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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 7, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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again, her book is called "in this together" my story. and our best thoughts and wishes with her and mitt romney. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to one mr. wolf blitzer who is in a place i like to call "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. air space showdown. u.s. aircraft forced to back off after a close encounter with a russian jet fighter over syria. as russian ships fire dozens of missiles from nearly 1,000 miles away. is vladimir putin now calling the shots in the war zone? dirty bomb sting. smugglers in a former soviet republic try to sell radioactive material to what they think are terrorists. we're learning how the fbi helped foil those plots. but can isis still get its hands on nukes? terrorist trucks. you've seen them in all the isis videos packed with fighters and grisling with heavy weapons. but now the u.s. is asking toyota how did isis get its hands on so many pickups?
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and trump's trojan horse. the gop front runner worries syrian refugees are made up mainly of strong looking men. and he's warning that if the u.s. admits too many of them they could pose a danger. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get right to the breaking news. russia has unleashed a massive missile attack against targets in syria. it says 26 cruise missiles were fired from warships in the caspian sea more than 900 miles away. at the same time syrian opposition groups now say russia's carried out heavy air strikes in coordination with shelling by syrian regime forces. the united states says russia continues to hit nonisis targets including moderate groups calling those strikes a fundamental mistake. and for the first time u.s. aircraft over syria had to
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change course to ensure safe flying distance from a russian fighter jet. the pentagon says the u.s. pilots were not able to complete the mission. and we're also learning how the fbi helped foil the potential sale of radioactive and nuclear material suitable for a so-called dirty bomb in a former soviet republic where smugglers are willing to sell almost anything. i'll speak with congressman adam schiff of the intelligence committee. and our correspondents analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. let's begin with syria. a massive russian attack at a close encounter between u.s. and russian warplanes. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us with the latest. barbara, rebel group backed by the u.s. says russia bombed them. >> wolf right off the bat take a look at this video. cnn cannot independently confirm this but this is video said to be from a moderate rebel group on the ground in syria suffering
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from a russian air attack. the violence is unmistakable. there is at this point we are told no reason to believe that this video is other than what it is a moderate rebel group backed by the united states under attack from the russians. all of this comes, wolf as the violence has seriously picked up in the last 24 hours. as you say russian warships in the caspian have launched withering naval attacks, cruise missile attacks against targets in syria. and at the same time russian artillery, russian rocket launchers pounding targets in western syria backing up the forces of bashar al assad. the violence growing more grim more serious by the day, wolf. >> and now for the first time barbara, a u.s. jet fighter had to divert because of a nearby russian fighter. what happened? >> wolf what we now know is
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that u.s. pilots are operating under some very strict rules now that the russians are also in the skies. this is a couple days ago we were told two in fact u.s. f-16s flying out of turkey into northeastern syria to strike an isis target had to back away and divert because they were within 20 miles of a russian jet, a russian fighter came within 20 miles of them. the new rules of the air if the russians are within 20 miles, the u.s. pilots are told they must back away. they must divert their flight path. this is for the safety of american pilots. right now until that agreement is reached with the russians and there is no agreement right now, the russians aren't talking about this until there's an agreement on rules of safety common safety rules for all pilots in the air. the u.s. taking no chances. nobody wants to see a u.s.
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pilot, god forbid go down over syria. so u.s. pilots taking a cautious approach to all of this wolf. >> truly dangerous situation all of a sudden getting more dangerous. barbara, thank you. we're also learning today how the fbi worked with investigators in a form soviet republic to foil potential smuggling plots involving nuclear and radioactive material that could be used by terrorists to make a so-called dirty bomb. let's go to our gistjustice reporter evan perez. what are you finding out? >> wolf this is a scary proposition. criminal groups in moldova have been trying to sell radioactive materials to extremist groups. fbi working with police to catch some of these smugglers. look at this remarkable video from an arrest in february. this man allegedly was trying to sell small quantities of this radioactive substance called
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cesium 135. used informants posed as middlemen for extremist groups. authorities say material like this could be used to make a dirty bomb. now moldova police say they arrested seven people in 2014 trying to smuggle uranium. the state department says that it is working with moldova authorities to improve security facilities that hold radioactive materials. and, wolf we know this has long been a concern for the fbi that groups such as isis or al qaeda could get their hands on this dangerous, dangerous material for use either in the battlefields in the middle east or to attack western countries. and we know also that moldova and nearby russian controlled region called transdinistra have a thriving black market with criminal groups that don't care who they're selling to. >> what a nightmare that is. evan thank you. let's bring in democratic congressman adam schiff of california.
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congressman, thanks very much for joining us. what can you tell us about this armed smuggling operation? do you know how close, for example, isis or some other terror group has actually ever come to obtaining nuclear materials? >> wolf i can't go into specifics of this particular case but i can say this has been a concern of ours for many years with the collapse of the former soviet union, the disintegration of materials we have tried through programs to work with the russians to blend down and dispose of their radioactive material. much of the time these plots, wolf in the past have involved something that is i think, as a term of art called red mercury, that's a red herring, it's not radioactive but often people try to sell it. i don't know whether it's sold as a scam that might be part of the case or whether the sellers don't know exactly what they have. but of course we have to be constantly on guard for those occasions when it might be the
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real thing. we know that these radical islamic groups like al qaeda and isis would love to get their hands on nuclear radio logical material they can fashion into some kind of weapon. >> some sort of dirty bomb as it's called like that some sort of radioactive nuclear or even small dirty bomb that could cause incredible damage in new york city or los angeles or any place, right? >> oh absolutely. unfortunately there are a lot of sources of material that can be very dangerous that way. a lot of hospitals in the united states for example need to use radiological materials for diagnosis. it can be very valuable in terms of medical applications. but one of the things that we have tried over the last several years is to really beef up our defenses in places like hospitals so we don't have these materials stolen. but should they get some of this material and go to a place like times square or the financial district or whatnot they could render areas uninhabitable for quite some time and of course
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cause wholesale panic. >> is the u.s. doing everything it can to stop these kinds of potential terror attacks in terms of cooperating with countries like moldova or russia to make sure that none of that nuclear material gets into terrorist hands? >> oh absolutely. and we have been for many years. the intelligence community, the fbi, elements of our armed forces all working together to try to make sure that if necessary we can interdict, that we can do the investigations necessary that we have good cooperative relationships with authorities in other countries so they know what to look for. so absolutely we work to cultivate these relationships for quite some time. >> i ask the question because it looks at least at this sting operation in moldova the fbi was involved. the operation was foiled but obviously looks like it was close. >> again, i can't comment on this particular situation whether it was really the kind of material that has been alleged in the public reports.
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but, yes, we have a number of scenarios since the collapse of the former soviet union where there have been purported sales or attempted sales of these things. often when we get wind obviously we try to apprehend those involved in the sting operation. but this is a concern that is very much with us today and will be unfortunately into the future. >> we have a lot more to discuss, congressman. standby for a moment. when we come back i also want to find out what's going on with isis. all of a sudden they got hundreds of toyota pickup trucks. where are they getting these toyotas? a lot more coming up when we come back. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®.
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we're talking with congressman adam schiff. we'll get to him in a moment. how did isis the terror group get so many toyota pickup trucks? they've played a key role in the terror group's attacks in the middle east and now the united states is formally asking the toyota company some very serious questions. brian todd is looking into this story for us. what are you finding out, brian? >> wolf tonight the treasury department is pressing toyota for information on why so many toyota pickup trucks suvs and other vehicles are in isis' hands. analysts say it's almost as if isis has outfitted itself with a fleet much like a corporation would. in isis videos whenever you see the terror group riding into a town celebrating a capture, their fighters are draped all
2:16 pm
over toyotas. they're hard to miss. packed with isis fighters and heavy weapons, toyota pickup trucks and suvs are featured prominently in isis propaganda videos. >> toyota is the truck that jihadists choose when they want to go to war. it's the same thing when the rifle they choose. >> reporter: toyota he locks pickup trucks similar to the tacoma sold in the west and toyota land cruisers are seen in the group's videos from its campaigns in iraq syria and libya. a top iraqi official tells cnn his government believes isis has acquired hundreds of toyota vehicles in recent years. tonight, toyota tells cnn the u.s. treasury department is seeking information from the automaker on how isis has gotten hold of so many of its vehicles. and the company says it's briefed the treasury department on how it handles its supply chains. how do you think they're getting these? >> i think they're buying them probably right over the -- through formal channels. they're probably going right into the dealerships and purchasing them.
2:17 pm
they're just not identifying as isis. who would? >> jonathan chancer, a former tracker at the treasury department says the toyota procurement demonstrates how isis runs itself as a mafia gang and major corporation. its got spread sheets on missions assassinations and captured assets. some terror group's vehicles are clearly from other car makers, not just toyota. this ford pickup truck still has decals of a plumbing company in texas. the company tells us after they traded it in it must have gone to an overseas auction. the taliban and other militants also use toyota vehicles. but analysts say toyota pickups are especially well suited to isis' fast and light fighting style. >> they could easily modified. they can be upgraded so they're great for desert -- for dry conditions for dusty conditions. so they've got a lot of you know ruggedness that helps out a lot. and also you can put pretty much any weapons system from a grenade launcher to a machine
2:18 pm
gun. they're easily modified. so you can mount equipment on the back. >> a toyota official tells cnn the automaker does not know how isis obtained all of those vehicles and says it's impossible for any automaker to completely control how many vehicles are stolen or resold by third parties. that toyota official says the company is working with the treasury department on this. and he says treasury has indicated that toyota appears for the moment to have the right procedures in place. treasury is refusing to disclose any details of their investigation, wolf. >> what about, brian, possible theft rings working for isis or other terror groups? could they have obtained these vehicles? >> absolutely they could have. jonathan chanz the former treasury official we spoke to he points out an australian newspaper reports 834 toyota he lux pickup trucks were reported stolen from the streets of sydney australia, and surrounding areas between 2014 and 2015. that newspaper report says over half those vehicles were never recovered. theft rings are a distinct
2:19 pm
possibility, wolf. >> brian, thank you. we're back with the senior democratic house intelligence committee congressman adam schiff. how telling is it congressman, that isis' operation can get their hands on all these toyotas, all these supplies. is isis more sophisticated, more complex organization than some thought? >> well it certainly has great capability. the fact they are able to smuggle in just about whatever they want in terms of weapons, fighters toyota vehicles shows the degree to which we have a long way to go before we're sealing off access to supplies and munitions. it's really quite disturbing how nonetheless readily accessible the marketplace is to isis. i don't know whether these vehicles are being purchased in iraq through straw purchasers or simply being driven across the border from turkey into syria and maybe some combination of both. one thing i think is interesting, wolf we had very similar reports probably ten years ago in afghanistan that the taliban and al qaeda were
2:20 pm
driving around in these toyota vehicles that this was the vehicle of choice for the jihadi jihadis jihadis. that much hasn't changed. >> fascinating. what's really intriguing though the u.s. treasury department now investigating toyota on this issue. we'll update our viewers on what we learn. on another sensitive issue right now, congressman, the u.s. as you know for the first time had to divert a military aircraft flying over syria to ensure that it would maintain a safe flying distance from a russian fighter jet. how possible -- how likely is there could be a miscalculation resulting in a disaster? >> well it's very possible. and of course this is the chief concern we have in terms of escalating a conflict between the united states and russia. they're not deconflicting these flights with us. they're talking about it. maybe they will at some point. and you can see why. they're going in there bombing moderate rebels. so they don't want to have to come to u.s. planners and say these are our flight patterns here's where we're going to bomb
2:21 pm
and have the u.s. point out you're bombing the wrong people you're going after not isis but others. it would i think be very transparent indeed is very transparent what the russians are up to. at some point they may decide deconfliction is in their interest. the chance for escalation and conflict here with russian incursions into turkish air space as well as provocative actions doing with nato partners ultimately may lead to catastrophe. >> what a nightmare that would be too. the russians as you know they've indicated they might be willing to cooperate with u.s.-led coalition against isis should the u.s. start offering them specific intelligence. what do you think? should the u.s. do that? >> well i would be very concerned about doing that because frankly whatever intelligence we give them about who the moderate rebels are they may simply use to pinpoint more strikes on those very same people. there's not a lot of trust here as you can imagine. so we need to do our best to deconflict but it's going to be
2:22 pm
very imperfect if the russians indeed cooperate with us at all. and we're going to have to be circumspect about how much we're willing to share with them. >> is russia conducting military ground operations in syria right now? in other words, do they have boots on the ground? >> the russians do have boots on the ground. i don't know whether they have boots on the ground in a combat role yet. whether they're planning to obviously there have been public statements from moscow that they plan on sending volunteers. i think they invented a new definition of the word volunteer. but it's certainly possible if things don't go well that they insert russian ground troops. and that has a real potential of drawing putin in further and further and further. he may rue the day that he got involved in this mess. but meanwhile it's a tremendous challenge to the united states. and i think we're going to have to reconsider some of the things that we haven't wanted to undertake in the past whether that's no-fly zones or
2:23 pm
telegraphing to the assad regime we're not going to let their helicopters barrel bomb civilian populations anymore. i think we need to give these ideas new consideration. >> congressman adam schiff thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks wolf. and to our viewers we'd like to hear from you. do you think, for example, joe biden will enter the presidential race? go ahead, vote right now. go to "the situation room" facebook page. we'll bring you results in the next hour. coming up this hour new e-mail problems for hillary clinton. why did a tech company employee think they were being asked to cover up something shady? plus donald trump explains his different position about what russia's doing in syria.
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six days left until the first democratic presidential debate right here on cnn. hillary clinton's campaign know coping with new revelations about her e-mails while serving as secretary state. this is focus on a company that backed up her information on a private e-mail server. let's bring back our justice reporter evan perez. what are you learning? >> employees at a company that was working to back up data on hillary clinton's e-mail server had concerns after the clinton team ordered them to change how they were saving this data.
2:29 pm
the apparent instructions to reduce how long e-mail data was being saved came in august. and this was after it was publicly known that the fbi was conducting an investigation of this matter. that prompted an employee at platte river networks to write to another employee saying quote, starting to think this whole thing really is covering up some shady expletive. the employee wanted to make sure wolf that the company had these instructions in writing from the clinton team just in case they ever have to go public to explain why the data was being deleted after 30 days. that was a shorter time than when previously was being used. and cnn has learned that a second company called dato inc. has also turned over backup info to the fbi. senator johnson sent a letter to the company asking for more information. we also have a statement from the clinton campaign saying quote, johnson was ripping a page from the house of benghazi committee's playbook and mounting his own taxpayer funded
2:30 pm
sham of an investigation with the sole purpose of attacking hillary clinton. wolf. >> evan stay with us. i want to bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. he's a former federal prosecutor along with cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. this investigation goes on and on and on. as you know when the fbi starts an investigation you don't know where it's going to wind up. how damaging could these new details potentially be? >> well they're certainly damaging to a certain extent because, you know just the story moving forward in a small way is just one more day when it's not behind hillary clinton. i think one of the things this illustrates though is people say, well, why can't she put it behind her? it's out of her hands now. there are investigations going on. and this is the real problem for her is that even though she has tried, it seems, to get all the e-mails out there and tell the whole story, the e-mails are still being declassified. the investigation is still going on. and she just can't control it. >> take us inside tom, the fbi.
2:31 pm
you spent decades serving in the fbi. what's going on there right now as far as this e-mail investigation is concerned? >> well first of all they're trying to get their hands on all of the e-mails and recover whatever was on the servers in the first place. then they'll look at the content and see whether or not it was classify classified should have been if it wasn't, then they'll look at if they have the information the metadata who else received it and which computers communicating with each other. much of the e-mail she turned over were printed pages of the text only that didn't have that information. that's part of what they're trying to reconstruct is who is sending this e-mail who is receiving it who is classifying it who is determining, who was sorting it? were the government employees sorting her personal e-mail? were personal employees sorting possibly top secret government e-mail? so that's the concern here is you don't know who was handling it. >> and even with the best of intentions even with the skill
2:32 pm
of the fbi this takes a long time. it is difficult to reconstruct an e-mail change in the best of circumstances. when you're dealing with different servers and some deleted and some not, it's just a mess. and that takes time. >> it's an enormous mess. go ahead, evan. i was going to ask you how long you're hearing this investigation is going to continue? >> right. well what jeffrey's pointing out is exactly the problem here. but the fbi really doesn't feel like it has any time limit on how long this can go. and for clinton i'm sure she would prefer for this to be wrapped up certainly by early next year. so she can really rev up her campaign. we asked the fbi director james comey in a meeting last week he met with a group of reporters and we said, look, don't you think the american people deserve to know the result of this before they go cast a ballot? and he said look that's not what is going to guide us here. they're going to be thorough. they're going to be -- they're
2:33 pm
going to do everything as quickly as they can. but no quicker than they have to. and he says he's getting briefed on this investigation almost every week just to make sure it's being done right. and he has the right people on it. but he's under no time constraints. and he certainly doesn't believe that he has to do this quickly to help anybody's campaign. >> evan perez, thanks very much. jeffrey and tom, guys thanks to you as well. coming up, donald trump, he's back out there today on the campaign trail. he's back to insisting he'll make mexico pay for building a new wall along the u.s. border. >> why would mexico ever think of paying $7 billion to build a wall? i say because they're making $45 billion a year you idiot.
2:34 pm
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donald trump is back on the campaign trail today addressing a crowd this afternoon in waterloo iowa. the republican presidential front runner promised he isn't getting out of the race. and he had plenty to say about russia's military moves in syria, his promised wall along the u.s.-mexican border and all the latest polls. >> i want to thank you. this is amazing. i know the fire marshal had to send a lot of people outside unfortunately. florida, i was at 21. i went up to 28. we're killing everybody. we're winning by many many points. and don't forget you have a sitting senator and an ex-governor in florida.
2:39 pm
you know when you're 28 29 that's a lot. when you think you have 16 people -- you had 17 one did sianara. you had 16 people in the race 29 that's pretty good. pennsylvania beating everybody. ohio beating everybody, 23. we're beating the governor of ohio who's a nice guy by the way. maybe there's a mistake because actually the governor of ohio is a quality guy and doing a good job. but we're beating everybody by a lot in ohio. i'm not going anywhere. you better believe it. he knows. you know. you've got the same mentality, right? we're not going anywhere. but, you know, i watched the politicians. they're at one. he's at one. no chance. i think he's gone down to zero. would you get out? absolutely not, we're in it to the end. you know he's going to cancel out next week. that's called political speak. when you talk that way it's really easier because there's no story. so if he would have said well, i'm thinking about it i'm not doing well of course nobody would have written that story any way because nobody cares.
2:40 pm
by the way, i'm funding my own campaign. i'm spending a lot of money. not as much as i thought because frankly i'm getting so much publicity i don't have to advertise so far, right? we had a poll with the african-americans where i was at 25%. that's a huge number for republican primary. somebody said if you actually got 25% of the african-american vote the election's over. it's over. you win. russia's now talking to iraq. they're going to do some bombing. of isis. which frankly i think is a great thing. let russia bomb isis. what are we talking about? they want to bomb them let them bomb them. bomb the hell out of them. bomb them. and i said that. and somebody said oh that's controversial. couple of the countries -- no. we will not speak to russia. we will not talk to russia. and we will go and confront russia. what? over syria? we're going to start world war 3, right? give me a break. when i first made the statement they were hitting our so-called allies that we have no idea who they are. you know, you have assad, he's a bad guy. and we're fighting for people we have no idea who they are.
2:41 pm
and then you hear we're going to take in so originally i heard 3,000 people from syria, right? and then the next time i was on television it was 10,000. i said oy. the next time i hear we're taking in 200,000. they want to take in 200,000 to bring these 200,000 people in -- 200,000, that's like an army. ahh, maybe that's it. because i look and i see the migration, which is sad. but then i look and i keep looking. i said to my wife the other day, i said you know i don't see too many women there. i don't see that many children. i see really strong looking men. this could be one of the great trojan horses. this could make the trojan horse look like peanuts, okay. the next president has to be great. thank you very much. no no. [ cheers and applause ] iran so you have a guy saying death to america, death to america. we have people signing, we have a guy on a bicycle in a bicycle race and he's our chief
2:42 pm
negotiator breaks his leg, walks in with crutches. they say what a jerk this guy is. we give mexico billions of dollars, billions of dollars. but the politicians say like i'm some kind of a baby you can't ask for that. how ridiculous. why would mexico ever think of paying $7 billion to build a wall? and i say because they're making $45 billion a year you idiot. we're doing so great in iowa. and i just want to thank all of the people. and i'll be here a lot over the next four months. and beyond by the way. and we're going to do something really it's going to be a beautiful thing to watch. this is not just like people getting together. this is a big movement that's going on all over the country. and you know what it represents. we're getting the biggest crowds the greatest people. i just want to thank everybody. and i will see you soon. i'll be back very soon. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> flavor of what donald trump is saying on this day.
2:43 pm
let's bring in three members of our political team. our cnn political kmemcommentator s.c. cupp jeffrey toobin and ana navarro. we have a lot to discuss, not only trump but a lot of other developments happening right now. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
2:44 pm
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events including infections, tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. this just coming into "the situation room" on this the eve of a crucial vote on who will become the next speaker of the house of representatives. we're seeing new signs of potential revolt among republicans on capitol hill.
2:48 pm
we're back with s.e. cupp jeffrey toobin and ana navarro. the house freedom caucus group of tea party conservatives and others they say they will back florida representative daniel webster for speaker of the house, not kevin mccarthy. they say they have more than 30 members who will back daniel webster when the full vote comes up that potentially could be a huge stop button if you will for kevin mccarthy and his road to becoming the speaker of the house. >> it is. i think a lot of people thought jason chaffetz's run was going to be sort of a spoiler for kevin mccarthy and now this looks to be yet another obstacle for kevin m>> look what the house conference needs is someone who could unite not just leadership conference it's a very divided republican house. not just between two factions
2:49 pm
but multiple, and frankly kevin mccarthy may speak to all of them but this is a great hurdle for the great breaking news. >> the freedom caucus thinks it is a good idea to shut down the government to de-fund planned parenthood. you can try to paper over these differences and pretend they don't exist, but these votes indicate there are just profound differences. >> yeah, the actual vote on the house floor, october 18th if he loses 29 republicans, kevin mccarthy could be in trouble. we'll see what happens but it's an important development. anna let's talk about what is going on in the race for the white house, 23% for trump, 18%
2:50 pm
for dr. carson 13% for the incumbent, john kasich look at this in florida, trump at 18%, marco rubio, the junior senator from florida, 14 12 you support jeb, the friends with marco. should not they be doing better than that in their home state? >> should they be doing better? yes, but if they're going to peak i would rather they peak much closer to the primary election than peak in october, five months before a single vote is cast. i think that what is happening in florida is like what is happening everywhere else which is that there is a lot of voter discontent with politicians and appeal for outsiders. there is a lot of frustration at
2:51 pm
the general government. >> if jeb bush sees number 4 in florida, he is in trouble. >> yeah i think he would not admit this out loud but yeah behind closed doors would like to do better in florida. but anna is right, you would rather make it in the long haul than peak out too early. i'd point out while trump is doing well in florida, ohio -- >> he is winning nationally too. >> but his numbers are stagnant. they have not grown. he is still at 23%, 23%, 28%, he has not grown higher than his highest amount in weeks. so i think he might have hit a cap. i mean again it's too early to tell. and all bets are off when it comes to trump, but he might have run into as many voters as trump is ever going to get. >> i don't understand why we think trump has hit a ceiling. first of all, it's a good ceiling if you're in first
2:52 pm
place. and you know anna says 12 and 14 wow, that is great for rubio and bush talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations. maybe that's their peak. my rule is it's better to be ahead than behind and trump is the one that is ahead, and that is good for him. >> i'm old enough to remember when john mccain and hillary clinton was leading barack obama by 30 points in october. so you know let's keep some cool-headedness here. you know. does it mean something? yes, does it mean everything? >> you're absolutely right, but herman cain was not ahead for months the way donald trump has been ahead. so yes, the election is not for many months. >> elections used to not last three years. >> hold on. herman cain didn't have $5
2:53 pm
billion which is a huge amount of money for donald trump. let's talk about ben carson the retired neurosurgery expert. he is not backing away from controversial remarks he made yesterday at oregon in the community college saying people should have rushed the shooter. maybe even more of them would have survived. he said this earlier today on fox. >> we're living in a culture now where you have a group of people who just sit there. they don't try to listen to what you're saying. they're just trying to find a defect so that they can cause more division. >> what is your reaction? >> well that is just more gibberish from someone who should know better. but ben carson is someone who constantly offers up opinion that is not informed by fact. he seems to believe no one rushed the shooter in oregon in fact someone did and was shot
2:54 pm
several times in doing so. not based in fact or in reality. not offering policy just simply i would have done it better. his campaign slogan should be "i'm smarter than you at everything." and while that might be inspiring to some people most people should be skeptical by someone who truly believes his opinion on any range of issues based on no information at all, just gut should be what runs the country. >> well trump gave him some love today on line. he wrote this in a tweet, saying ben carson was speaking in general terms on what he would do as far as the gunman not fair. >> i think he is one of those bad people that carson was talking about -- we seem to be living in a campaign where the law of -- where the laws of political gravity don't apply, when you say something dumb it's appalling.
2:55 pm
all right, coming up dozens of missiles fired. also rebel groups as american - aircraft are now forced to back off after a close encounter with a russian jet fighter. almost a century ago mcgladrey was founded to help growing businesses reach higher goals. soon our team of audit tax and consulting advisors started taking the middle market to the global market. and now our network, spanning more than 110 countries, is unifying under one brand. mcgladrey is changing its name to rsm. experience the power of being understood.
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2:59 pm
kay, nautica . happening now, breaking news faceoff over syria, u.s. mission against isis is scrubbed when a russian war plane comes too close to two american fighter jets. when russian is raining down in syria, nuclear spinning eastern
3:00 pm
european smugglers busted with the help of the fbi as they tried to sell radioactive materials. tonight we learn of multiple terror plots, will terrorists eventually get what they need to make a dirty bomb? run, joe, run, the pressure on vice president joe biden to run for the race as new poll numbers come in for hillary clinton. and bernie sander's position continues to grow. home-state smackdown, donald trump's numbers show him crushing opponents, including jeb bush. in their own states. can the republican contenders do anything to stop him? >> florida i was up to 28 from 21. we're killing everybody. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world.
3:01 pm
i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room".." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following breaking news. a disturbing encounter over syria involving a russian war plane and two u.s. fighter jets on a mission targeting isis. in the first mission of its kind the americans were forced to divert out of safety concerns after the russian war plane came closer than rules allow. also, we're learning more about the smugglers in eastern europe trying to sell radioactive material. the fear is that material could wind up in the hands of terrorists. we're covering all that and much more this hour with our correspondents, and a member of the armed house services committee.
3:02 pm
let's begin with breaking news. the disturbing incident involving american and russian war planes in the skies over syria. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is working the story for us what are you picking up barbara? >> well wolf they are trying to keep the american pilots safe and away from unpredictable russians. for the first time u.s. pilots had had to divert over syria because a russian fighter jet came within 20 nautical miles within the two jets. two of them were in northeastern syria attempting to bomb an isis target when the incident occurred. u.s. officials tell cnn that american pilots are under new strict rules. if russian aircraft come within the 20-mile limit for their own safety the americans must move away. the u.s. doesn't think the russians will shoot them down but commanders don't trust russia not to make a mistake.
3:03 pm
officials tell cnn defense secretary ash carter pressing for another round of talks with moscow about managing the skies. >> to protect our air crews and to continue as the coalition intends to do it's air campaign unchanged. >> the incident happened after this. the first meeting between the two sides to discuss air safety. the russians secretly videotaped it all and posted it on youtube. u.s. commanders say they were shocked. carter adamant the u.s. will go no further than technical talks. >> we are not prepared to cooperate in a strategy which is -- we explained, is flawed. tragically flawed on the russians' part. >> russia also launched naval strikes, four war ships in the caspian sea, firing 26 missiles
3:04 pm
hitting 11 targets, according to moscow. u.s. officials say this was the first time the russians fired this highly accurate missile in combat. pentagon officials believe it is a direct message to them from moscow. we can fire at you from long distances. and in western syria, russia now in ground combat. artillery hitting targets to back up the regime forces of bashar assad. >> now, how bad is this getting? i want everybody to take a look at this video posted by a moderate rebel group in syria that is supported by the united states. they say this shows them coming under attack from russian war planes. cnn is not able to independently verify the video but we are told the group did come under attack from the russians. wolf?
3:05 pm
>> and did you say barbara that the u.s. and russian military personnel were having closed door private meetings about what was going on? and that russia secretly videotaped the meetings and then posted it on line later? >> that is what that video is we are told wolf. it was last thursday the meeting where the u.s. and russian military sat down and talked between a secure video teleconference had the first round of technical talks, how do you keep your pilots safe? what are the rules we're going to use? how do we call each other cockpit to cockpit, and then the russians taped it. put it on youtube, showing the u.s. officials sitting there the russian officials sitting there. several u.s. officials including one that was very familiar with the talks told me they had no idea they were being taped. >> what a disturbing idea all right, barbara, thank you. we're also learning new details of an alleged smuggling
3:06 pm
plot in eastern europe that could have delivered radioactive material to the terrorists. they reportedly believe the materials are tied to terror groups. our justice correspondent pamela brown has more on the story, what are you learning pamela? >> reporter: well wolf we learned the russians are intercepting materials sold on the black market in europe. and officials told me one undercover operator told me they had a potential isis buyer, although they say there is no evidence that isis has acquired the materials in eastern europe the concern, of course is that they could one day find those materials in the wrong hands. if the alleged plots were carry carried out the results could have been devastating. terrorists buying a radioactive substance on the black market that could be used to make a dirty bomb. instead, the officials say earlier this year they broke up
3:07 pm
the operation and arrested this man along with others in a carefully put together scheme. as dealers allegedly try to sell the materials to men they believed associated with terrorists. the video was first obtained by the associated press. it is so dangerous that even a small amount could contaminate neighborhood ss and cost bills in cleanup. >> this is really a transit and a gateway, to where terrorists can transport it to multiple areas. >> tonight, the moldavian experts say they are working to stop the plots starting in 2010. >> the movement of this material around obviously has grave consequences. we're going to continue to work internationally as this democrat stated to try to stem that. >> muldova's close proximity to
3:08 pm
russia where the radioactive materials could be obtained makes this big business for criminal terrorist organizations. >> for a group that has billions it could potentially shut down a city. >> in 2014 several people were arrested for smuggling the materials. the sting operation shows a more dangerous vulnerability. >> if isis were to acquire radioactive material then they could use it in the region the theater or other purposes if they wanted to transport it and bring it here to the united states. >> and officials i have spoken with say it would be very difficult to transport these radiation materials from eastern europe because of the protection placements at the borders. but one official said if isis wanted to build a dirty bomb today it could because it
3:09 pm
already has bomb-making materials at its disposal the question is where it is, right now, wolf and if they have the materials to put them together. all right, let's discuss the committee armed services congressman, thank you for joining us. what can you tell us about them trying to develop a dirty bomb? >> well this has been a continuing concern for the united states. following the break-up of the soviet union there was a great concern about this. the united states government spent a lot of money over a lot of years to try to secure the nuclear materials. that is an ongoing concern. we just finished a hearing a while ago on this plutonium, we're trying to destroy this the heart of a thermo-nuclear
3:10 pm
weapon here. this is an ongoing concern from us where we need to put the money up to do the kind of efforts to understand what is going on to secure the borders. there is an effort under way. fortunately it was taken out of the defense authorization act. there was a major i offer iteffort in the house of representatives to secure the border. >> how close have they come to getting radioactive material nuclear material to build that so-called dirty bomb that could be so destructive? >> well there is very different types of materials, some of it is in hospitals. if you take the materials here some in hospitals you could manufacture at least a small dirty bomb. i suppose if you got a lot of it it would be bigger. it is an ongoing concern, the big sources of this are the radioreactors, the nuclear reactors the material the spent nuclear fuel all
3:11 pm
troublesome. is it possible to get it? yes, it is radioactive and difficult to transport. you put it in a suitcase, now you got a dirty bomb. >> stand by for a moment i want to continue our conversation including what russia is doing right now in syria. you heard about the close encounter between the two u.s. fighter jets. and too close for comfort. we'll take a quick break, much more right after this.
3:12 pm
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3:16 pm
your gut is your digestive core. so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. smuggle . we're following the breaking news. for the first time u.s. pilots forced to divert over syria because of a russian fighter jet that flew way too close to the american planes. way too close for the pentagon's desires. the two f-16s were in north syria attempting to bomb a target when the incident occurred. john garamendi is a member of the armed forces committee. a lot of people are worry edied about this type of situation. how much of a worry can this disaster be? >> i think it is highly likely. we have to sit down with russia
3:17 pm
they have to sit down with us and we have to have a conversation about how we're going to conduct operations in this area. obviously, we're not on the same page not on the same page with regard to assad and certainly not on the same page with conducting a war. you have to coordinate that means you have to sit down and coordinate. >> if the russians want intelligence they have to cooperate with us. and you have to share information. the u.s. says we're not going to share the information with the russians because we know what they want. they want to prop up assad and go after the u.s.-backed rebels. >> that has to be part of the talks, too you know from this incident there is going to be something very bad happening. airlines colliding, something will happen. we need to have a conversation about the air space who is doing what when and how. and if you have to sit down with a big bottle of vodka to get it done then get it done. >> the u.s.-backed rebels they are going after bashar assad. >> that is correct, what is
3:18 pm
russia's reasons for being there? prop up assad? yes, going after isis? maybe, we're certainly going after isis. is there a common goal here? isis. and let's work on it. it's going to be tough but we have to talk about it otherwise there will be very serious accidents and incidents, otherwise the ball will roll down the hill. who knows where it will go? >> do you support a u.s. no-fly zone over syria? >> yes, near the border turkey it would make sense to do that. we need to make that part of the discussions with russia. they say no listen we have refugees all over the place. we have a serious humanitarian problem. it would make sense to have a no-fly zone in that area a safe haven. >> let's talk about afghanistan, what is going on. the u.s. blew up a doctors without borders medical facility killing a lot of patients staff, as you well know. there are not a lot of reports,
3:19 pm
but earlier afghan troops raided the facility because they had communication that this doctors without borders medical group was actually feettreating taliban fighters who came in for treatment. have you heard that report? >> yes, i heard that. that came out. it is a serious breach. doctors without borders don't care what side you're on. they're there to take care of the individual the human being. that is how it ought to be. we'll find out more about this. this ought to be a full open -- fully transparent discussion and investigation. we can't hide anything here. because clearly the united states participated in this action. who was responsible? what led up to it? all of those things must be thoroughly investigated and the world needs to know. >> as you know president obama today did an extraordinary thing. he called the head of doctors without borders to formally apologize on behalf of the united states. point out that nato the u.s.
3:20 pm
the afghan government they're all going to have their separate investigations right now. that was not good enough for doctors without borders. they welcomed the phone call but they also said they want international, impartial, outside u.n.-type investigation to find out what happened. should the u.s. cooperate with that type of international investigation? >> we should it's our reputation at stake. we're an open country. what are we hiding here? are we hiding a mistake? that would be a serious problem. get it out there. obviously, there was a serious mistake made. who is responsible. who is to bear the burden of the responsibility. how far up the chain of command does it go? the world needs to know. if we're going to be successful anywhere in the middle east and around the world we have to be open and transparent. >> today, it is hard to believe but it marks the 14th anniversary since the start of the u.s. war in afghanistan. it was october 7th 2001. i remember it vividly. i was anchoring my sunday show at the time late edition.
3:21 pm
we went back and got the clip of when we first got word that u.s. airstrikes in afghanistan had start started about a month after 9/11. listen to this. >> senator, i want to alert our viewers out there that we're told that the white house press secretary, ari fleiscer will have a press conference. there is explosions in kabul, the capital of afghanistan, which would indicate senator edwards, that the long anticipated u.s. action may in fact already have begun. >> and of course it did begin that day. it's hard to believe, 14 years later the u.s. went in there to destroy the taliban, to destroy al qaeda. if anybody would have said 14 years later that mission would still not be complete they would have thought that that was crazy. because the u.s. defeated the nazi empire in four years in world war ii. >> yes, at an extraordinary cost
3:22 pm
to human lives on every side. a lot of mistakes the russians were there. the british were there, a lot of folks tried to sub sfs jjugate afghanistan and nobody has been successful. after that we left afghanistan for a few years and it just erupted into a huge civil war that is still going on to this day. and we're right smack in the middle of it. it's a lesson that we need to learn about not only the middle east but other countries. getting involved in these civil wars is a very dangerous and difficult thing. russia should have learned that in afghanistan. probably we should have talked to the general that ran out of afghanistan and asked what happened. we didn't now we need to understand that russia is in the middle of syria and they may be sorry they got into that. >> the longest war. >> $700 billion.
3:23 pm
that doesn't count for the ongoing deaths. >> just in afghanistan. >> all the lives lost and the wounded warriors and all the afghanis killed as well. >> thank you. >> 14 years ago that war started for the united states. thank you very much for joining us john garamendi of california. just ahead, donald trump explains his campaign strategy. >> all over the place, then we put an ad in. you od on trump, who wants to see that? i can't have that. >> and hillary clinton's campaign plays name games to go after one of her leading critics.
3:24 pm
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residential debate. this is the first, and tonight, hillary clinton is taking a new and dramatic step away from president obama announcing she now opposes his historic trans-pacific partnership deal. our cnn senior correspondent brianna keilar has more. >> it's very significant, wolf. hillary clinton breaking with the president today and contradicting herself she once heralded this as the gold standard regarding trade. this is a sign she is worried about taking multiple positions against the president. >> hillary clinton breaking against president obama and breaking big, opposing his signature trade agreement that she once heralded. >> as of today i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> add it to the list where clinton has taken a position against obama. the no-fly zone in syria, his deportation policies and her announcement she is against the keystone exxon pipeline before he announces his decision. others weigh in on her decision, bernie sanders says this. >> i am glad she reached that conclusion this is a conclusion i reached from day one. >> and sharper words from martin o'malley. >> secretary clinton can reverse her opinion on this.
3:30 pm
i can tell you i didn't have one opinion months ago and switch that opinion on the eve of debates. >> a new poll shows clinton well ahead of bernie sanders and joe biden in ohio pennsylvania and florida. but now there are challengers in new hampshire, and the possible biden run threatens to siphon off some of her supporters. he sounded a lot like a latino at an event slamming republicans. >> people are depressed and the message i have for you guys is these guys don't speak for most americans. >> and he weighs a run, ads are back out. >> things can change in a heartbeat, i know. six weeks after my election, my whole world was altered forever. >> josh alcorn is a senior adviser to the pac. >> the point of this ad is to
3:31 pm
tell a story of joe biden that outside people may or may not know. it is a story of his overcoming personal tragedy and gaining an enormous empathy of people who suffered and then it gains an optimistic vision for america. >> one person close to joe biden says there will be a family conversation this weekend that could determine whether he gets into the race. but biden's pathway to victory is uncertain at best, with the grassroots enthusiasm backing sanders. >> i want to bring in gloria borger and rebecca berg. rebecca, let's take a look at this very emotional ad from this draft joe biden ad. i'll play it for our viewers. >> things can change in a heartbeat. i know six weeks after my
3:32 pm
election my whole world was altered forever. i got a phone call. my wife and three children were christmas shopping. tractor-trailer broadsided them and killed my wife and killed my daughter. and they were not sure that my sons would live. incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i am not sure, i would have had had had i not been through what i had been through. but by focusing on my sons i found my redemption. many people have gone through things like that. my dad's definition of success is when you look at your son and daughter and realize they turned out better than you did, and they did. you are on the edge of
3:33 pm
astonishing breakthroughs with mankind, scientifically socially but it will be up to you in this changing world to translate those unprecedented capabilities into a greater measure of handppiness not just for yourself but the world around you. >> gloria that is a very dramatic moving draft joe biden ad that is already out there now. seems to suggest his time has come. >> it does i have to say to you, wolf that i think it's the wrong ad at the wrong time. i think right now as joe biden decides whether he is going to run and this is an excerpt from a speech he gave sometime ago about his life i know that the people who sponsor it want to re-introduce him to the american public. i don't think joe biden is looking for sympathy right now. if joe biden runs he is going to run because he thinks he could be a good president of the united states. and so i think this kind of
3:34 pm
strikes the wrong tone right now. now, having said that there is going to be a family conversation this weekend. in speaking to people who are close to biden they say he is sounding more like somebody who is interested in the mechanics of a race. who believes it might be his time to run. but again, nobody really knows. the only one who knows is joe biden and i'm not even sure he knows yet. >> well we asked, rebecca, our facebook users to weigh in. we asked should joe biden run? this is not a scientific poll. 48 said yes, 52 said no obviously close among those who responded. are you surprised by that? >> not at all. i heard from a lot of democrats, i am sure you have too. they don't want joe biden to run, and a lot of people worry he will taint his legacy especially if he doesn't win the
3:35 pm
presidency. he has a good career. his favorability is higher than many politicians right now. it is actually the favorability that hillary clinton would kill for right now. but that changes when you get into the presidential race. >> yeah we should know soon enough whether he runs. brianna, let's talk about your report. now hillary clinton coming out against this trade. even while she was secretary of state she supported it enthusiastically what 45 times we have her on record. now she changed her mind. this is another change and deviation from the president's policy on sensitive issues. >> if you talk to the campaign wolf they will say well actually she left the door open to this. she had said before without seeing the details she couldn't really sign on. but i think it comes down to this element that is by god, i'm not going to leave my left flank unprotected again. she has seen a lot of enthusiasm that bernie sanders is
3:36 pm
generating that she really wants. you know months ago we talked about if she is even going to eye a run. how does she distance herself from president obama? actually i was not too surprised by this position today. i think after having been in iowa and watch her come out in opposition to the keystone pipeline really under-cutting the president because she doesn't have her key position out there -- >> but she walked away gloria from the president on the issue of the trade deal as well as syria, the no-fly zone. she is in favor. he says not so fast. he says deportation of illegal immigrants. she says slow down she is clearly trying to distance herself from the president's issues. >> as he may say, she is feeling the fierceness now of the presidential race so she has to distance herself. but the other day when the president had a press conference he kind of swatted her a little bit in urging the no-fly zone.
3:37 pm
in syria he says you know it's a little different than what you're sitting in the oval office and you're a candidate. if i were hillary clinton i would be looking at that going wow, the president has taken her on to a degree. so she is sort of all bets are off, i think. >> she is doing well in all of these most recent polls. and rebecca, let's show some of these polls to our viewers. this is the new quinnipiac university poll. in florida, she is ahead, both biden and sanders 19%. in ohio she is ahead 40% to biden's 21 sander's 19. and in pennsylvania she is ahead 36%, biden 25 sanders 19. he is ahead of her in the most recent new hampshire polls. he likes to say well it's a neighboring state from vermont. maybe that is understanding. she is ahead in iowa. but he does get the huge crowds out there. thousands of people show up as israelis. >> he does the latest polling from quinnipiac does seem to see
3:38 pm
the conventional wisdom that he did well. he does do well in iowa new hampshire, maybe not as many states as ohio and pennsylvania. but i don't think he is celebrating yet. >> that is where her campaign headquarters is located. guys stand by we want to remind our viewers comment will host the first democratic debate we hope you will join us for that. just ahead, donald trump's classic campaign style. >> we have people in office that are being nice incompetent, being less nice as stupid people. plus hillary clinton fighting kevin mccarthy with kevin mccarthy, her new campaign ad slams the potential next speaker of the house using a man
3:39 pm
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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. . donald trump is not just the republican presidential frontrunner nationally according to a brand-new poll he is leading in key states where his rivals hoped for a hometeam advantage. what is the latest in the gop contest? >> hi, wolf, it was classic donald trump today. here he was confident. defiant, he riled up the crowd
3:44 pm
and he made sure to mention that he is leading in polls in several new key states. donald trump, celebrating in iowa today. >> we're way ahead of everybody. >> reporter: as a new quinnipiac poll shows him leading the republican field in three key states. ohio pennsylvania and florida. >> i'm delighted to be here. >> reporter: ben carson coming in second. but it was trump's standing in florida that really had him gloating today. >> in florida, i was up to 21 went up to 28 we're killing everybody. and don't forget you have a sitting senator and an ex-governor in florida. >> reporter: he bests both senator marco rubio and former governor jeb bush by double digits in their home state. the same goes for ohio governor john kasich. >> i don't know maybe there is a mistake. because actually the governor of ohio is a quality guy and doing a good job but we're beating everybody by a lot in ohio. >> reporter: the new numbers
3:45 pm
come in as bush campaigns down the road in iowa today trying to make headway in the key early voting state where he is badly trailing the leaders. he downplayed the leaders. >> last time who was winning in october four years ago. >> reporter: rubio campaigning in new hampshire talked about his former mentor. >> it doesn't really matter very much. polls are polls. what is going to matter is what voters are ready to do in february. >> reporter: and while carson is rising in the polls he is also facing questions in the aftermath of last week's community college shooting in oregon. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with them i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey, guys everybody attack him, he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> today he suggested the media was trying to twist his remarks. >> we're living in a culture where you have a group of people who just sit there, they don't
3:46 pm
try to listen to what you're saying. they're just trying to find a defect so that they can cause more division. >> by carson being on his heels in the polls, trump is defending his rival. >> i thought ben carson -- i thought he was treated very unfairly. >> meanwhile in ohio polls show he is also on top. trump told me he has a team ready to turn that support into a caucus victory. >> we have a great team. we have a great ground game and i think we're going to do very well. i actually think we'll do even better in the polls. >> and as for organizing folks to turn out for trump come caucus night next february, the former apprentice contestant who is now a state co-chair for trump spent time warming up the crowd telling them what it would be like on caucus night. it is a theme to educate the caucus-goers. >> all right, thank you, ben carson getting backing from donald trump in the process. these are the number one and two
3:47 pm
guys in these polls. >> right, and it works for them to be anti-media anti-political correctness. i don't think it sounds presidential for somebody to talk about victims and say if i would have been there i would have done this and that. imagine if the president of the united states would stand up and say something like that. but he is not running in a general election right now he is running in a primary, and blaming the media for taking your words out of context always works even when you can see his words on your television screen. >> when donald trump backs dr. carson on an issue like this presumably it helps ben carson right? >> and also it helps donald trump, don't forget he is second to donald trump at the national and state level. and his supporters are very passionate. it is possible it could go both ways donald trump supporters
3:48 pm
could go to ben carson sure but his could go to donald trump also. >> and the poll 23 for trump, carson 18 the incumbent governor twice elected very popular. down at 13 john kasich. and florida, trump 28 carson 68. the two from florida, rubio and bush bush at 12. and as gloria was pointing out both florida and ohio in the republican primaries, these are winner take all states. if somebody gets 25 30% everybody else can divide it. the winner gets all the delegates going into a convention. >> and i would be imagine how you would feel in a situation like this. you're talking about what should be a home state advantage for john kasich florida for marco rubio and jeb bush you add them together and you don't even get the number that donald trump is pulling in florida. so i think this is tremendously disappointing for them. troubling for them as they plot their strategy forward. like the families kind of taking sides against them. and it just shows you that in
3:49 pm
this environment where the outsiders are in that it is really difficult. you don't even get the home state boost. >> the interesting thing about john kasich he is a very popular governor in his home state. his popularity last i checked was over 50%. he just came off a really good re-election. and he still you know only at 13% and no republican has ever won the presidency without the state of ohio. >> and john kasich is a very smart guy, served in congress for a long time. now twice elected governor of ohio. he has limited name recognition outside of ohio but in ohio he is the governor. people know who he is. >> all right, this is a problem that he is lagging in the polls in the home state. but not only that it is kind of insulting to have your family turn against you and support the other candidates. but essentially his whole platform part of his presidential bid is reminding people that you need to win ohio to win the presidency.
3:50 pm
and look where i'm governor from ohio. so he has been suggesting to voters that he would win ohio. right now it looks like he can't even win it among republicans. >> all right, let me play a video put out by the hillary clinton campaign featuring kevin house majority leader kevin mccarthy, the man who wants to be the next speaker of the house, that was a critic of hillary clinton, but another kevin mccarthy. watch this. >> hi i'm kevin mccarthy, not the kevin mccarthy replacing john boehner. another from iowa. why can't you speak a coherent thought? kevin mccarthy is a dork. you know it was really funny at first and then they kept going and going and going and it wouldn't stop. and then i figured out why. the other kevin mccarthy went on tv and said this. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today?
3:51 pm
her numbers are dropping. >> so i get why you're mad. i do. this guy, who's probably going to be the next speaker of the house, just said that the committee that is supposed to be investigating benghazi is now focusing its attention on hillary's e-mails with an eye towards hurting her poll numbers? so instead of focusing on the american tragedy they said they'd focus on they are spending our tax dollars to play electoral politics. i get it it's gross. but it's not my fault. it's the house republicans. so please stop your tweeting. my twitter account just can't handle it. and, oh by the way, go hillary. >> that was a smart campaign commercial? >> i think it's a great little commercial. it's another way for her to kind of stick it to the republicans on politicizing benghazi. she's supposed to appear on october 22nd and they got handed
3:52 pm
this gift from congressman mccarthy and they are making the most of it. >> they certainly are. >> and it really stands in contrast to what we've heard from her. she's really fired up. >> yes. >> she's not laughing at it. she's ticked off about this and she made that clear when she was in new hampshire on monday. but i think it's pretty funny. i think it's pretty effective. i don't think they'd be able to do it with you, wolf blitzer. >> it's interesting because it does sort of underscore rebecca, the new hillary that we're seeing on "saturday night live," being more open doing more interviews having fun with the video commercials, if you will. i think it's a new strategy they have. >> absolutely. this video struck me as one that would really appeal to a younger audience. you have kevin mccarthy from iowa who is obviously younger. they had very funny staging with him in front of a roaring fire and drinking whiskey. i could see her using this to appeal to the younger audience right now, the college students showing up for bernie sanders as
3:53 pm
well. >> and they all have a strong social media campaign out there, the hillary clinton campaign. it could have an impact as president obama could testify. >> sure. they want to take a page from president obama's book and go beyond it and i agree with i think the clinton campaign is moving into a different phase and anything that fires her up and fires her supporters up is kind of a good thing and this is the first thing she's grabbed onto that has sort of created some serious emotional depth with her and connection with the voters. >> the world social media and politics. guys thanks very very much. remember cnn, will host the first democratic presidential debate next tuesday night, october 13th in las vegas. please join us. much more news right after this. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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tonight at 9:00 eastern, lisa ling takes an exclusive look inside a motorcycle grub the mongols. here's a preview. >> wanting to pick up some patches who are going to be brothers in our club. >> reporter: at this national run, a few prospective members. i asked dave for more details on
3:59 pm
how the patches work. can you talk about the patches on the back of the vest? >> it's a center patch with the angus kong riding a motorcycle and the bottom that identifies the state that the brother is from. >> reporter: do you have to earn those? >> you earn them in steps. it's a three-step process. >> reporter: a prospective member first earns the bottom and then the patch and when he finally earns the top rocker he becomes a full-fledged member. the significance of these patches runs deep. can you talk about what that meaning is for you? >> for me it's total commitment to this club. i'd be willing to take a bullet for a brother and a brother who would be willing to take a bullet for me. so if you get into a jam, a brother helps you out. >> people have fought and died for the patches. >> right. for sure. >> "this is life with lisa ling"
4:00 pm
tonight at 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer. i'll be right back here in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, two major scares. a close call for u.s. fighters over syria and a new poll tonight showing donald trump leading in three key states. his campaign making big changes. "outfront" tonight, trump's campaign manager. eight search for 28 americans from the missing cargo ship called off at this hour. investigators searching for answers on to why the ship lost power. new details on that. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, terrorist nukes. we're monitoring two major national security


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