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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  October 10, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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a big weekend in politics as they prepare for the major debated on cnn. this as a new poll tune its between hillary clinton an blern r bernie sanders. north korean president kim jong-un. what this could mean for the famous comedian. this is cnn breaking news.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm alson kosik in for christy paul. 30 people dead, more than 100 wunld mdz after at least one bomb ripped through the main train station in turkey. >> the moment it hit, it was caught on video. watch this. you can see, really chilling to see there. this happened about 10:00 a.m. local time. the explosion so intense that witnesses say it shook nearby high rises. >> in the moments after the attack, dozens of bodies lay in the streets. threw see them covered with strooets sheets. they're waiting for ambulances
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and police. what is the latest, what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, it really affected everyone tragically here in turkey. according to min industry, 30 people were kill in the plast. another 126 wounded an this was a peace rally. these were people gathered to go out on the streets calling for a number of platforms. troops have been involved and the government is calling them terrorism on two fronts. it's bombing in syria, but also within it's own borders. now, you have people, many of them, young adults who have gone out this morning wanting two hours of peace, only to have it and like this as of yet, no claims of responsibility. >> that very dramatic video that shows the moment of explosion. other video, we can see different angles showing those
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moments that are seemingly quite sizable, especially given the death toll and turkey has been cracking down on terrorism, lately the most sweeping explosion happened in a southern town over the summer. and that also was hatargeting a group of young adults trying to get toke for humanitarian assistance, very much in that case and this one as well, taking advantage of these so-called soft targets. but also perhaps sending a warning to the turkish government that it needs to really watch what it's doing. it's a country that is made stranger to these types of bombing, sadly, although not as frequent as in more recent history as in the past. once again being reminded that
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no one can take anything for granted anymore, especially not in this region. >> again to recap. they have no claims of responsibility yet. 30 dead, 126 injured at this peace rally in ankora. we'll get back to with you details. thank you so much. all right now to the latest in the white house, three days until the latest debate on cnn, they have been out on the trail. >> bernie sanders rallies with 13,000 supporters in arizona, on the same day, a freshman at northern arizona university shot four students, killing one. sanders made a fierce pitch for sensible gun control.
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>> well, i think, yes, there are disagreements in terms of how we go forward with gun safety. i think the savt majority of the marine people want us to move forward in sensible ways, which keeps guns out of the hands of the people who should not have that, a touchdown on the senses will killings we see every week. in the meantime, hillary clinton met in washington with members of the plaque lives matter movement. they pushed for an end to police kail killings, not many other things on the agenda as well. take a look at this new poll, though, from dickinson university. hillary clinton tops the closest rival here by 22 points. 45-23. let's look ahead to tuesday night debate. senior reporter steven collins joins me now. let's talk about bernie sanders west virginia we understand about his prep.
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he's no no novice in these debates. >> bernie sanders is going through what you would expect, repeated mock debates with somebody standing in for hillary clinton. bernie sanders has been pursueing his issues for decades, if he were to remember lines and kwips and one liners, it might actually take away from his political brand. i think it's interesting, this democratic campaign has been going on for months. it's almost as if the candidates have ignored each other. hillary clinton has barely mentioned bernie sanders. she doesn't want to elevate him more than his campaign is doing. bernie sanders says he is in police it contrast with hillary clinton. he hasn't gone after her. martin o'malley, 1% or 2% in the
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polls. he's frustrated he can't get in the debate so far. finally on tuesday night, we will get to compare these candidates face-to-face. >> o'malley is calling for more debates. let's talk about hillary clinton. she going into this debate with a string of i guess favorable news for her campaign. better poll numbers that flip from majority leader maccar think she has been using on the trail. but she has to be careful here, too, right? >> she does, right, hillary clinton, remember in 2008. there were loads of debates. she went head-to-head with barack obama and the other candidate. she is a polished debater. she has been on the highest political stage for 25 years. i think the clinton campaign would probably like what happens for all middle abled males, ganging up on hillary clinton. allowing her to present herself as above the fray. i don't know that's going to happen. i think they would be careful to
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avoid. but i think hillary clinton has gone on the offense and managed to put some e-mails behind her. though it keeps bubbling up. i think it's an opportunity for her to taunt the american people in a way that she hasn't been able do because she has always been on defense. >> we will track the other political story this weekend. the gop. the step to get paul ryan to be the next speaker. we will talk about that in just a moment. i just want to remind you, where you need to be. to watch the debate, can you catch the first democratic pratttial debate this tuesday, october 13, 8:30 eastern. a huge display of military might. a parade in north korea this morning. it's happening as the leader, kim jong-un declares he is prepared to defend the country against the u.s. and north korea is ready for any war against the u.s. we got a report from pyongyang,
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to carefully choreographed military parade to show its strength and grandeur as we might say. >> leader tim kim jong-un is ready to fight any warways by the u.s. he's the third generation to rule north korea. we will have more on this story throughout the morning. >> all right. look at this video, too. a fight breaks out at a police station and then hours later, the suspect dies. coming up, more and who is to blame. also ahead, president obama meeting with the shooing survivors and families in oregon, sharing strong feelings about hundred u gun control in the wake of the tragedy. >> all right. first this morning, house republicans are scrambling to fill the top seat. they are calling for representative paul ryan to
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replace speaker john boehner after he stepped out. ryan has not made up his mind yet. he said no for quite a long time. he is taking the weekend to quote think and pray on it. right now, he is serving as the care the house ways and means committee. but he's most memorable as the 20 23r50e7b r 14 vice presidential candidate for 2012, a running mate with mitt romney. house leaders are now pushing him to take that job. >> paul is looking at it. it's his decision if he does it, he will be an amazing speaker. >> should he do it? >> there is very good chance. >> paul wine i ryan answered the call, when called by mitt romney, to be vice president. i think he is going home to soul search with his family whether or not he can accept this job a. job he doesn't want, isn't seeking, but it's seeking him. >> there is no doubt paul would be the overwhelming choice and
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probably the only one right now to bring different factions together at least for a while. >> let's bring in senior reporter, steven, the next speaker will need to bring congress together on both side of the party. what's the appeal that's being made to ryan, just for the good of the institution or is there something more here? >> the one guy that probably could get to be speaker doesn't seem to want it. it's a poison challenge. look at the toll on john boehner the outgoing speaker on trying to knit together this fractious republican coalition. he has been pounded by these freedom coalition ultraconservatives in the republican coalition and has made it very difficult to govern. these lawmakers believe they were sent to walk to shake things umm. they aren't necessarily interested in compromising in
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government. that's yuan one thing he must be thinking ability, a young man, in his 40s, possibly a presidential run in his own right. he must be thinking, wow, if i have, you know, a tough couple of years as speaker, that will diminish my own political brant and do i necessarily want to do this right now. >> so you mentioned the freedom caucus. jake taper spoke with a member, congressman raul labrador, let's listen to that and talk on the other side. >> it's not about the food. i think paul 59 a wonderful member of congress. he's probably to be smartest guy on a lot of different issues. it's about the what. >> the question what will he do? what is the litmus test, what will the next speak ver to vow that he or she will do to get that job? >> so in terms of the freedom caucus, i think the speaker has to be willing to shut down the president in a showdown with president obama. he will have to be offered the
3:17 am
conservative concessions in a lifting of the debt ceiling, which will be done in a few weeks, otherwise the u.s. will default on its debt for the first time ever. the next is, is the ingoing speaker going to want to do that? the same problem that has torn the republican party apart mostly in this presidential campaign is being played out now on capitol hill. it's just very difficult to see how eastern if paul ryan can make a short-term -- with these lawmakers, it's hard too learn how he can sustain that in years to come. >> that is one that i think he thinks is more of a head cake. paul ryan has a young family. he says he doesn't want to spend his weekends going around the country raising funds, which is one of the major jobs of being speaker and a speaker is a political job. paul ryan is a policy man. he likes running tax policy, social policy. i think there are all sorts of
3:18 am
reasons why he wouldn't do it. in the end he made us conclude he's the only man for the job. >> for now the man that has the job mae into ed to stick around a little long ever. thank you so much. >> okay. we want you to look at this video. hauch watch as a fight breaks out, hours later, the suspect dies. ahead, more of this video and who or what is to blame? cnn's nick valencia will have this story. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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an outpouring of grief last
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night. that's what happened in flag staff. thousands of students came together on school campus, remembering a boy shot and killed friday in a confrontation with a student. the gunman, 18-year-old steven jones is charged with murder and aggravated assault. we'll have more on this story later throughout the show. president obama was met by protesters in oregon after he traveled to roseburg meeting with students and families of the umpqua shooting. many in the community were angered by the gun safety laws in the hours after the ucc attack. but the president didn't hold back from his message. hours later in seattle, he renewed his call for action. >> we know we got to do something to prevent the mass gun shootings and two months before that, and two months before that because it is not
3:23 am
normal. it is not inevitable. it doesn't just happen. it is a choice that we make and it is a choice that we can change. >> president obama remained out west the remainder of the weekend. the u.s. could talk with russia over the military presence in syria. a military expert weighs in on the consequences, that's coming up. bill cosby gets grilled by lawyers. he is facing sexual assault in a new deposition. we will talk to our leadered and analyst about the fallout ahead. but first this week's culinary journey takes us to meet a chef who is popular in europe. i want you to look at what separates her cooking style from other top chefs. >> reporter: a place of grandeur and iconic landmarks famous the world over.
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equally iconic is its food. home to cuisine the french capital has long been at the center of local gastron my. the city boasts a 19 mission and star restaurants. among them an acclaimed eatery run by one of the country's most notable chefs. the mission now splits her time between london and paris. >> i always try to tell a story. i want to plate to speak about i don't know a treat that i could have done, people like i could have met. memories of my childhood. it's about sharing something. it's about giving something. >> reporter: her culinary creations are elegant and refined. a celebrate of seasonality and
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progress. each dish is a mix of classic technique mastered in kitchens where she often found herself to be the only woman. >> butty think because of a reason. i have been there. >> now she is the guyenne winning the best female chef award, inspiring a character in the pixel film "ratatouille." >> listen, i want you to know how honored i am to be studying under you. >> how many women do you see? >> well, i -- >> what do you mean? >> what are you thinking? >> all right. want to watch the full show? go to for that.
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market to the global market. and now our network, spanning more than 110 countries, is unifying under one brand. mcgladrey is changing its name to rsm. experience the power of being understood. . breaking news this morning is out of turkey, where a massive bomb has killed at least 30 people, wounded more than 120 others. watch this.
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that was the bomb, the blast you saw there, it ripped through ankora main train station. so far, no claim from isis of responsibility. >> north korea is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its ruling party, holding a massive parade to show its military might. military leader kim jong-un says the nation is ready to fight any type of war rainl waged by the u.s. north korea is likely ready to launch missile tests. a big political weekend. democratic candidates are facing off tuesday night for the first primary debate. bernie sanders honeing his message in arizona, rallied with 13,000 supporters the pitch for stronger gun control and a better immigration policy.
3:31 am
new this morning, russia has agreed to resume talks with the u.s. over air safety during bombing campaigns. the pittsburgh says the talks are likely to take place this weekend. there have been growing concerns there could be an accidental clash as the two countries pursue bombing campaigns over syria. we are live in cairo with the late st. >> good morning. there is a lot of frustration from the united states about coordination with the russians over the airspace in syria. right now the united states has a rule that if one aircraft gets within about 20 miles of a russian that, they will abort, they will pull back. they do not want to have any sort of clash between the acre in the air. this has happened a number of times. there has also been russian airplanes going in violating
3:32 am
turkish airspace. >> that has also been a concern of not only the united states but turkey and florida to as well. turkey as a nato member, they will be discussing that as well. so a lot to discuss as russia ramps up its airstrikes over syria. >> all right. thank you for the latest. leiutenant mike hurtling, what is possible from these talks, greater notification? i can't imagine russia would be willing or the u.s. for that matter to share details about targets. >> not much, victor. we will not see a whole lot other than possible confliction -- decon flickion.
3:33 am
the united states is going after isis, the best you will get is decon fliction. russia filmed the secret video conference and put that film on youtube. so there has been a loss of trust on the air force and the department of defense side on all of these talks. >> back on okay 1st. i want to talk about the report we got late this week about the missiles that were supposed to hit targets in syria but landed in iran. does that speak to as there are so many attacks that there will be some not on target or is there larger commentary considering the new technology russia introduced to this arena? >> it's a little of both. certainly you will have some things stale in combat. what you are talking about russia fired only 26. now, that sound like a lot.
3:34 am
but considering some of the things the united states has done, that's a relatively small launch of missiles, 26 of those four crash landed in iran. now, mr. carter, our secretary of defense confirmed that yesterday. it was just a rumor before that. he confirmed we did, in fact, have observation of those missiles failing. so that's not a very good effective inside rate. secondly, they fired them without warning everyone in the area and that could impinge upon aircraft, civilian and military. it certainly puts people oak at risk when you have missiles flying over their heads. >> all right. several senior administration officials tell cnn russia is seeking to take over the airspace in the region and be the agenda setting force on the ground. i wonder if you watch this 60 minute interview, russia is devoting a ton of resources,
3:35 am
barely holding together bashar al-assad's regime. watch and we'll talk. >> syria was russia's only allie in the region and today rather than being able to count on their support and maintaining the base in syria, mr. putin now is devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely hold together by a thread his sole allie. >> he is challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only allie is leadership, then we got a different definition of leadership. to what degree is the leadership saying or are they putting the best face on a very bad situation. >> it's a little bit of both, victor, there is certainly a lot
3:36 am
of truth in this. all intelligence reports showed mr. assad as reeling. he was really in bad shape. he was losing his military. he was being contradicted into a small area of syria. it looked like he was teetering on the brink of defeat. russia has done that, so has iran. so you will see some additional advances of mr. assad. he is carting out an area. as we talked about before, russia is not only interested in helping the allie. russia is more interested in maintaining the military base in syria, which gives them access to southern europe and northern africa. >> again, those are talks to ensure air safety could start as soon as this weekend. general mark hurtling, good to have you. >> thank you. look at this video again, a fight breaking out at a police station, hours later the suspect
3:37 am
dice. ahead a look at this video, a look at who or what could be to blame? nick valencia has this story next. zplmpblths
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3:41 am
one officer. let's get more now from nick valencia. tell us what this video is? >> it's new video, fresh and dramatic. two deputies and a nurse are on trial for the death charged with involuntary manslaughter. let's take you back to the night of january 1st. a savannah area college student gets in an architect with his girlfriend. she calls police saying she having a bipolar episode. when police arrives, she gives them his medication. he is taken into custody. this new video, fresh, we want to show you in court, it shows him at one point being resisting with these deputies, at one point he gets combative. you see them taking him down into custody. then at one point, you want to wait for this video to play out. another deputy shows up while
3:42 am
deputies are trying to restrain him. i want to take the banner, to show this video. he grabs an officer's taser, at that point the situation escalates. excessive force according to family is used. they say they had to use this force, they say to restrain the man, but then they hog tie him and according to family attorney mark o'meara, they take him off to a cell where there is no video or cameras. two deputies and a nurse accused of not checking on his well being after he is restrained. a family tern alleges he was tased while he was restrained in that chair. i spoke to mark o'mary ra who talked about this case cloaked in secrecy, little details coming out. he expressed his frustration. >> in this case, they have been kept in the dark, absolute ignorance of anything that has happened around the case. it's horrible the family had to
3:43 am
wait nine months in order to find out how their son, their brother died, not to mention why. so it's been very troubling. we have been trying to get information, literally. we didn't get the autopsy until it was allowed into evidence. >> that is an absurd disrespect for the victim's family. >> since that incident happened, nine deputies were dismissed or allowed to retire. now this new video released earlier this week during the court proceedings, but for months, the public and journalists, we have been requesting information have gotten very little at this point and now this new video. it's really what the jury will look at. >> what was the reaction in the courtroom? >> well, now, talking to the attorneys, they believe that they have, this is their smoking gun. they believe they can show here the deputies did use excessive force and he should be still
3:44 am
alive today. but the court testimony is ongoing. jury selection started earlier this week. now this video shown to jurors, trial will continue later on today. they're going to the weekend with this, guys. >> thank you so much. after months of silence, bill cosby has been forced to testify about one of his alleged sexual assaults. could he face criminal charges for an incident that happened over 40 years ago? we will ask our legal experts. plus, police take on a councilman, what led to this, you will see more of this, dramatic confrontation that left a political leader tased. and then arrested. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. .
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. in just a few hours, attorney gloria allred will be speaking out on actor bill cosby's deposition in a sexual assault case. she has him molesting her when she was only 15-years-old. she is one of dozens young women who claim america's favorite dad raped them cause cosby didn't blink an eye. let's bring in criminal defense attorney joey jackson. good morning to you. >> good morning, allison, good to be with you. >> tell us why the statute of limitati limitations in this particular case hasn't been fired. >> it's difficult to get your articles around this. you are talking something 40 years ago, why the lawsuit now? if you think about it, what happened the law is designed to protect people who were children at the time they were abused.
3:49 am
so there is a rule that's called the discovery rule, the not when it happened rule but when you reasonably discovered it happened. now, in speaking to that issue, allison, oftentimes when a child is molested, psychologists say that you repress the memory. you don't want to think about it. it's very difficult to think about what happened to you. so it's repressed. it's not thought of. so the rule says within three years of the memory surfacing and resurfacing, you can move forward. now, in in order to file a claim, you need a certification, that's a question of fact. did it resurface within the three years? if so, you are allowed to move forward. that exactly what is happening. >> this deposition will be sealed until the middle of december. we know that allred will be having a feuds conference of some sort later today. could she reveal any details at all? >> i don't think so, allison. i think what happens is it's
3:50 am
very important to protect the integrity of the case. a number of questions were asked of bill cosby, surrounding the facts around this event. where was he? what did he do? what was his memory? it's important to protect. that then, of course, bill cosby will have his opportunity to depose her, to interview miss haot hootl, i think they will not be revealing the specifics but yet be speaking if terms of generality itself and the justice she seeks for her client. of course, cosby says he has nothing to do with this. he don'ts this in all respects. so it will be a factual yes that will be revealed and ultimately because you want to protect the integrity, we can read the content in debris. >> how credible is judith
3:51 am
hooth's story, there are reports she tried to distort money before she went ahead and brought this lawsuit forward. >> it's a good question. it goes to the core, listen, if it's 40 years ago, statute of limitations. why now? did she really within the last three years this memory surface and say, hey, by the way, he abused me. he molested me. those are all questions of fact. that's what a jury is for, in the event she shot the story, your memory wasn't represd, was it? clearly if you were shopping a story, you knew he did this to you. you are outside the statute of limit aches. attorneys made that argument to dismiss the case. the skwlunl said, no, it's going forward. in terms of credible, that's always judged by an empanelled jury. cosby's attorneys said did you fought shop this story, was your memory repressed or fought repressed. all those go to the issue of
3:52 am
whether she is truthful or not truthful. certainly those people in the jury backs will be making that decision. >> gloria allred having a feuds conference later today. we will stay on top of it. >> a pleasure, allison, have a great da. we are staying on top of the two little stories, paul ryan considering whether to run for the speaker of the house. first democratic debate is tuesday on cnn, three days away. the race between candidates bernie sanders, hillary clinton, getting tighter. of course, this morning the breaking news out of turkey. a bomb blast kills 30 and injuries more than 100 people. we'll have more on a live report. . grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security.
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trastep into america andn? canadas best value inns for free internet continental breakfast and instant rewards! at most of our 1,000 hotels. . you heard the scream there, a dramatic confrontation between authorities in texas and a councilman, officers toews tased and arrested jonathan miller. authorities say he interrupted the questioning of four suspects and wouldn't step away. he was charged with interfering
3:57 am
with their investigation, resition arrest. the officers have not been suspended. the first woman to cover a nationally televised game gets high remarks and comments. listen to what she told rachel nicoles. as you're preparing for tuesday night's game, what present was it for you? >> i am the first woman, people will be analyzing every word out of my mouth. i feel like just going into it. even the first time i did a game six weeks ago, i kind of like threw on my helmet coming out of it. all right. people are going to come at me i know it's change, there will be resistance, people will fight you on it. i was actually more pleasantly surprised the people who mattered, meaning like obviously people from espn, people i
3:58 am
respect like yourself were so supportive and that kind of gave me that added confidence to continue despite any negative remarks. there that's awesome. we will hear from her throughout the morning on how her new role is facing the industry. there is more fallout for dallas cowboy greg hardy. this week, he has a chance to apologize after he was suspended. instead, he refused to express any regret, no remorse. he went on to say how excited he is to see tom brady's wife. the incident pushed the nfl into the spotlight on the issue hoff you it handles players linked to domestic dispute. >> cnn sports anchor cory wire, this isn't the first time, though, he has been in hot water. >> you are right. this is a highly controversial incident. he hasn't played since the first
3:59 am
last season. he was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, throwing her on a futon of semi automatic weapons. he comes back, instea of showing remorse, being contrite, sensitive in regard to women. he was flippant. he says, i hope i come out guns ablazing, after he threw an ex-girlfriend on a futon full of semis. he cracked jokes ability tom brady wife, jis sell bun chen. >> he says have you seen his wife? he hope she comes to the game, her sisters, one of my favorite games of the year. so this was the only response he got from his organization. his head coach says, we don't operate like that. the owner saying when i saw tom brady marrying giselle, tom brady went up 90% in my eyes,
4:00 am
use the #cnn. we will use your comments coming up. >> i guess a culture there. we will talk more. >> all right. >> there is a lot more to tell you about this morning. >> the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. >> three days and counting. ahead of tuesday's democratic debate. also, paul ryan considering if he will talk with his family, considering all the options. we'll have more on this in a moment. breaking news out of turkey. more than 30 people are dead. 100 others are wound. after one bomb ripped through the main train station in ankora. good morning, thanks, for joining us. >> we are starting with the latest in the race for the white house. three days until the democratic debate, top two candidates have
4:01 am
been out on the campaign trail. >> last night. vermont senator bernie sanders rallied, on the same day, a freshman at northern arizona university shot four students, killing one. sanders made a fierce pitch for sensible gun control. meantime, hillary clinton met in washington with the black lives matter movement. it was a second meeting as they push for an end to police killing of citizens along other issues. we go to boulder, colorado. bernie sanders is set to hold a rally later there today. ahead of the debate, it seems like sanders is honing in on two issues that have given us trouble, gun control and immigration. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, victor. this is a pattern we are seeing this week in the leadup to the debate. hillary clinton and bernie
4:02 am
sanders are trying to get more in line with their base in advance of tuesday. certainly for example as you said on gun control, this is one issue why it's actually hillary clinton that ones to the left of bernie sappeders. he is much more moderate on this issue. clinton is making a big gun control push this week. it was very interesting last night at this rally where sanders devgreated to address the recent gun violence. in that speech, he acknowledged he has been more conservative on this issue, acknowledged there are some differing opinions on how to report. here's blah he offered that crowd last night in tucson. >> overwhelming, the american people understand that it is crazy, that people who should not own guns do own guns. >> they understand overwhelming that not only do we need to
4:03 am
strengthen the instant background check, we need to broaden it as well. they understand that it makes no sense that we have a loophole in the wall so that people can go to gun shows and buy weapons without having to go through the instant background check. people understand that's wrong and that has got to change. >> certainly, this issue will definitely come out of tuesday's debate as they do have differing opinions on how to move forward. but going into tuesday, this weekend for bernie sanders is all about momentum. in addition so that last night in tucson, he is set to hold a big rally later on today in boulder, where he will roll out his first congressional endorsement. to note, by comparison, clinton
4:04 am
has wrapped up 100 congressional endorsements. next week, she will be endorsed by hud secretary julien castro. his endorsement goes a long way. >> all right. in boulder, colorado, thank you so much. let's bring in senior political an tis ron brownstein. and you have saying democrats are forced to take a harder sans on gun control this election cycle. we didn't hear so much in 2012. some of the fear the risk has changed but it's not gone completely. >> yeah, i think you are seeing this debate that the center of gravity in 81 u gun control has moved enormously. when al gore lost, one of the conclusions including bill clinton i might add reached is one of the principle reasons he
4:05 am
lost that election is because of the way the nra organized against him in basically blue collar, states, arkansas, tennessee, new hampshire, any one of which would have given him the election. 12, 16 years later, we started to reverb bright for john kerry and barack obama in '08. none of them stress the gun control issue as we are hearing from hillary clinton and mark o'malley. they are no longer dependent on those rural blue collar gun friendly voters as they were 16 years ago. the total control is centered on urban residents. minorities, college educated liberals are much more open to gun control. i think we will see a much more direct debate on this issue in the general election, no matter who the democrats nominate than we have seen in 16 years. >> let's talk about that nomination and who the top republicans within we come to you, hillary clinton, strong
4:06 am
lead over bernie sanders. let's look at the matchup. we got first here in some of the major states, we got here trump vs. clinton in iowa. she trails him. trump versus sanders in iowa. he's beating trump 52-42. there are similar numbers with the other top republicans. should she be wern concerned here? >> no, absolutely not. what she should be concerned with is first getting the nomination. those numbers i think look really good for her. let's remember at this time in 2012, mitt romney was beating barack obama. so in all honestly, general election at this point in time don't mean a lot. what will matter, frankly, i believe this whoever gets the democratic flom nation, they will be able contrast their policies, their views, their plans for the future of america
4:07 am
versus the gop, which frankly, what we've seen in the last two debates is essentially a race to the bottom and what we have seen in the last two weeks in walk, the gop nationally is not in much better shape. they can't even elect a speaker. so i think that things look really good, frankly, for whoever comes out as a nominee for the democrats and what you will see on tuesday is a very robust i think above board conversation about those ideas, about those policies and about how all of the democrats will continue obama's legacy of making america great and how middle class families can actually take advantage of that. >> we want to continue this conversation, talk about former governor mark o'malley, what he has to do. also the man not on the stage, vice president joe biden and his role that there will be some, even fought being on the stage on tuesday night. so thanks, we will continue in a moment. >> thank you so much. als, a reminder, catch the first
4:08 am
democratic debate this tuesday, october 13th. 8:30 eastern when the coverage starts only on cnn. and another big political race that's creating chaos in congress. will paul ryan run for house speaker? that's the big question many are asking right now. republicans are pushing the former vice presidential nominee to step up and run for the house's top seat. but he hasn't made up his mind just yet. he's taken the weekend to think and pray about it. let's bring in a correspondent live for us. so what do you go? how likely is it that paul ryan will run? how much is he considering the fact that maybe in the future, he'll look to run for a higher office again and kind of want to get all muddy in different fights as house speaker. >> well, i'll tell you, allison, it's hard to make 18 predictions right now. because the house is in such disarray after john boehner sat down, kevin mccarthy, boehner's
4:09 am
number two say i'm not going to run. so right now, paul ryan is keeping his cards very, very close to his vest. remember, before mccarthy got into the race, he was mentioned as a top candidate. ryan took a pass. that's a partly because of what you pointed out. he's a guy with political aspirations, going to leave the house is not something that helps you. it creates, you know, a lot of a record for you, it's hard to run on. even now with this draft ryan movement among his colleagues, he's a reluctant candidate. we are talking to his friends and allies. what we are hearing if he runs, he wants the support of all 247 republicans in the house. not just the 218 he needs to be elected. that's really tough. remember, he has solid policy cre denshs, conservatives liked his medicare plan. it was a conservative plan. he also has a reputation for cutting deals with democrats. that's not something conservatives love. he is also skeptical he can
4:10 am
bridge that divide. he will be able to do that brutal schedule of fundraising all around the country when he's got a really young family. >> thanks for that. >> all right. when we come back, we are pushing forward on this breaking news, 30 people dead. 126 wound. the latest numbers. we got more details coming in next. stay with us.
4:11 am
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4:13 am
. we're following breaking news out of turkey this morning. a massive bomb blast killed 30 people and injured more than 120. the attack happened during a morning peace rally in the capital city of ankorat. plast was caught on video. this is incredible. go ahead and watch. no one has claimed
4:14 am
responsibility yet. turkey has recently taken a more aggressive stance in its fight against isis. we will have more later in this show. first, live on the phone analyst peter bergen with us this morning. thanks for joining us. >> reporter: good morning. >> what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: i think the universe of potential suspect, even though there is no claim of responsible is basically two, one is kurdish separatists fighting the turkish state for decades, tens of thousands of people have died in that conflicts and they are the group of all groups conducting most of the terrorist attacks in turkey. >> that said, isis certainly has motivation to attack turkey now. now that turkey is allowing its basis and turkey cracked down on the flow of foreign fighters transiting turkey to go to isis
4:15 am
and syria. but so those are the universal potential suspects. sunday kurdish separatists have been fighting in kurdish states for decades. isis is taking a more anti-turkish stance. >> pe fer, with those contacts, also turkey's increased stance and methods to stamp down on isis, has turkey prepared for something like this and expected something like this ahead of a soft target in a major city? >> i think the short answer is yes. some know their increased role makes them more of a target. they have been a target for prichl terrorism for a long period. the war that they have been conducting against kurdish separatists has been long and bloody. they have tried to negotiate a
4:16 am
cease-fire in the past with the main turkish group pkk and the main kurdish separatist group pkk and we saw that the attack this morning was conducted in the context of a peace rally, which was, you know, basically aimed at trying to protest the war between the state and kurdish separatists. the fact is this particular rally was taking place in a kurdish context. so that's sort of another data point to consider. >> all right, cnn national security analyst peter bergen, thanks, so much for coming on today and walking us through what is happening there in ankora. >> thank you. flexing its military muscles, north korea marks the ruling regime's 70th anniversary. all signs point to an imminent weapons test, possibly fired from a submarine the legal net tightens, new details due today
4:17 am
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two people have been arrested in connection with friday's fatal shooting on the texas southern university campus. that's according to officials who say they're on the hunt for a third suspect. the identity of the victims or suspects were not released. it is not known if anyone involved was a student. president obama was met by protesters in oregon yesterday as he traveled to roseburg, meeting with victims of the umpqua community shooting. many were angered by the
4:21 am
president's call for gun safety laws in the hours after the ucc attack. the president did not hold back from his message. hours later in seattle, he renewed his call for action. >> we know we got to do something to prevent the kind of gun massacres that we saw just last week and two months before that and two months before that and two months before that because it is not normal. it is not inevitable. it doesn't just happen. it is a choice that we make and it is a choice that we can change. >> president obama is staying out west the rest of the weekend. the secret service agents who helped save ronald reagan after a 1981 assassination attempt died. david carr was the one who realized he was hit and directing the motorcade to the hospital and saving his life.
4:22 am
nancy reagan quoted carr as one of her true heroes. he was 85-years-old. can you believe this? south carolina bracing for more rain this week. as much as two inches could fall across the state. it doesn't sound like much. but it doesn't help the rivers already swol on the capacity. many exceeded their banks. we will have a live report on what to expect in the next hour. north korea dictator kim jong-un pre sides over a massive military parade.
4:23 am
4:24 am
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4:26 am
. coming up on the bottom of the hour now, it's a big political weekend. the top presidential candidates are preparing to face off t. big night is tuesday in las vegas for their first presidential primary debate. bernie sanders, you see him here, he honed his message, rallied with 13,000 supporters, gave a pitch for gun control and a stronger immigration policy. this morning, house republicans are calling for representative paul ryan to replace speaker john boehner after he suddenly decided to step down.
4:27 am
but ryan hasn't made his mind up yet. he is taking the weekend thinking, praying on it, saying he is unsure if he can bridge the deep tweet between republicans, he is worried the toll the schedule walled take on his wife and three children. my this morning, russia and the u.s. may take action to ensure their fighter planes don't collide in the skies over syria. they could hold safety talks as soon as this weekend. overcrowded skies are a concern. a few days ago, they say they were forced to divert to maintain a safe flying distance from a russian fighter jet, a former double act is joins us now. he pretended to work with the russians, now the author of "how to catch a russian spy." good to have you. i want to talk about the talks that could happen this weekend. with is on the table? what is realistic? >> i think first it's important to understand the concept in
4:28 am
which the russians look at us and everything. look. in my time what i left is a sense that the russians see the united states as their enemy. essentially, any action they take is in that construct. when we look at the fact that they release video of the talks with their military counterparts. it shows this is something they are looking at very much to embarrass us and stabilize and look everything they have done if syria has been in large pa rt to regain a foot hold in the region. when it comes to talks, i think we are talking tactical stuff. a lot of deciding which way to arrange the chairs on the deck of the tie toonic right there. >> we are talking around the edges, nothing crucial here? >> listen, the reality is what the russians or putin has done in a few days is essentially done something that he hasn't been able do in years. whatever will happen in syria and isil. isil at some point will
4:29 am
collapse. they will have to go through change, whether assad changes or goes. putin will have a seat at that table. >> let me ask you about that. there are several administration officials that say putin controls the interstates and wants to be the agenda setter oak. the u.s. believes many here in the country believes he wants to simply prop up assad. is that it? or do they extend beyond that? >> i think look at what he's accomplished in a few short days. he's come in there. with a couple of bombs, he's gotten us to do what? we've actually severed support of the free syrian army. granted. it was a project? >> four syrian armies? >> exactly right. nonetheless, he's got us without firing a single shot at us, which by default will prop assad up. when people say he will get stuck in a kwag my, i think he's succeeded in a major part of his
4:30 am
mission? a quagmire nonetheless, once you sweep out what he would call terrorists the anti-assad regime fighters, isis has the opportunity to move in there and take that territory as well somerset he will have to fight back and forth on the same territory against two enemies, right? >> it's a brilliant master stroke he had with the iranian general. so he will come and talk to putin shortly before this. i think he's relying on the hezbollah, we saw recently the iranian general was killed in the northern parts of syria, frankly, again, where the russians are is fairly secure t. coastline has been fairly insulated and protected and i don't see assad falling any time soon. he may only be able to hold on 20 to 30% of the country. hey, 20 to 30% of the country that doesn't matter. i don't think putin, he has done that to pull the plug on the
4:31 am
free syrian army. >> always good to have you. >> thank you, vic author. >> allison. >> thanks, victor. happening now, north korea flexing its military muscles today. it holds one of the biggest celebrations ever, a carefully choreographed military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the ruling party. north korean leader kim jong-un says the nation is prepared to fight any kind of war waged by the u.s. we want to bring in will ripley. okay. we don't have will ripley. let's go ahead and bring in leiutenant an lith leiutenant general mark hertling, instead. >> good morning, allison. >> we know korea has had three
4:32 am
underground tests and is threatening a fourth. kim jong-un is extremely unpredictable. how serious is this? >> they want to do something big t. parade has been a master stroke. it's taken thousands of soldiers carrying red flags, walking through the streets. so they are exhibiting all of tear military hardware to be sure. on the 70th in addition, it was a master coup to see some type of a rocket launch. specifically an under water launch, from a submarine. i think you will sigh them trying to do that. if it occurs, it will be a huge propaganda victory. if it doesn't occur, they will shoot more missiles into the sea like several months ago. either way, you will see some sort of demonstration of military power, the continued propaganda and the boast of the young leader against not only south korea, but the united states, it's all a part of the
4:33 am
normal yearly event. >> isn't it true the weapons are soviet era ones that may not hold their weight against modern arms? >> certainly, in fact, not so much soviets, but modelled off soviet chinese-type weapons, a lot of the sharing of information, but that i have attempted to revamp their military over the last decade or so. that's been interesting in and of themselves as they continue to pour money into the defense industry, their people continue to starve. they have an extremely poor economy. the only way that the young lead kerr get attention is through these military events he holds yearly on a base of the date but also many times throughout the year, what he is doing in the country. >> what's unsettling to hear is north korea is claiming it made a nuclear device small enough to hit into the warhead of a
4:34 am
missile. how true do you think that claim is? >> that's the claim a. few days ago, the person that ones the north defense aerospace command talked about defending against north korea, in case they have the capably to launch a submarine or intercontinental missile. he claims. i believe him. he's a great man, that we can defend. we need more sensors. if they give a submarine capability. that's a game changeer. even though they have older submarine, mostly diesel powered. they can get toward the shores of the united states and some of their other enemies and launch these things. they haven't shown that capability yet. increment incrementally, they're trying to get there. >> we continue to watch north korea very carefully. thanks so much. >> thank you, allison. three days ago until the cnn debate in lough. you probably know about sanders,
4:35 am
we will give you the low down on the three other candidates sharing the stage. breaking news this morning, we will take you back to turkey to get you more about this massive bomb blaster. injured more than 120 others in ankora. the latest in a moment.
4:36 am
4:37 am
4:38 am
4:39 am
oh, we're getting close to date night, the first presidential debate if las vegas. >> bernie sanders is holding a rally in boulder, colorado, hillary clinton appears to be taking the weekend off. we talked a lot about sanders and clinton. what about the others? martin o'malley, jim webb? poppy harlow has the candidates looking for their share. >> chances are you know her. and you know him. but do you know them? martin o'malley, lincoln chasy and jim webb. they don't always make the campaign headlines, all three
4:40 am
will share the stage with hillary clinton and bernie sanders come tuesday night. >> the weather vanes kind of shift in the wind. i know where i stand. >> reporter: let's start with martin o'malley the married father of four was tailor made for a career in politics. at 20, he left to work on the campaign of senator gary hart and won a seat on the baltimore city council. from there, his political aspirations grew, first mayor of baltimore, then governor of maryland. >> but here's something you probably didn't know about martin o'malley. he's fronted a rock band. he even used his guitar skills to seize his presidential bid. on the issue, gun control, o'malley wants stronger background checks and an assault weapons ban and a limit on the size of gun magazine, on
4:41 am
immigration, he supports a path to citizenship. on climate change, o'malley wants stronger green interest house gas emission zpls we have the one-time independent senator, just announced, he is running. >> next, a former marilyn can chafee. he was a republican then and became independent in 2007 as governor now he wants to be a democrat. on the issues, healthcare, he not only likes o'baum care. he would like more americans to be covered. he opposes american boots on the ground in syria, insists america must forge stronger alliances in the middle east n. 2002, chafee was the only senate republican to vote against war in iraq. on social issues, he supports a woman's right to choose abortion
4:42 am
and same-sex marriage. >> i am unbout and i am unbossed. >> then jim webb, a former secretary of the navy, former u.s. senator from virginia author, teacher, husband and father of six. on the issues, climbed change, webbs wants to limit the power to regulate emissions and supports the keystone pipeline and energy expansion. immigration reform he wants to see a path to citizenship, says the border must be secure first. on prison reform, webb wants there to be more than focus on treating mental illness and drug addiction and will push for a dialogue to reduce the high wage of encars racing among minorities. >> and here's a reminder, you can catch the first democratic presidential debate this tuesday, october 13th, 8:30 eastern on cnn.
4:43 am
next, bill cosby under oath about sexual assault allegations, a potentially damming deposition, details coming up next. also more fallout for dallas cowboy greg hardy. this week, he has a chance to apologize after he was suspended, related to beating his ex-girlfriend. but he didn't. who is coming to his defense now? find out. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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4:46 am
. closing in on the quarter hour here. let's take a look at the other stories making headlines now, a dramatic confrontation between texas authorities and councilman, they tased and you
4:47 am
hear the screams of jonathan miller. authorities say he interrupted a questioning of core suspects. he would not step away. he was charged with interfering with the investigation and resisting arrest as well. despite claims of excessive 1st the officers have not been suspended. a surfer lost his leg after he was attacked off the coast of hawaii. he says he saw a pool of fish jumping out of the water. the shark managed to pull him under and he managed to fight the shark off and swim to safety. cnn is about to announce the top ten heroes of 2015. each honoree receivers a cash prize and a shot at hero of the year, which earns them an additional $100,000 for that cause. you help decide who that american will be. cnn's anderson cooper explains. >> reporter: now that we have announced the top ten cnn heroes
4:48 am
of 2015, i want to help you decide who should be cnn hero of the year and receive $1,000,000 for their cause. go to to find out the information of all of them. only one will be named hero of the year. that's where you come in with your vote. down here, will you see photos of each top ten hero, which link to a page, where you can watch videos and learn more about their important work. when you are ready, simply click vote a. new page comes up. select the person who inspires you the most. again as an example, any of the ten nominees will be worthy and that's entirely up to you. once you select your favorite hero, his or her photo will show up down here under a separate box under your slevenlths then enter your e-mail address, type in the security code, click on the vote box to cast your vote right there. it's even easier to vote on facebook, make your selection
4:49 am
and click over here. will you see the thank you page where you can share your thoughts on facebook or twitter to encourage your friends as well. there is a link to make a tax free donation. remember, you can go once a guy every day through sunday, november 15th, with your e-mail address and facebook and using the cnn app. we will reveal the hero of the year and all start tribute. a cnn tradition that promises to inspire. again, we mention again, if you want to meet all the top ten heroes and vote once a day, every day, all ten will be honored as cnn heroes, all star tribute hosted by anderson cooper december 6th. one will be named cnn hero of the year. next, bill cosby under oath about sexual assault allegations from decades ago. potentially a damming deposition. we'll talk with judge glenda hatchet. get her take on this next.
4:50 am
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including heart or lung problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, bladder, kidney, or liver problems. tell the doctor if the patient will have any procedures involving anesthesia, which may cause muscle problems. other serious side effects may occur, including slow heartbeat and fainting; increased stomach acid, which may raise the chance of ulcers and bleeding; nausea and vomiting; difficulty passing urine, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. in just a few hours, attorney gloria allred will speak out on actor bill cosby's deposition in a sexual assault case. judy has accused bill cosby of
4:54 am
assaulting her when she was just 15 years old. this is a charge cosby vehemently denies. so the statute of limitations, why has it not run out on this case? >> depending on the state, there are exceptions, and gloria allred has been able to get an exception in the situation so that she's able to bring this matter. and the judges refused to dismiss it based on the fact the statute may have run. but this is a dual whammy for bill cosby, because not only did he lose that battle in california, but he also lost the battle to dismiss a case in massachusetts where there are three accusers who have come forward and have basically charged in that case slander, to say that cosby and his team of handlers have said things that are not true about the women
4:55 am
making these accusations. >> so this deposition is going to be sealed until mid-december -- >> that's right, 60 days. >> gloria allred having a news conference today. could we hear something about this from her today, and also is it possible we may not hear anything ever from this deposition? >> we may not hear anything ever. i would expect the cosby team of lawyers would go in and ask that it be permanently sealed, even though it's supposed to be lifted in 60 days. we will not hear anything from gloria allred because she is under a court order not to discuss what happened in this deposition. >> how credible is judith? there is reports that she tried to extort money. >> that is a real problem they will have to address. because if you are going to go and try to extort money and then bring a lawsuit, i think it cuts into your credibility substantially, but it doesn't mean it's necessarily fatal to the case. but i think that's problematic
4:56 am
for them. >> is this going to stir the pot even more, meaning bring out even more? >> i think that's possible. i've watched gloria allred over the years, and she's a real tenacious lawyer, and i respect tenacious lawyers. but this press conference today really won't give us any insi t insight, but it may, again, bring out more accusers in this situation. >> what about charges against cosby? what about jail time? >> mostly i think you're going to see situations where the jail time -- i think you're going to see a civil case. i think if we were going to see some criminal cases, we would have seen them by now. so i don't know that they will be jail time. but i don't rule it out completely because of the whole issue of the criminal system running differently from the civil side. >> if you were sitting in a room with bill cosby, what would you want to ask and what would you want to know? >> i would want to know what happened. he's already admitted that he gave drugs to women in a prior deposition in another case, and i would want to know what
4:57 am
happened and why? and why now at this point in your life is this just being such a major nightmare in your life? i would want to ask him what happened? >> thanks so much for your perspective on this, judge hatchett. >> thank you very much. there's lots of news to tell you about this morning. next hour of "new day" starts now. >> let's get to it. we're starting with the breaking news out of turkey. look at that. deadly harming outside a crowded train station. there is a peace rally nearby. dozens killed, more than a hundred injured. we're following the latest. we'll get that to you. the race in gun control. bernie sanders hitting back on some key hot button topics. and his rival hillary clinton gets set for a key endorsement as the first democratic debate draws near. plus, paul ryan has a big
4:58 am
decision to make this weekend. will he run for speaker of the house? does he want the job? we're going to look at the competition he could face. good morning, everyone. i'm allison kosech in for christie paul. >> this is in ankara, turkey. blasts in the street. >> this video is pretty disturbing if you don't want to watch it. turkey's interior ministry says at least 30 people have died and more than 120 people have been injured. witnesses are saying the blast was so powerful it shook nearby highrises. >> so far no claims of responsibility, but the country has recently taken a more aggressive stance in the fight against isis.
4:59 am
let's talk about this with cnn anti-terror analyst and former cia counter-terrorism phil mudd. phil, i want to start with you. there is no claim of responsibility, but who are the main suspects here? >> you have two basic ones here, and i'm not sure who we have this morning. as you said some months ago, turkey decided to get involved in the fight against isis. they had been very reluctant to get involved for precisely what you saw this morning. they were worried about retaliation from isis, and that may be what we've seen today. the second major suspect is the kurds. there was years ago a longstanding fight against kurdist separatists in turkey that had slowed down, but that's heated up again. it's either isis or kurdish separatists who are attacking in advance of elections in turkey. >> the significance of the time,
5:00 am
the place, this peace rally happening in the foreground of this video we have. >> reporter: the context of this peace rally, it was a rally to protest the war between the ku -- turkish state and the separatists. as said, tens of thousands of people have died in the war between the turkish state and kurdish separatists. this is a much longer fight that's been going on for decades. turkey's conflict with isis is much more recent, since july that turkey has allowed airstrikes from its bases into the isis-controlled territory in syria. of the two, historically there is much more violence directed at the turkish state by the kurds than by isis, but those are the two principal groups we
5:01 am
would be looking at for this attack. >> phil, as peter said, turkey had been reluctant to get fully into this fight with isis for some time. any indication this will shake their resolve, considering they're fairly new to this fight in the way they are fighting at this point? >> i think their resolve has been shaky all along. we've been able to use their air base for airstrikes. they went into this saying they are participating in the coalition against isis. if you look at the strikes that they have taken since they started saying they would participate in the coalition, most of those strikes have not been against isis, they've been against kurdish targets. i think they were reluctant to get into the fight and they're going to continue to look at this fight on their border as something that's a nato fight but they don't want the front line participation just because of what we've seen today. they know the implications of a weak border. they can't control that border, and if they get too heavily
5:02 am
involved in this, i think they'll see more isis attacks. >> peter, to you, no claim of responsibility here between isis and the pkk. does this have a signature of one group more than the other? >> i don't think so. i think from what we know, it has been a suicide bomber. both groups have deployed these in the past. i would say when we've seen isis attacks, they tend to be in the border region. this is, of course, the capital of ankara in the middle of the country. that's something to think about and go back to the context as well. this is a rally to protest the war by the turkish state and the kurdish separatists, so that's the context. >> peter bergen, phil mudd, thank you both. we'll continue to follow this breaking news throughout the morning.
5:03 am
all right, now the latest in the race for the white house. just three days away now from the first democratic presidential debate here on cnn. bernie sanders going off script in arizona, making a pitch for sensible gun control, as he calls it. 20,000 supporters showed up. earlier in the day the state was shaken by another incident of gunfire, a freshman at arizona northern university shot four students, killing one. we're joined now from boulder, colorado where bernie sanders is set to hold a rally later today, and it looks like he's going to hone in on this message of gun control and analysts say hillary clinton was moving to the left. >> reporter: that's right, alexander, and this is a big area of vulnerability for bernie sanders. it's clear the campaign understands it. as you said, hillary clinton one
5:04 am
of the very few areas where she runs to the left of him. she's much more moderate. we've seen hillary clinton really emphasize her gun control plan this week, really pushing that message more towards the debate, clear that she is going to make this line of distinction with sanders at the debate stage. sanders, interestingly enough, last night in tucson, he deviated from his speech specifically talking about it, calling for expansion of background checks, closing of the gun show loophole, but certainly his past record, past votes will be much more scrutinized on that debate stage because he has not always been in line with this position. but here's how he offered up his explanation last night in tucson. >> there will be disagreements on how we go forward in terms of gun safety. i think the vast majority of the american people want us to move forward in sensible ways which keeps guns out of the hands of
5:05 am
people who should not have that. >> and certainly those differences between sanders and clinton and the other candidates up there on the stage will be really on those small differences that are very important in the democratic primary. for this weekend, though, heading into the debate, for bernie sanders it is all about momentum. in addition to that big rally in tucson, he will have a big rally here later today in boulder, colorado. he will lay out his endorsement. secretary clinton has more than 100 endorsements already. >> thank you so much there in boulder. meantime, all eyes are on delaware this morning where vice president joe biden is huddleing with his family and we may soon finally get an answer over whether he's going to make a run for president. this comes after a new kluwe mer --
5:06 am
clue emerged on friday and that's where we learned biden's aides met with the congressional committee. they discussed deadlines and other things crucial to a presidential bid. let's meet with chris rates. how soon do you think he's going to decide one way or another? >> reporter: good morning, allison. he is slated to talk with his family this weekend about whether he should run for president and it's something he's been weighing for months now. vice president biden spent the day yesterday proving just how popular he is with key member groups. he was the key speaker at the human rights organization for the human rights campaign. >> there are still those shrill voices in the political arena finally trying to undo what's finally been done. but they're not going to succeed. don't worry about it. >> reporter: he slammed republicans in their immigration
5:07 am
positions in the latinos political action committee. >> the american people are so much better. they are so far beyond, they are so, so, so much different than knees guys who are appealing to everything from homophobia to this notion of -- you know, the know nothing party. >> reporter: sources say privately biden is leaving the impression with some allies that he's leaning toward a run. they say he'll announce his decision in the next few weeks. meanwhile, former secretary of state hillary clinton continues to attack key issues, including the keystone pipeline, washington reform, and the pacific trade deal. >> what i know about it as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> reporter: clinton is both trying to blunt the rise of bernie sanders filled by the parties progressively and draw
5:08 am
distinctions between herself and president obama. if biden runs, he would likely do the opposite. >> when the president and i took office, we knew we had to make some tough and incredibly unpopular decisions. >> reporter: so biden's scene took another step towards a presidential run this week when they met with officials to talk about what a campaign would entail. as biden continued to make noise on the sidelines, clinton is having to deal with his effects on the field. as she leads the polls nationally, it showed biden doing better than several public rivals than clinton in several key battleground states. >> chris, thank you so much for that. a reminder, you can catch the first democratic presidential debate this tuesday. that's october 18, 8:30 p.m. eastern, only here on cnn. will paul ryan be the next speaker of the house?
5:09 am
he said several times he doesn't want the job, but he's being kor courted by some of the biggest names. there is competition, though. we'll break down the competition. russian forces on attack in syria. now it's forcing the u.s. and russia to talk as early as today. also a 21-year-old dies in police custody. now this video, new video, dramatic. it could shed light on exactly what happened. , we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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5:12 am
there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh face. but one thing i've found when talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> so kevin mccarthy says a fresh face is needed. who is the fresh face to replace
5:13 am
speaker boehner now that mccarthy has dropped out? now there are three main front runners. there are a lot of names being tossed around, but now the main face is paul ryan. he serves on the ways and means committee, but he's most well known as the vice presidential nominee with mitt romney first elected to the house in 1998. and we have jason chaffenz. he was in charge of the secret service, planned parenthood. he is a member of the house judiciary committee, a fourth term in the house of representatives. next up, daniel webster of florida. he's a third term member of the house and a member of the house transportation committee, served as the speaker for the florida house of representatives, a favorite here of the freedom caucus. so who is the best person for the job? remember, these are just three of many names that are being tossed around.
5:14 am
let's bring in cnn political commentator ben ferguson, former white house political director jeffrey lord. ben, i want to start with you. the freedom caucus here is holding a lot of weight, maybe 30 members or so. >> yes. >> are they going to require -- is there a litmus test that they're going to require the next speaker to meet? >> i don't know if it's a litmus test as much as it is are you going to actually stand up for members that have come more recently to the house of representatives and not pay attention to us? one of the things that got mccarthy and also boehner in big trouble was when new people came in, they pretty much said sit in the back of the room, shut up and learn how we do things and we'll tell you when you can have an opinion. and that's what got them in trouble, because people when they're elected, they go to washington with a set of ideas that got them there, that people responded to. and i think that's why you see this infighting. i actually think this is a very good thing for the party. some have tried to overplay it, saying this is terrible and
5:15 am
dysfunctional for the gop. this is the old guard going out and the new guard coming in. i don't think it's a litmus test as much as it is, hey, we don't want to sit around in the back of the room for another four years or six years or eight years like you guys have been treating us so far. >> jeffrey, i'm going to come to you on paul ryan. ryan has said several times he doesn't want the job, but he's spending the weekend thinking about this. what's the appeal to him beyond for the good of the party, for the institution? this is a young man who has political aspirations beyond the house. >> i'm not sure that taking the speakership is the place for him to go if he someday wants to be president of the united states, which is certainly an obvious thought here. look, i think one of the candidates, and i know people will resist this, is the obvious, newt gingrich. you don't have to be member of the house to be speaker of the house. he has been speaker of the house. he was a successful speaker. as i said in a column for conservative review, he has the
5:16 am
strategy chops that are better than sudden sue. he really knows his business, he knows the house, he knows strategy. he's very good at it. what you have to have in this job is someone that appeals to the kind of folks that ben is talking about here, who is willing to actually do something, to take a loss on occasion if that need be. to put principle out there like ronald reagan used to. that's the question here. whether paul ryan fits the bill, i don't know. i don't know if he wants to fit the bill and run around the country getting money for candidates. >> newt gingrich has been tossed around before, it's not the first time he was introduced, but also, is there anyone with broad enough shoulders, enough weight in the house or the party to wrangle everyone to support someone if it isn't paul ryan? >> i'm not sure that it's going to be -- well, and i don't think it's going to be newt gingrich. it has nothing to do with him personally, i just can't imagine that scenario becoming reality. i think what you're going to see
5:17 am
at some point, the republican guys in the house will realize they have to make a decision, they have to pick somebody. so you're going to see somebody who gets this job, and i don't think it will be ugly. i think paul ryan as the inside track. what he said was i don't want it, and i can understand why. rarely can the speaker of the house run for the spipresidency which is obviously on his mind. you are the core of what people hate in politics, congress, and you're the man in charge of congress. for him if he's willing to give that up, i think he did a great job as speaker, and i think he'll get the votes needed to do it. the question is, are you willing to tail loor the dream of the we house and become speaker? >> do you think paul ryan will take the job? jeffrey, to you.
5:18 am
>> yeah, i think so. if memory serves, the last time speaker of the house went on to become president was 1844 with james k. polk. not exactly a record there. >> do you think he'll run? do you think he'll take it? >> i do, and i think the big key was him putting that letter out early saying, absolutely not, i don't want this job, i want to stay in ways and means, and i want to work on budget. he's a budget guy. then all of a sudden he says, okay, hold on, wait a second, i'm going to think about it over the weekend. you don't change that quickly unless there is a very good chance you, in fact, are going to run, and i think he'll have the support. >> a crucial time for paul ryan and the house. thank you both. allison? defending north korea, kim jong-unmakes makes a strong stat against the u.s. airstrikes bring u.s. and russia to the negotiating table, possibly today. what's the next step for safety in the skies? that's coming up.
5:19 am
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5:22 am
it's a big day for north korea as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the ruling workers party. the country is holding one of its biggest celebrations ever in a carefully choreographed military parade to show its strength and grandeur. north korean leader kim jong unsays the nation is, quote, prepared to fight any kind of war waged by the u.s. he's the third generation to
5:23 am
rule north korea. we'll have this story later on in the morning. the transformers star was arrested for intoxication last night. he agreed to get alcohol abuse treatment as part of a settlement related to a broadway meltdown. south carolina just can't catch a break at the moment. it's getting hammered again with more rain. the area is still trying to recover from record flooding last week. now there are flood watches across the state and flood warnings for the hardest hit areas. let's go to cnn meteorologist allison chinchar with two l's, not one. what more can the area expect? >> the numbers aren't that impressive, it's that they're getting more on top of what they already have. as you can see, we already have flood watches and warnings out for much of the area. here's a look at the current
5:24 am
radar. it's already raining pretty heavily in southern south carolina, rumbles of thunder as well. once we look at the amounts expected again, they don't look that impressive on paper. one, two inches in most areas, but there will be pockets of three to four inches on top of that. the issue is that they had 10, 15, 20 inches last weekend, so this one to two sincinches, unfortunately, just delays a lot of the cleanup. take a look beneath me. you'll see a lot of the rivers they have over in this area. one thing to note is that some of them, especially a few in particular, have finally just begun to crest in the last couple of days. so you factor in that one or two extra inches of rain, especially along the santee river where it still is not likely to begin to come down from that crest until monday. so, again, alison, even adding just a simple one or two inches on the top of these rivers and creeks allows that healing process much slower. so, again, we don't expect those
5:25 am
rivers to improve until at least monday. >> yeah, more rain is the last thing south carolina needs. allison chinchar, thanks so much for that. new caulks coutalks could b early as tomorrow between the u.s. and russia. this time we're talking about dangerous skies over syria. could this lead to later breakthrough. an altercation led to the death of an inmate, attorneys say. now this new dramatic video is showing the fight between the restrained man. both sides have been waiting to analyze this. we'll do it in a moment. but first a former real estate executive loses his money at the start of the recession in 2007 and uses the experience to lead him to his true passion, creating industrial art. listen to this. >> my name is j.p. chesting. i'm an artist in atlanta, owner of dangerous calling.
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more of the breaking news we're following this morning. terror unfolding in turkey's capital city. two bombs now, two bombs ripped through a peaceful rally outside the busiest train station.
5:31 am
turkey's interior ministry says at least 30 people have died. more than 130 have been injured. witnesses say the blast was so powerful, it shook highrises nearby. joining us now on the phone, freelance journalist andrew faco. andrew, what are you hearing there? we know you're in turkey. >> reporter: yes, that's right. obviously the bomb was designed to do maximum damage and maximum harm. people were gathering for a ral rally. there's been fighting going on, people from all over the country were gathering for a march where they could give peace a chance, but of course peace wasn't given a chance. there were two bombs, ball bearing, designed to cause maximum death. they went off one after another, causing death and injuries which you described. >> so no claim of responsibility yet. but has the government responded
5:32 am
in any significant way? >> the government has claimed responsibility through one of the opposition leaders in turkey had blamed the islamic forces, the people active over the border in syria for having done this, because there was a similar incident not that long ago in turkey. this is just the run-up to a major election in turkey. there is going to be rallies throughout the country, and clearly the government is very concerned there. >> andrew faco in turkey giving us the latest on those twin bombings this morning. terror analyst joins us now. when we last spoke, we talked
5:33 am
about isis and the pkk. but the element of the elections that are coming up, that could play a significant role in the timing and the location. >> i think you're right. i would bet right now -- i'm not sure whether it's i.s. or the kurds. there's been peace talks for some time, relative peace after years of fighting between the pkk and the turkish government. these are very sensitive times, and it looks like those peace talks and the relative calm have been reversed, especially with elections coming up. i'm not sure who did this, but the fact there are upcoming elections, if you had to guess you would say these are kurdish separatists after there was a fair amount of peace for a while. >> we had an expert here on cnn
5:34 am
who said after turkey entered this fight against isis in a substantial way, this person said, as soon as turkey is really hurting isis, you will see these attacks. is this an indication that turkey is having some impact, possibly, against isis? >> if this is an isis attack, certainly that's a result of the turkish getting involved in a fight against isis over the summer. they were really ready to start unlocking on isis targets. the u.s. forces and others had been pressing them to say, look, you guys are on the front lines. we need your help not only on the border but also to let us stage airstrikes from your air bases and get involved yourselves. so back in the summertime, the turks said, okay, we're going to get in this game. everybody, including me, were saying if turkey gets involved, isis will start staging in turkey and do suicide bombs.
5:35 am
that's why the kurds were starting to say, we're going to start fighting the government again. >> phil, thank you so much for your insight. still ahead, dangerous skies. russian and coalition forces on the attack in syria. now it's forcing the u.s. and russia to talk as early as today. ment goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax.
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5:39 am
ammunition depots. russia has agreed to resume talks with the u.s. over air safety during bombing campaigns possibly as soon as this weekend. there have been growing concerns of an accidental jet collision as the two countries both pursue bombing campaigns over syria. let's bring in cnn's ian lee live from cairo with the latest. we're seeing just how messy this is getting because this comes days after the u.s. reported they were forced to divert two aircraft over syria because of a russian fighter jet. ian? >> reporter: that's right, alison, and you have about a 20-mile leeway there, the united states not wanting any of their aircraft within 20 miles of a russian aircraft. when that does happen, they abort the mission, they pull back. they don't want to have any mishap over syria, especially where a u.s. pilot would have to
5:40 am
parachute down over syria where isis is operating. russia has been active over the skies as well. there have been in surgesurgent turkey. we've also had u.s. drones being followed by russian aircraft. so this meeting is going to be crucial to set up some rules for the skies to make sure that no u.s. pilots come in harm's way or are engaged in any activity that could put them in any jeopardy, alison. >> all right, ian, we will continue to follow this very -- this breaking story as it develops. ian lee, thanks so much. let's go to the author of "how to catch a russian spy." thanks for joining us this morning. >> hi, alison. >> what, if anything, do you expect these talks to accomplish? you look at vladimir putin. he seems to be running the show,
5:41 am
and you look at president obama who seems to be losing influence and leverage in this as putin seems to be redefining the rules of engagement here. >> reporter: certainly, alison. i watch this and i feel like putin is outreaching us. it's this bizarre world where we're in a position where we're frankly just reacting to the russians. it is putin calling the shots. they're in a position of strength going into these negotiations. >> with putin calling the shots, who would enforce any agreement at this point? >> reporter: let's talk about what they mean when they say deconflicting air space. what it means to me is the russians will take their crayons, draw a piece around russian air space and say, we're flying here, you're not. that would put the united states in a position where we have to sort of alter our plans. in 14 years, we have never had limitations of freedom of movement, and this is a fairly big game changer. >> there were allegations that russian missiles crash-landed in iran over the past week. why is it that russia is
5:42 am
refuting these claims that their missiles crashed, and obviously, so is iran? >> reporter: because the russians are excellent at information warfare. for them this is a pure -- besides the tactile management, they're making us look pretty bad. they're not going to want to admit any failure on their part. i go back to what they've accomplished. they have 30 jets. they fired a few cruise missiles. we fired more cruise missiles in the first few hours of gulf war i than they've done combined. from a tactical and military perspective, it's really not that impressive. what is impressive is the political gains they've done with little resources, which is limit our movement and force our hand to cut off supplying the usa. >> what can the u.s. do to take control of what's going on? >> reporter: the russians since the dawn of the soviet union, nothing has changed in regards to how they view us and they view us as their main enemy.
5:43 am
that's just how they're trained. that's how their military is trained, that's how putin, who is a scholar of the cold war, this is how they think of us. and frankly we have to reposition ourselves. you've heard president obama speak of his pivot to the pacific. china and russia are our main adversaries now. terrorism is, of course, always a major threat, but as we're seeing with isil, it's regional. isil doesn't have all these planes and certainly don't have nuclear weapons. russia can move wherever they want and confront this. >> do you think isis is trying to move down at this point? >> i don't think so. they've gotten what they want, which is to protect assad against our airstrikes and got us supporting anti-assad movement. that's primarily what they care about. isil must have some agreement with the iranians to take over
5:44 am
groundwork. as long as the coast remains under isil, i'm sure the russians are happy. >> we'll see if talks happen between the u.s. and russia if they happen as early as this weekend. it will be interesting to see what comes of those. thank you for your analysis. >> thanks, alison. a student dies after an altercation with officers. there's new video and new details coming out about what happened. we'll talk about that. 449 days. that's how long a reporter has been jailed in iran, longer than any other american held in iran. is there any hope for his release soon? we'll talk about that. stay with us. americans. we're living longer than ever.
5:45 am
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new video this morning, you're looking at it right there. police fighting with a suspect just a short time before he was found dead in a jail cell. >> this is new video of matthew hajabadi. it was shown in court this week, shedding light on the final hours of this 21-year-old student. he died in police custody earlier this year. nick halenchi has been following this story for months now. his family has been waiting to see this video. >> for months, and this is the video that jurors will use in deciding for three officers in the prison. his girlfriend called police on him because of a bipolar medical
5:49 am
episode. this video shows an altercation with police, showing him agitated. at one point an officer approaches him with a taser to try to restrain hajabadi. he is able to wrestle this taser away from the officer and that's when things escalate. that's what you saw there, the officer coming in to try to put him back into custody. he is hog-tied and dragged off. the family attorney says this video proves that officers went too far, but during court testimony this week, the supervisor who was on staff during the time of the incident who was coincidentally forced to retire, she says that this video stands in the officers' favor. >> he was using force continuum, and it appeared that he punched the subject because he had a weapon in his hand at that time. force is assumed to be justified, yes, sir. >> nine deputies were forced to retire, be fired or resign as a result of this incident. two deputies, i should mention,
5:50 am
are now charged with involuntary manslaughter. a nurse is also accused of not checking in on his well-being. was it excessive force, was it justified? that's what a jury will be attempting to answer. >> do you think anything will come out of seeing the video fort first time? >> this vindicates that. you have mark omera saying they used excessive force. we reached out to all three attorneys for those defendants. one got back to us and said he believes his client was a scapegoat and should be charged in this. he said it wasn't incumbent on his client that all should be charged. >> there is a medical condition and medication that was provided, right? >> that's what mark omears was
5:51 am
talking about during my interview, he said this speaks to someone who is suffering from a medical emergency. he was diagnosed from his family as bipolar and that's originally what got the cops involved. his girlfriend, they were in an argument outside a gas station, a public argument outside, and that's when police officers were called. now jurors are going to have to decide whether or not authorities were justified or whether they used excessive force while he was in police custody. >> you are following this trial and you'll stay on top of it. thank you so much. it's a new milestone for jason rezeyan. he's the washington reporter that's spent more time in an eye rain -- iranian diplomat. does he have any hope of being released? donald trump is branching out from new hampshire and iowa. where he's heading to today, coming up in our 10:00 eastern
5:52 am
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and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ new this morning. today is the 446th day that
5:56 am
"washington post" reporter jason rajai has spent in an iranian prison. that's more time than diplomats spent there back in the '70s. >> he's charnged with espionage but no verdict was reached even after a trial. i just want to start generally with, you know, this marker, 445 days your colleague being held longer than those back in the carter administration. no american has been held in iran longer. >> that's correct. this is a really sad and tragic milestone. it just shows the extent of the injustice by the iranian government to have held an innocent person for this long. >> martin, let's go ahead and listen to what rejayan had to say about the fear of being
5:57 am
held. then we'll go back to the question. >> i wasn't so much fearful about being detained, but i was told last wednesday that i have to stop working. they revoked my press pass a couple days before and it's since expired. >> sounding very brave there. what is next for him? will the u.s. find a solution on getting him released? >> well, we're very concerned for his situation because there does not seem to be a lot of progress in discussions between the u.s. government and the iranian government. these discussions have been taking place all alongside the nuclear talks, but they were separate from the nuclear talks. and the u.s. government has assured us that those talks continue now with the iranians, but we've seen no progress. it appears that the iranians are looking for some sort of prisoner exchange, an exchange for perhaps three americans who were held prisoner in iran, including jason, for perhaps as many as 19 iranians who were held prisoner either in the
5:58 am
united states or overseas in behest of the united states. there doesn't seem to be a lot of progress. >> rezaian's brother was on yesterday on the 444th day. how is his family coping? how are they holding up? >> i think everybody is very concerned for his physical condition. as you can imagine, he's being held in the worst prison in iran. he's been there for such a long period of time. and you can imagine also the psychological suffering that he's experiencing as a result of that. recall that for the first several months he was held in solitary confinement. so it's a terrible situation. they're still hopeful, of course, still pushing very hard for his release but very concerned for his condition. >> you touched on this, but how frustrating it is that the u.s. has been able to come to this agreement with iran on its nuclear program in hopes of better relations. is the thinking that iran should
5:59 am
release all american prisoners now that those relations seem to be a little bit better? >> that's certainly my view, that all americans should be released. as far as i know, all of the americans who are being held in iran are innocent. certainly our correspondent, jason rezaian, is innocent. he's done absolutely nothing wrong. and the iranians have had all this period of time to produce evidence publicly to show he's done wrongdoing, and they've been unable to do so. in fact, the entire trial was held in secret. >> you're the executive editor, and maybe this is a question best held for ron stelter, but i wonder the sensitivity of covering this when you're so close to jason rezaian and striking that balance. >> that's always tricky, of course. we try to cover subjects subjectively, and i think we've done that in this instance as well. i think our coverage is reflective of coverage that's been in other media as well. but obviously this is one of our own, jason is one of our own,
6:00 am
and we're very concerned for his condition, and we know that he's done absolutely nothing wrong. >> martin barron of the "washington post." thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. that's it for us. we'll see you at 10:00 eastern for more newsroom. >> don't go away. i'm michael smerconish. extremism, chaos. just a couple words used by the chattering class to describe the situation in the republican house. but might that mean that it's actually the gop that is tapping into the mood of the electorate? consider this. bernie sanders drew another huge crowd last night. 13,000 people showed up to hear him in tucson. and donald trump is still the leading republican candidate. so maybe the messy fight in congress is just what the public wants. i'll ask the gop's chief stte


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