe that's the best word, or disappointed by the president, having to do with christianity. mike is expressing himself. i see that when i'm out on the trail and i'm meeting with evangelicals. i'm leading every poll in iowa, everywhere, with evangelicals. they feel very disappointed by the president what mike is saying is not surprising for me to hear. and it's a very strong statement. >> it is. >> in making speeches to thousands of evangelicals,
4:14 am
taking questions they're very hurt by the president, there's no question. >> do you believe that president obama is pretending to be a christian? >> i don't get involved in people's faith, alisyn. it's not for me to discuss his faith. that's for him to discuss. >> let's talk about what's going on with you and fox news. why are you in this spat with them? >> well, only because fox news has not treated me fairly. >> what does that mean? how so? >> excuse me, speaking of polls i think they just announced a poll this morning or something. to the best of my knowledge, i'm number one in that poll which is an interesting little -- and by a lot of. which san interesting dichotomy. but fox news has not treated me fairly. certain people have not. they have pundits on the show. one of them made a total fool last night. he totally lost it. i watched it. it looked like he was having a nervous breakdown on television. an he used words that are so
4:15 am
unbelievable, maybe he'll be fined. a guy named rich lowery, who i never even heard of. but he said something that i've never heard on television before. i was shocked. but he lost it. it was wonderful watching this guy lose it because, you know, he's a bad guy. but they are not fair to to me. and i've expressed it to them. they understand. for instance, they won't put up certain poll numbers. and the poll numbers are phenomenal. i say why aren't you putting those numbers? well, we're not going to put up the numbers. and the poll numbers -- >> i think what you're talking about, the reason i done want to use it, it's an online survey, that's not, you know, sort of considered one of the legitimate polls, the go-to polls that we use. back to fox for a second. you say they're treating you unfairly. do you not want to hear other voices who criticize you? >> i do. i do. i don't mind being criticized.
4:16 am
and i don't mind it at all. and i won't use names and there's certain people who criticize unfairly. if i do something wrong, alisyn, i have very thick skin. i don't mind being criticized. i'm a smart person. i do thinks wrong, whether i do, sigh don't mind, they can come at me 15 different ways. but when i'm right or when i don't deserve something. i think it's very, very unfair to speak incorrectly. >> yeah. >> so i will correct people. i believe in that. >> when you say you have done a lot of things wrong, what's the last thing you've done wrong in this campaign? >> um -- well, i don't know. i'd rather not get into that. i'm sure i've made mistakes. i'm leading in every single poll. i don't know if you saw the florida poll that came out, i'm absolutely kill bush and rubio,
4:17 am
and it's their state. i don't know? i guess there are things i could have done differently. look i have a very simple theme. i want to make america great again. we're run by incompetent people. 53 incompetent people running this country led by the man at the top. we can do such good things to make our country back. >> i know your slogan, mr. trump, is make america great. i'm curious, when was america great? in your mind when was the heyday? when was the year that america was great? >> well, it's been hurt badly. honestly, before this president, too. going into iraq was a tremendous mistake. by the way, i was the only one with a vision of all of these candidates -- i was the one with the vision, don't do it. but going into iraq was a tremendous mistake for our country. it destabilized the middle east. and that was bush's role. it destabilized the middle east. and iran is taking over iraq, they're going to take off the
4:18 am
massive oil reserves, by the way, isis has a good chunk of them, too. that was a bad mistake. >> you are on the record about that. >> we spent $2 trillion, instead of rebuilding our country we spent trillions of dollars, thousands of wounded warriors who i love. >> prior to the iraq war, are you saying the clinton years is when america was great? >> i would say reagan, clinton. we didn't -- the country wasn't decimated like it is now. the country didn't owe $19 trillion alison. the country -- right now, we're $1.5 trillion to china, we so $1.5 trillion to japan. think of it, they suck our money out. and we owe them. it's like a magic trick. we owe them $1.5 trillion.
4:19 am
>> back to fox news, don't you need fox news and viewers to win it? >> i don't know i'm on "60 minutes" sunday. it's a very powerful show. i went on steven kphen colbert other night. and he killed the ratings. it was massive ratings. it dill the "tonight show." >> i watched that. he served you up a big old meatball of a softball to ask you once and for all, you believe president obama was born in the united states now that you have seen his birth certificate. and you didn't want to answer that. why not? >> no. i talk about jobs, i talk about our military, helping our vets. i don't talk about that question. it's just something that i won't talk about anymore. every time people get on that question, that's all they want to talk about, the birth certificate, was it real, was it
4:20 am
not real? all they want to talk about is that. so i don't talk about it. what i talk about jobs, our vets who, by the way, are living like third class citizens and i'll straighten it out. i talk about many other things, trade, but not that subject. >> let's talk about scott walker. he dropped out of the race, as you know. he suggested that people in the bottom tier follow his lead and also drop out so that someone else can coalesce as a front-runner to beat you. let me play for you what scott walker said. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same. so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> what do you think of that plan? >> well, first of all, i think he's a nice person. and, you know, honestly, i can understand how he feels. i came into iowa, everyone said that scott walker was going to
4:21 am
win iowa. i came into iowa. and almost immediately, i was just killing him at the polls and beating him in iowa. with the crowds, with the polls with everything. and they say that it was my entering the race that destroyed his campaign. i didn't go after scott walker very much. but for whatever reason, when i came in, he went down. and then he went down to almost nothing. he went down to zero. and he was leading. he is like i am now, i don't want to say result happened, to be careful, it hasn't happened, but scott walker was actually leading and went down to zero. so obviously, he made a lot of mistakes. the thing that hurt him, i go, according to what they're all saying was me. so i can understand fully what he's saying. >> it seems that you have your sights set on marco rubio. you have been critical of him. he's been critical of you. he says in terms of you, you have not offered specifics with syria and isis.
4:22 am
let me play for you what marco rubio has said about your foreign policy credentials. >> i think the most important thing a president will ever do is look at national security for our country. i think up to this point he hasn't answered the national security. carly fiorina is not in government. she knows more about it than he does. >> mr. trump, what are your specifics? >> he's got the worst voting record in the united states senate. he's never there meaning he doesn't work or too lazy to go back and vote. marco rubio wants to tell every single thing that he knows to everybody so that the people on the other side, so that the enemy can learn about it. i want to be unpredictable. a couple weeks ago, a very good article about my business acumen. they said he's so unpredictable and difficult to fight because he's unpredictable. i don't want to know what marco
4:23 am
rubio knows about syria. i know about isis trying to talk out isis and that wanting to go against assad. and saying i can't believe it, americans are killing my enemy, this is the greatest thing happening to me. we are run by incompetent people. i have a good chance of winning. i don't want the other side to know exactly what i'm going to do so that they can start thinking tab planning it. i want to be unpredictable. >> i can understand being unpredictable with the enemy and not telegraph that. >> and i give answers generally because you have to do that unfortunately to get elected. >> yes, to the voters. >> don't forget, alisyn, i was the one that said don't go into iraq. that is was 2003. >> what do you know about marco
4:24 am
rubio? >> look, marco rubio sits behind a desk and in committee. i create jobs all day long. i know more about this all of us put together. believe me, we'll have a winning strategy. if marco rubio is so good, how come we're doing so badly? >> will you clue in the voters as to what you will do? >> i'll clue them in because i have to a certain extent. if i win this thing, i don't want the other side to know what my views are. where i'm coming from. i watch obama saying we're going to do this, we're going to do that. every time they tell a midlevel accounting person from isis, they have a news conference to announce it instead of being quiet for a few months. then everybody else scrambles. and you can't get anybody else. you got to be cool and you got to be unpredictable. and you just can't go in and say exactly here's my plan. and i do have plans. and by the way, plans are always subject to massive change.
4:25 am
and they change. you got to win. and i know how to win. these guys don't know how to win. marco rubio, he's like a kid. he shouldn't even be running in this race, as far as i'm concerned. he's a kid. >> i want to ask you about something funny that is "saturday night live" has just announced who will be playing you this season. their completian taryne killian. he's funny and he does say lot of impersonations he's played john boehner and tom brady. are you familiar with his work? >> i am, yes. >> what do you think that he's going to be parodying you? >> i look forward to it, "saturday night live" is terrific. i hope he does say good job. darrell hammond was great. i thought darrell was fantasticing. i hope he does a good job. >> darrell hammond did do an impeccable donald trump.
4:26 am
>> he was have good. a nice guy, too. i see him around. people really related to that somehow. i'm not sure that i always benefited, to be honest. >> but you saw the similarity? >> i saw the similarity with darrell, i saw the similarity. i thought he was terrific but we're going to see what happens. i mean, i'll let you know. i'm not sure i'll like it. but you know what, if i don't like it, i'll let you know. >> i would like to know that. has "snl" asked you to go on this season? would you consider it? >> i'm not allowed to say that. >> why is that? >> because i'm not allowed to say that? >> because you're in negotiations with them? >> well, i'm just not allowed to say it. silencio. perhaps you understand what that means? >> i believe i am reading you loud and clear. it's always interesting mr. trump, when you won't answer
4:27 am
something. >> people get totally confused when i don't answer something. >> you pride yourself in being the straight talker. >> general douglas macarthur, i consider him a great general, and general patton, they're telling all of these things, and we're going to syria and do this and that and we're going to fight russia. by the way, russia wants to kill isis because they have a bigger problem than we do with isis. then we're going to go in and start world war iii fighting syria over russia. he's a kid. he has no right -- frankly, he was very disloyal to bush. bush was his mentor. fact that bush was his mentor didn't stop this young guy who is overly ambitious for wanting
4:28 am
to run. bush looks foolish and he looks like he's a very disloyal guy, frankly. >> donald trump, great to get your comments. we appreciate talking to you. we appreciate having you on "new day." please keep us posted on some of the things that you didn't want to reveal today. >> i will, alisyn. thank you. >> we have extended invitations to jeb bush, ted cruz, marco rubio to also come on to reaction. just might be the one.
4:29 am
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tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. . moments ago, donald trump joined us here on "new day" to talk about the pope, immigration, brand-new polls and of course his new feud with fox news. let's bring in john king, cnn's correspondent to break this down. >> it's like saying a jet-powered pinball, you did that quite well. >> i appreciate that. so what jumped out of you of all the thinks donald trump said? >> a couple things off the top, you're trying to press him on issues. he slightly disagrees with pope francis.
4:33 am
who will be in new york. and part of the pilgrimage, donald trump saying he disagrees at one point saying it's just weather and it's been happening for a long time. scientific inshts from mr. trump there. you also tried to press him on his plan to round them up. mr. trump said he would allow most of the illegal immigrants back in on an expedited basis. you tried to press him, how will we do it, he said we'll get there, people will love it. and many other times you tried to press him, he said essentially he has a secret plan to heal the world. you said with the marco rubio question, he says, i want to be unpredict about. he has slipped in the polls just a little bit. he's still the front-runner. after the cnn debate, he came down in the cnn poll, he came down in the quinnipiac poll. he's flat lined in the new
4:34 am
bloomberg poll. >> here's the poll shows what happens since the cnn debate in august. at 28%. down to 25%. still obviously, the front-runner but other people have ticked up. john, back to the point about how he would deport, these nasty deportations 11 million people. the devil is in the details. i was trying to ask him, will he use the army? i wanted to know the optics. he wouldn't talk about that. he won't get into the nitty-gritty and won't reveal if he has a plan. that was a tough one. also, i asked him about his ongoing feud with fox news and whether or not he needs fox news viewers to win the primary. he's been accused of being too thick-skinned to be a successful candidate. he addressed that. listen to what he said.
4:35 am
>> if i do something wrong, alisyn, i have very thick skinned. i don't mind being criticized. i never complain. i know i do some things wrong. i do some things wrong. when i do, i don't mind, they can come at me 15 different ways. but when i'm right or i don't deserve something, i thinks very, very unfair to speak incorrectly. so, i will correct people. >> you know, it was interesting when we asked what it is that he has done wrong lately, he was hard-pressed to come up with anything. >> yeah, you did give him a chance to say, well i messed this up. or i should have said this. and he just said, i don't know, i can't think of one. he has said such memorable things in the campaign right here on "new day." remember a few weeks back he said he wins by whining. he whines until he wins. if you listened to his interview
4:36 am
moments ago and if you watched his event in south carolina he seems to be doubling down on that event. he is whining about the questions. he whined about the fabulous cnn reporter, good for you for standing up against him in south carolina. he's whining about marco rubio, he's whining about fox news. and let's see if it works. the conventional rules of politics have not applied to donald trump. up until the debate, i think they did. it clearly hurt him in the polling. now a test as a politician, when you get knocked down, and every politician does, especially every politician who wins. winning politicians get knocked down the test of their mettle is how they get back up. >> john king, always great to get your insights. thank you for being on. all right. let's go to chris who, of course, in is washington, d.c. with all of the papal coverage. chris. >> humility as some form of weakness -- donald trump.
4:37 am
pope francis, humility as a virtue. tear someone down to build yourself up -- donald trump. >> pope francis learn to be better together, be a missionary of mercy. hollywood could not come up with a better juxtaposition and a moment in time than the one we have before us right now. what is dominating our political dialogue could not be more diametrically opposed to the message of pope francis. and he is coming to congress. the first pope ever to address them. his message certainly will be very very different from what we just heard. what will the specifics be? what will the impact be? come back and figure it out. if o look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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we're here at the u.s. capitol. and it's just a few hours from now, the holy father is going to arrive on capitol hill and be the first pope to speak to a joint meeting of congress but the history here isn't just about firsts. it's about this confluence of the man, the message and the moment in our particular history. so how are lawmakers going to respond. we have one here.
4:42 am
senator angus king, he's, of course, the independent senator from maine. senator, very good to have you here. you just handed me something that is going to be on the pope's agenda which is climate change which he spoke about it in great detail. you handed me a card, you said here's everything that you need to know about global warming. a graph about co2 going up. co2 and temperatures. donald trump said clearly as this card you handed me, i don't believe in it. >> i'm sort of speechless which is unusual for a politics. >> he's representative of a group in this country. >> but the science is so clear. i mean, co2 is at way more than it's been for the last 3 million years. the last time co2 was at the level it's at now, oceans were 60 feet higher. >> cycles of weather. >> that's what the card says, we've had cycles for 900,000 years. all of a sudden in 1860 it
4:43 am
rockets upwards and that's when we started burning stuff. >> although you did create this card and you're name is on the bottom and you're selling them at very high price which i think might be a felony, but the idea that you have plenty of intelligent people in congress who do not believe what's on this card, how do you justify that. >> >> i don't know how -- to me, i think we can argue. it's legitimate to argue about means and how we deal with this and what's technology and what we do. arguing about the science is like arguing that light doesn't go 186,000 miles a second. this is just data. >> light at 186,000 -- >> yeah. >> that should be speed of light. nothing is that fast. >> plus it is -- there's plenty of room for debate. >> because you don't have to debate what to do if you avoid the premise and say there's nothing there. that brings us to the pope. he's going to say i've got one of senator king's cards.
4:44 am
i believe there is global warming. and it's up to the stewardship and humanity on the earth that we live to fix it. how do you think the message is received? >> i think some of of the people are going to receive it very well. i think the important thing about the pope's message is this is a theological and ethical issue. he's been criticize. he ought to stick to thoughological and morals. one thing, he has a degree in chemistry. he is a scientist. this is about ethics. this is stewardship about all the things in the bible that god gave us. one of them is thou shalt not steal. if we destroy the earth, we're stealing from future generations. i think this is an ethical issue. >> sometimes, thing, a coincidence, sometimes, they are not. could you imagine a moment that is better for the pope to be here, than the one right now,
4:45 am
given what's going on in the political dialogue as assumed in the person of donald trump? >> well i'm not going to compare the pope to donald trump. >> no, i'm saying, contrast them. the pope is coming here, saying you guysed me to be more to tolera tolerant, and his voice is soft. >> his voice is soft, he's calm and he's appealing to the better angels of our nature. i'm convinced that leadership matters. and that we all have the capacity to go in a good direction or bad direction, depending on how we're led. and i think the pope's message, and not only the message, but his demeanor, he's a humble man, great story about when he was first elected. they wanted to put all the fancy robes on him. he said, no. but you've got to, this is important. you know what he said, the carnival's over. >> do you remember, he went to his own hotel with his suitcase in hand and settled his bill,
4:46 am
right after he became pope? >> yeah, i think that's a message that it doesn't hurt us to hear every now and then. >> it's going to to be delivered in a beautiful way. we know that. we see that he electrifies people. he's the head of a billion catholics. to him it's been energizing the spirit. his signature expression, haciendo lio get rid of ruckus. do you think that resonates in a way that actually matters to the people in d.c. right now? >> i think it will, i think the combination of the man and message, i think it will. people aren't going to walk out and say, glory hallelujah, i'm convert converted. but i think there is going to be deep thought. there has to be when you listen to a man of this credibility and thoughtfulness. the world is fortunate that this particular guy came to this position at this moment in time.
4:47 am
>> i think sometimes, nothing that he is going to say is nothing nothing. this is a point in the catholic catechism. and begoli is the man. maybe is will smack fresh with new. >> 50 years ago, martin luther king made a speech about a mile down the street that changed america. nobody anticipated that. it was a big march, but that speech electrified the country. and i can't say this is going to do that. although, i just read a preliminary draft. >> don't get the pope on your bad side. >> let me just say, i was choked up. it's pretty powerful. >> senator king -- >> chris, good to see you. >> -- always a pleasure. thank you for trying to make us better. appreciate it. >> get it on my website.
4:48 am
>> michaela, do you know how much he's trying to sell this card to me? >> thank fantastic, chris. question appreciate it. we're going to talk more about donald trump and his interview with alisyn. in a moment, we'll talk about the polling, signs of weakness? stay with us, we'll discuss it. the human foot has always been good at... it's unleashing great power. the is performance line just got a power boost. introducing the lexus is 200 turbo and is 300 awd v6. the is line has never been...
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4:52 am
donald trump rarely at a loss for words. as you heard in our interview with him this morning. meanwhile there is a new poll out just this morning that reveals what has happened to the candidates since the cnn debate. let's bring in our guests. let's start with donald trump. there was so much to talk to him about. his slogan is make america great again. and i wanted to know when that magical mythical heyday of america was? was he talking about the 50s the
4:53 am
turn of the century -- what was he talking about? he basically said before the iraq war. let me play for you. >> has snl asked you to go on this season? would you consider it? >> i'm not allowed to say that. >> it was a the time he was at a loss for words. let me tell you. he said -- he -- when pressed about when america's heyday was he said clinton and reagan. so what do you think of that being america's heyday. >> the oldest story in the world is people complaining how awful current times are romanticizing the past. >> every generation does it. >> we can't quit it. some demagogue and try to make a buck off it. which is what he's doing. but in the reagan area there was high unemployment. and the massive economic expansion. that is absolutely true but on
4:54 am
many issues, gay rights, things were not getting done. people weren't walking around saying yeah this is america at its best. antics off the oval office. >> what did you think. >> i think we're a little too quick to be writing trump's obituary. he's at 25%. everybody is saying this is a big slip. the percentage of, you know, the error in the poll is 3%. so he is actually still within the margin of error. >> quinnipiac poll out this morning. let's look at what you're talking about. basically you are right he's at 25%. but what's happened since august, he's gone down a little. sure margin of error but. >> so many others have come up. >> his rivals have gone up much wider than the margin of error. >> i'm saying there is a 3rk9 point margin so within that he's holding even. yes, carly fiorina has had ha rise. >> one of the things you are seeing here is that the top tier
4:55 am
candidates are coalescine ininga little bit. you are seeing that you have a clear set of considerations set and everything else is way way behind. >> the point is this is a horse race. this is a snapshot. and what you do at the horse race when you go around the first bend is you don't say who's leading. the horse isn't leading is actually necessarily going to lead but you wablt to look at form, how are they running? what's their teeth like. >> what's their -- >> let me speak at that. because when you are looking at whether their form is. if you do the straight across comparison to what that means in a presidential race it is looking at the policy. and allsyn tried to get him to answer the question about why he is so thin talking about policy and it was interesting his answer, about being unpredictable. >> you got to be cool. and you got to be unpredictable. and you just -- you just can't
4:56 am
go in and say exactly here is my plan. and i do have plans. and by the way plans are always subject to massive change. and they change. you got to win. and i know how to win. these guys don't know how to win. marco rubio, he's like a kid. she shouldn he shouldn't even be running in this race. >> this isn't a poker game. he's talking about the fact he doesn't want to show his cards to his competitors. is that enough in. >> no. he also said i can't telegraph my foreign policies or my world view because that would be like communicating with the enemies and i don't want to give away plans. like like he's conflating. look, trump is at his best and he has won in this race when he's throwing attacks at other individuals. and calling people bad names and giving obtuse statements about what he's going to do to make america great. that's sort of what he seems to
4:57 am
be defaulting on, if it is indeed the fact that he does feel he's under the gun and others are encroaching on his lead. >> is this a poker game? to his point he is a great negotiator. he's saying i will use those in the oval office. that is my skill. >> and the richard nixon -- so it is not the first time somebody said i can't get into the specifics. the thing about trump being unpredictable. he's playing by reality tv rules. a celebrity and gaming the media effectively as a result. all right. a very different mood down here. we have live pictures of big crowds outside the u.s. capitol. everybody wants to see pope francis. he has electrified the country. but the people outside are probably not as excited as the people who are going to be inside pope francis giving the first address to a joint session of congress. what is he going to emphasize? what will the impact be?
4:58 am
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5:01 am
welcome to our viewers in the united states and those around the world. this is "new day." allsyn and michaela are in new york. we're coming to you live from the u.s. capitol building where big crowds are already gathering awaiting the maybe event. pope francis addressing a joint meeting of congress about 90 minutes. all are here to hear the pontiff's words and if his comments so far about immigrants and climate change and poverty are any indication, today's speech may make some uneasy. whether you are a republican or a democrat, i you could be an awkward spot. begin comprehensive coverage with jim shoto who joins me now. you have a mix of the message, the man and the moment. pope francis couldn't be here at the better time. >> and we expect this to be more of a gentle nudge than a stern
5:02 am
scolding but this is a pope with a powerful voice and deep conviction. and he's going to be addressing some of the most controversial divisive issues here, certainly in washington, but in the country. immigration, abortion, climate change. and he's going to address them with conviction. of course a third of the congress there catholics. but this speech is meant for all faiths. certainly for both parties and really for all americans. >> this morning pope francis making another historic stop on his whirlwind u.s. tour. this time speaking before congress on capitol hill. a first for any pope. >> there is one thing we know about this pope. he's not -- he's not afraid to take on the status quo or not afraid to say what he really thinks. >> house speaker john boehner and the vice president joe biden, two of the most prompt catholics in washingtons will be seated behind the pope. who may touch on divisive topics such as same-sex marriage ux abortion, even the iran deal. a preview of sorts as the pontiff tackled immigration. >> as the son of an immigrant
5:03 am
fami family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country. which was largely built by such families. >> he also spoke out strongly on climate change. >> climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to our future generations. [ applause ] when it comes to the care of our common home, we are living at a critical moment of history. >> for him, these are issues of the gospel because they affect people, especially the poor. and he sees himself on as a man on the side of the poor. >> in keeping with t style the pope has decided to forego a
5:04 am
lunch with congress and instead will go have lunch with at least 200 homeless. >> -- boycotting the speech because he says he does not want to be lectured by the pope on climate change. you know, chris, this pope has a very powerful voice. he's very popular. he's is the people's pope. but even this pope may not be able to bridge in many of the divides here in washington. >> the pope says climate change is real. it is a matter of science. so if it's real than i default right to my teaching as a catholic and here is what we have to do for the environment. so it is an interesting mix. >> a man of faith who accepts the science. imagine that. so that's something we know is a very political issue here. >> what will he do with those who do not. what will his tone be? what can we expect in this
5:05 am
speech? live on the east front of the capitol, jeff? >> we are on the opposite side of the capitol are all of those thousands are gathering. we're on the side towards the supreme court. you can see behind me this is the house of representative chambers, where the pope is going to arrive in a little over an hour. he's going to be greeted by speak irjohn boehner. republican of ohio, lifelong catholic who is the man inviting the pope to join this meeting with congress. he'll have a private session with john boehner and vice president joe biden. inside the chamber there are going to be so many representatives who are catholic. 30% of this u.s. congress is catholic. and supreme court justices as well. six of the nine supreme court justices are catholic and four of them will be on hand today for this address. including the chief justice john
5:06 am
roberts. we're also going to have presidential candidates in the room. of course all five senators who are running for president as well as dr. ben carson. the invited guest from mark sanford from south carolina. now some republicans are slightly uneasy about the message of climate change as jim was saying. some democrats are slightly uneasy a btd the issue of abortion and same-sex marriage. they think they might be lectured to a little bit. but john bhaner had a message to all of them. the best thing we can do is listen and open our hearts to his message. this is not a typical political day where things fall into line on liberals and conservatives. his message of course is a bit bigger that be that. we'll hear it in about an hour and 15 minutes or so. actually just about the couple hours time. >> very exciting. do you know who doesn't care if they get uneasy? pope francis. his signature phrase, make a raucous. get involved with things. and boy, has the pope made an
5:07 am
impact already. thousands gathering outside the capitol building waiting to get just to peak. remember as the pope passes you, you get a blessing. and to 70 million catholics that would be a dream. out there in the midst of the excitement, what is it like out there? >> [speaking foreign language] a mess like the pope likes to say. take a look behind me. there is already lots of people here waiting to get a glimpse of the pope. we were talking about all the pomp and circumstance that's going to happen inside the building but i'm almost sure that pope francis would rather be with the people you see behind me. young and old, with babies. i'm looking at the crowd and i see some flags. i see the mexican flag. i see the flag of the vatican. i almost think that he would rather be here talking with these people than actually delivering that much-anticipated speech before congress. but of course we're expecting
5:08 am
him to speak in english. and chris i've got to tell you, on the papal plane he was asked very casually if he was practicing his english or how good his english was. and he said oh [ bleep ], engli -- [speaking foreign language] english is not my for a dforte. >> it will allow the people here to also see what he emphasizes and why. rosa thank you very much. we have democratic senator tim cain. a devout catholic. he's going to be attending this morning as well. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> let's not avoid the obvious. we always like to say well i'm religious. that's my business. not today. you are a catholic. the pope is here. the reception has been amazing. you did missionary work going back. >> this is going to be a day
5:09 am
i'll remember my whole life. today will be one of those days. i worked with jesuits in latin america in honduras in 1980-81. military dictatorship t jesuit were not popular because of their work with the poor. very similar to the argentinian situation. i go to a parish where the head is named francis pope. so i'm really connected. i have fransz pope at my church and pope fransz here. andcis pope at my church and pope francis here. a and. >> and the timing. religious spintolerance right n. bleeding over into just the entire election. denying of climate change going on all the time. donald trump dominating the dialogue. using negativity to lift him with voters. >> and can i add a couple?
5:10 am
>> please. >> the book of exodus is about migrants and wanderers and the old and new testaments are the filled with injecttures about that. and the this is heritage month. and the pope is coming at a real hispanic moment in the united states with the growing influence of the latinos in business and politics. you have two latinos running for president. all of this is converging. it is not by accident and that is what makes it so special. >> and the people want trump. he is number one in the polls. it is not an accident. it is not a glitch. people resonate with what he says. they don't like political correctness. they don't like that people aren't direct. they don't like that people avoid these really ugly realities around us. so what do you think the pope can do in a message that will reach people? >> the first that will reach all of us or should, is his style of leadership. the humility. i think we live in a an age where leaders, political leader, certainly business, churches. sometimes the title matters.
5:11 am
the salary matters. the perks matter. the distance between ourselves and the flock or constituents. this guy is turning it it all on its haiti he s head. and says if you want to be first you should be last and analogies we should hear in congress. and the other thing he should set high expectations for us. we're in a low expectations game. people hate congress. and the members bash each other and he's saying you have a unique moment to really do something powerful. don't have low expectations of this place. have high expectations of it. he can tell us that he has high expectations of us. and the sometimes you will live up to the high expectations and that is something that he can uniquely do. >> another interesting statistical coincide. 83 members of congress are catholic. split evenly. you can't split it in half you have half a person but very
5:12 am
interesting. what does that tell you about the disposition of both parties. >> this is one thing i love about being kooth lick. if you go to mass and look at the bumper sticker you are going to see bumper stickers of all political persuasions. that is a great thing of our church. so much of our life now we self sort into people who think like us. i like being part of a church that is universal and encompasses a lot of different believes and views. you can go to mass anywhere in the world. you may not know the language but you know what's being done because the order and the reads are the same anywhere in the world. we are split politically but that can be a benefit because we can challenge each other and learn from each other -- >> and it's how you do it. and i think that is the beauty of what the pope brings with him today almost assuredly. how he stacks it. what he emphasizes rngs it is going to be different than the south lawn. otherwise he wouldn't have had the two appearances. you know it is going to be different. we'll have to see how. the tone.
5:13 am
how are you adversary. is it relentlessly negative pejorative you wind you have going nowhere. >> it is like the parable in the new testament about the seed. does it fall on good soil, fall on thorns, does it fall on rocky ground? i hope today we're good soil and the message falls and we ponder it and reflect upon it. >> how electrifying has the environment been around francis? i remember growing up when it was john paul ii and sky scrappers and we were amazed by him and what he had been doing in europe. and now i'm an old man now but i feel like the intensity of the enthusiasm was more than i expected. >> i remember when john paul ii came and celebrate mass on the boston common. and the excitement at a time when the solidarity movement was in place and he was facing off against leaders that were
5:14 am
against organized religion. that was so powerful and this has a connection to it. but the fact that this pope is from america. you know north, south and central, we're all americans. we all call ourselves americans. >> you sound like the pope. that is not something we're used to hearing, talking about the continent as the whole. >> this is the month. 450 years ago, the settlement by the spanish, st. augustine, florida. we were a spanish nation before a english nation. >> spanish is the first language spoken in this country. fascinating to watch all of your coverage. we do have breaking news out of of saudi arabia. more than 450 people are dead and 700 hurt near the haj city of mecca. a stampede broke out during ritual known as stoning the devil. crowds throw stones a t pillars
5:15 am
meant to symbolize rejection of evil. we don't know what sparked the stampede. a man has been charged with shootings in arizona. the 21-year-old's gun, which was pawned matched bullet fragments in four of the shootings. merit insists they have the wrong guy. however police say the gun was not pawned at the time of those incidents. >> three chicago area schools remain close ed because of the threat of the legionnaires disease. the tested abnormally high levels of the legionnairia. >> allsyn talking to donald trump this morning on "new day." so we're going to take a look at the polls. he may still be leading his republican rivals but the new polling results show his lead
5:16 am
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when was america great. >> it was before the president. iraq was tremendous upset for our country. that was bush's fault. i would say that reagan -- the country -- we didn't -- the country wasn't decimated like now. the poll.till topping rivals in the front runner's lead is shrinking slightly while outsiders and opponents are closing in. i'll start with you. i did want to ask trump about when was america's heyday. and you heard, he thought it was during the reagan and clinton era. what did you think about some of the things he said?
5:21 am
>> oh boy. well kudos to you for trying to get somewhere with trump. i think i would have hung up the phone had he told me that he has foreign policy ideas but they are a secret. yeah. bravo to you. look america was having a tough time in the 80s. it had a tough time in the 90s. again trump -- i don't know what trump's sort of view of history is. he doesn't like to get too specific. but i thisty po think the polls indication that people are getting tired of the trump show. i think people now want some substantive answers on how he would solve some pretty significant problems in this country. and what's really weird and frustrating is, you know, trump just put out a policy paper on guns on the second amendment. and he had some help with that i know. but it was very, very good. and instead of going out on the stump and talking about that or sitting down with you and saying, you know, what, here is
5:22 am
what i want to talk about. i have the policy paper on guns and it is really important. he's talking about rubio's hair and christie's weight and clinton's voice. as the farce at this point. >> he didn't exactly say that his foreign policy strategy is a secret. but he wouldn't reveal any specifics. he says this is all part of his strategy. listen to this moment. >> you got to be cool and you got to be unpredictable. and you just -- you just can't go in and say exactly here is my plan. and i do have plans. and by the way, plans are always subject to massive change. and they change. you got to win. and i know how to win. these guys don't know how to win. marco rubio, he's like a kid. he shouldn't even be running in this race as far as i'm concerned. he's a kid. >> maria, what he's saying there is you don't want to tip your hand to your enemies about your military plan.
5:23 am
doesn't he have a point? >> well no. because there is a big difference between not wanting to tip your hand to your enemies and actually laying out a sensible framework in terms of a strategy of how you would approach something. but this is clearly something that donald trump either doesn't understand, or he does understand it but has absolutely no clue on how to do that in a campaign where -- and you saw this in this debate -- issues are going to start to become more important. what happened at the debate is he went completely silent. i think it was like 37 minutes where he didn't speak. and we know that in itself was a first. he wasn't speaking for a reason and the reason was he had nothing to contribute to the debate which was actually quite robust that was going on on the stage between all the other candidates on foreign policy. and voters are starting to see the chink in that armor. they are starting to see that perhaps the emperor has no
5:24 am
clothes. >> both of you say the voters are starting to see that. let's look at the latest quinnipiac poll and pull that up. i'm not sure it reveals what you are saying. yes he's down three points. it is within the margin of error from august. and yes his rivals are creeping up. carson up to 17%. fiorina up from 5 to 12%. jeb bush up from 7 to 10. rubio up 7 to 9 but he'll he's still the far and away leader here. it is not that voters are rejecting him. >> well no -- well, actually you could say 75% of conservative voters are rejecting him. and he has high unfavorables and most women say they would never vote so there is still a bit of a rejection. but trump has not gone down in the polls since he entered the race until now. so whether you think that is because of the bad debate performance or because of the
5:25 am
incident, you know, with the -- the muslim question that we got at that rally. or some of his comments he's made about the other candidates recently. and now his new feud with fox news. i mean, something has to have, sort of, changed against trump. and maybe it is machine a recognition that someone like carly fiorina is coming up and is a more believable, more credible outsider. but i think something is going on here. >> speaking of fox news, there is a new fox news poll out which shows trump actually ticking up a point. but i did ask about the feud with fox news. and i said don't you need fox news and fox news viewers in order to win the primary? and he said i don't know. i just don't know about that. that's a rare admission. >> it is. >> but isn't it unstrategic of him to pick a battle with fox news? >> of course it is. but if i think if there is
5:26 am
anything we've learned about trump in this campaign season is that he's been completely unstrategic up to this point. but it has worked for him up to this point. i think one of the things that was very telling in that quinnipiac poll that you mentioned allsyn is that overall less than 4 in 10 of the voters believe that the front runners, trump, carson and fiorina, have what it takes to become president. i think that is completely telling in terms of where we are with this race. which is that the voters aren't perhaps just kicking the tires of these candidates. they are getting into the cars because they think they are pretty. they think they sound good. they think they make them look good perhaps or make them feel good. but perhaps at the end of the day they are going to feel that these cars are lemons and are not going to be able to take them down the path that it takes to get to the white house. >> i like the analogy. a long road. >> a long road.
5:27 am
>> there you go. to just finish it off. thanks so much. let's get back to washington d.c. and chris cuomo. >> and as we are steeped in this quagmire of political negativity, here comes the pope. pope francis will be the first pontiff ever to address the u.s. congress. what he's he going to say? as the big test for pope francis and our lawmakers. we'll discuss coming up. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. when you're not confident your company's data is secure,
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all right. just an hour and a half from now pope francis is going make history addressing congress. first ever to do it. this is where the pope is going to be departing from in about half an hour or so. let's show where the dignitaries and we're going to have quite an array of them waiting for him. and then the tlonhrongs. the merry many here to see pope francis. believers and non believers alike. the man is about his message as
5:32 am
much as he is about his faith for the american audience right now. and all of this surrounding the big event, and that is when pope francis addresses congress. we have peter welsh from vrt he vermont. it is great to have you here. sister, a pleasure to have you here. he's coming. we have to be objective when we can but we need not when it doesn't make any sense. for catholics this is a huge deal to have the head of our church as someone who the eyes of the world are upon to give a message to our congress. do you think that this is going to be a situation that rankles or do you believe that francis in his tone alone will make it something digestible even if disagreed with. >> i think it's transformative. what i've already seen is the manner and gentle words even
5:33 am
when he speaks about a controversial issue like climate change. he creates this idea to be more like limb, to listen more than we talk. >> i think it's controversial. those who want to accept the science it is not so controversial. for the pope as the chemist it is not so controversial. wh yes we van adversarial system but so unrelentingly negative. you believe things happen for a reason. >> for a reason, definitely. >> do you think we need the pope here and do you think he can help the way we're dealing with each other better? >> i think so. because his whole message. he doesn't really care if you disagree with him or not. what he's inviting us to is really enter into dialogue and to encounter people and situations as they are. and he is so accepting of each person and each situation.
5:34 am
and he shows us a way really to enter into the dialogues that we need at this time. even yesterday he identified himself as a son of an immigrant and so immediately set the stage for the whole situation. not just for climate change but the whole question of immigration. not only in our own country but throughout the world. >> we're talking about how some in congress may not like what he has to say. some in his own church may not like what he has to say. it's amazing how many irons he has in the fire when he comes here. this is a known division, you could argue whether it's growing or not, within the catholic church at about how he approaches the orthodoxy versus how he approaches the faith. how do you see the division? >> well i love what francis is doing. because really what he is about is the message of jesus. and not so much primacy in terms
5:35 am
of the church. but really witness iing to god' love for all people. and that is his message. and so accepting. and once you accept people as each person is, then people can enter into that dialogue that i was talking about. so it is not -- no, it is not hard and fast. you know, our faith is meant to grow. and our faith is really meant to engage the discourse of today. >> you're known as an interrupter. not today. not today. >> six of us in the -- six kids in the family. >> a big sister though. she looks much younger than you by the way. >> thanks. >> well she's imbued with the spirit. your a politician. this is what happens. >> don't you think the pope is a politician in the best sense of that word? >> i don't know if there is a
5:36 am
best sense of the word right now given what's going on. however it is such an interesting question. they say he shouldn't do politics. stick to religion. -- the pope is not infallible when it comes to religion. so it was interesting that hear a catholic say that. but what the point is is that is this politics what he's talking about? is it matters of faith? and does it matter? >> it's life. what he's seeing is enormous suffering and talking about the immigrant crisis. he's seeing the planet is in jeopardy. and it is the world we live in. and part of his faith he gives to all of us i think is the confidence to engage in that, to try to face it, not deny it. and plunge in. and he does -- what i really admired is how non judgmental he is. a man of enormous conviction, enormous faith. and what he e says is who am i
5:37 am
to judge? he is accepting. >> and he said that by the way on a very controversial issue in america. >> right. and it's opening up space to listen more than talk. opening up space to work with people we disagree to try and make some progress. it is about alleviating suffering for the planet and for the poor people abound in this world. >> someone said to me i don't think of him as the pope. do you know what he is it? a mediator. he's going to come in and going to be someone both sides agree are pushing them to talk and -- >> exactly right. i. >> i they that is really what our faith is all about. the primacy isn't in dogma. the primacy is really in persons. and that is -- and he's calling us back i think to our deepest roots of -- especially catholic social' teaching, as we grew up understanding it and living it. and that the faith and action --
5:38 am
faith and justice go hand in hand. >> thank you for being with us. enjoy the day. all right. so pope francis is going to depart any moment and we're going to give it to you and show you what's going on around the capitol and what e i may say inside to congress in this historic speech. so stay with us. people don't have to think about
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here with go with five things for you "new day." and pope is number one. gathering at the capitol of ahead of his speech to congress.
5:43 am
security very tight. describing it as similar toon inauguration. we spoke with donald trump earlier today about his feud with fox news. he says the network treats him unfairly. and the new quinnipiac poll shows him dipping slightly. we asked about that. he says he doesn't think he's losing support. officials say a stampede broke out during a ritual known as stoning the devil. chinese president xi jinping heading to washington this afternoon for a private meeting with president obama. there will be a frank discussion about cyber hacking. the ceo of volkswagen is out. re resigned following the company's admission to rigged vehicles to pass emission tests.
5:44 am
let's head back to washington where i know that your full of anticipation, christopher. >> oh boy, is this exciting. your witness to history today my friends. the pope is going to make history of his own. he's going to be the first pontiff to ever address a joint meeting of congress. mitch was saying this is like security for inauguration. yeah. times ten. so much of the city locked down but all the faithful and unfaithful alike are here to hear the pope. we'll have a preview coming umt up people don't have to think about
5:45 am
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5:48 am
so the pope going to be playing politics? or is he simply going to be spreading the catholic church's message? or is he simply going to be dealing with what is life? that is the question that has washington lawmakers on the edge of their seats today as they await the first ever joint address to congress by a pontiff. the pope is certainly to weigh in on deeply divisive issues. all topics he referenced at the welcoming ceremony wednesday at the white house. joining us now our guests. here is one thing i think everybody can agree with anna. that right now we could use any kind of positive message inserted into our political dialogue. true? >> well, i can tell you i think he's bringing an enormous amount of bipartisanship e. we're talk about whether he's this or he's
5:49 am
that. i'm a jeb bush supporter. donna is vice chair of the pnc. but you know what? we're both pope francis. he's the pope folks. he's the pope. he's not running for president. he's not running for governor. he's not make an endorsement. he's coming not to push votes. he's coming to touch hearts and that is a genuine and huge difference. it is very different for example from when netanyahu was here which was the last speech toe congress we took a look at. >> you can keep talking. i just want people to know that fiat that has become like its own celebrity in this pope papal tour is outside. obviously they are getting ready to take the pontiff from where he stayed overnight to coming here, the dignitaries are going to meet him. but there it is. the fiat 500. keep going.
5:50 am
make your pint. >> my point is if i was riding around in a fiat chris, i think they would need the jaws of life to extricate me out. >> if the holy see can fit in there ux you can if. if it's climate change, the disparity between rich and poor, some republicans will say stay out of it. don't talk about that. you are the pope. you know those are political issues and you can have two sides on them at least. but then you have what the democrats may be facing which are moral issues within the catholic teaching about the preservation of life and the rights of the unborn. oh, there he is. there is the pope. getting ready to leave. coming down, looking good. remember, people were saying yesterday oh it looks like he has a little limp. it's true. the pontiff has a little case of sciatica. but he's fine and he's going to be able too do everything he wants to do. and there it is. this is what makes this pope so
5:51 am
special to so many. he's reaching out. he wants to be with so many. especially the least fortunate. he's also going to talk to politician as well. >> first of all you talked about the morm issues and moral dilemmas. but we believe that income inequality is a moral issue. after all the gospel is about love. it is about making sure that those who are on the outskirts of hope feel they have an opportunity to come back within the circle of hope. and i just believe that this pope transcends all of this. he's really about the message of the gospel that speaks to us to reach out to the least of these to ensure that we are our brother and sister's keeper. so to the extenthere is a lot of partisanship and the poison of sometimes the conversations we have about these really tough issues, the pope is -- has said yesterday and he said repeatedly
5:52 am
he's here to give encouragement. he didn't say he was coming to endorse or demonize or do any of that. he's here to give us encouragement. and that is what makes all of us whether we're a catholic god. even those without faith. but that is why he's here. and i support that. >> no small irony when at a time when the two men atop the polls for the gop are talking about the intolerance of muslims and just fictionificatiification fo against muslims and coming here and we have to be more tolerant of people with different faiths. so certainly the timing of this moment is working very well to balance messages. and there he is. pope francis getting ready to come here to the u.s. capitol. he loves being with children. and children love being with him. he has made a point to be with the less fortunate. he does not see himself as
5:53 am
better than anyone else. he says call me a missionary of mercy. and a instruction of that after his speech. it is a big lunch. where is pope francis going to be? feeding the homeless at catholic relief services. instead of eating lunch he's going serve lunch. and there he is. >> that madge we're seeing right now i think is so significant. because one of the things that this pope is doing for the church is getting the young people back. those kids that are there that he's touching and hugging and posing for selfies with right now. those kids have been waiting there are for hours and hours and hours. some of them since last night. and it is so refreshing to see that kind of youth and that energy coming back to the church. >> well he's got such a big seni smile on when he does this stuff. we were very close. look at this. look at the embrace. you have to remember for a catholic this is yes this is just a man. but he's a very special man. the leader of a billion
5:54 am
catholics and for so many he is the personification of the virtue they hope to attain in their own live. people were teasing me when he passed me yesterday. i just started screaming papa francisco. your whole life you are raised to see this man as aspirational as a catholic. and he really lives up to those expectations in terms of what he say asks how he sheas it. >> that moment when your eyes locked with him. >> i was telling a joke last night. i said papa francisco. and he looked my way. and when our eyes met he winced because he's a man of such great virtue. but it was a really special moment. >> you know chris when you are born and raised in the catholic church and told at the early age, i know i was, to live by the example of jesus. and all my life, my chide
5:55 am
childhood and adult life and of course we've all tried to live that day. but when the pope came out that day at the svatican and said pry for me. and he announced recently and said over and over again, i'm a sinner. it just makes you feel we're all on this journey this pilgrimage and we can all do good with our lives but he is such an incredible example to all of us. and his experience, his openness, his heart. he's reaching out and this is a pope of the people and that is why we like to call him papa francisco. >> he's a pope of all people. in the sense that here in the united states there is a lot of lapsed catholics, including people like me who consider themselves sinners who, you know, maybe don't dupree with the church on all dogma. but this pope has made us feel welcome. we can come back to the church. it is okay if we don't agree on a hundred percent. as long as your heart is in the right place it is okay to ra
5:56 am
have place on the pew. >> he is a catholic with a big c. the denomination. but also with a small c. small c catholic means the universality of the faith and belief. and you don't have to be a believer to be a receiver of his message. excuse the rhyme. but you don't need it because his message isn't and in the baseball bible it says and in the catholic teaching it tells us. the message is look around you. see who you are. you are a nation of immigrants. you have always helped each other. the young and old. the brown and the white. you have always done that here. what that's what made you great. and north and south and central america, all of america. need to be there for each other. the tolerance is ecumenical one. and it is not just what faith you are. and maybe it is saernl coincide but to be here at this moment as he gets into that fiat and be here living small, as part of
5:57 am
his instruction to the world to do more for those who have less, is going to be met with a lot of big smiles and open ears. donna brazil, anna navarro. thank you very much for being with us. let's take a quick break and when we come out of it we'll have our special coverage here at cnn of pope francis making history being the first pope to ever address a joint congress. right out of the break, stay with us. the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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