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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  October 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the following breaking news. u.s. air strikes in afghanistan. what may be, quote, collateral damage of the bombings as it has been characterized. a hospital run by doctors without borders. at least nine are dead and dozens others hurt. new information servicing about the shooter in that oregon college campus massacre. school officials now confirm the gunman was a student enrolled in the very class where he opened fire. and, we are learning new you details about the victims. >> an historic flooding is
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expected for all of you in the carolinas. it has already been raining for days. the region could get another 5-15 inches of rain. we have an update on evacuations live in the "cnn newsroom." so good to have your company. thanks for making time for us. >> i'm christi paul. >> victor blackwell. 10:00 here on the east coast. 7:00 out west. heavy rains, historic flooding, the kind seen every 500 years. right now, in the carolinas, look at this video from charleston. the hazard lights there. some will have to get out of their cars and walk. roads quickly turning into rivers. it is becoming more dangerous. states of emergency have been declared in several states. some people have packed up to find dryer land. the ground already soaked from weeks of rain may soon have to hold another foot of it with creeks on the rise and storm surges expected. let's get now to nick valencia. he is out in it, in the area of
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charleston, south carolina. you are standing right there in the water. tell us what you are seeing. >> reporter: good morning, victor. this is the worst of what we have seen so far. this is an active intersection here in the city. behind me, stalled-out cars. this is exactly the type of thing that governor nikki haley warned against. this is exactly what could happen in these flooded intersections. people are continuing to do despite the warnings. we just got an update from this carolina team division. they say, more than that has already been impacted by the flooding. two people spent the night in a red cross shelter, because they had had to be evacuated from their homes. the big thing here is that the worst could be yet to come. we heard yesterday from the governor that this is going to be an historic storm, maybe up to 20 inches of rain all across the state of south carolina and this rain, this rain has been
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relentless and really just miserable conditions here. the streets have been shut down in some areas. there have been very active police presence, urban search and rescue teams. thousands of them are ready to help out in case the situation gets worse. the real big concern here, guys, is that this could get worse and is expected to get worse. there is a big football game here in south carry care this weekend. we have talked to some local residents. they are still planning on going. that game has not yet been cancelled so far. people here really just taking it in stride. how is this impacting you? what do you think so far. >> it's pretty amazing. i have never seen water this deep. >> reporter: you are a local. you live here? >> yeah. i live here. >> reporter: the governor is telling you to stay indoors. why did you decide to get out? >> because i live downtown.
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they toad us to put our cars in the parking garage for free and i am going home. >> reporter: lots of smiles despite this wick ed weather in charleston. >> nick valencia, those cars will be stuck there for some time until that water, i guess, passes, and we know the rain will continue. nick, thank you. >> it is good to see that man is taking precautions as he was told to do. we have shown you several parts of south carolina, including that area, under water. flooding has been an issue for days at this point. take a look at what drivers are dealing with. people trying to get around town. some walking through neighborhoods. streets are covered with floodwaters. under a state of emergency as nick was talking about. right now, tom berry with south carolina emergency management agency is on the phone with us. tom, i'm wondering if you can tell us, what is the state doing right now to help anyone who may be stranded or otherwise having trouble? >> good morning, christie. right now, what we are doing is
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making sure that people are aware of the current situation, because we do have 34 warnings and advisories that are out across the state for flash flood warnings in seven counties, flood warnings in 14 counties, yet orie county, we have ad least 100 homes affected by flooding. in georgetown county, at least 15 people who have been evacuated. as you saw in the video, in charleston, people are still trying to get around. one of the things we are trying to encourage people to do is not to drive in to or in those flooded areas. we don't want people to drive around barricades that are posted at or near any flooded streets, because the potential there is for those cars to wash out and then become stranded. >> which we have seen an awful lot of. what about an interruption of power in some neighborhoods. have you experienced any of that. how prepared is the state to move through this whole process
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as this storm comes in? . >> the utility providers are bringing in additional crews from out of state to be on stand by to respond to any power outages, from downed trees to downed power lines that may take place. we already are getting some reports of downed trees. of course, that's also going to result in downed power lines as well. >> best of luck to you, tom berry, and all the crews there. we appreciate you keeping us apprised of what's happening. that was south carolina emergency management. thank you so much. >> let's stay in south carolina. we have more pictures here in charleston. people up to their knees in the water there. the storm hasn't even come up close to the coast yet. the drivers here, as tom said, you should stay out of this water. do not drive on flooded roads. you don't know if the road is still there or if there is something under the water. these drivers tried it and they had to stop.
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some people had to be rescued from those cars. where is hurricane joaquin right now? what will the impact be of that storm? >> cnn meteorologist, allison chanchar is tracking this extreme weather. help us understand where this is going to go? >> even if you don't live in the carolinas, if you live anywhere along the east coast, you will want to pay attention to this. it is going to begin to shift. we have the low sitting right outside of charleston. that's not the hurricane. the hurricane is a little farther out. the two are working together. it is the combination of the two that is making this such a bad storm. you have those strong winds pushing the water inland into parts of charleston, into the charleston harbor. it acts like a funnel. it has to come in in such a tight area. you get too much water in a small channel that can't handle all of that. you have the high tide that's expected today around 1:00 in the afternoon. not just rain coming down but
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water coming into the harbor in addition to the high tide as well. here is a look at some of the estimates we have already seen today. this is not forecast. this is what we have already seen. you can see a lot of areas, 4, 6, 8 inches of rain from charleston up to wilmington and along the southern outer banks. as i mentioned, you are going to get more on top of this. that's why we have the blood watches in green and flash flood watches in downtown charleston. notice this whole purple area, that's a minimum of 10 inches. a couple white spots, up to 20 inches of rain. very gusty winds to places like boston, new york, d.c., 35-45-mile-per-hour winds. make sure your flights may not be delayed due to some of those heavy winds. this was sent to us by cnn meteorologist, derrick van dam.
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he was on one of the hurricane hunter flights out there looking down into the iwaeyewall. it is expected to weaken. we will be down to a category 1 in 48 hours. even though it pushes away, it will push a lot of the moisture into parts of east coast over the next couple of days. it looks bad on the video. it is not over yet. we still have a couple of days. people need to still be vigilant. >> very good to know. allison chanchar, thank you very much. we will check back. sg. >> we are following afghanistan, dozens wounded at air strikes at a trauma center run by doctors without borders. why the u.s. is looking into whether an american gunner is responsible for this bombing. we are learning more about the victims in the deadly shooting on an oregon college campus. a mother told us how she found out about her son. >> i found out that there had
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cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan involving suspected u.s. air strikes that impacted a trauma center here. they are investigating whether an american ac-130 gun ship was responsible. this is video after the bombing. you see the charred windows there, maybe the glow of the flames still burning inside. nine staff workers from doctors without borders were killed. at least 37 people injured. reports say bombed reigned down
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for an hour while frantic staff phoned military officials at nato and kabul. more than 100 patients and 80 staff are in the hospital. the group said they had warned them of the hospital's location ahead of time. let's bring in cnn international diplomatic editor, nic robertson. what are you hearing? >> reporter: they had nato advisers on the ground with them. what was originally described as doctors without borders as an aerial bombardment, they say they gave it as recent will i as five days ago. when this aerial bombardment
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happened, this he called to kabul and washington and it took over 30 minutes for it to stop. what we do know about this type of aircraft and the way it is used in combat with these rapid fire, heavy caliber, automatic weapons mounted on the side of this aircraft that will fly low over a battlefield? it will target troops, taliban out in the open. the damage that we see on the hospital, the fire coming out from the inside of it, could be symptomatic of strikes from that type of weapon. unlike if it had been hit by a larger bomb, we would have expected to have seen parts of walls, perhaps knocked down, blown apart. instead, we have seen windows blown out, flames inside the building, smoke damage, that sort of thing. what mst are sayif are saying, shocked about this. a french government is calling
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for an investigation, the u.s. military calling for an investigation. a lot of questions being raised. however, one thing is very clear that wasn't clear to us before. that is the scale and level of involvement of the u.s. military backing the afghan national army in a fight that the afghan national army is supposed to be leading against the taliban to defeat the taliban. yet, what we are seeing clearly here is the level of military support that the afghan army here has required in the battlefield to try to beat the taliban. it is not a battle they have been able to win over the period of a week when by force of numbers, they should have been able to do that. >> i will turn now to chris frates in washington. as we come to you, i want to hear from our pentagon correspondent, chris, who reported earlier about the bombing and then we'll talk on the other side. >> caller: u.s. military
7:17 am
officials are investigating the possibility. it was a us air force ac-130 gun ship. it was in the area firing at that position. the ac-130 gun ship is very precise. it has on-board guns. they aim straight at enemy personnel positions. so it is very precise. it is able to stay up in the air quite a while. there was an ac-130 in the area according to military reports. they are investigating whether this is the aircraft that may have been involved in the attack. >> thanks to barbara starr for that. we know, chris, that the u.s. military is early on in this investigation. what's the reaction thus far to this bombing? >> after our barbara starr talked about that this morning, the army released an updated statement. that statement read like this. they said u.s. forces conducted
7:18 am
an air strike in kandu city against individuals threatening the force. this incident is under investigation. so that fits with what barbara starr reported earlier on our end. we have also reached out to the white house and the state department. right now, they are letting the military do the talking. we did hear from the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. they put out a statement that said, the u.s. embassy mourns for the families affected by the tragic incident and for all those suffering from the violence in kanduz. our thoughts and prayers are with their team at this difficult moment. that's what we have so far. still looking for more reactions and statements as the day wears on. >> an important detail here. doctors without borders says
7:19 am
that it notified u.s. officials in kabul of their location days ago. >> that's exactly right. doctors without borders said the bombing continued for more than 30 minutes after they notified military officials that they were under attack. the group said that all parties to the conflict, including in kabul and washington, were clearly informed of the precise location of their facilities as recently as thursday. they gave the gps location to offici officials so they would know where the hospital was. that's a big question about the confusion and mixup. those are the kind of things we are looking into today. >> chris frates in washington. >> with cnn counter terrorism analyst, philip mudd here. thank you so much for being with us. i would like you to weigh in on that, the 30 minutes that transpired, the precision of this particular aircraft that they are talking about, it is very precise. how soon do you think it will be
7:20 am
before the military will be able to determine if it was, indeed, an accidental bombing by the u.s. military? >> i think they shouldn't take too long. it will take a day or two. the finger pointing now is too soon. my experience in situations like this is the first information is almost invariably erroneous. we have a tragedy here. doctors without borders is a terrific organization. they are in the front lines, they might be in a firing zone. the question as you rightly raised is whether they provided the gps information early enough to prevent this. right now, i don't think we have enough information to make a decision. it is not clear to me what's happening here yet. today or tomorrow, we should know. >> what about the taliban, which understand they are hiding amongst civilians there in kanduz. we understand there was fighting almost at the gates of this hospital. >> that's one of the big problems we face here. let's look at the small problem and the big problem that
7:21 am
afghanistan is having with the taliban. the taliban is representative of a proportion of the afghan population. one of the reasons the fighting is difficult, in the daytime, the taliban might be around villages. at nighttime, they go out to fight. you never know who is who. the bigger problem is, this is really tragic, before 9/11, they owned 85%, 90% of territory in afghanistan. the real success of the fall of 2001 and into the winter of 2001 and 2002 was the repetity with which american special forces, the cia and afghans rooted out the taliban. here we are 14 years later, we are seeing in kanduz city and elsewhere, the taliban as american forces and nato draw back, the taliban slowly moving back in. it is a tragedy for a country that's had decades of civil war. >> is that why the u.s. is still there in the capacity of helping afghan forces? how prepared and how capable do you think afghan forces are? >> you have to draw a parallel
7:22 am
with iraq. you have looked at when american forces have redeployed out. when the training programs have declined. when american front line p trtr disappear. the forces in america and iraq have proven they are not capable of confronting these insurgencies. if you draw out the westerners, because they can bring fire power more accurately, the local forces don't have the capability and sometimes the political will to continue to fight. i think the afghans are going to have a real struggle defending against the taliban. if i were in vegas betting, the taliban in some provinces will prevail over the long-term. they will not be rooted out. >> phillip mudd, we appreciate your insight. thank you. still to come, we are learning more about the shooter in the oregon college massacre and the weapons he used to carry out that attack. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards
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australian officials say a deadly shooting outside a police station was a terror attack. it shows this man opening fire in the street. he was 15 years old, killed one civilian police worker before he was shot and killed. >> the death toll from a massive landslide in guatemala is rising. at least 26 people now have died. the side of the hill crashed down on homes. 26 dead and more missing. >>. >> they are investigating a former basketball staff member paid escorts to dance and have sex with players as recruits t was offered by a self-described
7:28 am
madame. she claims the former directory of basketball operations spent more than $10,000 on prostitutes and strippers in a period of time. he tried to look into the matter but was immediately shut down by the emergency compliance xart. new information in the oregon shooting. investigators are revealing he owned more than a dozen weapons. also, learning new details about the victims. all coming up in a live report. a new candidate surfacing in the race for house speaker. does this representative, the oversight committee chair, have a real shot. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. how much prot18%?does your dog food have? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna
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break out the febreze, and breathe happy a look at some of the stories we are watching. take a look at this video. the u.s. military investigating whether an american gunship firing on the taliban did this, ended up hitting a hospital and killing nine aide workers. at least 37 were injured in this strike in the northern afghanistan town of kunduz. the aide group, doctors without borders, says more of its staff there is still unaccounted for at this hour and the casualties, they believe, could grow. the search for a u.s. flight cargo ship that lost communication in the bahamas. the alfaro went missing after it
7:33 am
rap into hurricane joaquin. 28 americans are on board. the coast guard says the ship had lost propulsion and was taking on water thursday but that the flooding had been contained. however, nothing has been heard from them since. we know planes are in the air right now looking. there are new details about the man who shot and killed nine people at a community college in the pacific northest. school owe fegfficials are conf that the gunman was enrolled in the very class he started shooting. we will hear new information about the firearms that he used to carry out this attack. 13 weapons were linked to this gunman, all of them purchased legally. dan simon is live in roseburg following this story. what else have you learned this morning? >> reporter: hi, victor. first of all, i just want to explain where i am. you can see this yellow crime scene tape.
7:34 am
we are on the perimeter of the campus. at this point sha, the campus i still closed. there won't be any classes next week. authorities did recover weapons. they found six here and seven more at the home that he shared with his mother. >> dispatch as many ambulances as possible to this incident. we have upwards of 20 victims. >> chilling new details in the oregon college massacre. the gunman came heavily armed prepared to kill as many as possible. >> exchanging shots with with him. he is in a classroom. >> investigators say the gunman brought a steel-plated flak jacket, multiple pistols and a rifle. >> six were recovered at the school, seven recovered at the shooter's residence along with five magazines. >> nine were killed and nine others wounded when the 26-year-old who attended the college walked into his own english college classroom and
7:35 am
opened fire. he handed his writings to a survivor to give to police according to sources. he rambled about his hatred toward black men and how he was frustrated about being a virgin, unable to find a girlfriend. >> somebody is outside one of the doors. why the shooter targeted umpqua community college is still unclear. he lived nearby in this apartment complex with his mother who was reportedly fiercely protective of him. his family has been interviewed by investigators and cnn has learned the shooter suffered mental health issues. >> shocked, shocked is all i can say. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are learning more about the victims of the shooting who range in age from 18 to 67. among the dead, lawrence levine, an assistant professor of english, quinn glen cooper are, who loved dancing and voice acting and lucero alka raz who wanted to become a pediatric
7:36 am
nurse. >> one person's acts may have broken all of our hearts but he cannot prevent our hearts from growing back bigger and stronger. well, one thing that is important to note here is that the shooter seemed to crave the publicity that would come with committing this mass atrocity. this may be a telling quote. he wrote, quote, seems the more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight. that is precisely why you won't hear the sheriff utter the shooter's name. >> so many have decided not to use his name or show his photograph beyond the sheriff. dan simon in roseburg. >> let's bring in clinical psychologist. a lot of people have been looking at this and taking issue with mental illness and that characterization being attached immediately to a situation like this. arthur choo, in wrote claims that people who have
7:37 am
mental illness are far more often the victim of violence than the perpetrator. is it fair to use this characterization right off the bat? >> no. it is human. people want to distance themselves from these people. i'm a former hostage negotiation trainer and a suicide expert. most of my career i've hacked into people's personalities to diffuse them from their inside-out. i think what we need to do is find out how and why people who aren't born to kill, who aren't born to be evil do evil acts. i think one of the reasons they do that. i'm actually co-writing a book called "inside the mind of a school shooter" about a person who 25 years ago had guns all set in high school and five days before, he had a religious conversion and he has never told
7:38 am
anyone, except his wife. we are going to get that story out. i am understanding him from the inside out. for people who don't want just transaction, what are we going to do to stop it? a great way to understand this, if you pardon me using a prop. this is our brain, like a rubik's cube. you get bad genetics, divorce, peers picking on you and then you get humiliation. you get insults. you get people laughing at you. then, this is what your mind is. >> my question is, you are saying that our minds get like that due to societal influences? >> well, there is genetics, what we are raised by in our family often when you see divorce, there are all kinds of conflicts, societal influences. plus, many of them have had learning challenges. that means they couldn't process things and so the insults, they
7:39 am
could defend themselves less. your brain on rage is like this. that's why you become a person who is on a mission. when we hear about him not showing any mercy, it is because he found a way to go from a stray dog to a lone wolf to a man on a mission who is seeking the vee revenge of the nobody. >> so appreciate you coming on and sharing your insight. looking forward to that book. it sounds like something that would open a lot of eyes. thank you. we appreciate your time. >> it is going to save lives. thank you turbulent times may be ahead in the race for house speaker. find out which congressman is now predicted to challenge house majority leader and potentially stir things up among the gop.
7:40 am
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there may soon be a new candidate in the race for speaker, representative chaffetz may launch a bid. they have been reluctant to core on nate house majority leader, kevin mccarthy to replace john
7:44 am
boehner. aaron lewis joins us to talk about it. can he get it done, talking about chaffetz? >> he wouldn't try unless there was something waiting at the end, an outright try to become the next majority leader. there are a lot of reasons to run rather than winning the big prize. there is going to be a lot of negotiating going on. we will see what kind of strength he has. it is a mistake to think it is all or nothing with regard to the speakership. if he makes a strong showing or bargains for a way to stop short of forcing a destructive fight, jason chaffetz could come out very well placed. >> part of the reason he has a shot at the speakership if not one of the other leadership positions is because of some comments made by now house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, as it relates to hillary clinton
7:45 am
and benghazi, the committee. let's listen and we'll talk about his run for the speakership. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping? why? because she is untrustable. no one would have known any of that had happened had we not put that together. >> i give you credit for that. >> many house republicans are live individual because it gives democrats some ammunition to call this whole thing political. was this a fatal mistake? >> well, look, first of all, people are right to be live individual, whether you are a republican, a democrat, in congress or out of congress. he is basically saying in the clip you just played is that they willingly and gleefully used the government process for specifically political ads. that is improper at best, arguably illegal.
7:46 am
depending on how far you support it. their leader going on national television and gleefully talking about how they use government in order to pursue political ends. it has hurt him, possibly not fatally, because the reality is that they have been locked in the republican conference under this hastard rule which has done more damage than people recognized. that rule named after a former speaker of the house that nothing will come to the floor or have the support of the speaker unless a majority of the conference supports it. turning the position from the constitutional one of speaker of the house of representatives into the speaker of the conference. you cannot govern that way. i think we've seen abundant evidence that that's true. i don't know if representative mccarthy understands that or not. i think that's really what underlies the current debate.
7:47 am
>> the last bit of sound i want to play, chairman chaffetz speaking about his comments earlier. >> i don't think it is a fair statement. >> he should apologize? >> i think he should withdraw it. it is an absolute inaccurate statement about what we are doing and have done in the work on benghazi. >> what does this mean for the hearing coming up? >> the hearing was going to be a media circus no matter what, as you know. when they have hillary clinton come in in the middle of a presidential race with so much at stake, it wasn't going to get so nice. >> it is going to be a full-on circus and we'll see if the members are going to be a little bit chasened by this. there is a certain ugliness that the country has indicated. when people say they are disgusted with what's going on in washington, this is exactly what they are talking about. folks are out there hurting.
7:48 am
we have mass shootings going on at a pace of more than one a day. people are playing political games. it makes no sense. >> aaron louis, good to have you. we'll be right back. of course, how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... the only medicare supplement plans that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. it's about having the coverage you need... plan well. enjoy life. go long.
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with their newfound skills and the voice of their coach, april gilatli cheering them on, they headed back home to train. in may, they came together again in southern california for a week of hard-core training. >> the experience has been amaze. eating habits, we try to help each other out with with that. meal planning, we support each
7:53 am
other. >> i tried running today. it is a setback. i will finish the race. i will finish the race. >> i really got in the zone and i really feel like i awakened the triathlete within myself. >> i will do it. anything i put my mind to do, i withily do. >> i can't believe i'm doing this. >> now, it is game time. the half mile swim in the pacific, 18 miles of biking on the pacific coast highway. a four mile run and then the finish line in triumph. >> it feels great. it was incredible. >> i did it, i did it. >> sign up for my next one, man. >> this is a thrilling feeling. i am so proud of my wife. >> thanks cnn and sanjay gupta. you made it happen for us. i'm going to show you some new information about that breaking news out of
7:54 am
afghanistan. we now know at lease the 16 people have been killed in the air strike on the doctors without borders hospital in kanduz, including nine staffers, seven patients, including three children and 37 others were injured. mother than 100 patients and 80 staff were in the hospital when this bombing took place. the u.s. military is investigating the incident and trying to determine whether an ac-130 gunship may have hit them by mistake. flooding not seen inmo more than a september tri. next hour, the governor of north carolina will address the situation and we will bring that to you live.
7:55 am
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when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. the east coast is bracing for more flooding rain. college football fans are getting ready for a huge game between a couple of top-ranked teams. coy wire is joining us live from clemson, south carolina, for tonight's clemson/notre dame
7:59 am
showdown. even in all this rain, it is still going to go on. >> reporter: still going to go on, victor. huge rains. it has stopped for one moment. the rain is certainly going to have an effect on the game in clemson. a pair of unbeaten teams. 80,000 people are going to fill death valley behind me. it could be up to 100,000 more. they have picked up about 2.5 inches of rain. a lot of the parking lots are limited. clemson officials encouraging fans to carpool to the game. on the field, this is the third meeting all time teen the two powerhouse programs. each having won one game. they have had a lot of adversity and lost several key players. tickets to this game are in high demand. earlier this week, coach sweeney said he has heard from people he hadn't heard from in years. he couldn't even get jesus a ticket. here is more. >> i've been out of tickets since the summer. this is a game people have kind
8:00 am
of had circled for a long time. we haven't played notre dame in almost 40 years. the last time they came here in 1977, they had this guy named skroe montana that brought them back right at the end and stole victory from the clemson tigers of 1977. people at clemson don't forget. >> the game should be unforgettable tonight too. the players are going to wear longer cleats for better tracks. 4-6 inches of rain expected. two months worth of rain here in three days. >> have fun with that, coy. >> yes. >> definitely. go out there and make some great memories. we are so glad that you are with us today. a lot more ahead in the next hour. we turn it in to suzanne malveaux in tofor fredricka. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> and this afternoon. >> absolutely. it is 11:00 on the east coast. i'm


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