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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 1, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with e me here. we have been watching hurricane joaquin. this is now a category 4 storm. that's just happened. what many people up and down the east coast need to know now is the answer to this question, will joaquin make landfall and how strong will it be? it's churning over the central bahamas there. you see the radar. it's pounding the islands with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. but where it will go next is the question. you look at these different forecast models. they are all over the place
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right now. storm preparations along the carolina and virginia shores are already underway. the flooding danger, that is very real for these folks. they are also getting ready in the northeast where three years ago this month, we have heard from new jersey governor chris christie telling people this morning in his state to stay calm. >> we're prepared and we need you to prepare and not panic. now i understand that this is a state that's been traumatized by the second worst natural disaster in american history just not quite three years ago. i understand that there will be people who when they start to hear this news will feel an enormous amount of stress over the possibility that something severe could happen to the state again. >> fema and the u.s. navy are on standby ready to respond if and when necessary. we're told president obama is
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also monitoring these forecast models. he's monitoring conditions. let's go jennifer gray who is tracking joaquin. churning around the bahamas right now. really still is it too early to tell how strong this will be? >> it is going to weaken as it travels to the north. that's the good news. the million dollar question is where is it going to make landfall. right now this is devastating for the bahamas. category 4 storm right over the central bahamas, most of the resort islands are to the west of this. but still devastating for the islands there. winds of 130 miles per hour, that's sustained winds with wind gusts up to 155 miles per hour. now this is the current forecast track. we're not going to get an update on this for another three hours. right now the national hurricane center has it as a category 4 through friday morning. possibly going down by monday morning. then tuesday a tropical storm.
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you have to remember don't follow the center line on this cone. storms only make landfall two-thirds of the time, so there's a lot of uncertainty. it stretches from north carolina all the way up through maine. so anywhere from the carolinas all the way up the northeast coast needs to be aware. but you also need to be aware of what we're dealing with here as you said computer models all over the place. some of them may have it making landfall in the carolinas. others the mid-atlantic. there's still plenty of forecast models that have this moving out to sea. it's going to be very interesting to see where the national hurricane center pegs this. here are two of the most popular models we watch. the gfs, you may hear us talk about this. it's been the most consistent taking it out to seat past c couple days. the gfs model had it inland. now they are starting to agree a little more. it's just one more token we can
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take away. we have a low in the southeast. basically that means regardless of this storm makes landfall or not, we're looking at massive amounts of rain in south carolina possibly over the weekend. that's completely separate from joaquin. switching to other breaks news, russia now engaged in this all-out war being led by the u.s., except they are doing it without u.s. involvement and without a clear enemy. want to give you a heads up we're waiting for a pentagon briefing to happen any moment now so e we should get news as far as what's happening in the region. russia insists they are going after isis, but this will tell you their strikes this far are nowhere near isis strongholds.
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>>. >> this video showing a russian air strike today in italy. the united states says not so fast. they believe they were targeting the free syrian army, a group trained by the u.s. so right now the fear is that another super power standoff could be brewing. both planes are both flying missions over syria. missions apparently with different targets, different goals and perhaps dangerous complications. joining me now is jim sciutto and peter biener. welcome to you and jim, i know as we anticipate this pentagon briefing, listening to the white house is saying what's happening with russia isn't going to change goals for this u.s.-led
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coalition. they are not going to let this coalition but russia has its own agenda which makes you wonder at what point could this come to ahead. >> we talk about decon flix. that typically means you have two air forces in that area and they deconflict so they don't shoot at each other by accident. here you have a decon flix of angl angles. the map shows they weren't striking isis positions. and u.s. officials have confirmed that the bombs were targeted at include groups that the u.s. has backed there affiliated with the free syrian army are backed by the coalition. so those are goals in direct conflict to each other and that's a real problem. itst not just about russia not invited get lg involved in the war.
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this is about russia getting involved with an opposite goal of the u.s. one, propping up assad, but two, going against forces. that's a real problem going forward. >> you say let russia meddle in sooe ya. why? >> i don't think this is going to turn out well for them. the irony is they are saying they are doing this in order to fight islamic terrorism. they have a real problem. one of the things to watch is a lot of people have gone to syria and one of the reasons the russians are targeting this area is that's where they are. but i think what's likely to happen is there's going to be blowback against russia precisely because of these bombings that's going to increase the terrorist threat to russia. putin is trying to exercise power, but i think he's going to cause his country more problems. >> what's best case scenario here? >> the best case scenario would
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be that this is all maneuvering in preparation for a negotiation. the u.s. and iran are now talking. if there's ever going to be a diplomatic solution here, it will have to have the u.s., sunni gulf allies, russians and iranians at the table to manage a transition away from assad or maybe even the partition of syria altogether. everyone will want to be on the strongest position on the ground in preparation for that. it's possible part of this is jockeying for that. >> you mentioned iran. jim, watching benjamin netanyahu address the united nations just a little bit ago, he paused for 44 seconds. why? >> e he has a talent for the dramatic on the floor at the u.n. general assembly. a couple years ago he brought that famous placard showing progress on an iranian nuclear bomb. it simplified the argument. this one more dramatic. he was basically comparing the silence in the region and around
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the world oppose iing the iran nuclear deal to silence to nazi germany. it's worth listening to. here's a piece of those comments before the ga. >> you see this deal doesn't make peace more likely. by fueling iran's aggressions with billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it makes war more likely. just look at what iran has done in the last six months alone. since the framework agreement was announced. iran boosted its supply of devastating weapons to syria. iran sent more soldiers of its guard into syria. iran sent thousands of fighters to syria. iran did all this to prop up assad's brutal regime.
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>> words are powerful, but that silence can be even more so. when you watch that tape, as i'm sure you have of 44 seconds with the world's nations convened there, it was a powerful message. it was benjamin netanyahu showing exactly how he feels about this nuclear deal. >> 44 seconds with that kind of audience is definitely powerful. jim sciutto, thank you so much. peter, appreciate you dropping by. coming up, want to stay on what's happening in syria. we'll bring in our correspondent arwa damon who was there. she spent a lot of time there. she knew a lot of people in that city. that's where the bombs have been dropping. what has happened to the people now. we'll talk to arwa. and a syrian american with families still in the war-torn nation went to the jeb bush town hall last night in new hampshire and tearfully asked a question. we'll speak with her and juxtapose that with donald
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we are just getting word here of a school shooting. this is what we're getting from the d the douglas sheriffs department. they are responding to reports of an active shooter at the campus of a community college in roseburg, oregon. we can now confirm for you according to preliminary reports there are ten who are dead. preliminary reports just now happening. we're just getting information
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here. this is in roseburg, oregon. a spokesperson said there is a situation going on out there but we don't have anymore information. look i looking at pictures with you for the first time. this it apparently happened, just get in my ear wiif we have another timeline. what happens is law enforcement rushes to the scene. first responders, they cordon off the area around the community college where this could have happened. it could have happened outside of the college, it could have happened inside. looking with you, active shooter please stay away from the area. that's extraordinarily important we underscore that for you. if you're in this area if you're
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near the area, stay away. a law enforcement perspective is joining us. we're hearing active shooting situation. 20 wounded, 10 killed at this community college in oregon. what is happening right now on the ground? >> this is the worst case scenario with so many reported killed and injured. reports come in and hopefully are incorrect that there aren't ten killed. they are very familiar with the active shooter protocols. they are in place right now.
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and everybody in the law enforcement community is responding and also fire and rescue and everybody is at that scene right now trying to sort out what's going on. still armed and dangerous. >> i'm getting information and hopefully this is according to repor reports. we have to put this it on reports because we're working on confirming this ourselves that the shooter has been detained and in these scenarios they have to go through -- you can't assume it's just one shooter. you have to make sure that people in the area don't get anywhere near the school. folks in the school stay put because they have to look everywhere. >> that is correct. you can never assume it's just one shooter. and is there a possibility of explosives in a vehicle. as we have seen in the past or
11:19 am
did he leave possible traps around. they basically have a checklist if they are going to go down to take a look at what else this individual could have left behind or is this a conspiracy involved here with other individuals involved in this active shooter situation. >> sadly, we have covered too many of these. at least knowing that a lot of these schools, colleges have protocols in place, correct. >> schools and universities and colleges and elementary schools and high schools, it's also malls, shopping malls and all the places where there's a large gathering of people. a lot of training is being done and training is being advanced every time, unfshtly.
11:20 am
we have had many of these and learn from each one of these. and the training is adapting to these particular situations. the department of justice and homeland security have very active training for active shooter programs or mass casualty programs. >> someone is in my ear. i can't hear air if you can get out of my ear please and with that, art, do me a favor. sta standby. >> will do, brooke. >> we're going to go to pamela brown, who is is our justice correspondent who has some news as far as what is happening there in oregon. what do you know? >> brooke, what we know now is there are 10 deceased and 20 wounded. this is about three hours south of portland, oregon. we know law enforcement is there on the scene. the question is whether federal law enforcement have arrived. atf, fbi have offices in portland. they could be on their way there. that is the typical protocol
11:21 am
when something like this happens. and we're told by the oregon state police spokesperson that the shooter has been detained, but at this point, we don't know whether there are other people who could be involved with this. whether there are other shooters, whether this is part of a larger conspiracy, those are still the questions being asked right now. but the news is as we're learning from oregon state police, 10 deceased, 20 wounded and this will be a very active investigation to figure out how and why this happened. >> all right, pamela, standby for me. art roderick is with us from a law enforcement perspective. if you're just joining us, this is what we know now in this area of oregon. this is roseburg, oregon. you're looking at pictures of what would be the campus of umpqua community college. according to preliminary reports, forgive me, okay, we
11:22 am
have a colonel in the area, one of our military experts but he's on the phone. colonel, can you hear me? >> yeah, i hear you. i'm pretty familiar with this area. i live on the coast, but we get over there quite often. i'm familiar with the college. i have been up there dozens of times. it's used not only as a community college but a a resource. you can use the facility there is and rent them out. it's quite a public area. >> how big is that area? >> roseburg probably in the neighbor of 30,000 people. it's a small town, but it serves a larger area. it's right on interstate 5. there's a huge v.a. facility there. so it does get a lot of traffic people coming to and from. but i have to tell you this is a close knit community and i'm
11:23 am
sure that this is totally out of character for anything you would have thought would happen in roseburg, oregon. >> awful, preliminary reports, 10 killed, more than 20 wounded at this community college trying to get some information. being transparent to you watching, this is an active shooter situation. i'm waiting on confirmation whether or not who is reporting, that the shooter has been detained, but is always they have to assume when law enforcement appears on the scene there could be multiple people involved there. colonel, as far as the community college goes and you're saying this is a very rural area of oregon and certainly something no one in their worst nightmare would imagine would happen, are we talking several hundred people or thousand people at the community college? >> i'd say maybe around 1,000 or more. it it serves a wide area. very well thought of in the
11:24 am
community. this is so out of character for this whole area. >> colonel francona, stay with me. i got handed this piece of paper. this is from one of the hospitals in the area. this is from a spokesperson at mercy medical center. this is the main hospital in the area of roseburg, oregon, saying they are expecting an unknown number of patients from this shooting. these are the numbers that we have according to reports preliminary information. preliminary information in indicates 10 deaths and 20 wounded. i have colonel francona, who happens to be familiar with the area of oregon in oregon. art roderick is on the phone with us as well speaking with us as far as how this is being respo responded to as far as a law enforcement perspective and also deborah feyerick just got seat ed. she's with me now to bring in another voice. can you add anything to what we know? >> we're looking to find out what the circumstances are
11:25 am
involving this shooting. there are 10 dead, 20 wounded. when you have an active shooter situation, the fact they believe they may have detained the personal responsible, that is big. >> so they do believe that? >> they believe they have detained somebody who might be the shooter. so that means that they may be able to control the campus right now. you have to lock it down as quickly as possible. you don't want somebody who is at large. you don't want somebody wandering around. they have to rule this out specifically. they have to make sure this is the person. they never know this. they will also look to e see whether there is somebody else involved in this particular shooting because there could be somebody who is working in cahoots with him. all of that is under investigation. everybody is racing to the scene. you have a lot of resources that are going to be thrown at this. clearly, this happening midday. it's just before lunchtime in oregon. all of that is right now is in play. >> art roderick, to the point
11:26 am
that this entire area is on lockdown. if you're in this part of oregon in roseburg, you have to stay away. it's locked down because they wouldn't want anyone else associated with the shooting to get out. if they are reporting potentially the shooter has been detained, there could be others. here's my question for you. what is happening right now within the walls and classrooms and hallways of this community college? >> well, more than likely a lot of the protocols will involve shelter in place until law enforcement can get in there and start clearing those areas room by room. obviously, a big part of this is going to be what exactly is the motivation behind this shooting. this is a little early to bring this up, but this is really going to play into is there more than one shooter, what is the motivation behind this. is it somebody that's upset with the school can. could it be some type of terrorist situation. those questions have to be answered. obviously, that will give you
11:27 am
the indication. are we talking a conspiracy? obviously, law enforcement is going to get into the social websites once they have identified this individual and talk to family and friends and school if they attended that school. this is all going to go towards the fact that it's great they have somebody in custody right now, but obviously, not only is this place locked down, but probably the v.a. center. that's in the area and anything around there would be in a lockdown situation. >> the fact that this is more of a rural area, there's a v.a. center nearby, but for the most part, quite rural. does that work to law enforcement's advantage or disadvantage? >> it can work to their advantage because obviously if it's that rural, you've got -- where this community college is not actually in the middle of a city. that's a huge benefit. if it's its own campus and not
11:28 am
spread out through the town, that's an advantage too that you're able to lock down the whole campus and then search building by building. that's a huge benefit to law enforcement in the early stages of this investigation. >> again, if you are just joining us, breaking news here out of roseburg, oregon, as preliminary reports indicate 10 people have been killed and potentially more than 20 wounded in the wake of this shooting scenario. this school shooting at this community college in oregon. this is a rural area of oregon. you have this community college maybe about 1,000 students, let's get confirmation on that, but about 1,000 students, a v.a. center nearby, plus in the area saying if you are near this community college stay away. also hearing from the local hospital who is really the p primary hospital in the region who will be taking in a lot of these patients and shooting v k
11:29 am
victims, mercy medical, they are saying they are expecting an unknown number of patients from this shooting. art, as far as first responders go, can you just also walk us through how they have to very quickly go through and find those who are most seriously wounded and get them out. >> there was a particular time when law enforcement wouldn't go in until they could figure out what was going on inside the building or inside the campus. now they immediately respond and go into these buildings to do an immediate search and try to clear the area. there's even tactical paramedics that could be law enforcement or could be with the emergency response. one of the most popular courses in training would be the tactical training for law
11:30 am
enforcement officers that are part of s.w.a.t. teams or tactical units. they are doing a search by search building. i'm sure they have canine units there. the huge benefit is they have that individual in custody. obviously, they are interrogating him to figure out exactly what his motivation is and if there was anybody else helping him. >> art, stay with me as we continue our breaking coverage. also in the area we have colonel francona, joining us. and deborah feyerick, our correspondent, i'm going to glance over to you now. do you know anything more? >> we're learning the scene is still not secured. police put out an apb for anybody in the area. not just the police officers from that region, but federal agents who might be available, fbi, whoever might be on the ground who can respond. one of the critical things to do is get in there and secure it
11:31 am
and make sure anybody who is sheltering in place is okay. that's usually what happens in these situations. it's not clear what this individual's status is, whether he's alive or not. all that right now being looked at very closely. . so we're getting pieces of information as this is developing. >> trying to also get a little more information as far as the community college. how many people would have been in attendance there, it's more of a rural area, which as art is pointing out can play out as an advantage. when we cover school shootings, there are a lot of local businesses around to see if anyone fled. >> that's another situation. right now it appears the situation is contained.
11:32 am
but again, we don't know whether this person locked any of the buildings down. we don't know whether he was targeting a specific area. the cafeteria is an area with a lot of kids. whether that's where the people would be who were killed. right now they have to piece together the details. we doe know that protocols changed to make sure that officers responding go in immediately. their job is to save lives. their job is to make sure that they are there protecting the people who might be hiding and monitoring social media carefully to make sure there's nobody else out there. those are the eyes and ears of the people there on that campus right now. so they play a very valuable role in all of this. >> i was just handed this bit of information here. this is according to the douglas county commissioner telling cnn this is no longer an active
11:33 am
shooting at the community college. the shooter is in custody, is in custody, but was not sure if the shooter was injured. of the 20 wounded, at least one female was shot in the chest. so reports are 10 people have been killed, more than 20 wounded including one female who was shot in the chest. >> i'm getting some information. we know there are about 3,300 full-time students, 16,000 part-time students. there are reports right now that perhaps the shooter is down. he's definitely been detained we're being told by a source. now they have to figure out what his status is. this area now, i'm being told, has been secured. this is technically a gun-free zone. so that's something else they'll have to look into just to figure out who this person is and how he got those weapons. >> say it again, okay.
11:34 am
art roderick and lieutenant francona. art, now that we're hearing from this county commissioner that the shooter is in custody and has been detained, not quite sure if the shooter was injured, what's happening right now with law enforcement and the shooter? >> i mean, obviously they are probably still clearing a lot of the buildings because there's probably people still sheltering in place. but that's great news that they say they have the situation contained. . obviously, it sounds to me like it's a solo shooter. now it's just going to be a matter of sorting out what kind of weapons did he use. obviously, with that many people injured, if he's using a semiautomatic handgun, more than likely would have to reload so you're talking about multiple rounds of ammunition. e we don't e know if he had an assault rifle, but this will all be sorted out as we move through
11:35 am
the next couple hours. >> as in situations like these, we start to get reactions from witnesses. we're monitoring our local affiliate interviews happening around the community college area to understand where this could have happened, why this would have happened, but some of the key questions is who the shooter is, what is the motivati motivation. this was a gun-free zone, so what kind of gun was used, how did this individual get the gun and ultimately how did this person get the gun in this community college. i think it's important to go back over the numbers. according to preliminary reports, 10 dead, more than 20 wou wounded, perspective you were saying 3,300 students. >> it looks like 3,300 students. so that's another thing. you look at the numbers. it would appear that they were caught off guard. it would appear that this person --
11:36 am
>> this is lunchtime in oregon. >> it's about 10:45 in the morning. you would have had people in class or going to class. he had more than one weapon or had one weapon he was able to reload because there are 20 others injuries. so you have to go in very careful carefully because what we have learned, especially with the incident at the movie theater, he may have booby trapped -- the suspect may have additional things in place. this wasn't just a one layer assau assault, but there are many layers as to what is going on. so when investigators go in, they are going to have to look very carefully and go in very carefully. my guess is you'll have bomb technicians going to look at this individual's home once they
11:37 am
identify him. we believe he's been detained in custody, not clear whether he's alive or dead or injured. or she, i apologize. >> don't apologize. our correspondent working your sources in washington, this had is happening in oregon, but we know aatf is en route. what more can you tell us? >> officers are in seattle, washington, and portland, oregon, and agents are, as e we speak, en route to the scene. it's a bit of a drive because the community college is three hours south of portland. it may take awhile to get there and that's why all the focus is with the local law enforcement there as well as the state police in oregon. they are actively investigating going room to room making sure there aren't any bombs. you can bet they have bomb-sniffing dogs if the resources are available there to ensure it's a safe perimeter. even though the suspect is in custody, as we have learned,
11:38 am
that does not mean that this is over. that's why we're hearing that the perimeter there is on lockdown. the atf on the way presumably the fbi is on the way too. we have not heard back from their office in portland, oregon. waiting to hear back from them. presumably, they will be there as well. response teams will likely be a part of this investigation. atf will be running ballistics on the weapon used in this mass shooting that killed 10 people, according to preliminary repo s reports. . >> listening to you and also just turning to you, when we say gun-free zone, what do you mean? >> that means there are certain areas you're simply not supposed to have guns. it's like a drug-free zone. >> like a school. >> exactly. so the fact that somebody did get weapons, it doesn't mean they are not going to get weapons in the area, but technically if somebody were caught carry iing a weapon, clearly, charges would be greater than if they are not. so in this kind of case, sadly,
11:39 am
it's irrelevant because he had a gun. >> lieutenant colonel francona, who you normally see speaking about military operations, he's familiar with the area. let me bring your voice back into all of this. reiterate what this particular area of oregon is like, roseburg. >> it's a big logging community. they still do a lot of timber there. it's fairly rural, but it's on interstate 5. so all the resources that need to move to the area can get there fairly quickly. that's a good thing. there is an fbi satellite office in roseburg, so i'm sure they are already assessing the type of things they are going to need. there's a veterans administration hospital there. there are a lot of people that
11:40 am
go there for medical care. so there are a lot of people going to and from. it's a fairly large campus. as we talked about the campus itself, art made some good points. this is a relatively isolated campus. it's up on a hill. it would be fairly easily to isolate. >> colonel, i need to cut you off. we are monitoring our local reports out of oregon. let's dip in. >> anybody go up there. we have seen quite a few ambulances and police cars as well as fire trucks come in and out of that road. i have seen concerned parents trying to get more information. and i'll come back in here where i can tell you they will be having a press conference here shortly to give us more information. they are not confirming any injuries at this time. we'll continue to cover this developing story and bring you the latest at 5:00 and 6:00.
11:41 am
>>. >> a bit of information there. obviously, we'll take that live and we should get some more information. we have been monitoring this breaking story out of roseburg, oregon. there's been a school shooting and here's what we know. we know according to preliminary reports 10 people have been killed, at least 20 wounded. we have just heard here from the douglas county commissioner s saying that at least of the 20 wounded at least one female was shot in her chest. as far as the shooter is concerned, because initially it was an active shooting situation, according to this county commissioner, the shooter is in custody, but we don't e know if the shooter, him or herself, was wounded.
11:42 am
also a note from the hospital because hospitals in this region will be taking in a number of these shooting victims so we're hearing from the spokesperson from mercy medical center. this is the primary hospital in roseburg says they are expecting an unknown number of patients from the community college shooting. that's what e we know right now. we have correspondents who are on this. we have been talking to rick francona, who is in the area there in oregon. art, let me go back to you. the shooter, and again you can never assume there's just one, but in this case they are reporting the shooter is in custody. walk us through what's happening right now at that community college. >> right now, they have him in custody. there's a major interrogation going on here. they are trying to figure out motivation, number one. i think based on the reports they put out initially that the
11:43 am
situation is under control. this individual probably has told them that i'm by myself, i'm a lone shooter, nobody else is involved. they may know what the motivation behind this was. >> art, thank you so much. turning to you, deborah feyerick, who has also been getting some information on this. your sources saying, yes, the shooter was detained. we don't know yes yet if he or she was wounded. >> traditionally, unfortunately, active shooters are usually male. but we don't know the gender whether this was male or female. we don't know whether this was a student, whether there was a grievance this person had, whether it was a teach er or somebody angry and lived nearby by the senior high school. officers are going through the buildings. they are making sure that there isn't somebody else. they are making sure that other students are okay. they are questioning students as they go to make sure they get all the information they possibly can.
11:44 am
what ends up happening is people disperse and want to make sure they get as much firsthand witnesses as they can, so that's being done as well. we are being told they are going building to building and also that they are setting up sites on campus just to help these students as well while they sort out specifically who this individual is. we believe that the number of dead may go up is what we're now hearing. we know at least 20 were critically wounded and the numbers that we are being given is 10 dead, though those numbers could possibly go higher. >> knowing they could go higher leads to questions about what kind of weapon could have been used, how this person got the weapon in the first place. standby with me. pam brown, let me bring you in, our justice correspondent on the fed's reaction.
11:45 am
we heard there's a satellite office in roseburg. what are you hearing? >> what we have learned from official is there are atf agents on the scene and agents en route with a canine team. these are dogs trained to smell for explosives for firearms, casings, ammunition, so these dogs once they arrive on the scene will be very busy searching that area, searching every room looking to see if there are booby traps, explosives, casings, ammunition to help with the investigation, so these teams are an important part of this investigation before they say the coast is clear for everyone there in that area. we're still waiting to learn more about the fbi's involvement with this investigation, but i can tell you now atf is already on the scene and already a part of this. >> pamela, thank you so much. colonel francona, you're there in oregon. i'm curious, jonathan gillon, you're with me now.
11:46 am
you're a fresh voice in the conversation. when you hear at least ten, the number could go up, but at least ten have been killed and more than 20 wounded including a female with a chest wound, what can you glean from that number? jonathan, can you hear me? let's move on. colonel, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> to you, with a military background and familiarity with firearms, we don't know what kind of gun, but when you hear at least ten killed, what does that tell you? >> it tells me that either take time to reload a weapon for he would have to carry more than one weapon. so i'm assuming that one of these is going to be semiautomatic to put that many
11:47 am
rounds out in that short period of time. we don't know if it was a long weapon or a handgun. >> and you also as a voice in all of this in oregon know this area of roseburg. you pointed out before that this community college there's a v.a. center nearby. what else could be around the community college for people to flee toward or people who are sheltering in place who could be in the area, what else is around this community college? >> fortunately, it is kind of an isolated campus. it's up on a hill. it's outside the city limits. and it was built to be away so they could expand when they needed to. it put s it in a fairly remote area. it would be easy for law enforcement to see a lot in that area. so when they do their search of the area, it's a limited area. the campus itself is a bit expansive, but it is not mixed up with the local population.
11:48 am
there are no residential areas right there. so that's a plus. >> that is a plus. that's definitely a plus. again, we are learn iing the at is on the scene. you have these canine units en route to search for explosives, because you know law enforcement there as they are interrogating this individual, this shooter looking into a vehicle this person could have arrived in, this person's home, looking for explosives there on the scene within the campus, looking at firearms, casings, ammunition and all of that. that's according to the atf. again, we have confirmed at least ten dead. more than 20 wounded. art roderick, you're listening to all of this here. this hospital in the area just expe expecting an unknown number of shooting victims. what more can you add to the conversation? >> i think the key at this point
11:49 am
is what is the motivation? i agree with everybody that it sounds like he had a semiautomatic handgun. a handgun is a lot easier to conceal in this type of scenario. he probably knew that the facility was a gun-free facility. an easy target for these type of coward individuals. they know they are not going to get a response unless they run into security or campus police officer. so the key here is going to be what they are getting from him right now as far as what his motivation is and number two, how did he get the weapons he used in this particular case. i'm sure law enforcement are out there figuring out what vehicle he used, where does he live, who are his friends, social media, they are putting all this stuff together right now to try to figure out why this individual committed this heinous act. >> i have been trying to get on to this community college
11:50 am
website and it's flashing this unable to connect. you can imagine the traffic is tremendous not just from people like us trying to get information and emergency warning from folks a at the school, but also for loved ones trying to get information with regard to students who could have been in class this morning as this happened around 10:45 pacific time there in oregon. jonathan, let's try you again, former knave seal and special agent. are you with me, sir? >> i am. >> with all of your law enforcement experience, background, you know how this works. you know how they are responding to the scene. you know how the interrogation could go. what's happening there right you? >> a good example of how all the first responders are reacting is you had that accident about a week or so again where you had a duck boat in seattle, so you saw that massive response. you could see that response. a lot of that is very
11:51 am
standardized way of responding how the paramedics and the fire department communicate with the hospitals, how law enforcement communicates with each other to get in there and really kind of triage a situation. you have that kind of situation going on there now. you have a tactical element that's added into that. still clearing buildings, because just because they have this one individual doesn't mean that the area is clear. that's what people need to realize if you're there. just because you hear reports that one person is in custody doesn't mean that the area is clear. so now they are clearing that area. at the same time, you're going to have this individual isolated and investigators are instant loi going to start questioning this person to try to figure out if he's alone or if they are part of a bigger conspiracy basically. >> how long, jonathan, would a school given the scenario would they be on lockdown?
11:52 am
>> well, that's really determining how large of a facility this is. it's a college, so the size of the facility rather than the number of people, it's the size of the facility. where was this person at when they did this incident. >> i'm looking at deborah feyerick. >> there are a couple things we're now learning according to our cnn people also working the story very aggressively. we do know that the campus is about 58% female. the average age of the student is higher. that's about 38. so this is a place where people go to get reeducated or go on to other careers it appears. the top majors are nursing, computer, human services and paralegal. i'm also being told they are setting up triage centers and they are treating people there on scene. while they are transporting the
11:53 am
most severely wounded to the local area hospitals, they are also trying to administer care to anybody who is also there on the scene. so that's what we're learning now. you have state police, county police, detectives who are interviewing anybody who was in and around the area of the shooting. but that's what we are learning so far that it's not sort of your traditional institution, but it caters to student who is are a little older, about 13,000 altogether. some of them, the majority of them part-time. so that's what we know so far. >> some facts and figures on the community college itself. i know have a fire official on the phone with me. ray, tell me where you are and what you know. >> i'm actually at the scene. we were obviously dispatched to an active shooter. we arrived to find multiple patients in multiple classrooms.
11:54 am
law enforcement was on scene and had the shooter neutralized. i don't have a tally on total number we have transported. just given a report that 2 of those 11 has died at the hospital. one has been flown to a higher level trauma hospital. >> so 11 transported, 2 of those have died. can you tell me since you are there on the scene, describe what we cannot yet see. how many ambulances, how many first responders, did this happen inside a community college or outside? >> it happened inside one of the classrooms. the campus is fairly spread out. there are probably 18 buildings
11:55 am
on campus. probably 15 of those buildings have 6 to 8 classrooms, but the campus itself is fairly spread out. the shooter stayed in one of those immediate classroom areas. we do have multiple people deceased that are on scene. i don't have a number yet. douglas county major crimes is on scene. they have secured the campus. the campus is very spread out, like i said. it took them awhile to secure each classroom and evacuate each classroom based on the size of the actual campus. they also did a mile and a half radius evacuation of residential homes and businesses.
11:56 am
tremendous amount of law enforcement on scene. douglas county sheriff, multiple agencies on scene. we are the fire department shs but also have our own ambulance service as well. our fire crews work hand in hand with ambulance crews on a scene like this. >> ray, just again to recap, i'm hanging on your every word. you don't have a hard number on those deceased. we're hearing 10 but now of the 11 taken to hospitals, 2 of them have died so you don't know if that's 10 plus the 2 or that 2 is within the 10, but this is your community. this is your local community college there in roseburg. i understand this is a very rural area and an area where people know one another. we're looking at pictures for the first time. as we're doing this together,
11:57 am
tell me, did you walk in any of those classrooms? can you describe what you saw? >> yes, we were in the classrooms. i'd rather wait to describe the scene until we get more information from major crimes. yes, small community, a lot of locals have taken classes here, got degrees here. most of us have relatives taking classes here. pretty much everybody knows everybody type scenario. so something like this affects many, many, many people. >> ray, are you okay? >> yes. i'm just getting multiple people and there's a lot going on. >> i understand. i don't want to hold much more of your dime. i want you to do your job. thank you for taking a moment and jumping on the phone with
11:58 am
me. it's so important to underscore thank you so much. the fact that this is a very close knit community, this is roseburg, oregon. this is right around where the local v.a. is. where the community college is. a lot of people have come through this particular college. so this is obviously affecting every single person in the area. what's tough to grasp right now in the early hours after something like this happened is how many people it's afebruaried. we have heard the numbers as far as in total about 13,000 overall at this particular college, but in terms of the numbers dead and wounded, we don't entirely know. e he just told me that they did transport 11 of the shooting victims to hospitals and 2 of those did die. other reports that 10 people have been killed and in any case like this, that number,
11:59 am
obviously, could go up. in terms of those wounding, we're hearing at least 20 people have been wounded. those numbers could go up. hearing from the local medical center, they are anticipating unknown numbers of patients in the wake of this. what is really key, though, we're hearing this from different people in oregon, this shooter has been detained. you heard ray there with the douglas county fire describing how they really had had to cordon off the entire, went classroom by classroom by classroom and most significantly he pointed out that the shooting happened in one of the classrooms. this is a pretty decent size campus. about 18 different buildings. but just about 6 to 8 classrooms. it was within one of those classrooms that the shooting he just told us happened. the major questions remain, who did it, how did this individual get the gun, and why. david jakes, reporter for the beacon, he's on the scene. david, can you hear me?
12:00 pm
>> reporter: i can hear you fine. >> you please, sir, just describe what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, we're at the front of the access road at the college near the interstate 5 junction. it's complete liquor donned off. no one is allowed in or out. there's been a second school bus that has just left. they are evacuating students from the ucc campus right now. they are taking them to the fairgrounds. i would imagine for some kind of debriefing. and no one is allowed to get in past this cordoned off area. we have state police, lots of local law enforcement, every available ambulance has been sent to the scene. i would also tell you that the latest report is ten confirmed dead and the numbers may be going higher. e we don't know. >> david,s i just talking to an official with douglas county fire and he was saying they have transported 11, 2 have died. i don't know if that's two in
12:01 pm
addition to the other ten. do you know anymore? he told me the shooting happened in one of the classrooms. can you add to that? >> reporter: it was in the reports that we got initially when this first broke out is it was in the science building. and they put the entire campus on lockdown. we have several students associated with us that were on the campus and feeding us some information out, but they won't let them leave the building. and the other thing is that there was some question amongst students is and this may be rumor, but there may have been more than one. they have one male in custody that we're aware of. >> more than one shooter? >> reporter: that's the shooter. it's supposedly a male. i don't have anymore description of that yet. that's the word we're getting. . >> any idea whether this male shooter was a student? any indication?
12:02 pm
>> reporter: no indication at this time whether it's a student or visitor of the campus. >> okay and, david, i think you told me you're a little bit away. as we're looking at pictures, you see i'm counting three different police officers. it looks like going through a backpack potentially patting people down as they are letting them exit, to your point, and go to the fairgrounds. can you give me anything more as far as what first responders are doing with all of these students who want to get out of there? >> reporter: well, i don't know. the one student we just talked to moments ago was asking for permission to leave the classroom. they said we're not letting anyone out yet. it's obviously a very organized and thorough effort that's underway. they are still looking for the possibility elsewhere on campus that somebody else may have been rovled. i'm now seeing a third bus leaving the campus here at the
12:03 pm
blockade where we're behind. this is the third bus now we have seen leave with students being transported. >> what about, david, the hospitals in the area? we were hearing that mercy medical is the main hospital in roseburg. is is that a trauma one hospital? do you know how capable this it hospital is in dealing with this many gunshot wounds? >> reporter: i would say that -- i don't know their status if they are trauma one, but i would say this is going to tax them. it's a world class medical center. they are also sending responders from eugene, i believe, it's about a 60-mile trip from here. they are all available ambulances were being dispatched to the scene. >> and finally and i'll let you go, you're describing the buss leaving heading to the fairgrounds. have you or anyone else at the
12:04 pm
roseburg beacon spoken with any of the students who have left campus? >> reporter: we talked to one student who got out before the lockdown. she was nearly hysterical. she wouldn't give a name. a young i would say late teens, young woman, obviously very staken by what she saw. she did not see the shooter. so we weren't able to get comments from her. that's the only person we have had contact with other than students that have text us from the campus. >> thinking of those students and the faculty there at that community college. david, thank you so much. for dialing into us here at cnn, reporter for the roseburg beacon. if you're just joining us, i'm brooke baldwin. we want to welcome our viewers. we're covering just a horrific scene in roseburg, oregon. this is a rural area of oregon where there's been a fatal school shooting in which the latest numbers and, again, this
12:05 pm
is all very fluid. this has just been developing. at least 10 people have been killed, more than 20 have been wounded as a result of a shooting, according to reports, within the science building, as we just heard from that local reporter, on this campus within one of the classrooms. some of the huge questions, who was it. we know the shooter has been detained. don't know if the shooter was injured or not. also don't know if there were more than one shooters involved in what has happened here at the umpqua community college. we have just talked to a fire official who told us they did transport 11 of the wounded, 2 of whom died at the hospital. and again, just describing this area, it's a rural area. a lot of people on the ground
12:06 pm
there. a lot of these people have gone through this community college. a lot of people know folks in this community. this is absolutely atrocious for everyone here in oregon. the public information officer at sacred heart medical center is with me. tell me where is your med center? is it in roseburg and what can you share? >> we are located -- we are about an hour north of roseburg. and we are expecting some, but we don't know how many patients, but we are ready. >> so you're telling me you don't know how many patients. that's what we heard from mercy medical as well. have you gotten any descriptions as far as injuries or descriptions of shooting wounds? we understand 1 of the 20 is a female shot in the chest. >> i don't have that information
12:07 pm
at this time. we are in the process of setting up a media briefing area. there will be reporters and answering questions, giving live updates as we get more information. we have regulations that require us to keep some confidential, but in an emergency situation like this, we are able to disclose a little more information because of the high level of interest. >> thank you so much. i'm going to let you go and set up that media situation. we all know we're anticipating a news conference from the community college as well. hoping to e get additional information. we're really in the thick of it. i just want to be clear with you that these are preliminary reports. 10 dead, 20 wounded.
12:08 pm
jonathan, let me bring you in, former special agent. you were listening to the reporter speaking with me from the scene saying they have gone classroom to classroom. we saw the photo of these three police officers looks like they were searching backpacks. this is the paramedics, but there's another photo. you have police officers searchisearc searching backpacks. >> right now, i'll tell you i think it was the fire chief, that shows you the level of anxiety, first of all, that is in in the first responders. this is a smaller community college. it's not like a huge state university. so i think he said there's 17 buildings. if all these things are happening at the same time, they
12:09 pm
know this one shooter was in this science building. so o the way things changed after columbine, with an active shooter, law enforcement will immediately rush to that location whereas before they may set up a perimeter. now the job is to get in is and confront the shooter as quick lu as possible. that seems to have happened fine. at the same time, they still have to assume that there could be other shooters. so they are going to continue to search the other building. that means they have 16 other areas to search that comprise of a lot of different rooms. as they bring those people out, it sounds like they are triaging not the people that are hurt, but the people that just the students to a different location and then they will search their b bags. they will search them because they have to assume that this has happened in other locations that a possible second shooter could try to escape now with
12:10 pm
these students as they triage them out. this is safe thinking. this is the way law enforcement has to think when they are e triaging and clearing the people as well as the buildings. >> jonathan, i have a follow-up, but we are now confirming, as we have been reporting multiple buss. they are get iting these studen off of this campus. they are taking them to the douglas county fairgrounds. that first bus has arrived at the fairgrounds. you referenced that douglas county fire official speaking with me on scene who was just really hitting hem this is affecting everyone in such a small community. they arrived on the scene and didn't want to go into detail as far as what he had seen, but they found multiple patients in multiple classrooms. what does that tell you? >> i think you had the colonel on earlier talking about the number of people that are dead.
12:11 pm
so that number of people could have been shot with one pistol. but the amount of people that are injured is telling me that this individual either had a weapon that did not have as high a capacity and reloaded or he had a weapon that had high capacity magazine such as an automatic weapon. and he finished in one room, he moved to another room. which tell mess that there was -- when this happens, people are so shocked when it happens that he probably -- i would surmise to say that you're probably going to see more people dead in the first room than you would in the second room. depending on how fast law enforcement got there. >> why? >> e we don't know if he had a specific target. that specific target could have been in one of the other rooms and e he could have been jumped on in the second room by
12:12 pm
students. >> the fire official used the word neutralized. stay with me, jonathan. i'm looking at you deborah feyerick. you have been listening and reporting on all of this as well. . but to you, multiple patients, multiple classrooms tells me that this shooter continued on until he was neutralize d. >> that's right. i've been working the phones and texting people right now. some of the information i'm getting right now is that according to a source it does appear the shooter did post online before the shooting happened. he may have posted as early as this morning. because of the fact that the dead and wounded were found in multiple classrooms, it appears that he began in one building, whether he began in the science building and moved on to another classroom or started in a different classroom, all of that right now under investigation. we do know the major crimes unit has respond ed. . they have secured the scene. all those students we saw who are now leaving the campus are
12:13 pm
being searched to make sure that they are not either removing anything or whether they are not part of what this plot may or may not have been. they do know the identity of the shooter. they are looking at the social media of the shooter. there's a very strong indication that he did post online early this morning. they are vetting to make sure that the content of those texts, which may have even come in the form of a warning, is, in fact, attributable to this individual. so right now unclear whether the shooter belonged to the college, was a member of this college, but he clearly knew what he was about to do and why he was about to do it. this was not something that happened spur of the moment. it was clearly planned. >> so as they are, we don't know -- that's the other big question. the shooter has been detained.
12:14 pm
a lot of these cases the shooter sometimes turns the gun on himself. so the fact that this individual is not dead then law enforcement if this person cooperates can glean much more information. >> absolutely. the use of the word neutralize ed is so odd. as somebody who covers law enforcement a lot, it's not the term you use. you use he's been shot and wounded or in custody. neutralized seems significant. it makes me wonder how they are using the word. that's the bottom line. >> thank you so much. stay with me. kunl francona, who is familiar with this area of roseburg, oregon. just listening to that fire official who was on the scene who what he had seen in the classrooms on this campus, but i could hear in his voice that this is is a tight knit
12:15 pm
community. so many people he knows and works with have gone through this community college. this affects a lot of people in this community. >> this college is, as you mentioned, the average age is late 30s. it's more of a retraining. so you have a wide variety of people that attend classes there. this is going to touch almost everybody in the community. this campus, although it's isolated and up on a hill and knot of town, it's readily accessible. there are no gates or guards. you can just drive into the parking lot and walk around the campus. so you do have easy access to it. >> just off the interstate you said off i-5. >> it's about under four minutes from the interstate. it will be good for first responders and other people that need to get there. it also allows people to get out quickly if they had to.
12:16 pm
we were talking about the gun-free zone in oregon. if i could give you perspective. oregon is a permit state. a lot of oregonens do have concealed handgun licenses. that's what we call them here. and we're kind of one of the unique states that they do a mental health check when they issue that carry permit. the gun-free zones are areas that tell licensed gun owners that you are not allowed to carry your weapon in this facility. so they do serve a purpose to let everyone know this is a gun-free zone. conversely, as jonathan pointed out, if you're going to perpetrate some act, you know most people are not going to be armed. >> that's right. we a also don't know -- you mentioned a gun-free zone.
12:17 pm
would that negate a metal e detector? this is a decent-sized campus. 16 to 18 different buildings. it is an important point that this was a gun-free zone and the mental health checks for those permits is significant. if you are just joining us, this is in roseburg, oregon. this is the umpqua community college. a breaking story in which a shooter has been neutralized. does that mean the shooter is alive or dead, we don't know that yet. but apparently this a all began in the science building within one of the classrooms. in speaking with one of the fire officials on scene, this individual went into multiple classrooms because they found multiple shooting victims in different classrooms. they neutralized the shooter, we don't know how. we also don't know who the shooter is. if this individual was a student
12:18 pm
at this community college or not, according to a local reporter who i talked to a moment ago said that their reporting is that it is a male and that's all we know. we also know that the students you have been seeing pictures -- i'm just being told here in my ear we're just going with this. marilyn is on the phone. she's a mother of a student. so marilyn, is your child okay? >> yes, he is okay. thank you for asking. he was in a building ironically just right next to the science building. hiding behind a desk with his teachers when i was able to get in contact with him by text message. >> so he's okay. has he been taken to the fairgrounds? >> he has not. he's currently awaiting evacuation. they have had five buss pulled out. u just watched the last one go by. the entrance is shut down.
12:19 pm
the way the campus is oriented, there's about a three quarter mile paved road in. they have all traffic stopped here. the good news is they can kind of control in and out. he's avat iing e evacuation. >> so you were saying he was near the science building, did i hear that correctly? >> he's in the history building, which is near the science building. the science building is where the shooting took place. >> that's what we're hearing as well. did your son tell you anything as far as what he saw or heard? >> what's ironic is my son is only 17, but he said, there were no sound. he said 30 some shots and no sound, how does that happen unless there's a suppressor. and he was pretty surprised at that. >> how did he know it was 30 or some shots? >> social media works and text
12:20 pm
messages. these kids knew what was going on almost as fast as it was happening. >> so this is all through the kids texting. so i want to be clear with viewers, we don't know what kind of firearm. >> i can also tell you as a former commissioner, i have access and i have had confirmed reports of 10 dead, that's for sure and there's up to 25 wounded or involved. that is not for sure. and the numb of shots was also given and i'm not sure how accurate that is. >> we have been in touch with the county commissioner confirming what you're hearing as well that 10 very killed. i also talked to a fire official on scene who said they -- this was about 20 minutes ago that they transported 11 of the wounded, 2 of them had already died in the hospital. i don't know if that's part of the 10 fatalities or in addition
12:21 pm
to the 10. tell me more about the community college. when we say the science building? >> this is a small community. a lot of people are involved. it's a pretty shocking event no matter where you're at, but especially not in a big city. and we do know of several veterans who were heading out to go help and would not allow them to leave the room. but it's a small campus. it's a small community. roseburg has 26,000 people. only 100,000 in the whole county. it's just a really nice college. it's a real diverse age group. a lot of displaced workers.
12:22 pm
a lot of adults. >> i think we just lost her. that was a mother of one of the students. obviously, she's point iing out lot of these students passing back and forth information. i just want to be clear we just don't know really true numbers yet as this is developing even though the shooter has been neutralized. kristin is a reporter for a local affiliate. tell me where you are and what you have heard. >> reporter: i'm at oregon state police, right a block from the community college. so far it is blocked off. we are seeing school buss are going in and coming out. we have been told all the students are being bussed to the fairgrounds so that's where parents should meet them. and there have been ambulances coming back and forth. there's a a helicopter.
12:23 pm
and rereally don't know much. >> do you know anything more about the shooting itself? it sounds like it happened in the science building. multiple patients and victims were found in multiple classrooms. can you add anymore on the shooter himself? >> we have just been seeing tweets. this is a small community so we all know people who go to the community college. so we are hearing things from them. they did talk to a school official and while we were talking said the shooter was apprehended. and that's really all we know right now. >> so just -- i think the language is so important. apprehended, we're hearing
12:24 pm
neutralized. you're hearing specifically apprehended? >> reporter: yes, that's what a official told us. in her voice you could tell she was scared, but the terminology she may not have used the right terminology, but that's what she told us. >> thank you so much. keep up your reporting for us there in roseburg, oregon. harry is onset with me, a former nypd. we have talked about a number of scenarios like this. as you're looking at pictures and hearing your voice for the first time and hearing 10 dead, that number could go up, 20 wounded. >> the first when police say neutralized that means he's dead. so what's important if -- they are probably checking the whole school area. also how did he get to the
12:25 pm
school? is there a car in the parking lot? >> canines are there. >> they are going to be checking that vehicle to see if it's lined with explosives. also they are executing search warrants at his home right now. . they probably already have him identified. also trying to find out whether or not his home is rigged for explosives also. when you have this many people dead and this many people shot, it's safe to assume it's an automatic weapon being used there. not fully automatic, probably se semimatic. >> the mother just said to me according to her son nearby, she was saying and this is according to a mother, 30 some shots, no sound. >> i'm sure it's more than 30 some shots with this many people shot and killed. he might have had a suppressor on the weapon to keep it quiet as he went through. we know we have victims inside classrooms where he went from classroom to classroom. what i'm trying to think of did
12:26 pm
an alarm go out? why weren't some of these classrooms in lockdown? the fact did they not have enough time? did an alarm go out or maybe it was a suppressor used on this weapon and the fact the alarm didn't go out because they didn't know a shooting was going on. there's a lot of things to look at here. >> it could have been happening so quickly. so many school shootings and protocols have been put in place. maybe it was just too quick. we're getting this is a photo we have been looking at. just lost some photos. we're going to try to get new pictures. deborah feyerick, let me bring you in. as far as the shooter is concerned, what were you hearing about possible postings today? >> we are hearing from a source who is involved in this investigation that there appear to be postings that he was having conversations early this
12:27 pm
morning back and forth and that this was a subject of conversation. that's being investigated by detectives to make sure that this thread of texts was, in fact -- >> so it was test message? >> it was something on social media. it's being investigated. they do know who the person is, so they are going back and they are checking all his social media to find out why this happened, to find out what the motive was for the shooting. we do know that he started in one classroom and then went to another classroom and sort of moved methodically shooting the people inside those classrooms. at least 10 are dead. two more died at the hospital. we don't know whether that's with the ten or so a very
12:28 pm
frantic time at the hospital right now. >> david is back with me. he's a reporter for the -- we lost him. let's try to get him back up. back to you. again, i'm just getting this information here. let me apologize, but mercy medical are now tweeting this patient update. we have received nine patients from the tragedy and three more en route. please continue to pray. my question to you, harry, what's happening now? the shoot er is neutralized and we don't know if that means the shooter is alive or dead, we're seeing these bus loads. we just heard five different bus loads crammed going off to the fairgrounds. does that say the lockdown has been lifted and are allowing the students to be off campus?
12:29 pm
>> it sounds like the police have secured the school. whether or not they identified another shooter or not, i'm not sure. so they are taking the students to a safe zone. once students have been identified, there's a possibility of a shooter preventing to be a student to get out of the building. we have to make sure we understand that. we have to check i.d.s, put them on a bus and send them to a safe location. >> when you hear we also have been learning it's a gun-free zone. >> what does that mean? gun-free zone doesn't mean anything to a shooter. it means that the people who are there are vulnerable to a shooter. a gun-free zone, does the law enforcement in the school itself, are they armed? most colleges have their own
12:30 pm
police departments. do they have armed police officers to protect the students? i'm certainly hoping so. i'm hoping the fact they are calling this a gun-free zone doesn't mean police aren't armed either. or the security they might use in the school. that's an important part. it's very important here. gun had-free zone means nothing to a shooter. >> why wouldn't police just say he's dead? >> i don't know. maybe the fact he's afraid he's part of a conspiracy and other people. that's probably the main reason why. they want to know if there's other people who might be involved still thinking he's alived. is he giving up information on me. do we see strange movement going on from other people he's connected to. that's probably the reason. >> especially if he was on social media and having conversations with people. they have to keep the information as tight as they possibly can because they don't know whether there's a second
12:31 pm
person or this was part of a conspiracy, whether it was an organized conspiracy, ad hoc conspiracy, but all of that are things they are looking at right now. they just want to make sure that they contain this and make sure that this doesn't trigger any of those horrible copy cat incidents that e we tend to see. >> standby for me. i have jonathan on the line, former fbi special agent. i was just handed this from the douglas county sheriffs office. it sounds like this is part of a transcript back and forth between officers here. i'm going to read it for you. we're exchanging shots with him. he's in a classroom. it's got to be the southeast side of snider hall. the dispatcher says, copy. exchanging gunshots right now with a male. he's in a classroom on the southeast side of snider hall. i don't know if snider hall is the science building that everyone referencing. to hear that, exchanging gunshots with a male.
12:32 pm
does that tell you anything? >> the first thing it tells me is when you were talking about social media a few minutes ago, you have to take what you're hearing on social media with a grain o of salt. law enforcement do not carry suppressed weapons. so these students are sending out text messages saying 30 shots and i didn't hear anything. must be a suppressed weapon. that's how rumors start flowing. obviously, there was noise going on. that sounds to me like they were engaged with this individual shooting back and forth. i'm not clear, though, if when they say neutralized, usually that means the individual is dead. because the threat has been completely eliminated. and sometimes people will see a shooter after they have been killed, they are still handcuffed. that's procedure because string
12:33 pm
things have happen where we think somebody is dead and they are not and they are still a threat. where other people are saying this person has been taken into custody, where law enforcement is saying he's neutralized. either way, it sounds like that threat is over and it sounds like they were engaged in a heavy fight with this individual. >> yeah, jonathan, stay with me. tom fuentes, former assistant director of the fbi. what law enforcement are doing right now, we also know the fact they are involved here as well. the fact we know canines are there talking about using them to sniff out explosives, you have to be thinking about a vehicle this individual would have gotten in? searching the vehicle, where else will they be looking? >> you would have the possibility of the person could have taken a campus bus to get there or live close enough to be in walking distance. obviously, they would want to try to find a vehicle if they could and determine if there's
12:34 pm
anymore contraband, explosives, firearms, ammunition in that vehicle. as has been mentioned, the search of the person's residence if they have him identified to try to determine where e he lived and to render that place safe because that could be booby trapped, like the apartment in aurora, colorado, after that shooting. you have that concern as well. and then our other people involved in this. we heard about them looking on social media. that's depending if they have a positive identification on this individual. sandy hook elementary shooting, the shooter was carrying his brother's identification. so even if this person is dead at the scene and if they have identification, can they verify, in fact, that's the same person or the real person? that's a big part of this. identify the person, are there more people involved, is there more evidence and dangerous materials out there in the
12:35 pm
community either in the classrooms or at his residence or a vehicle that could still harm others if they come across that type of thing. >> tom, thank you so much. i want to go back to oregon to the roseburg police department. i have sergeant dunbar on the phone with me. sergeant, i'm so sorry for what's happening in your community. can we begin with just the numbers? can you confirm for me the latest number we still had 10 dead, more than 20 wounded, do those numbers still hold for you? >> we don't have specific numbers at this point. that information is still coming in from the scene. i suspect that's going to be close. >> are you on the scene by any chance? >> no, i'm in the sheriffs office communications center. >> you're in communication with folk who is are on the scene. can you tell me what you know as far as i understand this happened in the science building. speaking with douglas county fire official told me they found
12:36 pm
multiple victims in multiple classro classrooms. can you add to that? >> not a whole lot of information. a little after 10:30, we just got a report of an active shooter at the college. the college is just a short distance outside the city limits. you had not only the sheriffs office but the roseburg police department and several other adjoining jurisdictions. basically, everybody that was working went to the scene. we still have dozens of officers out there. they are in the process of clearing the entire campus. it's a rural campus, so there's 12 or 15 buildings on the campus. so they are having to go room by room, building by building and secure the entire facility. >> forgive me, do you have any idea when it happened if protocols were put in place, any of these classrooms on lockdown? >> the best information i have is that the entire college went
12:37 pm
into lockdown pretty quickly. and then the officers responded and were there within three or four minutes of the first call. >> all right, sergeant dunbar, thank you so much. roseburg police department, also hearing that the president of the united states has now officially been briefed on what's happened here in roseburg, oregon, and we'll continue monitoring developments as we all are. turning to you, harry, if you're just joining us, at least 10, this is all very fluid, but at least 10 people have been killed in a school shooting at this community college in roseburg, oregon. at least 20 have been wounded. one of the wounded was a female with a chest wound. talking to a fire official earlier, he did confirm they transported 11 people. i'm hearing multiple ambulances rushing to the scene and rushing out to several local hospitals. he told me of the 11 they transported, 2 died at the hospital.
12:38 pm
multiple classrooms involved. multiple victims. harry, i'm at a loss for words now. >> it's a terrible incident. the fact here is that we need to find out why did this guy commit this attack. is this a terrorist attack? it's a terrorist attack no matter whether it's being done by al qaeda or somebody else. we have many people dead. they created terror in the city. why did he do this? was his intent o to shoot it out with the police at the end? did e he want to survive this attack? these are questions that we'll be asking in the future. by executing that search warrant in his home if we identified who he is, we're going to be able to find out a lot of information. >> it sounds like they have. >> we're going to find a lot of information about that. >> like what? >> they are going to go into his computer and ascertain whether or not he's been looking up ways to commit attacks. has he been e-mailing back and forth with others about a conspiracy, things like that.
12:39 pm
did he leave some kind of a note behind in his residence exactly why he committed this attack because if the shooter is dead, which we don't know for sure, we're never going to find out if he doesn't leave anything behind. it's an important factor. >> sounds like what deborah feyerick was reporting. we don't know what kind of attack. i hear people are terrified. deborah feyerick, working her sources the last two hours sitting with me onset, she was hearing from a source familiar with the investigation that this individual had exchange on social media indicating something would be happening later in the day. >> with all the transmissions going on facebook and twitter every day, how are police able to identify this specific transmission and be able to leak it to the attack? that's one of the problems we have here. we always go back and look to
12:40 pm
see if there's some kind of a sign, but nobody saw it or called the police about it. how many people read it? how many people saw it and thought maybe it was just some guy blowing off steam or whether or not this was really going to happen. that's the problem. >> tom fuentes, back to you in washington. fbi background, thinking the lens of a law enforcement officer, we have seen five bus loads of students heading to the fairgrounds. what else is happening right now here in roseburg? >> i think as harry mentioned, what's motivated this individual? the word terrorism, everybody wants to talk about it, but is it domestic terrorism? is it international terrorism in support of isis or one of the other extremist groups like al qaeda. or is it just a mentally ill person with gun or guns, as we have seen in many instances.
12:41 pm
that's what has to be determined here. of course, terrorism implies a greater conspiracy, more individuals involved either in motivating him or actually involved and this is something that the fbi and state police and police around the country would be worried about is this part of a great. er plan for multiple individuals to attack college campuses or soft targets today, tomorrow, in the near future? so there's a lot that goes into do we just have one lone deranged individual that pulled this off or is there more to it. >> it's an excellent point. tom, standby. lori andrews is on the phone with me now. lori lives across the street from this community college. lori, let me express my sorrow for what's happened here in your community. and secondly, tell me what you're seeing and what you have heard. >> i'm inside my home now, but at first i thought somebody had
12:42 pm
leftover fireworks because it happens all the time here. i was out on my deck. then i started seeing police officers with sirens and lights and they kept coming and kept coming. so i walked up there to look where everybody was and they kept the students that were in snider hall separate for a long time. when they came out, some of the students told me that they think the shooter was shot, but he is in handcuffs. he's alive. and they thought 18 were dead. we saw one girl wrapped in a blanket with blood on her and they took her. i saw seven ambulances leave with lights and sirens and i was told that they weren't going to remove the bodies until the campus was cleared.
12:43 pm
>> we don't know that yet and as far as any kind of description, any officials who i have talked to have stopped short of wanting to describe anything they have seen in the classroom. but you described one student wrapped in a blanket and bloodied. as far as the numbers, we just can't fully confirm yet. we're getting preliminary reports. let me go back to your point about hearing fireworks. does that mean you thought they were fire woks but you heard shots? >> yes. >> do you know how many shots? >> no, it lasted about a minute. >> it lasted about a minute. and then nothing? >> yeah. then i just started e seeing sirens and police officers. i mean, even oakland, the volunteer fire department and people off duty, i have never seen so many assault rifles, everybody was there. >> rushing in because they didn't know what had happened,
12:44 pm
how many shooters there could have been. right now, do you still see -- i heard there was triage there on campus. is there still a tremendous presence of law enforcement and first responders? >> yes. there's still a lot up there. . >> and also just as far as you live in this community, you live across the street from this community college, i imagine you know people who attended this college. how close is roseburg? >> very. it's a rural area. you know somebody through somebody and we lived on a ranch before we moved here. it's quieter than our ranch. it's real quiet. my own children went to that college. they are older now. >> sure. >> my daughter has been waiting since 10:30 down at the end of
12:45 pm
the road to come because i'm supposed to cut her hair and they won't let her through. >> they are being very, very careful. it's understandable, lori, i'm so sorry. thank you for taking a moment to call cnn. living across the street here describing a student wrapped in a blanket and bloodied, seven ambulances leaving this campus. this is for the first time we heard what sounded like fireworks lasting 60 seconds and then nothing. deborah feyerick is with me. 60 seconds worth of fireworks sounding shots and then nothing. >> that's a lot. . in 60 seconds if you have an automatic weapon, you would probably let off five or six clips over 150 rounds, easy. and maybe even more in a 60-second period. it seems like this attack was
12:46 pm
pretty well planned. this guy hit the location and went right to the classrooms and started shooting people. so it seems like he probably knew the area pretty well. had it well planned, went in with weapons, fired so many shots and knew what classrooms to go to and it's a terrible tragedy. another thing here also is these schools are so vulnerable, there are too many of these happening. >> say it again. >> we need to do something here to try to -- it looks like these schools need to have some kind of tighter security to stop people from entering these areas with weapons. just saying that the school is a g gun-free zone is not enough. we need people to be checked for weapons. it's happening too often. >> i sat down with people on violence in washington, d.c. and i'm sure they would say much more than school security is part of the solution.
12:47 pm
but deborah feyerick, looking at you, you have information. >> we're learning according to a source who is involved in this is that the man appears to be in his late 20s. the alleged gunman appears to be in his late 20s. the person was online yesterday talking to others about what he was going to do. there was an ongoing conversation. investigators and detectives are now looking at all those posts, looking at the threat of the conversation to determine specifically who he was engaged with and whether this was sort of an idle conversation or what triggered him to actually carry out this act, whether he was prompted, compelled, egged on, had it in his mind and tofs not going to be talked out of it. based on the thread of the conversation, this was something he got in his mind to do and he was having a conversation about
12:48 pm
it online with others. and right now it does not appear there's any link to terrorism, international terrorism. clearly, one can define this or describe it as a domestic terrorism, but this is not international terrorism as we have seen recently. >> to harry's point about the potential for a premeditation, when woer talking about this back and forth online, you may not have the answer, how long had this male alleged shooter been talking about this? >> we know there's a thread, a conversation that began yesterday. >> with someone else. >> with other people online talking about what he was going to do and as harry says it really was well planned because it started in one building. he had familiarity. the gunman had familiarity with the build iing, the campus, he knew how to get in, how to move and it doesn't appear to be a
12:49 pm
coincidence that it began in one building and moved to another because once somebody hears shooting in one area, chances are they will close the doors and go into lockdown. that gives a shooter access, complete access to a second building where they don't know what's going on just yet. there's an element of surprise. maybe not in the first building once the shooting starts, but the second building, there's that element of what's going on now. that's all in play. >> what's >> we know about a conversation that was going on yesterday about the possible shooting for today. all right. what a lot of people got to understand is when they see something like this, all right, that's why we have see something say something. you see something like that even if you think somebody's just blowing off steam or just talking, call the police and let them know what you're hearing. because there's no way i can make a determination when i'm reading about some lunatic talking on twitter or on facebook that he's going to do something whether or not this person's really going to commit an attack like that or not.
12:50 pm
so people have to see something, say something. you see something like that going on, notify the police immediately. this way we might have been able to stop this from occurring today. >> jonathan, do you want to add to that? >> yeah. you know, there's colleges all over this country like vasser college here little upstate new york where they have security guards that aren't armed. and it's a gun-free zone. so you really are setting people up for -- and law enforcement for somewhat of a failure when you have an active shooter scenario. and i think colleges, you know, and really policy has to be looked at at what's effective. and i think what you see here, you know, this shows you how quickly these things can go bad. and these gun-free zones just like what happened in tennessee with this shooter that went onto a military installation which was a gun-free zone, we see the only thing that's going to stop
12:51 pm
the gun is another gun. i know that sounds cliche and political, but i think these are things we have to look at rather than just saying we need to look at mental illness, we need to stop people from having guns. we need to start looking at what's effective in stopping a shooter. and i think just saying, hey, nobody carry a gun here is not effective. one thing i do want to say though to add some comfort to this is the one neighbor said that there appeared to be somebody wrapped in a blanket and bleeding and put in an ambulance. that is actually better than somebody wrapped in a blanket sitting in a room somewhere because the fact that they were on an ambulance mean they did triage, they were heading for help. so, again, when you look at something it may not appear the way that we think it is because of the way we see it. so hopefully god bless that person. and that they're still alive. >> that's right. let me also point out, jonathan, thank you. we are getting more of the audio.
12:52 pm
this is back and forth from the initial calls that came in with regard to the shooting here in roseburg. this is between an officer and dispatch. so the officer said, the suspect is down, we have multiple gunshot wounds, we are going to need multiple ambulances on scene. and then please have dispatch as many ambulances as possible to the incident. we have upwards of 20 victims. and then they discuss how many red they have notify the local hospitals and then they throw numbers in here which, again, that's the part we can't fully confirm is this is really still a fluid situation i'm pointing out. i want to be entirely transparent with you and say, again, preliminary reports indicate ten dead, could be more. we're hearing from multiple sources that number will likely rise. and at least 20 wounded. lieutenant colonel rick francona is in oregon. he's very familiar with this area. colonel, what more would you like to add? >> well, i heard all these discussion of the motivation and all that. and i have to tell you, i mean,
12:53 pm
this kind of incident in a town like roseburg is unheard of and just goes against the very fabric of this community. i've been talking to some of my friends that live right in the town. and they said one of the reasons that they moved there was because it was away from all of the problems of big cities and things like this you don't have to deal with and aren't we lucky to live here we don't have to live with these kinds of things and here it comes home. >> i'm sure people living in columbine and, you know, sandy hook, in connecticut and in aurora, colorado would all say the exact same thing. you know, and talking so much recently about gun violence in this country. you can talk to these survivors and victims and they will all tell you it does not discriminate. >> i remember being on this campus many times, you know, silting in these classrooms. and the thought that someone would burst in with a weapon never crossed my mind.
12:54 pm
it's just something that you're not mentally prepared for. >> go ahead, deborah. >> another thing to keep in mind is these kinds of shootings always target the soft targets. why aren't there people on campus? why is it so easy to get into these buildings? well, shooters like these depending on what the motive was ultimately, they target areas that are simply easy to hit. it's not an act of bravery. this is an act of cowardice. somebody intent on some sort of violence for whatever reason, whatever sort of crazy insane reason. >> movie theater, schools, churches. >> that's exactly right. and it recalls to me the shooting at uc santa barbara. >> yes. >> more than a year ago where that young man just began firing at sorority girls, popular kids on campus because he felt he was rejected. and he wrote, you know, a huge manifesto which i read through which you see the wanderings of
12:55 pm
an insane mind. and somebody who can justify why it is they're doing this. again, we don't know what the status of this individual is whether he was neutralized and injured, whether he was neutralized and killed. police are not releasing that. we do know there's going to be a press conference soon. but again, these are all things that are under investigation as to why. but this was a very soft target. he began in one building, moved to another building and it was methodical. >> he knew he was going to have plenty of time to do the killing that he wanted to do here. we've got quite a few people here dead and seriously injured as a result of this attack. he knew exactly what he was doing. he knew he would have plenty of time until police arrived no matter who called the police first in that location where he'd be able to kill as many people as possible in the limited amount of time he had. >> tom fuentes, i want you to add to that and also what deborah feyerick has been reporting about this back and forth social media between the
12:56 pm
shooter and someone else just within the last 24 hours. >> well, regarding the social media i'd like to hear more about it who was it with and what exactly, you know, how extensive was the conversation to lead the other person to a conclusion that violence was imminent? we don't know enough about the context of that conversation. as far as protecting these schools or how much time my daughter was down the hall in the same dorm where the first killings happened at virginia tech when that occurred. and that shooter with two handguns killed more than 30 people in the engineering building. and two more in the dormitory where my daughter was. so, you know, this could happen so quickly that you're not going to have a quick enough response to stop a multiple group of people from getting killed if the person just methodically starts gunning people down. and that's the unfortunate thing. and if you look at these campuses, you know, trying to talk about magnetometers and security at every entrance of
12:57 pm
every building in every school, there's 100,000 schools in this country. if you take a campus like this one, does it have 10, 20 buildings? and the buildings open for class at maybe 7:00 a.m. and stay open until 9:00, 10:00 at night, used maybe six, seven days a week. how many entrances per building. you're talking a massive amount of investment for the machines, for the people, for the security at every entrance of every school. all over the country. and then like you've said you got to talk about all the other theaters and other targets. so this is a huge problem just talking about security is not going to cut it. >> tom fuentes, thank you so much for weighing in. i think a lot of people were all hearing you. and deborah feyerick staying on the reporting here. if you are again just joining us we are looking at pictures. harry how cuck is with me. former nypd. we're still trying to confirm precisely if these numbers have grown in the two hours we've
12:58 pm
been on preliminary reports at least ten people killed in a school shooting that started in a science building. and this male shooter worked from classroom to classroom. we talked to a woman who lived just across the street from this school who's own daughter had gone to this community college who said she heard what sounded like fireworks for 60 seconds and then nothing. i can tell you the shooter has been neutralized. and one report potentially handcuffed. does that mean the shooter is dead or alive? we still don't know. there's a lot we don't know. harry houck, you're looking at these aerials with me. this is the first time we're getting an idea of how big and where these buildings are spaced out around campus. but it sounds like it did involve multiple classrooms and potentially multiple buildings as well. >> right. you can see it's a pretty good size campus there also. you know, this guy might have been a student there for all we know. >> we don't know yet. >> definitely a possibility. >> familiar with the area it seems. >> very familiar with the area. knew exactly where to go. you've got -- as you see right
12:59 pm
now the police what they're probably doing right now is putting the crime scene together. you've got those who were killed are still at the scene. they're not going to be removed for quite a while because the crime scene unit has got to go through there. they're probably going to match all the shells. they've got the atf there. they're probably doing a background on that weapon now to find out exactly where that weapon came from, how it was purchased, was it a stolen weapon, was it legally purchased, was it purchased in the o orr area, we don't know. we're going to be able to find out that information also. they're going to run bullet -- shell casings through ballistics to see if it was used in a crime before. checking shell casings, how many weapons did he have? two weapons, three weapons. >> did he reload. >> exactly. we're going to be able to tell from the shell casings laying on the ground and be able to recreate the whole shooting as it occurred through the crime
1:00 pm
scene unit. >> at least ten people killed. at least more than 20 have been wounded here in the school shooting in roseburg, oregon. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me the last two hours. we're going to stay on this. more from this school shooting in oregon jake tapper and "the lead" start right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." we have some shocking news for you, possibly ten killed and at least 20 more wounded, those are the grim numbers right now out of roseburg, oregon, about two and a half, three hours south of portland, oregon. there in roseburg according to the oregon state police a shooter opened fire at umpqua community college. the douglas county fire marshal described multiple patients in multiple classrooms. pure chaos. local and state police rushed to the college of 3,000-plus full time students hunting for the shooter. the douglas county commissioner says the shooter has been neutralized. a sourceel