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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 24, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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pope's as he makes this journey. that's it for "the lead" today. i'm jake tapper. i'm turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room" who will continue our live coverage of pope francis' trip to the united states. and in minute now to new york city. wolf. happening now, breaking news. pope in new york. pope francis starting a second leg of his historic trip to the united states. arriving shortly in the city home to one of the country's largest catholic populations. how will the pope's focus shift on this part of the trip? francis mania. huge crowds already forming here in new york city waiting to catch a glimpse of the pope tonight. he has major events scheduled tomorrow all across town. is new york city ready for this logistical nightmare? and lecturing lawmakers, the pope touches on controversial issues in his unprecedented address to congress taking positions popular on both sides
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of the aisle. will the pope's speech have any impact on congressional gridlock? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer live outside st. patrick's cathedral in new york. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following the breaking news. the arrival of pope francis here in new york city. anderson cooper is joining us for our special coverage of this the second leg of the pontiff's historic visit to the united states. anderson, a huge moment in u.s. history. >> yeah, and certainly in new york history as well. a city which is used to visiting dignitaries, but they have not seen anything like this. the security operation is major here. just outside washington you see the pope will be arriving at kennedy airport from taking off
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jant base andrews just outside washington. the pope first addressed congress today. he's going to take a helicopter into the island of manhattan, make a short procession along fifth avenue coming here where we are to st. patrick's cathedral. literally stopping right behind us. the pontiff will lead an evening prayer service. >> special evening prayer service for all who are invited. we're covering all of these remarkable events this hour with our correspondents, our analysts and special guests. our national correspondent jason carroll is long the route the pope will take from manhattan heliport. jason, what's the scene? set it for us. >> i can tell you, wolf, there are thousands of people where we are right here along fifth avenue. i want you to take a look as we've been standing here all day the crowd has just been growing and growing. wolf, i've met people from brazil, germany, people who came up from florida, texas. what are you shouting out?
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>> portugal. >> portugal. the philippines as well. what i've found in talking to a number of these people they thought they could just come and see the pope. many of them did not realize they actually needed tickets. i want to make my way over to one such couple. they came all the way from baton rouge, louisiana. i've got anne and i also have -- >> david. >> david, richard, not richard, they're from louisiana. tell me you've been here since 9:30 this morning. so much expectation to see this pope. tell me why you decided to come out and what you hope to see. >> we just love the pope because he's so truthful in everything he does. not scared to speak the truth. >> there was one moment here i know we all saw and i just want to make sure our audience sees bob where we show in front of fifth avenue it's actually trump tower. at one point, wolf, just about an hour or so ago the gop candidate himself came by and was greeted by cheers and also
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jeers here in the crowd. what do you think of that mr. trump coming through at one point entering his building? >> i thought it was a good photo moment. >> i think it was also a good photo moment. and i thought maybe he would kind of at least greet some of the people but he didn't. he just turned around and went back in. >> thank you. hope you get your glimpse of the pope. i want to show you this is somewhat of a strange sight, this sanitation truck. some of the security measures put in place here we've seen dozens and dozens of these trucks blocking streets feeding into this particular area. again, one of the many security measures in place as thousands again gather along fifth avenue waiting to get their glimpse of the pope. anderson. >> thanks very much. i also want to check in with our alexandria field also along the route with the crowds eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of pope francis. alexandra, explain where you are and what you're seeing around
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you. >> well, anderson, we're on 56th and fifth, and this is reallies a close as you can get to seeing the pope if you didn't get one of those tickets jason was mentioning. this is really the part where if you see the people standing next to me they're packed in here because they're hoping to see some part of the pope's motorcade when he leaves st. patrick's after the prayer service. further down fifth avenue you get closer to st. patrick's there are actually these big walls, these gates put up for security reasons. and what those gates do is put people with tickets to see the pope on one side, the general public on the other side. and police are moving people through that area. they don't want anyone stopping and standing there for safety and security reasons. so if you didn't get a ticket, you're congregated out here and we have people out here with their babies and want their babies and children to see history. they've got selfie sticks, cameras, cell phones, they're shooting us, we're shooting them. how long have you been out here? we've got french people here.
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people here from the philippines because they didn't get to see the pope there. we spoke to a group from mexico, a group of women who came from california made their plans to come to new york as soon as they heard the pope would be here. again, anderson, these are people who've been out here for hours. one woman said she came out here at 3:00 a.m. because she wanted to get as close to the root as possible. they won't be seeing the pope, but they want to see some part of the motorcade. they want to just be in the presence of this, wolf. >> alexandra, let me ask you -- we're looking at the pope's plane as it is beginning to approach the runway here in new york. just very quickly, in order to get there did those people have to pass through metal detectors? >> the people who are standing where i am right now did not have to do that. but what we saw for blocks and blocks as we head this point south to st. patrick's all the side streets closed off, people who had tickets were cued up by the hundreds really and then go through the mag ne tom ters and have their bag searched before
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they could move into the secure area which is closer to the route the pope will take. what we've seen here with people without tickets they have seen the pope mobile put in place and now the iconic fiat which he's been making his tour of the u.s. in. >> alexandra, thanks very much. >> you know, anderson, this is what they call shepherd one. whatever plane the pope is on it's called shepherd one. this is an american airlines chartered jet that is bringing pope francis from washington, d.c. to new york city about to land at jfk airport. he'll have a little warm arrival ceremony there and then he'll be helicoptered here into manhattan. jim schutto is watching what's going on. you're a new yorker. jim, anderson's a new yorker, maybe both of you can give us some perspective how extraordinary is what's going on in new york city right now? >> well, i'll tell you, wolf, new york is a city of many races, many faiths as you know, many ethnicities, but there are a lot of catholics here. but also whether you're a catholic or not, this is a new
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york moment. as the pope lands at jfk he's going to get a welcome befitting this pope. there are going to be five young children from new york area catholic schools. they're going to give him a book of prayers compiled from 86 catholic schools around the city. but they're also going to be homeless people there served by the catholic church, elderly people from a nursing home getting right to the pope's mission and message throughout this trip and really throughout his papacy. it's about serving those in need. we heard some of that when he was speaking to congress earlier today. but i'll tell you, and anderson will echo this, there's a high school band out there from zavarian brothers school in new york, they'll play songs to welcome him. one of those songs fitting will be "new york, new york." can't get a bigger new york welcome than that. >> their version of frank sinatra's "new york new york." there's a lot of kids from all the different schools in
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brooklyn from the diocese schools and a lot of people dressed in ethnic garb based on where they're originally from. a message we heard once again an importance of immigration, a message this pope gave to a joint meeting of congress earlier today. >> the pope really went out of his way to make the point that almost everyone in america except for native americans are children of immigrants and we're all immigrants for all practical purposes. that's a major theme that the pope has delivered ever since arriving here in the united states. his first visit ever, by the way anderson, to the united states. i want to just point out this american airlines charter, when he's in the united states they always will charter an american airlines plane, when he's in other countries they charter different planes but it's typically called shepherd one as opposed to air force one. >> as we continue to look at these live images from the airport, i want to bring in our cnn vatican correspondent delia gallagher also cnn religious
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commentator all of whom with us outside st. patrick's. delia, in terms of the importance of coming to new york for this pope and the importance really of coming to the united states, i think it surprises a lot of people to learn it is his first visit to the united states in his entire life. >> absolutely. if you consider he's 78 years old and he has never been significant in the sense that he's not been a lot of places, you know this is a man who'd really like to stay at home with his people, with the people of argentina. while he was bishop and archbishop he hadn't even been to the holy land until he went there as pope last year. so now that he's come to new york i think we're shifting slightly from what we saw in washington when he was speaking to the american people and emphasizing i am one of you from the americas. and now we see him coming to new york. and tomorrow speaking at the u.n. where he will probably continue that theme but obviously on an international scale speaking to a larger audience. >> excitement clearly building over there at jfk as the pope --
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the plane has touched down now. and he's going to be getting off that plane. he'll be a little arrival ceremony, anderson, as you point out. father beck, this is a moment in new york city history, little american history, but new york city history, this city is really pumped up for this. >> it certainly is. and the crowd right behind us and the crowd we hear at the airport and what's interesting to me the first thing he's going to do he's coming here to st. patrick's to talk to his priests and religious. he's always been most challenge i ing. in havana he went totally off script when he spoke to the priest in religious, he threw it aside, spoke from the heart and said to them never hesitate to forgive somebody. they come to you, forgive them. mercy should flow from you. and he didn't use his text at all. so it will be very interesting here although the service will be in english he will preach in spanish. he'll have his text. but will he throw it aside, or will he stick to it and tell us what he thinks he should? >> and that whole emphasis on
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mercy and flexibility is a message that we have heard time and again from this pontiff to the pastors, to the bishops to really all levels within the church. >> it really is. he's asking them to be shepherds, not airport bishops, not people who stay in their ivory palaces, get out with the people. >> that term airport bishops the first time i heard it when i was starting to do research that was something he actually said to the bishops. he was critical of bishops he termed airport bishops because they fly to international conferences more than focus on the people in their community. >> well, you know, he always felt unusual. he never liked going to rome. he liked staying in buenos aires. they had to drag him to rome. he said all of you bishops want to fly to rome all the time, why? stay where you are, do your work. >> even encouraged people from argentina not to come to rome to celebrate when he became pope and said take the money you would have used to fly here and give it to the poor. >> think of his poor sister. she's not seen him since he's
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elected and he didn't even bring her over. >> is that right? >> yeah. finally he goes to argentina next year and gets to see his poor sister. >> the mayor of new york city bill de blasio is behind us here at st. patrick's cathedral getting ready to receive the pontiff when he gets here. delia, what was so impressive to me, a lot was impressive, but today after he addressed the u.s. congress, a joint meeting of the u.s. congress, didn't have a big fancy lunch with all the political power players in washington. he went to a homeless area catholic charities of d.c. put together a luncheon so that he could meet with the homeless. and unfortunately as all of us know especially those of us who live in washington there are a lot of homeless. >> yeah, that's a classic pope francis thing to do. i mean, he does that all the time at the vatican of course. and he's put out a lot of things for the homeless there including showers, including barbers, including giving them money literally. so he went to the homeless and he spoke to them and he referred to the fact that the first
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family joseph and jesus and mary didn't have a home as well and brought in that value to say this is from the beginning of time that you are without a home. and why a society allowing this to continue. >> we should point out the corner of the screen you see people in yellow vests. those are workers who were involved in the restoration of st. patrick's cathedral which is behind us. and as an honor to them and all the incredible work they did in restoring this glorious cathedral, they have a really special position right at the entrance. there's two separate groups of people on either side of the entrance to st. patrick's. the men and women there you see in the yellow vests, that's one group. obviously they want to get as close as they can to to the pope. >> and we also just saw cardinal timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york obviously waiting to greet the pope as well. >> right. >> it's a huge moment for cardinal dolan. a lot of our viewers are familiar with him. very popular figure here in the united states.
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>> you know what cardinal dolan said, he said he uses that little fiat, i got to get in that backseat so i hope he has a bigger car when he comes to new york. >> we'll see what he has when he comes off the helicopter. it will be landing closer to wall street. >> it will be further down closer to the island of manhattan on the east side. he's actually going to drive up the northward up the east side of manhattan. we believe he's going to be using that fiat initially and then switch to the pope mobile as he comes down fifth avenue. but here you see shepherd one taxiing toward the welcome location. >> less than an hour flight from joint base andrews outside of washington, d.c. here at jfk, john f. kennedy international airport in new york city. short helicopter ride one of ten, fifteen minutes from jfk to lower manhattan? >> i usually drive so i'm not sure how long it is. i've dreamed of a helicopter flight. >> not necessarily something that all of us do on a regular basis. a nice majestic sight to see the u.s. flag, see the flag of the
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vatican flying on this american airlines charter plane from washington to new york. congressman john giramendi is a democrat from california, member of the armed services committee, he was there today along with almost everyone of the u.s. congress, house and senate, how did it feel to be an eyewitness to history in the u.s. congress? >> it was wonderful. it was absolutely wonderful. it was very spiritual. it was enlightening. you come away from that session and yesterday at the white house you just go this is a very, very good human being. and he's calling upon all of us to emulate that goodness. and we've got an enormous task ahead of us to come anywhere close to the goodness of this man. >> how did you feel his message was received by people on both sides of the aisle? because there was enough there for people on either side of the aisle to embrace. there was something probably to perhaps irk people on either
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side of the aisle, but he really did call on members of congress to come together to end gridlock, to try to accomplish things for those most in need. >> well, he laid out the human and the environmental challenges that we all face. and told us as members of congress we have an enormous responsibility to meet the needs of the people we represent. and also to have the courage to do so. he laid it out do unto others as you would have them do to you. we're throwing bricks across the aisle and suggested that might not be a very good thing to do. measure others by the same way they're going to measure you. different themes that are common but really spoke directly to us and the challenges that we face, the environmental challenge, climate change, the poverty that does exist not only here but around the world, refugees, immigration. he really laid it out and did it
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in a way that spoke to the moral underpinnings of each of those issues. it was profoundly important. >> and once again he spoke at length about the death penalty, the death sentence which he strongly opposes. the tenor of the speech, congressman, were you happy with it? >> yes, i was. i was because he spoke to our own personal moral responsibilities. and while we may see that differently as the issues come before us, nonetheless the morality of what we do and what we must -- and the issues we must address are quite clear. how we go about doing it he really suggested a way to deal with that. and that is to find the common ground. to find the middle ground. and he did the same thing when he spoke at the white house yesterday. all in all his visit here in washington was for me a very, very important moment in my life and in the work i've been able to do these many, many years.
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>> you speak as an american. you speak as a catholic. you speak as a member of the u.s. house of representatives. but bottom line, congressman, you're also a politician. is it going to really have any difference in ending all the gridlock that has become so common place in washington? >> it will have an impact. will we see it immediately? i don't know. but i know that many of my very conservative colleagues who are friends, and myself saying we really have to pay attention to this. let's see if we can find some of the common ground. it's difficult. we know that we're faced with a very difficult situation next week as we come up against the funding of the united states government. and again, profoundly important issues are at stake. homeless, children, food stamps, all of the kinds of things that we know poor people depend upon as well as what are we going to do with our military. and he also spoke to that issue about the arms trade of which the united states is the single biggest arms trader in the
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world. he spoke to us very clearly about the moral responsibility that we have on that particular issue. >> congressman, we appreciate your time. it's been an extraordinary day in washington. now the focus turns to here in new york. as our viewers can see the door of what is being called shepherd one will open shortly. pope francis will make his first visit here to new york city. i'm joined by wolf blitzer. also joining us father beck and vatican correspondent delia gallagher. this is a city which has really now been preparing for this arrival for months working in conjunction with the secret service, the nypd, the fbi. a huge number of local, federal and state law enforcement agencies. the task is enormous given that it's not just the pope's arri l arrival, it is also the u.n. general assembly. there's going to be a visit by president obama, there's a big concert in central park over the weekend. it is a huge security
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undertaking. but right now it all seems to be moving smoothly. some traffic gridlock no doubt about it, but that's not going to be a problem for the pontiff as he gets off this plane, greets some school kids, members of the clergy and then helicopters here to the island of manhattan. >> in fact, anderson, one of the reasons that the pope has given for wanting to come to the u.n. and talk about his encyclical in particular about the climate is because there was this climate week happening here in new york city in anticipation of the decisions that need to be made at the u.n. regarding the environment and in paris in december at the cop-21. he's said it's for those two international events that he in part wrote his encyclical on the environment to influence discussions there. >> he also made a point today as we await the pope he's going to be walking down those stairs momentarily, the american airlines charter plane that brought him from washington to new york. you see it right there.
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the pope will come down. he'll be greeted as anderson said by some school kids, other dignitaries and then board a helicopter to fly here to manhattan. one of the things he said today, father beck, was i am happy that america continues to be for many a land of dreams. >> yes. then he went onto quote martin luther king jr. as of course giving that famous speech and spoke about it in the context of immigrants that people of different ethnicities need to be welcomed to this country and dream their dream. and i thought that was a very poignant moment. also i should note here that it will be the bishop of brooklyn who will welcome him since jfk is in the diocese of brooklyn. >> and all the kids are from schools and diocese of brooklyn as well. >> there he is. >> let's listen in.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> a very warm welcome for pope francis here in new york city over the next two days. >> jim schutto is with us as well. he is now on the ground in new york city. this is his first trip ever to
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the united states it's amazing that he is here and people are very, very excited. about 2.5 million catholics, jim, in new york city and the surrounding counties. the arch diocese of new york. and then people i assume they're watching television they want to get a glimpse of the pontiff. >> watching television and lining those parade routes. and not just catholics but certainly catholics particularly excited, i'll admit i'm one of them. and it's been interesting the last week, wolf, i've been speaking to catholics who left the church an estimated 3 million catholics left the church since 2007. about half of adult catholics in the u.s. say that they've left the church for a time in the last several years. disagreements with the church, too much of a focus on doctrine. when you speak to them today you hear from many of them that he -- if he hasn't quite brought them back into church on every sunday, he's caused them to look at the church again. a more welcoming spirit, a more forgiving spirit. a focus the pope has often said and encouraged priests to do is
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to focus on what the church is for rather than what it is against. focus on service. i've been hearing that from a lot of catholics inspired by him. and frankly though, wolf, from non-catholics as well. >> jim, you see the pope there greeting some of the kids who have been hand picked to welcome him here. one of the children just a few seconds ago handed him a virtual bouquet. it's a bouquet of prayers of books of prayers of school kids from around brooklyn. i talked to two kids who actually on the tarmac in andrews air force base when the pope arrived in washington and asked them about what it was like a 6-year-old girl and 12-year-old girl. the 12-year-old had been selected because she had such good grades in her school. and they were just thrilled to -- beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to actually meet the pontiff. >> and, delia, they call him the people's pope. you notice he likes to actually shake hands with people.
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he's not waiting certainly for someone to kiss his ring. >> no, actually and i see him here very relaxed. and looking very much at ease compared to maybe even just the beginning of his trip. he seems to have kind of settled into it now if we can just judge by his demeanor here. and certainly for him, you know, i always try and think about what is the pope thinking. and i think for him it's just a joy to be able to get out and be with people. because he spends a lot of time in the vatican as much as he's tried to organize his living arrangements there so he can be amongst people, he's still very closed off and shut away. and as we were saying before he's 78 years old. he spent much of his time walking around the streets of buenos aires. riding public transportation in the shantytowns there. so, you know, to go from that to the vatican obviously he couldn't live in that papal palace. obviously he did the best he could to say somewhere that's
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seminormal. so when we see him amongst the crowds i think part of that is such a relief for him to be able to be with those people. >> it's interesting he's one of the few people to be elected pope who did not previously hold a top position in the vatican, isn't that right? >> absolutely. if we think of pope benedict, he was there for 26 years in the office there. >> you talk about an outsider in the world of politics. in a sense he was an outsider. >> he's very much an outsider. >> which he said they had to go to the farthest ends of the earth to get me. >> what does that say about what those who elected him were looking for, what they were hoping to get? >> he gave a speech they say got him elected. and the speech was a very telling speech when he said the bureaucracy of the vatican needs to be dismantled. >> that was prior to being elected. >> yes. >> to point out. the fact he gave that speech prior to and then nevertheless was elected is very telling. >> well, remember a lot of those supporting him were outside of italy too. and they wanted a change. >> well, remember that he was elected after the resignation of
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pope benedict. i mean, what a huge event that was. and what a shock for all of them as well. so clearly they understood that there was a problem within the bureaucracy of the curia of the vatican offices. i'm sure the choice was also affected by that great shock. >> father beck i covered pope benedict xvi visit to the united states back in 2008. security was a lot different. not as tight as it is now. and he was a lot different pope benedict versus pope francis. very different. >> yes. you remember pope benedict was in the full covering of the pope mobile? this pope has requested we don't have that. he said he feels like a sardine in those enclosures. so it will be a jeep wrangler that has been refitted. it is open and will be a little bit more accessibility with this pope. pope benedict was a bit reserved, not as gregarious, we will see a different affect with this pope certainly. >> remember wolf in 2008 it was
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a different time here as well. the catholic church here was still going through very much the sex abuse crisis. and that was something that benedict had to really deal with. so it was almost a much more serious trip when pope benedict was here with respect to the kind of air we're breathing now. >> father beck, you talked about that speech he made before becoming pope. he criticized self-referential tendency toward what he termed narcissistic -- and he talked about the catholicism careerism and backfiring. delia, has he been able to make inroads in that? >> well, yes. although it's very difficult to change millennia of vatican bureaucracy, but i think the way you change it is not even so much in the structure. i mean, they are doing structural changes to combining offices and trying to streamline. obviously made headway in the vatican bank. but the way you really change is
2:30 pm
through attitudes and the pope has said that as well. the first change is attitudes and then structures. so i think he's trying to work on two levels. one is streamlining the actual offices and the way that they do things. but that is almost takes longer perhaps than being able to try and change the attitude of people and understand that you have to be more transparent, understand that you have to be more humble, that you shouldn't be driving around in fancy cars and wearing fancy shoes and going to fancy restaurants. and that sort of thing. so he's working on both levels with that. and i have to say with some resistance obviously. you know, a lot of people are used to having a fairly nice life, not all of them of course but some resistance. >> it is extraordinary looking at these pictures when you think of the tens of thousands of people who are lining the streets of new york waiting for this pontiff and all the security preparations that are in place. he is certainly taking his time enjoying the interaction with these people on the tarmac who waited, school kids, people who
2:31 pm
work with the diocese in brooklyn. people who received services from the diocese in brooklyn, indij ent people. >> that's one of the great signs of a leader, he seems to concentrate on exactly what's in front of him. never in a rush. and yet the vatican manages more or less to keep him on schedule even with all of his appointments. >> father beck, when he does a blessing like that for the kids, that is so touching. >> it is touching and you see the kids light up with it. when he came out of the office in washington, how they all lit up when he touched each of them. i wanted to say to them put down those cameras and focus on this man. this is a moment you'll never have again. >> but they want a picture with the pontiff for the rest of their lives. >> i know, but they'll say i also missed the moment of looking into his eyes and having him look into mine. >> with kids today it's not real unless there's a photo. >> exactly. >> he did say something so moving. he said a lot of moving words in
2:32 pm
his address before joint meeting of congress. but at one point he said let us remember the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. father, that was something that is so simple, we all know it, but it was so moving as he boards this helicopter that will take him to lower manhattan. >> it's so simple yet i think his dream is if only we could do it. he said remember you are all foreigners once. we have all been immigrants. i am the son of immigrants. if you can remember you want undo to you the same way you undo to others. >> this helicopter is going to carry the pontiff from jfk, from john f. kennedy international airport to lower manhattan. should take maybe ten or fifteen minutes if that. we'll take a quick break. our special coverage pope francis in america just arriving in new york city, we'll be right back. ♪
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we're following the breaking news the arrival of pope francis in new york city. there you see the u.s. marine corps helicopter that will take the pontiff from the jfk international airport to lower manhattan. he'll then get in a motorcade and come here to st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayers. we're reporting from st. patrick's cathedral. anderson cooper is with us.
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these evening prayers it will be a short procession along fifth avenue getting up to st. patrick's cathedral, anderson. the excitement clearly building. those u.s. marine corps helicopters getting ready to take off from jfk to bring the pontiff to manhattan. let's bring in our chief political correspondent dana bash, manu raju and jeff zeleny for analysis of what's going on. dana, you were there in the house of representatives when the president delivered his address before a joint meeting of congress. give us an idea of the energy surrounding this pope. >> it's really like nothing that i have ever witnessed, to be honest ever thought i could witness in an institution like congress. you had a lot of very veteran members of congress, a lot of jaded members of congress, of all religions, of all political persuasions pretty much
2:39 pm
completely focused on the pope. because everybody got the historic nature of it, but it wasn't just that, wolf. you know, he has a presence. he has a presence that anybody who has really been in the same room or been around him and obviously i was in the chamber with hundreds and hundreds of people so it wasn't like i was up close and personal with him. but you definitely got the sense the minute he walked through the doors and you heard that first ever cry from the sergeant in arms, mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. the fact of the matter is he was able to deliver his speech using terms of phrase that made people think that he was speaking to them even in many cases when he disagreed with what he thought and what they're doing politically. >> and, gloria, it was interesting. from a political standpoint there was certainly enough in the pope's remarks to appeal to people on all sides of the aisle. but when talking about things like the sanctity of life, when
2:40 pm
talking about traditional relationships, he was using kind of elliptical terms whereas he was using much more concrete terms when things about immigration and things which may appeal more to democrats. >> that really struck me, anderson. he was very specific about an agenda that would appeal to say president obama or the democrats. you know, things like ill grags, climate change, all the rest. and it was much more elliptical to use your word on the sort of social cultural issues. there was one thing that kind of struck me though. and it was a moment when he was talking about dialogue and political leadership. and i thought it was kind of a subtle shoutout in a way to president obama. because he said i would like to recognize the efforts made in recent months to help overcome historic differences linked to painful episodes in the past.
2:41 pm
and i couldn't help but think, gee, maybe he's talking about the president's overture to cuba in which he was a part of that. and also, and i'm not sure about this of course, but also he might have been talking about the iranian nuclear deal. and he, you know, defined as a good political leader as somebody who seizes the moment in the spirit of openness and pragmatism. so if i were sitting down at the other end of pennsylvania avenue if i were the president, you know, he might be talking about me. >> gloria, we should just let you know that we see the chopper with the pope, pope francis on board beginning to taxi. it is shortly going to be taking off followed by an escort chopper as well. this is something that they have actually now been practicing for several days. i was out at the heliport probably three or four days ago and this chopper was practicing landing on the heliport down near wall street. we're going to take a short break. our coverage continues.
2:42 pm
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2:47 pm
tight obviously for this pope, but at the same time he clearly wants an opportunity to meet new yorkers. >> and that's something the nypd and obviously the secret service which is in overall charge of his security has been taking into consideration now for weeks. they have been planning this. they have actually -- you know, all the possibilities to kind of play out role play out how they would react to such a thing. again, it's what they don't know the head of counterterrorism for new york. he's had a lot of sleepless nights planning this out. he feels very confident the nypd is ready, that this city is ready. you know, new york and the nypd have a long experience of dealing with big events like this. this is a confluence of a number of huge events not just the pope's arrival, u.n. general assembly, president obama a big concert this weekend in central
2:48 pm
park. they think it's going to go well and that they've thought of pretty much everything. >> nearly 200 world leaders are either already here or on their way to new york city for the united nations general assembly and all of them need security. >> that's right. this is kings, queens, all coming to address the u.n. general assembly. you can only imagine on top of the pope being here in new york city and this huge concert in central park the enormous challenge the nypd is facing. >> they are. and we're here with delia gallagher, father edward beck as well. it's one of the things obviously as we've talked about before this pope is well-known for his wanting to mix and mingle with the crowds. and, you know, we saw that in washington a little bit. probably more of a bubble than he was used to. the vehicle would stop, vatican security would bring a child. >> i want to point out that's the fiat awaiting the pontiff once he lands on that chopper. it's that car that will take him around new york city. not a big suv.
2:49 pm
not a huge limo or anything. it's that fiat that will do the driving. >> right. this is a heliport which actually usually would be crowded with helicopters, tourists taking off for rides around the city, police helicopters landing. when i was there there were probably eight or nine helicopters of different sorts taking off and landing at any given time. they've obviously cleared it. they are waiting for the pontiff. and it should be just a few minutes until he gets here. but that's been the big question for the nypd is is he going to stop, want to wade into a crowd, and how do they deal with it if that does in fact happen. >> well, i remember that the u.s. secret service came over to rome to discuss with the vatican security and to watch pope francis and what does he like to do and how does he like to get around st. peter's square because that is one of the things that they wanted to be able to accommodate. but at the same time, you know, have their security needs met as well. and i think they've achieved a balance of that. i mean, we saw it in washington that at least some kids were
2:50 pm
able to be brought to him. he wasn't able to get down but they were able to be brought to him. >> we're going to take a short break. we want to get all breaks in before the pope lands here in new york. want you to see his arrival so we don't have to cut away while he's actually here because it's just going to be an extraordinary visit. we're going to take a short break. our coverage continues in just a moment. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin.
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as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. we're following the breaking news, pope francis arriving in new york city. take a look at this. these are live pictures from lower manhattan, the helleport
2:55 pm
there. you see the fiat that will take the pope from lower manhattan up through manhattan here to st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayers. anderson cooper is with us. an exciting moment, clearly, anderson. we did see them bringing the pope's staff, officials, media from jfk. u.s. marine corps but now waiting for the pope's helicopter to land. >> yeah, they are a little faster than the actual helicopter itself and rare to see it in new york when we saw them practicing, people were startled and pausing to take photographs and you also see the coast guard cutter there. they have basically shut down the waterways in this area and throughout much of manhattan, nypd, coast guard and other vessels patrolling the waterways and also have helicopters in the sky, new york police department helicopters, infrared capabilities, capabilities of
2:56 pm
testing for devices. they are taking this very seriously, indeed. probably the largest security operation the nypd says they have ever engaged in, at least in recent memory. >> i come every year for the u.n. general assembly. i don't remember security like this whole city block shut off. explain the symbolism in the fiat. >> well -- >> point out one helicopter looks like it's landing now. properly the pope's helicopter. >> let's take a look. the fiat was my suggestion, the fiat perhaps is a message on the part of the vatican because fiat, for a lot of catholics, they will recognize it as the words that mary said to the angel when the angel came to announce to her she was to bear jesus and fiat is latin for let it be done unto me. yes.
2:57 pm
the yes, mary's yes to the will of god. so i just find -- >> wow, that's interesting. >> i just find -- i find it quite funny and might be intentional on the part of the vatican but maybe not because fiat is the legitimate car company -- >> you might know too much. >> maybe i'm just thinking too much. >> because i thought it was just an italian car and wanted to show support for fiat. >> works on all levels. >> nice to spiritualize it. >> first, rome, that is a medium-sized car there. that's a pair lfairly big-sized for rome. funny, the pope driving around the capital with the big fiat saying open yourselves to god. >> here is the second helicopter. we're not sure the pontiff is in the one on the ground or about to touchdown. jim sciutto is with us. it will be a short motorcade
2:58 pm
ride to 51st or so to st. patrick patrick's. >> it will probably be the fastest trip from downtown to midtown and new york city ever clocked. that's just a mess sewaasure of security and it's interesting, you've heard that the pope bristoling a little bit at the severity of the security in washington if only because it keeps him from connecting with people, to touch, reach out and touch people. i noted when he landed at jfk a short time ago, he immediately went to the crowd, took gifts from them including the pope doll, touched hands, et cetera. when he landed at andrews air force base two days ago, whether by choice or by decision, he was not able to connect with the crowd there and took other opportunities outside the vatican residence in washington, but you saw him, he does not like to be separated from the
2:59 pm
people and i think you'll see in new york him taking every opportunity to do that. >> we should point out, there are rings of security in new york and the new york nypd is clear about this and public so not saying anything out of school in central park where the pope will be tomorrow, he is -- that is a crowd that will go through airport level style security. no backpacks, they will be checked. there is a level of certainty of security in the crowd around st. patrick's, wolf and father beck and i all came through metal detectors, the, sa manned mettle detectors as we came in very tight security just to get into this immediate area and there are several groups of people that have gone through that level of security. a little further up, this are
3:00 pm
people lining the streets. they have not been through metal detectors. they have not been through that level of security. we'll see if the pope does stop on his way here to st. patrick's. he choses areas and they preselected on other side, some school children on one side and workers who have been involved in the refurbishing of st. patrick's cathedral. >> they have all gone through metal detectors and leaving nothing to chance and as you know, anderson, even though u.s. officials repeatedly say they are not aware of any specific direct threat against the pontiff, there is a general threat isis and terrorist groups made against the catholic church and pontiff. >> should point out, the pope is in the fiat.
3:01 pm
his photographer taking pictures. you could see the the hem of his garment when he got in the vehicle. he's now inside that vehicle and as soon as everybody else gets into their vehicles and they get the convoy ready, they will take off north of the island of manhattan. >> we once again want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. we're live outside st. patrick's cathedral. you're in ""the situation room." there is, we should also point out the location that wolf and i are in now, there is not a better vantage point to see this pope arriving at st. patrick's. it is the -- the car will stop literally 10 0 feet behind us ad you can only imagine the the scene in a few short minutes when finally he does get here. so stay here with cnn because you can see just right over our
3:02 pm
shoulder, that is the front door of st. patrick's that the pope is going to be going through. you can see the assembled crowds behind us and of course, crowds up fifth avenue and this way to get a look at this pontiff. >> you see that fiat getting ready to leave the hellaport. the lower part was donald trump standing. they want a look from trump tower over there on fifth avenue. there you see the fiat. there you see the driver. the escort, pontiff is there getting ready to leave and head here where we are to st. patrick's cathedral. walk us through what the pontiff will do once he gets here behind us and goes inside. >> he'll be greeted by robert
3:03 pm
richy and also, of course, city dig tarries here, glove nqueue moe and the first thing he's going to do is pray by the shrine of the first native born american saint and he will go and say a prayer at her shrine right here at st. patrick's cathedral and will begin the vesper service, evening prayer, not a mass, vesper evening prayer service. >> as we see the motorcade get ready, i got to tell you, anderson, i've seen a lot of motorcades of covering politics and foreign leaders coming to the united states, i don't remember a shawl little car like that in the middle of a huge motorcade. >> that was an extraordinary scene yesterday as he approached the white house, this huge elaborate official state welcome for the pontiff as big a welcome
3:04 pm
as the united states can possibly give to somebody with all the ceremony that the white house can conduct on the south lawn and yet, to see this fiat drive up to the gates with president and mrs. obama there to welcome him was an amazing sight. >> as we await the pontiff leaving the airport, you see donald trump there getting a look to see what is going on from trump tower. i want to bring a prominent scholar and voice to join us, the reverend john jenkins. thanks so much, father, for joining us. as we await the pontiff getting here to st. patrick's cathedral, who goes through your mind as the leader of notre dame university? >> thanks, wolf, just tremendous excitement and joy. i was at the white house when the pope arrived. i was at his mass and joint
3:05 pm
session of congress today. i grew up inearliest memories, my dad and jfk and suspicion to be catholic and american. to see the pope address congress today was a tremendously moving experience for me and i'm sure if many other catholics in this country, just a joyful moment. >> what was the highlight from your prospective of that address? >> it is hard to pick out one. i think the highlight was this setting and this very simple elderly man coming in and really moving such a body like the joint session of congress, but he clearly was appealing to the highest american ideas. he was appealing to the best in us. he wasn't speaking about catholic teaching per se the
3:06 pm
best in american ideals and inspiring us to live up to who we are and the reception he got. i think that in various moments was the highlight for me. >> reverend jenkins, in doing research on the pope for his visit, i was struck by his emphasis on reaching out to people where they are, reaching out to people in need and one of the writers i was reading said that for him it's matthew 25, that is the heart of the gospels in which jesus says in the final days you will be asked not how much money you have or what your accomplishments were but whether you fed the hungry and clothed the the naked and visited the sick and i think we've seen that already from this pope in washington but certainly, i think that's something else we'll continue to see in the days ahead. >> absolutely. you know, it's really at the heart of his message, the
3:07 pm
message of jesus and love and mercy and begins with a kind of sense that we have been loved by god, we have been shown mercy, therefore we have to turn around and show mercy to others. if you were to pick one thing, one theme that goes through everything this pope says, that may be the theme. >> do you believe the sensitive immigration issues, climate change, income inequality, the issues the pope addressed in his speech before congress will have an impact on the political leadership? >> i don't expect us to completely change tomorrow but hope we can move beyond at least a bit the kind of fractionousness that character rises our environment. there are great people working in washington, great people working in congress but we can't pass a budget because of that and we're not serving the people. i hope left, right, center, i
3:08 pm
hope we reflect on his call to serve the common good, recognizing differences, respecting differences, talking about our differences but moving beyond them to serve the common good. that's what the pope is talking about and i hope, i don't think it will solve all problems but inch ahead to move beyond the gridlock we see so common in our public life these days. >> i assume you agree with so many that this historic visit by the pope to the united states will really strengthen the catholic church here in the united states and bring more people including young people back into the church. >> well, yes, and you know, i hope most importantly changes not numbers but hearts. you know, i think sometimes we can call ourselves a catholic and christian and feel satisfied in that but what the pope is calling us to do is look at our lives and follow jesus and change our hearts and so i measure it, i hope there are
3:09 pm
more numbers, that's great and i want to encourage that but at the same time, even for me, even for me, a catholic priest, i hope i live the gospel more faithfully because of the pope's visit. >> it's interesting you say that. people talked about the francis effect. would this pope, the popularity in the world and in the united states among many, would it have a greater effect in terms of bringing, filling pews, bringing people to church? you're saying is for you at the very least the francis effect is one of spirit among believers, a rejuvenation of emphasis on mercy, on flexibility and on faith. >> yes, we can measure numbers and seats in pews. it's hard to measure the human heart. you can see it. you can see people livened by faith. he spoke today about dorothy day
3:10 pm
and thomas martin chance formed by faith. if i hope for anything -- numbers are great. i'm not speaking against that but i hope we can be more vital, vibrant, more embracing of the radical challenge of faith in daily lives, i'm talking about me as much as anybody else. >> as you know, reverend jenkins, it's been reported catholic bishops in the united states are struggling to adjust their message to fit this pope's priorities, that there has been supposed tension between u.s. bishops and the pope. do you believe that? >> i think it's clear that there are different approaches and different believes and different views. there is no doubt about that, i think the pope addressed those with the bishops yesterday and says look, let's move beyond polarization. let's be pastors as jesus was a pastor.
3:11 pm
let's work together toward the spread of the gospel. let's stop fighting with one another. if i hope for anything, i hope that we catholics can move beyond. seems like we're our own worst enemy to move beyond the internal battle to do the work of the lord in serving the the poor and giving people joy and showing people mercy. i think it's present but i'm hoping for the grace of god through this holy father that we can move beyond that. >> reverend, one of the things that pope said in the past, not on this trip but not past is he wants pastors to be shepherds who smell of the flock, who smell of the sheep, which i think is a wonderful way of saying what you just said. >> absolutely. if there is anything true about pope francis, about jorge, he is close to the people. he is calling us to be close to the people in their good times but also in suffering and failures, as well that we as he
3:12 pm
said today we take people where they are and go from there. that is a central theme of his, not to judge, not to stand off but take people where we are and walk with them. that's what a pastor does. that's what a pastor does. that's what a pastor should do, pastor of christ should do. >> reverend jenkins, thanks for walking with us the last few minutes. very educational, appreciate that as we wait here at st. patrick's cathedral for the pope's arrival. let's bring in david o'connell of trinton, new jersey and edward beck is joining us and cnn anchor john berman is here with wolf and i. pope francis will visit and can you explain the significance? how important is it, the importance of new york, as well? >> it's clearly the center of the world still in a certain
3:13 pm
sense, new york and very stick that if he comes to the united states, he comes first to washington and then to new york to visit not only the people and the priests and bishops of new york but because of the un and so when he goes now kind of transitioning into what will be the sort of peace and justice phase of this trip because his madison square garden is for peace and justice and talk towards the u.n. will be geared towards the peace and justice themes and speaking out to the world versus talk in congress. >> father beck, he's going to ground zero tomorrow, which will obviously be an emotional visit for the pope and all of us watching this. in terms of what will happen inside, this is not a mass, this is vespers, evening prayers. >> he will enter and kiss crucifix and go to that shine i
3:14 pm
mentioned. he'll sprinkle holy water. remember, this cathedral has just undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation to restore this beautiful building behind us and you have pope francis, pope of the poor, pope of the people walking in here and will bless it and he's going to revel in it but i think we can't miss that maybe he might have an opinion on that. >> interesting. >> bishop o'connell, the pope will be meeting with cardinal timothy dolan and the clergy. you were honored to host both pope benedict xvi during his visit to the united states in 2008. how much work goes into a papal visit? >> tremendous, tremendous work. it took me several months when i was preparing for the pope's arrival at catholic university
3:15 pm
meeting daily with secret service, police, representatives of the vatican to make sure that everything was perfect when the pope arrived. >> tough assignment. we see the governor of new york, governor quecuomo, de blasio standing behind us. very, very emotional moment for all new yorkers, dare i say for people all over the united states, indeed, around the world who are watching. john berman is with us. you've been here all day gathering information seeing what is going on. explain how complex this visit has become. >> first as we look at the three men, i'll get to that in a second, it's interesting, the governor cuomo is catholic and mayor bill de blasio, no official religion. he says he's stpiritual but doesn't belong to any church. they gather in front of this cathedral all to meet the pope who could be here any minute
3:16 pm
from now. oh my goodness, we're starting to see security driving down the street and the people are getting very excited. they see sirens and cheer because they think the pope might be near. they have been gathered out here since about 11:00 today and people have been beginning to line the streets gathering more and more every hour. if you want to be close by where we're standing, you have to go through security to get here. other people hoping to catch a glimpse. it won't be easy. he's only in manhattan, new york city for 39 hours. his motorcade will travel some 54 miles while he's here but there aren't that many official events, so this may be one chance he gets to lay eyes on the pontiff. >> amazing moment. let's take a quick break. the pope will be arriving here at st. patrick's momentarily. we want to be live once he's here. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
3:17 pm
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3:22 pm
st. patrick's cathedral. he'll go up fifth avenue, 55th, 56th street, down 50th street here where st. patrick's cathedral. should only take a minute or two to make the quick trip. >> a lot of these people, thousands of people have lined faith avenue. many waiting for hours trying to get a prime spot to get a glimpse of the pope hoping perhaps even that he might stop into the crowd. at an area like this that we see, this is a less secure area. these people have not gone through metal detectors. they have backpacks. this is an area where the secret service and nypd would be more concerned if the pontiff did that. further, as we said, down fifth avenue closer to st. patrick's cathedral, people have gone through x-rays. >> you're down there, where are you now and what do you see and what is going on? >> that's right, wolf.
3:23 pm
we're at 56th and fifth avenue, about a block north of where you see the pope mobile sitting waiting for the pontiff to arrive but basically in the midst of a huge crowd. these are people that came to this spot because this is the closest they could get without tickets and they are commented to sticking it out not only for the pope's arrival but through service later tonight but really, this is a global event on this street corner in man the hatten. we're speaking to people from all over the world who came here, not just across the country but argentina people, france, mexico, all over catholics believe this could be the only opportunity to see the pope in the flesh in their lifetime. it is truly a significant moment for them. it been pretty quiet, almost hush tone as people have seen
3:24 pm
parts of the motorcade going through or different vehicles. people know the pontiff is going to be here shortly and waited for hours for this moment and they have the selfie sticks out and cameras ready to take it in when he finally comes. >> if you're just joining us, we should point out the fiat which the pope was loaded into after getting out of the helicopter coming from john f kennedy international airport, he's switching from that fiat to the pope mobile, this jeep wrangler. it will be easier to get a glimpse of him. he'll be standing down in washington, the sides of the pope mobile are open. there is glass on the front and on the back for security reasons but the sides are open and so that's the vehicle he's going to be using to proceed down where all these, probably tens of thousands of people have the gathered. >> i want to remind viewers on the left part of the screen, the governor of new york, mayor of new york, senator from new york where there among all the other
3:25 pm
d dig tarries getting ready to welcome the pope. you were pointing out, dilya, the pope mobile is open on the sides and different than the pope mobile other popes have used. >> yeah, you can have obviously different variations. sometimes they have a glass-enclosed pope mobile depending where security concerns or just generally what the pope prefers and, you know, pope benedict used a glass enclosed one because of the air that bothered him sometimes and colder and so on and pope francis obviously wants it to be as open as possible. that being said, if you're security and say pope francis, you cannot get down from this pope mobile he's willing to abide but whatever security tells him. >> security comes first as much as this pope would like to touch and meet and greet people along this motorcade. stand by. we're still a few minutes from the pope reaching st. patrick's
3:26 pm
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3:30 pm
. welcome back. you're looking at live pictures fifth avenue in manhattan. the motorcade bringing the pope to st. patrick's cathedral. there you see the pope mobile, anderson. we're awaiting the pontiff to get on the pope mobile and will
3:31 pm
go down fifth avenue and pass those people along the way including outside trump tower, 55, 56th, and make his way down here, 51st, 50th street at the st. patrick's cathedral everything prayer will await the pontiff. >> fifth avenue, many you have not been to manhattan is one of the most expensive avenues, particular think this stretch in the 50s, you have some of the biggest shops, tiffany and gucci and all these stores, very expensive watch stores. so it's interesting to see this pontiff, who has placed so much emphasis on reaching out to people, on people in need, on taking care of the least fortunate among us in his fiat to be driving -- >> here it comes. here is the fiat. you'll see the pontiff exit the fiat and go on to that pope mobile. as we see this, let's pause for a moment and let's absorb the sights and sounds.
3:32 pm
[ cheers ] >> yeah, i think we're really going to hear the crowd once he gets into the pope mobile and it moves, once the crowd is really able to see him. right now he's really surrounded by vatican security, secret service, officers from the nypd. >> only going to take a few minutes for him to come down. on the other hand, we've seen this pope make these unscheduled exits, if you will. i think he'll bored the pope
3:33 pm
mobile but wouldn't surprise me if he pauses to greet people. >> the commissioner of the nypd. >> yeah, if they haven't told him otherwise, you know, if they said you can do it, i'm sure he would be happy to but it sure doesn't look like they are giving him a lot of possibility. >> let's listen in just as they get a glimpse of him. [ cheers ] >> it's very rare to see something like this because normally when the pope travels, they don't like to show you transfer moments. you see him in one place and they don't like to show you behind the scenes maneuvering of the pope. you don't see the pope meeting in public.
3:34 pm
they have very into the making a good impression and so you'll tend to get just the one shot of him ready to go in the pope mobile. so we're getting a fun bird's eyeof security. >> i love when you drop italian phrases. [speaking foreign language]. >> there is a figure. >> he is the cardinal of new york. loves to eat food and pats his belly around new york and he's in his element. he's grinning from ear to ear. this is his moment. the pope came to his new york and he is going to enjoy from beginning to end. >> father david o'connell is with us, the bishop of train ton, new jersey and catholic university, father o'connell, this is an exciting moment as he goes down fifth avenue where there are a lot of very fancy
3:35 pm
stores, he'll make his way here to st. patrick's cathedral that's been restored beautifully in recent years at great expense and he will go in for vespers or evening prayer. tell us what to expect inside st. patrick's cathedral. >> there will be a little ceremony and kiss the cross and proceed up to the top of the church and the prayers will begin and he's speaking to or praying with bishops, priests, deacons, sisters, religious and lay folks and it will be a beautiful prayer as it was yesterday when the bishops prayed with him in washington. it's extraordinary when you look at the vehicles surrounding the pope on the side and behind him. a sense of sheer number of security personnel involved in the operation. >> i wanted to point out,
3:36 pm
anderson, the main man, he just moved out of the screen but the head of vatican security and the main guy in charge of security is a bald man with glasses you'll see walking close to the pope mobile and he's the one, if the pope wants to stop or if there he is on the bottom right hand of the screen there, if the pope wants to stop, if he wants a kiss a baby or do anything, he's the one that is going to know about it and take care of it. he's running the show from the vatican side, at least. >> he's standing, waving and who knows, is it unusual? you're in rome at the vatican all the time. would he stop that pope mobile and get out and go talk to people? >> like i said, if they told him that is a possibility, they would have agreed before hand whether or not he can do that and he would give the signal to that gentleman that i was talking about before to say let's stop here. i don't know if they have given him that possibility, frankly,
3:37 pm
wolf, that would depend on the host country. >> for catholics, father beck watching along fifth avenue on both sides crowded in. this is a moment they will always remember. >> they will cherish this moment because how rare it is anyone gets to see a pope and yet come here to the united states. we think of other popes that have been here. i was thinking as i look at this pope mobile, it's in recent times we have any kind of protective covering because john paul ii, attempt on his life twice and after that they used this enclosure. benedict had a full enclosure, this pope wants a half enclosure. for all people of faith this is a moment. >> they will want to be blessed by this pope, as well, and the pope when he raises his hand, he's blessing all those people. >> that is right. he'll make the sign of the cross and bless them by the extension of his hand, it is indeed a blessing, we have all these motorcycles behind us.
3:38 pm
>> about two dozen nypd motorcycles passing by st. patrick's cathedral and is gradually slowly moving down fifth avenue as you can probably hear also the bells of st. patrick's cathedral will ringing out to welcome this pontiff for his first visit to this shrine. >> anderson, you can only imagine how many videos and pictures will be posted on social media. >> they are so deep on faith avenue, some people in the back probably can't see the pontiff but holding up cameras hoping they will get something, some i'm samages to look at later to register they were there. the excitement of being in the crowd, you can feel it talking to people. >> alexandria, field, are you
3:39 pm
there in that crowd right now? if you are, tell us where you are and what you're seeing. unfortunately, we don't have her and jason carroll. you see the vehicles and protection for the pope, jim sciutto, this a moment all new yorkers will remember. >> you want to focus on the moment but can't help but notice the security around him. we watched security in washington when he did the brief sickle. that security looks intense. this evening a level up. some of that is the nature of the threat. some of it is the style of the security on the ground here and it is more security than he would have in rome. that's partly style. but it's also the perception there is a greater threat here ask just again, we know the pope said privately to his staff,
3:40 pm
he's a bit frustrated by the distance he's had to keep from the crowd most of the time. we saw him bridge that distance when he landed at the airport at jfk but you know this pope, we know this pope and where he likes to be, how close he likes to be to the crowd. it's not ideal for him but a decision made with the secret service, fbi and security. >> i talked and they said it's a balance between securing the pope, protecting him, his physical safety and also his mission, his mission to reach out to people and secret service, they obviously go on the side of security but for vatican security in st. peters and elsewhere, for him they have to walk the line. >> we should say this pope and
3:41 pm
others have already taken into account the fact that yes, security is important and that's not the main thing. they said what will be, will be. we saw that with john paul, the assassination attempt. after that they tried to increase security but still allowing the pope to be pope. >> let's see as the pope mobile approaches the camera. let's kind of listen to the sounds to see if we can hear the crowd response to the pontiff. [ cheers ]
3:42 pm
[ cheers ] >> he's about 200 feet from the cathedral. i can see him from our location and i got to say it's an extraordinarily sight to actually see the pope for having covered him for so long, to suddenly see him in person. he's now pulling up in front of st. patrick's. you can see the media risers where we are. and he's just about to be greeted by the mayor of new york, the governor of new york, senator of new york, chuck schumer and the others. >> it's amazing when you think about this, anderson, the pope, he's been up since early this morning. he delivered a lengthy address before the united states congress, he then had lunch with
3:43 pm
homeless people in washington d.c. and making his way here and look, he's about to get -- >> turn around -- >> i see. i see. he's right here. stop looking the in the monitor. >> he looks so alert. he looks so pumped and so excited. it's an amazing moment. >> and he's right there. it's extraordinary. this is an amazing vantage point. let's listen as the crowd greets hi him. >> the pontiff is speaking with the governor of new york.
3:44 pm
check schumer is here and the cardinal here in new york city. they are all getting ready to go inside for evening prayers. a huge crowd here, anderson, i must say, i haven't seen you this excited in a long time. >> it's cool. it's cool. i mean -- [ laughter ] >> it's the pope. you don't get to see the pope every day. >> that is true. >> awesome. i was in st. peters when he came out on that balcony and, you know, that was an extraordinary moment. >> because it seems more normal -- >> it does. to see him in new york -- >> on fifth avenue. >> in the pope mobile, which is such a cool vehicle. >> anderson, i was there with you there and when his name was announced, we said who? never could have imagined who that who would be. >> john berman, you're across the street from the pope and you have a bird's eye view. >> it's just really unbelievable to see governor cuomo speaking to the pope perhaps in italian. governor cuomo does speak
3:45 pm
italian and the pope. the mayor bill de blasio posing for photos. you can see the smiles on all those men's faces and three large men. de blasio tall and now waving to the masses of people who have been waiting here for hours and hours just to see him. >> he was just pointing out to the school kids who have been waiting to see this pope and that's who the pope is waving to, school kids, which are off to his left on his left side to his right are some of the workers who have been working on st. patrick's cathedral. >> amazing moment. >> $177 million. >> watching on television, but as much as it is amazing for people watching, those of us here right across the street watching the pope get out of the pope mobile and walk up these stairs into st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayer,
3:46 pm
it's a moment we will always, always remember and you spent years at the vatican covering it and you'll remember this moment. >> i've seen a lot of people, entries into cities and cathedrals but honestly, this one beats them all. i mean, really with the security, with the crowds, the lights, the bells, even for the pope it's a bit overwhelming at this point. >> it is an extraordinary avenue to be driving down, it's almost a cement canyon of glorious buildings on either side, beautiful shops and end up at this extraordinary cathedral and let's listen inside the church. ♪ ♪
3:47 pm
>> of course, he's going in to meet with his own priests, bishops and nuns of the archdiocese of new york and that's one of the main aspects of this trip, as well, of course, to encourage the people who are working in catholic schools and catholic churches and catholic hospitals here in -- >> let's listen. ♪ ♪ [ applause ]
3:48 pm
♪ ♪ >> they are singing "you are peter". >> peter being the first pope. >> yes. ♪ ♪
3:49 pm
[ applause ] [ applause ] ♪ ♪ . [ applause ]
3:50 pm
[ cheers ] ♪ ♪ ♪
3:51 pm
♪ [ applause ] ♪
3:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
3:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
>> all right. there you saw the pope deliver a prayer at the st. elizabeth alter. he's now going into a back room. he will be changing, i understand, and going back for the formal evening prayer. erin burnett is here with us in new york. welcome back, first of all. i know you've been on maternity leave. you picked an excellent day to come back to work. >> i did. it's an absolutely beautiful day. i was raised catholic and baptizing my children catholic in no small part because of this pope. >> really? so he's had a huge impact on your life. >> he has, in terms of liberalizing the church and i think that's part of why you see such enthusiasm and joy on the streets of new york. >> have you seen anything like this in new york city recently? >> i've lived here for 15 years,
3:55 pm
wolf. i have never seen anything where you have such an overwhelming sense of happiness, positive feeling as we are seeing today. >> and even noncatholics are extremely excited. delia, you've been covering this pope ever since he became the pope but you've been covering the vatican for 15 years plus. and this is an extraordinary moment. >> yes. and i was even here with pope benedict in 2008, a number of trips with john paul ii who certainly rivaled pope francis in terms of popularity but the show that the united states has put on so far certainly takes the cake in terms of papal trips. >> let's walk a little through the service, father beck, that is about to begin. is it a lengthy service? a short service? >> it's not too lengthy, wolf. it's an evening prayer service. there will be psalms read and
3:56 pm
scriptures read. the pope will give a homily in spanish. it will be interesting to hear what he says and doesn't say in that homily here at st. patrick's cathedral. >> erin, the crowd here that gathered outside, those invited guests inside, this is a moment that certainly they will appreciate. people here in the united states and indeed all over the world, they are watching. >> this is a moment for the world to see. i think that's something about it, that gives you pause and you realize as he was slowly moving down the street, wolf. just how important this is, that one man could make so many people moved. >> he's got a unique ability of the people's pope. he delivered a powerful speech before the united states congress. tomorrow he's got another speech, erin, scheduled for tomorrow morning only a few blocks away at the united nations. >> that's right. he's going to be speaking at the u.n. and visiting the site of
3:57 pm
the 9/11 attacks, visiting children up in harlem, making that whole mission about children and those who are impoverished a core part of his visit here today, right? he didn't spend time with congress at lunch. he spent time with the poor. >> and deal la, this has been an extraordinarily long day for this pope. he's not a young man. he started off early this morning, capitol hill, lunch with homeless, making his way to joint base andrews, flying to new york, helicoptering here at the manhattan and now inside st. patrick's cathedral. >> let's remember he did cuba for a few days before he even got here. here's the pope now coming out for evening vespers. >> and these vestments, these are special? >> he's wearing a cope, it looks like, yes, a cope and it's green because it's ordinary time. and so that is a color for ordinary time and it is a vestment that is worn for a prayer service as opposed to a
3:58 pm
mass. >> this prayer service is going to begin. i'd love our viewers to listen in now. ♪ ♪
3:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
welcome to all of us just joining us. you can see the pope here, pope francis right now about to lead an evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral in new york. we are right outside watching this. we're going to be bringing this to you in full. >> the father, the son, and the holy spirit. ♪ ♪


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