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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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before they even verbalized an answer, they ran into the tin and wood shacks they called homes, produced a picture of borgolio baptizing their kids or sitting in their living rooms when their husbands died because that's where he spent his time. >> we're expecting the pope to come out at any moment now. and then he'll go to catholic charities. catholic charities, obviously, an important organization in washington, d.c. and throughout the country. father, the former head of catholic charities, came out of retirement and is now the u.s. ambassador to the holy see. >> yes, i think john may know him better than i. >> yes, ken hackett was the head of catholic charities. he was actually the head of catholic relief services. there are two charitable organizations run by the church in america. catholic charities usa is kind of the domestic charity. catholic relief services is the overseas arm and ken is president of the overseas part. he comes out of that world, so to speak. he's very much part of the kind
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of church that -- >> here's the pope coming out of st. peter's right now. >> by the way, the people waiting for him, one who is a native of gibraltar, speaks perfect spanish and perfect english. >> we heard him come to the balcony of the u.s. capitol when the pope spoke. >> that's exactly right. >> just in case our viewers are wondering -- >> i was just going to say, but i better not say. very pronounced. here he goes again. he loves this. lights up. >> when he sees members of the public, that's when his face lights up. >> and he has to get energy from somewhere. this man is 78 years old.
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we've been told he has a pretty bad spasm and attack of sigh yacht th siatica on this trip and he's moving around the city just from dawn to dusk, only two days into a six-day trip. he's got new york, philadelphia. >> let's not remember, three days in cuba before that. >> exactly. >> this must have been exhausting. john, there were reports from a few months ago about pope francis saying that he could see himself doing what his predecessor did, which is -- well, let's take a listen to this. >> translator: enjoy your meal. [ applause ]
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>> as he wished all those people who have been waiting for a long time "enjoy your meal," he said in spanish -- >> probably -- >> yes, something, he also said in the speech, in st. patrick's, that it is unconscionable to have homeless in a nation such as this, in any of our developed nations. i think that's something that one really needs to focus on. because i think people who see homeless in rich and wealthy countries are always very, very surprised. >> yes, i think that's right, and of course it's a lesson that certainly comes home to you in rome. when i first started covering the vatican 21 years ago, one of the things i was blown away by was the fact the minute you step outside st. peter's square, as you walk down that grand hall that leads away from the square, you will find homeless people sleeping in cartons. which is one of the reasons pope
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francis encouraged his director of charities in rome not only to go out at night and distribute sandwiches to these people but also to build showers so they could come in and clean themselves up. that may not seem like very much but it's a bit of symbolism that speaks volumes about priorities. >> it's sort of a lunch break. jake tapper, john allen, father, we hand over to our colleague ashleigh banfield as she takes away with this next part of the pope's day here in washington, d.c. ashleigh. >> christiane, thank you. as we continue our live coverage. this is ashleigh banfield reporting live from new york. this is a day of firsts.
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among many days of firsts. on the visit to the united states by pope francis. you might say the pope is in his element, kissing babies, meeting with the people, walking among the poor. addressing the homeless. and feeding the homeless. all of this on the heels of the historic visit to the united states congress, where he addressed a joint meeting of congress, and effectively gave a calm and gentle dressing down to all of the ills he says afflict us and that we need to fix. some of them political. some of them just general and moral. now, after an address at the church that he's just exited, st. patrick catholic church, he has walked next door to the washington office of catholic charities. instead of having a highbrow lunch with all of the leaders of washington's elite, he has chosen instead to be here. among about 200 clients of
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catholic charities. the poor, the homeless. the abused. and the immigrants who are struggling. and you can see him smiling as he greets those and walks among them. he will be among them for the luncheon as well. and my colleague, carol costello, is there with him as well. take me there, carol. >> oh, ashleigh banfield, i wish you could be here with me because this is unbelievable. it is amazing. the people are literally surrounding the pope. he is shaking their hands. he is touching them. it's just a beautiful sight. i'm glad you called them clients, ashleigh, because catholic charities say we have to get rid of terms like the poor and the homeless because it only dehumanizes these people who are only looking to regain their dignity. and that's really why the pope came here today, ashleigh. he wants to give dignity back to these people so they can lift themselves up out of poverty. i'm hoping that he sits down and
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eats with a few. and in case you're wondering, they're eating boneless breast of chicken and asian macaroni salad and steamed beans. a very simple meal for a very simple greeting by a very simple man who sends such a powerful message. >> and carol, as we watch him wade through the crowd, i can only imagine, this is a little unplanned and off script in that he's literally arm to arm and elbow to elbow with the people and his security detail sort of having to squeeze through them to try to keep up. >> oh, yeah, you can see the secret service surrounding him. and of course everybody says, oh, this is what the secret service feared, but i'm telling you, security is so tight around this area, all of these people have been assembled for hours now, they've been through metal detectors. everything is perfectly safe here. and this is what the pope really loves to do. he loves to reach out, and he loves to touch people. symbolism is very important to
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him, ashleigh. as i said to jake tapper, words matter, but deeds matter more. this is a pope who is a common man. he wants to act as a common man. he wants to reach out to the common man. to show he is one of them. to give them hope they can be something more. and, you know, i talked to one man who is going to eat lunch here today, his name is joe. he served time in prison. 12 years for robbing a bank. he said he couldn't believe it when catholic charities said, hey, would you like to have lunch with the pope? and he said, what? and then he said, you know, i would love to. the other thing that he was really impressed by -- joe, i'm talking about -- he said, you know, the pope could have had lunch with all those lawmakers that he just spoke to in the joint session of congress but he chose not to. he chose to skip those fabulous lunches and come here and have a simple lunch with the most vulnerable among us. >> well, if there was any
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precursor to what was going to happen in this room with these people, it may have come last may, carol, where he welcomed 150 homeless people from st. peter's square inside the vatican, and it wasn't just a small visit either. he took them on a guided tour. he gave them dinner. and then had prayers at the sistine chapel. he's just such a remarkable person. and such a remarkable pope. as we sort of lose him in the crowd, he's making his way to one of the 55 tables set up for all of those people who have been invited to have lunch with the pope. he is about to sit down to his chicken and macaroni salad. we are going to take a brief break and rejoin him as he blesses the food, blesses these people and sits down for the common man's lunch.
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welcome back to our continuing live coverage of the third day of the pope's visit to the united states and it's already been a busy day. even though we're just at noon eastern. this is effectively the second stop for the pope today. he addressed a joint meeting of congress earlier today. meeting the speaker of the house. touring through the area. and then through the streets yet again, meeting the crowds. and he ended up at st. patrick catholic church.
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next door to that, he has progressed to the washington office of catholic charities. if you're wondering why he is doing this now, a luncheon at catholic charities, it is the largest private network of social service groups in the united states. there are about between 200 and 300 clients. and when i say "clients," i mean the needy. the pope specifically wanted to be among the needy. women who have been abused. people who are homeless. people with mental illnesses. new immigrants who are struggling. they were invited guests of the pope's. as he had come to this location to be with them for their lunch. and we're seeing right now he has jumped back into his now trademark fiat. and he's heading back through washington right now. since this is going to be such a busy day and imagine your schedule if you did all of this and took a trip to new york as well, the pope is actually now about to head back through washington, and i'm not sure if he's going to stop along the
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way. there are bike racks for a lot of the route and a lot of people have lined those routes, helping the fiat might stop. but he's effectively on his way back where he will be able to get a small rest, a short rest, before embarking on another journey at 4:00 p.m. on his way to new york city. and a whole host of activities. when he gets here as well. may i just say, we are ready in new york city. this city in manhattan is effectively paralyzed. traffic is shut down almost everywhere. there has been security throughout the streets with dogs and guards leading up to today. yesterday alone, i just noticed it, closures and security everywhere. the significance of what you just saw. that visit with the homeless. i'm joined now by cnn religious commentator father edward beck. i'm also joined by father hessy who is a jesuit priest. and also father kudia who you
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may remember with the name father kudie. he's a former catholic priest who left the church to get married. he is now with the episcopal church. father beck, you've been watching everything this morning from the significant words to congress. the migration to the other side of town. instead of a lunch with congress, he chose a lunch with the homeless and the poor. and there was a significance to the addresses that he gave to both groups. what was it? >> well, remember, this pope said that we should also take in the homeless at the vatican. provide barbers for the homeless. feed the homeless. they've started to do this at the vatican. here he comes after this session in congress, the speech. and he doesn't go to the fancy dinner that they wanted him to go to. he chooses to come here to catholic charities to dine with the homeless. one of the people he evoked as a hero, as a role model in the speech to congress was dorothy day. a lot of our viewers may not
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know who dorothy day is but she is the founder of the catholic worker movement. what did dorothy day do? she fed the hungry. she clothed the naked. she gave refuge to the homeless. he is saying one of the heroes he just quoted this is the mission of the church. it's such a great juxtaposition of two events together. what the pope has done is, once more, he's walking the talk. >> father, if i can bring you in this conversation, as being with the jesuit order. i had a long conversation prior to this program today about the significance of this jesuit pope and his history with the jesuit order. i did not know he was effectively exiled when he was -- i think about age 34, 36. he was young. he did not have a good reputation with the jesuits. clearly that has changed. >> that's correct. he was living in a very
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tumultuous time with different understandings. for a while, he went to mendosa and was away from leadership in the order. nonetheless, his gifts were clearly recognized. we see who he is as a jesuit coming out so many ways in the way he speaks and what he does. i once had an opportunity to speak to him. he said, you know, i just celebrated 57 years as a jesuit. it was right on his mind. it's very much who he is. >> father, something else that he is, in keeping with a sort of more liberal order of the catholic church, the jesuits, he is making changes. he's making history. he's trying to make it more inclusive. perhaps the mission is not just altruistic, perhaps it's also to try to turn the tables of those who are leaving the catholic church and be more inclusive and bring more members in. you yourself have had this tumultuous relationship with the catholic church. i wonder if the things you're
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seeing from this pope go far enough. do you want to see additional changes? like celibacy, which is effectively the next thing on the radar. >> well, it's very interesting. most episcopalians are very happy with this pope. because we agree i believe on 90% of what the pope is saying. we think what he's saying is important for the world. i think that everything on the environment, everything that has to do with immigration, social justice, is exactly the agenda that all christians would like to see in the world. i'll tell you what impacted me the most today, listening to him speak to congress is when he emphasized so much that america is a country of immigrants, that we all came from somewhere. i believe that's a message we need to hear now. the more as a latino, the more i hear about immigration, the more i see we are becoming a more exclusive nation rather than inclusive. this pope comes to bring an inclusive message not just about religion but also politics and the way we run american life each day. >> well, we are in the thick of
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political season. coming up after the break, i'm going to ask all three of you fathers to stand by, if you will. bernie sanders, presidential candidate, is going to join us live. he was inside the congressional hall for that address. he's going to give us his thoughts. he's talking to dana bash right now. quick break. when we come back, live with bernie sanders. where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
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a busy day for pope francis as he emerges from st. patrick's
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catholic church in washington, d.c. just a few moments ago. having addressed not only the faithful there. having addressed congress prior to that. and then walking the few short steps next door to where several hundred of the more afflicted members of the community were assembled and waiting. the poor and the homeless and the distressed and those with mental illness. this was his choice for lunch. and here we are in the lunchtime noon hour, eastern time. this was where the pope found himself perhaps smiling most today. among the people. he greeted. he walked elbow to elbow with those who crowded around him. you can see from this picture, it was hard for his own security detail to get near to him. but the pope enjoyed a moment with the people. those people he spoke so highly of in both of his addresses. so what about the people, the people who are about to be represented by a new president at one point and one of them
9:25 am
wants to be bernie sanders. he joins cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash. they are lime now on capitol hill. dana, you are amazing for being able to grab mr. sanders. take it from here. >> senator, thank you so much. i actually was able to see you from my perch in the visitor's gallery during the speech. you just like pretty much all of your colleagues were watching so intently. what did you think? >> i thought he did a wonderful job. i think he is just an extraordinarily unusual person. a leader not just of the catholic church but one of the great moral and religious leaders of our time and in modern history. i think he came here today and touched on some very, very important issues that a lot of people would prefer not to talk about. that is the issue of poverty, the issue of environmental deg ra gation, the death penalty,
9:26 am
the need to do everything we can ton create a peaceful world. >> right, because before he actually spoke and before we saw the text of what he was going to say, there was some trepidation really on both sides of the aisle about whether he would give a scolding. but it didn't come across that way. >> no, it didn't. he is -- he's a very smart man but he also, he understands the politics of the united states. he understands he was invited by the republican leadership. it would have been inappropriate, i think he believed, to suddenly become partisan and make veiled attacks and that's not what he did. but i think the remarks that he gave today are consistent with his views that we need a world economy that works for everybody and not just for the wealthy few. that we mutt pay attention to environmental degradation, climate change. that we have so much poverty we
9:27 am
cannot turn our backs on it. >> this pope, if you look at where he has decided to be most vocal, it could be sanders for president, you know, bumper sticker. he really is in line with where you think. >> yes, he is. one of the four americans that he cited was a woman named dorothy day. most people don't know who dorothy day was. i think that's fair to say. >> i know. >> they do now. she was a very, very progressive woman, socialist, who organized working people and the poor to stand up to the wealthy and the powerful and to fight for social justice. the fact that he cited her, not to mention martin luther king jr. as one of people that he appreciated tells you exactly where this man is coming from in the global world. >> the fact that he talked about a socialist. >> yes. the fact he talked about somebody who spent her life fighting for the poor and fighting for justice. >> and that's on those issues,
9:28 am
but then of course when he talked about climate change, saying that it is human made, man made, talking about immigration in a way that, as you said, you know, saying it was a golden rule. a lot of issues certainly appeared to make republicans a bit uncomfortable. but then it's the same on the progressive side. maybe he wasn't as aggressive in talking about the issue of abortion or same-sex marriage. but he made clear what his personal beliefs are. the doctrine of the church is. >> look, i think he handled himself in a very dignified way. he was an invited guest. he wallace not here to make partisan points or to embarrass anybody and i respect that and, you're right, certainly for me and many other progressives, we disagree with the church on issues regarding a woman's right to choose or gay marriage. i support those. >> you've been around here for a few years. seen a few speeches. have you ever seen the chamber filled with lawmakers so
9:29 am
intently focused? >> i think not. i think that's a good point. i could have lived without people standing up and applauding, by the way. but i think there was great attentiveness and great respect for the pope. i think that's a good thing. >> why could you live without people applauding -- >> because i didn't want to -- >> even on things you agree with? >> absolutely, of course i was one of those who stood up, but i think -- it was fine, but mostly we're there to listen to what a very great man is telling us. >> thank you, senator. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> senator sanders. obviously also a candidate for the democratic nomination for president. ashleigh, back to you. >> i wonder if senator sanders is going to feel as though congress will be affected by that appeal for less partisanship. i think time will tell. i know he can't hear me unfortunately. as we look at the right-hand side, now full screen, you are seeing the pope's arrival now at the nunciator where he will
9:30 am
spend a couple of hours presumably packing up that bag he brought with him, as he is now headed for the next leg of the american trip, and that will be new york city. he will board a flight for jfk airport at 5:00, but not before he does what he does best. yet again stopping among the people. waving to the crowd. these are live pictures outside of that, a short trip from st. patrick catholic church. these are effectively the last washingtonians he will be seeing on his trip through the nation's capital. you can hear them chanting, presumably calling his name. hoping for a blessing. hoping for a kiss, a hug, anything they can get, before he heads back in for a rest. the 78-year-old pope with a small limp because of that sciatica bidding farewell to
9:31 am
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the live pictures we saw earlier today replaying for you this morning. moment on capitol hill where the pope entered the congressional chamber for a joint meeting with congress. his work now in washington is done. with this unprecedented speech to congress. and a visit with washington's homeless and the people who serve them. the pope of the people has wrapped up his scheduled events in the nation's capital.
9:35 am
in a visit surrounded by firsts, this was the biggest by far. the first papal address to a joint meeting of the united states congress. outside the capitol, the crowds were jubilant. listen to that roar. just take a look at the speaker on the right-hand side of your screen in tears officially. this is the kind of scene that's typical of a presidential inauguration. 50,000 people give or take a few who were rewarded with their own papal greeting.
9:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> after a brief address, even more cheers. from that audience.
9:37 am
so great to see that. the people are just so thrilled in washington, d.c. guess what, they are in new york as well, because this is where he's headed next. with me now, seven-term republican from florida congressman mario diaz-balart. thrilled to have you with me on the program fresh off the address that you just were a part of in that joint meeting of congress. congressman, i have to ask you this, the words that he spoke directly to you and your colleagues are compelling need to live as one in order to build as one the greatest common good. i don't underestimate the difficulty this involves, but i encourage you in this effort. those words i can only imagine were not lost on you. it seemed to be all about bipartisanship. >> look, this is a very divided city, as you know. so i think it was a wonderful opportunity to actually take a break from the usual debates and listen to somebody whose main role in life frankly is peace
9:38 am
and love. we can always use a little bit more than that, right? i think it was a wonderful break. frankly very pleased that speaker boehner invited the pope and that he accepted. again, as you stated before, this is a very unique historic event that's never taken place before. >> so this was considered to be a soft dressing down of some of the behavior of republicans and democrats. is that how you saw it? did you feel it that way? was it an uncomfortable moment at any time when he turned his attention to the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage and racial injustice, et cetera? >> a couple of things. first, we're used to listening to those issues and many more on the floor of the house. so i think -- no, i don't think anybody's surprised about hear things that may be difficult, number one. number two is the pope is here to talk about what he thinks that's important. it's all based on love. you can agree or disagree with
9:39 am
the pope, but i think it's trivializing if we talk about the partisan differences. the pope is not a republican or a democrat. he's the pope. he's the head of the catholic church. we should take it as such. look, we have responsibilities as legislators to do what we think is right for the national security interest of the united states and for the people of the united states. but i think we should always welcome voices of love and of peace and that's exactly what the pope did today. again, i welcome in. >> congressman, you're right, he's not a republican, he's not a democrat, but he is political. he is more political than many of his predecessors. to that end, when he made that appeal to you, i would like to ask you in common parlance, and this may seem trite, but i'm going to ask it, what do you personally after that address plan to do to work on fixing the bipartisanship that has caused gridlock in your chambers? >> well, a couple things. i mean, you know, nothing has helped bring more people out of poverty than their free
9:40 am
enterprise system. we need to make sure to continue to work. that we get more people to company out of poverty. to be able to live a brighter future. the way to do that is make sure the free enterprise system is working. that the man of breaking down barriers again and breaking down poverty is working well. the pope also talked about, again, the most unfortunate. i think it's important to always remember that when we're up here and we're dealing with numbers, that we remember that it's not numbers, it's human beings. now, again, i can agree or disagree. there are things i wish he would have said. been more emphatic on one thing or another. the important thing is we had an historic opportunity to listen to a person whose role is, again, try to inspire people to love, and we can agree or disagree. thank god we have the opportunity. i will continue to do what i have always tried to do, to make sure we have the strongest, the most prosperous, the freest nation on earth, and that we can help others around the world to
9:41 am
have nations where they can also live in freedom. whether it's in the middle east or where the pope just came from, from cuba, where there has been a dictatorship for 56 years and, again, there, do i wish he would have spoken and met with the opposition leaders? absolutely. do i wish he would have not spent so much time with the dictator, and would have spent a little bit more time with the owe pressed, oppressed, with the future leaders of cuba? yes. thank god we live in a society where we can do what we want. >> thank god we live in a society where you can say all those things freely and openly. and then hear someone from the democratic side of the aisle do it right after you. as you take your microphone off and consider the way you and your colleagues conduct your affairs on capitol hill, i'll turn the mic over to maxine waters, the democrat from california, and thank you
9:42 am
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but they won't last forever. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the pope in washington, d.c. making history today when he addressed the men and women of the american congress. and in amongst that crowd and with me now live, congresswoman maxine waters, the democrat from
9:46 am
california. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. in the spirit of bipartisanship and perhaps as the pope said working towards diminishing and assuaging it, you are following our guest in the break before you, the republican from florida, mario diaz-balart. i'm going to ask you the exact same question i asked him. with the pope asking for more harmony in our great hall, what are you personally going to do to heed his words? >> well, i think it is extremely important to have the conversation, to have the discussion, to reach out to the opposite side of the aisle, to understand that we're all here for the common good as representatives of the people. we do have a responsibility to try very hard to work with each other so we can make the resources of this great country available to particularly those who are in need.
9:47 am
so i'm going to do everything i possibly can to follow the golden rule. as he reminded us. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. >> it's a great way of living, i'll say that. >> yes. >> i want to read for you, congresswoman, one of the significant quotes that pope francis said to congress. fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family. i can only reiterate the importance and above all the richness and the beauty of family life. i want to get your take on what those words meant. many thought there would be a dressing down of same-sex marriage. some people saying this could have actually cut either way. how did you read that? >> i read it the way those who understand read it. he talked about the importance of the family. he did not do what some of those
9:48 am
from the opposite side of the aisle predicted he was going to do, take on these issues in a harsh way. we know that we have some differences on issues. he was very respectful. respectful not only to members of congress, but to the people in general he was speaking to he called the everyday working people, the common folks. i don't think he offended anyone. i think, again, he was extremely respectful not only to the issues of concern but to this country. he started out by talking about the land of the free and the home of the brave. so i don't think anyone could be offended by any of his comments today. >> it's lovely to have you. you look simply beautiful today. thank you, congresswoman maxine waters. >> you're so welcome, thank you for having me on. >> at 4:00 today, the pope is going to head to new york city. one stop, our lady of queen
9:49 am
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as the pope visits the united states, one of the most excite things to watch is his interactions with the people. particularly little people, children. he kisses the babies. and he hugs the little ones. just a short time ago, this was the scene in washington, d.c. adorable. he greets the older boys and girls. he gives them blessings. they all have their phones out, taking selfies. and at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, the pope is going to make a visit to a lot of little people. those who go to our lady queen of angels school. he's going to meet with families of migrants in harlem. joanne walsh is the principal of our lady queen of angels. with eighth grader sheila who is going to present the pope with a gift. probably nowhere near as excited as you are for tomorrow. do you have butterflies in your tummy? >> yes. >> have you been doing a lot of
9:53 am
preparations, shayla? >> yes, many preparations. >> do you think you're ready for this? you've seen the pope in washington. do you think it's going to be as big a deal when he gets to your school? >> yeah, really big deal. >> what's the gift you're giving him? >> it's a book of prayers. that's from all students of all the schools, the archdiocese of new york. >> how did you end up being the very lucky little girl who got the job of giving the pope a gift? >> we had to write an essay of the people who were interested in meeting the pope. and then they chose out names. and i was one of them. >> so you were the best. joanne, that is so exciting. >> oh, it's wonderful. >> how did it come about he was going to end up in your school? >> i think there was a committee that made that choice. i think in the end it was the fact that at our lady queen of angels many of the things that pope francis had asked to be
9:54 am
able to interact with children. we have children. >> a lot of them. >> and also with some of the clients of catholic charities. we work closely with catholic charities even in our building. so it just was a natural choice for his visit since he's here such a short time. >> so during the break when we were getting ready to go live and talk to our audience, i asked you, wow, you must have closed the school a day early and got the security preparations all in order. no. shayla had a math test this morning so it's business as usual. >> it is business as usual. i think that's the beauty of this whole event that pope francis is coming into a living school, into a living community, where he's just well loved. but we're about educating children. everyday counts. this morning, we did dismiss early, but it was business as usual. with all the preparations taking place on the first floor, i just asked shayla myself what was it like upstairs, and she said it
9:55 am
was just school. >> how did you do on the math score, do you know? here's the big question. i'm sure you've been thinking. you're going to present the pope with the book of prayers. are you going to ask him anything? are you going to tell him anything? are you going to say anything to him? >> yes. >> tell me. >> i am. >> is it a secret or can you share? >> well, i'm going to say to him that this is a gift from all the students to him. we give this to him with all our love. >> now, did you memorize this? are you just going to go off the cuff? how are you going to present? >> i memorized it in spanish. >> you memorized it in spanish? you're going to speak to him in spanish? can you say it to me in spanish? [ speaking spanish ]
9:56 am
okay, i don't speak spanish, but that was -- almost brought a tear to my eye. thank you, my dear. good luck tomorrow. i'm so jealous and i'm very excited for you. >> for shayla's family, this is very important. >> this is wonderful. >> i think she's going to share with pope francis about her little brother who was born last year. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> we named him francisco in honor of pope francis and st. francis of assisi. >> i'm so excited to watch this live tomorrow. thank you both, shayla, good luck tomorrow, we'll be watching closely. we appreciate you coming on today. thank you for watching. it's been great to have you with us.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
hello, everyone. it's 1:00 p.m. here in new york,
10:00 am
6:00 p.m. in london and 8:00 p.m. in riyadh, saudi arabia. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you so much for joining us. pope francis travels from the halls of power in washington to the streets of the nation's capital to fellowship with the poor. the third day of the pope's visit to the united states was highlighted by an historic address to congress and a visit to catholic charities in washington. his speech to congress began with the feel really of more like a presidential state of the union. here's just a moment. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. >> now, pope francis is the first pontiff to speak before a joint meeting of congress. he spoke before a packed house chamber. ob


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