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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNNW  October 8, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm poppy harlow. top of the hour, we begin with breaking news. john boehner's retirement may have to wait as chaos and shock erupt on capitol hill this afternoon. the man favored to become the next speaker of the house announcing he's dropping out of the race. cnn was rolling just moments after california congressman kevin mccarthy stunned fellow republicans during what was supposed to be a close-door vote. >> he just surprised everybody and said he's dropping out of the race. . >> you were behind him. are you stunned? >> i'm totally stunned. no one was sure they heard what he said. >> i don't see how he had a path to 218 votes on the house floor. what he did was an honorable thing today. >> now the nominee for that job, the nominee race for that job
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that is just two heartbeats from the presidency has been postponed. we don't know when it will happen. minutes ago mccarthy took to the podium. he explained why he pulled himself out, especially when just hours before that announcement as of 8:00 a.m. eastern he was trying to convince republicans that he was the best choice for speaker. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? listen, we have been going through this campaign, talking to a lot of members, but the one thing i have always said to earn this majority, we're servants. we should put this conference first. and i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh base. i'll stay on as majority leader, but the one thing i found in talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. so nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision.
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i feel great to have my family here, my colleagues. . i think we're only going to be stronger. we fought hard to win this majority and turn this country around. this will be a best step forward. >> why change it? >> we had our conference and there's calls into. the district. i don't want making voting for speaker a tough one. i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party right now is you have 247 votes on the floor. if we're going to be strong, we have to be 100% united. i think, you know what, let's put the conference first. >> let's put the conference fir first. cnn political correspondent dana bash and plit kol reporter -- you were live as it all
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unfolded. we just saw a small clip of being in the thick of it when this happened. where do we go from here? >> reporter: well, i'm going to try to answer that question, but before i do. i want to give you a little sense. the hallway that you just showed, now look at it. it's much more calm. it's much more calm. this is where the vote took place behind these doors. actually the almost vote, i should say, took place. we were hearing clapping just a couple minutes after the meeting began so we thought maybe somebody began to give a speech. then people started filing out, as you just showed saying that kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race. so i think the answer to your question is we just don't know yet. part of the reason why it's so calm here is because everybody has retreated back into their offices, huddling with staff, trying to figure out in their various factions what is going to happen next. now john boehner, the current house speaker, just released a statement saying he's going to
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remain as speaker as long as necessary. what was supposed to happen today was the nomination inside the republican party was going to take place behind these doors, as i just mentioned. and then the full house was supposed to vote october 29th. that seems to be in question now as the whole party is going to go through a process of trying to figure out how to deal with this. because look, at the end of the day, somebody has to be speaker of the house. somebody has to get 218 vote a majority of the house, to have this constitutional position. roigt now it doesn't look like anybody has those votes to make that happen. >> also we heard from one of kevin mccarthy's former rivals. he's still going after this spot. he just responded to the withdrawal. let's play that. >> absolutely stunned. did not see that coming. kevin mccarthy is a very good man and always been one that
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puts his country before everything else. and so he and i stand shoulder to shoulder with the same goal and e desire and that is to unite this party and take the fight to the president, to the senate and the american people. i really do believe it is time for a fresh start. that was the whole genesis of my campaign. we need to have a lot more family discussion because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. so i was absolutely stunned, shocked and surprised that this happened. but our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching and we'll see what happens. >> that was jason chaffetz said the math doesn't work. does he have a better chance than daniel webster?
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>> webster for sure, whether he can can get 18 is a different question. a lot of the supporters went to kevin mccarthy was going to get roughly 200 votes today, which makes this decision so stunning. we could have probably got that threshold, but he would have to work for it. the fact he would have to work for it is what gave him pause. what was made such a stunning day is kevin mccarthy this morning was still campaigning for this job. he was at a republican conference meeting behind closed doors at 8:00 a.m. fielding questions, acting like a candidate, virtually no one had any idea this was coming. suddenly he dropped this bomb in the republican meeting. this just after 10:00. it was a really stunning set of events. and it leads this question about what is next and who can fill this void.
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this party is grappling with this person who doesn't exist at this moment. >> he did say when asked about his questions about his comments and he admitted it played a part and i could have said that better. >> if he said any different, it just wouldn't be believable. look, he's a candid guy and there was no question that those comments that he made, saying that hillary clinton's poll numbers have gone down because the benghazi select committee has been doing its work, was a very, very bad move. he knows that. the people around him told him that. one thing i want to add about chaff fets being surprised. the other candidate in this race, daniel webster, was just talking to reporters a short while ago. he was saying that he was
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standing next to mccarthy while trying to get people to vote for him. he was completely stunned and he, this is mccarthy's opponent just a few hours ago, webster said he was sure 99% sure that mccarthy would be the next house speaker. >> a few hours have changed quite a lot there on capitol hill. thank you both very much. let's talk more about this with mark preston. jeb bush reacting just a few moments ago to this. i want to play that. >> i'm surprised. i think kevin mccarthy was a good man. . i'm not going to interject myself into a political vote inside the house caucus. dan webster is one of my closest friends in the political process. he is a principle centered guy. you'll never meet someone with the integrity of dan webster. he served as speaker of the
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house in the florida house and was in the state senate. i worked with him. he's an incredible guy. there will be others that might emerge as well. i hope they stay focused on making sure that people know they are trying to solve problems for people. washington seems so removed. they talk about things -- they talk in language with the ak nisms that doesn't make any sense. they don't seem to be relevant to people right now. i think the house and republicans across the board in washington need to be mindful of that. there are a lot of good people that can serve in leadership in congress for sure. >> mark preston, let's look at this big picture. interesting choice of words, they, they in washington don't speak in words that we can understand. they are not doing what we need, trying to put himself as the outsider. >> and clearly trying to position himself as the outsider. as we look who is leading in the polls for the republican primary, two gentlemen, both outsiders. donald trump, a businessman, ben
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carson, a former doctor. so jeb bush, who has been dropping in the polls, is trying to not interject himself into a nasty fight taking place in washingt washington. at the same time, trying to distance himself from having any connection to washington. >> what does this do big picture? help donald trump? ben carson didn't capitalize on it at all in his interview. >> i think because ben carson. was legitimately surprised, as we all were. i don't think he knew all the players who are trying to run for the speaker. this is bad for the republican party. this is not good at all. we're talking about gridlock and chaos right now on capitol hill. compromise is a dirty word. democrats will then try to politicize this. i would say for the next 15 months, we have certainly got some issues about governing here. >> which hurts the american people with inability to get things done. >> correct, in a presidential year you tend to have gridlock
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any way, but wu also have presidential candidates now out on the stump who are going to have to answer questions about washington, even though they are trying to distance themselves from washington. >> thank you as always. also more breaking news just into us. we're getting word from two top u.s. officials that russian missiles aimed for syria have la landed in iran. what does this mean for the faceoff there? also moments ago right here on cnn, ben carson responding to the backlash over his remarks about what to do in the face of a gunman. talking about what he did when he was held at gunpoint. carson responds to rupert murdoch's tweet that america needs a, quote, real black president. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. polling near the top of the republican pack running for president, but it's his stance on controversial topics that has
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him grabbing headlines today. we're talking about ben carson, who is also out with a new book, "a more perfect union." just last hour right here, he sat down with wolf blitzer and explained his position on a number of issues, some of them have the public questioning whether he's the right man to become president. he's come under fire in remarks he's made after the shooting in oregon. first, here's what he said to fox news followed by his response to wolf. >> not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, hey, everybody attack him. he can't get us all. >> he seemed to suggest the victims should have done more. >> no, not suggesting that at all. what the original question was was if you were there and someone was holding a gun to you and asking about your religion and they shot other people, what would you do? knowing that you were next to be killed and that they were going
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to continue down the line killing people, i would much rather go down fighting. and if all of us attack the shooter, the chances are strong that not all of us will be killed. that doesn't seem like a controversial thing. but when you take it out of context and you try to make it look like i'm criticizing the vuk tims, that's when it becomes controversial. and that's one of the things i'm hoping that the news media will stop doing because reading this book, you'll see the press is the only business protected by this constitution. the reason they are protected is because it was assumed that they would be honest and on the side of the people and not have an agenda. >> the press says there's a lot of parts to the press. we can get into that. one of the victims, a guy by the name of matthew downing, he was offended by your comments. he said i'm fairly upset he said that nobody could truly understand what actions they would take like that in a situation unless they lived it.
11:18 am
you understand why he's concerned about what you said. >> i suspect he's had it fed to him by somebody who misconstrued it. if he heard the complete explanation such as i gave, he would know i'm not complaining about any of the victims and he would know that i'm trying to plant the seed. because this may not be the last time this occurs. . if if it occurs again and there's a bunch of people, they might start thinking, we're not just going to take this. that's one of the things that was learned from flight 93 on 9/11. >> chris mince, one of the survivors, he was shot seven times. he resisted. he's a military veteran. not everybody is a military veteran and has experience in dealing with a gunman like this. >> you don't have to be a military veteran. do you remember the virginia shooting on the college campus. afterwards, i'm told that they
11:19 am
came out with guidelines for the students to tell them what to do if a situation like that arises again. it included throwing everything you could possibly throw at the shooter. he's not going to be able to deal with all of it. in a sense they were saying attack him. >> you spoke about a personal incident in a serious xm radio interview yesterday. when you were younger and you were confront ed by a gunman -- i'll play the clip. this is from the radio interview. >> a guy comes in and puts the gun in my ribs. i just said, i believe that you weren't the guy behind the counter. >> in a calm way? >> he said, oh, okay. >> you just redirected him? >> that sounds counter to what you're recommending right now. >> that's a completely different situation. this is somebody who comes into a joint to rob it.
11:20 am
not somebody who is killing people. >> you didn't know he was just going to rob the joint. he could have killed you. >> i did know that. the fact of the matter is maybe this is a level of sophistication that people learn from living on the streets. but i knew that that guy was not there to murder everybody. >> how could you know that? >> i knew he was not there to murder all the people. i knew he was there to rob the place. >> next after carson also weighed in with his interview with wolf on rupert murdoch's tweet and suggestion that carson would be, quote, a real black president, how did he respond to that? that's next.
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together, we're building a better california. rupert murdoch struck a nerve. he posed a tweet about benjamin netanya netanyahu. it reads, ben and candy carson, terrific. what about a a real black
11:25 am
president who can address the racial divide and much else? the social media beatdown began. murdoch apologized, tweeting, apologi apologies, no offense meant. personally find both men charming. they called the comment a cheap shot. wolf blitzer asked ben carson what he thought about that tweet. this is what he told wolf blitzer. >> clearly taking a swipe at president obama. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? and much else. that's a pretty shocking statement. he's now apologized, but that was pretty ugly. >> i know rupert murdoch, he's
11:26 am
not a racist. he's just expressing his opinion. >> he's suggesting that president obama is not a real black president. at least he did in that initial statement. >> everybody is entitled to their opinion. i believe what he was making reference to is the fact here was a man who is a black president that the black community was excited about and who came in and policies have not elevated the black community, has not been beneficial. there's more unemployment, more poverty and i believe that's what he was really referring to. >> you believe the president is a real black president, though, right? >> i wouldn't even get into such a conversation. >> is president obama a real black president? >> he's the president and he's black. >> so he's a real black president? >> we're dealing with semantics. as you know, i'm the last person who wants to play around with semantics and political
11:27 am
correctness. rupert murdoch said what he said. a lot of people took it the wrong way. . i think there's so many more important issues to deal with. >> there's a history of these kind of accusations, as you well know. do you believe he was born in the united states? >> i do believe that. >> do you believe he's a christian? >> he says he is. >> but do you believe he is? >> i have to take him at his word. >> if he goes to church, why can't you say he's a christian? >> i'll take him at his word. >> also the issue of a muslim president in. the united states. there's been a lot of uproar about that. there should be no religious qualifications. >> i agree. >> explain why you don't think there should be a muslim president. >> if you heard the whole conversation, i said previous to that that anybody from any background, religious or otherwise, who accepts the
11:28 am
values of america and is willing to put our constitution above their believes is fine with me. and e then it continues in another vain bringing up somebody that didn't fit into that category. if they don't fit into that category because of their belief system and in this case the assumption being they are islamic believes, part of the belief system, which is a lifestyle, not just a simple religion, includes sharia. there are components of sharia that will place any religion that is not the same as theirs in a category of people they call that. you can do anything you want to those people and put them into interior position. you can also put women into inferior position. you can also read horrible things upon homosexuals, divorce
11:29 am
sees or people caught in adultery and a host of other things. these things are not compatible with our constitution. if somebody can show me how they are compatible, i will change my mind. >> if a muslim-american citizen wants to attorney the constitution -- >> then they fit into the category. if you're going to obey the constitution, you can become president of the united states. >> of course. >> let's bring in political reporter malia henderson. your take on murdoch's tweet and apology. you said his blackness makes him the perfect anti-obama, talking about ben carson, that he's the gop's great black hope. >> at least of this cycle. if you look back at previous cycles, herman kain played that
11:30 am
role in the obama era there has been a real desire on the part of republicans to have their u version of obama who is black like obama, but has different politics. we're talking about a party that if you look at presidential politics, there's never been a black person to win any state in a republican primary. so each time there's a presidential race, we have had these african-americans to rise in. the polls because this is a party that desperately wants to shed its image of being a party inhospitable to african-americans if you look at that autopsy from 2012. and i think ben carson plays into that desire. >> let's talk about frankly all of the backlash that he has garnered because of a number of
11:31 am
comme comments over the past year. i want to roll them and talk about them on the other side. >> if you were in the white house, what would you be doing with tropical storm joaquin? what would you be doing if you were in the white house? >> i don't know. >> do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution? >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> you think being gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> a lot of people who go into prison go in straight and they come out gay. >> marriage is a fundamental pillar of society. and no group be they gays or people who believe in bestiality, it doesn't matter what they are. they don't get to change the definition. >> this was really, i think on my behalf, somewhat insensitive. i apologize if i offended anyone
11:32 am
because i was not in any way comparing gays with people who engage in bestiality. >> how damaging are those remarks because after each one his poll numbers do not take a hit. >> they are not damaging at all. here's a candidate who has called obama a psychopath. he said a number of things that some people find troubling but haven't damaged him in the polls at all. republicans like him. they like he brings a different face to the republican party as well in terms of race and making the party seem like it's more diverse. i think, so far, so good for ben carson. we'll have to see how it plays out. >> if he's able to get the nomination, does the equation change in a general election? >> certainly, i think so. i think that equation in terms of what he says -- and i tud to his people about this. they feel like he will e evolve
11:33 am
as a candidate. they see those prior comments as the battle days of carson and feel like once it get. s into the meteor part of this contest, he'll have a better chance in this race. >> thank you as always. fascinating analysis here. coming up next, more on our breaking news. shock, absolute shock on capitol hill as republicans gathered inside a room to nominate the next house speaker. the one who was favored for the post suddenly drops out leaving everyone stunned. we're just getting word that john boehner, who wants to get out of that job, just made a big move as well. stand by for more. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. is it keeps the food out. for me
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breaking news and big questions following the shork that's reverberating across washington. kevin mccarthy stunning his own party announcing a few hours ago he's dropping his bid to replace john boehner as house speaker. it's not just that he drop pd out, it was where and when he announced it. they were just about to vote on who to nominate. we're going to talk about it with margaret hoover and representative of michigan mike rogers. first, brian, breaking news on the man who is currently still the house speaker john boehner supposed to be in this city tonight no longer. >> just to give you a sense of the chaos in washington. john boehner was supposed to be on the way to new york for "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. he was supposed to be taping tonight. it was recently scheduled appearance as part of his going away tour. that tour now on hold and so is the appearance. at 1:20 p.m. nbc was still on,
11:39 am
1:40 boehner cancelled. >> he's not going away right now. >> it's an example of that chaos that affected the entire republican leadership but boehner personally. he's not sure how much longer he'll be in his role. no reason to make jokes with jimmy fallon tonight. >> absolutely not since he's still the speaker. he does say in a statement that he thinks it will be sortsed out in the next few weeks. margaret hoover, to you and congressman rogers. a few things can happen here. in interim or you can get the party to come behind someone. this is a call from mccarthy was unity, party first ahead of me. >> the republican caucus wants unity. we know both from an exterrible standpoint and in the inner works of the house the future of the republican party and gop in 2016 starts with that refreshed race of speaker. the person who is at the third in line for the presidency and the head of the house of
11:40 am
representatives will set the table for the 2016 race, which is why the benghazi comments did contribute to his decision and why somebody who knows how to communicate externally as a representative of the party is incredibly important. they could have an interim leader in order to give the caucus time to build consensus around one person. my guess is you're going to see some new names get in this because the names we have been seeing don't have the votes to unify the tribes, so to speak, within the republican conference. >> congressman rogers, you say chaffetz does not have the votes. . he said it's about the math and it doesn't add up. so he gets in. so who has the numbers? >> i think they are going to have to take a step back. parties or coalitions. it's a series of coalitions. and who can put the face in
11:41 am
front of those coalitions that brings them all together and all allows them to elect a speaker. they are going to look at old hands around congress. i know we talked about draft paul ryan. i'm a little skeptical he would do that. you have to be a political animal to be able to be speaker of the house these days. think people like greg woulden, who has long-term. he served on the nrcc which did all the politics for all the members. he knows their districts and challenges. he knows their political temperament. he has been a subcommittee chairman on the energy and commerce committee, a real leader there. so somebody like that that can bridge these gap. s and still understands communication and politics and policy i think that's the kind of guy they are going to have to look for or lady to unify what looks like trouble for them if they don't get their act together soon. >> and margaret, you're in the draft paul ryan camp. >> i'm glad that congressman rogers mentioned paul ryan
11:42 am
because greg walden is a great guy. you need somebody who can unify the freedom caucus along with the other caucuses. and greg walden is more of a centrist. the freedom conference really respects paul ryan. he has been a true fiscal conservative. he may be one of the only profiles that could rise to the top. he doesn't want to do it. he'd rather stay the head of ways and means committee, but he's sometimes susceptible to calls to serve his country. he's done that before when he ran for vp and he has had national experiences running not just for the vice presidency, but also whipping his budget through congress. in my view, he's the best candidate to really set the table for 2016. >> congressman, a reporter asked in the brief statements that they gave today.
11:43 am
they said did these benghazi comments, the comments about the select committee hurting the poll numbers, did they play into this decision. e he said that wasn't helpful. i could have said it better. that's part of the decision as well. was that the demise of this run? >> i think it was one factor in the demise of the run. there is a real difference of opinion in one of the larger coalitions in the house of representatives. at least the republicans in the house of representatives today. and no one has quite figured out how to thread that needle. and you have to want to govern. and getting 80% of what you want and taking that deal like the reagan republicans, which is the majority of the republicans in congress works for governance. there's a faction that says, no, we don't want 99%. we want 100%. we're going to have to figure out a way to thread that needle to get to the governance party and conservative principles. they haven't got therein yet. they are going to need that candidate to do that.
11:44 am
they wanted a scalp. they were out for kevin mccarthy before he announced that he wanted to be speaker because they want concessions. i thought it was something telling he said is that they asked him to do things that he could not promise to do. that's going to be interesting. that will come out over the next few days. i'm going to be fascinated to see what kinds of power extractions they were trying to get and what that meant for good governance in the future. >> we'll see if this is hitting the refresh button for the party and leadership as margaret just said. thank you, congressman. coming up next, more breaking news. russian missiles misfire. military strikes intended for syria land in iran. what this it means for the tension there. also the american hero who helped thwart that train attack in france now hospitalized after being repeatedly stab bed at a bar in california. details on that, when we return. if a denture were to be
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we are getting breaking news just into us here at cnn. the governor of oklahoma just admitting that corrections officials in her state may have used the wrong drug to execute a prisoner. charles warner was executed back in january and according to the governor of the state the mixup only came to light after state officials stayed the execution last week because they were sent potassium acetate instead of chloride. at the time of his execution,
11:50 am
there were reports that warner had said that his body is on fire. we will bring you more on that disturbing development as soon as we have it. another story we're following closely, a shocking incident in russia's military intervention in syria. two u.s. officials telling cnn several russian cruise missiles fired from the sea aimed at targets in western syria have crash landed in iran, specifically that it was four of them. they never made it over iran to syria. it's not clear where they landed in iran or if anyone was hurt. joining me now is jill dougherty, former bureau chief, who has extensive knowledge on putin and his thinking here. first, your reaction to this, the fact that it appears according to two top officials these missiles didn't make it, they landed in iran. >> number one, you have to look at those reports and ask whether they are correct.
11:51 am
i don't see anyone on the record making that statement. so it would be good to look for some confirmation. if it is true, and again that's a big if, it would be very significant. after all the russians have been touting the accuracy of their weapons. that was one very big thing that president putin was talking about with his defense minister. and then also just the implications of what could happen if missiles like that go astray in some country. apparently according to these unconfirmed reports landing in iran, crashing in iran, what if it had hit some populated area. so there are a lot of concerns about this. just have to see how it plays out. but i can tell you here where i am, which is the baltices that used to be part of the soviet union. they are now independent countries. they are part of nato.
11:52 am
so people here a are looking closely. a lot of concern about how quickly russia was able to move in forces into syria. so nato is making strong statements to secretary general saying nato was here, we have your back. we're on the ground. and actually the uk is bringing in 100 troops. it is permanently stationing in the three countries here in the baltices. the implications are spreading to other parts of the world. >> ash carter said today that we have seen increasingly unprofessional behavior from russian forces. this is building on comments he said yesterday said the yuts is not ready to cooperate on airstrikes in syria, calling the russian strategy flawed. do you see, jill, any russian strategy that the united states
11:53 am
would agree with? and would operate alongside? >> at this point, it doesn't appear that is going to happen. one of the key elements is the fact that the united states policy is to have assad out of the picture. the president of syria and the russians want to keep him in the picture. at least at this point until there's something that potentially could take over so i don't see a meeting of the minds at all. the rhetoric is strong on both sides. >> jill dougherty, thank you for the analysis, as always. i appreciate it. coming up next, the american hero who helped thwart a train attack in france, you remember those images very well. now hospitalized after being reportedly stabbed near a bar in california. we'll have that. also donald trump will be hosting a rally in las vegas at any moment. we'll see if he reacts to the breaking news out of capitol hill this afternoon. we'll bring some of that to you live. stay with us.
11:54 am
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11:58 am
an american hero who not only survived a terror attack but helped bring down that terrorist has been stabbed. we're talking about spencer stone. those men were hailed as high rows after rushing and hog tying that terrorist. jason carroll following it all, jo joining me now. talk about a lucky man in terms of surviving both of these. >> this is the second time that spencer stone has found himself in a life-threatening situation. the situation took place in downtown sacramento. i have spoken to police about what happened. apparently this all started as a dispute between two groups of
11:59 am
people, which may have started at a local nightclub. stone was out with four of his friends when they got into some sort of an argument with two other men. that somehow led to a fight. apparently a passer by called police at 12:46 a.m. pacific time. the caller say iing that someon was hurt. when police arrived they found stone had been stabbed several times in the upper body. they also say it sounds like alcohol was involved. just a few hours ago, police gave a description of the suspects wanted in connection with the stabbing. detectives say stone was not specifically targeted because of his heroic actions in france and this was not related to terrorism. again, stone was one of five men who helped stop a gunman from attacking passengers on a train headed to paris in august. stone was stabbed with a box cutter during that incident. as for the sacramento case at last check the suspects are still at large. they are described as two asian
12:00 pm
males. they were both wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. police believe the suspects fled in a 2009 or 2012 dark-colored grey toyota camry. as for stone, he's in stable condition. he had significant injuries, but in stable condition expected to make a full recovery. top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in r for brooke baldwin. we begin with breaking news out of our nation's capital. john boehner's retirement may have to wait as chaos and shock erupt on capitol hill. the man favored to become the next speaker of the house announcing he's dropping out of the race. kevin mccarthy stunned his fellow republicans during what was supposed to be a closed-door vote to make possibly him the nominee. just a few hours ago, mccarthy
12:01 pm
explained why he pulled himself out. >> we have been going through this campaign talking to a lot of members, but the one thing i have always said to earn this majority, we're servants. we should put this conference first. and i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh base. i'll stay on as majority leader, but the one thing i found in talking to everybody is if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> comments about benghazi last week, did they play into your decision to step aside today? >> that wasn't helpful. i could have said it much better, but this benghazi committee was only created for one purpose. to find the truth on behalf of the families for the four dead americans. i should not be a dus traction from that. and that's part of the decision as well.
12:02 pm
>> now the nominee race for the job that is just two heartbeats from the presidency has been postponed. senior political reporter joins us from capitol hill. i understand you're with a congressman from north carolina getting some reaction. >> reporter: i am, walter jones, a 20-year veteran here and was one of the early critics of kevin mccarthy who came out against him. one of the things that you did that is circulated a letter a couple days back basically saying that any candidate who has had any misdeeds in their past should step aside. what was the point of that letter? >> well, i was here when newt gingrich stepped down as speaker of the house. we were in the process of impeaching bill clinton and newt had had to acknowledge he had an issue. then the republican conference elected to follow behind newt a as speak er of the house. . we all believed we were moving in the rugt direction and two days later he steps down. and there have been some other
12:03 pm
things that have happened over the past few years that i think when a person has been a member of the congress, which is a sacred duty, quite frankly in my opinion, and they are elevated to become a leader of a party, to be the party, that those in leadership must be above reproach. all i was doing not trying to single anybody out but to say in this makeup, the majority office all the members should be made to say i have nothing in my background that could have of embarrassment to the republican conference, the house of representatives or the american people. that's all this was about. >> do you have any reason to believe that your letter is what prompted mr. mccarthy to drop out? >> i would think not. i always say about myself and my staff, when everybody leaves at
12:04 pm
5:00, i don't know what anybody else does. so my belief is that anyone running for office of leadership should be able to say to the conference i have nothing that will come back to be of embarrassment to the conference and i should be able to leave with integrity. >> i should add that mr. mccarthy when he was speaking to reporters was asked about your letter and dismissed it and said that was not one of the reasons. he really said he didn't want to fight to become elected speaker and barely surpass that 218-vote threshold. let me ask you this. now that we don't have a candidate, a leading candidate for speaker, what is going to happen? who should step forward and bridge this divide within the republican conference? >> i was real disappointed that mr. boehner maybe would call a recess and tell everybody to come back and vote on the candidates we have. we have two good candidates. we should have had a vote today.
12:05 pm
>> will you support webster? >> absolutely. >> thank you, congressman, for joining us. it just shows howdy provided this republican conference is. mr. jones supporting daniel webster, who was backed by the house freedom caucus and one of the reasons why kevin mccarthy did not have the support to move forward and get to the threshold. >> important perspective to have, thank you for bringing it to us. let's talk about one of those twho men that the congressman just brought up. current utah congressman jason chaffe chaffetz, who is still running for this top position. let's listen to what he said. >> absolutely stunned, did not see that coming. kevin mccarthy is a very good man. he's always been one that puts his country before everything else. so he and i stand shoulder to shoulder with the same goal and desire and that is to unite this party and take the fight to the president, to the senate and the american people. i really do believe it's time
12:06 pm
for a fresh start. that was the whole genesis of my campaign. but we need to have a lot more family discussion because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. so i was absolutely stunned, surprised and shocked that this happened, but our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul searching and we'll see what happens. >> with me now is jake tapper, anchor of "the lead." i just want your reaction to what the congressman said saying it was a mistake for boehner not to recess and bring everyone back and vote on webster and chaffetz. do you agree? >> it's not really my position to agree or disagree. it's just -- >> would that have been expected, i should ask, that he would have them vote on the other two? >> i think we're kind of in the realm of the unknown.
12:07 pm
we haven't been in a place like this since the late '90s when there was so much unrest following the resignation of speaker gingrich and the brief nomination of bob livingston and he stepped down. it's a strange period. it's not the exact same thing. what we have here is 30 to 50 members of the house republican caucus who are making demands on house republican leadership who are very upset with house republican leadership. the question is how do you placate those 30 to 50 republicans so you're able to go to the floor of the house and get the 218 votes you need to become speaker. we heard dana earlier saying a moderate republican from pennsylvania talking about the next speaker needs to be somebody that's elected with support from both democrats and republicans, which is certainly an interesting idea.
12:08 pm
u ultimately we're going to see the republicans sort this out, but usually these kaz m between this conservative wing of the party and the majority of the house republicans usually these fights are a little bit more secret. >> jake, do you think this could be the fresh start that we heard them talking about? this can be hitting the reset button for congress, for the gop and congress and having that fresh start and unity after all of this? >> i mean, it depends what you mean by fresh start. certainly, somebody like dan. webster becoming speaker of the house even on a temporary basis as a possibility for the next speaker just to do it until 2016, certainly that would be a fresh face, but the question is what then? how then do you govern? how are you going to handle the debt ceiling? how are you going to vote when
12:09 pm
it comes to president obama says no more 10-week extensions on funding the government. how are you going to come up with the funding bill? the challenge of satisfying these 30 to 50 members, these conservatives who are very ideologically driven, they are very if you remember in what they want, that problem is still going to exist and be in conflict at times with what this town operates on, which is governing and coalition building and compromise. these are individuals who don't necessarily want to compromise. >> what about how this plays into the bigger picture and the race for the white house in o 2016? we just heard jeb bush come out and say he's surprised. he also talked about those in washington as they. he used the word they trying to make himself an outsider. >> it just reaffirm this is dynamic we're seeing in the
12:10 pm
house of representatives, this outsider idea is a minority. the house freedom caucus is a minority. 30 to 50 members of this 200-plus group. when you look at polling of the republican electorate and who they are going for right now, when you combine the vote totals according to polls of donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina, three distinct outsiders who never held political office, in a lot of those polls, that's more than 50%. that's a majority of the republican base. so this outsider feeling that is not a majority in the house, it is right now a majority sentiment among the republican elect rat. so that's one of the things i think that's empowering these conservatives in the house. >> jake tapper, thank you. he'll be back at the top of the hour with "the lead." more analysis on what happened on capitol hill. jake, thank you. next, moments ago on cnn, ben carson responding to backlash over his remarks about
12:11 pm
what to do in the face of a gunman. he talks about when he was held at gunpoint. e he also responds to rupert murdoch's tweet that america needs a real black president. also donald trump speaking live in las vegas. he is taking credit for kevin mccarthy dropping out. we'll bring you what he is saying, live. stay with us.
12:12 pm
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12:15 pm
donald trump still the republican front runner in the race for the white house speaking right now in las vegas at a rally inside of the theater. just moments ago he applauded
12:16 pm
the breaking news that kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race. listen to what he said. >> thank you very much. thank you. so nice, thank you. what a great group. they have hundreds and hundreds of people standing outside. they can't get in. they didn't get the good real estate. i feel badly. i feel badly. so phil owns this hotel. and he's been a friend of mine and we did deals together. we had a great success at trump international hotel together. i hop you all know that hotel. the most beautiful building in las vegas i have to say. it's a great thing to be involved with a great business person. and he's a great poker player. i always put my money on him and he just walks away very quietly, just takes everybody's money and
12:17 pm
goes on to the next one. that's what we want. i love you too. i want to just start by saying kevin mccarthy is out, you know that right? they are giving me a lot of credit because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. smart goes with tough. u know tough people. they are not smart, that's the worst. that's the worst. you have to be smart. we need smart, we need tough, we need the whole package. and it's a positive -- i like this guy over here. it's bedlam in washington right now. it's a mess. i have never seen anything like it. i have always been in politics. people said for three months i have been a politician. can you believe it? it's so embarrassing, i'm a politician. i never wanted to be a politician.
12:18 pm
at some point i said we're going to make our country great again. we're going to do it. >> talk about this and more with a senior writer with the national journal. he joins me from chicago. . thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i love your sweatshirt. i just have to say. >> i'm going to wear it until they lose. i might not be able to take it off for a year. >> good luck to your team. much more serious note, you wrote a fascinating article in the national journal of why donald trump is resinating. you take it back to the 1970s and you talk about a group of key voters you call middle. american radicals. you say those are the supporters of donald trump today. explain. >> well, they go back to the wallace vote in the 1970s and to some extent richard nixon and it's a discontented group of voters. middle class, reseptemberive to
12:19 pm
a kind of populism. one kind is the bernie sanders kind where you're rallying all the people against the billionaire class at the top. then there's another kind where you're rallying the people shs the middle class not only against the people at the top, but against the group of parasites, drifters, illegal immigrants, black militants, what have you who are seen as being coddled by the people at the top. so it's a populism that sees the middle class as besieged from both above and below. that's one of the things about trump. you get illegal immigration, but you also get him against the ford executives who move a plant to mexico or nabisco that takes a plant out of chicago.
12:20 pm
so it's something that goes back to the late 1960s. you see some of it in ross perot, some of it in pat buchanan and now in donald trump. >> you say it's a mistake for people to believe that those who support donald trump right now are only drawn to him because of his personality. you say it's largely his ideological positions, but here's the thing. whether it was george wallace's campaign, ross perot's campaign, they didn't succeed at that in the end. so what lesson can donald trump take? >> look, let me put it this way. it is his personality. it is his way of being able to speak to an audience, to talk to them not as if he's give iing a
12:21 pm
speech. it's his reputation as a billionaire, as a deal maker. and it's an anti-washington sentiment, but it's a sentiment that's based on the idea, and this it goes back to ross perot, that he's a guy that can come to washington a kind of man on a white horse and transform everything. it's not an anti-leader. it's anti-washington. there's a big difference in that. he's not a libertarian in that sense. he's not somebody who is simply anti-washington. the people there are stupid and he's smart and he's going to fix things. his problem in the campaign, in the republican campaign may turn out to be that the middle american radicals, what i call them, are let's say 25 to 30% of the republican primary voters, maybe as high as 35 and much less of the general electorate, he's doing fine now because there's ten candidates. he might not be doing fine when
12:22 pm
there's three or four because i don't know whether he can expand that base. to expand that base, he's going to have to capture, you know, suburban women. he's going to have to capture voters that e he may be alienating by the so-called political incorrectness. >> he says he's going to win the hispanic vote. hee needs to get the minority vote to make the numbers work. >> we'll wait and see in that. he would break all records if he got to the general election as far as the hispanic voters. i would say it would be like the reverse of obama. e he would get like 10% maybe. >> we'll be watching. it's a fascinating read. thank you. >> sure, thank you. coming up next, ben carson. responding to the backlash over his remarks after the shooting in oregon. what he says he would have done in the face of that gunman. the republican candidate also responding to rupert murdoch's
12:23 pm
tweet that america needs a a real black president. wolf blitzer goes inside the interview, next.
12:24 pm
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visit and get started today. republican presidential candidate ben carson on the record about some headline grabbing comments that e he made. the neurosurgeon sat down with wolf blitzer to clarify remarks. what e he would have gone when con fonting the gunman in oregon. also what he said years ago when he was held at gunpoint at a fast food restaurant. for the first time he's reacting to rupert murdoch's tweet that ben carson would be a real black president. listen. >> let's talk about some of the controversies that you've generated over the past few days. you've been se severely
12:28 pm
criticized for this comment you made about the massacre at that community college in oregon when you said this. i'll play the clip. >> i'm not only would i probably not cooperate with hum, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. >> you seem to suggest the victims should have done more. >> no, not suggesting that at all. what the original question was was if you were there and someone was holding a gun. to you and asking you about your religion and they had shot other people, what would you do? and knowing that you were next to be killed and that they were going to continue down the line killing people, i would much rather go down fighting. and if all of us attack the shooter, the chances are strong that not all of us will be killed. to me, that doesn't seem like a controversial thing. but when you take it out of context and you try to make it
12:29 pm
look like i'm criticizing the victims, that's when it becomes controversial. >> you spoke about a personal incident in a xm interview yesterday when you were younger and you were confronted by a gunman. i believe play the little clip from the radio interview. >> the guy puts the gun in my ribs and just said i believe that you weren't the guy behind the counter. >> in that calm way? >> that sounds counter to what you're recommending right now. >> that's a completely different situation. this is somebody who comes into a joint to rob it. not somebody who is killing people. >> i did know that. the fact of the matter is maybe this is a level of sophistication that people learn
12:30 pm
from living on the streets. i knew that guy was not there to murder everybody. >> e he had a gun. >> i knew he was not there to murder all the people. i knew he was there to rob the place. >> look at the guy over there. >> rupert murdoch tweeted this. praising you and your wife. i'll put it on the screen taking a swipe at president obama. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide? and much else. that's a pretty shocking statement. he's now apologized, but that was pretty ugly. >> i know rupert murdoch. he's not a racist. he's just expressing his opinion. i think it's much to do about nothing. >> he's suggesting that president obama is not a real black president. at least he did in that initial statement. >> everybody is entitled to their opinion. i believe what he was making reference to was the fact that here's a black president that
12:31 pm
the black community was excited about who came in and whose policies have not really elevated the black community, has not been beneficial. there's more unemployment and more poverty and i believe that's what he was really referring to. >> you believe the president is a real black president, though, right? >> i wouldn't even get. into such a controversy. >> it's a simple question. is president obama a real black president. >> let's talk about the other issues. the debt ceiling, it's got to be raised otherwise the u.s. will fail to pay what it already has accumulated as far as its financial obligations. what would you do about that if you were president of the united states? >> if we keep raising it, it's like you've reached the limit for your fourth credit card. i'll tell you what, why don't we get a fifth credit card. that's not solving the problem. so no, i'm not in favor of
12:32 pm
continually raising the debt ceiling. >> he said you were just an okay doctor. >> it's okay. i told him he was an okay doctor too. >> i'm joined by wolf blitzer. your take, what stood out to you? you got to every single criticism he's faced in these controversial comments. what stood out to you? >> he did say go ahead and raise it in november when it's due. the united states should not default, but take steps so a year later you don't have to do it again. you eliminate programs and become more frugal. so at least he explained how he would do it. he said raise the debt when it's due in november. i thought that was significant. he was also tough o on putin. putin and russia is doing in syria right now. some of these other issues, whether on guns or president
12:33 pm
obama is a real black president, he answered the questions, but probably didn't go. as far as a lot of people would have liked him to go. >> at one point he said i'm going not going to justify with an answer but didn't give clear direction. >> he said president obama was born in the united states. i said if he goes to church, he's a christian. i'll take him at a word. and on the issue of real black president, he didn't want to say he is, but he's back and president and i'll leave it at that. >> he felt the tweet was much to do about nothing. >> rupert murdoch did apologize and said that was inpresent, which was the right thing to do. >> and pointed to the article he read and he was talking about. also you talked about his very controversial comments about nazi germany. let's roll those. >> my point is that was one of the countries i menaced. there were a number of countries that were tyranny reigned and they disarmed the people.
12:34 pm
that was the point. noah webster said when talking about tyranny that the people of america would never suffer tyranny because they are armed. >> just clarify. if there had been no gun control laws in europe at that time, would 6 million jews have been slaughtered. >> the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish goals would have been diminished if the people had been armed. >> such an important issue to have him address. did you feel you got a full report? >> husband new book just came out today. he explains what he really means by that he feels -- the point he's making right now, he doesn't want to see greater gun control legislation or much going on on that front and wants to see more people armed in the united states. i is said what about teachers? he said if necessary, yes, there should be in every school someone armed. e had feels strongly about the second amendment and the
12:35 pm
opportunity for people to have guns and protection in the united states. especially in the aftermath of the mass killings. >> it is a fascinating interview. i assume for anyone that missed it, we can see it on the situation room. thank you, nice to have you here. wolf will be back at 5:00 eastern with all of that. next, hillary clinton doing a 180 on a controversial trade deal she supported for a very long time. why she's not supporting it now just days ahead of the key democratic debate. i'll speak live with one of her rivals. that's ahead. also children caught in the cross fire. the heartbreaking video that shows the real toll those airstrikes in syria.
12:36 pm
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did hillary clinton flip-flop or simply change her mind when she announced last night she's now against the tpp or the transpacific partnership, a huge potential trade deal with asia. clinton's new stance is not just a reversal, it's a break with the obama administration on an issue that's of high importance to the white house. here's what the former secretary of state is now saying about the 12-nation deal that she once called the gold standard of trade agreements. >> i'm worried about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement. we have lost american jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in asia, have engaged in. as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> it did not take long for her democratic rivals to pounce. here's martin o'malley.
12:41 pm
>> wow, that's a reversal. i was against the tpp months and months ago. secretary clinton can justify her own reversal of opinion on this, but i didn't have one opinion eight months ago and switch that opinion on the eve of debates. >> lincoln chafe is joining me. what do you make of what hillary clinton said with that interview? is this a flip-flop? >> well, i guess i'm the only democratic candidate for president that's standing strong with president obama on this it issue of tpp. and yes, it is a flip-flop. you talked about her statements in australia. it's the gold standard back when she was secretary of state in favor of the tpp and now saying she cannot support it. some of the currency manipulation issues have to be worked out, but it's a good bill. that's why i'm supporting it. trade is going to occur.
12:42 pm
let's have rules on the environment, which are the environment in favor. this is the right way to go forward in my view. working with our neighboring countries in the pacific realm. >> you are for it. martin o'malley is not for it. now hillary clinton isn't for it. is this something you're going to go after her on on stage during the debate given this significant change of heart on it? >> i think just as important as the merits of tpp are your character and can you stand strong on an issue and not flip-flop. that's more important and can you be trusted when you say one thing that you say is the gold standard and now the unions are opposed to it or a democratic primary you change. you don't want to say different things to different constituencies. you have to be consistent, in my view. >> you changed parties. can people change their
12:43 pm
opinions? >> i have never changed on the issues. my party changed. there was no room for liberal republicans saying anymore. we all know that. i have always been pro choice, pro environment, pro civil liberties. fiscally responsible, i haven't changed. i voted for fair trade. so i'm very consistent. >> let's talk about the poll numbers here. you're polling just below 1%. this is the first time many americans on a very large scale will hear from you standing side by side with the other candidates. look, pundits say over and over you don't win elections in debates, but you can lose them. what's the number one issue that you are going to hammer home to the american voter that you believe will make you stand out from the rest?
12:44 pm
>> there's five of us up there. you talk about the polling numbers. two of them are polling well and the three of us are down in the single digits all about the same. so the main thing for me is experience is a huge decision american people are going to make to elect the next president. character is very important. and then thirdly, just as important as the other two is your vision for the future of the country. people want to know how to lead us into the future. those are three points i hope to hammer home. >> what's your vision? are you going o to talk about wall street reform. we're going to hear about that from bernie sanders. what are you going to go big on? >> the three most important things, i believe, facing the next president of the united states are income inequality, growing a strong middle class that's the bedrock of any successful community. secondly, climate change. i'm scared about what's happening to our climate. and then third, peace in the
12:45 pm
world. you have to believe it's possible in the middle east and north africa. put down the gun. s and the bombs and let's find areas of commonality and build on that. let's keep building on better alliances and stop the fighting. so those three things. >> quickly, do you expect joe biden to jump into this race? >> no, i don't. i expect him to get in at some point, but not before the debates. >> lincoln cha fee, thank you, i appreciate your time. >> thank you for inviting me on. >> he will be with us next days from now with all of you in the first democratic debate tuesday night, october 13th, the cnn and facebook democratic debate only right here. next, shocking new video from the front lines of russia's new assault in syria. children rescued from the
12:46 pm
rubble, but forever impacted by the violence. our own arwa damon joins me leave from the region. it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for all this... when you're really only covered for this. hot dog? or how you may think you're covered for this... but not for this... whoa! no, no, oh , oh! ...or this... ...or this. ...or that... talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. my heaven! ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum. bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. today, russia helped the syrian regime launch a, quote, wide scale offensive on rebel held areas in western syria. called one of their biggest yet. missiles fired from land and sea, bombs raining down from the sky. i do want to warn you first what you are about to see is extraordinarily graphic. it is what is left behind when the smoke clears. arwa damon reports on the reality of the front lines. >> reporter: barely able to see through the thick dust, somehow
12:51 pm
members of the syrian civil defense team also known as the white helmets, pull out a little girl. grab her one orders and turns around. miraculously the children appear unharmed. but then another strike. frantic cries of god is great. luckily this time it seems everyone got out. but often not. the white helmets, an independent medical rescue team, have been through this before. too many times for most to count. but now it's not just war planes and barrel bombs. since russia's bombing campaign began on september 30th, they say they have documented around 182 civilian deaths including two of their own which they say were caused by russian strikes.
12:52 pm
the kremlin boasts of its accuracy, insisting civilians are not being targeted or killed. but those on the ground say it's a lie. the strikes are indiscriminate and often land on areas far from the front lines or rebel bases. a child here treated for wounds. two others appear shell shocked. childhood they will never know. we cannot independently verify the activist claims of russian responsibility for these casualties, but perhaps what is most despicable is that it is happening at all. and has been happening for too long. no matter who to blame. as the russian-syrian regime, americans, nato and other key players talk of war maneuvers and strategic gains, this is what that rhetoric looks like on the ground. these images are graphic and they are real. a child covered in blood
12:53 pm
screaming in pain crying out for his mother. >> arwa damon joins me now. incredibly difficult to watch, but so important to see the reality of what is happening on the ground on the front lines. you've also said those white helmets, the white helmets are reporting strikes beyond the front lines. what do we know officially? >> reporter: well, according to what they are saying, they do believe along with the united states, turkey, nato and others that at least 90% of these russian strikes are not targeting isis, meaning that they're going after various other rebel positions. but we're also hearing from the white helmets is that they are, they believe, deliberately trying to bomb certain civilian locations, trying to bomb field hospitals, trying to in the words of some teach these various areas that have been under rebel control a lesson even though in a number of them
12:54 pm
civilians on the ground tell us that they are quite a distance away from front lines or any sort of rebel headquarters. and, poppy, this kind of violence has been raging in syria for way too long now. the population largely feeling abandoned by the international community now increasingly becoming pawns in what appears to be a broader game being played out between on the one hand russia, the assad regime, on the other side the u.s. and various allies. and stuck in the middle are these civilians dying every single day. more and more being forced to flee. more and more becoming refugees. >> arwa damon, thank you so much for that. appreciate it as always. coming up next, the american hero who helped stop that train attack in france, you'll remember his face very well. spencer stone is now in the hospital after a stabbing incident in california. cnn has just obtained surveillance video shedding light on what may have happened.
12:55 pm
we'll bring you that next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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an american hero who not only survived a terror attack but actually helped bring that terrorist has been stabbed repeatedly in california. now we have surveillance video of the stabbing outside a bar in sacramento. you can see spencer stone in the white shirt. he's the tall man on the left of your screen. and as he knocks someone to the ground, he is stabbed by a man to his left. stone's shirt seen turning red before he runs off. spencer stone and other three americans were hailed as heroes the world over after rushing in and hog tying a terrorist on that paris-bound train in august. police say they are currently looking for the offenders in that video. that does it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper begins right now.
1:00 pm
capitol chaos. a bombshell in the most important election besides the election. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." breaking news in our politics lead today, speaker stunner. the heir apparent kevin mccarthy taking himself out of the run. what kind of drama is going on behind closed doors? and who is going to be second in line to the presidency? also in politics, is the guy who would be known as the guy with no filter if donald trump weren't around, i'll ask governor chris christie what he thinks of what's going on on capitol hill about dr. ben carson's budget plan and senator marco rubio's excuses for missing votes. and just five more days until the first democratic debate right here on cnn. senator bernie sanders hoping to funnel the energy of his fan base onto that national stage as candidate hillary clinton takes a position placing her firmly opposition to secretary of