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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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of leadership, a defiant show of force to the world. kim jong-un will be presiding over this event but the sign of this country's isolation, wolf, only china is sending a high-level delegation. most countries are staying far away from this event. >> will ripley, thank you. that's it for me. thanks for watching. erin burnett with "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, the gop in disarray. the stunning dropout of kevin mccarthy. plus, dr. ben carson and his wife here on "outfront" talking race and their marriage. an american hero stabbed on the street. why did the airman, who helped take down a terrorist, brutally attacked right here at home. let's go "outfront."
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin "outfront" with the breaking news. the man everyone assumed would be the next speaker of the house is gone. in a shocking move, kevin mccarthy stunning washington and dropping out of the race. and he got out moments before the vote to give him the job. that job, of course, second in line to the president. it's a huge development tonight. speculation surging on the reason for his sudden exit. but note this, hillary clinton pounced on mccarthy when he appeared to suggest that the republican-led benghazi investigation was aimed at weakening her candidacy and today donald trump taking credit for mccarthy's shocking move. >> kevin mccarthy is out. you know that, right? [cheers and applause ] and they are giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. >> our chief political correspondent dana bash is "outfront." dana, rouepublicans are saying
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that they were shocked by this announcement. >> i witnessed the shock and disbelief. i was part of the shock and disbelief, erin, i was right outside the door of the room where most of the members had just gotten there. they were eating the barbecue that had been ordered from them from a bar cue food truck. people weren't really listening to him. he got up in the front of the room and was speaking in a hush tone and with a low voice. the acoustics, i'm told, weren't great. once people heard what he said, they couldn't believe it. i got a text from a source in the room as soon as mccarthy made the announcement saying, mccarthy just dropped out, election postponed. i said, stop it, i thought this person was pulling my leg but at that moment people started to trickle out of the room and we later learned that that was, in fact, what happened. now, the reason that mccarthy has given in private and in public that he believes that the at the end of the day he could
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have gotten -- squeaked through with the 218 votes needed, of course, the majority of the house, the house speaker has to be approved by the actual body, not just the party, but that he wouldn't be effective. and the other thing that i was told, the other big reason is because the so-called house freedom caucus, erin, the conservatives were who saying that they wouldn't vote for him in the first round but maybe would at the end of the day if he agreed to lots of changes in how the republican caucus was run, that they were trying to extract so many concessions that he felt like he couldn't be an effective speaker if he did agree to some of what they were asking. >> it's stunning and what it says to the world, the jobs second in line to the presidency. nobody seems to want somebody who is going to get it drops out. it's stunning. dana bash, thank you very much. i want to go to las vegas now where the republican presidential candidates were talking about this. donald trump and marco rubio.
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sara murray is "outfront." donald trump is taking credit for mccarthy dropping out of the race for speaker. what's his reasoning? >> reporter: yes, surprise, surprise, donald trump taking credit for something. he says that his candidacy has shown that you don't need someone who is not only smart but tough. he said he's seen an moss fee towards washington, towards the political system like he's never seen before and, frankly, this is what we hear when we talk to voters. they really like candidates like donald trump, like ben carson because they are political neofites. as you've seen, it's difficult to show up and completely change the way a governing body works but for now this is how trump is rallying voters. >> sara murray, thank you very much. live in las vegas, all of the republicans, and many of them, i can't say all -- because that would mean a lot of people, a lot of people are campaigning.
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one who stayed off the campaign stage is ben carson. he's central to the whole race, skyrocketing to number two in every poll. the poll shows the best chance to beat the democrat in the key swing states. i sat down with both he and his wife for a rare joint interview and asked him about the impact of the campaign on their 40-year marriage. >> it's not made it harder and, you know, it's provided an opportunity, you know, for me to see what an incredible wife i have. [ laughter ] >> 40 years i gave him up to medicine. i thought when he retired, we'd have some time together. so it's similar to -- >> so not yet? no time yet? >> no. >> okay. rupert murdoch met both of you. >> i didn't meet him. i wanted to meet him but i was finishing up my own edit.
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>> he didn't meet you, actually? >> i don't think so. i think i would have remembered that one. >> it's interesting because in this now infamous tweet, he mentions you as well, mrs. carson. he says," candy and ben carson terrific, what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide and much else." do you agree? are you more black than president obama? >> i really don't think it's an issue. what i think he was trying to say is that the black community was extremely excited about his election and that their plight has not improved significantly under his administration. >> so would you do something specifically and more for the black community? >> i would. >> why? >> i would something specifically to create ladders of opportunity that allow people
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to climb out of poverty, out of dependency, and that's going to require an overall plan. it's going to, for instance, require encouraging private sector to create daycare centers, particularly in inner cities, because a lot of those young women, once they have that baby out of wedlock, their education ends and that baby is four times likely to go into poverty. you know, the war on poverty was declared in the 1960s. since that time, government has spent $19 trillion. and what do we have? ten times more people on food stamps, more poverty, more broken families out of wedlock births and incarceration, crime. nothing is really better. so what i've witnessed is i've traveled around the country are private sector programs. those really work. >> mrs. carson, as first lady, would you feel -- would you feel a responsibility in your role towards the issue of race,
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towards black america specifically? >> well, to tell you the truth, i'm not focused on that position. right now, it's very important to wake our people up. it's sad that so many of our country just aren't aware of so many crises situations going on. the debt that we have, it's 18.5 trillion or more. to pay that off at a rate of $10 million a day would take you 5,000 years. people can say that but do you have a comprehension -- a full comprehension of what that means and we're settling the future generations with us. it's morally wrong to steal from future generations. what got me on board with, this it's not something i wanted to do and not something he had on his bucket list. but when you look at grandchildren or when i see any children -- because i don't see my grandchildren because we're on the road so much and it's hard because i really want to see them. one is 3 1/2 and one turns 2 next month. i haven't seen them for six months. but whenever i see these
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children, i think, i can't do this to them. >> so how do you make this work, dr. carson? you are your usual self. that means very, very calm, even keeled. dare i say monotone sometimes, that's a positive. can be a negative. you, though, are sparking with energy. is that the way it always is? >> i've always been called more of a drama person. even though i never took lessons. it's natural. you know, i get excited. i'm a musician as well and when i used to do artwork, it was the same thing. so, yeah, i guess i'm just more motive. >> you let her shine? >> i let him shine, too. did he need more makeup than me? >> when you think about it, you know, neurosurgeons, if you know any, they tend to be very calm, low-key people.
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and that's because when you're in the middle of somebody's head and a vessel breaks loose, if you panic, the patient's dead. you've got to be very steady. you've got to inspire confidence in the people around you. you've got to know exactly what you're doing. >> let me ask you, in your book, dr. carson, about your anger issues as a teen and you've talked about this, hitting people with bats and lunging at someone with a knife. this is you we're talking about. >> uh-huh. >> you're now known as so soft spoken and so calm. you've conquered your demons but is there anything that fires you up? i mean, that young man who could do those things, that person is still in there, right? >> well, i may be fired up. i may just not look like i'm fired up. you know, i'm a person who, you know, has a lot of fire, quite frankly, and you'll see that as time goes on. you know, particularly in defending positions and taking on challenges. and when i think about what is
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going on in the world right now, with the global jihadist, when i look at what putin is doing, i have a lot of fire about what we should do about those things. i just don't yell and scream about those things. >> i yell and scream. i just have a little more lilt in my voice. >> the anti-michelle obama, it says about you, and i'll quote her, she's smart, talented, loves america and it's a thinly veiled reference when she said it was the first time and do you find it offensive that people compare the two of you because of your race? >> this guy is 24/7. when he leaves the house to do an interview, i turn everything off because it's nice to have peace. i'm not as politically inclined
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as he is because i've -- i was raised in -- it wasn't my forte. he's very interested and now i've come on board. a lot of that stuff i don't even see because i'm busy doing other things. >> so dr. carson, in "the washington post," damon tweety, he teaches at duke school of medicine. he wrote about you, how you inspire him. back when he was a student, he said your influence on him was profound and now wrote in a bizarre twist, your biggest fans are no longer in the black community. here's how he said it. carson has become a major star among the far right, the faction of the republican party often perceived as being indifferent or worse to african-americans. many black doctors, given our long standing adulation of carson, are puzzled and kiss
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dour discouraged by this evolution. >> they simply don't understand the other side of the world. the fact of the matter is, i understand both sides of the world. >> so, do you find it, do you welcome the fact going to take on issues of the african-american community or do you find -- or do you resent that, that there's still that smith, that people would see you as black first? >> i hope that we can eventually reach a point where we don't judge a person by the color of their skin and, you know, i've said it before, there are certain segments of our society and, you know, particularly progressive movement, that always categorizes people on the basis of their skin color. and i don't find that to be as much the case, you know, with
4:14 pm
conservatives but i admit that there's problems on both sides. >> all right. well, i appreciate both of you taking the time. thank you very much for being with me. >> thanks for having us. all right. "outfront" next, hillary clinton and president obama sharing the stage tonight but clinton says she's against one of his biggest policy achievements, something she said she was for 45 times. and the american hero who stopped a terrorist attack on a paris train, you're going to see him get attacked last night after leaving a california bar. what led to this brutal stabbing.
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tonight, rupert murdoch tweeting, what about a real
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black president that can properly address the racial divide. here's what ben carson said about that. >> i really don't think it's an issue. what i think he was trying to say is that the black community was extremely excited about his election and that their plight has not improved significantly under his administration. >> that is actually how a lot of people are explaining the tweet. look at what rupert murdoch tweeted last month. two stories, carson, oebama, tw men, different values. joining me now, howard dean and deborah dickerson, author of
4:19 pm
"the end of black men." is murdoch saying that obama is not black because he was raised in a white family? >> it's really hard to figure out what he's trying to say. i think the larger issue here is this idea that there are, you know. some sort of characteristics or qualities that make you black in this country. he's an african-american male who has dealt with racism on his part and as a president i think he's had -- he actually has a lot of successes that he can talk about in terms of what he has done for the african-american community. the concern here is that we're still in 2015, we're talking about whether -- what make as real black person in this country and i think that's just like a ridiculous type of conversation and i hope rupert murdoch would know better. >> deborah, president obama has spoken about this. he's spoken about trayvon martin and said he could have been his son and went on to describe his
4:20 pm
own experience. here's what he said. >> there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. there have very few african-american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me, at least before i was a senator. >> you heard what he's saying, it doesn't matter that he was raised in a white family. that's the experience he had because of the color of his skin. do you think that you can separate skin color from how you were raised? >> i think the question is an existential one. it's not about what the police does or doesn't do. it's about the fact that black, like white, asian and everything else, is a social construction.
4:21 pm
and it's constructed in a way that i agree that president obama is not black, not because he didn't come to slavery or his story isn't compelling. it's a different story. what black means in america is the people who were brought from africa involuntarily who have been medically oppressed ever since. that's what it means. >> you're saying, by that definition, he is not black. >> he's not black. and there's nothing wrong with who he is. he's chosen to be back in a way that's different from rachel dolezal. she was dealing with a mental issue. barack obama understood that to be viable as a candidate, he did the things he needed to do. he's a protestant and i think,
4:22 pm
though, that had he positioned himself as half indian, half black, none of us would have heard who he is. he had to play the game the way it lies. >> doug, what do you make of that? he played the game and played black but she's saying he's not really black by that definition. >> i respectfully disagree. i think in politics today if he ran as -- it probably would have been easier for him to run as a bi-racial candidate. in the fact that he ran as an african-american male, he never ran away from that, he certainly, during his first campaign, worked very hard in south carolina in terms of reaching out to african-americans. >> what about his point that he -- to her point that it was politically expedient to be black and he got noticed. >> i think in politics, being an african-american male candidate is not politically expedient. it's very hard to win the
4:23 pm
presidency on its own and to be an african-american male to win it is next to impossible. and so i've done a lot of races and i think the idea that you have a leg up, being an african-american male in races, that's just absurd. >> deborah, quick and final word? >> it's that he's a particular kind of biracial. he's the only kind of candidate that could ever have been elected the first black president, one who is -- i'm critiquing the restrictions of the word blackness and the concept blackness. it's much too small and reduces us to nothing but the people who have historically been impressed by white people. >> i appreciate you both taking the time. fascinating conversation. thank you. >> thanks, erin. next, hillary clinton and her former boss at the same
4:24 pm
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tonight, hillary clinton speaking to a group of latino leaders, sharing the same stage with president obama which could mean an awkward encounter as she breaks with him on key issues, issues she once wholeheartedly supported. jeff zeleny is "outfront." >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton and president obama on the same stage. >> increasingly, there's a growing divide between the president and his former secretary of state. as she campaigns for the white house. [cheers and applause ] facing a tougher than expected liberal challenge from bernie sanders -- >> health care must be seen as a right, not a prove ledge. >> reporter: clinton is suddenly breaking with the administration on one hot button issue after another. she wants to repeal the so-called cadillac tax on high-cost health care plans.
4:29 pm
she is saying no to the administration's new trade agreement. >> as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> reporter: and she is speaking out forcefully against u.s. deportation. it's a campaign trail shift for clinton as she tries to win over the progressive base of her party in the democratic primary fight. there are no such shifts for vice president joe biden. he's nearing his own decision about 2016 and holding president obama tight. in a speech today in washington, biden made clear that he's a partner of the president. >> when the president and i took office, we knew we had to make some tough and incredibly unpopular decisions. >> reporter: if he jumps in, it will be biden/obama running for a third term. >> you can disagree with barack in terms of how we generate the funding. >> reporter: not since the 2008
4:30 pm
democratic presidential debates has clinton tried to distance herself so much from obama. >> you talked about ronald reagan being a transformative political leader. i did not mention his name. i'm here. he's not. >> i can't tell who i'm running against sometimes. >> reporter: it's all designed to set the stable for the first democratic debate of this campaign when clinton faces sanders and other rivals for the first time. now, that debate on tuesday in las vegas is a key moment in this democratic primary fight. it's an opportunity for hillary clinton to try astrengthen her standing as a front-runner but it's a tricky balance, all in hopes of finding favor from the mood of the party. >> sure is. thanks, jeff. "outfront" now, david gergen and gloria borger. gloria, let me start with you. hillary clinton spoke out no fewer than 45 times in favor of this trade deal. this week she says she's against
4:31 pm
it. that's pretty tea damning, isn't it? >> yeah, i think it is. when you look at her words, parsing hillary's words, she said, as of today i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. so does that mean that at a certain point she could say, well, okay, that was then and this is now if she believes that during a general election she might want to -- she might want to switch a little bit? you know, i think it is pretty damning. >> and david, to this point, this seems to be the reason that people rate clinton as dishonest. the top four word associations for hillary clinton, this has been done before and a couple days ago, liar, dishonest, untrustworthy and fake were the four words. this would be part of the reason why. >> well, i think that's right. i must say, flip-flopping happens a lot in politics, but given her narrative, given the prevailing story that she's --
4:32 pm
you can't trust her, this is going to play into that narrative. i think gloria is right. it's damning and not the only issue in which she flip-flopped. she was for the trade deal as secretary of state. now she's against it. it appeared that she was on the keystone pipeline, it appeared she was for that and she's now against it. cadillac tax on health care, that's -- you know, that's an obamacare, she's never raised any complaint against it and now she's against the cadillac -- she wants to -- she's against the cadillac -- i'm sorry. she's against the cadillac tax. >> right there, you just had me. it's almost as if you can't remember what side she's on because she keeps switching. >> that's right. exactly. >> right. so one thing that she's changed her mind on -- and there's some people who are sympathetic to this, a lot of people have evolved on that issue. you know the issue i'm talking about. gay marriage. she was vocally against gay
4:33 pm
marriage for a decade. she didn't come out to support it until 2013 when she was getting ready to run for president and showed after overwhelming support for democrats. hardly a hard time to come out and be for gay marriage. she even joked about the shift on "saturday night live." here she is. >> it really is great how long you've supported gay marriage. >> yes. >> i could have supported it sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> fair point. okay. how can she make it look like it was from the heart and not from the polls? >> well, look, you know, president obama was late. i think she may have more of a fight if joe biden gets in the race on this particular issue. >> right. >> he mentioned all of them on this. >> right. no national democrat was really vocal about the issue of gay
4:34 pm
marriage until pretty late in the game and so if you're in a general election and you're running against a republican who is opposed to gay marriage, it's pretty clear. and the primary, what we're seeing again is hillary clinton shifting to the left because she is worried about bernie sanders, she could be worried about a joe biden candidacy and has to get all of this out there before the debate. >> david, i'm also curious to glour yeah's poi gloria's point. let's just say, david, that wins over some votes from bernie sanders. great. that helps you in the primaries. doesn't that hurt her with the independents and more likely to support things like free trade, don't like the flip-flopping and the votes she needs to get to the white house? >> where i think this is really troubling, she was secretary of
4:35 pm
state. the transpacific partnership is a fundamental piece of foreign policy. it's a crucial piece of the obama foreign policy. she said it's the gold standard. for her to move on this issue, i think it's particularly unsettling because it does raise a question of how steady will she be in foreign policy. >> i appreciate both of your time tonight. thank you. >> thanks. as i just mentioned, the first democratic debate is this tuesday right here on cnn. "outfront" next, the surveillance video of the american heroes stabbed on the streets of sacramento weeks after he tackled a terrorist on a paris-bound train. that special report is next. and a modern dane underground railroad. new immigrants coming in through the southern border. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge!
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tonight, an american hero stabbed. spencer stone is in serious condition tonight. the brutal attack was caught on
4:40 pm
camera. >> reporter: surveillance video captures the moment the first punch may have been thrown. seconds later, the fight spills out from the sidewalk onto the street in downtown sacramento. then, more punches, more fighting. it's not clear from the video which one is airman spencer stone or when he was stabbed. the video shows a man wearing a dark shirt with a stain on his chest. stone was stabbed several times in the upper body. they are looking for the two people responsible for it. >> the suspects in this crime are two male asian adults. the males are being described as wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. >> reporter: police released an image of the two men just before they got into a car and took off. officials say the fight may have started at a nightclub. stone was out with four of his friends and got into an argument with the suspects over what is unclear. police say the incident is not related to terrorism or to stone's heroic actions this past
4:41 pm
august. stone was one of five men, including two of his friends. stone almost lost his phone when he was stabbed with the box cutter during that august terror attack. he and the other men received highest honor, the legion of honor. stone and his two friends also receiving praise for president obama. >> because of their quick thinking, because of their teamwork, it's fair to say that a lot of people were safe. >> reporter: stone is now outside of sacramento being treated at uc davis medical center and listed in serious condition. the hospital spokesperson listing a statement that the family of airman spencer stone appreciates the outpouring of love and support and asks the media respect his right to privacy at this time.
4:42 pm
>> do we know more about what led to this fight? this was a bizarre and shocking story. >> that was a question that would impress over and over again, police would not say specifically what the fight was about. they would only say that they had no reason to believe that stone was in any kind of trouble and they also added that they believe that alcohol played a role in why this whole situation escalated. >> that's unbelievable. thank you very much, jason carroll. "outfront" next, our special report. iraqis sneaking across the mexican border. terrifying question is whether terrorists could be hiding among them. and on a lighter note, jeanne moos on how vladimir putin became the leading scorer in this hockey game. is anyone surprised? can a business have a mind?
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
well. kyung lah is "outfront." >> reporter: in clouds of chaos, children and women flung aboard a military chopper, desperate, escaping isis brutality. today, thousands of religious minorities, the bulk of them christians, are fleeing iraq and syria. refugees streaming across borders. some even making it to the mexico border and then into the united states. >> journey through hell. >> reporter: we're traveling with a u.s.-born christian iraqi into taiwan into, mexico. he's spear-heading a way out for radicals into the mid-east. he and others paid thousands to help these two men get out of erbil, iraq, into europe and now into mexico. a shadowy underground railroad, a harrowing two-month journey. isis' grip on these men still visible. that fear is why they asked us
4:48 pm
not to show their faces. how brutal is isis? isis only knows language of beheadings, he says. >> why you? >> reporter: because we're christian, he says. these men are among hundreds who have escaped into mexico. once in tijuana, they enter the u.s. by applying for asylum. u.s. officials worry terrorists, including isis militants, could follow that same path to america. u.s. immigration and discuss stops enforcement would not directly address the underground railroad but released this statement, saying it would bring to justice individuals who compromise the integrity of our asylum system, potentially putting our country's security at risk. >> what do you say about the security issue? >> our national security should be priority number one, without a doubt. these are people being killed by
4:49 pm
isis. they are not isis. they are coming to america to run away from isis. >> reporter: isis broadcasts their propaganda videos, beheading ethiopian christians. proclaiming them christians. >> the people are being raped, they are being beheaded, they are being massacred. little girls are being kidnapped. >> reporter: he gathered a list of names, more than half of them children. >> these are 70,000 innocent christians and yazidis, syrian christians. >> reporter: he pounded the pavement in d.c. begging for air lifts and visas into america. >> we've done everything we can. we've met with the president, we've met with vice president biden, we've spoken to the state department. nothing works. and if president won't act, congress won't act, then i'm going to act.
4:50 pm
>> reporter: we've since heard from the two men who we interviewed in mexico. they walked the u.s./mexico border and turned themselves into u.s. authorities requesting asylum. they've since been released to their families in san diego and their case is now with u.s. immigration court. in case you're wondering, he says he's done this now hundreds of >> hundreds of times. thank you very much. and i want to go straight now to former cia operative bob bear. you heard they have done this literally hundreds of times, many fleeing horrific persecution but when you hear hundreds of times, what do you think? >> i think most of these people are legitimate and fearing prosecution in iraq or syria. doesn't matter where. the problem for immigration is when somebody shows up at the border and claims to be fleeing, you know, for political asylum, they don't have any paperwork with them. immigrations doesn't know who they are. to be let in the country all
4:51 pm
they have to say is i'm afraid, i have a fear. immigrations has no choice. they have to take them in, put them in the social welfare system or sent to family members and immigrations and homeland se security is afraid. ey have no way to know. >> this seems to be a real issue. a leader said if he were up to no good, he would look at the u.s. southern border. is it possible that is happening? >> i think that's a good question and i just passed this along from homeland security. they are afraid it is happening, people are mingling in these groups, coming across, showing up in twith the possibility of buying weapons. for a bit of heroin, you can buy an up a weapon and bullets. this is all possibilities right now and it's what they don't
4:52 pm
know, there is no way to track the people and they are coming across the border in california, tens of thousands. the chance of isis bringing somebody across is pretty good. >> is pretty good because you're pointing out someone else in the middle east said, which is they don't have papers. there is no way to know. it's not as if if you do a good background, who is a terrorist? who is isis? you can't. >> immigrations is instrekted to take their statements on face value. how is customs. >> they are supposed to believe it? >> they are. just believe it until you have evidence of the contrary and of course, they don't. they are showing up with fake documents. we have no way to check for instance syrian documents. in the old days you go to the police and say i'd like a name check, trace on this person and
4:53 pm
they would do it but there is no government in syria to do it now. this is a serious problem, and nothing happened so far but it has this government worried. >> all right. thank you very much. bob bear, thank you. "outfront" next, vladimir putin star from a star skater, never mind the nhl but crushes russia's best when he goes to the hockey rink. jeanne moos with that story next. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. russian president vladimir putin is famous for his macho
4:58 pm
shirtless hobbies and played ice hockey and it seemed his opponents gave him shirts off his back. >> reporter: we seen him shirtless on a horse, tagging a tiger and plays hockey on a 63rd birthday and scores seven goals? seven? at least one blog put the word scores in quotes. >> anybody who checked hill was not sent to the penalty box but to siberia. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one doubter commented i bet the goalie dove out of the way like the puck head polonium on it. we asked former hockey play by play announcer dan to assess the russian president's skills. how is putin's stickhandling? >> it's pretty pedestrian. >> reporter: his skating?
4:59 pm
how would you rank his skating? >> you can tile it with a sun dial but he didn't fall down. >> reporter: one skeptic compared russia's president to n north korea's leader. >> i don't know if anyone on the ice was named moses but kind of a parting of the red sea as he skated through the neutral zone. >> reporter: watch no one try to take the puck away from putin. >> putin shoots and scores. >> reporter: would russian tv ever show their president doing this? putin was awarded a trophy, happy birthday, mr. president. we may be looking at the nhl's next top draft pick, number 11. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: switch goals by one guy reminds us what they said when the u.s. hockey team beat the russians at the 1980 olympi olympics. >> do you believe in miracles?
5:00 pm
>> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn new york. >> they could have given him one goal but seven? does the guy have any pride? thanks so much for joining us. be sure to set your dvr to record the show and watch us any time. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us, whether it's russia aiming missiles at syria but reportedly hitting iran or dr. ben carson igniting controversy over something he said or trump making headlines, it's been quite a day so far so get ready for a busy two hours ahead. we begin with breaking news, chaos within the republican party, shock waves and apart threat and intrigue. all of it surrounding the unexplained decision by kevin mccarthy to drop out of the race to become the next speaker of the house second in line after vice president biden to the president of the united states. his announcement came just as his fellow republicans were about to cast a vote on candidacy, a vote he said he


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