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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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skyrock skyrocketing. >> i'm just doing whaempb should do in a case like this. we just can't sit back and wait on the government or any bureaucracy to do something for us. we have do it ourselves. >> if you'd like to help the men say they don't need money. they just need more water. >> time now for newsroom with anna cabrera. >> good morning. i could use more coffee this morning. >> we'll get you taken care of. >> oh good. newsroom starts now. hello i'm anna cabrera for carol costello. let's begin with the international outrage in the demand for answers this morning after that deadly u.s. air strike on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. the blast killed more than 20 people, including three children. minutes from now lawmakers are expected to grill the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, generally john campbell. and he is already saying the
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strike was carried out after a request by afghan forces who were being threatened by the taliban. a nay toe has launched a full investigation. earlier tad nay toe's secretary general expressed condolences to the families of the victims. >> i'm deeply saddened by the tragic incident involving the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz. my thoughts are with all those affected. a full investigation has been launched. the security situation in afghanistan remains challenging. but afghan forces are rising to the challenge. and we continue to support them. >> doctors without borders is accusing the u.s. of a war crime and calling for an independent probe. let's bring in cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara star with more. >> good morning.
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general campbell set to testify on capitol hill about 30 minutes from now. the hearing was scheduled in advance of this latest event to talk to campbell about the security situation in afghanistan and potential plans for drawing down for reducing the number of u.s. forces from its current level of about 10,000. reducing them next year. safe to say, senators are going to have a lot of questions about this attack. an investigation is under way. but the international aid community, doctors without borders and so many organizations that work in conflict zones around the world expressing their concern about the safety of their personnel. the u.s. is facing so many questions about this and how this could have happened. one of the straight up military questions is, even if the afghans said they were under attack from the taliban, the u.s. doesn't routinely come to the defense of afghan forces
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because of the taliban. otherwise u.s. troops would be in combat virtually every day still. u.s. troops are there to protect u.s. forces and to go after al qaeda and to help preemptively if it looks like u.s. forces are threatened. now we know general campbell saying this were no u.s. troops under attack at that time in this hospital complex. so a lot of questions. general campbell saying yesterday a full investigation under way. we'll have to see how willing he is, how able he is at this point to give any additional answers whether they have been able to come back to him with more details. one of the big problems, fighting is still raging in kunduz and military investigators so far have not been able to make it to the hospital. anna. >> barbara, st star. thank you. something else we are watching close. russian air strikes have reportedly hit isis targets in
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palmyra. the strikes hit isis hide outs destroying armored vehicle, ammunition and more. and here in the u.s. there are still concerns russia's involvement is beating back u.s.-supported rebels and not necessarily about destroying isis. we're also learning russian ground troops and heavy weapons are on the move in syria right now adding even more questions about russia's intentions. >> to a new threat this morning for the flooded southeast. nine dams bursting and more fears rising. the death toll is 13, 11 of those in south carolina. roads are impassable. more than 350 closed right now. the damage estimates are already climbing into the billions. governor nikki haley telling her state we will get through it and get through it together. our nick valencia is in
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columbia, south carolina. and we're hearing some of these rivers may not peak for weeks. >> that is certainly the threat. but something that hasn't happened for days here, the sun is out. water starting to recede. but the threat to the public still very much real thing. officials in south carolina waking up to lingering fears that more catastrophic flooding and new dam breeches could be on the way. >> interest triver standpoint w haven't hit the worst yet. >> nine dams failing. some areas seeing more than 20 inches of rain. the deluge to blame for more than a dozen death in the carolinas. >> just because the rain stops does not mean out of the out of the woods. >> this road collapsed claiming the life of man driving with a female passenger. the vehicle careening through barricades, she survived, pulled
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from the wreckage amid the rushing water. and flood waters of a different kind unearthing caskets from a nearby cemetery. this man venturing into the waist deep water. the rivers peaking to the worst they have been in decades. now at least six nearby states sending emergency workers into south carolina for added flood relief. so far 1300 national guard members are on duty. crews in black hawk helicopters leading statewide rescue every effort. >> people have lost business, lost homes. and effect everybody across the bored did not discriminate. >> prompted president obama to declare a major disaster area
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ordering federal aid. >> at least six have died here in the city of columbia as a result of this flash flooding. the mayor was telling a sad story of a couple working two jobs to make ends meet and they lost everything. the cost of this clean up now that the water is starting to recede the government officials can get a better sense of it. early estimate, hundreds of millions of dollars to duet this back to normal. >> if not billions, as they are just skimming really the surface of the damage and destruction so far. nick valencia, thanks to you. great reporting. as the recovery begin, a warning for people to stay out of the water. especially any standing water. the flood waters are notorious for harboring baskcteria that c cause diseases. and if that's enough, they have warned of lurking al kbaligatord snakes. twhaz what is the biggest concern right now. >> there can be a sense of
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kplanssy. so in some areas the water levels are starting to go down and understandably people are so keen to get back to their home their businesses and assess any damage and try and clean up. the first thing i worry about as a physician is injuries and death interefrom electrocution. walking into the homes and turning on the main power supply can cause very serious injury. and flood water is often contaminated with sewage. so if you eat anything that's been exposed to that you could be coming in contact with e. coli or others that can cause really serious illnesses. >> and we have shown the video of kas connecaskets being unear. is that a threat. >> there is a serious risk of infection. of course the guy nick mentioned so brave and passionate and we
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need to be respectful. but you have to be careful. rubber boot, rubber gloves and goggles to stay away from the contamination. and it is not just diarrheal illnesses we worry about. you could even see chemical poisoning in the emergency room because of the contact with the flood waters. >> we know the wildlife do exist out there too. when do you think it is safe for those people to return to their homes? >> it can be a really difficult decision to make. and people are understandably keen to get back to their belongs. but it's really important to wait until gibb the all clear by officials and then be very safe how crow do the clean up. diarrheal illnesses and injuries and wounds can be infected from standing in the flood waters. so people with diabetes are
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already susceptible. but imagine if you have a wound from trying to clean up and then you are in standing water, you can actually get a very serious wound infection set in and same actually when it comes to mold as well. loves humidity. so whechb it looks like the standing water is gone t mold can stay around and cause very serious lung infections. >> just very quickly. is it the obvious in terms of what we should do or what those folks in that area can do to protect nemss? >> it's actually basic but you have to make the effort and get it right. when you are in the flood water, wear rubber boots, rubber gloves. wear goggles. and kpe depending on the surface you are cleaning, you need to measure different amounts of bleach to different amounts of water. and the exact instructions for that are on the epa website. they are on the cdc website and they tell you exactly how much bleach and water you should be using depending on what you are cleaning and the same goes for toys. keep kids and pets away from
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standing water. but of course kids and pets will gravitate towards their old toys. you need to make sure those haven't been exposed to flood water. and if they have, check out the epa and the cdc websites to make sure how to clean everything. >> thanks. the ntsb is on its way o jacksonville, florida to investigate the disappearance of the cargo ship el faro. debris field was discovered over the week. still no sign of the ship itself. it went missing just as hurricane joaquin was passing through. as search crews continue to look for any sign o of survivors. they hope any equipment recovered might provide clues into what happened.
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>> this is a huge challenge that there is a large debris field. so the investigators will be, we hope, you know, finding as much materials as possible. but it is a big challenge when there is such a large area of water and sat such depths. there are a lot of aspects of the investigation. the marine logs, any data, all of the interviews with people who are involved that will help us determine what exactly happened. and obviously we hope for the best and we hope that the ship will be recovered. >> cnn's alexander field is here now with the latest on the search effort. they are finding quite a few things. not what they are hoping which is people. >> and deploying a lot of resources. the first search planes were sent back out at daylight. but also the vessels in the water working around the clock. coast guard and commercial vessels all trying to find the survivors. what they have found so far, an
6:13 am
emmett lifeboaempty lifeboat, d life rings and two survival suits they found the body of one on board but they are still looking for the 32 others trying to find any sign someone could be out there and alive. at the same time you have all of these families who have wait forward days for word and some of them are starting to ask very tough questions about why this ship was ever in the path of this storm. >> i don't think that they should have shipped them out when they knew that that was going on. that makes no sense to me at all. like, if they knew that the hurricane was coming they should have kept them there and waited and to ship them back out. that makes no sense at all. i don't agree with that. >> a lot of emotions here and obviously the primary focus is on finding survivors. as time tix on there are more concerns about finding people alive. we know the ntsb has deployed their team to jacksonville.
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they will start to investigate and ask the fundamental questions about why this ship sank. the coast guard all right said the ship purported to its owner they have lost propulsion. and then it's getting pummelled from both sides. they have to figure why it lost propulsion and why it was sent out given the forecast. >> thank you very much. and still to come a dip in the polls might cause some candidates to abandoned their dreams of being president but not donald trump. why he's pushing back on reports that he might quit the race.
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hillary clinton showing a laser focus now in the early primary states as she works off to fend off the challenge if sanders. today she heads to iowa, a two day swing.
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a grassroots event with supporters and her trip comes as she released a new ad that aims at republicans over the benghazi controversy. >> the republicans finally admit it. >> republican kevin mccarthy saying the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's e-mails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> republicans have spent millions attacking hillary because she's fighting for everything they oppose. >> cnn senior washington correspondent is joining me now with more. talk about her strategy moving forward her. >> well anna, we've seen that new ad there. that is her first national campaign ad. she's seizing on the moment. trying to frame the discussion and debate going into that october 22nd hearing when she will appear before the house select committee on benghazi. let's take step back. the whole reason that her
6:20 am
private e-mail account she used was discovered because of this congressional committee. she is saying it is entirely politicized from the beginning and she has some ammunition now. in that ad, kevin monarccarthy saying. and showing this is all the political witch hunt. of course all the e-mails are now being investigated by the justice department to see if there was any classified information on the server. but she has some good ammunition now to support her claim and she's politicizing it. >> republicans really giving her fuel for the fire. meanwhile let's talk about joe biden. speculation continues to swirl around the vice president. will he jump into the race? what are you hearing?
6:21 am
>> well anna it really is the big question inside this democratic party. if joe biden in the next week or so is going jump into this race. we are told by top democrats who have spoken with him over the last several days they are left with the impression he is leaning towards a run. this is not a done deal because some of his long time friends and allies are still saying this is not a good idea. we are told he's leading people with the impression that he is going to run. but he still has not done anything to formally flip on the switch. we are going to find out we believe in the next week or two about the time hillary clinton is appearing before the benghazi committee. the month of october is going to be central in this race. >> jeff, thanks so much. don't forget the first democratic debate is one week
6:22 am
away. next tuesday at 8:30 p.m. eastern. catch it right here on cnn. on the republican side even as the polls show a slight decline for trump, the front runner tells cnn that reports of his perhaps political demise have been greatly exaggerated. >> i read somewhere you said if i fell behind badly i'd get out. are you thinking about when you would get out of this race. >> not even a thought. not even 1% of a thought. look, it is a phony deal that was perpetrated on the public. i was asked a simple question by chuck todd at meet the press. and people, i gave an honorable answer. and honest. i said sure if i was doing terribly like some of these people i wouldn't stay in. if for some reason i i collapse and people say oh there is a
6:23 am
weakness. there is no weakness. i'm not going anywhere. >> let's discuss. matt lewis, also with us, m mercedes slap. matt, i want to start with you. trump says he is in this race to win. he's not going anywhere. and this is after a former romney strategist said on our air yesterday he believes the real estate mogul will be out by iowa just because he can't stand to risk losing what is your take? >> i think this is premise oond couple of things. the first is the suspicion that everyone has had that donald trump doesn't want to be president. he got into this on a lark to get publicity as the stunt and he caught fire surprisingly to himself and now he's riding it out and may someday be looking for an exit strategy to get out. the other part too is frankly
6:24 am
the question of whether or not trump would want to get out before he collapses. there is a sense that people might be flirting with or dating donald trump. but when push comes to shove, when they actually have to vote trump will begin to sink in the polls and he may want to duget t before that happens. >> mercedes? >> i think donald trump is want to be sound like a winner. he's saying i'm not getting out. the polls show i'm still up and i'm going forward. he has the money to make it through the early states. he's self financing this campaign. so money is not an issue. secondly he's building a structure. he actually has staffers on the ground in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. he just hired one of scott's -- governor scott's folks from florida. so again, he is really in it to win it. now again for him it is going to be how he does in these next debates. and if his numbers continue to
6:25 am
plummet. a as well as will the other candidate, the second and third tier candidates drop out? and how will that shake up the gop primary. >> we've been witnessing the longer trump is on top the more his policy positions have been scrutinized. in fact today in his interview with chris cuomo, he reiterated his belief that russia should be country that that take on isis, citing billions of dollars in iraq and afghanistan and we may not even know who are supporting. >> we spent so much in iraq and lost thousands of lives. two trillion there. we've spend a trillion dollars and going up in afghanistan. we just knocked out a hospital. we're the gang that couldn't shoot straight. we don't know what we're doing. and frankly watching -- you are not hurting yourself by watching and waiting and not necessarily backing people, chris, that we have no idea. you don't know who they are.
6:26 am
>> matt, how do you think trump's comments will be received by the party? >> i think it's mixed. i think he does speak to a populous sentiment out there. and he's really, you know, taps into what a lot of i would say angry and disaffected republican primary voters. trump makes a vold point when he says that toppling assad could have repercussions. we don't know if these rebels are actually good or bad. that is one argument. but i think he's missing the other side of the equation, which is the fact that vladimir putin and russia, our geopolitical foes as romney pointed out, and by allowing russia to essentially bomb america's ally, the so called moderate rebels it is a real slap in the face of america. i would think trump and all americans should be a little concerned about russia humiliating america in the
6:27 am
international community. >> i'd love to talk to you as well mercedes. but we have breaking news. matt lewis, mercedes slap. in a moment more breaking news. we're learning now that a dam has broken in south carolina. and this is at the acadia lake. flooding is reported right now in the immediate area. the community of forest acres is being evacuated and a police official describing acadia like as the fairly large lengthy lake. kathy thompson joins us on the phone. what are you witnessing? >> well i'm just been told this that the dam has burst but the it is not flowing as fast as they anticipated it to. so people have having a little more time to get away. but they have been told to leave because it is going to be bad. and under an a warning in 3:15. >> are you evacuating?
6:28 am
>> no. e i don't -- my boss lives down there. i've been down there yesterday helping them but i don't live down there, no. >> help set the scene for the folks in this area. what is this area like? high lly populated? homes close to the water? >> highly populated. homes are close to the water but not -- they have like a backyard and then the water. not a lot of space. and they are nice homes that are being evacuated. it is a nice residential area. >> how concerned are residents about this breech? >> very. they are very concerned. because this has been going on all weekend. >> [ inaudible ]. >> in different areas. >> kathy, have you been affected personally by all this flooding and all the rain that's coming down. >> just the rain that's been coming down, but not with the
6:29 am
flooding. i live -- thank god -- on a hill. it is not a huge hill but enough of a hill to keep me safe. >> well we're glad to hear that. do stay safe. thank you for letting us know firsthand what is happening right there. again, the latest information. another dam breech that we're following. near forest akers in ask and arcadia lake. a right now a top general preparing to testify before congress. and the demand for answers after that deadly air strike which killed more than 20 people in afghanistan. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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any minute now we're expecting the top u.s. commander in afghanistan to testify on capitol hill. you are looking at some live pictures there on the right. this hearing is just getting under way. of course senator john mccain making opening remarks. this is the senate armed services committee will john campbell is expected to face tough questions. after the deadly air strike at the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz on saturday. that strike sparked outrage. more than 20 innocent civilians died including three children. as soon as the general gets to the microphone and makes remarks we'll dip in and bring that you do. new this morning. russian air strikes in syria has apparently his isis targets this time. strikes hit hide outs destroying armored vehicle, ammunition and more. there has been concern that moscow's vovmd there has been
6:35 am
about beating back u.s. supported rebels rather than defeating isis. meanwhile russia is digging in. they are now adding combat troops and heavy artillery said to be on the move in syria. cnn is following the latest developments. matthew? >> reporter: actually that is something that u.s. officials have been talking about, the idea that russia is building up its ground forces in syria, saying they are deploying these artillery pieces and rocket launchers backed by considerable troops to operate them in preparation for a ground offensive but they categorically de deny, saying they have no intention of putting ground forces in sere yarks tyrisyria, campaign is strictly an air campaign. so on the other side here in russia are categorically y icaig
6:36 am
that. remember there were hundreds of russian forces already in syria on the ground around the air bases and other military facilities russia has in syria. it is something very much in dispute and as i said is categorically rejected by the kremlin. >> we are also hearing there is a fighter jet being interfered with. turkish jettes on the border today. it comes off criticism that russia has entered turkish air space over the weekend. what more the you tell us. >> i think what the turkish authorities say is that interference took place monday, yesterday. and they are saying that it was sbmp interfered with, that their planes by this unidentified aircraft. in the past there have been a number of these incident, largely carried out by the syrian air force, not the russian military. there have been a number of
6:37 am
incursions into the turkish air space by the russians. over the weekend in fact there were at least two which provoked strong protests to moscow. also provoked a strong reaction from nato as well. basically says turkey is within its rights to shoot these russian planes down. take a listen to the secretary general of nato. >> russia's actions are not contributing to the security and the stability of the region. i call on russia to fully respect nato air space and to avoid escalating frustrations against the alliance in the fight against isil. >> russia say these were purely navigational errors. the border of turkey is very
6:38 am
close to the air base they are operating out of. and because of poor weather conditions they made these detour for a few seconds through turkish air space and that seems to be their position. >> thank you for helping us sort through the facts in all this. a developing situation and a lot of scrutiny under what's happening here. still to come the scandal rocking the $1.5 billion world of fantasy sports.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. we're following breaking news on capitol hill where general john campbell has just started testifying before the arms serviced committee about the air strike that happened in
6:43 am
afghanistan. let's listen. >> -- has not occurred. eight months have passed since i last appeared before the committee. and much has changed since. afghanistan, its government and security forces, the enemy and our own coalition have undergone tremendous transitions. these changes have ensured this fighting season has been fundamentally different. it can't be compared to previous years. i would like the emphasize how political, military and economics transitions are affecting the environment. saturation afghanistan is at a critical juncture is so is our campaign. but aid i'd a like a address a tramgic loss of lives and strike
6:44 am
on the hospital in kunduz. -- who had been engaged that the tenacious fight with the taliban. on saturday morning our forces provided close air support to afghan forces at their request. to be clear, the decision to provide aerial fires was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take its course and therefore i'm not at liberty to discuss further specifics at this time. however i assure you the investigation will be thorough, objective and transparent. i'd also like to remind the committee and american people we continue to make extraordinary efforts to protect civilians. no military in history has done mar to avoid harming innocents.
6:45 am
we take greater risk to our own forces to protect non combatants. i've directed the entires are to undergo in-depth training for rules of engagement and training. taliban have repeatedly violating the laws of war by intentionally targeting civilians. united nations contributed more than 70% of the wounded and non combatants killed and wounded in this war to the taliban. secondly i'd like to address the sexual exploitation of the afghan --. president ghani and chief abdullah has -- we'll do everything within our power to defend and protect human rights. that is our moral able gauges to
6:46 am
you. the american people and ourselves. and i have ordered 100% training of the force to ensure they understand our human rights policy which has been in place since at least 2011. this policy requires that our personnel report any suspected human rights violations committed by the afghan security forces. and this is to include any sexual abuse of children. whenever and wherever our personal observed human rights abuses they will be conveyed through our chain of command and in turn to the afghan government. the perpetrators must be held accountable. with still many weeks left in the traditional fighting season, intense combat continues in many parts of the country. the afghan security forces have been severely tested this year but they continue to fight hard. in the wake of the coalition's redeployment, the afghan security fois forces and unsirjts both accepted this fighting season would be decisive. no winter lull.
6:47 am
and since february the fighting has been nearly continuous. casualties on both sides has risen and the violence has moved beyond traditional insurgent trong holds. the emergence of diesh or the islamic state state corzine province has potentially expanded the conflict. most recently the taliban increased tempo of operations followed the announced death of their spiritual leader. we're also now seeing how a redeployment and transition from combat operations to advisory role have changed battlefield dynamics. a few years ago our coalition numbered over a hundred thousand. now fewer than 14,000 of which approximately ten,000 are u.s. service men and women.
6:48 am
in years pass they offered decisive and precise air support to coalition forces. this is no longer the norm but the exception. collectively the afghan security forces are adapting to these changes and in some places they are struggling. within this context the fluidity of the current security situation is not surprising. this fighting season started well for the afb security forces as they execute operations in he hellman kabul and other. >> august and september they reversed almost all of the taliban gains in the northen helman after the considerable effort. most recently the taliban overran kunduz city. still the afghan security forces rallied and regained control of most of the cities, just as they
6:49 am
have successfully retaken other ground temporarily lost throughout the fighting season. the afghan performance -- they must improve their intelligence fusion, command and control. utilization of their forces. they don't possess the necessary combat power and numbers to protect every part of the country. this makes it very difficult for the afghan security forces to counter the taliban's ability to temporarily mast, seize an objective and blend back into the population. ultimately the leaders need to discern better when to hold, and where to assume risk. >> we are listening right now to general john campbell, he is the commander of u.s. forces in afghan testifying before the senators on capitol hill and the armed services committee really giving a broad brush stroke view of what's happening on the ground in afghanistan. and i want to bring our pentagon
6:50 am
correspondent barbara star following things there closely. barbara, let's first start talking about with what he had to say regarding that investigation into the air strike that hit the doctors without well, because the investigation is going on, as you would expect, the commander, general campbell, had very little to say publicly, but he did make i couple of crucial points. he said that the decision to send in that ac-130 gunship to fight what turned out to be suspected taliban fighters at this hospital complex, that was supposed to be the mission. that that was a decision made by the united states and made entirely within the u.s. chain of command. he has already said the afghans requested the u.s. aircraft, but the decision to go ahead and do it was a u.s. decision. what general campbell is not
6:51 am
saying right now, and the investigation's not final, is really if, in fact, the u.s. mission was to go fire on taliban at that complex, how did they not know it was a hospital? this is the big question. the u.s. does not fire on hospitals, schools and mosques. how could the u.s. have not have known the hospital was not there? the group, doctors without borders, said they notified the u.s. for months about their location. one, how did they not know it was a hospital? if they are going after the taliban, that does not fall in the generally understood rules of engagement. there's always a possibility of firing on the taliban, but that is not a standard mission at this point. general campbell talking about the afghan performance in kunduz and the lack of communication. >> and he talked about the problem they have with troops
6:52 am
trained, as u.s. tries to step back into an advisory role and how that's extremely challenging and could impact the plans moving forward to remove more forces of the u.s. forces in afghanistan. barbara starr, we know you'll stay on top of it. if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. it's here! the most advanced iphone yet. get the new iphone 6s at t-mobile. the network that's double it's lte coverage in the past year. our new extented range lte™ signal now reaches twice as far as before.
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checking top stories. six people injured, one seriously as an amtrak train derailed in central vermont. at least two cars ran off the track yesterday. preliminary report says the train ran into an apparent rock
6:57 am
slide. the american airlines pilot who died midflied has been identified. captain johnson died flying from phoenix to boston. officials believe he likely had a heart attack. passengers say they knew something was wrong, but they didn't realize the pilot had died until hours later. 147 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. it's official. all-day breakfast starts today at mcdonald's. this move is all part of an effort to boost slumping sales and profit but the rollout has been a bit complicated. all restaurants had to install separate griddles and train the staff on extra options. the next hour of cnn's "newsroom" begins after a quick break. covering nearly every american... and these geese. but it's not who you think. squawk! it's t-mobile.
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. good morning. thanks for being with me. i'm ana cabrera in for carol costello. we begin about hour with the demand for answers on capitol hill after the deadly u.s. air strike on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan over the weekend. this blast prompting a lot of questions because it killed more than 20 innocent people, including three children. right now the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general campbell, is testifying in front of senate lawmakers. he says it was carried out after
7:01 am
they were being threatened by the taliban. general campbell said moments ago this hospital was mistakenly struck. let's get the latest from our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. >> reporter: good morning. once again general campbell telling congress it was a terrible mistake to strike the hospital. that is not what is intended. the big question for this investigation is, how could the u.s. have not known it was a hospital because the doctors without borders group said they notified the military for months of their precise location. have a bit of a listen to some of what general campbell had to say. >> to be clear, the decision to provide aero fliers was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of a command. a hospital was am mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take its course and,
7:02 am
therefore, i'm not at liberty to discuss further specifics at this time. however, i assure you the investigation will be thursdoro objective and transparent. i would also like to remind the committee and the american people that we continue to make extraordinary efforts to protect civilians. no military in history has done more to avoid harming innocence. we've readily assumed greater risks to our own forces to protect noncombatants. to prevent any incidents of this nature, i've directed the entire force to undergo in-depth training to review our operational authority and rules of engagement. >> reporter: now, if the u.s. air force special operation ac-130 gun ship that came into this area, if those on board thought they were seeing fire coming from an area, possibly from taliban fighters, it is still the case u.s. does not
7:03 am
strike hospitals, mosques and schools. those are very restricted targets. what general campbell did offer, though, was a very additional piece of information. while u.s. forces were not taking fire at the time, that would have been a legitimate target to try to defend them, perhaps. there was a special operations team u.s. troops on the ground that were talking to the aircraft overhead. they tell the aircraft overhead, where the targets are, where the enemy fire may be coming from. they potentially help direct the fire. so, this raises another wrinkle in all of this. did the special operations forces, what did they tell the crew overhead? what did they direct them to do? how could nobody have known this was a hospital? >> of course, international groups are calling this a war crime, so a lot more information that we're waiting to find out. we'll continue to monitor the hearing. barbara starr, thanks to you. an ntsb team is headed to
7:04 am
jacksonville, florida. they'll arrive later today to try to investigate the disappearance of the cargo ship "el faro," and hoping marine logs, any equipment they can recover can provide clues into what happened. a debris field was found over the weekend but no sign of ship or life. yesterday the coast guard said the ship likely sank, but they continue searching for survivors. cnn's alexandra field is joining me now with the latest on their efforts. >> mounting pressure from these families to try to understand why this ship was out in the middle of the hurricane. what caused it to sink and what has happened to their loved ones. we know the crews are continuing to work around the clock. they deployed those search flights against at day break this morning. also a number of coast guard cutters have have been out there 24/7 as well as commercial vessels looking for survivors. they turned up some signs of cargo the ship was carrying. they found an empty lifeboat,
7:05 am
looking for the second life boat on board that ship, hoping they could find survivors in it. ana, really the question of what happened, the question the ntsb will seek to answer, we're already learning a little bit about that from the coast guard. the coast guard has said the captain of the ship reported the ship lost propulsion. that was called into the owner of the ship. the owner of the ship, toet maritime, saying they were aware the ship loews propulsion but they do not know what caused that to happen. they did not hear that from the captain on board the ship. these are some confess the investigators will intook. they'll hope to find the data recorder, go through the maritime logs and do interviews. right now the most pressing factor, without saying, to deploy every resource possible to try and find people who could still be out there. there were 33 people on board this ship. only one body has been found. >> 22 of those americans.
7:06 am
thank you. if you would like to help out those folks in the flooded southeast, we'll have ways for you to do that. meantime, let's take a look at the storm there and the dams that are breaching. some bursting under pressure from the raging floodwaters threatening this region. at least nine dams have breached or failed since saturday. water is still rising and the death toll is still growing. it stands at 13 this morning with 11 killed in south carolina. entire roads washed away. others are impassable. damage estimates climbing into the billions of dollars. nick valencia is in columbia, south carolina. nick, some of these rivers, we know, haven't peaked yet. >> reporter: this is the middle of the state, and those floodwaters have to trickle off somewhere. within the last 30 minutes, you were talking about those dams
7:07 am
that are breached. nine happening. let's add another to that tally. 30 minutes ago we heard from the columbia police department that a forest acres neighborhood is being evacuated right now because of a separate dam breach. we were in that neighborhood yesterday, surveying the damage of a separate dam that had breached, washed out roads and bridged. parts of that neighborhood inundated, rising in this historic rainfall. that's really bad news when you consider this morning, we started talking about the good news in all of this. the sun is out for the first time in days, if not over a week here. it's just been steadily pouring rain, allowing these floodwaters to start receding. behind me even the area we are standing on right now, covered with floodwaters but it's starting to recede and news of evacuations and desperate situation added to an already dire and desperate situation. >> that car behind you sitting in feet of water. not a good sign.
7:08 am
nick valencia reporting, thank you very much. bernie sanders is on top of the polls in new hampshire, but winning that state and winning the democratic presidential nomination are two very different things. ahead, can he win over a key bloc to beat hillary clinton? you get used to the lingering odors in your bathroom you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this...
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in just a couple of days, house republicans will cast their votes for person to replace outgoing speaker john boehner. they will have to wait a little longer for the vote to go to the full house and after that it will be the race for the other
7:13 am
key leadership posts. let's bring in manu live for us. what's the reason for the delay now? >> the delay is for the lower ticket leadership races. that's for majority leader, that's for majority whip and other leadership posts. the reason for that is there's a growing unrest within the republican conference, particularly some elements, the more conservative elements, simply promote the existing leadership team to the next highest spot. people believe after the john boehner resignation announcement, there's a real desire for new blood in the leadership. a new direction. but the real problem for some of those folks on the conservative side in the republican conference is that they really lack candidates who have enough votes to send to those higher leadership positions. yesterday i had a chance to speak with one of those people on the right, jason chaffetz, who's challenging kevin mccarthy
7:14 am
for the majority leader job. he said that he'll have to gauge how his conference decides what to do thursday when it comes to a critical vote in the house republican conference. here's what he had to say. >> i'm not a candidate. the candidacy goes through thursday and i'll support the nominee. my whole thesis here is that, unfortunately, kevin mccarthy, as current majority leader, does not have enough support. >> reporter: after this thursday vote, there's going to be a vote on the house floor, october 29th, to determine who the next speaker will be. that person needs 218 votes on the house floor. chaffetz believes mccarthy
7:15 am
cannot get to that 218 vote flesh hold. the question is how hard does he push after that thursday vote when republicans probably nominate kevin mccarthy. does he take this fight to the house floor? when i wushed him on that yesterday, he said he probably would not but it's hard to predict such an unruely place like the house of representatives. >> i'm confused. it's not adding up. if he doesn't think he can win, chaffez, and he doesn't think mccarthy have enough votes, how does him taking on mccarthy help anything? >> reporter: that's a great question. something we tried to put to him, but he believes he could be a unity candidate. he's conceding he does not have the votes thursday but maybe he believes something can change in the room between now and thursday. remember, this is a secret ballot election on thursday and republicans choose who they want to be the next speaker. possibly he can change some minds, folks who say they're privately endorsing kevin mccarthy. maybe he can convince them to
7:16 am
vote for him privately, secretly on thursday. we'll see if that's the case. the strategy is confusing to some, that's for sure. >> indeed. it's always complicated on capitol hill. thanks so much. now to the battle for the white house and the surprising surge from bernie sanders in the democratic race. thousands flocking to see the self-described socialist in boston over the weekend. while sanders scored big in the polls, numbers show he trails front-runner hillary clinton when it comes to certain voting blocs, especially black voters, and now sanders is expanding his outreach to african-american community. the article now online at kyra, good to be here. i know sanders told your magazine he plans to get out soon to speak specifically in those african-american communities in the country, to talk about his life history, his
7:17 am
voting record that shows support for civil rights. what do black voters want to hear from him or need to hear from him, or even other candidates? >> i think what black voters are looking to hear is what are these candidates' substance on some issues, especially police brutality, black lives matter, what they'll do for incarceration rates for black inmates. bernie sanders said he's aware african-american voters are not as familiar with him, but he's certain he has the policies that will help with a lot these inequities? >> did you hear anything in that interview that resonated or stood out? >> you know, i think it was very interesting to hear how he's conceded on the black lives matter. at first there was a tense and terse exchange with him when he was speaking and he seemed
7:18 am
almost dismisses ive. he's now come full circle. he talked about that, his upbringing, without much money, knowing what it's like to be discriminated against because of him being jewish. one thing that's interesting is how he recognizes it and plans to rectify it by getting out and talking to the community. more so talking about his civil rights issue, he's trying to listen more. >> we're showing that video of the black lives matter group, coming and shouting him off the stage essentially back in august. following that incident do you feel like he's kind of turned a corner, has he been able to make that water under the bridge, or is it still a weak spor spot for him? >> what we're seeing from comments from readers on they think he has.
7:19 am
i think based on his record he understands that was a misstep and he doesn't understand what protesters were trying to achieve. he and former senator clinton acknowledge. this isn't something ignore, something we have to face head-on. i think he gave remorse for what happened and a desire to understand the issues more. it's hard for some african-americans to connect the dots between his policies between economy and the race because they see the race issue as systematic and cuts across all categories. you're not safe in police brutality issues, whether you're rich, middle-class or poor. >> how does bernie sanders stack up against hillary clinton, in your mind? >> you know, i think he definitely needs the recognition. hillary clinton has that recognition. bill clinton has that recognition. bernie sanders realizes he does not. i think we're going to see -- he was talking about how he's a little nervous about the
7:20 am
upcoming debates. we'll see what pans out from there. things can go up, down, sideways. i think this was an important step in connecting with african-american constituents and that the messages he talked b the incarceration rates, police brutality, income inequities, i think he's speaking a language black voters are interesting in hearing you speak. >> kyra kyles from "ebony" magazine. thank you. the first time democrats go head to head you can hear from the candidates themselves. democratic debate use, 13th, coverage beginning 8:30 still on cnn. still to come, sis hideouts, rocket launch pads, those are the reported terror targeting. up next, what if means for the crisis in syria. order panera's new
7:21 am
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7:25 am
live pictures right now from capitol hill. want to keep on top of what's happening there with the questioning of general john campbell, who is the u.s. commander in afghanistan talking about what went wrong when the afghan hospital was struck there. the doctors without borders civilians who were killed, including three children. of course, it was from a u.s. air strike. he's answering questions about that as well as the overall investigation. now, russia is reportedly unleashing a new round of air strikes in syria, near palmyra. this is according to syrian state media, which says the
7:26 am
latest assault hit isis hideouts and rocket launch pads. officials in washington are still a little skeptical. they have been worried that russia is instead trying to push back the u.s.-supported rebels in an effort to prop up bashar al assad. let's bring in matthew chance, live in moscow this morning. what more are we learning about the most recent round of air strikes by rich sha? >> first of all, the russians are quite sensitive to that criticism that you mentioned. they're merely targeting the opponents of bashar al assad, the syrian president and are not doing as much as they should be or could be in attacking isis. i think that's, perhaps, one of the reasons why today they selected a target, the city of palmyra, which has been notorious for isis action. it's where the group has destroyed priceless, invaluable
7:27 am
artifacts, ancient ruins were destroyed a couple weeks ago. they've really done damage in that ancient city. so, it kind of has extra potency that russia is now striking at isis positions in and around palmyra. what they're saying, in this latest incidence, latest attack they carried out, they found and destroyed at least 20 tanks that isis captured from the syrian government in earlier battles, a number of rocket launchers as well. heavy weaponry, according to the kremlin, have been destroyed by this air strike or these series of air strikes that were carried out. apparently in conjunction with the syrian air force as well. the kremlin are doing quite a lot to answer the criticism they're not doing enough to combat isis. >> now, u.s. intelligence officials also are saying now that there are signs russia is moving in equipment to ready some kind of a ground fight
7:28 am
there in syria, even providing rocket launchers. this is what u.s. intelligence officials -- what are you hearing from the russian officials there. are they confirming this? >> no, they're not. they're categorically denying that. they're certainly denying what u.s. officials, the pentagon are briefing on, which is that russia is building up its forces in preparation to take part in a ground offensive. there could well be a ground offensive in the future but they will be providing ground force carried out primarily by the syrian army. there are also hesz fighters that fight alongside the syrian army on the ground as well as soldier of the revolutionary guard. there's already a significant atlanta force, if you like, on the ground. the russian role in all this is to provide air support.
7:29 am
at least that's what their saying publicly but the u.s. has intelligence, which they're not yet making public. it will be interesting to see if they make their intelligence in some way available to us so we can judge for ourselves how valid and how accurate their assessments are. >> matthew chance, thank you for bringing us the latest information. still to come on "cnn now have a right to die. newsroom," in california, you up next i'll speak to a man whose terminally-ill wife chose doctor-assisted suicide. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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checking top stories. facebook one step closer to beamibeam ing internet space.
7:34 am
the plan would provide internet access to the people in subsaharan african, for example. it's part of an initiative to bring another billion people online using sad ligtellites, l and drones. fans of mcdonald's at breakfast will love this story. starting today, the fast food chain will offer that meal all day long. it's part of their effort to boost slumping sales and profits. mcdonald's is betting the all-day breakfast will attract new customers without discouraging the loyal burger lovers. one of the highest paid players in sports is entering an alcohol rehab center. this comes just as his team is preparing for the playoffs. this is yankees pitcher c sabathia. he shocked the baseball world with his announcement, it's time for him to go to rehab. he says he won't play at all this postseason and the yankees are rallying around their star, vowing to win one for cc. six people were injured, one
7:35 am
seriously, as an amtrak commuter train bound for washington, d.c. ran off the track. a preliminary report says a rock slide was in the train's path, which caused the accident. by definition, it's a matter of life and death. that's what california governor jerry brown said of his decision to sign the right to die bill which makes assisted suicide legal in that state. the bill is controversial with specific guidelines. according to our affiliate, two doctors must determine a patient has six months or less to live. two witnesses must be present, only one can be a family member, and patients must have the mental capacity to make medical decisions. to talk more about this issue, stan curtis is joining me now. his wife chose to die with dignity in a documentary called "how to die." i'm sure it's a sensitive
7:36 am
subject for you, but i want to play part of this film so viewers know what your family went through. >> with death with dignity, it gives me a chance to think how i want to leave things at the end. >> it's her pride in herself and our pride in her and our pride in her. >> i'll know when my life isn't worth living. >> that case will be easy and obvious. and i'll be grateful. >> your wife used oregon's death with dignity law to end her life in 2009. what's your reaction to this new law in california? >> based on the law in oregon, img it's a thoughtful and important choice for people to have. i think this is a very important event in life. we all need to be able to talk about it and give meaning to
7:37 am
this event in a shared way. >> because it's controversial or because, i imagine, it's hard to let somebody you love go, is it difficult for you to talk about this issue? >> yes, i think it's very difficult for us to talk about. our sponsor from hbo for the movie was shocked her documentary experts couldn't watch the movie all the way through, when they had done so many traj sdpis, you know, blood and war scenes. i think it's a very difficult topic and i'm so impressed a large state like california could vote this in and the governor could sign this with understanding a personal choice and willing to share that choice for others. i'm very impressed how they told
7:38 am
the story -- >> sorry to interrupt. describe for us what it was like for your family in making this decision, your wife's decision, to die on her own terms. >> well, we had great respect for cody and her beliefs and her ability to make important decisions, so we were with her on that decision. it was very difficult to talk about and in some ways difficult to support until we could start talking about it. but we really appreciated her example of saying thank you instead of good-bye. saying thank you really built the family circle and a set of traditions that are helpful today, day by day. >> you mentioned california is one of the larger states that has a law now. only five states have legalized what many consider
7:39 am
physician-assisted suicide. why is that, do you think? >> it's so hard to talk about. even in my family, we have multiple religious perspectives. i'm sure most of the family was not supportive of the law when it was initially voted on. but everybody in my family appreciates cody's story and her choice, so i think that's a vocabulary that needs to get built. and for some reason, the western states have made further progress on the sharing of that story with others. i think canada is also quite advanced in this regard. >> do you personally have any regrets? >> no. i'm quite proud of the story. i think it's been very important to all parts of the family and growing the family into a more meaningful set of sharing day by day important traditions.
7:40 am
and the kids are now getting married, so we feel like we're growing the family. >> good to hear it. stan curtis, thanks for spending some sometime with us. >> thank you. still to come, even as americans mourn yet another school shooting, gun stocks continue to surge. that story is next. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. president obama will travel to roseburg, oregon, friday to meet with those who were shot at the community college. first funerals for the nine
7:45 am
people who died start on thursday. last night townspeople there in oregon held a candlelight vigil in honor of last week's massacre. gun stocks are surging. cnn money correspondent is following this story, joining me now with more. unbelievable how much they're surging. >> it's incredible. smith and wesson is up 88% this year, just to put that in context, look at that line. the s&p is down 3.7%. and if smith and wesson were in that index, it would be second best stock only to netflix. >> smith & wesson is doing better than apple, right? >> yes. >> the biggest gun maker is not far behind with a 70% increase. we're seeing increases across the board really driven by record gun sales. right now smith & wesson is
7:46 am
projecting $600 million in sales for this year. that would be a record year. and we saw this increase really start happening when obama took office. that's because many people figured at the time that he could propose and maybe follow through on tighter gun laws. that's whlt gun enthusiasts freaked out and started buying guns in anticipation of it maybe becoming harder to do so, but that hasn't happened. in fact, this is something really frustrating the president, that he has not been able to pass tighter gun control. >> other candidates are talking about increasing gun control as well now. >> and on the campaign trail, this has become a huge issue, obviously, with the shooting and the headlines. if you really think about it, we hear the same arguments. on the republican side you hear more guns or the solution with donald trump out there saying, we should arm school teachers, and then hillary and the other democrats calling for tighter gun control.
7:47 am
it's a tough one to come to the middle on because their passions are so high on either side. there's so much money behind it. >> thanks for filling us in. that was eye-opening. the american airlines pilot who died midflight has been identified. captain michael johnson died suddenly flying from phoenix to boston. >> captain is incapacitated. request handling for runway one zero landing. >> the ambulance will meet you on the south deice pad. >> are they going to have a way to get on the airplane quickly? >> initially it was reported an illness that he suffered. officials now say he probably had a heart attack. his wife says, reality hasn't totally set in yet. >> i don't think it's quite hit
7:48 am
yet. he's a pilot. he leaves sunday night. he doesn't get back till wednesday. it just feels like he's on his trip, so other than the news, you just kind of -- it's unbelievable. >> passengers say they knew something was wrong but they didn't realize how the pilot died until hours later. the co-pilot was able to safely land the plane. everybody got off safely. we'll have more news after a quick break.
7:49 am
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20 years, if you can believe it, that's how long it's been since o.j. simpson was acquitted of the murders of ron brown and nicole brown simpson. the o.j. verdict, shock of the century, airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn.
7:53 am
here's a preview. >> was that verdict about murder or was it about race? >> the verdict was undeniably about race. >> the people saw what they wanted to see. and it's interesting how it was divided in this case right along racial lines. >> i'll never forget when it was over, a woman came over to me and said, the verdict was like being punched in the stomach. and i said, you don't know any of the people. why was it like being punched in the stomach? she said, it was as if this was my brother and sister. everybody was involved. and everybody took sides. >> reporter: everyone had an opinion, and now -- >> how do you feel 20 years later? did he do it? >> my opinion still is, i think he's guilty. that hasn't changed.
7:54 am
>> i found him innocent and i believe he's innocent. >> with all your heart? >> all my heart. >> reporter: what's the one thing you can't get out of your mind 20 years later from that trial? >> that's easy for me. >> reporter: what's that? >> son of a [ bleep ] got away with it. simple as that. >> and keyra phillips intoog al that work. we just got a smorgasbord. >> i'll never forget being in that live van with my co-anchor. i was working in los angeles. we had a little vivitar camera back in the day, holding it up in the live van, watching the verdict, and my co-anchor forgot to take the picture because we were so shocked at the verdict that came down. i mentioned it in that part of the piece. it was all about race. that's what it did come down to. people forgot two individuals were brutally slaughtered and
7:55 am
murdered. at that time, coming off rodney king. there was a lot of anger toward the lapd. the black community thought cops were racist. mark furhman didn't help saying the "n" word and the planting of the sock, and doubt was plant. 60% of americans thought o.j. was innocent at that time. 20 years later, now more than 50% of blacks say, oops, he was guilty. 83% of folks in the united states say he was guilty. boy, do we feel bad taking his side so many years ago. >> part of that could also be that he's since been convicted of other crimes, so his character has been tarnished even more in that regard. >> that's a great point. as the years went on, i mean, from the day he was set free and walking home, his arrogance, cockiness, the films that were made, the things he would say. it was astounding what he would do.
7:56 am
people did say, he'll do something again. watch. watch what will happen. tom lang, one of the lead detectives, he said, yeah he's in jail now. he's in nevada. he's going to rot in that jail cell. but, unfortunately, it's for the wrong crime. >> how interesting. what stood out to you interviewing some of these folks, like the goldman family members? >> the goldmans, what a beautiful family. they're still so wounded and so broken. kim, by the way, is out with a new book. so, folks should check that out online. she goes and interviews a number of families, victims of crimes similar to hers and what it was like to deal with the media scrutiny. a fantastic job. she's a true advocate, that's for sure. >> number one reason why people should watch the documentary tonight. maybe you think you know the whole story and you don't need to watch. >> you will learn more. >> you will. >> thanks so much. >> good to have you with us. again, that special report tonight "the o.j. verdict:shock
7:57 am
of the century" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. right here on cnn. let's check top stories. scientists from japan and canada have won the noble prize from fi physics. the discovery has changed the view of the entire universe. the two scientists will share a $1 million prize from the royal swedish academy of scientists. cheerios recalling nearly 2 million boxes of cereal. general mills says the gluten-free boxes may actually contain wheat. this affects honey-nut cheerios and classic yellow boxes. at stake is including $300,000 for a private jet. get this, $2,000 for stationary
7:58 am
costs. each month. she must be doing a lot of writing. the mystery of the male ego. oh, great. coming from a woman. i'm sure it doesn't sound biased. well, two love-scorned alphas recently duked it out for a lady's affection. i'm not even talking about men. we're talking about moose. and jeanne moos shares their story. >> reporter: a fighting over a female in mating season spilled over on the streets in anchorage, alaska, recorded by a father and son, hiding behind a car. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: when the moose brawl got too close for comfort, the driver of the car fled and bill and josh had to head for higher ground. >> i filmed a lot of that video
7:59 am
from right here. >> where they had front-row seats. at least these two weren't as dumb as the colorado moose that tried to mate with a bronze moose statue. not since too kangaroos faced off near sydney, australia, have we seen since a wild kingdom donnybrook. the guy who shot this set it to "nutcracker." ♪ >> reporter: which made sense since that's where many of the kicks were aimed, using both legs, weight resting on their tails. back at the moose fight, the struggle intensified. >> one was like carrying the other one all the way across the street. >> reporter: and that's pretty much how it ended, with the alpha moose giving the evil eye as his rival high-tailed it away. they left scattered moose hair. the two managed to bang into the
8:00 am
sub arue pa subaru in the driveway. no fear, insurance tells us as long as the motorist has comprehensive coverage, moose damage will be covered. but when the top moose went to claim his prize after all that work, what did the female do? she vamoosed. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thank you for being here. i'm ana cabrera. "at this hour with berman and bold uan" starts this hour. new questions about the mother of the oregon shooter. what did she know about her son. what her online postings reveal about their history. a top american commander testifying right now about why the u.s. bombed a hospital, killing doctors and patients. hear why he says they made the decision. donald trump, you've been the republican


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