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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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abuse, on this trip to the u.s. he mentioned the courage of the bishops at one point -- >> there have been some criticisms -- daniel, i got to cut you off. we're against a break. thanks for joining us. john king is next. on immigration. >> let us remember the golden rule. >> and climate change. >> now is the time for courageous. >> as pope francis calls for unity, the republican civil war explodes. john boehner abruptly resigns as speaker. >> i'm doing this today for the right reasons, and you know what? the right things will happen as a result. >> and donald trump responds to a drop in the polls by lashing out. >> this clown marco rubio, i've been so nice to him.
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>> plus for questions for hillary clinton and more great poll numbers for bernie sanders. "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters, now. welcome to "inside politics" i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. as pope francis winds down the visit to the united states, we're keeping an eye on that and with us to show reporting and insights, jackie of the "daily beast" matt vicar of "the boston glo globe." john boehner is resigning as house speaker instead of trying to fight off yet another conservative revolt. >> this turmoil that's been churning now for a couple of months is not good for the members and not good for the institution. >> this turmoil as speaker boehner put it has been turning not for months but a decade.
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you can trace it back to george w. bush sweeping immigration reform and grew louder after president bush bailed out wall street during the melt down and after bush was done along came the the tea party and constant conservative complaints bayner and his counter part are too nice to president obama and too timid to do things like shut down the government the if that's what it takes to advance conservative goals like repealing obama care or defunding planned parenthood. >> there were members in his caucus who saw compromise of any sort as weakness or betrayal and when you have divided government, when you have a democracy, compromise is necessary. >> that's how the presidencys it. not how boehner's critics see it and with boehner pushed out, leaders of the anti establishment are quite happy including the republican party's
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new chief disruptor. >> do people like him on a personal basis? anybody? you know, we want to see, we want to see the job being done properly. >> mr. trump showing trademark grace as speaker boehner resigned there. jackie, you were in the room after this surprising shocking decision. he told colleagues first and you asked him who he told first and he said he called his wife and she had a one-word answer. >> good. she said good. you can't imagine what people's families go through with this, something else entirely but speaker boehner had enough at this point. he planned to throw in the towel last cycle but when eric cantor lost his race he decided to stay on. the continuing friction with the tea party caucus or freedom caucus decided enough is enough. it's time to go and now they have another leadership race coming up. yeah, so boehner is out. >> you can see him sitting there when pope francis was addressing
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the joint session of the joint meeting, the pope is saying you have to come together. you have to goodwill and forge compromise and get things done. that's boehner's dna and he's unable to do anything as speaker. that was his history with george w. bush and ted kennedy, all things conservatives hate. the question is this isn't just about boehner, the same debate we see ted cruz, donald trump and ben carson waging against and jeb bush, excuse me and john kasich and the likes, where are we going? >> this is about tactics, not necessarily policy preference but exactly how to go after the president, how to push your own agenda and that's what really doomed boehner here. he's pretty conservative guy on issues like abortion, other matters, as well but the conservatives did not like how he was not going after the president and more confrontational way they wanted. that's what kevin mccarthy who is going to be the next speaker will deal with.
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he'll show conservatives he's ready to fight. that's going to be a big question for him. on the boehner front, i would add that one of the big reasons why he abruptly resigned is because this vote was coming to the floor that would actually, you know, lead to his ejection as speaker if there were not a majority of support on the floor to keep him and he did not want to put his members through that vote because he had become so toxic in these conservative republican districts that voting for him could be a primary issue. >> and --, sorry, go ahead. >> that's the case. he realized he wanted to, didn't want to put his members through -- >> he would have needed democrats most likely to get hip over the line. >> boehner stepping aside does not end this debate between a jeb bush and the presidential race who says let's have a path to legal status. he was once like boehner for a path. i doesn't end the debate where ted cruz says shut down the government if you have to to defend the government and it
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would hurt the party and bad for the country. >> what is going on in washington with the boehner thing is the presidential election. you have who is at the top of the polls, it's donald trump, it's ben carson, it's carly fiorina, all of the outsiders not part of washington and boehner and mitch mcconnell is a representative of washington and i think the establishment is sort of under estimated how angry people are and that's what we're seeing in the presidential campaign and sort of how it works itself out. >> this goes back ten years, it does. it goes back to nine and a half years to the end of the bush middle of the last term of the bushed a machi ed administratio. how do they settle this? >> i mean, a lot of republican establishment leaders are so worried about this because now these ravel rousers, they call them politely, they have other
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words off camera. they have a trophy and item boldens them. the question of what can this republican party do? does it want to govern? these questions are being asked more than ever before and no clear answer. i think we see a beginning of a tempering of donald trump. we saw he was booed by this crowd. so there is a sense of a slight presidential side but this speaker's race has become such an outside contest. look for the outside money to start pouring into who will be the speaker, majority leader. the problems have not changed. the heads of changed at the beginning of the table but kevin mccarthy has the same problems boehner had and won't be able to control them. >> he won't be able to repeal obamacare because president obama is in the white house and won't have the votes in the senate and won't be able to do a lot consecutives do. this is about issues, about government spending and
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obamacare and planned parenthood and tone. you have governing conservatives, people like boehner and mitch mcconnell and governor bush and kasich say your job is in the government to cut the best you can and get something done and consecutives like trump, cruise. here is a sample from the presidential candidates after boehner says i'm out of here. >> john boehner was speaker of the house. y'all come to town and somehow that changes. my only request is can you come more often? >> here is what i say in response to speaker boehner stepping down. mitch mcconnell, it is now your turn. >> what is so amazing is how it just, it just reflects the d dysfunction in washington where people cannot even honor somebody that's dedicated their life to public service. >> kasich is a friend of boehner. they are both from ohio and served in the house together when the governor was in the house but can he sell that message to republican primary voters now that they are ahead.
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they knocked off the establishment general. can kasich and jeb bush go out there in this mood and say wait a minute, pay tribute to john boehner, wait a minute, you're supposed to compromise. >> they can try but the reality is that only hit as small lane of the electret here. the electret, the majority of republicans are happy to see boehner go but the prague mat tick ones and there pragmatic ones, they are agreeing with john kasich on this here but no, i mean, that's not a winning message. >> so difficult for republicans to see this boehner thing go down because look, they came in saying we're going to govern and show we can get thinks done, be pragmatic, not lead to the fiscal crisis situation. >> pass a budget by the normal rules. >> and look, we're heading into a week where they have to pass a measure to keep the government open and huge fiscal fights this fall and winter.
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this just goes to the same problem they had running into the 2014 midterms. >> you mentioned maybe seeing a tempering of trump. i want the viewers to look, the top five candidates and you see that's donald trump on top of the red line at 30 before the debate and cnn polling and now down into the mid 20s. he's still the front runner driving the race. we talked about him starting to come down and the challenge for any politician, can you stop it and can you rebuild? one of the tactics, what will he do? he's going to release a tax plan tomorrow and put substan on the bones but when we see him at events, a piece of paper, at events he's not saying here is my policies, think again about me. he's doing this, lashing out. >> marco rubio, he's like a kid. he shouldn't even be running in this race. the worst voting record in the united states senate, he's never there. >> you have this clown marco rubio. i've been so nice to him. i've been so nice.
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>> this worked for trump for awhile. rubio is moving up, when you move up you get targeted but calling him a clown. >> he needs a second act. the first act, you know, was pretty good but brought him to the top of the polls and tapped into the wildfire of animosity in the country and he did a good job with that but, you know, he's done this name calling and this sort of stuff is part of his first act. he needs something new and maybe that's a tax plan. i don't know. >> we'll see if he can deliver it. it is testing time. up next, hillary clinton is taking tons of media questions. is that the recipe to slow the surge? first, politics say the darnest things. president obama recalling when china's current president was like him the number two in his country. what did he do? he made a fateful trip to iowa. >> when we went to iowa, i told
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. welcome back, bernie sanders has reasons to smile but he loved the pope's message to congress. >> he is looking in the eyes of the wealthiest people in the country who make billions of dollars and saying you know what? you cannot continue to ignore the needs of the poor. >> plus, there is this, the new cnn new hampshire poll shows a 16-point sanders lead at 46% to just 30% for hillary clinton, vice president biden at 14% of that poll. now there is no question, the whole hillary clinton e-mail saga as something to do with this. democrats say it's not a big issue but support is dropping and support numbers in trouble. bill clinton in an interview you will see on fareed zakaria gps, bill clinton says it's nothing. >> it will be all right.
5:48 am
it's obvious what happened. in the beginning of the yore she was the most admired person in public life. there are lots of people that wanted there to be a race for different reasons and they thought the only way they could make it a race was a full-scale frontal assault on her. and so the this e-mail thing became the biggest story in the world. >> that would be fine. it would be fine and i lived ten years of that covering bill clinton but hillary clinton set up her e-mail server against the advice of her boss, the president of the united states and many things she's said trying to explain it first have been contradicted by facts or shown to be out of context, now he says this is the republicans and media. can they get away with this? >> i don't think they can. that's why she's been saying i'm sorry. this message right here seems off script. it seems like the message from a couple months ago. the clinton campaign realized they could not play the victim card here. she's being more transparent and
5:49 am
doing more interviews and saying i'm sorry that this has happened. that to me sounds like, you know -- >> sounds defensive. >> and it's not going to work. >> this is always been his reflex. >> it hasn't worked so far. >> how are you the campaigner of the future when you have the same conversation you had in the 90s. >> shows how it's been lurching from message to message and unnerved so many democratic supporters and given rise to a potential biden campaign. >> this past week she's on the record saying this is when i began using the server and e-mails with general david petraeus, nothing bad but shows the server was in place well before then. >> each week seems like a new smaller revelation that contradicts what we've been told before. you have a drip, drip, drip of the e-mail controversy and from a p.r. perspective, get all the facts out there quick and move
5:50 am
on and that's not been the case with the clinton campaign. >> to the end of the month as we watch hillary clinton, bernie sanders is selling a message. if you look at the poll he's viewed as the most progressive candidate and ideology matters. we're getting close to when we expect to hear from joe biden. we know he is having wrestling back and forth. do we know anything more about yay or nay? >> i've heard maybe not to expect it at the beginning of october. it might be later than that. don't look for him on that stage probably in the first debate but still has to make up his own mind. up next, reporters share from the notebooks including a reason why many presidential candidates will ask supporters to get out a checkbook and pen before the end of the week. (vo) what does the world run on?
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs.
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campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city. welcome back. we'll go around the round table and share. jackie? >> the house freedom caucus has a big test coming up. they are the dogs that caught the car. the most conservative members and shown to be good at really messing up the process but they haven't shown themselves able to win, to win elections, to put up a candidate that really can go the distance. so with these upcoming leadership elections, we're
5:56 am
going to see if they can actually turn from just being agitators to being kbov nining >> i like that. >> you should have a check in your hand because all candidates are raising money this final push to the end of this month. it's the end of the third quarter and this number is more important than most ever before. it's been a summer of trump, as we know, so sucked a lot of oxygen and money out of the room for a lot of these candidates. hillary clinton is in los angeles, the seed of democratic money and she's going to san francisco to raise a lot of money. she wants a good, strong fundraising number but for republicans, out raising money this week it is do or die for some of them. some will have very dire cash on hand numbers at the end of this period is a bobby jindal going to stick around. is a jeb bush going to have a good number to make his donors happy? watch the fund raising this week so crucial in the months to come. >> could, as you say, drive one
5:57 am
or two from the race. watch the numbers there. >> this week my eyes are on new hampshire. new hampshire is a wide open state and this week there is a lot of activity there. on wednesday alone, donald trump is back for a town hall meeting. this is the first time he's back since he did not criticize the questioner who called president obama a muslim. jeb bush is there that same night an hour away, ben carson is there. then later in the week on friday, ted cruz comes. he's got a night with ted cruz -- cigar night with ted cruz in salem. it's open and candidates trying to gain traction and this week will be a key week to watch up there. >> cigar night with ted cruz. every campaign brings something different. >> john boehner's resignation set off an intense leadership scramble, not for the speaker ship where we assume kevin mccarthy will get the job but those down ticket races in the house republican conference,
5:58 am
particularly the majority leader position. this is wide open. i talked to republican aids yesterday and members and they said that this is one of the most wide open leadership conference conests tests in ye. you have tom price in georgia, kathy from washington state and steve from louisiana. pete may get in there. this is a wide open race and can go anyway in the coming weeks and also john, a secret balance you never know. >> i'm jake tapper in philadelphia. "state of the union" is uplifted. we're looking at live pictures right now of pope francis greeting seminarians at st. charles ceremony out on philadelphia's main line in pennsylvania. these are live images of the seminarians applauding him. no doubt delighted he is merely in their midst. he'll speak to them and bishops in a few minutes. we'll carry that live.
5:59 am
it's been a remarkable week tapping off this afternoon with the giant outdoor mass here in the city of brotherly love. as many as 2 million people are expected to attend this morning some breaking news, cnn learned that pope francis will meet with victims of clergy sexual abuse at some point this morning we'll bring you more details from that meeting as we learn them. we got that from two american catholic leaders. right now we're watching him at st. charles seminary where he's staying while here in philadelphia. this is outside mile mile. he'll greet bishops from around the world here attending the world meeting of families this weekend. he'll be speaking to them in a few minutes talking about the importance of men joining the priest hood. i'm joined in philadelphia by father edward beck, who is a cnn religion contributor and editor at large of "america magazine." father martin, this is your hometown as well as mine. the seminary has been here in philadelphia outside
6:00 am
philadelphia since 1832. set the stage for us. what are we expecting his holiness to say to the bishops and seminarians? >> reporter: he will obviously address the seminarians in there first stage of training as priests and bishops worldwide from the world meeting of families. so this may be a time when he can layout his vision for the church but may be a time when he can encourage the young and old in their vocations as priests. >> father, is it a challenge these days to get young men to join the priesthood more so than the past? >> certainly more of a challenge, though i think this people is helping that challenge. it's been down for quite sometime, and yet there is a new birth, renewal. there will be 150 seminarians listening to this pope today. 300 bishops. he's going to


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