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tv   Somebodys Gotta Do It With Mike Rowe  CNN  October 4, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i'm mike rowe. and i'm on a mission to find people on a mission. what? what are they doing? how are they doing it? and why? >> very exciting. >> come on, man, we got to get it. >> it's gotta be done. >> on this episode -- >> oh my goodness. >> blowing stuff up. for fun. and profit. >> pretty stuff. >> but mostly fun. i've always wanted to do this. then -- >> open the gut. >> if you like handling the blood and guts of dead animals for science, of course -- all in a day's work.
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have we got a job for you. >> i am the chief mammals preparator. >> can somebody look up preparator? i'm curious to see if it exists in the lexicon. later, something very, very magical going on. a mystical search to find whoever is making these things. now, i don't understand. one clue. it ain't aliens. >> after thinking long and hard about the trajectory of my present career, i've come to terms with the fact i'll probably never star in my own action franchise. but how about a really cool trailer? action trailers don't have much of a plot. and to be honest, neither does this story. but we do have a goal and goals are important.
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i'll tell you everything i know. the goal is to blow stuff up. that's what these guys do. in fact, that's all these guys do. and from what i'm told, they're really good at it. >> hey, mike, welcome. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you are? >> steve wolf. >> this your place? >> this is my place. we have pyro school here when actors are working in a movie, need to train how to fall, be on fire, how to look good, we do the stunt training for them. then we also do a lot of the pyro that's easier to shoot here than it is to blow up in a car in downtown l.a. >> this is a hunk of real estate. you have a concern whereby you make hollywood more believable and probably safer, too. >> yeah, a lot safer. >> where steve is the old pro, matt and steven are the all-american upstart amateurs. they make a living posting videos on youtube that feature all sorts of things exploding for no good reason. today they'll act as gun wranglers, explosive experts.
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which reminds me. this is the graphic title card you knew was coming, we're legally required to show you. the one that points out a number of things. like the absurdity of making your own action trailer at home or the insanity of blowing things up without the requisite licenses and expertise. you already know this because you're not a bunch of idiots but we have to remind you, anyway, because that's just how it is. >> we're going to be working with a couple different risk factors today, we're going to be working with explosives and firearms so the rules of both are going to apply all day today. >> who is this kid? >> this is my son, dash. >> dash. that is endlessly cool, man. i'm a mike and you're a dash? >> dash has been wiring pyro all morning. >> really? >> yeah. >> i've never felt safer. >> most people came to this career late. dash has been doing it since he was 3. >> great. >> we're going to go down to the lake now where we have a van that's been rigged with propane accumulator tanks which means they accumulate large amounts of
10:04 pm
gaseous pressurized propane. when open up a valve, we release the propane into giant lights which shoots a fireball out of a fan. >> fancy talk for we're going to blow up a vehicle down by the river. >> the vehicle, itself, doesn't blow up. just the propane. >> a fireball. >> we can stand in front of it and look tough. >> this vehicle has been blown up 300 times this month already. >> these are the weapons we're going to be using? >> can i take the shotgun? >> point it in a safe direction. >> these are unloaded, correct? >> they are. >> i love how this is coming together. >> which gun will you be shooting? >> i'll give you a hint, i'm holding it. steve's son, dash, takes an immediate interest in me. >> you should take my gun. >> what is it? >> a 5sg. >> what's the "g" stand for? >> giddyup. >> gee. >> hey, there's the van. >> van, down by the river.
10:05 pm
>> here, a car exploding in slow motion. we would look something like this. >> right. like the expendables. >> right. >> the replaceables. the disposables. >> the disposables. >> these each have 10 gallons of gaseous propane at about 100 psi. >> uh-huh. >> and they'll feed into the van here. along with the pilot lights. >> that's a big pilot light. >> yeah, because when we release the propane in here, it's a lot of pressure. >> right. >> so we want to make sure that we light it rather than blow out the pilot. >> what we're going to try and get is the open of a, you know, of a film. everything's going to come together. and we'll look like the bad asses we are. >> i bet that looked awesome. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> they are the disposables. >> we'll do one where you can run and jump and we blow it up behind you.
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>> oh, that would be great. >> remember this moment? >> yeah. >> let's look at that back, shall we? >> ahhh! >> not as tough looking when you can see the soft pads i'm actually landing on, but that's how they do it in hollywood. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. look out, stallone. i'm coming. what's a good video? >> 100,000 views is a good video. 1 million views is a great video. that's what i strive for in every one. >> what are people looking for in a great youtube video where stuff blows up? >> short, exciting and unique pretty much. >> short, right? >> that's the trick to youtube. this is tough we were kind of doing before youtube, anyway, just horsing around then it kind of just exploded into this real, pardon the pun -- >> it exploded. >> into this real thing. now we can buy things to blow up and don't have a zero budget kind of deal. >> on the channel we do a lot of experiments and that sort of thing and this is one of those.
10:07 pm
we have three spray paint cans tied together with some sparklers. we're going to light the sparklers. chuck the spray paint cans up in the air with this duct tape rope then try to shoot them with the bird shot from the shotgun which will blow up the spray paint cans. the sparklers will light the paint and it will make a big fireball in theory. >> huh. >> that's the plan. fire in the hole! ♪ >> thing about experiments is they're all based on trial and error. apparently when you're looking to make a fireball, fourth of july sparklers just ain't going to cut it. >> looks like we should have got flares. >> do you want some flares? >> you got some flares? >> if at first you don't succeed, bigger is always better. we're doubling up on paint cans and for the ignition we're using road flares. if this doesn't make a fireball,
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a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth. warning, this segment is short on plot, light on character, and lacking any
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meaningful takeaway. on a positive side, lots of stuff will be blown up. do not blow stuff up at home. >> i'm at wolf stunt ranch in central texas hoping to be transformed into a credible action hero. best i can tell, they do it because they love it and so far they seem to know what they're talking about. >> two, one, light. ♪ ♪ >> holy crap. >> yeah. >> that was a good one. that was a good one. >> pretty stuff. >> yeah. >> that was gorgeous. >> yeah. >> all right? >> right. >> now that we've mastered the
10:13 pm
action hero fireball, it's time to explore the wonders of tannerite. >> a binary explosive. you mix them together, you shoot them with a bullet and they explode. >> this is the secret of how a single shot from bruce willis' magic gun creates an eye popping inferno. since "diehard." our nemesis will be a frozen turkey tied to a door. do we take the turkey out of the bag? >> yes. >> open her up. you know i grew up in a food family. >> certainly grew up in a knife family. >> ready to mix this stuff? >> ready. make a little room. >> how much are you going to put in? >> all of it. >> what ultimately do we learn as a result of this? or is it really about learning anything at all, is it simply -- >> that's smiling. i'm pretty sure this is how s.w.a.t. does it. >> you guys are all getting salmonella. >> this is the cross hair right
10:14 pm
here. >> does the turkey get a blindfold? >> maybe a cigarette. essentially what we're doing is we're creating the exact type of video you would do? >> pretty much. >> on your youtube channel. this is what you would do. >> yes. >> you ready to shoot this? >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> get ready to be breathing turkey guts. >> the turkey's got to get it. let's hear it for the other white meat. >> low and to the left. ♪ >> i think you got it. a piece of turkey went right in my mouth. >> it's cooked. >> holy -- >> it's gone. >> this is going to go right here.
10:15 pm
>> anybody i think who's sick of television is going to appreciate this. now, a shrink might conclude my latent desire to blow up a television is indicative of a subconscious disappointment with what the medium's become and the banal predictability so common in so many of today's hit shows. well, that's just silly. >> pull this handle -- >> yep. >> -- back and that will be it. >> this gun is loud just like the air .15. >> i've always wanted to do this. >> fire in the hole. nope. nothing metaphorical going on here at all. no mis-seeded, misdirected rage of an industry hardwired to suck the life out of those attempting to create a truly authentic moment for posterity. >> that's great. >> cool.
10:16 pm
that looked great. >> always my favorite part of an explosion is checking out the aftermath. >> sure. >> got to confirm the kill. >> that's right. >> this is definitely going to void the warranty. >> yeesh. >> nice hit, though, right? boom. looks like you know what you're doing. >> the illusion of confidence. never underrate it. blowing up turkeys and tv sets might suggest the emergence of a nontraditional action hero. i'm fine with that. however, every action trailer worth its salt needs to include one or two mandatory moments. like, say, blowing up a speedboat on open water. let's do that. this is a boat just waiting to be blown up. >> it's a nice boat. >> we're going to launch it using a chemical called helix. >> this is a binary. >> this is a binary explosive. helix stands for high energy liquid explosive. high explosives are actually the safest of all explosives and when we talk about blasting
10:17 pm
agents, low explosives and high explosives we're talking about how much energy it take to get the reaction going. the high explosive requires the most energy to get started. the only way to get the high explosive to initiate is by hitting it with a blasting cap. we're going to detonate this electrically. you have to be an explosives license to do that. >> you got one of those? >> i do. >> good, than. >> one of these is actually plenty for what we're going to do. >> is it? >> yep. >> just imagine if we were to do four or five. >> yeah, well, this is already about six sticks of dynamite right here. >> oh, really. >> yeah. >> i'm going to bury this in the water underneath the boat and we're actually going to use the water as the charge that blows the boat up. >> interesting. >> there's a little air in here. want to make sure it doesn't float. >> and this is pretty much how
10:18 pm
they would do it. >> in a big movie. >> in a big movie. >> all right. so let's have that out there. cool. that's going to be in front of the boat. let's position the boat now. >> all right. >> boat going to be at the end here. we're just going to straighten up like yay, right? >> that's it. >> then we'll add something into the boat, you know, to get a little bit more fire. >> that's gas. >> who's got gas? boy, that smell just makes me feel like something exciting's going to happen. now we're going to take this, wire it into the firing box. okay. now we're all going to clear back to safeville. >> now every action trailer requires the hero to appear shirtless for at least one brief scene. not all cameramen require me to rub water on my chest before the shot, but doug is not just any cameraman. and i choose to trust his judgment. i won't be doing that again. >> oh, this looks good. >> yeah? >> yeah, it does.
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warning, i stopped working out two years ago. if you want to be an action hero and plan to remove your shirt in a film, don't stop working out. also, please continue to not blow things up at home. steve wolf, matt, and steven are putting me through the paces of what it takes to become a genuine on-camera action star. the answer's simple. blow up a boat. >> action. >> three, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> for you.
10:24 pm
>> okay. that's ridiculous. the only other nonnegotiable shot required of all overpaid action heroes is the ever-popular jumping sideways in slow motion while firing a gun shot. >> dash. go. fire it up. >> three, two, one. >> let me see what that even looks like up there. huh. a little higher than it looks. >> you're not afraid of heights, are you? >> i'm just going to go on my back once and butt just to see what it looks like. >> perfect. roll out like a little burrito. >> two kinds of action heroes working in hollywood today. there's the kind that do their own stunts and there's the kind that rely on stuntmen and cgi. i am neither. i made it look easy, didn't i? i will climb to the top of the platform, hold the .45 magnum,
10:25 pm
wait until the pyro begins and sparks will start to shower upon me. i will then dive from the platform but on the way down, i got to level off, find doug and fire off a couple of rounds then twist my shoulder if i can at the last minute to land properly. >> are you good, mike? >> i'm good. >> cue pyro. >> ahh! holy crap. >> come over here, man. >> how did we do? >> what do you think? >> ahhh! oh, my god. i'm so brave. >> you look freaking great, man. >> i'm fearless. >> look at that. you look awesome. >> good so far? >> so far, so good. of course, this day's not over just yet.
10:26 pm
there are a number of cars spread across the ranch waiting to be shot at and destroyed. what kind of goodies are you using this time? >> well -- >> same helix stuff? >> no, this time we're going to use black powder and we're going to use it to atomize gasoline because we're really more concerned about the fireball. all right, so this one goes to the mortar lift charge and the lift charge is down underneath there then we put the liquids on top of that. mortar explosion on bottom. it's going to push out this gasoline, vaporize it into a big huge fireball, hopefully blasting this back door off. we're good. >> you can be a superhero, be more than a superhero. you could probably get all three cars off one shot with the right ricochet. >> i want to be more than a superhero. one shot, three cars. end of the line, dirt bag. >> no legitimate action hero is going to just blow up a car without saying some kind of cool catchphrase before he does it. not today, my friend. smile, you son of a bitch. maybe i should just use a
10:27 pm
finger. he's that bad ass. just a finger. in the end, matt and steven convinced me that a finger gun was just not going to sell this big action set piece. they talked me into using one of the many, many, many, many guns they brought for this very purpose. >> three, two, one. end of the line, dirt bag. ♪ and the family in the minivan lives. ♪
10:28 pm
or not. i feel terrible about that one. so did the guys from the stunt ranch and the other guys from the demolition ranch pull it off? did all this effort and all that firepower transform a middle-aged tv host into a believable action star? you be the judge. >> in a world where nothing matters, in a time where chaos reigns. ♪ one tv host will rise to become a hero. because somebody's gotta do it.
10:29 pm
>> there's a lot of things you can do at chicago's famed field museum. you can learn about vikings, look at dinosaur bones or just screw around on a big staircase. today, though, we're going to dissect a squirrel to properly prepare it for future study and observation. so scientists in the future can know exactly what a squirrel was in 2015. my guide through this adventure and mammalian biology is the field museum's own dr. anna goldman. i don't yet know her full title so let's call her awesome biological sciences lady. >> hi. >> hello. >> nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> anna. you already knew that. >> steve just told me. >> oh. >> what is it you do exactly? >> i am the chief mammals preparator and assistant collection manager. >> chief mammal what? >> preparator. >> i take dead bodies and prepare them for museum collections. >> that's not really a word, is it? >> it is. it's a word most aren't familiar with.
10:30 pm
it's funny to say. preparator. >> preparator. >> can someone look up preparator? >> i'm deeply suspicious. >> that would be embarrassing if my job title doesn't exist. that's what i'm called around here. >> you're kidding me. >> the definition is one that prepares specifically a person who prepares scientific specimens for museum displays. >> it's okay. >> son of a gun. >> the day is going to be filled with things like this. >> your credibility just went right through the roof.
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i've just learned there's a job called mammal preparator. this is a job done by dr. anna goldman. and it's performed right here at chicago's field museum. >> this is the mammals prep lab. this is an example of what we do. these are are studied skins. tan skins. you're actually going to be making one of these today. >> why? >> what we're trying to is track change over time. we want to have our finger on the pulse of the environment. >> well, to ask, like, the screamingly obvious, why, why is it important to track populations and all of that over time? why do we care so deeply about that? >> so, an example, have you heard of ddt before, the -- >> that's a pesticide. >> it's a pesticide that was really heavily used before the
10:35 pm
mid 1980s and the reason why it wasn't as heavily used after the mid '80s is because they found out it was one of the leading causes of the bald eagle decline and found this by looking at egg shells from the early 1900s and comparing them to egg shells in the 1980s and they found out that ddt actually resonates in these egg shells and makes them thinner. therefore, there's less survival rate of their chicks. >> that's an excellent answer. >> so these are my volunteers and interns. they give me their free time. >> yeah. >> and i put them through hell. >> every day. >> both squirrels, position of surprise. >> this is a female and this is a male. the cool thing about rodents is they have a bone in their penis so actually there's a bone in here. you can actually -- you can feel it, too, if you wanted. >> all right. >> a lot of the times with bones it kind of forces intercourse.
10:36 pm
>> how many species have a bone in their penis? >> i don't have numbers for you but there's a lot of carnivores, rodents, some primates have bones in their penis. >> some primates. >> we actually evolved not to have bones in our penis so that's something someone would look at different species and genetic data and try to find out. all right. so i like to make my incision along the sternum and you're going to press firmly but not really hard. >> under no circumstances would i ever suggest a squeamish viewer leave the room or turn the channel, but if you are squeamish, closing your eyes would be an excellent strategy to contemplate right about now. >> nose bleed and everything. okay. so now we're going to put a little bit of sawdust just in that little slit right there. >> uh-huh. >> this squirrel is going to be here for hundreds of years so when you're dust in the wind literally, this squirrel is
10:37 pm
still going to be here. >> so if you're feeling bad for the squirrel, cheer up, he's going to outlive you and everyone you've ever met. >> yeah, he's more important than you are are. >> well hold on. >> now you're going to slice the achilles so we're separating right now. nice. >> keep the bone in there. >> yeah. >> so, yeah, it's a little gruesome, but this is how anna creates a biological representative of the squirrels of 2015. >> so now we're going to open the gut. we're going to find the liver and you're going to grab just a little bit of it. >> okay. >> cool. and you're going to go above the heart and you're going to slice the esophagus and the aorta and you're just going to pull down. rip the whole thing out. >> all right. all of it. >> there you go. >> got most of it. this would be the intestines, i assume? >> twist it around your finger and pull.
10:38 pm
>> this is just all in a day's work. now we need to see how a squirrel carcass gets a good cleaning. and find out why an old liver is worth saving until the end of time. >> so you're going to put these on. >> these are the best gloves ever. >> magic. so this is our cryogenic storage facility. we keep all of our tissue samples in here and this is kept at 309 degrees fahrenheit below zero. >> wow. i see boxes. >> yep, this way facing forward, you're going to sit it down right there. >> this is where we take our squirrel liver samples and deep freeze them for posterity. freaking cold. the liver contains a treasure-trove of chemical and biological information that will give the scientists of the future a portrait of the ecology of 20156. pull my finger. that's a good girl. >> i wish you actually farted, actually. i'm disappointed you didn't. >> who's to say i didn't? after you.
10:39 pm
if you think you've already seen the most disgusting part of this process, you're wrong, unless, of course, you are titillated by the sight of flesh-eating beetles living up to their name. >> domestic beetles. they are the last to only to a carcass. when you find road kill on the side of the road, you're going to find maggots first. >> yes. >> very wet -- the maggots love the wetness, they love that moisture. as soon as the maggots and the fungus beetles and everything else eats it down to the jerky and just what's left, that's when they come in. so they're like the cleanup crew. >> by this time tomorrow, these beetles will have made a clean carcass out of this squirrel, but just so you don't get cheated out of an awesome visual, here's a time lapse of these very same beetles doing their thing on the skull of a very unfortunate two-headed calf. >> so we're going to grab one of these dirty boxes, and you're going to pick up a bone and you're going to blow into it lightly.
10:40 pm
kind of get the little guys to move. >> i don't think i got any on there. man, they picked it clean. >> yeah. >> the beetles are thorough, no doubt about it, but so is anna and right now she's anxious to show me there's only one proper way to skin a squirrel. >> we are in here making a study skin, so a study skin is different from a taxidermy mount because this is actually just designed for research. so it's going to end up flat so it fits into a drawer better. >> uh-huh. >> okay. so now you're going to take one end and you're going to kind of make it into a face so that you kind of have cheeks and a nose. >> does that look like a face? >> stuffing turns out to be even trickier than intestine removing but eventually i got the hang of it. >> this guy looks a little sad so we're just going to -- >> of course he's sad. he just had every major organ removes. >> wires in the legs. wires in the tail. >> once we finish stuffing our squirrels, not much left to do
10:41 pm
but send them off to that great specimen storage facility in the sky. except this one's in the basement. like the queen. hello. i'm so pleased to see you all out on such a glorious day. become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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chicago's field museum is an impressive place of natural history artifacts, but even more impressive is what you find down the endless hallways the public doesn't get to see. when i say there are a lot of hallways, i mean there are a lot of hallways. and in between those hallways, more artifacts. in fact, according to bill stanley, a guy we stumbled a cross in one of those hallways who happens to be anna's boss -- >> less than 1% of what's in the building is on display so we have 99% more stuff behind the scenes and this allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the planet. >> at base, the field museum is a tool for researchers, but since most of the researchers on the planet can't physically get to the field museum, bill is bringing the museum to them. >> our mission is to allow
10:46 pm
scientists to figure out what makes this planet tick. a lot of people can't afford to come here from tanzania, so what we're doing is putting it on the web so we're going to start easy. this is -- >> a hyena. >> there are different species of hyenas. which species is it? >> the firsts thing i see is a similarity between what i'm guessing is nostril holes. >> you have a striped hyena. tanzania and found the skull in the serengeti. >> which brings us back to our important mission with bill's star employee, dr. anna goldman, creating the representative squirrel of our times. >> so we have just completed our cooking show study skins and we are now going to number them and integrate them into the collection. so each bone you're going to put a number on that skull. and this pen actually has archival ink so it's not going
10:47 pm
to fade. it's going to be waterproof. if we need to remove it, we have to actually use ethanol alcohol to kind of rub it off. that's pretty great. >> this is amazing. it's a tiny pen. ♪ >> so cross your 7. >> can barely see that. i'm just guessing at the numbers. >> no, that's really good. >> yeah? >> yeah. now we are going to insert it into the collection. >> huh. >> magic. you want to grab those blank boxes and the long skin? >> so at last, we enter the mausoleum of the unknown squirrels. a place where scientists will be able to conduct research for decades. maybe even centuries to come. what's the oldest drawer you've got? i'd like to see a really old squirrel. >> that's 1897. >> okay. >> and you see how that squirrel skin looks just like your squirrel skin?
10:48 pm
>> yes. >> so these are -- >> that's why you do it the way you do it. >> yeah. >> that's interesting. so a squirrel from 1897, so it was 1997, that would be 100 years. 2007 would be 110. 2017 would be 120 minus 2 would be 118. 118-year-old squirrel right here. it does not defy imagination at all to imagine 100 years from now you're looking at the same labeling system, the same basic species, but now you'd have a third squirrel and you'd be able to say, okay, in 2115, here's our guy. >> yeah. >> here he is 100 years ago. here he is 100 years before that. and that's why you're doing what you're doing. >> yeah. we're trying to keep our finger on the pulse. >> of what? >> of what's happening outside. and we don't -- >> that's another sentence, you need to finish the sentence. >> we don't know what happened yesterday, but maybe tomorrow we can. >> that's what i'm talking about.
10:49 pm
not long ago, elegant stone sculptures started showing up on the rocky beaches of ventura, california. and not just a few. lots and lots of them. all made purely by balancing the rocks just so. this soon led to speculation about what was behind these weirdly beautiful creations. a local artist? a pagan cult maybe? mike rowe? well, we can eliminate the last one for sure, but i'll find the source of this odd artistic endeavor and learn what it means and maybe figure out how it's
10:50 pm
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i've come to the rocky shores to see the mystery of this artistically stacked stones. these are not the works of a trained artist or spiritual seeker, but rather this guy. >> hey there. >> how's it going? >> i'm all right. how are you?
10:54 pm
why aren't they falling down? >> they fall sometimes in the wind. >> what do you call it? does it have a name? >> towers. >> uh-oh. >> oh, no. was it the wind? >> maybe you. >> maybe me? >> i don't know. >> i've got, like, 1,000 questions. i just want to look at this for a moment. >> i'm sure the reason why manuel does this is very interesting but right now i'm still stuck on how. now i don't understand. they're not glued. >> nope. >> wait a minute. >> it's okay. >> are you looking for the center? >> yeah.
10:55 pm
>> on the one hand, he's stacking rocks on top of rocks. on the other hand, he's defying physics. laughing at gravity. and communing with nature in a way that i'm neither equipped to mimic or explain. i know what i'm looking at. i just -- it just doesn't make sense to my brain. i mean, did you see someone do this? >> there's a long history. i was living on the streets. >> you were homeless? >> yeah. i was living at the beach. >> manuel arrived on the beach after he lost his five-year job at a factory making helicopter parts. >> no i.d., no money, no nothing. it's tough to find a job we you don't have a place to live. >> manuel was left with no prospects and that is when the rocks began to call. >> i start to --
10:56 pm
>> so do people come down here to the beach and just sit and stare at them? >> most people, they like it. some people, they think it's, like, my wage or something like that. >> word of manuel and his amazing sculptures began to spread. finally it landed him in the pages of the "vc reporter." the stones have endeared him to the people of venture are county and they've been generous offering manuel work and even a place to live. now he's pitching his tent on the safety of a neighbor's property. >> stacking rocks made my life better. i don't sleep no more on the streets. >> you know this guy? >> thank you. >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> i just visit like everybody else. >> yeah. >> i'm one of his fans. he's a contributor to the charms of ventura with his gorgeous sculpture garden.
10:57 pm
>> it's amazing. you ever tried one, yourself? >> no. >> it's not easy. >> leave it to the expert. >> yeah, there's something very, very magical going on. >> i saw you watching closely. >> yeah, i didn't learn anything. i'm trying, though. >> no, i don't think too many of us have that interconnection to the stones. >> you have to, like, slowly, like -- >> my girlfriend? >> yeah, something like that. >> that's just -- i don't think that's possible. i mean, it's just so -- like many things in life, it ain't so easy. unless, of course, you're manuel. that's a hard rock, isn't it? >> no, it's not. it's so easy. >> is it easy? >> yeah. >> because it seems hard. you say this is relaxing, huh? >> yep. >> there's a little trial. and a little error.
10:58 pm
and then there's a little more error. ever scream in frustration when you're all by yourself? >> no. >> scream at the top of your lungs, you know? >> no. >> but eventually i start to get the hang of it. huh? i feel it, manuel. feeling it. >> okay. >> it's like operation meets jenga. hey, manuel. oh. that's really cool. that's so much better. >> that's nice. >> it's not terrible, right? >> no. you use crazy glue or no?
10:59 pm
>> no crazy glue. of course, there's no competing with the master. get the hell out of town. that's great. very zen. i suppose we could talk at length about the spiritual undertones of what manuel's doing but there's also a lesson in practicality, by working with his hands manuel found balance in both the rocks and within himself and the world responded with opportunities he needed. what better way to say good-bye as the rock towers backlit behind me, the sun streaking down the sky with just a hint of magenta and fuchsia left, as manuel demonstrates what balance really is all about. thank you. >> thank you so much. i'm freezing. >> a little. >> let's get out of here. >> i think everything is a balance in this life. i make mistakes like everybody. if you want to change your life,
11:00 pm
go a different way, you can do it. doctors without borders is leaving the city in afghanistan where an air strike blew its hospital apart and now the group is demanding answers. we will go live to kabul. >> and north korea may soon release a u.s. resident who's been detained since april. we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. that's how big this is. >> historic flooding turns roads into rivers in the u.s. state of south carolina has rescu


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