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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 5, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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available. in the meantime, that's it for me. thank you for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern. among other thing, we'll speak with republican presidential candidate and south carolina senator lindsey graham. talk about the flooding in his home state and the race for the white house. the news continues next on cnn. hello, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin. we have to talk about south carolina. . the rain is starting to ease, but the flooding that's killed nine people may only get. worse. the governor sending a warning for folks who live there not to be fooled by the improving weather? >> we very much have a vulnerable situation that's out there. >> everyone is is urged to stay home except for those rescuers who have been saving people all
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day and in the overnight hours. this weather system has according to the governor closed 550 roads and bridges, prompted 270 calls for help to the department of public safety and sent close to a thousand people to shelters. the irony here with flooding neck high, look at the street sign, the most dire need in this state according to the governor is for water. why? treatment systems. they have been overwhelmed. >> the main thing we have seen is everybody is requesting water. especially in the mid-lands area. they are without water in a lot of places. so we are going to be setting up. a lot of people have tried to go to store thes to buy it. . we are setting up water distribution sites. >> this is the third day of rescues now. in south carolina braces for what is to come, let me show you what the state has endured in the last 48 hours.
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>> in desperate need of rescue, the flood weary are finding help from swift water rescue teams, national guardsman, good samaritans and their neighbors. >> our concentration now is emergency and rescue. >> reporter: even in the dark of night, an extraordinary effort. a a human chain was credited to help those stranded unable to walk because of the waist high waters proving once again there's strength in numbers. the coast guard came to the aid of the mother and her 15-month-old baby rescuing them from their flooded out home and air lifting them to safety. a truck driver who thought he could find the roadway couldn't. >> he's crawling out of the truck now. >> reporter: it took awhile, but crews were able to pull this man out and get him to higher and safer ground. >> don't be stupid.
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don't try to drive through flooded areas. you don't know how deep they will be. >> reporter: over the weekend hundreds of rescues by helicopter and by boat. this family trapped inside their flooded home was evacuated by boat as nearby neighbors looked on. >> pretty much everybody down that hill has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our cars, everything. we still have our lives. >> still have their lives. i'm going to go to one of the areas hardest hit and nick valencia in columbia, south carolina. tell me where you are and, again, this need for water where you are it's a boil water advisory. >> reporter: there's is still a tremendous potential for danger going forward here. . there is a water advisory. our crew was affected by it. the hotel we were checking in ran out of water. they ran out of food because they didn't have water to clean after making food. so a lot of these people in this area, thousands still without
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water. some have had water restored, but a lot of damage to the sewage systems here. there's a potential for further evacuations. we're in columbia. this is the center of the state. probably it got the brunt of the damage from what we have seen in our four or five days here in the state. this water has to go somewhere and there's that potential it will drain into the coast causing further damage in places like charleston and beyond. governor hailey spoke about all of this at a press conference earlier this afternoon. >> what you will see happen is as the water shifts down, we're going to preposition where the roads are closed. so roads are closed and you're going to see them down from the mid-lands down to the low country as the water flows. you'll see road closures happen that didn't happen before. that's more because we know water totals that are starting to come in a certain direction. you'll see e evacuations in certain places. those will be announced as well. >> we have had a brief break in the rain, but just when you
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think it stops, it picks back up again. earlier this afternoon, we thought it was all over. we thought we were in the clear and just a little while ago, the rain started again. more than 900 people in shelters because of flood evacuations. 40,000 people still without water. another 26,000 don't have any access to power. so this is still a a dire situation for the state of south carolina. the concern from local officials is that people will think it's okay to come out. out of boredom, curiosity or a sense of adventure to see what's going on around them. that's what they don't want. they don't want unnecessary rescu rescues. they have had to do more than 100 of those across the state. >> stay home, stay home, stay home. nick valencia, thank you so much. the governor of south carolina has described this weather as a thousand-year flood event. meaning there's a 1 in 1,000 chance it could happen. as you're seeing pictures, it has. the community, no one has seen
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this much rain at one time. with me now i have the mayor on the phone from north charleston. thank you for jumping on the line. let me begin with what do conditions look like out your win e doe right now? >> well, we're having misting rain currently. nothing like we've been having for the last days. but we're seeing the water recede. now we are concerns about what's going to happen with the amount of rain that's been in the upstate. normally it flows downhill. and we're downhill. >> so how are you all preparing for that? >> well, we're make iing sure o people stay alert. we know our flood areas. we know them better now than we ever had because we had had communi areas that flooded that we haven't had flood in the past. some of our areas where we have had flooding it was just really bad for our people. >> we're looking at these
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pictures of these folks rescued on roads that are rivers now. i understand you were out helping some of these folks evacuate. can you tell me some stories of what you saw? >> well, yesterday we were going out doing some damage assessment. had folks from city hall, my wife and my son and my daughter, we all went to assess damage. we found a neighborhood that we have started evacuating saturday night. went back and evacuated some more sunday morning. but there were a number of people that were still in their homes and the water seemed to be rising. and so we went in the water and got to talking to the folks and talked them all into leaving. people didn't want to leave their houses and i can understand that, but you can't have electricity on in houses when you have water 12, 16
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sometimes 24 inches inside the house. and they didn't want to leave their animals. so we established a location where they could take their animals with them. it's just trying to accommodate these people that are being devastated by what's happening and doing what we should be doing for them. >> our hearts going out to all of south carolina baring the brunt of this. we wish you the best as you deal with potentially more flooding as it comes down state. thank you for jumping on the phone. we're going to make sure we tell your stories and get you the help you need. i want to mention more breaking news. an american airlines pilot died while flying a passenger jet from phoenix to boston today. here's what we know. there were 147 passengers on this plane. a crew of five people on board. the co-pilot took over when the captain fell ill and collapsed.
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the plane was diverted to syracuse, new york, where it did land safely. let me bring in our aviation analyst. you have a pilot die mid-flight. what is protocol? is there protocol for that? >> first of all, let me offer my condolences to the family of a colleague. seco secondly, the protocol is this is not something we necessarily train for. but the co-pilot in that right seat is as qualified as the captain to fly that airplane. so it's very disconcerting, but once you realize what the situation is, it sounds like he did what he had to do. he got ahold of air traffic control. said that he was unresponsive. at that point, what you're going to do is just try -- we can't be physicians at the same time, so
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if it was me, i would want to attempt to get the airplane on the ground and safe this individual. that's exactly what this co-pilot did. he's perfectly capable of making this happen. from the right seat, more than likely, my understanding that there was a flight attendant that had some medical background that attempted to help. so i imagine he was directing himself to just the operation of the aircraft while this flight attendant attempted to e revive what we understand is the captain. rest assured that that co-pilot knew what he was doing and it sounded like he did a tremendous job and diverted to the closest place to get medical attention. >> so as all of this is happening in the cockpit, how open would you with be with the passengers on board this plane? do you say a medical emergency, we need to get this bird down on the ground or do you explain what exactly is happening? >> that's a great question.
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it's going to depend upon the individual. obviously, you're going to have to tell the passengers something. and most likely, i'm not beginning to speculate for this co-pilot, but if it was me in the situation, i would be honest with the passengers and let them know what exactly was happening. and i think to use a bad pun at this point, but everybody would be on board with this and certainly want to get this captain medical attention or this pilot medical attention. >> i was on a plane once and something happened to the pilot's son and they were transparent with us and your heart went out to them. thank you so much. coming up next, cnn speaks with the woman who played dead inside of that classroom where a gunman opened fire in oregon. what she says happened from the first moment he walked in the door. plus collateral damage or war crime? anger brawling after the u.s. says it accidentally bombed a
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hospital in an attack that killed children and doctors. what's behind that? and hillary clinton, more fired up today than she's been on the campaign trail this year. hear the interview question that sparked everything. you're watching cnn. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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you're watching cnn. . ucc has reopened after last week's massacre, but classes are cancelled for the week. the survivors are finding the courage to talk about what they saw, what they heard, what happened. sara sidner talked exclusively to one student shot in the hand. she played dead to keep the gunman from killing her. so as she lay covered with blood from one of the victims, she remembered the gunman looking like he wants to do it for fun. >> he had a gun with him and he was armed. he had a bullet proof vest on.
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and he didn't seem like he was anxious or anything. he seemed like he wanted to do that. he seemed happy about it. he didn't seem stressed or nervous. when he came in, he told everybody to get on the ground. so everybody tried to huddle to the ground and the girl tried to get down on the ground. >> there was a woman in a wheelchair during all this? >> yeah, and she had a dog with her. >> cnn also spoke exclusively with the mother. of another survivor. summer smith says her son's life was intentionally spared because the shooter needed him to deliver an envelope to police. at the time, smith says her son saw students all around him being shot. >> the shooter asked him to give the police something and that if he did, he would live.
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matthew said he didn't quite get what he said. that when the shooter gave him what he was told to give to police, he was then sent to sit in the back of the room facing the room and to watch what was going on. matthew said that he froze. he didn't make a single move. he was afraid to look away, that if he did anything to make the shooter notice him had, he would be shot. >> 26-year-old shooter called smith's son the lucky one. investigators have not revealed the contents of the envelope. they are reviewing writings that revealed he studied mass shootings from the past. and with all of this, part of the national conversation, i sat down with 40 phenomenal people, mothers, daughters, sons, aunt,
11:19 am
uncles, all somehow touch ed by gun violence. these still grieving survivors shared stories of their lost loved ones. they have united under everytown for gun safety hoping to keep others from suffering the same plight. today they are turning their attention to the white house. they have recommended five steps the president could take without congressional approval to keep guns out of the hands of shooters. i'm joined by one of the family members who was with me. she lost three loved ones in the charleston church shooting. thank you for coming on today. i really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, bro brooke. >> i want to remind folks for those who did not watch, just a little piece of what you shared with us as part of that town hall. >> in that charleston church, you lost your mother and two cousins. >> yes. i was at work when my nephew
11:20 am
called and said aunty, there was a shooting at the church. and i said, what church? and he said, granny's church. and nobody had heard nothing. i called my mama's phone. i did everything i could. no answer. so i knew she was gone. there would have been no other place in the world she would have been. as far as the question of peace, it will only be three months, so i am raw, i am new to this cause. peace will come. >> so i wanted to ask you today, sharon, with charleston, now oregon, are you any closer to finding that peace? >> brooke, i can't seem to get
11:21 am
there because here again we have oregon. with people losing their lives because of guns and what this does is throw you right back into that state because you can feel what those people in oregon were going through. any time you feel like you're having good days in a row, something happens and it throws you right back into grief and doubt and anger. that day i just didn't know what to do. i was just numb. i keep trying to go on, but how can i go on? how can i continue to try to be strong when this continues to happen? >> sharon, i know you find strength in your faith, you're a reverend. you lost your mother and cousins in a church. how are pastors handling this on sundays?
11:22 am
how much trouble are they having comforting their congregations? >> i believe our pastors and clergy people are trying to get their congregations to understand. people use their christian label to give them some kind of authenticity of who they are and the way that they act. pastors are telling congregations that you're going to have to what you believe in and stand on your convictions and i'm saying to myself if i had been in that room and he had asked me about my religious affiliation or if i believed in jesus, i would have died that die. so as christians and clergy people, we have to let our
11:23 am
congregations know that if we go by the love that god has mandated us and to love our neighbors as ourselves, then all of these things about guns and violence and domestic violence, all of these things, i believe, would be different. if we be the group of people who we claim to be. >> on that and on guns, sharon, we have now also heard from this oregon gunman's father who this gunman had 13, 14 guns that he had gotten legally over the course of a couple years. his father said the guns are the killers. do you agree with him? >> well, we know that a gun cannot possibly fire itself unless it misfires or something. but you know what i mean. guns are the problem.
11:24 am
i read that he had accumulated his arsenal obtaining his guns legally by buying them and getting them from family members. my brains tell me why would a family member want to buy someone a gun? i don't understand that. yes, bullets have no regards for race, religion, creed or anything. the person behind the gun makes the bullet deadly. there has to be gun control and even when you're getting guns legally, are you responsible enough, are you morally able to say that i have my second amendment right but come the responsibility with that. >> on the responsibility, this
11:25 am
is an issue that some of the presidential candidates have taken on. hillary clinton held a town hall addressing this today in new hampshire. a couple days ago in south carolina, sharon, jeb bush was asked about gun laws and he said essentially more government isn't the answer. he said, yes, it is sad to see this happen, but then he said stuff happens. i'm quoting now, stuff happens, there's always a crisis, impulse is always to do something. your reaction to that? >> you know what, jeb bush does not live in the everyday world. i don't think he realizes what regular people have to live through. if that was his family, would he have said that? i don't think he would have. i asked jeb bush to walk in our shoes and then come back and tell me is things just happen.
11:26 am
>> reverend sharon, thank you so much for joining me again. again, my condolences for your mother and cousins. >> thank you, brooke, thank you for allowing me this opportunity. god bless you. >> thank you, you too. coming up next, the images are disturbing. . a humanitarian aid hospital in afghanistan mistakenly bombed in a u.s. air strike. we'll speak with someone. back in a moment. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site.
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11:31 am
22 people including children now being called an accident. doctors without borders is demanding an independent investigation into what it's calling a war crime releasing this statement. quote, the u.s. government's description of the attack keeps changing from collateral damage to a tragic incident to attempting to pass responsibility to the afghanistan government. the reality is the u.s. dropped those bombs. there can be no justification for this horrible attack. hillary clinton calling the incident regrettable just a short time ago. >> first i want to say how distressed i am by the hospital. i know defense secretary carter has said that there will be a full thorough investigation to try to get to the bottom of that, but it's deeply regrettable. it came within the context of the taliban taking back over a city in the north.
11:32 am
>> joining me now, i have the asia policy director for human rights watch and bob baer, thank you for joining me. bob, to you first. i know that these bombardments continued after the u.s./afghan military were notified 30 minutes after they were being attacked. they have to know a hospital is there treating civilian patients. how could this happen? what happened to protocol? >> well, my understanding is that they knew about the hospital and knew it was run by msf. they know it was off limits. they never would have attacked it on its own. in a fast-moving battle like this, this is very typical in afghanistan right now. the pilots react quickly. they hit when they're told to hit by the afghans. the problem is we don't have air observers to stop the attack. i think general campbell, the
11:33 am
commander in afghanistan is telling the truth now that this was not a war crimes on the u.s. forces part by on the part of the afghans. these afghan proxies on the ground have always been unreliable in the military. that's what they have. >> so who screwed up? >> i think just the fact is we are forced since we're so thin in afghanistan that we don't have enough people to fight a war. you can't carry out air attacks based on afghan reporting. i worked in that part of the world for years. i never could trust them. they are getting in the small conflicts and civil wars and we're taking sides. we put our troops not only in harm's way, but what do they have to go on except the locals. >> john, i want you to react to that before i ask you about these calls for a transparent investigation. react to what bob just said. >> i find it hard to believe
11:34 am
that the u.s. can't be responsible. because they do have airborne air control systems. even if -- the koord nants were given through intelligence, a lot of those should have gone up. the pentagon has computer systems for identifying what are off limit and how to do targets. . if those coordinates were called in, it should have set off alarm bells. i don't think stretches forces thin on the ground changes that. there's also air control systems at a higher altitude keeping control of all these planes. there's no reason why there shouldn't be system s s to prev this from happening. things should have been flagged. archaeological sites, hospitals, orphanages, they already e know about this. i know there's a system in place
11:35 am
to prevent this type of thing from happening. the question is now what happened and who is responsible. we can't rule out the u.s. from being responsible at this point. it's too early. >> it's about accountability. ash carter acknowledged that. let me stay with you. what does accountability like when you have ten patients killed including three children? >> we have to find out what happened. if there was a legitimate target there, a disproportioned attack, an attack that might have been on a military target, but used a level of force or used a calculation of what was permissible in terms of collateral damage that was not correct. that's a war crime. a disproportionate attack on a military target is a worker. or they fired too close to something and used force. a method of attacking too strong. we need to find that out. it's very hard to imagine a
11:36 am
scenario where this attack comes out justified ushd international law. which is why such strong language from msf right now. >> also msf wanting that full independent investigation. bob, just quickly on the government. side of things, how transparent do you think they will be? >> probably not very. we're not going to want to identify who gave the coordinates and it's a huge embarrassment. addressing those comments, we have been hitting civilian targets for the last 15 years in afghanistan. it's just the way the war has always been fought and the computers have never caught up with modern war fair. they are take iing care of all this, but we have been hitting civilian targets for a long time. >> bob baer, thank you. john sifton, we appreciate you as well. next, new information on when republicans will decide the next speaker of the house of representatives. after the front runner made such a gaffe. he wants in and the next couple
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. new details about the timetable to elect a new speaker of the u.s. house of representatives. keep in mind, this person will be two heartbeats away from the presiden presidency. that in a moment. background here, this is a showdown. it's brewing now over who will replace john boehner. the front runner and presumed heir apparent kevin mccarthy is getting competition. mccarthy is the current house
11:42 am
majority leader. the chairman recently led the planned parenthood hearings. he was just interviewed about why he wants to challenge mccarthy. >> what is wrong with the team? >> there needs to be a fresh start. there are internal processes, i think, the communications war is not going well. we seem to seed that at every level. we haven't been taking the fight to the democrats and the president. that's what we got elected to do. >>. let's go straight to dana bash, who has some news on this vote on secret ballot thursday. what's in play here to have this potential shakeup or challenge to the existing leadership team? >> let's start with the timing on what's going to it happen. . the only vote now that's going to happen within the republican conference or caucus, as we
11:43 am
probably better know it, on thursday will be for the nominee for speaker of the house. and it's nominee because the speaker is, as you said, two heartbeats away from the presidency. it's a constitutional role, as opposed to the other leadership positions. the house republicans will nominate somebody and then that person will have to come before the full house of representatives for a vote. . everybody gets a vote. democrats, republicans, independents, every sitting member gets a vote. that's going to happen on october 29th. that's the date that the current house speaker just set. what he did by setting that is this is going to be the time for after that happens whomever the new speaker is is going to be able to set leadership elections for the house majority leader, the house whip and other. those will not happen this thursday. we are just going to see a vote on the nominee for the house speaker. and to answer your question on
11:44 am
why this is happening, really the same reason why john boehner decided to leave in the first place. because of the unrest among many in the house republican conference who just are sort of sick of the current leadership and kevin mccarthy, who certainly is the front runner to be the new speaker, represents the current leadership. he would just be bumped up from house majority leader to speaker. that's why you see jason chaff fets trying to take the role and the mantle of those angry conservatives. unclear how far he's going to get, but he's trying. >> tell us more about jason. kevin mccarthy made remarks last week about the benghazi hearings and politics and hillary clin n clinton. so you have that here looming. and jason has been the news late as well. >> you just heard an interesting phrase in that interview talking about the fact that there's a
11:45 am
communication problem. that is definitely what we're hearing one of the major selling points that he is making behind the scenes to the rank and file to support him. he is a a fixture on television on cable news and elsewhere. he's been since he got to office. he's even newer in the house than kevin mccarthy. he's only been there for a a few terms and was even a fixture before he took the gavel to the important oversight committee. he's trying to make the point. that he can stand up and articulate the positions and the passions of republicans better than others meaning kevin mccarthy. the thing to keep in mind is the vote on thursday in the republican conference. whomever wins, they are going to have to have a full vote on the house floor. jason doesn't think mccarthy can get 218. i got off the phone who still think he can.
11:46 am
>> 218 is the magic number. we'll watch for the big vote at the end of the month. dana bash, thank you very much. coming up next, hillary clinton fired up today. fired up on o the campaign trail. hear the interview question that sparked her response in new hampshire. this is cnn.
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strong words today from hillary clinton. some of her most forceful language yet when she was asked about the republican-led committee that's investigating the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. hillary clinton took part in a new hampshire town hall on this morning's "today" show. she unveiled a a new gun control
11:51 am
proposal when she became angry when asked about benghazi. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit to go. after me for political reasons. the death of four americans in benghazi. i knew the ambassador. i identified him. i asked him to go there. i asked the president to nominate him. there have been seven investigations led mostly by republicans in the congress and they were nonpartisan and they were they reached conclusions that nobody did anything wrong. this it committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done that. if i were president and there were republicans or democrats who were thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> hillary clinton making indirect reference to last week's comments by kevin mccarthy now running with dana bash for house speaker who
11:52 am
talked about how the committee's work has knocked down clinton's poll numbers. let me bring in van jones and margaret hoover, good to see both of you. van jones, to you. on hillary clinton this morning, forceful, passionate, is this the woman that people have been waiting for? >> it's about time. i think she's been a little bit timid and thrown off her game. she thought the e-mail stuff was so lightweight it would go away. when that stuck to her shoe, she started stumbling around. i think she's back. the definition of a gaffe in politics is when you accidentally say the truth. when it happened, mccarthy told the truth. it has been partisan. she's fighting back and should fight back. >> i don't think it's totally fair to say it's partisan. if it were just a partisan witch hunt, elijah cummings wouldn't have agreed to go along with it to ensure it it doesn't become a witch hunt. the guy running it was a a u.s. attorney. he's a r very serious guy.
11:53 am
and serious things have come from this investigation. they have found e-mails that hillary clinton didn't disclose that some of her colleagues and associates had disclosed. there are real questions we should know about. >> you were kind enough to mention elijah cummings. he said i will go along with this. he's now outraged. all five democrats on the committee have broken away. >> we all understand political theater. kevin mccarthy stepped in it last week. e we know he stepped in it. he said this is a political witch hunt. this is political theater at the courtesy of a republican error. >> will it help hillary clinton? >> he's helped hillary clinton. i want to say this committee did start off with confidence in goudy, but they started leaking collectively. this has become a side show. thankfully, you're right, mccarthy called it what it is. now hillary clinton gets to come
11:54 am
out of that defensive crouch and defend herself. she should. it is disgusting to politicize something like this. >> when we come back, we have to talk about little boys and men according to donald trump. thoughts on what's happening with the republican race and could we see george w. bush. stay with me. it's here! the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's double it's lte coverage in the past year.
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we're back with van jones and margaret hoover. thank you for hanging around. let's talk about republicans and donald trump. so throw this up on the full screen and we'll show everyone what he retweeted yesterday. it's a graphic showing a young marco rubio here that reads "never hire a boy to do a man's job." let me just add to that. . van, i'm coming to you first. we also heard jeb bush taking shots naming marco rubio. does that tell you that marco
11:59 am
rubio is a force to be reckoned with? >> absolutely, first of all, incredibly insulting to call him a boy. i don't want to go. into the overtones o of that, but we all know. there's some racial overtones. whenever you call a man of color a boy, it just hits -- it hurts to hear it. first of all, that's just should be off limits. i think it shows rubio is a force to be reckoned with. this is a guy that everybody thought was doing a trial run going out for vice president. he's destroying bush in the polls and closing in on trump and looks great every time he talks. i think they are worried about him. both of them are ganging up on him. it elevates him. that's wrong. >> i never defend donald trump. i will tell you that clearly he didn't mean the racial thing.
12:00 pm
what e he really meant is marco rubio is 44 years old and i'm like almost 70 or 65 so i have the experience to be president. but he could have said that. what donald trump is good at is going exact ly for any candidat or point of his achilles heel. this is frankly one of the challenges. he is 44 years old and hasn't had that experience. one of the hits going around is not only is he young, but he has a young team around him. so this is something he's going to have to address. i have no doubt he will. >> i have seen this movie before with a very young senator named barack obama. there's a way -- he did pretty well. there's the way that the older establishment tends to write off the younger folks. they forget when they were younger, they were pretty bad. so i think this guy is stealing the establishment. >> he's the only one to build the big ten back.
12:01 pm
>> that's huge to have you to say. thank you both very much. quick reminder to all of you. our democratic debate tuesday, october 13th, 9:00 p.m. eastern, do not miss it. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news out of south carolina where the record breaking rain is starting to ease, but the flooding that has killed nine people may only worsen. the governor sending a warning not to be fooled by the seemingly improving weather. >> this is not over. just because the rain stops does not mean that we are out of the woods. we very much still have a vulnerable situation that's out there. >> stay home, stay home, this is part of her message here. don't get anywhere near this. they need rescuers out and about, that's the priority of getting to those in need. they have been working all
12:02 pm
through the night. this weather system has closed 550 roads and bridges, prompting 2700 calls for help to the department of public safety and sent close to 1,000 people to shelters in the capital city of columbia. e with just got word minutes ago a grid by grid search is underway for those still trapped. one woman rescued admits her family waited too long to leave. >> a little while later, made the decision we needed to leave. got in the car, by then it was far too late. the car completely submerged. we had to escape via the sunroof of the car. fortunately, we have some wonderful neighbors who aided us on to the roof of their home, the second story of their home where we sat for hours until we were able to have a boat come out and take us out of the
12:03 pm
second story window to rescue us. so we lost everything. >> everything, she says. nick valencia is live in columbia. part of the issue here is water. the irony here is they need water. there's a boil water advisory for folks there. >> this is the most water the state has ever seen. none of it drinkable. there's still large portions of this city here in columbia that don't have usable drinking water. i spoke to the mayor who said that's being restored to some, but there are thousands in this area and beyond that don't have water. 31,000 across this state that don't have power. at a press conference earlier, governor hailey addressed all of these concerns. >> everybody is requesting water. the midlands area are without water. a lot of people have tried to
12:04 pm
go. to stores and buy it and the stores are closed. we're setting up water distribution sites. . >> there's a a federal disaster declaration signed by president obama signed over the weekend. that should bring some relief here to the area. we understand other resources from neighboring states are being brought in here to help out. also national guard troops are at the ready in case they need to do more air lifts. already 25 of those in the area. the big concern and you're talking about it, staying home. many residents are not staying home whether it's out of curiosity or sense of adventure to see what's happening in their community, the governor and local officials stressing this is a life threatening storm. already nine people have lost their lives as a result of this flash flooding and severe weather system. and just when you think there's relief in sight, the rain picks back up again. in the last few minutes, it started to rain on us again. >> nick, thank you so much. we want to turn to the person who took these photos.
12:05 pm
he lives in south carolina. and this is what vounds him and he said he feels lucky. he joins me to explain why. thank you for being with me in the rain in columbia. what are you seeing now? >> right now, it just started raining quite heavily. we had a break for a couple hours here and thought maybe it was behind us, but yet again, it's raining. you can probably see behind me, that's some of the flooding there. there's a car that's in the water. that car yesterday when i saw it was about where it is now. actually it was closer to the major road and has floated down since then. it's been quite a mess around here. all over the state of south carolina. >> i hear you helped in a a rescue yourself. can you tell me about that? >> i wouldn't call it a rescue, but there was a woman who was stuck in the water yesterday morning. she had a child with her. and she was outside. she was frantic and trying to
12:06 pm
figure out a way to get out of the water. i came along and tried pushing. i couldn't do it by myself. there were a few other people who were looking at the roads. all of us together pushed her out and i got her to safety. >> i think you're being humble. a woman stuck in the water with a child constitutes a rescue. this is what we're looking at. you have a drone taking these aerial shots of the streets. cars look like boats. >> yes, and you didn't see it in the video because i just missed it, but there was a kayaker who went across the road because the road is completely covered in water. and he paddled into a county park, which is right next door. >> do you have water, electricity where you are? how are you getting by? >> we're very fortunate. we have electricity and water. we are under a boil water
12:07 pm
advisory. we're making sure we do that, but we have been very lucky. i happen to work for a lot of people who are without power. one of the buggest problems with crews if they try to restore power, the roads are washed over and the trucks can't make it across. that's ham perg a little bit. it is getting a little better on that. the biggest concern we have right now is with the water logged ground that the trees by the water could fall and we could have more trouble with power outages as the trees fall on power lines. >> van, thank you so much. i hope you get the help you so desperately need. i appreciate it today. >> thank you. >> thank you. the united states is watching russia's movements in syria and what they are seeing is incredible. russia is on the move positioning several ground combat weapons and troops in western syria.
12:08 pm
and the u.s. is confident that the russians are being sent there to back up syrian forces in the field planning to attack anti-regime forces. to the pentagon we go to barbara starr. when we talk weapons and troops, how big of a contingency is this and the fact that they are on the ground? >> it's a big concern at the pentagon here. it's several pieces of artillery, several pieces of what they call launch rockets, systems that fire at a high rate of fire. no question that they are used for anything but going on the offense. and that's what the u.s. fears russia is doing now in western syria. going on the offense against my myly shas, against groups that are trying to battle bashar al assad, getting him out of syria and him out of power is a top u.s. goal. not just for syria, but for bringing stability to the region and fighting isis. so this is a big concern to the
12:09 pm
u.s. right now they don't think that the russians are going to go in all on their own in a full ground combat offensive. they are doing this to help those who are exhausted and thundershower efforts so the russians there to back up the syrian regime. but make no mistake in this part of western syria, a big concern because as always, it is the civilians who get caught in the cross fire. >> barbara starr, thank you so much. next, news just in on joe biden's decision on whether to run for president. sources reveal what the vice president has been asking friends and allies. plus he's in charge of the investigation into the oregon scoot school shooting. a sheriff who shared a conspiracy theory, but new calls today for him to resign. as families hope and wait for answers, the coast guard making a a massive revelation
12:10 pm
about the american ship lost at sea. >> we are heading straight into it. last we checked, winds are super bad. love to everyone.
12:11 pm
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12:14 pm
you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. vice president joe biden still trying to make up his mind as far as will he or won't he run for president, but he's getting closer to a decision and sounding more like a candidate. through exclusive reporting by our own gloria borger, we have learned that vice president is getting more comfortable with the idea of a campaign. so gloria borger, our chief political analyst, joining me now. what is it a about these sources that are thinking this? what is the vice president asking them or telling them? >> in our reporting and talking to people who have spoken with the vice president himself, they are telling me and my colleague
12:15 pm
that the vice president does not seem to be concerned that if he got into this race he could lose. that he has told someone i lost before and always managed to come back from it. that he also seems to see this as a political opening, particularly after an entire life spent in public service that a sitting vice president should not cast aside. he's also told a source of ours that, quote, you'd be surprised at the people that he has heard from who would come out and support him. he doesn't think that organization r or money would be a problem. so overall, when you put it all together, he hasn't made a final decision. we are also told that, but he sounds more and more like somebody who is leaning towards a run. >> so in reading the reporting,
12:16 pm
some of the quotes and sources that he's always come out on top and kept his head on straight no matter happens. is it he's less worried about the potential of losing or he really thinks he can pull it off? >> i think they are not mutually exclusive. he's not so worried what if he loses. he's going to turn 73 in november. he spent a life in politics and lost before. he ran for the presidency twice and he lost. a lot of people are saying, you know what, it's likely you could lose again. so he doesn't seem to be too worried about it. i think his view is that why wouldn't i get into this? shouldn't i get into this? i'm a sitting vice president. so people who have spoken to him say over the last month say he has moved from being totally undecided to really seeming to be on the i might just do this
12:17 pm
side of the fence. although, a lot of people warn him, you don't want to be a spoiler here, do you? he could be a spoiler for the democrats. >> you brought up hillary clinton. this is my final question to you. i'm going to talk to brianna keilar also. when you look at the polls out of iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton not very favorable. on the flip side, the nation watched the vice president on colbert and talk about authentic and likable. >> he does have a better favorability rating. don't forget once you actually declare and say i am a candidate and you're out there, your favorability will go down and you know that vice president is prone to a lot of gaffes. we have seen them over the years. and so there are a lot of people who like him and are kind of worried that his best day on the campaign would be the day before he got in. so yes, people think he's
12:18 pm
authentic, but that doesn't mean that he would measure up well against the rest of the democratic candidates in the long-term. you just have no idea right now. >> gloria borger, thank you. thank you. and a reminder of the presidential candidates will be on stage for the first time at the cnn democratic debate next tuesday. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern. hillary clinton got emotional laying out a plan to prevent gun violence. all of this is the father of that oregon shooter joined the calls for stricter gun controls. we'll talk about hillary clinton and her campaign and what she's asking for. and the remains of this it lifeboat found a short time ago as the coast guard is searching for survivors from a a cargo ship that sank in the midst of hurricane joaquin. the latest on the rescue efforts there. stay with me.
12:19 pm
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12:23 pm
the campus has reopened but classes are cancelled all this week. survivors of last thursday's deadly ram pain are just beginning to share their heroing ordeals. one woman who was shot in the hand told cnn that she had to play dead just so the gunman would not kill her. another told his parents that his life was spared because the 26-year-old shooter wanted him to deliver a letter to police. in the meantime, the gunman's father is expressing disbelief and remorse and he is calling for stronger gun laws. >> i know that nothing i can say can change happened, but please believe me, my thoughts are with all those families. how on earth could he compile 13 guns. how can that happen?
12:24 pm
they talk about gun laws and gun control. every time something like this happened, they talk about it and nothing is done. i'm not saying that's to blame, but if he had not been able to get ahold of 13 guns, it wouldn't have happened. >> even you, you want changes? you want the gun laws to change? >> it has to change. it has to change. how can it not? even people that believe in the right to bare arms, what right do you have to take people's lives? that's what guns are, the killers. it's as simple as that. it's black and white. >> the man leading the investigation into last week's campus shootings is being asked to step down. critics of the douglas county sheriff says he's unfit to be sheriff. he should resign immediately. they also don't want him investigating last week's
12:25 pm
shootings because of his political believes on gun control, background checks. sara sidner specifically asked the sheriff a about his controversial stance. >> reporter: thrust on to the national stage after the massacre at ucc, the sheriff talks tough and isn't afraid to share his opinion. >> i will not name the shooter. i will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act. >> reporter: his stance on the shooter cheered by many. but some of his other believes are putting him smack dab in the middle of the fight over gun control. a letter he sent to vice president joe biden one month after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, one of the deadliest in american history, gives everyone a good look at his unwavering stance on uncontrol. it says in part, gun control is not the answer to preventing
12:26 pm
heinous crimes like school shootings. but now a mass shooting has hit him at home. so we asked him about his thoughts as the entire country asks why is this happening in america yet again and what will stop it. >> can you talk to me about your stance on the fact that you feel like gun control is not a potential answer. >> i understand your interest in that. i can appreciate that you have an interest in my position, but like i've said a number of times this morning, we are focusing on getting this investigation completed. >> reporter: but he did talk to us about a controversial post on his facebook page that's getting attention now long before the college shooting. he reposted a viral video. that video delves into conspiracy theories involving the sandy hook shooting. it goes as far as to question whether some of the grieving parents were crisis actors.
12:27 pm
e he writes, this makes me wonder who we can trust anymore and goes on to say watch, listen and keep an open mind. >> did you post it? >> no. >> you didn't post it? >> no. i know what you're referring to. that's not a conspiracy theory belief that i have. >> reporter: an outspoken sheriff now measuring his words as the gun debate here is replaced with grief. sara sidner, roseburg, oregon. >> today hillary clinton unveiling her plan to reign in gun violence during a town hall in new hampshire. it targets background check loopholes. at one point she got emotional while introducing a a mother whose 6-year-old son was killed at sandy hook. >> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have tried
12:28 pm
to be the voices that we need to hear. >> i think it's a comprehensive solution that's needed between gun access and responsibility as well as mental health and wellness. and working together with all the other organizations and all the other people as well as yourself, i have absolute faith that we can deliver this solution and protect children across america. [ applause ] >> let's go to our senior political responsibility brianna keilar who is there live in new hampshire. i know that the brady campaign, they applaud hillary clinton's proposal. tell me more about what she said this morning, her plan. >> reporter: well, right now, brooke, it's possible to avoid a background check if you purchase a weapon at a gun show because it's seen as an owner to owner purchase. what hillary clinton wants to do is close that gun show loophole. because there isn't an appetite, and we have seen this in the
12:29 pm
wake of sandy hook, for bipartisan legislation to tackle gun violence, she wants to do this through executive action. the other things she wants to do include prohibiting domestic abusers have getting guns. she also wants to close the charleston loophole, which means that if you are purchasing a weapon and you have to go through a background check and there's a 72-hour waiting period on that, you get to the end of that waiting period and the background check is not completed, you wouldn't default towards getting the gun, but you would have to wait until the background check is complete. then the other thing has to do with allowing gun violence victims to sue gun manufacturers. this is an interesting part because this is something that bernie sanders has voted against in the past. you may think of bernie sanders and you wouldn't think of him as being more liberal, but when it comes to the issue of guns, he is actually more moderate than her, really reflecting what his rural state of vermont kind of
12:30 pm
stands on the second amendment. hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders by double digits here in new hampshire. she really wants to draw some contrast. >> let me follow up with you. i want to ask you about, you have been covering her campaign for months. watching hillary clinton, it's like the strategy has shifted. you were the one who did the first tv sit-down with her. she is everywhere. she's talking to press, she's at events, she was on "saturday night live" over the weekend. she did "ellen." is this a totally different campaign, in your opinion? >> reporter: well, this is sort of two parts we have seen. her doing a lot of interviews, straight news interviews, talking about the e-mail controversy that has dogged her from the get go of her campaign really trying to put that to bed. the other part is being in these venues and these forums where she's able to be seen in a more lighter way and trying to
12:31 pm
humanize herself and try to connect with voters. that's something she's trying to do as she is really seeing a competitive primary that even though her campaign is expecting, there's a lot of democrat cans who didn't expect it to be this close. >> brianna keilar, thank you, my frie friend. still ahead, they may have abandoned a ship in this category 4 hurricane. the coast guard is hopeful that some crew members survived after their ship sank at sea. the latest on search and rescue efforts happening right now. also the man making a surprise bid to be the speaker of the house speaks to cnn. why he says he should take john boehner's place. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey.
12:32 pm
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12:36 pm
brooke baldwin. the u.s. coast guard believes that a cargo ship that went missing last week has sunk. the guard continues to search for potential survivors. the last contact came thursday as hurricane joaquin was baring down on the ship. it had 28 americans and 5 polish nationals all on board. searchers have found a square mile debris field along with survival suits and rafts and this lifeboat, but no survivors. the mother of one of the crew members said she received an e e-mail not long before the ship headed into the storm. >> not sure if you have been following the weather at all, but there's a hurricane out here and we are headed straight into it. category 3. last we checked, winds are super bad. love to everyone. >> alexander field is following this one for us.
12:37 pm
our hearts go out to any family members. nothing so far, what's the latest on the investigation? >> absolute agony, the only comfort they have is the fact the coast guard said they are not gufing up on this search and rescue mission. they are going to continue through the night. they have a number of vessels on site. there are also commercial vessels out there. they have located two different debris fields. that's where they concentrate the search at this point. what they are doing instead of looking for the ship, which they believe sank, is to try to spot survivors in the water looking for anyone who could be in a survival suit. they did find one body in a a survival suit. that person was deceased. they weren't even able to recover the body because time is so much of the essence that they need to continue on and look for any other survivors who could be in the water. they are also looking for the lone remaining lifeboat that could still be out there hoping that people are in it. we did hear from the coast guard captain earlier today talking about the difficulty of the conditions people on board that
12:38 pm
ship would have been facing as joaquin blew through the bahamas. >> so there were two lifeboats that were on there that could hold 43 people. the one we found had no signs of anyone being in it. what we have to assume as search planners is if the vessel did sink on thursday and that crew was able to abandon ship, they would have been abandoning ship into category 4 hurricane. so you're talking up to 140 mile an hour winds, seas upwards of 50 feet, visibility basically at zero. those are challenging conditions to survive in. >> certainly challenging conditions to survive in, but also challenging conditions in terms of the search itself and really the searchers couldn't get a clear picture of what was going on in the water until the weather had cleared some time yesterday. that's why they are working ferocio ferociously now trying to find any survivors.
12:39 pm
we know there will be a a full investigation. not only from the coast guard but the ntsb. speaking of tough conditions, we have been covering for you the last 48 hours this thousand-year storm in south carolina. we just got word that a dam has just broken. e evacuations are underway. we'll taek you there, next. stay with me. ♪ while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you?
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12:44 pm
a dam has breached. these are pictures out of one of the areas hardest hit. i have nick valencia, who is en route to the scene. what do we know about the dam and the area around it? >> reporter: awful news, exactly the type of situation that local officials and state officials were concerned about. people thought there was relief. the rain had eased up. the intensity had been e lowered. now we're seeing these reports of overcreek dam, a breach within the last hour. this is right about an neighborhood over the weekend that was among the hardest hit. we saw these striking images over the weekend when we got here perhaps the worst damage we have seen throughout the state. now this news, it's just awful that more hard hit areas.
12:45 pm
it's going to go through it all over again. >> for folks watching, if you are in or familiar with south carolina, the dam is in the community of forest acres. it's the over creek dam. tom is in our weather center. to reiterate to people that they need water, lack of electricity, issues with water, no drinking water. so that's an issue, but then you have this fact there's a a mandatory evacuation order downstream from this dam, what would evacuations look like? >> that remains to be seen now because right now we're just getting these media reports that there is this breach. let's talk about where we are here and what is a breach. it could be overspill of a dam. it could be a small crack, possibly a small fracture. when you look at the area, here's forest acres. notice the high concentration of neighborhoods in the community here. when you take a look at the lakes, this is rocky fort lake. you have spring lake and then it
12:46 pm
makes its way toward forest lake. . they flow a little toward the south. the dam, we believe, what is called the overcreek dam, it makes its way here. the evacuations would take place throughout the entire area. it remains to be seen what the breach actually means. we're still trying to get information. i can tell you in the last 24 hours, there have been over 30 breaches of dams and levees, which means, try to manage any type of river flow in the near future. it's spilling into some communities, which means if evacuations take place and other levees fail, there will be more swift water rescues and more in the way of evacuations. let me show you something else, which is critical because it's not only this dam situation that we're talking about. when you look at the massive amounts of rainfall that has fallen in the area, we know it's historic in purple. when i give you an idea of all
12:47 pm
of the rivers, the small tributaries, such as gill creek, near this dam we're talking about, rose over 7 feet in a couple hours. it washed away the river gauges. that's happened in many of the smaller streams and tributaries. that's almost unheard of meaning the levels have reached historic levels. the smaller tributaries will get into the larger rivers. everything flows from west to east back across the state. heavy amounts of rain even in greenville were occurring in the last 24 hours. that means communities that may have seen a receding of the water, but a lot of that is because the breaches have failed and in some cases we're getting that spill. so the water level drops. but now over the next 24, 48 hours, as the water accumulates in the larger rivers, the pressure along the river banks are going to be so great that in some cases columbia, again, where the rivers converge and meet in the communities such as
12:48 pm
there, such as charleston, several days later, there could be several more problems. there are several communities along these major rivers that run from greenville to columbia from the north past the east of columbia to the northeast from florence toward myrtle beach and georgetown. georgetown was completely submerged. they were pumping water back into the ocean. but a bigger problem, you come down east from east over to the city of cross, which goes into charleston. we are looking at what could be a significant problem in the days ahead. one more map for you. this is quite interesting. all of the colors of red are road closures. in blue, all these little dots are bridge closures. in the days ahead, maybe weeks later, once all the water finally recedes, can you imagine the damage we're going to find. this will be the next billion dollar weather disaster in the u.s. residents not only for weeks, but possibly for months are going to have their entire
12:49 pm
routine thrown out of whack by construction on all of these bridges that have been washed out, filling up sink holes that have appeared, bridges and roads that have been devastated. this is going to go on for weeks. we're keeping an eye on a possible breach of a dam. one of over 30 now that we have had in the last 24 hours and most likely more to come. >> want to give viewers perspective what the last 48 hours have looked like. take a look. in desperate need of rescue, the flood weary in south carolina are finding help. from swift water rescue teams, national guardsmen, good samaritans and their neighbors. >> our concentration right now obviously is emergency and rescue. >> reporter: even in the dark of night an extraordinary effort. a human chain was created to help those stranded unable to walk because of the waist high waters, proving once again there is strength in numbers.
12:50 pm
the coast guard came to the aid of this mother and her 15-month-old baby rescuing them from their flooded out home, air lifting them to safety. and this unbelievable scene, a truck driver who somehow thought he could still find the roadway despite very high, choppy waters. >> he's crawling out of the truck right now. >> reporter: it took a while but crews were able to pull this man out and get him to higher and safer ground. >> don't be stupid. i mean, that's the thing. keep saying don't try to drive through flooded areas, you don't know how deep they'll be. >> reporter: over the weekend hundreds of rescues by helicopter and by boat. this family trapped inside their flooded home was evacuated by boat as nearby neighbors looked on. >> pretty much everybody down that hill there has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes, everything. we still have our lives. we still have our lives. >> stay with cnn for much more
12:51 pm
of course for what's happening in south carolina. coming up next, anderson cooper is here. he will join me live for a preview of tonight's cnn special, it's about being 13 years old. here we go. let's show everyone. that's me when i was 13. with my family on a family vacation. listen, a lot of us are lucky enough we didn't have to deal with facebook and social media and twitter et cetera back in the day, but the dangers of cyber bullying are all too real. anderson digs into these issues in his new special "being 13." he joins me live next to talk about what he has learned. stay with us. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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that's right for you. what they do is post naked pictures -- >> i really want to choke that girl and sling her across the bridge. >> what teens are really doing on social media. >> [ bleep ] get your butt kicked. >> what parents can do to keep their kids safe. >> what's the message
12:55 pm
parents listen up. a new cnn special is being called a must-watch as it tackles some of the biggest questions no generation has really had to face until right now. our teens addicted to phones and how is plugging in changing growing up?
12:56 pm
cnn's "ac 360" has a preview of what their investigation found. >> i think i checked about 100 times at school before. like i'll just whip it out in the middle of class. and i'm like wonder what everybody else is up to. >> why check over a hundred times a day, even in school? they're really worried about fitting in. 21% say -- >> i want to make sure no one is saying mean things about me. >> 36% say -- >> i want to see if my friends are doing things without me. >> and 61% say -- >> i want to see if my posts are getting likes and comments. >> anderson's with me now. like we said two years you guys have been looking into this. >> yeah. we had professionals looking at more than 150,000 exchanges, social media exchanges, tweets, instagrams, all sorts of text messages with obviously the permission of the kids and the permission of their parents. and it's just fascinating this kind of hidden world of teens that a lot of parents don't ech know about. even parents who think they're
12:57 pm
monitoring their kids' social media usages don't pick up on the cues and subtle bullying and dises going on. >> can you imagine having phones back in the day? >> i can't. think back -- i'm 48. when i was in school the only way to kind of gauge your popularity was if you ran for school election or got, you know, on a team. >> homecoming. >> exactly. now a 13-year-old can get a realtime 24/7 data on how popular they are. who's liking their photos. how many likes they're getting. people are posting sometimes taking as many as 100, 150 selfies in order to get one that they post on instagram. and if it doesn't get enough likes in the first couple minutes they take it down. >> you couldn't pay me to go back to seventh grade, especially seventh grade in 2015. but beyond social media what else did you find? >> it's all the ways people are using social media, the way -- even it involves when you break up at 13 kids are sending explicit videos or pictures of
12:58 pm
the person that they were with in order to get back at that person for breaking up with them. take a look. >> okay. >> just like in the adult world sometimes middle schoolers use these sexualized photos for revenge. >> well, what they like to call it is expose iing -- it's eithe like an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. and what they do is post naked pictures and nudes of the person and sharing this stuff supposed to be kept private between the two and shouldn't have happened in the first place, but it did and now they're spreading it. >> remember, these kids are only 13. >> when they're hurt, when they're furious, when they go through a breakup, which is very intense and difficult at this young age, unfortunately i think they're likely to use social media to get back at the person by sharing inappropriate pictures. unfortunately that's just perfect ammunition. >> part of what we really wanted to do was give parents
12:59 pm
information to help monitor their kids' social media. what turns out according to our studies kids though they sort of say they don't like parental involvement actually do like parents to be involved. it actually helps relieve some of the stresses and the pressures that they feel that they get from social media. >> should we go ahead and -- >> do you want to -- sure. let's look at ourselves at 13. >> we are showing our pictures from being 13. >> wow. >> awe. >> someone said i looked like i've been ravaged by time. look at that. >> and i believe we have mine. oh, yes. >> i like it. >> that was family vacation. we were in i think somewhere in italy. >> i have the early ted cop pel hair. >> baby blues back in the day. >> had that going for me. >> 13. i can't wait to see -- >> i hope people watch. >> awesome. anderson, thank you so much. again, just a reminder the cnn special report it's "being 13" inside the secret world of teens
1:00 pm
it airs tonight at 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. and with that i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me here on this monday. let's send it to washington and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. breaking news a dam in columbia, south carolina has just been breached by this horrific flood. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead, the skies will soon clear, but that's little comfort for people in south carolina right now. at least nine lives already claimed in this natural disaster as first responders and regular citizens attempt dramatic rescues of their neighbors. you're the lucky one, those words from the oregon gunman after he chose one young man to live after shooting the others. why did that one student survive? in a cnn exclusive the survivor's mother explains what happened inside that classroom. and the politics lead. he wouldn't even watch. donald trump says he would tune out the race for the republican nomination if he weren't in it. but unfortunately for his