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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 29, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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watching around the world, i'm wolf blitzer, and we start with a worldwide focus on terror, the russian president vladimir putin and president obama sparred over the consensus to fight the terror group, but now the scope of the foreign fighters, and now it is believed that more than 25,000 foreign fighters have joined syria and iraq since 2011, and what is surprising is that more than a kwaquarter of them, some 7,000 of them have been joining the fight in last nine months alone. the influx of the foreign fighters is part of the terror summit headlines this year. president obama called on the countries that are not there to all focus on defeating and degrading isis. >> ultimately, however, it is not going to be enough to defeat
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isil in the battlefield. we have to prevent it from radicalizing, and recruiting, and inspiring others to violence in the first place. this means to defeat their ideologiology. ideologies are not defeted by guns, but more ideas and more attractive vision. >> and winning the hearts and minds is a big challenge as this is going to require in the longer and the medium-term dealing with governance, poverty, and youth and job creation, and it is only by stabilizing the entire region and giving the people hope and without fear of destruction that we will stop the fleeing of refugees many of whom are seeking a life free of terror outside of their homes. >> and we cannot have an extremist world view before it justifies the violence, and we have to get out of the schools and the prisons and out of the universities.
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i believe in the freedom of speech, but freedom to hate is not the same thing. >> we will ultimately prevail, because we are guide bade stronger and better vision, and commitment to the strength and opportunity and dignity of every human being, but it is going to require diligence, focus and sustained effort by all of us. complicating the coalition, russia and iran. russia is critical of the u.s. lead leading the summit today, and opposes the removal of the syrian president bashar al a ahsan, and iran is not invited to take part because of the designation of the united states as a state sponsor of terror. and meanwhile up on capitol hill, there was a growing number of cries from the ongoing civil war and groups like isis who attract foreign fighters. and now we will go to some of the terror summit under way at
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the unite nations, and joining us is jim sciutto, and phil mudd our counter terrorism expert, and, kimberly, what is going on when you see that 7,000 new fighters are joining. what is going to stop the influx? >> some officials that i have spoken to believe it may be higher than that, and the problem is that even as the u.s. has been spending time to get countries to tight en the laws, and they have tightened the country to turkey down the 68 mi miles that is porous, and yet they sflot stopped the flow. the problem is that they don't have, the fighters don't have to work through the same system of laws. they are not held back by that, and they are using the criminal smuggling routes that are used for instance by the drug dealers that the u.s. and the other world leaders have not been able
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to shutdown for decades. >> the latest numbers, bill. france says 1,800 citizens going to the region to join in the fight, and britain says more than 750, and the united states more than 250, a nnd some of the 250 have remained at the united states, and some are at a large, and not being monitored. >> this is the problem, because when you look at the terrorism since 9/11 attacks, you have terrorism cropping up on the periphery of the middle east, and yemen, and pakistan, and if you are a kid saying, how do i get to pakistan and get to the travel route, because it is not accessible, but if you are in new york, and it is very easy to get to turkey, you go the ankara and travel down, but until you eliminate ice isis in syria, you won't stop people from getting on the airplane. >> and jim, let's talk about the
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anti-isis summit under way right now chaired by the president. iran was not even invited, but president obama says that he is will t willing to work with anyone including iran and russia in an effort to defeat isis, but how is that done if iran is kept out of the summit of this importance? >> yes, and i asked about russia as well, because russia was not expected to take part in this, but you would expect that would be considered, particularly since russia has forces on the grou ground, that it claims are principally to fight isis, but the administration does not believe the explanation, and it is willing to work with them, and clearly not in the forum, and the fact is that the administration will work with them, because russia is on the ground, and one more thing about the foreign fighters coming in, and i have been speak ing ing t foreign intelligence commission about this for some time, and they say that turkey is not doing enough to stem the flow, in part, because turkey would rather see the extremists fight in turkey and syria rather than
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stay in turkey to car i ri out acts of terror, but they talked about the european countries not having the sources to track down the fighters, and if the u.s., as you said, wolf, can't keep track of the foreign fighters returning to the u.s., and imagine britain and france and germany who have multiple the times of the numbers of foreign travelers going to syria and then back home to europe. >> and as you heard, kimberly, king abdullah of jordan said that the muslim countries need to take the lead to fight isis, and is that happening? >> well, to the certain extent, because they are cooperating in much greater numbers than before, and especially in terms of the information they are sharing. one of the thing ths that the administration officials were telling us in a small briefing is that 45 countries have now contributed 4,000 new profiles of suspected terrorists to the interpol database, and that is
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one of the ways to track the people, but the problem is that the radicalization is so fast that you can have a kid in new york city who has been exchanging the twitter messages, and switches to something in encrypted, and they travel. it is reaching those people that the state department is having trouble doing. and how do you make something that is counter culture that reaches out to these young people who feel alienated when you are part of the system. >> and they are good now, these en clipted messages that they are able to talk to each other without anybody being able to monitor what they are doing. >> and you think about the problems of the security service, and the couple of them, the encrypted message, and the end-to-end encryption, that the government is talking to the silicon government, and very difficult if not impossible for the government to watch, so a 16-year-old kid in california wanting to talk to syria fighters.
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and they can do it. and the vol qume, and 250-plus american, and we saw few dozen impacting al qaeda, but this is now 250-plus, and no service agency can handle that volume. thank you, guys. >> and now the white house has been blamed for not having a coherent strategy for defeats isis, and we will hear from the top adviser of homeland security lisa monaco joining us after the break. and one of the several groups that the united states wanted after they were costing billions of dollar, and how big of a blow is that coming up in afghanistan. so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. president obama is trying to shore up support in the war against isis. the president convened a summit
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of more than 100 nation, and he said that isis is going to be degraded and destroyed. he said successes, but he also said, there will be setbacks. >> in iraq, isis is holding fallujah and ramadi, but coalition forces have liberated provinces in kirkuk takrit, and they have regained strongholds where they have previously lost. >> and now, we are joined by li lisa of the homeland security, and i want to read this to you,
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despite the concerted efforts to stem the flow, we have largely failed to stop americans from traveling overseas to join jihadists of the hundreds of americans who have traveled to the conflict zone of syria and iraq, and authorities have only interdicted a fraction of of them. several dozen have also managed to make it back to america. do you agree with the report? >> well with, it is no doubt that it is a difficult topic, and it is one of the topics that the president has convened with the leaders at the top. they have come together to reinforce the commitment, and make new commitments to the counter isil campaign and address the flow of counter t terrorism, and also to address the scourge of violent extremism.
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with respect to the foreign fighters, what is true is that after the leadership that the president showed a year ago after he convened the first ever meeting of the u.n. kon sill on freedom fighters, what is true is that more countries are sharing information about the flow of fighters, and enacting new laws to prosecute, interdict and attempt to stem the flow of the fighters. >> but the report says it is a failure to stop the americans from going over, there and some of them have come back, of the 250 and may be at large in the united states right now. is that true? >> well, there is no doubt, wolf, that there is a magnate -- magnet for bashar al assad for the extremists to go to fight in terms of what he has done to his
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own people in the form of barrel bombs, and atrocious attacks, but what we are doing with over 100 countries, and 60 countries formally the part of the coalition against isille is to share information, and enhance security procedures, anded a dlesz flo -- and address this flow. and this is what has galvanized the leader s s to come together >> this is one of the most eye-popping lines from the report of the u.s. homeland security, the u.s. lacks a national strategy for combat tig the terrorist travel and not produced one in nearly a decade. president obama has been in office for nearly seven years now, and do you agree that there is no national strategy for c e combatting terrorist travel? >> i disagree, wolf, but it is a
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bi-partisan report, and report that we have been working closely the homestand security, and national counter terrorism committee, and we ve been working with the committee and the members of the report that have engaged in the review, and we contributed with that and shared information about it, and there are some conclusions that i agree with, and some that i would take issue with, but the fact of the matter is that this is an effort to address a problem, and describe a problem, and make recommendations many of which are well founded, and many of which we have already taken steps to address. >> and one more line out of the very damning report, the unprecedented speed at which americans are radicalized by extremists is straining federal law enforcement's ability to monitor and intercept suspects. are there those inside of the united states right now, isis sympathizers who may come back to the united states who are at
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large who are not being monitored by law enforcement? >> the fbi director has spoken to this issue, and it is a concern for everyone in the counter terrorism, and homeland security and law enforcement committee. the use that isille has made of social media to recruit, enlist, and to inspire individuals to their violent cause is of grave concern to the law enforcement, and homeland security professionals. the fbi director has said that they have investigations in all 50 states, and they have made a number of arrests, about 50 in the last year, and what is true, wolf, is that the concerning thing about this issue, and why you have leaders coming together to make unpresented commitments to address the scourge of the message of isil is not limited to any one demographic or group. it is however being particularly consumed by youth. that is of concern, and that is
10:19 am
why you have seen these leaders come together to reinforce and enhance the commitments against the violent extremism. >> and yesterday when the president addressed the u.n. general assembly, he said that the u.s. would be working with all countries including iran and russia to try to destroy isis, and these terrorist groups, an one complicating factor, and one reason that iran was not invite td to the conference today is because the u.s. government considering iran to be a state sponsor of terrorism, is that correct? >> that is correct, wolf. >> how does that play in? why would the u.n. want to bring in iran if the u.s. believes they are a terrorist state? >> look, what the president said is that there are areas and common interests that we have with russia, and others to go after isil. where countries can make a contribution to going after isil, and to addressing the
10:20 am
threat that they pose, that can be productive, but there are many issues and quite obviously, in which we are not going to be agreeing, and that is what the president said coming out of the meeting with president putin, where there can be constructive help in the fight against isil, but we feel that assad is a magnet for the stem of the flow there and contributing to the chaos there. and that is a view that we disagree with the russians on a tlfrnd where we can work on them to go after isil, that is to the good, but there has to be a managed transition, because assad has lost all e e legitimacy, and he can't continue in the future. >> where could you work with iran in the fight of isil if
10:21 am
they are a sponsor of state terror? >> well, we are not interested in working with them, in that way, but most notably the agreement that was worked on in the course of the summer to come up with an agreement to prevent iran from securing a nuclear weapon, and those are areas that are of concern, and those are efforts that we will continue to work. >> and lisa monica, working with the president on the summit the u.n. thank you, lisa. >> thank you, wolf. and the terrorists thought that the taliban was gone for good, but they are back. they are trying the seize the city from overwhelmed afghan soldier, and could this battle foreshadow a bleak future for all of afghanistan, and we will talk about that with the retired u.s. general mark hertle.
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the war in afghanistan is escalating as the security forces are battling to gain s a strategic points in the city as the north major city was overtaken by the taliban militants monday after several days of fierce clashes. the fight was the first time since 2001 that the afghan taliban has managed to take control of a major city there. and the afghan government claims it has recaptured parts of the city killing 83 insurgents, and u.s. forces helped with the operation from the air. for more, let's bring in our military correspondent retired lieutenant general mark
10:27 am
hertling, and i want to get to that in a moment, but firstst on this house committee report on the homeland security traveler summa summary, and i read some of it to lisa monica, the president's executive to homeland security, and you can read more and more and the damning report of the readiness for terrorism. >> well, i have not read it all, but it is as you say, damning. it is what the intelligence community and the operators are aware of, but it is also difficult to counter. terrorism across the world, as we are seeing new things, it is difficult, but eye-opening in terms of the congressional report. >> yes, a lot of work needs to
10:28 am
be done, and we will follow-up. and now, let's talk about the taliban taking over the city that is about 3,000 people, and now it is under taliban control, and it reminds me of iraq and mosul, and is afghanistan going down? >> well w i don't believe so, wolf, but it was a psychological vi victory for the taliban, and getting into what is the fourth largest city of northern afghanistan, kunduz is the size of cincinnati, and so it is not a small village here, and it is the tension there. and the staff has been working there very intently, because it is butting up to uzbekistan and k
10:29 am
kazbecki stan, and it is going to put leaders in concern of where to travel. >> and yes, and using up $68 billion in taxpayer money, and in is going to be raising lots of question of whether all of the money and the effort and the u.s. lives lost, and the u.s. troops come home injured severely whether or not this is a waste? >> well, you know, wolf, i was in kundoes,uz a couple of years and the germans had it under contr control, but there is a future for the forces across the board, but they are in their infancy, and the air power is helping, but very few nato forces there r
10:30 am
are in kanduz, and maybe the special operators and assets are to the west in nasser sharif. the afghanistanny forces are building up, but they are not to the point where they can take control of -- >> well, we have just lost our connection with lieu ttenant general mark hertling. and disturbing developments there, and we will stay on top of that for our viewers here and around the world. and now, the government may be inching closer to the shutdown, but many believe it is going to be averted, but nof republicans are tying the budget to the battle of the federal funding for planned parenthood, and when we talk about that more. and senator rand paul, and there you can see him up there on capitol hill, and he is standing by live.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. today up on capitol hill, a contentious hearing on planned parenthood, and the pt residentf the organization is defending her position as she was grilled by lawmakers. >> no federal funds pay for abortions at planned parenthood or anywhere else except for the limited circumstances by law. this is when the woman has been raped, victim of incest or when her life is endangered. >> if you want to be a private entity, be a private entity, but you don't have to use federal dollars to do that. >> you do, too, and the planned parent hood in the pink is the reductions in the breast exams,
10:36 am
and the red is the increase in the abortions. >> this is not what is reflecting with what is happening at planned parenthood, and i have not seen the slide that no one has ever provided us. we have provided you all of the information about everything, all of the services that planned parenthood replies. >> and this is from your sources. >> well, my lawyers just said that this is from the anti-american anti-americans for abortion. >> we will get to the bottom of
10:37 am
it. >> and so, there was a video that was showing showing fetal sale of tissue for profit, and now on the floor of the senate, rand paul with his opposition of that funding. >> we were told when we were taking over congress, and republicans took over congress that things would be different, and that if the voters put us in charge, we would right the ship, we would stop the deficits, and here we are with another continuing resolution. what is aresolution? it is a steaming pile of the same old, same old. let me be clear. a continuing resolution is not a good thing, but more of the status quo. >> and senator rabld -- rand
10:38 am
paul from kentucky and presidential hopeful. thank you for coming in, and everyone agrees that the continuing resolution is not the best way to fund the government, but it at least allows the government to be operational, and the vital services for the people can continue, and isn't that better than shutting down the government? >> well, it is not an either/or situation. i think that we should no longer continue to spend money at the same rate that we are spending money, so, yes, we should let all spending expire, and then we should renew the programs that are working, and then it should require a super majority to get the program started. i went through the list of the ten programs about including one where we are studying the japanese quail to see if they are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine, and the only way to stop the programs is to let them expire, and say it is going to be 60 votes to restart the programs. i am not advocating a shutdown,
10:39 am
but i am advocating that all of the programs are shutdown and then we look at what is duplicative and what is working and what is not. >> and so you want to have the government operating october 1st, and if they don't pass it, the government will be run out of money, and all of the government agencies will be shutdown without this budget. >> well, it is a lump together with no reform, so we are borrowing $1 million a minute, and it makes no sense to continue moneyt that rate, and so i would stop all of the spending and let it expire, and the interesting thing at the senate is that it takes 60 vote ises to affirmatively pass anything, and the hurdle of 60 votes should not be used to stop spending, but to get it starred. so things like planned parenthood which are very, very
10:40 am
controversial, and the procedure of turning the baby around to get to the organs to get to the organs is controversial and it should require 60 votes to start spending money on planned parenthood, and this is what can happen to let the parts of government working that we want to continue. >> well, it looks like the house will pass the temporary mez sure, and the government will stay open for three month, and then the bigger battle that you want to undertake, you will be able to continue the fight. and let's talk about the race for the white house for a few moments while i have you, and in the last polls, right now, 3%, and at that 11%, and donald trump, and he is going after you, and you are going after him, and he tweeted this, my prediction is that rand paul has been driven out of the race by my statements about him, and he is going to announce soon, 1%. what is your reaction when you see him that you are about to
10:41 am
drop out of the race. >> it is sort of silly season any time that he opens up his mouth, but something that is very important about republicans. he is not a real conservative, and no real kon is ser vative would have supported a single payer system for medical or health care or raising taxes, and no real conservative would is have supported president obama's spending plan. the only thing he is for is taking private property from eminent domain to take it from smaller people to give it to big corporations like himself. and people like me in the tea party, we were upset about people manipulating government for their own benefit, and that is who he s and so once the tea party and the conservatives wake up, they will see that he is the consummate insider, and use the government for his own personal benefit, you will see a shift
10:42 am
away from him. >> but in the national polls he is at 25%, and you are at 2% and 3%, and why is he doing so well, and you are not? >> well, there is a certain celeb celebrity phenomenon going on that is skewing the polls, but we are seeing a shift, and he is down 10 point, and there is a time when he is marginalized and seen for the comedic individual that he is, but not really as a serious contender, and that is where he will wind up. and we have nov alomove along to the point where americans realize he is not a serious contender. >> and he issued a tax relate lowering the top rate to 25%, and eliminating the taxes for individuals under $25,000 and couples under $50,000, and i assume you like the reductions in the tax rate that he proposed? >> i think that my tax plan is better, and i get rid of all 70,000 pages of the tax code. i have one single rate 14.5% for
10:43 am
individuals and 14.5% for corporations. and i also do what other tax does is i get rid of the payroll tax which every american will have a few more dollar s s in tr pocket. and so his still goes with the cronyism, and ours eliminates that and you can file it on one single postcard. >> and what about the proposal to raise the taxes for what he calls the hedge fund guys. >> i would do the opposite, i would lower everyone else's to that level. so hedge fund guys, and those who have capital gains, they pay about 20, 23%, and i would like to lower everybody else to 124.5%, and individuals are paying about 40%, and i would bring it back to 14%, and i would have one of the most dramatic tax cuts in history, and it would leave all of that
10:44 am
money in the private economy where the jobs are created and my plan would create millions of jobs, and stack up well against any of the other proposals. >> and one last question related to the taxes, and this report to the homeland security, and combatting the foreign fighter travel, and it is a damning indictment of the no counter terrorism plan on the table for a decade of fight iing terroris in foreign travel, and it is shocking when you go through, and i know that you have not gone through the entire report, but what do you have for a reaction when it is a bipartisan committee report of not just democrats, but both parties. >> and we had one that i did agree that president obama got the rid of, and it had special scrutiny for the entry and the exit of people coming from 25 countries with significant
10:45 am
jihadist movements intent on attacking america, so we should have special scrutiny on those wanting to come in as students and green cards and travelers, and frankly, that is where the hijackers came from, and we have to be more careful, and have more scrutiny on those coming into america. >> thank you, senator rand paul for joining us. >> thank you. and the yazidis in iraq describe their captures as a nightmare. we will hear from a woman coming up. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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members of congress heard the heroing testimony of a young girl, a victim of violent persecution by isis. she's a 20-year-old who was bought and enslaved by an american isis fighter. she spoke exclusively to christiane amanpour. her face is hidden to protect her identity. >> what did they do to you? >> there was nothing left to do to me. they did everything. >> can you tell me? >> translator: they separated me from my family. they got me married by force. they took my nephew by force from me and they were hitting him in front of me. i was raped by them forcefully. >> when you say them, many people? he was an american? >> translator: yes, he was
10:51 am
american. >> describe the american. what did he look like? >> translator: he was very white. he was a little bit taller than me. with a black beard, black hair. i also saw his own family. he had a wife and two children, a son and a daughter. >> americans. >> they were american as well. he showed us his family with videos and photos. his family lived in the u.s. he was taking videos and taking photos and sending to them. >> did he tell you why he was doing this to you? >> translator: the reason was because we were not muslims. he was telling us we should go back to the prophet stage where they force everyone to become muslim. everybody should be a muslim.
10:52 am
either being a muslim or die. get killed or die. >> shocking stuff. no one will forget the panicked escape of so many witnessed by ivan watson. they fled by helicopter in search of sanctuary. cnn found one family who was help l for the future but also scarred by what they endured. their story is m coming up next. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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the reign of terror created by isis destroyed so many lives for so many people to flee their ho homes. ivan watson was traveling with the iraqi army by helicopter as they rescued people from mount sinjar. now one year later, that little girl in purple talks about how her life has changed. >> reporter: it was a rescue
10:57 am
from hell. in the mad dash to climb on board a flight to safety, families scrambled to stay together. these people spent nine days on a mountain under siege from isis militants who chased them from their homes. amid-the chaos and gunfire, terror frozen on the face of a girl in purple, a 14 kreerld. more than a year later we found her and her family. we're going to meet some old friends we incountered in dramatic circumstances more than a year ago. and they are right up here. how are you? she and her older sister are here. along with their elder brother, his wife and his three children.
10:58 am
their situation now much better than the unfinished construction site where they lived for the first seven months after isis made them flee their homes. the girls tell me they go to school here and they say the camp has started to feel like home. >> you have gotten a little taller since i saw you last. >> reporter: it does not take long for terrible memories to res resurface. >> what's making you sad right now? >> translator: when i see you, i remember what happened. >> translator: we saw isis with our own eyes, how they were capturing people. if we drove down the wrong road that day, we would have ended up in isis hands, but we took a different road and made it to the mountain. >> reporter: in the year since their narrow escape, their
10:59 am
father's health has deteriorated and he can no longer walk. no one knows what happened to two elder brothers who were captured by isis last year and haven't been heard from since. and another brother, a 23-year-old, smuggled himself to europe on the migrant trail taken by so many other people fleeing the middle east. >> where are you? >> the asked if he misses iraq. >> translator: no, that's gone. iraq is gone for me. i lost it. i want to build a new future for myself. there's no future in iraq. >> reporter: that hopelessness shared by so many people we talked to in refugee camps in northern iraq where people like this family still struggle to deal with the trauma they
11:00 am
endured. i just want to start a new life, he says. i want my family to stay safe and to stay together. one of the few times the 15-year-old really smiles is when i ask her whatshe'd like to do to the men from isis who attacked her family. >> translator: i would stomp on their heads and kill them. >> reporter: this girl may have escape ued to live another day, but her innocence has been forever lost. ivan watson, cnn, iraqi kurdistan. the news continues next on cnn. thank you, wolf. great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. we have breaking news involving this urgent situation involving a woman in georgia. here's what we ha


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