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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 5, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i want to know if the posts are getting likes or comments. >> and you won't believe the number of times they take iselle fis before they post them. "being 13" inside of the secret world of teens on a special edition of "ac360." wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer, and it is 1:00 p.m. right here in washington, and 8:00 p.m. in jerusal jerusalem, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we begin with a tragedy on a commercial airline. a american airline that was scheduled to flight in boston made a harrowing stop in syracuse, because one of the pilots died. the plane took the off from phoenix, and diverted safely just after 7:00 a.m., and rene marsh is here, and what are you
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learning about this, because it is disturbing? it is very disturbing and sad, because there were 140 passengers on board when it happened. luckily, you will hear about two people in the cob pith -- in the cockpit, and this is why it is so critical. the captain at the controls on american liairlines flight 550 suffered from some illness and unfortunately passed a away as a result of the illness, and the co-pilot had to take over, and thank goodness, wolf they landed the airbus 320 safely when they diverted to syracuse and now a replacement crew to get the folks from syracuse to the intended destination of phoenix. >> and everybody is okay, and we will see what happens. you make a good point that is why it is good to have two pilots instead of one. there is a train derailment that occurred in vermont, and what happened? >> we know that investigators are on the scene, and traveling to the scene, and this is train 55.
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it derailed in the area of roxbury, vermont, and we know some 98 people on board, and we don't know how many cars jumped the track, but you are looking at the video there, and the train cars that did leave the tracks, and we know that it was going from st. albens, vermont, to washington, d.c. what amtrak is telling me is that the derailment happened after the passenger train struck a rock slide. that the rocks came on to the tracks, and that is what caused the derailment. that is the initial assessment, but we know that four people have been taken to the hospital with injuries, and amtrak at this hour say they don't know of any life threatening injuries, but it is early. as they make their way there, we will keep track of of the developments and investigation under wayt at this point, too. >> as it should be. than you, are rene. and let's get to the historic flooding in south carolina.
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the death toll is rising and the governor says nine people are reported dead in weather-related incident incidents. the damage so far is massive. the homes are flooded or destroyed. cars are submerged in floodwater s, and bridges and roads are closed throughout the state. and 26,000 people are without power, and 80,000 people without water. and the department of safety has made over 100 water rescues. the governor has said that even though the rain is subsidinsubs the worst is not over yet. >> our biggest focus is safety. if you are in your house, remind your kids not to play in the water, and stay indoors. if you are under a boiled water advisory, do take heed of it. and this is not the time to take pictures out there. >> this is a clearly dire and
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desperate situation representing a monumental challenge for emergency medical personnel. and thank you for joining us, but what is the primary mission right now this is. >> our primary mission remains working every single day to work together the preserve human life. we have had incredibly well coordinated federal issues, and state leaders and the local officials. i have talked to congress jim clyburn and senator tim scott and senator lindsey graham, and congressman e joe wilson as well, and everybody is making sure that we have the state and the e local resources to preserve human life. the devastation is real. it is a 1,000-year event. we have to work everyday to get out of the weeds. once the waters subside, we have
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to work with the incredible damage. we have to work together to rescue the people from the treacherous situation, and regretly, some people are not happ happy about the fact that we have had a curfew, but it is all right. we had a curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and that is to keep people off of the streets except for the essential people. and looks like garn tonight, 7 clblg p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to clear the streets to keep people from their curiosities so that the first respopders can do their job. their job is to make sure that people are safe and sound and work to restore the water system, and to work to keep people away are the dangerous situations. >> what is the priority need right now, and do you have any enough resource s s to get it d? >> sure. i am confident that we have significant resources. the governor has reached out the other governors from around the south is east, and they have sent resources.
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the national guard is engaged with the major who runs fort jackson, the army's number one training base here in town, and we have gotten support from philanthropic groups like pepsi and walmart and scisco to make sure that we have food and water. again, the number one need is the cooperation of all people who live, work, and play in the city. if you don't have to bon the streets of the city, we need you off of the streets. when the sun goes down, the forecast said at 7:03, and we expet the streets to be cleared of anybody who does not have be on the streets. >> and how about the hospitals, the medical attention, how are they doing? >> sure. they are doing well sh, and we working closely with the hospitals, and three large hospitals in downtown columbia, and i was on the phone with one of them well after midnight last
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night, and just got off of the phone with another hospital president 15 minutes ago. and two of of the hospitals down tour require 100,000 gallons a day for the chillers to make sure that the electrical equipment can continue to work. and the fire department worked closely with them last night, and provided them with all of the water that they need. we will continue day by day with the water pressure that has restored to parts of the city, but we want to make shure that e take it one hour at a time, and making sure that whatever way we can deal with it, it has to be in a sustain theable manner, and so we a -- sustainable in this manner, and we thank you. >> thank you, so much, mr. mayor, for being with us.
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thank you, and pray for the city. >> we will. and now, the missing ship went missing off of the coast of hurricane joaquin thursday, and that is the last contact. during the search this weekend, the coast guard found a life jacket with unidentifiable human debr debris. i am joined by the u.s. coast guard captain, and thank you for joining us, and what is the status on trying to find the survivors? >> well, as you said, sir, we have shifted from the search from looking for the vessel itself, to survives. we are actively doing that with three coast guard cutters on the scene, and three commercial ocean-going tugs hired by the shipping company, and we have a slate of aircraft flying to the
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i da, including the coast guard, and the c 130 aircraft, and the navy p.e. aircraft. we have adjust ed the search pattern, and instead of looking for a huge area of a 790 foot ship, we are flying lower to look for survivors and lifeboats or life rafts, and any chance to find it whatsoever. >> and so far only one deceased in a survival seat? >> yes, that happened yesterday. when that happened yesterday, there were simultaneous sightings of life vests, and rafts, and so we had to make a quick on scene request to find out if anybody was alive in the survival suit, and when we learned that the person was deceased, baud if we did not go over to analyze what we were
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looking at the things on the ocean will move quickly, and it could drift away or sink. we wanted to make sure that we provided every possibility with the deceased person. >> have you identified this person? >> no, unrecognizable. >> and this is a big cargo ship, and how unusual for a hurricane of this enormity to bring down a ship of this width, and breadth? >> well, it was a category 4 storm at the time, and the main pr problem is that the ves is sell was disabled thursday morning meaning no means of propulsion, and so it was totally vulnerable to the storm. etch a large ship is going to be fall i falling at the trough they call it where the winds from the sea
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will hit it on the side. so if you are drifting the 140-mile-an-hour winds up to the sea, it is battering the ship. and we know that the ship had previous water intrusion, and beginning to list. again, a very difficult situation to exacerbate the danger they were facing at that time. >> and i know that the daylight hours are critical in the search for any survivors. we are wishing you the best. we will look closely at what sparks hillary clinton the's response. and a plus, a air strike over the weekend hits a physicians without border hospital.
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liberty mutual insurance. a fired up hillary clinton slams the house terror select
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committee probe as nothing but a partisan exercise, and her direct words. this is what else she said in a "today" show town hall meeting in new hampshire. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit, to go the after me for political reasons. the death of four americans in benghazi, and i knew the ambassador, and i identified m him, and i asked him to go there, and i asked the president to nominate him. there have been seven investigations led mostly by the republicans in congress, and they reached the conclusions that i, and nobody did anything wrong, but some changes to be followed. and this is set up to to be a partisan issue, out of the deaths of four americans, and so if there were republicans or democrats that were thinking ab, that i would have done everything to shut it down. >> our correspondent brianna
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keilar is out there on the campaign trail covering hillary clinton, and brianna commentator was this acknowledgment that fired her up with those comments coming from the possible next speaker of the house in kevin mccarthy. >> yes, no doubt about it, wolf. they have been saying that it is exactly what has been going on, when everybody thought that clinton was unbeatable, and we we, meaning republicans put together the select benghazi number, and the numbers have been dropping. attributing the committee drop to the overall numbers it appears ash and the
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trustworthiness numbers when it comes to hillary clinton, because she has seen the numbers drop, and although a lot of people would say it is because of the e-mail controversy, but going into the hearing where she will testify october 22nd, wolf, she and the campaign are seeing a lot of opportunity from what many mccarthy said. >> and e brianna, even a lot of republicans said that what he said is a political gift in advance of the october 22nd seshl hearing on benghazi. and how is this likely to play out? >> you know, it is really to tell exactly, because we will have to wait for the hearinger because we have seen her testify before congress before, and you will recall, wolf, it is the matter that she said at this point, what difference does not make it when answering a question about whether it was a terror i.n.s. dent or the protests, and with have learned that it is the former.
10:19 am
we saw that fiery moment that the republicans livened up the base, and that is the hope for republicans, but clinton is going into, this and the expectation is that no matter what happens, this is a partisan witch hunt, and you have the majority leader saying so much. >> yes, she was fired up today in responding to kevin mccarthy's comments. briana, thank you very much. and to the viewerser you will have your first chance to see the democratic candidates all on one stage. you can see it tomorrow october 13th, 9:00 p.m. in las vegas. and just ahead, the race for the e speaker of the house heating up. jonathan chaffets is going to weigh in on what he believes could happen next.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> the breaking news ta we are following is that the coast guard has released new video show sag lifeboat, a lifeboat found in the water believed to have been from the cargo ship that went missing off of the coast of florida thursday during hurricane joaquin. and the coast guard says that they believe that the cargo ship has sunk and they are now focusing on the search for survivors, and they did recover one body so far, but the search for survivors is going to continue for the next few hours, and during daylight are critically important. other news we are following is politics here in washington, and the so-called family feud over who is the next speaker of the house of representatives is getting more complicated. jay chaffetz says that kevin
10:25 am
mccarthy does not have enough support to get the job done. we talked to him up on cop -- capitol hill about what needs to be done. >> reporter: what does need to be done? >> well, there is some internal processes that the communications war is not going well, and we cede that at every level and we are not taking the fight to the president, and that is what we were elected to do. >> and kevin mccarthy has a majority of the support within the conference right now. >> sure. >> and thursday a key vote to determine who the republicans are going to nominate for speaker, and it appears that kevin mccarthy is going to get that if he has the majority within the conference, and at that point, what are you going to do, and are you going to push him over that 218 level on the floor?
10:26 am
>> well, i will make the best case to my colleagues and hope i am victorious thursday, and if not, i will support whoever the nominee is. but it does not change the math question question, because too many of the members will not vote for a member of the existing leadership team to get a promotion now that the speaker boehner has stepped down. >> and you say that you want to take the fight to the fact that there is no government debt default, and we are headed up to the key deadline to the raise it, and is senator mcconnell right in saying that there is no debt default. >> i am running for the speaker of the house of representatives, and we will have to figure out where to hold the line, and we have no interest in simply raising the debt ceiling without the trajectory of the spending, and it is a time when we should be reflecting so that we know
10:27 am
what to do, so that we don't have to keep changing the debt ceiling, and the debt has gone from $9 trillion to 20 trillion, and we change 600 million a day the on the national debt and it is silly for the president to say that he won't have this discussion, and the only solution is to go to the chinese to have more money, and really, that is the solution? >> and shouldn't senator mcconnell say that there is no default? >> i think that the senate majority leader is wrong. and i disagree with them, and we will figure out how to hold the line, and change the trajectory and not just gravitate to the lower common denominator and to signal that you will cave at the en end, and that is what i am interested in doing. >> and he said the same thing about the no shutdown, and you believe he is wrong about that? >> yes, our role and responsibility is to put the
10:28 am
bill on the president's desk, and then he has to decide if he wants to shut it down. >> so you think that mcconnell is wrong about the shutdown? >> yes. shand one of the challenges is to not be working together to put a bill on the president's desk. the president really has had to veto next to nothing. and i think that if we had good bills broad bills on both sides of the house and the senate, to get them to the president's desk, that is what we were elected to do. >> is senator mcconnell a good leader of the party? >> yes, i have the greatest respect for him sh, and i look forward to working with him. >> and the race for the speaker second in line to the presidency obviously critically important, and how ugly disruptive could it get? >> pretty ugly, because the end of the month is the key vote, and thursday, the republicans are going to the nominate who they should put up for the speakership for john boehner and
10:29 am
at the end of the month, the next time is the republican canidate on the house floor, and he believes that kevin mckcarth the leading contender can not automatically lose 50 votes on the floor, and then it will throw the situation into a state of flux, and when i talked to jason chaffetz i pushed him on what they will do thursday to have that nominee's vote, and he suggested that he would back off and get behind kevin mccarthy and actively support him to get over the critical threshold come the end of the month, with pu the question though is what will some of the conservative members do about being skeptical to mccarthy or back another candidate. >> indeed, because last wednesday, jason chaffetz was here on cnn and he was not happy about the comments of kevin mccarthy about the benghazi
10:30 am
select committee to the comment th that he made that it was political to disparage her. and what happened between then and thursday. >> it is amazing, because he said that he was supportive of kevin mccarthy and then they had a fund-raiser together, and he told mccarthy straight up i will challenge you, and he said that he decided between thursday night and friday morning he going to run, but he nos that he is a long shot for the race, and little chance that he can win, but he is trying to tap into the unrest within the republican conference over a simply promoting the existing leadership team, and that is the leadership team that folks are talking about that the republicans and the conservatives have not been aggressive enough in pursuing the agenda, and not just
10:31 am
fighting the president, but the republicans in the senate as well. >> and this could get lively if he is getting the majority of the caucus in the house, and he does not get the 218 vote, and all of the democrats will will vote for nancy pelosi ballotf a ballot and maybe the republicans will is have to find somebody who will get 218 vote, and maybe not necessarily jason chaffetz, but it could be lively. >> yes, it could be lively, wolf. >> and a thank you, manu, for doing that. and now, we are going live to afghanistan in kabul for the latest in the investigation of the air strike that hit that hospital. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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without borders say s ts that t bombing is a war crime who have now had three children among the victims, and nine doctors. the president has offered his condolences, and says that it is conducting a full investigation. and this is what the top commander in afghanistan said at a pentagon briefing. >> we have earn have now learne local civilians were taking on enmy force strikes, and were asking for help. that is in contradiction to what
10:37 am
was reported. and there is no country in the world or ono military in the world that goes to greater lengths and places a higher premium on avoiding civilian casualties than the united states department of defense. >> and earnest outlined three investigations to take place, a formal department of defense investigation, and already taking place an investigation of n nato, and the joint afghan and nato investigation, a n he said that president obama has confidence in these investigations. i want to bring in the senior diplomatic correspondent nic robertson who is in kabul, and also our military analyst retired lieutenant rick francona. and first of all, nic, doctors without borders is calling it a war crime. and tell us why they believe it is in their estimation a war
10:38 am
crime? >> their explanation is that they say that there were no taliban on the hospital compound that were using the hospital as a base of operations. they say that hospitals under international humanitarian are protected and there should not be any military action on those basises, and they say that, and this is something that they feel very strongly about and not just because of what happened to this hospita hospital, but the implications of other hospitals, and not just across afghanistan but the globe and not just for them, but for other ngos throughout the world. they called the accusation of the afghan government today disgusting that the afghan government said that the taliban had bases inside of the hospital. they have gone further to responding to general campbell saying that this investigation will be transparent, but now it does show that in fact, the
10:39 am
afghan shoulders called in yesterday, and what doctors without borders said that first of all, this is called by the united states collateral damage, and then a tragic accident, and now the united states will blame it on the afghan government, and he said that for that reason, it make it all of the more urgent that there is an independent international transparent inquiry, wolf. >> as you know, colonel franco nashgs and st francona, they say that the d k doctors without borders gave their coordinates to the u.s. military official, and afghan military officials in the days leading up to the awful air strike. the u.s. military says that afghan forces asked for the specific strikes offered the coordinates, if you will, and this is a obviously, a horrible situation. a lot of people were killed in the process, a nd how do these things happen like this if
10:40 am
doctors without borders is right in saying that they provided their coordinates to the united states air force? >> well, yeah, i am sure they did, a did, and they did it both to the afghans and the american, and they had the coordinates written in the map, and they are probably know what the things are, but what is happening out there when the battles are ongoing ar and the things are happening very quickly and getting the coordinates from the ground, and told what to do, and si dark and using t -- and it i and they are using the night vision goggles, but we have to investigate further before we start to use things like war crimes. it is a tragic accident, and there is no indication that it was a deliberate strike on the hospital, and the pilots may not have realized they were that close to the hospital. >> and are there different rules of engagement for the c-131 than
10:41 am
there would be for an f-16 or f-15? >> no, not really. they are supposed to v and there is a target validation process that when they have a target, it has to meet certain conditions, and those rules of engagement are the same. many times, you have to call back to a higher head quarters to get the authorization to the strike a target, but in this instance where you have an american unit on the ground working with the afghans, and the afghans call for the air strike, h then tthen the pilot entitled to use that weaponry, but many this case, they got too close to the hospital, but there is no evidence that they were wanting to put an effort on the hospital. >> and nic, you are there at the capital, and with what are you going to tell us is going on? >> well, wolf, i am surrounded by a number of special force, and afghan forces, and the
10:42 am
machine gun, and flak jacket, and where we were about an hour ago, a taliban suicide bomber attacked the building, and it is not yet clear who was in the build building, and eyewitnesses say that several taliban went in, but we are not hearing the shooting at the moment, and we are heard that the operation is still ongoing, and the ambulance that was trying to move into the scene there is turned back. so at the moment, you have a large number of afghan forces brought to bear on this explosion, and not far from the center of kabul this evening. a few weeks since an explosion like this, and from what i see around me here is the ability of the afghan forces to move rapidly a large number of assets in the area, and this operation is still as far as we know ongoing and the target that is still not clear, wolf. >> nic robertson, be careful over there in kabul, and the
10:43 am
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the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says that boths a to prevent any military action. >> to take military action in syria against moderate targets,
10:48 am
russia is risking civil war, and by preservation of the future government that it says it won'ts in jeopardy. >> barbara starr stais joining about the russian operations under way in syria. what can you tell us? >> well, all of the reports say the russians are on the move and on the ground, and cnn has observed that russian artillery and rocket launchers and troops and vehicles, and a whole range of equipment have been moved from the airfield there, and now on the road in a variety of positions in western syria between homs and idlib. this area is very important, because of the regime opposition
10:49 am
groups that the russians have been hitting, according to the u.s. so they are moving on the ground to engage in heavy combat operations against these anti-regime forces in support of bashar al assad. they do not believe that the russians are are going on a full combat operation on their own, but they are putting it in place to support the syrian troop ss the syrian troops are trying to move into the areas yet again. this is very disconcert ing ing the u.s., because to them, and the state department and the national security council, and another indication that the russians are saying one thing going after isis, but the movements on the ground continue to indicate that they are there to support ba shad. wolf? >> barbara starr with the latest at the pentagon, and thank you. very disconcerting, clearly. >> and meanwhile, there is sanctions being called for in
10:50 am
the maldives >> so as you take home this case as a human roigts case, a violation of of what the u.n. says is international justice, what are the logical next steps? what happens if the government doesn't let him out of jail? >> the united nations panel that decided the case, not only that there were violations, but the only appropriate remedy is for him to be released and granted compensation. we need to move from the public statements that have been made in support of our case to more concrete measures. that would include sanctions, individual sanctions like travel bans and asset freezes against individuals who are responsible for the malicious prosecution and unjust conviction that he
10:51 am
has faced. >> the first democratically elected president of the maldives, you can see more of the interview on "amanpour" right at the top of the hour. north korea released an nyu student who has been detained since crossing into the country since april. a south korean citizen, a permanent u.s. resident. in an interview in may, he admitted he crossed into north korea illegally from china to make a statement. up next, an outbreak of violence in jerusalem racing tensions and the israeli authorities are taking strong new action. . ( ♪ ) ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ ♪ and a little more ♪ before ♪ he knows his own
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♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪
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israeli authorities are are taking extreme action ban. ing most palestinians from entering the old city.
10:56 am
the action taken after a knife and gun attack that killed two israelis and injured two others. increased violence. just last week a couple was shot and killed in front of their four children. a week before a teen was shot by soldiers a at a military check point. all the latest developments are indeed shocking. we want to warn our viewers here in the united states and around the world what you're about to see may be difficult for many to watch. the overnight events captured on cell phone video seems that not only depict the horror of what happened, but also threatened to further inflame tensions in the region. >> reporter: panic in the old city of jerusalem at 8:30 in the evening. screams of a dying rabbi.
10:57 am
. moments before he had attempted to defend a couple and their infant from stabbing by a 19-year-old palestinian man. an attack on the rabbi captured on cell phone footage by a shop owner. israeli police say by the time aarrived they had grabbed the rabbi's gun. now they will kill him. the shooting happens out of frame. police say when the teen fired, police shot and killed him. he was later identified as a palestinian from the wests bank. his last facebook posting. the rabbi and iz raly father died of stab wounds. that charged atmosphere a at 2:00 a.m. israelis gatt r outside of the old city. people want revenge they say.
10:58 am
two hours later, a block away, another incident captured on israeli cell phone footage. another 19-year-old palestinian man is seen running along a line outside the old city. followed by israelis shouting he's a terrorist, shoot him, shoot him. in another video you see the police arrive and hear seven gunshots a as he falls to the ground. you see a police officer pointing his gun. voices off camera ask did he stab someone? someone answers, no, he did not succeed. who did he try to attack? the man was shot holding a knife in his hand. he had just stabbed a 15-year-old israeli boy. the shooting prevented additional attacked.
10:59 am
he attacked no one. got into a verbal altercation with the protesting outside damasc damascus. the protesters wanted him dead. he was later identified. he was peaceful and loved passion and wanted to be a model. his father says he was executed in cold blood. for days there have been running clashes as palestinians protest restrictions that prohibited men under the age of 50 from worshipping at the mosque. israe israelis have been visiting the mosque compound. now stone throwing and tear gas have escalated to stabbing and gunfire. the anger and passions captured on video. video that will likely make tensions worse in this already tense city. erin mclachlan, jerusalem. >> clearly, a very tense situation in jerusalem right now. we're going to stay on top of the story, update you with more information as it becomes
11:00 am
available. in the meantime, that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern. among other thing, we'll speak with republican presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham. talk about the flooding in his home state and the race for the white house. the news continues next on cnn. hello, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin. we have to talk about south carolina. . the rain is starting to ease, but the flooding that's killed nine people may only get. worse. the governor sending a warning for folks who live there not to be fooled by the improving weather? >> we very much have a vulnerable situation that's out there. >> everyone is is urged to stay ho e