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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  October 1, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> that is it for us tonight. our live coverage continues now with john vause. he's in oregon and isha sesay in cnn los angeles. >> hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay in cnn los angeles. and i'm john vause in roseburg, oregon, where we're having our breaking news coverage here on cnn. it's just after 9:00 p.m. here,
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and investigators are still searching far motive. why would a 26-year-old man open fire on the campus of this community college, killing ten people and wounding seven others. law enforcement sources have told us his name is christopher harper mercer. he was heavily armed, three handguns and an assault rifle. he also had a lot of ammunition, we're told. enough for a prolonged gun bat. he also had body armor. he eventually died in a shootout with police. those two police officers who engaged the gunman are being called heros this evening. we're told they probably saved lives here this evening. we have team coverage on all of what happened here over the last 12 hours or so. we will begin outside of m
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mercer's apartment about five blocks from here. have they found anything inside that apartment? >> the law enforcement authorities are being very quiet. they're not even confirming this is the apartment. neighbors said yes, indeed they saw him walking around. he lives in the building behind us. one of the neighbors living in the building as well recognized him. we have seen the fbi, the sheriff's department. some of them came in with bullet proof vests on. they had dogs with them, and they were planning on going inside. and they were looking around and searching inside the apartment. we've also seen a van that would appear to be a fan collecting evidence as well here at the scene. neighbors have been hanging around here because they can't get into the couple of buildings there. it's been cordoned off with
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crime scene tape as investigators continue their work there. but they're being very quiet here, not giving any details officially. but we are hearing from neighbors tonight. they do believe this is the apartment of harper. john? >> have we learned anymore about what possibly could be the links harper has with this community college? >> we have not. they said he was very quiet. he seemed to keep to himself. the person that we spoke to basically said he talked to him once and he was fairly nice but he didn't see him hanging without many people either. we ended up faulking to one of the students who was in the room just next door as the shooting happened. i want you to hear what she has
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to say about what she heard and what she did after she heard the initial shooting. >> i heard one gunshot. people were running away from the building. i said to the teacher, we' got to get out of here. there's people running. we need to go. then the second and third gunshots happened. and by that time, i was out the door. >> what did you say to the other students? were you there as they started streaming out of the classrooms. >> i was one of the first people out. there were some people scattered around the campus. i would say you need to get out. follow me if you need to. there's been a shooting. people are being killed. >> basically, you're listening to a young lady who had been in school for only four days when this happened. she also tells the story of her teacher who went up to the adjoining door, because that door was between her and the
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other classroom. she was about to open that door and then thought better of it, decided to keep it closed and she could hear the motion going on when they heard the last two shots, everyone started running out of the classroom and trying to get to safety. a harrowing tale from a young lady who says she doesn't know if she's gong to be able to go back to that school anytime soon. let's go to the sacred heart medical center where many of the wounded have been treated. what's the latest on their condition there? >> from what we are hearing from, there are three people that are the most critically injured of all the victims. there are ten being treated at mercy hospital, which is down where you are. but at this hospital, which is a level two trauma hasn't hospital, they air lifted three of the most seriously wounded,
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two of them are in critical condition. one is in serious condition. while we were standing out here trying to get a bit more context as to what happened as far as the injuries, we met the father and brother of one of the victims. an 18-year-old her name is anna boylin. it was her fourth day of school at community college. and she said before she went to surgery told her father and brother that she was sitting in class like she normally does. the gunman came in with his gun blazing. here's what she told her father and brother. >> the gentleman was systematically -- >> he came in, right? >> he came in and there were gunfire scattering the room. got everyone's attention. from what i understood, what she said is he shoot the professor point blank, one shot, killed
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him. took him right out of it. others had been injured and then this man had enough time -- i don't know how much time elapsed before he was able to stand there and start asking people one by one what their religion was. are you a christian? he would ask them. and if you're a christian stand up. and they would stand up. and he would say good, because you're a christian, you're going to see god in just about one second and then he shot and killed them. and he kept going down the line doing this. how much time doo you need? she said he had a handgun that wasn't a big assault rifle, anything like this. this was a single handgun that he had enough ammunition and enough time to drop the magazine out of it, put another one in and continue his thing. how does -- how does he have that much time at a facility?
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>> dad, you're -- >> okay. >> i don't understand that. how hengd have that much time to kill that many people. >> and that is stacey boylen. he's the father of anna boylen, fourth day of community college. she's getting surgery because the bullet entered her back. it is lodged against her lower spine. her father and brother say that she is alert. she is probably going to walk. she may have some pain. she survived, though. she was able to live because she played dead on the floor. when the gunman came over to her and said you, blond girl, stand up, she didn't move. she prended to be dead, john. a harrowing tale and something we're going to hear more and more of as these survivors begin to share their story. >> that is a harrowing account of the father from that young student there. we appreciate the report.
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we'll check in with you a little later on as well. there are many accounts of students hiding under desks, drawing curtains, turning off the lights hoping they can survive through this rampage, this mass shooting. this is actually your backyard here as well. you're from here. when you hear about these events today, what goes through your mind? >> shock. i was -- i spent a lot of time talking to friends, acquaintances. and just trying to get a sense of what this means to the community. such a shock wave through the community. this serves a large area. used to have a thriving timber economy. a change in the economy is one reason why this campus is here it's an integral part. when something like this happens to the campus, it affects everybody in town.
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just the look on people's faces today. >> there's also a vigil under way right now. thousands more have turned out for this candle lit vigil where they're grieving for those who died and praying for those who survived that are wounded. how will this shooting affect this community, how will they go back to that campus? >> this is a strong community. >> they want go through the grieving process, put their lives back together. you will see them come back just luke other communities have reacted to these things, virginia tech, marshall, things like that. >> we are hearing from a number of people that the gunman called out people, asked them if they were christians, asked them to stand up and then shot them. when you hear that kind of thing happening here on a campus, it's horrif horrific, it's terrifying. these things don't -- well, they're not metropolitan b to
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happen. >> they don't happen here, that's why a lot of people live here. that's why a lot of people came here so they don't have to put up with the outside world. unfortunately the outside world came to roseburg today. >> this is a unique college. you touched on it before. the average age is 38? a lot of people go there to retrain to try to get new jobs, to basically start a new life. this is the place where so many lives ended. the other question, too, is this is a campus which has actually discussed the entire issue of having security guards on campus. this is supposed to be a gun-free zone, right? >> there's a lot of discussion. oregon law is very tricky. technically, they can't prevent you from bringing a gun on to campus, but they can prevent you from bringing it into a building. and they have an armed guard. this is going to bring out a
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reassessment of the security in this area. everybody thought this is such a safe area. the guards were more of a watch. >> put your military hat on very quickly. how much of of a soft target is this kind of campus? >> it's built in a circle around an area. there are parking rots around it. no gates, perfectly open. i've been on this campus many times. you can walk through it. never meant to be secure. it was supposed to be an open environment. >> good to see you. it's sad we're talk about this tonight. >> that's latest from here. in the meantime, isle hand it back to isha sesay in los angeles. >> u.s. president barack obama expressed deep anger and impatience with yet another mass shooting in america. the president pushed for a change in gun laws and said he knew foes would accuse him of the politicizing the tragedy. but he says gun violence should
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be politicized. >> somehow this has become routine. >> the reporting is routine, my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this. we talked about this after columbine, tucson, aurora, charleston. it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. and what's, of course, become routine is the response of those who oppose any gun legislation.
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right now, i can imagine the press releases are being cranked up. we need more guns they'll argue. fewer gun safety laws. does anybody really believe that? >> we will rerun the president's comments in full. you won't want to miss the full remarks. stay with cnn for that. an day parker is the father of allison parker, a virginia news reporter who was shot and killed on live television along with her photographer adam ward less than two months ago. >> andy parker, thank you so much for joining us. we heard president obama say in his comments on thursday evening that this nation has become numb to mass shootings.
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talk to me about how you and your family are doing on a day like this. my heart breaks for these families. it rips your heart out. my second reaction is my outrage is that this continues, this domestic terrorism, if you will, this cancer on our country continues to go on and people -- i think people are finally having enough of it. i have to think that -- because we have mobilize a number of -- thousands of people after allison was killed. and i think that there is the tipping point that people are finally saying, you know what, we have to do something. and the president was right.
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we have to politicize it. and that was what i'm doing -- that's what i'm doing right now. they have blood on their hands. . i'm going to hold them accountable and call them the cowards that they are and i think the american people are going to do the same. >> what do you say to the likes of republican presidential candidate ben carson who says this is not an issue requiring more gun control. this is an issue of the mentality of the people who commit these terrible acts? what do you say to him and the likes of him? >> i think that just like donald trump, you only have it half right. if you have universal background check, if you close loopholes you're going to save lives.
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as you hear from people, the argument is well, guns don't kill people. people kill people. well, that's only half right. but anything that you can do to prevent tragedy and prevent violence, you have to do. it's like seat belts. you wear a seat belt in your car and that's not necessarily going to prevent you from losing your life in a horrific accident, but it's going to help, certainly. and it might save your life. it is like a cancer. you can't just treat it with one therapy. but the easiesiest path right n is close these loopholes. keep criminals from buying guns online where people advertise that you can buy an ak-47 with no background check.
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what reasonable person would not want to do that? and i think this guy ben carson is completely out of touch, just like most of the republican candidates are. >> andy, five weeks ago, you and your family were at the heart of the storm when allison's life was tragically cut short. today there are families in oregon feeling unimaginable pain. do you have a message for them? >> my message is talk to other survivors. unfortunately you joined a club that no one wants to join but we're here for you. there is nothing anyone can say or do to get you over the most tragic thing in your life, to lose a child. but, you know, these people have to know we are there and our
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thoughts and our prayers are with them. so we're going to fight to see that this kind of thing just doesn't become routine like it's become. >> andy parker, we thank you for joining us. we know it's a difficult day for you and your family. our thoughts and prayers are with you and thank you again for your time. >> isha, my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> our thoughts and prayers are, of course, with roseburg community and all those affected by today's violence in oregon. well, as authorities tried to piece together this unspeakable crime, we'll speak to former fbi negotiator about what comes next. >> our breaking news coverage continues from roseburg, oregon, after a short break. why do so many people choose aleve?
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>> compassion and healing is going to take a long time. >> i'm isha sesay at cnn los angeles. >> and i'm john vause in roseburg, oregon. not far from here, hundreds, maybe more than 1,000 people have gathered for a vigil. they've been there for a few hours now. it is in a public park. virgil park. they have come together to grieve for those who were killed here earlier today. and also to pray for those who survived the seven people who were badly wounded during a rampage on the campus of this community college. and law enforcement sources have told us that the gunman who shot and killed those ten people here is the man known as chris harper mers mercer. he's a 26 years ole. tactical response teams have
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searched his apartment and roseburg sheriff said seven people were wounded in that attack. but the local sheriff here says he will not name the gunman because he does not went to give him credit, what he craved here today. he wanted his name put out there in the public. he wanted notoriety here and the officials say they will not be naming the gunman who carried out this atrocity here earlier today. isha. >> well, thank you, john. for more on the deadly shooting i'm joined by chris ross. thank you so much for joining us. the shooter has been named, but now authorities face the unenviable task of trying to piece together who he was and why this happened. >> right, right. well, they're going to be taking a very deliberate approach to this. because the shooter is down. what they really need to do is go through the step by step and work backwards.
9:26 pm
clearly this was well planned. they're going to look for what is psychological influences are. whether anyone tried to manipulate him from the outside. and, of course, they've got to make sure that the area is safe, which is why they've just taken standard precautions, bringing bomb dogs with them. they have to make sure that his apartment isn't booby trapped in some way, in some way that hi thoegt he was going to try to show the world that he was smarter than anyone else even after he was dead. it's appropriate for them to take their time, to be very deliberate. and to not comment very much as this evofls. >> let me just ask you about this statement that you made that this was clearly well planned. what leads you to say it was well planned and not an impulsive action, a more spontaneous action, if you will. >> to start with, the assemblage of what it's been reported he had with him at the scene. just the mere fact that he wore a bullet proof vest, if that's true. from the reporting it seems to be a true statement. that indicates a vision of an
9:27 pm
event in his mind that he was going to need to defend himself from. so he at least had to plan long enough to realize he was going to be shot at. which means he didn't expected to die right away. he wanted to live for a while. he had a vision of that killing journey. usually these visions are complicated and they've been thinking about them for quite a while. that's the hypothesis they'll start with. the minimal indicators just from the very beginning tend to back that up. >> the authorities looking at those associated with this shooter. one would expect to find clues at a location that he lived at. talk to me about the specific clues authorities are looking for. >> well, they're going to look for evidence of his writings. very common the mental processes that somebody does this, they will have written this out,
9:28 pm
justification for it. it could be in the form of handwritten notes. it could be online. it's one of the reasons why they actually want to be slow in releasing his name because they want to scoop up as much evidence as possible that he may have left online in public media. social media. to find out where the clues were and maybe how long he's been thinking about this. >> such a pleasure having you in the show. we know you're going to stay with us across these hours ahead and give us more insight. we appreciate that. thank you very much. >> yes, of course. >> well, we have much more on the campus shooting just ahead. how agents look for clues in a case like this. >> you're watching cnn breaking news coverage. a lot more after a short break.
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>> i'm isha sesay as cnn los angeles. >> thanks for being with us. i'm john vause in roseburg, oregon. and we do now know authorities say they will release the names of the ten people who died here on friday. this has been declared a mass casualty. this is also a small community. just one coroner. so it will take time to go
9:33 pm
through and identify all those gunned down at this community college. we're bag told the gunman is a 26-year-old man. he's heavily armed. two handguns as well as a rifle and an assault rifle. he may have had body armor. he also had a lot of ammunition, enough, we're told, for a long shootout with police. he indeed died at the hands of two policemen during a shootout. there's an ongoing vigil not far from where i am right now. more than 1,000 people have gathered in a public park to pray for those who survived. seven people were badly wounded during this shootout. and, of course, ten others were killed. we having told the name of the gunman, but the douglas county sheriff here has told us that he won't be naming him publicly. >> we would encourage media and the community to avoid using it. we would encourage you to not repeat it opinion we encourage
9:34 pm
you not to glorify and create sensationalism for him. he in no way deserves this. focus your attention on the victims and the families and helping them get through this difficult time. >> let's get more now from the former atf executive at the department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. he's currently an official with fjc security. he joins us now from the cnn center in atlanta. let's just use some of your experience here. we're told that the atf right now is trying to trace back the weapons used here, trying to work out how the gunman on tand the three handguns, as well as the rifle how do they do that and why is that so important in this investigation. >> we have a system, we have a tracing system. we're the only organization in the world that has this
9:35 pm
capability. we do an urgent trace. that means we do everything we can do nail down where that gun came from, from the time it was first sold on the retail market to the time the possessor got it to today. that tells us whether the gun was purchased legally by him, someone he may have been related to, or if the gun may have come from the illegal market. >> okay, so if he obtained it legally, where do you go from there? >> if he obtained it legally, that at least tells us he didn't buy it as a result of a firearm trafficking scheme. we'll find out when he purchased it, what state he purchased it from. and that will also tell us where he came from initially. i am told that he's from the midwest. he traveled out to oregon, be uh you never know. he may have purchased those guns in georgia. and if he did, who was he living with when he was in georgia? who knew him? who has some insight into what may have caused this incident. so that will be one element in a
9:36 pm
course of many in this investigation. >> when you look at the fi firepower this guy brought on to the campus, we're told three handguns an a rifle, an assault rifle, a lot of ammunition. and body armor. what does that tell you? >> it tells me he was prepared for conflict. he had three pistols, which may have been anywhere from 12 to 15 rounds per magazine. so he was prepared to shoot and cause mass casualty. and then he had a long gun. i'm not certain at this point if it was a rifle, but at any rate he shot a number of people and he was prepared for conflict. >> the gunman, what were they up against when they hear about the fire power he may have and also
9:37 pm
the possibility that he may have had body armor? >> well, they were up against a threat. and our job is to control and mitigate that threat immediately. but let's remember, law enforcement officers train for this very type of incident. so no matter what type of ammunition the suspect has, we train for just these types of incidents and that's what you saw happen today. notwithstanding the fact that most of these suspects in these cases expect to be engaged. they know they're not going to live through the conflict and they get exactly what they're looking for. >> yeah, along the way killed ten people and wounded seven others. it could have been a whole lot worse. thanks for speaking with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. have v a great evening. >> we will have a lot more, of course, in our continuing coverage here from roseburg, oregon. but in the meantime, back to you in los angeles. >> thank you, john. the chaos on the umpqua campus began when 911 calls suddenly
9:38 pm
flooded police dispatchers. >> 10:38 a.m. thursday morning, the first calls come into authority. >> active shooter, ucc, college road. somebody is outside one of the poors shooting through the door. we do have .one female that has been shot at this time. >> within minutes, law enforcement is on the scene. >> we're exchanging shots with him. he's in a classroom. >> exchanging gunshots right now with a male. he's in the classroom on the southeast side of snyder hall. >> i just want to report he's got a long gun. >> we now know the shooter is a 26-year-old male and believed to have four guns, according to a law enforcement official. >> i heard a loud bang. there was a couple of girls running, sprinting away from the building. then i hear screaming after that first gunshot. then i looked out and i saw the people running and i said we need to get out of here right now. >> dispatch as many ambulances as possible. we have upwards of 20 victims.
9:39 pm
>> and then police are able to stop the gunman. >> officers from around the county immediately responded to the college. and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect. there was an exchange of gunfire. the shooter is deceased. >> in the aftermath of the massacre, law enforcement are searching for any warning signs. >> well, we will have much more from oregon ahead this hour. with another story we're following for you. hurricane joaquin is gaining strength and its next target, the u.s., is getting ready. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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>> of thank you for being with us.
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thousands of people are in roseburg, you can see them here holding candles at a community college. about 22,000 people live in the rural city of roseburg. 180 miles or 290 kilometers south of portland, a rural community, a close knit community. a community that never thought they would witness the scenes they have endured today. >> authorities say he opened fire thursday morning killing ten people and wounding seven ores. he died during a shootout with officers. the father of a wounded victim says the gunman targeted christians. she says that he asked students one by one if they were a christian before shooting them.
9:44 pm
>> while the warnings are dredging up memories of hurricane sandy just three years ago, forecasters say the damage will be nowhere near that bad. virginia and new jersey have already declared states of emergency in preparation for heavy rain. >> nyc is ready. that is the important point. new york city is ready. we will have flooding. we will see trees down, we will see power lost. our message to everybody in the commonwealth is be prepared. >> while we're hoping for the best, we're preparing for the worst.
9:45 pm
>> it form aid cross the bahamas and has moved very little. so the bahamas have really been hammered with high winds. a solid category four. we've been expecting this make its move more hurricane. let's go ahead and give you a broad view as we look across the area that now hurricane joaquin is affecting. it has many different components and a plot of comparisons associated with hurricane an sandy.
9:46 pm
we were seeing it actually intensify. it went from a category two very quickly to category three. the comparison that i mentioned to sandy are there. because we watch it kind of navigate right along the coast. but with sandy, it move aid long the eastern seaboard and as it did, all of a sudden it made that left hand turn. right into that southern new england coast. it claimed almost 300 lives. we saw this system with krential hateful then a's what we're looking at as we go into the next several dpaps in south carolina, my old stomping grounds. they are looking at the potential for historic hateful. we could see 10 to 12 inches. this shatters all records going back to the early 1900s.
9:47 pm
this is not associated with the hurricane. it's so he shoulded with a stubborn low pressure. the moisture is separate and that's going to be a big problem coming up. back to you guys. >> i know you're going to stay on top of this for us. appreciate it, thanks so much. >> hundreds of people gather at a vigil in oregon tonight to honor those who died in today's shooting. now they must figure out how to make sense of it all. i'll speak with a psychologist about that next.
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>> hello, everyone. you're walking cnn's breaking news coverage of a deadly campus shooting in the united states. i'm isha sesay at cnn los angeles. >> i'm john vause in roseburg, oregon. not far from where i am right now, thousands have gathered and they are still there. they've been there for hours now for a vigil for those gunned down at a campus at a community college. it's a candle light vigil in vir juvenile park. they're praying for those who survived the shooting. seven people were wounded along
9:52 pm
with the ten people who were killed. ur affiliate koin spoke with one witness, a student who heard the gunfire. she was in a classroom right next door. >> at first, it was like quiet. everybody in our room jumped because we didn't know what it was. and then it was quiet. then it was just weird. then we heard two more, or one more and my teacher said, she's like i wonder if something is going on. and someone from the back of the classroom said you should open the door and see if they're all right. she's like i'm not going to open the door. i'll see if they're okay, but i'm not opening the door. she goes to the door and knocked on it. and she said hey, is everyone okay in there? and it was just rapid fire, shot after shot after shot. she looked at us and she was like -- the look on her face was just -- i will never forget it. it's just -- oh, god. i don't even know.
9:53 pm
>> and isha, it is difficult to overstate the impact this shooting is having in this small community. 22,000 people live here. about 50,000 people in the wider county. it seems everybody knows somebody who was caught up in this horrific event here on this campus earlier today, isha. >> indeed. a community going through so much. we appreciate the reporting from the scene there. investigators have started interviewing family members and friends of the shooters. police say they're still trying to figure that out. i'm joining now by licensed sigh kogts eric fisher. always good to speak to you. we're all trying to piece together how this could happen. all we know right now about the shooter is that he was a 26-year-old male. can we discern anything from that. >> we really can't. there's some information, different sources around the internet.
9:54 pm
i think what we have to do in these situations is sit back and allow accurate information to come up. what we see, though, and i think what we can really discern from this is we have a common thread through off of these issues that have happened in the last three months. our culture from south carolina to tennessee to louisiana, to now virginia. now in oregon. the common core of hatred, rage and anger. these emotions th s that are dr these behavior. we don't understand an understanding of our emotions. if we don't discus them and work them out, that leads to mental health issues. especially in people that don't have good coping mechanism, might have good cognizant issues or don't have very good social skills. >> would this have tom co-warning signs? >> there are always factors we can look at, that might be
9:55 pm
potential warning signs. however, you can never be 100% certain who's going to be an absolute risk. we don't live in a culture where we look people up based on an assess. of risk but we need to have a better pull on what's going on. the tragedy is here's people who seem to move to a small town to escape the larger world as one of your other people who interviewed earlier stated. mental health and emotions affect us all. we need to learn to communicate. while we spend a lot of time with terrorists around the world, they're acting out their rage, anger and hatred on their neighbors. >> eric fisher, always appreciate the insight and perspective.
9:56 pm
>> you're watching cnn news room. i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> ena i'm john vause in oregon. a lot more on the coverage of a shooting at a community college after this short break. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you could book them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go. now the only thing you don't know, is why it took you so long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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>> i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> i'm john vause in roseburg, oregon. we begin this hour with disturbing new details about the mass shooting here on the campus of umpqua community college. the father of one of the wounded students said the gunman was targeting christians. he said his daughter told him the gunman walked into her classroom, shot her teacher point blank. he then ordered students to stand up if they were christians and he then shot them. when it was all over, ten people were dead, seven others wounded. police say the shooter was 26 years old carrying body armor


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