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tv   New Day  CNN  October 8, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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they are safer than the magnetic strip, because they generate a new code. the use of a pin instead of signature is more secure. the problem is, john, it is not required yet to put in the pin. >> europe has been doing it for years. why are we behind? >> i had such high hopes. "early start" continues right now. hillary clinton reverses course. the democratic frontrunner splits with the white house on a trade deal that she once supported. how does this effect the 2016 presidential race? we'll explain. ben carson says he would fight back against a would-be shooter. but when faced with a man with a gun, what does he do? and russia launching attacks
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as the syrian military claims a huge new ground assault just launched this morning. we are live with the latest details on that escalating conflict. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm michelle kosinski in for christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. hillary clinton is splitting with the white house over a trade deal she once pushed for and voiced support for dozens of times as secretary of state. she has come out against the trans-pacific partnership. a 12-nation deal known as tpp for short. clinton did much the same as secretary of state, but it was before it was negotiated. the agreement has been finalized and clinton tells pbs it doesn't meet the high bar it once sought. that is lifting wages and
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advancing anythinational securi. >> sometimes they look great on paper. i know when president obama came in to office, he inherited a trade agreement with south korea. i, along with other members of the cabinet, pushed hard to get a better agreement. now looking back on it, it doesn't have the results we thought it would have in terms of access to the markets and more exports, et cetera. what i know about it today, i'm not in favor of what i learned about it. >> the white house says the opposite. clinton is in washington for a hispanic caucus event. president obama is speaking at the same dinner. clinton joins most democrats in congress and most of the democratic rivals running for president opposing the tpp deal.
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bernie sanders says this is a disaster of trade policies. what a prelude to the cnn debate. how will clinton and how will sanders handle this head-to-head for the very first time tuesday night right here on cnn. this is a crucial moment for sanders. he is leading in new hampshire. nationally, maybe not as well known. what will he do in this debate? let's get the plan from cnn's sunlen serfaty in washington. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and john. a lot riding on tuesday's debate for bernie sanders. he has been raising a lot of money, attracting big crowds and doing well in the polls. this is the first time you see him facing off with hillary clinton. the campaign is calling this an important moment for sanders. they understand that and how he approaches handling clinton and drawing policy distinctions will
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be key. i asked bernie sanders how he is approaching that as he preps for the debate. >> you are looking at a candidate who has run in many, many elections and who has never run a negative political ad in my life and hopes never to have to run that. you are looking at a candidate who does not go about attacking people personally. i just don't do that. but what i think democracy is about and what i think debates are about is in fact differentiating the differences of opinions we have. that's a good thing. i look forward to a vigorous debate on the most important issues facing this country. >> reporter: that said, bernie sanders said he is very ready for the whole handful of topics to draw the policy distinctions over tpp and keystone pipeline and wall street. that is something he intends to
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bring to the stage. tomorrow, sanders will rollout the first congressional endorsement of arizona. he will have three big campaign rallies over the weekend in arizona and boulder and las vegas. the campaign is eager, michelle and john, to send him in with a lot of momentum to tuesday's debate. >> sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. again, the democratic presidential debate. this is the first face-off in the contest. it is right here on cnn. there's really a lot at stake for hillary clinton and bernie sanders and others on the stage. tuesday night, the official debate kicks off at 8:30 p.m. you should have cnn on the entire time. >> you should be the announcer. you are pumped up. don't forget on the republican side, there's now controversy swirling around ben carson this morning. rupert murdoch tweeted out
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touting carson as a prospective quote real black president. that was after pointing to a story of discontent with president obama among african-americans. carson taking heat over the statements of the oregon victims should have attacked the shooter. matthew downing tells cnn via facebook i'm upset he said that. no one can truly understand what actions they could take in a situation like that unless they lived it. we are learning that carson did live through a similar situation and did not fight back. he was once held up in baltimore at a popeye's chicken restaurant. >> the guy comes in and puts the gun in my ribs. i said i believe you want the guy behind the counter. >> in that calm way? >> in a calm way.
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he said okay. >> donald trump fresh off the fresh round of pretty good polls for him in key swing states. he is in iowa right now. he says he is a great politician. better than many candidates in 2012 that rose to the top of the polls to ultimately fade away. he says he is the out sider who will hang in. >> for three months i have been a politician. for three months, we have been number one. they used to say michele bachmann, nice woman. herman cain, good guy. we have been there for more than three months. it's good. >> rand paul is trying to shake things up. he is having fun with the fun that hillary clinton had. hillary clinton sent signed copies of her book to the republican candidates to teach them of her accomplishments as secretary of state. what did rand paul do? he signed it himself and posted it on e-bay saying get your own
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signed copy of a great fiction book. right now you can see the price is going for $1,325. >> not bad. the race to replace house speaker john boehner got more complicated. republicans vote for speaker behind closed doors today. the majority leader kevin mccarthy is the frontrunner, but jason chaffetz is challenging him. now there is support for little known congress member daniel webster from florida. the freedom caucus could deny mccarthy the chair when a full vote is on october 29th. john boehner is appearing on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" tonight. syrear russia is launching
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full-scale air strikes in syria. the russian defense ministry claimed it is hitting isis infrastructure targets in syria. the pentagon claims that two u.s. military aircraft have been diverted from the missions in syria over the past few days. to keep a safe distance from the russian jets flying in syria. let's go to cnn's arwa damon live in istanbul. the situation is interesting. if the wide scale new ground assault has begun, that could change things for the regime there. >> reporter: it really could, john. that is exactly what rebel leaders and activists are
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concerned about. they see the strikes carried out by russia. they, turkey and nato are disputing that they are targeting isis, which they say, only 10% of them are targeting isis. the russians are not only launching the strikes by air, which is going to eventually force a certain level of if not cooperation, then coordination with the united states to avoid situations like we did see taking place twice where u.s. jets had to divert because russians are in the same air space. most recently hitting targets in raqqah, which is an isis stronghold, but in idlib and aleppo. in doing this, they are proving and showing decisively as i was
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saying, how far they are willing to go to defend the assad regime. it puts the u.s. in an interesting position. the americans are not doing enough to support the anti-assad groups. in all of this, one has to mention what it is doing to the civilian population. already more than half of the syrian population has been displaced or forced to flee the country. this recent bout of bombing is forcing more to flee. according to the syrian civil defense group, a group of people coming together helping out the white helmets as they are known in one area alone, in homs, 45 civilians were killed. >> taking a toll on the people of that country. arwa damon, thank you. president obama has now apologized to the head of doctors without borders.
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the president promised white house cooperation with the headquarters of the organization. despite receiving an apology, the president of doctors without borders is demanding an independent investigation into the air strike. time now for an early start on your money. alison kosik joining us now. >> good morning to you. looking at stocks around the world. asian shares fell. stocks in china were the excepti exception. european shares and u.s. stock futures are down. yesterday, the dow had a triple digit rally closing up 122 points and you look at how stocks have been trading over the past four days. stocks up 600 points for the dow. earnings season around the corner and profits overall are expected to fall.
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plus, you have the concern about china and fed rate hike weighing on sentiment. fiat has averted a strike. uaw reached a revised deal with the automaker that cures significant gains for its members. that stops a strike today. union members still have to vote to finalize the deal. that vote coming on friday. you saw the workers asking for a sweeter deal. profits are coming in. they are saying give a little here. >> they gave back when times are tough when the bailout happened. devastating blow for families of crew members on the ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the search for survivors have been called off with the focus on finding the ship itself. we have new information next. oh, great! well, when you get an iphfrom at&t, y t folf. you get the network with the nation's strongest 4g lte signal. so happy birthday. thanks. but actually my birthday is not for another 5 months.
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the coast guard has
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suspended the search for the 33 member crew of el faro. the vessel sank last week during hurricane joaquin. the search for the wreckage is still continuing with a navy ship being called in. we have more from cnn's martin savidge. >> reporter: the coast guard and vessels and aircraft will not go out on search efforts to find crew members of the el faro. as of sunset last night, the search and rescue effort came to an end. it was a painful realization for the family members to accept. coast guard met with family members first to tell them of the decision. >> what a great man he was. how proud of them he was. how much we loved him. i just want him back. even if it is just his body. i want him back.
2:18 am
>> we all do. >> reporter: this effort will go from searching for survivors to searching for answers. now will come the u.s. navy and ntsb. the navy will be brought in at the end of the week to try to locate the wreckage of the vessel under what could be 15,000 feet of water. they are specifically going to be looking for what is called the voyage data recorder. black box if you will of the ship. to do that, it is like an airplane, it supposedly has a pinger. that pinger should give off a signal to help them locate the wreckage. first they have to listen, then send a submersible down to look and then retrieve the data recorder. there is information to help them figure out why this tragedy happened. john and michelle.
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>> so many questions why it went into the path of the storm. the chicago cubs. they win. they move on in the national league playoffs. do they have a chance to do something that hasn't been done in like 7,000 years? a cubs world series. coy wire with details in the bleacher report next. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin.
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all right. you asked for it. we made it happen.
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the cubs win. >> coy wire has more on the thrilling national league wild card game in the bleacher report. >> good morning. top of the morning. the cubs and pirates have the second and third most wins in the do or die one game playoff. one of the seasons has to end. cubs on the board early with the no doubter. that's out of here. over the right field wall. cubs pitcher jake arrieta duelling all night long. then top of the seventh, arriata's at last. then benches clear. sean rodriguez worked up. for so reason, the water cooler
2:24 am
is talking trash. end of game, lines out and arrieta goes the distance. cubs face the cardinals in the nlds. now the two largest daily fantasy sports sites, fan duel and draft kings will permanently ban employees from playing the fantasy games for money. that raised questions of the lack of regulations after last week's employee made $300,000. embattled fifa president sepp blatter is facing a 90-day suspension after an internal ethics investigation. a final decision could be announced today. the 79-year-old is investigated for selling world cup tv rights to a fifa colleague at reduced
2:25 am
prices. sepp blatter denies any wrongdoing and he has not been notified of any action. the cubs are looking for the first world series title in 107 years, the blackhawks raised the third stanley cup banner. i don't condone violence, but my favorite moment is the canucks, two second into the game, they drop the gloves and says it's on. this stems from an altercation from the playoffs last season. there's no beating around the bush. they like to get right into it. no doubt about what they had on their minds before the game started. what a way to start the nhl season. >> two seconds? i'm glad they gave it time to work out the differences. >> ridiculous.
2:26 am
>> something happened among the reporters at the white house? >> we don't talk about it. off camera only. come on. that's how you do it. thanks, coy. we have a triple espresso shot of political headlines. hillary clinton and the latest on the tpp and ben carson with his controversy and donald trump and more. next. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping...
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a major shift for hillary clinton. the democratic frontrunner going
2:30 am
against the white house. coming out against the trade deal that she herself has pushed for dozens of times before. ben carson says he would charge a mass shooter. he would try for a counter attack there. but what did he actually do when faced with a criminal with a gun? you might be surprised. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm michelle kosinski. >> a big split with hillary clinton and the white house on a big issue. one that the president wants to be a cornerstone of his legacy. hillary clinton now opposes a deal she once pushed for as secretary of state. she is against the trans-pacific partnership or the 12-nation deal known as tpp. clinton, when she was secretary of state, called it the gold standard of trade deals.
2:31 am
that was before it was finalized. now she is a candidate for president. she tells pbs it does not meet the high bar which she sought which is creating american jobs and lifting wages and advancing national security. >> we learned about trade agreements in the past for years. sometimes they look great on paper. i know president obama when he came into office, he inherited a trade agreement with south korea. i along with others pushed for a better agreement. now looking back on it, it doesn't have the results we thought with access to the markets and more exports, et cetera. >> are you saying this is not something you could support as of today? >> what i know about it as of today, i am in in favor of what i have learned about it. >> hillary clinton is in washington for a congressional hispanic caucus event tonight. president obama speaking at the same dinner.
2:32 am
could be an interesting moment. clinton joining most democrats in congress and most rivals for president in opposing the tpp. bernie sanders welcomed her change of heart calling the tpp a continuation of disastrous trade policies that led to the loss of millions of decent paying jobs. sanders will take on hillary clinton head-to-head in the democratic presidential debate here on cnn. it will be a crucial moment for sanders as he tries to move up from second place in the polls. he is edging up on hillary clinton. sanders explains how he plans to approach the debate. >> you are looking at a candidate who does not go about attacking people personally. i just don't do that. but what i think democracy is about and what i think debates
2:33 am
are about is in fact differentiating the differences of opinions we have. that is called democracy. that's a good thing. i look forward to a vigorous debate on the most important issues facing this country. >> it is all about the cnn presidential debate. the first time the democrats face-off. here to discuss this is reporter for politico. her first "early start" appearance. >> welcome. >> this is a big move for hillary clinton leading up to the democratic debate. hillary clinton decided it is better to split with the white house and risk being called a flip-flopper rather than taking fire from bernie sanders in the debate tuesday night. is that a risk? >> it is a risk, but part of her goal to differentiate herself from the obama administration. she is trying to run for a third term. this is part of a line of positions that she is taking
2:34 am
where she is trying to get ahead of the obama administration. she has done the same on immigration. saying she will go further. this is next in line of those things. it does risk people who will call her a flip-flopper. her opponents are calling that. >> so many people look at these things now with having so much entertainment value. what do you think in this debate is going to, i don't know, be the wild card that people are going to be looking for? what will make people laugh or cry? >> it will be a different debate than the republicans. you have fewer candidates on stage. it seemed to be committed to be more reserved. we have to keep in mind, bernie sanders has been called a pit bull on the debate stage. you cannot discount he may not
2:35 am
attack somebody personally, but he has a lot of conviction on stage. there are three others on the stage. martin o'malley and lincoln chaffee as well as jim webb as well. >> the risk for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in this case because of those three other candidates who are not regist registering in the polls. they have nothing to lose. what's to keep them from doing something outrageous? what is to keep them from embarrassing hillary clinton or bernie sanders? it has to be factored in for hillary clinton and her debate prep. >> she is working with her long-time lawyer and one of her policy advisers taking the rolls of sanders and o'malley. we have not heard of anyone preparing for the other two. despite they are not registering in the polls, it can change
2:36 am
everything in the debate. carly fiorina was in the 1% to 2%. these are former politicians. they know what they are doing. >> are you expecting anyone to sort of take a stand here? remember in the prior debates? john kasich was going to come out as a strong force that maybe people hadn't heard from as much before. what do you think about this one? will we see somebody come out fighting as we have not heard from as much over the past weeks? >> i think former governor martin o'malley is chomping at the bit to get at people. he sees himself as somebody in the top tier. his line is always i was first. i was the first one to come out against this like everybody else is late to come out against tpp or one of the other issues. >> i want to shift gears to the other side of the race.
2:37 am
ben carson raised eyebrows earlier this week when he said had he been in that room during the mass shooting, he would have tried to rush the shooter. get a group of people to try to tackle the shooter. late yesterday, he did this radio interview, hadas, where he talked about being actually there for an armed robbery. listen to what he says he did this time. >> a guy comes in. puts the gun in my ribs. i just said i believe you want the guy behind the counter. >> in that calm way? >> he said okay. >> in that case, he didn't tackle the guy. he said go after a different guy rather than me. it is interesting. every time ben carson runs into a bit of heat or controversy. he says, you know, i don't deal with political correctness. it is the media twisting all of my words here.
2:38 am
will it catch up to him? >> it is always our fault. the media. this is like you said this is something that ben carson has found himself in before. he has strident supporters. the same way supporters don't see donald trump do any wrong. they will say that is one of the ways you should maybe attack a gunman. perhaps the delivery wasn't as smooth as some people would want it to be. i don't think it will harm dr. carson too much. you never know. these gaffes can come up behind you. >> what do you think about the speak speakers' race now and daniel webster in florida?
2:39 am
>> it is fractured. there is a desire among the republicans not to have another john boehner. they see mccarthy as the next boehner. supporting webster by the house freedom caucus is a way to force mccarthy to agree to some of the terms they would like in terms of what the next speakership will look like. i don't think webster will be in any type of leadership position anytime soon. it will force the current leadership of the house to reconsider and work with the house freedom caucus members a bit more. >> hadas, thank you. all of this, of course, leading up to tuesday's first democratic debate hosted by cnn and facebook. coverage from las vegas begins at 8:30 eastern. time for an early start on your money. alison kosik is back. >> good morning. i'm watching stocks around the
2:40 am
world. asian shares fell this morning. stocks in china were the exception. shanghai climbing 3%. a catch up rally there. european shares and u.s. stock futures are down at the moment. exception to the shares, deutsche bank. it is bracing for a $7 billion loss in the third quarter because of a write-down at the investment bank. u.s. stock futures lower tat th moment. yesterday with a triple digit rally. look at what happened over the past four trading days. dow gained 600 points. what could throw a wrench in that? earnings season. profit overall are expected to fall. you have concerns about china and what the fed will do with interest rates. all that could cause more volatility. an upside could cause a relief
2:41 am
rally. thanks, alison. there is international concern about what is going on in syria. russia launching cruise missiles from the caspian sea. we have new details next on the ground offensive.
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2:45 am
this after russia defense ministry claimed it hit isis targets in syria using cruise missiles. the pentagon confirms two u.s. aircraft had to be diverted from the missions in the last few days to keep a distance from the russian fighter jets. cnn's arwa damon is monitoring the latest from istanbul. arwa, what evidence, if any, that russia is actually hitting isis targets and what kind of damage are they doing? >> reporter: well that's the problem. they are claiming to be mostly going after isis and other terrorist organizations. according to nato, turkey, united states, rebel fighters and activists, we have been talking to, the vast majority of the targets are other anti-assad units. the russians are there at the request of the assad government.
2:46 am
we do know, however, the devastation has been fairly widespread. the most recent targets were in raqqah. yes, that is an isis strong hold. aleppo as well. not necessarily where isis is known to have a solidified presence. russia launching the strikes by air and also from the caspian sea. 1,000 miles away. activists we have been talking to are saying these strikes are fairly inaccurate. there are a number of heart breaking videos on youtube showing the syrian civil defense teams trying to scramble through the rubble of the civilian homes that were flattened due to the strikes. another video that i just watched showing a child covered in blood as a result, according to the video posted to youtube.
2:47 am
while we're talking about strategic moves on the part of the syrians, the russians and the u.s. led coalition, is not being impacted by this. it is the civilians, the syrians which has become displaced or refugees. their lives are impacted in the most horrendous way possible by the war moves. >> getting to be a bigger tragedy. thanks. the faa now taking steps to try to keep rogue drones, rogue drones away from commercial jets. what will they do to prevent potential disaster? that's next. mant can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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the faa is testing new technology to detect rogue drone flights near u.s. airports and other public events. the system is designed to track the drones and force them to land if needed. no timeline for a broad rollout. the unauthorized drones in the air poses a safety risk. >> what will you do with your drone? >> do you have other drones shooting down drones? sepp blatter is facing a 90 day suspension. a final decision could be announced today.
2:52 am
blatter is under investigation for selling world cup tv rights to a colleague for a reduced price. moving on in the playoffs. scoring at least one run. the cubs beat pirates, 4-0. jake arrieta with 11 strikeouts and just 4 hits. there was plenty of tension. check this out. the benches cleared after arrieta was plunked. this is the cubs first post season win since 2003. they move on to face the cardinals on friday. did you get your new chip enabled credit card in the mail? why these new cards might not be enough to protect you from hackers. next. can a business have a mind?
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with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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good morning. i'm alison kosik. let's get an early start on your money. we are watching stocks around the world.
2:57 am
here in the u.s., u.s. futures are down right now. over the past week, stocks have been on a great run. yesterday, the dow had another triple digit rally closing up 122 points. and the dow is actually gained more than 600 points over the past four trading days. what can throw a wrench in that? third quarter earnings season. earnings are expected to fall. also today, we are getting a look at the minutes of the fed meeting last month. looking for insight into the plan for interest rates as far as the fed. lumber liquidators will pay $10 million for criminal charges with the department of justice. the company will plead guilty about false claims of where the flooring came from. this is another hit for the struggling company. it is facing allegations of the flooring containing chemicals. the stock has plunged 80% this
2:58 am
year. chip enabled credit cards are not enough to protect consumers. the message from the world's biggest trade group to congress. the new cards mailed to us will protect some breaches, but not all. it will force businesses to spend $35 billion on new technology. chip enabled cards are safer than the ones with magnetic strip. here's the rub. the use of a pin instead of signature is more secure, but the problem it is not required as it is in europe. we are not getting that extra added security. there is new controversy this morning surrounding ben carson. he says he would fight back if he faced a mass shooter. you might be surprised what he did when he did face a man with a gun. "new day" picks up that story right now. >> the shooter can only shoot the shooter can only shoot
2:59 am
one person at a time. >> he's taking heat over fighting back against a mass shooter. >> i won. >> minds with situation what to do in a situation like this. >> with president obama, a signature trade agreement. >> i'm not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> it's a vigorous debate on the most important issues facing the country. >> cruise missiles fired from a warship light up the night sky. >> russia forcing a u.s. plane to die vevert from a mission in syria. >> there are no word from how both will operate the site. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, allisisyn camero camerota, and michaela pereira.
3:00 am
ben carson said everyone should have attacked the shooter instead of getting killed in the oregon shooting he does say this as not criticism of the victims. and now a student has slammed the presidential hopeful. >> despite that backlash, rupert murdoch tweeted that carson is terrific and would be a real black president. let's begin the coverage with athena jones live in des moines, iowa. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the murdoch comments relating to a lot of raised eyebrows. the question now, whether the latest comments will damage that appeal. >> i want to plant in people's minds, what to do in a situation like


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