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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  October 8, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> this is "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. >> chaos in the u.s. congress. the man expected to be the next speaker of the house abruptly quits leaving his republican party in turmoil. >> plus, claims of russian missiles aimed at syria may have hit the wrong country. >> and the american hero who stopped a terrorist on a paris-bound train attacked and repeatedly stabbed at home. >> hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay. >> and i'm john vause.
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>>' we begin this hour with turmoil abowith the republicans congress. >> kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race. dana bash begins our coverage. >> there's congressional chaos and then there's this. a republican meeting to vote for a new speaker ending abruptly after the front-runner, kevin mccarthy shocked everyone. suddenly dropping out of the race. >> stun popped. >> you were behind him. are you stunned? >> totally stunned. >> what happened? >> kevin mccarthy, just like john boehner did, put the country and the congress and the conference before his own interest interests. it was a very honorable thing to do. he recognized and shared with the congress his candidacy might further divide his caucus and further divide the party across the country. >> behind closed doors, that's exactly what kevin mccarthy told
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his colleagues. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> and what he told reporters after the news got out. >> if we're going to be united and strong, we need a new face to help do that. so nothing more than that. >> that and raw numbers. despite mccarthy's public congress only an hour earlier, sources close to mccarthy say he realized getting approval from the majority of the house -- 218 votes -- was going to be tough. and cnn is told mccarthy decided the demands many conservative members were making in exchange for their votes -- those in the so-called freedom caucus -- would have made him too weak to be effective. >> we were looking at how do we work together? we were looking for a speaker who worked with conservatives rather against us. what changes do we need to make? >> moderates like charlie dent worry it will be hard to find a republican member who will appeal to those conservatives but still actually lead the
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entire house as the constitution requires the speaker to do. >> the next speaker should not appease those who make reasonable demands. there are a number of members of our congress who cannot get a yes on anything. >> the two other republicans in the race for speaker are a bit speechless. >> did not see that coming. >> but still in. >> we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were elected to do. >> so the question now is who will be speaker? and the answer on everybody's lips is paul ryan. at least he's the one who can bring together all of the faction, the cwarring factions f the republicans in the house. paul ryan made it clear he doesn't want the job. we are told john boehner, the current house speaker, is trying to get him to change his mind, to put his hat in the ring, because this is a time where republicans need the leadership and the respect that he actually does garner from so many parts of the republican party. his aides are saying he's not
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going to do it, but he's not closing the door fully. dana bash, cnn, washington. >> for more now on the incredible turmoil in the gop, our political reporter joins us now from las vegas. i grew up in australia, we had a prime minister who used to taunt the opposition during times like this. he would say if you can't govern your party, you can't govern the country. is that the same issue here for the gop? >> yeah. i mean, this was a really rough day for the gop. and what's so interesting is that what went down in washington is really ill lust tif of what's happening in the presidential race. you have these two lanes, the establishment lane and then the freedom caucus votes who are appealing to tea party folks. and it's just been really fascinating to watch. obviously kevin mccarthy came as a big blow to the gop establishment in washington. and it's sort of a party in chaos at the moment.
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>> a party in chaos and kevin mccarthy dropping out for that role of speaker. it's the job nobody wants, but normal people now saying paul ryan, the former vp nominee is the only man if up for the job. do you think he'll take it just for the good of the republican party? >> i think paul ryan could be a really interesting choice. we saw in the 2012 race when he was chosen as mitt romney's vice presidential nominee, he does have the ability to unite the conservatives on one side and then also the rest of the party on the other. but at this point it's really unclear whether anyone can govern. and certainly people out here in nevada who are watching this from afar are saying what is going on back there? it just looks like chaos. >> it does look like chaos. you mention this we bell i don't know in the gop is playing out on the campaign trail. the marco rubio campaign. but he's way down in the polls, ben carson, an outsider, is up
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in the polls. he's number two by all accounts. he's been trying to explain a passage from his book which seems to suggest the holocaust would not have happened if the jews were armed. this is ben carson now trying to explain what he meant. >> my point is that was only one of the countries i mentioned. there were a number of countries where tyranny reigned and before it happened they disarmed the people. that was point. noah webster said when he was talking about tyranny that the people of america would never suffer tyranny because they are armed. >> the anti-defamation league say those comments are personally historically accurate, which they are. they also said they're offensive. but is there a tipping point here? soefr it seems these sorts of comments have not been a problem so far. >> what people like about ben carson is that he's a really refreshing outsider voice. but he's had a rough couple of days. he's certainly surged in the
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polls in the last couple of months, but i think there's a credibility test for a lot of voters out there. whether he can actually about issues in a way that appeals to the broader general electorate. with these stumbles, there are gong to be a lot of people who give him a second look and say is he up for the job? i was at the donald trump rally earlier today. a lot of people there say ben carson is their second choice. but as the coverage gets more unfavorable to carson, as the vetting process goes on, that could change, certainly. >> and to that point, you say trump supporters are looking at carson as a number two. it had seemed up until a few days ago that ben carson was really positioning himself as the anti-trump. that seems well and truly out the window with the kind of comments we're hearing from him in the last couple of days. the big question is, where does the race go from here in terms of tenor and tone? >> well, i mean, certainly trump and carson and carly fiorina are competing on that outsider lane. and then you have marco rubio,
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jeb bush. some of the other establishment candidates in the other lane. so it's going to be really interesting to see whether or not carson can kind of make his way through this and he talked a lot about how the media has been unfair to him and taking his words out of context in recent interviews. but trump certainly appeals to people that love that blunt, plain spoken talk. a lot of those people also looking at carson. so we'll see if someone like marco rubio, who as you mentioned is down in the polls starts to have a little bit of a surge here. he certainly seems to be gaining momentum. he had a good strong crowd here tonight in las vegas. and so this is still a race that is very, very volatile. >> it is indeed. we appreciate the insider perspective. thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> cnn is hosting the first debate between the democratic presidential candidate, live coverage from las vegas starts tuesday night 5:30 pacific time. only here on cnn.
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and i'll see you there. >> the defense ministry claims that four russian missiles crashed in iran, branding its psychological warfare. >> russia fired those missiles as part of its escalating campaign in syria. moscow has also slammed those comments coming from the united states. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the details. >> reporter: russian warships firing cruise missiles at what it says are isis targets in syria. but as the russian leaders celebrated his 63rd birthday on the ice rink, there is new signs of trouble for the russian military campaign. cnn has learned at least four of the more than two dozen russian cruise missiles, launched from ships in the kas pcaspian sea. crashed in iran. u.s. officials believe there are injuries a setback for the
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cruise missile, billed as a highly precise weapon with a 1,000-pound warhead, being used for the first time in combat. the pentagon furious that the russians gave no warning of the missile launches and of other russian moves. >> it remains our hope that russia will see that tethering itself to a sinking ship is a losing strategy. >> and an ominous prediction from the u.s. defense secretary. >> i also suspect in coming days, the russians will begin to suffer casualties in syria. >> u.s. droning monitoring the border with turkey now have been shadowed by russian aircraft on at least two occasions. and the russians have fwloen into turkish air space. russia claims these videos show their attacks on isis. but the u.s. and turkey say that is not russia's main target. >> they have initiated a joint ground offensive with the syrian regime, shattering the facade
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that they're there to fight isil. >> a u.s. official tells cnn, so far rebel groups have been able to thwart at least limited parts oof the russian and syrian advances. even in the face of this brutal rocket system essentially a giant flame thrower. but a top congressional democrat says the u.s. has to do more. >> that might mean a no-fly zone in the southern part of syria and sending a message that they send up helicopters to barrel bomb people, we're going to take those down. >> u.s. and nay co officials making it very clear, their assessment, the russians are still overwhelmingly striking anti-regime, anti-assad forces and maybe have only conducted a small number of attacks, if any, against isis. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. james gal vin is with us right here in the studio.
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and for his perspective on the syrian crisis, you've also written a lot about the history of the modern middle east. >> thanks so much for joining us. as we saw in barbara starr's piece just then, clearly russia is escalating its intervention in syria. given all we've seen to date, is there any reason we should believe them when they say they will not send in ground troops? >> well, they already have 1,500 troops there to mainly run equipment. but we have to understand what the russians want out of this. they don't want to destroy isis. that's a secondary goal for the russians. the main goal actually is preserve the regime of bashar al assad. they want to be able to use air power with syria troops, hezbollah troops and perhaps iranian troops to do that. i don't think they're going to introduce a large number of troops into syria, but this is all speculation. >> explain to me, wh enwe heard from the defense secretary saying that the russians will start paying a price for this,
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he didn't really elaborate on that. what sort of price is he talking about there? and what would ash carter be basing that on? >> a part of that is, of course, wishful thinking. and maybe a veiled threat. but the other thing, of course, is the russians are going to take casualties. there's no doubt about that. and one of the things about isis and the various other jihadi groups is that there are a lot of chechans among them who would want nothing more than to draw russian blood. >> he's talking about battlefield casualties when he made that threat? >> i don't think the united states has many arrows in its quiver to be able to take on what the russians have done. >> let me ask you this, we're hearing from turkish officials that russians have violated their air space on two recent occasions, do you anticipate nato or anyone else for that matter moving beyond rhetoric entrying to reign in russia here? >> that's not going to be possible. but the russians have made that point with the two incursions. nato and probably the russians
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right now are scurrying to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. we near a dangerous situation. everybody is escalating this right now. russia is making warnings to turkey and to nato. so i think basically after this initial incursion what is going to happen is a cooling off. >> on the other side of the equation, the saudis and those who back the rebels are saying they will step up, provide more ammunition, more weapons, more money for the rebel fighters. we're down to the situation, you thought it was bad last week, it seems like it's going to be even worse next week. >> there's an optimistic and pessimistic way of looking at it. the violence is, of course, escalating on a dramatic scale. but the optimistic way of looking at it is the only way negotiations are going to start is if all sides, inside and outside view the situation as hopelessly stalemated. when the russians came in, they came in on the side of a regime that was losing.
9:15 pm
now they've re-established the stalemate there. the saudis now threatening to up the ante. what may happen fairly shortly is that there will be scrambling that will take place. hopefully bringing in all parties including iran and will negotiate some sort of end game in syria. the end game could be, i assume, as followed. the regime may stay. assad will stay or leave, that's something that's touchy between the united states and the opposition and the russians, but what that would do would be to provide two things. what would provide for the russians a way of getting out. what that would provide for the united states, on the other hand is, a way of avoiding what they call a hard landing, like took place in leeb yeah. there want to be an electrical grid, a banking system, security forces. and the only way to do that is a
9:16 pm
continuity of the regime. >> they want it to be not leeb yeah, in other words. jam, thanks for coming in. >> we appreciate it, thank you. >> next on "newsroom l.a." fif a's top man is suspended as the governing body deals with corruption allegations. >> also, he was wounded once stopping a terrorist attack on a french train. wounded again, this time stabbed in an apparent bar fight. when you booked this trip, you didn't know we had over 11,000 local activities listed on our app. or that you cobook them right from your phone. a few weeks ago, you still didn't know if you were gonna go. now the only thing you don't know, is why it took you so long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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. >> welcome back, everyone. there's been an arrest in the hunt of a mexican fugitive drug lord. the fie lot who helped him escape has been captured. she didn't discuss the circumstances of the pilot's arrest. >> he's been on the run since july 11. 24 people have been arrested so far. all but one of them, government employees. >> here in the united states, a family of an unarmed man who was shot to death by a police officer in north charleston, south carolina, has reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the city. the incident back in april began with a routine traffic stop by
9:21 pm
then officer michael slager. it ended with walter scott being fatally shot in the back as he wan away. >> the police officer has been charged f ed with murder for th shooting. the settlement on thursday ended the name's lawsuit. >> an american man who was stabbed while trying to stop a gunman on a french train is now in a california hospital recovering from another stabbing. >> this is completely unrelated to that previous incident and this time it has nothing to do with terrorism. but rather, it was a bar fight. >> reporter: john and isha, this is something that happens far too often in this area, bars and nightclubs. a street feegt. it's not exactly what happened that makes it so significant here, it's who was involved. >> what police say started as an altercation inside a sacramento bar soon spilled outside and turned into a wild street brawl.
9:22 pm
is this liquor store captured the fight. the u.s. air force airman spencer stone, the tall manwaring the white shirt, throwithrow ing punches as a group of men appear to surround him. watch closely. this is the moment where stone is apparently stabbed. what looks like blood on his shirt as everyone flees the scene. >> the assault does not appear to be a random act. it's believed to be related to a nightclub incident. >> reporter: it was just this august when stone was hailed as a hero, alock with oregon national guardsmen for take down a would-be terrorist aboard a passenger train in france. stone was praised for his aggressive role in disarming the man who was carrying firearms and a box cutter. >> i put him in a chokehold. it seemed like he just kept pulling more weapons left and right. pulled oit a handgun out. took out a box cutter, started jabbing at me with that. >> reporter: he was treated for
9:23 pm
his injuries and returned to the u.s., greeted with a hero's welcome. he met with the president at the white house, appeared on mightily talk shows, was honored with a parade in sacramento where he's stationed at travis air force base. but what led to the altercation captured on this surveillance camera? police here in sacramento say the entire incident is under investigation. but they already know this -- the suspects likely had no idea who they were fighting. but they likely know now. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between twol groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. we know it's not related to what occurred in france. >> spencer stone is now again in the hospital in serious condition. the hospital says stone suffered three wounds to his body. the wounds when he first arrived
9:24 pm
at the hospital were considered potentially life threatening, but doctors are pleased to report that he's expected to make a full recovery. john, isha? >> thanks to kyung lah for that? the top three officials are no longer on the job. this includes accesepp blatter. >> blatter wasn't the only one. the head of european football and fifa secretary general have also been hit with the same suspensions. fifa vice president now takes over as fif a's acting president. >> to israel now, and the prime minister says the palestinian authorities incitement, libels and lies are behind the violence. three new stabbings were reported on thursday. >> one was in tel aviv where they say an israeli female soldier was stabbed by a screwdriver by a palestinian who was then shot and killed.
9:25 pm
>> translator: another day which was not easy for all the citizens of israel. all of us in the midst of a wave of terrorism. terrorists filled with hatred are trying to hurt our people. >> both israelis and palestinians are urged to stay away from one of jerusalem's holiest sites. benjamin netanyahu says any more confrontation there can cause a, quote, explosive event. >> a short break here on cnn newsroom. germany's chancellor has proved pivotal during the migrant and greek economic crises. now she's said to be the front-runner for this year's nobel peace prize. >> plus, the new steve jobs bio pic hits theatres on friday. it's the film to beat this awards season.
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>> welcome back, everybody. thanks for staying with us. live from los angeles, i'm john vause. i'm i ask ha sesay. the leading candidate to be the next speak over the u.s. house of representatives has dropped out of the race. republican kevin mccarthy made the surprise announcement thursday. he says his party needs to unite behind a new face, but no clear favorites have emerged. >> u.s. officials say several cruise missiles launched from a russian ship aimed at targets in syria crashed in iran. it's unclear where in iran the missiles came down. iran and russia deny the american claims and say the
9:30 pm
missiles hit their intended targets. >> and there's a new man in charge of fifa. he has been appointed the acting president until the fifa presidential election or until there's a change in sepp blatter's status. blater and two top aids were given 90-day suspensions on thursday amid a growing corruption scandal. >> it's probably the world east most prestigious award and in a few hours the winner of the nobel peace prize will be revealed. top contenders include angela merkel to pope francis for his tireless work to open the vatican to the poor. >> earlier, i spoke with an expert who believes this year's prize will go to a deal maker. pet peter, thank you so much for joining us. as you and i we know, the short list for the nobel peace prize, is kept secret, but that never stops us from speculating.
9:31 pm
and this year, the speculation for the top contenders is very, very interesting. the list is very varied and goes in lots of different directions. give me your thoughts. >> this is 70er yaos after the first use of nuclear weapons, and every year, almost when there is such an anniversary, 60 years, 50 years, 40 year, they have given it efft. tos to stop nuclear proliferation or nuclear campaigns of various sorts. so i would think that is a more likely prize than any of the others. but you are right, there are many speculations, and it's a committee that is known to make surprises. >> i think it's interesting you put the nuclear issue front and center. a lot of people are co-elessing around angela merkel, the german chancellor for the leadership she's shown on the migrant issue. many people saying she deserves it. >> yeah, i think she does.
9:32 pm
but i think there are many other things associated with angela merkel that weigh in the other direction, the handling of the greek crisis, also the ukrainian crisis. so i think they would probably want something which is more in line with what nobel had. and it did specifically talk about introduction of armed forces. 6. >> as you talk about considerations of the nobel committee. give us a sense of how calculated a decision it is to avoid controversy and how politically minded they are as a committee? >> i think they are are millically minded. these are former political operators. they have been members of parties for a long time. so they think politically, i think. and they want this committee and the prize to have an impact and they have tried that many finti. which leads me to the idea that iran nuclear deal is probably
9:33 pm
the one but they seem to have an impact in making sure that deal is carried out. so i think they think politically like that and it would be less controversial than going for, say, angela merkel and pope francis and so on. so they want to minimize controversy and still be strategic in some sense. >> now, you say that you believe the iran issue will win the prize. the iran negotiators. but do you think they should win it? >> in my view, the prize should go to something completely different. i think the corruption is a global issue and lifting corruption would help that particular issue. my wish is to use it like that. but we're also talking about what is likely to happen. this nuclear disarmament move could be -- or if they're a little more daring, they would give to a movement called the
9:34 pm
international campaign for the abolition for nuclear weapons, which is a little like the moment we had before about land pliens and so on. so that could also happen. instead of diplomacy, they would go for grassroots. but somewhere there i think is likely, yes. >> the commit tie is known to spring surprises on us. we will be watching and wait to see their final choice. it's a great pleasure to have you on the show. thank you so much. >> thanks for the conversation. >> only five people in the world know who will win. they're all on the judging committee. >> there's an ever growing list of winners. >> jailed saudi writer and activist rea faudawi is said to be on the short list. he's charged with insulting
9:35 pm
islam by his blog. >> another likely contender is a hero to some and criminal to others. former u.s. intelligence analysts, edward snowden who admits to leaking top secret information about government spy programs. >> the decision will be made in four hours from now. >> you want to guess? >> angela. sorry, chancellor merkel, i should say. former crew members of a ship that apparently sank during hurricane joaquin said the ship had a history of problems. they said the ship had issues taking on water. >> this ship is old. if you like inside the deck on the second level, it's rusted to death. there's rust everywhere. only thing we do is mask the problem. we paint every rust we chip
9:36 pm
rust, but it's so much rust. it's hard to conceal what it really is. it's a rust bucket. >> the company which operates said in an e-mail the ship met all standards and certifications. the officials continue to look for the wreckage but gave up on a rescue operation for the 33 people onboard. as part of our on going two degrees series before the climate conference in december, meteorologists have been answering your questions about global climate change. two degrees is the difference between stabilizing global warming and total runaway climate change. derek van dam joins us with more on this. derek? >> yeah, that's right, john and isha. this week's viewer question
9:37 pm
comes to us from chicago. take a listen. >> hi. i am from chicago, illinois. my question is, is climate change associated with the natural disasters we've been currently experiencing? >> honestly, this is probably the second most popular question i get asked here as a cnn meteorologist behind will it rain on my birlt day party or on my wedding event. but to directly link climate change to a specific weather event is very irresponsible. we need a lot of data to draw those conclusions together. besides, humans, extreme weather has been taking place long before humans interfered with the climate system, for instance. but there is a direct correlation behind increasing frequency and tendency of flooding. in north carolina, catastrophic flooding. in fact, there was 11 trillion gallons of water that fell over
9:38 pm
those two states. enough to fill 16 1/2 million olympic sized swimming pools and that's enough water to end the ongoing drought in the state of california as well. and it did quite a number on the ongoing drought taking place in the carolinas. this is the national drought monitor. this is the week before the drought took place. we had severe drought conditions, especially across the mid lands in south carolina, but after the rains fell, look how much it improved the disappearance of the colors there. you can see just how much the hateful aided in ending the drought across the carolinas. but certainly, the fingerprint of climate change is felt across the entire planet, including some of the extreme rain events taking place across the northern portions of japan with a recent typhoon that moved through. take a look at these rain total exceeding the all-time record rain events and monthly rain events in just about 24 hours.
9:39 pm
the fingerprints of climate change are felt across the world. and this is just evidence of that. so is the carolina flooding as well that happened earlier this week. >> yeah. it is happening everywhere. it's inescapable. and i guess the question everyone is going to have to work out is what do we do? >> by the way, john and isha, viewers can submit their questions to us and perhaps get those answered on air by going to the 2 degrees segment on >> that's two degrees celsius for our viewers in the united states. you get the idea. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much. still to come, a tanzania teen finds hope here in l.a. >> i'm happy because i'm alive. and i'm here in a good place, so i'm happy.
9:40 pm
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>> good to have you with us in los angeles. a tanzanian girl who wept through horrible pain now has a positive outlook. >> she and her sister were constant targets back home. >> vivianna loves to dance, run and jump, but at 16 years old, she's having to relearn how to walk. the consequence of a horrific attack. >> at 11:00 at night, they come in our room. >> the robbers were after her bones. and they got what they came for. >> they come, they chopped my leg and my two fingers and this leg. >> the robbers shopped off half
9:44 pm
of her right leg, some of her fingers and tried to chop off her left leg. all because of her skin color and belief that her bones are magic. >> it's all driven by this crazy belief that is also propagated by the witchcraft doctors that instill in these people that are so desperate that if you take a limb of an albino person that you're going to be rich. >> after ten months in the hospital, vivianna and her sister feared going back home. >> i was afraid because if i could go back again, they could take my another limbs. >> you're afraid of being killed or they would come back and try to cut something else off? >> yes. >> the tanzanian politician heard her story and took the sisters in. she is the first albino to hold office in the country, put in
9:45 pm
place after country outlawed witch doctors, trying to curtail attacks on albinos. but the attacks continue, leaving people like vivianna with life long hardships. >> this was her old pros thethe. it was held on by a belt. >> here in los angeles, doctors are giving her a high-tech leg that will give her freedom. >> i'm happy because i am alive. and i'm here in a good place, so i'm happy. >> while vivianna smiles through it all, tindy can't bear to see her sister suffer. >> most of the people who hating try to hunting us or they say bad names. >> their dreams for the future are shaped by the trauma they lived through, a trauma tindy
9:46 pm
wrote a song about. ♪ there is some people who killing of albino ♪ >> she wants to be a tanzania judge to deliver hash, punishment to criminals and vivianna wants to be an orthopedist to help others with whos bones. >> it's one thing to have the laws on the books. it's another thing to actually hold people accountable and actually prosecute them. and that is the key in terms of battling these wrong-headed cultural -- >> listening to her, 11 years old, and you think you've got problems? wow. >> absolutely. we wish them the very best. >> you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. bring us your aching
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>> the much anticipated movie about steve jobs is released on friday in the united states. >> the movie comes out just days after the fourth anniversary of steve jobs death and boasts an all-star cast.
9:51 pm
>> an entertainment website makes predictions about who will take home the stop awards at the show business at the oscars and everyone else. >> so good to have you with us. >> you are touting this film as a major oscar contender. tell us why. >> i have seen a lot of movies trying to get into the oscar nomination for the last if weeks and so far this is my favorite. to have basically a talking movie, a bio pic just full of dialogue, be really action packed in a way. the action is between the actors. having these conversations. aaron sorkin's script, he just one the oscar for "the social network". >> and aaron sorkin is known for his dialogue. >> this is a movie not a documentary, but one of the problems is that a lot of people go to this movie and think it's an accurate portrayal of steve jobs, which is not.
9:52 pm
there are a lot of criticism from those who knew jobs, that he's not cruel, he's not the control freak that he's made out to be in this movie. >> i saw something from steve w wozniak, portrayed in the movie by seth roe gan, he said this is steve. this is the essence of steve, because, yes, there are scenes, certainly the dialogue is not true to life, it's fictionalized, but i think they really have pulled off, from what we can tell, what steve jobs was like as a person. >> as you talk about the essence of steve jobs, let's talk about the man playing steve jobs in michael fastbender, known from "shame" "12 years a slave." he looks nothing like steve jobs, but i hear he does an i amazing job of capturing that's sense. >> he's wonderful in this movie. just had a oscar nomination himself a couple of years ago. but also not just an indy guy. he's got the "x men" movie, too.
9:53 pm
he's popular internationally. he really pulls this off. and what's so interesting about him is that in the dialogue that puts it together is he -- steve jobs is not a good person. he's a mean person. he's mean to everybody around him, but he's also a genius. i was thinking about to another oscar winning role, general pattpa paton with george c. scott,'s a hero to many people, yet he's not a nice person. that's what we see here. >> will the fact that people like jobs' widow actually reportedly, at least, tried to have the movie not made and campaigned against it being made. and there has been this criticism. does that work against a film? >> it can, but sometimes just any kind of publicity helps a film. this is not going to be a blockbuster. it's not going to be an "x men"
9:54 pm
or a hunger games in terms of the box office. but it needs that kind of momentum like "12 years a slave." you know, bring in $100 million or more. the thing about fassbender, too, we polled a whole bunch of them in our prediction site, 10 out of the 19 now are predicting fassbender. and that's over leo dicaprio, johnny depp, tom hanks. >> what would it normally be at any time of year? >> it will sort itself out when you get into december and you have all the movies seen and globe nominations and s.a.g. nominations, but that's pretty high for this point in the process. >> okay, of an early running on who may get the oscars. thanks. >> thank you. >> we go to las vegas now and an unexpected scene. look at this. >> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump!
9:55 pm
yes! mr. trump! we love you! we love you! a. >> i swear to you, i think she's totally beautiful and great. i never met her before, i swear. >> she's excited. donald trump was campaigning at a hotel casino when he called this enthusiastic woman on stage. as you probably know, trump has been extremely outspoken on the issue of illegal immigration, which hasn't won him a lot of hispanic support. >> but at least one. >> one very boisterous -- >> excited, one hispanic supporter for donald trump, one. good. you're watching cnn newsroom. >> stay with us, john and i will be back with a look at today's top stories right after this.
9:56 pm
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>> this is cnn news room live los angeles. >> a house divided. the republican leadership left scramble after the leading candidate for the u.s. house speaker suddenly drops out. >> benjamin netanyahu's government reacts after more sporadic attacks on israelis. we are live in jerusalem. >> also, the modern day underground railroad into the united states for christians fleeing isis. >> hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm ish isha sesay. >> i'm john vause. "newsroom l.a." begins right now. republicans in the u.s. congress are searching for a new leader after the man expected to claim that title suddenly withdraw from the race. kevin mccarthy made the announcement on thursday. now the leadership in the


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