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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  October 7, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the vice president could finally decide whether to enter the 2016 race. we have new developments. good morning, welcome to "early start" christine romans. >> it is wednesday, october 7th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. breaking overnight, russia has launched new airstrikes, hitting targets in the western part of that country. this appears to be a coordinated assault in conjunction with bashar al-assad. all this is according to a human rights group. who says the clashes are the heaviest they have seen there in the last month. this himselfco after nato's secretary general confirmed a second incursion by russian fighter jets into turkish airspace, turkey, a member of nato, also had a close relationship with russia now. they risk losing a friend. secretary of state john kerry is entertaining the motion of a no-fly zone in syria now to protect civilians caught in the civil war. this is interesting, the last several months, not to mention years, president obama seemed to reject this idea.
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let's get the latest, though, on the conflict. on the new action extended russia involvement. matthew the russians seattle to be escalating their involvement even more this morning. >> that's right. >> that now a week into this air campaign in syria, it's been seven days since they started bombing targets across that country. they say they're targeting islamic state. of course, other rebel groups, opponents of bashar al-assad have also fallen into the firing line. they seem to be focused again this morning with overnight airstrikes intensifying as you mentioned in the west of syria. as you mentioned as well, they're coordinated. this is really interesting. because they're working hand-in-hand with the syrian army and other forces like hezbollah and the iranian forces that are on the ground in syria. to really crack down as hard as they can on these opposition groups that pose a challenge militarily to bashar al-assad. that seems to be the strategy now the russians playing games
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to basically play the air force of that pro assad coalition against the rebels in syria, john. >> there is diplomatic news the possibility of diplomacy the russians saying they are opened to the idea of coordinating these efforts, these airstrikes with the u.s. and its coalition partners? >> yes, it's interesting. the russians are sending mixed messages, on the one hand they are intensifying the airstrikes, tightening their relationship with bashar al-assad, on the other hand, they are sort of holding out an olive branch, if you like, to the united states and to the u.s. led coalition saying, look, we are prepared to look at this pentagon proposal that we coordinate more closely airstrikes against the islamic stalts. they haven't agreed yet. the russian defense ministry saying this morning there are deck nickal details they have to hammer out. one has been done, if it's done,
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then there could be a lot closer corporation on the ground. >> matthew chance for us in moscow with the news this morning. escalation in the russian efforts there, thank you so much, matthew. there is escalation in another conflict with high stakes for the u.s. the top american commander in afghanistan says u.s. plans to draw down troop levels there may have to be changed. general john campbell telling the senate armed services committee, isis and al qaeda are getting stronger in afghanistan. he says that has forced him to recommend changes to the existing plans that would cut u.s. troop strength by 90%. campbell did not say what troop levels he is proposing. campbell added a nuance to his explanation for an airstrike on a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz that killed 22 people. after earlier statements, came to a response to a request by afghan forces, he told the senate panel a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. cnn's dig robertson -- owe nic
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robertson is live in kabul. you have been talking to villagers who say they want help from the u.s.ges they don't want civilians to be hurt anymore. >> reporter: yeah, they really feel the afghan army can't stand up to the taliban. they say without the help of the u.s. military and others, the taliban could overrun more places, so they say, yes, we won our support. one man told me, if you are going to hit hospitals, we don't need you. they are clear on. that which heard from doctors without borders laying out specifically what they want. they're saying it's no good calling this incident in the hospital a mistake. they say it was precise and repeated cartinging. what they're saying is that this is not just a war crime. this is not just an attack on one hospital. but it's an attack on the geneva convention and they are calling for an independent investigation by a body set up by the geneva convention. the international fact finding commission. for this group to lay all the
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facts on the table, because they say for doctors without borders, it's very simple. if they are going to operate in a war environment, they need to understand everyone's rules of engagement. currently they do. they say it took two years of sort of talking to set up these hospitals in afghanistan. so they say if the rules of engagement have changed on the u.s. or afghan side, they need to know about it. it needs to be on the table. then they can decide how to operate. really there is a very strong diplomatic coordinated as they call eight professional pushback from what they're hearing from general john campbell. >> all right. nic robertson in kabul. thank you for that, nic. >> breaking overnight. a decision from joe biden. it could be imminent. will he run for president? is he already? a source close to the vice president tell cnn gloria bornlger there will be a biden family conversation at the biden
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home in delaware this week to discuss the source of the candidacy. they say this one could be conclusive. >> hillary clinton is on a campaign speng through iowa. what is she up to? cnn is in davenport with the latest. >> good morning from iowa. hillary clinton is beginning the second day through this key state, campaigning through council bluff, iowa today. she is trying to project an image of certainty in this very uncertain democratic race. of course, bernie sanders is surging, joe wide isn't waiting in the wings. hillary clinton is focusing all her attention, at least publicly to republicans in the race. she september them signed autographed book of her book "hard choices." >> there are so many of them, they could have a book club and they could if they want to know how you put together a coalition
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that imposes international sanctions on a country like iran, they can read about it. because that's what i did. >> reporter: of course, even as she tries to project strength among democrats saying she can take on republicans, it is that uncertainty in the democratic presidential race that is hanging out there. democrats want to know if joe biden is going to get in this race. we are told by people talking with them in recent days, he is leaving the impression that he is leaning towards running, but all the caveats apply. he has not reached a decision yet. we will not know, in the coming days, definitely in the next two weeks, i am told, he will make the decision. of course this race will go on, all leading up to that first democratic debate on cnn in las vegas. >> thanks, jeff. republican front runner donald trump is also in iowa this morning. he is set to speak about his newly rolled out tax policy at a rally today. jeb bush is in the state as well. he is now taking shots at his former political property jay,
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senator marco rubio for spending days away from pawing on the campaign trail is there we should cut the pay of elected officials that don't show up to work. i don't know about you, but this idea that somehow voting isn't important. what are they supposed to do? they should go to the committee hearings. they should vote. the idea that somehow private sector, when you don't show up to work, you get a pay cut. why shouldn't that exist if state capitals as it does, why shouldn't it exist in washington, d.c.? >> rubio missed another key vote on tuesday this one on a defense policy bit. he's on a campaign spring through new hampshire. ben carson taking heat for comments he made about the school shooting in oregon. carson told fox news that he would have taken on the gunmen. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with him. i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> donald trump says civilians with guns couldn't shop the
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oregon mass shooting. he says he supports allowing americans to illegally own assault weapons. he told "new day" the bad guys will have them anyway. meanwhile, 6,000 federal inmates will be released in an effort to fight prison overkroukd, and fight inmates given harsh sentencing. it follows a commission to lower maximum sentences for drug offenders. the release is the largest in the bureau's history and what could be tens of thousands of early releases on the way. time for an early start on your money, it's a good morning tore stocks, european shares are higher. u.s. stocks futures higher as well. one stock not following the trent,ium brands, taco bell, pizza hut is plunging before the open t. company says it's not likely to meet its earnings goals for the year. partly over the quality of foods sold in china. 40,000 fiat crying ler workers
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ready to go on strike. negotiations between the united auto workers and the car company have broken down. now the union says it's terminating the current labor contract at midnight wednesday, threatening to strike rt is thating thursday. it will be the first time they had a strike since 2007. it could cost the auto maker an estimated $300 million a day. we seen in the auto industry in general, a pretty good run for a long time from they have. businesses are goods for auto workers. now they say after the crisis, many know how to take a pay cut or a two tier pay plan. >> interesting. all right. the desperate search for an 800 foot ship that vanished in hurricane joaquin. a little sign of december this morning. officials are hoping to find signals from the ship that could be on the ocean floor.
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streams are still rising, still rising from the records volume of water that has submerged hundreds of roads and bridges. 11 dams have now failed and the death toll from the floods has risen. 17 people lost their lives in south and north carolina. south carolina governor nikki haley is warning residents about hidden dangers in those deep waters t. state highway patrol shared this picture when cars went around road blocks the water is undrinkable. donations now have been pouring in. the coast guard right now engage dmd an active search still from survivors from the cargo ship el faro that sank in the atlantic. new debris has been located as we learn a power failure may have left the ship helpless against the powerful storm. cnn's lauren savage is there, investigators are hard at work. >> good morning, john, christine. who ill the u.s. coast guard is still focused on what they call a search and rescue effort,
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trying to find survivors, the ntsb has a different job. tear job is to try to determine what happened, why it happened, and, if necessary, to then instigate changes that would prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again. at their briefing last night, they pointed out this vessel has on board something very similar to what we have all become very knowledgeable of, like a flight data recorder. only in this case, they call eight voyage data recorder. and that device, apparently, records everything that occurred on board the vessel in the last 12 hours leading up to whatever catastrophic event struck him. >> that information would be vital for the ntsb's investigation. right now they do to the have a lot to go on. but to fine it, you pretty much have to find the ship. that's believed to be in very deep water. again, like the flight data recorders, there is something called a pinger. the voyage data recorder has one. its batteries have a time frame
2:16 am
of about 30 days. i asked if they had been listening and have they heard anything. the answer so far is. john, christine. >> but the search does go on. high water in these conditions are still dangerous in south carolina, but relief is in sight. let's bring in our meteorologist. >> good morning to you guys, high pressure is back. we are finally getting dry conditions. an expansive area of high pressure will keep that it way. we have cold weather and an increase where you expect this the ice box international falls, working near st. cloud seeing cold conditions, generally clear over this region. temperatures dropping off into the mid-30s. they warm up across that region.
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gorgeous perspective in new york city. down in tlaernths we make it to 81 degrees, south carolina has had issues. southern california the driest location in north america, they had record rainfall. about a half an inch came down in 24 hours, which doesn't sound like much when you compare it to the 11 plus in columbia. but that is 29% of their annual average, just shy of two inches. compare that to south carolina, a much larger infrastructure and substantially more damage occurred in this region. still, damage across parts of california as well as the floods there. >> a remarkable number. thanks, pedram. john ash is charged with taking more than a million dollars over several years in exchange for favors and for not reporting it to the irs. the u.s. attorney says ash sold himself and the u.n. for things like rolex watches, custom suits
2:18 am
and a private basketball court. the u.n. secretary general's office says he is shocked and deeply troubled by this news. all right the boston red sox, they were not eliminated from the playoffs last night. but the new york yankees were. and that's what counts this morning. the houston astros moving on, more highlights in the bleacher report next. books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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a big gain in the bronx, a one game wild card. houston astros, who actually won, more importantly who lost in the "bleacher report." >> good morning, john, good morning, christine, lasts night the american league win or go home wild card game came down to pitching. yankee's hero tanaka and cy young candidate. they were hoping t tanaka's japanese days would pay dividends. both went deep and solo home runs give astro's an early lead. only three days of rest he dominated. threw six scoreless innings, cool, calm, checked. john berman reports with more, next up for houston, they have a date with the kansas city royals
2:23 am
chicago cubs pittsburgh pirates match up. it's been 107 years since the cub versus won the world series, but there isn't your average ordinary run of the mill mundane cubs team a. lot of young talent like stud pitcher dig air yet that. the pirates, no slouches, third straight appearance mission out on the playoffs over two decades. these two teams have the 2nd and 3rd best record if baseball this year. if they don't win tonight, it doesn't matter, it all gets going tonight. now, new york state attorney general eric snyder is launching an investigation of two leading fantasy football sites, draftkings and fanduel, to see if some of their employees gained an unfair financial advantage using "inside information" to win money on each other's site on their daily fantasy football game a. fanduel spokesperson told the internal data showed draftkings
2:24 am
employees won only .3% of the money they were awarded. given they were sold out nearly 2 billion. draftkings employees won approximately 6 million from fanduel, hands down, the highlight of the week goes to the pee-wee football team out of massachusetts. 7 to 9-year-old kids, they started dancing when the watch me na e-na e tweet out, just over two minutes long, worth every single second of your day, it is outstanding stuff and christine, you know, if we had a nickel for every time john berman busted out the whip or na e-na e on air or in between sets, we would be all right i think. >> the 9-year-olds the best age for sports, they only just love it and sometimes they have no idea whatter that doing. >> what a false start. you can't move on the line. can you? >> only you, john berman.
2:25 am
only you. >> true. >> i'm sorry. who is your team? i have never seen so much great young talent in baseball in the post-season at once. so many exciting teams. who do you like? >> i'm rooting for the cubs. marty mcfly "back to the future 2" they predicted this was the year the cubs would go all the way. >> they did? >> yeah, i'm going with that. the prediction is going to hold true, cubs take it. >> i hope that isn't like a marty mcfly in wrigley field a. landmark cnn study goes inside the cre set world of teens, revealing they are largely addicted to social media. 200 8th graders, they analyzed why it matters so much to them. 15 worse roort reported receiving inappropriate photos an overwhelming amount of parents said they did not realize the amount of fighting that occurs on social media. it's interesting, there have been other studies that have
2:26 am
shown for teen agers, there is anxiety t. parents take the phone away at night. there is anxiety. tray so worried about what others say about them. they feel they have to be there defending tear reputation and being involved in the conversation all the time. >> fomo. fear of missing out. >> russian forces with new strikes overnight, sizingly increasing their fear, the latest in the battle against isis next. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. there's a network that never stops improving.
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russia launching new strikes in syria overnight. this time it appears to be a coordinated assault are forces from bashar al-assad, a new situation there on the ground. we will go live to moscow with an update. isis is surging in afghanistan a. top u.s. commander says the situation could mean big changes for american troops on the ground. how long could they be forced to stay? we are live in kabul. breaking overnight, a biden family meeting coming this weekend. it is there where he could decide conclusively, will he jump into the 2016 race? we have brand-new information just moments away. welcome back to "early start," everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. let's start here, breaking news overnight, russia launching new airstrikes in syria, it appears to be a coordinated assault in conjunction with forces loyal to bashar al-assad. this is according to a u.k.-based human rights group
2:31 am
who says the clashes are the biggest this month. they say a second incursion. turkey, and nato members with strong ties to russia is warning moscow risks quote losing a friend. meantime, secretary of state john kerry protecting no-fly zones, this despite president obama's rejection of the idea of no-fly zones. we want to get right to cnn's matthew chance in moscow for us. rapid developments every day. it is still a very -- the situation is escalating. >> reporter: it is and it's been a week now since russia embarked on this air campaign in syria, striking what it says are targets of islamic states and other terrorist groups and it does seem to be intensifying those airstrikes almost by the day, this morning, syria awoke to a barrage of airstrikes
2:32 am
coming in a coordinated fashion in the west of the country, coordinatesh not the u.s. military, of course, but with the syrian army with hezbollah and other fighters on the ground according to local sources, really attacking these areas that are controlled by rebel groups who oppose the bashar al-assad regime, not necessarily territory held by islamic state. there is an intensification underway. thatry coordinating the russians more and more with the syrian armed forces and pro syrian elements as well, all the time, though, holding out the hand of corporation with the united states saying this morning the russian defense ministry, they are prepared to consider a pentagon initiative, the more closely coordinated airstrikes against islamic states, the united states has a coalition of 60 countries by attacking isis, but there are still some details to be worked out, christine, they haven't been yet. >> matthew chance, thank you. new developments this morning out of afghanistan, the top american commander there
2:33 am
says the u.s. plans to draw down troop levels. may have to be changed. general john campbell told the senate armed services committee isis and al qaeda are getting stronger. >> that is in addition to the taliban. he says this has forced him to recommend changes to existing plans that will cut u.s. troop strength by 90%. general campbell did not say what troops levels he is proposing. he also added nuance or could say flat out altered his explanation for an airstrike on a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz, they killed 22 people. earlier, he said the strike came in a response to a request by afghan forces, now campbell said it was quote a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. cnn's nic robertson is live in kabul with the latest doctors without borders continues to be infuriated calling for an independent investigation here saying there is no other explanation than this hospital was intentionally targeted
2:34 am
there. >> reporter: yes, they continue to calm eight war crime. they say it's not just an attack on the hospital but an attack on the geneva convention and they say that they want the internation internation internation international investigation commissioner, they say they operate under the rules of engagement of all the partners. if there has been some misunderstanding between all these parties that, can only be found out by having all the facts on the table in an independent way. i think what we heard from general campbell was really trying to more take ownership of what happened. i mean, yes, the day before, he had said, it was an accident situation at the hospital, it sound like he was blaming the afghan forces, that's what doctors without borders, that wanted the strike. i think here he is taking responsibility and be clear it was a u.s. chain of commander
2:35 am
the u.s. has responsibility. i have been talking to afghan in kunduz, they throw in isays, throw in al qaeda. their army isn't strong enough. they need the support of u.s. military. they say, look, avoid civilian casualty, after all of this afghans here still want u.s. forces, need them, they believe to help their own army here. >> there is this controversy about the hospital, kunduz hangs in the balance. nic robertson in kabul, thank you so much. overnight, a decision by joe biden may be imminent. will he run for president. >> a source tells cnn's gloria barger, there will be a family conversation at biden's home in delaware the weekend to discuss his possible candidacy t. source says this conversation could be conclusive. hillary clinton is on a campaign swing through iowa this morning.
2:36 am
she is taking on republican criticism of her record with a humerus touch. she told a crowd she sent all the republican candidates a copy of her book "hard choices" about her time as secretary of state. >> there are so many of them they could have a book club and they could, if they want to know how you put together a coalition that imposes international sanctions on a country like iran, they can read about it. that's what i did. >> bernie sanders is in washington today, set to speak at the presidential candidate forum. >> the republican front runner donald trump is in iowa today. he will speak about his tack plan at a rally. jeb bush the former florida governor is in iowa as well. he is now taking really, frank little, flat out direct shots at his former political property jay senator marco rubio, instead of being on the campaign trail. >> we should cut the pay of elected officials that don't show up to work. i don't know about you, but this
2:37 am
idea that somehow voting isn't important. what are they supposed to do? they should go to the committee hearings. they should vote. the idea that somehow the private sector when you don't show up to work you get a pay cut. why shouldn't that exist in state capitals as it does and why shouldn't it exist in washington, d.c.? >> senator marco rubio missed another vote on tuesday this one on a defense policy bill. senator rubio is in new hampshire campaigning. been carson taking heat for some comments he made about a school shooting in oregon. carson told fox news that he would have taken on the gunman. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with him. i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me. he can't get us all. >> donald trump says civilianbs with guns could have stopped the
2:38 am
mass shooting. he says he supports allowing americans to own assault weapons. he told "new day" the bad guys are going to have them anyway. all right, 6,000 federal inmates will be released from prison in an effort to provide relief to inmates given harsh sentences in drug cases. the move follows a decision by the u.s. sentencing commission last year to lower maximum sentences for drug offenders. the release is the largest in the burrow of prison's history the first of what could be tens of thousands of early releases. tragedy if ft. campbell after a soldier was shot dead at a training exercise, it happened around 10:30 in the morning. the unidentified soldier was taken to the hospital on the kentucky army base t. shooting is currently under investigation. officials say they do not suspect foul play. >> all right, 38 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money, a good morning for stocks. finally something to be happy about. european and asian shares were
2:39 am
higher. oil prices rose overnight. that was spreading optimism. u.s. stock futures run, too. yesterday the s&p 500 snapped its five-day winning streak. investors a bit more cautious that recent turmoil in stocks is over. a mech dpa merger getting new life this morning. anheuser-busch inbev made an offer for asbmiller. this time the deem worth $10 million. when you say no, john, see then the price keeps going up. >> oh, that's why they're doing me wrong. >> it would be the biggest mergener beer history. >> these are these great american beer brands aren't actually american anymore? >> they are gobbled up by huge conglomerates it's interesting the consolidation in the liquor business. >> i want to know what it means for my beer. >> the rain is over, the residents in south carolina are
2:40 am
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>> in south carolina the rain has finally stopped after two weeks. but so many rivers and streams still rising from the record volume of water that's submerged, covered roads and bridges, 11 dams failed t. death toll is rising.
2:44 am
17 people lost their lives. south carolina governor nikki haley is warning about hidzen dangers within the flood waters. the highway patrol shared this picture of what happened when two cars wentz around road blocks. not a good idea. making matters worse, more than 400,000 people without drinkable water this morning, donations have been pouring in. while that's going on the coast guard in an active search for survivors from the cargo ship el faro that went missing in the atlantic sunk from hurricane joaquin in the midst of that storm. new debris has been loevenlth as we learn a power failure may have left the ship helpless in the middle of that storm t.ntsb is investigating how it sank. officials say it was equipped with a flight data recorder like a black box that has a penger with a battery life about about 30 days. let's look at what's coming up on "new day." >> what's going on?
2:45 am
it really is. we have all sorts of polls going on. we will give them to you at the top of the hour. we will take a look at them and show how some democrats are doing in key states six days be every the cnn democratic debate in viva las vegas. we will break down gop sales who is rising, who is fueling. plus we know the investigators into oregon are looking into the mother of the oregon campus gunman and what she may have known. were there signs, warning signs she may have missed? we will hear from a friend of the mother. we will also speak with a top psychiatrist. how responsible are parents for the actions of a troubled child? a difficult conversation. one that many are grappling with. >> a lot of people are talking about. that it parallels the adam rancic says i case, a mother with a fascination with guns and a son who needed help. for the second day in a row a health scare forces a plane the reroute midair. we'll tell you what happens.
2:46 am
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for a second straight day reports of a midair scare for united airlines flight 1514 enright from houston to san francisco making an emergency land income albuquerque t. co-pilot passed out during the flight. this a day of an american
2:50 am
airlines pilot 57-year-old michael johnson dice of an apparent heart attack flying from phoenix to boston. that plane was diverted to syracuse. of course, our hearts go out to his family. city officials in alabama facing assault charges after striking a local television reporter. the incident captured on video shows reporter curtis asking commissioner amos newsome if he would resign, after putting his hand in the face of the reporter right there, he then strikes the reporter. there it is. he drew some blood there. he was arrested and could face a year in jail. a landmark cnn study goes inside the secret world of teens, young teens, revealing they are largely addicted to social media. child development experts discussed the media habits analyzing what teens say towing, why it matters so much to them.
2:51 am
15% reported receiving inappropriate photos. an overwhelming number of parents say they didn't realize the amount of fighting that occurs on social media. the new york state tomorrow launching an investigation of two meeting fantasy kings and draft dual, ar allegations of employees playing at each other's sites, the attorney general is looking into whether they gained an unfair financial advantage in a game known as daily fantasy football by exploded access to non-public information. he asked the site on details on how they prevent fraud. aam making so much fun about the yankees, the houston astros won a baseball game last night. thatly go to the american league divisional series. they shut out the new york yankees. dallas kite el crushes the yank 83 lineup. that's all the astros needed.
2:52 am
carlos go medicine hit that one for the astros. the yankees now have nothing left to do. >> were you for the yankees? >> oh, yeah, absolutely genetic. reenforced repeatedly throughout my lifetime. >> all right. how does 16 weeks paid leave sound in i think you should take some starting tomorrow. for a baby maybe, or a family emergency, 15 weeks paid leave.
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. >> okay. european asian shares are higher. u.s. stock futures are up, too. one stock not following that trend, young brands, taco bell, plunging, the company is not likely to meet it's earnings goal for the year. it could soon get yes, sir ear
2:57 am
to sue your credit card company. in the user adream, these clauses require users setting out of court. now the consumer protect bureau is proposing a rule to ban companies from getting the free pass to avoid going to court. washington, d.c. could soon have the most generous paid leave policy in the country. the d.c. city council considering a proposal that would give up to 16 weeks paid time for employees with new children, significant family problems or medical issues. who could be covered? anyone that lives or works in d.c. will get paid the first $1,000 of their weekly salary and half their weekly wage ace would have that amount. no more than $3,000. business versus come out against the bill. the u.s., the only developed country that doesn't mandate any kind of paid leave. you do get this family medical leave act fmla you can take up
2:58 am
to 12 weeks off unpaid if you work for a country. paid leave is something that the knew and far between. >> i thought it was a cynical joke. we are talking washington, d.c., many people say many who work in washington, d.c. don't do any work anyway. >> they say ma have a paid leave. >> a permanent leave. all right the cnn democratic debate is now just six days away and in two minutes, there are brand-new polls being released from swing states. >> thatry fascinating. they will clang the way you think. "new day hats that those numbers right now. >> a band new poll shows good news for front runner hillary clinton. >> i am fighting for what i think is important for our country. >> democrats want to know if joe biden is going to get into this race. >> the fact of the matter is he has to make a decision quickly. >> russia launching new airstrikes in syria. >> the white house is left with few options. >> isis doesn't team to be the
2:59 am
main target. >> russia should not be interfering. >> russia now firmly owns thing as of assad regime. you can see where the water is covering over that road right there. >> the record volume of flood water still making its way downstream. >> now it's time to assess the damage. >> good morning, welcome the your "new day." 6:00 in the east, we have telling new numbers that give fresh insight into the 2016 race. just ahead of next week's big cnn democratic debate. three key swing states, what's the difference? could it be new information about certain personal trades? >> here to break down the numbers, "the chew" on them a little bit.
3:00 am
how the gop field is stacking up. the presidential campaign correspondent for the "new york times," maggie haverman and political new york one errol lou wise. you had a chance to look at the numbers, democrat's choice for >> what's your thoughts, errol? >> it looks like clinton has had sort of a reputation, she's running those states before. i didn't see sanders making a lot of appearance, biden is completely on the sidelines. some of this reflection her being a known quantity, being a known organization, showing interest in these states. let's keep in mind when sanders jumped in, he didn't say he was going to put together a 50-state organization right away. we've been talking about all the money he's raised. as he starts to spend it, perhaps he'll make more of an impact.


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