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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we prove ed d in the negotiatio that there is nothing on iran's table other than logic, reason and ethics, and where legitimate decisiveness against any type of aggression. for which ultimately the united states of america was prompted and forced to set aside pressure and sanctions and choose the table of negotiations and discussion. our seven countries and the soviet union consumed several time and capital in the negotiations, and therefore they should exert their utmost protection to implement the agreement. we deem each party's
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participation in the fundamental success is ofl -- success of the joint agreement. and we expect the u.n. to take necessary the commitment of the full nuclear disarmament. and furthermore, we expect them to play a positive role in the nuclear wep papweapons-free midt and not to let the zionist regime to be the only impediment to the regime. and plp, the victory over war statement has managed to disbers
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the clouds of hostile ti, and perhaps extensions of hostility from the east, and the new era should harold in a new era of sustainable peace and in the region. it is not a finaling a greemt, but it is a basis of the future achievements to come. the fact that the deal has set an objective basis for a model, it can set is a foundation. our policy is to continue the peace seeking efforts in the region based on the same win-win principle, and acting in a way that would deal to all in the
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region and the world from benefiting from the new conditions. this opportunity can be seized in order to look to the future and avoid focusing on the past and rebuild our relationships with countries in the region, and in particular i our neighbors based on mutual respect and common interests. unfortunately, the middle east in north africa has turned into one of the most turbulent regions. with the continuation and the sbeintense fication of the curr condition, the turmoil can spread to other parts of of the world. in today's e interconnect and the borderless world, countries and regions encounter great difficulty in protectinging the borders and preventing the
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instability and insecurity. the gravest and the most important threat to the world today is for terrorist organizations to become terrorist states. we consider it unfortunate for uprisings in our nation to be concerned as arms of terror rather than at the ballot box. we propose them to be involved in a binding document, a on the other hand country to be using terrorism to the allow the intervention into the affairs of another country. we are prepared to assist in the
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eradication of terrorism, and to pave the way for democracy and to ensure that the arms do not dictate the events in the region. as we aided the establishment of the democracy in iraq and afghanistan, we are prepared to help bring about democracy in syria as well as yemen. we support the consolidation of vote of people rather than through our, and we defend the rule of the majority that respects the rights of minority. and today, iran while safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage is looking to the future, and not just the future, but the near future, with a bright outlook for cooperation, and coexistence. i say to all nation, and all governments that we will not forget the past, but we do not wish to live in the past.
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we will not forget war and sanctions, but we look to development. through the joint comprehensive action, we were not seeking a nuclearle deal. we want to suggest a new and creative way to create the na l national order. an order based on mutual respect, and sustained cooperation, and the coexistence of the members of the united natio nations. in order to build a peaceful future, we must learn our lessons from the bitter lessons, from the bitter past. we know that the only way to perpetuate piece is through development. peace without development is merely a recess, and while suspension and resentiment
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builds. however, peace alongside development lets anger and resentment dissipate and make way for hope and respect for others. we have repeatedly said that the only way to approve middle east in the middle east is by targeting the underlying economic and social causes. economic changes may bring about security and transform the area into a haven for peace and development. after the joint path of direction, iran will stand ready to show that we are ready for engagement. iran with all of the cultural development is ready and positioned to be the next hub
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oriented for investment. iran is also eager to show that we can all choose a lasting development based on interest, and leading to the sustainable interest and not volatile threats. we hope to engage with the neighbors in a wild range of social and financial cooperation which will achieve political understanding, and even foster the structural security cooperation. in the international system today, mutual economic ties are deemed the four most factors for facilitating cooperation, and reducing the security relate ed challenges. mr. president from 2013, from this very stage, i called for an
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end to extremism, and called to combat it. and you and the rest of the commission yup mousily gave iei unanimously a solution approval. i am pleased that by placing together the support for the giant comprehensive plan of action with the inal vocabulary support for us, we we may find the way to solve the shattered middle east under the claws of savagery with dictatorship, poverty, clup pus, and the violence and the political so yo economic impacts, i would like
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to i invite the whole world, and if not the whole world to have a a joint impact, and present a united front against extremism. this front must represent a global manner to combat the extremism and prevent the slaughter of innocent people, and the bar barism of promotion of kill iing other uman beings. provide for the stability in cooperation with the standard central governments to provide stability, and once stability is established, build diplomacy and democratic governance in the region. ladies and gentlemen, iraq, syria, and yemen are all examples of the cry series -- of
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the crises -- all right, with we are going to leave that statement right now to welcome in everybody around the world to new york city. and let's get some analysis of what has happened today the at the u.n. general assembly. president obama addressed the assembly earlier, and then president putin and now president rouhanrouhani, and no joining us is general stalltenberg. >> thank you. >> and what is your thought of his statement? >> well, it is good for him to want to fight terrorism. and yet, we know that they will have terrorism all over the
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world, and yet, i agree with president obama who stated earlier today that we have to be willing to speak with any nation, including iran if it is necessary to be able to fight terrorism. >> and iran is involved like russia inside is of syria to fight isis, and boltering up the regime of bashar al assad. is that acceptable to nato? >> welsglel -- >> well, there is a buildup, and it is too early to know, but i urge them to play a constructive role to not support this, and what is also not going to be constructive to finding a solution. what we need is a political and negotiated solution. that's the most important thing. >> and there are some who russia
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under president obama is trying to expand the influence in syria right now, and potentially elsewhere as well, and nato looks at that with deep concern, i assume? >> yes, we are following that very close, and si very much of concern that they are bringing so much military presence in syria. and at least we need the mechanisms for deacon flikt the military presence of russia with the coalition which has been there for a long time fighting isil, because we have to avoid accidents, and close flying planes, russian planes that we expect to be in the air as well as the coalition planes fighting aislic isil. >> and now that russia has moved into crimea, and has ambitions in ukraine, and not a united ally as of now, but we see what
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is being done now, are you thinking that the elements of the cold war is back, and there is a revival of the cold war? >> well, we are not in a cold war, and there are strategic pa partnerships to develop after the cold war, and what we are seeing is a much more forceful rouhani, and they are continuing to destabilize you thane by using separatists. and having said that, there are some encouraging signs. the cease-fire seems to be largely holding, a ped it is th first time that it was agreed last fall. we should build on the increase with respect to this momentum for creating a peaceful and lasting crlast ing ukraine.
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>> and i am not going to be holding my breath. thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thank you. and did president obama miss a key opportunity for his policy today? we will have that when we come back. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. right now, world leaders gathering in new york for the most crucial meeting in recent memory. facing a horrific crisis in syria and iraq, and a brutal war and a flood of refugees and no agreement of how to solve the problems. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, it breeds human suffering on a magnitude that affects us all. >> and president obama meeting with the leads of cuba and russia, and while the u.s. draws closer to havana, others are not
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willing to find common ground. and the pope spoke for a spirit of hope, and will that resonate and lead to a spirit of compromise, or will it fade away? >> and once again, we want to welcome the viewers in the united states and around the world, and i'm wolf blitzer, and we are report ing from the united nations where the iranian president rouhani just wrapped up his speech. earlier, president obama took to the podium and he talked and the relationship with iran and he spoke about the optimism of the nuclear program in iran, and also about the violence. >> and let nations succeed when they show a inclusive peace and work with countries beyond the borders.
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that is path is now open to iran which now at the moment is using violent proxies to advance its interests. it is fueling proxies that alienates it from trade and commerce. the iranian people have a proud history and they are filled with ordinary potential, but chanting "death to americans" does not create jobs. >> and one of the focus here in the u.n. is the focus of syrians where millions have been killed and thousands displaced which has put the world in the squarely the worst refugee crisis since world war ii, and we will hear more from president obama. >> while military power is necessary, it is is not
10:22 am
sufficient to resolve the situation in syria. lasting stability can only take hold when the syrian people forge an agreement to live together peacefully. the united states issing a -- united states is ready to work with any nation including iraq and iran, and we recognize that there cannot be after so much bloodshed and carnage a return to the pre-war status quo. >> the president spoke about the cooperation of all nations including rush sharks andsrussi heard russian president vladimire vladimir putin address the international peace. on the basis of international law we must address the crisis that we are all facing, and form a
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international coalition against terrorism, similar to the anti-hitler coalition that it could be broad and resolutely rest in those against the nazis so evil and hatred of human kind. >> putin also called on other countries to support russia in what he called the legitimate government of sera, and the government of president bashar al ashaud, and those are going to be very important points when president obama and president putin sit down for the first time in two years, which is a long time for these two world leaders not to have met. and now joining us are elise labott and jim sciutto and our
10:24 am
foreign correspondent. and what are you hearing from the leaders, jim? >> what we are hearing is president obama blaming bashar al assad of syria and what is happening to his people, and then perhaps russia can see a future where assad does not have to be a rt pf of the government, and where perhaps the u.s. ses s that getting rid of him today is worse than keeping him around, and as president obama said a managed transition, and can they bridge the gap to go forward. and i was thinking that it is two years ago when you had the
10:25 am
first phone call between president rouhani and president obama which led to the remarkable agreement which at the time was farfetched, and could this meeting today lead to p progresz on the ground in syria. and god knows that there are so many obstacles between today and there, and we have seen it before, and listening to the voices today, i have to say that there is a lot between today and getting to the outcome. >> and michelle, you have heard the president say that the preference is diplomacy, and he took a full lap of the diplomatic cuba deal that was achieved through diplomacy and not warfare, if you will. >> yes, this is what the president was saying, and a forum for the president to make
10:26 am
the case for di ploem circumstances and even when there does not seem to be a case for it. and of course sh, they want to highlight the gains, and what you are not hearing is the u.s. plan for syria, and the plans that are not going so well sh, then you have putin with the plan, and you can see the gulf between the two leaders and the gulf, and the core of the causality of where it is going. >> and quickly, elise, iran is still regarded as a state sponsor of international terrorism. >> yes, and they are sun shunning iran as part tof the terrorism in syria, and now today, they are saying that iran is a sbeg ri cal part -- integral part of the series. and last year, president obama said that he wanted a regional
10:27 am
coalition, and then today, president putin says it has not work and then that you will see a russian build up on the ground, and that is going to give him the initiative and the u.s. left out all alone. >> and now, i put that question to the president of egypt who is here in new york as well. and i asked him if he felt that the u.s. was doing enough to destroy isis. his answers are coming up next. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. things we build and it'sit doesn't even fly.zing we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help
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in egypt the series of dead ly attack as the government scrambling to suppress the violence, but it is not confined to egypt, but a grave concern to northern africa and the entire nation. the president will speak later
10:32 am
today, and in his address, he is expect ed to the speak about fighting extremist ideologies and on a need of a coordinated international effort to resolve the problem. this is one of the many topics that we discussed in my wide-ranginging interview with t the egyptian president. >> reporter: how much of a threat is isis now to egypt? >> it is not just eisis that represents the threat to egypt, be tow the whole world. it is the idea of extremism, and very obscene thinking. this is what we need to do and what we need to confront. and we cannot focus our efforts to our fight of isis, but we need to stand firm to check this ideology. >> reporter: but does this
10:33 am
represent a threat to egypt in the sense that egypt could go down? >> go down? >>. >> reporter: go down and lose to the terrorists. >> in egypt, sparing no effort to defeat this effort, but it is also include includes the inforf the long term confrontation. >> in is a war that is going to be going on for years and years? >> i think so. >> you think so, because in february, yo called for the arab coalition to fight the terrorists, including jordan and united arab emirates, and other countriesk and have they responded the way that you want? >> let me say that we are all partners to the coalition as far as syria and iraq, and egypt is one member of the coalition, but
10:34 am
now egypt is focusing all of the efforts to counter the terrorism on its land? and recently, you have been purchasing military equipment to counter the effects. is that because the united states will not provide you that equipment? >> we don't want to ease into the relationship of egypt and the united states for military equipment is because our relationship is much broader than that. >> but it sounds like to me, mr. president, that you believe that the united states is not giving you what you need, and you are a military man, what you need? >> it is not a frustration. but it is an understanding of how things go on in the united states. >> reporter: do you believe that the united states is doing enough to fight isis right now? >> in the war against terror
10:35 am
things are very complicated and very tough t. if we are talk and the terrorist forces, no one army can withstand the united states lot. but we are talking about the terrorist, and fragmented terrorists who are mingling among the civilians. >> i am confused about what the objective is for egypt as far as syria? >> i am hoping for syria that the state does not fall completely into the hands of terrorists and extremisextremis. i hope that the syrian arm does not collapse, and the weapons and the ammunitions are at the free play of the terrorists. >> reporter: do you want bashar al assad to remain in property?
10:36 am
>> my answer to such a question as a matter of fact has to relate to the proposition that i have been offering. i have my eye on the real danger. bashar is an opposition, and someone that i handle, and what will happen is that it is going to be very frustrating to the country is that the whole country folds into the hands of these terrorists groups, because it is going to have the direct impact and stability of the whole region. these extremists will receive a very mortal, and very big and strong mode of drive once the government collapses, and the national army collapses without the right preparation. in that case, they will direct
10:37 am
their compass and i mean the terrorists, they will direct their compass to the other neighboring countries, to jordan, israel, and to egypt. >> egypt and israel siped a piece treaty in 197 in washington, and i still exists that you have relations with israel to this day, and you have called on other arab countries to join and work with israel on that, and is that possible right now, because it seem so bloom the gloomy? >> well, as a matter of fact what i said specifically was that. we have an experience of peace, and what we we have as an experience of peace is a solid foundation, and we need the peace to expand. let me seize the opportunity for being with you and your program to call upon the israelis and the palestinians to take further
10:38 am
positive steps toward funding the two-state resolution. this is going to have its positive resonance on the peaceful environment in the whole region, and it will be the most important, one of the most important keys also to fight terrorism in the region, and perhaps onward. >> what is egypt's position on the iran nuclear deal? >> this is a very important question. i am with any action that would ease the tension and drive away the spector of war from this region. this region has enough problems, and now, and for the coming years. most important thing about the deal is that it should not have
10:39 am
any negative impact on the arab national security, and egypt is an integral part of the security. >> there is a lot of reports that the countries like egypt, and saudi arabia and the emirates are so worry died abou this deal that they may try to develop a nuclear weapons program themselves, and is egypt thinking about that? >> egypt can never think of this way, and i speak clearly and straight forward. >> and one final question, and i am a journalist, but we were all concern concerned about the fate of the al jazeera journalists rescued and in recent days, you pardoned them, and can you assure our viewers that there will be freedom of the press in egypt? >> i am not using cliches, but i will tell you that the freedom
10:40 am
of the media, and the freedom of the press is quite unprecedented, and no one in the press or work ing ing in the pr are held back from holding their own views freely. and throughout the time i have been in office, nothing will happen to the people of the press or the people of the media. perhaps not to them or anybody else, and perhaps the perception is not what i am saying, but i am correct with this perception now with you. egyptian president speak in with me. and much more of the interview that we will be showing our viewers. in the meantime, we will have much more of what is happening here at the united nation, and much more on the race to the white house when we come back.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. here at the united nations covering the opening nation of the 77th general session of the united nations. there is politic tas we want to cover as well including the race for the white house, and donald trump does not waste any moment for his economic success, and so with that as a backdrop, he released his plan for reforming tax. it calls for a 15% tax rate for business, and 25% highest tax bracket, and there is a couple exempt at 50%,000 or less.
10:46 am
it calls for closing high-income taxpayer, and it is an item that the trump says won't sit well with some. >> and many of the loopholes, and the deductions which are old, and been there for many years are antiquated and put there, because a lot of the people who got there to the deductions are contributing to bush and candidate, but trump, because it is number one in simplification, and number two, what i am doing is the big pictur picture, because corporations will have an inen sensitive to create job, and also have to have an incentive to stay here in this country. joining us are brianna keilar, and gloria borger. gloria, trump has largely avoid ed the specifics in the case, and now he is coming up with the specifics on what is his largest
10:47 am
issue, the economy, and how is that going to play? >> well with, it is going to be playing fine for him, and there is not a lot of surprises for him. he wants to cut taxes, and he also want ts to take on wall street. and that is what this is goinging to do, cuts out the loopholes for hedge manager, and he continues to call them that, and the big concern whether you a republican or a democrat is if it is revenue-neutral or end up costing the american taxpayers money, and trump says, no it won't, and growing the economy. and wolf, this is a little bit like jeb bush's tax plan, and so those two guys may have a lot more in common than they once thoug thought. >> thank you, briana, i want to get your thoughts on the new poll. and ben carson is one point
10:48 am
behind donald trump, and there is also significant gains for carly fiorina, and marco rubio, but the dead heat of carson and trump, and some suggest that he has peaked. and what are you hearing? >> some have been suggest iing that, and they have been suggesting all along before we saw the numbers hooshg s here, question is, is that really happening? but you have had up to this point, the observers, and the republican establishment-type b observers who have been watching trchl, and look at how he is peak i peaking, and they have looked at someone like herman cain in the last cycle, but a lot of it is coming from the support and hoping that he is going to peak, and now, we will need some new numbers to see what the trend is, but you will see ben carson
10:49 am
upping the place in the polls, and don't forget about marco rubio and carly fiorina, because she was just an asterisk a a few months ago, and also -- >> and jeb bush is not doing so we well. >> right. and the other side of the spectrum which is jeb bush and back in june 22%, and in july 14%, so you will see the trajectory of bush head ing ing the opposite direction. >> yes, not looking good. and the first democratic debate in las vegas, brianna, and cnn is the host of the debate, but if jbd announces that he is running, the vice president, he will be allowed to participate in the debate, and anything yea or nay as far as the biden run
10:50 am
is concerned for the white house? >> well, wolf, it is a day-to-day decision for joe biden, and there are a few folks who are getting the ducks in the row if he decides to run, and he has not been able to get to yes, and that has to do with the >> all right, guys, thanks very much, gloria and brianna keilar. don't miss erin burnett, she'll have a one-on-oner interview with donald trump, the gop front runner. he'll break down his tax plan and what it could mean for you. much more coming up with erin and trump later tonight. coming up later this hour, iran's president said he would be willing to release americans jailed in tehran but only if certain conditions are met. we'll explain, when we come back. in, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. iran's president addressed the united nations general assembly here in new york. his appearance this year has a different air to it. iran reached a nuclear agreement with the united states and five other world powers. christiane amanpour sat down with an interview with the president of iran is and asked about the lack of support for the deal coming from some republican presidential candidates. >> you must be watching from iran the republican presidential campaign and seeing some of the debates in which many of the republican candidates have not,
10:56 am
all of them or most of them, in fact, said if they become president they will rip up the deal that how can you trust iran to self-inspect and be so naive to think iran is going to keep its end of the bargain. what's your reaction to the fierce debate that continues here in the united states about this deal and the severe distrust among so many people about whether iran will maintain its commitments. >> the first of all, what is spoken of here in the united states of america sometimes when i have time some of it was broadcast live and watch it. some of it was quite laughable. it was very strange and things they spoke of. some of them didn't know was iran was geographically. not distinguishing one is the
10:57 am
capital of the other. what they spoke of was quite far away from the truth. can a government become a cig any toir to an international agreement and the government tear it to shreds? this is something only the likes of saddam hussein would do. previous to attacking iran in 1980 did sign an agreement with iran and then tore it to shreds himself and attacked iran. so any government that replaces the current government must keep itself committed to the commitment given by the previous administration otherwise that entire country will lose trust internationally and no longer have the type of needed trust to operate in the international arena. so most of these are political sloganst best. >> what about the specific area where people are concerned that in certain military sites there won't be international inspectors? what's your answer to that, mr.
10:58 am
president? >> translator: if this agreement is going to be implemented, it will mean we have accepted the additional protocols and the additional protocols has its own framework. and iran will become the 121st country on that list. so anything that is adhered to in other countries implementing the additional protocols will be adhered to in iran. there will be no difference between iran and the other countries. >> critics of the nuclear deal here in the united states point out it doesn't grease address the fate of prisoners in iran. three americans are known to be held in iran. a fourth american vanished in 2007. the president says the door is open under certain circumstances
10:59 am
to their return. >> let's move on to something concerning to the people of the united states. you hold four americans including our colleague. i would like to know whether you as a government feel that this legal process is expedited so these people can be freed. i speak particularly of my own colleague. >> translator: now, being imprisoned in iran has nothing to do with the nuclear negotiations and subsequent agreement. but there are a number of iranians in the united states who are imprisoned, who went to prison in result of activities related to the nuclear industry in iran. and today the u.n. security council has agreed to lift those sanctions. once these sanctions have been lifted, why keep those folks in
11:00 am
american prisons. so they must be freed. if the americans take appropriate steps and set them free, certainly the violent right environment will be open and circumstances will be create ed for us to do everything within our power and our preview to bring about the swiftist freedom for americans held in ir iran. >> clearly, he wants a prisoner swap. that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. wolf, thank you so much. great to be with you on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. we start with that tense showdown happening right now with two of the world's most powerful leaders, president obama preparing to meet with russian president vladimir putin face to face. this hasn't happened


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