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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  October 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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college road -- >> he came in and there are the was gun fire immediately. >> we ran different directions. i was praying they would make it. >> and you could hear the people -- you could hear them moving and crying. >> i i was terrified. i have never been more terrified for my life ever. >> they call their parents and the loved ones and the "i love yous" and whether they were the last words or not. >> he is in the classroom.
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>> and the exchange of gunfire, and the shooter is deceased. >> let me be very clear. i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is not enough. the sun is rising over roseburg, oregon, a beautiful community amid rolling halls, and a beautiful surrounding, but y yet, the scene is so inkcongruos of what is behind me. and it is the worst school shooting in this state's history. the flags by order of the
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governor will be at half-staff throughout the state today. all of this after 26-year-old chris harper mercer went about his business in the deadliest of way ways, and yet, himself, lies dead today by his own gun and by the police it is not clear at this time. the investigation continues into what made this young mantic, what made him do what he did. the investigation continuing also into how these victims died and why they died. where they died, how they the died, and it is such a macabre sto story, and those who could speak before surgery noting that he actually demanded to know the r religions before executing them if they said christian. the tales are beginning to leak out to us to today, and we are now just under an hour until the next news briefing by the sheriff, and cnn is going to
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bring that to you, but the sheriff so angry yesterday and giving the news briefing of what happened here and why he would not dare utter the killer's name. >> no, i don't. i don't want to glorify the shooter. i want don't want to glorify his name or his cause. in order to prevent is that i'm refusing to state his name. the oregon state medical examiner's office will put out a notice identifying who the shooter is, but again, that's the only information that will come out. you won't hear his name from me or from this investigation. >> the early forensics just getting under way about a mile up the road from where i am, but make no mistake behind me is an active crime scene even out here at the highway.
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i want to take you across town where my colleagues ana cabrera and sanjay gupta is standing by. ana is at the police station, and sanjay at the medical center. tell us where we are head ed ed the next hour and where this investigation is headed? >> ashleigh, the sheriff and the investigators are doing an internal briefing trying to update each other overnight, and they have been working around the clock. about 100 investigators from local and state and federal investigators are track leads and talking to the friends of the shooter, and collecting evidence in the crime scene that spans two buildings and two classroom where is the victims were found both dead and alive. we know that nine people were killed by this shooterer before the shooter lost his life. we know that there were at least nine others injured, suffering injuries ranging from the
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gunshot wounds to the stomach and to the back and also starting to have stories of survivors. chris mince, we are told by the family, that he was shot eight times, and he went towards the gunshot gunshots trying to stop what he could feel or sense was going to be a tragic situation. le again, he survived. so many others were not so lucky. we heard from another survivor who says she was in the class where she believed a lot of the fat fatalities happened, and that is where she said that the gunman walked in, opened fire immediately and fired point blank at the professor before then turning the gun on the students asking each individually if they were a christian, and apparently, according to the father of this woman who survived, she told him that if you said yes, the gunman then said, well, good, you are
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going to see your god. so ashleigh, we are hoping to get more information about those people who died as well as what kind of motivation the shooter may have had to commit this crime. i just spoke with the president of the university, interim president rita cavin who says that they don't believe that the 26-year-old gunman was a current student at the community college and they are still looking into whether he was a student here in the past, ashleigh. >> and ana, those critical accounts coming from the survivors of the horrible carnage, and now i want to go to my colleague dr. sanjay gupta, and so remarkable that we have these survivors given the methodology carried out by the killer. >> no question about it. the way he was trying to shoot the people, and how close he was to them. we are about five miles away
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from you and ana right now, ashleigh, to give you an idea of what transpired here. i talked to the chief medical officer who says they were monitoring the radios and the scanner scanners ashsed and they got a 10 to 15-minute notice before the patients arrived. this is a small town and relatively small hospital, and 10 to 15 minutes' knnotice is n a lot of notice there for that many patients. one patient died in the emergency room, and nine more cared for in this hospital yesterday. it will give you an idea of what was happening. and in some ways, because it is a small town, so many people they tell me just came to help. in fact, i asked the chief medical officer about that specifically, how did they put it together and make it all work and take a listen. >> kudo s s to the medical staf and the medical community and how people on their days off were coming in, and retired
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physicians, and they came in and retired physicians came in wantiwan wanting to volunteer their service, and the first responders and the pastoral staff, and nose are the anecdotes that shows that even through something -- >> it just goes to show you, ashleigh, what happens in a small town the like this, that people started to the hear what happened and they started to go to the hospital, offering their services, and i think that, l k look, a lot off people were able to survive that the might not have other wise survived because of the addition aal sur resources. we know that other people were transported here, because this is not the hospital with specialty-type surgical areas. and we know that a woman who has
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an injure troy the head is transferred and some were transferred. some are in critical but stable condition, and we are hearing that another patient may be discharged as earlys as today, and that is some potentially good news, ashleigh. >> well, keep us posted because our thoughts and prayers are not only going out to the victims' families, but for those who are battling for their health and safety as well. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you for that. there were other victims in this shooting and those who were not hit by a bullet, but party to the carnage whether hearing it or seeing is it or escaping it. to that end, i want to bring in a couple of guests kind enough to join me. christina cobb, you are 17 years old, and the fourth day at the community college, and your mom is here with you, and i want you to just help me get through what you processed over the last 24 hours having heard the shots in
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the classroom next door and now knowing what actually transpired. >> it san awful feeling knowing that that happened. immediately as i kon tacked my mom, she said, sarah, i love you, i love you, and i was able to console her and tell her i was all right, but with the commotion and everything, i don't know what to think. i never would think that something like this would happen in a small little town like this. >> christina, i can't imagine getting that call from your daughter, and have you been able to process what you have been there? >> not completely. it was an abrupt quick text when i first got the notification from her, and it was not her phone number, because her belongings were left behind and so we have been contacted through another student's phone number, and that is how i found out. i was completely beside myself and worried. >> sarah, some of of the accounts of the students in the classroom that were directly targeted, their belongings are
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scattered everywhere and the students in the adjacent classrooms like yours who could hear the shots and the belongings are scattered, but what went through your mind and back to that moment what action you took immediately? >> initially when we heard the initial gunshot, i thought maybe it was a textbook or a desk ramming into the wall or something like that, and other students were thinking the same thing, and i was looking around. my parents have taught me from a young age to be alert and be aware of the surroundings, so i was looking around, and we could hear the commotion going on in the room next to our, and there is a door that lead s s to the m that connects the two and she went to open it, and she pulls the hand back and says, are you okay, is everyone all right, and what is happening? and i see the two the girls running out of the building and i realize that this is a gunshot, and i let the e teacher know, open the door and we have the leave. that is when i heard the second
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and the third gunshots, and about that time, i was out of the door and sprinting from the area as far away as i could get. if i were taking the other direction, i would have been in the middle of the gunfire. >> and now that you know what was happening on the other side of the door, are you able to think of this at this point, are you processing this or realizing how incredibly lucky you are? >> i am so lucky. i am -- sorry. it brings a greater appreciation for life and i couldn't be more thankful. >> chris ttina, i cannot be thinking how close your daughter twouz the danger? >> i was beside myself. i didn't know what to think. i immediately set is up a plea for prayers on social media and contact ed my parents to let thm know what was going on as well. >> school is closed until monday, but monday is not long from now, and how are you going
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to manage and will you go back and how will you feel? >> at this point, i'm not sure how long it will take me to go back there, because i was almost involved wits and on the other side of the wall. and it could have been me. >> and what about your thoughts returning? >> she will take the lead. and i will be with her if she needs me to, and i will be there in the classes if i have to, to be with her. >> and i am thankful that you came out to talk to us, and i really do wish you health and well-being as you try to navigate what you have been through and it is not easy and you have joined a club that many americans have joined unwilling eli and thank you f-- unwilling you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> thank you. and the president is saying that this is all too often routine, the number of shootings that we have had to endure in this country.
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i will have the numbers coming up shortly, but i wanted to tell you about a little bit of the stories from inside of those two classrooms, two buildings, ten minutes, nine victims, and ten if you count that shooter. the harrowing account of what he did moment to moment demanding people stand up and answer his question "are you christian?" those stories are coming up next. before earning enough cash back from bank of america
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. welcome back. we are continuing the live coverage. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting
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from roseburg, org. and if you have not heard of it, it will live in infa hmy like the paducah and jonesboro and the other communities that were affected by gunmen. the hills and the beauty in this community was completely shattered by the evils of what this man did. nine victims and ten if you include his body that lay dead after the killing, but we don't know yet whether the police killed him or he killed himself. we are weight on the details, and we are hoping to get the details when the sheriff holds at the top of the hour yet another official news briefing. the information is scatter shot,
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because it is a forensics scene and massive. the college is about 0.8 mile this way, but the crime scene starts right here, behind me, and effectively, they are leaving no stone unturned, and a lot to go through, and two build buildings and two classrooms and all of those victims. and the stories coming from the victims those who survived are nothing short of bone-chilling. jean casarez is standing by with some of the accounts. jean, walk me through one of the survivors, anastasia boyland, who went to have surgery to have a bullet removed from her back, how, she survive and jean, what she saw and heard happening around her in the classroom. >> ash sleevele lashleigh, she y and the family said that she survived because she laid there and played like she was dead
9:20 am
even though she shad been shot in the back. and the question is what is the state of mind of this shooter in the classroom? well, anastasia's father was at the hospital, and she lay there and described what happened. listen. >> he came in and scattered the room immediately, and he got everybody's attention, and from what i understood is that he shot the professor point blank, one shot, and took him right out, and oer thers had been injured and then this man had enough time, and i don't know how much time e elaplapsed and s standing there asking them one by one their religion "are you a christian?" and if i thar with a christian he would have them
9:21 am
stand up, and he would say, good, if you are a christian, you about to see your god in a second, and he shot them. and he would go up and down the line doing this. >> and anna stay sha told the fathf -- anastasia said that he would keep filling the she had been shot in the back and it traveled down the base of her spine and hit a nerve and the surgeon told the father that he was concerned because the bullet was so close to the nerve that potentially neurological damage, and so it was a very, very concerning surgery that she had last night. >> and her story the fact that she was laying dead and the gunman asking each person on the floor to stand up to the ask them their religion, and yelled blond woman stand up, and blond woman, meaning her, and she just
9:22 am
played dead. do we know at this point if she is going to be okay, apart from the fact that there may be neurological damage, and is she going to be coming out of the surgery okay? is she one of the critical, jean? >> we don't know the condition, ashleigh, but the family wanted it out, because her brother a student at the same school and called her on the floor, and the medical attention had not come yet, and she said, i am shot in the back and i can't feel my legs. >> oh, god, imagine the call from her brother. jean casarez with just astounding detalils. thank you for, that and continue to update us when you learn more about anastasia and the others as well. we are also just moments away as i said official update from the sheriff's office, and we are getting the periodic updates to the investigation, and the
9:23 am
circumstances involving the victims and their family members and the notifications, et cetera, but coming up after the break, i will speak to one of the county commissioners as well, and make no mistake, there may be more media here than county commissioners, because it is a small community, and how are they coping, and how are they managing, and who is helping? that is what is next. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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tried to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in, and gets shot three times, and
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hits the floor and looks up at the gunman and says, it is my son's birthday. >> and he is goinging the have to learn to walk again, but he walked away with his life, and that is so much more than other people did. >> family members of chris mintz, an army veteran shot seven times by the killer, but yet, he survived. his story is heroic and he tried to bar that killer from getting into the room and block his gun fire and down on the ground he begged for mercy saying it is my son's birthday today, and the killer showed no merry continuing to fire, but chris survived. he will have more to tell as he recovers from his injuries and his family says he has two broken leg, and he is going to have to learn to walk again, but he survived seven bullets. i want to turn to the douglas county commissioner, chris boyes who is joining us from the
9:28 am
commissioner's center, and there anything that you can do to update us at this point, and anything about the forensics up at the college? >> i know that the investigators are work diligently at the scene. i'm not part of the investigation, a ap i don't have any new information as far as how well that investigation is progressing. >> what about man power? this is a very small commissioner, and there are 22,000 people in the town of roseburg. do you have the kind of manpower that you need in the sheriffs and the local police and the investigators, and even the morgue situation? >> we do. we have a e tremendous amount of support from outside of the community pouring in, and we have investigators from the oregon state police investigative unit, and the fbi, and the u.s. marshall's office and obviously our own law
9:29 am
enforcement working at the scene as well. >> and then of course, from the technical, there is the emotional. i cannot imagine in a town as small as this, there won't be everyone down to the last person affected in some way by this. everyone is going to know someone who is affected by this. >> that is very true. we have a tight knit small rural community and when the dust settles on this thing, rest assured that everyone in the community is going to find out that they are very close to someone involved in this incident, and it is traj ekic, and o -- tragic, and one of the worst days i have had to serve as county commissioner, and very difficult. >> we cover these stories all too often, commissioner, and we often if not always hear the same refrain, i just never
9:30 am
thought that it would happen in a place like this, and i am looking around, and i am looking at this community, and it is now your new reality. >> yes, and we did feel exactly the same way. we have a tight knit community and the kind of place where most everybody knows everybody else, and you can see the sort of thing on the news unfortunately all too often and you do have a sense of peace and security that this sort of thing would not happen in our community, and obviously, it can, and now our community is pulling together, and we are going to have to deal with it. fortunately, we have the help of other communities who have gone through the same thing. >> douglas county commissioner chris boice, thank you so much for being with us, and i am sorry it is with these circumstances, and i do wish you and your constituents an xhd community good luck in trying to process this. >> yes. thank you very is much p.
9:31 am
coming up next, i mentioned it that we cover these kinds of stories all too often, and there is one person who perhaps has some remarkable perspective, and it is someone who was shot four times in the rampage on the virginia tech campus. he is now dedicating his life to changing the way things happen, changing why these happen, but is anything changing? he is going to join me next.
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and of course sh, what is a routine is that somebody somewhere will comment and say obama politicized this issue. well, this is something that we should politicize. i would ask the news organizations, because i won't put the facts forward have is the news organizations tally up the americans who have been killed through terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of americans who have been killed by gun violence. and post those side by side on your news reports. and it is not information coming from me, but it is coming from you. >> well, when the president asks, cnn delivers, and the numbers coming forward from the centers for disease control and
9:36 am
prevengs show that 313 u.s. deaths by terrorism compared to 316,000 died by gun violence, 316,545 died for gun violence, and a headline, for every one terror death, there are 10,000 to one for gun violence. and now, joining us is one of the victims of the virginia tech university shootings. collin is now fully advocating for gun the safety, and in every town gun safety is the name of the organization. collin, you know, the typical question that i would ask you is, you went through this and then you hear this on the news and how does it make you react, but i won't ask you that. instead, i want to ask you,
9:37 am
collin, we have called you 14 times, and cnn has called you 14 times for your reaction since you went through what you went through on the campus of virginia tech. and i'm not even sure what the question should be now, and i'm not even sure that you are prepared to give the kind of answer that you have been giving the past 13 times. >> i will give you the same answer every time you call me, we have to act to reduce gun violence in america, but i recommend that you don't need to call me anymore, and you know what the answer is, and you should call somebody like congressman bob goodlah who is the chairman of the house committee that has done zero work on the issue of gun violence in america, and there are close to 100 bills in his committee that have been ignored to this point, and we should be asking the congressman what is the problem with the issue, and the same with congressman john boehner, and he is leaving the
9:38 am
post, and he doesn't have to worry about the political calculations before, and now he should do something that he has not done before and those are the people who we should have do something about the routine massacres in the kun tcountry. >> and yet, as you process each and every one of the massacres, and by some accounts one almost every week of the obama administration, and it is simply remark to state that, but at the same time, i know that you recommend that there is a strong conviction of many americans to protect the 2nd amendment and gun rights in all costs standing in stark contrast for those with gun control, and so we are at loggerheads, and what is the solution to the impasse? >> well, there is a strong reaction of the americans to do something to respect the 2nd amendment, but to make it more difficult for the dangerous people to get their hands on the gun. and at the forepoint is the
9:39 am
background checks on all gun sales. and not just gun checks, but that is the one thing that vast ma j majority of americans and gun owners and the most support of congress, and the states that have implemented it, and oregon is the recent one, but it came into effect this past august, there are fewer women shot by domestic partners and fewer law enforcement killed, and so if we look at the whole picture of the gun deaths in america that you have shown, we have to ask the americans what can we do to reduce the gun violence. it should not end there, but that is one of the things that. swr the population of 2015 have come to consensus, and it is time for the elected officials to follow suit and do what the vast majority of americans want them to do. >> thank you, collin for coming to visit with us for the 14th
9:40 am
time, and i really hope not to call you for 15th time, and yet, i don't believe it is possible. >> and i will be here for any time you call, and for anybody else, join u and text 877-877 now, and help us with take action in towns everywhere. thank you, colin. who was this can killer? why did he pick this place? why did he target the ones he targeted and did he leave a telltale sign before he went on the murderous rampage? those questions are next. >>mine hurt more..
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welcome back. i'm ashleigh banfield reporting live from roseburg, oregon, a place that you may not have heard of before, but with the forensic work done before me at a crime scene that is nothing short of bloody and disaster, nine victims and ten if you count the shooter and nine still in the hospital. and there are stories coming out of what happened in the
9:45 am
classrooms. one from a woman who was shot in the back and played dead and could hear the accounts of those around her. and the shooter delivered a box to one of the victims who survived. this is astounding information, deb, and what was in this box and what was in it and what is the circumstance? >> well, this is what we can tell you is that the told to the father of one of the girls who was shot in that classroom that the gunman apparently gave someone a box, and told that person, you have to deliver this. we don't know where that box is, or what was in the box. obviously, there's discussion, and questions as to whether perhaps it could have been a manifesto or a document, and number of the shooters, they want to make sure that what they are thinking gets known and gets disseminate ed disseminated to the public at large, and almost as in a which to justify the cruel and the nature and violent act.
9:46 am
what we do know is that he was on a number ber of web sishgts and including a dating website is where he describes himself as a conservative republican, and he lives with his parent, and his mom is in oregon and his father is in los angeles, and he is not religious, but he is spiritual. "the new york times" interviewed somebody who said that a neighbor who said that he seemed a little bit odd, because he always wore the military-style outfits, and he had a very close relationship with his mom. his mom lives about five miles from the university, and there are lin tox the university. he h-- there are links to the university. he has a e-mail linked to the college, and also linked to production assistant that is supposed to happen this month. there is a more disturbing website which is a file sharing
9:47 am
website, and where he shared or downloaded a movie, a bbc documentary "surviving sandy hook" and he blogged on talked about the recent killings, and specif specifically the two reporters in virginia, and he says that the gunman was alone, and unknown, and then he goes on the say that virtually overnight, he was in the limelight. so clearly very disturbing patterns of what he was thinking prior to the tragedy, ashleigh. >> twist and sick beforehand and certainly twisted and sick in the classrooms of the accounts demanding to know the religios s of each of the victims that he stood up off of the floor, and then point blank executed with a shot no the head, many of them, and deb feyerick, thank you. the sheriff when asked about the details and the demands of people's religion, and he said that he didn't know more about that, but will the sheriff know more about the mysterious box that the gunman supposedly delivered to one of the
9:48 am
survivors saying that you must dedeliver this, you have to deliver this, and we should get that answered in 15 minutes' time, and we are counting down to the next official update from the sheriff's office here in roseburg. back after this. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift?
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aftit gets pretty stuffy.r a while, when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? (kid sniffs) (dad sniffs air) the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floatin' around. there's dog hair pollen more work ♪ ding dong wow! what's this? swiffer sweeper swiffer dusters removes up to 70% of dust & allergens. stays on there like glue. you can't do that with the other broom. wow, i love it! (family sniffs air) the tobin stance. that's totally what it is. breaking news. i'm reporting live here out of oregon, and some news about this mass killer who went on a rampage not even a mile of where i am standing in a local
9:52 am
community college here taking out nine people. eventually dying himself, and nine others in the hospital, and now we are learning this, about this 26-year-old killer. the army has given a statement indicating that this killer was in fact in the army for one month, apparently discharge d i 2008 and i will quote what the army statement says, discharged for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards to serve in the u.s. army, and that can be for many reasons. but he apparently didn't make it out of basic training. i want to bring in lieu tenant colonel rick francona who knows a thing or two about serving, but has lived here in this community for 18 years, and before we get to that, i want to talk about the breaking news, and you could say that he served, but you are telling me that you are not considered a
9:53 am
vet unless you make it 90 days. >> this would mean at some point in the training one of the training sergeants recognized something that is incompatible with military service, maybe mental or legal or physical requirements, citizenship or something like that. >> and they don't put it on the public papers what they used to discharge him. >> no, it is just catch-all phrase. >> if he had a mental illness -- >> yes. >> does the army follow up with those people? >> i don't know how that is handled, but there is a record of his that is kept, and an army record which has all of the details nit, but the public records won't have that, because of the legal issues, and the privacy concerns and things like that, but if someone had access to the record, they would have access to the reason was, and we don't know what it is. >> and my assumption with this information coming out, the fbi
9:54 am
is on this immediately and working in concert with army officials who can dig out the details, and get it. >> yes, and once the fbi gets that maybe they will have an idea of the impact of that on events here, but right now, it says that he had joined the army and did not make it through the basic training and discharged for whatever reason. >> and not even a month, and failed to meet the minimum administrative standards, and 90 days to become a vet, and so no m mental health services if they were available to this non-vet. >> right. no military service reason that caused his mental illness, and noer is vis-connected disability so he falls outside of the v veteran administration, so they have no record of this guy. >> and let me put on the hat as a two of-decade resident of this pristine equipment. >> close. close. i live over on the coast. >> and a place like roseburg,
9:55 am
and we have said in this program that people have not known roseburg, and they will know it now. >> and for the wrong reasons. i have talked to many of the acquaintances here in town, and besides the shock of this can't happen here, and this is not why we moved here and what this community is about, this is what roseburg is going to be known for, for a long time to come, and that bothers them, because they are proud of where this is. >> it is joining sadly the ranks of the paducahs, and the columbines and the many other communities. and join us at the top of the hour, because we are expecting this news conference with the local sheriff with any details they are prepared to make public at the early stage of the investigation. i'm ashleigh banfield, and reporting live. with we will see you in the coming hours. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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9:59 am
active shooter at ucc. >> all of the sudden, bam, bam, bam. >> and we are the only country on earth that sees the mass shootings every few months. >> he came in and there was gun fire immediately. he shot the professor point blank. >> we all kind of ran different directions. i was praying that i would make it. >> and that means that there are more american families, moms,
10:00 am
dads and children whose lives have been changed forever. >> i found myself looking around for the gunman in fear of being shot myself. >> honestly, i sat under the desk to pray. i didn't know what else to do. >> and somehow, this is becoming routine. >> and he is exchanging the shots with him, and in the classroom. >> and the shooter is deceased. >> we are in a war. this is domestic terrorism. >> and our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is not enough. hello, i'molf blitzer and it is 1:00 p.m. in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we begin with the campus massacre in oregon and a news conference set to begin any minute, and we will go there live. once it starts, the sheriff will update us. d


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