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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  October 3, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ breaking overnight, u.s. airstrikes in afghanistan killing nine workers for doctors without borders, dozens still missing, and reports this morning that the u.s. requests r was warned prior the those strikes. new information on the gunman, he owned more than a dozen weapons. we are learning now more information about those victims. the carolinas get set for flooding that they haven't seen in 500 years. the latest on hurricane
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joaquin's path. we are all so grateful you take the time to wake up with us. good morning, i'm christy paul from i'm victor blackwell. >> we want to begin with afghanistan where we have then staff members of doctors without borders that were killed. these pictures we are just getting in. we want you to take a look here. those are flames and smoke inside the walls of that hospital. and the walls are also collapsing. tagme fragments of glass. people injured, doctors are trying to fix the injured if a make-shift place. >> right after dawn, you can see the burned out shell here smoke
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still billowing from some of these windows. again nine aid workers with doctors without borders killed. many still missing. we have this information by the organization. we are deeply shocked by the staff, the killing of our staff and patients and the heavy toll that has been inflicted on health care in kunduz. let's go to cnn correspondent nic robertson in paris the city where doctors without borders was founded. nic, the u.s. military says airstrikes may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical that stilt silt. that's a part of their statement. the u.s. afghanistan released this statement. talk more about the comboming campaign that's been going on in this area. >> well the taliban took over the town of kunduz where this medical military was in the center of it. monday, five days ago, msf
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doctors without borders five days ago they told not only washington but kabul of the gps coordinates of this medical facility. it's a large sprawling medical facility. we know the taliban went into the city and targeted the hospitals, looking for government troops, any injured government troops. we know that at the time of these strikes that there was fighting in the i have cyndi of this hospital complex. we know from nato officials that there were strikes close to there. they say the hospital could have been collateral damage. but what we are learning from doctors without borders is that they say when the first strike at the hospital. they say partially destroyed the hospital, that were on the hospital, doctors without borders say when they first made them aware.
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they said the airstrike on that facility continue for another 30 minutes before they stop. we are told there are 105 patients in there along with family members as well and 80 doctors without borders international, a local staff, working in that hospital at the time. so far this week, they had already treated over 400 casualties of the fighting that's rocked that city between the taliban and government forces, vector. >> all right. nic, we will have the folks up in the control room the u.s. embassy mourns the individuals affected by the tragic incident at the doctors without borders hospital and for all those suffering from the violence if kunduz there from the u.s. embassy there in afghanistan. nic, back to you. how many medical resources are there? i'd imagine there are very few
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and now after this bombing and what we've seen of this new video, we can play that as well, guy, back in the control room that, there aren't many resources available. >> reporter: there won't be. this was set up by doctors without borders. they have been working for decades and saved thousands or tens of thousands of live, mind plast victims iraq e regularly come into these facility. it's the only they have in the north o afghanistan there. as such will be a place a lot of people can get to. they though they can get to first class international doctors with good facilities. it's hugely important in the general run of things and utterly vital at a week like this whether to see intense fighting in the city.
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it's going to diminish the medical facilities available there. what we do know are that some staff, msf staff, are being relocated out of there so you not only do you lose the facility, but you lose some of those taliban are contesting it. >> thank you so much. let's go to a reporter for the requested gartian '80s in kabul. you are there in afghanistan and there are reports that the u.s. was warned prior to these airstrikes where this hospital was located. what can you tell us about what you know today?
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also the afghan of defense and the nato and u.s. military. sometimes these airstrikes are called in by the afghan military asking for assistance from the american military. so and not only will they share it this week, they would have been known prior to this normally, that's obviously a lot of people here can't understand how this could happen. there is a lot of anger towards u.s. and kunduz people are assuming this wasn't an american airstrike. there is no doubt. but there has been this narrative the afghan forces can't fight the taliban without the assistance from the u.s. military. an incident like this makes people question what's the use of the military if they want to penetrate the most damage about this. >> seeing these pictures. we can point out we are just
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getting in, should have gotten them in, in the last 15 minutes, of the scene there and of the flames inside that building, when it was happening, we understand just in the last hour that the death toll jumped from 3 to 9. also hearing there are 30 people unaccounted for what do you know of what's happening there at the scene right now? well, the 30 people unaccounted for i think was a previous statement issued. now they say nine killed, 37 wounded. they still say a lot of people out of california don't put numbers on it. >> that number accounts beth for staff and patients, the only msf staff the critically injured has been moved to another medical facility, a place which is like two hours drive from kunduz city so this toll is likely to rise today and tomorrow when msf gets a chance to really sursay the
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damage done. but this apparently the building hit in the hospital was the main building with more than 100 resulttives were present. at the same time you have medical staff waiting outside the building to operate on patients coming in all over the city. this is their time and completely packed facilities when this attack happened. >> yes. it's remarkable. we so appreciate your insight into this. thank you very much. >> now the u.s. military has opened an investigation into this incident. we are joined now by cnn analyst retired general mark hurtling. doctors without borders say the precise location was community indicated september 29th and the bombing happened 30 minutes after officials in kabul and washington were first informed. generally, your reaction to that, the typical degree of
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communication between the military and these types of aid organization. >> it's a great point. first of all, it is under investigation. it proves how critically important precision weaponry is and why some people who just claim we should go bomb things are uninformed about how the tragic occurrence like this might happen. first of all, my condolences to all those doctors without borders. this is a terrific organization. it's been all over the world and in afghanistan for at least the early 1980s but the criticcality of this when you say it's under investigation, it could have been just the fluid nature of combat. there have doctors without borders on their web page earlier this week said they were right in the middle of the conflict when the taliban and the afghan security forces. they claim they were right there. so that leaves a little space to this, the fact that it's just up to fight in these kind of areas and people get hurt.
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secondly, precision weapons aren't always precise. when you think of this being equivalent to a videogame, it is not. sometimes these weapon systems miss their targets and that could have been the cause for this. there is always also the reason of hey, did we know exactly where they were? i kind of chuckled when we heard nic robertson say they notified the u.s. and kabul government 30 minutes prior to the attack they were there. the bombings still continue. you just don't turn these things on and off when accidents happen. it's tough to get that message to the embassy, the military, to the ground spoter. there is a lot of people in the chain of communication on this. these things happen in combat. it's very unfortunate. it's tragic. condolences go out to them. this is what happens when the tal pan attacks in a city being secured by the afghan security forces. >> again, the u.s. military opened an investigation into
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this. leiutenant general, thank you. we'll talk to you next hour about what that investigation looks like. >> sure. >> thanks. also ahead, new details for you this morning on a man behind the slighting at that umpqua community college. his connection to the school and the shocking number of weapons he had. also, you might be looking out your window right now seeing rain. it's all over the carolinas and there is so much more of it on the way, historic flooding is expected. that's coming up. and bill clinton, he was a major factor in helping barak o'bama get re-elected. not so much in the case 2008 for his wife's first run at the white house. which bill clinton is going to show up this time?
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. >> i found out there had been a shooting, it was in the lighting class. my son was in the lighting class. when i found that out, i, i just prayed that he's all right. i saw some headlights coming up my road and they weren't coming very fast and they kind of stopped and hesitated. when they drove in my driveway, i could see that they had shirt, ties and clipboard, i knew they were coming to tell me. >> pearce out to all of these
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people dealing with the aftermath t. woman you saw there is the mother of this man, jason johnson, a 34-year-old killed in thursday's shooting. turning his life around. we are learning this morning, johnson and those eight other students were killed by a fellow classmate. school officials now confirming that the gunman had been registered for that writing class, where he nibblely opened fire. dan simon is live with more for us. dan, what else are you learning this morning? >> well, good morning, christy, i was at that very somber news conference when the sheriff read the names of the victim, five men, four mim women, ages ranging from 18 to 67. we are also learning more information about the shooter. this is somebody who had amassed an incredible amount of fire power. six guns were found at the school, seven more found at his home, all the guns were
3:18 am
purchased legally. >> we need as many ambulances as possible. we have upwards of 20 victims. >> reporter: sharing new details in the oregon college massacre the gunman came heavily armed, ready to kill as many people. >> he has shots. he's in a classroom. >> he brought a flat jack, multiple pistols and a rifle. >> six were recovered at the 62. seven at the shooter's residence along with five magazines. >> nine people were killed, nine other wound when the 26-year-old who attended the college walked into its own english classroom and opened fire. in the middle of the rampage, the gunman handed his writings to a survivor to give to police, according to sources, in those pages the shooter rambled about his hatred towards black men and he was frustrated about being a virgin, unable find a
3:19 am
girlfriend. why the shooter targeting un umpqua community college is still unclear. he lived nearby in this apartment complex with his mother, who was reportedly fiercely protective of him. cnn learned the shooter suffered mental health issues and had sought relief. >> shock, shock is all i can say. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are learning more a victims who range in age of 16 to 67. >> one person's deranged acts, he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: well, this is a community still very much in shock. only 22,000 people live here.
3:20 am
if people don't know the victims personally, they certainly know someone who does. originally it was thought the school might reopen as early as monday. apparently the school thought better of it. we now know the closes will be closed all of next week. christy. >> all right. dan simon. thank you so much. well the sheriff in this oregon county where this shooting happened is known for talking tough when it comes to guns. he is not changing his tune. now, his stance has him in the mild of the fight for gun control. will you hear from him in a moment. also, this is more than a rainy weekend. we are talking major flooding t. time scenes once every 500 years. we will talk about what hurricane joaquin's role is in all this. tracking the big storm next. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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hey, look at these pictures overnight. police, fire crews had to rescue a driver after this driver was stuck in the middle of a flooded road. please don't drive under flooded roads. what is there may have been washed away t. governor is warning people to stay indoors because the state of south carolina could get drenched with the heaviest rain it's seen in almost 500 years. it appears hurricane joaquin will not directly hit the u.s. the effect certainly could be
3:25 am
catastrophic in one county, emergency crews went door-to-door evacuating people from their flooded homes. this is just the beginning. because the rain will continue all weekend. cnn meteorologist has been watching this mess. and the first time i read this number, allison, i thought it was a typo, so i checked somewhere else, 12 inches of rain possibly in some areas. >> actually, victor, that's on the low end. we will see some careers that will see 15 inches of rain. that's that statistic of that 105 year flood. they don't see this very often. in fact, it's been almost 40 years since they've had that much rain in the area of charleston. this is so far away, already fallen on the ground. a lot of spots four-to-six inches, charleston, myrtle beach, wilmington, including the outer banks, here's a look. we have the flood watch for all of the areas of north and south carolina you see here in green. flash flood warnings for chorlt and charleston.
3:26 am
the heaviest rain is yet to come you have jomen off to the bahamas. it has this pool of moisture. part of that is because of this upper level low. it's sucking all of the moisture out from that funneling that plume into the same spot over and over and over. you can see here on the radar, it's going to continue to do that as we go through the day today. so here's one. that we do have to keep in mine. it's not just the heavy rain that's coming in. it's also the high tides. because we have already hit low tide. as we go through the rest of the day. high tide peaks at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> that will be a concern for folks in charleston as more of that water gets pushed into the downtown area. a lot of spots picking up ten information. there will be some areas that can pick up as much as 15 inches of rain. again we are talking inundated. all after that will fall in two days. that's too quick and too much.
3:27 am
>> this comes after a week of continued rain. thanks so much. well, president obama not only criticizing russia's airstrikes in syria. he's warning vladmir putin the air campaign will lead to more blood shed. we'll talk about that and did the sheriff in roseburg once believe the shooting at sandy hook was staged? our sarah seidner confirm what is some are calling a controversial lawman. g you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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>> we want to give you new details on the breaking news we
3:31 am
have been following this morning from afghanistan. nine staff workers of doctors without borders were killed in the northern city of kunduz. >> that is the trauma center you are seeing on your screen. the u.s. military saying the strike may have resulted to nearby collateral damage and they are investigating the incident. but this is the damage as you see there once the sun came up, of course. smoem smoke was billowing through the roof. you can see the scene, the smoke on the windows there. as we said, nine staff workers killed and many people still unaccounted for this morning as there is a make-shift area where they are treating the people who were injured before this blast. even though you can see flames are still burning inside the building. cnn is looking to get more. we'll have a live report for you
3:32 am
at the top of the hour as well. >> these airstrikes came a day after president obama warned vladmir putin about his campaign in syria and he says it will only lead to further bloodshed. listen. >> an attempt by russia and iran to prop up assad and try to pacify the population is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire and it won't work. and they will be there for a while. >> just got some new numbers into cnn that russia reportedly launched inside syria in the past 24 hours. despite international concern, russia seems to be ignoring isis. some say, and propping up president bashar al-assad's regime by targeting his enemies, those rebels. phil plaque is live in moscow with the latest for us, phil,
3:33 am
good morning. >> good morning, victor, yes, every few hours, really, here in moscow, russian officials are releasing long lists of the targets. they say their aircraft struck in syria. a range of targets from am mission depos to bunkers, to command centers, communication facilities and attaching the word isis or isil to all of it, claiming that each one of these was the property of isis, those particular, that particular militant group. some of them and some of those targets, if russia says, are close to the city, the russian strong hold the vast majority taking place in regions that the united states and its coalition allies say where isis has very little presence, indeed what they say and the the continued strong criticism of russia is they are only striking at groups that russia believes are a threat to the regime of certain president bashar al-assad and as a result they are striking those
3:34 am
moderate groups and striking civilians in the course of that as well. russia denies all that and insists it is only going after terrorist groups. it insists it is supporting the syrian regime. it believes it remains the best possible obstacle to stand in the way of terrorist groups like isis sweeping over the rest of syria. >> we'll expand the conversation now. phil, thank you so much. a naval intelligence officer is joining us and the author of how to catch a russian spy. thank you for being with us. first of all, what do you think at the end of the day is the payoff here nor russia? is it about getting the u.s. out of the middle east? is it about a standing territory into syria? what does your gut tell you? >> hey, christy, look, i think in a brilliant after stroke, russia has done something they haven't done in 14 years. they've inserted themselves into the dialogue of syria and with
3:35 am
30 jets and 20 airstrikes. i mean, that's i think this whole. arizona much to do with assad as it has to do with the united states. russia is clearly insefrt serting themselves into the world calculus here. it's been successful so far. >> if russia is successful in decimateing these rebel groups that support al-assad, what do you think that means for the future of syria? >> as president obama said, he used the word quagmire, frankly it's already a quagmire. i'm not sure how much worse it can get. the nsa the pentagon came out and said we're not quite sure nsa is fighting isil. they've taken their weapons and chosen to fight primarily against assad. i'm not sure exactly what the russians will change. let's not forget, they only have 30 jets. we have twice as many. we have the ability to turn the tide aagainst isil with twice as many assets.
3:36 am
>> people argue they're not targeting isil the rebel-backed forces that are fighting assad. senator john mccain says the russians have struck u.s.-backed forces. listen to this. >> i can absolutely confirm to you there were strikes against our free syrian army or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia, because we have communications with people there. >> the russian, of course, assert that they are targeting isis as well as other groups in syria. but just want to get your gain of what do you think is really going on there and how strong is the u.s. intel on everything there? >> look, i think the nor is absolutely right, the russian and iraqis and iranians announce they are sharing intelligence, they probably got it from the syrians. i mean the syrians invited them
3:37 am
there. i am sure a part of the condition is we will help the syrians. they made that very clear t. russians said over and over, isis and the organizations. they consider nsa a terrorist organization, frankly. so clearly they're there to prop up assad. clearly the areas they were targeting yesterday, thursday, was not anywhere close to isil. so it's of no surprise they're pushing for targets to support assad. >> we so appreciate your insight. thank you for being with us, sir. >> thank you. >> there are many lauding the standing down we should say of the sheriff in oregon, the roseburg shooter. now the sheriff is under fire for posting a conspiracy theory. also, hillary clinton is calling what many believe is her surrogate husband u husband bill
3:38 am
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3:42 am
about that, the politics has to change. >> the president there talking to the american people after this shooting in oregon. once again asking spliks to put aside into place stiffer gun safety laws, new registration is something that the roseburg sheriff said he stood fastly again. in this week's college massacre, it doesn't appear to have changed his mind. we want to know more about what he's thinking. sara sidner find out. >> reporter: thrust onto the national stage after the malls kerr at umpqua community college sheriff john hasn't chatillon talks tough and isn't afraid to share his opinion. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >> reporter: his stance on the shooter, cheered by many. but some of his other believes are putting him smack dab in the
3:43 am
middle of the fight over gun control a. letter he sent to vice president joe biden. one month after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, one of the deadliest in american history gives everyone a good look at his unwavering stance on gun control. it says, in part, gun control is not the answer to preventing heinous crimes like school shootings. now a mass shooting has hit him at home. so we asked. about his thoughts as the entire country asking, why is this happening in yreka yet again and what will stop it? can you talk to me about your stance on the fact that you feel like gun control is not a potential answer to these matters? >> okay. i understand your interest in that. and i can appreciate that you have an interest in my position. but like i've said a number of times this morning, we are focusing on getting this investigation completed. >> reporter: but he did talk to us a bit about a controversial post on his facebook page also
3:44 am
getting attends now, long before the umpqua college shooting, he reposted a viral video. >> that delves into conspiracy theories involving the sandy hook shooting. it goes as far to question whether some of the grieving parents were crisis actors. he writes, this makes me wonder who we can trust anymore and goes on to say, watch, listen and keep an open mind. >> did you post it? >> no. >> he didn't post it? >>. . i know what you are referring to. >> yeah. >> that's not a conspiracy theory belief i have. >> reporter: an outspoken sheriff measuring his words as the gun is replaced with grief. >> thanks so sarah there. is former president bill clinton coming to his wife's rescue on the cane trail or is this rollout a part of the plan all along? in just a moment, listen to his
3:45 am
first official speech for his wife's 2016 bid. plus, we are learning pope francis met with a same sex couple while in the u.s. what did they talk about? we have exclusive details next hour. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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>> hillary clinton is in washington this morning, set to speak in front of the largest lbgt advocacy group. all this is happening as the clinton's campaign rolls out the not so secret weapon, their husband, bill clinton t. former president made the first official speech in a stop in
3:49 am
west virginia. he spoke about returning to the campaign trail and he took a few shots in the gop field, including the front runner donald trump. >> i told somebody the other day, i'm not sure i'm good at this anymore. i'm kind of an old horse they keep in the stable. election time comes along, they give you a few extra brushes, take you out on the slap and see if you can get around just one more time. in the first debate, it looked like they were taking a theologist test to show the most intense hatred of government. and they said, well, trump, who is a master brander just blew by them because you need to vote for me, i don't know anything about it. you shouldn't be able to insult or resent your way all the way to the white house. the american people deserve, the
3:50 am
american people deserve somebody who will just stand up and talk to them and listen to them. >> all right. joining us now to discuss this is professor of political science, jason johnson the former president there said he's not sure he's any good at this anymore. his supporters and opponents will say he is probably the best sat this on the campaign trail but we saw if 2008, there are some pitfalls. how do they avoid hem? >> well, they avoid them. this is slightly a new attitude. i heard clinton say this in atlanta i think like january of this year. he was sort of roger mur talks i'm getting a little too old for this. >> student: he's like i'm not out to fight anymore. i'm out to talk particular issues. i think the more clinton presents himself as the statesman, the guy who has seen all the war that politics can come and has come to conclusions how america moves forward. i think that helps hillary clinton a lot. a lot of people will look at him
3:51 am
that way. >> what is your take on this? some opponents will say bill clinton is coming out the poms are a little shaky. bernie sanders is surging. her supporters will say, this was a part of the rollout that he come out in the fall from the very beginning. what's your take? >> it's both. first off, remember, we are heading into the first cnn debate. this is hillary clinton's chance to stop some of the pleading. she is generally still in the lead. this is a chance to create distance between herself and bernie sanders again and also bill clinton is there. the public and private bill clinton. private bill clinton is meeting with her fund raisers saying, look, you have been with us 25 years. are you not allowed to back out now. i think this was probably already planned t. fact that hillary clinton faced struggles over the past few months is a struggle as well. >> you mentioned the scandal, some put it in quotes. you got benghazi as well. >> i will put that in quotes. the latest pugh research trail
3:52 am
shows she has the lead. i wonder the timing for a maybe more difficult period in the month to come? >> no, here's the. . whenever bill clinton is going to start speaking on behalf of hillary, there is going to be question about aha, here's her secret weapon, she must be in trouble. if you are going to bring him out, why not this month when hillary has her first debate and the benghazi hearings. this is the perfect time for bill to start reminding the public of the role he plays. remember, we are only a couple months away from iwest virginia i think there will be conspiracy their res whenever he starts speaking. now is a good time as many. this is an important month for hillary clinton. >> the next couple days or weeks are pretty important. what do you expect to see as we roll up to the continuing of the rollout of the american president but the benefit dpaez hearing? >> that's going to be really tough for both sides, first off,
3:53 am
hillary clinton will be tough. she has to answer questions she actually answered already and not sound too irritable and too glib. on the flipside, every democrat on that committee, every democrat supporter and every democratic person working with hillary clinton is going to mention what kevin mccarthy said. the new possible speaker of the house who had mitted this week the whole purpose of the hearings was to try to hurt her in poll numbers. so she's got to sort of, you know, tow that line between answering questions legitimately and pointing out the republican versus done this as a witch hunt to hurt her, not because four americans lost her life. >> we will see if she mentions it, herself. >> tanks, victor. just a reminder, is jason mentioned it, the first democratic presidential debate is set to take place one week from tuesday, october 13th. 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. do stay with us. we have new details about that deadly airstrike that killed
3:54 am
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six participants came together in january to start their journey. they weren't new to the sport. they learned to swim, bike, and run over the course of eight months, all in preparation for the na udica, a triathlon. with their new found skills and the coach cheering them on, they headed back home to train. in may, they came together again in southern california for a week of hard car training. >> it's been amaze, eating
3:59 am
habits. meal planning, to be able get it at a time, we really supported each other. >> i tried running today, it's an ongoing setback. i will finish the race. >> i really got in the zone. i really feel like i awaken the triathlete. >> i will do it. i put myself, my mind to do it. anything i put my mind to, do i do. >> i can't believe i'm doing this. >> now it's game time. a half mile swim in the pacific. 18 miles of biking on the pacific coast highway. a four-mile run. >> and ten the finish line. >> it's been great. >> i did it 679 i did it. >> i can't wait to sign up for my next one, man. >> i'm so proud in my life. hnn and cnn, dr. sanjay gupta,
4:00 am
you made it happen for us. >> we are following breaking news this morning the u.s. apologizing for airstrikes overnight that caused collateral damage in afghanistan. a hospital hit killing nine staff members, doctors without borders, dozens of others hurt. >> record flooding expected. evacuations are already under way, falk on unsaturated grounds, we are talking 10 to 15 inches forecasted here. >> that could cause conditions that have not been seen in more than 125 years. new polling this morning shows the gop race for the white house tightening for some. with donald trump still leading far aherd, you might be surprised that the issue that's winning over voters. >> we are always so grateful for
4:01 am
your company. >> let's start with this breaking news out of afghanistan this, mo. i want to show you the latest pictures as well. nine staff workers are killed. here are the picture we're get fwhk this hour after u.s. airstrikes rocked the trauma center in the northern city of kunduz. this is the first video from the scene we should point out. you see the burned out building the smoke billowing even from the rooftop there. inside, completely destroyed, in fact, once this video gets around toward the back, you may see the flames inside earlier before the sun came up. it was bombed. we should point out bombs repeatedly we have now learned. >> now doctors are scrambling to teach the injured in another
4:02 am
area, some operating theater there. doctors without borders released this statement, we are deeply shocked by the attack. the killing of our staff and patients and the heavy toll it has inflicted on health care in kunduz. >> let's go to cnn international editor nic robertson in paris. this is the city where u.s. doctors without borders, airstrikes may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility, doctors without borders say the bombing continued 30 minutes after the officials in walk and kabul were informed. do you have any insight into what may have happened here? >> reporter: we know on monday the taliban took control of the town of kunduz, some of their first targets were the hospital there. they went looking for injured afghan soldiers where we are
4:03 am
told medical workers were targeted. we know since monday the afghan government and taliban have been fighting for control of the town. we know there was fighting near the doctors without border's hospital facility. quite a large facility, over several hundred yards in the center of the city. a significant building, a building known to a lot of people, indeed, doctors without borders say they gave the gps coordinates to both kabul and walk as recently as five days ago. nay say they have treated staff there. the hospital is partially destroyed, they say. 37 people in there injured. significantly injured. 19 of them met doctors without borders international and local
4:04 am
staff among those significant injured. there were 105 patients as well as their family members inside the hospital at the time that these striengs. it does certainly seem from what doctors without borders are saying is that these strikes took place over a period of 30 minutes. they say after the first strike, they called again both kabul and walk to inform them. it took 30 minutes for those airstrikes to stop. we know that the u.s. has deployed airstrikes to back up nato and military advisers on the ground, supporting the after dependant national army. earlier this week when we were given distinctions how the airstrikes have been used. we have been told they have been called in when the troops have been directly threatened by taliban forces. that's been the dynamic of the battle. of course, it seems the battle was fighting very close, to this
4:05 am
medical facility when the strikes took place. christy. >> all right. nic robertson, thank you so much for bringing us the latest there from paris. the home of the town of doctors without borders, we appreciate it. the u.s. has opened an investigation into the incident. we will talk about what that lakely looks like in a moment. i am joined by retired general and colonel, bob mcginnis. good to have both of you. general, first to you, we've heard doctors without borders side of this, that they alerted those in kabul and in walk as early as september 29th. from the military side, how could something like this happen? >> there are several ways, victor, first of all, when are you alerted about a facility in a specific area t. coalition air force will put a no fly area on that particular gps coordinant. so you have a pinpoint dot on a
4:06 am
map, you say, something is there, try not to hit it or don't hit it, rather. but when the fluteness of the battlefield takes place, you have engaged with troops on the ground, sometimes there are mistakes. it could a a mistake in the nine line report, which is what the spoter on the ground sends to the aircraft in the air, giving the target, the target floex it's troops on the ground, where the spoter is. but then it also has, it sect e connects to this airplane traveling several hundred hours and hour with a pit site on board, which will drop a precision bomb. so there are all sorts of things that could go wrong with a precision strike. those are a few of those. these are all the kind of things that will be investigated. did the pilot have in no fly area. did the nine lynn report that went from the guy on the ground to the airplane, was it correct with the right data? was there something wrong with the aircraft? was there something wrong with
4:07 am
the bomb or the weapons system? all of those things will be a part of the investigation. >> all right. let's keep this video up. let's go back to the first video at sunlight of this facility. you see a smoke stain there. the glow of the flames still inside the building. we know nine aid workers there with doctors without borders killed. dozens of others injured. and colonel mcgen is to you now, this investigation that's been launched. tell us what that likely looks like. >> you will have people, obviously, sns sent into the area talking to all the friendlys on the ground trying to actually look for bomb damage assessment, what type of ordinance was used. they probably already know. and find out from the people that actually called in the strike as the general indicated as to what was happening? why would they call in that grid
4:08 am
coordinant? given the pre collusion that you mentioned earlier, so there is so much fluidity here, so much smoke in terms of you know how to dig true and determine what the real genesis of this strike is. it's tough to speculate in a meaningful way. the investigators, obviously, have a lot of experience in the area. they'll have spoken with the pilots. they will have spoken with some of the controllers in the area. assuming they had aerial controllers to ground controllers. then they'll make their call. they'll make a very subjective call on what the facts were, objective call on what the facts were and then let the chips fall where they would. unfortunately, this happens, though. in the frudity of the combination. we hate to see things happen, at the same time, they're inevitable given close in types of combat scenarios and buildup
4:09 am
areas. >> and you mentioned the fluidity. one of the elements still fluid here. the numbers of those killed. earlier 3 now 9. a reporter with the guardian said that number could likely arise as we get more information throughout the day. back to you, general hertling, just give us the context of kunduz. earlier this week the taliban captured kunduz, calming it their biggest victory in more than a decade. then afghanistan says we claimed the city a few days ago. talk about the crucial element of this city and what we're seeing here. >> well, first of all, victor, the city of kunduz, itself, i was there several years ago on a visit with our nato allies commanding in europe. the security of that city was provided by the german forces at
4:10 am
the time they have been out for several years. what's interesting about that, it was one of the more peaceful cities, one of the more secure cities in all of afghanistan. they are close to the uzbekistan border. it is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that was very secure. the taliban saw that as a primary target. in fact, there is a lot of taliban forces in the mountains and hills around the city of kunduz. they coordinated an attack primarily for the propaganda rational. if they can disrupt kunduz it shows the afghan deposit in kabul doesn't have control. again this is a city that a few miles to the west, which has nato forces, some aircraft, some special operating forces. so there is a continuing training and fling of iraq, excuse me, afghan security forces in this area.
4:11 am
but it has been declined recently because they have taken up the fight. but there are some trial influences in this area as well. very many tribal nuances. the taliban took this as an opportunity. >> we are still waiting to get more numbers and clarity from the u.s. government and doctor without borders as there are still some unaccounted for. general hertling, colonel mcginnis. good to have you both. >> thank you. >> this horrific shooting on an oregon college campus has the president fired up this morning his new verb badge on the issue of gun control. plus new details on the sheath sheeter behind the massacre. also, a lot of you in the east coast are just getting ready for what could be a historic flooding here? we'll give you an update on what is happening in that regard. plus the university of louisville now investigating exclusive allegations that a back football staff member paid
4:12 am
escorts to have relations with recruits. that's ahead. after we're all inside for a while,
4:13 am
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>> 15 minutes past the hour. we have new details we want to share about that gunman who killed nine people in a mass shooting at an oregon community college. people who knew him described him as odd, skittish and this morning school officials confirm he was, indeed, a student enrolled in that very class he fired on. dan same isn't live in roseburg with more of what has been discovered this morning. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, christy, well, at this point authorities are fought publicly discussing a motive. but that i are saying this is a shooter who was prepared for battle. he had assembled an incredible amount of fire power, six weapons were found at the school, seven more found at his home, all the guns were
4:16 am
purchased legally. >> dispatch as many ambulances as possible to the incident, we have as many as 20 victims. >> reporter: chilly information, the gunman came armed to kill as many as possible. >> he's in a classroom. >> reporter: verdicts say he brought a steel plate flat jacket. multiple pistols and a rifle. >> six were recovered at the school. seven were recovered at the shooter's residence along with five magazines. >> nine people killed, nine others wounded, when the 26-year-old who attended the college walked into his own english classroom and opened fire. in the middle of the rampage the gunman handed his writings to a survivor to give to the police according to sources. in those pages the shooter rambled about his hatred towards black men and he was frustrated about being a vir jirngs unable to find a girlfriends.
4:17 am
why the shooter targeted umpqua community college is unclear. he lived by with his mother, who was reportedly fiercely protective of him. his family has been investigate and he has sought mental health issues and we are learning more about the victims of the shooting who range in age from 18 to 67. among the dead, lawrence levine, an assistant professor of english. glen cooper who loved dancing and lu cera alvarez, she apparently wanted to become a pediatric nurse. >> one person's deranged act may have, indeed, broken all of our hearts. he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and strong stronger. >> well, i can tell you that this is still very much a community in shock.
4:18 am
22,000 people live here. if people don't know any of the victims personally. it's the kind of town where they certainly know someone who does. originally, it was thought the school might reopen as early as monday. we now know the classes will be chan said for all of next week. christy. >> it will take a long time. we appreciate seeing you this morning. thank you, sir. >> the president is fired up in walk. once again asking politicians to put asaid rhetoric. chris, the president's appeal extended beyond just officials and those elected to the american people. >> well r, that's exactly right. he continued to pass what he calls common sense gun safety laws, telling reporters, there
4:19 am
is nothing we can do to stop would be killers. mostly, he said, all he can do is talk. >> until the politics changes and the behavior of elected officials changes, so the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this on a regular basis and i will politicize it. because our inaction is a political decision that we are making. >> taking a swipe at republicans campaigning through the place, president criticized the argument that mental illness, not guns, so to blame for mass shootings. obama continued to make the argument that a majority of americans support what he calls modest gun laws, background checks. the problem he says to the gun lobby put money into politician's targets and fear into public's heart. to people troubled by the mass shootings, he said this. >> the people who are troubled by this have to be as intense
4:20 am
and as organized and as adamant about this issue as folks on the other side who are absolutists and think that any gun safety measures are somehow an assault on freedom or communistic. or a prop by me to take over. and stay in power forever or something. so the answer obama said is to rip a page from the republican nra playbook. he says people need to become single issue shotters and defeat politicians who oppose gun control and in congress on friday, house leader nancy pelosi and house speaker john boehner was asked to have a select committee. >> that would be aimed as proposing legislation to curb
4:21 am
gun violence and mass killings. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back.
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> a gunman shot and killed a civilian police staff member outside police headquarters near sydney, straleia. according to reports, the unidentified gunman tried shooting others as well. he, however, was shot dead at the scene. investigators haven't identified a motive. they say terrorism has not been ruled out here. >> the death toll from a massive landslide in guatemala is rising. reuters reports 26 people are dead. dozens more are feared dead.
4:25 am
as many as 600 are missing. the president of fifa is refusing to step down. coca-co coca-cola, vis have a, anheuser-busch, a swiss criminal investigation says leaving office would not be in the best interest of the game. >> robin williams' widow and three children from a previous marriage reached a settlement. the both sides trust satisfaction. the attorney representing susan williams says she will remain in a san francisco home she shared with williams and received living expenses to maintain the home the rest of her life. the east coast could get hit with the worst flooding scene in decades. i know a lot of people already we have shown have been rescued from flooded homes and roads and they all know when the rain will
4:26 am
stop. >> there is a mystery off the coast of the bahamas, a ship and his crew disappeared after sailing into the fury of hurricane joaquin.
4:27 am
4:28 am
>> well, mortgage rates were missed this week. here's your look.
4:29 am
4:30 am
>> out of afghanistan, nine doctors without borders are dead, this after u.s. airstrikes rocked the trauma center in the northern city of kunduz. the u.s. military says the strikes, i want to quote it here, may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility unquote. >> that is the facility you are referring to with the smoke stained windows. we do know the military says they are investigating the incident. but this is the damage that was video just taken after the airstrikes. initially, that roof actually is still smoldering. cnn is working this story. we do have a live reporter there and we will have more for you at the top of the hour. you can see there, the flames were still burning inside that building even after the sun came up. we also have new video for you of airstrikes from the russian defense ministry. they says the air force has
4:31 am
carried out 20 airstrikes in syria in the last 24 hours, destroying isis terrorist facilities, command centers and ammunition and pol depos. >> another story, hurricane joaquin could cause the worst flooding in decades, police and firefighters had to rescue dozens of drivers from high watt and evacuate people from their flooded home joaquin whipped up powerful coasts. millions of people from georgia to new york being drenched. cnn meteorologist allison chinchar with us now. 15 minutes of rain for some people? >> that's right. for some of these people, this will be the most rain they've had since records are kept. we are trying to keep a close eye on where the heaviest rain
4:32 am
falls. it's not the rain that's falling. what we have is the charleston harbor. as the rain begins to fall. you got all of that moisture funneled into the charleston harbor, the key. is downtown charleston sits about 20 feet above sea level. it's not very high. the elevation is rather low. when you get all of that water that funnels in, it can go backwards up towards the river. eventually it has nowhere to go. we start seeing street flooding. we have to keep in mind, it's not just the water down from the sky. it's also going to be the water in from the ocean. so here's a look at some of those tides. >> that will also play a huge factor. high tide 1:00 this afternoon. we see little dip this evening. back up again overnight tonight. again, even though we expect a dip tonight, we still expect to
4:33 am
have more rain on top of it. so that dip may not provide that much relief. here's a look at the rainfall estimates. notice out to the outer banks, already, 5 to 7 inches in a lot of spots. the worst is yet to come. all of your green areas, the red indicate flash flood warnings. now this purple area right here, that's where we are talking ten-plus inches. it's a big swath from wilmington to charleston, pockets in between, 15-plus inches of rain in downtown charlesson, they haven't had 15 inches since the 1930s. again, in spots like that, it will be a very big deal. again the rest of joaquin, as it continues to shift off to the north, that may in theory sound like a good idea. the rain goes with it. as we go up along the coast, we see more of the flooding begin for parts of d.c. and eventually
4:34 am
up toward new york, victor. >> a rough weekend, allison chinchor, thank you. the theme from the tropic storm. a ship with 13 people on board missing after getting caught in the mild of hurricane joaquin. this is a ship disabled by 150 miles per hour winds. nobody has heard from this clue in the last 36 hours. the u.s. coast guard couldn't get close to its last known location near crooked island because of that storm, it is too severe. it is resuming that search today, though. we will have a live report from the coast guard on what's happening in the next hour. do stay close for that. the meteorologist flew into the eye of the storm with hurricane hunters. >> tonight's flight will take 12 hours, a long and turbulent
4:35 am
flight these reservists bring along a team of scientists who collect information from the storm using these data checkers. which helps pediatric where the storm will go and saving millions of dollars in storm preparation and more importantly saving lives. it comes down to evacuate or not evacuate. emergency management have a tough job. we go in a storm. we go ate rough ride. we collect the data. they take that information to help those guys do the tough job of making the hard decision on who has to evacuate? lightning fills the darkness of sky. a few hours into our journey, sunlight reveals clouds and thunderstorms on the horizon. we are heading directly towards joaquin. we are just about to punch through the eye wall. meaning we are actually going into the strongest part of the hurricane, fueling winds in excess of 150 miles per hour with a category 4 just like this. we have experienced severe
4:36 am
turbulence. there is more to come. as we get tossed around inside the cockpit, our seasoned pilot assures us, we are in good hands. >> being on this plane, is it structurally sound? is it safe? >> oh, no, you are very safe in the 130. >> reporter: we are 7,000 feet above the northern bahamas in the center of the hurricane joaquin. this storm has been no toriously difficult to predict. but the weather data retrieved from the hurricane hunters will help improve the forecast greatly. multiple drop zones are released into the sky, sending back information like wind speed and storm pressure in real time right back to computers on board. joaquin is now pushing north. >> that's a fox coming up. >> a missing ship is vanded in rough swells. we drop to 6 hi, feet. thick clouds prevent us from finding the vessel. they return to their mission, seeking more data from the
4:37 am
storm, cnn, biloxi. >> we got new poll numbers out in the race for president. donald trump still in the lead. hmm. how about hillary clinton? is she holding her own? or is he slipping here? who is gaining ground on either side. all the answers next. plus pope francis met with a same sex couple while he was in the u.s., what do they talk about? we got exclusive details. and something exclusively on facebook this morning, a remarkable act of kindness that a plane full of people were deadly happen out. i spoke with the mom of this inconsolable child and they're on a plane. you know what that's like. well, the woman on the left came to her rescue in a unique way. could you be a flight angel? go to facebook/new day and check out the story. share your thoughts. we'd love to hear from you. ♪
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> flu polls out this morning from the pugh research center, donald trump maintains his lead with 25% of possible gop voters in his race for president, that's their primary choice, meantime, ben carson gaining momentum in 2nd and 3rd, rubio tied at 8%. senator ted cruz at 6. democratic voters, let's turn to those polls. hillary clinton has a double digit lead. jeffrey sculley with us. a political analyst from the
4:42 am
university of virginia center for politics, back with his professor of political science, jason johnson, let's put the gop numbers back up. the man everybody expected would be the front runner or at least the anti--trump, jeb bush, didn't even make the top five here. he's in 6th place at 4%. what is going on? >>ly say right up front, i was one of those people who thought scott walker was going to do well. clearly none of us know how the polls will turn out. jeb has had difficulties, voters don't trust him. think he's a bit of a whiner. trump has made him his whipping boy in most of the debates. i think right now probably the most dangerous person for lack of a better word to donald trump might be marco rubio. i've said before that iowa voters tend to sort of swing
4:43 am
late and people who are in 4th-to-6th place might have a move. i think marco rubio has been moving up in the polls that won't be harmed as much by jeb's attacks. >> you are one of the growing number of analysts who believe surveys and these polls are becoming less trust worthy. you wrote this, the science of public surveying is something, rather, and now the crisis right now. explain for us. >> well, pollsters face a lot of problems. probably the two most foremost problems are that a lot of the people, nearly half the population uses a cell phone t. other major problem is a lot of people don't want to respond. response rates have fallen from, goodness, 80% or so in like 1980s to less than 10% now, which means it's hard to get a sample. it's a lot more expensive to get a sample, a good sample, yeah,
4:44 am
these are major challenges that pollsters face. >> jason, i saw you on the monitor here nodding on that explanation. i wonder if someone like trump, this has been the summer of trump. we have moved into the fall can capitalize on not just name recognition, but, just if as needed in the pugh polls, they give us who you would support without listing the candidates. they give the name they know. >> well, yeah, it always helps when you are a well known name. he's had a tv show that's popular, a brand that's been popular for decades and decades. this is what i've always said about donald trump and his relationship with the polls, you know, at the end of the day, iowa is a caucus. it's not a primary. you got to have people willing to argue, people willing to go into an empty church basement and argue on your behalf for six or seven hours, for all of trump's speeches and television appearance, he can be doing great in national polls, but if
4:45 am
he doesn't have that kind of effort on the ground in o'what, he can still be beat by somebody who has a better ground game. >> jeffrey, how can these polls be fixed? is there a way to do that? >> they are searching for a solution a. lot of pollsters seem to be turning to the internet. but there are questions about that methodology. there is really no obvious, you know, silver bullet out there. with internet panels, you run into the problem that it's not really a true probability sample, because brand of sampling is all about everyone has the same chance of being called or asked the question. with internet panels about nine out of ten people use the internet in the united states that, still leads a decent percentage out there who don't and young people are more inclined to use the internet, which is actually the reverse of how voter turnout usually works. younger people have a lower propensity to vote and problems. >> there have been surprises before, a lot of people are surprised in 2012 and the
4:46 am
battleground states, but for now the best we have. jeffrey sculley, jason johnson, thank you both. >> thank you. well, a catholic priest fired for coming out. why he says the church has to change in order to survive. plus, the university of the lido basketball team at the veteran of sex scandal involving experts and recruits. what coach pitino is saying coming up. .
4:47 am
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4:50 am
as we go to the 8:00 hour, we've been talking a lot recently about the record-breaking drought in california. in much of inya, though, water scarcity is a way of life. water is brought in by tankards. and even then, people use 10% of what average americans use. this week's cnn hero found a solution by looking to the skies. >> it is arid, dry. it is the driest in india. in 90 years, the ground water
4:51 am
will disappear. it has dried up. women will have to walk with their family, fetch. so they don't have that. the water is so salty, you can hardly drink it. the only time people get relief is during the monsoon season. i was born here and came to the u.s. in 2003, after my company went bankrupt, i decided i'm going to find a solution for the drinking water. it is a rainwater system. through gutters and pipes. the rain water is divided into two parts. one for the homeowner and the
4:52 am
other part for the community. the main pipe which is buried underneath leads to the community reservoir. which is about 500 meters away. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> the rain water is pure, clean, safe. today, we are helping 10,000 people live healthier lives. that's what keeps me going. >> to learn more about him and his work go to cnn anderson cooper, by the way will unveil the top heroes this terse. stay close. skrch... skrch...
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4:56 am
well, a priest who just came out as gay was fired by the vatican. delia gallagher is live in rome with the very latest. a lot of people are wondering about this, delia, what do you know? >> well this is just news out this more than that this polish priest worked for the vatican of faith, the church came out in the video message saying he was gay and that he has a boyfriend. the vatican responded saying he
4:57 am
would no longer be able to continue this duties because he's come out that he's in a gay relationship. but also because the vatican said because the meeting is beginning tomorrow, they took his message to be a pressure on the sinadd on the gay rights issue. the vatican unhappy with the priest and essentially has fired him this morning. >> looking at the recent visit of the pope and wonder if there's a contradiction here. because the hope had just met with a gay couple, showing his openness to them. what does it say about that, and now this sudden firing? >> reporter: well, the pope spokesman with regard to the meeting with the pope's old friend mr. grassy who is gay. who is not catholic. he's an old student of pope francis. that that meeting had been set up by the pope personally. he wanted to meet his friend.
4:58 am
he had met him several times in the past. and the pope in his pastoral background meeting with many people. the contrast here is mr. grassy, the pope's friend is not a breast. for a vatican priest, they expected to not be in relationships, gay or otherwise. that's the difference between these two men. >> delia, gallagher, we appreciate it very much, thank you. we talked a lot about the rain coming this weekend. . but it's not just rains, we're talking historic floods maybe dangerous. but will that impact college football games scheduled for today? let's go to cnn's coy wire out in the rain gear. coy, what does this mean for the games? are they going to go on, or considering the danger, will some of them in be postponed?
4:59 am
>> reporter: a lot of rain has kurd but it's still football weather, victor. i'm here for the big clemson/noclemson clemson/notre dame matchup. 3 to 6 inches of rain in the next three days. it's basketball making history louisville and the ncaa are investigating allegations that a former staff member paid an escort service to provided sex for recruits. the book offered by the madam at the center of the arrangement claims that former basketball operations director andre mcgee paid over $10,000 to provide strippers and prostitutes during recruits' campus visits. rick pitino said he's spoken to magee just once and said he did not admit to any wrongdoing, listen. >> when this first broke a month ago, i questioned everybody, if
5:00 am
anybody has even a little knowledge or hearsay or seen anybody. and everybody, to the person, who were 15 people, said they had no knowledge of anything, never seen anything. >> he is currently an assistant coach at the universe of missouri-kansas city. that school has placed him on paid administrative leave during this investigation. we'll stay on top of this story as it progresses, guys. >> coy, thank you. so much to tell you about this morning. next hour of your "new day" starts right now. breaking overnight, the death toll rises after suspected u.s. air strikes hit a hospital in afghanistan. filled with dozens of patients and staff. and new details for you regarding the weapons used by the shooter who gunned down nine people in oregon. how the battle over gun control
5:01 am
could affect the race for the white house. also, a frosty relationship turns even icier. president obama accuses president putin of acting out of weakness are not strength, as russia pounds targets in syria. and despite all of that, we do want to wish you good morning and so grateful to have you here. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. always good to be with you on a saturday. >> let's talk about the breaking news. nine staff workers of doctors without boards are dead. at least 37 people are injured. u.s. air strikes rocked a trauma center in the northern city of kunduz there. and that is what caused all of this, we're learning. i want to share some of the pictures we're getting in this morning. 105 people, patients and staff we've learned was here, you see, at the time of the air strikes. you see the burnt-out buildings with the stains of smoke on the
5:02 am
windows as well as smoke actually still billowing through the rooftop. inside, it's destroyed. the flames engulfed this hospital overnight where it was bomb reed petedly we're told. >> now, doctors are scrambling to treat in a makeshift triage. doctors without borders released the statement, we are deeply shocked by the attack, the killing of our staff and the patients and the heavy toll it has inflicted on health care conduz. thank you for being with us. we know the u.s. military is saying, and i want to quote to make sure i get it right. the air strikes may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. the reports that there was bombinginbomb i ing. and that bombing continued more than 30 minutes after officials in washington and kabul were informed what was happening. what are you hearing about the time line here?
5:03 am
>> reporter: what i'm hearing as well not only that the bombing continued for 30 minute after officials were amadmade aware t the attack was going on. but they shared the exact coordinates with hospital authorities and u.s. military and with nato. that's also the story here. u.s. military do -- as they confirm that they conducted an air strike here and might have caused collateral damage, as they say. but we don't have any indications, any other air strikes and all officials s is kunduz said this was an air strike. they're still investigating the incident. >> we know the u.s. embassy in kabul did release a statement. i want to read that to you. the u.s. embassy mournses for the individualses and doctors at the doctors without borders
5:04 am
hospital. and all the violence conduz. there is certainly an investigation going on. we understand the staff, as we've located, the fighting is still active. in fact, the fighting was right near the gates of this hospital. what you can tell us about what's happening there this morning? >> reporter: yes, fighting was heavy last night before the air strike in this particular area of kunduz was reportedly on control. and we're hearing the fighting after the city as well. and those ten international staff working, they've all been evacuated to kabul and are now safe here in the capital. and critically injured patients have been transported to a different province, two hours by roadway. there still is staff in kunduz.
5:05 am
because it's unclear how much they can actually do at the hospital right now. >> all right, sune engle rasmussen, we appreciate the update. >> earlier, i spoke to lieutenant general mark hertling to try to understand how this happen. >> it proves how clritically important precision weaponry is. first of all, my condolences to all of those in doctors without borders. this is a terrific organization that's been all around the world and in afghanistan for at least the early '80s. but the criticality of this, just the fluid nature of contact, doctors without borders
5:06 am
on their web page this week said they were richt in the middle of conflict between the taliban and afghan security forces. they claim they were right there. that means a little stay in this the fact that people get hurt. secondly, precision weapons aren't already precise, when you think about this being vichlt to a video game, it is not. sometimes, these weapons systems miss their targets and that could have been the cause for this. there is always the reason, did we know exactly where they were. i kind of chuckled when i heard nic robertson say, hey, they notified the government 30 minutes prior to the attack that they were there and the bombing continued. well, you just don't turn things on and off. >> i want to bring in cnn international reporter nic robertson, to find out why the city of kunduz is so
5:07 am
strategically important? >> reporter: it's important to the taliban in many ways. we know that they're strong and south and east of the country. that's where nato and u.s. forces have been battling for so long. they've been trying to stretch their control and influence throughout the country. they've been doing it that over the past couple years. they've established themselves north of the city of kunduz, in that province, over the last six months. this is the first major city that they've taken in afghanistan. it's symbolic to them because it was the last one that they lost in 2001 so it has symbolic importance. it's important because it's a big morale blow for the government. for the taliban for that reason. it's an economically, reasonably prosperous province. it's important for that reason. it's a strategic highway that
5:08 am
links afghanistan to the north. and the new leader al mansour, shows they can act with precision and they can act with a large number of forces, we're told several hundred taliban were involved in taking it over. all of those reasons, this is the culmination of a lot of things happening over the last several years and of course a blow for the government. >> and the taliban calling this one of their largest victories in six years or so. nic robertson. nic, thanks so much. we're live in south carolina next, as all the folks there and really along the east coast, i know you're bracing for what could be record rainfall this weekend. the worst that -- gosh, you could have seen in the last 10 or 25 years. also, there's a mystery off the coast of the bahamas this morning. there's this ship, its crew, the
5:09 am
ship itself, all mysteriously disappeared after sailing into the hurricane joaquin. we'll have a live report for you. and the u.s. president accuses his russian counterpart vladimir putin of acting out of weakness, as bombs drop over syria. also, a heroic stand. how a victim of the oregon college shooting hit multiple times confronting the gunman, look at this, survived. xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better.
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5:13 am
and historic flooding. more than what we've seen already. >> i was going to say, we've seen some dangerous flooding already. but hurricane joaquin is to blame even though it's not on track to make landfall in the u.s. for those of you in the carolinas we know you've been hit particularly hard. streets and homes. look at this. flooded. police and firefighters being called out constantly to rescue people from high water. and it's not an easy job. cnn's nick valencia is live in charle charleston. i can hear the rain, nick. this could be the worst rain in decades. help us right now understand that. >> reporter: well, just in 30 seconds, christi, we've seen it pick up and part of it is this massive rainstorm along the east coast, anchoring 30 million americans up and down the east coast. to check out what we're dealing with here, you see here, high tide. expecting it to be eight or nine
5:14 am
feet. a man in a fishing boat not adhere to get guidance of the governor at that press conference yesterday. governor nikki haley saying this is an hist to be rain event saying the state has never seen rate like this. over the next three days, south carolina could see specifically up to 20 inches of rain over the next three years. columbia, south carolina, expected to be the hardest hit, 0 of course, right here in charleston, along the gulf coast, the problem here, flash flooding. coastal advisory still in effect. this normally is a very busy water front pier. tourists, locals, the like. the governor and residents are to stay indoors, shelter in place. get all of their essential groceries that they need, because this is going to be a long weekend for everybody along the east coast. christi, victor. >> and a long weekend for nick valencia as he stands out in it.
5:15 am
newly married. >> congratulations to nick. >> and now you're in the thick of that. he's got the mike in the produce bag. you know it's serious they put the microphone in the bag they put the lemons in. >> hey, you guys take care of each other out there. some areas could see up to 15 inches of rain though. >> yeah, this is serious, cnn has been watching all that's happening here. 15 inches, that's unbelievable. >> reporter: it is, actually, believe it or not, 7:30 this morning, they have broken the daily rainfall record. again, at 7:30 in the morning, and we've got all the rest of the day to go. yes, they're very likely to get 10 to 15 inches of rain in charleston. but that's not the only city. charleston the area that we've been talking about because they sit so low. we've got the area of low
5:16 am
pressure, what that's doing it, spinning it that wind is blowing, pushing that surge through the city of charleston. more importantly, it becomes a funnel. it funnels straight into the charleston harbor. that causes backup it's in city, along the two rivers that are side by side for the city of charleston. we just found out they have rescues going on in downtown charleston. unfortunately, that is only expected to get worse because high tide is expected at 1:00 this afternoon. that's going to help push that water farther into the city of charleston. they'll get another high tide overnight this evening. radar estimates from charleston, wilmington out to the outer banks, we're expecting three to six inches. we've got flood watches out for much of the state of north carolina and south carolina. but again, the big concern is going to be the total rain amounts as that plume begins to fill up. again, we're talking in some
5:17 am
areas 10 to 15 inches of rain, christi and victor. again, it's going to be a lot in a very short amount of time. >> alison chinchar, thanks. hurricane joaquin coverage continues. a ship and its crew have disappeared after sailing into the fury of this hurricane. we'll have a live report in the show. also, president obama says he doesn't want america drawn into a proxy war with russia over syria. we'll discuss whether the president has a choice here. what can he do? what will he do? most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. see the world in a whole new light. flonase, this changes everything. (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think?
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5:21 am
russian officials say they've destroyed multiple isis command centers and ammunition depots in the last 24 hours. we have new video showing one of this morning's air strikes. there it is. defense ministers say they've launched 20 since friday. and this comes as president obama warns russian president vladimir putin about his campaign in syria, saying it will only lead to further bloodshed. cnn's chris frates is live in washington for you. you good morning. >> president obama came out switching yesterday against critics of his syrian policy who had suggested that russia has the upper hand there. earlier this week, russian president vladimir putin began bombing what russia say were there. but president obama says that's not true. >> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength, but
5:22 am
out of weakness, because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling. and it was insufficient for him, simply, to send them arms and money. now, he's got to put if his own planes and his own pilots. >> so, obama predicted that russia's strategy is going to leave that country mired in a quagmire. what's more, the president said that he's not going to turn syria into a conflict that is between russia and the united states. he painted the war as between assad, russia and iran on the one side. and the majority of syrians who want assad removed from power on the other. >> we're not going to make syria into a proxy war between the united states and russia. that would be bad strategy on our part. this is not some, you know,
5:23 am
super power chess board contest. and anybody who frames it in that way isn't paying very close attention to what's been happening on the chess board. >> the united states, obama said, is only concerned with fighting isis and ending that civil war in syria. and for that to happen, the president said assad has got to go. victor. >> all right. we'll see if the strategy shifts now that there are more players in the region. chris frates, thank you so much. christi. let's go to phillip mudd now. he's a cnn counterterrorism analyst and former cia official. thank you for being with us. i'm wondering what is the payoff for russia here? are they just wanting to get the u.s. out of the middle east? are they just trying, perhaps, to expand their stert or their influence? >> i think there's a couple pieces here. there's a little picture and the big picture. the smau picture is, look, we're talking about not only russia but the united states concerned that isis will take over syria.
5:24 am
isis hard fairly successful in the past months of this year. i think the russians made a simple calculation. we can't afford to let that happen essentially since russia has a couple thousand of its citizens there and they've historically had problems in recent years with islamic extremism. the big picture though, go to crimea, go to ukraine. go to the moscow foreign policy of putin now he's got an alliance not only with bashar al assad. as you know, he's got iran and iraq on his side as well. i think this is putin saying i'm trying to restore the russian empire and here's one small piece of that strategy. >> if russia is successful, let's say, at disseminating that group that is assad, what does that mean for syria? >> look. i think there's a couple of questions here. one is you're talking about success in military terms. the blunting of isis. the bigger picture is, and nobody is talking about this,
5:25 am
whether russia gains influence because they use their leverage over assad to figure out a political solution. the president of the united states has talked all along about getting assad out there's one country and it's not the united states to get assad out and that's russia. >> philip mudd, we really appreciate your thoughts on this. always good to get your insight. thank you. we've got new developments in oregon on the gunman's connection to it that community college where that massacre happened this week. and the weapons he used to carry out that shooting. plus, how the debate on gun control is playing out on both sides of the political divide in the race for the white house. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. so i need to collect your phones so you can't post pictures.
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5:29 am
i want to share with you some new details we're learning this morning about the man who shot and killed nine people at a community college in the pacific northwest. >> yeah. school officials are now confirming that the gunman was enrolled at the umpqua community college. >> we're learning about the firearms used. investigators say 13 weapons were linked to the gunman, all of them purchased legally. dan simon is live in roseburg following the story for us. good morning, dan. what have you learned? >> reporter: well, good morning, christi, victor, this is a shooter who possessed an incredible amount of fire power at the school. seven weapons were recovered. there were more weapons recovered at his house. 13 in all. this is somebody who is also wearing body armor. he was prepared for battle and took steps to protect himself.
5:30 am
>> dispatch as many ambulances as possible to this incident. we have upwards of 20 victims. >> reporter: chilling new details this morning in the oregon college massacre. the gunman came heavily armed, prepared to kill as many as possible. >> he's in a classroom. >> reporter: investigators say the gunman brought a steel-plated flak jacket, multiple pistols and a rifle. >> six were recover at the school. seven were recover ted shooter's residence. along with five magazines. >> reporter: nine people were killed and nine others woundsed. when the 26-year-old who attended the college walked into list own english classroom and opened fire. in the middle of the rampage, the gunman handed his writings to a sur riser to give to police according to sources. in those pages, the shooter rambled towards his hatred toward black men. and how he was frustrated about being a virgin, unable to find a girlfriend. >> someone is shooting outside
5:31 am
the doorses. >> reporter: why the shooter targed the umpqua college is unclear. he lived with his mother who was fiercely protective of him. the cnn learned that the shooter suffered mental health issues and sought relief. >> shocked. >> reporter: meanwhile, we're learning more about the victims of the shootings, who ranged in 18 to 67. lawrence levine. quinn glenn cooper. and lucero alcaraz who apparently wanted to become a pediatric nurse. >> one person's deranged act may have indeed broken all of our hearts. but he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: well, the victims included five men and four women. their ages ranging from 18 to 67. at that emotional news conference yesterday. the sheriff read off all the
5:32 am
names. and he also read some statements from the family, the family of quinn cooper saying, quote, our lives are shattered beyond repair. no one should ever feel the pain that we're feeling. i think that pretty much captures the sentiment of the community. >> to everybody watches and that community, thoughts and prayers to those folks. dan simon, we appreciate it. we're following breaking news in afghanistan, nine staff workers of doctors without borders killed there. and 37 people injured. those are the latest numbers after u.s. air strikes rocked a trauma center in the northern city of kunduz. the u.s. military said the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to the nearby medical facility. and they're investigating the incident. the first video now is in. let's put it up, where you can see the damage from the air strikes. we've got on the phone with us. there's a video. you see the charred building. maybe still the glow inside that trauma center.
5:33 am
on the phone, pentagon correspondent barbara starr with new information. barbara, what have you learned? >> well what we are learning, u.s. military official, investigating the possibility it was a u.s. air force ac-31 gunship. it was in the area firing at taliban positions. now the ac-31 gunship is very precise. they aim at enemy personnel positions. so it's very precise. it's able to stay up in the air quite a while. there was an ac-130 in the area, according to military reports. and now they're investigating whether this is the aircraft that may, may have been involved in the attack. what they are telling us is that they fired against taliban positions in order to protect u.s. special operations forces that were on the ground advising afghan forces they were coming under attack from the taliban.
5:34 am
and so, they were defending them. but all of this, you know, obviously, very much under investigation. as to what exactly happened. people on the ground are reporting that the fire, that the attack may have lasted as long as 30 had minutes. that would suggest, perhaps, an ac-130 gunship. rather than an individual bomb, perhaps from a fighter jet overhead. so all under investigation. by the u.s. military, by afghan authorities. and by the nato-led coalition. >> so an important distinction, i just want to be clear here. we're talking about the investigation that's been launched. the investigation is not into how this might have happens, but if this u.s. gunship is responsible for what happened over night? >> well, they are investigating all parts, all elements of this situation.
5:35 am
of this attack. because the u.s. military does not target hospitals. so, they're investigating all of it to see how it happened, what was involved. what was used. why it was called in. where the taliban may have been. and we should add, the taliban are very savvy operators. especially in kunduz. there have been reports for days that they have moved into civilian areas. and are using them essentially as cover for their firing positions. and that's why afghan troops are still, you know, trying after many days to dig out those taliban from those final civilian positions. so, all of this to be investigated, where the taliban were. were they inside this hospital. were they on the hospital grounds. were they in a building next door. and were they in fact firing at the u.s. troops. was this is a mission of
5:36 am
self-defense. the previous air strikes that have happened in kunduz have all been, according to the u.s. military, to defend coalition and u.s. forces in the region that have been under taxied by the taliban. so all of this initial reports. all of this very much still under investigation. >> we know at this stage in breaking news stories, especially in this type of theater, the early information is often very fluid. and we're hoping to get more information from doctors without borders as they have reported several people are still unaccounted for. pentagon correspondent barbara starr on the line for us. barbara, thank you so much. also this morning, there's a mystery off the coast of the bahamas. a ship and its crew disappeared after sailing into the furry of hurricane joaquin. we'll have a live report -- next. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way.
5:37 am
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vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ 20 minutes past the hour. happening right now, coast guard airplanes are set to resume searching for u.s. cargo ship that disappeared after favoring the full fury of hurricane joaquin. 33 people are aboard it. 28 of them are americans. on thursday, the coast guard received a distress report from somewhere near the crooked island in the bahamas. joaquin was a category 3 storm pumping out sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. let's talk to the captain from the u.s. coast guard. captain, thank you so much for being with us. i understand you've been using a
5:41 am
cutter ship, a rescue helicopter, an airplane. you're already in the air, your crew, looking for the ship this morning and whereabouts are they focusing? >> yes, we're in the air this morning. we started at sunrise. we have a c-130 hercules aircraft and another one going up shortly to look. this is really the first time society that we're able to get on scene with the vessel's last known position. because yesterday we weren't able to do that, due to the hurricane kind of sitting over that position. we're also using a helicopter to kind of scour the coastline in the nearby bahamian islands to see if anything washed onshore there. >> this plane you're using, h k hercules flew about 1,000 feet. are you surprised they're not able to see anything? >> normally, the aircraft fly at
5:42 am
10,000 feet. we knew we were going to have to send the coast guard aircraft lower in hopes of seeing. that pushed them down to 2,000 feet. they are using a sophisticated radar system it's disappointing that we didn't see anything but we also acknowledge the conditions near that area were horrific. wind, sea spray, everything, it's difficult to see anything. hopeful today we'll see some sign of that vessel and surviving. >> we understand it was taking on water at that last call but flooding had been contained. can containment be sustained when a ship of this size is in a hurricane, secondly, there are theories perhaps it was dragged northward with that storm. how does that theory drive your search? >> right, the first question regarding containing flooding, every ship is trained to contain flooding, as long as you isolate that flooding and it's not going throughout the ship is, you can maintain that. the cham for them, they had no
5:43 am
propulsion. they had that water inside, they had a little list, meaning they were leaning over. and they were just vulnerable to all the waves and everything going on. so a very dangerous situation for them. in our search-planning efforts today, we are taking into account when they were in the eye of the storm essentially yesterday, they were probably getting pushed to the west. the predominant winds were pushing them that way. we're also taking into account now, the environmental conditions that as the storm moving north, so could the ship. it could be moving along with it. we're going to take that into account. >> captain mark fedor, so appreciative of you getting back to us. good luck to the you and the crew there to hoping to find this crew. we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. after this tragedy in oregon we are now hearing from white house hopefuls this morning. they're talking about the president's new calls for expanded gun control legislation. next, you're going to hear where several of the gop and
5:44 am
democratic candidates stand on this issue. and you might find some of this to be surprising. and we had a facebook exclusive for you here. this remarkable act of kindless that a plane full of people were no doubt happy about it. i spoke with the mom of an inconsolable child stuck on a plane. and that woman on the left essentially came to her rescue in an unique way. she calls her her flight eye angel. could you be a flight angel? go to, check out the story and share your thoughts. we'd love to hear your insight.
5:45 am
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president obama vowing to talk about the gun control issue on, quote, a regular issue. >> and now gop candidates are firing back at the president for, in their words, politicizing the massacre. the white house hopefuls calling for renewed laws with mental health issues. >> i had this challenge as governor. look, stuff happens. there's always a crisis. and the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> we should be looking at all of the incidents where we have people go out and acommit these
5:49 am
horrendous crimes. to find out as much as we can about what type of person does that. because we need early warnings so we can begin to intervene. >> so, before we start calling for more laws, i think we ought to consider why we don't enforce the laws we have. and i think we need to know a little bit more about this incident. >> all right. so, let's talk, we have democratic strategist maria cardona and republican strategist, lisa bucca. lisa, i want to start with you, and jeb bush and the criticism that he's receiving. more of that comment that we heard, he talked not about just oregon in his times as governor of florida. he said stuff happens. is this is a huge gaffe for his campaign or is this something else? >> well, i think he actually should have said something. i mean, this is absolutely a
5:50 am
horrif horrific tragedy and our hearts are with the people in roseburg, oregon. i think there's something to point out here, president obama is having an intellectual dishonest conversation with the american people. and i think it's wrong for him to score political points at the time of tragedy. he went out and made comments before learning the circumstances of the shooting. let's look at the facts right now, as far as guns in america. the fbi has 22 million background checks we have over 20,000 federal and state laws on the books. and these comphns gun proposal laws that president obama and other democrats are talking about would have done nothing to prevent the shooting. a state like oregon has universal background checks. the shooter was able to obtain those guns legally. you look at the shooting in virginia. the shooter there was able to obtain pass a background check and get the gun legally.
5:51 am
in you look at the shooting in sandy hook, the criminal stole the guns. these criminals are law breakers by definition. to follow the current laws is not going to prevent them from getting guns and committing acts of evil. >> maria, let me come to you, the question about adding guns and stricter gun laws, the question was put to bernie sanders. and some people unsatisfied with his answer. listen to what he said on msnbc. >> we're all disgusted and horrified by these mass killings. and as the president indicated, we're tired of sending condolences. and we know it could happen tomorrow. it could happen again a month from now. i have voted, as i said, a moment ago, for what i think is the most position. and that is strong instant background checks to make sure that people who should not have guns do not have guns. and i have voted to eliminate
5:52 am
this gun show loophole which is what we've got to do. >> but it went on to say, that you can sit there and say we can do this, we can do that, but you've got a whole lot of states in this country with people virtually no gun control at all. going to have some success, we're going to have to start talking to each other. but no suggestion any of stricter gun laws. is that going to hurt him moving forward? >> well, i think that what he's going to focus on, and frankly, a lot of democrats, including hillary clinton have focused on. is that we should have stronger background checks in every state. because the problem is, is that we don't have a uniform way to figure out who is buying these guns. how are they getting them. why are they getting them, if they shouldn't have them, given their criminal records. or perhaps given the fact that they are mentally ill. the problem with what republicans are talking about is that they don't want to do anything. they don't want, even for the federal government to be able to
5:53 am
look into the circumstances under which these guns are obtained to look into having records from gun owners. having more records from folks that are perhaps mentally ill. and the problem is, if you don't do anything, these things are going to continue to happen. the fact of the matter is that the majority of americans, including the majority of gun owners, do believe, and do support having more stringent background checks in every state for people who are looking to buy guns. and the president was absolutely right to politicize this. because this is a political issue. when this is something that continues to happen, and nobody wants to do anything, including elected leaders because they feel like they're being held hostage by the nra that is absolutely the responsibility of people who want to be president and people who are looking to be leaders. >> lisa, let me ask you this
5:54 am
question, i want to get to specifically the candidates, carly fiorina, ben carson proposing enforcing the laws that are already in place, while other -- medical background as well, a springboard to a discussion of medical health. i mean, are we so seeing that is resonating because i want to deep this for the conversation of those who want to be the next president. >> victor, you're right, carly fiorina is absolutely right, maria is perpetuating the same intellectually dishonest conversation that democrats want to have. the reality is the commonality that we continue to see with the shootings is a mental health issue. 92% of these shootings are happening in gun-free zones as was the case with oregon. a lot these in northeastern state where is liberal democrats are pushing for more stringent gun control laws. the states aren't even turning
5:55 am
over the records to the next fbi database that would prevent individuals from obtaining guns such as mental health issues. they're pushing for universal background checks what is that going to doe. >> here's what it did do. >> -- if they don't have information in the first place. >> maria, the last 15 seconds. >> if you let me talk, i'll tell what you it will do. >> last 15. >> what it will do, it will bring every state under the same law because there is no reason why, for example, in washington, d.c., very stringent laws, but they can go over to virginia and easily obtain -- and easily obtain a gun. bring it into washington, d.c. and commit crimes. so, if you don't have -- if you don't have uniformity in the laws, they don't work. >> you're misrepresenting the facts. >> we actually heard from governor cuomo who told wolf blitzer that he believes in the laws that he passed in new york, that he closed the front door.
5:56 am
but then guns started coming in through the back grondz. >> exactly. >> that is a continuation of the background. thank you very much. just a reminder, first democratic presidential debate, you know this is going to come up, takes place one week tuesday, october 13th, 9:00 p.m. here on cnn. our thanks to maria and lisa. we'll be right back. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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that's it for us, see you at 10:00. might this time be different? >> i'm michael smerconish. welcome to the program. another sad chapter in the national ep deidemic of shootin sprees. nine shot dead and everybody's reaction was here we go again. president obama got angry about how this is much too routine. jeb bush is under fire for saying stuff happens. i'll talk to senator richard blumenthal introducing a gun control bill this


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