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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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twitter. please tweet me @wolfblitzer. join us once again here in "the situation room." thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, my exclusive one-on-one interview with donald trump. he talks taxes, vladimir putin, isis and even bill clinton. >> the economy is just going to be absolutely like a rocket. it's going to go up. >> let's go "outfront." and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, my exclusive sitdown with donald trump. he's still on top of the polls and today he rolled out a tax plan promising massive tax cuts for millions of americans. he tells me it will make the u.s. economy go up like a rocket. here's the bottom line.
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the plan would cut income taxes for everyone with the richest americans going from paying only 40 to 25% of their income and apparently 31 million households will go from paying something to nothing at all. earlier, i sat down with mr. trump at trump tower. we talked about the tax plan. we also talked about the polls and the war of words he's engaged with nearly every single one of thighs rivals. >> people say, look, this is a guy who calls someone a loser. he'll say something and they say that's childish. they say, that's not the temperament of a president. >> it probably is childish. but this is a campaign. >> so you're not saying that you're not going to talk about vladimir putin, calling him a loser? >> i actually say the opposite. >> tonight, our entire interview. we begin, though, by talking money. i asked donald trump how he will pay for the trillions in dollars of taxes that he is proposing. he said he will actually raise more money with lower tax rates. >> i think it will probably do
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even more than before, if you look at what is going to happen to the economy. the economy is just going to be absolutely like a rocket. it's going to go up. this is my prediction. this is what i'm good at. this is really my wheelhouse and i think you're going to create a tremendous number of jobs. part of this, as you and i were discussing, i'm going to bring a lot of jobs back into the country because so many other countries have taken our jobs, our base, our manufacturing. so we're going to couple that with this tax plan but we're going to have a country that really is going to rocket again and we haven't had that for a long time, erin. one of the things i mentioned during the news conference was that phony number of 5.3 and 5.4 and 5.5% unemployment. it could be 25 or 30% because you know when you stop looking for a job, they consider you for a statistical purpose. >> right. >> employed. >> they don't count you as employed when you are. >> right. tens and millions of people who couldn't find a job and they are now considered essentially
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employed. we're going to do something really great. i'm going to put people to work. i'm going to be great for business. i'll be great for business. >> uh-huh. >> and we're going to have an economy that really is going to be hot. >> you -- will you pay more money? will it be millions and millions, hundreds and millions? how much more will you pay? >> i will probably end up paying more money but, at the same time, the economy will probably make more money. but i'll probably end up making more money. i believe in the end i might do better because i believe the economy is going to recover beautiful. >> there's a couple ways when you cut a lot of taxes, you can close loopholes to make up money that way. >> right. we are doing that. >> right. and the cuts in and of themselves can generate growth. but let's talk about these loopholes. i called up some economists who like your sort of plan and one said, i'm really confused by it. it's a bit of a mess because they want to know which loophole you're going to close. you took off the mortgage
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loophole that benefits almost every american. >> you have to do that because if you do, that you're going to stop housing production and housing has had a lot of problems and you've reported better on it than anybody during the years. you can't take a chance on that. people need the mortgage interest deduction. >> where do you get the money? >> one of the ways you're going to get it, in my opinion, many of your friends, they are hedge fund guys and you have the carrot interest deduction. frankly, it's a joke. it's tremendous amounts of money and money they don't really need. they want it because they are used to paying no taxes. >> fair. >> but it's not money they need. but the other thing, so importantly, and this is somebody that everybody agrees on, for years, the money that's outside of this country, nobody knows how much. they think it's $2.5 trillion. i think it's probably more than that but nobody knows, that money, erin, is going to come back into the country and it's going to stay here and they are going to invest it here and,
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frankly, from now on, when people make -- when these companies make money out of the country, they can bring it back in in a reasonable tax. the reason it stays there, the tax is so onerous. it's a massive tax. and by the way, i have a lot of money outside of the country and the last thing i'm doing is for me because it's not that kind of money. but i have money outside. you can't get it back into the country. you fill out forms, you do this. i think my people have been working on it for like a year and a half. when you make money outside of the country, you can't bring it back into this country. >> so on a carrot interest loophole, you're going to stop that. it's a smart thing to do. it's the right thing to do. it's a fair thing to do but it doesn't bring in a lot of money. it doesn't pay for very much. >> but it brings in psychologically, when you have the hedge fund guy making $200 million a year and he's got this huge loss against it, which isn't a real loss, he's got a huge loss against his income and paying a very low rate of taxes,
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it's not fair. i think it tells people a lot and it's got to end. by the way, i have friends -- >> how do you -- how do you get the money, then, to make up for the trillion dollars in interest. that is not going to do it. actually, you're going to have the opposite. in my opinion, if it stays the way it is, you're going to have big companies -- and you know the ones talking about leaving, they are leaving to get their money, number one and probably maybe that is the number one, because they have a better tax rate outside of the united states. >> yeah. >> and you have major companies that want to leave our country and they are leaving now and getting out of the united states. >> and they are going to ireland, going somewhere else. >> ireland is a prime suspect. ireland is doing a lot of
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business. >> so apple will pay more taxes? >> apple is going to pay some taxes. >> they are the biggest company with money overseas. >> right. apple has tremendous money overseas and they are going to bring it back. there's going to be a 10% tax on that money but at least that's reasonable. they are going to bring it back and then they will invest the money mostly here, in my opinion. mostly here. they can invest it elsewhere but mostly here. >> how will it be different than when george w. bush did it. at that time, the estimate was 92% of the money came back to shareholders, buybacks, thing like that. >> first of all, we're going to create a great incentive. even if it goes to shareholders, they are going to spend the money. you're going to have people in this country, stock owners, they are going to get x dollars and they will buy things and that's good. the big surprise, in my opinion, is how much money it is. as you know, estimates are from 2.1 to 2.5 and some people say it could be much higher than that. and i got a nice surprise tu
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today. carl icahn endorsed me. >> he picked on you a couple of months ago. >> look, carl is no nonsense. there's no games. if he didn't think i was good and really good, he wouldn't have done that. but when you get carl's endorsement in this world that we're talking about, that's a great endorsement. i also have tom brady's endorsement. it's called winners. i like winners and tom is certainly a winner. all right. "outfront" next, more of our conversation. trump has taken a recent stumble in the polls and how a president trump would deal with iran. >> they will find out that if i win, we're not babies. there's no more being babies anymore.
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we are back with more of my exclusive sit-down interview with donald trump. we spoke about his controversial
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campaign style and how he'd handle vladimir putin. vladimir putin today was at the u.n. and so was barack obama. barack obama saying he wants bashar al assad removed from power. putin thinks that's an enormous mistake not to cooperate with vladimir putin. which man is right? >> okay, so i've been saying this for a long time and i've kept it low and i really understand what is going on in syria. it's a total catastrophe, a total mess, and we are helping to make it a mess. we have isis and isis wants to go after assad. look, they are not exactly loving life over in syria, so we're stopping them, to a certain extent, going after assad. russia is on the side of assad and wants to get rid of isis as much as we do if not more because they don't want them coming into russia.
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why are we knocking isis and at the same time we're against assad? let them fight, take over the remnants and, more importantly, let russia fight isis in syria. we can fight them in iraq but if you think about iraq, we've spent $2 trillion, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, thousands of lives lost. >> you said you'd put ground troops on the ground in iraq. >> we have to do something against isis. i was totally against the war in 2003, 2004 because you're going to destabilize the middle east and i was right. to everybody running, i'm the one person who said don't do it. >> how do you put ground troops in iraq and not in syria? there's no border, essentially, between those countries. >> let syria and isis fight. let isis and syria fight. and let russia fight isis.
4:15 pm
i don't want isis. they are bad. they are evil. these are really bad dudes. so i don't want to -- let them fight it out. let russia take care of isis. how many places can we be? >> so essentially you're saying, let russia take care of isis. if vladimir putin wants bashar al assad to stay because that makes sense, you're okay with that? >> i've made a lot of money watching people. deals with people. people say, how do you make good deals? it's all about watching people. i've watched assad and a little bit on the other side. the problem with the other side, we have no idea who they are. are we better off with assad? we have no idea who these people are. we give them am knmunition and everything. what are we doing? why are we involved? we have to get rid of isis, very importantly, but i look at assad and assad, to me, looks better than the other side and this has happened before. we back a certain side and that
4:16 pm
side turns out to be a total catastrophe. russia likes isis seemingly a lot. let them fight it out. in iraq, we have to do it. we shouldn't have been there in the first place but we left the wrong way. when obama took us out the way he took us out, we never should have been there in the first place. >> when you talk about the middle east, you've been critical of the iran nuclear deal. >> i'm a business person. you just can't do that. but with that being said, and you've known some of the deals, i've bought into really bad contracts knowingly and i've made them great. i've made a fortune. what you have to do is this. i will analyze that contract so strongly. i will go after -- and believe me, if they violate that kro contract, they have problems. the fact that they get $150 billion, the fact that we have
4:17 pm
the 24-day wait period. >> before we can inspect, yes. >> it's crazy. 24 days before we can inspect? and how about the prisoners that we get? we don't get anything. if israel ever attacks, if they ever attack iran, there really is a clause in there, the way i read it and i'm pretty good at this stuff, we're supposed to protect iran from israel. i mean, we're supposed to fight israel. it's not going to happen. how do they allow a clause like that in there? so it's a horrible deal. with that being said, i will police that to a level they will not believe even exists. >> so rouhani said what the republican candidates are saying is laughable. some of them would not even know where tehran is in relation to iran. some of them didn't know where iran was gee graographically.
4:18 pm
>> you know where iran is on a map, right? >> i do. our people are babies. they have no idea what they are doing. i don't know why obama wanted to make this deal so strongly because he lost on virtually every point. they will find out. i know he's not talking about me. they will find out that if i win, we're not babies. there's no more being babies anymore. >> you have so many doing so poorly. rand paul is doing horribly. he was expected to be a leader and he's down to 2%. you have so many -- a guy like marco rubio is a lightweight. i can't imagine that he goes anywhere. by the way, he has the worst voting record in the united states senate. you can't do that. people elect you to a position, you've got to vote. bush, sadly, is a nice guy. all of these people -- the interesting thing is, everybody that's attacked me, bobby
4:19 pm
jindal, perry, every single person that's got senator lindsey graham. i mean, in south carolina, i'm at 34. he's at 3. he's the sitting senator from south carolina. but all of these guys are out. even walker. and i think he's a nice person but he attacked me. i attacked him. he left the race. so so far, attacking me hasn't been a good idea. i'm not saying they shouldn't do it. >> so far, seriously, five people. every single person that has attacked me is either gone or -- i mean, they've either collapsed, like in the case of bush, he was at 22, 24, now he's at 6 or 5 or something. i don't know what's going on. i don't know. look, i'm doing this simply -- i want to make america great again. i'm really good at things. i get along with politicians. believe it or not, i have a great temperament for this kind of stuff. they do respect me. in this building, i have some of the largest chinese banks in the world and they are very happy to pay me rent every month and yet i'm very critical of china.
4:20 pm
people say, how can that be? he's so critical and yet he's got -- >> so when people say the temperament questions, they call him a loser and they say that's childish, they say, that's not the tempermeament of a candidat. >> i'm a counter-puncher. i think every single instance i hit. walker hit me and all of a sudden i hit him back and he's out. rubio, all of a sudden he started hitting me. >> so you're saying you're not going to talk about vladimir putin, calling him a lose are or something like that? >> i would say the opposite. i think i would get along very well with him. we were both on "60 minutes" last night, putin and trump. it's interesting. i think i'd have a good relationship with him. we have a horrible relationship with russia right now. we have a horrible relationship with china, even though he's here now and -- look, what they are doing to us is amazing. what china is doing to sus one
4:21 pm
of the great thefts. they have taken our jobs and our money and now we're wining and dining them over in washington. and i don't mind that but they have to understand, we have to renegotiate. we cannot continue to have u.s. trade deficit with china of almost $400 billion a year. we can't do that. that's going to end. if i'm there, that's going to end. i think my temperament is great. i think i've built a great company and it's because of my temperament. jeff and hillary in the same day said, we don't like his tone. my tone? we have people chopping off heads. we have people killing us. we need a strong tone. we don't need that soft, soft group of people. we need something tough. i think i have a great temperament. >> and "outfront" next, more of my exclusive conversation with donald trump. what he says about hillary and bill clinton and trump's tax plan, he says it's going to make the economy take off like a rocket so we did the math. how does it add up?
4:22 pm
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tonight, my exclusive sit-down with gop front-runner donald trump. jeffrey lord is joining me, a donald trump supporter, bill crystal, david gergen, former adviser to clinton, reagan and ford. let's start with the economic plan. trump told me economic growth on his plan is going to be so strong, he's actually going to get more revenue with dramatically lower tax rates. here he is. >> a lot of tax cuts in this plan for individuals, for corporations, for everybody. but you say it will raise just as much money as before. how? >> i think it will probably even do more than before if you look what is going to happen to the economy. the economy is going to be absolutely like a rocket. it's going to go up. this is my prediction. this is what i'm good at. this is my wheel house.
4:27 pm
i think you're going to create tremendous number of jobs. >> bill, you've been very critical of donald trump. you had a twitter war with him. but you are a conservative. this is a plan that some conservatives would love. cut taxes, growth will improve. >> it's a pretty standard republican type tax plan. we don't have much detail but sounds a lot like jeb bush's and marco rubio's. it's smart of donald trump. i don't think he should be president but he's a smart politician. i was struck in the interview that we didn't show that just now, as soon as he gets through the standard republican talking point about lowering taxes, he says we're going to compete better with overseas. this is going to make america great again. he goes back to his core message, which is a very effective message, which is an american nationalist message. that's what struck me in the
4:28 pm
interview you did with him. we're not going to have these foreign countries taking advantage of us, we're going to bring the money back home. >> jeff, that's the argument he says. the money coming back home, unlike when george w. bush did, he said, this time it's going to create jobs. obviously, many people disagree with that and say it's not possible. you say that this plan adds up and, in fact, you're equating it to reagan. >> right. i mean, everything isn't ronald reagan, ronald reagan, it's not donald trump or jack kemp, as it were. however, this is certainly reagan-esque. reagan got it down to 28%. here's the point of controversy. when bill says that this is sort of convectional republican economic, what he's saying is this is reaganomics, the economy
4:29 pm
did take off like a rocket. the soviet empire was undermined. it really was quite a magnificent thing. of course, liberals don't agree with this and so i'm sure and i've already seen some attacks out there on this. when bill says this is fairly conventional, in this day and age, it's fairly reagan-esque. >> you worked for ronald reagan. >> jeffrey is right about that. we've been pushing him. where is the substance, your plans? he's finally come forward with a plan. i give him credit for that. it's also true, i think it has a populist element. 31 million households, according to the plan, would no longer pay taxes. that's obviously attractive. but there are big buts here. and that is, does the math add up?
4:30 pm
not everybody on the right, the economists are calling this a fantasy. >> the economists, people who would love this kind of plan, they said the same thing. >> the third thing, who produced -- where are the economists who can come forward and say, i work with donald trump on this? why didn't we have what is much more standard in politics and have a real conversation. and say, here's the shiny car but don't look under the hood. >> you raised the point about what it's going to do to the wealthy and this is a crucial point here. when i asked donald trump how the plan would impact him, how much more he would pay, this is what he said. >> will you pay more money? will it be millions and millions, hundreds and millions? >> i think the economy would do better so i'll make it up that way but i will probably end up paying more money. i believe in the end i might do
4:31 pm
better because i really believe the economy is going to improve beautiful. >> jeff, here is the question. shouldn't the answer to that question, if you're trying to be reagan-esque, shouldn't it be, absolutely i will pay more, not probably? >> well, i don't think donald trump likes to do the class warfare thing too much. he does do it a little bit with the hedge fund guys, et cetera. but the objective is to get us back to the place, again, i refer to jack kemp who said, if we get down the road here where we're doing not supply side economics but the economics of ca scarcity, we're going to have groups pitting against one another. donald trump is not for that, he's an outsider and against the establishment but not for pitting race against race. illegal immigration is not about race but it's about illegal immigration. that, again, is a reagan-esque thing and it's positive. >> bill, in the plan, trump says
4:32 pm
fewer people will be paying income tax. he actually noted -- and i thought this was interesting in the press release, that in world war ii, only the top 1% paid income tax. when i read something like that, if you put it in a different press release, a press release for bernie sanders, i might actually think that it belonged there. >> look, trump is a very smart politician and i think he believes it. look, i think this was a very effective -- i don't think it's going to matter that much. trump's appeal is not based on the superiority or inferiority plan but it helped the whole country get back on track economically. what are people worried about? they don't care if donald trump ends up making money on this plan if they believe trump would help their incomes grow and i give trump a lot of credit for focusing on that in the way that you have other elected politicians, they've taken polls and they are supposed to know how to appeal to people.
4:33 pm
how many have a clear message of economic growth as donald trump did? >> and you and donald trump, bill, have not -- it's a pretty set of positive things that you're saying, given that. david gergen, is he going to have a substantive conversation about it, which he just did, and having such a massive tax cut. does he win anybody over? >> i think there are preliminary tests one has to pass. it's not just in the ballot box. but do you meet the standards of credibility? are you a serious person? are you going to be a prudent person and tax cuts, we all agree on this panel, tax cuts are a worthy thing but for the last ten years we've been talking a lot about deficits, too. we should not forget -- he says it's revenue neutral. it's not going to cost us anything. well, let's see what the arithmetic is that supports that. >> we need a lot more on that. that is very clear. all right. we're going to take a very brief break. when we come back, more of
4:34 pm
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tonight, donald trump admitting he's been childish on the campaign trail, part of my exclusive interview with the republican presidential front-runner. people say, look, this is a guy who will call someone a loser, he will say something and they say that's childish. they say, that's not the temperament of a president. >> it probably is a little childish but this is a campaign and you know this better than anybody, i'm responding to them. i'm a counterpuncher. i think i have a great temperament. i built a great company and it's because of my temperament. >> bill, donald trump says his temperament is great, perfect for the approximapresidency.
4:39 pm
what do you say? >> i'm not sure about that but having watched the interview and watching hillary and others on sunday, donald trump is entertaining. david gergen prepared candidates with others like with you. he seemed a nice guy, self-dep p self-deprecating but it's done with a smile, going to help make america great again. trump is underrated just as a political player. you know, he's good at it. >> what do you say? >> i agree with you. he's right. he's been a gift to a lot of these candidates. he brought an extra 20 million people to cnn. >> afterwards he made that point to me loud and clear. >> for example, marco rubio, you had additional 20 million people watch you in action. that really helps your campaign. rubio is coming up on the outside lane right now.
4:40 pm
he's going a magnetism about him. he's terribly interesting. he's very shrewd. he is -- he has got a sense about television, about communication that goes way beyond most people in politics. >> let me put the question to you, jack. are you surprised to hear david gergen and bill crystal being this positive about donald trump? you've been fighting donald trump in debates like this for month and you have been the odd guy out. >> you know, i had thought, after i got to know donald trump, he was exactly the kind of person that bill and david had just described. i really do think he is an extremely smart guy, has been unbelievably underestimated. he's a nice guy. he's a really good human being here. and he's entertaining. he's got all of these abilities. he does have a temperament. you could not possibly build the trump organization if you were erratic and temper mental.
4:41 pm
he delivers the message loud and clear and if you're on the other side, you want to be very careful that you don't under estimate him. >> what i would be interesting in, he is reining himself in? to me in that interview, he was a slightly more measured person but doesn't bring the bragadocio in order to be seen as a more presidential material. >> i spoke with someone who does a lot of coaching for debates, a younger generation david gergen, maybe, high standard, but i think he's pretty good. he says that he was struck by how trump has improved as a candidate. he's this kind of phenomena and people are interested in him but obviously he's going to fade and i still think he will fade eventually. but he's learning and watching
4:42 pm
himself and talks about himself a lot and i think he's a shrewd guy and modifies them. the other candidates should be learning a little bit from watching trump and i like rubio and i prefer some of the other candidates to trump. i'm a little worried, they don't seem to be learning as much from this campaign as trump is. >> in this interview, he was more measured but when -- the donald trump that everyone has seen was there. he claims that other candidates are struggling and that reason is donald trump and here he is. >> the interesting thing is, everybody that's attacked me, bobby jindal, perry, every single person that's got senator lindsey graham but all of these guys are out, even walker. and i think he's a nice person but he attacked me. i attacked him. he left the race. so, so far attacking me hasn't been a good idea.
4:43 pm
seriously. five people. every single person that's attacked me is either gone, they've either collapsed -- >> bill crystal, that is the donald trump you guys have come to see, the donald trump at the center. >> yeah, it is. look, he is an awful lot that way, more than he should be, i would think. what does he say when he's dumping on poor scott walker who left the race last week? he's a nice guy. trump is shrewd in the way that he takes the edge off and some of the insults by sort of a backhand compliment to his rivals. >> he did say something today when we talked about foreign policy which was interesting. following up on "60 minutes," saying that bashar al assad has to go, according to president obama and donald trump sided with vladimir putin. pretty explicitly. let me play that and get your reaction. >> we have no idea who these people are. we give them weapons,
4:44 pm
ammunition, we give them everything. >> uh-huh. >> erin, we have no idea -- maybe it's worse than assad. so what are we doing? why are we involved? we have to get rid of isis. very importantly. but i look at assad and assad, to me, looks better than the other side. >> let me just say to you, dachd david, it's not just vladimir putin who has said this. it's not the position of the u.s. government. >> it's not the business of the u.s. government, nor do i think it should be. listen, it's one thing to find ways to beat isis and another to open the door to putin and giving them a larger presence in the middle east. what we're seeing evolve right now, since the iranian agreement was signed, if they are attacking us and that sort of thing but to have the russians move in more fully and you get an alliance going between the russians and syrians, iranians with help from the iraqis, as we've now learned, that is not a helpful and wise american foreign policy. >> bill crystal, what do you
4:45 pm
think about donald trump saying assad is better than the alternative? >> i don't -- well, i think to go after assad and isis, again, i will -- politically, trump may be in a shrewd place, which is americans get nervous about getting in the middle of a messy civil war in the middle east. let them fight it and kill each other and let russia handle it but of course we'll handle our own interests if we have to be. i don't agree with him. as a political matter, i think trump has said he's ended up in a place that might not be so bad politically. >> you take an account where there is a more substantive conversation. is this in response to the polls? had he had that surge like a star to the top. he has fallen in the cnn polls, a high of 32 and now down to 24. this is this new donald trump in reaction to those polls, trying to be more substantive because he's worried that he could drop? >> i don't think so. i think bill and david were
4:46 pm
right in the sense that he's improved as a candidate. this thought struck me when he signed that pledge there in the trump tower. it was after he signed the pledge that he looked presidential. i think he's improving on this score. i think he knows exactly what he's doing here and the real donald trump comes out as we move along here. so i think he's pretty -- he's a shrewd judge of people. and character. and i think that will help a lot when he deals on foreign policy issues. >> well, thanks so much to all of you. and now, a part of this interview we have not yet played for you. donald trump next talking about hillary clinton. he says he will easily beat her. >> she's done such a poor job as secretary of state. she's done the worst job in the history of secretary of state.
4:47 pm
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praising donald trump, former president bill clinton raised eyebrows over the weekend because he did just that in an interview on cnn. so i asked trumped about clinton's comments when i sat down with him earlier >> so bill clinton obviously, you could be running against his wife if you are you the nominee. he said you're a master brander and have pizazz and zip and when asked whether you could be the nominee, he said i think so. obviously, he attended your wedding and you've known him a long time. would you say he's a trend? >> no, i haven't spoken to him for a long time and actually, he wanted to know what i was going to do and a long time ago he called. i haven't spoken to him for a long time. i always respected him. i've liked him. when i look at what is going on in the world and the job hilary did as secretary of state, she
4:51 pm
goes down as perhaps the worst secretary of state in history and when i run against her evenly in the polls, i'm doing very well against hilary and beating her, probably, though, i will tell you you're talking about the iran agreement. i think that kerry is maybe going to take her place as the worst because of this agreement. it will go down as the worst agreement in history but as far as hilary is concerned, number one, if she gets to the starting gate, which is questionable because of the e-mail situation, it's a big question but i don't think she'll be very difficult and i think she's done the worst job in the history of this country as secretary of state. in the world during her reign and the reign of obama, her world is blowing up and almost everything. the whole world, syria. >> yeah. >> these were things that we wouldn't be questioning, so many bad libya and so many bad decisions were made going here and going to libya. now it's a disaster, every place
4:52 pm
that we've touched, every single place, we gave up on egypt, the people that were relying on back and so many things that we've touched, the way i look at it, everything, i mean, nobody can tell me one thing that's been done in the last six years foreign policy-wise that worked out. >> in the polls you're the front runner of the gop, when they put you head-to-head you still lost by a little bit. some gop candidates, what would you do to turn that around? >> no other polls than cnn i beat her. i think i have to do my thing. and you have to get there first. i think hilary is going to be easier than anybody else but most of the polls i beat hilary and i just view, look, i have a certain number of people that i'm running against right now. one by one they drop out.
4:53 pm
>> david gwith me. he talked about branding and pizazz and being the nominee. >> i'm not at all. both trump and bill clinton have been around politics and have been around in ways that they know, look, guys knocked each other, elbow each other but at the end of the day you get in the locker room and there is a certain amount of respect that goes on. these are sort of two guys that are forgiven and don't hold grudges. i was supposed about was how he pivoted out. here is the guy that says i counter attack, only attack when somebody attacks me or he just slugged her and said perhaps the worst secretary in history. that will tick off bill clinton a lot. >> to hear the that about her? >> absolutely. bill clinton pointed out in an interview this weekend and i
4:54 pm
think you're interviewing him tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> and welcome back, by the way. >> another thing he pointed out, when she left as secretary of state, she had sky high rating. it's been since she turned to politics and got into this mess over the e-mail. >> in the cnn poll, other gop candidates do beat hillary clinton. donald trump does not. no problem, he says he would easily beat her. what's your take? >> i think he would be seen as the under dog going in because he's -- but that's not to say he couldn't win it. i think his chances have probably gone up. if he becomes the nominee, a lot in the party round in. there is so much resistance in the large parts of the country and again, if he wants to go out and attack a woman like hilary the in the way he did, you can't attack the mexicans and immigrants. you can't attack women. you can't -- all the different people and expect to win a presidency. >> david thank you so much.
4:55 pm
i'll be sitting down with the former president bill clinton. we'll talk about trump, hilary and the 2016 race for the white house. so much to talk about. we hope you will not miss that interview tomorrow night "outfront" at 7:00. we'll be right back. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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5:00 pm
erin sat down with donald trump a short time ago and talked politics, vladimir putin and trump's tax plan which he unveiled today promising it will help the middle class spare the working poor, take more he says from people like himself and boost the economy. >> there is so much money to be saved. we're reducing taxes, but at the same time, if i win, if i become president, we will be able to cut so much money and have a better country. we won't be losing anything other than we'll be balancing budgets and getting them where they should be. so this is a plan that's simple, that's a major reduction, i think people are going to be very happy. we've already had some very good reviews. i did the plan with some of the leading scholars and economists and tax experts that there are in this country. they love it. they


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